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The Devil Judge

Title: 악마판사 / The Devil Judge
Genre: Mystery, Legal
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2021-July-03 to 2021-Aug-22
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00


Kang Yo Han (Ji Sung) is a head trial judge who punishes the dishonest in the courtroom with no mercy, turning it into a reality show, and thus has earned the nickname “devil judge”; however, his mysterious aura conceals his true identity and ambitions.


Main Cast

Ji Sung as Kang Yo Han
Kim Min Jung as Jung Sun Ah
Jin Young as Kim Ga On
Park Gyu Young as Yoon Soo Hyun

Supreme Court

Ahn Nae Sang as Min Jung Ho
Kim Jae Kyung as Oh Jin Joo

Social Responsibility Foundation

Jang Young Nam as Cha Kyung Hee
Baek Hyun Jin as Heo Joong Se


Jung In Kyum as Seo Jung Hak
Jung Ae Yun as Do Yun Jung (The First Lady)
Nam Sung Jin as Lee Jae Kyung (Cha Kyung Hee’s husband)
Hong Seo Joon as Min Yong Sik (Minbo Group’s Chairman)
Yum Hye Ran
Park Young Gyu
Joo Suk Tae

Production Credits

Production Companies: Studio Dragon, JS Pictures
Director: Choi Jung Kyu
ScriptWriter: Moon Yoo Seok

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2021-07-03 1 5.552 -
2021-07-04 2 5.095 -
2021-07-10 3 5.534 -
2021-07-11 4 6.294 -
2021-07-17 5 5.982 -
2021-07-18 6 6.015 -
2021-07-24 7 5.600 -
2021-07-25 8 5.468 -
2021-07-31 9 4.739 -
2021-08-01 10 5.623 -
2021-08-07 11 6.321 -
2021-08-08 12 6.431 -
2021-08-14 13 6.910 -
2021-08-15 14 6.944 -
2021-08-21 15 7.492 -
2021-08-22 16 7.960 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : MaxT Says:

    Interesting plot and will check it out…

  2. 2 : asdasd Says:

    Leave a Comment

  3. 3 : Jennifer Sacedon Gador Says:

    waiting 🙂

  4. 4 : Sammie Says:

    Got the feeling that the vibes coming off Devil Judge is similar to that of Taxi Driver. In this drama, Devil Judge asserting the type of D.I.Y. payback actions against the untouchably rich and powerful baddies.

    Notably the difference between Devil Judge and Taxi Driver is that DJ plays in a backdrop of legal expertise catching the powerful untouchables, whereas TD is the justice avenger for the men on the street.

    But basically .. the theme is similar … a do-it-yourself (DIY) kind of fight against injustice where the Govt of the day had failed the people and country.

    Here in Devil Judge, the hero is Head Trial Judge, Kang YoHan. He’s a legal devil who spins and sets traps to catch the untouchables. Sending them to petrifiedly long jail terms.

    And DJ has a skeptical and distrusting assistant who doubts DJ for what he is. He covertly investigates D.J. Will he be proven right or wrong about DJ? We will get to find out in coming episode/s. Handsome Actor Jin Young is this skeptical assistant. Haha ! As if DJ. is not enough to brighten up the court room, now we have an addition to the good-looker legal eagle team !! Who’s complaining? No, not me !! Now I can do my day dreaming the whole day …

    This drama makes DJ’s court proceedings similar to a reality show. In a posh and elegant courtroom (stage). (Reminds me of the Judge Judy reality court show). Cases are televised to the public. Public can cast their verdict either guilty or not during the show. But the final judgement and sentencing will still rest on the Judges on duty headed by DJ and two assistants.

    There is another point I should not missed to mention. Must do justice for Writer and Drama Production Team’s wish … that Devil Judge Kang YoHan be known a successful, egostically handsome young man who evokes the personality of a greek god …. oh gosh … I am lost for words… No wonder Atlantis sunk into oblivion.

    Well, its still early days yet for this drama. The above observations are impressions gathered from these early episodes. Might be different later.

    Stay safe, stay home !!

  5. 5 : Sammie Says:

    If after Ep 2 and an assasination attempt on Devil Judge, and Kim GaOn (DJ’s assistant) is yet not convinced that DJ is sincere in his secret DIY cleanup mission of the country’s corrupted and powerful untouchables. What will it take to make him change his mind about Devil Judge?

    A bomb blast ?? Wow !! Kim GaOn it sure takes a lot to convince you. Are you convinced now ?? You were almost blown to pieces together with DJ !!

    A hidden bomb in DJ’s office went off. Nothing is as simple as it looks, huh? So … DJ and his secret mission do have mighty formidable opponents afterall. They want DJ dead !

    BTW our greek god has a secret too. He is Devil Judge by day, a sledgehammer justice avenger by night. How’s that ! Woah !! I like both sides of him !! Plus … his driving skills on the road !! Taxi Driver, you’ve got competition !!

    We are only into Ep2… and already we are introduced to what a devil, Devil Judge is. Will the next devil to emerge be Kim GO? The bomb blast did a good job? Yet to be seen in coming episodes….. keep your fingers and toes crossed !

    Till then, folks, stay safe, stay home !!

  6. 6 : Brian Says:

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    I’m using it too, so you should visit.


  7. 7 : Sammie Says:

    #6 Brian

    Thank you.

    I am tempted to click the link, but sorry to say, I wont. Don’t know whether its safe or not to do so. Its cuz I do not know you.

    Anyway, thanks again for your kind gesture.

  8. 8 : Sammie Says:

    Read somewhere that Jung SunHa of Social Responsibility Foundation is rather a powerful personality. Actually, is a mover and shaker in high society.

    This is interesting. She’s another character for us to pay attention to. Looking forward to see what she is capable of. She’s already exhibited some of her spunk. I wonder how far would she go as the story advances.

    Bye, have a nice day !!

  9. 9 : Sammie Says:

    Just came back from looking at a poster offffff … the s.killer !! Oh gosh ! S.killer sure looks very scary… its the look on his face in killing mode. So cold !! So hard and eyes so crazed .. was how he looked.

    Wow …. the actor is good. (Dont remember his name). He had looked so different, cheeky and smart in Prison Playbook. One of my favorite characters there. Now he’s this crazed killer !

    Few hours more to go .. to screening time. Cant believe that once I too scared to want to watch this drama. Now I am looking forward to it. I think what draws me to it is my curiosity as to how is this psycho killer gonna be caught. What and how will the elite police team going to go about doing it ??

  10. 10 : alang Says:

    Ooooopps !! Sorry folks !! Above post 9 is meant
    for “Voice 4” . A mixup here.
    Sorry. My bad. 💕

  11. 11 : celeb networth Says:

    Jisung is back!! My heart still hurts after the 5th time watching Kill me Heal me…

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  13. 13 : Sammie Says:

    Woah …. so from Ep 3 and 4 we get a clearer background picture of the whole setup of the players in this circus of the rich and powerful people. Gosh … they been hanging out around each other, feeding off each other’s negative energies for so long already. To be exact, since when DJ was a young law student, and before the mysterious house fire that killed his beloved bro, Isaac.

    The house fire was suspicious. Stank of arson. But investigation was swept under the carpet. And DJ been blamed for it and for his bro’s death as well. Who was the culprit who set the fire ?? DJ its up to you now to dig the culprit out to face punishment.

    Come to the present time – this bunch of scums have not improved in their behavior one bit. Just as despicable as ever. No wonder, this riled DJ enough to want to mete out his kind of DIY justice on them. Fighting DJ !! I hope you will have another devil join your team soon, Kim GO.

    Jung SungAh the innocent “I am a messenger only” … of Social Responsibility Foundation is to be watched closely. She’s not what she seems to be. As venomous as the black widow spider. She’s one hell of a Lucifer !! She has set her sights on DJ – to which end? To stop DJ and his beta justice mission, or as a romantic interest ?? This we have yet to see. Come quick episodes … we are waiting …

    Meanwhile, Kim GO stop wasting your time checking on petty issues regarding DJ’s domestic affairs. Get right back to work !! Your recuperation is over. You are needed at DJ’s office !!

    This drama’s rating has jumped to 6.294 from 5.534. Oh wow … fighting !!

    Till then … until the coming episodes…

    Get vaccinated. Protect yourself. Protect others.

  14. 14 : Sammie Says:

    Oh wow … I need to catch my breath and perhaps adjust my head a bit to make sure its sitting squarely on my shoulders. Dunno about you, I find the story going so fast, Ep 5 & 6 just zipped by. On top of this, the episodes are jampacked with fresh new info and goings on … my poor head needs to be screwed on tightly. Dont wann lose it !! Dont wanna be frankenstein either.

    After Ep 5 & 6 had come and gone … the only vision that stayed clearly in my head is Justice Minister’s son lying on his stomach in a jail cell. His bare back covered with bloodied wounds. Result of the whipping he received as punishment for his crimes.
    This is a picture of what Beta Trial Court is about. Even Justice Minister shaded some tears for her son, but was helpless to help him. For to help him, she had to face the law for her own crime of a long ago. She chose for her son to be sentenced instead. Such is the power and influence of Devil Judge. There was no choice – choose “poo with curry flavor” or “curry with poo flavor”. Haha !! (Btw these words of wisdom came from jailbird Hanyang (Actor Lee KyuKyung) of Priso Playbook). Hehe !!

    What does a seething corrupt Justice Minister do to get even them ? Yes, you guessed right. She joined forces with the Lucifer Jung SungAh of SRF.

    As mentioned before, Jung SA is one person to watch out for. By Ep 6, her backgound was revealed. She used to be a young housemaid at Devil Judge’s home. Had a crush on him. A kleptomaniac, greedy, manipulative and toxic – bad and rotten to the core. No cure. Now she is this sophisticated rich, powerful and influential executive member of a dubious charity foundation. Also … she has a long lasting unrequiet obsession with Devil Judge. DJ is aware of what she is … he’s met his match. She is out to destroy him. She’s got the gang of corrupted, rich untouchables at her disposal. Except for Justice Minister, she has not yet mobilised them yet. This might happen soon.

    DJ’s next case is to jail these gang of untouchables, the President, CEO Seo of SRF, Justice Minister and the other two are the Heads of nation’s industries. A war is looming …

    Now, with Devil Judge in the midst of a war … trust Kim GO and his police detective girlfriend to go play “police and thief” instead. How annoying !! Imagine, Kim GO even took Devil Judge’s 16 y.o niece out for a drink with the intention of allowing her to be subtly questioned by his detective girlfriend in her investigation on Devil Judge. This is a deceitful thing to do. And also, they questioned a minor without observing legal proper protocals !! KimGA and Yoon SooHyun are you blind to the layout of the ground you are on now? Or for that matter, the temperature around you? Kim GO … hurray, clap, clap, clap, I am glad you got a good beating from Devil Judge for your deceit. You ungrateful blind oaf !! Oh gosh … and you are a judge?

    Well folks, I have not attempted to fill my comments here with details. Its better to go watch the drama. The details are there. You will not be disappointed. The cast’s acting is good too.

    Till then. Bye. Have a nice day !! 🌻

    Vaccinate. Save youself. Save others. 🌻

  15. 15 : kissasian9.me Says:

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  16. 16 : Sammie Says:

    Our journey with Devil Judge up to Ep8 has been rather an exciting, if not a brutal one, as expected, from Beta Trail Courts.

    Devil Judge’s first target to weaken the Justice Minister was done and finished. The most influential, powerful yet weakest link in the Gang of Untouchables. Now to turn his attention to the rest of the Untouchables.

    These Untouchables are a quarrelsome and unstable bunch. There is a trust deficit among them besides the in-fighting. And Jung SA is the stablelising influence there. Keeping the gang together.

    Devil Judge’s strategy is to get the Untouchables for embezzlement from the Social Responsibility Foundation. The Foundation is supposed to be for the benefit of ordinary people, but no, they are robbed blind by the Untouchables. Which one of the Untouchables in particular us the worst offender? This is where Devil Judge and his team will investigate. Its going to be a big task to bring this Gang to justice. More so when its led by the Lucifer, Jung SA.

    Meanwhile, Jung SA has assumed the post of CEO of SRF after the death of Seo JeongHak the former CEO. He was murdered by Jung SA.

    The time now is ripe for Kim GA to be committed to Devil Judge’s justice team.

    One night, Kim GA was taken on a secret visit to a penitentiary. There he met the conman who was responsible for cheating his parents and causing their deaths. But the frail old conman was not the one whom Kim GA knew. Ahaa .. this was the crucial defining point that Kim GA had to see for himself.

    That the Govt justice system which he had so much faith in was flawed. In this case, the real criminal got set free and in his place was someone else. Much to Kim GA’s disappointment and anger. So… is this the final nail that will seal Kim GA’s recruitment ? No, not yet. Devil Judge has one more nail to hammer in to secure Kim GA’s trust.

    He introduced Kim GA to the secret members of Team Devil Judge. There was Ko InGuk the attorney, Jo MinSung Chief of Regional Investigation Unit, Lee KiTaek DJ’s personal aide plus the female member who acts out fake situations when required.

    Are you convinced now, Kim GA ?? Hurray !! Welcome to Team Devil Judge. Your goodbye speech to your mentor and ex professor was an enlightening one.

    Till the next episode….

    Vaccinate. Protect yourself. Protect others.

  17. 17 : Misu Says:

    Very interesting and hilarious drama plus punished the evil, powerful and corrupted! Love the vibe of Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung! Hopefully will see more of Ji Sung drama…..
    Love them and the rest….

  18. 18 : Daniela Says:

    I think that Jung Sun Ah is the arsonist that set the fire on the church where Isaac and his wife died. She wanted Kang Yo Han at her mercy since then. We will see if my guess is right.

  19. 19 : Sammie Says:

    #18 Daniela

    Hahaha … I guessed the same too. Jung SA is bad to the core. Her hatred for Kang YH knows no bounds. It has become an obsession. Mental !!

    I wonder whether she knows of the existence of the Team Devil Judge and its secret mission?

    Hope Kang YH will stay strong and brave till the end. Only a crazy and mighty brave man would dare venture to undertake such a “suicide” mission. The opponents are formidable.

  20. 20 : Sammie Says:

    Team Devil Judge is going to be kept very busy from now on.

    Untouchables, mainly President Heo, Minister of Justice Cha KY and Lucifer Jung SA are up to their grand slam dodgy personal agendas. Not to anybody’s benefit but their own.

    President Heo is rallying unemployed and disfranchised youths to become street vigilantes to uphold law and order. In reality, it is to add more choas to an already choastic justice system. The purpose I think is to spite DJ’s Beta Court and the power and influence it has over the people. (My assumption only. May be wrong).

    Minister of Justice, Cha Kyung Hee is secretly (more like an open secret), preparing to stand for the forthcoming presidential election. She is making sure her path ahead is free of obstacles. However, one troublesome headache is Lucifer Jung SA. DJ knowing this, is creating choas and is feeding the flames by feeding damaging info to J.Minister Cha about Lucifer JA. To add salt to Lucifer’s wound the info that v”She was once a maid at Kang YH’s home” was added into the report. Haha !! Should Lucifer finds out, she can kill for this insult, DJ.

    Lucifer Jung SA. Right now she’s as happy as a little girl whose got her first beautiful hairpin. The CEO seat of SRF. She had killed for it. She is most interested playing lobbyist and meddling in polictics among the Untouchables. Money is the controlling power she weilds over them. (Embezzling money frm SRF?).

    She’s the one DJ is targetting. She’s the cohesive power among this quarrelsome bunch. Without her, and left on their own, the rest of the Untouchables will be easier to catch.

    Lucifer Jung SA’s pet peeve is Kang YH. She has not forgiven him for rejecting her. Haha !! She’s out to destroy him in whatever way she can. Oh gosh !! And Kang YH knows it. Let’s see how he going to handle her to the end. Will be interesting to watch I am sure. Can’t wait !!

    The current situations among the Untouchables are presenting Team Devil Judge the opportunity to set the traps to catch them. ImThis is going to be fun. Payback time isccoming !! Fighting !! Jia You !!

    Haha !! This I must not forget to report. Its so satisfying to know that payback been achieved finally by Kim GO.

    Kim GO and Kang YH managed to track down the Conman Do YoonChong who conned Kim GA’s parents and many others, not to mention caused many suicides.

    Apprehension of conman was drastic – not complaining. Conman lost his home, his pallet load of ill gotten money plus his wife and daughter. And got taken custody !!

    Kim GA is on fire !! He cant wait for the next case to tackle.

    And I cant wait for some more episodes to come ….

    Till then, folks. Have a good day !!

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  21. 21 : tigerb Says:

    ep 7: i want to fight to stop the corrupt world. ideal l in a drama, corruption has been in existence for centuries

  22. 22 : tigerb Says:

    is it, “i can’t breathe”, the song sang at the end of an episode?

  23. 23 : Sammie Says:

    Oh gosh !! The drama has taken a shocking 360 deg turn !! I am still reeling from the events that have happened. What a punch !!

    Ayooohh .. what hit me ? Gosh !! I need time to recover. Need to slowly chew and digest what I saw in this episode (ep 11).

    What happened, Team Devil Judge ?? You signing your own death warrants ? Or do you think you are invincible ?? Oh gosh !!

    Folks, Team Devil Judge is going all out now in their quest for justice. Its as if they have thrown all cares to the wind. Should not be surprised. Their opponents are formidable, untouchable. Gotta fight fire with fire !! Oh Kang.Yo.Han. and Kim.Ga.On. you are one hell of crazy guys !! May Yoda be on your side !! Fighting !!

    Folks .. it’s better to go watch the drama for the daebak details ! This could be the defining moment for TDJ. Victory or the end !!

    Oh Zeus !!

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  24. 24 : Sammie Says:

    I am still reeling from the events of Ep 12. The war between Team Devil Judge vs Untouchables is on, folks !! No holds barred !!

    Lucifer Jung SA has declared war on TDJ. Her fragile mental sensitivity has flipped. Its gone berserk – all over a matter of Beta Courts (DJ) ignoring her request for a lenient sentence on a Street Vigilante Leader. Her mighty ego was insulted. Just like that, a life and death situation was born.

    On top of this, the rest of the Untouchables took this opportunity to pile pressure and misinformation on her to go get rid of Kang YH. Gosh !! Lucifer Jung SA who’s self esteem is already fragile and at its lowest, bought the manipulations lock stock and barrel at face value … fool !! You are being used, Lucifer Jung !!

    Meanwhile … Kang YH and Kim GO too were facing their own crisis. Kim GO panicked and felt insecure after he was caught together with Kang YH, at a suicide scene. They managed to escape with help from police officer Soohyun who turned up at the scene. Kim GO went MIA.

    Following days Kang YH and aide were left to fend off whatever onslaughts that come their way. Ahaa .. this was the opportunity for their enemies to attack.

    Lucifer Jung SA was brutal. Kang YH was injured. Thank goodness, spot that was shot, was not a killer spot. However, Lee KiTaek’s situation was worse … was he dead or not? Will know his fate only in forthcoming episode/s.

    Professor/Ex Mentor Min JH who came to know of the current vulnerable state of TDJ from Officer Sohyun, took the opportunity to rally support from top judiciary officials to sack Beta Courts, claiming that its done more harm than good for society. Will he succeed ?

    Woah … never have Team Devil Judge and Kang YH ever reached so low before !! Fighting TDJ !! Its not over until its over !!

    The other Devil is still strong out there somewhere !! He will be back by next week hopefully, once he’s sorted out his feelings and thoughts. Where are you Kim GO ?? TDJ needs you.

    I am beginning to get impatient with Officer Soohyun. Somehow she does not seem to fit anywhere. Ayuuuhhh …

    Till then folks. Have a nice day !! 😊🍒

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  25. 25 : Lila Says:

    The plot of this drama derailed from ep. 12. The characters aren’t the same, their motivation changed. What is coming seems like sort of the doomed Kang Yo Han against the world or vice versa.

  26. 26 : Sammie Says:

    #25 Lila

    Oh no !! Can you please give more details/ information ? I am very curious now about whats going to happen.

    The story is at the “fork” of its journey, and its becoming more exciting and interesting. But changes are going to happen ? OMO !!

    I hope the changes you mentioned will not in any way downgrade the drama.

    I am guessing the story will take a different direction .. i e. Beta Courts will be sacked and closed. And Kang YH will continue to be a sledgehammer justice avenger on his own at night and is a lawyer during the day? Kim GO has gone MIA permanent ? Soohyun can MIA is ok with me.

    Thank you.

  27. 27 : Sammie Says:

    Kang YH was shot. His personal aide suffered a worst fate … he died. Been deliberately killed by Lucifer Jung SA.

    A personal war has silently been declared, between Kang YH and Lucifer. KYH then fainted where he laid, beside his aide.

    The Untouchables are trying to break up Team Devil Judge by attacking the Team through all and by any means. But they failed. The Team got back together.

    The Untouchables led by President Heo and his band of renegades and aided by Social Responsibility Foundation are creating havoc in their bid to steal the land where a slum settlement was. Residents were forcibily made to evacuate with no alternate place to go to. This is unacceptable.

    Members and allies of Team Devil Judge were targetted and attacked by the President’s renegade vigilantes.

    Beta Courts was reorganised. Kang YH was removed as Head Judge of Beta Courts to be replaced by his assistant JinJoo. Whose side will JinJoo take?

    Choas reigned. The President is unstoppable now.

    Injured Kang YH was found and recused by Lawyer Ko and other members of TDJ. He was located by thro GPS in his phn.

    After having killed LKT and injured KYH, Lucifer went to intimidate Elijah who was alone at home. She was caught by KYH. Just in time. Lucifer Jung had crossed the line when she threatened Elijah’s safety. There will be no pardon or forgiveness for her now, not ever from Kang YH. (I would not pardon or forgive too if I were in that situation). Lucifer Jung is doomed. Never better !! Fighting Kang YH !!

    In this episode (13) we can see that Kang YH and Team are passively watching and bidding their time to counter attack the Untouchables, mainly Presidnt Heo and Lucifer. Dont rest on your victory laurels yet scums. The worst will be coming for you !! Hurray !! Fighting TDJ !!

    There is also another sad event in this episode. Someone connected to TDJ succumbed to a stealth attack presumably from the enemies’ camp. Hope we get to know more about this in the next episode.

    Till episode 14, folks.

    Have a nice day !! 🌻

    #25 Lila

    You’re right. There are some changes. Patience between opposing parties is cast to the wind now. Voilence and deaths seem to be doing the talking now.

    No more playing nice, nice. I can imagine how Kang YH is stoked and ready to give as good as he gets.

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others.

  28. 28 : Mheg Says:

    I hate Jung Sung Ah to the maximum level lol.She’s a monster.I don’t want to watch her anymore

  29. 29 : Sammie Says:

    Episode 14 was an upheaval of events and intense emotions. Confrontation of powers. No holds barred. Who will win ?

    Officer Soohyun did not make it. She succumbed to the gunshot wound. What irony … just when Kim GO finally decided that he was ready to propose to her. Naturally, he was devastated by her death, making him feel more confused and lost.

    Kim GO’s character is the most unstable, in my opinion. He easily wavers and sways in his principles in accordance to his immediate surroundings. His roots are not deep enough.This makes an unreliable backbencher. To think that at one time I had thought that JinJoo was a hopeless case. But now I think she is more steadfast then Kim GO afterall.

    Kang YH was determined to bring President Heo to justice. He had to be removed before he completely ruin the country with his wayward tyranical martial type of administration.

    So, President Heo’s henchman the Vigilante Leader was caught, and put to trial by Beta Courts for the killing of a senior citizen during the recent slum riots. Devil Judge wanted the Vigilante Leader to confess that he was working under instructions of President Heo (to implicate President Heo). But this plan failed. Vigilante Leader refused to reveal. President Heo had already bribed him with promises of wealth, etc. (actually this was a lie. President Heo had no such intention. What a bloody cruel scum !! Grrrrgghhh !!)

    Devil Judge went a step further with the pressure on Vigilante Leader. He sentenced VL to death by execution on the electric chair. Omo … is this for real Devil Judge ?? Will this make VL confess?

    Just at the crucial moment when the Vigilante Leader was at breaking point on the chair .. how disappointing .. someone barged in and interrupted the execution. End of episode 14. Continue next week ….

    The interruption put Devil Judge’s plan to extract a confession from VL on hold. President Heo been saved … for how long ?? Wait and see … next episode ….

    Well, folks. Drama finale approaching. Only two more episodes to go.

    Till then. Bye ! Have a good day !! 😊

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  30. 30 : Sammie Says:

    #28 Mheg

    Hahahaha … steele your heart. You make me laugh …

    I dislike Jung SA too. She is definitely someone without any scruples and shame. She is a psycho … a mental case.

    And she is brought to the screen here to add fun to the drama. Hahaha !! .. See how she try to seduce Kang YH ?? A steel heart will see you through this scene. Hehe !!

    How many times have I wanted to clobber her myself. Aaarrrrggghhhh !! 😆

    Jia you !! Fighting !!

  31. 31 : Simona Marginean Says:


  32. 32 : Sammie Says:

    After having watched Ep 15, and at how Lucifer Jung SA “tamed” crazy President Heo with some slaps and a neck tie squeeze round the neck … I’ve changed my mind about wanting to clobber her. Leave it for another time, eh ? Safety first !! Hehe !!

    The person now I should clobber senseless is Kim GO !! Argggg !!

    This senseless guy (Oh yes? He already is senseless? Didn’t you hear a hollow sound when his head was tapped?) This senseless guy has done his ultimate betrayal of Kang YH. Again, preferring to believe his Mentor Prof Min’s lies and accusations about Kang YH and Beta Courts, Kim GO had the police go arrest Kang YH at his home.

    Lucifer Jung, Prof Min, the police and Kim GO were there to handcuff KYH. Here, Prof Min admited to Kim GO that for a bribe, he had joined forces with Lucifer Jung. And they had set up Kang YH for the fall. Kim GO has been used to bring about the downfall of Kang YH and Beta Courts.

    Also, another truth which Kim GO discovered was that the church fire was an accident afterall. Caused by a lighted candle accidentally knocked over some curtains by Elijah. KangYH was not responsible for the fire or Isaac’s death. (Scene where a pinned down Kang YH tried to stop Kim GO from finding out, was touching to see. He was only trying to prevent the news from reaching Elijah).

    Kim GO you have caused so much harm to Kang YH, Beta Courts and his family. What are you going to do now ?? Shall I clobber plenty of senses into you ?? You bloody traitor !! Hope by the finale we see you restore and fix all that you have broken.

    By now, Kang YH and Beta Courts have been very much weakened. Lucifer Jung and the Untouchables are left to plot and plan on ways to harness power and amass a fortune for themselves without fear.

    President Heo’s dream of creating a great empire with himself as “emperor” was fortunately brought to a timely end by Lucifer Jung who did not see the virtue of using a virus pandemic to control the nation. Credit to her on this. Its a wonder how amazing slaps can be that powerful….

    Lucifer’s obsession was to punish Kang YH and Beta Courts, to satisfy her own crazy selfishness. Can she succeed ??

    Kang YH resigns from Beta Courts much to the disappointment of the public. However, no matter how his enemies had tried to destroy his credibility they failed. Kang YH still remained popular with the public. There were calls for him to stand for the presidential election.

    Its understood, Kang YH will be taken to stand trial. We will have to wait for the next episode (finale) to find out what will be the outcome…

    Meanwhile, will Kim GO wake up from his stupor to lead a fighting team from the remnants of Team Devil Judge members to fight the Untouchchables? To render them to oblivion, never to resurrect again ?? Yes, must do !! Can do !! Fighting Team Devil Judge !!

    See you all at the finale !!

    Have a nice day, folks !!

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  33. 33 : tigerb Says:

    dystopia all right! looks like corruption will stay. what country has none?

  34. 34 : Lila Says:

    The politicians, the chaebols, the media moguls and above them all those who own the finances have as playground the country. In order to fulfill their agendas they curb the juridical system and use the crowd inducing in their minds that their opinions do matter when in fact they are just permanently manipulated.
    Behind the dystopian facade there are plenty aspects of nowadays reality depicted in this drama. Worthy to watch. I really appreciate that the end wasn’t rushed but quite elaborated. Kudos to everyone which participated in this great production.

  35. 35 : Sammie Says:

    The finale. This episode was a bit draggy in some scenes, especially where Kim GO was concerned. If he had used what little brains he had in the first place, no back tracking would be needed now to make things right. Dont know how Kang YH could have so much patience with KGO. How annoying !!

    So Kim GO went about trying to restore what he could of Beta Courts. Its was not a simple and straightforward task. He faced many obstacles, until he managed to infiltrate the Untouchables’ secret and illegal bio germ ‘warfare’ laboratory. He managed to gather damning info on the lab’s operation plus recuing a team member, the actress who was kidnapped and sent there to be used for experiments. This is the damning jackpot that would condemn the Untouchables to hell.

    Meanwhile, Kang YH was found guilty of his supposed crimes as Devil Judge and sentenced to jail. Whilst in jail he had to fight to save himself from the hostile jail inhabitants. As expected. He got plenty enemies there. He was responsible for sending them there in the first place.

    But all was not lost. Kang YH had been busy making plans in jail too. He was planning for an early release. As well, to gather a meeting of the Untouchables at Beta Court as the venue. In order to achieve these, he blackmailed the Prison Warden (re offshore slush funds) for his release and Mr Min (embezzlement of S.R.Foundation’s funds) to arrange for the Untouchables to meet at Beta Court.

    Now all is set. The scene at Beta Courts was far from pleasant. The Untouchables started to quarrel among themselves. President Heo became too loud for Lucifer’s liking and was shot dead, just like that.

    Kang YH made his entrance. It was not difficult to subdue an already weak, frightened and pathetic group of nincompoops. They were trapped in the very court they tried to destroy but now do not have the guts or brains to run out of. They are now sitting ducks. Perfect setting !! Kang YH announced, he’s set a bomb to go off. Everyone including himself will die together. Haha ! Lucifer Jung chose how she would die instead … she shot herself in the head !!.

    The ending of the drama is like a fairy tale ending. The goodies get to live. The baddies get to die. Not complaining. Its a good ending !!

    Yes, Kang YH did not die in the bomb blast. He escaped from the explosion through a pre-planned route in the Beta Courts building !! Haha !! Yes.. 100 pct fairy tale vibes. Hehe ! Not complaing !!

    Later he was shown saying a quiet and secret goodbye to Kim GO. Kang YH was on his way with Elijah to Switzerland where she will get treatment for her legs.

    Kim GO is the next in line to take over the position vacated by Kang YH. But its going to be an up hill journey for him. He discovered that nothing’s changed in the judicial system. It is back to square one !!

    Thank you tvN for showing this drama. It was fun and entertaining. Thank you too to the Cast and Production Team for your hardwork.

    Vaccinate. Protect Yourself. Protect Others. 😷😷😷

  36. 36 : Hanako Says:

    I never like this actress Jung Sun Ah, she is really annoying in most dramas especially this one. It’s a good kind of court case, I like it as it needs people’s vote and fair. I wish it does exist in today’s world. Good drama, and Ji Sung really good in this drama, anyway he is good in all dramas. Thank you to screenwriter and director for this drama!!

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