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Secret Garden

Title: 시크릿 가든 / Sikeurit Gadeun / Secret Garden
Chinese Title : 秘密花园
Genre: Romance, comedy, fantasy, melodrama
Episodes: 20 + 1 Special
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Nov-13 to 2011-Jan-22
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45


The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), an arrogant and eccentric CEO who maintains the image of seeming perfection, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a poor and humble stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy amongst top actresses. Their accidental meeting, when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for actress Park Chae Rin, marks the beginning of a tense, bickering relationship, through which Joo Won tries to hide a growing attraction to Ra Im that both confuses and disturbs him. To complicate matters further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies.


Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won
Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra Im
Yoon Sang Hyun as Choi Woo Young/Oska (Joo Won’s cousin)
Kim Sa Rang as Yoon Seul
Lee Philip as Im Jong Soo
Lee Jong Suk as Han Tae Ssun
Yoo In Na as Im Ah Young
Kim Ji Sook as Moon Yeon Hong
Park Joon Geum as Moon Boon Hong
Kim Sung Oh as Kim Sung Woo (Joo Won’s secretary)
Choi Yoon So as Kim Hee Won (Joo Won’s sister)
Kim Sung Kyum as Moon Chang Soo
Lee Byung Joon as Park Bong Ho
Sung Byung Sook as Park Bong Hee
Yoon Gi Won as Choi Dong Kyu
Yoo Seo Jin as Lee Ji Hyun
Kim Gun as Yoo Jong Heon
Baek Seung Hee as Park Chae Rin
Jang Seo Won as Hwang Jung Hwan
Kim Dong Gyoon as director
Kim Mi Kyung as guest house ahjumma
Nam Hyun Joo as Director Nam
Lee Tae Woo as Ra Im’s son
Song Yoon Ah as herself (cameo)
Lee Joon Hyuk as himself (cameo)
Beige (베이지) (cameo)
Baek Ji Young as herself (cameo, ep 13)
Han Ye Won as Cherry (cameo, ep 15)
Son Ye Jin as herself (cameo, ep 20)
Kang Chan Yang
Kim Sung Hoon
Sa Hee

Production Credits

Producer: Oh Se Kang
Director: Shin Woo Chul, Kwon Hyuk Chan
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook


2011 koreandrama.org‘s Awards

The Best Korean Drama of 2011

2011 “Prime Minister” award – ‘Boardcasting Movie Grandprix’ category

Kim Eun Sook

2011 Korea Contents Award by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Korea

Secret Garden

2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)

Best O.S.T.: Baek Ji Young– “That Woman” (Secret Garden O.S.T.)

2011 Grimae Awards

Drama of the year: Grand Prize (Daesang) (Secret Garden)
Best Actress (Ha Ji Won)
Cinematography category: Camera directors (Huh Dae Sun and Lee Seung Chun)

2011 4th Korea Drama Awards

Drama of the year – Grand Prize (Daesang) (Secret Garden)
Best Scriptwriter (Kim Eun Sook)

2011 6th Seoul International Drama Awards – Hallyu Drama Categories

Best Hallyu Drama Director (Shin Woo Chul)
Best Hallyu Drama Scriptwriter (Kim Eun Sook)
Best Hallyu Drama Soundtrack: Baek Ji Young- “Secret Garden” OST – “That Woman”

2011 47th Paeksang Arts Awards – Television Categories

Actor of the Year – Grand Prize (Daesang) (Hyun Bin)
Best Scriptwriter (Kim Eun Sook)
Serial Drama of the Year (Secret Garden)
Best New Actress (Yoo In Na)

2010 SBS Drama Awards

Top Excellence Award, Actor – Drama Special (Hyun Bin)
Top Excellence Award, Actress – Drama Special (Ha Ji Won)
Top Ten Stars Award (Hyun Bin)
Top Ten Stars Award (Ha Ji Won)
Netizen Popularity Award (Hyun Bin)
Netizen Popularity Award (Ha Ji Won)
Netizen Popularity Award – Drama (Secret Garden)
Best Couple Award (Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won)
Romantic Kiss Award (Hyun Bin)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-11-13 1 16.1 (2nd) 16.5 (2nd)
2010-11-14 2 15.0 (5th) 15.6 (4th)
2010-11-20 3 17.9 (2nd) 18.9 (1st)
2010-11-21 4 20.0 (3rd) 20.8 (3rd)
2010-11-27 5 25.4 (1st) 26.3 (1st)
2010-11-28 6 25.2 (3rd) 25.6 (3rd)
2010-12-04 7 24.2 (2nd) 24.7 (1st)
2010-12-05 8 24.6 (3rd) 24.8 (2nd)
2010-12-11 9 27.0 (1st) 27.8 (1st)
2010-12-12 10 28.0 (2nd) 28.7 (2nd)
2010-12-18 11 27.0 (1st) 28.2 (1st)
2010-12-19 12 28.2 (2nd) 29.2 (2nd)
2010-12-25 13 24.4 (2nd) 25.0 (2nd)
2010-12-26 14 26.5 (3rd) 27.1 (2nd)
2011-01-01 15 23.0 (1st) 29.3 (1st)
2011-01-02 16 23.9 (1st) 29.9 (1st)
2011-01-08 17 23.8 (1st) 30.0 (1st)
2011-01-09 18 27.4 (1st) 34.1 (1st)
2011-01-15 19 29.1 (1st) 35.0 (1st)
2011-01-16 20 31.4 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
2011-01-22 Special 15.9 (4th) 19.9 (4th)

Source: TNS Media Korea

Official Site


Trailer (18’s) & Trailer (29’s) & Trailer (41’s)

Watch Online in Viki.com


  1. 1 : Abbie Says:

    I have lots of faith in this Drama. looking forward to watch

  2. 2 : Rae Ji Says:

    At last Ha Ji Won is back…waiting for this drama 🙂

  3. 3 : jeezvive Says:

    Yey! Cant wait to watch Yoon Sang Hyun!

  4. 4 : jeezvive Says:

    Thank you for putting up the page 😀

  5. 5 : becky Says:

    whoa, Ha Ji Won looks like Angelina Jolie in “Lara Croft:Tomb Raider”….cool, can’t wait to watch it 🙂

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  7. 7 : MARTHA TOBING Says:

    kyaaa Ha Ji Won unnie … Hyun Bin n Yoon Sang Hyun oppa … miss them very much … ^^

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  9. 9 : delilah Says:

    hmmm….either its gonna be a very exciting drama or a rubbish one (since its goona revolve aroung a game world and reality), but Im very much hoping it will turn up good. love the casts, love Lee Phillips….yummy….yummy….

  10. 10 : Nigar Says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhh something interesting

  11. 11 : Shana Says:

    love her she’s too good to be true! HA JI WON can’t wait this drama.

  12. 12 : Wanda Says:

    She’s pretty and such a great actress ever! Can’t wait for you Ha ji Won! fighting!

    Wow imagine my best actor ever HYN BIN wow can’t resist it…oh gosh im so inlove with this guy!

  13. 13 : Jers Says:

    ILOVE U HYUN BIN! a beautiful han ji won! this going to be exciteddddddddd!!

  14. 14 : Dana Says:

    aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh my gosh love them so much!

  15. 15 : Rose Says:

    waitinggggggggggggg! love you guys! is going to be an excellent drama!

  16. 16 : Kyla Says:

    snow white, I rest my case…this one can’t wait.

  17. 17 : sunstorm Says:

    Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won always plays GREAT roles! so excited!!!!

  18. 18 : Kewi Says:

    this going to be a FLAWLESS PERFORMER for both of them who entertainers who strive for perfection and actually attain in their films “GREAT”

  19. 19 : chichaloca Says:

    hyun bin oppa!!hwaiting:)

  20. 20 : wee Says:

    OH,,,,hyun bin is back…love to see him again……..

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  23. 23 : MaryJane Says:

    heehee…. looks like a Korean version of “Laura Croft, Tomb Raider”.

  24. 24 : jeezvive Says:

    1st set of pics of YSH as Oscar 😀



    Hoping for more

  25. 25 : jeezvive Says:

    So excited for November 13!

  26. 26 : Isna Says:

    OMG…I can’t wait for YSH oppppaaa.

  27. 27 : Bella Says:

    I like Hyun Bin, but I love Sang Hyun. Can’t wait to see him.

  28. 28 : julian Says:


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  31. 31 : chichaloca Says:

    nice poster

  32. 32 : ok Says:

    Recently I have been thinking what happen to Ha Ji Won. Long time no new drama. Now I am so happy she is back and acting along with Hyun Bin. Both leads I like. Hope this drama is interesting and good ending.

  33. 33 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi OK.. nice to see you here.. yes.. both leads shld have chemistry.. cant wait to watch this.. miss Hyun Bin a lot too since I last saw him in Kim Sam Soon and Snow Queen.

  34. 34 : jeezvive Says:

    Yey! Official SG website http://tv.sbs.co.kr/secretgarden/

    I love Yoon Sang Hyun!!!

  35. 35 : lovejoo Says:

    oh i love kim sa rang. ever since tokyo shower.

  36. 36 : jeezvive Says:

    23 more days… Sigh… How I wish we can adjust time and tomorrow will be Nov 13!

  37. 37 : Riya Says:

    Looks like its a new drama

  38. 38 : Deedee Says:

    Wow, a perfect match of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. A must seen drama.

  39. 39 : immayan Says:

    i luv Hyun Bin…………

  40. 40 : yuukichan Says:

    cant waitttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 41 : Yul kimn Says:

    sumthing new….must watch..(~__~)

  42. 42 : Rika Says:

    can’t wait to see 🙂

  43. 43 : ThaiBoyLoveKorean Says:

    Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YoonSangHyun . Your Hair Stlye Is Very …….

  44. 44 : Ju ito Says:

    Hyun Bin is back!!!! <3

  45. 45 : sya Says:

    wooww… hyun bin, i miss you so much..

    i can’t wait anymore.. i like this drama

  46. 46 : lee Says:

    the trailer is out!!


  47. 47 : iren Says:

    Kindly Please teach me how am I able to watch Korean movie by actor Mr Ji Sung / Chi Cheng : Whistle Princess/Hidden Princess. Kaist.The law of marriage. Terms of Endearment / condition of love. Splendid Days / Glorious Days /Wonderful Days. delicious proposal. Days in the Sun / Sunshine hunting. The first story. Blood rain. Let’s go. what do you do? Your help would be most appreciated. Thank You. Iren

  48. 48 : Abbie Says:

    I got to know Hyun Bin from Snow Queen and the Worlds Within. he is a well accomplished actor. Very consistent in his acting. I’m looking forward to see this drama and his latest movie called “Late Autumn” which was filmed in Seattle. he paired with a well known Chinese actress whom i forgot the name. For this Drama, I’m not that familiar with the lead actress which will a nice surprised to watch.

  49. 49 : kay kay Says:

    i love & like both hyun bin & sang hyun!!!!
    also ha ji won is my favourite actress…..
    i missssssssssssss

  50. 50 : citra lili raya theresya Says:

    wah bakal seru nih di tunggu aja dvd nya di indonesia

  51. 51 : chichaloca Says:

    new poster is much better.they look like a twins

  52. 52 : jeezvive Says:

    I agree with you chichaloca. this poster is cute and looks more interesting. It doesnt look like just an ordinary love-story kdrama

  53. 53 : Abbie Says:

    somehow i got overly exciting about this drama. crossing my fingers, hope i won’t get disappointed.

  54. 54 : chichaloca Says:

    jeezvive yes 😉

  55. 55 : calLypSoo Says:

    Oh my gosh! After how many years my ultimate favorite Korean Actress is back in drama again! I’m so so happy Ha Ji-won is having a drama again. I hope, I can watch this drama of hers.

    For how many years, I’ve been waiting for her drama again. And thanks god my wish was granted.

    I will surely watch this drama of Ha Ji-won. I am so happy that she was paired with Hyun Bin. I wish and hope that all the fans of Ha Ji-won will support her current drama!

    We love you Ha Ji-won unni! Aja!

  56. 56 : zanufa Says:

    i think from it synopsis, this story ever i watch before.so please give us the special story………ok!

  57. 57 : Oil Paintings Says:

    Very interesting ideas! Many thanks for sharing this excellent piece

  58. 58 : Lynn K Says:

    OMO…. i am soooooo gona watch this!!! HYUN BIN is back!! hehehehhe…. man i think this drama is gona be nice!! XD

  59. 59 : Irma Says:

    Love this actor and actress can’t wait!

  60. 60 : limaj Says:

    waaaaaa iiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllloooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee HA JI WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miss her so mush!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  61. 61 : julian Says:

    The premier’s date is getting closer….. Soon I can see more and more YSH.
    Much love for my dear mr.Gorgeous Eyes… I can’t wait to see you as a playboy… Har har har…

  62. 62 : rumon Says:

    I hope this one will be WOW…

  63. 63 : sami Says:

    waiting for this drama

  64. 64 : jeezvive Says:

    Counting the days… 9 to go until SG premieres on Saturday!

    November 6, concert scene of OSKA! Wish I can cheer YSH personally…

  65. 65 : anna_tommy Says:

    mysoju.com is better than maaduu.com.
    i luv it.

  66. 66 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    it’s been a while since i’ve last seen ha ji won and it is so great that she’s back..plus she’s with hyun bin! weee! can’t wait til SG is shown!

  67. 67 : Nadia10 Says:

    yo como fan de Hyun Bin creo que este drama coreano va a ser un exitaso, lo malo es ue aca en mi pais no puedo verlo tambien por el idioma es muy dificil entenderlo por eso si alguien sabe si los capitulos son subidos a you tube o un sitio web donde puedo encontrar los capitulos avisenme este es mi corre: [email protected]. Gracias

  68. 68 : sweetie Says:

    Finally see HyunBin in rom-com drama again after My name is KimSamSoon! it looks so promising especially he’s paired with Ha JiWon!
    Can’t wait to see this drama!

  69. 69 : jeezvive Says:

    New 40seconds trailer, Nov 6

  70. 70 : roy99 Says:

    interesting drama!!
    i want to try it!!

  71. 71 : jeezvive Says:

    39seconds trailer (trailer #5)


    My favorite! ^_^

  72. 72 : Mizrilla Says:

    Can’t wait to seeeeeeeee…,.

  73. 73 : rawaooooooo Says:

    I am waiting for you 5a8be sam$eka
    🙂 😛 🙂 😛 🙂

  74. 74 : jeezvive Says:

    I love Oska! Congratulations for a very successful concert!

  75. 75 : Abbie Says:

    the trailers look great

  76. 76 : nduk Says:

    its official posters have come out….


  77. 77 : Rae Ji Says:

    Ha Ji Won….finally you are on Drama again …I have been waiting for your drama…hurray 🙂

  78. 78 : jeezvive Says:

    OST and preview of the coming 1st (?) episode


    Thanks YSH4!

  79. 79 : chichaloca Says:

    wah new poster again.it is and official poster.i love this more.symbolize of the fantasy genre.remember me to harry potter film poster 😛

  80. 80 : :) Says:

    The cover kinda of looks like ‘Your Beautiful’s cover also but
    your beautifuls cover looks a little more whiter. Hahah but i still like this cover.

  81. 81 : chichaloca Says:

    @yes kinda agree with u..a bit of u ur beautiful poster

  82. 82 : chichaloca Says:

    i mean 🙂 say not yes..hehe.

  83. 83 : nduk Says:

    OST Part 1 and links to download


  84. 84 : roy99 Says:

    can’t wait to watch it!!
    my bored will end..

  85. 85 : jeezvive Says:

    Saturday, can’t wait!

  86. 86 : jeezvive Says:

    I love Yoon Sang Hyun’s song 바라본다! I love Yoon Sang Hyun!

  87. 87 : jeezvive Says:

    OSKA OSKA OSKA 사랑해!!!

  88. 88 : ioana Says:

    where can i watch it online? please help me…

  89. 89 : jeezvive Says:

    Hi Ioana!

    For vids with subs you may try viikii.net here is the link http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/secretgarden#. They have Eng subs for all the official trailers if you have not seen them yet. Enjoy watching.

    I love YSH!

  90. 90 : jeezvive Says:

    Counting the hours…. 19 hours to go, my time 😀

  91. 91 : jeezvive Says:

    Wow somebody from viikii thinks that SG is the drama of the year. I AGREE! Fighting everybody!

  92. 92 : ioana Says:

    Hi Jeezvive!
    Thank you very very much,that is greate!:* :* :*

  93. 93 : jeezvive Says:

    Almost show time!

  94. 94 : jeezvive Says:

    Just had a frustrating network tv watching. I heard them but I cant see them!!! Saw them finally about 10seconds before the final scene ^_^

  95. 95 : mizrilla Says:

    where is the link for the first episode with English subtitle.. pls help.. thank u

  96. 96 : jeezvive Says:

    Hi mizrilla,

    see comment #89. I think the earliest they can have english subs is by tom. have you had the chance to watch the un-subbed episode 1 yet?

  97. 97 : jeezvive Says:

    Congratulations to Yoon Sang Hyun, Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won and all the cast members of Secret Garden. A very exciting first episode.

    Episode 1 got me hooked so bad. I love the musical scoring, the instrumental sounds that they used to provide melo-fantasy feeling as early as the 1st episode. And of course the songs in the OST Part 1 are all wonderful especially 바라본다 by Yoon Sang Hyun!

    So excited for the english subbed clips and also for Episode 2 later!

  98. 98 : ida hwaiting Says:

    is it already started? hwuaa, how can i forget! *babo
    congrats for the high rating. hope will increasing each episode.

  99. 99 : jeezvive Says:

    Dying to have the eng subs!

    SG Ep1 Recap by javabeans


  100. 100 : jeezvive Says:

    I still cant get over that kiss scene between Oska and Chae Rim! Waaaah

  101. 101 : jeezvive Says:

    Just finished watching Ep2! I love love this drama! Oska saranghae!

  102. 102 : jeezvive Says:

    EP2 toudu


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  104. 104 : uk Says:

    me,too. I looooooooooooove this drama!!

  105. 105 : uk Says:

    go!! dramaaa

  106. 106 : wazabi Says:

    can’t wait…hyun bin opa….i miss you

  107. 107 : kia Says:

    hell yeah i missed yoon sang hyun..he so darn sexy in his age..yummilicous

  108. 108 : jeezvive Says:

    hi kia,

    love that comment on #107! I usually call him Yummy Yoony, but Yummilicious I think is the better word! 😀

    Sigh….love him so!

  109. 109 : wee Says:

    Welcome back HYUN BIN…After watching two eps..he is still so HANDSOME and SMART….Love this drama as indeed it was funny…believe when they exchange SOULS…more comedy will be out….FIGHTING…will support you HB all the way……

  110. 110 : grace Says:

    hi Hyun Bin and ha ji won,

    i love your acting so much…best couple for secret garden…

  111. 111 : Makadoto Says:

    I’ve already fallen for this drama. Hyun bin and Ha jiwon so amazing..can’t wait till next episode

  112. 112 : Love Says:

    Where are you guys watching this from?

  113. 113 : OK OK OK Says:

    I hv watched episode 1 and enjoying it very much.

  114. 114 : syaa Says:

    OK OK OK ; oh really ? wow, i must watch this drama .

  115. 115 : chillicrab Says:

    Hyun Bin is cute here but I think he is a little too thin compare when he was well built in Snow Queen & The world they live in. Fit, handsome & healthy.

    Anyway, still like these pairing and the storyline.

    Hope its a good ending bc Ha Ji Won act as a stuntwoman. Hope she don’t get injured and …………………….

  116. 116 : cookie58 Says:

    I love this drama just by watching only first 2 episodes. Hyun Bin really did a great job. Ha Ji Won looks a little tired though. But she did a great job too! Hope the ratings will go higher and higher too.

  117. 117 : jykim Says:

    Nice to meet you~
    have a nice day!

  118. 118 : OK OK OK Says:


    how are u? Presently I am watching YOU DON’T KNOW WOMEN – each episode at 35mins. Very exciting and nice drama. I am always at that drama site – so you can find me there. ^-^
    (too bad the eng sub update too slow- luckily I can read chinese)

    If you want to watch Joo Won from BKKTG in Happy together – Eng sup, pls go to his page.

    Secret Garden – 1st & 2nd episode — so far so good. I like it very much.
    Waiting eagerly for future episode.

    Happy watching

  119. 119 : urika Says:

    Hyun Bin’s character here seems to remind me of his Kim Sam Soon days…..sooooooo adorable! i love it~~!!

    I can’t see how anyone else could’ve taken this role, because without that ‘Hyun-Bin-Factor’ this character would just be a failure, if someone has do it.. its only our Samshik can do it ..hyun bin you’re awesome !!!>_< shouting.

  120. 120 : urika Says:

    Hyun Bin is adorable ^ ^ petty, arrogant, childish, sensitive, sweet, cocky and exremely funny..Hyun Bin plays Joo Won to perfection.

    Looking forward this weekend i can not wait, hope the ratings will go higher and higher and very good reviews will continue..

  121. 121 : Abbie Says:

    just finished 2nd episode, loving it.

  122. 122 : jeezvive Says:

    I had fun rewatching Ep 1 & 2 with english subs via hanrel and soft subs!!! Many thanks to bljv from oy YSH board for the tutorials!

  123. 123 : adjna Says:

    i love this drama.. hyun bin is so HANDSOME..:D

  124. 124 : Sweetie Says:

    Found my new addiction in this drama!!!
    After Gumiho, this is the new drama that make me fall in love in the first time i watch it!
    Binnie is back! The arrogance chaebol is back in this drama! I fall in love with Binnie when he played as Ji Hoon in My Name is KimSamSoon n I see him again in here!
    HaJiWon is soo cool!!! Tough lady! Lara croft style!
    anybody can tell me where I can watch with eng subs? vikkii can”t work out 🙁

  125. 125 : myra elf Says:

    the poster of the drama looks like you’re beautiful. but it’s still interesting.

  126. 126 : jeezvive Says:

    hi sweetie,

    try http://www.dramacrazy.net. they have a new mirror site for ep1 with english subs

  127. 127 : rawaooooooo Says:

    best drama this year so cute and it will get more and more that is my opinion wish you the best ….
    7abibi sam$ekaa gogogo

  128. 128 : roy99 Says:

    The beginning is disappointed. Ha Ji Won looks older & does not match Hyun Bin. They both look dull & fail to act naturally. I think fugitive is better…

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  130. 130 : Merc Says:

    This drama is great … I recommend it. The best was the episode two I hope this drama will be better in the next episodes… ^_^

    Don’t miss this drama you won’t regret it.

    Me encanta está serie y la seguire viendo.

    I am very picky in choosing dramas and this drama fills me.

  131. 131 : eva Says:

    this drama is really great……
    im started addicted to this drama.
    cant wait for ep3 ^_^

  132. 132 : syrena Says:

    Love it. Highly recommended.

    Hyun never fails to deliver. How would he handle the switch? I’m so eager to know.

    So looking forward to the next episodes!

  133. 133 : sann Says:


  134. 134 : His imagination is hilarious « Nothing interesting here, but enjoy your stay Says:

    […] are Screenshots from the K-Drama Secret Garden Ha Ji Won is realy sexy with short hair. Ok, she looks like a guy with short hair, but she is still […]

  135. 135 : March Says:

    I’m sooo in love with this drama!

  136. 136 : jeezvive Says:

    for those interested to watch ep3 raw


  137. 137 : jeezvive Says:

    or at toudu

    part 1 http://joonmedia.net/videos/play/28545/5
    part 2 http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/igsfHtvYIYY/
    part 3 http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/3UHM6niRWZ0/

  138. 138 : Mizrilla Says:

    Wanna watch it.. 🙂

  139. 139 : chillicrab Says:

    I love this part at Episode 3. When Hyun Bin doing sit up with Ha Ji Won. So funny & romantic. Can’t stop laughing.

  140. 140 : chillicrab Says:

    Ya, I agree. Hyun Bin is so charming in this drama.

  141. 141 : peneloxii Says:

    love the actors *–*

  142. 142 : sweetie Says:

    I’m so left behind 😛
    Just see the episode 2 with eng subs
    so hilarious seeing Hyun Bin missing Ha Ji Won..remind me the old times when seeing Hyun Bin missing KimSun Ah in KimSamSoon..
    This drama so grown on me now 🙂

  143. 143 : juke Says:

    secret garden has awesome plot.
    now i learned most commented dramas don’t mean best dramas.
    also i now understand the rating. secret garden hwaiting!!

  144. 144 : billydkid Says:

    ?? scratch head?? i don’t understand why joo won is mean to ra im. if he likes her, why the contradictory behavior towards her? how can a woman love a man so mean to her???? what’s the thing with the bag? why he gets angry if ra im has a worn/broken bag? what’s it to him anyway? i don’t think this will do the viewers good. this episode left me emotionally tiring.

  145. 145 : carmen Says:

    Yes,Yes,Yes this is really a good drama to see, I start and I love it…..finaly something to watch, LOVE KOREAN DRAMA always, I am here in Springfield IL

  146. 146 : jeezvive Says:

    hi billydkid!

    I just want to share my thoughts on your comment. I think JW is projecting anger towards RI and just making that bag as an excuse because he still cant believe that he had fallen in love with a poor girl. He is being matched to be married with ladies who have better education, family background and look, one of them is YS.

    I think he has not realized yet how hurtful his words are…. Sad. True, that episode is emotionally draining. As others commented, everything here is being laid out in preparation for the soul/body swap later. The differences between the 2 lead characters are being highlighted now to create a more interesting dynamics when they changed soul/body.

    For me, I am enjoying everything, especially those scenes with Oska! 😀

  147. 147 : rawaooooooo Says:

    SAM$EKA ……:)

  148. 148 : Abbie Says:

    i am so in love with this drama, specially chapter 3, on the rooftop of the action school. The FOOL doesn’t that he is in love.

    She asked, “ Why are you following me around?”
    He answered: “What am I supposed to do, even though you keep occurring to me? Whether I meet you or not, it seems to be like I’m with you. So what am I supposed to do? I try to repeat “the saying” every night just to get you out of his mind. How desperate do you think I am? What have you done to me and why did you choose me to do this? You just hang up the phone whenever you feel like it. When I come to find you, you get angry. When I try to buy you food, you get even angrier. Even worse than that, you hit me. (Hahaha) … You’re a completely strange woman. But that’s exactly the problem, that is. YOU are so strange that I find you Puzzling and amazing. So right now, I’m just a mad man”.

  149. 149 : Karen Says:

    pER abbie says:
    Thanks bunches ( :
    LOL!! I was laughing reading ur comments, Im only on episode 2 but I saw the last part preview in ep 2. Am soooo loving this series that even my son that I was so loud watching this series….super hilarious never stop me crack me up even rewinded 20x and watching again last night before I go to bed…there’s so many remarkable scene on every episode! Hyun Bin & Han Ji Won such a marvelous actor and actress!

  150. 150 : cookie58 Says:

    Just love Hyun Bin! Keep up the good work!

  151. 151 : syrena Says:

    Sweetness all throughout.

    Hyun Bin is more than adorable! He is perfectly adorable if there is such a term.

    Enjoyed watching the first 2 episodes. Saw them without the english subs at first and then now subbed.

    A big fan of HB & JW! I’m sure there will be more sweet moments to come.

    Whoever chose these two actors to do this particular drama has to be highly recommended. I can’t imagine anyone else more appropriate.

  152. 152 : gan3117 Says:

    Its been a long time haven’t seen Ha Ji won. She’s so sexy on that fight suit of hers. But this series a worth waiting for. I’ve admired her in Memories of Bali and wow she really can act. And also beautiful voice….
    Adding very admirable and good actors: Hyun Bin, Phillip Lee and Yoon Sang Hyun this series will eventually be worth seeing and waiting for. Kim Sa Rang undeniable Beauty

  153. 153 : messi Says:

    This drama is really good. I like the first 2 episodes. Hyun bin and Hajiwon are perfect in their characters.

  154. 154 : messi Says:

    This drama is really good. i like the first 2 episodes. HB and HJ are perfect in their characters.

  155. 155 : Regina Says:

    Secret Garden is a very good, funny and magical drama and the two main cast Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won do have good chemistry,. I look forward to their future episodes and would highly recomend my friends to watch this drama.

  156. 156 : wee Says:

    LOVE YA LOVE YA HYUN BIN….you are so smart n handsome in this show….keep it up you done a PERFERCT how n job…cant wait for this weekend on eps 5 n 6….WORTH WATCHING

  157. 157 : mizrilla Says:

    Just watched the first and second episode.. The series are SUPERB.. Love it so much.. Will watch it until end of the show..

    Btw, thanks for sharing the link with english subs 🙂

  158. 158 : Karen Says:

    omg!!! the OST luveeeeet!!!

    A sunny day meaning nothing
    Someone is walking into my heart
    I looked forward to chance
    My melancholy, precious woman
    You flew here by mistake.

  159. 159 : Cake Says:

    ABSOLUTE must watch!!!

  160. 160 : takgu99 Says:

    this drama so slow..
    but, i still want to follow..

  161. 161 : Kate Says:

    I love love love this drama. I love Ha Ji Won-Hyun Bin great pairing, I love it. Just gets into it and stays with you. Every scene is hot kinda rush that makes you want to jump to the next episode. But its more unexpected and sweet. Feel like something you just wanna savor.

  162. 162 : Wanda Says:

    ALOT of my favorite ep that sit-up scene was super hot! It’s hotter than a full-blown makeout scene! I had to bite myself to prevent myself from screaming.The second best part was the pic of Oska that Ra Im has in her locker! Hyun Bin facial expression totally blast me off! hahahahah:D

  163. 163 : Twetie Says:

    The fantasy element doesn’t show it yet. Am waiting for the part that switch body can’t wait right now am so giggling to the bone kekekekehhh.. I’m gonna stick around = )

  164. 164 : Ellie Says:

    I love the wallpaper Secret Garden32 all the CAST pictures! Handsome Hyun Bin and beautiful Han Ji Won! Perfect perfect perfect over!

  165. 165 : SGFan Says:

    Where can i find updated episode rating for Secret Garden?

  166. 166 : fayrouz Says:

    to SGFan on a forum of sg fans i heard it was for episode 3 18% and for episode 4 to 20%

    it s because please marry me at the end but after that i am sure and hope it wil be above 30% lets keep on having hope and fun with secret garden

    love hb and jw acting in this and the story

  167. 167 : messi Says:

    ep 3 and 4 are excellent. HaKji looks so great when she is angry. cant wait wheen switch will happen.

  168. 168 : oyabin Says:

    Ep4. so far… not so good. The actors and actresses are great, the situations are sweet, cute, fun, dialogues lines are quite well found and meaningful too but… it is like there is something missing: a good and strong storyline. Until now, it looks like a sequence of situations. Pretty enjoyable and Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won make a nice couple but I hope it will become better.

  169. 169 : ahelaz Says:

    this drama is really good..as i watched together with mary stayed out all night, in my opinion this drama better than the one i mentioned…every scene is awesome..just the Jo Woon cousin’s charactor (Oscar) makes me sick of him! LOL

    those who loves to download kdrama..please visit


    it’s really good website for kdrama fans!!!

  170. 170 : toh quan ming Says:

    i like this korean drama very much because it is very nice and interesting but i am waiting for this korean drama dvd to be released next year, then i will rent and watch.

  171. 171 : ugg australia Says:

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  172. 172 : osheen Says:

    I just can’t get over this drama! It never fails to make me laugh and have butterflies in my stomach. It somehow reminds me of meteor garden excluding the three friends of dao ming su. LOL It’s such a great drama. 🙂 100% Recommended! 🙂

  173. 173 : sweetie Says:

    Oh my..this drama really caught me right now! just like Joo Woon can’t get Ra Im out off his mind, this is what i feel bout this drama! if YaB did this to me last year..now this drama do the jind of feeling to me this year..omo..omo..anybody can spazz with me?
    that’s the part where i feel most giddiness in my heart! Though they were quarrel but why i feel the romantic moment of this scene..look at each other in such close way..oh my! n what me gigle when Joo Woon asked his psychatrist ‘what is lovesickness symptom?” 😀 LoL!!

  174. 174 : fayrouz Says:

    hi sweetie

    its true me too i am obsessed with this drama like HB with JW in this drama i should recite : Kim Soo Han Moo…

    hahahaha are there more people obsesses with this drama lik sweetie and me?

  175. 175 : nami Says:

    Sneak Peek to Hyun Bin’s Mansion in ‘Secret Garden’..


  176. 176 : mizrilla Says:

    I am now addicted with the drama… May oh may.. Can’t wait to see it everyday 🙂

  177. 177 : rixie Says:

    Disappointed! Over-rated drama!

  178. 178 : 리 나 Says:

    OMG! really? they changing body?
    Soooooo much excited! 🙂 Can’t wait to see it!! 🙂

  179. 179 : 리 나 Says:

    so this drama is not really all about love! 🙂 <3
    So cool! 🙂 <3

  180. 180 : emily Says:

    I’m so happy it got a very high rating! I’m so addicted to it!

  181. 181 : dennise Says:

    cant wait for the next episode.. i love this drama Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Woo tandem are cute….

  182. 182 : cookie58 Says:

    I cant access this show from my country. Very sad!!!

  183. 183 : jeezvive Says:

    hi cookie58,

    i found this blog site. full episodes english subbed vids. (subs are made by viikii so we have to wait for viikii to finish subbing before we can find the version from this link)

    happy watching!

    I love YSH!

  184. 184 : Abbie Says:

    spoiler, from what i read, the switching will happen in Ep 05. just want to give you guys a head up.

  185. 185 : Jen Says:

    They switched bodies!! at the end of ep 5….i cant wait for ep 6!!! this drama is addicting!! love it!!!

  186. 186 : grace Says:

    best drama with graet actor-Hyun Bin And actress-Ha Ji Won

  187. 187 : rawaooooooo Says:

    can’t wait to see my best actor with his new character it will be so funny and full of surprising actions

  188. 188 : Mizrilla Says:

    Wow they switch body in eps 5??? huaaa can’t hardly watch it.. Pls inform me the link with eng subs.. Gumawo everybody..

  189. 189 : jerica Says:

    great drama!a must see drama!love hyun bin!

  190. 190 : jerica lee Says:

    a must see drama!superb acting!love hyun bin and ha jin won!

  191. 191 : Lynn Says:

    Nice drama! Love it!

  192. 192 : shoshlev Says:

    I still can not see the series.
    But, I can definitely see Hyun Bin’s hairstyle ugly. The same ugly haircut made to Kim Hyun Joong I don’t understand the decision, to take a cute actor and beautiful and disfigure it with an ugly haircut and strange.

  193. 193 : mizrilla Says:

    Funny.. But I’m still waiting for Eng subs..

  194. 194 : fayrouz Says:

    the kiss scene i am stil not over it

    love the couple and stil hoping rating for next week 30%
    and a happy ending for jw and gil ra im

  195. 195 : cookie58 Says:

    I love Hyun Bin. He is just fabulous. He has matured in his acting. Keep up the great work!

  196. 196 : nawar Says:

    i like this drama it is romantic and funny

  197. 197 : lyla Says:

    i love this drama…..episode 6 is daebak…Hyun Bin so funny

  198. 198 : lyla Says:

    love this drama! i die of laughter even without subs

  199. 199 : jess Says:

    too much character changes for Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won in ep 6, I prefer ep 1 to 5 characters

  200. 200 : adjna Says:

    lv this drama.. hyun bin really cute -_*

  201. 201 : wee Says:

    the funny part has begin…they have exchange souls..hyun bin really a great actor…he do it WELLL…..fighting….rating…UP UP UP UP all the way….

  202. 202 : plumbumek Says:

    its soo funny ;>
    love this drama :*

  203. 203 : Mizrilla Says:

    Every episode became more funnier.. Hope the rating will be getting better every week… Yayyy…

  204. 204 : roy99 Says:

    This drama is over-rated. Ha ji won looks like Hun-Bin’s sister than his lover. She is older than Hun- Bin a lot. They both have dull face, stiff acting. The Fugitive, plan B is better than this drama. Rain is good. Drop this drama & see The Fugitive with Rain.

  205. 205 : abbie Says:

    my comment is strictly based on Ep 6 only and no offense to Ha Ji Won’s fans. Personally i think during Ep 6, Hyun Bin as Kim Joo Won has carryout an excellent performance as as Gil Ra Im. I can actually was able to connect to Gil Ra min through Joo Won’s body. I can’t say the same to HJW acting though. for HJW, there is much room for improvement in her part.

    Overall they have great chemistry, great drama so far.

  206. 206 : oyabun Says:

    roy99… Fugitive plan B sucks and Rain is no actor. He better take is dumb-stupid-please-slap-me smile back on a stage to play backstreet boys and stop pretending he is an actor. Secret Garden is a lot better than fugitive plan B.

  207. 207 : eleonor Says:

    whoa. .
    I can’t wait to have a dvd copy of this drama.
    I can’t wait to watch it..!!!

  208. 208 : messi Says:

    Ep. 6 was hilarious. i really enjoyed the change of characters and bodies. up all the way!

  209. 209 : estudiante Says:

    Awesome drama! I highly recommend watching it! This will probably be the next “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”

  210. 210 : vallery34 Says:

    @roy99 ha ji won is older than hyun bin but despite of that she still look young and pretty…with her kicking, rolling and everything…you cant help but admire her.

  211. 211 : Ellie Says:

    so HILARIOUS every single episode!


    Director: Shin Woo Chul
    Scriptwriter: Kim Eun Sook

    Two thumbs UP!!!!

  212. 212 : Lovely Says:

    I rate this series 10 STARS!!!!!!! Superb acting of both lead character Hyun Bin such an EXCELLENT n unique ACTOR ever!

  213. 213 : Irene Says:

    Hyun Bin should do ALOT of movies and drama what a remarkable actor he is!

  214. 214 : Shae Says:

    The top three lead characters so AMAZING and me LOL! every scene of OSka and kim Joo Woon make my tears out for laughing so hard I need to rewind it million times to make myself satisfied super addicted and fun to watch them.

  215. 215 : gan3117 Says:

    Just hate the ratings going up. going down. Its a very nice series. Hyun Bin looks funny being a girl. Good chemistry among the actors.

  216. 216 : carmen Says:

    I want and do not want to see epis 6, I want to see it because i love this drama, but do not want to because i want to see more episodes, so i will wait until next week that way i will be seen 3 episode instead of two, i always wach this korean drama thru the internet and love them..i an living in Springfield IL, I speak spanish and english and love this korean lenguage

  217. 217 : The Gray Area Within the Law of Attraction | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  218. 218 : fanny Says:

    is it a melodrama? but it’s so funny….i hope it has happy ending

  219. 219 : sweetie Says:

    Episode 6 really cracked me up 😀
    Hyun Bin definitely stole my heart again..he’s so damn funny!!
    He come back as an arrogant chaebol like in MNIKSS with a lot better way..love him..love him!
    This drama is really his best choice before he’s going to army in March!

  220. 220 : saih Says:

    this was really great!

  221. 221 : stellarley Says:

    i love the actors.. cant find a way not to like this drama… i miss hyun bin so much! hehehehehe.. we’ll make sure to watch every episode.

  222. 222 : How to Use The Law Of Attraction – The 6 Steps to Manifestation – Step 1 Of 6 – Feel Good | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  223. 223 : Jani Says:

    I really love this drama…its so hilarious…the actors and the story line is beautiful!!!

  224. 224 : Abbie Says:

    Chapter 7 is out

  225. 225 : peneloxii Says:

    the story is so hilarious =D

  226. 226 : billydkid Says:

    i have to think hard over who is which body before digesting the story as it progresses, diminishes my enjoying the series.

  227. 227 : leo Says:

    this is a very nice drama!!! love it!! hyun bin is very funny and charming. hyun bin and ha ji won are perfect match! *MUST WATCH DRAMA*

    fighting!!! =D

  228. 228 : sam Says:

    How come this drama was not mentioned in the best korean drama 2010 poll ?
    It has such good story and the actors Hyun bin and Ha ji won are fantastic.

    This drama should have been mentioned in the best korean drama 2010 poll this is unfair.

  229. 229 : Abbie Says:

    to SAM:
    My best guess is that, because the drama won’t end until Jan 2011. therefor, it will be listed for Next year 2011 but not 2010.

  230. 230 : chibii Says:

    One of the best drama i’ve ever watch!! Must watch!
    love hyun binnn loveeeeeee!

  231. 231 : winterflamingal Says:

    OMG!!!!! Can’t wait for Saturday to arrive!!!!

    Anyone know where I can watch the preview for episode 9?

    I can’t find it anywhere at allllllll :'(

  232. 232 : winterflamingal Says:


    Don’t worry! You’ll enjoy episode 9!!

  233. 233 : phoo Says:

    waiting waiting waiting waaaaahhhhh super cool drama make me happy every single episode WORTH TO WATCH IT!!!!

  234. 234 : shae Says:

    how come this one not included on the best poll list for 2010.. for me Secret Garden ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING AND ANTICIPATED SERIES FOR 2010!

  235. 235 : Imagine Says:

    HUH why dis SG not on the best korean 2010

    Secret Garden is very very AWESOME!!!

  236. 236 : Gigi Says:

    It’s the BEst Storyline. best characters is just remarkable.

  237. 237 : charm east Says:

    the beast

  238. 238 : onetoonetoon Says:

    After a long time, i am watching such a captivating drama..
    I am getting anxious waiting for the next episodes…
    Three cheers for the team and hats off for the script writer….

  239. 239 : Enu Says:

    It’s very Good

  240. 240 : Lynn K Says:

    damn this drama is soooo niceeeee!!!!! laughter every part of tht drama…… ME LIKEY!!! hehehe….. absolutely a must watch drama!!! XD

  241. 241 : Snow Says:

    I really like this drama….. It is so nice….

    I like the actor, actress, and the story line…………

    It is so fantastic…..

  242. 242 : Mizrilla Says:

    Just watch the preview of eps 8, so they back to their own body again… Huhuhu can’t wait to see what will happen on the next eps..

    Btw I’m become Hyun Bin and Ha Jiwon fans coz of this series.. Thumbs up for the dynamic duo.. 🙂

  243. 243 : jess Says:

    I enjoyed and laughed so hard ep 7 & 8.
    Did someone see ep 9 already? How & where did you see it?
    Soooo glad that they returned to themselves in ep 8. I hope this will have a happy ending but not Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won together, she deserves her boss.
    Great drama!

  244. 244 : Kiwoyo Says:

    This drama is so nice! =)
    I love their storyline, the actors and also the actors’ acting skills!
    DAEBAK! =D especially Hyun Bin… I can’t forget his feminine skills in some scenes… I laughed hard in those scenes! hahahaha~
    This drama also hooked me! I can’t stop watching it XD
    I am so anticipate for the next episodes~ ^^

  245. 245 : Maya385 Says:

    This show is really really great!!
    I can’t wait for episode 9 ^^

  246. 246 : heehuu Says:

    funny drama….

  247. 247 : ynna Says:

    luvluvluv this drama! the main characters are so adorable! they are so hilarious! no wonder it has a high rating! ^_^

  248. 248 : suryani Says:

    secret garden deabak…… TOP……

  249. 249 : chyinje Says:

    Fantastic story line, great actors, beautiful songs, dreamy settings..what more can one asks for?! Fell in love with the drama from the very first episode and I love Hyun Bin! Glad that he took over the role from Jang Hyuk. Don’t think Jang Hyuk would be able to make it as good as Hyun Bin.

  250. 250 : syrena Says:

    It’s the chemistry between Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won which makes this drama click. I can’t imagine any other pair who would have made this a success. Well, done to these 2 actors and I will always remain a big fan!

    Even Hyun Bin & Song HG in Worlds Within didn’t have that touch. Although the story line was much different, there were still moments when they should have shown some sort of connection but for me nada, Song was too cold, stiff. aloof even during their sweet moments together.

    Since they’ve switched bodies already & gave each other an insight of each others persona, the next few episodes would definitely be something to look forward to. I can’t wait for Saturdays & Sundays to come.

    There has been rumours on various endings. I am hoping that it would be a happy one. Otherwise, watching & enjoying it from the start would have been a total waste of my time.

    More power to the cast & crew.

  251. 251 : zashee Says:

    this drama is the most hilarious drama i’ve ever seen. It makes me curious what happen in the next episode, cant wait for episode 9 ><
    i realyy like the way hyun bin act as gil ra im, its very funny and made mass of laugh

  252. 252 : Nonoko Says:

    Wasn’t it homemade alcohol that they drank from the grandmother and not chocolate? Ra Im during that part mentioned that her father used to make those types of “medicines.”

    Despite that, I love this drama so so so much! My heart completely stops every time Ra Im and Joo Won are together. Great production and I wish for this drama to continue to become a success! Kamsamnida >.<

  253. 253 : jeezvive Says:

    2010 Beani Awards by dramabeans. SG, JW, YS and Oska are nominated. Please vote, it is so fun 😀


  254. 254 : shoshlev Says:

    What is this? They love? I mean Kim Suna and Hyun Bin
    ? But the age gap, bother them? He reminds her [Kim Suna], in this drama. And she reminded him in city hall. He’s right Kim Suna she is the most beautiful actress and funniest and most talented, most intelligent and the most sexy. That has in Korea. That’s how I think. But I love this drama.

  255. 255 : The Law of Attraction – Your Worst Nightmare | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

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  256. 256 : takgu99 Says:

    ep 1-4 so boring…
    ep 5-8 very interesting

  257. 257 : ilocana Says:

    osca or oscar cracks me up >_,< I LUV HIM IN THIS DRAMA. maybe i should finish "take care of the young lady" @[email protected]

  258. 258 : Thiha Says:

    The action of ji won in this drama is so excellent.I like her.
    Manee Manee sarang hae ji won!

  259. 259 : chi Says:

    this movie, good or not? tell me

  260. 260 : Lilian Says:

    I love this drama. Very funny and great acting

  261. 261 : hani Says:

    @Chi ofcourse its da best drama of this year its amazing really anticipatin………

  262. 262 : celia Says:

    love love love this drama!!! <3
    thank goodness i can understand korean xDD
    can't wait for episode 10

  263. 263 : jeezvive Says:

    5minute preview of Episode 10


    happy watching 😀

  264. 264 : winterflamingal Says:

    Anyone know what is written on the yellow post-it on the piece of map that JW torn?

  265. 265 : winterflamingal Says:

    Anyone had the link to the preview of episode 11?

  266. 266 : choc2love Says:

    whoever is looking for a new K-drama to watch – this would be IT! it’s fuuny and romantic. Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won are an attractive pair on screen plus the set design and clothing are all very interesting.

    there isn’t many interesting k-dramas recently, besides personal taste (but I only managed to watch half-way)

  267. 267 : leflahon Says:

    im searching nice drama & i hope this one is worth to watch…

  268. 268 : kysha Says:

    never laughed so much in a long time. truly enjoyable!

  269. 269 : prokdrama Says:

    the best among the best kdrama so far….for the first time in my kdrama carer …i love the herione …she’s the best herione so far..the swordfight,the tom raider look and everything about her..i just love her

  270. 270 : Abbie Says:

    Is there a reason why Secret Garden is no longer on the recent drama list? just wondering

  271. 271 : Messi Says:

    Hi abbie . its because 3 new dramas been added on list.

  272. 272 : takgu99 Says:

    i can’t understand why this drama doesn’t have many fans!! such a amazing drama!!
    better than other drama but little bit slow..just enjoy!! love this drama!!
    many laughable!!

  273. 273 : izanmd Says:

    i think this drama is better than Mary Stayed Out All Night. Hyun bin is vary good actor

  274. 274 : cookie58 Says:

    This is one of the best dramas I have watched. Hyun Bin is a really great actor. Keep up the good work!

  275. 275 : Mizrilla Says:

    Already half way trough.. Hope will be a happy ending..
    Oppa Hyun Bin is the best

  276. 276 : pandeou Says:


  277. 277 : carmina Says:

    Ha Ji Won is so COOL

  278. 278 : Jani Says:

    I really, really love this drama..Hyun Bin cracks me up with his acting…his so cool and handsome…and I totally agree with the rating, this drama is one of the best right now….ALOHA!!!

  279. 279 : huda Says:

    I love this drama and their actors . Can’t wait to watch the next episode .

  280. 280 : nhu Says:

    I’m Huyn Bin’s fan. I like him very much. This drama very excitting.
    I hopy he will a lot of dramas , I like this drama

  281. 281 : billydkid Says:

    i don’t agree with anyone who says this drama is nice. i stopped watching at episode 8. all they know is bicker around. i have to think who is which and which is who because sometimes they revert to their own selves once in a while for a short moment only; so, it give me a headache. the stoiryline hasn’t gone any further either. so this drama is quite disappointing. it ranks high maybe because of its STARS??

  282. 282 : mandy Says:

    i love secret garden and i like hyun bin character. In reality,there are rich man are act like him.

  283. 283 : viesa Says:

    really love this drama. always waiting for next episodes! @billydkid i dont think this drama get a high rating just because the people like the actors, but the story and their acting also good. look at the fugitive plan B,the drama has Rain – which everybody loves – and Daniel Henney, but the rating are poor.

  284. 284 : The Secret Movie – To Be Cheered Or Jeered At? | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  285. 285 : jess Says:

    I predict Joon Won Ra Im will not be together in the end..they are from different world

  286. 286 : kanthi Says:

    in my opinion,this drama is hilarious and make the audience curious what happen in the next episode
    cant waitttt for episode 11
    hopefully @jess’s predicting wont come true 😀

  287. 287 : Ranie Says:

    i cant wait next esipod!! really funny!!

  288. 288 : nieeeego Says:

    OMG..i love this drama alot..cant wait 4 the next ep.. :DD..

  289. 289 : osheen Says:

    I’ll comment again and say that it’s one of the best dramas soo faaaar. <3

  290. 290 : duday Says:

    im disappointed with their body swaps! for a short time 🙁 it was very entertaining while they were at each bodies,….and wtf about the comments that gil ra im will die at the end ? 🙁

  291. 291 : mel_ Says:

    süper,süper,süper:)bayılıyorum bu diziye harika:)

  292. 292 : rawaooooooo Says:

    half the way ” best drama” and it will be ……

  293. 293 : Maya385 Says:

    I can’t get enough from this dramaaaaa <3
    The script is way too good and the cast are just amazing!!
    The OST is perfect every little thing about it is just PERFECT! ^^

  294. 294 : Yongjun Says:

    The poster’s like the poster in you’re beautiful..
    Anyway.. I like this drama..

  295. 295 : Meow...0 Says:

    Epiosde 11 is good. It drives me to serach for the quotes of” Alice in Wonderland”. It is interesting to find out that Hyun Bin is playing ” Alice” while Ha Ji Woon is ” the cat” according to the script.

  296. 296 : syrena Says:


    Too bad you don’t like it. I’m sure you’ll find something that you’d like to watch although I could honestly say that beyond Secret Garden, the choices would be few.

  297. 297 : OK OK OK Says:

    @281 billydkid

    I also got a little confuse when they switch body. You can either repeat it and you will get a clearer picture. This is what my sister do. When you watch carefully, they do give some hints when they try to tell you who is who (like there are some sparkles around their body).

    So far so good for me because both lead stars and the remaining main actors all are of soothing faces — so it is relaxing to watch.

  298. 298 : tin Says:

    Joo won is a total jerk. how could he treat a woman so badly and say that he is only playing with her after all that stalking, body swapping,etc. i feel pity for raim because she is an orphan and on one to take care of her. case

  299. 299 : chloEE Says:

    The drama is good, but I find it dissapointing they don’t go into the body swap some more. And what about that creepy painting and that witch (or whatever that is) who wants to save its daughter???? It seems the scriptwriters have forgotten about that… There should hbe another bodyswap in the next episodes, otherwise it’s just not good enough

  300. 300 : Charlie Says:

    Love the drama!!!!
    I can’t get enough of Kim Joowen. Although he appears to be cold and playing games, but deeply in his heart, he’s alreay hooked to the girl.
    I don’t care about his cousin and the Miss Yoon, they are so annoying and they have been getting too much screen time.

  301. 301 : naughtnot Says:

    สนุกมากกก ผมชอบเรื่องนี้ครับนางเอกน่ารักมากกกก

  302. 302 : JustBeGummi Says:

    OMG ! I just love this drama, and am so happy seeing the ratings !
    Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won make the best couple of the year !
    Hope this drama continues with much pleasant surprises. HWAITING !

  303. 303 : km555e Says:

    i really waiting for ep 11….

  304. 304 : iiim Says:

    great drama… i like ep 2 and 3…

  305. 305 : takgu99 Says:

    i have watch ep 1-8…i found this drama little bit slow….
    i enjoy it!!!

  306. 306 : JESSY Says:

    wow..the ratings was good…since hyun bin lead dis drama,i will watch it next…

  307. 307 : Charlie Says:

    Can’t wait for the weekend to come so I can be lost in the Secret Garden.

  308. 308 : jg67 Says:

    one of my favorite drama for this year 2010….

    i really love this drama so much!
    its my pain reliever…haha… every episodes
    makes me laugh:D
    and i also love the tandem between ♥HB and HJW♥ their character really suits them well….

    SG rocks:)

  309. 309 : naga Says:

    funny drama

  310. 310 : cookie58 Says:

    Wow cant wait for this drama to be released in Singapore. My favourite Hyun Bin did a great job.

  311. 311 : Jani Says:

    I hope this drama will have a happy ending for Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won..they look cute together!!

  312. 312 : Jennie Says:

    really like this drama

  313. 313 : viesa Says:

    i cant never wait for the next episodes! really really really really really LOVE THIS DRAMA A LOT!

  314. 314 : lili Says:

    i am chinese studant and i found this website happendly i also really love this drama many many of chinese love it too
    would you like to know how we like it

    this is a website that we talk about this drama on it
    my english is not good so i may make some mistake in grammar
    although we are in different country but we all like the same thing don’t we?

  315. 315 : Mizrilla Says:

    Officially I am freaking obbessed with this drama.. At 1 am i’m still up just swearing coz still can’t see the eps 11-12..

    I do love Joo Won character so much.. Eventough he’s very rude to Ra Im but he’s always find a way to melt her heart so deeply..
    Hope they will have a happy ending together..

    Sarangheyo Oppa Hyun Bin.. Surely now u have me as ur fans.. 🙂

  316. 316 : stella Says:

    Io sono Italiana… devo dire che questo drama mi appassiona ogni puntata sempre di piu’…tanti complimenti ad ha ji won e hyun bin… ottimi attori,come coppia sono perfetti e ben affiatati…mi piacciono moltissimo… spero in un lieto fine, io ci conto ;)!!! Buon Natale a tuttiiii!!!!

  317. 317 : jiameiliya Says:

    Jag kommer från Kina och bor i Sverige.
    Detta drama är otroligt!!!

  318. 318 : lili Says:


  319. 319 : ima Says:

    Dear Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won merry christmas to u and i love u all this drama “secret garden” and good luck to u…..

  320. 320 : Mogador Says:

    très bon drama. jusque la les acteurs sont toujours à la hauteur et il faut dire que le sénario est très bien avec la musicalité et le tout qui fait le charme de cette série. chaque année je me dis que le cinéma coréen se porte bien, ils ne manquent pas d’imagination^^

  321. 321 : hana Says:

    i really love this drama…the line story of drama is different and i love the way hyun bin acting,,,the script is good too …ive watched frm 1-now12..every episode make me happy and very interesting…i really enjoy it
    love both of hyun bin and ha ji won….

  322. 322 : kdramaalltheway Says:

    ha ji won and hyun bin are perfect couple…i love them.i’m so excited for tonites eps..its gonna be cute.they hug again.. OMG..i cant wait

  323. 323 : Jani Says:

    hot, hot, hot…Anxiously waiting for the next episodes to air..I think it should have been nominated for best drama of 2010!

    I would also like to wish everyone a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years”…hope your holidays are filled with joy and peace…ALOHA!

  324. 324 : Vote4MSOAN Says:

    Hello Viewers

    Moon Geun Yuong, also known as Korean little sister, who has not disappointed us in her acting as a child actor as well as in her adult acting career. She was great in Painter of The Wind recently as well as Young Eun Suh in Autumn Tale/Autumn in My Heart in the past. Currently, there is competition going on Between MSOAN and PK for the Best Drama of 2010. It is an undeniable true that MGY is a great actress who has real talent; she doesn’t just depend on her look to get famous. These have proven in her past series as well as the current one (MSOAN). I know for sure that MSOAN is far better than PK in both acting skill and the storylines. I am asking for your vote on MSOAN, and if you have any doubt, Please watch both MSOAN and PK and place your vote.

    Thanks all and Happy Holidays.

  325. 325 : lidami Says:

    merry christmas

  326. 326 : Charlie Says:

    The episode 13 was a nice Christmas present. It didn’t disappoint me. Lots of air time for the leading male and female and they are really very good actors, excellent pair (although the girl is a little too old for the man), lots of chemistry betweern them. Love it and can’t wait for next episode.
    From this drama, it shows social class devides so clearly, more than this part of the world. This is something that bothers me. Is the society over there really devided so clearly between wealthy people and not so wealthy people? Does that society really can’t tolarate the couple like them to be in love and start their lives together? Why can’t ZooWen’s Mother leave them alone? Herself seems having a lonely, misrable life.

  327. 327 : Charlie Says:

    Hyun Bin is a great actor. I didn’t know him until this drama. While I have been following this drama every week, I also catched up with his previous products, …, nicely performed. He’s so handsome, full of male charisma, unlike some Korean boys who actually look and dress like a girl. His eyes have such power to pull you into his world in the drama, make you laugh at his silly behavior, and also shed tears with him for his pain. I’ll be his fan here after.

  328. 328 : diefan Says:

    rating should be higher at this christmas airing…
    Secret Garden is one of the best romantic comedy drama I’ve seen so far. ahh hyun bin is an awesome. I’m glad I’ve have checked this out.

  329. 329 : iman Says:

    i think secret garden is the best romance comedy 4 this year…hyun bin is great actor….i’m glad korea have actor like hyun bin…!

  330. 330 : kdramaalltheway Says:

    waaaaa….they kiss.soooo passionate and long.i love it!!!

  331. 331 : Saya36 Says:

    Wonderful..cannot saying anything..still dream..

  332. 332 : Serena Says:

    OMG I’m totally loving this drama, I watched three episodes but I intend to continue following ^ ^

  333. 333 : Lia101 Says:

    The cover of this drama looks like the cover of “Your beautiful”:)
    Love this drama ^_^

  334. 334 : Violet Says:

    I’m a big fan of Hyun Bin ever since My Lovely Sam Soon. Guess i’ve to check this one out myself. Hyun Bin is always superb delivering his roles

  335. 335 : bfranco Says:

    The story line is not typical. The actors & actresses are good. Acting is superb and not superficial. This drama is indeed one of the best. Thanks to SBS and the writers in coming up with excellent drama that will surely endear to the hearts of many.

  336. 336 : naga Says:

    It’s an interesting drama. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are both good actor and good actress…

  337. 337 : Charlie Says:

    Love the Christmas party in episode 14. It was so beautifully decorated. The girl, RaIm was so smoky hot when she dressed up for the party, or the man she was in love with. It started to show why JooWon is so much in love with the girl. The look had to be part of package, otherwise, who are you fooling. On the other hand, JooWon looked a little pale, couldn’t pair up with the girl. (No offence, the girl’s English is a little bit of roug. I had hard time trying to figure out what she was saying.)

    Now I have to wait a whole week to find out if their identities will be detected by the people most close to them. How is this story going to progress? What was the accident that JooWon had encountered in his past and did it have anything to do with RaIm’s father? Had RaIm’s father really saved JooWon? How long will they remain in each other’s body? Will RaIm eventually be a movie start to get the approval of JooWon’s mother? Will the drama have a happy ending?

    I love happy endings. Please deliver us a happy ending with hope; especially this drama will be Hyun Bin’s last one before his departure for his military service.

  338. 338 : Charlie Says:

    Ending of a drama is very important. It could mark a “.” or a “!” for a drama, like a crescendo of a piece of music. Some dramas had interesting material through out, but didn’t have a good ending. “Lovely Kim SamSun” was one of them. It was funny and nicely acted drama, gave me a lot of laugh; but the ending was a little bit of on the weak side and against the principal of that drama, kind of contradicting what the whole drama had been trying to show.

    I heard some Korean web sites had been polling for the endings of this drama and there were a couple weird endings people had predicted. I sincerely hoe it will not end like that. Hope the writer will deliver a nice, unusual happy ending.

  339. 339 : Amanda Says:

    OMG this show is awsome. hyun bin is a really good actor. he manages to make me laugh when joo won changed bodies with ralm and starts to behave like a female. ha ji won too has played her role well. very convincing. and very funny. haha. captured my interest through out the whole show. later, when joo won finds himself in love with with ralm he does this little things that warms my heart. hyun playing that role has made it even more heartwarming. this show has made me laugh and cry and then laugh all over again.

  340. 340 : Ta Says:

    I loved the KISS in epidoe 14. Hyun Bin is so handsome.

  341. 341 : chyinje Says:

    Just wathed Ep 14 and boy, can’t wait to see what’s next. Epi. after epi., script writers have not disappointed us. Hyun Bin is great and I love to see how his character developed. I also love his decisiveness n single-mindedness in overcoming problems. I hope we’ll have a good ending but I don’t like the ominous signs that we get throughout esp. when the two leads do a narrative..as if it was in the past or a dream. I hope not!!

  342. 342 : mandy Says:

    i love ha ji won so much…..

  343. 343 : sylvia Says:

    This drama is one of the best for 2010. I just hope that the ending will not be very disappointing.

  344. 344 : prokdrama Says:

    finished watching ep 13 with sub.i cried along w/ RM.

  345. 345 : prokdrama Says:

    love ha ji won…shes simply the best

  346. 346 : ShoutOut Says:

    Suerainy are you on here. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve started watching this drama! So far so good! Especially, the kick butt fight scenes!

  347. 347 : Sveta Says:

    BEST DRAMA 2010!!!!!

  348. 348 : Sveta Says:

    Love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won!
    I watched 14 episodes and this drama BEST!!!
    The story line is SO good!
    Acting is so good!
    OST so good too)))
    Love Secret Garden^^

  349. 349 : Sveta Says:

    WOW!!! Rating Secret garden is high)

    And kiss in episode 14 was so cute!!!
    That’s what we call a KISS!!!!!)))))
    Best kiss in a Korean drama!!!^^

  350. 350 : mizRilla Says:

    WOW.. I love eps 14.. And of course falling in love too with the kissing scene.. Hyun Bin Oppa is the best..
    Hoping for the marvelous happy ending for Joo Won and Ra Im.. The best on screen couple 🙂

  351. 351 : Sveta Says:

    Can’t wait is episode 15!!!!!^^

  352. 352 : Cristina Says:

    love this drama….

  353. 353 : Jani Says:

    Love this drama…can’t wait for epi 15
    I agree, the kiss on episode 14 was one of the best I’ve seen on dramas so far..

  354. 354 : viesa Says:

    can’t never get enough of this drama!! i just watch episode 13 with subtitle, now am waiting impatiently for eps 14 w/ subtitle WOOT WOOT !

  355. 355 : viesa Says:

    reading through all these comment, i feel like pain in the a** sitting on my chair and gaze over my computer screen wondering when will eps 14 w/ sub came out 🙁

  356. 356 : kim Says:

    secret garden is the best korean drama that i ever watched. a must see drama. love the character of kim joo won! hope it will be extended.. love hyun bin so much!

  357. 357 : honey Says:

    i really like this drama i cant wait for the next episode.. it makes me laugh and awake if im feel sleepy in the office.hahahha .. i like also the song eventhough i cannoth understand it.. What the title of the song can i know it pls?? i hope the ending of this drama will be happy ending.. happy holiday to all…

  358. 358 : magicme Says:

    ep 14 is the best so far…thanks viki for the sub

  359. 359 : nic Says:

    This drama really makes me anticipating for more!! gave me a lot of laughters! Applause to Hyun Bin and Ha ji won for GREAT acting!! both of them are so cute together~~~ 😀
    epi14 is the best so far! am anxiously waiting what’s next!! will they find out who is in the body~~~

  360. 360 : yssel Says:

    its so lovely! can anyone tell the music title of this drama???pls. help…
    thank u and & happy New Year:)

  361. 361 : xXMzSmilesXx Says:

    Seriously I never knew I could be more in love with a drama. This drama is definately one of my top 3 favs this year. It has to full package, hot lead actors/actress, great plot and amazing scenary shots. I seriously wishh that they ending is great, because dramas that have a great starter go down hill on ep 15 and onwards.

  362. 362 : Abbie Says:

    chapter 13 & 14 are amazing, i couldn’t wait for 15. People from both ends started to arouse suspicion of their behaviors

  363. 363 : tlan555 Says:

    Secret Garden is the Вest!!!!!!!!!

  364. 364 : tlan555 Says:

    Secret Garden Fighting!!!!!
    Love so much!!!!!^^

  365. 365 : viesa Says:

    this drama is getting better and better and better. Will they air episode 15 & 16 this saturday and sunday (1 & 2 Jan 2011)?? I am so f***ing cant wait every new episodes.

  366. 366 : mandy Says:

    love this drama so much…fighting secret garden !

  367. 367 : arabia Says:

    waiting ep 15 🙂

  368. 368 : wwwwlovung Says:

    ha ji won and hyun bin…
    ha ji won and hyun bin…
    ha ji won and hyun bin…

    the best couple so far…in Kdramaland!!!!

  369. 369 : kim Says:

    love this drama.can’t wait for the next episodes. hope this drama will be extended. hyun bin is so sexy and cute! like his dimples. hyun bin and ha ji won have a good chemistry, undeniable chemistry. hope they will end up together in real life. wishing!

  370. 370 : li Says:


  371. 371 : lilium Says:

    the best drama!!!!!

  372. 372 : ningning77 Says:

    the best drama so far!! just to let everyone know the OST tittle is “That Woman “by Baek ji Young … nice song and “here i am” by 4men

  373. 373 : Sweetie Says:

    This drama is incredibly amazing!!
    Episode 13 n 14 make me having mixed feeling n like send me to the sky also..after My best friend is Gumiho, this is the drama that make me feel this way! Hyun Bin are so damn jerk but also cute, he plays this Joo Woon character so well..ahh i miss My name is Kim SamSoon when i see this drama but in here his acting skill has improved well!
    Hyun Bin is so loved!
    Ha Ji Won also is incredibly actress. both they two create the best romance comedy drama the best for this year!
    Also love other couple in this drama..Hallyu star-Oska n Seul..
    Secret Garden rocks!!!

  374. 374 : viesa Says:

    hei, i notice the rating for eps 13 and 14 are down, what happen?? i think eps 14 (with the kiss) is the best episode. Come on Secret Garden fans, lets make next episodes get a higher rating if not the highest :)) FIGHTING!

  375. 375 : love jiwon Says:

    l love this drama, for my beloved actres ha jiwon unni and my brother in law hyun bin. keep fith secret garden, it’s the best drama that make me smile, cry, and always anticipate for the next epi. the characters so fast and interested.

  376. 376 : love jiwon Says:

    yeah…….the rating was getting lower than before, may be it cause by the other drama that airing at the same day as secret garden was finnished, so most of the korean people were anticipated to it as well as secret garden, but it was okey, since my secret garden keep in the second and first place.

  377. 377 : Ta Says:

    Nice drama and nice song.

  378. 378 : Chrissy Says:

    i really love this drama…very interesting…

  379. 379 : lucille Says:

    wahhhhhhhh…. cant wait for the next episodes………..
    thumbs up to the actors/actresses, writer, director and production…..

  380. 380 : chungta Says:

    very gud drama after such a long time….must watch it……^_^

  381. 381 : love hyun bin Says:

    what a nice drama is it, hyun bin looks more sweety than before as sam shig ^^. very good actor, and handsome, love you babe

  382. 382 : Jean Says:

    A very nice drama… Hyun bin is a good actor.. This drama shows another side of him… A super funny one..

  383. 383 : cici Says:

    this drama so sweeittt… very nice drama… hyun bin look beautiful acting…

  384. 384 : Charlie Says:

    Oh oh. What’s the situation? Just watched episode 15 and ending of this episode made me felt unease. Hope things will turn around and he’ll get out of the trouble.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow to watch episode 16.

  385. 385 : Vina Says:

    Hope this will not become a sad ending drama…..
    Please.. please make it a happy ending drama…

  386. 386 : Vina Says:

    Please… Please don’t make it into sad ending drama….. We are looking for happy ending story.

  387. 387 : wwwwlovung Says:

    i cant believe its almost over..how can i survive my weekend..i’m sure i’m gonna miss HJW and HB..

  388. 388 : BETTER BE Says:

    Secret Garden…
    It better have a happy ending…
    If not, I will never watch SBS dramas again!
    After Hyun-Bin was trapped… anyways…
    My point is that it better end happily~

    Love YA!

  389. 389 : BETTER BE Says:

    OOH! I’m watching it now!

  390. 390 : love leephilip Says:

    What happend in ep 16???? What is the connection between Ji Won’s mom and Gil Ra Im?????? O.o

  391. 391 : nic Says:

    Oh my… what is gonna happen after epi 16!
    Ra Im, please dont leave Joo Won.. >.<

    i hope everything will be revealed soon and have a happy ending!
    both of them are so in love~~~

  392. 392 : Jani Says:

    Oh my gosh, what is going on in episode 16, I couldn’t understand what Ji Won’s mom saying to Ra Im but it sounded so serious…whatever it is, I would hope for a happy ending for this lovebirds…they are so much in love…Keep fighting!

  393. 393 : LoveThemSoMuch Says:

    I really pray hard that there is a good ending to this lovely love story.
    It would be so hard to take if the ending is not well…especially when I went all the way to Seoul for holiday to watch epi 13 and 14 on TV there. LOL

    Their acting is so great that I feel as if they are real-life characters living somewhere out there…

  394. 394 : Ranie Says:

    i like this drama so much. Good.

  395. 395 : lucille Says:

    cant wait for the subs…. can someone please tell me what did joo won’s mother told ra im for her to kneel down in front of ra im… i have a big hunched that it has something to do with joo won’s phobia with elevators and the death of ra im’s father….
    please let the story be a happy ending for both joo won and oscar’s hehehe…
    this the next story ive liked and remembered since COFFEE PRINCE wherein both the love story of the 4 main characters, although are entangled, but is clear that they have their own true love….

  396. 396 : Jessie Says:

    The drama is great! Please give it a good ending!

  397. 397 : bringhjw Says:

    i’m not into hyun bin before.Secret Garden and ha jiwon made me a fan of him.and i cant get enough with them.HJW and HB forever….

  398. 398 : Veronica Says:

    The mother is telling ra im about the accident that Joo Won had 13 years ago. Ra Im’s father died because of saving him. She is asking for forgiveness and asking Ra Im to leave Joo Won.
    I seriously hope this have a good ending..

  399. 399 : tina paner Says:

    waahh! very good drama amazing actors and actresses.
    i like hajiwon and woon bin forever!

  400. 400 : keane Says:

    I really like this drama.I love Hyun Bin and Hajiwon ***faiting***

  401. 401 : Hyun Bin « (-•♥♥•-)♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫(-•♥♥•-) Says:

    […] Secret Garden (SBS, 2010) Friend, Our Legend (2009) The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008) The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (MBC, 2005) Ireland (MBC, 2004) Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003) Bodyguard (KBS2, 2003) […]

  402. 402 : Abbie Says:

    I am having Secret garden FEVER…. OMG…. as soon as i thought it can’t can’t any better than this, it exceed my expectation…. WONDERFUL drama… LOVE Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won when they bicker as when they adore each other, the chemistry of the lead 4 actors are so great. Excellent storyline writer Kim Eun Sook…. LOVE and happy new year

  403. 403 : lllrite Says:

    OMG….the spoiler for next ep.
    it’s gonna be a heart breaker
    so guys prepare….
    OMG…my heart s bleeding for jowoo

  404. 404 : nic Says:

    ohmygod. i dont know if what i see from epi17 spoiler is true but but but~~ IT IS SURE GONNA MAKE ME CRY !!! NOOOOO.

  405. 405 : snowman Says:

    Ahhh, this is killing me. I can´t wait untill 8.01 to see the next Episode T_T
    Where can i watch the spoiler of ep 17 that you´re talking about???

  406. 406 : Abbie Says:

    don’t exhausted yourself over the spoiler, the good is waited to come, I read the spoiler, and i wished that i did not. I have never get this excitment over a drama before…. OMG… I LOVE everything about Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. God bless them.

  407. 407 : kklove Says:

    ra im and jo woo are crying…

  408. 408 : DIANA Says:

    OMG!!! I Love It!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ amazin’ drama ^_^
    I think /I hope/ they are stay together!!!

  409. 409 : DIANA Says:

    The Korean ♥Best Drama♥ of 2010/2011!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  410. 410 : viesa Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! SO MUCH! The best drama i’ve ever seen after a long time…keep up the good work fans for high rating and tobe the best drama in 2011 (do not lose over My Princess). FIGHTING!

  411. 411 : momo Says:


  412. 412 : bringhome Says:

    i love hyun bin voice..
    i love his own version of that song “that man”.

    i want ha ji won too..to sing her own version..

    i just love them…

  413. 413 : kim Says:

    wow its good to know that secret garden is no.1 in the rating game for epi 15 and 16. hope it will continue to be no.1 up to the last episode. secret garden rocks!love hyun bin and his dimples!

  414. 414 : azzhra Says:

    Wooowww… Really…really…loves this drama…
    The best drama 2010/2011
    Hyun Bin very handsome with his dimples… 🙂

  415. 415 : Mizrilla Says:

    Omo.. Now I can hear my oppa sing.. You made my heart melt.. So love your act and your voice Hyun Bin..

    All the best for u..

  416. 416 : Abbie Says:

    time is near for Episode 17&18

  417. 417 : Abbie Says:

    Eventhought I love to see Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won together as a couple. I would hate to see Huyn Bin be shaken by all these attraction and temptation in Secret Garden. Song Kye Gyo, is a beauty herself. I really love them in “the worlds within”.

  418. 418 : danish Says:

    the best koean drama 2010/2011…. I love…love…love hyun bin…mmmmuuuuaaaccchhh…

  419. 419 : soko Says:

    hey, this drama has only 16 episode?

  420. 420 : Chrissy Says:

    awesome drama..love it..

  421. 421 : kdramalove Says:

    finished watching epi 17 w/ out subtitles…
    there actions speak louder than there words..
    and my heart s breaking right now…
    sooo heart breaking..

  422. 422 : lucille Says:

    thanks veronica for answering my question 🙂
    SG forever hehehe…. fighting!

  423. 423 : iman Says:

    i think song kye kyo acting acting skill is beter then han ji won….really natural….xpecialy in world within,,,,

  424. 424 : Abbie Says:

    I actually impressed with han ji won performance in Secret Garden. It was/is beyond my expectation. Both HB and HJW are flawless with their acting. I like Worlds Within too. I adore Hyun Bin and Song Kye Gyo, however Secret Garden has my heart and soul, it is definately is my favorite of the two.

  425. 425 : omg Says:

    ep 17………OMG…………I blubbered…TT TT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    tears wouldnt stop even now………..
    All I can say is NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111
    You guys should preparedness very much……………omg omg omg
    omg omg omg omg omg omg noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  426. 426 : Charlie Says:

    Episode 17, by far, is the best episode of this drama series, although it’s sad and heart broken. Hyun Bin and HGW have acted so well. Especially Hyun Bin, he is so handsome and talented, determined and sweet at the same time. (He’s my most favorite actor!) Well written story, I’m being touched and moved deeply. At the end of the episode, when Joo Won is about to drive into the thunder storm with Ra Im – such beautiful scene, this is the moment that I wish there were a God who could step up to help out here to give her life back so they could be together like a normal couple to fight for their love and happiness.

    Since Ra Im’s brain is dead, if they would be able to switch the souls like they did in the previous episodes, if brain and soul can be considered as equivalent, then Joo Won’s body will be having Ra Im’s dead brain and Ra Im’s body will live with Joo Won’s soul; then Ra Im will be able to move again with Joo Won’s soul. But it would be meaning that Ra Im is dead, Joo Won is living in Ra Im’s body. Although Ra Im could continue her life with her acting career, but it would be really like Joo Won’s living. Then this wouldn’t be considered as the sacrifice of Joo Won, because he would continue to live in Ra Im’s body.

    But if brain is also considered as part of the body, then their switch would be meaning that Joo Won’s soul would be stuck in Ra Im’s brain dead body, Ra Im’s soul would live in Joo Won’s live body, as a rich man… But Ra Im also loved Joo Won very much, shouldn’t she choose to switch back, just as Joo Won is about to do, if the switch by rain or thunder continue to work, …, then when would this end?

    I can’t wait to see next episode!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, Hyun Bin.

  427. 427 : nuni Says:

    “OMO” I really .. really .. love this drama..
    ♡ Hyun bin oppa saranghae ♥

  428. 428 : Natasha Says:

    Charlie, I have to agree with you. Episode is indeed very emotional and for the love of Ra Im, Joo Won was willing to sacrifies for her….Just could not help being touched by this…………sob…

  429. 429 : KDaddict Says:

    Thank you Writer-nim, Production team and actors, for giving us a most wonderful drama. It becomes our highlight of the week for all these weeks. In my opinion, this is the best KD since Winter Sonata in 2002. The story is fresh, esp. the fantasy element with the body switch, the dialogue intelligent, the combination of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Wong refreshing, the acting of HB, HJW and Yoon Sang Hyun superb, the OSTs mesmerizing, the styling from hair to fashion tip-top, the cinematography of the winter landscape a chilling beauty. It is a pleasure to watch in every way. Just as Winter Sonata did back then, this drama stands head and shoulders above the rest. Thank you most kindly in giving us some high quality entertainment, a drama to watch again and again, a drama to stay in our hearts for a long time!
    Just make sure it is a happy-ending, or else I take it all back!

  430. 430 : HookedonSG Says:

    Ditto to KDaddict..after watching ep 7.
    Sadly though, if this is going have the ending of Little Mermaid, then it will be a sad ending? In any case, KDaddict, please don’t take back what you wrote. This drama is the best, happy or sad ending

  431. 431 : KDaddict Says:

    What Charlie says is so well thought-out. It is a dilemma! I suppose the idea is that Joo Won willingly offers up that part of himself, shall we say his consciousness?, that will become brain-dead in Gil Ra Im’s body, cos it is HER brain and brainwaves; while Ra Im’s consciousness will enter Joo Won’s body. She will then see the world with his eyes, experience life in his body. It takes the two of them together, her consciousness and his body to live one life. Isn’t that the ultimate marital union?
    Before the next plot twist, this is so far, the only way for those two people from difference worlds, to be together. I trust the writer will give us a fairytale ending contrary to the Mermaid Princess!

  432. 432 : Viesa Says:

    I have to wait till the subs is up. And reading the comments doesnt make it better, let alone looks it looks like a sad episode 🙁

  433. 433 : love jiwon Says:

    thanks carlie. I read it well. I think after watch it I could say that it was the best way that jo won can do for ra im and make his mother realize that jo won love ra im. our beloved scripwriter would give us the best fantasi ending. maybe there is time when jo won will wake up in ra im body for urgent situation.
    since I love this drama well whatever the ending. I will wait for it. just in case hyun bin act in this drama will bring hia as the best actor for this year and my hajiwon unie as always. she is the Jjang/ best.

  434. 434 : lucille Says:

    sub faster please for ep 17 and the coming ep 18…..pretty please…..
    this is the only thing that highlight my weekend 🙂
    hope they will extend the story for another episodes….. cant get enough with the chemistry of the 4 main characters… love them!

  435. 435 : nic Says:

    Epi17 ended so touching yet sad. JW really willing to sacrifice to save RI. That really shows their love just like RI willing to leave JW so he won’t lost everything in his life.

    i seriously cannot imagine what would happen if their souls switched again..
    tonight the answer will be revealed!!

    Hwaiting JW & RI !!
    Hwaiting SG!

  436. 436 : deee Says:


  437. 437 : SG31 Says:

    OMG Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won are perfect match. this drama is seriously the best. got teary eyerd watching eps 14 soooo intense!!!!

  438. 438 : SG31 Says:

    OMG Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won are perfect match. this drama is seriously the best. got teary eyed watching eps 17 soooo intense!!!!

  439. 439 : ilocana Says:

    Is it gonna be a sad ending? I hope not…..but this drama is so good, I’ll keep on watching it…..I better prepare for a box of tissue for episode 17 then Y_Y

  440. 440 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 17

    I really don’t like KIM Joo Won’s omoni. Why must split the 2 love birds.
    KJW mom really got no class no matter how she dressed up. Her hairstyle is so weird.

    She is so evil that she asked the board of directors to sack her own son to make him a poor man so he got no time, money to woo GRI
    GRI got no choice but to leave KSW so that his mum will not sack him. (KSW does not know this GRI leave him is becoz of this reason)

    Gil Ra Im in coma after a car accident during shooting a scene. KJW cried so much in this ep and will make you sad too becoz GRI asked to break off with KJW giving him another reason. He is the cause of her father’s death. All the misunderstanding & hurtful comments ……………..

  441. 441 : chillicrab Says:

    THAT MAN – singer — Hyun Bin


    Wow, I didn’t know you can sing so well like a professional. Love your voice and all the best to you and this drama.

    Your Singapore fans

  442. 442 : chillicrab Says:

    Hyun Bin sing in this SECRET GARDEN OST — THAT MAN (English Sub)

  443. 443 : lulu Says:

    one of the best drama i seen….. sooo good!

  444. 444 : lucille Says:

    wahhhhhhhh…. shes alive……… cant get enough of sg……..
    although i cant understand any one word theyre saying, one thing is 4 sure, jw still loves raim despite memory loss….
    still waiting 4 the subs……….

  445. 445 : Abbie Says:

    I’m excited as we get closer the the final episodes, as the same time, it’s depressing to know, at this time next week, there will be no more Joo Won and Gil Ra Im.

  446. 446 : nic Says:

    Smile on my face when episode18 ends.

    Happy to know THEY are back and both of them are so cute!!

    yet sad that it is coming to an end. i guess this applies to all SG fans. no more RI & JW after next week.

    I STILL LOVE JW & RI no matter what! APPLAUSE to the director, scriptwriter and crew of SG! 😀

  447. 447 : kari Says:

    can someone save my soul, kindly upload the next episodes in mysoju.com, thank u…:D

  448. 448 : kari Says:

    thank u for hearing my request, episode 17 is already uploaded…:D

  449. 449 : kari Says:

    done watching episode 17, damn i was crying like a baby with this episode, hope that someone would upload the next episode, thank you… 🙂

  450. 450 : MNS Says:

    Can someone please upload chapter 18 in mysoju??? I don’t want to sleep today without finishing it today!! Crying… :'(

  451. 451 : lucille Says:

    thanks to to all sg fans and for fast uploading… cant wait for ep 18….
    im having heart attack reading what they were saying on ep 17, i cried so much when it wasnt yet subbed, cried again when i watched it with sub…
    cant really wait for 18….

  452. 452 : Mae Mae Ang Says:


  453. 453 : Scorpiototoro Says:

    Me too~ It was so touching on ep 17. Also they weren’t offered chocolate.. it was some type of flower wine.

  454. 454 : KDaddict Says:

    Spoiler Warning: Do not read this comment if you haven’t watched Episode 18 and don’t want to spoil the suspense!!!
    A big bundle of thanks to Writer Kim Eun Sook-nim, for having the creativity to think of a body switch as a main plot device; thanks for your audacity to use a dream as a plot twist to stop further switches; thanks for making Jon Won come back as mentally 21 years old, to let us see him fall in love with Gil Ra Im all over again!
    The body-switches were necessary the first time around to give JW a connection with GRI, and thereby chance, to fall head over heels over her; they are no longer needed the 2nd time around. He loves her no matter what!
    We are all saying that this is the best KD in a long time, I guess cos it is a major departure from all other romantic comedies. Who isn’t tired of the evil rich mother/parent throwing water in the face of the poor young girl? Looks like you are tired of it too. I love your tongue-in-cheek treatment of romantic drama cliches: you have JW call them 3rd rate romance-melodramas. Kudos to you!
    Thank you for your flight of fancy, and for taking us along for the ride!
    We are all going to suffer from SG-withdrawal after next weekend. Or-Dok-Ke?
    I look forward to your new drama My Princess, for other tricks up your writing sleeve. From now on I’m going to look for the name Kim Eun Sook in KDs and see it as a mark of quality! All the best to your future writing endeavors!

  455. 455 : still Says:

    What happened to Hyun Bin? He’s literally skin and bones!!! If that’s what I see on screen, he must look anorexic in real person!!! Aishh!!!

  456. 456 : mallieynna Says:

    hyun bin n ha ji won is the perfect couple..
    very look good together..
    this kdrama is super marvelous..
    domo jeo ha sso!!!
    sarang hae hyun bin.. very cute,, smart,, carismatic,, hot,,,

  457. 457 : nia Says:

    i love hyun bin oppa and dis drama..i just want to ask if hyun bin still coupled with the beauty song hye kyo??plz someone answer me..eager to know.not korean citizen

  458. 458 : OK OK OK Says:




    Hyun Bin – you are so handsome & talented. You also sing so well like a professional… I love your voice — THAT MAN – which you sing for Ha Ji won……. ^.^

    I listen to your song while typing this….. all the best to you all …..

  459. 459 : Jani Says:

    Such a magnificient drama..Looking forward to a happy ending for the two couple in love..Wow, Hyun Bin not only handsome and talented, he also has such a nice voice!

  460. 460 : kari Says:

    i super love the plot, its simple but unique unlike any other love story.

    i love the character of hyun bin, a perfect prince charming who will definitely swift you off your feet. the character of hyun bin is perfect for him because of his good looks and charisma and he portrays the character very will.

    as to the character of ha ji won, she is the the envy of every girl because she was found by a perfect prince charming and ha ji won did her part very will, i love the part where she kneel down before the mother of joo won that scene really breaks my heart.

    i super love this drama and i’m looking forward for a perfect happy ending… <3

  461. 461 : rawaooooooo Says:


  462. 462 : keane Says:

    The best Korea drama of 2010 *** SECRET GARDEN***

  463. 463 : nia Says:

    can i ask did hyun bin still couple with song hye kyo..i really love them to be together..can someone answer me??hehe

  464. 464 : unknown Says:

    omo omo…
    eps 18 makes me crazy… i’m cry in a half eps and can stop laugh till the end…
    4 thumbs for writer kim… can u extend this drama?? hahaha…

    hyun bin’s acting is brilliant!!!! i can fell ra im’s soul when they switch….
    ha ji won fighting!!!!!

  465. 465 : Charlie Says:

    If you have not finished watching episode 18 and do not wish to get it spoiled, please don’t read my comment.

    The ending of episode 17 is so beautiful and heart aching – a straight long road to world’s end with vast land covered by white snow on one side, water equally as white on the other side, two lovers in a white BMW convertible, driving into thunderstorm… It has such big impact to human minds and will remain as one of the classic scenes of K Dramas.

    I kind of knew that there had to be a God like person to break the magic spell in episode 18, but each woke up in there own body, is kind of unexpected. If Ra Im’s Dad can “cure” the dead brain, then why didn’t he do it earlier before Joo Won chose death by switching? Why did he wait more than 15 days?

    Anyhow, I love seeing Joo Won came back young and refreshing and acting exactly as he did in the first few episodes ;-). I guess one can’t change and love is purely chemistry. To Ra Im, it’s also kind of bitter sweet. I hope in the two ending episodes, two love birds will have a happy ending and Joo Won’s mom would finally approve their relationship and give her blessing…

    Honestly, most mother characters in K dramas are distasteful, regardless rich or poor. They yell, scream, are control freaks over their children. Joo Won’s mom in this drama is especially a very dislike, or even hateful character. How could a mom behave as such, not consider his son’s happiness at all, even after his son had experience death once before, and continue acting as such after her son’s second death experience? This is way beyond my comprehension. We need more nice, loving, true mom figures in K dramas!!!

    Thanks for some readers commented on my comments. We’re here for one thing, because we enjoy and love this Secret Garden, we love Hyun Bin!

  466. 466 : Susan Says:

    Can anyone tell me the title of the song when the American director alight from the chartered plane. Thank u very much

  467. 467 : white flag Says:

    Really i can’t stop loving this drama,one of the best dramas i have ever watchend ,Noooo … it’s the best drama i have ever watched.. A MUST WATCH GUYS.. hYUN BIN acting is incredible.. i hope for happy ending for this couple.

  468. 468 : Abbie Says:

    My heart is at ease at the end of chapter 18, got to love writer Kim Eun Sook for her incredible art-WORDS. we love you writer Kim Eun Sook

  469. 469 : SOSAD Says:

    love the drama sooo much that I watch it over and over again , cry so much on ep 16 , 17 .hope for happy ending….

  470. 470 : melano Says:

    love this comedy/romance kdrama. i can’t wait the ending hopefully i’ts a good one. good job for all the cast and the writer/director…well done… they deserved the awards…especially hyun bin and ha ji won, look good as a couple..good tandem…for me secret garden is the best coz’ it something different… fantasy…love..and ..magic… GOOD / EXCELLENT KDRAMA ” SECRET GARDEN ” congratulation…

  471. 471 : Messi Says:

    Hyun bin is such a great actor. he can do everything perfectly. i cry while watching jowon in ep17 and then laugh in ep18.

  472. 472 : eugene Says:

    I love this drama. the story is unpredictable and refreshing . but i think the ending of body swap in ep18 was not depicted nicely as it could have been. the fantasy element is not used as per its potential.

  473. 473 : eugene Says:

    Is there anyone else who wish for oska-taesun ending together? it will be hilarious. i love their bromance.

  474. 474 : viesa Says:

    just watch episode 17 and its heart-breaking but beautiful. trying to watch eps.18 today, hope its good.

  475. 475 : viesa Says:

    oh wait, i forgot to comment about JW’s mother, she’s the devilish mother ever in Kdrama! She’s willing to ruin her son life rather than see him happy with his lover.

  476. 476 : elvesa Says:

    I would like to congratulate the people who are working on secret garden drama…. highly appreciated The actors and actresses are good and the leading stars have good chemistry.To the scriptwriter… WOW! good storyline… inspiring dialogue . To the director… very meticulous with every scenes … very good

  477. 477 : adjna Says:

    i’m really really crazY of Secret garden..
    I think 4 d’korean drama lover should watchin’ this korean drama..coz Secret garden is d’bezt korean drama ever..i really insane of Secret garden..
    I give 10thumbs up for Secret garden..

    I’m really pRoud to d’script writer becAuse makin’ d’great scenario korean drama ever..
    D’story is so difFerent with d’other..d’unique love story ever..
    For me, Secret garden still d’firSt rating..
    Love this so much..

    Really best drama..
    Really best script..
    Really best story..
    Really best couple ever..Love Hyun bin and Ha ji won ..

  478. 478 : caspian Says:

    this is a great drama. LOVE U HYUN BIN!!.

  479. 479 : 52drama Says:

    I am waiting for the episodes 19 and 20. I hope that it has a happy ending. This drama is a romance and comedy and the couple should be together at the end.

  480. 480 : Elize Says:

    Highly recommended to watch! You won’t regret it SUPER DUPER EXCELLENTE!!! you’re missing out if you miss this drama. If you say YB is #1 2010 I would say this is #1 in 2011!

  481. 481 : Charlie Says:

    Love the drama.
    Who got 10 thumbs?

  482. 482 : Charlie Says:

    In episode 18, Joo Won came back as a 21 year old or at least with his memory as when he was a 21-year old. Although he behaves similar, if not exactly, as how he did in the first a few episodes, arrogant and poor-mannered, trying to figure out what Jil Ra Im means to him, …, but all these have refreshing feeling and Joo Won looks so cute, innocent, and lovely; surprisingly, not as jerky as he was at the beginning. Perhaps this is the result of a sad, long cry over what could have happened and fortunate life back. Just as Ra Im said, “Regardless what you do, I will take it as cute; regardless how you behave, will forgive you. As long as you live.”

    I’m looking forward to the next episode and the finale.

  483. 483 : syrena Says:


    I’ll make that 10 thumbs up and another 10 toes up! 🙂

    Why does it have to end so soon…

  484. 484 : syrena Says:

    Any ideas on where we could get those sparkly track suits? I’d like the blue and the heart one.

    Hopefully, I’ll be able to buy a few before leaving Seoul next month.

    Should you see me walking along the roads of London, Cambridge & York, you’ll know that I am an avid “gardener” and you could stop me & say Hi! 🙂

  485. 485 : Secret Garden Hyun Bin Says:

    Secret Garden Hyun Bin Facebook fan page


  486. 486 : USA-Mary Says:

    EXCELLENT DRAMA! This is the second one of screenwriter Kim Eun Sook’s creations that I’ve watched and immensely enjoyed! It makes me laugh, smile, and leaves me wanting to see more!

    Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won have terrific chemistry and are an excellent match! Joo Won with his arrogant, ‘ do as I say and if you disregard me, I’ll pay you back with interest-immediately’ attitude just sneaks up on his assailants, then…KAPOW! It leaves me laughing so hard as I watch the recipients of his retaliation aghast and shocked while fumbling over how to respond and recover quickly from what he said to them, but can’t! Brilliant writing!

  487. 487 : kdramalove Says:

    i’m not prepared…i want more episodes
    plsss…kdrama God!!!

  488. 488 : USA-Mary Says:

    Even though I read the synopsis and wondered how the writer was going to pull off the ‘switch’ to make it interesting to me! I can truly say that this is the BEST one, so far, that I’ve seen to-date! Well, I’m still partial to ‘Big’ with Tom Hanks!

    Anyway, I had hoped that this drama wouldn’t be the same as usual. Another chaebol male heir who can’t deal with rejection from a female of the lower class ‘monthly rent payer’ of his targeted interest. One who he believes doesn’t have the right to choose to refuse his affections because he’s never been told ‘no’ before by any woman or anyone! One who is so narcissistic that he can’t understand why a woman like Ra Im won’t become emotionally involved with him because she’s totally aware of the Korean chaebol families credo. “You can play and toy around outside, but when it comes to marriage, we (the parents) will have you pick a petigreed, educated heiress from a selected, refined litter!”

    Then, the switch occurred and its hilarious! Even though, I’m not that far along in this drama, it’s more than what I could have expected! With this switch, the writer expounds on areas that the similar movies I’ve seen in the U.S. didn’t touch. Like being so aware of the switch, that they don’t want each other to notice their new physical form…don’t wash…don’t look! LOL! It gives the concept of walking in another person’s shoes an entirely different perspective, for sure!

  489. 489 : viesa Says:

    OMG! Eps.18 cuteness overload! I dont think 20 episode is enough for this drama, i always want more. But i hope in the finale is a happy ending :))

  490. 490 : Mon Says:

    Nice, nice drama and I have some good laughs, too!! The actors are very very good. I’m searching and watching for more of Hyun Bin’s dramas. Good script, congrantulations!!!
    I’m not ready to end this yet, I want a happy ending!

  491. 491 : Tiwisim Says:

    What I can say this drama is satisfactorily complete package.
    I love everything in this drama. I’ve been touched by the story line and script dialogue.

    I’m highly recommend this drama to Korean drama lover…

  492. 492 : rawaooooooo Says:

    ya ya ya 2rabet al nehaya what it will be????

  493. 493 : Victoria Says:

    Great wonderful awesome series SC!!! love the cast esp Hyun Bin, HJW and Oska so funny and funnier!

  494. 494 : Hyene Says:

    WoW rating so high well what can I say Hyun Bin in it and perfect cast!

  495. 495 : Charlie Says:

    I heard it’s going to be a happy ending. Otherwise, the writer’s husband would divorce the writer, or something like that. It’s kind of funny. People on the web are kind of chanting “We want happy ending! We want happy ending!” Yeah, why not, especially given the current gloomy economy and job markets, watching K-drama can be a safe heaven, or at least for a temporary relief. Besides, true loves should have good results; otherwise, what can we be looking forward in our lives? It’d be pathetic, hopeless world.

    Hum? I’m wondering how the writer would pull it off. Will there still be new surprises? The episode 18 already hinted that Joo Won met Ra Im, in a hospital, when he was 21 and she was 17. I guess because he lost his memory related to the accident, so he forgot Ra Im as well.

    The drama had been great. Hope it’d have a perfect ending which would make me wonder even long after it finishes…

  496. 496 : chyinje Says:

    Wow, epi 18 was awesome. I had tears from the very beginning. Keeping fingers crossed that we’ll have a good ending!

  497. 497 : chyinje Says:

    I am overwhelmed with this one. No one should compare it with some of the present popular dramas like YB, PK n MSOAL. While the latter are appealing and enjoyable, it lacks maturity and depth. This drama has both and appeals to viewers of all ages. Hyun Bin deserves an award for his great acting n so do the scriptwriter, director, people in charge of ost costume, location and everybody else cos I think they did a great job. It went wonderfully well n in synch with the fairytale. Bravo!!

  498. 498 : shery Says:

    congratulation for the team of SECRET GARDEN…. it is indeed a very good drama with very good actors and story .. to the director kudos!!!!
    to the scriptwriter my hats off .
    To all the actors and actresses you’ve done your part very well
    your acting is very convincing…
    specially hyun bin and ji won .. its hard to act with double character
    it’s a pity yhis drama will end soon . i will surely miss hyun bin
    i hope he will come up with another drama .. i prefer romantic comedy because he is good at it

  499. 499 : Lizze Says:

    No matter how I tried I can’t still get enough of this series! What a remarkable engredient stories from the beginning you never get bored, super funnier ever and the lead character are excellent acting! Am convinced myself that this is my #1 drama! Im sure if you watch you’ll be your favorite too!

  500. 500 : Skyby Says:

    Super duper great great great great great great great great great great drama! Hyun Bin’s amazing here, HJW so beautiful n oska super hilarious! I salute the writer awesomesauce!

  501. 501 : Cherry Says:

    YEAH happy ending pleaseeeee! Love all the cast! great ost great scenery….every single episode are my favorites can’t deny that!

  502. 502 : Janis Says:

    C’mom let’s bring them to the top of this highly commended drama! They deserved to be on top right?

  503. 503 : Melody Says:

    hahahahahahah I’ll never stop laughing even talking w/ my friends in my work we still LOL! oh gosh got teary eyes am serious!:D

  504. 504 : Kim Says:

    waaaaahhhhhhh I want some more of this series is going to be ended next week! why why why why?

  505. 505 : viesa Says:

    Secret Garden should be the best drama of 2010/2011. The story, the acting, the soundtrack, all of them are on their best!! Each episode always had their surprises and strong storyline, i never get bored. LOVE IT SO MUCH! I am already sad that this drama is going to an end in 3 more days 🙁

  506. 506 : purple indonesiian Says:

    i loveeeeeeee this dramaaa…..

    so muchhhh……

  507. 507 : Andy Says:

    i like this drama so much & looking forward next episode….

  508. 508 : Jani Says:

    I loveeee this drama very much, its perfect..
    I’ll be so sad when it ends..
    I will miss Hyun Bin’s handsome face and those dimples,
    just melt my heart away!
    Best luck to all the cast…hope to see them in future dramas!!

  509. 509 : lucille Says:

    counting the days til sat and sun…. love this drama so much! hope they can give justice to the ending and let us hope for part 2

  510. 510 : azzhra Says:


  511. 511 : USA-Mary Says:

    This drama is a hilarious and excellent, but it’s turning out to be so sad! Seriously…the whites of my eyes are red from crying so much in episode 17! God help me when I get to episode 18!

  512. 512 : 52drama Says:

    Great news! This drama will have a HAPPY ENDING! The cast and crew team are still filming for the last two episodes. Hyun Bin is so tired and weak, he is on drip. Ha Ji Won is also exhausted. But they are working very hard for the ending of Secret Garden. I will support you all. Wish you all the best!

  513. 513 : kim Says:

    am sad because we only have 2 episodes left. love this series so much! it gives me happiness! calling SBS..please give us part 2 of secret garden. same cast please!hyun bin and ha ji won simply the best! hope they will be a real couple! they’re cute together! love hyun bin and his dimples! i will miss him and this series!

  514. 514 : Earn More, Stress Less: How to attract wealth using the secret science of getting rich Your Practical Guide to Living the Law of Attraction | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  515. 515 : USA-Mary Says:

    They DESERVED the 2010 Best Couple award!

    I agree when it comes to hating for this drama to end! This is one drama that could have easily gone to 30 episodes for my satisfaction, and I don’t like long dramas!

    Hyun Bin is one of the funniest chaebol male heirs that I’ve ever, ever seen in a drama! Though there were times I too wanted to slap his face, too! There were other times where his wit, tenacity, and love for Ra Im made me laugh and brought me to tears, respectively! The sit-up scene in the gym was sexy and beautiful! I didn’t realizine Hyun Bin could be so funny when he proved that all is not fair in love and war when he became an extra on a movie set where his love interest Ra Im was a stuntwoman! I enjoyed him immensely as he pretended to stab Ra Im’s boss, the Director (his love rival) who’s side he was supposed to be on during the fight scene. The director caught him and made him stop it! Of course questioning him about his awareness of it first…HILARIOUS! This man when wounded wouldn’t even lie on the ground because it was muddy! So, he laid on top of another man! The man couldn’t believe it! LOL!

    BRAVO to the multiple rain-storm switching idea!
    BRAVO to the sound tracks! Hyun Bin actually sang a song on one!
    BRAVO to the screenwriter, producer, casting company, actors/actresses, PD, wardrobe, stunt people, PR, everyone that made this drama a success! BRAVO!

    Don’t even get me started on the architectural and interior designs of the homes! BRAVO TO EVERYTHING!

  516. 516 : Charlie Says:

    No matter how much you love the drama, Secret Garden sequel would be impossible, at least for next two years. Because Hyun Bin is enlisted in the SK Marine and he’ll start to serve his country in the military beginning in March for next two years. ;-( So no more new drama with him in it until 2013. Fighting!!!

  517. 517 : Law of Attraction – The Number One Killer in Your Ability to Attract | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  518. 518 : walkingfree Says:

    IMO Hyun Bin really deserves to get the girl, they have had to work so hard to be together… it will be over two years before he is out of the SK Marines. We will all miss him so much so it would be great to have this memory be a very happy memory for all the fans. (hope hope hope) Maybe they will have the “mom” go to a resort somewhere to recover. ha.

  519. 519 : viesa Says:

    got a mixed feeling, happy to see the next 2 episode tomorrow, at the same time so sad that tomorrow 2 episode is the finale, SG come to an end and HB will be off for 2 years 🙁

  520. 520 : kate Says:

    i love this drama!!

  521. 521 : Lily Says:

    @515 UAS-Mary

    Don’t even get me started on the architectural and interior designs of the homes! BRAVO TO EVERYTHING!

    LOL, yes, I do agree…. already thinking if I will ever have a house like that, and are they gett it to the list on the Best Vacation Home or Super Homes… hahaha

  522. 522 : Lily Says:

    ops, sorry, USA-Mary

  523. 523 : Wendy Says:

    I’ve never posted here, but SG has made me come out of lurkedom. this drama is too amazing for words!!! i think this is the first time I’m following a drama before it finishes airing. I knew I should have waited!! Now im biting my nails and going crazy waiting for the last two episodes, ARGG!! i saw a preview on youtube for episode 19 and hyun bin was crying, WHY?? :(:(
    i really hope there is a happy ending, and that the mother can go die in a ditch. She’s such a witch, I hated her since the first episode when she first appeared. She’s so extreme!

    the OST is awesome, especially Hyun bin’s version of “that man”. i didnt know he could sing, and so well!! im in luuurve <3

    lol and this drama is funny as hell. my fave funny scene must be when ra im in joo won's body had to use the washroom, and then she/he screamed upon you know… handling joon woo's private parts LOLLLL.

  524. 524 : USA-Mary Says:

    @52drama. Thank you for posting updates about Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. I’ll send prayers for strength their way! Also, I’ve seen actors/actresses give 100% in dramas. But these 2 main characters are giving 2000% and I can tell! Their chemistry/energy for their roles is amazing! The other actors/actresses are equally amazing in their delivery!

    @Lily. I didn’t think I was the only one that enjoyed the architectural design of the exterior and interior. All that glass and marble! I’ve seen marble in homes before, but the marble in Joo Won and Oska’s homes are extraordinarily CRAZY in beauty! Plus, I totally agree with you these homes being added to Best Vacation Homes and Super Homes!

    News Flash!
    Joo Won’s mother is already at the airport! She’s waiting for runway clearance from the tower. Her broom has been fully charged and is ready for take-off! LOL!

  525. 525 : ilocana Says:

    I’ve always been impressed w/ the lead actor’house in the drama….WOW!

  526. 526 : carmen Says:

    this drama is really one of the best

  527. 527 : Messi Says:

    A great drama. waiting for ep19 just one day to go.

  528. 528 : sunny Says:


  529. 529 : loveeee Says:

    ONE OF THE BEST KOREAN DRAMAS!!! can’t believe only 2 episodes left. gonna miss Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won perfect chemistry so much : (

  530. 530 : hAZEL Says:

    I totally enjoy secret garden. But what makes me love it even more is all the characters. Gosh, I love Joo-won and Ra-Im, and im happy they have been working together.

  531. 531 : syrena Says:

    Aigoo…I’ll definitely be missing this drama. In fact, missing it already knowing that There will only be 2 episodes left.

    I’ve been walking the streets of Seoul for fresh air instead of being cooped up in my hotel room hoping that I could at least see a glimpse of the Secret Garden filming (with Hyun Bin, of course). Unfortunately, I never had any sightings.

    I still have till mid February to stay in Seoul. Hopefully, my luck would change and see him at least even from a distance before he joins the Marines.

  532. 532 : Mizrilla Says:

    Can’t wait to see the final episode.. After that I’ll repeated until 2013.. Just to wait hyun bin new movie..

    Best of luck for hyun bin oppa..

  533. 533 : Charlie Says:

    @ 530 syrena
    If you’re already in Seoul, then what are you waiting for? There will be a concert this weekend to end this drama, all the OST singers for this drama and Hyun Bin will be there. I wish I could be there. I can only watch it on TV now.
    If you wonder out in the streets, you’d bump into something. If not for this drama, it may be for some other ones.
    When I vacationed in Seoul in Sept. last year, I bumped into a filming scene for Rain’s The Fugitive, plan B, in Songdo. It was an accident scene; I thought it was a real accident at fist, until I saw the cameras. All the actors were foreigners, who can speak Korean. But this scene was shown in the fist episode for only 3 seconds.

  534. 534 : Charlie Says:

    There will be two new Hyun Bin’s movies coming out, “Love, Love Not” and “Late Autumn”. So SG is not the last one before Hyum Bin comes back in 2013.

  535. 535 : Viesa Says:

    my heart beat so fast anticipating tonite’s episode. Can’t believe the drama is almost over 🙁

  536. 536 : HookedonSG Says:

    Got to give credit to Kim Sa Rang & Yoo In na
    Both excellent playing their roles and helped making the show so great

  537. 537 : Jodene Says:

    This is the best drama I’ve seen thus far and I’ve watched alot. Its definitely a keeper

  538. 538 : Water Blessing Labels: Personal Growth | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  539. 539 : mizRilla Says:

    I dont want SG to end.. Hiksss…
    Still wanna watch hundred of romantic and funny episodes of Joo Won and Ra Im.. I really love them both..

  540. 540 : prokdrama Says:


    i’m gonna miss HJW and HB

    i’m not yet ready

    only 2 eps left

  541. 541 : Salman Says:

    This is a great drama. eagerly waiting for last episodes. i like Hyun bin character. he is a great actor.

  542. 542 : dianne Says:

    wish there’s more…KJW and GRI…going to miss you a lot!!!OSKA oppa!!and Director Im..Han Tae Ssun..ILY!!..

    wish I could watch the OST concert..but i can’t..='(

    Owell, God Bless on the last 2 episodes!!hope you’ll hit the top ranks..HWAITING!!

  543. 543 : cemplon Says:

    After what happened in Bali..this is my only fav, definitely addictive drama..

  544. 544 : hana Says:

    this is the best ever drama

  545. 545 : ara Says:

    hyunbin give us the best drama b4 he enter military
    i really love the show

  546. 546 : rayna Says:

    i will miss this drama………

  547. 547 : ayumi Says:

    great drama,,, just waiting 4 ep 19………….

  548. 548 : kim Says:

    waaahhh!1 episode left. i will definitely miss kim joo won and gil ra im! really don’t want this series to end. love hyun bin so much! can’t wait for 2013!

  549. 549 : lucille Says:

    im crying while watching ep 19 in raw because sg is near ending huhuhu…
    really love this series…
    oscar & yoon seul was very sweet while walking holding hands in public hehehe…
    love the cut where they had sauna and joowons memories are returning, they flashed back all the sweet moments of joowon and raim (i hoped they included the “coffee kiss” and the “bed scene” in the forest hotel — love that part)
    huhuhu…dont want sg to end…. more please…maybe they can extend further for oscar/yoonseul love story and joowon/raim wedding (crossing my fingers)

  550. 550 : souma Says:

    best drama ever !!

  551. 551 : HookedonSG Says:

    where on internet can you see the latest eps so soon? I’m waiting tudou site but it’s not out yet

  552. 552 : Grace Says:

    great drama. like it very much

  553. 553 : kari Says:

    i hope someone with a good heart could upload episode 19, please…

  554. 554 : shaz Says:

    it is out on
    chinese subs

  555. 555 : Viesa Says:

    how’s eps.19, is it good? i haven’t watch it since it still raw, i have to wait for the engsub 🙁

  556. 556 : Charlie Says:

    Hummm! So Joo Won finally had enough with his mom and is going to give up his inheritance? Good for him. Besides Ra Im and Joo Won will get married and have three triplets, what else will be in final episode? Ra Im becomes a rich woman (by doing what?) and Joo Won becomes her secretary or house husband, with three kids? I don’t know if all the female fans would want to see that kind of Joo Won. I can’t wait to see how Ra Im and his three kids look like.

    Love the drama. Tomorrow (or tonight) will be the last one 🙁

  557. 557 : prokdrama Says:

    ha ji won s really hot….i think shes one of the best buds of korean celebs

  558. 558 : Mae Mae Ang Says:

    One of the Best! Love it! *****

  559. 559 : mallieynna Says:

    joo won and ra im didn’t eat chocolate…
    they drink wine that make their body change..
    the synopsis is ridiculous..
    but secret garden is surely amazing kdrama..
    love this drama very much!!!
    sarang hae!!!!

  560. 560 : mallieynna Says:

    watch at dramacrazy.net..
    the video is nice..

  561. 561 : mizRilla Says:

    Just wait the ep 19.. OMG, really love Kim Joo Won.. I wish I will find my own KJW.. For me, he’s perfect..

    Btw, is someone already watch the final eps ? Pls share the link.. I’m dying to now the ending, but I think it will be a very happy ending..

  562. 562 : mizRilla Says:

    So it’s a happy ending 🙂

  563. 563 : pokerbay Says:

    the ending s unique i love it

  564. 564 : USA-Mary Says:

    This is an EXCELLENT drama!

    BRAVO! To the screenwriter, producer, entire cast, everyone behind the scenes that made it happen!

  565. 565 : Dahae Says:

    With all due respect, I love this drama and its plot. The acting of Hyun Bin is fair; however, how in the world did Ha Ji Won win the Top Excellence Award for Actress?! I mean god damn, her acting in this drama was mediocre at best.

  566. 566 : lucille Says:

    cant wait for the sub….watched it in raw… watched it 3x and still waiting 4 d sub…


    BRAVO! ONE OF THE BEST IVE SEEN SO FAR (mind you ive seen a lot series)…. DEFINITELY #1 ON THE LIST OF MY KDRAMA.


  567. 567 : irene Says:

    the ultimate korean drama of all time !! Make sure you don’t miss it ! It’s simply THE BEST and down right superb ! Love the cast and the story line. I must say Koreans are so creative and talented.

  568. 568 : USA-Mary Says:

    I don’t know if Ha Ji Won did her own stunts in this drama or not. But, if she did, this woman definitely has my ‘respect’ and applause!

    Plus, her acting was phenominal! Each award she won is well deserved!

  569. 569 : unknown Says:

    really the best drama korean i have ever seen!!!
    writer kim is brilliant!!!! love the ending… also three little kids… hahaha…
    don’t miss this drama everybody!!!!!!!

    waiting for special episode next week…

  570. 570 : USA-Mary Says:

    I’m waiting for the subs, too! I really like the ending, even though it was in the raw!

    By the way…who, WHO possibly…could be the designers for Joo Won’s mother and his aunt’s couture wardrobe? Whoever the wardrobe person was that had the final say in the selected clothing they wore for each scene should get an award, too! LOL! They both were the epitome of exaggerated gaudiness and are equally guilty of having no fashion sense or taste! The only accessories they wore that I liked was during the scene at the spa when the attendant’s removed their jewelry and placed it on the table. I must say, they did have some exquisite diamond rings during that particular scene!

  571. 571 : annie Says:

    oh…i’m still waiting for the sub. someone…help me, pls… i’m dying to watch this last episode!

  572. 572 : dramalover Says:

    I love this drama. I can’t wait to see the last episode. English subtitle please. I think this is the nicest drama I’ve ever seen so far. The acting is great. Thank you so much for making excellent dramas. It’s very entertaining. Mahalo from Maui, Hawaii.

  573. 573 : OK OK OK Says:

    Its 20 Episode + 1 Special

    So when can i watch the 1 Special ?? Next week ??

  574. 574 : OK OK OK Says:

    Congratulations to Secret Garden drama for your high ratings 38.6%
    Looking forward to 22 Jan 2011 Sat for your SPECIAL ep. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  575. 575 : viesa Says:

    just finished watching episode 19. AWESOMENESS!! Congrats for the high rating. So sad it last only for 20 episode. I need more episodes…..

  576. 576 : KDaddict Says:

    A Special episode! Hooray!!
    But where is Joo Won’s baby sister? Why didn’t she show up to claim Director’s Im’s affections? I’ve been waiting for her since her 2 encounters with the director! Of course Son Ye Jin isn’t bad at all, but she is agreeing to star in his film project, not in his life. Plus, it would certainly drive that witch of a mom crazy if her daughter had insisted on marrying the action director after her son marries the stuntwoman. Anything to rankle her!
    I’d have Oska propose to Seul at the Concert, instead of making them wait another 5 years. Then give them a huge wedding; the entire family is there, as well as their society friends, and as an unannounced add-on, have Joo Won and Ra Im be there as a wedding couple too. Maybe Joo Won’s sis and Director Im as well. How would the mom have reacted then?

  577. 577 : Hyunbin crazy Says:

    I love this drama!!!! thumbs up for it! best ever! wonder what they showing in the special episode..anyone has any clue? i am so going to buy the dvd when it is out….it will become part of my collectibles!!!!

  578. 578 : chichocs Says:

    Can’t wait to see more n more episodes..english sub pleaseeee

  579. 579 : 정유진 Says:

    I’m Koream!
    One day ago, it was finished. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
    So sad.ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    Anyway, it was my best drama l’ve ever seen!
    In Korea, Secret Garden’s popularity is awesome!
    Especially, grama’s structure is very strong!
    Please see that! If you don’t see that, you’ll regret!

  580. 580 : Ok OK OK Says:

    Ep 20

    Actually everything is quite perfect bcoz its a gd ending with both Kim Joo Won & Gil Ra Im both got married n end up with 2 boys n 1 little girl n they are still very loving after 5 years of marriage. (even KJW’s mum still did not accept this marriage)

    But I don’t like the very last 1 minute scene. Why both have to sleep on the floor at that “place” to end the drama. The director can still show that scene if need to but can add a more lovely scene to end it so we can hv a better lovely memory after the whole drama…..

  581. 581 : lucille Says:

    YEHEY! A special episode…. Ill be waiting for this… hope the fans who will have a copy for the sg special will also upload this last unforgettable episode… be waiting next week… SALAMAT 🙂

    SG FOREVER…GREAT ACTORS/ACTRESSES, WRITER, DIRECTOR/S, PRODUCTION/STAFF…hope for another memorable story from you guys. thanks!

  582. 582 : lucille Says:

    come on sg fans…. let put secret garden on the commented list of this web site…hehehehe…

  583. 583 : Secret Garden: Audio glitch, celebrity fan boys, etc. Says:

    […] (OSEN, StarNews, HanCinema, Nate, Koreandrama.org) […]

  584. 584 : dian_drina Says:

    LOVE ALL THE CAST, their dialogs, all the settings, scenes, story, OSTs,
    completely SUPERB!

    I’ll miss this awesome drama :c((

  585. 585 : Chyinje Says:

    Alas, so sad that it has ended. The finale was good-all the kissing scenes kinda made me feel sorry for Song Hye Kyo! I’d b so jealous if my boyfriend were doing all those kissing scenes n worried too. Haha.

  586. 586 : Viesa Says:

    yeayy…hapilly ever after! Though lately the writer has made us mood swing with JW & RI relationship (in a second happy,in a second disaster), which i think because the story in eps.19 & 20 were kind a forced to compact into those 2 episodes. In my opinion,the story in the last 2 episode could be expanded into another 5 episode (i wish :D). Nevertheless, LOVE IT! I sure am gonna watch it again, and fall in love all over again with Binnie oppa. Hoping the writer gonna gonna make the sekuel (their story in between 5 years) when Binnie come back from military service in 2013 (finger crossed) 😛

  587. 587 : mere Says:

    Interesting storyline. Has anyone read where this house of the main actor is? is it a real house, just a movie set or a concept house of one of the leading manufacturers or design companies of korea. I am interested in design and the sets topped all others in my book. i also loved the full house house. i wonder if this secret garden house can be opened to the public?

  588. 588 : HookedonSG Says:

    I had to see the ending(at the funeral) couple times to appreciate it so much to bring tears to my eyes. It’s so beautiful. Great drama, definitely will watch over & over again.

  589. 589 : USA-Mary Says:

    Regarding this drama….BRAVO…BRAVO!!! I LOVE IT!!! I look forward to the special!

  590. 590 : Oyabun Says:

    Just finished ep 20 and what to say? This drama was so good… It is very smart. Very well written. Although most of the drama was based on the chemistry and interactions of the 2 main characters, it is not disappointing at I loved every ep, specially ep19 wher everything almost ends and ep20 was great explaining the life after… It was a good idea and a nice thing (I loved Son Yeh Jin Too 🙂 … damm.. I love this woman) This drama is a great hit. Thanks to the ones who made it.

  591. 591 : Charlie Says:

    Hats off to the writer Kim En Soo, she’s really great. I specially like the ending scene; it sort of tied the whole story together: why Kim Joo Won couldn’t stay away from Jil Ram Im. They meant to be together from the very beginning – determined by the appreciation and responsibility, but it was forgotten by Joo Won due to his memory lost, too painful to remember. I also like the bed scene – who will be on top, in their life? Hahaha. From this scene, I can also sense that the Korean TV is really PG-8 – You can kiss, but you can’t shed your clothes…

    Of cause, without Hyun Bin’s great acting and his good look and charm, even with a good story, it may not be delivered. I love Secret Garden. Although the show is over now, but I’m sure I’ll revisit it when I miss Hyun Bin.

  592. 592 : SOSAD Says:

    I think I had fall in love with Hyun Bin and his character @ the same time , cant stop watching this drama over and over again , sad that it have to end on ep 20 …. will miss you Huyn Bin and Ha Ji Won !!!!!!

  593. 593 : kumoX Says:

    Just want to say that Secret Garden has the best ending I have ever seen. I love the last scene at the funeral and to me it was really magical…how Joo Won and Ram Im’s lives were intertwined together from her father’s death and it brings so much light to the special bond that Joo Won has towards Ram Im. I love how they were fated to be together from the very start and it was a really beautiful love story.

    All the cast also did very well and I would espcially like to thank Hyun Bin for his excellent performance. He makes me laugh out loud in his comical scenes and makes me cry with him in his sad scenes. Wish him the best in his career and life coz he deserves the best!

  594. 594 : viesa Says:

    despite the happy ending, i am sad this drama is over 🙁 please SBS, please make a sekuel to this drama with the original cast of course, i would love to see Binnie oppa again

  595. 595 : melano Says:

    well done… LOVE this drama…happy ending at last.. much better.. hyun bin and ha ji won acting was fantastic..bravo. hyun bin makes me laugh in his character, he’s a good actor..good luck and thank’s to all for a good drama to watched…

  596. 596 : ageng Says:

    i jst watched till eps 4!!

  597. 597 : viesa Says:

    i need to watch Secret Garden again! For those who haven’t watch, please do, its a great drama, EPIC!

  598. 598 : monique Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this show…… wonderful love story and actors.can’t stop talking about it. hope in the furture there is a squeal with the original actors.

  599. 599 : ayi_chan Says:

    really, i love this drama… always make me laugh, and never stop to watch… fall in love again with Hyun-Bin oppa… LOVE u…
    i gived this drama 4 thumbs up, i borrow two thumbs from my friend… hehehe… this was best drama i’ve ever seen..

    yihaa, cant wait to see special episode,, if you watch you”ll never regret to see… ^_^

  600. 600 : KDaddict Says:

    Given the immense popularity of this show, it is surprising that there are only 600 comments on it so far, and its run has already ended. Where do people go to discuss it?
    Also, given the immense popularity of Hyun Bin, there are only about 1400 comments under his name. Where do people go to talk about him? Does anyone know?

  601. 601 : Toni Says:

    hai..is over will be missed hyun bin and han ji won and oska!

  602. 602 : 52drama Says:

    The happy ending kept the sweet memory for drama. This comedy mode of drama also features tears and laughs. I am looking forward to a special episode if any.

  603. 603 : shanisha Says:

    Watching dis drama my gosh my anxiety is gone! I don’t need take medication it made me LOL! why is over huhuhuhuhuhhh 🙁

  604. 604 : USA-Mary Says:

    This drama is so special and extraordinary! The mind of this screenwriter, again, is phenominal! Each interaction between the casts sparked something different with me! I noticed that Gil Ra Im was light-hearted and laughed more when she was with Oscar and vice-versa, than with Joo Won. But, Joo Won went for and appealed flirtatiously to her feminine side! She was also more serious and focused with the Director and Joo Won (who noticed his rival quickly)! Joo Won, with his antics was snarly and quick-witted with everybody. Especially, when it took a few seconds for his words to sink into the mind of the recipient…LOL! They couldn’t even reciprocate with a good come back because he had already made his exit! LOL! I like that he didn’t want to shake off his true feelings for Ra Im! Even if it was his first time dating someone that paid monthly rent…LOL! Also, the bedroom and gate scene with the children was so cute!

    Oscar…I can’t help but love him! Especially, with his ‘Ya’ and beautiful singing voice! Oscar’s mother…flirtatious with her stepmother’s brother…funny! Joo Won’s mother…remained the broom riding wicked witch of the east! ~smile~

  605. 605 : Charlie Says:

    600 @KDaddict
    I had the same questions. It beats me.
    I saw many comments under Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun). But come on, who’s most attractive man in this drama? Of cause, it’s Hyun Bin. So let’s visit Hyun Bin’s and SG’s sites more often and leave our comments to show our appreciation.
    What can I say, I just love Hyun Bin.

    BTW, Hyun Bin in his earlier drama Ireland is so cute – cute as a puppy, although I couldn’t take the abuses the character received in the drama. Check it out yourself, you’d love him more.

  606. 606 : Charlie Says:

    What lines from the drama you like the best?
    “Is it the best you can do? Are you sure?” Or “One … by One …”.
    There are so many funny lines. They’ll stay as classic.

  607. 607 : loveSG Says:

    The ending reminds me of the City Hall ending…suprising, sweet and yes, from the same writer

  608. 608 : Cute_BoA Says:

    i love this drama!!! hyun bin! ha ji won!

  609. 609 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi Charlie,
    Comparing the attractiveness of 2 idols publicly will get you in trouble every time! It offends half the population whoever you say u prefer. : )
    Well, I like them both, plus HaJi Won. I believe a drama is a collective effort. The totality of their efforts make the show the huge success that it is. (Of course it is possible to have a bad leading actor ruin a whole show, e.g. Moon SuRi In The Story of the King’s 4 gods/Legend/TaWang SaShinGe; Sorry, it bugs me so much I just have to get that in).
    Hyun Bin is cute as a belly button, no even cuter. He has never been better in any other of his KDs/movies. Not that he wasn’t good, just that those shows didn’t let him shine, n he was a bit green(er) in Kim Sam Soon. He is now so polished, entering his prime. Yoon Sang Hyun makes Oska come alive. Played by sb else, Oska could easily have been comic relief. And no doubt, Yoonie sings well. It cracks me up his pretending to sing off key in ep.20.
    HaJiWon did a beautiful job in all those physical scenes. Can’t imagine another actress in them.
    Just where do ppl go to talk abt SG n Hyun Bin.

  610. 610 : Lenlen Says:

    This drama is an extremely fantastic drama 😀

  611. 611 : KD fans Says:

    Can anyone tell me what is the song sang by Oska specially to Yoon Seul
    in his concert (Ep.20)? Couldn’t find it from the OST. Love it so much… …

  612. 612 : erica Says:

    watch this drama in a begin 2011,it is great drama since the last time i watched korean drama,han ji won and hyun bin i give u two thumbs up

  613. 613 : Pinky Says:

    Can anybody tell me why there is a special one on Jan 22? I am so eager to watch it…dunno if there is another ending or not. Anyway, really love this drama……

  614. 614 : viesa Says:

    i love the ending (cause its happily ever after). Can’t help but wondering though, why was The Director paired up with Soh Ye Jin (sorry if the spelling is wrong) instead of JW’s sister that already introduced to us in early episode and promising enough tobe involved with Director?? Too bad.

  615. 615 : viesa Says:

    gonna start to watch again tonite, yeay!

  616. 616 : ida hwaiting Says:

    love the ending.. but why joo won’s mother still not agreeing the marriage till the end? 🙁

  617. 617 : danish Says:

    I love this drama. I Love Hyun Bin as a Joo won….

  618. 618 : Wawa Says:

    Amazing drama of Hyun Bin and Ha Jin Won I want more of them waahhhhh its over why why? Wish they can make more drama like this.

  619. 619 : Popeye Says:

    Fighting Secret Garden must be on top of highly commended drama 2011!

  620. 620 : Sammie Says:

    Marvelous drama Secret Garden
    Marvelous Hyun Bin, Han Jin Won and oska!

  621. 621 : 52drama Says:

    I miss “Secret Garden”! Is there any special episode for this hot drama?

  622. 622 : Charlie Says:

    616 @ida hwaiting
    Because she’s an idiot. She acted that way to save her pathetic face. I was surprised that she accepted her grand children. Don’t have have half of genes from Ra Im?!
    Joo Won’s kids are so cute. They acted exactly like their Dad 🙂

  623. 623 : Charlie Says:


    This is a link for you to leave comments for Hyun Bin if you love him.

  624. 624 : Charlie Says:

    Hi. KDaddict,
    I’m not intended to maintain political correctness here. I was just trying to point the right places for Hyun Bin fans and SG fans to leave their comments.
    I’m a Hyun Bin and love every drama and movie he made, regardless the new one or old ones.
    Oska is OK. He played his supporting role well in the drama. But I’m not his fan; he’s just not my type.
    Yoon PD, I didn’t care. I didn’t like her acting.
    I liked Ya Ying (Ra Im’s roommate) and secretary Kim though; they are so cute, added more flavor to the drama.

  625. 625 : Jeru Says:

    I wish i am in korea …. Can someone switch with me? I want to see Hyun Bin in person.

  626. 626 : ara Says:

    you know how it is Joowon who always asks this:
    “Is it the best you can do? Are you sure?”

    well he finally gets his turn to be asked, and he answers:
    “Its not because I love you,
    but because I love ONLY you.
    You leave me no other choice in the matter, you amazing woman.”

    Whoa. Gad, I love SG.
    Beyond the beauty of it in terms of the visuals, the meaning in the interactions, lines and the characters’ personality is more beautiful and more important.

    I do not watch Korean dramas to reflect.
    But Great Kdramas MADE me reflect.

    Love SG! Tough act to follow.

    thank you to the writer, the director, the cast, the staff, and those who have seen and will never forget SG.
    Either you liked it or not, loved it or hate it, its great to read all the reactions to this drama. After all, SG emphasized “differing perspectives”. Makes a colorful world. 🙂

  627. 627 : Gladys Says:

    Omgggg dis drama amazed meh amazing lead actor Hyun Bin, oska, HJW and lee phillip.

  628. 628 : phoo Says:

    oh my god! this makes me wanna cry! at the end? omg! :’(

    Hyun Bin – phenomenal acting!

    Han Ji Won- amazing actress.

    YHS – so hilarious

    Lee Philip – Fantastic and cute!

  629. 629 : Abbie Says:

    seriously, i am totally IN LOVE this this drama… I still have the fever. i found myself watching the whole series over and over again whenever i have time. Love both HJW and HB they are PERFECT goodness. so much beyond expectation. can’t wait to get off work and repeat the series tonight….

  630. 630 : viesa Says:

    last nite i watch the first two episodes, again! Still laughing hearing JW’s conversation with other people and by himself. Binnie oppa acting is excellent, so is Ha Ji Won.

  631. 631 : azzura Says:

    This drama was totally awesome!
    i loved this fantasy fairy tale so i didnt really care with reality or not….
    I applaud Hyun Bin for playing a psychologically damaged character so well, he was great in MINKSS with the past hinging on his present, but he took it to new extremes as JW

  632. 632 : Zie Says:

    I just want to say I LOVED secret garden and enjoyed watching Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won’s acting so much.
    oh, and my fav scene ever from this drama is the sit-up scene in the beginning of the drama. 🙂

  633. 633 : vahn Says:

    the ending is really really GREAT!!! I love iT MOST!!!… this is medicine for me because I am bit dissapointed in mary stay out all night ending.

    REALLY good job for this film. I will wait for Ha Ji Won and Hyun bin action again. I wish there are Secret Garden Season 2 hahaha.. ^&^!

  634. 634 : cat myoo Says:

    i love this korean drama. it is very fun, fantasy, amazing, puzzling, magic and cute. i love a cat “myoo”

  635. 635 : ShoutOut Says:

    @vahn. I’m with you for a Secret Garden 2! I’d love Joo Won’s mother finally give her acceptance of their marriage before the children reach middle school age or head off for college! LOL! To see Ra Im finally have the most beautiful wedding that she deserves to have would be fantastic! She deserves a celebration that would rival a queen, while looking like a princess (of course, with her 3 little ones in the wedding)! With the Director giving her away and Oska aka Oscar as his best man (I’d love to see how Joo Won acts in this scene-but we’ll have to wait until he returns from his stint with the Korean marines)!

  636. 636 : jeezvive Says:

    25seconds Preview for Special Broadcast of Secret Garden on Jan 22. Happy watching 😀

  637. 637 : pokerbay Says:

    i’m stuck…i cant move on to another kdrama…

    pls… help me…

    i need a shrink…lol

    HJW and HB. what have you guys done to me..

    i miss them so badly…

  638. 638 : Crazyme Says:

    How can I get over dis SG waaaaahhhhh how can you guys do this to meh is over me. I really crazy w/ dis drama! Hyun Bin such a unique actor evar and da whole cast really portrayed their role perfectly!

  639. 639 : I want a Secret Garden Says:

    omo……Hyun Bin looks so handsome in this series…I think he loose some weight…love his hair style now…..and his face has gotten smaller as compared to when he’s at “My Lovely Samsoon”….he’ll be the second hottest actor after WonBin for me….

  640. 640 : Charlie Says:

    @ jeezvive
    Thanks for the link to You Tube. It’s pretty funny.

    Although they look glorious on the screen, but working like that 22 hours a day with all the NGs, it’s really too much. I appreciate the drama more.
    I can’t wait to see the SG special program to be aired on the Saturday.

  641. 641 : 52drama Says:

    The ending is happy and sweet! It is also a sparkling with the cameo of actress Son Ye Jin in the last episode.

  642. 642 : 52drama Says:

    I just notice that there is a special episode for Secret Garden on January 22nd 2011. I am excited about this episode.

  643. 643 : azzhra Says:

    I can’t wait special episode of secret garden…
    I can’t wait to see my Binnie 🙂

  644. 644 : santie Says:

    really good drama, i really love this drama

  645. 645 : viesa Says:

    I am on self denial for SG is over. 20 episode isn’t enough. Please give us more *watching it all over again*

  646. 646 : SOSAD Says:

    HELP , I cant stop watching this drama over and over again . can’t take it out of my head , or can’t bring myself watching different drama ….huhuhu, anyone have any idea when SBS will release SG dvd cause I want to buy it , thanx .

  647. 647 : viesa Says:

    @jeezvive thanks for the link. cant wait for tomorrow’s special episode.

  648. 648 : zuro Says:

    Hope there is another K-drama like SECRET GARDEN. Make me smile, laugh, cry, and sometimes want to kick Joo Won or Hug Joo Won in the same time….. What a drama…. Love you Joo Won and Ra- im…. And I think I gonna miss them so much………
    I loved Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won and their great chemistry. I wish Hyun Bin the best as he enters the military soon.

  649. 649 : Donna Says:

    Loved this drama so much! We will miss Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won every sat & sun night got addicted to it. Hope they will get another project together in the near future. Aja-aja fighting!

  650. 650 : malaysia korean drama fans Says:

    this drama really an extraodinary that i ever seen…
    need to give a credit at the actor,actress and everyone that participate to make this drama very fantastic….

    hope that i can see more drama like this soon….

    i give tis movie 10 of 10…

  651. 651 : Nhu Says:

    I love Huyn Bin so much, I hope he has a lot of the best drama.

  652. 652 : BeBe Says:

    Oleh to all the cast of SG! fully wonderful drama every single episode they crack me up LOL! I needed this alot everyday so I never stop watching over and over.

  653. 653 : BeBe Says:

    TRULY WONDERFUL DRAMA. All the cast wooohooooo!!!!

  654. 654 : chichocs Says:

    Great drama…I love the casts…

  655. 655 : Little Mermaid Says:

    Words can’t describe how much i love this drama!

  656. 656 : Viesa Says:

    i think i couldnt stop to make comments about this drama, since i loooooove SG so much!

  657. 657 : Donna Says:

    I can’t wait to see the special episode tonight..I love Hyun Bin!

  658. 658 : loren-saranghae Says:

    Khiaaaaaaaaaa, bagus bgt drama ini dan soundtrek lagunya juga bagus2 kok…pada download yaaaaa…Hyun binnnnn sukses slalu yaaaa

  659. 659 : azzura Says:

    can’t hardly wait to see hyun bin oppa.. 😀

  660. 660 : hans Says:

    I will recommend this drama to everyone. Very good, and no boring scene. Love this drama very much.

  661. 661 : Jinnie Says:

    Where can i watch the SG special episode??
    TV or com??

  662. 662 : Mel Says:

    I love this drama and the cast!!

  663. 663 : ShoutOut Says:

    @jeezvive. Thanks for the ‘Special Episode’ clip!

  664. 664 : Donna Says:

    Special Ep (raw) http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/secret-garden-special-episode-1/

  665. 665 : Donna Says:

    Special Episode

  666. 666 : Donna Says:

    Special Ep http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xgoou8_sga_creation#from=embed

  667. 667 : Donna Says:

    Special Ep (B) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xgooua_sgb_auto#from=embed

  668. 668 : Donna Says:

    Special Ep (C) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xgoouf_sgc_auto#from=embed

  669. 669 : Donna Says:

    Special Ep (D) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xgop5j_sgd_auto#from=embed

  670. 670 : adjna Says:

    The best drama ever!!!
    I will miss hyun bin dimples !!!

  671. 671 : melano Says:

    love this drama… hyun bin really good and ha ji won too. love the cast of secret garden…i want to have a copy….hope it will come out soon…..well recommended…

  672. 672 : loveSG Says:

    Thanks Donna for the special…just wish it had English sub :0

  673. 673 : lucille Says:

    thanks for the link for the special…
    why does sg not yet on the list of most commented… please update 🙂

  674. 674 : hallyu lover Says:

    This is a very good and interesting drama! I never feel to skip any of the scene! admire the script writer…she’s so imaginative…love her story…The only thing I don’t satisfy with is that Hyun Bin looks so skinny in this drama and it looks as if Hyun Bin has undergone surgery to shave off his side jaw to have a V-line face….sob…everytime I look at his face, I feel I want to stuff sth at his side chin….miss his former face…

  675. 675 : ruslan Says:


    I love to watch Ha ji Won acting , nice, good drama,

  676. 676 : ShoutOut Says:

    I’m going to do a re-watch of this drama. There’s always something that I’ve missed and will find after a few more viewings!

    Whoever watches this drama will not be disappointed…I guarantee it!

  677. 677 : chichocs Says:

    I just finished watching…totally awesome..most recommended drama…

  678. 678 : Viesa Says:

    i’m re-watching SG, the more i see it, the more i hate JW’s mother. She really is the most devilish evil witch mother in kdrama i’ve ever seen by far! Why on earth there’s such a mother like that. I hope in real life she doesn’t exist and no one will ever had experience with a mother in law like JW mother. Sorry for my comment. Cheers!

  679. 679 : crazy girl Says:

    I really really really really hate the evil mother she makes me cry 🙁

  680. 680 : ShoutOut Says:

    I really enjoyed Ha Ji Won’s lite-hearted sense of humor during their behind the scenes retakes. Everybody was great in this drama!

  681. 681 : erica Says:

    Fall in love with hyun bin in this drama.buy this drama because I’m fan han ji won but since I saw this series I’m become fans hyun bin.nice story and happy end
    Two thumbs up

  682. 682 : winterflamingal Says:

    Anyone can provide a link to the special episode? I can’t seems to find it anywhere..

  683. 683 : winterflamingal Says:

    Oops.. Found it~~

  684. 684 : 52drama Says:

    The special episode is wonderful! Great to have a sweet memory of this drama! Love all!

  685. 685 : 52drama Says:

    Don’t miss the special episode! It is a great gift for fans of “Secret Garden”.

  686. 686 : lucille Says:

    PLEASE… can someone post a link for the special with english sub.. love to understand what they are saying… thanks!

    Im rewatching the whole series again and it made me fall in love all over again… the little gestures and nuances at the 1st part of the series are little things that made most of the end part of the story meaningful because the whole story is intertwined from the very beginning of the story itself…

    ive seen some of hajiwon’s movie but this movie showed her potential to be an action star – i have no idea if she’s really an action actress but she was really great here…

    hyunbin’s very matured and best in his acting skills for this movie.

  687. 687 : shelly Says:

    where can i find/watch secret garden special Edition ?!

  688. 688 : mizRilla Says:

    @ shelly
    you can click here http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/secret-garden-special-episode-1/ but still doesn’t have Eng subs..

  689. 689 : drivecrazy Says:

    one of the best rom-com kdrama i’ve watched….ha ji won was sooo great.and hyun bin of course.

  690. 690 : kania Says:

    is bad or happy ending.. pliss tell me..
    i wanna buy this dvd, pliss all recomend for me.

  691. 691 : Jani Says:

    One of the best drama around..I love the chemistry between Ji won and Hyun bin..hope to see them in future dramas together…ALOHA!

  692. 692 : helloothere Says:

    OMG I LOVE SECRET GARDEN! it’s waaaay too cute aahhh!
    it’s good to see a korean drama where the main girl lead is tough
    and has the guy totally falling in love with her!!
    dudee this is too cute LOL i need to find another drama like this now ):

  693. 693 : coolsies Says:

    Great drama. Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin! Awesome couple(:

  694. 694 : viesa Says:

    i am waiting for the special episode with engsub! @kania i recommend you to watch Secret Garden, its a great drama :)) enjoy watching!

  695. 695 : loveSG Says:

    First weekend without waiting anxiously for SG to come on…How I missed the SG. I’m having bad withdraw symdrone

  696. 696 : Rena Says:

    Great..drama..great casting…great acting…wonderful songs…
    Hyun Bin Oppa.. SARANGHEEEEEEEEE \(^0^)/

  697. 697 : Ayusukma Says:

    Amazing Drama,,,,,,
    Perfect Story…..
    I Like This Drama Very Much

  698. 698 : Makadoto Says:

    Awesome drama with awesome ending..i really miss joowon and Raim..

  699. 699 : malaysia korean drama fans Says:

    im also waiting engsub for special episode…. hope can get ASAP…..
    we appreciate that secret garden because produce the special episode for the fans… THANK YOU VERY MUCH….

  700. 700 : kania Says:

    @ viesa : thanks for recomendation. i will watch this..
    is happy ending right? I do not like if no happy ending. hehehe
    thanks anyway..

  701. 701 : denlove Says:


  702. 702 : Viesa Says:

    why Secret Garden hasn’t been on the most commented drama list yet? Its comment has already surpass 5 dramas, just a little above Full House and below Shining Inheritance. Could you please update the list Koreandrama.org?! Kumawo….

  703. 703 : Donna Says:

    update SG for the most commented drama…

  704. 704 : Donna Says:

    SG Soundtrack (w/ eng sub) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbhHQ-pDDd4&feature=related

  705. 705 : Janah Says:

    Am addicted to SG as well as the lead actors and actress! Great to all the cast!

  706. 706 : 52drama Says:

    Fans of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, may watch the movie of “Daddy Long Legs” of year 2005. They both appeared in the movie. Support Secret Garden!!

  707. 707 : Charlie Says:

    The SG special was pretty funny, especially those NG scenes; Joo Won fell toe sleep when shooting a romantic scene with Ra Im, it was hilarious. It also summarized the classic lines and scenes from this drama. I absolutely love this drama.

  708. 708 : rose Says:

    it was a best drama i’ve watch.. the story, the acting, great job Hyun bin oppa.. it would be first in my top list korean drama 🙂

  709. 709 : Donna Says:

    latest news about Hyun Bin http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/01/nine-korean-films-at-berlin-film-festival/

  710. 710 : Donna Says:

    some photos SG Concert http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/01/from-the-secret-garden-concert/

  711. 711 : joey Says:

    best drama i have ever and will ever watch!!!

  712. 712 : The Law of Attraction – You Create What You Vibrate | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  713. 713 : Marjorie Says:

    Am watching SG in Kimchidrama.com is non stop very cool site = ) especially when drama like dis you don’t have to wait too long.

  714. 714 : viesa Says:

    my fave scene of all is the ‘sit-up scene’! Its so flirting and romantic, you will felt RI’s heart beat so fast 🙂

  715. 715 : Vivi Says:

    Most fav this drama!!
    best drama i’ve ever watch…
    Like storyline sooo much…
    great couple!
    great actors n actres to..

  716. 716 : ntie Says:

    i like this drama ^_^

  717. 717 : Ira Says:

    Hyuuun biiiin… Saranghaeoooooooo upppaaaaaa…u’re so cool man.. U’r acting so great love it so much..chuaheoo

  718. 718 : nita lulaby Says:

    Waaaw…the best korean drama i ever watched,, for the 1st time i want to
    watch the same drama twice.. what’s next hyun bin? ha ji won?
    cant wait 4 your next dramaaa..always keep your great job, muah *^

  719. 719 : -Meeky Girl- Says:

    One word to describe, GReAT!! The sparks between them was so romantic and lovely, kinda different from the typical Korean drama. Sth fresh ….. Most importantly, I love this drama~!!! Best Drama eVerrrr ~!

  720. 720 : Charlie Says:

    I heard there would be two SG specials to be aired on 2/3 and 2/4 to celebrate Luna New Year. Can’t imagine what would be in there. One thing’s for sure, more Hyun Bin. Yes! I can’t wait.

  721. 721 : viesa Says:

    wow! finally Secret Garden is on Koreandrama.org most commented list. Keep it alive gals!!

  722. 722 : denlove Says:


  723. 723 : Donna Says:

    @viesa yeah your right, keep posting your comment/s guys! I Love Hyun Bin! SG go go go!

  724. 724 : Abbie Says:

    nice to see Secret Garden surfaces to the most commented drama. Totally IN LOVE with this Drama….

  725. 725 : Donna Says:

    @ viesa & Abbie I agree to that, it is nice to see SG for the most commented drama to watch. Aja-aja fighting!

  726. 726 : jeezvive Says:

    Oh wow, Secret Garden is moving up the list of commented dramas! 😀

    I love Secret Garden and Oska!

  727. 727 : peneloxii Says:

    Great drama! I cried a lot watching it =D

  728. 728 : dimel Says:

    Great drama… i like it a lot. Good job for Hyun bin and Ha ji won.

  729. 729 : viesa Says:

    Wow! I didn’t know until now that SG is actually so phenomenal, even though i knew it will :D. Yesterday i just saw an episode of variety show program ‘Oh! My School!’ on KBS, and some of the cast are wearing JW’s track suit and impersonating that infamous sit-up scene LOL!. And when browsing, i found other show also make some impersonating of SG scene. Waaa……great job HB,HJW and all the cast and crew of SG, your work is well-known not only by drama lover but also other celebrities. FIGHTING!

  730. 730 : rati Says:

    the best korean drama ever
    hyun bin i fall in love with u in this drama

  731. 731 : lucille Says:

    is it true, theres additional 2 more episode for lunar month? based on viikii…

  732. 732 : ecrook79 Says:

    i’m oska fun love him to death, i like watch all his dramas, especially take care of the young lady. he is hilarious and sings damn too well

  733. 733 : syusyie Says:

    I just luv this drama
    the story is different from other kdrama
    especially hyun bin is in it….
    I Watch all his kdrama and he is more mature in SG

    now hyun bin has all his 3 dramas in most commented drama ( snow queen, my name kim sam soon, Secret Garden )
    great job hyun bin oppa….
    you’re such a great actor

  734. 734 : sungkyunkwan scholar Says:

    Im exited to see this drama,, because its superb,, im just waiting for the dvd copy,, i hope it will not take long,, im exited

  735. 735 : loveSG Says:

    I started watching My Princess because it has the same director & writer. I still think SG is way better…I miss SG so much.

  736. 736 : Most Recommended Korean Drama January 2011: Secret Garden « thelastworldempire Says:

    […] The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), an arrogant and eccentric CEO who maintains the image of seeming perfection, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a poor and humble stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy amongst top actresses. Their accidental meeting, when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for actress Park Chae Rin, marks the beginning of a tense, bickering relationship, through which Joo Won tries to hide a growing attraction to Ra Im that both confuses and disturbs him. To complicate matters further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies. (http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=3599) […]

  737. 737 : jks4ever Says:

    THE BESTTTT. DRAMA for 2010!!! Replaced my addiction for. YaB! Secret Garden. Rocksss…..

  738. 738 : jks4ever Says:

    Heard that will be 2 episodes extention for. Lunar year occasion ;). Isn’t this drama amazing? Made many celebs addicted to it now even has anothher surpriise for the gardener ( fans of SG ) oh how I love this drama! ‘WunJaWasho..wunnjawashho…”

  739. 739 : Donna Says:

    Hyun Bin singing “That Man” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm_lX28xSQ8&feature=related

  740. 740 : Donna Says:

    Hyun Bin singing “That Man” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3Fn7x_RfIs&feature=related

  741. 741 : hyunha Says:

    love secret garden! love hyun bin and ha ji won really! like their chemistry. hope that they will be together not only in another project but in real life. i want them to be a couple in real life.

  742. 742 : The Secret Law of Attraction – The Cold Hard Truth! | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  743. 743 : via Says:

    wow.. I just watch SG till episode 14, its really amazing drama, lika a fairytale, hyun bin is great here, ha ji won too, I actually not a fan of her(hehehe), but in this drama she definitely can act as a stuntwoman. Actually I love the Stunt Director Lee Phillip, it will be great if Gil Ra im will end up with him,hehehe.. just my thought though..LOL
    I’ve heard this drama have a very happy ending. All the cast here can perform their role very well, there is no dull moment, even the evil mom of jo woon,she actually act very funny as jo woon mom.. All I can say this is one of the best drama in 2010-2011. love it a lot!!!

  744. 744 : vie Says:

    I had a great time watching and re-watching….lololo!

    It was a fabulous fairy tale!…and love that our RI hugged and kissed back our adorable arrogant JW!
    and Oska…..u were wonderful!

    Im really gonna miss all this chemistry!

  745. 745 : rama Says:


    for me this drama is the best kdrama of all time,,,
    yeah,,, i love SG that much ^^

  746. 746 : putra Says:

    To those who have not seen it ” YOU SHOULD WATCH IT BECAUSE IT IS WORTH IT”!!!!

  747. 747 : vonne Says:

    it turned out much better than I expected, too. When it started, I thought – ewwww, too-skinny Binnie (so thin that his shirt collars were too big), and with a bad haircut – and body-switching? Can’t be good. It was a huge surprise that it is so much fun. HB is now a superstar.

  748. 748 : vonne Says:

    It’s a very smart kdrama with plenty of satirical storytelling…
    that’s why I love this drama… (aside from Hyun Bin Factor :p)
    It’s quirky and unusual
    Take the main lead…
    Thank god he is not a perfect and boring man..
    I love KJW to death….
    I don’t find him hard to love at all…
    I would like to be loved like that….. ;p

    In addition to that, in my opinion I think this is the closest kdrama that feels like a manga

    This is the first kdrama that I totally obsessed with
    and I re-watch every episode….which I assure you…I’ve never done with any other kdrama even Kim Sam Soon.

  749. 749 : Naurell Says:

    “Why did Joo Won fall in love with Ra Im and why did she fall for him? Because she is everything he is not, and he is everything she is not. She is physical, he is celebral; she is too humble, he is too conceited; she is brave, he is a coward; she has principle, he has money.
    No one falls in love because the object fits the bill….”
    But at the last episode, we can see clearly, eventhough they are still different, somehow they can work it out, and just like a real husband-wife, where as the time goes by, the husband can complete his wife’s sentence, and vice versa, I can see clearly in this series, the love-symbol on their marriage certificate sign, their shrug, and along their life, I can see they understand each other….ahh..marriage bliss…

  750. 750 : broad Says:

    What I love about the show is that it is unpredictable. I know many have said that it could have been this, it could have that, body swap this, body swap that. but seriously had the writer done that, we would be bored of the expected. True Joo Won has the worst mouth out of all the male lead I have seen, but I appreciate that he didn’t go soft just because he is so in love like many of the male leads in Kdrama. Seriously, no one will dramatically change in real life even if they are so in love.
    The ending was in my opinion also fulfilling. There have been so many great dramas where you watch it in agony due to out of nowhere conflict until the last 10 minutes, then all the trouble is solved. The leads kissed and laughed and THE END. That left me wonder how would they act now that they finally got to be together?! SG gave you that glimpse into their life as a couple which I really love! You get to see how they interact with each other and their life has turned out 5 years down the road. And the best of all, THEY DIDN’T HAVE THAT OOOH WWOOW wedding! Tell me that it is not a good writing. The writer stayed true to the characters even whether they should have a wedding or not. I could have not imagine Joo Won being a wedding type of person and definitely not Ra-Im who didn’t care much about materialistic superficial things, but the actual content within. The way they got married was so sincere and perfect: you don’t need an expensive ring and a wedding to define the strength of your love which I think is beautiful.

    All in all I absolutely love this drama.

  751. 751 : Iphone Room Says:

    like this drama a lot!!
    hyun bin oppa saranghae~~~

  752. 752 : d14h Says:

    I love this drama … lots, Hyun Bin, Yoon Sang Hyun…. You are my Fav

  753. 753 : pikop Says:

    the 17th episode..
    kim joo woon crying so much. he like sad to death about to losing lime.
    i was touched too, actually

  754. 754 : via Says:

    All i can say wow!!! I just finished watching SG, all I can say is this drama really bring your imagination into fantasy life, which very refreshing and very rare with our actual daily life. No boring moment in this drama, I give two thumbs up for the writer and director and also for all the cast here, they really bring their best in this drama. SG is ONE OF THE best!!!

  755. 755 : adonis Says:

    i just want to tell my omma that thhis is the best story and just want to say”chikayoooo” to the team of secret garden.

  756. 756 : jks4ever Says:

    There are so many sweet moment between JoWoon n Raim couple but the most memorable one is sit up moment for me!! How can such an ordinary scene can make my heart flutter,, that’s one of many reasons why i told this drama is the Best Drama. Of 2010..so many unforgetable moments 😉

  757. 757 : iman Says:

    THE BEST DRAMA 2010/2011….

  758. 758 : via Says:

    I have watch the whole episode of secret garden last night. I am so happy with the happy ending and I really think its a very amazing story, all the casts, the writer and the director really did a good job in this drama, love it a lot!!! One of the Best Drama for me!!

  759. 759 : peperes Says:

    Love Secret Garden sooooo much!!! BEST DRAMA!!!!!
    Hyun Bin saranghae^^

  760. 760 : 06 Says:

    I actually love this drama (it’s my new favourite), from the plot to the actors to the execution.
    This is actually the first time I watched a series before it ended then patiently waiting for updates
    The solid performances of HJW and HB made up for it. I love both of them..
    And the end, I really love Secret Garden.. It has all the elements that made me hooked! I will surely miss this show. ^-^

  761. 761 : carmen Says:

    If you want to continued waching Secret Garden on this really really funny drama =Once Upon a Time in Saengchori
    you will find on episode 13 some part of it, and you will see Chuno too and Baking…, it is really good drama to see…to tell more more about it there is this guy that was really smat with numbers, he got hit by a ligthning and end up not know to as 1+1, can not read numbers at all, you need to see it an enjoy it

  762. 762 : ageng Says:

    i love this one a lot

  763. 763 : garima Says:

    best best best drama ever fell in love with hyun bin he is the best actor love him still cant get over secret garden

  764. 764 : Hyun sook Says:

    Want to see more differents sides of Hyun Bin oppa?
    YOU MUST SEE “FRIENDS, OUR LEGEND” by Kwak Kyung Taek (great movie director) !!!!!!!!!!
    It ‘s a pity ‘FRIENDS” is an underated drama, this drama is breathtaking, wonderful, HYUN BIN is soo male in it, violent, tuff, very realistic !
    Every single episode is filmed with quality like it was a movie !!
    Far away from lovey dovey and cheesy characters (out of reality) we can find in many Kdramas, THIS IS REAL ACTING SKILLS, HYUN bin rock it all ^^!!!


  765. 765 : Muumuu Says:

    Awesome drama! I’m already missing it !! 🙂
    Awesome Secret Garden, Awesome Hyun Bin!
    Just Perfect.. And I really hope every Korean drama will be as awesome as this drama^^~~
    one more thing, I really want to by that blue sparkling suit of Kim joo won 😀 !!
    -Arab Fan-

  766. 766 : sam14 Says:

    Just one word for Secret Garden : AMAZING!!!
    Good story & Good actors
    Really miss Hyun Bin å lot…

  767. 767 : indri Says:

    Waaaaaaaaah,.. another great job fm the director & writer,.. same as CityHall,.. I love the scene when JW & RI switched their body, Hilarious !,..
    OSKA rocks !!!!

  768. 768 : WOW Says:

    Man oh man. I know in my HEAD that this show has been jerking me around, and that the swap plot point was wrapped up lazily, but I admit I cried my heart out when I watched 17 (more than once…) and 18. I love the Ra Im that openly loves Joo Won. She’s so funny and warm, so much better than meek Ra Im. And young Joo Won is just plain old funny – his immature antics are so much more likeable when he’s got wide-eyed youth on top of it. Despite its flaws, I LOVE love this show, and I’m so sad it’s almost over. And PS. Hyun Bin pretty much broke my heart about 10 times in the last two episodes. Fantastic.

  769. 769 : azh Says:

    This has been a fun drama with good actors, great cinematography, and underused seconds. How much fun would it have been to have seen Joo Won compete with Jong Soo for Ra Im? Or, for Jong Soo to have misinterpreted Oska’s interest in Ra Im? Much more fun…

  770. 770 : loveSG Says:

    I’m watching the whole series again for the 3rd time @ ep 10.
    Still laughing my head off on Jong Soo & Joo Won waking up in Raim’s bed. Just love it..

  771. 771 : Makadoto Says:

    Best kdrama i’ve ever seen…love hajiwon&hyunbin.

  772. 772 : tyas Says:

    I want have a boyfriend like kim joo won….. aaaaaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhh

  773. 773 : Hyun sook Says:

    Hyun Bin is a tremendous gifted actor!!
    YOU MUST SEE HIM IN “FRIEND, OUR LEGEND” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  774. 774 : sadafi Says:

    i love this dramaaaaaaaaaaa………!!!!!!

  775. 775 : Irma Says:

    I will watch him on friend am so addicted to him 😀

  776. 776 : Mokha Says:

    I Like It This Drama……Hyun Bin U so Cuteeeeee……..I want to Have a Husban Like With U Karacter Joo Woon So Sweet…….

  777. 777 : Ling Says:

    It’s a must watch show!

  778. 778 : lucille Says:

    can someone post the link for the special 2 episode that was out during the lunar new year.. viikii said theres 2 more episode…. pleaseeeeeeeee…

  779. 779 : ntie Says:

    hyun bin,,,,,,,,u so cute ^_^

  780. 780 : achi Says:

    I ♥ kim jo won…
    I ♥ hyun bin

  781. 781 : danish Says:

    I Love Hyun Bin….

  782. 782 : arg Says:

    I wish my husband in the future like kim joo won…
    Arrogant but smart and cute… ♥ him so much 😀

  783. 783 : Rolly Says:

    hi, u can download the 2 episodes as a torrent from d-addicts:

  784. 784 : viesa Says:

    woaaa…the last 2 special episodes are already been uploaded, so excited to watch unfortunately have to wait for the engsubs. Can’t never get enough of Hyun Bin and Kim Joo Won.

  785. 785 : iman Says:

    the amoung the best !

  786. 786 : lucille Says:

    thank you so much… really appreciate it…

  787. 787 : Chia Michelle Says:

    Hi, I cant access the suggested link to watch the 2 special episodes

  788. 788 : hyunha Says:

    love secret garden so much! love hyun bin and ha ji won really! like their chemistry. hope someday that they will be together again not only in another project but in real life. i want them to be a couple in real life!hyun bin and ha ji won rock!

  789. 789 : Beneva Says:

    Sooooo love this drama. Actually cause i’m fan of the writer. She’s a brilliant, never forget about lover’s in paris, on air, city hall, secret garden, etc.
    This drama is absolutely awesome. It’s my third re-wacthing.
    Hyun bin as kim joo won is Rock!!!
    Ha ji won as Gil ra im is Rock!!!
    Love oska so much, he’s so hilarious.
    But i like secretary kim and ahn yeong relationship too, very interesting and fun.

  790. 790 : Kikan-chan Says:

    Awesome ending! They’re meet cause destiny. Thanks to the writer kim eun sook, u’re daebak! Can’t wait for ur next project.
    The actors, director, writer, and all of crews are hard working to realesing it’s to be true. Well done guys, u’re awesome.
    Secret garden was came in the right time when i’d stuck with korean drama these day. It’s save me. Thanks God!
    I’m falling in love with joo won n ra im’s relationship.
    So love oska much with his woman and man, wkwkwkwk
    fun story love bettwen secretary kim n ahn yeong.
    I’ll had this fever so long time.

  791. 791 : vie Says:

    Watching SG for the 2nd time, still laugh dan cry…
    Best..best…best… Drama I ever seen…
    Love KIM JO WOON..

  792. 792 : nuh Says:


  793. 793 : viesa Says:

    for those who had seen the special episode part 2 and 3, how was it? Was there any more NGs?

  794. 794 : takgu99 Says:

    the reason i watch this drama bcoz ra im & joo won changing bodies…
    i dont like the love stories in this drama…& the whole drama..
    little bit boring…

  795. 795 : emi Says:

    What a funny and great drama! A fun of h aji wona and hyun bin!

  796. 796 : koreafanz Says:

    hyun bin u very very cute!

  797. 797 : chichocs Says:

    Keep write comments to support this drama…best story..best actors..best director n screenplay…Best Drama EVER!!!! FIGHTING ^.^

  798. 798 : aurell Says:

    hyun bin oppa… u’r so handsome…. I realy-realy like u… love u so much…:*:*:*

  799. 799 : Ibuzzz Says:

    Love this drama so much. Make me laugh and cry too!! Me too, can never get enuf of Hyun Bin and Kim Joo Won.

    The only thing I don’t like is KJW’s mother. After 5 yrs of marriage, with 3 adorable grandchildren, she still can’t accept Gil Ra Im…..haizzzz

    Overall…story is awesome…MUST WATCH!!!

  800. 800 : wave Says:

    adorable drama!

  801. 801 : kate Says:

    how korean make this amazing drama!!! They are so
    beautiful and I never seen this drama before .
    this is just perfet !! oh my god! thank you ~~
    hyun bin is so nice!!this is best of best~~

  802. 802 : iin Says:

    dramanya romantisssssssssss banget………..
    aq suka……………

  803. 803 : dwi Says:

    I just finished watching for the 5th time in 2 weeks, hehe… Can’t stop thinking of them, like never enough to watch them, undeniable chemistry, I like the way hyun bin (kim joo won) looking at gil ra im (ha ji won),,, I just fall in love with then and the drama,,, saranghae..

  804. 804 : VERAWANG Says:

    nice + funny + sad + happy = interesting drama!

  805. 805 : hyuk-hyuk Says:

    Haven’t watch this drama yet..
    But I’m so excited,,,

  806. 806 : 77bc Says:

    Undoubtedly the best Korean Drama this season. Superb cast, directing, story line. I hope there’ll be a part 2. Congratulations.

  807. 807 : Ragatnia Clara Says:

    BEST KOREAN DRAMA EVER!!! I love it since first episode and never fails to amuse me!

    Totally DAEBAK!

    highly recommended! just fyi, I kind of people who doesn’t fall for any drama easily, but SG did it!

    I give 200 out of 100! 🙂

  808. 808 : leflahon Says:

    rewatching sg… This is it.. Love it…

  809. 809 : tasia Says:

    wow….super keren ni film…ampe tamat 5 x aku nonton bolak balik ga bosen2….romantis banget…waktu lucu bisa bikin ketawa….waktu romantis ampe gregetan..waktu sedih…ampe bikin nangis….bener2 kerasa banget….pasangan yang pas…..hmmmm……

  810. 810 : Startulle Says:

    ………..it was all about awesome chemistry, outstanding acting, funny lines and i never ever look at a cup of coffee cream the same way again! lololol
    Who thought sit-up could be sexy, rite?!……even the soundtrack is so beautiful!!! ……….how can i not love this drama?! heheh

  811. 811 : wang Says:

    this drama is soooo gooodddddd….
    i’m never this excited with other kdrama..

  812. 812 : poison Says:

    I Just loved it, absolutely enjoying each episode.Each time I finish a korean drama I think it’s the best one, then I get hooked up by the next one,
    I loved Hyun bin in my names is kim sam soon,seems he lost weight in this drama!but still ROCKS!!

  813. 813 : nau-nau Says:

    This drama is addictive, can’t stop watching :d

  814. 814 : way Says:

    i love this drama… all the guys are so cute ^^

  815. 815 : 0606 Says:

    actually, since I watched MNKSS.. it’s the first drama of HB that I have watched and really i become addicted to him… he acted very well in all his drama… but here in SG he was really fabolous and trully he grown to be a great actor..

  816. 816 : ratih Says:

    huaaaaaaaaaaaa… like this drama .(^_^).

  817. 817 : ann Says:

    i super love this drama from the beginning till d end, cant help myself from laughing then crying and then laughing again! its worth watching for!

  818. 818 : Bing Says:

    I do love the story…plus the casts justified their roles…superb acting..CONGRATULATIONS! I recommend more in-depth scripts such as this with great dramatis personae…

  819. 819 : alifya Says:

    I like this korean drama.from the beginning till the end.i just think how can u make this so good.funny,romantic,n so sad.make me lough n YOON SONG HYUN you so cool.HYUN BIN – HA JI WON you are the best n perfec couple…………….

  820. 820 : SAMENTHA GRG Says:

    i m very very very very very much excited to watch secret garden……………..saranghae to u all…………..

  821. 821 : SAMENTHA GRG Says:

    very very very very very much excited to watch SC………………………saranghae to u alllllllllllllllllll…………………

  822. 822 : SAMENTHA GRG Says:

    i m very very very excited to watch SC………………hope it wil b da best of this year…………….saranghae to u all………….

  823. 823 : Foxy Says:

    I’m from the Philippines …
    I love this Korean series …
    I admit that inlove watching Korean drama ,listening to music too ^___^
    secret garden one if the best I’ve ever seen …
    Hyun bin role — really cool being straight what he reaaly feels and wanted go tell …at the same time … Sweet caring and loving — perfect guy ^___^
    ha ji won — lover her since memories in Bali ^__^ best actress , flexible …

    Congrats ^__^
    were waiting for the next series … Love u both xoxo

  824. 824 : tri Says:

    awesome…amazing story…like it…love it!! rewatching on and on…

  825. 825 : plumbumek Says:

    best drama ever :*

  826. 826 : yeun park Says:

    hyun bin I love you.secret garden drama korea best of the best

  827. 827 : 52drama Says:

    I have just watched an edited version of Secret Garden. It is shortened and edited into two episodes about 68 minutes each from 20 episodes. The edited version like a movie with all memorable scenes from the drama. These special episodes contained mostly Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.

  828. 828 : Cuneyt Says:

    Congratulations. I am from Turkey.

  829. 829 : achi Says:

    wow… its really.. really.. great drama..
    you must watch this!

  830. 830 : SAM14 Says:

    While Hyun Bin is doing a really good job acting I think Ha Ji won is doing an EXCELLENT job, especially for when they switch bodies. I’m not sure why Hyun Bin is portraying a girly girl when Kil Ra-Im has such few girly moments. And I’m not sure why it looks like most people are commenting only on him everywhere I go….
    But this drama is addictive. can’t stop watching!

  831. 831 : KSHJjang Says:

    This is the best drama!!! Beside BK KTG of course 🙂
    The story, the ost, the cast, the plot..everything..is purrfect 🙂
    If you guys haven’t watch it…or maybe y’all in the middle of watching other kdrama, stop it right away!! And watch Secret Garden immediately..hehhehee.. You’ll fall in love with this..and you will have secret garden fever like me :p
    My fave scene is the sit-up scene.. How I wish I could switch to Ra I’m and be that close with Hyun Bin.. :”)

  832. 832 : 1406 Says:

    this drama successfully make me addicted to watch it again and again. it’s literally driving me crazy. awesome awesome. great chemistry between hyun bin and ha jiwon. looking forward to their next project together. i’m totally a huge huge fan of both of them. and i do love the idea of hyun bin and jiwon hehe. is it too much if i would like to see them together for real? LOL

  833. 833 : braoadone Says:

    I already finished all the episode. This drama should be placed to be #1. I love this drama so much, I skipped my sleep time to see the drama. I love how Hyun Bin acted perfectly to be Kim Joo Won. And I’m fall in love with Kim Joo Won character. Hyun Bin is top actor. I love seeing how he loved Ra Im so much. I wonder if there any Kim Joo Won in a real life? And I love seeing Hyun Bin with Ha Ji Won this is their 2nd project being together after Daddy’s Long Leg eventhough Hyun Bin wasn’t Ha Ji Won’s love interest. Well, I hope they will be a real couple. I know that Hyun Bin is now Song Hye Kyo’s man, but I think Song Hye Kyo’s man fits on Rain (only my thoughts). When Joo Won become Ra Im, I laughed a lot. Hyun Bin is the best actor. Best drama of the 10/11 year. And second place went to Prosecutor Princess. Yay SBS!!! For producing such a great drama ever.

  834. 834 : Sinopsis Secret Garden « maioppa Says:

    […] cr : koreandrama […]

  835. 835 : d-chan Says:

    My old sister give me virus of secret garden and I’m fall in.
    Its my 4th re-wacthing never boring me.
    LOVE secret garden so much.

  836. 836 : rachman Says:

    wow!!!! i’m going to crazy!!!love hyun bin most!!! funny,great.cool guy!!!! omg!!! this is the great drama!!!! after world within,,,,this is much better..,,, how crazy i am waiting 4 all the episode!!! good luck 4 this korean drama,,,,!!! go go!!!

  837. 837 : hyunha Says:

    best korean drama ever! super love it!secret garden rocks! secret garden rules! really like the role of kim joo won and gil ra im! hope hyun bin and ha ji won will have another project soon..maybe after hyun bin\’s military service? hopefully… want to see both of them again in another project. want them to be a couple also. the chemistry between them is undeniable. hope they are missing each other now for them to realize that they are in love and meant for each other..hyun bin please look at how beautiful ha ji won is? she’s beautiful inside and out..

  838. 838 : Aleeya Says:

    Have you guys noticed Hyun Bin best 3 drama are on this list best commented SG, Snow Queen, My name Kim Sam Soo proving his such an AMAZING one actor that all the people love and support him all the way…woaah

  839. 839 : dindod Says:

    Amazing stories…
    Fabolous Cast…
    Great soundtack…
    All in one SECRET GARDEN

  840. 840 : Startulle Says:

    Im still under Secret Garden spell!
    Miss them so much!

  841. 841 : danish Says:

    its really …really good drama… ohh I love kim joo won , love Hyun bin too… You must watch this drama *_*

  842. 842 : danish Says:

    best drama that i’v e seen…its very fantasy love drama. make me to watch it again and again…

  843. 843 : Yuri Tasuki Says:

    Nothing can bit this KSeries!
    Honestly, this is really good ..
    All the craziness begins at episode 4 kekeke
    and the Last 5 eps. well, it reflected in ratings .. those were the most precious episode in this whole series, viewers shouldnt have miss that :DD

  844. 844 : Choose To Be Happy: A Guide to Total Happiness | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

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  845. 845 : Rena Says:

    This is a very good drama, perfect casts , perfect acting
    the story is very good ..
    thank you for the writer for giving us the viewers a very good story
    i hope you will make another good drama
    thank you to the director.. this drama was very well done
    to the staff thank you
    to the actors .. thank you …
    and for hyun bin i love you .. i will miss you for sure when you enter the military
    I wiil just watch your dramas to make up for your absence for a while ..
    secret one of the best Korean drama .. I hope this will receive a recognition or award
    secret garden the drama that worth watching and keeping forever

  846. 846 : tirza Says:

    Hyunbin was amazing as kim joo won, but I’m more obsess with ha ji won, she is an amazing woman, makes me want to become å stuntwoman all of sudden.
    This is one of the most beautiful dramas I have ever seen. I don’t usually cry at dramas but this one made me cry.

  847. 847 : Joanna Says:

    I love this drama so so much………
    i’m Ha Ji Won big big fans…after watching this drama,i love Ha Ji Won even more….Hyun Bin become my fans after watching secret garden..this was amazing..hope both of them will end up together..^^

  848. 848 : dwi Says:

    @braoadone : I’m totally agree with you about SHK’s man.. I think Rain is more fit to her than HB…hehehe,, but as a fan, I always support both HB and HJW..
    I want to to say to HB about SHK : 이게최선이야 ? 확실해? 😀

  849. 849 : alice.roosevelt Says:

    saranghae hyun bin oppa!!

  850. 850 : diana Says:

    Retweet same things..:

    This is a very good drama, perfect casts , perfect acting
    the story is very good ..
    thank you for the writer for giving us the viewers a very good story
    i hope you will make another good drama
    thank you to the director.. this drama was very well done
    to the staff thank you
    to the actors .. thank you …
    and for hyun bin i love you .. i will miss you for sure when you enter the military
    I wiil just watch your dramas to make up for your absence for a while ..
    secret one of the best Korean drama .. I hope this will receive a recognition or award
    secret garden the drama that worth watching and keeping forever


  851. 851 : iman Says:

    so far this is a best drama for this timing….

  852. 852 : Aja2 Says:

    OMG it’s so funny. I think this drama is best korean drama 2011. It’s so funny you can’t stop laughing. I’m watching this in middle of night and I laugh so loud that maybe my roomates think I’m crazy, yes it’s more funny than my name is kim sam soon. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are so genious

  853. 853 : tgif Says:

    Just watched ep 1 again for the nth time, it still making me laugh..everybodys expression is so funny.

  854. 854 : reem Says:

    I liked this drama and I want to see

  855. 855 : pjy Says:

    the sit up scene is my FAVE!
    hahahaa 😀
    my FAVE couple ever!

  856. 856 : Mitten_D Says:

    Watch this movie. It’s really cool. Am enjoy watching it. Like it vv much. Must watch this drama. Keep up a good work!

  857. 857 : Oetami Says:

    AMAZING. No wait that word is not even enough to describe this drama. PHENOMENAL. Yea thats a good one. The actors, the OST, the script, the storyline, EVERYTHING was amazing. And im sad seeing that it is not NUMBER 1 anymore because of dream high and my princess. But you know what, this has actually been one of my all time favorites. I cant find anything to satisfy my amazement of this drama. Hopefully they make another one like it, or another version…maybe japanese or taiwanese. If they do im gonna watch it. And they better have Show Lou on the taiwanese one as Oska. That would be amazing.

  858. 858 : anes81 Says:

    Great combination!! Those two are fantastic together! The plot is obviously half fantasy with the body switching, but my god, HB does a fantastic job as “Ra Im”! I was clutching my sides in laughter!

    I also love the fact that Kim Joon Won is a jerk all the way through (pretty much). Unlike BOF, you have no sympathy for him sometimes and genuinely want to bash him over the head, but yet you can’t disagree with some of his mercenary values either. I also love the fact that Ra Im is a strong woman (quite literally sometimes) all the way through, and is his equal. Her character has a great balance of humility and strength and that is also quite refreshing in Asian female leads.

  859. 859 : pakpahan02 Says:

    how come there is such agood drama???!!!! it’s agreat drama…never find a better one…enjoyed watching every single minute in it…never been bored….know what…i still can’t get over it…even can’t watch another drama….iam addicted to it……love love love secret garden forever…….Recommended

  860. 860 : ripi Says:

    Hands down, the best kdrama ever. Everything was perfect about this drama, the cast amazing! Hyun bin is truly amazing, his acting is so good. Ha ji won is also amazing, The ending was one of the best endings I have ever seen. If you have not seen Secret Garden, idont know what’s wrong with you. This is the only kdrama I have ever been so obsessed with. I ♥ every second of this drama.

  861. 861 : viesa Says:

    i’m already longing for Secret Garden again, specially Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im. Gonna watch it again, i think 🙂

  862. 862 : savannah Says:

    I am a big fan of Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won but
    don’t get mad at me, this is only my own opinion coz I really dun like this drama. It is not what I expected to be, some scenes are really dragging. I dunno, but that’s what i have felt while watching…I kept on forwarding specially at the last episode. Yes, granted there were good/nice/great scene though there were still scenes that was really dragging and boring.

    I’m so sorry to all fans of Secret Garden…this is only my opinion base on what i watched.

  863. 863 : Law of Attraction – An Ancient Money Getting Secret | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

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  864. 864 : Ragatnia Clara Says:

    Yeah, maybe it depends on kind of people if Secret Garden is a best KDrama ever. But I give 12 out of 10.

    Every scene makes me addicted into the character of Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im.

    and I love the scene when both have to sleep their children! It’s very funny how Kim Joo Won still wants Ra Im only for him. :p

  865. 865 : nettaluv Says:

    cause this drama, im starting become fans of hyun bin(oh great cant believe this). He is really great actor,his acting moved my heart…:)

  866. 866 : USA-Mary Says:

    This drama is a MUST SEE! Watching it for the second time and it is HILARIOUS and sweet at the same time! Hyun Bin’s lines are so funny. His eyes and facial expressions are so expressive at times. Especially, when he shows the innocent expression of ‘see…I told you so’ one! Too funny!

    Then there’s the ‘I want you’ look that Joo Won gives Ra Im…my, my, my this man has sexy, alluring eyes! For example, in the gym while doing sit-ups! Any one notice the men that were watching Joo Won and Ra Im during that scene? They were just as funny!

    Love me some Oska, too! Yay! hehehehe

    The volleyball court scene was hilarious!

    It’s a shame that Joo Won’s mother didn’t compensate Ra Im, out of charitable kindness, for everything her father did to save Joo Won’s life after losing his! She knew Ra Im was an orphan and chose to turn her head and cast a blind eye when it came to her present well-being and future. But, YAY…what can you expect from greed! Such an evil woman and family (including the aunt and grandfather)!

  867. 867 : yinwai Says:

    The actor and actress of this drama are excellent . I’m the one of Hyun bin’s fan. He makes me laugh and cry to watch this drama. The drama of ost is so impress me. I love all the performances of secret garden.

  868. 868 : pikasik Says:

    I like this drama very much. The plot is interesting, the story has funny moments and the main actors play really fabulous. I highly recommend this drama to see.

  869. 869 : chichocs Says:

    Happy valentine everyone ^.^

  870. 870 : ratih Says:

    aigooooooooooooooooo… really love this drama

  871. 871 : viesa Says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all SG fans!! Keep the love and peace in the world people….

  872. 872 : i luv skks Says:

    Ha ha!
    This drama is funny,interesting,and loveable,as in!! I luv it so much,want to watch it again and again.
    Hyunbin is so funny,he mke me laugh always, remember when they shooting,the archery,when he said “its muddy” and in fighing scene,he didnt fight with enimies but he go to director”philip”and fight in the back..
    And he always call that director “arabian spy”
    But i hate him when he said to director “until u die,dont confess your feelings”

  873. 873 : visty Says:

    lovveeeeeeee thnis dramaaa!!!

  874. 874 : niznat Says:

    waow! i just loved it … this is the best drama i have ever seen!!
    i am in love with hyun bin!!<3

  875. 875 : niznat Says:

    i love hyun bin and adore the drama secret garden!

  876. 876 : niznat Says:

    i loved it

  877. 877 : 52drama Says:

    I bought the DVD. I can view the drama many many time!

  878. 878 : loren-saranghae Says:

    Kerennn bangett, sayang ga dapat best korea 2010…

  879. 879 : nicarco_08 Says:

    I also bought DVD to watch this very beautiful drama romance very strong chemistry of Ha ji won Hyun bin i love it and also the comedy of this drama very funny…….HAHAHA

  880. 880 : aliz Says:

    Another entertaining Korean drama series with great love story in it. I did enjoy watching this drama from the very start up to the end……. and actually it was a lovely ending… Yes, a “must” see Korean drama.

  881. 881 : danish Says:

    I loved…loved..this drama… its a best drama i’ve seen…

  882. 882 : aluna Says:

    I like it
    sekian banyak film yang aku tonton baru kali ini yang ending nya bagus dan memuaskan

  883. 883 : aluna Says:

    aku suka
    endingnya memuaskan

  884. 884 : lee sulva minho Says:

    OMG i like Hyun biin…..^^

  885. 885 : charie Says:

    i sooooo love this drama! watching this left me on HIGH for weeks and it felt like I’m still in heaven. hahahahah! you will never get tired watching this over and over and over again, no kidding!

  886. 886 : charie Says:

    even had my girlfriends come over my house for SG marathon weekend overnight!

  887. 887 : d14h Says:

    The Best Drama I’ve ever seen, I love all Cast, specialy Hyun Bin and Yoon Sang Hyun…I love the songs, I love the story, I love the kiss, I love everything about Secret Garden :)…….

  888. 888 : Rebel Angel Says:

    well, after I watched this drama, I just want to say “AWESOME”
    But, there’s still but, the ending part, I don’t really like the ending part. anyway, it still good… 🙂

  889. 889 : Febri Says:

    This is by far one of the best Korean dramas, I have ever seen. I don’t really like supernatural shows, but I really loved the lead characters and the plot! It is so different from other Korean dramas that I have seen. They did their best to entertain us, and by all means they did! Seeing this drama just made me laugh throughout every episode. I would without a doubt rate it 5 out of 5 stars!! Best drama with an entertaining cast! Must see!! 🙂

  890. 890 : Jenny Says:

    this is just THE AMAZING drama ever! I never get tired watching them! Just about to watch for the third time! <3 xx

  891. 891 : jam Says:

    Is there a DVD copy of this drama in the Philippines now? I wanna watch it. 🙂

  892. 892 : loren-saranghae Says:

    Charie n aluna; I agree, this drama make me never get tired watching this over and over and over again…..
    Hyun bin; u’re my best actor korea, I hope u always be best actor more

  893. 893 : bunny Says:

    Two thumbs up 4 hyun bin&ha ji won..they make a perfect couple 4 the drama..;) hope they’ll be real couple in their real world..hahaha.. Sorry song hye kyo…;p

  894. 894 : micell Says:

    The drama tells the story of Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), an arrogant and eccentric CEO who maintains the image of seeming perfection, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won), a poor and humble stuntwoman whose beauty and body are the object of envy amongst top actresses. Their accidental meeting, when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for actress Park Chae Rin, marks the beginning of a tense, bickering relationship, through which Joo Won tries to hide a growing attraction to Ra Im that both confuses and disturbs him. To complicate matters further, a strange sequence of events results in them swapping bodies.

  895. 895 : roche-chan Says:

    annyeong haseyo!!!

    naneun..nomu nomu nomu nomu choa this drama!!!
    it’s highly recommended to watch!!!

    it makes me laugh,cry,amazed and fall in love…lol

    please do watch this drama…!!! the main cast really had the chemistry together…
    ^_^ saranghae!!!

  896. 896 : danish Says:

    the best drama that i’ve seen.. u mus watch this drama…:)

  897. 897 : luvv Says:

    Ha ha!
    This drama is funny,interesting,and loveable,as in!! I luv it so much,want to watch it again and again.
    Hyunbin is so funny,he mke me laugh always, remember when they shooting,the archery,when he said “its muddy” and in fighing scene,he didnt fight with enimies but he go to director”philip”and fight in the back..

  898. 898 : danish Says:

    i love this drama!
    i love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won!!!
    they’re really a good couple 🙂 )

  899. 899 : bunny Says:

    Very good drama!! Perfect couple! Hope they’ll really dating in the real world…hahahaha..sorry song hye kyo…;p

  900. 900 : ima Says:

    i love hyun bin

  901. 901 : Bian Says:

    The best drama have i ever seen love hyun bin so much

  902. 902 : Jini Says:

    Gil raim never out of Jo Won’s mind and Kim Jo Won never out of my mind

  903. 903 : Mie mie Says:

    This is my fav. Drama I HAVE EVER seen for 3 times

  904. 904 : jewel Says:


    never heard of makati cinema square eh?

  905. 905 : Mary Says:

    Love relation ship jo won with oska.

  906. 906 : sa.. Says:

    Omg!!!!!! Brilliant!!!! Perfect!!!!!!!!

  907. 907 : Syarazz Says:

    This drama and the soundtrack are Awsome… Outstanding… and Memorable. Watch it many times you will never got bored!

  908. 908 : viesa Says:

    Dear God, help me cope my Secret Garden withdrawal! Always want to watch it again every day….

  909. 909 : plumbumek Says:

    I will miss hyun bin sooo much

  910. 910 : Joanna Says:

    HA JI WON!!!!!!!
    Love you so much!!!!

  911. 911 : Zia Says:

    Nice drama….
    Nice Actor and Actres…
    And good the ending

  912. 912 : Fa Says:

    Hyun bin thanks to take a role of jang hyuk. You are my favorit actor. Love you

  913. 913 : Fransisca Says:




    Best drama with happy ending

    Hyun Bin Love You

  914. 914 : Mya Says:

    Ha ji won you have a nice voice
    I see you 4 the fist time in Hwang Ji Ni,
    and You re so beautiful.
    Good luck

    I Hope You’ re always be happy

    ans Iam will be so happy if I can see you

    I Wish.

  915. 915 : Ja myung Says:

    Vert nice house

    if i have many money
    i will build home like jo won’s home.

  916. 916 : Vanesa Says:

    Hyun Bin

    Love your smile.

  917. 917 : hani Says:

    secret garden is the best drama i ever seen…………..

  918. 918 : iman Says:

    the best drama hyun bin !

  919. 919 : deanaz Says:

    this last of hyun bin drama before army…and yhis drama DAEBAKK
    always love hyun bin from the first, see u in 2013

  920. 920 : Shan Says:

    I was thinking Kang Ji Hwan maybe more suitable than Hyun Bin to take up the role…

  921. 921 : ecca Says:

    is been so long time I have no seen Hyun Bin to act like this since in My Lovely Samsoon before…I really really like it…thx for make this drama..

  922. 922 : v2 Says:

    good acting
    good drama

  923. 923 : zizi Says:

    any body know where I can see the Secret Garden Concert??????

  924. 924 : KEIKO Says:

    love this drama from the beginning till d end, cant help myself from laughing then crying and then laughing again! its worth watching for!

  925. 925 : milan Says:

    Another entertaining Korean drama series with great love story in it.
    love the story, the cast and the anything about this drama…………..

  926. 926 : AMANDA Says:

    The ending was in my opinion also fulfilling. There have been so many great dramas where you watch it in agony due to out of nowhere conflict until the last 10 minutes, then all the trouble is solved. The leads kissed and laughed and THE END. That left me wonder how would they act now that they finally got to be together?! SG gave you that glimpse into their life as a couple which I really love! You get to see how they interact with each other and their life has turned out 5 years down the road. And the best of all, THEY DIDN’T HAVE THAT OOOH WWOOW wedding! Tell me that it is not a good writing. The writer stayed true to the characters even whether they should have a wedding or not. I could have not imagine Joo Won being a wedding type of person and definitely not Ra-Im who didn’t care much about materialistic superficial things, but the actual content within.

  927. 927 : andria Says:

    The only thing I don’t satisfy with is that Hyun Bin looks so skinny in this drama and it looks as if Hyun Bin has undergone surgery to shave off his side jaw to have a V-line face….sob…everytime I look at his face, I feel I want to stuff sth at his side chin….miss his former face…

  928. 928 : vanesa Says:

    love this drama from the beginning till d end, cant help myself from laughing then crying and then laughing again! its worth watching for!


  929. 929 : meydiandra Says:


  930. 930 : ratih (Indonesia) Says:

    i’ve watch this drama twice.. really romantic

  931. 931 : may Says:

    If I can visit korea, I will so happy
    I want to see Snow in the winter

  932. 932 : [email protected] Says:

    Love Jo Won at 34 and at 21 too

  933. 933 : Law of Attraction – The Secret to the Holographic Experience | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  934. 934 : cleo Says:

    hyun bin I thin you better paying drama with sung yuri than with ha ji won

  935. 935 : SG LOVAAAA Says:

    can’t get enough of this drama. SO GOOD. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

  936. 936 : Deys Says:

    best drama i’ve seen so far. Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won = PERFECT CHEMISTRY. love them both.

  937. 937 : Gemini Says:

    just finished watching Secret Garden, and i enjoyed it. I thought it was one of those with unhappy endings, but it was a relief, though i cried many times. I did not enjoy Hyun Bin’s appearance on screen because that was far from his old self (phyusically), but i love his facial expressions. On the other hand, Ha Ji Won, was in her usual superb acting. The ending seeing them with three kids is cute and heartwarming. Congratulations and i wish Hyun Bin would put back his muscles…

  938. 938 : julia Says:

    i like this drama …..very..very..good…this drama make me crying and i hope this drama make your all feel love ..big love …and drame screat garden make me feel what that love ….

  939. 939 : iin Says:

    dramanya romantis banget dah gitu gokil lagi…

  940. 940 : hajiwon Says:

    love tis drama so much!!go2 secret garden!!

  941. 941 : amy Says:

    totally in love with this drama!!
    love ha ji won so much!!

  942. 942 : utami Says:


  943. 943 : wapz..... Says:

    i really like this drama………..der are some funny scenes…….and Ha Ji Won imm your no. 1 fan especially when you have a action????? can i ask you something????

  944. 944 : viesa Says:

    i am still on Secret Garden withdrawal! please help me God!

  945. 945 : tri Says:

    i’m watching again…10x…

  946. 946 : sh3ldims Says:

    i start to rewatch this drama….perfect love fantasy drama…i saw a different side of hyun bin & ha ji won here…bravo 🙂

  947. 947 : SOSAD Says:

    Can anyone please tell me where is the Secret Garden rehab center is ? , I’m so addicted to it …..!!!!!

  948. 948 : DIAH Says:

    I luv this rama so much..i’ve watch it twice..but still want to watch it again..seem like i fell in love with hyun bin…ha ji won very good too..love to see them together..SG ost also very good…i luv to hear all of them…

  949. 949 : smile , you lover Says:

    Very3 Nice drama

  950. 950 : Sa.. Says:

    Wew… I still cant move fro. This drama… And i decided to rewatch it… Hahahaha…… Love hyun bin berry much…. He is very charming n cool!!

  951. 951 : Ashley Says:


    they have 3 sons ?!?!

    can’t believe it ! but they are cute ^^

  952. 952 : Rea Says:

    I really love this drama.. It’s a very good and enjoyable drama to watch.. Highly recommended! Kim Joo Won is very sweet and adorable in his own way to express his love to Gil Ra Im.. One word to describe this drama, AWESOME! One of the best drama I ever watch!

  953. 953 : itho81 Says:

    Great drama, fresh storyline, love the way hyun bin act, chemistry between him n ha ji won makes this drama more worth to watch!

  954. 954 : Ezra Says:

    The Best drama I ever seen!!!!!!
    Great!!!! Awesome!!!!

    Hope there will be Secret Garden II, pleaseeeee…..
    I miss Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im so much…. 🙁

    Love You Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won…Best couple 4eva…….

  955. 955 : manatee Says:

    oska, so funny!
    love him!

  956. 956 : danish Says:

    I love love love this drama. I love Hyun Bin n Ha Ji Won very muchhh 🙂

  957. 957 : danish Says:

    its so funny… I watch this drama again n again..

  958. 958 : achi80 Says:

    This drama is really AWESOME!
    I want my future husband like KIM JO WOON, arrogant, smart and cute…
    Envy Gil Ra I’m, because she had Kim Jo Woon dan 3 adorable children…
    You must watch this! Trust me, you must watch this!

  959. 959 : Jieying Says:

    Love this drama… Hyun Bin so cute…

  960. 960 : mala Says:

    I like this drama
    I think Hyun Bin too thin……..but his acting still ok

  961. 961 : amy Says:

    i don’t know y i have this feeling..i envy those just wanna start to watch secret garden!!!haha..

  962. 962 : Anastasia ^^ Says:

    Omo o.o the best drama I ever watch !! 😀 Really ! ^^

  963. 963 : VENDA (^^) Says:

    MOVIE secret garden is good 🙂

  964. 964 : gracie Says:

    Recommended!!!! So funny !!! I ♥ it !! Can’t wait to finish this serier!!

  965. 965 : tran xuan quyet-viet nam Says:

    secret garden is the best drama.it ‘s the great story about love.i must watch in the end!

  966. 966 : sagitaku Says:

    I Love Hyun Bin very much ^_^

  967. 967 : bebeth Says:

    i love this drama..

  968. 968 : Bluemoon Says:

    This drama is :
    – Very nice
    – Interesting
    – Funny
    – Liked the story plot
    – Fantastic OST
    – Good casts
    – Touching esp when Hyun Bin cried in the last few scenes

    Many other good stuffs in this drama. One of the best I ever watched. Will purchased the DVD for collection when it release.

    Highly recommended!

  969. 969 : The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

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  970. 970 : Ragatnia Clara Says:

    somehow, i just miss to wait a new episode of Secret Garden. miss this drama so much.

    love it!

  971. 971 : kimchilee Says:

    Loved this drama! Definitely one of the best comedy fantasy drama I’ve come across as interesting and never a dull moment or draggy. The dialogues are all witty and sensible, sad and yet captivating.. even the supporting casts are all funny and outstanding in their roles! I love the chemistry everyone not to mention the 2 main casts!! I cant wait for the dvd! definitely will buy to keep.

    Highly recommended.

  972. 972 : kimchilee Says:

    Oh! ..and in addition, I love the way the writers translate the fairy tale stories on Little Mermaid and Snow White and Cinderella!! So hilarious!!

  973. 973 : kimchilee Says:

    Just finished the ending. Such a beautiful perfect ending! ah.. truly a fairytale story..

    now.. here’s the reality.. in real life, if I were to meet such a man, i will report him to the police to keep him away from me for being a stalker who is so totally obsessed with me.. following me around everywhere! brrr… scary.. and what’s with that mother of his.. so evil looking and even more evil in person to have disown his son but keep the property.. what kind of mother is that to disown the son for loving a poor girl? Can one be so obscenely rich to own such a beautiful house and place? maybe only this is the reality part.. super rich people do own such a place..

    but of course..in fairytale land.. Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty will all meet their rich and forever handsome prince and married happily after.. as the story goes.. thank god for fairytales.. there are still some of us who can dream on.. hahaha!!

    I love this drama for that! Its a Wonderland..

  974. 974 : Kathleen Says:

    Fell in love with it within only one episode! 🙂

  975. 975 : shona Says:

    i love this this drama i have watching it and now i watch it again i just full in love with hyun bin im dreaming of someone who have a caractre like kim jo won

  976. 976 : suzie Says:

    Is it just me, but doesn’t Hyun resembles Se7en? Another fave of mine. Just finished watching for the 4th time, SG. Can’t get enough of it. I really enjoyed those kissing scenes between HJW & HB. My fave kdrama couple. Can’t get enough of HB love , love, looovvve him. HJW also Love the cast. Oska, you’re one funny dude, Secy Kim I didn’t like you in GIANT, but you had me rof in SG.

  977. 977 : ms.penny Says:

    omg!! i just started watching this movie just last night and if it wasn’t for my class today, i would’ve finished watching the first disk by now .. lol’ from the whole night last night that i stayed up to watch this film until now, i don’t even feel a bit tired of sleepy .. HJW and HB are my favortie couple my .. the way they act toward each other just makes me happy .. as of for me the watcher, HB have made me thing of that i should’nt take advantage of this “taekwondo” class i’m taking for P.E !! that way she uses her skill to defend and to fight for herself make me want to become like her !! by the way, HJW and HB makes a perfect couple !! lol’ you guys are the best !!!!!!!

  978. 978 : atsky Says:

    My Favorite 3 lines of JW

    My 3rd is “blank blank this is the kind of person I am”

    My 2nd is “one thread by one thread”

    My 1st is “is this your best? are you sure?” I think these lines make JW character who he is.

  979. 979 : Jing Says:

    this series even better than my princess I love both lead character but I most likely the story of Secret Garden ~ peace ~

  980. 980 : adjie Says:

    I really really like this drama! Very interesting in every episodes. Love Hyun Bin SOoooooooo Muuuuucchh! Hyun bin! Hyun bin! Really good actor, I like when he acted like gil ra im, that’s very funny! This is very nice drama, number one! 2 thumbs up!

  981. 981 : Startulle Says:

    still under the SG’ spell…………longing for outspoken KJW and tough cute RI!

  982. 982 : melano Says:

    i missed secret garden…why is it ended so early? i love hyun bin and ha ji won. perfect as a two loving couple. good chemistry…hope this is not the last for them as a couple. i want to see them again in the future. they are best best couple…i hope in real life too….just hoping.. i know he got gf…but for me ha ji won looks better for hyun bin coz they are PERFECT 🙂

  983. 983 : mel Says:

    is it good drama ?

  984. 984 : kyndz Says:

    hi, is han tae ssun the one who composes the plagiarized song of oska? if yes, why did oska accused him of being the one who plagiarized his song? im really confused. err

  985. 985 : ida hwaiting Says:

    i watched Secret Garden parody by Big bang last nite..Daebak.. that’s totally funny..makes me want to rewatch SG again..

  986. 986 : joo raim Says:

    i can wait for 2 years as long as i can watch SG 2.good luck Binnie…..gosh i really want the wedding bell ringing with more children please

  987. 987 : mrsqueen Says:

    I really really love this drama, despite any others korean drama. I don’t really know why but this drama absolutely made me addicted to it. I can not stop watching it, again and again. And HYUNBIN you are super cute. I can’t even stop smiling when I looked at you, so romantic, yet simple, and oh-please your smile is the cutest smile ever Hyun Bin! I love the story, eventhough actually I don’t really like fantasy movie, but who cares, this drama is really FUNNY because of its fantasy! Hahaha I can’t stop laughing ces of Oska! Oska Oska Oska! He’s so funny, his face has already funny though he doesn’t do anything. Yeah well anyway, I LOVE THIS DRAMA. SUPER LOVE. You people shud watch this drama. Super cool! Love.

  988. 988 : suppledexplorer Says:

    Love it! Now im longing for Hyun Bin kkk…After Kim Sam Soon…Got a copy of THE WORLD FROM WITHIN but never started it yet..Too bad I wasnt able to watch episode 14 coz the copy sucks!grrrr likewise with the subtitle too.I had to chane it for 4 times but to no avail.

  989. 989 : chris80 Says:

    Secret Garden was such a success because of the unique story and the awesome character portrayals of Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin.
    If they promote another spinoff, Secret Garden will lose its magic; the reason why so many people adored this drama.

  990. 990 : ghuyen Says:

    love this drama much

  991. 991 : shalsof Says:

    🙂 wth ,,, 990 comments,, then i’m the 991st,,, so awesome,,, even my uncle (49yrold) enjoy watching this series,,, really love the story,, their characters, the romantic with comedy effect,, the wanderfull ending,, and i really really love the tandem of hyun bin and ha ji won,, i saw them in separated tv series with their other partner,, this was amazing hyun bin and ha ji won….
    <3 <3 <3

  992. 992 : Kimchilee Says:

    Best dialogues that made sense in every conversation in every sentence.. beautiful, funny yet meaningful words.. kudos to the writers of this drama! and the most unforgettable sentence.. Is this your Best?

    But KJW tends to speak too fast.. i find it hard to catch up with the english subtitles which disappear so fast to keep up with what he is saying in Korean..

    Oska! you are so adorable as a Superstar and playboy! glad your hairstyle became more MANLY towards the end of the drama.. hilarious when you told your hairstylist off that your hairstyle in the beginning looked like one of those Ajummas (aunties)! it really did!! thank goodness you changed it in the end!

  993. 993 : DL Says:

    watch this guys.. you’ll definitely gonna love it and it will really make your day.. =)

  994. 994 : DL Says:

    i just posted the big bang secret garden parody.. enjoy it guys!

  995. 995 : monique Says:

    movie of the year its a wonderful love story and wonderful cast members..

  996. 996 : dasfd Says:

    i kill myself of happiness if they made a secret garden 2

  997. 997 : seli de joker Says:

    I think SG is the best korean drama i’ve ever seen till now. I love every scenes in this drama. Ha ji won n hyun bin is the best couple ever… Waitin for SG season 2,hope the directors will make it…

  998. 998 : viva Says:

    very awesome drama!:)

  999. 999 : Abbie Says:

    SG wont’ be the same without HB, i wouldn’t recommended SG2 unless HB is the lead actor.. love this drama to death.

  1000. 1000 : SG 1000 Says:

    Just watched the Big bang parody. Thanks DL, that was very funny

  1001. 1001 : mizah Says:

    love this movie so much!!hoping for sg2!!!

  1002. 1002 : yuli jo Says:

    will be watch SG for 3timer coz lost of binnie hikzz hikzzz
    congrats for your military duty, take care and God bless !!!

  1003. 1003 : Off-ix Says:

    Best Korean drama I ever seen.
    My Korean Drama List based on my favorit:
    1. Secret Garden
    2. Full House
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Goong
    5. Shining Inheritance
    6. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    7. Dae Jang Geum

    But, Secret Bigbang (secret garden parody by Bigbang more than funny)

  1004. 1004 : annie Says:

    Great drama! I love it! Should be voted as the best drama of the year!

  1005. 1005 : Timmy Says:

    This drama should top of everything pls review the rating sooo pretty high on top of it amazinnnng actor Hyun Bin and actress HJW wow!

  1006. 1006 : smile , you lover Says:

    This my best drama I have watch this 3Times.
    sad know you in militaty now, goodluck binnie
    where ever are you I hope you always happy.

  1007. 1007 : Ragatnia Clara Says:

    yeah! Secret Garden rocks!!!

    you have to watch it. it is highly recommended! 😀

  1008. 1008 : charlene Says:

    my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!! the best drama ever…………i just kinda dont like the last part, its cute but they look like iresponsible parents,,..too young to have
    childrens…..hehe…i really love this drama….i am craving for part 2 …saranghae HYUN BIN & HA JI WON….

  1009. 1009 : Daemul Says:

    cant help it love..love love this drama so…much i love them all fantastic work u guys i luv u all….

    i ve watch 3x still love them. oh….hyun bin luv u soooo much

  1010. 1010 : joo raim Says:

    do we really need SG sequel if HB~HJW are together in real life? HB’s management confirmed that he split with SHG

  1011. 1011 : wildan Says:

    is the bast drama korea

  1012. 1012 : kimchilee Says:

    Hi DL, thank you for the Big Bang version of SG.. it was very funny.. the guys who acted as Gaim and Oska .. very good .. exactly like the real characters of SG.. ! hahaha! what happen to that website from one of the fans who compiled all the catchy lines from SG? anyone can list out more catchy lines from SG? So funny..!

  1013. 1013 : Ragatnia Clara Says:

    This drama is really DAEBAK!!!


  1014. 1014 : jungrara Says:

    damn!!!the best drama so far for 2010….DAEBAk!

  1015. 1015 : utami Says:

    What an awesome drama! This one left a mark on me, totally! The plot is good, the acting is exceptional, you could feel the ooze of electricity in some scenes! (You guys could relate to me right?)

    I’m gonna miss Kim Joo Won. I love his character. I envy Gil Ra Im. Lol. Finishing this drama made me sad, because I’m really gonna miss Joo Won’s character..

  1016. 1016 : KDaddict Says:

    re: 1010; @joo raim:
    Is there rumor that HB and HJW are together? Even tho HB’s management company has announced that he and SHG have split up, that doesn’t mean that HB and HJW are together. He is in the army now, n can’t really be with anybody, right?

  1017. 1017 : lee sang mun Says:

    i love this drama…
    can’t stop wacthing….

  1018. 1018 : Deys Says:


  1019. 1019 : smile , you lover Says:

    v3ry3 good drama

  1020. 1020 : maia Says:

    A modern fairytale. Very mythical and super romantic! I easily fell in love with the characters. The song “That Other man”, is awesome and captivating, can’t get enough of listening again and again. It’s just too perfect and it’s a 100% job well done. Congrats to the whole staff and casts. Keep it up!!!

  1021. 1021 : yoseee Says:

    AMAZING drama with rich ‘content’, must watch one!
    Lots of fun and tears, OST is GREAT!!!
    i’d give 10/10

  1022. 1022 : david Says:

    I really ♥ this drama… Worth to watch 🙂
    They are both talented…

  1023. 1023 : roland Says:

    love, love, love , love and love
    ang galing!!!!
    pero i wanted to know kung ano ung sinasabe ng male lead actor
    kapag na tetense or pressure sya?

  1024. 1024 : roland Says:

    any koreans here?
    i wanted to learn their language…cool…
    i wanted to go in korea….
    maybe you can give the names of agencies for tour packages

    kabayan, anyone? tara punta tayo kkb….
    sige na punta tayo….
    here’s my email add: [email protected]….

  1025. 1025 : bonati Says:

    just one world. wathing it !!!!!

  1026. 1026 : iman Says:

    the best drama for 2010/2011

  1027. 1027 : Ami Says:

    It is best dorama in the world

  1028. 1028 : meiji arnella Says:

    amazinggggggggg movie
    never forget this drama

    cant say anything coz this drama is the greatest….

  1029. 1029 : AN Says:

    it’s really great drama…so, romatic even after u have 3 children, both still look like loving and romantic couple..

  1030. 1030 : AN Says:


  1031. 1031 : momomiko10 Says:

    i love every single things about this drama,
    the ending is so nice. the plot is different from other kdrama. its so like straight forward. no need to hiding things until the end of episode.
    no triangle love or what so ever.
    the flow is so nice that i think i love this drama much more than BOF or YAB or IRIS or MY Girl or Coffee Prince ;p
    secret garden is my new favorite kdrama 😀

  1032. 1032 : love Says:

    Great, unique and romantic drama. LOVEEEEE this drama so much ! Hyun Bin looked so charming…..Ha Ji Won looked so cool as well. i hope there’ll be a sequel of this drama <3

  1033. 1033 : dwi Says:

    Ha Ji WON + Hyun BIN = WON BIN 😀

  1034. 1034 : Mys Says:

    Secret Garden is by far the best kdrama ive watched. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! 😀

  1035. 1035 : smile , you lover Says:

    very hillarious drama

  1036. 1036 : eileen534 Says:

    Secret Garden rocks!!!

    Love both the main lead chemistry.. Oska is the Best!!

  1037. 1037 : kimchilee Says:

    this is really an under-rated drama! it shld have been top 5th or no.1 for its brilliant dialogues, best couple chemistry and the co-stars are superb as well!

  1038. 1038 : Mastering the Law of Attraction | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  1039. 1039 : jillian2027 Says:

    …wahhh…i love this drama…i love joo won..i love gil ra im…i really enjoy this kdrama… this is the best among the rest….<3

  1040. 1040 : Teaching “The Secret” via The Science Of Getting Rich Seminar | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

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  1041. 1041 : midor1vert Says:

    love this drama….one of the best dramas i’ve ever seen. Good job for Hyun Bin n Ha ji Won. Good partnership…..strong chemistry both of you.

  1042. 1042 : Neesa80 Says:

    This has to be one of my favorite dramas, i saw it without sub,the with sub,rewatched it once and will surly rewatch it again later. it was diffrent, a fan of both Binnie and Ha Jin Won they did very well in this,if i hade to pic just one scene to be a favorite in all dramas i have ever seen it has to be Binnie doing sit-ups..just thinking of it makes me smile,the music got in to my head,Yoon Sang-Hyun is also a actor i must say i like as i have seen all i can find of him so far..and he is hot even if Binnie is hotter

  1043. 1043 : kimchilee Says:

    did Hyun Bin really sang one of the songs in SG? Was that really Oska singing in SG? are they both singers?

  1044. 1044 : Abbie Says:

    Kimchilee, HB sang “that man” here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kruRN2DFcS0 as OST
    the other version was “that woman” sang by Baek Ji Young also a part of SG OST here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z68pBU5xW10

    Hope that help

  1045. 1045 : kimmyohero Says:

    this drama make me keep watching over one month..
    i repeat again & again over
    i like HB & HJW that much!

  1046. 1046 : dyesebel Says:

    highly recommended n must watch drama….bravo n congratulations!!!! to both lead actors hyun bin n ha ji won for their strong chemistry, all d casts, the writer n the director..well done!!!! can’t get enough from it….

  1047. 1047 : jacklyn Says:

    best drama ever…so in love with it<333

  1048. 1048 : daniellee Says:

    all i can say…sweet, funny and makes my heart flutters

  1049. 1049 : Secret Garden « The Little Light of Mine Says:

    […] Taken from: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=3599 […]

  1050. 1050 : siska Says:

    Its great korean drama ever I seen since all about eve, it’s romantic, really touching heart when you see this couple.great acting from the both ha ji won and hyun bin.and I really really like hyun bin.he is so cool and touching.for me is the best korean drama ever

  1051. 1051 : vyn Says:

    i love it! it is SUPERB.. i love hyun bin & Ha ji won

  1052. 1052 : kimchilee Says:

    hey Abbie! Thanks for the information! Much appreciate it.

  1053. 1053 : USA-Mary Says:

    I laughed so much watching this drama that my muscles began to ache! Then, on the other hand, I also cried like a baby when the accident occurred, the hospital scenes, and when he made the switch back. I was a temporary mess for a few minutes and had to just laugh at myself for being that way!

    The writer, actors, producer and PD crew are EXCELLENT!

  1054. 1054 : purplez_cool Says:

    the best Kdrama i’ve ever seen… the story is more realistic and it stirred my emotion… >.<
    Go go secret garden!!!

  1055. 1055 : nacchan Says:

    i never watch this drama.
    let me try!!!!

  1056. 1056 : amber Says:

    i so love this show…..hyun bin is so handsome…haist….i’m so sad that hyun bin joined the marines…huhuhuhu..it will take a long time before he can make another show..

  1057. 1057 : dreamer di Says:

    I love this drama..one of my fav..beautiful story line,powerful cast and excellent production..JOB WELL DONE to the staff and crew!!!..looking forward for more beautiful drama like this..Hyun Bin IDOL!!!

  1058. 1058 : nha Says:

    Love this drama so much.. oppa hyun bin youre rock!!! Good Luck!!

  1059. 1059 : Astri Says:

    I LOVE this drama a lot! It’s cute, funny, full of romance, and isn’t Hyun Bin is the most handsome man in the world ??!!!!!! the story is complete, from how they met, until how they ended together. I love it! I love it! I love it!. It’s so my top 5 Kdrama EVER!!

  1060. 1060 : melano Says:

    love hb and hjw. they are really good couple. the cast and director and writer they did a good job, even the ost of this drama like it…hope they have another drama in the future…secret garden…excellent.. superb…funny and well recommended 🙂

  1061. 1061 : NaZuMi Says:

    such a beautiful story i see ever…I hope the producer’ll continue something like again..!!…i love ha jin won…she’s cute..i’ll be always remember her smile..soooo cuteee…^^

  1062. 1062 : ariann Says:

    Kim~~suhanmoo keobugiwa durumi samcheongabja Dong Bang Sak Chichigapo Sarisarisaenta Woriwori Saepeurika Moodoosella gureumi heorikaein dambyeorak seosaengwonae goyangyi badookineun Doldolri….

    missing kim joo-won especially hyun-bin–♥

    can’t get over to this Kdrama..LOL..
    really love it..♥
    love kim joo won and gil ra-im tandem…
    i can’t help myself to be addicted to this Kdrama…♥
    love it super-duper– to the highest level–in a major-major way…hahaa☺☺☺

  1063. 1063 : cris Says:

    GMA got this…

  1064. 1064 : DL Says:

    yes! this drama will be aired in the philippines soon on GMA7! while my princess will be on ABS-CBN.. but i love secret Garden the most!

  1065. 1065 : doleamo Says:

    hayyyyy..it is better if ABS got this.. :'(

  1066. 1066 : USA-Mary Says:

    Hyun Bin’s wit is astonishing in this drama! He takes the term ‘prince syndrome’ to a totally different level, one that I’ve not scene before when he played an extra in a battle scene! He was poking his love rival, the director with his sword…then when the dying scene came, he fell on top of another soldier because it was muddy! RLOL!

    Then the piece of resistance…the flirtatious, romantic scenes between him and one of my favorite actress’s, Ji Won (welcome back). She tried to ignore him, but couldn’t resist his flirtations. Well, until he told her that he was going to play with her (a reputation that all rich, chaebol princes are labled with-which is true) then throw her away! Well, I’m thankful it didn’t happen that way…but it was funny in the interim watching Joo Won who thought that he had enough selfishness to pull it off! He really needed shin guards around Ra Im! ROLOL!

  1067. 1067 : Oetami Says:

    this drama is amazing.. one of the best dramas ever! will watch it again and again and again and again..

  1068. 1068 : yuli Says:

    I really like acting ha ji won. When I first saw her acting in drama Hwang Jin Yi. Now I also really like to see her acting as gil ra im.
    And this is a good drama. I watched it from laughing to crying. I am very touched by this story. Although he (kim joo won) was always proud with his wealth and properties, but he still going to do anything for gil ra im. I give thumbs up for this drama.
    And I think I fallen in love with Hyun Bin. He has a baby face and cute. I also really like when he smiled.

  1069. 1069 : veronica :) Says:

    i really love this drama… it makes me laugh, cry, happy and everything… this drama is one of the best! love hyun bin and ha ji won… 🙂

  1070. 1070 : ViKa Says:

    i really really love this drama. OMG i’ve seen it for several times… i’m gonna miss KJW&GRI couple….

  1071. 1071 : caeley Says:

    the BEST korean romantic comedy series.

  1072. 1072 : lyta_16 Says:

    secret garden is nice story,,,,
    i really love this drama anymore….:)

  1073. 1073 : jewel Says:


    maybe you watched it with chinese audio? i watched all of them and they have the same language. absolutely.

  1074. 1074 : Khraze_nix Says:

    I really love this drama,.the best drama I’ve ever seen,..It’s so “nakakakilig”,..Gil Ra im and Kim Joo Woon the best couple..

  1075. 1075 : 4minute_fan Says:

    This drama makes me laugh out loud,..I really really love this drama. Nice ending!!!..

  1076. 1076 : yellie_98 Says:

    i only watched this drama because of big bang’s parody of this drama… I didn’t expect that this drama will be very interesting…. i really love hyun bin and ha ji won in this drama… their acting skills are very amazing… the other actors as well in this drama… i may say that Secret Garden is a drama that makes me go crazy…. at one time you may be laughing but later on you will find yourself crying… i’m quite pleased that GMA7 will be airing this drama but i hope they don’t change their names… i think its better that way… BTW this drama is really a good drama so to those who didn’t watch it yet I definitely recommend this to you… i promise this drama will not let you in the verge of stopping this but instead wanting to watch this drama over and over again…. Secret Garden Fighting!!! Jjang!!!

  1077. 1077 : fannie Says:

    i love secret garden.both lead actor and actress gave their best in portraying their characters. its true that watching it, will make you laugh and cry. i love the scene when they first exchange identity, wherein hyun bin was teaching the girl how to wear a bra. ha ha.so funny.

  1078. 1078 : ingrid yoe Says:

    I like it so much ^^

  1079. 1079 : Rea Says:

    I love this drama sooo muchhh.. the best Korean drama I’ve watched so far.. So touching and sweetttt.. especially when Joo Won brings Ra Im who is in a comma to exchange their souls so that Ra Im will be alive.. Best K-Drama ever!! You won’t regret watching this drama.. Very recommended.. 🙂

  1080. 1080 : siwonc Says:

    I LOVE YOU HYUN BIN!!!!!!! YOU are the best!!!!!

  1081. 1081 : rona Says:

    I haven’t seen the drama yet, but based on the comments im kinda excited watching it…waaahhh:)love it..

  1082. 1082 : bedjo Says:

    Best Kdrama so far!!!!!!

  1083. 1083 : daniellee Says:

    secret garden? what have u done? U amazing drama!!!!! WHY!!!!

  1084. 1084 : sweetsmile Says:

    I enjoy this drama its a great drama, from start to finish was great.
    I give 5 STARS to writer, director, and cast good job

  1085. 1085 : wishHEART Says:

    this is the best love story ever! 2nd to little mermaid. 🙂

    i had so much sleepless nights.. but its really worth it! i love secret garden

  1086. 1086 : love kim joo won Says:

    ottowwkkeehhh!! drama ne best betul… ne bru laaaa… aku rasa antra2 drama2 korea aku tgk setakat nea.. drama nea wat sjarah la dlam hdup ku.. yg mna aku tegila2 ngan lagu2 ost dorang.., yg wat aku ktawa pai pecah perut.., ngan mnangis pai aku x dpat nak kwal perasaan and.. aku harap ada husband yang cam si j0o woon… arrrrrhhhh~~~~ , sweet gla 0whhh… chukayehmidda kpda drama nea..kerana bagi aku nea la drama terbaik… TWO TUMBS UP!!! saranghae oppa…

  1087. 1087 : KDaddict Says:

    I miss Kim Joo Won! Last time I saw him was Jan 17. I think of him as having entered MS!
    I miss Hyun Bin too, but when you miss HB you can watch his other dramas and his new CF for Laneige, which is super-fantastic. When you miss Joo Won, there is little cure for it! I’ve watched SG 7 times already.

  1088. 1088 : SECRET GARDEN on GMA Network Philippines This Coming April 2011 Says:

    cant wait.

  1089. 1089 : jake Says:

    SECRET GARDEN on GMA Network Philippines This Coming April 2011

  1090. 1090 : jhesica Says:

    I SO LOVE THIS MOVIE.. so much…
    i wish there will be part two..
    miss this

  1091. 1091 : Rose Angel Says:

    The Best Korean Drama Ever, I promise you’ll love this when u started to watch the drama, all of the character have done their part to produce a good drama, impressive casting and amazing story plot. I love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won,,, ever…

  1092. 1092 : irizjoi Says:

    im so excited to watch this tv series.. 😀

  1093. 1093 : AN Says:

    really2xxxxxxxx love this drama..it is great when you see how lovely, caring and romantic hyun bin and ha ji won even after they have children..i think all the romatic scenes ini this drama is the best scenes i ever seen in korean drama..even a simple scene but hyun bin successful put “the feeling” of romance in the scene..such as, when he came to see ha ji won and check out her injury…OMG!!!hyun bin is really great…so romantic to do that..both of them really great..esp hyun bin!…Secret Garden is SUPER Great korean drama…fighting….:)

  1094. 1094 : veronica :) Says:

    this drama is super duper worth watching… every second you spend with it is worth it… ohhh my GOSH!!! i’m so totally in love with this drama… i fell in love with story, OST, and of course with the beloved characters… OMG!!! this drama is not only good but EXCELLENT… woah!!! 😀

  1095. 1095 : bun-bun Says:

    BEST BEST BEST korean drama EVER!!!!! Handsome actor, beautiful actress, funny romantic story, best kiss, great chemistry, all in 1!!! Love hyun bin n ha ji won!!! Hope they’ll collaborate together again someday…..;) or they’ll be real couple soon…hahahahaaa…

  1096. 1096 : princess_ahzee22 Says:

    this is a story which is a perfect example of “meant-to-be” couple…
    they are really meant for each other from the beginning until the end..
    this story is really LOVELY.. I love it! <3 🙂

  1097. 1097 : juju Says:

    i watched tiz drama coz of my brother’s suggestion…it’s really amazing drama ever…the most romantic drama korean i’ve ever seen….wat can i say…4 thumbs up 4 secret garden!!! ^^ fighting!!!

  1098. 1098 : Greselle Mae Says:

    THIS KOREAN DRAMA WAS absolutely amazing!!! the story in the first place was so interesting that it catch my attention….. hyun bin here has so nice character…. i love kim joo won so much….. totally “kaka.inlove”…. i watch this drama so many times …… because this is really worth watching…. best drama ive ever watched…..
    …. secret garden addict ^_^

  1099. 1099 : J Raineri Says:

    what amzing romantic korean drama i’ve ever seen, no regret to watch it from midnight til almost morning. truly love kim joo won & gil ra im, both are cool, many many thumbs up for the stars, screenwriter & director, kamsa hamida.

  1100. 1100 : tenzin Says:

    i really like the whole drama.

  1101. 1101 : lucille Says:

    I’m from the philippines and im quite fond of watching kdrama…
    i havent seen giant/donyi/the president(but ill try to see these), though ive seen baker king and secret garden…
    call me biased but ive never seen a unique and heart warming series that will make you laugh, cry, and get addicted to the characters… so im all in for SECRET GARDEN (from hajiwon/hyunbin to supports, director, production, and writer)…
    the mere fact that people cant get over yet about the story and its character, is proof enough that the story, actors, and actions (which makes you smile throughout)are good enough to make it win and be memorable to all of us (may you be a critic, an anti, or a fan –because the bottom line is youve watched the series from beginning to end for you to be able to comment good or bad about this series).. 🙂

    LETS VOTE FOR SG for Baeksang award… fighting!!!

  1102. 1102 : mel_bernard Says:

    i also am from the phils and im glad that SG will be aired here soon after Baker King ends..i both love these two dramas and i cant tell which drama is better. for me, both SG and BK rock!

    i love BK’s compelling twists and turns while i enjoyed SG’s romantic flavor..both are great!!!

    good luck team SG. hope you find success here in our country. 😉

  1103. 1103 : amy Says:

    Go Secret Garden!!!
    love Secret Garden!!
    Love Ha Ji Won!!
    Love Hyun Bin!!

  1104. 1104 : little mermaid Says:

    Darn it! How could this movie so cuuuuute? Aww. It makes me laugh most of the time! Hahaha. Salute to all the people behind this big big series. I’m still watching episode 14. Aigoo. Cant wait!! :))

    Aja! Aja! Fighting!

  1105. 1105 : Wulandari Says:

    I Really love this drama. Love so much to ha ji won..
    Ha ji won is real artis

  1106. 1106 : antonnette gahjks Says:

    where can i watch secret garden(all episodes) .. what website ??????

  1107. 1107 : msmeilin_ph Says:

    @antonnette gahjks: you can watch it in dailymotion.com or you can also try the external links in mysoju.com/korean-drama 🙂

  1108. 1108 : msmeilin_ph Says:

    I really love SG <3!!! I got so addicted to the characters, to the actors and actresses who portray the roles and to the entire story as well. I love HYUN BIN! I love HA JI WON! They are match made in heaven :)) I am glad that it will be aired soon here in the Philippines 🙂 though I've already finished watching it.. i still want to watch it over and over and over again! I don't care when my brother teased me that i'm crazy watching kdrama or kfilms. but these are the things that makes me happy 🙂 more powers to SG team! fighting!!!

  1109. 1109 : shariii_83 Says:

    really really luv this drama….full of emotion.. funny, but also makes me cry…n the actor n actress is sooooo awesome.. uuuuuuhhh makes me wanna go to visit korea hihihihihi

  1110. 1110 : jayne Says:

    I love the story line, the characters, the stars…Hyun Bin, only with you I fell in love for 4 times, Ha Ji Won so believable with her sad eyes and sobbings, but the biggest entertainment is Oska character, Yoon Sang Hyun. OMG! I so love them, character and star. So ridiculous! He could be a pain in the ass, but somehow it was so clear that Oska was a good person. So, two thumbs up for YSH, a standing applause for HJW, and thousands of love for HB… I’m preparing myself to fall in love with you for 5th times… <3 <3 <3 😀

  1111. 1111 : Purple Says:

    Nice Drama Specialy Acting Kim Joo Won…….Fighting Hyun Bin

  1112. 1112 : girl Says:

    really enjoy waching this drama , love the musik…..HB…..great JOB

  1113. 1113 : sunny Says:

    Hyun Bin ….I like yours acting at secret garden and very like yours nice smile ….fighting

  1114. 1114 : Leava Says:

    I’m very addicted this drama. OMG, help me……….

  1115. 1115 : Melda Says:

    I have been watching this drama for the third time and still addicted with the storyline, actors/actresses, characters and etc.. Such a wonderful stories to watch from beginning till the end.. Fighting Secret Garden!!

  1116. 1116 : Melda Says:

    Secret Garden has nice songs (OST)..Especially hyun bin singing “That Man”. It comes out in the last few episode of SG as ending song…You are My spring is nice as well..

  1117. 1117 : USA-Mary Says:

    @jayne-1110. Ditto! My sentiments exactly! BRAVO SECRET GARDEN!!!

    P.S. I especially like Oska…my favorite agitated person by Joo Won! Next, the hilarious stunt auditions. I laughed so hard at some of the men during the tryouts, I could hardly take it anymore! Third, but not the last is when Joo Won was acting as an extra in a period drama fight scene. He began sticking one of the men on his own side (his love rival-the stunt director) with his sword to the point where the director stopped the scene! I laughed so hard until my side ached! I LOVE HYUN BIN OPPA!

  1118. 1118 : USA-Mary Says:

    Here’s a special ‘Thank You’ to everyone involved behind the scenes/camera for making Secret Garden such a wonderful drama for me to watch!

    Thank you once again screenwriter Kim Eun Sook for your brilliant mind and penned genius!

    Thank you to the lead actor/actress and other supporting character actors/actresses who deserve awards for the best acting ever!

  1119. 1119 : Amethyst Says:

    Ha Ji won and Hyun Bin is undeniably talented.. there is no reason to hate this drama.. its not easy actually to play this part as good as both of them..their chemistry is incredibly good..Chuka hei Ji won noona and Hyun bin Oppa…Both of you are Super Talented..This Drama is Super Amazing…The Character is super charming…My Congratulation is to all the crews,writer and the Director..thank you very much for this Amazing Drama..you Guys really rock it!~

  1120. 1120 : viesa Says:

    I watch SG over and over and over again to dose my longing of Binnie oppa

  1121. 1121 : SG 1000 Says:

    watching ep 6 again. love it

  1122. 1122 : K-Doramafans Says:

    I am soo happy with the ending!^^ everyone gets to have their miracle…it was sooo nice..^o^ There is really no dull moment from start till end and I love how they put drama in it…I cried a lot in ep 17-18…I thought my heart will be torn in the end but what I expect is wrong…the ending was far from what I have perceive it to be…so exceptional.. I was simple mesmerized by Joo Won and Ra Im..I can really feel their love for each other…^^ and I also love how Joo Won repeatedly say his chant “kim su-han-mu???…” just to get Ra Im out of her mind, its really cute…haha bravo for Han Ji Won and Hyun Bin! they did very great and also to the other actors two thumbs up!^o^

    I totally love this line– “..it’s not because I love you, it’s because I only love you, if it’s not you then I won’t have anyone else, you amazing woman!”
    –aww! hit me straight in the heart!<3

  1123. 1123 : haryani Says:

    Definitely worth watch drama!!! Every scene will surprise you when you least expect it… :))

  1124. 1124 : viesa Says:

    to all SG fans, please keep the comments alive until Binnie oppa comes back from the marine 😀

  1125. 1125 : mary Says:

    Love the story, love the actors and actress, love the soundtracks too. This such a superb and wonderful drama. Bravo!!!

  1126. 1126 : astheria Says:

    Definitely worth watching!!! Watched it 2 days straight…really worth not going anywhere on my weekend.. Love the plot of the story, unique, romantic, love the OST, love the actors/actresses…specially hyun bin, ha ji won n lee jong suk…

  1127. 1127 : bayliss Says:

    Three of my favorite artist (HJW, HB, and YSH) in A Good Drama,
    WOW…..I love it. They are very great!!

  1128. 1128 : LoeSea Says:

    very very entertaining!!!!!
    Love Hyun Bin so much moreeeeee.. though he looks so thin here… oh my God, he’s so talented, his acting while he became a woman is sooooooooo funny… two thumbs up for youuuu!!!!
    Love Ha Ji Won.. looks cute than berfore.. hihhi
    Love the drama so muccchhhh….
    thank you for a very good dramaaaa….

  1129. 1129 : i44 Says:

    HJW is so good acting very lovely but HB, very very thin. (ugly thin)

  1130. 1130 : Yani Pacomo Says:

    A feel-good koreanovela. A must seen movie. Fall in-love with the characters. Nice job Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin! Saranghamnida! Good Luck on your future movies. I hope to see your team up soon. 🙂

  1131. 1131 : marie Says:

    the drama is so good!!!! hyun bin i love u a lot!!!!they are very good together….so cute….the drama is so perfect

  1132. 1132 : Dewi Sitompoel Says:

    Really love this drama!! A fantastic couple!! You must watch this drama!! Recommed!! 😀

  1133. 1133 : Law of Attraction and a Baby | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  1134. 1134 : mahdieh Says:

    wo0o0o0ow,wonderful,perfect, I love this drama and I love Hyun Bin so much,his acting is really fantastic and I love this

  1135. 1135 : Anjulika Says:

    i never thought this drama would be that nice! t’was fantastic! job well done ha ji won and HYUN BIN oppa!!!!

  1136. 1136 : Ye` Yint Win Says:

    I am Ye`Yint Win live in MYANMAR country I like this movied very much
    Ha-ji-won is very cute i like you very long time ago but she hair style is very cute in this movied please ! Ha-ji-won try to stay this hair style I like you very much OK! and Hyun-bin you too try to stay this hair you are very
    looking good !
    I like you in this movied ” The Snow Queen ” K K
    ” Secret Garden” I like this movied very very much !
    I waiting for new movied including you Two Ok !
    Bye Bye …………………………………………………………….:D

  1137. 1137 : Kathleen Says:

    I lovve this drama! 🙂 Everything about it was just perfect… you never seem to be able to stop watching it! <3 Truly amazing! 🙂
    It made me laugh & cry at the same time… simply perfect!!! <3

  1138. 1138 : Secret Garden Korean Drama Says:

    […] Secret Garden is a koreanovela that will be showing soon at GMA 7.  The story is about Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin of Kim San Soon ),  an arrogant, womanizer CEO of a big shopping mall  having problems with  small spaces  because of a previous accident still unknown to him and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji Won)  a poor but humble stunt woman who is very beautiful inside and out.  It started with their accidental meeting when Joo Won mistakes Ra Im for an actress, this started the beginning of their tense but quietly intense relationship. To complicate things more farther, a strange events happen and they swap their bodies causing more difficult problems. The most touching episode for me is when Joo Won decided to give up his life for Ra Im, he switch their bodies for Ra Im to live.  It was very touching that i could not help but to cry so hard. […]

  1139. 1139 : irizjoi Says:

    this is my most favorite korean drama… haaha.. so love this drama :DD

  1140. 1140 : rona Says:

    yah..its a very nice drama. you will never know what will happen..i love it..pls do watch you will never be disappointed…

  1141. 1141 : rona Says:

    just asking- does Hyun Bin really sang 1 of the OST? i really love this story- OST- and the cast…

  1142. 1142 : melano Says:

    love this drama, cant wait for my dvd….well recommended…guys

  1143. 1143 : melano Says:

    i hope there’s a part 2 of this amazing romantic/ drama/ fantasy and comedy. same actor and actress. when hyun bin return from military…fighting

  1144. 1144 : liz Says:


  1145. 1145 : Abbie Says:

    seriously can’t get enough of this drama. WE WANT SECRET GARDEN 2. with Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won in it! love them 😀

  1146. 1146 : han mal Says:

    wow…this k-drama is so unique….its about romantic, comedy,sad, and lil bit horor, fantasy, magic….wow..nice mix…


  1147. 1147 : lucille Says:

    To all SeGa Fans & HJW/HB fans,

    lets meet, discuss, and share our love with HJW-HB couple and the great love story of secret garden to http://www.thedramascenes.wordpress.com

    we all love to hear from all of you, us fans of this wonderful series from all over the world… c u there 🙂

  1148. 1148 : gin4 Says:

    SECRET GARDEN the best

  1149. 1149 : lucille Says:

    Mga kabayan,

    SeGa will be showing on May 2 on GMA… So i am expecting that by the time SeGa will be shown on that network, the comments for this series will go up and hopefully will be the most talk series for this site and the phil (like what happened in korea) 🙂

    Some may have already seen SeGa, so come share ur love and craziness with us at http://www.thedramascenes.wordpress.com (its been 4 months since SeGa’s last aired, but im still crazy with this series hehehe).. hope to hear from u about our great love for HJW/HB drama 🙂 … Aja, fighting!

  1150. 1150 : lucille Says:

    Sorry the link was change…
    here it is http://thedramascenes.com/
    hope to meet you all there 🙂

  1151. 1151 : miniyubi Says:

    Best korean drama ever!!

  1152. 1152 : annie Says:

    Best drama ever!

  1153. 1153 : SG Says:

    Best Korean Drama I’ve ever seen. 😀

  1154. 1154 : ikaaa Says:

    kyaaaaaa two thumbs uppp!!!!

  1155. 1155 : Marisol Says:

    the best Korean Drama…Super!!!

  1156. 1156 : naden88 Says:

    hyun bin Oppa is the best..i love this drama, so in love with the characters
    after coffee prince this is the best..

  1157. 1157 : Lisa Says:

    BEST DRAMA….^^

  1158. 1158 : girl Says:

    yayayayaya best drama ……love u both….and i love the song too

  1159. 1159 : gretch Says:

    nomu nomu secret garden and to all cast…….. sarap ulit ulitin hahahaha sana ginandahan ng GMA 7 ang pagdubbed pala sayang ang super ganda pa naman ng koreanovela na eto. sana may part 2 pa hahahahah

  1160. 1160 : Melda Says:

    Thank You for sharing this website info to all of us. It is great to keep on updating hyun bin oppa news. Keep up the good work!

  1161. 1161 : Hilda Says:

    the house where kim joo won live is beautiful which are in kore

  1162. 1162 : utami Says:

    i love hyun bin.. i love kim joo won :*:*:*

  1163. 1163 : Deema Says:

    It is different than other dramas cos he was so honest with her till the end never lied to her … and he might be kind of nice to her but he was so natural not pretending to be nice … he’s also rational in love when he thought of his rank and social status before getting married to her and that was so real and close to the reality unlike other dramas when the hero leaves everything behind then go to his lover without deep thinking… that what i liked the most .
    Greetings from Arab world


  1164. 1164 : rita Says:

    Best Korean drama ever. Funny, unpredictable, truly romantic and brilliantly acted.

  1165. 1165 : eamz Says:

    i reli luv the flow of this drama..super nyc, kilig ang exciting…^,~

  1166. 1166 : Armanbetty Says:

    Best korean tv drama i have ever watched, i like the script, the lead actors and the OST of this drama. Ha ji won and hyun bin did a good portrayal of their roles, the supporting cast is good too. And the script writer is very good, your are brilliant.
    I think nothing will ever surpass the greatness of this drama, at least for me. all of the past K drama and the incoming one will be nothing compared to Secret Garden.

  1167. 1167 : emely jean ortiz Says:

    I’ve just finished watching it. Super nice from start to end. Keep up the good work guys!

  1168. 1168 : Yoph Says:

    Secret Garden is a REALLY GREAT korean drama !!
    funny, romantic, and a happy ending story ♥

    recommended korean drama! 🙂

  1169. 1169 : ajay Says:

    the best drama i’ve ever seen…..

  1170. 1170 : dina Says:

    one of the best….

  1171. 1171 : Poohs Says:

    what is the ending of this show? both died?

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    it’s the best!!!

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  1179. 1179 : nishilin Says:

    The best. Two thumbs up.

  1180. 1180 : EnoEnol Says:

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  1181. 1181 : grasia Says:

    love the acting of Hyun Bin… he gives his best before joining military service… the chemistry is so touching… love both of them Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won…

  1182. 1182 : jushaka Says:

    siguradong walananaman tong tulugan

  1183. 1183 : sel Says:

    Hyun bin is really funny in this drama. I really enjoy watching this. Love it.

  1184. 1184 : neeza Says:

    …this is my fave drama..! buti nmn at ipapalabas na toh sa philippines…i was waiting for it…i will never get tired watching this over and over again (for the third time, in filipino nah)..at last, i will be able to watch this again..

  1185. 1185 : jing2x Says:

    this is one of the best korean series that i’ve ever watched. i’m so inlove w/ their character. very nice series and and sooooo romantic! hope there’s part 2.. pls!

  1186. 1186 : helga Says:

    I’ll never get bored watching this drama for many times.
    I really liked

  1187. 1187 : famela Says:

    WOAAH. My summer was boring, but when I watched this.. IT’S MY FIRST TIME TO HAVE EYEBUGS. LOVE THIS SSOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! i can’t even sleep becuase of their sweet moments! 🙂 L-O-V-E!

  1188. 1188 : sansan Says:

    really love this drama..
    i love d best couple, Kim Joo Won & Gil Ra Im..true love forever…

  1189. 1189 : mona Says:

    omigod, this drama is awesome….full of laugh, smile and cry… i love all the casts 🙂

  1190. 1190 : Alyssa Says:

    This is soooo funny… the word boring is never to be found in the entire episode.

  1191. 1191 : maria Says:

    I planned to watch the movie 1 episode per day …but when i saw episode 1,,i just cant wait to see the next episodes..i started watching 9 a.m but i havent notice the time pass by i ended up finishing the last episode 11 a.m the next day…with no sleep at all!!…

    Thismovie is the best ever!

  1192. 1192 : Dr Cuckoo Says:

    The first few episodes progress very fast and spread seeds of love here and there. Characters of the leading roles are promptly carved with multiple dimensions of strength and weakness, good and evil, content and desire; then blending into the story line with an amazing mix of real life and fairytale elements to produce romancing moments which will easily fill your heart with love and tears. Prepare to appreciate “love at first sight” and “tenderness under cover” for submerging yourself in numerous absorbing scenes until love and tears inside you find their way out to reality.

  1193. 1193 : erika Says:

    my sister told me to watch this.it was fun watching this ‘coz the subtitle of my sister’s dvd was a disaster but watching the characters i felt each words and emotions even if i barely understand. i even searched some of korean words just to understand it. still i really loved it.. this is so great!!!

  1194. 1194 : analyn Says:


  1195. 1195 : analyn Says:


  1196. 1196 : tammy Says:

    i personally think that yoon seul’s facial expression when she heard oska was playing her song is priceless. It’s just sooo romantic of him to do such a thing for the woman he loves

  1197. 1197 : Jin Says:

    very nice korean drama… hope ha ji won and hyun bin will create another drama…

  1198. 1198 : harry Says:

    i like this drama…. but i think endless love still the best with simple love story..this drama has rating in the paek sesion still under “Endless love( old Korean drama)”.Enldess love have rating 46.1% with average 38.6%…while this drama only 31.4%…

    i suggest every body to watch ” endless Love ” believe me this drama very touch and sad..this drama have been adopted by some country like indnesian, philipino, China, etc… and become the top rating sale drama until now( just oipen in Amazone)…..

  1199. 1199 : amy Says:

    LOve Ha Ji Won

  1200. 1200 : mikko012 Says:

    love watching “Secret Garden”

    i’ll watch it again next year :p

  1201. 1201 : wa2n Says:

    just for you information:
    rating for korean drama:
    1. Endless love ( peak : 46.1% , average: 38.6%)
    2. Fullhouse ( peak: 42.2%, average : 31.9%)
    3. east of Eden ( peak : 32.3% , average: 24.8% )
    4. Secreat garden ( Peak : 31.4%)

    so all in all., endless love still the best korean drama

    source: wikipedia

  1202. 1202 : The Law Of Attraction – Having Is About Being | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

    […] » Secret Garden » Korean Drama […]

  1203. 1203 : secret garden lover Says:

    4 thumbs up for this dramaa…. really2 good… especially hyun bin oppa….^^

  1204. 1204 : rayner retro Says:

    OH MY GOD…..the best drama 2010……ottoge…..omo…omo…..
    hyun bin oppa n Gil RaIm shi…the best…..wau the second bset drama after my girlfriend is gumiho,,,,,looking forward for new drama….love a lot this drama…..

  1205. 1205 : manatee Says:

    I love you, Oska!!

  1206. 1206 : startulle Says:

    omg……i still miss this drama!

  1207. 1207 : mike Says:

    i already watch this drama..this is good and funny drama…. and this drama included in my top 5 korean drama … ( Endless love (1), fullhouse (2), east of eden (3), my princes (4), Secreat garden (5))

  1208. 1208 : Law of Attraction – Use it Wisely, Your Wishes Might Just Come True! | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

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  1210. 1210 : zac Says:

    I really love this drama, the best!! hope to see HYUN BIN and HA JI WON together again in another korean drama. Funny and lovable character of hyun bin, very unique story. I LOVE YOU HYUN BIN!!!

  1211. 1211 : -anna- Says:

    beautiful casts, great and amazing story, and very nice soundtrack. good combination for memorable and unforgettable drama…
    aaahh… Secret Garden absolutely will be one of my fave K-drama ever beside Full House and Dae jang Geum.. thanks to wonderful acting from Hyun bin and Ha Ji-won..!!

  1212. 1212 : lhenn Says:

    i really love this drama(secret garden)!!!!!!!!! i cant wait seeing ha ji won and hyun bin making another one of a kind love story.they really good.they make me laugh also make me cry so much,really i cant forget this drama….love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1213. 1213 : bevs Says:

    kamukha ko kze ung girl kaya mas kinikilig ako sa lovestory nila….iloveit!!!!!!! misszzzzzhhh na kita mr.clap;>

  1214. 1214 : bevs Says:

    nakakakilig tlga siya as in to the highest level…..feeling ko ako ung girl kze magkamuha daw kami..at ung guy naman si Mr. clap naksss tlaga iloveit!!!!!!

  1215. 1215 : riyan Says:

    nice korean drama…..i think this is one of my best korean drama after Endless love and My Princess……i suggest every body to watch” my Princes”

  1216. 1216 : Joycegirl Says:

    Really love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They really did their best for this drama…
    How could they act like that?!?! Very great!!!!!!!!
    I’ll miss this drama

  1217. 1217 : rona Says:

    hi ms. lucille! can i hav your contact #? im an avid fan of korean series….

  1218. 1218 : fara Says:

    i am sure that secret garden is the best drama that i have ever seen.secret garden makes me crazy and it had a lot of beautiful and awesome dialogues that make me feel happy or sad because of the realitis that they show and discuss
    i suggest this drama for the beautiful time that it gives to me

  1219. 1219 : avaya Says:

    The best of the best! A masterpiece! Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, you leave me breathless! Can I request for a part two? You two look so good together. I feel so inloved when I watched your series. I love you both!!!! Avy here from the Philippines 🙂

  1220. 1220 : lou8 Says:

    the best ending its very unique

  1221. 1221 : Eve Says:

    The best of all drama I’ve ever seen!! The story, dialogues, romantics scene, love it so much!!! (>.

  1222. 1222 : lily2petite Says:

    this one is amazing!!! now this is what i call “korean drama”!!

  1223. 1223 : secret garden lover, jaymi Says:

    Hyun Bin oppa is so cute.I have watched him in MY NAME IS KIM SAMSOON.
    I am really hoping for a part 2. Even if I have already watched Secret Garden ,I am also watching on the television late t night. Most of my family and friends love this drama. i really really love this drama. Saranghae Hyun Bin.

  1224. 1224 : song hye bin Says:

    wow ….your drama secret garden is so beautiful
    i like it from the beganing and your acting was so cool and good
    opa fighting on what you d

  1225. 1225 : Law of Attraction – Leave Your Baggage at the Door | Law of Attraction and The Secret.. Says:

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  1226. 1226 : kimchilee Says:

    this drama is awesome.. underrated and hope more and more viewers will watch this funny, sad but happy drama .. Hyun Bin.. the great actor..but you are too skinny.. you look better in “Worlds Within”.. not so haggard.. hope when you are out of the army, you will not look like when you were in Secret Garden!

    take care Hyun Bin..! miss you!

  1227. 1227 : kimchilee Says:

    Wa2n – if Endless Love is still the best, why is it not in the most commented list here?

  1228. 1228 : riyan Says:

    First of all, i agree with Kimchile and also i agree with Wa2n….
    Endlees love in the movie in year of 2000..of course lah only have few comment..it is alredy past 11 years broo and sista…..while secreat garden is the movie n 2010..just new…that’s why it become hot issue nowdays…..
    i believe that in 2000 -2002 endless love also become a hot issue/talk..not only in korea but also in Philipina, hongkong, China, taiwan, Japan, thailand, vietnam( just search in google)…

    so, far endless love still the highet rating viewers …..
    Secreat garden is still under endless love, fullhouse, and East of eden……just check it…..

    so all korean drama is the best….

  1229. 1229 : riyan Says:

    oh i forget something….

    i suggest every body here also watch ” My Princess” this good drama..
    i believe you can enjoy it……

  1230. 1230 : ginex Says:

    IT”S AN AMAZING KOREAN DRAMA………….korean dramas are the best!!!

  1231. 1231 : virginia agudo Says:

    this is one of the best korean drama i have seen… I laugh,cried and fell in love with these drama over and ovverr again… hehehe!

  1232. 1232 : riyan Says:

    i just finished watch this movie last week..i don’t know why i feel borring..yahhh..may be something wrong with me…it is different when i watch Autumn Tale ( Endless Love 1), Fullhouse, and My Princes……

    any suggestion for this???

  1233. 1233 : bunny Says:

    My princess???? If i can turn back the time..i’ll never buy my princess dvd&never watch it…wewwww….. They just pretty actress & handsome actor… But the story line… The acting… Hhmmm…. Totally boring…..

    Trust me…..SG is still the best korean drama eveeerr!! Endless love, Full house, & coffee prince is on the list too of course.. 😉

    Love Hyun bin & Ha ji won!!! Kyaaakkkkk!!!!

  1234. 1234 : riyan Says:

    @ bunny
    if it borring why so many comment for My princes if we compare to SC???? they have good comment…… My princes just start in 2011 while SC start in 2010., but why the comments for this movie is below my princes????
    btw i want to ask you..have you been fall in love with some body?? or do you have boy/girl friend??? if you have i said that My princes is best….
    i think you understand waht i mean…

  1235. 1235 : Francel Says:

    the best korean drama series i’ve ever watched.. i really loved the concept on of having those mix emotions.. to tell you the truth i really cried because of the fuzzy feeling i have during the time I was watching the sweat scenes in which kim joo won sacrifice his life for ra im.. that was a very romantic scene.. and although kim joo won use harsh word i still love it because i’ts just the only way how he shows his feelings to ra im! .. lots to say! congratz! it’s really great! i love it so much!!

  1236. 1236 : tri Says:

    from the bottem of my heart…

    I like this movie ( only some episode, 1,2,15-20), but not as much like other korean dramas ( Endless love (make me cry in every episode except episode 1 &2..when i finnished watch this movie i still cry until next three days,if i know like this i will never watch this movie, because make me crazyy and cry, fashion 70, Fullhouse, my princes ( oppa song seung hyung really cute and make me crazzy to watch this movie)..hahahhaa

    when i watch this movie i skipp many parts, especially if it is show about OSKA and his Girlfriends..OMG so borring….and episode 3-10(nonsense)
    how come they can switch their soul…it make it not real…..i like only parts of Hyung Bin and ha ji won…..when it is other parts i skipp it…i’m not interesting…….

    Hyung bin so cute…..

    i give three stars ( out of five) for this movie … good job hyun bin…oska and his girl friends soooooooo borrrrrrrrrrrrriiiinggg…

  1237. 1237 : bunny Says:

    Yes i’ve been falling in love… i’ve even married already. But still.. I think SG is better than My princess. Dont care how much comment in this site.. Its not about quantity but quality.
    So..u can go with my princess.. I go with SG..

    The end.


  1238. 1238 : LOLZ Says:

    @riyan bahahah you made me laugh. seriously? MY PRINCESS? you can’t compare Secret Garden with my princess. the cast, the storyline, the ost, the ratings, SECRET GARDEN own it! and you asked why so many comments for My princess compared to SG??? hahaha i bet you only know this site as your reference for korean dramas. wake up, SECRET GARDEN >>>>> my princess in any way. go delude yourself.


  1239. 1239 : tri Says:

    @ Loz, Bunny, & riyan

    Please this is forum for dissusion not for fight yahhh…if you want to fight go to the football court……..

    please lah be mature.. all of you are like a child…..

    please respect each other…..

    I like both of them….. the most i like is “Autumn Tale ( Endless Love) no matter what you said…….because of endless love i like other korean drama….THIS DRAMA MAKE ME CRY DURING ONE WEEK AFTER I WATCH….VERY TOUCH & SAD

    high rating doesn’t mean bad movie yahhh……if YOU SAID LIKE THAT MANY KOREAN MOVIE HAVE RATING HIGHER THAN SECRET GARDEN…

    when i watch SECREAT GARDEN movie i skipp many parts, especially if it is show about OSKA and his Girlfriends..OMG so borring….and episode 3-10(nonsense)
    how come they can switch their soul…it make it not real…..i only LIKE parts of Hyung Bin and ha ji won…..when it is other parts i skipp it…i’m not interesting…….

    Hyung bin so cute…..

    i give three stars ( out of five) for this movie … good job hyun bin…oska and his girl friends soooooooo borrrrrrrrrrrrriiiinggg

  1240. 1240 : sel Says:

    I reallly love this drama! I like Hyun bin’s acting in this drama.

  1241. 1241 : Ciiiks Says:

    BEST KOREAN DRAMA EVER!!!!! love the chemistry between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. such a perfect couple…..

  1242. 1242 : Jess Says:

    awesome drama and awesome cast. really worth watching. IF YOU HAVEN’T, GO WATCH IT PEEPS! 😀

  1243. 1243 : Danica Says:

    I love Secret Garden and I love watching it over and over again. The story is fictional yet cute and wonderful. Hyun Bin is really amazing and unforgettable

  1244. 1244 : smarteez Says:

    i’m just watch this drama not long time ago..totally amazing.
    love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won acting..they look cute together

  1245. 1245 : roza Says:

    i really like the drama…
    hyun bin u are really cute with heart touching smile….
    your acting made me cry hard…love ya……………

  1246. 1246 : riza Says:

    I’ve never watched any drama in my life as good as this! this series really surpasses my expectations. seriously!!!

  1247. 1247 : kei_chariz Says:

    secret garden the best!! hyun bin.. i love you!!

  1248. 1248 : mahdieh Says:

    It was woderful,I love this drama and I love hyun bin

  1249. 1249 : dollygirl Says:

    Secret Garden is a nice series drama. Specially on the part of swapping bodies.. Its so very funny….. its makes me giggle… particularly on the acting of hyun bin… he is a good actor… a versatile… in part of ha ji won …. i like her most action scene….well done both of you wish to have more project to comes…. Gb….

  1250. 1250 : Kiko Says:

    Definitely worth watching..surely 1 of my favorite K-dramas of all times..the soundtrack through out the drama is outstanding..the cast is perfect..live-on K-drama..(^^)

  1251. 1251 : ladyvenice Says:

    hyun bin,try to visit in philippines…many pinay fans want to see you and also ha ji won

  1252. 1252 : kangaroofat Says:

    I love Hyun Bin!!!! He is so skinny in this drama.

  1253. 1253 : pipen Says:

    Ito na yata ang pinaka magandang korean tv drama na napanuod ko.Mahusay sina HJW at HB,maganda ang kwento at ang mga kantang ginamit.

    The best korean tv series i’ve ever seen, there is action, comedy, drama, fantasy and love story that was shown in Secret Garden. And i believe there’s no other K drama like this before, that’s why SG stands out among the other korean drama. I really love it…

  1254. 1254 : sarah Says:

    this is the best drama i ever watch…..all cast is excellent specially hyun bin,his really very good……love it.

  1255. 1255 : diyanaaliaa Says:

    I just finished watching Secret Garden a few minutes ago. Personally, I think Secret Garden is the best kdrama I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Seriously. I’m going to repeat all over again hehe

  1256. 1256 : tri Says:

    @ Diyan & Sarah
    are you sure?????? are you not felling borring when they switch their soul and when it is part of OSKA and His Girl friends???
    honestly i fell borring when i watch episode (3-10) ….not only my opinion ..but some of my firends also said like that…they also skipp episode 3-10 and oska and his girl friends….
    i like only part hyun bin and Ha ji won…..

    You have to watch fashion 70’s, Full house, & Autmn Tale ( endless love 1)..i think those drama better than SG…
    when i watch those drama i never skipp every single episode even one minutes or one second….those three dramas I THINK THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA FOR EVER……

    believe me….i suggest you to watch those drama….

    fashion 70’s and Autmn Tale the most Recomended

  1257. 1257 : tri Says:

    My opinion:
    the cutest drama: My princes….Mr.P so cuteeee….i ilke the way you cry…you have beautiful eyes…i ilke your smile…..so cool….

    Saddest and very touch: fashion 70’s &Autumn tale —–> Song hye gyo (En shu), won bin, ( song seun hyun)Jo0n shu… i really like your acting….i become your fan forever….in this movie song hye gyo and won Bin really greattttt……i hope you will become a couple…..

    Romance,comedy, and sad: Full house……—-> again song hye gyo you great actriss….i become your fan….

    I MISS SONG HYE GYO, SONG SEUNG HYUN, Won BIN…i hope they play in other drama…..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..korean movie producers…..

    in order:
    1. Autmn tale ( SAD, TOUCH, OST, STORY LINE, HIGH RATING viewers 46.8 % with average 38.6%, become Top rank IN china, hongkog, Egypt, Thailand, kamboja, Vietnam, japan, taiwan–> you own it),
    this movie havee been adopted by some country and recyle…..
    this drama make korean movie go to international

    i think CAN’T COMPARE with SG…..very farr behind Endless LOVE….

    2. My Princes —-> mr. P so cuteeeeeeeeee..

    3. Full house ( also high rating 42.6% and average 31%) CAN’T compare too with SG….become TOP in Philiphine until NOW with rating above 50% in Philiphine..this is become a history for TV in Philipnhine….

    Can’t compare too eith SG..far behind Fullhouse…..

  1258. 1258 : karla kulit Says:

    one of the best korean drama i have ever watched!! 😀

  1259. 1259 : SGFAN Says:

    i really really love secret garden !! ha ji won and hyun bin !! best couple !!
    I hope they are real couple in real life Hyun-bin good luck in marines!! and Ha Ji Won goodluck on ur movie sector 7 kyaa!!

  1260. 1260 : AziL Says:

    Honestly, I’m not that hooked into KDramas before. But I do love their movies. The only KDrama that I’ve watch completely is Full House. It’s just that I’m a little irritated that I have to read subtitles all throughout the series. That was before I watch SG.. 🙂

    The story of Secret Garden really caught me that I actually took a leave at work just to finish it. It made me laugh and definitely made me cry a lot! 🙂 Because of SG, I’m going to buy a Korean Dictionary and learn their language as soon as possible. haha..

    I may download more KDramas and movies from now on but I think Secret Garden will always be my favorite. Congrats to the writers, producers, actresses and all the staffs of this series. You really did a great job! 🙂

  1261. 1261 : Francis Dae Pelayo Says:

    I really like this Korean drama because it has full of lesson and I even carried away when they cry and laugh

    By this Korean drama you will know how to sacrifice for your love ones and if you love someone don’t give up do all your best so she/he can love you too….!!!!!

    Thank you very much Hyeon Bin(Kim Joo Won) and Ha Ji Won(Gil Ra Im)for make us realize that even how many problems and trials we have, we can solve it thank you very much…!!!

    I really Hope and hope and wishing that i’m going to meet you both in personal.

    GoodLuck and God Bless!!!

    I hope you would come at Pampanga, Philippines…!!!



  1262. 1262 : Francis Dae Pelayo Says:


  1263. 1263 : birkenstock Sandals Says:

    K drama like this before, that’s why SG stands out among the other korean drama. I really love it…

  1264. 1264 : sandy Says:

    Great drama, but there are some parts are borring ( episode 3 – 9)….

    the most i like is only parts of Hyun bin and ha ji won…..i skip parts Oska and his GF…. i think borring……

    Hyub Bin good job…..

    this is included in my top 7 korean drama after Autmn tale( edlesss love 1), Fullhouse, coffie prince, Princes hours, fashion 70’s, my princes—–> in order….

    @ all

    i suggest you to wach FASHION 70’s i just finished watch it last week after i watch secret garden……
    this movie are very different with other movie…this movie is only talk about romance, melodrama but also talk about korean war…..very different…very touch….story line is good…..and its like real…..

    this movie make me to think until now….how come they can make movie like this….OMG..combination between history, melodrama, and romance…….greatttt…..but why only few of comment for this movie….



  1265. 1265 : sandy Says:

    * is not talk..wrong typing

  1266. 1266 : emmmzzzky Says:

    like never before K Drama.. i had alot of fan watching.. i love hyu bin..

  1267. 1267 : May Says:

    B O R R I N G……….. i only watch until episode 3….and then i’m not gonna watch it until finished..just wasting my time…..so many people said that this movie is good, great, blah,blah,blah…. when i watch it i like first two episode….when in third episode…very ..very borring….how come they can switch their body/ soul…it is like not real….i think there is no situation like that in the world….it is like unreal…….it is like cartoon….

    not worth to watch….better i watch Autmn tale, CofFie Prince, princes hours, Fullhouse…….

    btw i bougth the DVD for this movie…any one here want it???? because i’m not gonna watch it…..give me your address i’m going to send to yur home….just wasting my money to buy…..

  1268. 1268 : xiadfreaky Says:

    just finished watching this drama. i totally loved it! hyun bin nailed the character and ha ji won did very good too. i must agree that there were a few ‘inconsistencies’ in the story but overall it rocked my world! i overlooked whatever imperfections because i really fell in love. it’s another top kdrama on my list. PERFECT!

  1269. 1269 : Brigitte_quatre Says:

    i really loves the character of Kim Joo Won(Owen in Philippines version) his character is very sweet and lovable. i think i in-love with him. is there possibilities to have a second series? go go go,, im hanging its too short haha buts its very beautiful story of a ric a boy who fell in love with a simple girl and he owes his life.
    can you please visit us in Philippines because many people loves you and admired you most. and also Ms. Ha Ji Won(memories of bali) :-0

  1270. 1270 : Patricia Says:

    This drama is great!. The plot is good and most important thing: IT IS SO FUNNY!! All the actors play their role real well – there is no doubt. Hyun bin and Ha Ji Won were so natural.

    I would like to add another comment for a new actress Yoo In Na. She is so cute and sweet. She has room for growth to stardom. I think all the directors should start grooming her ;p

  1271. 1271 : jeraline Says:

    .. i love the story and the cast also!!! i can’t stop laughing!!! ahahahahahah!!!! 🙂 THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  1272. 1272 : lovely Says:

    Secret gaeden is really great!!ang ganda tlaga,,,nandito n lhat,,..
    its worth watching for♥♥♥

    May,,akin n lng yung dvd m,,haha
    andito lng baq s aklan,,hehe

  1273. 1273 : lovely Says:

    sori….garden pala….minurder k ah..haha..

  1274. 1274 : lovely Says:

    hyun bin and hai ji won is really a perfect couple…kakakilig♥♥♥

  1275. 1275 : camellover101 Says:

    I don’t find the girl Gil Ra Im very pretty, but she’s totally a great actor for this movie, I love Kim Jon Woo lol and those weird track suits he wears lol his arrogance is sooo funny….this is like a super great drama they have such good chemistry!Ha and it makes me laugh a lot!

  1276. 1276 : pipen Says:


    Ha ji won is way beyond pretty… she’s amazing woman

  1277. 1277 : thessaestuesta Says:

    nice one!!!!!

  1278. 1278 : donkey Says:

    love it

  1279. 1279 : nikki ^_^ Says:

    ang ganda !!! pinaiyak mo ko hyuh bin !!!!! nice shot oska !! hehe mwah mwah !!

  1280. 1280 : Nona Grace Says:

    Super like. Nakakadik, nakakaobsess ang story. Hehe

  1281. 1281 : momomiko10 Says:

    i would definitely recommend this drama to any people who ask me which kdrama that worth watch. because this drama is full of love.

  1282. 1282 : nonatari Says:

    i just finished the final episode

    this is one of my favorite drama after Full House

    Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won can act so natural and chemistry

    Kim Joo Won: you are so unique,,you can make me laugh out loud when i saw your annoying character,,you also can make me agree with your realistic when i saw your arrogance character,,especially when you talk with your mother

    Gil Ra Im: you are so inspiring,,you are a taft girl,,you still keep loving Joo Won even he lost his memories,,you still respect to your mother in-law even she doesn’t like you

    but i don’t like when Joo Won talk to his son,,especially when his son want to sleep with Ra Im

    congrats to all crew & cast,,all of you can revive the story,,especially Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won as lead actor & actress

    i like the act of Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won when they are switch their bodies
    Ha Ji Won can act so good when she act as Kim Joo Won & also
    Hyun Bin can act so good when he act as Gil Ra Im

    i hope Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won can re-act together in another story

  1283. 1283 : secretgarden Says:

    i love secret garden

  1284. 1284 : blood43 Says:

    waaahhh my friends keep on telling me that gumiho is so good but they didnt know secret garden is the best.. totally number 1 fan!! whooo… i really love gil ra im so nice!! waaa so cute too.. and it was 52 page of these nice!!ilove you.. saranghae and mahal kita!hope to vist us in the phil. thanks!!

  1285. 1285 : b Says:

    This is also one of a good korean drama…..you better watch this……wapak

  1286. 1286 : iris Says:

    nakaka loka~~~~
    im totally crazy about this drama.. especially when i finished it … the ending was great btw…
    after that i think i was charmed by hyun bin ..because almost every day i search for him on the net and when i think about hin i smile…..
    i really miss his acting… i hope he get load of upcoming projects and i hope that he will take a very good project likeSECRET GARDEN ..

  1287. 1287 : Hoi hoi bepu Says:

    I still can’t get over with the story. I finished the series last thursday and i swear, this is the most beautiful, artistically produced soaps that i’ve ever seen. Very unpredictable ending. I cried a lot and even cried more at its climax. Credits to the writer of the story, to its directors and cast. Imagine how i recommend this kdrama to my friends. I wanted to tell the whole story to them myself but i prefer not to. Its worth the patience though. They all agree, this is the best for them as well. I wonder how they’re gonna beat this. My second best is my gf is a gumiho.

  1288. 1288 : ayel16 Says:

    .. ha ji won your so pretty !!!
    amazing talent .. what i love most is she being a stunt woman ..
    .. we call it here in the philippines “ASTIG”..
    .. WOW .. i’ll keep on watching .. the story was beautiful .. every episode is worth waiting ..

    I LOVE HA JI WON !!!

  1289. 1289 : momomiko10 Says:

    absolutely agree with all of the comment below.
    1. the ending is unpredictable
    2. every episode is worth waiting
    3. I wanted to tell the whole story to my friend
    4. i was charmed by hyun bin
    5. i like the act of Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won when they are switch their bodies

    ahhh~ i just love this drama.

  1290. 1290 : NinaChristina Says:

    I was able to finish this drama for about 4 weeks ago, and still i can’t get over with this one! i kept on watching it again and again, particularly the whole episode 18. i must admit this is the first drama that made me cried so hard that i can feel my tummy shrinking. i was so excited to share this to my friend but i’m afraid they might lost the interest. two thumbs up for sega!!

  1291. 1291 : mheanne Says:

    oh my!!!! this kdrama is very very awesome…..
    i love to watch it everyday(nonstop)… i would probably say that i’m really addict with kdrama…. this series of kdrama(secret garden) definitely made me 100% “kiliig”…. this series made me laugh, and etc…….
    but oopss….. to you my lovely hyun bin… hope to see you here in Philippines (pls. with Song Hye Kyo) hehehe….. love ya and more blessings to come

  1292. 1292 : dollie Says:

    i know i will never get over with this drama! my goodness! one of my favorite. i will rate this with 10 out of 10.

  1293. 1293 : kashii-o5 says", Says:

    soooobra gravehh nakakalerki…….i love u owen kim…..4 jeimi nkaka amaze k gurlll…..”,,,,05..

  1294. 1294 : kashii-o5 says", Says:

    gravehhhhh… iba ang kilig factor ni papa owen nd jeimi…hooooooo i love u… papa owen…

  1295. 1295 : SSHfan Says:

    I read few comment here ….about recomended to watch ” endless love” and i try to find the DVD and i bought it and i watch it…..
    When i watch Secret garden i think this is the best movie beside My Princes..
    but when i watch Endless Love..OHHH MY GODDD…this Movie gonna kill me…..seriously i never watch movie like endless love beforee..this movie more than i can’t immagine..very..very touchhh, sad….until now i still thinkinng about this this movie…..even i hear ost songs my tears are fall down…..i change my opinion..i think Endless love is the best movie forever…..


    OH MY GODDDD…love Endless Love so muchhhhhh……

  1296. 1296 : Zah Says:

    very nice love story.. i love it.. 🙂
    it was awesome i like the characters and
    the love story between hai ji won and hyun bin..

  1297. 1297 : jay jay Says:

    nakakakilig!!! the best word that i can say in this korean drama,kakaiba sa ibang k- drama.i already love hyun bin and ha ji won because of this drama…

  1298. 1298 : sikha gauchan Says:

    like da love u have been showing throught this drama………….

  1299. 1299 : diana Says:

    this is the first drama series that i want to watch it again and again.I finished the whole episode 5 weeks ago…still, i want to buy a cd of secret garden…Very rare story…i like the couple, ha ji won and hyun bin…

  1300. 1300 : bugnutin Says:

    Why do some of people here suggesting other K drama? this is a Secret Garden
    appreciation thread. If you dont like SG then don’t be, go post to your favorite drama thread not here.

  1301. 1301 : vern Says:

    i love secret garden, hyun bin and ha ji won are perfect match.hope they two will do another project.

  1302. 1302 : Dana Says:

    . iyyyyy

  1303. 1303 : Dana Says:

    iyyyy . . I really really love secret garden . . Speacially Hyun bin and Ha ji won

  1304. 1304 : weng Says:

    i really enjoyed watching that movie…. ha ji won and hyun bin look good together… they were very good in acting… i like the part where they are always arguing with each other…. it looks like they are just… you know… a child… so cute and so amazing…

  1305. 1305 : eerisyaj Says:

    im so much in love with secret garden grabeee mas nakakakilig kesa full house.one of the best korean drama that i ever watch…i love hyun bin and ha ji won sooo much!!!

  1306. 1306 : eerisyaj Says:

    ito ang drama na hindi ko mapapalampas!!!

  1307. 1307 : neon subba Says:

    i like you Gil Ra Im

  1308. 1308 : mhel Says:

    im still hooked by this drama…and eventhough i already watch this for 3x i still want to watch this over and over again..:) even the song on it though its korean also known THAT MAN/WOMAN by Baek Ji Young i love it so much,im trying to memorize that..hope they can release vcd or dvd of it,,i really want to have copy of this..can anyone please tell me where can i buy?.thankz..sarangheu hyun bin and ha ji won..

  1309. 1309 : Bea harpst Says:


  1310. 1310 : Chrissy Says:

    really love this drama….♥♥♥

  1311. 1311 : danica Says:

    _+omg i’ am very happy to saw this drama this is the best for me ,it very funny and make me inlove again of ha ji won and hyun bin+_i always watch this drama even if had a storm and thunder+_ i don’t want to lose every episode of this+_

  1312. 1312 : danica Says:

    _+i really love this drama for me it is the best drama.i love Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin their perfect match…it makes me kilig and nakakainlove tlqa bawat scene so every episode i don’t want to missed+_

  1313. 1313 : munqte_ii Says:

    Oh my GOD!!! i am totally truly deeply in love with Secret Garden!!!! The Best Drama EVER!!! 🙂

  1314. 1314 : gracel Says:

    ..” ooo !ver this korean drama is very inspiring for me cause when i watch secret garden even im sad it give me kilig moment … so i think because of secret garden im crazy over !!!

    …. hahahaha =>

  1315. 1315 : rachelle Says:

    wow!!! i love ur movie….
    i am so happy everytime i watch
    because of the two of you….

  1316. 1316 : Cloud Says:

    I love Secret Garden. The plot is very good. This is something that you won’t get tired of watching over and over again. As always, there’s this fascination for modern day fairy tales. And this Korean drama says it all. To those who haven’t watched Secret Garden, you’re missing half of your life 🙂 Aja!

  1317. 1317 : abby Says:

    ganda ng secret garden nkakakilig sobra…ngmamadali aq umuwi pra lng mapanood eto..love it.

  1318. 1318 : abby Says:

    sobtang ganda ng secret garden..humihinto mundo q pg palabas n sya..sobrang nkakakilig.. love it so much.

  1319. 1319 : buttercup Says:

    Congrats Hyun Bin win actor of the year at Baeksang….n Kim Eun Suk best scripwriter (secret garden)…I’m disappointed HajiWon not win beat actress hiks hiks….

  1320. 1320 : Cheick Says:

    I’m wishing for part 2. I’m hoping for the miracle :))

  1321. 1321 : V3 Says:

    the greatest drama i’ve ever seen before…>.

  1322. 1322 : jeimy susan chipana herrera Says:

    me gusta todas las novelas que preparan y siempre sueño con conocer a alguien que me trate como en sus novelas con respeto mucho pero mucho amor y entrega

  1323. 1323 : Le-Nah Seo Says:

    It has been a long time since I cried hard because of a drama series..ㅠㅠ Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won did a great job in 시크릿 가든 / Secret Garden. I was hooked on this magical love story between an arrogant and eccentric CEO (Joo Won) and a poor and humble stuntwoman (Ra Im). I love the part where Joo Won drove off into the Storm of swapping souls to save Ra Im from dying ~this broke my heart into pieces! It seems so real that I couldn’t get over the pain as though I just lost someone important. ㅠㅠ

    The letter from Joo Won reads:

    Now I think that this magic spell we’re under is a gift from the gods. So, just like a person who’s received a surprise gift, smile with happiness. If you laugh with your heart, I’ll hear it. Because I’m a much more powerful person than you think. Shave my face nicely, and dress me in the clothes that I like. If we could be together even in that way… then that’s enough — let’s think of it as being together. That’s enough for us to consider ourselves as happy as other lovers. ~Joo Won

  1324. 1324 : cherry Says:

    oohhh.. i do love this one.. 😀
    hihi.. aja.
    i do hope both of them ( Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won) would come here in our country (Philippines) 🙂 hihi..
    i can’t wait for that..
    Kudos( job well done)

  1325. 1325 : cherry Says:

    i can’t stop downloading different pictures of them.. 🙂 hihi.

  1326. 1326 : Karen Says:

    I’m fascinated with the story ♥♥♥

  1327. 1327 : takuya Says:

    Yes!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! SECRET GARDEN WON for Baeksang award 2011….happy for this news…worth watching and if the DVD out, i’ll grab it as one of my best drama dvd collection 😉

  1328. 1328 : DrCuckoo Says:



    (Ku 2011年5月9日 香港)

  1329. 1329 : Mary Says:

    I just finished this drama i love love love hyu bin his cute, charming and funny 🙂 Great drama, I recommend. very funny, cute and romatic great charcters too! the only thing i dislike would probably be “Ra Im” hairstyle i wish she had longer hair, she looks a lot better with longer hair” LOL idk, why but the characters hairstyle are usually the ones i pay the most attention to.

  1330. 1330 : Jenica Says:

    Ooooooohh. I love the story soooo much! At first, I thought it would be just the same as the other Korean dramas that I’ve watched before, but I thought wrong. It was very unique, funny, sweet, eye-opener 🙂 and really romantic! Haha 😀 You did a great job! Congratulations! :)) Let’s get SWiTCHED! Hehe 🙂

  1331. 1331 : paulen Says:

    the story was fantastic because it has combination of 4 genres….good portrayal of the characters…

  1332. 1332 : maylin Says:

    I super like this Korean series.. Somehow it made me believe that fairytale do exist..I love the characters and they’re great in terms of their acting.. It made fall in love again and again….

    Very wonderful love story… 10000 thumbs up…

  1333. 1333 : ANGIE Says:

    No wonder this is the 1st rating episode… love the happy ending korean drama… never bored even i watched for the 5th times 😉

  1334. 1334 : leolia Says:

    ooohhh I love much this drama very romantic…funny…unique so complete drama…I never boring to watching this Drama again and again….\^^/ …Hyun bin and Ha ji Won you are so great actrs…so natural acting…and also the soundtrack for this drama is so sweet song, very lovve it…^^V

  1335. 1335 : jhonalyn luna Says:

    hi im jonah from the philippines, i really love your show it’s very dramatic and unique and i also love the love story.The Filipino’s started to loved it since it has been aired in our country..i love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won.

  1336. 1336 : jnx.doe Says:

    best drama of the year…the story is just so so, buat how the actor and actress portray their characters is really satisfied me until the end of the story ^_^

  1337. 1337 : feocel Says:

    This is one of the best drama i’ve ever watched…
    and it is really great!
    JAIME-(GIL RA IM) HA JI WON is very pretty..i really love her as she portray her character…

  1338. 1338 : ghail Says:

    i really really love ur show.. its very dramatic..unique..and very very complete drama.. so ,keep up the good work.. and i also fascinated with the story.. and i also love [kim jo won] and [gil ra im] so cool,very charming !!congratsulations..

  1339. 1339 : jenny es Says:

    one of the best korean drama ever…..keep d good work 🙂

  1340. 1340 : Kuya Says:

    Gosh… I’m starting to hate Secret Garden, i just can’t stop thinking of this drama just like what Ra Im keep on appearing on Jo woon thoughts. It’s so addicting, I can’t work properly and i’m having sleepness nights because of this K Drama.
    Waaaaaaa…. what i am gonna do….? pleaseeee help me..

  1341. 1341 : aya Says:

    ang ganda!
    i love it!

  1342. 1342 : prinxesz eje Says:

    wew! ganda kakaadik sobra|!

  1343. 1343 : takuya Says:

    start watching again and again..so addicting…why ??????

  1344. 1344 : rifgail Says:


  1345. 1345 : cathelyn Says:

    secret garden is really the best!!!!

    I’m watching the philippine dubbed SG..(GMA 7) and It’s very nice,.still 😀

    I’m gonna watch this again and again.!!! loving secret garden to death.. 😀

  1346. 1346 : nethski1707 Says:

    great korean drama ever…this show shows that it doesnt have to be too expensive but with a lot of creativity and great imagination it will succeed..keep it up…hope hyun bin and ha ji won will have another project together..and visit Philippines soon.. ^_____^

  1347. 1347 : chow Says:

    Really fall in love with this drama

  1348. 1348 : yogiBear Says:

    Hope there’s a special episode for SG juz like Jdrama or Secret Garden the movie..i’ll sure miss them 🙁

  1349. 1349 : lovekth Says:

    I like oska and yoon seul!

  1350. 1350 : fLoh Says:

    gosh! i just finished watching it and this movie was really amazing and unique! i love this movie so much … and im in love with hyu bin 🙂 haha

  1351. 1351 : angelica Says:

    i really like this drama..
    i really really love this..
    i like hyun bin so much..(so cute..^^)i like your dimple..^^
    ..for ha ji-won she’s cool.,=)
    fo lee jong suk ..yyou so cute..

  1352. 1352 : lovekth Says:

    nagkatuluyan ba si oska at yoon seul?
    wala kasi akong time manood…

  1353. 1353 : bugnutin Says:

    Beautiful korean drama, great lead actors… HJW and HB, very well written script. the best K drama so far i have ever seen.

  1354. 1354 : wilma Says:

    The Best so Far early this year….

    Best Story, not your ordinary romantic story…
    Best Cast as well…

    Since everything is memorable and all,I divulge myself into the music as well,i hope it could have been also exciting and happy…but then again it was made for love and romance and excitement…

    aja aja fighting♥

  1355. 1355 : shinhye Says:

    One of the best Kdrama… I really love Ha ji won and Hyun Bin together… The chemistry is amazing!!!

  1356. 1356 : lena Says:

    Love SG very much !!!
    Love HB n HJW too.
    Muach muach

  1357. 1357 : NCHAR2419 Says:

    for hyun bin… keep up the good smile i really like the way you smile hope to you see you more on korean drama….
    for ha ji won… i love the way you look specially your short hair it attracks you in this drama series, i love also the way you look at hyun bin :=) hope to see you more also in korean drama series…

    and to all the cast in this series… to all you guys two tumbs up coming from me and my friends here in philippines,,, KEEP IT UP GUYS….

  1358. 1358 : joyfromphilippines Says:

    I LOVE THE STORY! I LOVE THE CAST! I love how Hyun Bin mimic Ha Ji Won’s character! Hilarious! XD yet very gorgeous!

  1359. 1359 : Kaydi Says:

    Wow! Great thinikng! JK

  1360. 1360 : let capuyan Says:

    i love hyu bin and ha ji-won they are really cute, and they are match for each other.. my husband also watch them, usuallu he dont spare time watching these kind of dramas but for the 1st time he likes it.. now we spend time together watching it.. ))))

  1361. 1361 : let capuyan Says:

    i really like them they are match for each other, hyu bin and ha ji-won go go go … my husband like it too.. usually he dont watch these kind of dramas but for the 1st time he likes it now we spend time together watching it.. god bless and goodluck to you both!

  1362. 1362 : yanriz Says:

    i love this korean drama…iba to sa mga k.drama na napanood ko na..the best to..and2 na lahat.tatawa ka, maiinis, maiiyak, maiinlove,magagalit.. basta the best to..

  1363. 1363 : It’s the K-season. « Hidspeaks Says:

    […] (credits: http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=3599) […]

  1364. 1364 : Xcurior Says:

    this is the 2nd drama i’ve ever watched. first was 49 days, which i actually was more attached to, but this one was definitely better overall because the comedy was soo damn good 😛

  1365. 1365 : mylovelystars Says:

    Hi all! especially to the followers of SG from the philippines. Yes, this is really one of the best kdramas ever. Each character other than Kim Joo Won (Owen in the Phils.) played by Hyun Bin and Gil Ra Im (Jamie in the Phils.) played by Ha Ji Won, had their special importance in the whole story. It’s really a “jackpot” for the whole cast and staff and crew of SG. My sincerest congratulations to all of them – CHUKAHAMNIDA!!! It’s not always that happens when a kdrama becomes so so famous, not just in Korea but worldwide. SG is like My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Coffee Prince, BOF, Princess Hour, etc., that is being loved worldwide. I am very sure, just like these other kdramas, we will count years and yet people who loves kdrama, will not forget Secret Garden. Fighting Oppa Hyun Bin. We will be waiting until your MS has ended. Hope you work with Ha Ji Won again. 🙂

  1366. 1366 : mel2 Says:

    i hve d dvd right nw but i cant finishd it, might b HB face is too thin, only d dimple can attrct me.. 🙂 he’s awsme in samsoon, the chrcter was most likely as Hwang TKeung in YAB, but JGS is better!

  1367. 1367 : mel2 Says:

    no doubt that evry mvie/drma over d world must have d attrctve n tlentd artists instead of intrstg storyline..blieve it! agree?

  1368. 1368 : Shake Park Says:

    SECRET GARDEN is the best Koreanovela at this time…the story is unique, the OST are amazing i already downloaded all the songs..thanks to the director, scriptwriter & all the people behind to make SECRET GARDEN the best, no wonder it’s #1 in Korea & got a lot of awards. I love Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won they gave their 100% on this series. Congratulation..

  1369. 1369 : yobi Says:

    i like this drama. but it disappointed me a bit though. i thought it would be a romantic-comedy-fantasy like series but over all the drama of the mother spoiled the fun. i was expecting a wacky series. anyway, i still enjoyed watching it and i could recommend this for others to watch. 🙂

  1370. 1370 : precious_lj Says:

    super ganda ng secret gardeb isa xiang kakaiba na love story…andun na yung lahat,,,kilig,actions,,i love mga korean novela episodes..isa xia sa mga gus2 ko…

  1371. 1371 : ziel Says:

    It’s a nice kdrama…I love every episodes also the ost ..ganda ng story..

  1372. 1372 : danish Says:

    good drama…i love it 😀

  1373. 1373 : cat Says:

    secret garden.. amazing .. eye catching korean series that i love most.. hyun bin and ha ji won portrayed the cahracter very well.. i so love it.. keep up the good work.. the very first time, i made some research after watching it.. i really fell n love with you guys.. awesome…

  1374. 1374 : daisy Says:

    I really love secret garden! the best ever, this is one of Korean novels that I will treasure in my whole life. a complete package that makes you laugh, cry,and in-love..

    Hyun bin- good luck to your service training!I’ll pray for you always. see you and hoping for a new Korean novels when you get out.

    hai ji won- you are so pretty and lovely!

    hoping for secret garden 2.

  1375. 1375 : Hannah Says:

    This was so interesting I think I have to watch it again, I think that it should make a new series to it or something, because this has been the best Korean drama that I have seen so far, not only that but the first.

  1376. 1376 : Aneeka Says:

    cant wait to see another hyun bin and ha ji-won knovela. SG is really, really, really nice. been repeating episodes 1 to 20 and cant get enough of the two specially heart fluttering episodes

  1377. 1377 : kristine Says:

    i really love se.ga …!!
    i also the whole casts esp. hyun bin and ha ji won …!
    hope u wil do another like this ….
    im pretty sure ,,,,

  1378. 1378 : Baliw sa SeGa Says:

    To those people who become addicted to Secret Garden and now recovered from the addiction. Could you please give me some tips on how to overcome this addiction of mine. I desperately need some help, ano gagawin ko?

  1379. 1379 : indah ps Says:

    anneyeong haseyo..
    really love SG. love hyun bin(wow)..the chemistry between hyun bin n ha ji won is really awesome. i also like like the ringtone message of gil ra im handphone too:).
    hope there will be SG part 2!!!! SG lovers…

  1380. 1380 : roxan tumacmol Says:

    im soo madly crazily addicted into this drama,.. i cant get enough watching the whole episodes 1-20 over again and again,… im soo much dying to see ha ji won and hyun bin again together,.. theyre so perfect!!! gil ra im and kim joo won story was the very very best lovestory i ever have seen,.. it even bet my hollywood fave movie which is a walk to remember,.. SECRET GARDEN I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!!

  1381. 1381 : edlazir_30 Says:

    oh my gosh…secret garden is one of the greatest movie i’ve ever watched,,hope to see much more movies with the same character,,,

  1382. 1382 : DrCuckoo Says:

    Two months have passed and I am still trapped in the Garden. Comrades say we are now gardeners wandering around seeking a way out. Very addictive drama! Help!

  1383. 1383 : Aydi Says:

    I love all the characters in this story. They make me laugh and watch them non-stop. Their story was really a hit. I though Queen Seondok was the best story ive ever watched in koreanovela, but im wrong. I find Dream High entertaining because of the young actors and actresses. Then, I found Secret Garden, first love-story-comedy-drama ive ever watched (i never watched all popular koreanovela in the past like Kim San Soon, Endless Love, Boys over Flowers and the likes). I never noticed im so hooked with the story and the two main characters. Until now im looking for the “montiwashong” ringtone (sorry for the spelling, that’s how i pronouced it).

    Hope to see you in other breathtaking Koreanovelas soon.
    God Bless and More power!

  1384. 1384 : Bunny Says:

    Hi SG lovers….
    Watch their bts… Find it in yt and it’ll make your heart melt to see hyun bin and ha ji won so close each other… Hahahahaha….
    Although SG has passed since 5months ago…but SG couple always in my heart… Hehehe…

    Love them so much!!!!

  1385. 1385 : rizzalyn Says:

    very funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1386. 1386 : takgu99 Says:

    try to watch baker king kim tak gu…..amazing story!! superb!!
    10/10 n 5 stars!! love it!! XOXO

  1387. 1387 : Tanica Says:

    i super duper love SECRET GARDEN:))

  1388. 1388 : solenn Says:

    I am still presently watching now at Episode 14. I’m glued here still watching at the wee hours in the evening. I love the story, the casts, as well as all the location that it was shot. Keep up the good works. I am now an avid fan of all the main casts.

  1389. 1389 : munqte_ii Says:

    congratulations 4 all actor, actress, PD, script writer and all staff for a really amazing. mesmerizing and meaningful Korean drama of all time!!!!!

  1390. 1390 : oppaoscar Says:


  1391. 1391 : yogiBear Says:

    Love this drama and very additive…lots of sweet and beautiful scenes

  1392. 1392 : MIKE Says:

    I really like Ha Ji Won, she get prettier when she got mad……i like those “tiger looks” of yours

  1393. 1393 : amabel Says:

    i’m also infected with sg virus. Never been so crazy with a korean drama before. I cant help but watch SG on tv and online. I feel like my day isn’t complete without seing hyun bin and ha ji won. Haizzz.

  1394. 1394 : secret garden fanatic Says:

    haaayy…totally addicted to this korean drama series…can’t stop watching it over and over again…one of the nicest korean drama that I’ve watched. all the cast was good especially HYUN BIN and HA JI WON. congratulations to the director and to the secret garden staff…a job well done. hoping for more good movies and korean drama for HYUN BIN and HA JI WON coming up. good luck …

  1395. 1395 : hazel Says:

    this korean drama really touches my heart..the story itself has a charismatic effect on the televiewers..I really love korean drama.those little thing sweetness that made my heart beats so fast.. I love Hyun Bin he is really a good actor like I admire Ha Ji Won for the special stunts..Congratulations to Secret Garden

  1396. 1396 : nuriko Says:

    this drama really the best.
    ha ji won and hyun bin really a great couple..
    i love the story..

    i wish that there are more like this..

  1397. 1397 : kim Says:

    why so many people like this movie??? this is bad movie…they use so many unpolite words and they shown when Hyun bin and Ha ji won went to sleep together in badroom for making baby…very uneducated movie…BADDDDDDDDDDDD….

    Autimn Tale ( ENDLESS love 1 much better than this movie)

  1398. 1398 : XINXIN Says:

    1398 Did u watch the hole drama??? Bedroom for making baby??? I think u have to watch also American dramas and movies to compare what is bad or not. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  1399. 1399 : KDaddict Says:

    Thanks for the laugh! You make me laugh so hard! Did you just arrive on a time machine? Which century are u living in? And which mountain is your cave located in? How many Korean dramas have you watched? How many movies from different countries? Comparing Secret Garden w Autumn Love is like comparing an iPad with an 286! You are sooooo funny.

  1400. 1400 : Sak Says:

    SECRET GARDEN IS SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!Love all the casts!!

  1401. 1401 : Sony Says:

    It’s amazing! Love it!

  1402. 1402 : ib Says:

    haha, this series is soooooo good.. gonna watch it all over again.

  1403. 1403 : ib Says:

    @kim: haha…that’s he’s room. .haha, so why did you watch it???

  1404. 1404 : v3SGfans01 Says:

    its a bessttt dramas evveerr…!!!
    GIL RAIM..

  1405. 1405 : SG Says:


  1406. 1406 : SG Says:


  1407. 1407 : BELEN TEMP Says:

    i hope hyu bin and ha ji won.. there compatible each other this movie its touches my heart and it makes me cry the scenes and i hope this partner would make a movie and another series….nice one the cast of secret garden u touch the filipinos heart and its the best stories i ever seen..esp the ending….every since its not boring its fun…who write this stories CONGRATULATION!!!…the best…amazing wow…even im in my office..im always thinking this stories…i can forget this…the characters this stories and the cast of this series…WONDERFUL…CONGRATULATION GUYS…!!!

  1408. 1408 : meggy Says:

    they both are extremely sweet. They have beautiful chemistry. And of course the story is nice. Love this drama..

  1409. 1409 : irene Says:

    one of the best dramas

  1410. 1410 : marilyn Says:

    secret garden captured my heart…specially hyun bin! he takes my breath away every time i see him! its amazing how they delever the lines so well and act natural….wanna watch all over again

  1411. 1411 : nana8ton Says:

    i love hyun bin…..can’t wait fr him to come back.sc is one of a kind drama.plot so unpredictable congrats to cast and production crew

  1412. 1412 : nana8ton Says:

    how bout a remake of this drama in philipine with dindong dantes as hero and kristine hermosa heroine please………..that would be hit esp with foam kiss scene.dindong if u read this do something

  1413. 1413 : dr.sinta ps Says:

    I love this dramaaa….best 4er..meet u again hyun bin and gil raim..love u

  1414. 1414 : Hyun Says:

    Too Bad hyunbin(kim joo woon) cant make another tv series for now coz he will be serving the military for 2years.
    I will definitely miss him.
    Best drama ive seen no.1 on my list

  1415. 1415 : Hyun Says:

    OH Please no philippine remake i’m a filipino but please no.
    See you hyun bin in 2yrs. a sequel will be excellent. i just love this guy i’m inlove with his sparkly blue traksuit. Haha i think i have secret garden withdrawal syndrome.
    Anyway, law in korea sucks. they force someone to serve in military.

  1416. 1416 : SinWoo Says:

    hmm i tink going to army is a wise choice. It will make any man into a stronger and tougher man. I like the idea. Keep fighting hoh! We need man like u:)

  1417. 1417 : mich Says:

    I very love this dram .. soooooo much !!
    i want another KDrama for hyun bin and ha ji won ..

  1418. 1418 : melano Says:

    yahhhh……secret garden….fighting……

  1419. 1419 : *myblacksmile/pearl Says:

    secret garden , FIGHTING !! ^^ .. we really like this koreanovela , even my oldies(?)–LOL *mother* watch this show ..

    love you HYUN BIN !!~ , you did a good job ~

  1420. 1420 : kDRAMAlovers Says:

    That’s relief , Joo Won and Gil Ra Im were together and had a three kids 😛 At last , They had been lliving together and happy like with children.They’ve known one day they’ll regret .D nice story.

  1421. 1421 : emo-rej Says:

    this is the most beautiful koreanovela i’ve ever watched in my whole life !..

  1422. 1422 : sahzzytree Says:

    after a decade (winter sonata) this is another drama that capture my heart .. thank you to all who make this drama possible.. thank you i’m in love again… in love a gain

  1423. 1423 : roselyn Says:

    im the number 1 fance of secret garden

  1424. 1424 : SG Says:

    really…….hyun bin…
    u are real actor….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1425. 1425 : v3SGfans01 Says:

    I LOVE U…..HB…HJW..
    THE BEST ACTOR …………….

  1426. 1426 : GARDENER Says:

    i think this is the best drama i’ve ever seen…
    coz i feel became gil ra im…
    and my heart has fallin in love….wth HB…>.

  1427. 1427 : Shulasmith Says:

    I think SECRET GARDEN is the best Kdrama ever! Not only does it have a nice plot with a very awesome ending, the actors and actresses are all the best. I laughed, cried, got angry, got saddened, and fell in love while watching this drama. And even though this drama has already ended, I feel like it still lives on considering its influence to the kdramas that followed after it like Lie to Me and City Hunter. In Lie to Me there is a cola kiss which was clearly patterned in this drama’s cappuccino kiss, while in City Hunter, they also introduced a cellphone ringtone/text tone which is clearly derived from Gil Ra Im’s Munjo Wa Shong text tone. Even Hyun Bin’s hair style is in trend now… Amazing!!!! SECRET GARDEN ROCKS!!!!!

  1428. 1428 : greenlicious Says:

    i think this the best koren drama i’ve ever seen. i’ve watch a lot, and this is the best so far. they have great chemistry front and behind the cam. been missing them so badly 🙁

  1429. 1429 : jericah Says:

    the best korean drama i’ve seen! great, excellent drama!
    miss hyun bin and ha ji won! waiting for oppa hyun bin to be released in dec 2013. hyun bin and hjw have a good chemistry on and off the screen. really want them to be together. hope they will have another project.. maybe after hyun bin’s military service. aja aja fighting!

  1430. 1430 : danish Says:

    i love this drama…love …love…it..

  1431. 1431 : Livia_Catiline_Cicero Says:

    Secret Garden is one of my all time favorite KDrama, 3 factors that contribute to this drama that made it so good.

    1. The SCRIPT
    I’ve never seen a story that is so appealing to the audience and yet somehow unpredictable. At first i thought incorporating switching of souls in the story would not make an impact to the audience because it’s unbelievable. But i was wrong , there’s so much more twist in the story that made the viewers guess what would happen next.
    I like how the writer tacle the story of Love, destiny,sacrifice, social status between rich and poor in this drama and ooh the Little Mermaid thing, brilliant…

    2. The LEAD ACTORS
    Eventhough a drama have a great story, when you have actors who can’t make their roles believable, all the effort of the writer would turn into trash. I would say Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin portray their roles as Gil Raim and Kin Jowon very well. Add to that is their overflowing on screen chemistry, they acted as if they were real lovers in his drama.

    3. The OST
    I feel much more the scenes is believable when the songs of the OST was playing. When That man was played when Jo woon first saw Raim doing stunts, oh i felt like my heart is falling.
    The crying scenes of jo woon when he’s reading the letter of raim describing herself as the little mermaid – the Reason was playing, it was a tearjerker. There’s so many song in this drama that is so good and was played according to the moods of the scenes.

    In summary, Secret Garden is a Drama that will be remember for the years. It would be remembered as one of the best or maybe the THE BEST korean Drama ever made.
    I would like to thank the cast and crew of SeGa for giving the viewers great memory. I laughed, cried and fall in love while watching this drama. Kamsahamnida…

  1432. 1432 : Mercy Says:

    Endless Love 1 and Full house much better than this movie….in My opnion…
    1. The rating —-> endless love and fullhouse have it….can’t compare to SG, very far Behind…
    2. Story line —-> simple and very touch….in SG there are some part i think borring such as: Oska and his Girl friend, when i watch it i skiip it…this is not only my opinion, some of my friends also said like that…
    3. in SG there are some parts are unrealistic, such as, how come they can switch their soul?? is that realistic??? i think there are no such situation in the world…..

  1433. 1433 : Arlene Says:

    Actors are gud THE STORY WAS GREAT! whoever wrote this was definetly inspired! I love it soooo much!

  1434. 1434 : lucille Says:


    SeGa DVD commentaries with sub…
    Credits to kjkfan7, starcandii, ps3hl..
    Lets be all crazy again with the SeGa couple..
    SeGa is another forever masterpiece that will remain in our system like a virus 🙂

  1435. 1435 : Rea Says:

    I reallyyyyy love this drama!! I laughed and cried and getting all my emotions worked up watching this drama! How I wish there’s part 2 of this drama.. 🙂

  1436. 1436 : iman Says:

    the best ost & actor….the best drama 2010/2011….

  1437. 1437 : sheliciouzz Says:

    i love this drama very inspiring i love you hyun bin…

  1438. 1438 : arashi Says:


    It’s not yet done here in the Philippines! Every night I am very eager to go home early just to watch it. It soothes my feelings every time I watch it. The way they portray their roles were so amazing! Superb!

    Hope they will make another KD with the same leading cast of SeGa ‘cuz they really have a great chemistry! I do love watching them both! I also hope that they will become real lovers! n_n

  1439. 1439 : Chulaluck Says:

    good of script, actors and ost. i like this drama

  1440. 1440 : fitri Says:

    come on support and vote secret garden as the best drama….!!

  1441. 1441 : Nurul Says:

    WOW…Hyun bin like a witch…!!
    very like..!! especially when sit up sin…!! ~.~

  1442. 1442 : GILRAIM Says:


  1443. 1443 : Hyun bin Says:

    I’ve spend my tissues 1 pack!!!!!
    What an Irronic..

  1444. 1444 : Vina_gardener Says:

    hyun bin…!!! i’ve fallen in love…

  1445. 1445 : Dedee Says:

    The best drama…!!!!

  1446. 1446 : Just_fiena Says:

    Saranghaeyo ….SECRET GARDEN…!!

  1447. 1447 : mpit-okashi Says:

    WOW This drama so addict…!!!!!!!!!

  1448. 1448 : kawaii Says:


  1449. 1449 : hyun bin forever Says:

    Best Drama ever. I love the plot, characters, actors, music…everything. I laughed, giggled, and cried. Even if I’m watching it over again, still tears keep on flowing. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won were perfect for the role. Kudos to the writers, actors, director, producer and staff of secret garden for creating an exceptional drama.



  1451. 1451 : takgu99 Says:

    ottoke!! i fell in love with this drama!!! love it so much!!
    i think i wrong….thiis drama is not slow

  1452. 1452 : takgu99 Says:

    i can’t stop thinking about this drama!!
    i love ha ji won n hyun bin!!
    really interesting!!!!! what can i say..WOW

  1453. 1453 : takgu99 Says:

    to be honest!!
    this drama 100 times better than marry me marry n PK…

  1454. 1454 : hana Says:

    I had not seen this drama. However I ish I had seen it Plus am 14 and do not have SBS channael. Pity me!!!!!!!!!

  1455. 1455 : hana Says:

    I had no seen it . But I badly wish I had seen it. I am only 14 and I do not have SBS channel. Unlucky me!!

  1456. 1456 : takgu99 Says:


    just try to watch it!!
    best storyline….very worthwhile….
    u r loss when u do not watch this drama…very2 interesting…
    5 stars…

  1457. 1457 : dinaz Says:

    i really loved it..not even a single episode was boring!after a long time i watched a drama so ‘my types’..it was fun..n hyun bin was too good i mean specially while acting feminine its quite difficult i believe to act feminine but his body language was perfect..n even the role of an arrogant guy..kind of reminds me of my minho in boys over flower..i really loved it..n i m definately rewatching again!!great drama great cast..

  1458. 1458 : yogiBear Says:

    still in love with Secret Garden!!! Ottoke….

  1459. 1459 : lunar eclipse Says:

    i really love ha ji-won…she’s so beautiful…i always thinking of ha ji-won…

  1460. 1460 : lunar eclipse Says:

    who knows the other movie of ha ji-won…pls send me a message in my facebook…here’s my facebook account…[email protected]…plssssssssssss send me…i really like to watch ha ji-won…

  1461. 1461 : sharmaine Says:

    Advance Happy Birth day Idol

  1462. 1462 : sharmaine Says:

    i really love ha ji-won…she’s so beautiful…i always thinking of ha ji-won…

  1463. 1463 : takgu99 Says:

    @lunar eclipse

    ha ji won movie that i like the most is ‘100 days with mr. arrogant’
    i love her acting in this movie….

  1464. 1464 : takgu99 Says:

    firstly,,i watch this drama for the first time on november last year..
    n that time..i think this drama was slow n doesn’t more comedy… i watch until ep 10 only..n then i stop….

    n now, i watch it again..n i think i was wrong…
    bcoz this drama is amazing!! i really like it!!!
    i have done watch again until ep 6…cant wait to watch next!!!!
    im so excited!!!

  1465. 1465 : takgu99 Says:

    hyun bin was good actor…ha ji won also…!!
    i love ha ji won with short hair not long hair….
    i think she’s beautiful with short hair….
    hyun bin looks old in this drama….he looks young in world within…
    i love both!! 😀

  1466. 1466 : ash Says:

    amazing drama! this is my second favorite after boys over flowers! i love love love hyun bin, such an amazing actor and so cutee! ahh i saw it twice, and i might watch it again. i can’t over it…ottoke!

  1467. 1467 : viannejms79 Says:

    Secret Garden! watched it twice already and i planned to watch it again and again….. Yhun Bin and Ha Ji won your doing great!!! good job. god Bless!!!!horrray!!!!!!!!!

  1468. 1468 : Abbie Says:

    BEST KDRAMA. enough said!

  1469. 1469 : sandra Says:

    greatest drama!! i can’t help my self to watch it over n over again.

  1470. 1470 : melano Says:

    awesome…best kdrama

  1471. 1471 : Guehes Says:

    GREAT DRAMA.! Good job for hjw and hb. 😉

  1472. 1472 : Melda Says:

    For those who just watched Secret Garden, you can go to youtube website and on the search box type “secret Garden Commentarty eng sub”. It has 6 parts which show together Hyun Bin and Ji Won comment on the video like how they acting and what they feel when looking back at the video…

  1473. 1473 : armanbetty Says:

    Happy birthday to Ha ji won tomorrow, may you have more success in your career. Hope your long awaited DESTINY MAN will come into your life. Always be happy and be amazing woman as you are….

  1474. 1474 : mishy Says:

    Happy Birthday Ha Ji Won!!!

    Secret Garden the best! Love all the scenes, you will really really love it.

    So, guys out there, check this one, you’ll also be hooked like us…:)


    this drama made me addict..and addict…
    so far..so great…!!!!!!!! >.


    yeah…takgu99 u are right,,,,
    secret garden is better than PK an marry m mary…
    this drama will be remember…forever…yeongwonhi…n_n…
    great actor..!!
    ottoke…still thingking about this drama..!!!

  1477. 1477 : anthony magquilat Says:

    can’t move on watching it yesterday the whole day! my first time to appreciate movies such as secret garden…crying, laughing, get angry sometimes but love this drama very much!!!
    if given a chance i wanted to see all actors from this drama and tell them, how much i salute them for making such wonderful movie..
    because of it, i wish to be in Korea ASAP…
    tHANK yOU…

  1478. 1478 : jovyloveoppa Says:

    omo!!!!! i love secret garden soooooooooo much…..the best k drama everrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!AJA!!!! C U SOON HYUN BIN,,,,

  1479. 1479 : mawar Says:

    love u ha ji won

  1480. 1480 : cik idayu Says:

    do me a flavour… who the cameo which meet the Director in last episode? is it heroin from Personal Taste?

  1481. 1481 : fizzagirl Says:

    oh what can i say…… this drama was crazy!i love it .so amazing.i like u oppa hyun bin.

  1482. 1482 : tris Says:

    this drama made me cry so much!
    it’s a really good drama!!

  1483. 1483 : HBfansever Says:

    Cant sleeping coz secret garden will be memorable…!!!!
    HYUN BIN… are the best actor…

  1484. 1484 : V3 Says:

    hyun bin acting’s…amazingly…. u hurt my heart hyun bin…
    and ost this drama….so sad…..and enjoyable….n_n
    fighting…!!! aja..!!
    succes 4 this drama..!

  1485. 1485 : nrulhdayah Says:

    euleuh2…rame pisan…euy…
    Oh if i became gil ra im………
    the greatest actor : hyun bin…
    snow of queen remind me of ..oppa

  1486. 1486 : Thedoctor Says:

    TOP excellent actor and actrees..in korea!!!!!!!!!

  1487. 1487 : mpit93 Says:

    secret garden..oh secret garde…
    kim su hanmo kobugiwa durumi…….hhhaa
    hyun bin amusement!
    got chemistry strongly

  1488. 1488 : e Says:

    Secret Garden rock !

  1489. 1489 : thegirlwholovesoppa Says:

    oppa hyun bin was amazing!

  1490. 1490 : leehyukkie Says:

    Love this drama very much.. ^^

  1491. 1491 : vkchu Says:

    this drama is one of the memorable drama, even after i’ve finished watched it and watch it over and over again

  1492. 1492 : Melissa Says:

    i’ve been watching this drama again and again because i like the story and the chemistry of hyun bin and ja ji won. this is the best korean drama that i’ve ever watch and will be remembered for a long time.

  1493. 1493 : Pearl ann nay Says:

    This drama is the best ive ever watched!!!!!

  1494. 1494 : takgu99 Says:

    @cik idayu..

    exactly…the person who meet the director was the heroin from personal taste soh ye jin…..

  1495. 1495 : takgu99 Says:

    wow!! more ep is getting better!!!
    love both actor n actress…..
    i give 5 stars for this drama!!!

  1496. 1496 : lahcerfsm Says:

    i love his drama.. season 2 pls…

  1497. 1497 : yogiBear Says:

    Love Ha Ji Won!!!!!! May God bless you…and hope you always success in your job 🙂

  1498. 1498 : ladyscent19 Says:

    hope there is part 2 for this drama coz i really love this so much! i love hyun bin and ha ji won… AJA!

  1499. 1499 : Mandi Says:

    Secret garden definitely is one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen. I hope that even though the dramas finished, its “spirit” will continue to live. I still support the drama up to now. i love watching it over and over again. I wish Ha ji Won and Hyun Bin success. They’ve done their very best in the drama. They spent and sacrificed a lot for it. I hope HB continues to grow as an actor during his military training and when he comes back, I expect that the two of them get to know each other deeper.

  1500. 1500 : takgu99 Says:

    wow!!! SG great!!!!
    i love it so much….
    n i laugh when hyun bin says kim so ha mu many times when he think about ra im…
    love this drama..LOL

  1501. 1501 : yoph Says:

    This the best drama ever!! 😀
    korean drama lovers must watch this one..

    I love u hyunbin ♥.♥
    will watch this drama again.. hihi 🙂

  1502. 1502 : caroline Says:

    i really love this drama! i can’t help falling in love with the characters.. this is the most heart-warming drama ever! ha ji won and hyun bin has the most electrifying chemistry.. I LOVE THEM BOTH!

  1503. 1503 : Mercy Says:

    @ All

    Try to watch Baker King KIm Ta Goo….i’m sure that you will now which one is better…..

    i have been watch some of korean dramas like Secret Graden, My Princes, 49 days, Full house, Princes Hours, my Lovely Sam Soon, coffie Prince…..if i compare , Baker king Kim Ta Goo much better, belive me, just try to watch it……we can take some moral value from this movie, and it not only talk about love…….

  1504. 1504 : Anita Says:

    Ahhhhhh this drama was just the BEST!!!!! every other drama that i watched was nothing….NOTHING compared to this one!!

  1505. 1505 : binwon Says:

    @mercy- am a korean drama fanatic since winter sonata time. was able to watch kim tak gu. but sad to say to you, for me, secret garden is the best among the korean drama i’ve ever seen. never thought that this drama was going to turn out to be one of the best dramas of all times on my list. great story line. can’t help falling in love with the characters. aside from the fact that hyun bin and ha ji won have a good chemistry. of course not to mention the OST.

  1506. 1506 : enaoj Says:

    i love watching secret garden..how i wish my love story would turned out this way..too good to be true..ehe..the story was so clever..everything was so amazing from the title, to the characters, to the events and to the official soundtracks..i salute the whole team who made the “secret garden” such a great story..hoe you guys do more than what you did..God bless always..

  1507. 1507 : takgu99 Says:


    100% agree with u……baker king is no.1 kdrama in my heart!!!!!
    to all…just try to watch it!!! very worthwhile n highly recommended….
    baker king doesn’t show only love….it show family…moral values…n many more….this drama also have many point….
    this drama was really different to others….for me…this is the best drama!! 😀

  1508. 1508 : Mercy Says:

    @ binwon and Anitya

    Please belive me…Try to watch this drama…you can take some moral value From this movie…awsome and Great……you will like the characters of Kim ta Goo….

    if you said that SG in better than this movie i defenitely reject your opinion….Just try watch it..and you will know which one is better….please don’t lie…some of you like this movie because the main actor is hyun bin….it is not because of the story…..you can’t compare SG to baker King…from the rating SG behind the Baker King

    previously, i was think that Endless Love 1, Full house, My princes, and Secreat garden is the best, but when my friends recomended me to watch this movie and i watch..i can say anything, This movie really great, no wonder it has High rating………

  1509. 1509 : takgu99 Says:

    agree with mercy…
    dont judge when u haven;t watch it…..

  1510. 1510 : etik Says:

    ha ji won i love your caracter in this film.
    Great job!!!

  1511. 1511 : Shulasmith Says:

    Appreciating a drama’s plot would largely depend on one’s personal perspective and I believe that a person’s opinion is in its own, unique. I just hope everyone will just enjoy watching Secret Garden and if one appreciates it, then by all means leave a good comment on this page. But if you happen to like another kdrama, I’m sure it will have a site or page of its own where you can put or write your appreciation.

    This is the SECRET GARDEN’S comment page. Hope everyone will respect that!

    To the SG stars and crew, Komapta for an all time awesome drama!

  1512. 1512 : aya Says:

    already watch until five episode n i found it boring, i just want to ask : is it really worth to watch all episode?

  1513. 1513 : binwon Says:

    @mercy – told you that in my previous post that i was able to watch kim tak gu. and sad to say, don’t like the story. not even the character. also, this is the secret garden comment page. if you don’t have anything good to say to SEGA, am sorry but you are not welcome here. thank you and good day!

  1514. 1514 : binwon Says:

    @aya – if you are already in episode 5 and still don’t like it, then stop watching it. no one is forcing you to watch it. good day!

  1515. 1515 : binwon Says:

    @ takgu99 — how many times do i have to tell that i was able to watch your favorite kim tak gu. please check my post in this comment page yesterday, july 4. ok? good day!

  1516. 1516 : Joonshu Says:

    @ binwon
    every body here i challenged you to Watch ” Baker King KIm Tag Goo” …….you will love it….Secret Garden also Good, but Baker King Much Better…..you can learnt something for this movie….this movie are different with onther, really, really ,differenttt…it is not only talking about love, but also teach you how to love your familiy, how to control ypur emotion, how to face the problems, etc…believe me you will learnt alot from this movie….

    Actually iam one of fans of Endless Love 1 ( song seung hoen and song Hye gyo) but when i watch this movie, suddenly i change my opinon/ perception……

    Secreat Garden is one level with Full House and Endlees Love…..even Endless love much better than Secret Garden I think…..from the views of story line and rating…

    I already watch Secreat Garden, some parts of this movie are Borring, sorry to say , like when they switch their soul ( episode 3-10), honestly i skip it when i watch it….and also when it is Oska and His Girl Friend, i skipp too…borring i thinkkk..i like only part of Hyun Bin and ha Ji won……some of my friend also said like that……..

    Please don’t lie, you like so much this movie because of the main actror is Hyun BIn…..many movie much better than this movie like Endless Love, Full House, fashion 70, Love story in harvard, princes hours and of course Baker King too….

    Please Watch before Give comment….i give my comment because i already watch all those movie…..


  1517. 1517 : Joonshu Says:

    rating For Baker King…

    2010-June-09 1 15.7 (6th) 16.3 (6th)
    2010-June-10 2 16.9 (1st) 18.4 (1st)
    2010-June-16 3 28.5 (1st) 29.1 (1st)
    2010-June-17 4 25.3 (2nd) 26.4 (2nd)
    2010-June-23 5 28.5 (2nd) 28.6 (2nd)
    2010-June-24 6 32.2 (1st) 32.5 (1st)
    2010-June-30 7 33.4 (1st) 33.6 (1st)
    2010-July-01 8 35.8 (1st) 35.9 (1st)
    2010-July-07 9 38.1 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
    2010-July-08 10 34.5 (1st) 34.9 (1st)
    2010-July-14 11 35.9 (1st) 35.2 (1st)
    2010-July-15 12 36.9 (1st) 36.1 (1st)
    2010-July-21 13 38.5 (1st) 37.7 (1st)
    2010-July-22 14 38.4 (1st) 36.5 (1st)
    2010-July-28 15 39.7 (1st) 39.2 (1st)
    2010-July-29 16 39.9 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
    2010-Aug-04 17 42.5 (1st) 42.3 (1st)
    2010-Aug-05 18 44.4 (1st) 44.0 (1st)
    2010-Aug-11 19 44.9 (1st) 44.0 (1st)
    2010-Aug-12 20 44.6 (1st) 43.8 (1st)
    2010-Aug-18 21 44.0 (1st) 42.6 (1st)
    2010-Aug-19 22 43.7 (1st) 43.9 (1st)
    2010-Aug-25 23 44.1 (1st) 44.1 (1st)
    2010-Aug-26 24 44.7 (1st) 44.2 (1st)
    2010-Sep-01 25 45.8 (1st) 44.9 (1st)
    2010-Sep-02 26 48.4 (1st) 47.2 (1st)
    2010-Sep-08 27 47.5 (1st) 47.0 (1st)
    2010-Sep-09 28 48.2 (1st) 46.4 (1st)
    2010-Sep-15 29 46.5 (1st) 45.5 (1st)
    2010-Sep-16 30 50.8 (1st) 49.7 (1st)

    rating for Secreat garden:

    2010-11-13 1 16.1 (2nd) 16.5 (2nd)
    2010-11-14 2 15.0 (5th) 15.6 (4th)
    2010-11-20 3 17.9 (2nd) 18.9 (1st)
    2010-11-21 4 20.0 (3rd) 20.8 (3rd)
    2010-11-27 5 25.4 (1st) 26.3 (1st)
    2010-11-28 6 25.2 (3rd) 25.6 (3rd)
    2010-12-04 7 24.2 (2nd) 24.7 (1st)
    2010-12-05 8 24.6 (3rd) 24.8 (2nd)
    2010-12-11 9 27.0 (1st) 27.8 (1st)
    2010-12-12 10 28.0 (2nd) 28.7 (2nd)
    2010-12-18 11 27.0 (1st) 28.2 (1st)
    2010-12-19 12 28.2 (2nd) 29.2 (2nd)
    2010-12-25 13 24.4 (2nd) 25.0 (2nd)
    2010-12-26 14 26.5 (3rd) 27.1 (2nd)
    2011-01-01 15 23.0 (1st) 29.3 (1st)
    2011-01-02 16 23.9 (1st) 29.9 (1st)
    2011-01-08 17 23.8 (1st) 30.0 (1st)
    2011-01-09 18 27.4 (1st) 34.1 (1st)
    2011-01-15 19 29.1 (1st) 35.0 (1st)
    2011-01-16 20 31.4 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
    2011-01-22 Special 15.9 (4th) 19.9 (4th)

    Pleaseee compareee….from the rating you will now which one is better..or are you Blind????

  1518. 1518 : YEHFANS Says:

    July 6th, 2011 at 5:48 pm





  1519. 1519 : YoonEHFans Says:





  1520. 1520 : YoonEHFans Says:





  1521. 1521 : YoonEHFans Says:







  1522. 1522 : christine Says:

    i love this drama…i’ve watch this consecutive 4th times since May…i must be crazy…just feel like my day wasn’t complete without watching it…yeap i’m going to start my 5th times by tonight…

  1523. 1523 : binwon Says:

    @joonshu — whatever! am going crazy with you! what the heck?!! providing us with those ratings? people will watch tak gu if they see to it that the material is good. you don’t need to beg and convince us to watch your favorite tak gu. also, please don’t make negative comment/criticisms over sega just to promote your tak gu. please go to tak gu comment area instead.

  1524. 1524 : songhyegtofanindonesia Says:

    @ yun Eh Ha
    Are you Blind or Not????? how come you said that Kim Ta Goo Acting is not better than Hyun bin and Ha Ji won???? sorry to say …..Kim ta Go acting are very natural…you can see when he was criying…..can you compare to hyun Bin when he crying for Gil raim??? he is Not natural….sorry to say….

    How come you said that SG better than Baker King ??? are you Blind or what????? the facts show that Baker King Better than SG…you can see from The Viewers Rating…..if one movie has high rating it means that many people in korea watching that movie and love that movie…..

    I think SG never get rating above 40%..is in it???? the high rating is only 31% ……..even if i compare wiht Full House and Autmun Tale 1 ( endless Love) SG Behind those movie…..sorry to said..

    I have been watch Secreat Garden drama and 49 days, some parts of this SG movie was borring, like when they switch their soul ( episode 3-10), Much better 49 days Movie

    I tottaly agree with Mercy, takgu99, and KimTagoofan…..

    oh i have one news for all of you: Baker King Kim Tagoo become the most/Top number 1 in Philipina……..with the higher rating..it meanss that good movie…

    if i make ranking:
    1. Baker King
    2. Endeless Love ( even old Movie, but great)
    3. Full House
    4. 49 days
    5. Fashion 70
    7. mY Princes

  1525. 1525 : YEHbgt Says:

    @binwon :AGREEE…wth binwon….n_n


  1526. 1526 : YEHfansomuch Says:


  1527. 1527 : YEHfansomuch Says:

    @Binwon : agree wth u..whatever …what did u say…dont care…as sega fans..we should let it go…just spend time speak wth them.
    @mercy and whose agree : I’M FREAK KOREAN DRAMA…I’ve watched korean drama at ur list…at ALL……..but…


  1528. 1528 : cathrine Says:

    Yes Agree ….agree with yeh and binwon

    @songhyegto and tak goofans: ur favourite drama listed genre : melodrama ,almost sad…our opinion will be different there was like drama wth romance comedy, or melodrama family…yeah…will be different…helloww…….
    not at all want to watch ur drama if u did like that..u can recomended it.. but please dont compare…..
    if u did like this continouesly…there was no interesting to watch that drama…only see from fans attitude

  1529. 1529 : Beneva Says:

    This is a place for SEGA, so please RESPECT others.

    I like taek goo too, but in different feel as like as SEGA. Taek goo is type of family drama similiar with brilliant legacy, the both had highest ratting too, but SEGA is fairly romance-comedy drama. As romance drama, just my opinion SEGA is the best among others that i ever been seen. The best of the best drama, cause I never feel so into, some crazy feeling about this drama. This fever still it on since I’d watched SEGA for the first time long long long ago, God please help me! I’m k-drama lover since endless love, my first k-drama, but SEGA is the best drama I ever seen.

  1530. 1530 : DIANE Says:

    Thanks for visit…but if u wanna make critics…please..move
    tak goo..had a high rating too in my country…there was fans…and we loved that drama….included me love too
    but tak goo and sega had different genre…as romantic comedy lovers i prefer sega…baeksang award 2011 daesang actor year of the year- hyun bin
    there was romantic comedy lovers….melodrama and sad drama lovers…romantic family lovers…there had differentiation…….

    its so weird…tak goo lovers…in every area k-drama in this site…made a critics…to other drama..recomended and promote OK but please..respect us…dont made criticssss….thank 4 visiting to our lovely area n_n…

  1531. 1531 : KimTaGoo Fan Says:

    all of you here are lier……you like the movie because of the main actror is hyun Bin..it is not becausee of the strory line……

    i don’t agree with the statement “Baker King” is only Melodrama, and family, who said that????? i’m sure that you give your commend without watch it……

    Heloooo…this movie also Comedy…….so please, before watch don’t give commend…
    Even 49 days, Endless love better than this movie……..

    For your information:
    Only two Korean Drama have high rating Since 2000 until 2011 ( almost 11 years) :
    1. Baker King ( Peak: 50.8%, average: 38.6%)
    2. Endless Love ( Peak : 46.6%, average : 38.6%)

    in my list only those two Drama are Great………and Besttt……..

  1532. 1532 : DIANE Says:



    UP TO YOU…!!!!!!!!!!!

  1533. 1533 : Cindy Says:

    hey…I HAVE WATCHED…tak goo..3 TIMES!!!!! I AGREE WTH DIANE Become hate tak goo film…Hiiiiii….eventhough I’m not SEGA fanatics…but I agree wth SEGA FANS…hiiiiiiiyyyy….bad

  1534. 1534 : YEHindo Says:

    Udan salah lagi nulis KImTaGoo fan “KimTakGoo”…Ya terserah dong…jangan maksa…JANGAN SOK TAHU DAN SOTOY…Gimana cara ngejelasin ya….49 days, endless love tuh kebanyakan adegan sedih…jadi sudah diprediksi kamu suka sama yang bikin kamu nangis deres…
    yah,…kalau ak bisa bilang takgoo lebih baik..aku akan bilang…tapi ini fakta coy….gatau kenapanonton drama ini jujur degdegan..penasaran..tegang..ketawa ngakak..sedih…gregetan gimana ya…gatau aku ngerasainnya gitu…ak udah nonton tak goo fans…rame alur ceritanya juga bagus…tapi ak ga ngerasain itu…
    jadi tolonglah hargai tiap opini….aku aja yang fans sega,my princess…ga pernah maksa…sama bikin ribut….
    yaudah kalau mereka ga suka jangan maksa..make a peace lah..ak juga pengen mereka pada suka drama yang aku suka pengennnn….banget….tapi sadar diri..

    dewasa dong..!!!!!ini fans dibawah umur 17 yah..?

    are u understand………”kimtagoo” ……..???????????????????????

  1535. 1535 : Andi Says:

    pleasee for all baker king fans, please not come to SG forum to give negative comment here…..and for SG fans pleasee just ignore their comment, if you mature just ignore it…and don’t give comment too….
    both of SG fans and Baker King fans are like Child…..this forum but all of you like Child……
    may be they just Junior high scholl student that’s why they have emotion……

    I have watched Secreat Garden and baker King..both of them are good movie…..and become top in Korea……

    Although we can not deny that Baker King is the highest rating drama since 2000 and the best in 2010 and some countries already buy the right for this movie because BK great Movie like Singapore, malaysia,Indonesia,taiwan,kamboja,vietnam, Thailand…….but Please respect each other…

  1536. 1536 : HB Says:

    Yeah..agree wth Andi..make a headache…see this comment…..
    please…respect with another…
    1/3 critics…we are respect..but u make condition so hot…and always continously..made negative comment…maybe…sega fans angry…i think..i love both…

  1537. 1537 : Theresa Says:

    the best korean drama since “You’re Beautiful” and end year 2010! the script and acting by the actor and actress is simply excellent! 🙂 havent watch any series in 2011 as good as this one yet.

  1538. 1538 : hotjj Says:

    increadible dramas ever…!!!!!!!!!!!
    secret garden – winner baeksang award 2011…

  1539. 1539 : Cici Says:

    this the most romantic drama that i ever watch…the story line is good & fresh & all the character also perfect…all the ost also very nice…

  1540. 1540 : Jaeheeoppa Says:

    greatest drama….the year of the year……….!!!!!!!!!
    yeah…..Hyun bin…oppa…>,,

  1541. 1541 : Joonshu Says:

    Do you know that “Baker King KIm Ta Goo” movie Get/Receive Award From PRESIDENT OF SOUTH KOREA?????

    I think because of the movie is verry good and Educate us…..hahahahaha..

    i’m So happpy…because only baker King Movie get Award Directly from South Korea President…..

    DON’T YOU know there are 9 countries that have purchased broadcasting rights for Baker King??? China, Vietnam, Kambodja, Taiwan, Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, singapore, Philipina…
    wahh Baker King Very famous yahhh..not only in Korea but also in Other Countries

    How about SG????…..Poor……

  1542. 1542 : geena Says:



  1543. 1543 : Joonshu Says:


    ACTUALY I LIKE SECREAT GARDEN, BUT ONLY FEW SUCH EPISODES 1,2,11-20…..I DON’T LIKE THE EPISODE WHEN THEY AWITCH THEIR SOUL….it’s not real, and there are no events on earth like that…..how come they can switch their soul??? are they GOD?????….really, really not reall ,like fairy tale……..

  1544. 1544 : Joonshu Says:

    Average rating for whole Episodes:
    1. Baker King VS Secret garden : 38.6 % VS 24%—-> very low…..
    2. Endeless Love VS Secret garden : 38.6% VS 24%.—-> very low….
    3. Fullhouse VS Secreat Garden : 31.4 % VS 24 %——> very low…

    Can’t be Compare…….
    1. From Rating —-> SG —–> very low, how come can compete with those drama..are you blind????or you dream???? heyyy wake-up……

    2. From story line—–> SG—–> some episodes are borring( 3-11)….whilein baker king, endlesslove, and full house no episode borring, even one second no part are borring…….

    3. SG not educate us—-> it is different with Baker King, we can take some moral value from this movie..that’s why this movie get Award from President of South Korea….because this drama very educate us…..

    4. Hyun Bin acting is not Natural, specially when he was crying (writing letter to Gil raim in his own library), compare to Won Bin in Endless Love, song Hye Gyo in Endlee Love, Ta goo in Baker King……very poor acting

    5. Most of people like hyun Bin because his Face, it is not because of his acting…..compare to Kim TA Goo of course lahh Hyun Bin most famous, you know why???? because Kim ta Goo just new Comer in Korean Movie…..who knows in next 2 or 3 years he will become more famous…..

    6. Baker King already spread out to other country like China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Vietnam, Kambodja, Indonesia, Philipina, Thailand, Japan, Singapore….how About SG????? how are you????

    so that’s all my explanation……

    Notes: I do not need and force you to watch Baker King, Endless love, and Full House…i just telling you the truth., so that you wake up…..


  1545. 1545 : geena Says:

    u enter 49 days…thats fantasy….
    lovely joonshu…is that wrong if we enjoy that drama..?just enjoy.., and actually we didn’t believe seriously..u forbide? of course not..if that fairy tale we can enjoy too, u can promote takgu but dont be bad fans..wth ur – comment..u satisfied..wth ur critic..?explain more..more..until ur heart satisfied..
    can we make peace although our opinion different..? is that wrong..?
    if u say + opinion to other drama we wil reply wth + too
    if u say – opinion to other drama maybe some peoples become lazy to watch tak goo(not me coz i’ve watched)

    so far ok..we didnt disturb ur area…is that wrong if we like ths drama..?

  1546. 1546 : geena Says:

    dont just compare wth ONLY sega…????go to another area…if u will show the truth “say that tak goo ratings better than ENDLESS LVE FULL HOUSE” PROVE THAT..WTH U WRITE IN OTHER AREA
    honestly…the face yoon shi yoon more handsome than HB…
    but wth acting..i think hb is better (PERCEPTION OF PEOPLES DIFFERENT)
    I HAVE PUT SEGA DVD FOR 3 Month..coz i have no taste wth sega..it seems old actor and not handsome enough…

    hmmmmm….up 2 u…imy korean friends said tht actually HB and HJW good face enough in her country…but she judge tht she interst wth hb acting…

    hmmm..yayayaya…i respect ur opinion..

    yes..yes..yes…tur recomended more better than sega
    are u SATISFIED…???n_n

  1547. 1547 : geena Says:

    Of course…HB is new comer too …in my name kim sam soon…had high ratings…
    what we have to do to make u satisfied honey..????hhhmmm..???n_n

  1548. 1548 : Joonshu Says:

    I’m not talking only about Baker King, also Endless love, Full House and 49 Days…
    So Pleaseee do not cornering BAker King……okee…….

    Secreat Garden also good but Those Drama that i already explain much better……am i wrong to said that????…..of course not……

    okeeee…you go with your drama i go with my drama….i just give you some facts and real facts….so that you know which one is better……..oke

    as closing: Three of my best drama since 2000 – 2011 :
    1. Endless Love 1 ….
    2. Baker King Kim Ta goo….
    3. Full House…..

    Good Night all……

  1549. 1549 : Joonshu Says:

    @ Genna
    Whattt new Comer????????????? are you sure?????
    Please check againnn……if Kim Ta Goo , yesss he is new comer…..he begin to play movie in 2010……

    Hyun Bin star to play movie in year 2002…do you thinK that this is new comer?????..please open:

    My Lovely sam Soon only one episode High rating if i’m not mistake the last episode…please make averege for all episode for the rating…you will know which one is high….

    The facts: from year 2000 until 2011 only two drama have high rating Endless Love and Baker King with average rating for all episode 38.6%..so far no drama can compete them…….

  1550. 1550 : geena Says:

    n_n of course not wrong…its freedommmm huh? if u didnt listed sega, why u come ths forum…..just show it in ur fav drama area…it have no connected wth sega…honney PEACE
    thank you honey..
    have a nice day…and have a nice dreamm…n_n
    Hmm..HOW enjoy..wth a PEACE condition….

  1551. 1551 : geena Says:

    2010-06-09 01 14.2 (6th) 13.8 (7th)
    2010-06-10 02 14.4 (6th) 14.5 (7th)
    2010-06-16 03 26.4 (1st) 28.3 (1st)
    2010-06-17 04 24.2 (2nd) 26.3 (2nd)
    2010-06-23 05 27.1 (2nd) 28.4 (2nd)
    2010-06-24 06 31.1 (1st) 31.8 (1st)
    2010-06-30 07 31.0 (1st) 32.2 (1st)
    2010-07-01 08 31.6 (1st) 30.8 (1st)
    2010-07-07 09 33.4 (1st) 34.7 (1st)
    2010-07-08 10 33.0 (1st) 33.8 (1st)
    2010-07-14 11 34.1 (1st) 34.0 (1st)
    2010-07-15 12 35.3 (1st) 35.2 (1st)
    2010-07-21 13 37.3 (1st) 37.0 (1st)
    2010-07-22 14 37.9 (1st) 38.2 (1st)
    2010-07-28 15 36.6 (1st) 35.7 (1st)
    2010-07-29 16 37.9 (1st) 38.1 (1st)
    2010-08-04 17 39.5 (1st) 39.8 (1st)
    2010-08-05 18 40.5 (1st) 40.2 (1st)
    2010-08-11 19 42.3 (1st) 42.4 (1st)
    2010-08-12 20 42.6 (1st) 43.9 (1st)
    2010-08-18 21 41.9 (1st) 42.4 (1st)
    2010-08-19 22 42.3 (1st) 41.9 (1st)
    2010-08-25 23 43.6 (1st) 44.6 (1st)
    2010-08-26 24 41.9 (1st) 41.9 (1st)
    2010-09-01 25 44.0 (1st) 44.4 (1st)
    2010-09-02 26 45.0 (1st) 46.1 (1st)
    2010-09-08 27 43.3 (1st) 43.2 (1st)
    2010-09-09 28 44.7 (1st) 46.1 (1st)
    2010-09-15 29 45.3 (1st) 44.2 (1st)
    2010-09-16 30 49.3 (1st) 48.3 (1st)
    Average 36.4% 36.7% TAK GOO TNS MEDIA

    2005-06-01 ep. 1 18.3% 19.2%
    2005-06-02 ep. 2 21.3% 23.1%
    2005-06-08 ep. 3 27.8% 29.6%
    2005-06-09 ep. 4 32.7% 30.8%
    2005-06-15 ep. 5 35.4% 38.9%
    2005-06-16 ep. 6 35.1% 38.2%
    2005-06-22 ep. 7 35.6% 38.0%
    2005-06-23 ep. 8 37.7% 39.8%
    2005-06-29 ep. 9 40.7% 43.8%
    2005-06-30 ep.10 41.7% 43.5%
    2005-07-06 ep.11 44.2% 46.2%
    2005-07-07 ep.12 44.6% 46.5%
    2005-07-13 ep.13 44.7% 46.9%
    2005-07-14 ep.14 44.1% 46.9%
    2005-07-20 ep.15 47.9% 50.2%
    2005-07-21 ep.16 50.5% 53.4%
    average 37.6% 39.6%



  1552. 1552 : minsufan Says:

    To geena
    i think you are wrong…..please open:
    http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=2072 for prove….
    rating For Baker King…TNS Media…

    2010-June-09 1 15.7 (6th) 16.3 (6th)
    2010-June-10 2 16.9 (1st) 18.4 (1st)
    2010-June-16 3 28.5 (1st) 29.1 (1st)
    2010-June-17 4 25.3 (2nd) 26.4 (2nd)
    2010-June-23 5 28.5 (2nd) 28.6 (2nd)
    2010-June-24 6 32.2 (1st) 32.5 (1st)
    2010-June-30 7 33.4 (1st) 33.6 (1st)
    2010-July-01 8 35.8 (1st) 35.9 (1st)
    2010-July-07 9 38.1 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
    2010-July-08 10 34.5 (1st) 34.9 (1st)
    2010-July-14 11 35.9 (1st) 35.2 (1st)
    2010-July-15 12 36.9 (1st) 36.1 (1st)
    2010-July-21 13 38.5 (1st) 37.7 (1st)
    2010-July-22 14 38.4 (1st) 36.5 (1st)
    2010-July-28 15 39.7 (1st) 39.2 (1st)
    2010-July-29 16 39.9 (1st) 38.6 (1st)
    2010-Aug-04 17 42.5 (1st) 42.3 (1st)
    2010-Aug-05 18 44.4 (1st) 44.0 (1st)
    2010-Aug-11 19 44.9 (1st) 44.0 (1st)
    2010-Aug-12 20 44.6 (1st) 43.8 (1st)
    2010-Aug-18 21 44.0 (1st) 42.6 (1st)
    2010-Aug-19 22 43.7 (1st) 43.9 (1st)
    2010-Aug-25 23 44.1 (1st) 44.1 (1st)
    2010-Aug-26 24 44.7 (1st) 44.2 (1st)
    2010-Sep-01 25 45.8 (1st) 44.9 (1st)
    2010-Sep-02 26 48.4 (1st) 47.2 (1st)
    2010-Sep-08 27 47.5 (1st) 47.0 (1st)
    2010-Sep-09 28 48.2 (1st) 46.4 (1st)
    2010-Sep-15 29 46.5 (1st) 45.5 (1st)
    2010-Sep-16 30 50.8 (1st) 49.7 (1st)

    average 38.7%

  1553. 1553 : minsufan Says:

    i’m here not to compare one drama with other drama…in my opinion all of them are good drama…so pleaseee Joonshu and Genne…..dot make any mess here

  1554. 1554 : geena Says:

    Oh…minsunn…im sorry guys..n_n
    is that true but that from AGB Nielsen Korea not TNS media..im sorry..n_n we recomended to make a peace..but everybody who didnt like sega commented continously…
    its normal wth fans withstand as a fans…
    hmm..ok…have a nice day minsuunn aa…>.n

  1555. 1555 : ruiya Says:

    Kim Su Hanmo kobugiwa durumi……..hhhaa

  1556. 1556 : mabe mamigo Says:

    i got crazy & fall in love w/ dis drama… hoping all guyz like hyun bin role falling in love so much w/ the woman she’s really love.. do his best no matter wat happen.

  1557. 1557 : secret garden fanatic Says:

    so addicted and gaga over SECRET GARDEN….i’ve been watching this for the nth time…but still the intense of the story was still there…really no dull moment on each episode…all the star cast played their role so well….especially HYUN BIN and HA JI WON… really will fall in-love with the story….CONGRATULATIONS…. luv it so much…for me this is the NO. 1 korean drama series…

  1558. 1558 : HBHJW4ever Says:

    in my heart…n_n i like the story…i enjoy with this story line…unique…different with other……….
    i will love this drama…YEONGWHONI…>.

  1559. 1559 : koreandramafan Says:

    I already watch this drama series….
    the story line is great and good drama….
    but there are no moral values that we can take and we can apply to our life…..just Good….that’s it……

    I watch another Drama, i forget the Title, later i tell you….
    That drama is about Bread, if i’m not mistake the name of that guy is TA GOO…..that drama is not only great in story line and high rating but also we can take some moral value from that movie and educate us……..
    this is The real Drama i think……

    2 Thumbs up and 3 stars for SG movie…5 Thumbs up and 5 stars for that movie ( bread movie, i forget the Title)

  1560. 1560 : takgu99 Says:


    same with u…… all new drama can;t challenge baker king…….
    baker NO.1……… 😀

  1561. 1561 : takgu99 Says:

    to all kdrama fans….
    why do we have to fight..? hello…realize la…it’s just the drama ok!
    when u all fight wt each other. What rewards do you receive?
    ipad2,iphone,vaio….plz tell me…..

    if u want to give an opinion…dont say harsh word….talk very properly….
    if u want to compare…..compare properly…..
    it’s easy right? think carefully….. if u r matured,act as an adult ok…dont act like kindergarden kids…fight for nothing!!!

    the reason i write this bcoz i dont want baker king n SG fans fight….
    honestly,, i really2 love both drama, even i’ve watched SG until ep 12 only….baker king i’ve completed…
    when u compare hyun bin n yoon shi yoon,, of course hyun bin is better..he has more experience than YSY…. n YSY is a new comer….
    don’t fight ok…..just enjoy watch kdrama just like me….
    n never talk bad about kdrama that we hate…..
    hope tomorrow is better than today….good luck!!!

  1562. 1562 : binwon Says:

    @ takgu99 — what are you talking about? excuse me but you initiated the fight! have you forgotten your negative criticisms/comments about SEGA? so don’t you dare tell us not to fight and be friendly with you because you started it. don’t leave a single comment here if you will only promote your takgu. go to takgu comment page instead. ok? you don’t belong here. you are free to leave now! as in now!

  1563. 1563 : binwon Says:

    @ takgu99 — also want to clarify that we are not saying anything bad about takgu. tell it to your face.

  1564. 1564 : sara Says:

    you know I have no idea why but ( i do not want to start a fight) I just did not quite understand the love between the 2 main characters .I was asking my self well the guy just looks down on her and the girl gets humiliated over and over , so why on earth this people love each other? but I liked kim Sarang and Yoon Sang hyun.

  1565. 1565 : me Says:

    ow.. come on.. i believe non of the actors/actress made this film to make the viewers fighting.. they wanted us to enjoy the film.
    don’t make them sad with these comments…

  1566. 1566 : someone 8) Says:

    OMFG, i watched this drama last year .. but i didn’t pay attention to the ratings .
    the ratings are boss & so is the drama ! (H)

  1567. 1567 : shin min Says:

    for those who say’s that this kDrama has no moral value thats not true !! :))

    every drama have moral values .. so but if you did’nt got any moral value on this drama, who cares ? I know that Baker King was good enough !

    but why did you have to comment here that this drama has no moral value ? you can just keep it on your self then go on to your favorite drama baker king, tell the whole world that that drama is not only great in story line and high rating but also we can take some moral value from that movie and educate us… ok ?

  1568. 1568 : febie rose Says:

    one of the best korean drama ever…..the story and the was so great! the producer,the staff,the writers.and the actors…omg!they are damn good^_^

  1569. 1569 : takgu99 Says:


    can u go to page 59 of sega….
    u read my comment there,,, i never talked bad things about this drama…..
    Do you really understand this sentence “i really2 love both drama, even i’ve watched SG until ep 12 only” …?? do u really understand word ‘love’
    i just want u all try to watch baker king…not to fight….that why i promote….
    im just promote baker king n i dont talked bad thing about SEGA…
    i just dont want u all fight for nothing…why difficult for you to take the easy way out ….
    n lastly,,dont forget to read my comment at page 59….

  1570. 1570 : christine Says:

    agree to what shin min’s says….
    this is my favorite k drama….

  1571. 1571 : Geena Says:

    yes TAKGU99 I know..u never commented bad things..bout sega…n_n…thanks for like for sega takgu….n_n….i like kimtakgoo too…n_n
    to all fans…we are friends as k-drama fans…n_n
    so respect us…ok

  1572. 1572 : Geena Says:

    i believe takgu99 n_n …I KNOW the crtitics was commented by OTHER tak goo fans…
    its normally if every fav kdrama fans respect for neggative fav kdrama…n_n
    binwon….i know ur feelings…I have to clarified about they commented neggative sega..cause they commented bad things about sega…in the fact we never commented bad things about tak goo…


  1573. 1573 : Geena Says:

    Up…up…up…SEGA FANS to comment this page…n_n…NOW we talk around of SEGA…How SEGA can make us crazy….>.

  1574. 1574 : takgu99 Says:

    agree with u geena….
    to all kdrama fans….remember word ‘PEACE’ OK.. 😀
    dont fight for nothing….n just enjoy watching kdrama….
    love hyun bin n ha ji won….both acting was superb!!!

  1575. 1575 : binwon Says:

    @takgu99 and all takgu followers — whatever! just go to takgu comment page if you will only promote takgu here. this is for secret garden fans only.

  1576. 1576 : Coolblue Says:

    whhha….ireoke baraman…bumyo…honja….

    i love this song…cua..cua..cua…
    that woman n tht man
    baek ji young n Hyun bin …kkkyyaa

  1577. 1577 : Coolblue Says:

    DAMN….sega…i always thingking bout sega…until brought into dreams… wottuke..ottuke…

  1578. 1578 : luzzy Says:

    Hi I hope Secret Garden will be make a part II show. I really like it.

  1579. 1579 : NOMU123 Says:

    Aigoo.aiigo.. How an ironic me!! crazy bcoz this drama….the story line.., acting…ok..perfect!!!!

  1580. 1580 : ui Says:

    Yeah…I HOPE SEGA will make a sequel….>-

  1581. 1581 : SGlovers Says:

    THe best drama the year of the year…HOW MARVEOULOS!!!!!!!

  1582. 1582 : tyne Says:

    My korean drama addiction started with this…entertaining to the highest level and exciting to the max….just a little bit sad after knowing that the lead actor ordered to serve his country….Surely his fans missed him sooooo very much…..count me in!!

  1583. 1583 : Mice Says:

    Still have fever!
    Not yet interest in another kdrama after sega, sigh!
    Sega too perfect…..
    ‘that man love that woman’ is perfect couple in the world. This is name destiny.

  1584. 1584 : yogiBear Says:

    SeGa! SeGa! i LOVE SeGa…..

  1585. 1585 : glen Says:

    Good…..not too amazing and Great……….many drama much better than this drama….as koreandrama fan, i would like to suggest you to watch:
    1. 49 Days
    2. Baker King
    3. Endless love
    4. You are beautiful
    5. Fashion 70…

    those drama much better than this drama….

  1586. 1586 : Roz Says:

    I love both the song and the story. It’s GREAT~ >.

  1587. 1587 : Roz Says:

    There are some thrilling scene that I love. Actually I like the sit up scene xixiixxixi :))
    so much fun and romantic too , when a man do love a woman.

    I hope Secret Garden will be make a part II^^

  1588. 1588 : tyaMuu Says:

    aaaaaa im so fall in love with this drama

  1589. 1589 : me!! Says:

    i love secret garden so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the best korean drama ever!!!! +_+

  1590. 1590 : 49daysfan Says:

    Try to watch 49 days….this korean drama series much better than Secreat Garden……trust me….

    Many people here like this drama because the main actor is Hyun Bin..
    Honestly, the story line of this drama litle bit Borring……….
    Acting of Hyun Bin look not natural, especially when he was crying ( write letter to Gil raim)….i was laugh when i look him crying……poor actor……….

    oh i forget another good Korean drama than SeGa: Baker King Kim tak goo…romance, action, Comedy, Melodrama..complete in One drama………

  1591. 1591 : e Says:

    i already watch 49 days , but i’m sure there noway it can be better than SG !

  1592. 1592 : byin Says:

    I gree with @e say…..
    SEGA is the best.

  1593. 1593 : KimMinJung Says:

    Halooo SeGa fans…..i’m Kim from South Korea… this drama very, very famous in south korea but not very, very famous as baker King Kim tak goo at that time….but i still like the Story line…………i only don’t like part of Osaka and his Girl Friends………..

    Nowdays, 49 days and City Hunter famous in South Korea, try to watch it……i’m sure that you will fall in love ewith those two drama………

  1594. 1594 : takgu99 Says:

    @ kim min jung

    ya!! you’re right!!!
    i have done watched 49 days,, very interesting!!….n now i watch city hunter! really2 great story…….city hunter really dont waste my time!!! not bored at all….n i so excited!!! n i love park min young …she’s so cute…
    can’t wait to watch ending of city hunter…. 😀

  1595. 1595 : tin Says:

    i am not a korean but as ihave seen and watched it i was so fascinated that something like that can be done to make each day so precious to me ,considering the fact that it is only a fantasy melo drama but it stroke me as a person. even if for you koreans this may not be the best ever that you have watched its ok because in my heart and my mind watching secret garden made me believe that there is nothing impossible when it comes to love!i do hope i can learn your language so that when the next secret garden 2 will be aired i can watch it without reading the subtitles.goodwork secret garden actors,actress and staff!i hope there will be another secret garden in the future and im looking forward for it!

  1596. 1596 : shinmin Says:

    @ 49daysfan .. its just your opinion, but for us SECRET GARDEN is No. 1 !!


  1597. 1597 : ra won Says:

    i love watching secret garden.. im the one of segadict.. here in philippines, i always watch it.. its giving me inspiration to learn tha language of korea… so that, when i go there in south korea, i can meet the good actors and actresses… i really love it…. keep FIGHTING!!!!

  1598. 1598 : Kiran Says:

    @glen : i have watched ur list korean drama at all, but my perception sega the best n_n im sorry, thnks 4 recomended us..good day
    i dont know, dissapointed with 49 days ending..overall good story n_n,,im sorry my perception SEGA the best..hhee..sorry good day..

  1599. 1599 : Maki Says:

    hyun bin oppa!!! saranghe ♥♥

    I’ve watched 49 days, but I think SeGa is better!!! 49 days ending is not soOooo happy:'( quite thrilling yes, but Love story wise, definitely, it’s secret garden!!!

  1600. 1600 : SGlovers Says:

    hmmm i dunno about his private doctor…she is ex girlfriend kim joo won..?
    good actor and actrees…nomu..nomu cuaae…

  1601. 1601 : UEE Says:

    I think playgul kiss and marry me marry shouldn’t be topped because both drama was very2 BAD!!
    SEGA is better!!!!!

  1602. 1602 : Abbie Says:

    49 Days and Baker King are boring. Secret Garden is the BEST DRAMA OF ALL TIME!!!! your argument is invalid 😉

  1603. 1603 : ANDI Says:

    wow .. SECRET GARDEN was the best drama series that i watched .. im really really obsses to that drama series .. ILOVE HYUN BIN .. 🙂

  1604. 1604 : yulkimn Says:

    i love oska…instead of everyone like the main actor n actress story…i love oska story more…they shud make one drama bout oska…hehe..^^

    i agree with u…MMM..n PK shouldn’t be on top…its just because the lead actor…dat why they on top….

  1605. 1605 : SGlovers Says:

    ckckc…yes MMM and PK on the topped because lead actor…JGS and KHJ…Popular actor…..SEGA the best from story line , acting, and actor…

    SO…FULFILL this commented…COME ON….U MUST OFTEN comment in this area…okokokoki..

  1606. 1606 : SGlovers Says:

    S uperb korean drama
    E xcited to watched
    G great actor , acting and story line
    A awesome..of overall…………..

  1607. 1607 : SGlovers Says:

    SEGA lovers…come on…comment for this area only….sega fans…>.n
    SEGA always in my heart…
    firstly..just see cover sega i haven’t excited and interest to watch..
    i try to wach ep 1 only 5 minutes..and i thought…this film bored…
    i try until 4 times…
    but in 5 times..try to watch again until end,….
    waw…awesome drama.out of standing……….

  1608. 1608 : yooshiyoonfanfanatics Says:

    @ abiie
    Please…don’t lie….you haven’t watch Baker King, 49 days…even City hunter better than Se Ga…..
    if SeGa is the Best why Baker King Got Title ” National Korean Drama ” not SeGa?????? can you explain????
    Why Baker King Get Award Directly From PRESIDENT OF SOUTH KOREA, not SeGa?????………..
    Why the viewer rating of Baker King much..much Higher than SeGa??? can you explain??????
    if Baker King borring, why Baker King Drama has sold to 15 Countries??? even in kuwait??? can you explain????

    City Hunter not finished yet in Korea. now still in episode 14, but why 6 countries already buy that drama???? can you explain????

    Romanace, Action, Melodrama, Familiy, Friendship, complete in One drama —-> Baker King

  1609. 1609 : bunny Says:

    Its july already.. but SG is always in my heart….
    Love SG sooooo muuuucch!!!! Kyaaaakkkk!!!!
    HB… Spend ur holiday this month with HJW pleaaseeee!!! 🙂

  1610. 1610 : Cici Says:

    yalah yalah…baker king is the best…in your mind only….

    but please go away….here is SEGA’s page…..

    we’re here to support SEGA & it’s the best in our mind…no matter how…

  1611. 1611 : V3 Says:

    ckckck…yoon shi yoon…
    however perceptions every peoples will be different…how u can judge it to our self..?
    i have watched 49 days and baker king tak goo..however..in my opinion i prefer sega…if 49 days and takgoo be better in ur opinion..its ur freedom …..and we respect that…
    u must respect us…every drama will have fans…
    49 days…dissapointed with ending…
    tak goo…good too..its complete…
    but im sorry our opinion sega the best….n_n…
    good day…

  1612. 1612 : Livia_Catiline_Cicero Says:

    Wag na kasing pansinin ang mga naninira… ingit lang yan sa Secret Garden.

    Guys… just ignore those people.They find happiness by making those comments. At least they keep SG thread move fast, in some way they help us. Thanks to the detractors of SG, keep it up… lol…

  1613. 1613 : alvey Says:

    whoa! i usually dont watch this kind of fantasy romance BUT this was simply great!!

  1614. 1614 : elasyh Says:


  1615. 1615 : Caroline Says:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgihetned my day!

  1616. 1616 : Christine Says:

    thumbs up….what a perfect k drama that i ever watch.
    all the good one…story line, actors, actress, scenery, ost & many many more…..unforgettable…

  1617. 1617 : Zurro Says:

    YESSSS! Watch it. It’s funny and romantic with a bit of magic – the soul swapping is a great idea and they act it amazingly well. I promise you won’t regret it 🙂

  1618. 1618 : azriel Says:

    i’ve watched so much drama before SECRET GARDEN…. i can’t think of any other drama that can be compared to this one…

    CUZ IT’S WAY WAY WAY BETTER…. there are a lot of good kdramas too but…. this drama is a whole different level!

    the execution of scenes between gil ra im and joo won is SIMPLE but FLAWLESS

  1619. 1619 : Dimsss Says:

    i miss Secret Garde so much. wish it was never end. BEST KDRAMA IVE SEEN!!!! to the people who haven’t watched this drama, GO WATCH IT. its a must see drama. i highly recommended this to all pf you! 😀

  1620. 1620 : Abbie Says:

    @yooshiyoonfanfanatics dude, calm the eff down! this is Secret Garden page, indeed the people here think SEGA is better than your precious “NATIONAL *COUGH*BORING*COUGH* DRAMA” go praise your national drama on their page, and don’t come here if you don’t like Secret Garden. KTHXBAI.

  1621. 1621 : Miyumiiii89 Says:

    @Abbie LOL, i love your comment. SECRET GARDEN IS THE BEST!!!!! 😀

  1622. 1622 : l3na Says:

    SG is d best KDRAMA
    Love it !!!

  1623. 1623 : leean Says:

    i disagree to what 1601 said!
    SG may be the best but the playfull kiss may not be the worst!

  1624. 1624 : Malaysian girl Says:

    Secret Garden is fantastic comedy-romantc drama.Very funny and many memorable scene. Good acting from both actor and actress. Refreshing and well-done. I just don’t really like the oska n his girlfriend scenes.heee…

    As fpr tak gu..Guys, chill out. Yup, baker kim tak gu is one of the best, high moral value, fantastic script and storyline drama i had ever watch! Learn a lot from it. However, it does not make secret garden any less good. It is good in a different way

    Secret Garden are for those who want to chill out, laugh and relax. Kim tak gu is a heavier story that teach us a lot about life.

    Both are good undoubtedly!!In their own different way!=)

  1625. 1625 : hjwon Says:

    @abbie — i agree with you! this page is for SEGA fans! 🙂
    yes SEGA is undoubtedly the best kdrama of all time!

  1626. 1626 : hjwon Says:

    @ yooshiyoonfanfanatics — in your dreams! har!har! 🙂 SEGA is definitely the best Kdrama of all time! 🙂

  1627. 1627 : ryeong8 Says:


  1628. 1628 : Gracelin Says:

    That’s relaly shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

  1629. 1629 : yogiBear Says:

    SeGa!!!SeGa!!!My top list favourite drama…can’t get u out of my mind..ottoke???

  1630. 1630 : V3 Says:

    Whhha….greatest…korean drama…ever…sega…sega…

  1631. 1631 : viesa Says:

    I really should re-watch Secret Garden again….cause I missed Binnie oppa so much.

  1632. 1632 : sachy Says:

    i love secret garden !! love the cast..

  1633. 1633 : hjwon Says:

    SEGA is definitely the best Kdrama! super like the character of kim joo won and gil ra im. hope Ha ji won and Hyun Bin will be together in real life… The chemistry between them is simply amazing.

  1634. 1634 : yogiBear Says:

    All i can say is LOVE!LOVE!LOVE this drama….SECRET GARDEN!!!!Fighting!!!!

  1635. 1635 : Astri80 Says:

    i’ve watched so much drama before SECRET GARDEN…. i can’t think of any other drama that can be compared to this one…

    CUZ IT’S WAY WAY WAY BETTER…. there are a lot of good kdramas too but…. this drama is a whole different level!

    the execution of scenes between gil ra im and joo won is SIMPLE but FLAWLESS

  1636. 1636 : krisni73 Says:

    the story line is unique, definitely one of a kind..the actors are great, really gave justice to their roles..their lines are amazing..I’m totally in love with it..its not just funny and entertaining, its also romatic and values for the family…super thumbs up!!!! SECRET GARDEN FEVER IS DEFINITELY ON! 🙂

  1637. 1637 : Neil S. Says:

    For me, there are only two words that comes on my mind when i think of secret garden.. “magic” & “love”.. Perhaps the best korean drama for 2011.

  1638. 1638 : Neil S. Says:

    Furthermore, for me, Kim Joo Won is my most favorite male korean drama character. His lines & script in secret garden is very much awesome specially on how he expressed & confessed his love for Ra Im. He’s so cool.

  1639. 1639 : Sony Says:

    Sweat as always…Like a romance song listened at night…

  1640. 1640 : jane Says:

    Watched it so many times and I still super like it….. maybe another series for the lead actors they look good together … for the writer great concept great story…. brilliant mind!!!!!

  1641. 1641 : jasime_luthfi Says:

    WAW………superb…korean drama….recomended…!!!!!!!!!1

  1642. 1642 : iman Says:


  1643. 1643 : Christine Says:


  1644. 1644 : jing2x Says:

    i love this drama soooo much! still the best!

  1645. 1645 : grashie Says:

    hyun bin and ha ji won portait their characters very well and they can carried all their viewers.. you can feel the love is on the air if you watch this drama… hope there is part 2 for this… fighting!

  1646. 1646 : Alex Says:

    At first, the story and main actors did not appeal to me. But after a couple episodes I began to fall in love with Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. I’ve never seen such great chemistry on-screen and off. Gil Ra Im became my ideal girl, because of her personality and looks.

  1647. 1647 : Kat26ona Says:

    Great story…the power of love prevails and conquers all…one of the best.

  1648. 1648 : christine Says:

    excellent acting + superb plot + hillarious and witty lines + unforgettable scenes = perfection…..This is the drama that you shouldn’t miss watching….

    WARNING: If you watch the first episode your bound to be addicted with till the end….especially to Joo Won….;)

  1649. 1649 : SGLOVER31 Says:

    i’ve watched many kdramas before, but this drama is PERFECTION. i can definitely say the ‘it’ factor of this drama is Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won! the chemistry is there, sizzling-sparkling-undeniably HOT!!! if you haven’t watched Secret Garden, go WATCH IT. you’re missing out big time!

  1650. 1650 : Jack Says:

    I really love secret garden! (the best Korean drama ever). I love you Ha Ji-won…

  1651. 1651 : wdr Says:


  1652. 1652 : KDaddict Says:

    #1627 asks: SG vs TGL which one is the better drama. That is a really good question. SG n TGL are 2 of my top 3 favorite KDs. Both are truly wonderful. I like TGL v much, but I LOVE SG. I’ve been thinking abt why. I think it’s becos:
    Joo Won loves GRI the 1st day he saw her (as a stuntwoman); (It took DKJ a long time);
    JW has to overcome his own aversion to poverty in a woman b4 he can accept GRI;
    JW has been running after GRI ever since;
    (DKJ is just in love w himself);
    JW has to fight his mother in order to be w/GRI;
    (DKJ doesn’t);
    The sexual tension betwn them jumps off the screen;
    The body switching is so new, so rare, so daring in KD;
    The plot boldly goes where no one has gone b4;
    JW is willing to give his life so that GRI can live using his body (while he remains comatose in hers);
    (All that DKJ has to worry abt is his own heart):
    Yoon Sang Hyun adds so much to the drama;
    So does the young gay male singer who loves Oska;
    The OSTs by Baek Ji Yong, 4Man n YoonSH are just sooo v lovely;
    GRI is a stand-out, memorable female character in KD, so physically strong; just as JW falls in love w her when he sees her do stunts, I too fall in love w her with her short sexy haircut and fancy moves;
    (AJ is a nice considerate girl-next-door);
    Ha Ji Won simply shines as GRI;
    And I haven’t even started to talk abt Hyun Bin yet!
    By comparison, I think TGL has:
    very smart writing, in dialogue;
    a stand-out char in Dokko Jin;
    so much cuteness in Ding Dong;
    Cha SW playing Dokko Jin with fantastic comic effect; n of course GHJ is lovely as always.
    In the end, which of these 2 shows you love more depends on whether you react more to KJW n GRI as characters n as lovers, or DKJ n GAJ as char n as lovers. Both shows make me so much happier in 2011. Thank you to both teams.

  1653. 1653 : yasz Says:

    awesome, kim joo woon portraits his character perfectly as like gil ra im. hopefully there will be another drama for lead actor and actress!!! rated 10

  1654. 1654 : V3 Says:

    SEGA…I’ve fallin in love…wth u…
    actor..(of course), actrees..ACTING..chemistry,plot, story line..OST…WAW…AMAZINGLY….DRAMA..AWESOME , OUT OF STANDING…hhhe

  1655. 1655 : V3 Says:

    Ottokeo…? still fallin in love and remembered this drama…althought I’ve watched another drama…….OMO…SEGA…IS THE BESTTTTTT DRAMA… EVER….#1…

  1656. 1656 : V3 Says:

    Addicted…!!! 10/10……!!!NUMBER ONE…

  1657. 1657 : Denta Says:

    Love in the air…..
    Hyun bin and ha ji won are perfectly couple in drama and reality.
    In Sega their destiny was made.
    Sega is perfect rom-com drama so far. The ending their destiny was simple but touch my hearth so deep.
    Hopefuly, their’ll be the real couple.
    Hyun bin-shii catch and hold on jiwon unni for the rest of ur life!

  1658. 1658 : azsein Says:

    hait! hait! hait! im so in-love in this hyun bin & ha jin won couple! i really love it!.. specially to ha jin won i like her, she have a pretty face, hahaha tama ngA C KIM JOO WOON super ka-inlove c GIL RA IM! . . ..
    Sana magkaroon pa sila ng other show together,. God Bless to all cast!!!

  1659. 1659 : Roket Says:


  1660. 1660 : danish Says:

    love…love this drama 🙂

  1661. 1661 : danish Says:

    i’ll never forget this drama, love hyun bin n ha ji won…gooooddd drama..

  1662. 1662 : yogiBear Says:

    The drama, OST and even the BTS are really GREAT..
    Enjoy everything about it….
    Secret Garden is unforgettable drama.
    For SeGa lovers….have a wonderful day and don’t forget to watch and rewatch the drama. 🙂

  1663. 1663 : Cheng Says:

    I soooooo LOVE SEGA !!! certified SEGA addict here!!! i watched it over & over again… HB & HJW are match made in HEAVEN.. ooohh… & I love Secretary KIM also..

  1664. 1664 : rachel Says:

    i LOve OSKA!!

  1665. 1665 : Goura Goura Says:

    this drama is really2 great…
    n it have an interesting plot..
    n i will not forget this drama…
    i like it..!!

  1666. 1666 : jerry Says:

    Secret Garden is the best Dorean drama i’ve ever seen! Miss Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. Hope they will have another project, after Hyun Bin completed his military service. 🙂

  1667. 1667 : binwon Says:

    definitely the best drama of all time!

  1668. 1668 : prescious Says:

    im so amaze of this story 😉 super as in…
    unpredictable… hyu bin a like so much since kim sam soon started… hehe
    hope to see and know more of you.. i love secret garden pramise.. i thought that story would not make sense, but when i watch it im very surprise, it was so so nice…. ;)…

  1669. 1669 : danish Says:

    SG is the best… 🙂

  1670. 1670 : danish Says:

    miss hyun bin oppa… watch again SEGAA

  1671. 1671 : sweet Says:

    must watch SEGA, its very romantic n funny drama…

  1672. 1672 : sweet Says:

    bagus banget korea drama ini, …kudu nonton ya, gaak nyesel deh…

  1673. 1673 : pur Says:

    this drama is very awesome,,, love ha ji won n hyun bin, nice couple…

  1674. 1674 : ari Says:

    itsssss AMAZING DRAMA…fantasy n funny 🙂

  1675. 1675 : ClaudiaKaterine Says:

    it’s the best drama i’ve watched so far!the soundtrack and the plot in this drama are really touching…especially the cast!SeGa 2 pleasee :”)

  1676. 1676 : takgu99 Says:

    @ goura goura

    amboi kaw!!! amboi…..lbih2 plak…

  1677. 1677 : chi bonifacio Says:

    . great koreanovela i’d ever seen !, yet very touching —
    i love the songs but until now i did’nt know what’s the title of it IS THERE ANYBODY KNOWS THE TITLE ? : ) answer me pls. for those concern citizens haha .
    I WISH FOR PART II haha ,. i love you hyun bin —

  1678. 1678 : chi bonifacio Says:

    hoping for hyun bin and ha ji-won’s next team up on a koreanovela also .. i really admire them both — : )

  1679. 1679 : AIRA Says:


  1680. 1680 : CRIZYRA Says:


  1681. 1681 : MARIE ANGELINE DELA CERNA Says:

    hello……….. im the number 1 fan of secret garden sana maulit ito pero filipino version
    gusto ko gaganap na jamie ay c marian rivera at c owen naman ay c dingdong dantes

  1682. 1682 : kjw Says:

    miss my oppa hyun bin! want to see him again with ha ji won. hope after hyun bin finishes his military service he will have a another project with hjw. want them to be together again.. on and off the screen of course! 🙂

  1683. 1683 : hwang-gyo Says:

    I lke this drama, cause this drama,so I like hyun-bin oppa…very much!! So must to watch…

  1684. 1684 : hanna Says:

    I really like this drama. Best of the best. The story is wonderful, full of love and all the actor and actress is good. Hyun bin and ha ji won is a really nice couple. I love hyun bin! He is so handsome and full of charisma! Love hyun bin oppa!

  1685. 1685 : rachel Says:

    all the character is good. hyun bin and ha ji won is a nice couple. sang hyun is really funny and all the cast is so lovely!

  1686. 1686 : zuneeaeka Says:

    it was a cool drama,, i love it, i love it, i love it 1000x
    hyun bin is seriously coooooolll, ha ji won too..
    hope they’re pairng again in another drama.. ^.^v

  1687. 1687 : mary grace reyes Says:

    secret garden is beautiful korean drama i like ha ji won and hyun bin and the song is good scars i like it i’m no.1 fan of secret garden gob bless
    i wish more korean drama that ha ji won and hyun bin that partners

  1688. 1688 : raegilwoon Says:

    i love secret garden as in i love Ra im and joo won

  1689. 1689 : Sony Says:

    Missing, missing, missing u… Secret Garden!

  1690. 1690 : krezzel mae Says:

    super ganda talaga ng nobela nakakabaliw pati ung mga songs ang gaganda rin kahit hindi namain naiintindihan hahhaha ang TITLE NGA PALA NG SONG ”THAT MAN” BY; hyun bin

  1691. 1691 : ina rebecca soque Says:

    .,.anyeong haseyo…does anybody knows who sang the “that woman” which oppa Hyun Bin also sang???

    .,.i really love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won’s loveteam! cho wa nun! cho wa nun!
    .,.kam sa ham ni da!chosim haseyo!

  1692. 1692 : Josefina Luz Tablate Says:

    i really love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won’s loveteam!
    I will Miss SECRET GARDEN on GMA 7

  1693. 1693 : teazze Says:

    I watch it over and over again.. And I keep falling in love with both leads..

    And the ending of this drama is the best ending I ever watched.. The ending like conclude all the 20 episodes..

    LOVE LOVE LOVE This drama ♥ ♥

  1694. 1694 : Christine Says:

    To 1691, ina rebecca soque,

    ‘That Woman’ sing by Baek Ji Young & ‘That Man’ sing by Hyun Bin.

  1695. 1695 : pjy galifianakis Says:

    im going miss secret garden, gonna miss hyun bin in military ~
    wish see ha ji won play role with hyun bi, they such a great couple ~~!!!!

  1696. 1696 : kjw Says:

    indeed the best kdrama of all time! hyun bin so handsome!

  1697. 1697 : coralou Says:

    so sad that this drama has come to an end. the last episode was aired last night, and i’m gonna miss it’s casts.:( but i like how the relationship of owen & jamie ended and so as with the other characters of the story.

  1698. 1698 : western Says:

    try to watch 49 days and city hunter. i think 49 days story line much better that this. middle of this drama was boring.

  1699. 1699 : aira(hasmin) Says:

    ,,,,….mamimimiss ko ang secret garden sa sorbrang ganda nakakapag ako puyat pero ok lang maganda naman ang story at bagay ang love team kakilig talaga!!!!!

  1700. 1700 : criztina Says:

    s0brang nakakakilig talaga ang secret garden sana maulit uli?????
    i love u s0 much sophie and oska????????????

  1701. 1701 : kjw Says:

    @western – whatever! fyi, this is SEGA territory. you are not welcome to post negative comment/s about SEGA just to promote your favorite drama! good bye and good day!

  1702. 1702 : ccaaa Says:

    oppaa …
    kamu teah menyihir kamu dengan aktingmu itu ….

    sarangheeee …..

  1703. 1703 : ari Says:

    its nice drama…wAtch…watch …again this drama not make me bore…

  1704. 1704 : jesa nuevacobita Says:

    nice drama!!! SUPER!!! I love you both HA JI WON and HYUN BIN

  1705. 1705 : criztina Says:

    i love secret garden sana may part 2 pa ito habang buhay ko itong panonourin sobrang nakakakilig tlaga grabe??????????

    mayla pineda and criztina pineda

  1706. 1706 : ina rebecca soque Says:

    .,.thank you Christine 🙂
    .,.i’ve been searching that song for almost four nights…
    .,.thanks to you…kam sa hab ni da chin-gu 🙂

  1707. 1707 : sarah Says:

    kyaa~ kilig much!

  1708. 1708 : oppahb Says:

    missing hyun bin so much! hope i’ll see him with ha ji won now he is on vacation from military service. like them to be together. strong chemistry. 🙂

  1709. 1709 : J.L. Says:


  1710. 1710 : Mawee Says:

    The airing of Secret Garden in the Philippines will end tonight. I’m gonna miss Kim Joo Won. Nice to see you back Oppa! I hope you enjoy your vacation. I wish to see a picture of him during his vacation. Secret Garden is the best! 🙂 I’ll never get tired of watching it over and over again! 🙂

  1711. 1711 : ayu Says:

    i love secret garden so much… really like hyun bin + ha ji won..:D

  1712. 1712 : ina rebecca soque Says:

    .,.darn!it’s already finished…:( i’m going to miss this korean drama…
    .,.anyway…i really laugh out loud when i once again watch the kissing scene of Yoon Sang Hyun and Hyun Bin!!!i wonder how many times they filmed it…

  1713. 1713 : shine Says:

    I will miss The Secret Garden soap opera, this evening-7/29/2011,airing will end (here in the philippines).. I love watching both HA JI WON and HYUN BIN, they are good actresses/actor, i love also the character.. The story is so magical, so romantic and entertaining,madami pang mggandang lines na very emotional. Sana may replay, Looking forward to see more good movies/soap opera to the two of HA JI WON and HYUN BIN together again!
    Congrats to the secret garden!
    Ang gagaling ng Cast! ganda ng kwento.!

  1714. 1714 : fila Says:

    Goodluck to Hyun Bin on your military training. I am looking forward for your next acting same with the rest of the casts. Secret Garden will be treasured as one of a very good telenovela….

  1715. 1715 : aerrow Says:

    Started watching this drama…really nice and natural…..

    People who likes HYUN BIN, watch film ” A Millionaire’s first love”

    Its really awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  1716. 1716 : yhan & yeya Says:

    Secret Garden Rockss my World!!!!
    -it simply describe the real meaning of LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and TRIALS..
    we will missed this telenovela…

    Secret Garden is the best koreanovela I’ve watched in my life. Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin is the perfect couple in the Whole Koreanovela. Everytime i watched it i felt KILIGGGGGZZZZ and excitement.. Bye Secret Garden i will never forget it!!! LOVEMHUAA >_

  1717. 1717 : lizel Says:

    i really luv the scret garden it is so nice i luv it ..esp. to hyun bin & ha ji won

  1718. 1718 : amran Says:

    my girl is better!! fullSTOP!

  1719. 1719 : Rhoda Says:

    yeah this korean drama rocks!! i love it and also there love theme.. :)) i love the old cyrus of KIM SAM SOON !! 🙂 love you Owen kim and jaime ::))))))

  1720. 1720 : Greentea Says:

    Hyun Bin is great in this drama. I actually hunt back all his previous drama and movie after watching Secret Garden. But I cant find Last Autumn in my country. I wonder how do I able to get it. Secret Garden is a fairy tale drama. KIm Joo Won is so romantic and loving in his character no doubt of his sarcastic words. Hyun Bin…you can act. Thumbs up.

  1721. 1721 : aiune-chan Says:

    wwwwwwwwwow nCe dramA i love korean n_

  1722. 1722 : aiune-chan Says:

    what title song in drama????

  1723. 1723 : manatee Says:

    Love all of you!!

  1724. 1724 : KDaddict Says:

    This is one of the best KDs of all time! Unfortunately, it started broadcasting at the end of 2010 n finished its run in Jan 2011. So it was not included in the list of KDs for Best Drama of the Year in 2010. Ppl have short memory, so by the end of 2011, they may go for other shows that r more recent (LTM, 49Ds, whatever).
    Pls keep commenting, n keep the fire burning for our favorite show. If each of us comment twice, instead of once, it makes a BIG difference. Hate to see its ranking in # of Comments slipping below LTM already!
    SEGA supporters, AJA!!!

  1725. 1725 : KDaddict Says:

    There are many songs in drama. They made at least 3 CDs for the OSTs. You can buy them on Yesasia. com

  1726. 1726 : KDaddict Says:

    Pls see what kjw has to say on #1701!
    Can you find the thread for your favorite show? Just go to Drama List at the top of this page n scroll down.

  1727. 1727 : cedric Says:

    im so happy because im wacth every day im miss secret garden im cedric lucero

  1728. 1728 : Happy Says:

    i just like this drama!! and the actors ; specially Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won

    happy from tunisia

  1729. 1729 : parangengotlangnasaLTM Says:

    @ KDaddict

    eh parang iisang tao lang ang nagpo post sa LTM thread, parang mga tanga at baliw lang… mataasan lang ang Secret Garden sa dami ng post ginawang chat box ang page nila… lol…

    Dont worry we’re not competing against them, let them be…

  1730. 1730 : oppahb Says:

    miss my oppa hyun bin! wanna see him. waaahhh! now that he’s on vacation from military service, hope will see photos of him together with his love, ha ji won. 🙂

  1731. 1731 : HBHJW4ever Says:

    MISS THIS DRAMA…so MUCHH,,,………………
    The best drama…ever………….

  1732. 1732 : adiputra1987 Says:

    First of all, i would like to say sorry for Admin, because i will give negative comment about this drama, if you want to delete it its oke.

    firstly i think this drama was great and awesome because some of my friends recommended me to watch this drama. when i start to watch this drama, for the first four episode i like this drama, but when it is going to next episode after episode 4 it was boring and i lost my concentration to watch this drama, it just boring, and not interesting at all. and i haven’t finished watch this drama until now.

    I’m so sory to all SeGa fans. may be this is just my opinion.

  1733. 1733 : hbhjw Says:

    miss secret garden so much! the best korean drama of all time! 🙂

  1734. 1734 : Wulandari Says:

    finally.. secret garden will be airing in my country, Indonesia…
    I’ m so happy hear it, because secret garden best of the best korean drama ever seen…

  1735. 1735 : V3 Says:

    @Wulandari : Wah masa yang bener…???? Kapann…???

  1736. 1736 : amy Says:

    Love SG!!
    Love Ha Ji Won!!

  1737. 1737 : Christine Says:

    i love it i love it i love it……..
    i just love this drama….my favorite drama ever….

  1738. 1738 : CICI Says:


  1739. 1739 : loveu Says:

    I love Secret Garden the most…………..
    I love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji won the most……

  1740. 1740 : min young Says:

    :)) saranghae !!

  1741. 1741 : sylvia Says:

    secret garden is the best…
    I love it

  1742. 1742 : joo raim Says:

    Finally…………..Secret Garden lover from Indonesia can watch it on Indosiar,starting from tomorrow

  1743. 1743 : happy Says:

    I like this drama it’s like the american movie “it’s a boy girl thing” but it’s ok and funny!!!
    I love the actrors they’re so cute… specially Hyuin Bin

    happy from tunisia

  1744. 1744 : hjw Says:

    secret garden is the best drama of all time! nothing will beat secret garden! fighting! hyun bin so handsome! ha ji won so gorgeous! hope hb and hjw will have another project.. soon.. after hb finishes his military service.

  1745. 1745 : hjw Says:

    secret garden is the best drama of all time! nothing will beat secret garden! fighting! hyun bin so handsome! ha ji won so gorgeous! hope hb and hjw will have another project.. want to see them again in small screen. soon.. after hb finishes his military service.

  1746. 1746 : yun Says:

    omg, i love this drama so much coz it makes me laugh and smile 😀
    thank you secret garden
    God Bless koreandrama

  1747. 1747 : joo raim Says:

    Watch Secret Garden today on Indosiar,Indonesia at 12 p.m

  1748. 1748 : lyonell Says:

    the best drama i ever see..
    love SG so much..
    KJW and GRI are the best couple

  1749. 1749 : miniyubi Says:

    secret garden in local tv yay! love it
    당신이 할 수있는 최선의 방법? 확실 한가?
    waiting next project HB & HJW
    go go SG!
    HB oppa!

  1750. 1750 : Haryo Korean Says:

    One of the best korean drama ever. Love SG!!!

  1751. 1751 : viesa Says:

    I miss Kim Jo Woon and Gil Ra Im! Have to watch again!

  1752. 1752 : ameliarahayu Says:

    I love this drama so much..it’s so touchable.. I hope it will be continued to secret garden season 2 with same actors and actresses.. Thank you 🙂

  1753. 1753 : joan Says:

    i love secret garden..it is the most beautiful story among all of korean dramas.. i miss hyunbin and ha ji wun.. they are best actors

  1754. 1754 : SGFan Says:

    This is the best kdrama that i ever watch…romantic, funniest, touching, loving……with the adorable kjw & gri…..

    My day isn’t complete without watching them…^-^

  1755. 1755 : Joon Ae Says:

    i’ll watch this movie all over again…

  1756. 1756 : azmin Says:

    hi.. i just to say congratulations for all actors in this drama. i very proud with this drama and i think this is the best of the world. thank you. i hope this drama have continue second part.

  1757. 1757 : hyunbinoopah Says:

    super like this drama! the best drama ever!

  1758. 1758 : theamazingfame Says:

    I really love this drama!this drama its so touching and romantic! Make me cry a thousand river.Hyun bin oppa so amazing in this drama 🙂 I love it!

  1759. 1759 : V3 Says:

    Omo….Secret Garden…bogoshipta…>.

  1760. 1760 : V3 Says:

    Secret Garden was airing in my country now…indonesia…
    So..Waw..KJW’s dubbing so weird…

  1761. 1761 : marita Says:

    this drama have a nice story and don’t make boring to watch it. I really love korean drama. Now i watch in Indonesia… Miss u Hyun Bin 🙂

  1762. 1762 : enggar Says:

    this drama colourin9 my life..
    two thumbs up for all crew, director, producer, screenwriter, actors and actresses!
    Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won have an excellence performance in this drama, love it!
    love it!
    love it!

  1763. 1763 : coralou Says:

    Gosh! It was a nice story and I’m glad that the two main characters of the drama ended with each other. I’m going to miss the show for sure.:)

  1764. 1764 : janine Says:

    I love secret garden..this drama is very unique than the other Korean drama.My world stop everytime I watch it. Secret garden leave a remark in our heart here in Philippines. I hope the cast of secret garden will visit us someday.( I will wait for that

  1765. 1765 : fadli Says:

    sorry to say this drama such a stupid story…..how come they can switch their soul?…..oska sooo borrringggggggg

    it just boring, try to watch:
    a. Baker king
    b. Full house
    c. My Princes
    d. 49 days
    e. city hunter

    those drama much better than this stupid drama; the most recommended : Baker King and Full house

  1766. 1766 : janine Says:

    I think that’s not true secret garden is such a unique drama
    secret garden is under the genre of fantasy.. right? so we expect that there is something magical and imaginative like switching their souls …(eventhough It is impossible) but it is just a movie and that make secret garden wonderful than the other usual k-drama…peace!

  1767. 1767 : jiwonfighting Says:


  1768. 1768 : hyunbinoopah Says:

    @fadli – don’t call Secret Garden stupid! watch your words girl! because of your rudeness, you are not welcome here! go away! now!

  1769. 1769 : lulu Says:

    BEST DRAMA 2011



  1770. 1770 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  1771. 1771 : KDaddict Says:

    If you can’t enjoy a show becos it is impossible to switch souls, then you have little imagination. It is called make believe. No wonder u enjoy Baker King. You stick to your realistic stories; we don’t call them boring becos they resemble reality so much. You don’t come here to call SEGA stupid becos we all love it to distraction. And Don’t come here to promote your stupid shows, saying they r all better than SEGA, cos we already know what we like n don’t like.

  1772. 1772 : SGFan Says:

    super duper agree to #1771….

    if you (#1765) are not happy here just go away…you are NOT INVITED….
    we don’t need you to promote anything & give your marvellous stupid comments…..

  1773. 1773 : janine Says:

    pls. support SEGA http://sda2011.korea.com/ pls vote

  1774. 1774 : janine Says:

    i>IM SURE ABOUT IT for this k-drama

  1775. 1775 : KDaddict Says:

    Everybody who loves SEGA should vote for it! But I click on the link to vote, n found only Yoochun n SKK Scandal. Where to find SEGA and our dear Binnie on that link?
    If you guys know where else we can vote for SEGA, pls spread the word. Some ppl who loved it in Dec 2010 to Jan 2011 when it was broadcasted, have gone on to love other shows now. Those of us who love it still must do all we can to vote for it! AJA!

  1776. 1776 : dewul Says:

    awesome,wonderful,nice,unforgettable…just love it…esp hyun bin..can u recomend me other nice korean dramas? coz i only knew secret garden,full house, my name is kim sam soo.. 🙂 kinda newbie in korean drama… i need your help..thank you so much..

  1777. 1777 : gen rivera guinto Says:

    how can you that this show is stupid tihs is the most beautiful story ive evr seen in korean drama and ilove hyun bin and haji won its so exciting every epissodes ive watch

  1778. 1778 : yusee Says:

    Kim Jo Woon….you are so cute wearing the jacket….

  1779. 1779 : Jes Says:

    best drama out of the best! rewatched it at least six times, every episode has at least one of my fav scene! love episodes 6, 17 and 20 the most. just watch the first ep and you will be hooked! hyun bin really brought out joo-won role well, kudos to him!

  1780. 1780 : KDaddict Says:

    Welcome to KD-land! I’ve seen abt 100 KDs, these r some of the best in my opinion:
    1. Winter Sonata, the KD that started the Hanyul trend; the grand-daddy of them all. It features 2 of the biggest stars in KD, Bae Yong Joon & Choi Ji Woo. 2 extremely beautiful ppl in this show.
    2. SEGA, which we all love;
    3. The Greatest Love, TGL; A rom-com i.e. way funny. The 2 stars r great actors/actresses. It is a must watch. Ppl love it as much as SEGA.
    4. Sungkunkwan Scandal; Micky Yoochun is v lovely; You may like him too if you like Hyun Bin.
    5. Biscult Teacher, Candy Star aka Hello Teacher; One of my favorites of all time. Same actress as GL.
    6. City Hall; same actor as GL. V clever script. Fantastic comedic actress, as in Kim Sam Soon.
    7. The Sons of the Sol Pharmarcy; family drama; A change of pace; can’t only watch rom-coms, right?
    There are some new ones this year that r v good:
    Princess Man, Scent of a Woman, Sparkle aka Twinkle, twinkle.
    I haven’t recommended any “idol shows”. Those tend to feature an idol, n not have good scripts.
    Happy watching!

  1781. 1781 : SGFan Says:

    you all can log on to http://www.en.korea.com to vote for our favorite actors, actress, drama & song….

  1782. 1782 : CICI Says:

    This is the best kdrama that i ever watch…
    I Love it….

  1783. 1783 : cat Says:

    secret garden is the best korean drama i’ve ever watch. the story, cast & soundtrack are awesome!! love the couple so much, hyun bin & ha ji won so adorable

  1784. 1784 : Secret Garden | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] tadi struggle menghabiskan menonton drama Secret Garden. Kisah tentang pertukaran […]

  1785. 1785 : Shita Says:

    must watch this drama!!! 🙂

  1786. 1786 : Beth Says:

    Love this drama!!!!
    High recomended for kdrama lover!!!!

  1787. 1787 : Dominic Says:

    such an interesting drama…i love mysterious drama…i hope in the future there will be more drama of dis kind produced….like MGF is a Gumiho and 49 days…:-)

  1788. 1788 : Wulandari Says:

    Secret Garden best of the best korean drama ever seen.. the story so beautiful and make me love fallin love again, again and again.. I love ha ji won too…

  1789. 1789 : hyunbinhyunbin Says:

    hyunbin is so handsome! really like him! secret garden the best!

  1790. 1790 : thiasyalala Says:

    Best of the best korean drama, the ost awesome too. Kim jo woon oppa saranghae

  1791. 1791 : iyang Says:

    Secret garden,,the best drama korea i’ve ever seen. Hyun bin so cute

  1792. 1792 : ayoenyang Says:

    Awesome drama..
    Very recomended to watch..

  1793. 1793 : inu Says:

    it’s awesome drama………hyun bin lookin so handsome ……….and han ji won lookin amazing even with the short hair……….it has great ending ………..loved this drama…..

  1794. 1794 : caren Says:

    i love secret garden but i miss it in phillipines so i buy dvd of secret garden so very hillarious with comedy and romantic scenes!!!

  1795. 1795 : KiM NaNa Says:

    Hi can you give me some info? I wanted to know whats the end of this movie?

  1796. 1796 : Christine Says:

    It is a touching, sweet & happy ending…
    I really love kim joo won character which he use to be such a self-important person but still willing to sacrifice his life for the woman he love….

  1797. 1797 : dina80 Says:

    this is the best korean movie i have watched!
    excellent actor, scenario, and soundtrack!
    miss hyun bin, miss his acting dan voice 😀

  1798. 1798 : devit Says:

    Secret Garden…wah nonton berkali-kali tetep aja gak bosen-bosen…. i like it

  1799. 1799 : devit Says:

    Wah nonton berkali-kali tetep aja gak bosen-bosen…. i like it

  1800. 1800 : tmac3skyrus Says:

    …best korean drama all time…i love it and i love ha ji won

  1801. 1801 : Jaenny Atmadja Says:

    hyun bin,Ha ji won yes it’s really funny, they are good couples, good actor and good actress, comedy, romantic, natural, oh. I like it.The best Drama and The best couples on The year! Dan gw ga bosen² nonton secret garden berulang-ulang!

  1802. 1802 : ms atmadja Says:

    Hyun bin HA JI won yes it’s really funny,they are good couples,good actor and good actress,comedy,romantic,natural,oh i like it! the best drama and the best couples on the year! Dan gw ga bosen nonton secret garden berulang-ulang.

  1803. 1803 : fadli Says:

    Little bit boring drama. Hyun Bin acting is not natural. Ha Ji won acting’s Great, Oska acting was Funny but boring.

    7 score out of 10.

    As koran drama lovers i would like to suggest you to watch:
    1. City Hunter
    2. Baker King Kim Tak goo/King of baking
    3. 49 days

    Those drama i think better than SeGa. trust me friends. you will like it.

    Notes: i’m not saying that SeGa is not good, but compare to those drama that i suggest you will know which one is better.

  1804. 1804 : CICI Says:

    watch already, but still…SEGA was the best drama that i ever watch,
    may be different people have different perception…

    i love kjw & gri…both are funny, romantic, touching…& sweet.

    all the soundtrack are nice too….

  1805. 1805 : VIVERE Says:

    Agree with CICI,
    Sega is the best drama ever!

  1806. 1806 : binwon Says:

    definitely sega is the best drama ever! love hyun bin and ha ji won characters. strong chemistry on and off the screen.

  1807. 1807 : Joanne Says:

    oh my god…i just fall in love with this drama…it is just too sweet, romantic & funny….i love kjw & gri pairing…both very good in acting & such a perfect match couple…

  1808. 1808 : KDaddict Says:

    You said this already! In #1765 on Aug 8, 2011.
    Don’t come to this thread to tell all of us who love SEGA that it is stupid and boring. You are the one who is stupid and boring! It is stupid of you to do it once. It is boring of you to do it twice. Now go away!

    fadli Says:
    August 8th, 2011 at 2:30 pm
    sorry to say this drama such a stupid story…..how come they can switch their soul?…..oska sooo borrringggggggg

    it just boring, try to watch:
    a. Baker king
    b. Full house
    c. My Princes
    d. 49 days
    e. city hunter

    those drama much better than this stupid drama; the most recommended : Baker King and Full house

  1809. 1809 : Beth Says:

    just because your narrow-minded so fantasy drama like sega become so boring for you.
    If you don’t like keep it’s to your self!!! Don’t bother sega fanlovers!

  1810. 1810 : devit Says:

    Love hyun bin and ha ji won..i like your character in sega…amazing…

  1811. 1811 : oppah1201 Says:

    what a great drama indeed! definitely secret garden is the best drama of all time.

  1812. 1812 : maylin Says:

    this is my number K dramas.. super love it and to those who post with negative comment, pls go away coz certainly you dont belong with this page.

    Go SEGA..!!!!!! 😉

  1813. 1813 : Christine Says:

    super duple agree to CICI, KDaddict, Beth & maylin….

    you are just too much, your one comment is more than enough, some more twice….stupid

    SEGA is the best!!!!

  1814. 1814 : Jojo Says:

    best of the best kdrama…..ever

  1815. 1815 : emy.nana Says:


  1816. 1816 : V3 Says:

    OMO….Now secret garden airing in indonesia..and i become crazy…crazy…see Hyun Bin againn…!!!oh…..and girl ra im..and kim joo won…so charismatic..their characters…!!
    Is the bessttttt………ever………….!!!!!!!!!

  1817. 1817 : V3 Says:

    I hope sega will make season 2…after HB military…
    There was good chemistry in other k-drama as good as SEGA…?

  1818. 1818 : KDaddict Says:

    “trust me friends.” We are Not your friends, n you are NOT ours.
    “compare to those drama I suggest, you will know which one is better.” We already know which one is best, and it is SEGA. Don’t bother us with your stupidity. Now go away.

    fadli Says:
    August 16th, 2011 at 1:01 pm
    Those drama i think better than SeGa. trust me friends. you will like it.

    Notes: compare to those drama that i suggest you will know which one is better.

  1819. 1819 : KDaddict Says:

    Hyun Bin is in the army so there is no news for fans to get excited abt. Those who love SEGA, pls keep commenting. Let’s see it rise above Lie To Me, Baker King, and Kingdom of the Winds on the most commented list. It takes 200+ comments. For Hyun Bin, Oska and HaJW. Aja!

  1820. 1820 : cheryl Says:


  1821. 1821 : puput Says:

    Really really like this korea drama, Hyun Bin so perfect in his act, cool calm but sure !! I watch it again again and again !! Its awsome ! ♥ Hyun Bin !!

  1822. 1822 : Kartika Says:

    Seriously, I’m in Love with this Drama.

  1823. 1823 : maylin lonceras Says:

    Haistt, so sad that they’re those people who had much fun of putting comment that is so NONSENSE..and YOU know who am talking too..

    hey are you that stupid of not understanding the words GO AWAY.. YOU DONT BELONG HERE..!!!

    to all SEGA supporters, keep it up FOLKs. we truly knew that SEGA..RULE….

  1824. 1824 : KDaddict Says:

    This is one of his Cfs I watch when I miss him: Hyun Bin Laneige Homme:


    Keep the comments going.

  1825. 1825 : like Says:

    i simpy love this series ! it is SO amusing ! funny, entertaining with interesting dialogs and characters, Joo Won, Ra Im, Oska & the rest of them. i fell in love with the character of Joo Won. as a non-Korean, i am curious about one thing. i noted how the “mother” character in the upper class- tycoon class is often depicted as a monster. this can be seen in this series, Baker King, You R m Destiny and some others. is there an element of “truth-reality” here or just stories/fairy tales? it is as if the higher your class, the more ruthless, narrow minded and inconsiderate you become. i thought the higher your class the more considerate, perhaps even more compassionate you become. the view from the top should be wider thus the wiser you should be…?

  1826. 1826 : KDaddict Says:

    In Korea, parents still wield much authority. And in upper class families, “marrying down” is always frowned upon, across cultures. KDs often use chaebol backdrops for exaggeration n effect. Chaebol mothers, fathers and grandparents as well, want to establish alliance in their business dynasty thru marriage. Financial gain and position take precedence over sth as “frivolous as romantic love”.
    The view from the top is not always compassionate. It’s more like not knowing how the other 99% live. It is easy to assume that they are out to marry their child for money. And that must be stopped!

  1827. 1827 : yurni noviaty Says:

    mantaffft abis deh drama nya secreat garden…

  1828. 1828 : iamJENNY-OH Says:

    @fadli :

    HOW COME ITS BORING ? of course its a fantasy-drama so switching bodies are POSSiBLE ! dont take it seriously girl !
    TAKENOTE : its a Capital F-A-NT-A-S-Y DRAMA !

  1829. 1829 : KDaddict Says:

    It doesn’t matter whether it is Fantasy or what, sb who calls SEGA BORING on a SEGA thread, not once, but twice, has stones in her head!
    There are Hyun Bin, YoonSH, and Philip Lee. Those 3 guys can just sit in front of the camera and wait for their hair to dry and it wouldn’t be Boring! So u know how far off the mark she is! No sense reasoning w her.

  1830. 1830 : Linda Says:

    I like this drama, Hyun Bin you are so perfect in your act, calm, manly. So cool!!

  1831. 1831 : oppahyunbin Says:

    really like SEGA! the best drama ever! missing hyun bin! 🙁

  1832. 1832 : lala Says:

    Hyun Bin Oppa, saranghaeyooo!

  1833. 1833 : martha Says:

    this is the best drama,,,
    their chemistry so natural..

    hyun bin,, saranghae oppa
    you are the best 🙂

  1834. 1834 : azrieellll Says:

    i love the story!also i love them (Kim jo won & Gil Raim)!..you will surely love every episode!..enjoy watching!….pls keep Secret Garden as top1 in your list,..:p

  1835. 1835 : hyunbinoopah Says:

    missing hyun bin! sega is no.1 drama for me!

  1836. 1836 : joo raim Says:

    This drama is super duper awesome! The story,the setting,the actors & actresses, even the “ugly” training jackets are great. I always hope that SEGA is really a true story cuz it’s too good to be just a fantasy drama. If they want to make SEGA 2,i want the same actors & actresses,especially the lead players.
    For those who dislike SEGA…you can ask me and i will give you thousand reasons why you should love SEGA ^_________________________^

  1837. 1837 : instinctive Says:

    its a bit fiction …. changing body back and forth …. but i’m still enjoying it . its drama worth to watch

  1838. 1838 : anjas Says:

    i love chemistry between Ra Im (as fan) and Oska (as idol).

  1839. 1839 : caren Says:

    love you secret garden i will miss it!!!im very segaddicts fan SARANGHAE!!!

  1840. 1840 : Jojo Says:

    Really love this drama…..so funny, romantic & sweet…….my day isn’t complete without watching it…I’m going to start my 7th time….

  1841. 1841 : hjw Says:

    what a great drama! definitely the number 1 drama of all time! 🙂

  1842. 1842 : Noona Says:

    How can I get a charming prince like Kim Joo won ?!

  1843. 1843 : Bill Says:

    B..O..R..R..R..I..N..G and SO..SO..SO..SO..SO..

    I do agree with @Fadli. I’m so Disappointed to bought the DVD just wasting my Money. how come so many people love this stupid strory? fucking story..


    My opinion about korean Drama:

    Perfect and solid story line korean drama :
    My Girlfriends Gumiho, Shining inheritance My lovely Sam Soon, Baker king , Fullhouse, Endless love, Goong,My Girl,City Hunter and You are beautiful.

    So.So.So korean drama: My princes, Playfull kiss, Marry stay out night, lie to me, personal taste, boy over flower, and Dong yi, and secret garden

    The best of the best are Shining Inheritance and City Hunter

  1844. 1844 : Christine Says:

    hyun bin & ha ji won was just too good in their character….i just can’t forget every scene of this drama…so touching…

  1845. 1845 : Melda Says:

    I have finished watching this drama quite long time ago but I can’t seem to go away from this secret garden website to see people comment on this drama..I am just truly amazed on how the responds from most of the viewers…

  1846. 1846 : majoy Says:

    .this drama was amazing .i like the scene when they change their soul .very nice .

  1847. 1847 : marie Says:

    Can’t forget the character of Kim Joo Won. So romantic. Want to watch it over and over again.

    Highly recommended. A must watch drama!

    Yeah…really hoping that SEGA will have a sequel.

    Missing SEGA already. Will watch it again. The most romantic Korean drama.


    love this drama so much. perfect drama! no boring scenes! like all the characters especially the lead stars, hyun bin and ha ji won.

    super like the character of kim joo won. hope sega will have a sequel as soon as oppa hyun bin finishes his military service. wanna see hyun bin and ha ji won again in a drama.

    really like this drama! watched so many dramas for the past 7 years, and secret garden is the no.1 drama for me. like the chemistry between hyun bin and ha ji won. hope they will have another drama together.

  1848. 1848 : KDaddict Says:

    I think this is the best KD in the past 10 years. I watched it 7 times in a roll while it was airing. I hope many ppl will comment on it again n again, to make it one of the Most commented dramas on this list.
    I miss Kim Joo Won, Gil Ra Im, Oska, and of course Hyun Bin. Too bad he is in the army n therefore there is no news of him.
    Sequel or not, let’s keep this love and this thread alive. Fighting!!!

  1849. 1849 : Gigi Says:

    I looovvveeeeee kim joo won-gil ra im couple, so sweet!
    Thanks god I’ve seen this amazing drama. Very worth it!!!!

  1850. 1850 : Gilasega Says:

    Secret garden drama romcom terbaik yang pernah aku tonton!
    Lihat berkali-kali ngga bosen2.
    The best of the best romantic-comedy kdrama ever!
    Hyun bin and ha ji won are couple created by heaven.

  1851. 1851 : Christine Says:

    @ KDaddict

    i really like your attitude to comment the drama coz you give a very detail & straight point of view, like is like, don’t like pls go away…….is that you in all recent kdrama comment page, ie scent of women, ptb etc?

    i super agree with you, SEGA is the only drama that touch my heart in the past 10 year since All About Eve & i just start to watch SEGA again for 7th times……

  1852. 1852 : KDaddict Says:

    @Hi Christine,
    It’s sooo good to run into a SEGA super lover who says more than “Oppa I want to marry you”.
    I miss SEGA sooo bad. I miss Kim Joo Won, Gil Ra Im, Oska, and the boys at the Kung Fu school. And I miss Hyun Bin. But have nobody to talk to abt it. There r plenty of SEGA lovers, but nowadays ppl have short memory. They go on to the next drama n forget!
    Yes, that’s me on those other threads, If it says KDaddict, w small “a” for addict. The system doesn’t differentiate between upper n lower cases. Glad u like my comments. TQ. 😉
    I watch n like other shows, but there is a hole in my heart, where SEGA was.
    I watched it 7 times while it was airing. I watched 2 eps everyday of the week, until the next 2 eps aired, n then watched those each day of that week, etc. I’ve never ever done that w any show. You loved All Abt Eve previously. I only loved Winter Sonata, my 1st love for a long time, until SEGA came along.
    BTW, can u tell me which ep it was that KJW went out looking for condoms in the middle of the nite? Or am I mistaken?

  1853. 1853 : KDaddict Says:

    Because as you said “so many ppl love this story”, you don’t call it a “stupid story”, “fucking story” to insult all of them!
    Everyone has the right to like their own KDs, we don’t give a damn what you like; it’s so Not nece to tell us what they are. Go to THOSE threads to sing your praises w like-minded ppl. Just get off our SEGA-adoration thread!
    And remember: You are not the only one who knows how to swear! I don’t tell you to “Go to XXXX” only becos I don’t care to.

  1854. 1854 : vanesa Says:

    thanks for the writer of sega , coz sega touch my heart after all those years ive watching a korean novela

  1855. 1855 : sisca Says:

    love the soundtrack in this drama!!!

  1856. 1856 : Glory Says:

    you’re stupid! you don’t watch this drama very seriously! you must watch this drama with your heart and with your mind! Take Care Man!

  1857. 1857 : christine Says:

    @ KDaddict, hi

    there’s don’t have any scene tt KJW went out for condoms in the mid night, may be is another drama from Hyun Bin?? which one?

    have you watch The Snow Queen? nice? Some time it’s quite difficult for me to accept HB pairing with other women then HJW, both of them really act very well in their character, just like a real couple tt i know in reality….i miss them sooo much…

  1858. 1858 : christine Says:


    you are the super stupid one!!! if you don’t like SEGA, just leave a simple message & go away, here don’t need you to give such an ungentle comments, you are insulting all the SEGA lovers…

    you are not a real man!!! STUPID!!!!

  1859. 1859 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ for clearing up that misconception for me.
    I started watching Snow Q, but found it so sad that I couldn’t continue. The plot of a young girl dying of cancer was getting a bit tired, u know.
    You r so rt abt the pairing of Binnie w HJW. Once in a while, a pairing in a drama would come along to knock our socks off, to burn the picture of their being together in our consciousness that is difficult to be replaced w one half of the couple. I didn’t care for HJW in Memories of Bali or that show itself; I thought she was alright in Hwang JY, but she really rocks as GRI. I love a strong woman in KD, not a weakling, a victim or a damsel in distress. And I love that KJW sees n loves her as such.

  1860. 1860 : KDaddict Says:

    Why do you love SEGA, KJW, GRI, Oska, etc.?
    Let us count the ways……

  1861. 1861 : ara view Says:

    Jo woon arrogant personality changes after he meets a woman named Ra Im.. very sweet drama…
    hyghly recommended!

  1862. 1862 : christine Says:

    @ KDaddict,

    agree with you, smart & rock look as GRI impress me much & really love KJW love her as such…

    i love their character mostly which HB & HJW acted too well & naturally…
    i feel great & happy with lots of scene in sega…i feel shy as GRI while KJW doing sit up, i lol till i lie down on my sofa when they change their soul in the first time, it’s really funny, have you ever imagine that? where you share your most personal life with a person in diff sex! for me this the most important part which tie them up later, where a human closeness relationship might be hug tightly to each other but not go into his/her body & used to their normal life, so as KJW, which he feel GRI’s life is more meaningful than he is, so he is willing to sacrifice himself just to wake her up. what a great great love!!! i feel so touching from the bottom of my heart when he drive her toward the thundery scene….

  1863. 1863 : may Says:

    super love this drama! highly recommended to everyone. a really must see drama. hyun bin and ha ji won delivered their characters with flying colors. no boring scenes.

  1864. 1864 : MH Says:

    highly recommend….a nice kdrama

  1865. 1865 : MH Says:

    🙂 🙁 (^^^)

  1866. 1866 : may Says:


    You know, I understand that we had our opinion.. But this time can you let your mouth shut and as what KDaddict said, don’t ruined our being SEGA fanatic. you know you’re just a pain in the ass.. LEave this page and go on to other threads…

    Peace yah man..I love SEGA.. so much more than the other K dramas

  1867. 1867 : Wulandari Says:

    secret garden, this drama make me crazy..
    Really-really love this drama forever

  1868. 1868 : V3 Says:

    I LOVE…SEGA….Soo…muchh…than my princess, 49 days..and other..sega is the best of all…thats my opinion…hhee..
    SEGA..ALWAYS IN MY HEART…!!But now..SEGA will be end in our television..ohh..so touch..and happy..n_n..haengbokke…joo woon…ra im love u…

  1869. 1869 : Yoo Ni Says:

    Nice Story…..I Like It, Hope some day will release the “NEXT” Secret Garden…

    hohohohoho…. 😎

  1870. 1870 : V3 Says:

    TO bill..
    please..we have privacy..dont be like that…u can compare ur drama..but dont make sega’s fans angry…

    sega…oh sega…up..up…come on…let’s comment..!!!
    we should defeat our opponent..hhhoo..sega is the best than comment up sega…

  1871. 1871 : syifa isnaini Says:


  1872. 1872 : Ayunani90 Says:

    Love you so much…..
    Hyun Bin oppa…..

  1873. 1873 : like Says:

    @kdaddict: thanks for answering.
    since i like this seriesso much, primarily the interesting, funny dialogues – i must say: bravo ! to the writer. i wonder about the writer – Kim Eun Sook, is that a female or male writer (sorry, cant distinguish it since am non-Korean). – therefore i think there should be another “tab” for list of writers in this site besides actors, actress, drama etc. just an idea.

  1874. 1874 : segafans Says:

    I hope sega will make a sequel…hope..hope…hhe

  1875. 1875 : segafans Says:

    Honestly..although im a fans yoon eun hye..but sega more better than LTM..MGIAG..49 DYS, MSOAN,City hall, YAB,BBF…etc,at all i’ve watched.. but why this area so quite..
    please coommennt..! n_n ok

  1876. 1876 : dee Says:

    finally after full house i found the extraordinnary drama after all the childish drama this one has given us what maturiry love is

  1877. 1877 : KDaddict Says:

    To ALL SEGA Lovers: I have a suggestion:
    Let’s tell the world why we love SEGA so much. Write a comment every time you think of a reason, e.g.
    I super love SEGA becos of the soul-switching, which has NEVER been done in KD!!! It’s so daring, so original! Or,
    I love Kim Joo Won most of all becos….
    I can think of abt 100 reasons = 100 posts. Shall we all do that, n see the comments add up?
    Just google on the name of any writer you are curious abt. That info is readily available. Die-hard fans r tenacious, resourceful n determined. Welcome to KD fandom! 😉

  1878. 1878 : segafans Says:

    Just Want to say one words…

    im a SEGA FREAK..!!!!!!!
    All everything in SEGA…I LOVE ALL……………n_n

  1879. 1879 : Melda Says:

    Quite a long time I kept on going to secret garden homepage under koreandrama.org website. I just really have no idea on some people that keep on leaving bad comments on this drama.

    If you really don’t like it, then just say it once will be enough. The other viewers have their own choice of watching this drama and let them be the one judge whether it is worth watching and not you!!. People have their own preferences and don;t expect that everyone has same opinion..

  1880. 1880 : Melda Says:

    To me, Secret Garden still the one korean drama that leave so deep impression. After SeGa, I watched many korean dramas like Sungkyunkwan, City Hunter, My Princess, 49 days, The Greatest Love, Prosecutor Princess and etc.. there are good.. But still can;t beat what SeGA has given me the deep impression..
    SeGa Fighting!!

  1881. 1881 : SGLOVER31 Says:

    can’t get enough of this drama. can’t get enough of Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won pairing. such a beautiful and heartwarming drama. SECRET GARDEN IS THE BEST!!!!

  1882. 1882 : mels Says:

    im very fan of this drama, can’t get enough,jejeje the choice of songs is so cool. like it so much……. hope that the 2 main characters, make a drama again and again. thank u 4 this drama series

  1883. 1883 : joo raim Says:

    my first reasons why i fall in love with SEGA is Gil Ra Im’s action when she catched the thief ^_________________^

  1884. 1884 : Melda Says:

    The first impression when I started watched this drama is when Kim Joo Won ride the escalator to his office and also when Gil Ra Im folllowing him in his daily life….He seems so cool….

  1885. 1885 : christine Says:

    i love the way KJW look at GRI’s acting curiously & attractively, when he come out from park chae rin’s publication interview…this impress me the very 1st time…

  1886. 1886 : mary Says:

    Secret Garden is definitely the best drama of all time! A great story with beautiful and handsome lead roles, Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin.

  1887. 1887 : segacrazy Says:

    Want to watch it again! No. 1 drama for me! Hyun Bin so handsome, as well as HJW so pretty. A perfect pair!

  1888. 1888 : KDaddict Says:

    I love it that when KJW saw GRI doing her stunts for the 1st time, he fell in love w her right then n there. There was no going back! Love at 1st sight! Unlike male leads in so many other dramas who struggled for a v long time b4 deciding to love the female lead.

  1889. 1889 : Jojo Says:

    Ha ha, I love to see Oska sleep on the sofa instead of bed…cute

  1890. 1890 : tmac3skyrus Says:

    …looks like a Korean version of “Laura Croft, Tomb Raider”.

    I LOVE SEGA and ha ji won

  1891. 1891 : karima Says:

    i am fall in love this story,its so perfect…love,action,cry,laughing….ohhh when i finish to watch….im so sad cause…thats no episode can i watch again…i miss raim and jo woon so much… well, sega always in my heart…all of ost are so touch my soul..to cure my missickness.

  1892. 1892 : HBfansever Says:

    The greatest DRAMA EVER…!!

  1893. 1893 : anongpetsanaadikparin Says:

    I’m not really into korean drama before because of repetition of the plot like one of the leads would have terminal disease and then die, rich guy meet poor woman then he leave everything just for this girl. And the lead girl is somewhat dumb or something…. dont know what is right from wrong.

    In secret garden there is also this kind of plot but Jo won did not immediately leave everything for Ra im. He use his head by offering her to be the little mermaid and then disappear ( to be his fling only)
    And Ra im is the most independent female role in a Kdrama i’ve seen, she does not need a man to make her feel alright. I like the way she say to jo won “no woman in the world would start a love with an ending” when he offered her to be his fling.

    Secret garden is most logical Kdrama i’ve ever seen ( of course except the switching of soul )

  1894. 1894 : GRI_KJW Says:

    Hmm…i have watched many film from winter sonata,endless love..dll..until now..this is…unique plot….!!!!ACTREES ACTOR PLOT OST.., TOOPP,…!!!!!

  1895. 1895 : donna Says:

    I Love this drama! I’ve been watching this for more than 10x already! Love the acting of Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im : ))))

  1896. 1896 : segano.1 Says:

    missing hyun bin so much! want to watch secret garden again.

  1897. 1897 : donna Says:

    I Love this drama! I’ve been watching this for more than 10x already! Love the acting of Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im

  1898. 1898 : joo raim Says:

    The SEGA’s ratings made me interesting to watched it and i become addicted not only with the drama but also the OST, wallpaper, news and everything about SEGA

  1899. 1899 : Mwai Says:

    i love this drama very much, especially the plot when they exchange soul…lol…so funny, love their acting skill…HB & HJW & YSH & SEGA, fighting!!!

  1900. 1900 : christine Says:

    i love to listening to all the ost, it will recall all the memorable scene from this drama…just can’t get enough from SEGA…too great!!!

  1901. 1901 : nicole Says:

    a nice drama, highly recommend it to all…..

  1902. 1902 : mamabear_love_papabear Says:

    One of the best drama i have seen. great acting from the lead actors like HJW & HB, the OST is good also and of course the script is excellent. I highly recommend this drama.

  1903. 1903 : marcus Says:

    kim jo woon and gil ra im is the best love story i saw in korean drama. wish i will meet my gil ra im in my life. love you ha ji won

  1904. 1904 : bella Says:

    Love the OST of this drama, baek ji young voice is so mesmerizing

  1905. 1905 : boysaltik Says:

    i love you ha ji won, hope i can meet you in personal

  1906. 1906 : Mira Says:

    I like it this Drama, . fun & sad ,, amazing , Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won is the best . GOOD LUCK ! ! !

  1907. 1907 : Mira Says:

    Secret Garden is the best.

  1908. 1908 : joo raim Says:




  1909. 1909 : KDaddict Says:

    I love it when Hyun Bin as GRI teaches Ha JW as Joo Won to put on a bra, by putting it ob backwards, turning it around, n snapping on the straps, looking impatient, like “How can u be such an idiot that you dont know how to put on sth as simple as a bra!” His expression makes u laugh till u cry!

  1910. 1910 : KDaddict Says:

    Thanks Joo Raim.
    SEGA wins triple crown: Best Director, Best Writer, n Best OST!! Now those idiots who say this story is nonsense can shut up! Here is the link:
    It is not easy becos there r 200+ dramas fr 30+ countries competing. LOVE SEGA!!!
    Now if only Hyun Bin wins Best Actor, it’d be g-r-e-a-t! Next time.

  1911. 1911 : christine Says:

    TOO GREAT!!!
    congratulation to SEGA!
    nobody should let go this drama, MUST WATCH! highly recommend to all…
    I love KJW’s lost memory plot, he is just too cute.

  1912. 1912 : Jojo Says:

    SEGA, you’re the best….
    i love all the scenery from this drama, especially kjw’s greenery garden…so beautiful…

  1913. 1913 : Jojo Says:


  1914. 1914 : KDaddict Says:

    I totally agree w the 1st comment on that link Jojo gave in #1913:
    Out of the 4 tracksuits, “Even tho the blue track suit was sparkling, Hyun Bin out shone it even brighter!” Yes!
    “KJW’s greenery garden”? Which one do u mean? Do you mean the magical Secret garden that they visited where they got the special tonic?

  1915. 1915 : Jojo Says:


    i meant the garden that attach to kjw’s house.

  1916. 1916 : Jojo Says:


    yes, he’s really looking good in blue sparkling suit…

  1917. 1917 : lucille Says:

    CONGRATZ SeGa!!!!

    Still the best…

  1918. 1918 : boysaltik Says:

    Congratulation to secret garden for winning 3 awards… but what the… no award for hyun bin and for my ha ji won, are they joking? these two actors are way better than the two people who’ve won.

  1919. 1919 : loveu Says:

    I love this drama

  1920. 1920 : Kevin Says:

    Great drama

  1921. 1921 : Melinda Says:

    best of the BEST!!!

  1922. 1922 : jane Says:

    this is the best drama that I ever watch…love it very much
    highly recommend to all

  1923. 1923 : somebody Says:

    B..O..R..R..R..I..N..G and SO..SO..SO..SO..SO..

    I do agree with @Fadli and others. I’m so disappointed to buy the DVD just wasting my Money.




  1924. 1924 : somebody Says:


    1. FULL HOUSE ( 5 OUT OF 5)
    3. MY GIRL ( 4.75 OUT OF 5)
    4. MY LOVELY SAM SOON ( 4.50 OUT OF 5)
    7. DONG YI ( 4.00 OUT OF 5)
    8. CITY HUNTER ( 4.50 OUT OF 5)

    1. MY PRINCES ( 2 OUT OF 5 )
    3. GOONG (3 OUT OF 5)
    7. LIE TO ME ( 3 OUT OF 5)

  1925. 1925 : somebody Says:


  1926. 1926 : christine Says:


    i guess you & Bill @1843 are the same person, right? whatever…
    you are really insulting all the SEGA fans here, you are really stupid, we don’t need you to give such a stupid comments here for so many times….

    difference people have their own perception, if you want to give comment, once will do, now, pls go away, you are NOT WELCOME!!!

  1927. 1927 : christine Says:

    my perception is SEGA was the best drama that I ever watched, nothing will be better than this…

  1928. 1928 : KDaddict Says:

    Hi christine,
    #1923 & Bill are the same person! Now they change names to try to fool us. Same way to spell BORING, same phrase abt agreeing with fadli, same complaint abt wasting money to buy the DVD. I think that’s what is bothering him. That he spent $2 on a counterfeit dvd set, as if it is a big deal. Some ppl are so beyond repair.
    That fadli Lives on the thread for Baker King. Every other comment there is by fadli n sb called Tagku99. It is not enough that they sing the praises of Baker King there, they go around n insult other dramas. I dont know what they think they’ll accomplish.

    BUT let’s ALL tell them off, shish them away like irritating insects. That would increase the no. of comments on our thread, hey?

  1929. 1929 : rima Says:

    i loved the secret garden thanks for this beautiful drama i hope i can see a korean actors in algeria one day

  1930. 1930 : christine Says:

    Hi KDaddict,

    it’s look like $$ really a BIG matter for him…

    ya ya, i should thanks him for helping to increase the no. of comments here….cheers

  1931. 1931 : LOLOOLOL Says:

    @somebody #1924

    who the f*ck cares about your opinion LMFAOOOO. get lost!


  1932. 1932 : viesa Says:

    After SEGA up until now, there are no drama that has viewer share/rating as high as SEGA! I’m a lil’ bit dissapointed with Seoul drama award that didn’t gave best drama and best actor/actress to SEGA, instead they gave it to sungkyunkwan scandal.

  1933. 1933 : li siao ling Says:

    crita yang seru n mengharukan ,sampai2 aku mengeluarkan air mata .pada hal aku ngga mengerti bahasa yg mreka ucapkan.tank’s this is beautyfull drama .
    kekuatan cinta,kesetia’n,canda ,benar2 ada .moga aku pun menemukan cinta itu

  1934. 1934 : RF Says:

    no matter how..this is still the best korea drama that i ever watched…really like hb & hjw pairing, damn perfect matched…

  1935. 1935 : KDaddict Says:

    I totally agree w you. The 25+, 30+ percents that SEGA got are very rare indeed. The Best Picture award going to SKKS n MSOAN might be due to the nature of the votes n panels. The predominantly young n internet savvy fans of SKKS n MSOAN must have been much more active in their voting behavior.
    I love the way you don’t mince words. That retort is exactly what that person deserves, being a pest time n again.
    Have u made up your mind regarding SOAW? I finally decided that it is a pain in the ass, n want to warn u against it. I super love TPM. It is the most fantastic show after SEGA.
    SEGA-Lovers, Aja!

  1936. 1936 : Aerys Says:

    I laughed, I cried, it was beautiful!!!!

  1937. 1937 : fadli Says:

    @ veisa # 1932

    Are you sure that no drama that has viewer share/rating as high as SEGA?
    Wake-up sista/brother? hahahahahaha..are you kidding me?

    Do you now how much the veiwer rating of Baker King and Shining Inheritance????

    Baker King rate:
    High rating : 50.8 % , average rating : 38.6%….,
    because of the rating this drama receive an Honor from President of south korea and reach title ” national drama” in 2010-2011..

    Shining Inheritance:
    High rating: 47.1%…..

    can you compare to SeGa???
    High rating only 38.6 % and average 22%….very far behind……

  1938. 1938 : KDaddict Says:

    Really, you are SUCH a Bore! Go live on the Baker King thread where you belong, and just LEAVE us alone. How many time is this already?
    We don’t go there to tell you How Boring we think it is, so why do you feel it necessary to come here and bug us? You aren’t going to change anybody’s mind. We aren’t going to stop loving SEGA just becos you say so.
    Just go to the appropriate thread to love your Baker King till the day you die for all we care! Bug off!
    Why do you enjoy making such a nuisance of yourself?

  1939. 1939 : christine Says:

    @ KDaddict #1938

    Bravo!!! Good job!!!

    Thanks for speak it out for us.


    You are really annoying, who’s care about rating?

    It’s all about feeling! We love SEGA is just the way it is. The actors, actress, story line, scripts, scenery….& many many more could be the reason.
    If you really don’t like it, pls pls pls go away & never turn back here. Lastly, do not repeat anymore regarding the rating, very irritating…

    @ KD addict #1938

    Your comments regarding SOAW is precious for me whether to start or not.
    I feel very reluctant to start coz i think i’ll either scold the lead actress just like the liar in Miss Ripley or cry a river till the end like 49 days. So, i’ll wait until the last epi then only decide…i love happy ending…

    I’m very into the drama every time i watch it & so affected my mood easily.
    That’s why i love SEGA very much coz it’s really brightening my each & every day when i think of it…lol…

  1940. 1940 : 丽丽 Says:


  1941. 1941 : pandeou Says:

    I just started watching SEGA and I LOVE IT……… I love the scenery, sound track, acting, plot, I LOVE HYUN BIN HE LOOKS KING OF SKINNY BUT THATS OK HE’S A FABULOUS ACTOR,,,,,,,,,, SEGA # 1

  1942. 1942 : pandeou Says:


  1943. 1943 : fadli Says:

    even “SHINING INHERITANCE ” much better than this drama…hahahahaha…..

  1944. 1944 : June Says:

    @ fadli

    i have watched Baker King but it was not as good as Secret Garden, i love SG very much….

  1945. 1945 : fadli Says:

    @ June..thanksss for you comment, i appreciate it…

    I also have watched Secreat Garden but it was bored and not interesting at all just like Sungkyung Scandal, and many drama much better than this drama such as Baker King, Shining Inheritance, City Hunter, 49 days……..

    Even ” You Are beautiful” better than this drama..

    This Drama become LITLE BIT famous because of Hyun BIn and Ha Ji won..NOT BECAUSE OF THE STORY LINE….

  1946. 1946 : Felisha Says:

    SG will leave a smile on my lips everytime I think of this drama.Really, at first, I thought it would just be a nice drama to entertain me when I was bored, when I didnt have anything to do during breaks from my work, my home and family life, but I have been totally mesmerized by the excellent plot and its development, the actors’ portrayals, especially Ha ji won and Hyun bin.

  1947. 1947 : KDaddict Says:

    Dear Lovers of SEGA:
    As you all know our beloved Binnie is in the army, so there is no news of him for us to get excited or to talk abt here. Here is an article abt Ha Ji Won. Love to our OTP!


  1948. 1948 : jauzarafa Says:

    I think Secret Garden did an excellent job of exploring the Cinderella Story in a unique way. Hyun Bin and JiWon were amazing in this. They did such a great job with the body switching., that was one thing that really blew me away. HyunBin’s “Message Received Message Received” is forever adorable.

  1949. 1949 : feli90 Says:

    The ending was very satisfying for me, happily married with three children. 😀

  1950. 1950 : yogiBear Says:

    Congratulations!!!!!!! Secret garden had won big for SEOUL DRAMA AWARD!!

  1951. 1951 : fan Says:

    @KDaddict after watching the vid that Jennie posted in SOW thread and seeing HB, I felt nostalgia. I put SEGA ost and started reading comments here, your comment #1909 made me LOL. SEGA is definitely in my 3 top list.

    To whom SEGA is boring, I’ll be happy if you express yourself and show us why do you feel so, instead of just posting stupid comments !

  1952. 1952 : tmac3skyrus Says:

    …i’am PInOY but i love korean drama and SECRET GARDEN IS THE BEST korean novela in the philippines

  1953. 1953 : INDAH Says:

    i like it

  1954. 1954 : fadli Says:


    are you sure that SG is the winner in Seoul Drama award? you are too overconfidence…

    The Winner is : Sungkyung Scandal…

    even the voting for SG is under Marry stay out night and My Princes…

    hahahahah..so over confidence….

    @ fan
    I fell bored in everything when i watched this drama, from the begging to the end. i continue to watch this drama because of Ha Ji Won..i like her..

  1955. 1955 : twistedmind Says:

    It’s been 6 months since i first watch Secret Garden, but until now i still can’t get over to this drama. What’s with this drama…? it’s like there is a potion or magic in this drama. I will never rest or get over until the story of Gil Ra im and Kim jo won become real. So Ha ji won and Hyun bin, please become a real couple after his release from military service kekekeke…

  1956. 1956 : KDaddict Says:

    Dear SEGA Lovers,
    Most ppl can no for an answer n go away. One person is obviously psychologically so sick that not only does she not respect other ppl’s feelings, she enjoys annoying us repeatedly. FYI, she lives on the Baker King thread. Let’s go there and tell them what we think!

    Dear fan-1951:
    Glad to see u here! 😉 I dont normally visit threads of bygone dramas that I’ve already watched. This is the only exception! I can cite moment after moment like the one in #1909 abt Ra Im as Joo Won teaching Joo Won as Ra Im how to put on a bra, but am afraid that if I do, I’d miss KJW n Binnie too much.
    Both MW the Spy n SOAW have gone down the tubes for me. 🙁

  1957. 1957 : fan Says:

    You know what ?! by posting here, you’re making SEGA in the top list, among most commented dramas. So thank you ! 😉

  1958. 1958 : fan Says:

    @KDaddict SOAW disappointed me most. Hope there will be another good drama like SEGA or TGL soon !
    I’ve read the article about HJW that you posted its link, it made me think about which actor will be good with her. And I’m very hopefull to see her in a drama with Gong yoo, I don’t know why but I think it’ll be interesting, don’t you think ?

  1959. 1959 : yoka Says:

    i love this drama so much

  1960. 1960 : KDaddict Says:

    Regarding #1956:
    On 2nf thought, let’s not go to the Baker King thread. Don’t wish to add to their no. of comments. 😉
    @Dear fan–1957, 1958:
    Yah, you make excellent points in both cases. 🙂 A lot of ppl are disappointed w SOAW becos we had such hi hopes for it. Tho MWSpy turned out poorly, it was wacky to begin w, so no one knew what to expect.
    Last night, I started to re-watch TPM, but picture quality was poor. I Might try Warrior BaDongS, but dont seem too keen to start it. What are u watching now?
    HJW is out doing lots of CFs. That’s their pattern. Do a KD, followed by CFs, where the real $$$ is. I love Gong Yoo in Hello Teacher. It is really fantastic. You must see it! His “look” in his recent movies, I don’t like.

  1961. 1961 : fan Says:

    I’ve watched Hello teacher, it was very good, GHJ was very beautiful there. I’ve seen Coffee prince, S Diary, She’s on Duty and the last one Finding Mr. Destiny in which I like very much GY acting, portraying two different characters, but as you, I don’t like his haircut 🙂 . What about One fine Day, is it worth it ?
    Lately I don’t have much time, I’m still in ep.16 of MYS, I’ve seen a summary of the two last ep without sub of SOW and PTB, and it has been a long time since I’ve watched TPM. At first it was because of the lack of subs then because of time, I rather prefer to finish what I’m watching now, then I’ll take all my time to enjoy it. You can watch it with better video quality in epdrama.com.
    HJW was lately busy promoting her new 3D movie “Sector 7”, I hope now she’ll find time for a new drama with GY why not ! 😉

  1962. 1962 : KDaddict Says:

    @Dear fan:
    I am strictly a KD addict, hee hee. Rarely watch K-movies. Too much trouble searching, for only 90 mins reward. Which site(s) have lots of K movies? Pls recommend.
    The ending of MYSpy is v sloppily done. See 2 my comments on that thread. I saved 3 hrs there, as I did w the last e eps of SOW! 😛
    One Fine Day abt sexually abused deaf n mute children in a special school is heart-breaking n so heavy. Admirable but, entertaining???
    Rt now, I’m in love w TPM, w PTB a distant 2nd. TPM–Must watch! Lovely OSTs too, like SEGA.

  1963. 1963 : fan Says:

    @Dear KDaddict : I put a rule for me, to confirm whether it’s a good actor/actress or not I have to watch at least one of his/her movies, because within 90mn he/she has to prove his/her abilities. Till now CSW, HB, GY, KSA, HJW and Im Soo-jung are the best for me. LDW wasn’t that convincing in heartbreak library. You can watch K-movies in dramacrazy.net, mysoju.com or mangagaru.net .
    I’ve read your comments on MWS thread, you were right about the story, but I still want to watch it to the end just because of Eric, wasting his acting skills in such drama with a co-lead who after her return doesn’t convince at all. I’ll resume watching TPM maybe this week after finishing MWS and SOW.

  1964. 1964 : Cat Says:

    I love this show so much that I watched the entire thing this weekend. My friend and I cried together during the really sad parts and laughed during the funny. This show has grabbed my attention and directed me towards other Korean dramas. Least to say, I might be addicted to Asian shows now.

  1965. 1965 : KDaddict Says:

    TQ 4 the site recommendations. U make a good pt, abt their having to prove themselves in 90 mins.
    I miss Hyun Bin so much. I saw his 2 recent movies, but didn’t like either. The one w Im SJ is esp depressing. It’s kinda like BaeYJ’s April Snow. These so called “art movies” can be unbearable! How abt u? Any movies u esp. like?
    TPM is as diff fr SEGA as can be, but I’d say, quality wise, it’s just as fantastic! Yes, savor it slowly.

  1966. 1966 : fadli Says:

    try to watch ” Personal Taste” >>> this drama better than Secret Garden…
    By the way, anyway, bus way, i just found that so many drama better than Secret garden…such as King of Baking, Shining inheritance, Personal Taste, City Hunter, Iris, My girl, Full house, 49 days..hahahahahahahaahha…i so happy…

  1967. 1967 : lyonell Says:

    extremly romantic drama..
    Love it..

  1968. 1968 : christine Says:

    some ppl really make me feel like vomiting….but secret garden is the best drama that I ever watched…I love it so much, my perception was nothing will be better than this & I love hb & hjw pairing so much…..

  1969. 1969 : christine Says:

    some ppl really make me feel like vomiting….but Secret Garden is the best drama that i ever watched, nothing will be better than this…& i love hb & hjw pairing….fighting…

  1970. 1970 : joo raim Says:

    @faddli: your negative comments makes me understand that you don’t have a good taste of korean dramas. however, i appreciate your post in SEGA’ site cuz deep down on your heart you know that SEGA IS THE BEST ^______________________________________*

  1971. 1971 : [HYUN BIN] THAT MAN IN SECRET GARDEN « A Life Story Along A Star Says:

    […] in my mind after watching the 20 epi of 시크릿 가든 / Secret Garden the synposis available HERE and the drama is available online […]

  1972. 1972 : pregnancy planner Says:

    I have just started watching Koreanovelas and they are so fantastic! You can never get bored with their shows. Plus they have pretty actors, which is a major plus!

  1973. 1973 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  1974. 1974 : rea Says:

    Really a nice drama and good soundtracks!I’m really into the that man song by Hyun Bin. It makes me crazy coz I have to listen to it everyday…What a great song!!!!

  1975. 1975 : Lee Joon Hyuk | dramakoreabanget.com Says:

    […] Hunter (SBS, 2011) Secret Garden (SBS, 2010) (cameo) I Am Legend (SBS, 2010) Three Brothers (KBS2, 2009) City Hall (SBS, 2009) […]

  1976. 1976 : 알디 Says:

    this is the best k-drama I’ve ever watch since first k-drama I watched: full house…. reason:

    -variety of sharacters which blend perfectly with storyline
    -perfect mix of romance, comedy, and fantasy story
    -chemistry between character (I feel like hyun bin & ji won is a real couple)
    -unique storyline
    -great OST!
    -“turn back time” ending, with a blend of touching scene & background music. (I’m really touched)

    no wonder this movie rating’s excellent.

  1977. 1977 : v3 Says:

    알디 …yeah…n_n…this is the greatest drama….^^ aja..
    They have strong chemistry..
    i love acting of both….
    especially hyun bin made me…~.~…so melted..

  1978. 1978 : Tia Says:

    hei hyun bin and ha ji won, when first time i saw secret garden movie, i’m so fall in love with this movie, i always turn around again and again this movie never feel boring, i really 1000x like every think about this movie include your acting waw amazing,amazing,amazing 1000x, i waiting for your next movie, i hope you both come to my country indonesia, and only your fans in indonesia waiting visit to indonesia, i’m sorry if my english so bad i’m still learn hihi

  1979. 1979 : uniqueshop4u Says:

    Best drama ever!!! I watch this drama over and over again and never get tire plus I love all of the OST!!!! Two thumbs up!!!!

  1980. 1980 : yogiBear Says:

    Secret Garden!!Fighting!!!Aja!Aja!…my most unforgettable k-drama..

  1981. 1981 : Wulandari Says:

    it’s a beautiful drama ever watch.. storyline, character, chemstry make me feel in love. I really-really love this drama..
    aigo.. aigo… I can’t stop rewatch this drama again. again and again…

  1982. 1982 : joo rae im Says:

    Starting from tomorrow afternoon(at 4p.m), SECRET GARDEN is BACK,for the second time, on INDOSIAR,INDONESIA.

  1983. 1983 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  1984. 1984 : ireneGO Says:

    I really love SECRET GARDEN !!! miss you OSKA

    I miss OSKA !!! sobrang kulit niya talaga !!
    Also si JAIME at si OWEN bagay talaga silang dalawa together !!
    wish ko sana sila na tlagang dalawa !!

    hope the SECRET GARDEN cast will go here in the PHILIPPINES !!

    I just can get over with SECRET GARDEN fever !!
    I still crying in the night coz I’m not sleeping yet until the SECRET GARDEN was done

  1985. 1985 : Arezou Says:

    great drama, i enjoyed it alot.
    i really like the part that Kim Joo Won was stuck in elavator, it was a really touching scene.

  1986. 1986 : dilatorey Says:

    secred garden….. its fantastic…. I LIKE IT……!!!

  1987. 1987 : like Says:

    i like it how the characters “communicate” with each and among them.. they often shout and yell at each others, always bickering, sometimes saying unkind words, and yet they actually care – deeply – about each other and always looking out for….

  1988. 1988 : Safa Lee Says:

    SECRET GARDEN is MY Favorite Drama Korea 🙂

  1989. 1989 : tmac3skyrus Says:

    …(SECRET GARDEN) number one korean drama in the PHILIPPINES

  1990. 1990 : tmac3skyrus Says:

    …MUNJA WA SHONG my favorite ringtone

  1991. 1991 : amin Says:

    where can I find english lyrics? 🙁 I really love the lyrics

  1992. 1992 : KDaddict Says:

    Secret Garden wins the Grand Prize and the Best Script Writer at the 2011 Korean Drama Awards!! Yay!!!
    (From Soompi).
    Here is the list of winners:

    Daesang: Secret Garden (SBS)

    Best Writer: Kim Eun Sook (Secret Garden)

    Best Director: Kim Won Suk (Sungkyunkwan Scandal)

    Best Actor: Lee Min Ho (City Hunter)

    Best Actress: Yeom Jung Ah (Royal Family)

    Best Supporting Actor: Joo Sang Wook (Giant, Thorn Bird)

    Best Supporting Actress: Lee Yuri (Twinkle Twinkle)

    Best Male Newcomer: Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)

    Best Female Newcomer: Im Soo Hyang (New Tales of Giseng, Paradise Ranch)

    Cable TV: Jeon Hye Bin (Yacha, OCN)

    Popularity Award: Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)

    Hallyu Star Award: Lee Min Ho (City Hunter)

    OST Award: Huh Gak (Best Love “Don’t Forget Me”)

    I agree w most of the choice, but think that Hyun Bin didn’t win Best Actor becos he is in the military!
    Don’t agree w choice for Best Actress or Best Male New Comer. Don’t know abt Best Actress but think that Best Male Newcomer should be Sung Hoon in New Tales of Gisaeng.
    But what counts is that SeGa wins the Grand Prize AND the Best Script!!! Congratulations to my ALL time favorite show.

  1993. 1993 : joo rae im Says:

    DAESANG 2011 : SECRET GARDEN ^____________________________^

    FULL WITH JOY & HAPPINESS ^_________________________________^



  1994. 1994 : KDaddict Says:

    @joo rae im-1993:
    I love the way you punctuate!!!

    Yes, Secret Garden wins
    the Daesang Award at the Korean Drama Awards 2011! Plus the Best script!

    Congratulations to all of us, Secret Garden Lovers!!
    ^ ^

  1995. 1995 : hantie Says:

    I hate this drama for making me awake for a couple of days watching it again and again and again but….. please do so for tomorrow and the next day and more …. 🙂

  1996. 1996 : just Truly Says:

    SECRET GARDEN was played in my country INDONESIA for the second time This drama so amazing! Thanks for INDOSIAR! I luv u…

  1997. 1997 : sweet Says:

    why it is not hyun bin that win the best actor? i do love lee min ho his the first korean male actors i like and i do love city hunter but for my opinion if you compare the dept of the acting i think hyun bin deserve to win the best actor…

  1998. 1998 : Jennie Says:

    @KDaddict, sweet & fan Good to see you here. I was just “visiting” while waiting for my next assignment and I read some of the comments here, all de way back to Page 77, I think. Was surprised that Hyun Bin didnt win but mayb that was because he’s in the marines, like KDaddict said. I agree with you also that the Best Newcomer (Male) should go to Sung Hoon too. Female newcomer should have mayb gone to Miss A’s Suzy. Don’t like Im Soo Yang in New Tales cos I thought she was a bit too stiff n self-conscious but pretty good as the spunky sis in Paradise Ranch. Best Supporting should have gone to Oska too. But at least they didn’t get the Grand Prize n Best Script wrong. Viva la SeGa!!

    P.S. Also noticed that ur “pest” n d cuckoo has flocked back to its coop 😀 Enjoyed reading how all the fans responded.

  1999. 1999 : v3 Says:

    Whhattt…? BEST ACTOR IS LEE MIN HO…???????????????????

    ^^……………………………4 MILITARY..AND + SHOW…..!! >.

  2000. 2000 : caren Says:

    secret garden is my favorite koreanovela ever…………..i looooooveeeeeeee it!!!super!!!

  2001. 2001 : Frank Zanes Says:

    Mit vielen Dingen hast du da schon recht, aber wie siehts mit dem negativen Aspekt aus?

  2002. 2002 : feli90 Says:

    wonderful drama!

  2003. 2003 : kjwoppa Says:

    this drama is GREAT forever. For this time, i think this drama is better than other even its

  2004. 2004 : sweet Says:

    this is my 3rd time watching but still the feeling is like watching it for the first time,

  2005. 2005 : K-DRAMA Says:

    love this drama!! its already on my list!! grrrrrrrr.. i love the cast.. hehehhe

  2006. 2006 : joo rae im Says:

    @frank zanes : aspek negatif apa yang ada maksud? Secret Garden memang punya segala aspek kebaikan yang patut dibanggakan

    ^ ^

  2007. 2007 : eileen Says:

    still can not find any good serial after secret garden, watched a lot of times and still find it’s very goog to watch

  2008. 2008 : eileen Says:

    good drama, can not find newest drama better than this

  2009. 2009 : mya_iza Says:

    kim ju woon and gil raim, the best couple ever! the best movie that i ever seen..!!!

  2010. 2010 : see Says:

    congrats to the writer for winning the award, the story – the writer really deserves that award. she created such an amusing story with a twist -that swapping bodies which makes the story even more entertaining. also many other ‘unusual turn’ like how joo won didnt blindly sided with ra im when his mother ‘torture’ her etc. i love it, always laugh and giggle on this part, when joo won became ra im and acted as a female, like wearing a towel covering his chest, instead of wearing it from the waist down like the usual male do, and kissing Oska, moving his feet like ra im does when she was sort of coyly happy… which brings to the question, is it really because he is in the marines that he didn’t win the award, if so, that is a bit unfair, but then i am not the judge here. i also like Min Ho but i think hyun bin did a very good job here as joo won. as he did a good job when he visited indonesia as a special military ambassador, he looks more down to earth wearing the fatigue, marine perhaps, and have his hair cut – cropped – marine style and no make up, a different feel from the glamorous, charismatic and arresting look of kim joo won yet still impressive and captivating.

  2011. 2011 : deladela Says:

    i’m falling in love with this drama even 4 times i’ve watched it. What a great job of hyun bin oppa haha

  2012. 2012 : Jeffarah Says:

    It will make your heart beat fast,it will make you cry,it will make you smile and laugh and it will make you fall in love. It’s amazing. Hyun Bin amazing job. One of a kind story. love it so much.

  2013. 2013 : tmac3skyrus Says:

    …i love (SECRET GARDEN) for ever

  2014. 2014 : k-dramas Says:

    love this drama!! i loved hyun bin and ha ji won… highly recommended drama..

  2015. 2015 : angie Says:

    no kdrama ever compare with this one love it from begining to the end its PERFECT!!! no disapointment at all… LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

  2016. 2016 : Sylvia Says:

    I checked this series out at the New York Public Library and after watching almost 8 hours – the last CD konked out before the end. Can someone please tell me what happens? Thanx.

  2017. 2017 : nia_ajjach Says:

    i like secret garden !!!!!!
    i hope a coming secret garden 2

  2018. 2018 : lyonell Says:

    two thumbs up!!!

  2019. 2019 : anya Says:

    secret garden = awesomeness to the max!

  2020. 2020 : KDaddict Says:

    The young man who plays the gay singer in love with Oska is now appearing in High Kick 3, which is a very funny n enjoyable show. He is lovable in it!
    It is not the kind of ending that one can tell. You really MUST watch it to enjoy it. There r places where u can watch online.
    You r ABSOLUTELY right! Awesomeness to the Max describes it well!

  2021. 2021 : UEE Says:

    love this drama…love ha ji won & hyun bin.. 😀

  2022. 2022 : acsha Says:

    it is so amazing drama i really love this drama.good job keep it up

  2023. 2023 : instinctive_fans Says:

    luv this drama luv this drama luv,luv,luv this drama

  2024. 2024 : tmac3skyrus Says:

    …SEGA is the BEST among the REST and #1 KOREAN drama in the PHILIPPINES

  2025. 2025 : sava kaladze Says:

    just finished watched Secret Garden in 5 days. GOSH, LOVE it since the beginning til the end. The flow was awesome, even the ending too. Such a great ending, with 3 kids and make me satisfied. When Hyung Bin back from Military, SBS should make the second part, perhaps with the WEDDING ceremony that they’ve been waiting for 5 years and also Oska-YenSeul wedding too..

    I mean it: I only fave few K-drama that I really like. Endless Love, Full House and Secret garden now becomes the 1st in my heart.
    After this I think I should buy City Hunter hehehe

  2026. 2026 : KDaddict Says:

    What happened to Kim Joo Won’s sister iw what I want to know! She showed an interest in the stuntman team leader, then she doesn’t show up again. Why?

  2027. 2027 : sweet Says:

    i agree that they should had part two for this, for the wedding, for the stuntman and kim joo won sister…

  2028. 2028 : v3 Says:

    aiigoo…secret garden became famous in indonesia……..
    since hyun bin had come to indonesi as duta industry military……

    GOOD JOB SEGA…!!!^^


  2029. 2029 : dear Says:


    THIS IS my favourite kdrama…

  2030. 2030 : Chai Says:

    I was a little disappointed becaus ha jae won’s character is like a guy’s. I love how hyun bin love hjw how he sings the song everytime he thinks of her I love both of them. Love hjw n hb.

  2031. 2031 : wak hen Says:


  2032. 2032 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  2033. 2033 : rosie Says:

    I really love this drama from episode 1 to the last episode congratulation to all the cast. I wish there will be a part 2.

  2034. 2034 : Jason Says:

    My first Korean Drama Experience was “Pasta” and i loved that, The Secret Garden is my equal favorite to Pasta! The chemistry of those two was so good! There is alot to like here for Korean drama fans. I realy think that the Korean script writters are first rate and now find my self looking for whats next! And very importantly the ending was as rewarding as watching all the episodes. Take care from Jason – Australia 🙂

  2035. 2035 : KDaddict Says:

    Best KD of all time! I miss kim jiwon and Gil Ra Im.

  2036. 2036 : tia Says:

    hai hajiwon when you acting as gil rain in secret garden movie you give meinspiration, i hope you come to bandung (indonesia) don’t come to jakarta there so hot and traffic jam, bandung is beautiful place cold and people so nice, i;m waiting for secret garden 2 only you and hyun bin as aktor for this movie no others thank you

  2037. 2037 : nana8ton Says:

    one of my top ranking best KD drama.for u guys out there try 49days thou the cast is not that famous but the storyline are great too.
    HB oppa i miss u.

  2038. 2038 : lyonell Says:

    i miss juwon n raim…
    Hope they become couple in real life.
    Love u both.

  2039. 2039 : KDaddict Says:

    Dear administrators,
    I see that the list of KoreanDrama.org’s Top 15 dramas of the year 2011 has recently made its appearance. It is now different from the list of the past, which was “the Most commented dramas”. May I ask, How is this new list composed? It doesn’t seem to be based on ratings, cos Myung Wol the Spy e.g. has really low ratings. It isn’t based on the no. of comments, cos Romance Town has few comments. It is even more baffling that 1000 Kisses makes the list, as it hasn’t even finished its broadcast; it has low ratings n few comments besides.
    Once dramas are picked, they don’t appear on the list in alphabetical order. Nor in descending order of no. of comments. Secret Garden should be above You’ve fallen for me, either way. What gives???

  2040. 2040 : admin Says:

    @ KDaddict (2039),

    Good Question.

    For your information, the list is based on how many times of this drama have been view (pageview) in koreandrama.org since year 2011.

    The List should be only for temporary and will replace it with ‘Most Shared Drama’.

  2041. 2041 : KDaddict Says:

    Dear administrators.
    TQ for your kind reply. I know that you are constantly making small changes to this site, in order to improve it, e.g. “Find Drama”, “Find Actor”, etc. has become “Drama List”, “Actor List”, etc. And “More” becomes “Read more and Discuss”. But “Most Shared Drama” isn’t self-explanatory. Most people may wonder what that means, esp. when Scent of A Woman from July 2011 (w 486 comments) Poseidon from Sept 2011 (w 78 comments) get on the same list and are listed Above You r Beautiful fr Oct 2009 (w 3828 comments). Surely a popular show like “You r Beautiful” has accumulated more page views over 2 years than recent dramas of the past 2 months, right? No. of Comments is something that we can all see, whereas Page views is not at all apparent to us. I’m Not arguing for the reinstatement of “the Most Commented list”. It seems to me that this new replacement is Not an improvement because it just isn’t clear how dramas get on it. For example, it seems counter-intuitive that Poseidon that has only been here for a month, would have gathered more page views than The Greatest Love. So the new list, based on page hits, is more puzzling than informative. That’s just my observation.

  2042. 2042 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  2043. 2043 : admin Says:

    @ KDaddict (2041),

    ‘Most Shared Drama’ is mean most shared in Facebook, Twitter & Google+ through KoreanDrama.org.

    we removed the previous ‘most commented drama’ because many fan try to push up the ranking of their favorite drama by write too many spam comments.

    So, in replaced of ‘most commented drama’, we have replaced it to ‘Most Shared Drama’.

    If you do not like ‘Most Shared Drama’. Do you have any idea what shall us replaced with this? Please Advice us.

  2044. 2044 : KDaddict Says:

    @ Dear admin,
    I dearly love your website. It is a central clearing house for all things KD. Thank you for your good work. I also love your ads. They are there. They can be useful, but are not at all intrusive. You’ve double my gratitude. I’ve an idea that you might include more ads on different aspects of Korea, becos many KD viewers have the mind to shop Korean products online, e.g. fashion n accessories, or visit Korea, e.g. tourist agencies with show oriented itineraries, w some English capacity, and also, last but not least, Korean plastic surgery clinics!
    I can see your reason for not wanting to keep “The Most Commented List. But “Most Shared” on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ has a serious drawback, in that it favors the group (the very young) that is likely to use those avenues, and the shows they love ie. basically idol shows. It therefore reflects popularity untruthfully. It penalizes people who aren’t inclined to share them in those ways, more mature age groups, and the shows they love, e.g. family shows n most sageuks. Idol shows’ popularity is over represented even without this preferential skewing.
    In the interest of accuracy, I’d go with shows according to their tv ratings. TV ratings obviously mean a lot. They determine how much the shows can sell tv commercial spots for, how much they will be sold overseas, the stars’ fees for their next projects, etc. (Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, esp. if Bae Yong Joon or Choi Ji Woo are involved). By and large, ratings are a true measure of the shows’ worth to the general populace. Individual commentators have often asked why their beloved shows have such low ratings; What’s wrong w the Korean audience, etc. Well, there is in fact nothing wrong with the Korean audience. They’ve seen so many more KDs than the rest of the world, n they know a bad show when they see one.
    It is hard to RANK 15 shows according to which show has slightly higher ratings than the next. So the list will just include shows that have very good ratings, without having to rank them.. That way, people whose beloved shows are included will be happy, but won’t feel competitive abt whether their show has better ratings than the other 14 on the list, i.e. no one show is no. 1 or no. 15 on the list. In essence, all we’ll get is: Here are the 15 winners, not listed in ascending or descending order. Does that make any sense?

  2045. 2045 : KDaddict Says:

    To my mind: Any list that favors one group and penalizes another (of ppl n shows) is not a fair one. Any list that comes closer to represent the actual Quality of the shows is a good one. The question is what surrogate to use to represent Quality. And if the list can act as a beacon to viewers around the world on what the experts on KD (i.e. the Korean audience) regard to be shows worth watching, then perhaps it does an additional job in spreading the best of Korean culture in the form of its best KDs, best produced, best conceptualized, best executed, as opposed to shows that have only two beautiful leads, who have to thump their way thru a bad script, w poor directing. Sure, people will love their favorite actors/actresses n their shows no matter what. But it doesn’t hurt to have a truer measure of quality, more rational picks, by a nation of various age cohorts n backgrounds, to compare their beloved show against. In the process, over the long run, they might even learn what quality in a show actually means.

  2046. 2046 : admin Says:

    @ KDaddict,

    Thanks for your explanation and advice.

    For your information ‘KoreanDrama.org’s Most Shared Drama (Top 15)’ is only represent the statistic based on social share in koreandrama.org. It didn’t mean that the show is good or not. That’s why we didn’t make the title to ‘Recommended Drama’ or ‘Must See Drama’.

    It’s also same as ‘Most commented Drama’, it’s only represented the most commented drama in Koreandrama.org and it’s didn’t tell that the show is good or not.

    We need to make a list here because we received too much request from the fan especially who just start watch korean drama, they need some list to guide them to get start in watching korean drama. And we decided to make the list as ‘KoreanDrama.org’s Most Shared Drama (Top 15)’. Hope you understand why we need to put the list here.

  2047. 2047 : KDaddict Says:

    I understand entirely the need for a List of Top 15 shows, in whichever way they are selected. The list will be a help to those new to KD.
    Social share is a new phenomenon of the last couple years. It is not that widespread throughout most age groups in different societies. People who watch certain types of shows are more likely to tweet n share on facebook than people who like other types of shows. Any criterion that includes Poseidon (a new on-going show) but leaves out The Greatest Love (a much loved show of longer standing) is problematic and unconvincing, not to mention misleading for those new to KD. That’s my two-cents worth, in case you are interested in a list that is less biased. TQ.

  2048. 2048 : KDaddict Says:

    I won’t bother you abt this anymore. Just 1 last point:
    Between “Most shared on facebook, twitter, Google+” and “Most viewed pages”, “Most viewed pages within a 12-month period” would be less biased against certain groups and shows, wouldn’t it? TQ.

  2049. 2049 : admin Says:

    @ KDaddict,

    If we use “Most viewed pages”, then some other fan will ask us to show the statistic data.

    If we show them the statistic data and they can not accept it, then they will think we are cheating on the statistic data. Because we really can change the statistic data for ‘most viewed page’ but we can not change the statistic data on the Social Share like Facebook, Twitter & Google+. We don’t like such thing happened in the future.

  2050. 2050 : briancozy Says:

    Hello all my friend who love korea drama. Love to tell you about RA ONE movie from India. It’s great movie and in level hollywood standard ever see. Never done in india. PLEASE WATCH my friend…thanks ( will showing in Korea at 400 theater)

  2051. 2051 : dhyaalmond Says:

    secret garden is the best kdrama-addicted SG FROM Malaysia

  2052. 2052 : Echo Says:

    Does anyone know the song that plays in episode 17 when Gil Ra Im have a crash?Right when gil ra im’s arm is in blood. ??? please , i’m begging you , i’m looking for it for weeks…

  2053. 2053 : yantolei Says:


    see it for happy ending

  2054. 2054 : mitch Says:

    …aside from Princess Hours, Spring waltz and Heart string, this is one of my favorite kdrama and one of the best!.. i really love it and i can’t stop watching it over and over again! i saw it for 3 consecutive times! OMG, really and truly addicted to this kdrama.. i salute the writer and the director of SG.. and of course, a round of applause to Hyun Bin and HJW.. keep it up!

  2055. 2055 : jamie gil Says:

    beautiful love story

  2056. 2056 : imalia Says:

    i like Hyun Bin can you say “sesuatu ” that means something he looks like a machoman

  2057. 2057 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  2058. 2058 : sirine Says:

    a good love story

  2059. 2059 : jinky :) Says:

    SeGa is the BEST!!!!! I’m really addicted to it, as in UBER… I hope there’s a part two 🙂 Secret Garden is really a KILIG LOVE STORY…

    – jinky

  2060. 2060 : Highly Recommended » Blog Archive » Secret Garden Says:

    […] and the actors made these characters lovable and believable. It held its place among the top five highest rated series in Seoul during its season. The plot is simple: opposites attract; crazy stuff happens; and […]

  2061. 2061 : ish Says:

    It’s been months since the last time they aired this drama on a local network in our country, the Philippines and ’til now I still feel seperation anxiety. SEGA crazy !!

  2062. 2062 : jhenna Says:

    Echo,,may be i can help you just maybe….
    you have a facebook account right????
    then,just go to this site http://www.facebook.com\secret garden pilipinas
    it has a korean word before “pilipinas”but i cant write it here bcoz my computer wasnt set in korean….so just click”like” then after that go to the “secret garden ost” which is placed under the profile picture….
    there’s a list of songs that are played in secret garden, just search for what you’re lookin for

  2063. 2063 : cacai roque Says:

    .. it is the best koreanovela ever!

  2064. 2064 : erika kaka Says:

    secret garden is the best korean drama ever. Addicted secret garden from Indonesia. Thank you so much to hyun bin ,had come to indonesia.saranghae..

  2065. 2065 : PEXER addict Says:

    The best korean drama I have seen so far…. Secret Garden already finished airing in my country but i still have the SG fever up until now.

    Love the acting of the two leads HJW & HB, script, music scoring & songs being played at the drama.

    Secret Garden is the best Kdrama for me so far… no question need to be ask…

  2066. 2066 : PEXER addict Says:

    @ Echo

    I think its the song I Can’t that was playing during the scenes you have mentioned.

    You can find the song just like what jhenna suggested to you… look at this link http://www.facebook.com/segaphl?sk=app_205521576149308

    I hope this will help

  2067. 2067 : tmac3skyrus Says:

    …i love this movie the best koreanovela for ever two thumbs up

  2068. 2068 : Ji Fong Says:

    I love the way Hyun Bin kiss and Secret Garden is a very romantic series I love it very much

  2069. 2069 : tya bee Says:

    i love you hyun bin…
    secret garden is the best and i like this movie.. because the movie is very romantic

  2070. 2070 : Miss Ann Says:

    Love this drama, hope there is Secret Garden 2 coming after hyun bin come back from military

  2071. 2071 : echo Says:

    altho the series ended quite awhile ago, sometimes the songs, i.e. That Man and Reason still echo on my mind .. as a non-korean, this is the first time i try to sing korean songs, looking them up in youtube and learn the lyrics – both in english and korean. i love how the word “heart” keeps being used in both songs – it is the heart that knows…recognizes…
    a note: when i browse thru some of the actors/ess pages, i read only some are stated as married? don’t know whether it’s just missing data or that is the reality, but if that’s real – so far the series that i know are so, so romantic, full of passionate, undying love, just like those 2 songs described, and that is kind of the ‘opposite’ of the realities (like i mentioned, IF the bio data written on each star’s is accurate), which mean in reality there is not much romantic, passionate love going on…? kind of disappointing but perhaps c’est la vie..

  2072. 2072 : Matt Says:

    Hey there guizzz(: I have to say I love this drama so much, it is bloody amazing(: BEST KOREAN DRAMA ever, and thank you arirang TV for keeping me informed on this drama.

  2073. 2073 : ratna Says:

    HAHA.. i’ll crying and laughing too much while watching this drama eventhough the beginning of this drama was so slow and kinda bit boring.

  2074. 2074 : özlem Says:

    Secret Garden is a great series. players cool. I love this series.I would definitely recommend watching.

  2075. 2075 : zura Says:

    11th time watching already…but still laugh,still cry and still watching…the best drama ever…luv HB & HJW and all other cast.The OST also marvellous until my 2 years old boy also can sing in korean song especially the Appear song (although it’s not sound like singing but the tune is there.hehehe…..) .Thanks to all wonderful person who invovled in this wonderful SEGA. ~ LUV FROM MALAYSIA~

  2076. 2076 : zzzz Says:

    i really cried on the last part… ’twas awesome!!!!

  2077. 2077 : AbbieLandngin3329 Says:

    I Also Cried on the Last Part!!!
    Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin, I hope you can VISIT the Philippines one day!
    I Love You!! and I Love Secret Garden Forever! <3
    나는 또한 마지막 부분에 울었다!
    하 지원 원 현 빈, 난 당신이 한 일 필리핀을 방문할 수 희망!
    사랑해! 그리고 영원히 비원 사랑!

  2078. 2078 : indigo Says:

    <3 hyun bin oppa<3
    <3 lee jong suk oppa <3
    oh my….this drama is better than boy over flower

  2079. 2079 : Dayat Says:

    I think must see this… but sometime i can confuse with korean…

  2080. 2080 : indigo Says:

    why u get confused???

  2081. 2081 : dee Says:

    I like the picture, the music and everything of secret garden. Loved it

  2082. 2082 : Hyun Bin >> Korean Model And Actor :) « bellaells Says:

    […] Secret Garden (SBS, 2010) Friend, Our Legend (2009) The World That They Live In (KBS2, 2008) The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (MBC, 2005) Ireland (MBC, 2004) Nonstop 4 (MBC, 2003) Bodyguard (KBS2, 2003) […]

  2083. 2083 : Isma_Omoni Says:

    miss Oppa HyunBin…

  2084. 2084 : sumana Says:

    oi every body whats so great about this drama.i think its like all others boring &irritating drama in which we can guess what is going to happen and about hyun bin i dont think that he is such a great actor.he is fine but not the best.have u people ever watched hindi i mean indian moves they r amazing.the movie of sarukh khan name ra-one is ver best.its related about science n technology & about a father love for his son.another movie of salman khan bodyguard.its a movie about a love of two people who like each other without knowing or seeing each other face.when u watch these movies u feel korean drama is nothing in front of them.u people may dont know that the bollywood i mean indian movies is the worlds second largest film industries&korean drama story is a copy of japanese drama.its not better to watch korean drama.its just a waste of time.

  2085. 2085 : sumana Says:

    any comment then write to me…………….

  2086. 2086 : sumana Says:

    in photo no:secretgarden 19 to 29 ha ji won is trying to give the pose like of angelina jolie .she is trying to look like tom raider…………………

  2087. 2087 : KDaddict Says:

    To each his own. Different strokes for different folks.
    You watch what you love, be it hindi, bollywood or whatever. You go to those websites to talk to other ppl who love them. Since Korean drama is a waste of time for you, don’t waste your time, just stop watching it. This website is for people who like Korean drama. You won’t change any minds by coming here to leave these silly comments.
    You like movies in which two ppl love each other without seeing each other’s faces. Go watch those and leave us in peace.

  2088. 2088 : joo rae won Says:

    I suggest you to only watch movie that you love. I loved Hindi movies in the past but when I know about KDramas ‘n KMovies, I prefer to watch them than to watch Hindi or even Hollywood movies. I am not only love the story but also the actors ‘n actresses, the OST, the news and everything about it. It is like you fall in love to someone then your friends and your family dislike her/him but you just ignore them. I hope you understand that this web is for people who love KDrama. So if you like Hindi movies try to find web or blog of Hindi movies or maybe you can make your own web or blog of Hindi movies.

  2089. 2089 : dee Says:

    I love this drama very very much…secret garden is the best…

  2090. 2090 : sweet Says:

    @sumana: what is so good about hindi movie that all they have to do is dance and show there belly button!!!

  2091. 2091 : sweet Says:

    and sing like that they’re being squeeze by trailer truck…

  2092. 2092 : Mslvoe Says:

    The best drama I’ve ever seen. Loved it!!!

  2093. 2093 : Mslvoe Says:

    @ Sumana,

    I love watching Indian movie, dramas too but I thinks its not good and wise for you to condemn Korean dramas/movie. Each person have their opinion. You can’t simply just say that korean drama/movie is a waste a time.

    If you don’t like, please don’t come here.

  2094. 2094 : KDaddict Says:

    Secret Garden is the very best KD in the past 10 years! It has a wonderfully daring script, truly creative ideas in soul swapping, the coolest man on earth Hyun Bin ssi as Kim Joo Won, the cutest chaebol guy, an active female character Gil Ra Im, fantastic OST, etc. etc. etc. Anyone who disagrees can just go away!

  2095. 2095 : hyunha007 Says:

  2096. 2096 : winola Says:

    saya sangat suka drama korea ini semoga dapat di ulang lagi!! i am drama korea lovers!!!!!!!!

  2097. 2097 : Lukaret sa SeGa Says:

    Ang Secret Garden ang pinaka magandang korean drama na pinanood ko sa ngayon, wala na yatang hihigit pa dito para sa akin.

  2098. 2098 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  2099. 2099 : pilky_dott Says:


    i guess u r jealous bcuz everyone will love korean drama/movies/k-pop even korean traditional food getting known by the world…

  2100. 2100 : christine Says:

    Ya…SC was the best korean drama that i ever watch…

  2101. 2101 : christine Says:


  2102. 2102 : E-Fah Says:

    so sweet… oh, a romantic`s drama….

  2103. 2103 : [email protected] Says:

    i love SECRET GARDEN…………. im the one of th biggest fan here in the phillipines…………… i still love you HA JI WON and HYEON BIN…………

    I really miss you SECRET GARDEN…………….

  2104. 2104 : Kimmyyy Says:

    love secret garden! i seriously can’t get this drama. i have it on dvd and i keep watching it over and over again!

  2105. 2105 : [email protected] Says:

    i love everthing bout this drama..
    Hyun bin and ha ji won just too good..

  2106. 2106 : rod Says:

    PLEASE make secret garden WIN this year’s poll as the best korean drama of 2011. this drama really deserve it. so please vote for secret garden. jebal chingu!

  2107. 2107 : KDaddict Says:

    At the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2011 on Nov 29, in Singapore, Secret Garden’s OST, That Woman, sung by Baek Ji Young won the BEST OST Award! Well deserved! Congratulations! Hurray!

  2108. 2108 : KDaddict Says:

    We can vote for SG once a day, every day from each IP address. Just click on the Yellow Square at the top! SG Lovers, go go go!

  2109. 2109 : UEE Says:

    best kdrama of 2011 goes to ‘lie to me’!!! yaaaayyy

    just kiding..it must be secret garden la..
    go go secret garden…love this drama…
    make SG win for the best kdrama this year…
    like last year…i never agree with the result…how come the 2 bad drama bcome the final votes…..then,i’ll never let the drama that i hate win the poll..so,i vote drama marry me mary…hmmmm
    past is past…

  2110. 2110 : hen Says:


  2111. 2111 : Gardener Says:

    this drama DESERVES to win The Best Korean Drama of 2011. LETS VOTE FOR SECRET GARDEN!!!! <3

  2112. 2112 : theresa Says:

    i really love the story. the actors are really great. a great drama of love and inspiration. love it.

  2113. 2113 : rod Says:

    @KDaddict, i was so happy when they announce the winner.

    @UEE, got to agree with you. what confusing me the most in last year’s poll is just why in the world Playfull Kiss got so much votes. I just don’t understand why people like that drama so much. bcoz i think the story line is really weak. the conflict is so-so. and the girl character is annoying. although the last 5 episode is interesting.

    so lets make sure the best kdrama this year goes to SG 😉

  2114. 2114 : joo raim Says:

    @KDaddict : hoooraaayyyy for our SG……now let make Secret Garden THE

    BEST KOREAN DRAMA 2011 ^______________________^

  2115. 2115 : joo raim Says:




  2116. 2116 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  2117. 2117 : chR15 Says:

    there is no doubt i truly want to vote for secret garden for best drama 2011..but i think SG more suit to list on 2010..bcoz they already have award for drama in 2010..hehe.
    best 2010- secret garden
    best 2011- the princess man
    that my choice..

  2118. 2118 : mitch Says:

    ..hi there! i’m an avid fan of SG.. i just want to share this link to everyone.. i really really love this (6 cuts!) .. have fun!

  2119. 2119 : mitch Says:

    .yey! SG is number on the poll! ayeeeeeeeee! super like,… AJA SG fans!!! keep voting!!!

  2120. 2120 : irish shane Says:

    best korean drama!! kakakilig!! 🙂 sana may part 2!

  2121. 2121 : Ayesha Says:

    i really love this movie ever!!!

  2122. 2122 : Ma. Virginia Says:

    Secret Garden is the Best among the Best Korean Dramas I’ve ever seen. So… romantic&mythical.The characters are so befitting in their respective roles.One can easily fall in love with the soundtrack& the songs. I just can’t get enough&love this drama so much.How I wish you’ll make it to the top!

  2123. 2123 : christine Says:

    Definitely my vote will go to….Secret Garden…..

  2124. 2124 : UEE Says:


    FOR ME
    2009-1st-you’re beautiful
    2nd-shining inheritance
    2010-1st-king of baking kim tak goo (forever the best drama)
    2nd-secret garden
    3rd-cinderella’s sister
    2011- can’t judge already bcoz i haven’t watch many drama in this year..
    i only watch 49 days, city hunter, dream high, lie to me….


    i think this both drama was great glory jane n me too flower..
    try to watch.. 😀

  2125. 2125 : kwan Says:

    2011 drama

    1 glory jane
    2 me too flower
    3 city hunter

  2126. 2126 : sabu Says:

    i m frm nepal , these is my fav drama in these year plzzz viewers vote to my luvly drama n thxz a lots

  2127. 2127 : klambiq Says:

    Yeayyyy.. i will vote secret garden for my favorite drama in 2011 😀

  2128. 2128 : 123kdrama Says:

    vote for best korean drama …. secret garden


  2129. 2129 : weng Says:

    my favorite korean drama..im from phil.

  2130. 2130 : hen Says:

    Drama korea terbaik yg pernah ada…lanjut trussss

  2131. 2131 : JessJess Says:

    My most favourite drama now that i gave it a thought. It is the best drama i ever watched. Please support secret garden and voteit for the best drama of 2011. It is an awesome drama and i reccomend anyone who likes a drama to watch it! Plzzzzzzzzzzzz vote for Secret Garden! Hope Secret Garden wins! Love u Hyun Bin! Fighting!

  2132. 2132 : J E N Says:

    – I voted for Secret Garden because I believed its the best Korean Drama for 2011 though, it has been aired last year, still people were captured & moved by its great story & great actors likewise the actresses.

  2133. 2133 : JENNY Says:

    Secret Garden is my most favourite drama ,I love Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won!

  2134. 2134 : Andy Says:

    Guys please help rally people to vote for Secret Garden. It’s still first at the moment but the 2nd place is catching up.
    <3 Secret Garden 4Ever

  2135. 2135 : Hai Lin Ping Says:

    I’ve never seen such a great Korean drama.Since last year,I watched a lot of times.But not tired.At the same time,I like the first Korean actress who is Ha Ji-Won!

  2136. 2136 : e Says:

    SG still at the 1st place from the first day till now … keep it up … Fighting!

  2137. 2137 : fani angelina Says:

    film drama korea yg sangat seru dan so sweat .

  2138. 2138 : Startulle Says:

    After a year, still my fave drama of all!

  2139. 2139 : joo raim Says:

    Show your love by voting
    Secret Garden as THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA 2011

  2140. 2140 : joo raim Says:

    Some people said that’s useless to vote SECRET GARDEN AS THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA 2011 because they thought SEGA was 2010 drama.

    I want to remind all of Secret Garden’ fans that we couldn’t vote it at that time because SEGA was not in the list and the reason was “SEGA is still playing until 2011”

    Now, this is our chance to make SECRET GARDEN as THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA 2011.

    If you really big fans of SEGA……….PLEASE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2141. 2141 : christine Says:

    Of course, I did it…at least 4th times a day…coz I’m super fan of SEGA….

  2142. 2142 : M Says:

    We’re winning the vote!
    Go Secret Garden!!

  2143. 2143 : SEGA #1 Says:

    If I should know these voting for “best korean drama” I certainly one of those uncountable addicted fan of Secret Garden, I wouldn’t miss a single vote in a day…
    I am not a fan of fantasy drama before until now, but this one hook me up, at first I was just curious how that happened they switched their souls, but from the very start of the story, I said WOW OMG this is super great drama!
    Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are perfect couple, KYAK!!! their character are the best ever in drama history…
    Vote Secret Garden, everyday please! Go, go, go Fighting!!

    frm. Philippines (we love korean dramas) Salamat Po!

  2144. 2144 : SEGA #1 Says:

    Secret Garden is a worth watching korean drama, you are the Greatest!!!
    You must win this year, vote now http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=12003

  2145. 2145 : kanha Says:

    Well, I think Secret Garden deserve to be called the best korean drama of 2011…so I’m gonma keep voting for SEGA everyday 🙂

  2146. 2146 : joo raim Says:

    Sometime…..I think is not fair to choose SEGA in 2011 because I have some dramas that I like. I want to choose them too. However, when i thought how I always remember some scene in SEGA in every drama that I watched, even an action or a saeguk drama, I realized that I become addicted with SEGA and because of that I have responsibility to vote SEGA as THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA 2011!!!!!!!

  2147. 2147 : jow Says:

    why many people like this drama? i think this drama is not too good and awesome. i already watched it.

    honestly, some part of this drama just bored.

    i like the most and more enjoy when i watched GUMIHHO, is is so funny and very entertain.

    and i also like Princes Man. the best drama in 2011 should go to the Princes man i think.

    this drama famous just because of Hyun Bin it’s self. if we are talking about the story line, it is just nothing.

  2148. 2148 : Nags Says:

    This is about the most realistic, heart wrenching, heart warming, extremely amazing chemistry love drama you will ever see.

    I dont think there will be another drama that can actually replace this drama in terms of chemistry of actors, and script in a looooong looooong time.

    so what are you waiting for? Cast your vote for secret garden. Or at least watch it and be the judge.

  2149. 2149 : Nags Says:

    And btw JOW, yes you may be correct that the story line is any typical chaebol rich man poor woman story.

    But the fact that they’ve made the drama turn into something more than what is expected using the ‘standard’ storyline and acting to get so many people to love this drama says something does it not?
    Furthermor, this drama is a touch of of almost everything. Comedy, romance, melo, fantasy, realism even.
    Their acting made me want to believe that this is actually happening.

    My girlfriend is a gumiho is great too, but I don’t think it’s near to what secret garden delivers, because sega itself is on a different level than most dramas 🙂
    And trust me, i usually never ever think a drama is soo good and realistic or stayed up until 7 am watching it straight, and I’m Quite critical on dramas,
    But then ofc everyone has diff opinions 🙂

    But maybe if you tried to feel their intensity of love more then youd understand

    And its not only about hyun bin, ha ji won herself is amazing. Many projects she’s been in usually gets the male lead or whoever in the project with her famous as it has been said. But ofc I don’t doubt the acting of hyun bin and other actors as they fulfilled their roles in the drama beautifully.

  2150. 2150 : KDaddict Says:

    If you love Secret Garden, you can Vote for it, every day, once a day, on each computer you have access to. It well deserves to be the Best Drama of 2011.
    It was not on the list in 2010, becos it only finished its boradcast in Jan 2011.
    So this is our chance to tell people how we feel about it!
    SeGa Lovers, go go go!

  2151. 2151 : KDaddict Says:

    Know the facts b4 you say not to vote for SEGA in 2011. See #2150.

    #2124, 2125:
    Everyone has their own list of favorite dramas. But this is the thread for SEGA. Most of us here love SEGA more than any other drama. So there is no need to tell us which dramas you love more than SEGA. We don’t care abt that at all. Go to those threads to tell like-minded folks. It’ll be well received, n you’ll make each other happy.
    Those who don’t like this drama n say that “this story line is nothing” are complete idiots. Not every opinion is valid or is even worth responding to.

  2152. 2152 : candra Says:

    i think i agree with @jow
    sorry to say, i have watched this drama, seriously the story line is not to interesting and non-sense.

    i think Princes man more attractive.

    i haven’t watch Gumihho, let me judge when i finished Gumihho, i watch SeGa because my friend recommend this drama to me.

  2153. 2153 : Emi Says:

    Én egyszerüen imádtam ezt a filmet, az összes szereplővel együtt!

  2154. 2154 : Matt Says:

    Secret Garden should come onto Voice TV, in New Zealand, with English subtitles. xD

  2155. 2155 : bennietan Says:

    I have watched this drama. To me it’s one of the most interesting of all korean drama. VOTE for SECRET GARDEN. It has to be THE BEST DRAMA of 2011. TQ…

  2156. 2156 : jjun Says:


    Can i suggest something?

    Admin , please in choosing/selecting who is the best korean drama for 2011, please also considered other factor like rating viewer, story line/plot, osts, awards that they received, ect . not only based on voting here, because some fans they try to push their favorite drama. i think the best korean drama should including the story line, rating, osts, acting from the crews.

    honestly, for 2009 and 2010 i think the winner is not qualify to win, because many drama are better than the winner in 2009 and 2010.

    for examples;
    in 2009: Shinning inheritance and IRIS deserved to be the winner rather than you are beautiful
    in 2010 : Baker king kim tak goo deserved to win rather than Marry stay out night

  2157. 2157 : admin Says:


    Your favorite drama already lose in the poll on this year again?

    will you complain to us if you favorite drama win on this poll?

    Do you think that all the fan will accept if we chose ‘The Best Korean Drama of 2011’ by ourselves without go through the poll??

  2158. 2158 : KDaddict Says:

    Love whichever show you want. This is the thread for SEGA. Go to the thread for your fav shows to praise them.
    1. ADMIN doesn’t choose/select the best show, we, the viewers, do. We vote for the show we love best.
    2. We love SEGA precisely BECAUSE of its storyline, OST, acting, etc. That’s why we vote for it.
    3. Don’t know what you mean by ppl pushing their fav drama. We ask ppl who love it to vote for it. That’s what voting means.
    4. You can have your opinion of which show deserves to win in which year, but it is completely irrelevant n means nothing to anyone but yourself.
    We are here to talk abt SEGA. Don’t know what u r doing.

  2159. 2159 : Gardener Says:

    SECRET GARDEN DESERVES TO WIN THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA OF 2011!!!! http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=12003 LETS WIN THIS POLL GARDENERS!!!!! <3 😀

  2160. 2160 : KDaddict Says:

    I’d like to remind you that SEGA ended its run in January, a full 11 months ago! Most ppl have short memory these days. Images of it might have faded fr your mind, esp. compared to a show that is still on-going. If this had been included in the 2010 list to vote for, when emotions for it were still strong, it’d have won hands down I’m sure. Let’s recall the emotions, n vote for it, every day!

  2161. 2161 : Andy Says:

    Secret Garden is still ahead by 1300 votes at the moment. Let’s keep it that way you guys.

  2162. 2162 : SecretGarden-4ever Says:

    Secret Garden is the best for me, every episode has full of surprises, the story is unpredictable and makes you fall for them, their characters, chemistry and charm, they are all lovable, and great actors/actresses.
    Let’s keep voting SEGA lovers!

  2163. 2163 : bennietan Says:

    For those who loves this drama, VOTE for SECRET GARDEN everyday. Then it’ll be THE Best KOREAN Drama for 2011. That’s what we all SG fans wish for…

  2164. 2164 : dika Says:


    Don’t see that comment, just ignored. I agree, that this page only For SeGa, Not other drama, other drama already has page, so if you all want to spamming just go through your fav drama page.

    just for me, Sega is One of the best drama I ever see, beside 49 days, The Princess man , City Hunter, Protect the boss , and many other drama.

    And I don’t care who is the winner, because for me, as long that the winner is Good enough, I’ll fine about it.

  2165. 2165 : KDaddict Says:

    @dika, hi there,
    I simply don’t understand ppl who come here to say, “Oh SEGA is no good, cos I love this show, that show more than SEGA!” Who cares if they love their butt more than their face! They’ve no business coming here to say that SEGA is no good when we are all trying to vote it into the no. 1 spot that it well deserves!
    Keep voting! Aja!

  2166. 2166 : xiaolin Says:

    Secret Garden is the best for me!

  2167. 2167 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  2168. 2168 : banTaI Says:

    There are KBS , SBS n MBC drama award 2011 this month…i really can’t wait to watch it..
    City hunter was good..but the challenger was so strong.They have to fight with 49 days,protect the boss,Athena n strongest from SBS came from Deep Root Tree n A thousand days promise..

    From KBS.,What can i say The Princess Man will concuer it..The strong candidate just came from Dream High..i still think no drama can challenge TPM even Glory Jane..

    the drama from MBC this year was dissapointed for me..it look like TGL will win it easily.My princess was a strong challenger for TGL..n some the other source already feel Cha seung won will got Daesang award from MBC.

    Whatever or Whoever the winner.,the best should deserve it!!!!!!!

  2169. 2169 : Gigi Says:

    oh no…the rate is dropping….all SEGA fans, pls pls pls push harder…

  2170. 2170 : Lalaine Joy Ladera Says:

    SECRET GARDEN is the best for me, every episode has full of surprise, the story is unpredictable and makes you fall for them, their characters, chemistry and charm, they are all lovable, and had a great actors and actresses.

    SECRET GARDEN deserves to win the BEST KOREAN DRAMA OF 2011 , so lets keep voting SEGA LOVERS….

  2171. 2171 : KDaddict Says:

    Gigi is right!
    SEGA is dropping below 20%! Keep voting every day!
    If u use an iPhone, u can vote on it too! That’s a different IP address!
    The Princess Man is catching up! It is very good indeed, but SEGA way better!

  2172. 2172 : Polo Outlet Says:

    Of,course! As well know, your article is very attractive, many of my friends have such thoughts, like so many people comment on your articles, look forward to your new works

  2173. 2173 : ratna Says:

    in Secret Garden, i laughing LIKE CRAZY. in The Princess Man, i crying LIKE DYING ! T_T
    One of the best korean drama !!! :’)

  2174. 2174 : Solomon Says:

    It’s incredibly imaginary but as a story it’s cool but I think in the Korean drama as in Hollywood newly there is a very promotion for homosexuality and check it out yourselves you will observe this and those who control Korean entertainment industry are intelligent and not simple as their people. I hope my view=opinion will be respected and please accept it and conscious mind is an acceptable mind.

  2175. 2175 : bbnaZ Says:

    secret garden get drop of % in vote…
    meanwhile The Princess Man again and again catching up..That mean the people only vote for SG before they watch TPM..i know it will be like that. After WAtcHing TPM.,they will definitely change their mind..hehe..This two drama look like race in Formula 1..hahahah.interesting!!!

  2176. 2176 : Sion Says:

    jaw! Sounds like you’re an anti fan of SeGa couple, which mean you’re HB’s ex fan. You are just like HB. Looks like you don’t know the current situations in Korean dramas. You said that the story line is boring which means you have no critically thnking skills to analysis about the drama plots. Don’t you know how many awards have gotten by SeGa? You can’t count because it has received countless awards. SeGa is the best Korean drama in history. SeGa created Sega syndrome in Korea and the abroad.

  2177. 2177 : Shoeshe Says:

    I like drama secret garden so much.but everyone can you traying to watch the princess man.i think tpm is also good I know that you love sega so much but i want to know about your opinion and your comment after u watching tpm. Sega and tpm is daebak…

  2178. 2178 : Jamie ;) Says:

    BEST KDrama ever! I can’t stop watching it. It’s like your “HOBBY”. OMG! I’ll RECOMMEND it to all of you. 😀 Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It’s so ADDICTING. <3 SARANGHAE HYUN BIN! 🙂

  2179. 2179 : Shoeshe Says:

    I think the voting result is pretty good for both best drama I like the most (sega tpm)
    emm…but for now on tpm its just only done airing in korea maybe starting this month tpm will be airing in channel gtv in taiwan for the first country who buying it and most people from overseas know about tpm only from the internet but sega is done airing in all country so u must know what I mean i wish tpm can also receiving so much love from the viewers just like sega.ha jiwon and moon chaewon is my favorite actress I love love love love…..

  2180. 2180 : banTaI Says:

    @Shoeshe:I also SG lover, but i think you right..SG already aired for a year..n many country have watch it in their main channel..but TPM still not air from overseas country as well my country..the major who vote for TPM just came from korean spectator n people from other country who watch it from internet..So., how can we compare both of the drama.,it just not fair.!maybe SG the winner.,but from statistic..,TPM was the winner!

  2181. 2181 : like Says:

    wow – after several months passed, and it seems the arguings are still going strong here …:) i am a fan of SeGa and i have voted for it, i like SeGa for many things it has: the ost, story line, actors – all and every aspect of it; yet i also respect other people’s opinions, i.e. the anti fan. it is common for anything, anyone – every – in this earth to have pros and cons and so does SeGa. i happen to love SeGa so when i visit here i simply sing praises, however, in other pages (i.e. other series/pages) sometimes i also sing “wraths” ..hehe.. sorry for that. btw, i also see that in other series there are also pros and cons. but i think the purpose of a page is a place to talk about, discuss, air out..so it could be dirty laundry or sweet smelling 🙂 so, anyway..may the best one win! 🙂 peace ~

  2182. 2182 : KDaddict Says:

    I’d have been very happy if SEGA was included w the KDs of 2010, n won Best Drama for 2010, and the Princess Man listed for 2011 n wins for this year. That’s the way it ought to have been, becos both are exceptionally good shows. They are different in nature.
    SEGA is a feat of creative writing, a fantasy, so hard to do well. It entertained us for many reasons and on many levels. It was a show that was done well, n done right thru and thru, which is truly exceptional. There were Hyun Bin, Ha Ji Won, Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Jong Suk, Baek Ji Young and many OSTs. It made us giggle, laugh, care, cry, intrigued. Plus it gives us a really satisfying ending.
    TPM is an adaption of a Korean folklore. It is based on a story that had already existed for a long time, n they simply transfer that to film, an easier job than coming up w a new story fr scratch . The casting was good, so were the OSTs. It gives us Park Shi Hoo, Moon Chae Won, and some hauntingly beautiful OSTs. But on the matter of originality, SEGA is unique n superior. Both my picks of Top 3 KDs in the past 10 years, but between the two, SEGA deserves to win.

    Some ppl don’t know what they are saying, n simply spit nonsense or poison. With them, it is impossible to reason. So it is best that they go to the threads of their fav shows to talk abt them, n give us SEGA lovers some respect on this thread.

  2183. 2183 : jhenna Says:

    this is the best korean drama 4ever!!!!

  2184. 2184 : chR15 Says:

    Last week i take a note between the top 3 drama percentage n voted..!!
    and the result was
    SecRet GArden 1st
    The PrIncEss mAn 2nd
    City hunTer 3rd…

    the different vote between SG and TPM was 1500 votes..
    and TPM and CH was 1400 votes…
    and today when i count again the vote,the diff. between SG and TPM become 1200 votes meanwhile TPM and CH more than 2 times from last week as it was 3300..As TPM lover,i didn’t suprise and i was so happy with the result.I hope TPM will continue to catching up to be a top!!! thnks TPM voters!!

  2185. 2185 : chai thao Says:

    the princess’ man vs secret garden. either one wins i dont very care becase i love both. sg was very amazing and diferent n it was interesting. i love how hyun bin gives his love for ha ji won. the only thing i am not satisfy is when ha ji breathes.i love tpm because i watch it without knowing the actors n it drawn me into the drama. all actors are new to me but i like it anyway because the storyline is so strong and great. n if it would to awarded we shouldn’t forget the scriptwriter n director for their hard work. n yes awarded the actoors and actress for couples in best dramas/ tpm n sg thank you oh n it was not fair for tpm because it is yet aired in other countries. please make your best desicion based on the storyling not the actors before u voted thank you

  2186. 2186 : KDaddict Says:

    Park Shi Hoo has some committed and ardent fans, esp. in Indonesia. There is a concerted effort among them to rally votes. If you go to PSH’s thread, you’ll see the battle calls. They are doing a great job. Hence the narrowing margin of votes.

  2187. 2187 : KDaddict Says:

    Meanwhile, Hyun Bin has been in the Military. There hasn’t been much news or sightings of him. Most fans vote for their idols. HB has a disadvantage rt now.
    SG finished its broadcast a while year ago. Emotions have cooled, memories have faded. That too is a disadvantage. SEGA Lovers, keep voting!
    It is going to be quite a race!

  2188. 2188 : lyonell Says:

    hi SG lovers..
    Please vote SG to be the best korean drama of 2011.
    Vote everyday.
    Thank you..^^

  2189. 2189 : SEGAlover Says:

    I love hun bin ha ji won tandem!!!keep up the good work!!!but most of all, let’s not forget hyun bin even if he’s in the military…also to HJW!!!i love them very much…more dramas to come both of you!

  2190. 2190 : really? Says:

    am not aware that Park S H has that many fans in indonesia? well, perhaps. yes, 2 of his series have just been aired in indonesia: Princess Prosecutor and Queen of Reversals. but The Princess Man has not been aired in indonesia. Hyun Bin’s series also got 2 being aired in indonesia: My name is Kim Sam Soon and of course SeGa. Kim SS was way back then so perhaps many have already forgotten all about it. but Hyun Bin had visited indonesia just a few months ago, special envoy? military ambasador? – and he received such a warm welcome by many of his fans here, and the fans include the officers etc, not only girls or ladies, he was so well received by all. if i am a fan of SeGa primarily, first and foremost, of its interesting, original, funny, witty story/script.

  2191. 2191 : Andy Says:

    woot we’re ahead by almost 1600 votes now keep up the good work guys
    remember to get ur friends and family to vote as well!!!

  2192. 2192 : jibin Says:

    I am a Sega lover.I want to vote Sega everyday but I don’t know how to vote? please help me? I think SeGa is the best Korea drama.I watch Korea drama almost 100 serie but crazy Sega. Now I am a fan of HJW HB and a fan forever. SeGa is the win in 2011 and in my heart.

  2193. 2193 : KDaddict Says:

    How to vote:
    1. Go to the top of this page or any page of this website; You see the 8 squares of photos across the top? First one of the Left is in yellow. Click on it.
    2. Then go down the list until you find Secret Garden. Click on the little circle for SG.
    3. Go down to bottom of that page, where it says Vote. Click on Vote. Finish.
    You can vote once every 24 hours from each computer you can put your hands on; plus any iPhone.

  2194. 2194 : ratna Says:

    in Secret Garden, i laughing LIKE CRAZY. in The Princess Man, i crying LIKE DYING ! T_T
    One of the best korean drama ever !!! :’)

  2195. 2195 : Rosario Says:

    ¡Disfrute de muchos, este año, en el que descubrí Los Doramas.
    Me acompañan y aprendí a leer los subtítulos mientras tejo crochet, para mi familia, etc.
    Aprendí, muchas cosas con ellos, desde cocina hasta relaciones humanas(tan importante), muchas me hicieron reír, pensar, entre estas últimas esta Secret Garden, valorar y disfrutar de lo que tenemos, ya que el tiempo que dure ¡no lo conocemos!

  2196. 2196 : tmac3skyrus Says:

    …vote SEGA

  2197. 2197 : grace Says:

    i love this drama!

    vote vote vote

  2198. 2198 : caren Says:

    hello secret garden…. i always voting in the best korean drama 2011…

    i wish that SECRET GARDEN will won at the best korean drama of 2011…..

  2199. 2199 : KDaddict Says:

    SEGA Lovers:
    Do not be complacent abt the 1000+ lead in votes. If you don’t keep voting, TPM can easily catch up in the next 2 weeks!
    Merry Christmas n Happy holidays!

  2200. 2200 : Grace Says:

    I love Secret Garden! is this the official website to vote for 2011 Best Korean Drama?

  2201. 2201 : amie Says:

    i like SEGA but i loved the most TPM .. try to watch it . you dont regret and u’ need to choose what drama ur going to vote. keep voting guys. park shi hoo is the best!

  2202. 2202 : KDaddict Says:

    Lovers of SEGA:
    Don’t be complacent abt the 1000+ lead in votes. If we don’t keep voting, that gap can close up within the next 2 weeks!

    We don’t go to the thread for TPM to drum up support for SEGA. This is the thread for SEGA. Go to the thread for TPM to drum up support for it.

  2203. 2203 : Fatmasnow Says:

    I Love this korean drama,,,secret garden is not wroneg to be the best 2011 korean drama….

  2204. 2204 : christine Says:

    to all SEGA fans, keep voting…fighting!!!

  2205. 2205 : KDaddict Says:

    Merry Christmas!
    U voting every day too?
    What r u watching now?

  2206. 2206 : nattryso Says:

    The audience wait to see you, please come back soon

  2207. 2207 : nattrysona Says:

    Hyun bin you are my supper star, secret garden and the the snowqueen are both best dramma.

  2208. 2208 : nattryso Says:

    kim joo won cute, handsome

  2209. 2209 : nattryso Says:

    i vote u(hyun bin) on secret garden, now what a u doing, watching now or not?

  2210. 2210 : christine Says:

    @KDaddict, hello,

    of course, i vote at least 4 times a day….home, office, iphone, ipad & as & when i saw a pc….ha ha too crazy ’bout it but i just too hope SEGA will win..

    i’m watching TPM now, a bit slow as i need to watch together with my hubby & he quite busy…but i can’t wait to watch FF & PP coz i love park jin hee & kim bum…envy you are watching both right now 😉

    Merry Christmas!!!

  2211. 2211 : KDaddict Says:

    I envy you that your hubby watches KD w you. Ah, so romantic! And a show as romantic as TPM too! Lucky girl! I think it’s a rare husband who would wish KD w his wife, no?
    TPM is fantastic. Too bad it is listed here w SEGA in the same year. Both deserve to win.
    Jung WS’s acting in PP is totally fantastic! FF has a story n setting that is unusually beautiful. You’ll love them when the time comes to watch w your hubby!
    I vote for SEGA every day, on every computer, iPad, iPhone, n wifi IP address in shopping centre that I can use! Aja!

  2212. 2212 : joo raim Says:

    Keep voting for SEGA

    Proof your love for SEGA

    Keep voting for SEGA

  2213. 2213 : dika Says:


    LOL. lastly I read You replay, I smile alone in my room.

    yes, You rite, We Don’t care and need to care if They Love their butt more than their face, come , every person and people has their choice and think about what the good and not good for them.

    And of course, the thing that the most people like will win.

    Like I said, b4, I don’t really care if the winner has a Good story Line, and Sega has it!

    Honestly, I really Like side story oskar & Yoon Seul, and my heart is hurt seeing they hurt each other even they still in love.

    well, whatever They say, for me SeGa deserve win this award. 🙂

  2214. 2214 : KDaddict Says:

    @dika, hi,
    Keep voting for SEGA!!! 2 more weeks to go!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  2215. 2215 : hyunha Says:

    guys keep voting! The race is getting close. FIGHTING

  2216. 2216 : joo raim Says:

    I’m going crazy with all of this….I never have a headache because of best korean drama voting but now i have it every minute,especially when I see the voting result.
    Please just keep voting SEGA Lovers………KEEP VOTING 4 SECRET GARDEN

  2217. 2217 : KDaddict Says:

    @joo raim,
    I feel the same way! I’ve watched KD for abt 10 years, but never voted for any KD b4. I really want to see SEGA win; But the nos. are so close, they make me nervous. So I’ve to vote whenever I can. I hope the margin widens, so we won’t have to be so nervous!
    Merry Christmas to SEGA Lovers n Voters!

  2218. 2218 : hyunha Says:

    I also had the same experience.. Stopped briefly from watching kdrama for 4years because i went to college. Never voted for any kdrama,even rooted for any drama, and just wasnt participating actively in pages like this.. It just occured to me, “hey i haven’t seen a single drama in years, why not watch something to get the kdrama fever back?” What do you know, a year after this was shown in korea i caught the sega withdrawal. Haha.

    By far this is the best drama i have seen. Ever! Take it from me who has seen a lot of kdrama, and also i am a critique even in little details

  2219. 2219 : KDaddict Says:

    You r such a good girl for stop watching KD while in college! Over at all the English KD blogs, most commenters r college students who agonize over how to finish their term papers while chasing KDs!
    I certainly think that SEGA is the best KD by far, not only of 2010 or 2011, but for the last 10 years! I am a KD addict, but not a nut, so normally I don’t get defensive over any particular KD, but w SEGA, I get positively mad at those who say bad things abt it.
    It offers us so very much to love: The char of Kim Joo Won is at once romantic, arrogant, childish, lovable, cool, handsome, sweet, funny, irritating, devoted, and altogether irresistible. Oska is in a class all his own. These char come to life as only Hyun Bin and Yoonie and make them. Gil Ra Im is a new kind of heroine, smart, sassy, athletic, boyish, dignified, and she looks so good in sporty clothes! Ha Ji Won has never looked better in any of her works. SEGA brings out the best in its stars, n ends up giving us the most unforgettable chars! Even a relatively minor char, like the young gay singer who is in love w Oska is played so well by Lee Jong Suk. And I haven’t even started talking abt the unique story, OSTs, etc. I can go on, but this will be an extremely long post!
    SEGA, fighting!

  2220. 2220 : KDaddict Says:

    I love its story most among all the stories in KD-land! Kudos to its writer Kim Eun Sook for having the creativity and audacity to think of a body/soul switch! It hits the ball out of the park! It makes the story out of this world!
    The letter that Joo Won wrote to Ra Im before he prepared to steal her comatose body fr the hosp in order to switch his soul for hers also stands out among all KDs.
    Hyun Bin playing a girl trapped in a guy’s body is so funny it makes you split your sides.
    The pt is: SEGA must win!

  2221. 2221 : KDaddict Says:

    The OSTs too remain with us for a long time after the show is over. I have them all on my iPods, in the car, on my treadmill, beside my bed. Baek Ji Young’s version, Hyun Bin’s singing, Yoonie’s voice, don’t they make you fall in love over n over again?

  2222. 2222 : KDaddict Says:

    This thread has been calm for a while. So good to see SEGA supporters out of the woodworks!
    It’ll be a great NY’s gift to ourselves when SEGA wins!
    Keep voting!

  2223. 2223 : hyunha Says:

    Yes I know how KDramas can be a very good distraction from studying! haha 🙂 experienced that one just before i went to college. anyway, we have the same opinion!

    OMG i love first and foremost the story line and the character development as the plot progressed. It was obviously not a character-driven plot, it was more on what’s going to happen to Gil Ra Im and Joo Won next that would help clarify the past.

    I fell in love with the CHARACTERS first (JooWon and Gil Ra Im) before i fell absolutely in love with the actors. The story itself was well-written, plot was well-thought, the casting and the chemistry of the actors have pretty much set the tone for the success of the series.

  2224. 2224 : joo raim Says:

    I agree with you. It will be a greatest NY’s gift. I remembered I spend the last day of 2010 and the first day of 2011 by watching Secret Garden and then I always checked it whether mysoju.com release the new episode of Secret Garden. The worst was I prefer to spend my day to search the last episode of SEGA rather than to celebrate my husband’s birthday.Although he understand my craziness of Kdrama but still I feel guilty to him because of that.If Secret Garden wins the Best Korean Drama of 2011, I promise I will change my HP wallpaper with the photo of my husband for a month (^_________^)—He always teases me by changing my wallpapaer

  2225. 2225 : grace Says:

    just 10 more day leave,keep going to vote.

  2226. 2226 : KDaddict Says:

    @joo raim, hi,
    Don’t feel too guilty abt loving KD so much, esp SEGA! There aren’t many KDs this good. Also, tell your husband that this hobby of ours costs little money; more imptly, the female chars are always pure women who love their men with all their might! If a little bit of it rubs off on us, it’d make us much better wives, no? 😉

  2227. 2227 : hyunha Says:

    Keep voting. Fighting! If it’s possible to vote elsewhere i would!

  2228. 2228 : Andy Says:

    As of right now we’re up by 1900+ votes keep up the good work guys.
    <3 Gil Ra Im

  2229. 2229 : joo raim Says:

    KDaddict, Merry X’maz
    feel guilty cuz he support my hobby. I even pushed him to buy the DVD of Jumong & The Legend in order to make him like KD and it’s successful.Now, he likes Saeguk ^___^

  2230. 2230 : Christine Says:

    @ KDaddict,

    You really express out all my opinion regarding SEGA, cheers!

    SEGA is really best in all ways…

    All SEGA fans, keep voting….fighting!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  2231. 2231 : joo raim Says:

    SEGA Lovers keep voting and make 2000+ gap

    I know we can make it

    Make THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA 2011 as our New Year’s gift for SEGA actors, actresses and all the crew that made this beautiful drama.


  2232. 2232 : yinzz Says:

    vote~~ vote~~ vote~~ and vote!!

  2233. 2233 : KDaddict Says:

    For a while I felt sad that everyone seemed to have watched SEGA, loved it n then forgot abt it! It is good to see its faithful supporters out in force!
    But I’m surprised that SEGA currently only has a 2+% lead over the runner-up. If we win, it’ll be by a narrow margin. So keep voting!
    I can go on n on abt what I love abt SEGA. But that would take up too much space! I know it’ll always stay in my heart!
    @joo raim,
    Have you two watched Return of Iljimae, starring Jung Il Woo? If your hubby loves saguek, that’d be a nice one to watch together. You can check out our comments on that thread.
    Happy viewing!

  2234. 2234 : tori Says:

    this is the best drama ever i think i have watch it 17 times and i still can not get enough of it ,am realy sad that hyun bin is away right now i can not wait for his return and see what his next project will be , the guy just melts my heart in this drama and puts a smile on my face and the best part the sound tack that he sings in this drama, is the best

  2235. 2235 : hyunha Says:

    VOTE2x! if possible, please encourage other HB&HJW FANS to vote here as well

  2236. 2236 : KDaddict Says:

    17 times? Wow! I’m impressed! Totally!
    I saw it 7 times n think myself a super fan! Shame on me! Hee hee hee.
    Agree w you that Hyun Bin is cool n heart-melting, n his breathy OST takes our breath away! Totally!
    Happy Voting!

  2237. 2237 : joo raim Says:

    To all SEGA Lover

    The gap is 2000+………………….thank you for keep voting and now make the gap 2500………………I know we can!!!!!


    @KDaddict : Maybe Jung Il Woo dislike me because I always had internet connection problems when I tried to watch it #_____# but I will try again soon

  2238. 2238 : KDaddict Says:

    @joo raim:
    I watched on dramaload, n it was fine. But they do chop off the last 10 mins of most eps! Boo!
    It’s a great drama, n is well worth your trying again! Good luck!

  2239. 2239 : Secret-G Says:

    I’m a fan of Korean drama’s, watched most of the best, according to reviews, ratings, viewers comments, etc.
    But still, for me, nothing could beat Secret Garden! the story was great, every episode has no dull moment, full of surprises and so exciting… you can’t miss every single scene, coz you may lost the beautiful story… I so love it, and i kept re-watching it. The characters are superb!!! Great job, keep voting supporters of SEGA!

  2240. 2240 : Astrid Nathalya Says:

    SEGA is the best KOREAN DRAMA all over the world ..haha

    i love the story, actresses, actors and all part of this drama ..

    vote … crazyy voteee 😉

  2241. 2241 : hyunha Says:

    Gosh i spent the whole day just reminiscing, watching videos of HyunBin oppa and HajiWon-ssi. Their chemistry onset was incredible, so believable they convinced me that they are a real couple.

    So my question still lingers a year after this drama is shown, what do you guys think? Are they for real? I mean, are they really a couple in life? Their deep connection whenever they stare at each other, what is just me that felt woah something’s fishy? You feel me guys? haha

    i want your opinion too 🙂

  2242. 2242 : Addicted to SEGA Says:

    After many times of re-watching this drama, i still can’t help myself to feel in-love and amaze with them… I learn to sing along all their OST, watching HaJiWon and HyunBin’s videos from interviews, CF and everything that they appear on TV.. That was the effect of their unbeatable chemistry! OMG really I am one of SEGA crazy, lol..

  2243. 2243 : hyunha Says:

    @Addicted to SEGA:

    it’s like they’re for real eh? my gosh wanted them so much to end up being together…. part of me wants to say, nah they’re just apparently so good-looking but nothing more than that, but another part of me can’t deny that they seem to be so perfect for each other, on and off-cam..

  2244. 2244 : KDaddict Says:

    Miss Hyun Bin ssi! Been watching his Laneige CF a million times. He will come out of MS on Dec 11, 2012.
    Hope he’ll make another great drama asap!

  2245. 2245 : Tpm Says:

    I watching tpm 20 time.crazy unbelieveable haha… I lost my pupil

    (Deleted by admin due to unrelated to this topic)

  2246. 2246 : KDaddict Says:

    You don’t go to the supermarket to buy a car, or to the car dealer’s to buy medicine, so why come to SEGA thread to talk abt TPM? It has its own thread, no?
    You don’t see us going to the TPM thread to talk abt SEGA, do u?

  2247. 2247 : jac Says:

    love SEGA,
    best drama, both HB & HJW good screen chemistry.
    keep re-watching SEGA & OST again & again.
    hope 2 see both great stars in future dramas together.
    great cast all round.

  2248. 2248 : bennietan Says:

    Keep on voting ……..

  2249. 2249 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  2250. 2250 : like Says:

    the gap is now around 2100. good job – keep on voting though, till the last second !
    happy holidays to all – incl. the admins (do they take holidays with this race is going on? ) 🙂

  2251. 2251 : Christina You Says:

    Everyone keeps voting and voting!

    Secret Garden would be No.1!!

    Hyun Bin and Kim Joo Won, you are so cool that I love you so much!!!

  2252. 2252 : Gray Says:

    Secret Garden is the best drama that i have seen!

    They has excellent actor & actress that make it perfect!!!

    I like to see Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won act in drama again…

    Keep voting!!! SEGA is No.1!!!

  2253. 2253 : Startulle Says:

    Secret Garden still is my fave drama ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2254. 2254 : grace Says:

    we are keeping to vote till to last minute;our dream will be come ture.

  2255. 2255 : KDaddict Says:

    Happy Holidays to all SEGA Lovers!
    May Hyun Bin ssi in MS be remembered and blessed this Holiday season!
    May SEGA win as the Best Drama of 2011 on koreandrama.org!
    May the winning be with a wide margin to show that it is the best show ever!

  2256. 2256 : fchlg Says:


  2257. 2257 : Gray Says:

    SEGA is leading TPM with +2259…

    keep voting SEGA is the best!!!!

  2258. 2258 : hyunha Says:

    Keep voting!

  2259. 2259 : mai Says:

    *imisssecretgarden sooo much 😐

    please keep voting for it !

  2260. 2260 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  2261. 2261 : Huinna Says:

    I Vote SEga .. 😀 GOod ACtor And Actress SO Amazing Movie :))

  2262. 2262 : SeGaLiker Says:

    I Love Sega Forever !!!! 🙂 😀 <3

  2263. 2263 : SeGaLiker Says:

    Secret Garden is a Amazing Movie and good acting… 😀

  2264. 2264 : gr33n5unday Says:

    Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im,,,, love your character so much~
    Hyun Bin oppa and Ha Ji Won unni, both of you are my favorite actor and actress in the WORLD!!!!
    Really hope that both of you a real couple (^_^)☆
    Hyun Bin oppa be save at your service!!!
    We’re waiting for you at Dec 6th next year. Saranghaeyo~ \(//∇//)\

    Vote for SeGa til the very last minute as the best KDrama of 2011!!
    HWAITING!! ψ(`∇´)ψ

  2265. 2265 : ilove_sega Says:

    this drama took my breathe away.. thats why it is one of the top rating korean drama ever.. love hyun bin and ha ji won loveteam.. 🙂

  2266. 2266 : KDaddict Says:

    4 more days to go! I hope the no. of votes for SEGA top the 20,000 mark! Fighting!

  2267. 2267 : hyunha Says:

    i keep on voting on different IP addresses (whenever i am at the mall, or at my friend’s house) every single day 🙂 that’s how much i wanted this drama to have a wide lead over Princess’ Man

  2268. 2268 : Fani Says:

    HWAITING Secret Garden…..hyun bin & Ha ji won

  2269. 2269 : Mala Says:

    be number 1 Secret Garden
    be amazing Hyun Bin
    be adorable Ha Ji Won
    being perfect couple Hyun Bin & Ha Ji Won

  2270. 2270 : Nags Says:

    I know we’re still top, but everyone keep voting.. We need to fight With ourselves and get as many votes as possible, not only because there percentage is falling down a little.. But because we all love and cherish secret garden!
    So let’s get as many votes as we can possible and ASAP


  2271. 2271 : joo raim Says:

    Now the gap is 2700+……………keep voting SEGA Lovers

    Next mission is making 3000’s gap……….We can do it!!!!


  2272. 2272 : say kimchi Says:


  2273. 2273 : unbeatable SEGA Says:

    there’s only ONE Korean drama left in my memory till i get old,
    it’s SECRET GARDEN!!! “fighting”
    Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im we adore you!
    ***Happy New Year*** everyone, esp SEGA fans.

  2274. 2274 : kal Says:

    keep voting guys 🙂
    secret garden will be the best drama 2011
    Good job for all the crew 😀
    especially for hyun bin that now have to enter navy camp training ! Oppa fighthing ! we will wait for you 🙂

  2275. 2275 : Gray Says:

    There is 2942’s gap with TPM !!!
    Keep voting we are aim for 20000 vote!!!!
    SEGA is no.1 best korean drama….

  2276. 2276 : Christine Says:

    2 more days to go….keep voting….fighting!!!

  2277. 2277 : KDaddict Says:

    We are at 19520 votes. 480 votes to 20,000!

    We are ahead of TPM by (19520-16599) 2921 votes. 79 more votes to make the gap 3000!

    2 more days! Aja!

  2278. 2278 : caren Says:

    go secret garden i love this korean drama……… i love HA JI WON AND HYUN BIN……… i hope that secret garden will win as the best korean drama of the year……….. i love you SECRET GARDEN………..

  2279. 2279 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  2280. 2280 : Gray Says:

    SEGA is already get 20054 vote and
    leading TPM with 3100…
    Secret Garden is no.1 this year!!!!!

  2281. 2281 : unbeatable SEGA Says:

    Korean’s Best Drama…
    I don’t mind to get fever, as long as it’s SEGA FEVER!!!

  2282. 2282 : joo raim Says:

    Good job friends……………..The gap is 3000 and we can still make wider gap by keep voting until the end of this day.

    **********************Happy New Year *******************

    This will be the best present of 2012 : Secret Garden “The Best Korean Drama 2012”

    God Bless You all

  2283. 2283 : KDaddict Says:

    I’m so happy that we r over 20,000 votes, n more than 3000 votes ahead. Let’s keep it that way!
    Do you know that if you go into Laneige, n buy some skin care products for men, they’ll give you a calendar with Hyun Bin’s pics on it, plus put them in a bag w same? One of the pics on the calendar is him looking like Kim Joo Won! I keep going to Laneige these few days, to buy just 1 product a day, to maximize the no. of calendars n paper bags! Hehehe.
    Happy New Year, SEGA fans!

  2284. 2284 : Andy Says:

    Happy New Year to every SEGA fans..Good job on voting. We win 🙂

  2285. 2285 : Christine Says:

    happy new year to all korean drama fans…

    we all did a good job…congratulation to all!!!

  2286. 2286 : gandakonoh Says:

    Happy new year to all and congratulation to secret garden. a few hours from now, the casting of votes will end. secret garden will win unless there’s something fishy will happen.

    Congratulation to secret garden fans

  2287. 2287 : christine Says:

    congratulation to SEGA…

    You are the best!!!

  2288. 2288 : like Says:

    SeGa so, so deserve this !
    Great job, well done to ALL SeGa lovers – where ever you are. 🙂
    May this coming year be a very good, prosperous year for all of us !

  2289. 2289 : gr33n5unday Says:

    **super happy* 😀

  2290. 2290 : lyonell Says:

    congratzzzzzz to all sega lovers
    we win the best korean drama of 2011
    Happy New Year 2012 all….

  2291. 2291 : Gray Says:

    Secret Garden is the best korean drama 2011!!!

  2292. 2292 : jow Says:

    Congratulation to all SeGa fannnssss……this drama become the best drama for 2011…( even though i’m fan of me too, flower)

  2293. 2293 : mslvoe Says:

    yes yes yes, Secret Garden has won the best drama for 2011

  2294. 2294 : flyfati Says:

    you’re the best keeeeeeeeeep going

  2295. 2295 : caren Says:

    oh my god secret garden is win in the best korean drama of the year 2011…….. congratulations SECRET GARDEN……. WE LOVE YOU……… HA JI WON AND HYUN BIN………….

  2296. 2296 : tmac3skyrus Says:


  2297. 2297 : nattryso Says:

    now i still vote the dramma of Secret Garden for the best dramma, and also best acting with Hyun bin and Ha Jiwon. I feel so comedy and romantic when i watched this dramma. i watch it for a lot of time like the same episode. so now i wish hyun bin and ha ji won that they are my great acting has good health and continue with new drama. i wait u hyun bin.

  2298. 2298 : CAPek-Ma Says:


  2299. 2299 : KDaddict Says:

    SEGA rocks! May it stand as our favorite drama for a long, long, long time!

  2300. 2300 : KDaddict Says:

    Hyun Bin ssi will be out of MS on Dec 6, 2012. Exactly 11 months to go, and we can see him again!
    I miss him!

    I went to Laneige and bought up half the store, so that they would give me more Hyun Bin calendars n Hyun Bin paper bags. I got so many skin care products, but I don’t care actually abt them. 😀

  2301. 2301 : nattryso Says:

    Hyun bin i wait you come back soon as soon as possible.
    i love your dramma special snow queen and secret garden.
    It very hit and i hope that y will have an amazing new dramma after u out the Millitary. you are so genius with acting i wish u have good thing come with you everytimes. I love u…………………………..hyun bin.

  2302. 2302 : sonam Says:

    its a very beautiful drama……^_^….

  2303. 2303 : purepinay Says:

    o.m.g hajiwon is such a revelation here she is so great as well as hyun bin

  2304. 2304 : tmac3skyrus Says:

    …thumbs up for secret garden

  2305. 2305 : Startulle Says:

    I really miss this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2306. 2306 : zaha Says:

    amat seronok.i really miss this drama. Good luck ha jin won and hyun bin

  2307. 2307 : Gray Says:

    The best korean drama i have seen…
    good luck hyun bin & ha ji won!!!!!

  2308. 2308 : joo raim Says:

    A year after the last episode of Secret Garden, we celebrate it by winning the Best Korean Drama of 2011.
    I miss my lovely good-weird man, Kim Joo Won and my beautiful try-to-be-strong Gil Ra Im.
    I still hope to watch the sequel of Secret Garden with the same actors and actresses in 2013 or after Hyun Bin finish his MS.
    By the way, I committed to change my SEGA picture on my handphone with my husband picture for a month if SEGA win THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA OF 2011 and he was a little disappointed because he can’t replace SEGA picture forever ^________________^

  2309. 2309 : segasegasega Says:

    it’s 2012 already but like others i can’t still move on, on my addiction of SEGA, lol:) wanna watch again for 4th times? ughhh and more… still love it! we all get crazy if they make SEGA 2… hopefully!

  2310. 2310 : coach store online Says:

    Look here, I come here. I support your post, of course, will share to my friends, they will see your post,Good luck.

  2311. 2311 : Developer Says:

    Wow… Beautiful……..

  2312. 2312 : M Says:

    Does anyone know which drama won the “Best Korean Drama of 2011 Award”?

  2313. 2313 : joo raim Says:

    @M :
    Off course my beautiful fantasy romance comedy drama…………….

    **********************SEGRET GARDEN*****************

  2314. 2314 : joo raim Says:


    Today I realize that the winner of The Best Drama of 2011 is VERY SPECIAL



  2315. 2315 : ort kvol Says:

    The best korean drama I have never seen
    I really want to enjoy it more^^

  2316. 2316 : agnes mariano Says:

    it’s amazing nice to hear that secret garden won the best drama of 2011

  2317. 2317 : karen manis<