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Teacher Oh Soon Nam

Title: 훈장 오순남 / Teacher Oh Soon Nam
Chinese Title: 訓長吳純南
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 129
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2017-April-24 to 2017-Oct-20
Air time: Monday to Friday 07:50


A female school teacher and a daughter-in-law to the eldest son of a family loses everything in one day and try to make her daughter’s dream come true.


Main Cast

Park Shi Eun as Oh Soon Nam
Goo Bon Seung as Kang Doo Mool
Han Soo Yun as Hwang Se Hee
Jang Seung Jo as Cha Yoo Min

People around Oh Soon Nam

Jang Kwang as Cha Man Pyung
Sung Byung Sook as Choi Bok Hee
Lee Chae Mi as Cha Joon Young

People around Kang Doo Mool

Sul Jung Hwan as Kang Woon Kil
Lee Ro Woon as Kang Se Jong

People around Cha Yoo Min

Geum Bo Ra as Mo Hwa Ran
Seo Hye Jin as Cha Yoo Na
Kim Jin Geun as Cha Joo Pyung

People around Hwang Se Hee

Kim Hye Sun as Yong Sun Joo
Kim Myung Soo as Hwang Bong Chul


Shin Yi as So Myung Ja
Sam Hammington as Cha Saem
Lee Jung Yong as Park Bi Seo
Kim Hyung Min as Ki Seung Jae
Im Ho as Jang Ji Ho
Yoon Bok In as Joo Kyung Hwa
Go Seung Bo as Go Seung Bo

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kang Dae Sun
Producer: Lee Min Soo, Kim Seo Gon
Directors: Choi Eun Kyung, Kim Yong Min
Screenwriter: Choi Yun Kul


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  1. 1 : hks Says:

    I can’t wait… ❤

  2. 2 : Tira Says:

    This is awesome drama…….

    Oh Soon Nam should not forgive her stupid doctor husband Cha Yoo Min and divorce him. She should marry Kang Doo Mool who is always there to help her. Let Cha Yoo Min deal with his murderer daughter and evil bitch Hwan See Hee.

    As a doctor, Cha Yoo Min is more stupid than any normal person. He is no brainer at all or no common sense. He only see money and easy life.

    He need to experience a taste of hell for interested in evil bitch Hwan See Hee……..

  3. 3 : Rose Says:

    Poor Mun-Ho and Seon-Woo, his sister, I think I have her name spelled right — why would their father leave them alone in the dark??? Seon-Woo saw his note to stay in the tent. While it was important for her dad to get that phone call from the police man, everything went wrong.

    I hate Bong-Chul – he is evil – and it is only the first episode.

  4. 4 : Rose Says:

    On second thought, he most likely was best that Ji-Ho Cha’s children were left in the tent, at least they survived.

    The cute little boy that found Mun-Ho – that was lucky for MH.

  5. 5 : Shari Says:

    Isn’t Hwang Se-Hee the daughter of Hwang Bong-Chul and Joo Kyung-Hwa – the supposed piano teacher for Cha Ji Ho’s children??? Why do they refer to Se-Hee being adopted??? Or am I wrong??

    Mo Hwa-Ran is a piece of work. Another person crazy for money. Her role is similar to the role she had in Blow Breeze.

  6. 6 : Shari Says:

    To kind of answer my own question to a point, Yong Sun-Joo adopted Se-Hee I assume, but she doesn’t know SH is Bong Chul’s daughter.

  7. 7 : Rose Says:

    Hmmmm === I see Geum Bo-Ra went from being wicked in Blow Breeze to the same type of evil person in this drama. She is playing the same role in fact. She criticized and looked down on her daughter as she was poor, but in reality, the girl’s grandfather was rich. Bo-Ra changed her tune fast. The joke is on her big time ruining the school and criticizing Soo Nam.

    I found it rather stupid when Yoo-Min was released from jail and the skank Se-Hee picked him up and they drove past Soon Nam, that neither YM nor skank saw her standing there. Just no way — another stupid scene. There have been several in this drama w/regard to Yoo-Min and skank when Soon Nam has been very close to them and none of them saw each other. But this car drive by from the jail was the worst. Idiot Yoo-Nam has no idea what his wife was doing to get him out of jail. What a stupid loser.

    It will be interesting at the end of this show when he finds out who Soon Nam really is. Heir to Ji-Ho, her father’s, company. Won’t that be the best joke on him and his stupid dum mother.

    So Doo-Mool was married to the skank Se-Hee and their son is Se-Jong. What a twist of fate.

  8. 8 : carm Says:

    Where can I watch with english subs. Dramanice has too many popups even with an adblocker.

  9. 9 : Rose Says:

    @Carm —
    You can try gogdrama.com. That is a good sight.

    That cute young boy that found Mun-Ho in the mountain and named him “Gang Un-Gil” was it must have been an orphan. His first line was “how can they do that to an orphan,” or something close to that, and “I won’t let them get away with it.” Then he saw the accident with creep Bong Chul and Cha Ji Ho. After coming home from the police station with a bit of food that he gave to Mun-Ho, he said “you better eat that as we might not get any more.” So I was wondering if they stole his money or??? I don’t believe the young boy mentioned what his name was.

    Also, in the first episdode, wasn’t it mentioned that Mun-Ho needed surgery?? I wonder what happened to him?? He probably will surface along the way. I have only seeen 13 episodes.

    I can’t imagine how or why Ji Ho Cha’s wife would marry that evil creep Bong Chul??? She would be better off single, unless she felt she needed to in order to run the company???

  10. 10 : Rose Says:

    Jun-Yeong, soon nam’s daughter is just adorable. She just wants to be loved by her father. Now she had to lose her grandfather. I just want to hug her.

    I believe the first time I saw her was in Golden Rainbow. She was young and so cute then also. I have seen her in a few other shows also.

    These little Korean children are so darn cute. Love them all..

  11. 11 : Rose Says:

    I believe Yoo-Min was very hurt when he was told that his father was a crooked cop. He believed very much in his father and that he was a good policeman as he had quite a few awards or whatever on that table top that YM threw on the floor He was a good father. Then he had to put up with the kids bullying him after his father supposedly killed himself.

    He also has not been happy living as the Head School Master’s son. I feel he wanted to leave and start over elsewhere with Soon Nam and his daughter, but she did not want to. Not saying she should, but it didn’t help that Seung-Jae was blocking Yoo-Min from getting another job. At least he was trying to get another job. But that doesn’t entitle him to leave his wife for the witch.

  12. 12 : Rose Says:

    That evil Mo Hwa-Ran is going to kill Cha Man-Pyung’s wife trying to get those family receipes. She should just not agree to go along with Hwa-Ran. She just lost her husband and appears to be somewhat tired and Iweak. That Hwa-Ran is so insistant on getting what she wants, she will do whatever she can do get her hands on money.
    And Se-Hee will help her get it.

    I can’t wait until the end of this show. I hope that Hwa-Ran, Bong-Chul, Se-Hee and Yoo-Min end up in the gutter. What a happy day that will be.

    I wonder if Yong Sun-Joo has been looking for her children over the years???? Interesting she somehow found the policeman that was working with Yoo-Min’s father. How strange is that?????

    Didn’t Sun-Joo think it was extremely strange that Secretary Park was at Man-Pyung’s house during the funeral??? He doesn’t really know them except through evil Bong-Chul and would have no reason to be there!!! i hope she thinks about it to herself and doesn’t ask Secretary Park. Sun-Joo needs to get up to speed on what her husband is doing. Interesting that Sun-Joo’s driver doesn’t tell her that Secretary Park asks him where he takes her.

  13. 13 : Rose Says:

    @8 Carm

    I noticed on most of the sights where you can watch Korean dramas w/subs, all of a sudden all have the pop-up’s before the drama starts. They were not like that before.

  14. 14 : Angeline Says:

    Where is Mo Hwa Ran getting all those fancy clothes she has been wearing when she meets See-He asking her to help open the restaurant etc.???? Thought she didn’t have any money.

    I can’t believe Bok-Hee is willing to go along with the restaurant deal. She thinks Yoo-Min will come home!!!! Not on your life. He has flown the coop. Soon Nam should not have agreed after how Hwa Ran criticizes her and brought her the divorce papers. I would never have agreed to the restaurant. Soon Nam is playing right inito Hwa Ran and Se-Hee’s hands.

  15. 15 : AndrewF Says:

    That A-hole Yoo-Min Never listens to Soon Name every time she tries to explain herself to him as to why she is at the company he works for. He only listens to the evil witch and believes all the lies she tells about Soon Nam. He is one stupid jerk.

    His mother is a piece of work. How stupid for them to run a restaurant at the school and with Se-Hee’s money. I can’t wait until Soon Nam wakes up to what her low class money hurgry mother -in-law is doing behind her back. She agreed to go along with the restaurant not knowing her mother is working to get her divorced when she finds out Se-Hee gave her the money to operate the restaurant.

    How long is going to be before Soon Nam opens up her eyes as to what is going on???????

  16. 16 : Rose Says:

    Cha Saem is smart, he doesn’t want anything to do with having a restaurant at the school. He (Sam Hammington)is from Australia He is married to a Korean lady and they have one child.

    Yoo Min does not give Soon Nam a chance to talk. He shuts her up right away. He doesn’t want to hear the truth she is telling him, but he listens to all the lies Se-Hee is telling him. He is so stupid to believe her as he knows his wife for how many years and he treats her like dirt. Idiot. I can’t wait to see him and Se-Hee fall down in the dirt.

  17. 17 : Rose Says:

    The Temple Soon Nam went to in Ep 36, the grounds were beautiful. Her precious daughter was not even healed, still sick and SN was dragging her all over. SN should have stayed at the Temple for a few days or longer under her daughter became stronger. Soon Nam needs to wise up and start getting herself together and get a job away from the school, so she has an income to properly support her daughter.

    I feel sorry for Joon Young. She is not a healthy girl and she is going through so much.

    I can understand why Bok Hee did not want SN to leave, but she has no idea of the deal SN made w/anorexic See-He w/the overly large earrings.

    I don’t understand how stupid Yoo-Min is??? He has known Soon Nam since they were both small and grew up together. How stupid can he be to believe that she committed fraud. He believes See-He and not his wife!!!!! All this is stupid at times.

  18. 18 : sundance Says:

    I love Ul-Gil’s personality. He is cute, personalable and easy going. I hope he doesn’t get involved with Yoo Na. He certainly does not need Hwa Ran for a mother-in-law. Hope that never happens.

    This is the first time I have seen Sul Jung Hwan (Ul-Gil).

  19. 19 : David Says:

    Bok-Hee should have got rid of Hwa=Ran and closed the restaurant when Yoo-Min decided to leave Soo Nam and got involved with Se-Hee. Hwa-Ran does not own the property, Bok-Hee and her deceased husband own the property. H-R should not have nothing to say about anything. Now that Hwa-Ran is getting money from Se-Hee and her son is marrying S-H, now HR is calling YM “her son.” Wont she be surprised when the truth comes out and Soon Nam is the apparent heir of the company along with Ul-Gil. He is so cute.

    Bok-Hee should have put the property in either Soon Nam’s name or in joint custody. Who would B-H leave the property to besides SN???

    Every time Hwa-Ran opens her mouth, I want to slap her.

    Did wicked Se-Hee removed any CT cameras where the accident happened??? She has some guy checking things out. Darn her, she got to the taxi driver before Soon Nam. These dramas always make the evil people be on top of everything. Gets tiring after awhile.

    Did Soon Nam find the piece of jewelry that came off of Se-Hee’s bracelet in Bok-Hee’s hand?????

  20. 20 : AndrewF Says:

    Han Soo Yun is a lousy actress. I have not seen her in any other acting roles, maybe she is better in those. Her eyes, earrings and clothes are over done in this particular show.

    Stupid Soon Nam saw Se-Hee at the hospital (ep 46) when Se-Hee was walking down the hallway in front of her and Doo Mool after Se-Hee had the truck driver moved to another hospital, and Soon Nam could not tell that it was her. Who has the ugly burgundy hair???? She should have told DM that she thought it was her. She is slow with her thinking process.

    DM is so busy taking care of Soon Nam, sweet Ul-Gil is doing fantastic running their business and DM does not even care. I just hope Ui-Gil does not end up with Yoo Na, Hwa Ran will try to suck more money out of him. I really will be mad at the writer if he makes Yoo Na and Ul-Gil get together.

  21. 21 : sundance Says:

    In Ep 47 I was waiting for a car to come by and hit Se-Hee when she was crawling on the street looking for the missing piece from her bracelet. What a stupid chick she is. She has been in quite a few movies and drams, but I am not impressed with her acting in this drama. Since I have not seen her in the other dramas she has been in, I really can’t compare if she is better in other dramas.

  22. 22 : Rose Says:

    Soon Nam has been raised in the country at the school, she has no sense of what people are like in the real world She trusts everyone, including Se-Hee. Every time she finds a good and factual clue, she runs to Se-Hee and tells her everything and SH is always a step ahead of her. At t his rate, she will never find out the truth.

    Soon Nam better put a 24 hour guard on Bok-Hee as if she wakes up, Se-He will murder her also.

    The poor truck driver may never wake up due to what Bang Gwang put in his IV. And Soon Nam doesn’t think it was strange that all of a sudden the truck driver’s wife was acting strange after being so nice and trying to be helpful the day before describing Se-Hee to her etc. Good thing Soon Nam has Myung-Ja on her side to help her. Myung-Ja is a bit weird at times, but she is more attentive to what is going on.

    If Soon Nam keeps trusting everyone and keeping everything to her self, this show will ever end.

  23. 23 : Rose Says:

    Forgot to mention I hope Cha-Saem starts working with SN and Myung-Ja at the restaurant and leaves Hwa-Ran without any help.

    Hwa-Ran needs to move out of the school as it doesn’t belong to her any way. Let Se-Hee and her precious son buy her a place where she can live.

    I am not happy that Ul-Gil when end up with Yo-Na. Both Dol-Mol and him need to get far away from Yoo-Min’s family and cut all ties with them.

  24. 24 : Angeline Says:

    In the middle of Ep 50 —- Se-Hee’s hair color changed from that ugly color to black along with prettier lipstick. Her make – up seems to have been toned down also.

    Leave it to idiot Soon Nam to tell Se-Hee to confront her about the bracelet, and it didn’t help that Yo-Na told Se-Hee that Soo Nam had the bracelet and that she went balistic about it.

  25. 25 : AndrewF Says:

    How stupid is this show any way…..how could Bok Hee be in a coma for X-amount of time, dies, then comes back to life, still on oxygen and the next minute she is out of the hospital and walking into her house????!!!! This is all so stupid —-

    These shows are so unrealistic at times. And now idiot Yu-Min is using Soon Nam to get Dol Mok to work w/his company and he will ALLOW her to see Bok-Hee!!! I hope Soon Nam starts waking up soon and stops being so stupid.

  26. 26 : Carm Says:

    I have a question. Who is Cha yoo min’s mother? Is it Bok Hee or Hwa Ran? I thought it was Bok hee but his sisters mom is Hwa Ran.

  27. 27 : Rose Says:

    @Carm —

    Yoo Min’s mother is Hwa Ran.

    When Hwa Ran’s father was killed by Cha Man-Pyung in the mountain, Hwa Ran gave Yoo Min to Bok Hee and her husband, Cha Man-Pyung to raise. I believe if I remember correctly she said she could not raise him for financial reasons. If I am incorrect on the financial aspect of why she gave Yoo Min up, maybe someone else can correct me

    Yoo Min has no idea that the witch Se-Hee, who he married, that her father killed his dad. But Se-Hee doesn’t know that either.

    Also Cha Man-Pyung killed Soon Nam’s father also the same night he killed Cha Joo-Pyung, Yoo-Min’s father.

    I love Ul-Gil (Sul Jung-Hwan) in his role. He is so darn cute. First time I have seen him. While Cha Yoo-Na is OK, she was hanging out with Kim Seung-Jae at the beginning, the guy Se-Hee was supposed to marry. I am not sure if Yoo-Na was with him for his money or if she really liked him. But I am not too pleased that she may end up with Ul-Gil. Bad news for him with that witch Hwa-Ran. She is all about money and greed. While Yo-Min will most likely end up w/out any money at the end of the show possibly when it is found out that Soon Nam is Sun-Joo’s real daughter, and Ul-Gil her son, Yoo-Na, if ends up marrying Ul-Gil, which I believe unfortunately will happen, she will end up with a rich guy. And Hwa-Ran will be there with her hands out for money.

  28. 28 : Rose Says:

    @ Carm —

    P.S. Did Gogo Drama site work out for you with the English subs. Another good site is “viewasian.com”

  29. 29 : carm Says:

    @Rose, Thanks for the reply. I watch at Dramanice and onedemandkorea which has the subs first but they have ads in between. I don’t want Ul-gil to wind up with Yoo na unless the mother is arrested. I hope SN and Ul-gil find out they are siblings soon.

  30. 30 : Rose Says:

    The front of the restaurant that Myung-Ja is running is the same one that was used in “Person Who Gives Happiness.” It is the restaurant that Eun Hee opened with the chef that was across the street from the restaurant Suk-Jin’s mother owned. Another wicked evil witch.

  31. 31 : Rose Says:

    We now find out the Ul-Gil had the necessary operation for his heart that he needed when he was small before his dad was killed Ul-Gil is so cute and innocent. I hope to see him in other shows.

    Soon Nam will have to be on her toes working w/Se-Hee as she will be out to ruin everything SN does.

    I do have to say Se-Hee’s face looks more softer with the more low key make-up.

  32. 32 : Rose Says:

    @ Carm —

    I gave you the wrong info in No. 27 — maybe you figured it out already.

    Hwang Bong-Chul is the man who killed Cha Ji-Ho, Soon Nam and Kang Woon-Kil’s father in the mountain. He also killed Hwa Ran’s husband, the policeman, who was Yu-Min’s dad in the mountain the same night. Sorry I gave you the wrong info.

    Yong Sun-Joo is Soon Nam and Woon-Kil’s (Ul-Gil) mother.

    Secretary Park got rid of all the evidence, the bodies and the cars. And paid off the police in the mountain. Dool-Mol went to the police once or twice and told him there was an accident, but they said there was no accident as they had been paid off.

    Cha Joo-Pyung, Yu-Min’s dad, found the black books and was trying to find Cha Ji-Ho to tell him what he found in the books. Cha Man-Pyung, Bok-Hee’a husband had the books and was trying to figure everything out and knew that Hwang-Bong=Chul had something to do with the fire at the company that was mentioned in Ep 1 or 2, can’t remember right now.

    I think Yu-Min is possibly putting some of it together now as his father’s friend, who was a policemen at the time gave him another one of the books. Eventually it will all come out in the wash.

    Who ever is the costume designer for Soon Nam is doing a great job. Her clothes are much better than some of the wild and improper clothes that wicked witch Se-Hee wears. And where do they get those earrings that Se-Hee wears. Some are really weird. I wonder if the actresses/actors select their clothes or the costume designers do???

  33. 33 : Moonstar Says:

    I thought Myung-Ja put See-He’s bracelet on the internet to see who makes those bracelets and got a response. I thought the purpose was to find some one who makes those bracelets and then go see the vendor???? Did they forgot about checking into the situation???? Or what?????

  34. 34 : Robert R Says:

    Ever since Yu-Min married See-He, he has nothing but trouble.

    Some of the scenes in this show are stupid and unrealistic.

  35. 35 : Robert R Says:

    I was so happy that Un-Gil finally said to both Yoo-Na and Myung-Ja that “he was not interested in either one of them.” Finally, as I did not see that he was interested in dating either of them. I think he feels comfortable around Myung-Ja as he has known her for some time. As far as Yoo-Na is concerned, they were never dating that I could see, but she seemed to think so!!!! They never really were on an official date and Un-Gil never formally ever asked her out on a date.

    I thought Doo-Mol told Soon Nam that they should try to get all the evidence that they could compile before approaching Se-Hee and the police department. Plus does Soon Nam still have the few pills that Bok Hee was taking that continually kept her asleep???? Also, I believe, found the hospital that SH took Bok Hee to, and thought the truck driver was there, but they did not pursue that either before trying to get her arrested. They both jumped the gun and even thou SH is in jail, her dad will get her out. Stupid move on both of their parts.

    I can’t wait until Yu-Min finds out that Soon Nam is the true daughter. He thinks he is going to end up with the company. I am waiting for the day when he finds out he is nothing but a loser.

  36. 36 : Carm Says:

    They are dragging this drama and they don’t need extra episodes. Once the mom found her children they should of sent her to the hospital for her surgery to regain her vision. Of all the evil thing the chairman had done with his daughter, didn’t they have proof? 114 episodes shown and they could end this in six. Why nine more? I hope it doesn’t end like nameless woman where all is forgiven and no one goes to jail.

  37. 37 : Rose Says:

    Se Hee pretending to be pregnant and stealing some one’s else’s sonogram is a copy from “Mother’s Garden.” A married girl in that show did exactly the same thing. A friend of her’s knew some one who worked for the hospital and the dr. gave her some one else’s sonogram, eventually she told her husband and his parents that she had a miscarriage. It was all a lie. I am interested how they are going to handle the lie in this show.

    It appeared Yu-Min was not in a hurry to get divorced until Se-Hee told him the lie that she was pregnant. Not that he is in love with SN any more.

  38. 38 : ig viewer Says:

    Seem like a nice family drama to watch. But I expect less episode 🙁 129 is too much for me to follow. If this drama is broadcast in my country, I will watch it.

  39. 39 : cw Says:

    Too many twists and turns that go nowhere. Too much information thrown in and never dealt with. Have overslept & not watched all episodes lately (on at 5 a.m.). Saw on YouTube snippet that Yu-Min’s mother/aunt was rescued from the fire and put in a hospital — is she still there? Soon Nam is supposed to be highly educated yet she reveals damaging information to those it’s suppose to go against. Me too, I think this drama needs to stop at 120. No more flashbacks, no more useless information, twists and turns, get it over with. The basic premise was good, they should have stuck with that. We’re not all highly educated viewers, but we know when some writings have missed the mark — or as they say in the US, when a program has “jumped the shark”.

  40. 40 : Rose Says:

    @Carm —

    Bok-Hi was in the hospital, but went missing again. Chairman Sung-Jo had Secretary Park remove from where she was staying and had her put in the hospital But some episodes back, she went missing again. So don’t know if someone took her again or she just left on her own as she still was not thinking straight.

    Un-Gill is a CEO, DM’s right hand man in their business, is doing a great job with the business and he and DM have a very close brotherly relationship. Does it make sense to portray him as a timid character who is easily manipulated when he is interacting with Myung-Ja and Yoo-Na ?? The writers make him out to be a joke and easily manipulated by not two outstanding women. He better not end up with Yoo-No as Hwa-Ran will clean him out of all his money. She already has that idea in her head as she wants UG and her daughter to get together and pushed the issue to have him over for dinner, even though they have not formerly been on a date, and Yoo-Na does not want to invite UG over yet, so HR took it upon herself and went to his office and invited him. He was getting flustered, as he does, when he doesn’t want to do something, but luckily Yoo-Na came in, then Myung-Ja, and crazy lady HR left. Hwa-Ran is a piece of rubbish – shallow and nasty.

    I don’t like the way they treated Hwa-Ran’s crime as if it is some thing minor that she did. She stole a land grant, used Bok-Hi’s stamp, commits fraud and she still is allowed to stay in the house?? Duh???? DM is having her do housework/cooking meals instead of her being in prison. This disgusting woman will be smirking the whole time at UG’s and YN’s wedding, if they get married. Oh, forgot to tell you that HW owed money again and when the broker guys came to get the money, she was going to lose the school/property. DM bought it all and paid for it and got her off the hook. She needs to be locked up in prison.

    SN is being accused of pushing Yong Sun-Jo down the stairs, by crazy Seo-He!!!! Meantme, SN’s father’s murder is in Sun-Joo’s chair as acting chairman with the help of stupid Yu-Min. I think either Yun-Min pushed Sun-Joo down the stairs, or had someone do it so he could put the blame on SN and get her out of the company. He now is equal to doing evil things like Seo-He as he thinks he will eventually own the company. Wait till he finds out the Pot Of Gold he thought he married is not, and the wife he gave up is the real deal. Joke is on him.

    But you know all of the above as I just saw above you were already at Ep 114.

    I agree they should not have extended the episodes by 9. They should have left it 120 episodes.

    The MBC writers are still out on strike, so who is working on all these shows with the lines for the actors????

  41. 41 : Rose Says:

    @cw – 39 ——

    I am sorry, I called you Carm.

  42. 42 : AndrewF Says:

    I can’t believe Secretary Park told Yu-Min everything about Sun-Jo’s two missing children. Why the heck would he do that??? He was doing double evil behind Sun-Jo and creep Bong-Chul’s back, working both ends against the middle.

    Bong-Chul continues to lie to his daughter that he didn’t know she was born??? He is so full of BS.

    I hope the Dol Mok kicks Hwa Ran out of the school building. She has no business living in there after what she did by stealing the land contract. She is a low class good for nothing jerk.

  43. 43 : Korean Fan Says:

    Low class con artist evil Hwa-Ran immediately sucked up to Ms Yong as soon as her dimwit big mouth daughter, Yoo-Na told her that Un-Gil was her real son. As soon as HW heard those words from her daughter’s mouth, the dollar signs started registering.

    Yoo-Na has no common sense. She blabs everything to her mother. She would never make a good CEO’s wife even though she plans on being in that position. She has no common sense nor does she grasp the situation with Dol-Mok, Un-Gil and his mother. She just had to tell her mother that Un-Gil’s mother is Ms. Song. Stupid chick. Why would Un-Gil want to have a wife like her???? Hope he is not that stupid!!!!

    Low class con artist evil Hwa-Ran immediately sucked up to Ms Yong as soon as her dimwit big mouth daughter, Yoo-Na told her that Un-Gil was her real son. As soon as HW heard those words from her daughter’s mouth, the dollar signs started registering. Some one needs to send HW out to places unknown to human beings.

    And for as smart as Soon Nam is, she was stupid to stop Yoo-Min when he came out of the hospital when they were looking for Dool-Mol. She should have just let him go and they could have gone in and checked to see if a accident patient had been admitted recently. But figures, Yoo-Min, of course, had the hospital people lie about some charity whatever his company was doing.

    In all these dramas, everyone goes along with the lie, no matter what profession they are in, etc. etc. etc.

  44. 44 : Moonstar Says:

    I was under the impression that Myung-Ja was managing the restaurant that Un-Gil owns???? Now that idiot Yoo Na pushed her way into her place since her con artist mother moved into Ms. Song’s house, Myung-Ja decided to take time off work!!!!! Like Un-Gil does not have enough problems with the idiot living at his mother’s house, Soon Nam acting like a child in believing what See He told her that Bok Hee is dead. Has Soon Nam ever believed what See He told her. Why doesn’t she look into it herself, and ask Mr. Kang to help her try to find her????????

    The writer’s need to get rid of Hwa Ran and Yoo Na So Un-Gil can have peace of mind.

  45. 45 : Rose Says:

    I can’t believe Yoo Na crying and carrying about Un-Gil not liking her. Did he ever???? He never formally took her on a date, he has never shown any interest in her and she thinks they are dating!!! This is so stupid. Just stupid scenes to take up space.

    Dul Mul bought the school – I know for Soon Nam’s sake, but he should have kicked the unappreciative Hwa Ran out on the street. Now she is living in Ms. Song’s house?? Ms.Song should have moved in with Un-Gil as he asked her until they get everything straightened with Se Hee and Yu Min.

    Yu Min turned into one hateful, conniving and mean person.

    I agree with Carm that Ms. Song should have gone for her eye surgery when she found both of her children. And Un-Gil should have hired a caretaker for his mother to stay with her 24/7, instead of leaving her in the house with crazy Se Hee, Yu Min and his crazy lunatic mother.

  46. 46 : AndrewF Says:

    What a joke Yu-Min and his sister are. Yu-Min telling his mother that he can’t lose the company and everything that yoo-Na, his mother and he worked for!!!!! Yoo-Na and his mother have done nothing for Ms Song’s company.
    All Hwa-Ran does is use everyone’s money. Yu-Min is he only one working at the company and screwing everyone he can to get his hands on the company.

    Yoo-Na is becoming more of a joke with Un-Gil. They need to cut that whole portion out of the show between Un-Gil and Yoo-Na. It is just wasting unnecessary scenes and time, and could have cut the number of episodes done, instead of adding more.

  47. 47 : JPA Says:

    So – I see the writers found a way for Yoo-Na to get into Un-Gil’s good graces by being on his side and trying to help find his mother. I never saw any interest on Un-Gil’s part in 110 episodes for Yoo-Na or Myong-Ja. Now all of a sudden he is starting to see YN differently. I guess it had to happen eventually????

    On the other hand, I am sooo tired of Yoo-Na continually crying over Un-Gil. The scenes are boring, tiring and useless and unattractive.
    It may have been better for Soon Nam to bring her mother back to Un-Gil’s house as it may have been safer.

    I hope YM’s mother goes to prison along with Bong-Chul and SH. Hwa-She did many fraudulent things including helping SH drug Bok Hui. She also stole her seal and used the home as collateral for the loan sharks. She is just a disgusting wicked witch.

    BC, SH and YM are unbelievable that they could kidnap a blind person and leave her all by herself. I hope the 3 will keep each other company in jail.

    Myung-Ja is kind of strange at times, funny at times, goofy at times, but helpful to Soo-Nam. She always comes up with some way to spice things up with her actions.

  48. 48 : Moonstar Says:

    Who ever is the stylist for Un-Gil has a good eye for clothes. He always has nice suits with ties to match and looks good in them. He is a handsome guy.

    @JPA — RE: Myung-Ja —- I agree with you – she has different playful personalities now and then. At times I think she might be better for Un-Gil instead of Yoo-Na. If UG ends up with Yoo-Na, Soon Nam will have her as sister-in-law and Yu-Min and his mother will still be around her. Not a good thing. But maybe YM and his mother will be forgiven by Soon-Nam?? That is how these K-dramas are.

  49. 49 : Sundance Says:

    I can’t believe the idiots, Soon-Nam and her mother believed those board members putting up a stink that Yu-Min should stay in charge of the company. Soon Nam and Un-Gil are more than capable of learning the company business through their mother. Their mother has been with the company for years. She knows everything about the company. Plus when Soon Nam was working there, she did a lot more for the company than Se-Hee was doing.

    Dul-Mal was correct when he said that Yu-Min set it up with the board members, but they still are going to let him run the show. And Ms. Yong, Soon-Nam and Un-Gil are going to let Yu-Min continue carrying the show any way. How stupid is all of this????

    And how did Yu-Min get his hands on the book for Se-Hee from the police department??? Why was he allowed to look through Joo Kyung-Hwa;s personal belongings??? Which means he found out everything that Soon-Nam turned over to the police????

    Joo Kyung-Hwa was left at the Un-Gil Mountain the night that Bong Chul was murdering everyone. He must have locked her up afterwards some how. He is an animal.

    This show is so stupid at times.

  50. 50 : Rose Says:

    How stupid is Soon Nam any way???? Instead of going back and working at her parents company and try to help Un-Gil, as he is losing ground with Yu-Min and his buddies at the company, all she does is worry about opening the darn school She should be at her parents company and why she and Un-Gil get back in the top positions, she could then open the darn school if she wants.

    Who the heck is running Doo-Mol and Un-Gil’s company????? Yoo-Na is not there. Myung-Ja left the restaurant, at the company, not at the company, busy with Soon Nam’s wedding. And idiot money jerk Hwa-Ran is thinking of ways to get her daughter married to Un-Gil so she can continue to live as a rich person.

    When is Ms. Song going to have her eyes operated on??????? Enough is enough!!!

    This is all getting to be so stupid and dragged out. They should have just ended the show at 120 episodes.

  51. 51 : David Says:

    I can’t believe the stupid stuff going on in this show, it is exasperating to say te least.

    How did Bong survive that fall when he was fighting with Yu-Min, and manage to disappear in a nano second with a bum leg?????

    Yu-Min gave his charge card to his money hungry loser of a mother to find her and Yoo-Na a place to live. The jerk blows all the money and pretends she hurt her back so she can stay with Myung-Ja per the advice she got from a fortune teller. Doesn’t Yoo-Na know her mother yet and her stupid tricks?? Then Yoo-Na gives her more money to get them a place to live and she supposedly blew that. Yoo-Na has no common sense, like really. I have no idea how Yoo-Na thinks she can marry Un-Gil????? Why would he want Hwa-Ran as a mother-in-law and support her for the rest of his life???? If that happens, I will be so sorry that I watched this show. He needs a more responsible person, a girl like Soon Nam to marry. Myung-Ja would be better than Yoo-Na.

    Geez ….. give it a rest with all this stupid nonsense.

  52. 52 : Drama Fan Says:

    I love those 3 young people that work in Se Hee’s office. They are so cute and doing a good job helping Soon Nam and Myung-Ja. Myung-Ja is doing a good job in helping Un-Gil and Soon-Nam as she knows the ins and outs of the company. She is a good asset to Un-Gil, SN and DM.

  53. 53 : SJH Says:

    How stupid is all of this???

    Goofy Yoo-Na knows that her bitch of a mother is lying that her back hurts and she continues to live off Myung-Ja. Then goofy Yoo-Na tells her mother to be good and not cause any more trouble!!! Give me a darn break. How stupid is this chick who continually cries over Un-Gil that he doesn’t like her. She is too stupid. I wish someone would slap the hell out of Hwa-Ran.

    Myung-Ja needs to not tell Yoo-Na anything, as she tells her mother everything that is going on. Also, Hwa-Ran listens to everything Myung-Ja is saying and then she calls the creep, crazy son of her’s and reports everything. Like if HR can hear what M-Ja is saying in the next room, how is it the M-Ja can’t hear HR calling and reporting everything to her son???? There are no secrets or privacy in those houses with those sliding glass doors.


  54. 54 : RandyE Says:

    Yoo-Na and her continual crying over Un-Gil, a guy that never took her out on a date, nor said he was even interested in her, nor were they ever a couple, iis so stupid and a waste of time in this drama. Her crying and acting so heart broken looks so false and stupid. She is not good at crying and carrying on. It is all so fake and the scenes should have been deleted from this show.

  55. 55 : Sunbeam Says:

    Finally getting to the ending in the area where I live. Some of this was sooo stupid. Why would stupid Soon Nam tell Dul Mul in front of Hwa-Ran that Se Hee called and told her where Bong Chul is?????? How stupid is this??? And Hwa Ran immediately calls Yoo Min where BC is. Se Hee most likely would not have got killed if Soon Nam would have kept her mouth shut and just left with Dul Mol and told him in the car.

    And how stupid when Hwa Ran lays down on the sidewalk to stop Soon Nam, Doo Mol and the 2 policeman who were at the house to get Yoo Min!!!! I would have walked around her instead of trying to get her off the ground. Hell, let her lay on dam the ground.

    Also, in the previous episode Yoo-Min had his suitcase on the bed to pack his clothes and Se Hee told him to leave. Then the next episode he is back in the backroom with the same suitcase taking his clothes out of the closest. Duh. Doesn’t anyone screen these episodes??????

    This show was good at the beginning, but as they dragged it out, it just got stupid.

    The two people that need to be run over by a car is Yoo Min and is disgusting mother. No one can control her.

  56. 56 : Rose Says:

    Hwa-Ran — Where does she come off saying that every house is her house???? She spent everyone’s money as fast as she could. She was nothing but a trouble maker and a leach. I can’t believe that she worked her way into Bok-Hee’s house again at the end!!!!! She should have served some time in jail or some how been penalized for all that she did. She is the one who set the school on fire if I remember correctly, and Yu-Min took the blame for that. Bong Chul gave Hwa-Ran money to put the school on fire early on in the show. On top of everything she had the nerve to interrupt Soon Nam’s wedding. Not happy with how the writers didn’t find a way to make her pay for all that she did. Very stupid and not realistic. To top it off, Un-Gil decided he was in love with Yoo-Na which would make Hwa-Ran happy — a rich son-in-law. She can see more dollar signs. Never did see any connection between YN and Un-Gil through the show. It appeared to be more one sided – YN’s side.

    Still feel that that Soon Nam and Un-Gil should have had their mother’s eyes taken care of sooner than later.

    Enjoyed the show pretty much and Un-Gil – nice looking guy.

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