Title: 스포트라이트 / Spotlight
chinese title : 聚光燈
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2008-May-14 to 2008-July-3
Air time: Wednesdays & Thursdays 21:55 (9:55 Korean time)


Oh Tae Suk is a charismatic reporter who is the lead reporter for the society news division. Tae Suk is someone who never gives up until the truth is told. However, because of his personality, there are always conflicts within his team. During his training of the new junior reporters he discovered the potential of Seo Woo Jin and not only become her mentor but also her love interest.


Ji Jin Hee as Oh Tae Suk
Son Yeh Jin as Seo Woo Jin
Jo Yoon Hee as Yang Myung Eun
Jin Goo as Lee Sun Chul

Extended Cast

Kim Jung Wook as Seo Woo Hyun
Kim Bo Kyung as Lee Joo Hee
Ahn Suk Hwan
Lee Gi Yul
Jung Hye Young (cameo)
SS501 (cameo)
Jung Jin as Jang Jin Gyu

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Do Hoon (김도훈)
Scriptwriter: Lee Ki Won (이기원)


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OST – here or here

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50 Responses to “Spotlight”

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  1. 26
    Knight Says:

    A bored to death drama! What a waste of time! JJH does not know how to act. (I was so disappointed as he impressed me with Dae Jang Guem!) He only yells at SYJ when he gets mad. (Does he need to yell at all?) SYJ frowns almost in every episode of the drama. I am tired of it.
    The ending was impossible. SYJ single-handedly pull the bad guys on a TV interview and the bad guys destroyed themselves. I think the script-writer portrayed the bad guys as so powerful and allied with the government. Would they act so naive and stupid when they went to the TV show???!!! A poorly written script is like an empty bag that cannot stand by itself.

  2. 27
    scarlet Says:

    i really love this drama….

  3. 28
    hooi Says:

    This is a good one, dont miss it! JJH and SYJ are good actors,
    JJH is so cool and charismatic.I only hop e they add some love element in this drama .Then it would be perfect because they look so good together.
    On Air is about making of a TV drama series but Spotlight is on journalism.The story are different.The only similarity is their passion and professionalism in the work .Real good, .

  4. 29
    MARIA Says:

    it.s suck!!!!!! so boring!!!!!

  5. 30
    marites gerona Says:

    well, ji jin hee is hot as ever whether in suit or casual! the acting was great between him and syj but i have to agree the script was bad! it was also a letdown when this drama was promoted as a romance…and there was none from start to finish! i mean jjh might have a crush on syj but it wasnt materialized in this drama.

    but of course, jjh is the most credible to play the part as a reporter who seeks the truth and exposes political and social issues. he comes across as someone who is so sincere.

    the plot is just like the recent drama before and after when there is no continuity from one episode or another, it just changes plot and plugs in new characters –this style of scriptwriting is bad and boring to me.

    whats next for ji jin hee? will cain and abel pushed through? i heard there are problems in the production…

    ji jin hee — love yah!

  6. 31
    PrincessForever Says:

    I only watched 2 episodes of it, and I fell asleep…..zzzz

  7. 32
    rinabecks Says:

    love love love this drama…ji jin hee and son yeh jin are a perfect couple – recommended to watch this serial. and dont miss the OST Stand 4 U by Lee Seung Yul ^_^

  8. 33
    Loe Sea Says:

    i think the director just wanna end the drama too soon… we want more than that… no romance in a serial is like a tasteless meal at dinner… the end of the episode, i must admit, is really weak….

    for the director, the scriptwriter or whoever behind-the-scene people:
    if you say you’re boring making romantic drama, why don’t you describe about JJH family’s, his problem with his dad deeper, or may be the conflict amongst the directors, or the penalty for the bad director i even don’t know his name (the one wearing glasses,the political news dept director)…20-24 episodes will be okay, hahahahhaaha

    but the story is good for the lovedrama hater… who is not me!!!

    why don’t you take scenes of JJH and SYJ love life? it’s really clear that they understand each other like soulmate and care for each other… hiks.. we want more…we want more…

    i think some of you agree with me… let’s make spotlight #2 hahahahaha

  9. 34
    marites gerona Says:

    To LOE SEA —i definitely agree with you 200%! Thats exactly how i felt about the drama….

  10. 35
    lyly Says:

    sorry but this drama was so boring….

  11. 36
    Teddy Says:

    Just saw episodes 1 and 2. While the pacing may not be as exciting as say “On Air”, I liked what I saw so far and Son Ye Jin once again shows us why she is one of the most versatile actress in Korea. Can’t wait to see how the story unfold.

  12. 37
    Lee Hyun Ika Says:

    difinitely not a romance korean drama…however i like this drama..i don’t know why? seriously i’m frank that in the 1st episode i’m just like ok…what is this? then on the 3rd episode it’s sound ok..i watched oh taesuk hug seo wojin and i’m just like wooo who is this man?? i’m started craving on ji jin hee..he adouracle cute..i like when he smile…

  13. 38
    Edith Says:

    Another good drama, even based on profesionalism, but OTS has shown ‘his love’ to SWJ in his way…see how he ‘cares’ when SWJ being kidnapped, sending the material for SWJ to broadcast on chopper….and some other scene…Both actor and actress are really good in play their character….

  14. 39
    Renie Says:

    I really like you guys to make a season 2 due to that the romance between the main characters does not show that she likes him, it show more that he is intested in her. For the second season they should show more of their romance.

  15. 40
    Malade Says:

    i cannot watch episode 10 ,…16 .. whyyyyyyyyyyyy????????????????

  16. 41
    mutiara Says:

    not bad…

  17. 42
    mel Says:

    sorry… but this drama make me bored…

  18. 43
    nining Says:

    hmm,, im not really interest..

  19. 44
    Elvie Mendoza Says:

    Ji Jin Hee (The Man Who can’t Marry) and Son Yeh Jin (Personal Taste) I am your everlasting fan.

  20. 45
    louis vuitton wallet Says:

    sorry but this drama was so boring….

  21. 46
    ivy Says:

    good to watch drama..full of suspense

  22. 47
    ivy Says:

    love you ji jin hee

  23. 48
    ivy Says:

    this is another good kdrama to watch in tagalog.

  24. 49
    sinosis drama korea sea of ambition episode 10Korea drama | Korea drama Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org […]

  25. 50
    dicky mouse Says:

    its not that bad… maybe you guys got used to see love story in every drama…but i wish they showed how those bad guys got punished at the end… climax wasn’t that intense… that’s the only frustrating thing i’ve noticed…they should’ve extended their episodes… coz there’s a lack of happiness and fulfillment after they’ve overcomed the biggest threat in their country…

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