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Only You, My Love

Only You, My Love 05

Title: 당신만이 내사랑 / Only You, My Love
Chinese Title: 我的愛只屬於你
Also Known as: You Are The Only One
Previously known as: 사랑인가 봅니다 / It Must Be Love
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 120
Broadcast Network: KBS1
Broadcast period: 2014-Nov-24 to 2015-May-08
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:25


The birth of multi-family living under the same roof!

There is a tremendous growth in the number of single households and people who choose to live in a shared house for economic reasons.

A woman who used to be a producer but ended up being a market vendor; a middle aged woman abandoned by her father and family; a single daddy and a foreigner; people with different stories are gathered under the same roof in attempts to save money.

Among them, a daughter and a wife feeling left out by their families embrace the wounded hearts of each other. This drama features people from different backgrounds becoming a family and reminds audience what the true meaning of family in this generation is. (Source)


Main Cast

Han Chae Ah as Song Do Won
Sung Hyuk as Lee Ji Gun
Ji Joo Yun as Nam Hye Ri

Song Do Won’s family

Kang Nam Gil as Song Duk Goo (Do Won’s father)

Lee Ji Gun’s family

Jung Han Yong as Kim Byung Tae
Moon Hee Kyung as Park Joo Ran
Han Yoo Yi as Lee Ji Ae
Kim Min Kyo as Nam Soon

Nam Hye Ri’s family

Lee Hyo Choon as Ji Soo Yun
Lee Young Ha as Nam Je Il
Sa Mi Ja as Kang Boo Nam
Kang Shin Hyo as Nam Hye Sung


Kim Hae Sook as Oh Mal Soo
Choi Dae Chul as Noh Young Gi
Kang Joo Eun as Noh Woo Ri
Kyung In Sun
Kim Ki Doo as Young Choon
Lee Seul Ah
Shim Hye Yeon as baby in stroller
Kim Ji Wan

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Kang Byung Taek
Director: Jin Hyung Wook
ScriptWriter: Go Bong Hwang


2015 KBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Daily Series): Han Chae Ah (Only You, My Love) & Kang Byul (Save The Family)


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  1. 1 : Micc Says:

    Sung Hyuk in a main role. Would love to watch.

  2. 2 : tigerb Says:

    must be chaotic!

  3. 3 : aprahim almanakly Says:

    Dae Jang Geum / Jewel in the Palace – Korean Drama.More wonderful

  4. 4 : malou1010 Says:

    Finally, a lead role for Han Chae Ah!!! She was impressive in All About My Romance & Marry Him If You Dare. I’m so happy for her! This drama looks like fun!

  5. 5 : Brooke Says:

    Yay…Moony is back….loved him in Jang Bori 🙂

  6. 6 : Rose Says:

    For you Moony fans —- he is playing Tennis on Cool Kids on the Block show on KBS. He is so cute. I wish him well.

  7. 7 : aznative Says:

    @ Rose

    Yes! I saw the first episode, he was so flustered.

    I sure hope this drama will air on KBS World for viewers in North America! The other new KBS weekday drama “Love & Secret” preview was on their YouTube channel so I’m hoping that means “Only You, My Love” will also be on their YouTube channel.

    Looking forward to seeing this community’s comments. Have a good week!

  8. 8 : Rose Says:

    On Sunday’s episode of Cool Kids on the Block, Moony and his partner won the tennis game set against the neighborhood man and I forgot now if it was his nephew, I think. The man was older then all 3 of them and he played a good game. Moony is so cute. You just want to hug him.

    Once he gets some confidence he will be OK. He has been interviewed on several Entertainment shows. So people should start to know him more now with his exposure. Even though – when he was introduced on the Cool Kids, they didn’t seem to know who he was. Once someone said Bo Ri I think they then got the drift I felt bad for him as he has a pretty good role in BoRi.

  9. 9 : sylvia Says:

    it will be nice if this drama have eng sub……….. waiting for it

  10. 10 : aznative Says:

    I’m hoping this drama will be on the KBS World YouTube channel. “Only You, My Love” was scheduled to follow “My Dear Cat” (the last episode on YouTube should air on Friday, December 5th). Hopefully “Only You…will begin airing on Monday, December 8 on KBS World’s YT with English subtitles.

    @ Rose #8

    I need to watch the newer episodes of “Cool Kids”. Have you seen Sung Hyuk in “Bride of the Century”? He had a good part in that drama.

  11. 11 : Rose Says:

    Hi aznative —

    No I did not see Bride of the Century. I only about Moony from Jang BoRi. He appears to be a nice guy.

    Choi Dae Chul is in this drama also from BoRi. He was in Fated to Love you and I just thought his character was so funny. He always made me laugh. He did a good job with his part.

  12. 12 : aznative Says:

    Hi Rose

    Choi Dae Chul was great in Jang Bo-Ri. Loved his martial arts moments and he was a riot in Fated to Love You. Look forward to seeing him in this new drama. Hoping KBS World will put it on their YouTube channel for those of us in the USA.

    Have been watching Legendary Witches, Pride & Prejudice and just started Pinocchio too and I’m liking them all. Still miss Endless Love though.

    Have a good week!

  13. 13 : Rose Says:

    aznative —-

    Did you see Moony win the tennis game against the lady that has been playing for 20 years?? She said “he has improved, but he has a weak mind.” I don’t know what she meant by that, but they played one on one. Good for him. He was pretty nervous the first time out.

  14. 14 : aznative Says:


    That’s great news, he needed that to boost his confidence. I need to get caught up, been too busy lately.

    Saw the first trailer for “Only You My Love” [KBS calls it “You Are the Only One”] on KBS this week. Posted the link, it’s short but at least it sub-titled.

  15. 15 : mml Says:

    The romance for Lee Ji Gun will be very tough with the objection from his parents and how can Lee Ji Gun with determination to protect his love and to overcome all the obstacles ahead ?

    I think Sung Hyuk his acting skills and talent in this drama is even better than Come! Jang Bo Ri this drama. I prefer to watch this drama rather than Come! Jang Bo Ri ! This drama I am given the chance to watch Sung Hyuk more frequent in every episode. Good keep up the good work !

    And I hope that Lee Ji Gun will marry the woman that he’s deeply and sincerely in love and do not follow what his parents strongly arrange for him. Anyway, his parents are really too much to control him and who knows Lee Ji Gun will become more and more rebellious and maybe , he will stay with Song Do Won’s father instead of his own parents.

  16. 16 : aznative Says:

    Happy today when I discovered the first five episodes were uploaded to KBS World’s YouTube channel. Don’t know the regions licensed for this drama, but I’ll share the link that should work for those in North America at least.

  17. 17 : Rose Says:

    aznative – thanks for the you tube sight, I caught up on 2 episodes I missed.

    Lee Ji Gun’s sister is a real dip stick. Does she even work. She spends money on everything but can’t pay the rent!

    All these stories are the same in most of the dramas. It gets rather boring have the same similar plot in each of these dramas.

    Yes, Ji Gun will have a hard road ahead of him. That Hye Ri is going to be one mean girl.

    I saw Moony playing tennis today w/a partner and they lost the game. He jst wasn’t doing well. The bench guys on his team said he played good at practice. They said he had a weak mind again.

  18. 18 : Rose Says:

    How interesting — Do Won’s mother is also Hye Ri’s mother. How cool is that. But that seems to happy a lot in this Koran dramas. Main starts always connected through blood.

  19. 19 : Rose Says:

    For any one that is watching this show in the Midwest of US – it reruns around 3 – 3:30 a.m. The airing at night at 10:30 pm leaves out about 10 minutes of the program. It was the same for Melody of Love and A Cat’s Meow.

  20. 20 : mml Says:

    Episode 18, Lee Ji Gun’s father discovered the secret, that Hye Ri’s stepmother is actually Song Do Won’s real mother. And episode 19 continued to look interesting that, Ji Gun’s father told Do Won about her real mother. I guess Ji Gun’s father accepted Do Won for some reasons and maybe in future ,they will become business working partners whereby business will have some connections .

    Now, am looking forward to watch episode 20.

  21. 21 : CoolBeans Says:

    I just finished a marathon of the first 10 episodes of this drama. I love the story and the pace the writer takes it. Sung Hyuk is fabulous with those facial expressions that keep you riveted to every expression. I am so glad he does not Botox! I am hoping this one has a happy ending for Moon!

  22. 22 : Lysa Says:

    Basically the same story of this drama with “The Women of Our Home”, but hopefully more interesting later. I’ll be waiting…

  23. 23 : maryam Says:

    Wow so interester we are wait 4 d end lov u all

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    OMG – Ji Gen is going to have a very very hard time holding his ground against his father and Hye ri’s conniving. Both Hye Ri-‘s grandmother and Ji Gen’s dad are SOB’s.

    Where is Do Won’s dad going to get $150,000. And now Dowon lost her job, she has that loan to pay, plus she gave her savings to the father to pay off the loan sharks. What a mess. How will this ever get straightened out???

    These Korean parents (in these dramas) are really strong willed on who they want their children to marry. Geez……

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  25. 25 : Rose Says:

    Ji Gun’s dad is an S.O.B. to go into his son’s restaurant with his bully’s an ruin everything. What an A – Hole.

  26. 26 : Rose Says:

    Song Hyuk was a presenter on the 2014 KBS Drama Awards. He looked cute

  27. 27 : Rose Says:

    Why do these girls continue to do every devious plot they can come up with to get a guy who does not love them, and knowing they love someone else.

    Jigeon’s da is a A-hole. He is pretending to let Jigeon stay with Dawon. I hope Dawon does not break up with Jigeon when she finds out who her mother is. It will be another typical Korean drama.

    These parents/grandparents will do anything to get their children to do what they want, even though the children are opposed. Stupid.

  28. 28 : sangjhoon Says:

    i just started watching this drama a few days ago & loving it! the two leads are good & i luv their chem! it doesnt seem popular but it makes me wonder why as it’s a heart warming drama indeed! 2 thumbs up & it’s addictive too

  29. 29 : Rose Says:

    This story line is similar to Make A Wish on MBC. The wicked Hyeri is going to do everything she can to ruin Do Won’s life and make her eventually break up with Ji Gun. Hyeri and her cohorts have already made Do Won lose their company and house. Plus Do Won lost her job also due to the father not being able to pay back his loans and everything snow balled from there.

    And Ji Gun’s dad is a rotten lousy dad to go against his son’s wishes to want to marry who he is in love with.

    Same story line with these dramas all the time.

    Sung Hyuk is doing a good job with the lead role. Poor guy is trying so hard to support Do Won.

  30. 30 : sangjhoon Says:

    i wonder why such a small business like DW’s father is such an impt thing to both families so much so to ruin their life; poor DW’s dad & her who’s just trying their best to have a good, peaceful life with each other after her lousy mother abandoned them & now having a good life! i also can’t stand Hyeri’s g/mother she’s a mean old woman, JG’s father is such a loser too & Hyeri’s dad is a weakling!
    great drama, i’m liking SH, he’s great new addition to K entertainment!

  31. 31 : hibiscus Says:

    i hv a feeling nam sun is the lost son of JG’s father! lols interesting how he’ll find out!

  32. 32 : Rose Says:

    hibiscus – I just saw ep 23 and I was thinking the same thing that Nam Sun is probably JG’s dad’s son. I can’t wait for that to come out. JG’s dad is just an A-hole. He buys gifts for all his lady friends and his wife gets something he got for free. I can’t blame JG’s sister for not living in the house with her parents. They are both nuts.

    I hope Dowon can hold up under the pressure she is being put under from JG’s dad with the help of crazy Hyeri. She had a nice producer position.

    SH is doing better with his tennis plays on Cool Kids.

  33. 33 : hibiscus Says:

    @#32 Rose ikr J’s dad is something else of more than an Ahole 🙂 LOLs he’s super annoying & yes agreed, i don’t blame JG’s sister like u said for not living under her parent’s roof, their mother is also annoying! She’s right now so nice/sweet to Nam sun but wait till she finds out the truth that he’s the long lost son of her husb & she’ll change her behavior towards him, but i hope not! 🙂

    I also watched ep 23 this a.m. & poor DW & yes i hope she gets through with the ordeal that she’s been having; how sweet n nice to hv a b/friend like JG eh?

    where do you watch Cool Kids? i wanna see him too 🙂 I’m his new fan

  34. 34 : Rose Says:

    Hi hibiscus —

    Cool Kids is on KBS —
    It is on on Tuesday around 6:50 p., and on
    Sunday around 2:00 a.m in the morning

    I live in the Midwest in the U.S.

    Times may vary somewhat as for some reason I found MBC and KBS seem to make changes with starts for the shows for some reason.

    There are other celebrities playing tennis also with him.

  35. 35 : hibiscus Says:

    @34 Hi Rose – Many thnx for the info, i think i’ll chk YT coz KBS doesnt air here in our area anymore! I’m in No. Calif!Pls join me on his thread at soompi when u hv time, let’s support SH :: I’m now continuing with Jang Bo Ri & he’s good in this drama too! 🙂

  36. 36 : flo bo jo Says:

    My friends and I love Korean dramas but lately the dramas are been stretched out too much, and therefore, we lose interest in them. I like this drama but I can see it is going to be stretched out too much. Hate that!

  37. 37 : hibiscus Says:

    @Rose thnx again i’ve watched Cool Kiz & he was awesome

  38. 38 : Dsant Says:

    @hibiscus, check channel 197 at Comcast in No CA, they are showing KBS program.

  39. 39 : hibiscus Says:

    @#38 Dsant hi thnx a bunch, i used to be able to get KBS but they discont’d airing in No. Ca effective Jan. 1 🙁 i can get it on chan 36 but my signal is quite weak 🙁 lols anyway poor me i don’t even hv comcast :)) it’s ok YT will do since while awaiting for subs i watch Sung hyuk in BofC, i’m really liking him since JB drama.

  40. 40 : hibiscus Says:

    just watched ep 34 & Ji’s father won’t stop at anything just to satisfy his business, awful father! i’m hooked to this drama! i don’t mind this being a long or daily drama as long as i can see Sung Hyuk in it 🙂 he’s an awesome actor & glad he’s getting busy with projects! i liked him as Moon ji sang in Jang Bo Ri & he’s loaded with acting potential!

  41. 41 : Rose Says:

    I agree Ji Gun’s dad is a despicable sleaze so far. I can’t believe he went behind Ji Gun’s back to do that restaurant merger and the guys that came to the restaurant didn’t even mention it to him.

    What I thought was disgusting and conniving on Hye Ri’s part was instead of telling Ji that his dad did a merger with his restaurant she runs to tell Do Wan just to get her to break up with him. And Hye Ri is supposed to be so in love with Ji. Evil witch.

    I also feel Do Won should have told Ji that his father was going to do a merge with his restaurant . Even though the deal is done. Typical story – she is an innocent who got fooled into breaking up with him. Do Won thought she was helping out Ji.

    And now Ji’s sister is in the mix all of a sudden and blabbing about everything. She was staying in her little place and now all of a sudden she is at her parents house.

    I am watching Make A Wish – and that is same story line. The main girl broke up w/the man she loved because a wicked girl wants him and she told the girl some B.S. to make her break with the boyfriend. These stories tend to have the same main theme with different actors.
    And you can figure out the ending early on. It just takes time to get to the happy ending.

  42. 42 : Rose Says:

    P.S. I feel sorry for Ji — he is doing well with his restaurant and is a nice person, he creepy father should just be happy for him instead of screwing around with his life. He should marry Hye Ri’s grandmother, they make a perfect pair.

  43. 43 : phoenix Says:

    I’m at epi 40 & this drama is plain silly and stupidly over the top. I thought the character Ji Gun would be a little better in this drama (after watching him I Jang Bori), but as usual, he’s just as weak and spineless as most of the males in these dramas.

    BTW, someone should give Dowon a comb & brush. She always looks like she just rolled out of bed!

  44. 44 : Rose Says:

    Hye Ri is a big lying witch with a Capital B and a trouble maker. She twists everything around to make her look so innocent. She knows about her step mother so she will bring that up about their ex-maid here and there to her mother’s face.

    Ji worked so hard to meet that Mr Park to see what he could find out about the produce screw up with Dawon’s delievery and Dawon’s dad screws it up. Like does the father think he can handle a man like Mr. Park and try to get him to confess. Geez….give me a break.

  45. 45 : stela Says:

    Cant understand why the character Song Dowon is such as weakling. She worked as a successful producer at her previous job , hence I expected her to have more confidence and not allow herself to be outsmarted and easily defeated by Hyeri. Hope her character shows some strength very soon so that the drama wouldnt be so disappointing.

  46. 46 : Juana Says:

    Busqué la novela en varios sitios, Youtube no lo tiene subtitulado en español.
    Espero tengan en cuenta y solucionen.

  47. 47 : Rose Says:

    Ji Gun’s dad looks and acts like a monkey.

  48. 48 : mirin Says:

    Ouch, ouch, ouch!

    So painful to watch this drama.

    The characters here are all so dense, pathetic, and insecure people, including even the rich and powerful. Unlike the real life S.Koreans I personally know. In real life I have not met any S.Koreans as pathetic as shown in this drama. Why must this story make the characters like this?

    Come on, man! Get real !

  49. 49 : Rose Says:

    I saw this Tennis match tonight –

    Also Sung Hyuk was interviewed on Entertainment Weekly. It was a nice interview.

    Jun Mira Gives Sung Hyuk A Warm Hug – Yahoo Entertainment …


    … Jun Mira showed her special affection for Sung Hyuk … bnt news – Wed, Jan 14, 2015 … Jun Mira showed her special affection for Sung Hyuk. On the January 13

  50. 50 : Rose Says:

    There is a nice pho of Sung Hyuk on this sight

    FNC Family Han Sung-ho, Jung Yong-hwa, Park Kwang-hyun …


    … Sung-hyuk to star in ‘Radio Star’ Posted by: Veronica Choi, February 4, 2015. This post is also available in: Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified) …

  51. 51 : rrr Says:

    120 episodes griiiiii!!!

  52. 52 : Rose Says:

    I am sooooo tired of hearing the same thing over and over and over from Hy Rei’s grandmother, Hye Ri and Ji’s dad about planning her wedding to Ji.

    They are so darn stupid and deaf. I hope the writer can eliminate those words for the rest of the episodes.

    Hye Ri should be Ji’s daughter, they are both the same – evil creeps.

  53. 53 : Rose Says:

    Do Won needs to just slap that Hye Ri in the face instead of taking all her crap. And she should go tell Hye Ri’s dad that she has not done anything to get Ji nor is she looking for any revenge etc. etc. I get so mad watching Do Won just putting up with all that jazz.

  54. 54 : Rose Says:

    @hibiscus —

    The Tennis Team on Cool kids finishing playing. They came in first place. Sung Hyuk and his partner played the last set of the tournament and they won. Next sport is Foot Volley Ball – it is the 8th sport of Cool Kids on the Block. I didn’t see all the players that will be participating but they looked like different people from the Tennis Team.

    I don’t know if you saw that last game.

  55. 55 : Rose Says:

    Ji’s father is an a-hole. Ji told him to accept Nam Sum as his son but the father would not But he listen’s to whatever Hye Ri tells him to do and he does it. He is an idiot.

  56. 56 : Rose Says:

    Hye Ri keeps blaming everyone else that Ji and her are not married. Doesn’t she get it, he doesn’t like her. Ji’s dad and Hye Ri should be married to each other. They are both the same. And Hye Ri’s grandmother is another piece of work.

  57. 57 : mary Says:

    Hyeri is an exact copy of her grandmother, so is her father (the guy without any marbles) too. Grandmother is President of the Bitch Club. Hyeri has bad examples to follow, and of course it goes without saying her stepmom is a bitch as well, and an accomplished liar too. Hyeri is a totally lost case. Hope, one day, she will fall hard on her head and butt, and oh well, all over, so that she will get to transplant her whole self. Thank goodness her brother Haeseong is so much a better person.

  58. 58 : Rose Says:

    @Mary – I agree with all that you said. Hyeri’s father has no idea that his darling witch of a mother is lying to him about Oh Malsoo, he just goes along with whatever his mother tells him. I think he has feelings still for Malsoo, but by the time he finds her she is now getting attached to Do Won’s dad.

  59. 59 : mary Says:

    Doubt Malsu will accept Hyeri’s dad, not after this evil family had treated her so horrendously. Besides, Malsu might by now see Hyeri’s dad for what he is, a man without marbles. As can be seen, right now he’s even allowed it to happen to his second wife (Hyeri’s stepmom).

    If Malsu were to accept this evil family back into her life, then she is a fool.

    My wish is for Malsu to be able to tear out more of HYeri’s hair, as well as the evil grandmother’s, and shame the whole family publicly via the media.

    Regarding Dowon’s dad, the way he behaves with Malsu gives me the shudder. He appears to me like a dirty old man who squirms like a worm whenever he gets to touch Malsu. Oh yuck.

  60. 60 : Rose Says:

    @Mary – I agree about Dowon’s dad and how he is acting with Malsu. Glad to hear it is not only me.

    I agree with everything you said above. Right On.

  61. 61 : francis Says:

    i want koreandrama movie

  62. 62 : Rose Says:

    Well, as of March 18, KBS where I live eliminated all KBS dramas, music shows, reality shows, etc. etc. from the station. I live in Chicago so I have no idea what happened. Maybe the local distributor who handles the Koran shows discontinued them for some reason. It seems strange to me but…..
    I have no idea how to find out or who to call. I am so disappointed as I won’t be able to watch these shows any more. Since March 18 KBS just airs all kinds of news/talk shows and whatever all day. Nothing of interest to me since I don’t live in Korea. Boring Boring.

    Watching all the dramas on the computer all the time is hard on my eyes and I find it hard to keep up with.

    Does anyone know who I can contact or??????

  63. 63 : Rose Says:

    That Do Won’s mother is certainly a piece of work. Now she conned the guy that work’s for her husband to work for her also. She said she had it so hard living in that house with the grandmother, but she sure wants to get back in there pretty fast. Some how or other I hope she gets screwed.

    Do Won’s mother, Hye Ri, her dad, the wicked grandfather and Ji’s dad should all leave in that house together and make each other miserable every day. They are all hateful.

    It didn’t take long for that lady in the market that has known Mal Soo for how many years to turn her back on her for money. Ah – money – the root of all evil.

  64. 64 : Rose Says:

    Do Won’s mother put on a good act in front of Hy Rei when all 3 met in the street. Of course, Do Won’s mother up the ante when she saw Do Won standing behind Hy Rei. I can’t believe no one slaps Hy Rei in the face. It is a long time coming.

  65. 65 : Rose Says:

    I would just love to slap Soo Yeon (Do Won’s ) mother in the face. She is a lying witch.

  66. 66 : Rose Says:

    Hye Sung is Je Il and Ji Soo’s son, and the father doesn’t even show his son any respect. When the grandmother hired someone to cook for Hye Ri, herself and Je Il, the father didn’t even say anything that they should set a place for his own son . What an idiot.

    Both dad’s in this show are so dysfunctional.

  67. 67 : Rose Says:

    I like Park Joo-Ran – Ji’s mother, she is so theatrical.

    I hope someone slaps Mrs. Ji soon. I can’t stand her.

    I like that guy who works for Ji Gun, he had a nice position at Marie’s Restaurant, now at the café, Namson is always aggravating him.

    I am only at Ep 92 – I hope that wicked Hye Ri doesn’t get off from all the bad things she has done. I don’t like her. She blames everyone else for what schemes she comes up with and her dad and grandmother believe everything she tells them.

  68. 68 : mary Says:

    Oh goody !!!! Happy now Superbitch Grandma has somebody taking chunks off her butt. Revenge is sweet.

    The way Mrs Ji (Hyeri’s stepmom) is now rubbing it in on the Superbitch Grandma at every opportunity she gets, and the Superbitch Grandms could not stop it cos she’s got a lot of bad to hide is satisfying to watch.

    But what Mrs Ji is doing is still not good enough. It would be better to have been worst and much more, such as throwing her (Superbitch Grandma) out onto the streets to live, or put her in jail for good so that she could get a taste of what sufferings are.

    Hyeri’s dad is a non person at all. He’s not worth anything. Apart from having no marbles, he also has no guiding principles in his life at all. Utterly nil. He is like a tall grass in a windy field, blowing in whichever direction that he feel the wind will not uproot him. He’s nothing. Even his son, Haeseong is many times the man he is not.

    Did you notice what he did, when he realized that his daughter Hyeri might go to jail for the many crimes that she had committed? He went to see Malsu (the victim) asking her not to prosecute Hyeri ! Waoh! No way man! He should not have interfered. He should just allow Hyeri to go to jail so that Hyeri can learn from her mistakes, and this would be a gift a parent can give to his child. By what did he do? Instead, he is trying to get Hyeri off the rap, without caring that he would pile more hurt on Malsu or upsetting the life she’s now built for herself or that he’s allowing and condoning Hyeri’s criminal actions whichi might give Hyeri the notice that it is her entitlement to commit crimes.

  69. 69 : Rose Says:

    Well said Mary.

    Hyeri’s dad is a non-entity. I think Malsu was better off without him, except she suffered with the thought of losing her daughter and him.

  70. 70 : mary Says:

    The drama is getting more interesting and exciting now. Pace getting faster and intense.

    Real fight now begins. Evil and greedy parties fighting each other tooth and nail, no holds barred. Each trying to cancel each other out. Yipee!

    Tension, tension.

    And….. in the midst of all this turmoil, guess who unwittingly walks in to pick up the spoils of war? Malsu. If my guess is correct, she may ultimately be the owner of both Fruit Korea and Town Mart. Let’s hope, wait and see.

  71. 71 : little bo Says:

    I never knew Korean Fathers are so stupid, he does not have the balls to tell his daughter the truth, the author is either dense or no knowledge of fathers.

    This drama is so stupid and boaring.

  72. 72 : mml Says:

    This drama is exactly like one of the Taiwan dramas, from episode 1 until the end of last episode will be fighting over wealth, power, love jealousy things like that. Although this drama, we seldom find happiness, harmony and the character of Nam Hye Ri is exactly like Lee Hae In as Lee Ye Rin in sincerity moves heaven this drama, a very wicked evil person, but something very different is the ScriptWriter: Go Bong Hwang is able to make this drama from every episode , the two families will sure have something to quarrel , argue, fight over all things based on their own opinions that, they think they are right and put the blame on us.

    I have finished watching this drama up to episode 98 and looks like I will continue to watch episode 99 until the last episode. I hope that Nam Hye Ri will go to jail and Fruit Korea will go bankrupt and business of Fruit Korea will be taken and replaced by Song Do Won and also her stepmother Oh Mal Soo and that’s the drama make sense with a better ending.

    I seldom like to watch melodrama and however this drama has a non-stop quarrel effect, I wonder how did the scriptwriter can make it every episode of this drama, there’s a non-stop family problem to quarrel to fight over ?

    I think, watching harmony, loving family drama and have even much more better rating. Don’t you agree ?

  73. 73 : Rose Says:

    Oh no, just want they need – another crazy liar in their life. Young-Gi’s ex-wife now appears and of all people to come across her path — Hye Ri. Hye Ri found another person to con Oh Malsu and everyone else. I hope Young-Gi does not go back with her. My first impression of her is she will do whatever for money. How stupid can she be to open up her mouth to Hye Ri when she doesn’t even know her, take money from her and worm her way into Oh Malsu’s house for Hye Ri. And crazy Hye Ri tells her a bunch of lies about Dowan and, of course, the idiot believes her. Stupid so darn stupid.

    Hye Ri’s dad is a no brainer. I hope Hye Ri goes to jail for sure. She is so wicked to the core. And that Mr. Kang I hope he gets caught in his lies backing Hye Ri.

  74. 74 : mml Says:

    @73 Rose,
    yes, I agree to your opinion that Hye Ri’s dad is a no brainer and on top of that , he does not know how to protect his ex-wife and not able to teach Hye Ri to stop all her nonsense. I think Hye Ri’s dad is a coward and the good thing about Song Do Won’s father, although, he is not rich, but, at least he’s able to educate a kind hearted with good character and understanding daughter Do Won and that makes a great difference between a good responsible man who cares for the family compared to a man whereby is full of ignorant and not able to decide on how to handle his own family affairs.

  75. 75 : tagalog salita Says:

    walang kwenta ang drama na ito, at haba pa ng episodes.nakakatamad panoorin dahil puro daldalan.
    hindi interesting.!!!

  76. 76 : mary Says:

    Hyeri’s dad utterly does not seem to grasp what is really going on under his roof, or that drastic and devastating impact might befall his family’s company, etc. To put it simply, he seems clueless ! He just does not seem to connect the dots at all. He’s convinced himself that he’s doing something to resolve his daughter’s destructive path for Fruit Korea, but from what I see, he is so far behind what’s currently happening now. Can he catch up. Hyeri is hurtling headlong in destruction mode!

  77. 77 : Pinky Says:

    OMG!!! I hate HeyrI so much! How can she be a lying bitch all her life?
    She doesn’t have an ounce of guilt or shame…poor soul! Her heart is full of hatred. Goto jail bitch!
    I want to see Hyeri inside the jail and happiness for Dowon and his father with Oh Malou together…

  78. 78 : Pinky Says:

    I can’t wait to see Hyeri in jail…Dowon in a wedding dress and Oh Malsu and Dowon dad married too. Dowon mom to be punished as well….

  79. 79 : mary Says:

    Hope, Malsu will carry out her plan to break up Fruit Korea, a Company that was built on greed and which she does not want a part of, and then have each smaller companies sold. (Great plan, Malsu, you might find that you may make huge gains here).

    As for Hyeri going to jail, sure hope this will happen. However, no matter how tough a veneer Malsu is projecting on the outside, it looks like internally, she is wavering on this issue. Let’s wait and see.

  80. 80 : Rose Says:

    I think Ji Gun’s father is an A-hole. It seems that he cares more for Nam Soon than Ji Gun. I never saw him hug or kiss Ji Gun like he does with Nam Soon. When Ji Suk managed to copy the disk from Hy Rei’s computer, then he gave him some stupid compliment. I haven’t liked him from the beginning of this show.

    I can’t believe everyone was taken in by Hang Suk. Her ex – husband was the only one who was correct in thinking Hang Suk was up to something, but no one believed him not even with the subtle hints they were picking up about her here and there.

  81. 81 : mary Says:

    What do you mean you THINK Ji Gun’s father is an A-hole?

    Ji Gun’s father IS an A-hole! A bona fide born and bred A-hole. A low down scum! He oozes of scum in his demeanour, speech, actions, attitude, behaviour no matter how he tries to portray a picture of respectability. So is his wife. When there is such a drum, there is such a player.

    Nam Soon is a survivor and an opportunist. He knows how to cue in onto situations, and take advantage of it to his own good, though not in a criminal way. In this case, it is to his advantage if he were to stay on the good books of his a-hole father which, as we can see, worked. The a-hole father is favoring Nam Soon now is ‘cos Nam Soon seems to be the only piece of item he (drowning a-hole father) finds floating that he can cling to.

    The A-hole father is someone who views everything and everyone (including his family members) as objects that he can make use of, nothing more. He is a user. An A-hole user!

  82. 82 : mlou Says:

    The last episode (120) was horribly edited, so find the complete final episode on the KBS website when it becomes available, or youtube. There was a lot missing from the televised version, including the wedding scenes and the new baby. I liked this drama a lot and I hope another worthwhile daily comes along.

  83. 83 : Rose Says:

    I thought the parts where Hye Ri’s grandmother was in the hospital with a brain tumor were rather stupid. Between Hye Ri and Seo-Yeon, Hye Ri’s step-mother all they discussed with the grandmother was about the company, money and shares for Hy Sung. Who cared if the grandmother had a brain tumor.

    And the worse part was – the grandmother after having brain surgery, passes out after she finds out Mal Su owns her company, then is able to get out of the hospital, with no one seeing her????? No one would be strong enough to get up and get out of the hospital after brain surgery. How stupid this whole thing was. And instead of calling 911 and let the paramedics handle it, they decide to drive her back to the hospital. Like the writers need to get real.

    @ Mary – I agree with everything you said —

    I will be happy not to see Nam Soon and Mr. A-hole Lee any more. I can’t believe he would suck up to Do Won thinking she would hand over money to him and whatever else he could obtain from her from Mal Su and the company. I could throw up when I had to see them.

    Poor In Hu had to put up with Nam Soon. In Hu had it good when he was just working for Ji Gun and Marie’s Kitchen.

    Do Won’s mother got on my nerves at times also.

    I do feel Young Gi was smarter than the others at times in picking up on his wife who was lying, and that Mr. Lee was now accepting Do Won because of Mal Su, and other points he picked up on where the others didn’t.

  84. 84 : Rose Says:

    The actor that played “In Hu” — his name is not even mentioned in the Actor’s credits. Poor little guy – I wonder who he was. I kind of liked the part that he played.

  85. 85 : Rose Says:

    I have seen Kim Hye Sook (Mal Soo) in several shows and I like her – she is a good actress. In White Lies = she was younger then and portrayed a business woman with money. Very different character than this show and Wang’s Family.

    I was happy that Ji Gun and Hye Sung stood by the girls they loved and didn’t back off from family pressure to break up with them.

    I liked Do Won and Ji Gun as a couple. I think they worked well together.

    I am looking forward to seeing Sung Hyuk in his next drama.

    This was a good show and I enjoyed it, excluding a few of the wicked people

    I was surprised the evil grandmother got Alzheimer like over night!!! Usually is co

  86. 86 : Rose Says:

    I have seen Kim Hye Sook (Mal Soo) in several shows and I like her – she is a good actress. In White Lies = she was younger then and portrayed a business woman with money. Very different character than this show and Wang’s Family.

    I was happy that Ji Gun and Hye Sung stood by the girls they loved and didn’t back off from family pressure to break up with them.

    I liked Do Won and Ji Gun as a couple. I think they worked well together.

    I am looking forward to seeing Sung Hyuk in his next drama.

    This was a good show and I enjoyed it, excluding a few of the wicked people

    I was surprised the evil grandmother got Alzheimer like over night!!! Usually is starts a bit at a time.

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