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Title: 훈장 오순남 / Teacher Oh Soon Nam
Chinese Title: 訓長吳純南
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2017-April-24
Air time: Monday to Friday 07:50


A female school teacher and a daughter-in-law to the eldest son of a family loses everything in one day and try to make her daughter’s dream come true.


Main Cast

Park Shi Eun as Oh Soon Nam
Goo Bon Seung as Kang Doo Mool
Han Soo Yun as Hwang Se Hee
Jang Seung Jo as Cha Yoo Min

People around Oh Soon Nam

Jang Kwang as Cha Man Pyung
Sung Byung Sook as Choi Bok Hee
Lee Chae Mi as Cha Joon Young

People around Kang Doo Mool

Sul Jung Hwan as Kang Woon Kil
Lee Ro Woon as Kang Se Jong

People around Cha Yoo Min

Geum Bo Ra as Mo Hwa Ran
Seo Hye Jin as Cha Yoo Na
Kim Jin Geun as Cha Joo Pyung

People around Hwang Se Hee

Kim Hye Sun as Yong Sun Joo
Kim Myung Soo as Hwang Bong Chul


Shin Yi as So Myung Ja
Sam Hammington as Cha Saem
Lee Jung Yong as Park Bi Seo
Kim Hyung Min as Ki Seung Jae
Im Ho as Jang Ji Ho
Yoon Bok In as Joo Kyung Hwa

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kang Dae Sun
Producer: Lee Min Soo, Kim Seo Gon
Directors: Choi Eun Kyung, Kim Yong Min
Screenwriter: Choi Yun Kul


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16 Responses to “Teacher Oh Soon Nam”

  1. 1
    hks Says:

    I can’t wait… ❤

  2. 2
    Tira Says:

    This is awesome drama…….

    Oh Soon Nam should not forgive her stupid doctor husband Cha Yoo Min and divorce him. She should marry Kang Doo Mool who is always there to help her. Let Cha Yoo Min deal with his murderer daughter and evil bitch Hwan See Hee.

    As a doctor, Cha Yoo Min is more stupid than any normal person. He is no brainer at all or no common sense. He only see money and easy life.

    He need to experience a taste of hell for interested in evil bitch Hwan See Hee……..

  3. 3
    Rose Says:

    Poor Mun-Ho and Seon-Woo, his sister, I think I have her name spelled right — why would their father leave them alone in the dark??? Seon-Woo saw his note to stay in the tent. While it was important for her dad to get that phone call from the police man, everything went wrong.

    I hate Bong-Chul – he is evil – and it is only the first episode.

  4. 4
    Rose Says:

    On second thought, he most likely was best that Ji-Ho Cha’s children were left in the tent, at least they survived.

    The cute little boy that found Mun-Ho – that was lucky for MH.

  5. 5
    Shari Says:

    Isn’t Hwang Se-Hee the daughter of Hwang Bong-Chul and Joo Kyung-Hwa – the supposed piano teacher for Cha Ji Ho’s children??? Why do they refer to Se-Hee being adopted??? Or am I wrong??

    Mo Hwa-Ran is a piece of work. Another person crazy for money. Her role is similar to the role she had in Blow Breeze.

  6. 6
    Shari Says:

    To kind of answer my own question to a point, Yong Sun-Joo adopted Se-Hee I assume, but she doesn’t know SH is Bong Chul’s daughter.

  7. 7
    Rose Says:

    Hmmmm === I see Geum Bo-Ra went from being wicked in Blow Breeze to the same type of evil person in this drama. She is playing the same role in fact. She criticized and looked down on her daughter as she was poor, but in reality, the girl’s grandfather was rich. Bo-Ra changed her tune fast. The joke is on her big time ruining the school and criticizing Soo Nam.

    I found it rather stupid when Yoo-Min was released from jail and the skank Se-Hee picked him up and they drove past Soon Nam, that neither YM nor skank saw her standing there. Just no way — another stupid scene. There have been several in this drama w/regard to Yoo-Min and skank when Soon Nam has been very close to them and none of them saw each other. But this car drive by from the jail was the worst. Idiot Yoo-Nam has no idea what his wife was doing to get him out of jail. What a stupid loser.

    It will be interesting at the end of this show when he finds out who Soon Nam really is. Heir to Ji-Ho, her father’s, company. Won’t that be the best joke on him and his stupid dum mother.

    So Doo-Mool was married to the skank Se-Hee and their son is Se-Jong. What a twist of fate.

  8. 8
    carm Says:

    Where can I watch with english subs. Dramanice has too many popups even with an adblocker.

  9. 9
    Rose Says:

    @Carm —
    You can try gogdrama.com. That is a good sight.

    That cute young boy that found Mun-Ho in the mountain and named him “Gang Un-Gil” was it must have been an orphan. His first line was “how can they do that to an orphan,” or something close to that, and “I won’t let them get away with it.” Then he saw the accident with creep Bong Chul and Cha Ji Ho. After coming home from the police station with a bit of food that he gave to Mun-Ho, he said “you better eat that as we might not get any more.” So I was wondering if they stole his money or??? I don’t believe the young boy mentioned what his name was.

    Also, in the first episdode, wasn’t it mentioned that Mun-Ho needed surgery?? I wonder what happened to him?? He probably will surface along the way. I have only seeen 13 episodes.

    I can’t imagine how or why Ji Ho Cha’s wife would marry that evil creep Bong Chul??? She would be better off single, unless she felt she needed to in order to run the company???

  10. 10
    Rose Says:

    Jun-Yeong, soon nam’s daughter is just adorable. She just wants to be loved by her father. Now she had to lose her grandfather. I just want to hug her.

    I believe the first time I saw her was in Golden Rainbow. She was young and so cute then also. I have seen her in a few other shows also.

    These little Korean children are so darn cute. Love them all..

  11. 11
    Rose Says:

    I believe Yoo-Min was very hurt when he was told that his father was a crooked cop. He believed very much in his father and that he was a good policeman as he had quite a few awards or whatever on that table top that YM threw on the floor He was a good father. Then he had to put up with the kids bullying him after his father supposedly killed himself.

    He also has not been happy living as the Head School Master’s son. I feel he wanted to leave and start over elsewhere with Soon Nam and his daughter, but she did not want to. Not saying she should, but it didn’t help that Seung-Jae was blocking Yoo-Min from getting another job. At least he was trying to get another job. But that doesn’t entitle him to leave his wife for the witch.

  12. 12
    Rose Says:

    That evil Mo Hwa-Ran is going to kill Cha Man-Pyung’s wife trying to get those family receipes. She should just not agree to go along with Hwa-Ran. She just lost her husband and appears to be somewhat tired and Iweak. That Hwa-Ran is so insistant on getting what she wants, she will do whatever she can do get her hands on money.
    And Se-Hee will help her get it.

    I can’t wait until the end of this show. I hope that Hwa-Ran, Bong-Chul, Se-Hee and Yoo-Min end up in the gutter. What a happy day that will be.

    I wonder if Yong Sun-Joo has been looking for her children over the years???? Interesting she somehow found the policeman that was working with Yoo-Min’s father. How strange is that?????

    Didn’t Sun-Joo think it was extremely strange that Secretary Park was at Man-Pyung’s house during the funeral??? He doesn’t really know them except through evil Bong-Chul and would have no reason to be there!!! i hope she thinks about it to herself and doesn’t ask Secretary Park. Sun-Joo needs to get up to speed on what her husband is doing. Interesting that Sun-Joo’s driver doesn’t tell her that Secretary Park asks him where he takes her.

  13. 13
    Rose Says:

    @8 Carm

    I noticed on most of the sights where you can watch Korean dramas w/subs, all of a sudden all have the pop-up’s before the drama starts. They were not like that before.

  14. 14
    Angeline Says:

    Where is Mo Hwa Ran getting all those fancy clothes she has been wearing when she meets See-He asking her to help open the restaurant etc.???? Thought she didn’t have any money.

    I can’t believe Bok-Hee is willing to go along with the restaurant deal. She thinks Yoo-Min will come home!!!! Not on your life. He has flown the coop. Soon Nam should not have agreed after how Hwa Ran criticizes her and brought her the divorce papers. I would never have agreed to the restaurant. Soon Nam is playing right inito Hwa Ran and Se-Hee’s hands.

  15. 15
    AndrewF Says:

    That A-hole Yoo-Min Never listens to Soon Name every time she tries to explain herself to him as to why she is at the company he works for. He only listens to the evil witch and believes all the lies she tells about Soon Nam. He is one stupid jerk.

    His mother is a piece of work. How stupid for them to run a restaurant at the school and with Se-Hee’s money. I can’t wait until Soon Nam wakes up to what her low class money hurgry mother -in-law is doing behind her back. She agreed to go along with the restaurant not knowing her mother is working to get her divorced when she finds out Se-Hee gave her the money to operate the restaurant.

    How long is going to be before Soon Nam opens up her eyes as to what is going on???????

  16. 16
    Rose Says:

    Cha Saem is smart, he doesn’t want anything to do with having a restaurant at the school. He (Sam Hammington)is from Australia He is married to a Korean lady and they have one child.

    Yoo Min does not give Soon Nam a chance to talk. He shuts her up right away. He doesn’t want to hear the truth she is telling him, but he listens to all the lies Se-Hee is telling him. He is so stupid to believe her as he knows his wife for how many years and he treats her like dirt. Idiot. I can’t wait to see him and Se-Hee fall down in the dirt.

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