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Oh! My Lady

Title: 오 마이 레이디 / Oh! My Lady
Chinese Title : 哦!我的愛人
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Mar-22 to 2010-May-11
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 20:55


A spunky 35-year-old housewife, Yoon Gae Hwa, takes on the job of manager to prickly top star Sung Min Woo in order to earn enough money to regain custody of her child from her ex-husband. Romantic hijinks and hilarity ensues when they find themselves in an awkward living situation as Min Woo pays Gae Hwa to take care of his daughter, Ye Eun.


Chae Rim as Yoon Gae Hwa
Choi Si Won as Sung Min Woo
Lee Hyun Woo as Yoo Shi Joon
Park Han Byul as Hong Yoo Ra
Moon Jung Hee as Han Jung Ah
Yoo Seo Jin as Lee Bok Nim
Yoo Tae Woong as Kim Byung Hak
Bang Joon Seo as Kim Min Ji
Kim Yoo Bin as Sung Ye Eun
Heo Joon Suk as Choi Tae Goo
Kim Kwang Gyu as Han Min Kwan
Kim Hee Won as Jung Yoon Suk
Hwang Hyo Eun as Oh Jae Hee
Hong Jong Hyun as Kim Jin Ho
Lee Dae Yeon as Eom Dae Yong
Chu Hun Yub as Chae Ho Suk
Seo Myung Kyu (서명규) as Min Woo’s friend
Kim Hee Joon (김희준) as Min Woo’s security guard
Yeo Ji Hyo as high school student
Jessica Jung as herself (cameo, ep7)
Kim Hyo Yeon as herself (cameo, ep7)
Choi Soo Young as herself (cameo, ep7)
Lee Han Wie as director (cameo, ep1)
Jun Hye Jin as actress (cameo, ep1)
Na Young Hee as Gae Hwa’s former boss (cameo, ep1)
Sung Hyuk
Lee Ja Min

Production Credits

Director: Park Young Soo
Screenwriter: Goo Sun Young (구선영)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-Mar-22 1 10.0 (19th) 9.9 (20th)
2010-Mar-23 2 10.8 (14th) 11.1 (13th)
2010-Mar-29 3 7.2 (<9.0)
2010-Mar-30 4 8.6 (<9.1)
2010-Apr-05 5 11.4 (14th) 11.5 (12th)
2010-Apr-06 6 10.8 (14th) 11.1 (13th)
2010-Apr-12 7 10.2 (17th) 10.2 (16th)
2010-Apr-13 8 10.3 (16th) 10.8 (14th)
2010-Apr-19 9 10.4 (15th) 10.7 (13th)
2010-Apr-20 10 10.3 (12th) 10.7 (10th)
2010-Apr-26 11 12.1 (11th) 12.7 (8th)
2010-Apr-27 12 10.8 (11th) 11.2 (10th)
2010-May-03 13 10.0 (15th) 10.3 (15th)
2010-May-04 14 10.2 (12th) 10.5 (11th)
2010-May-10 15 11.5 (8th) 11.5 (8th)
2010-May-11 16 10.5 (10th) 10.5 (10th)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : kysha Says:

    I’m definitely catching this!

  2. 2 : Neg Says:

    I am big Chae Rim fan so will definitely tune in for the show. However, I am not sure if Siwon and she will have good on screen chemistry. After all, they do have a huge age gap and I personally don’t believe in this type of relationship in real life. We shall see how it will play out.

  3. 3 : Joo Says:

    OMG!!! I can’t wait for it!!! the story line looks quite similar to full house isn’t it?? anyhoo,its going to be another GREAT drama with Siwon

  4. 4 : hanwonkyu, Says:

    i cant wait!
    i want watch this drama!
    Siwon oppa! 😀
    Chaerim onni! 😀
    aja aja fighting 🙂

  5. 5 : mina Says:

    definetly worth waiting and wacthing for!!!! i like the female lead actress, let see how the lead male acting skill………

  6. 6 : malaygirls Says:

    wow…i’m so exciting…this drama likes full house…yeah…
    i love chae rim…go2 for this drama…hopefully this drama can be the best drama of chae rim…

  7. 7 : Taber Says:

    I have no issue with the age gap, but I never seen any natural chemistry from Cham Rim. I think the closest she come was in the drama Dal Spring and that was only because it was decent kiss scence. She don’t bring warmth to her characters, she boring. She pick great storyline but a good storyline don’t make a good actress. I can see her true talent in the future as a mother-in-law but she just don’t do it for me as a A-list actress playing leading roles.

  8. 8 : ladygaga Says:

    Looks like Chae Rim gets cast in another “older woman, younger man” drame, like her role in “Dalja’s Spring”. ho-hum… *yawn*

  9. 9 : ladygaga Says:

    oh yeah, anyone else notice that Chae Rim has “man hands”. Them suckers are huge. lol.

  10. 10 : sandy Says:

    i’m defintely will watch this drama! the leading male’s so handsome and the leading actress looks cute too.. the story line is great too..

  11. 11 : snow Says:

    Hi Chae Rim

  12. 12 : snow Says:

    Hi Chae Rim
    I’m waiting for your new series. I like you so much. You’re smile make me neverous. Bye

  13. 13 : snow Says:

    Hi Chae Rim
    I’m wating your new TV series. Your’re smile make me neverous.

  14. 14 : mummybee Says:

    I think that CHae Rim had good chemistry with the male lead in “All about Eve”. She’s one of my favourite leading actress with her charming smile.

  15. 15 : chickengay Says:

    chae rim fighting im your fan since all about eve, im so excited to watch this drama coz i think you are so funny in this and i think you have a good chemistry with Choi Si Won Good luck hope this drama will have a good rating

  16. 16 : Anon Says:

    Chae Rim is my favorite Korean actress!!! She is a great actress. She won the KBS Best Actress award in 2007 for Dal Ja’s Spring. And people immediately acknowledged it because she was superb in DJS! She might not do all the kisses passionately the way some people want to, but she IS a very good actress! Ask her directors! Even Choi Soo Jong, the actor who won the most Daesang in Korea, states, “If you ask me with which actress that I would like to collaborate in my next drama, then I would select Chae Rim. Recently, there are many new actresses appearing in the entertainment world and every one of them is good. However, Chae Rim is the only actress that I consider collaborating with again.”

    What impressed Choi Soo Jong the most were the scenes in which Chae Rim and he portrayed emotional feelings. When they were filming the scenes, both of them were deeply emotionally involved and they couldn’t stop crying. Thus, the rest of the scenes scheduled to be filmed on that day had to be postponed to the next day. Choi Soo Jong states, “That’s the best performance of crying that I had ever seen. It is rare to see that kind of dedication as Chae Rim presented.”

  17. 17 : jh Says:

    oh…. siwon!!! will watch this!

  18. 18 : Dvee Says:

    Hope that the drama would be interesting

  19. 19 : サティヤ* Says:

    awesome. want itttt T____T

  20. 20 : rina Says:

    I do not look forward to watch this drama

  21. 21 : febri Says:

    i wait for this drama 🙂

  22. 22 : S.Faiz Hakem Says:

    Looks Good
    Cant wait to watch it

  23. 23 : joymarie Says:

    omg! another choi siwon drama! definitely super junior fans gonna watch this drama, ‘coz i myself is a suju fan!! lol

    waiting for this drama to be aired…

  24. 24 : jae Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhh! I was just thinking yesterday that I wish I could find another drama similar to My Last Scandal because it was so funny and entertaining. The story line of this reminds me of My Last Scandal so I will definitely watch it. Too many dramas a built around people in their 20’s. People like me want to see something about women in their own age group. We are happy to see women like ourselves end up happy. As for the age difference between Chae Rim and Si Won, he’s one smart guy with good taste!

    Just a few days left and counting…!

  25. 25 : nn Says:

    good series i like siwon

  26. 26 : INA Says:

    hai………..,i’m ina from malaysia i just love watch my lady movie it’s was great movie and at the first I watch I’m fall in love with that movie…..so hepy

  27. 27 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    It looks pretty good for the start! I think I’ll keep watching it.
    Try it at http://www.dramabang.com

  28. 28 : Irene Martha Says:

    i’m from Indonesia … Si Won oppa, Chae Rim unni, love this drama ^__^

  29. 29 : hancock Says:

    Oh!My Lady Rated above 10% in the first episode


  30. 30 : DeathAngel Says:

    People please KEEP COMMENTING!:D!
    But why no eng sub?!only got chinese haiz….

  31. 31 : sunsets Says:

    Gals, OST is now available at mysugoi


    Enjoy! 😉

  32. 32 : katty1981 Says:

    i watch the two ep of oh!my lady…it is great…hehehe… siwon with chaerim…nice pairing…yup i want more too…hehehe fighting!

  33. 33 : derya Says:

    This drama looks great..I can’t wait to see it..Both are beatiful and handsome :)I like romantic comedy series :)Let’s get it aired any more..

  34. 34 : abu jan 13 Says:

    i love this tv series…
    i already saw the first ep.
    최시원 OPPA FIGHTING!!!

  35. 35 : hyejung Says:

    siwon oppa is so handsome~

  36. 36 : yoha weh Says:

    Please please please please please please please please Torgomo series of Arabic language

  37. 37 : ninda Says:

    hope this series not over 20eps…
    dislike long drama!!!

  38. 38 : DeathAngel Says:

    Keep complimenting and keep commenting the good stuff 😀
    If you don’t want to,I won’t force you to 😀

  39. 39 : Dvee Says:

    Just finished watching the first eps,will definitely continue…

  40. 40 : allkorean Says:

    More korean Drama info to

  41. 41 : hyejung Says:

    looks funny

  42. 42 : wee Says:

    Wah.. is a Great drama..
    So nice & funny drama in year 2010…
    We cant wait to watch the episode soonest…
    Like this new pairing of Chae Rim & si won.. PERFECT

  43. 43 : chickengay Says:

    just finished watching episode 3 funny ha ha ha ha

    i watched it from viikii site they upload so fast thanks

  44. 44 : cathy Says:

    handsome actor , beautiful actress but she is too old for him , again love story between older
    women with much younger men dramas are trendy in K dramas now . I thought K always respect someone older than them .

  45. 45 : jung Says:

    hmm…..plot kinda boring

  46. 46 : emi Says:

    i really like it. it’s kind a slow pace but it’s funny. especially the guy…

  47. 47 : Guia from Phils. Says:

    This is a funny and feel good drama, I watched the 4 episodes and can’t wait for the succeeding ones. Two thumbs up for the cast, they really good in thier portrayal. More power.

  48. 48 : Kathleen Tait Says:

    I just don’t get what the issue is in Asia regarding age. Women become more beautiful as they get older. Get over it!!!!

  49. 49 : love Says:

    wow…that so wonderful chae rim…

  50. 50 : mikayella Says:

    love dis drama its good. ya i agree w/ kathleen Tait “GET OVER IT”
    chae rim is pretty but her hair is alright i don’t love, i don’t hate it. her husband arg!!! i want 2 kill him such a jerk!

  51. 51 : iris Says:

    I LOVE this drama~!!

  52. 52 : SARANG SS501 Says:

    wooooow it is so good
    good luck ….

  53. 53 : Panghoua :) Says:

    OMG, this drama is reallyyy good,
    but most ppl think just because she has a daughter or
    he got a girl pregnant doesnt mean this
    drama is gonna suck!

    Its a really good movie so far and

  54. 54 : lena Says:

    great drama… I love it so much!!! not boring n funny^^
    “OMG, this drama is reallyyy good,
    but most ppl think just because she has a daughter or
    he got a girl pregnant doesnt mean this
    drama is gonna suck!”
    I 100% agree!!!

  55. 55 : k21 Says:

    this drama is really gd and funny
    but why the rating is so low??
    sigh..i encourage eveyone to give this drama a try
    worth watching
    really entertaining!!

  56. 56 : Aksin Says:

    This Drama is getting better and better with each following part.
    I think its kinda better then Stars falling…

  57. 57 : moba Says:

    i’ve always luv watching chae rim. the drama is gettin much interesting. thse lil kid is really cute,hope the rating will go up.

  58. 58 : jh Says:

    nice!! getting more n more interesting… must watch! especially when theres hot lead actor! haha ep 6 so nice!

  59. 59 : lee Says:

    i like it

  60. 60 : wee Says:

    good actress and actor … Such a Great drama in 2010 …

    I love it so much!!! not boring and really very funny..

    Cant wait to wait the rest of the episode 7..

  61. 61 : joyce Says:

    i love this drama. super handsome choi si won.. I love the drama because it’s very funny and we can see a different side of choi siwon, being a good actor..:) i’m looking forward to episode7.:)

  62. 62 : MagLoo Says:

    Great Drama….keep it up!!!

  63. 63 : Dreamboy82 Says:

    I just saw episode 8.
    It’s getting better and better. It’s on http://www.dramabang.com

  64. 64 : wee Says:

    oh.. no … how come still cannot watch online PPStream or youtube…
    so sad…

  65. 65 : emi Says:

    he’s good at making pa-cute faces and got this really amazing body! wooahh! It’s good but somehow got dragging in the 5th-6th epi hope it will speed up again!

  66. 66 : renmel Says:

    i reallllllllllllllllly love this drama,cant wait watch the next ep.

  67. 67 : Dreamer Says:

    I can’t find ep.8 with eng subs.I feel like crying,I am bored to death!
    Viikii keeps on saying youtube-sourced video problem.I’m getting annoyed to death.Can anyone tell me where i can watch (Oh My Lady) with eng subs.
    Another website,please help me!

  68. 68 : emi Says:

    @dreamer: you just have to install the plug-in of viikii so that you will not have problems with watching youtube sourced videos. it’s virus free you know.

  69. 69 : rin Says:

    omg,why the rating is so low??…i see this drama is so great.maybe, it’s each person’s choice.I love this drama..i Love choi si won.^^

  70. 70 : allower Says:

    does anyone know what’s the title of the ending theme of oh!my lady on episode 10? i want to download it but i can’t find it anywhere..

  71. 71 : Jani Says:

    I love this drama….its fantastic! even if the rating aren’t what I expected, the characters deliver an awesome performance…keep up the good work! ALOHA…

  72. 72 : Lisa Says:

    I had stopped watching dramas for several months. This is the drama that brought me back to watching them.

    I like Chae Rim a lot and Siwon is a pretty good and cute actor. Will it be extended to 20 episodes?

  73. 73 : redfox Says:

    WOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this drama so much,i am so much addicted of it.just finished watching episode 11,waiting for next episode.very good drama.

  74. 74 : eva Says:

    love this drama very much, even i watch without sub

  75. 75 : nanioo Says:

    shi won… i love u hahaha….

  76. 76 : hui Says:

    it’s so hard to watch this online…
    youtube dosen’t have and only vikii provide them and i cannot watch it on viikii…
    anyone know where else to watch this?

  77. 77 : jh Says:

    nice.. cant wait to see wat will happen in ep13!!

  78. 78 : Suki Says:

    hey, umm u should try watching it using veoh web player. all u have to do is download the player thingy and then u can download all the eps, which can also be found with english subs. ^_^

  79. 79 : omma Says:

    love this drama..the plot is new and unique, can’t wait for the outcome of the musical…i think si won is a great singer and I also love him while singing with his band SUJU

  80. 80 : John Says:

    You can watch it on joon media

  81. 81 : Charlies Says:

    so fast last week already episode 16 … is it last episode??
    so pity.. so fast to end story… nice drama

  82. 82 : jung Says:

    I am very happy that this drama will end next week haha~ don’t really like chaerim’s ajumma hair and dressing in the drama =.=…it’s so old and ugly beside the handsome shiwon oppa lol…I think she look better acting as a professional wearing professionally like police

  83. 83 : rully hy Says:

    its really to wacth in indonesian.

  84. 84 : Trang Anh Says:

    i like a daughter’s Sung Min wo. she is very pretty, lovely…i love this film…

  85. 85 : marzi Says:

    i love chae rim espesialy in daija spring with lee min ki and siwoon isso handsom i love super jonior

  86. 86 : omma Says:

    this drama is getting better and better…can’t really wait to watch the last episodes…

  87. 87 : Melody Says:

    Being honestly speaking, I do not like this drama that much, I watched it because I love Siwon Choi so much. However, as I keep watching it, the story board gets better and better, I feel more interesting in it. It is a pity, this week is the last week for this drama. I miss Siwon, and his daughter, yi en. hehe. Over all this is a very good drama and I can not wait to see choi siwon appear in more dramas. I can not wait to see the last two episodes for this drama.

  88. 88 : jh Says:

    agree with Melody… I watch this drama bcuz of siwon too… but the story is really getting better n better…

  89. 89 : marin Says:


  90. 90 : Lisa Says:

    I like this light drama very much. It hasn’t dragged and the leads have good chemistry.

    People who complain about Chae Rim’s hair do not get it.

    She is supposed to look like that. She’s a mother who has other priorities other than her looks, and whoever falls in love with her will be because of her personality and human qualities, not because she looks like a model (which would be the case as in the Yoora character: a shallow, self-absorbed, fashion conscious individual whose appearance is always flawless).

    Who would you rather have has a wife?

  91. 91 : Emily Says:

    At first I thought this drama was pretty funny; as I kept watching the storyline goes better and better. Ye Eun is so adorable, Chae Reum’s style is so ajumma but her performence was wonderful. Si Won is cute, he has funny moments too… but I don’t feel that he performs like a 28 yrs old, still needs some more experience!!! But he’s done pretty good as this is his first drama stars as the main actor… =)

    Although, I have one complain. The flow of the drama was great until episode 16. Were they in a hurry of ending the drama? I felt like…”oh there’s no time, lets just finish it with Chae Reum finally agrees and keeps the progress REALLY SHORT!!!” epi 16 could so split into at least 2 or 3 more episodes. Also, what about Ye Eun??? Their weddings? both of their careers?

    I’m really disappointed with the ending. They could’ve done it A LOT BETTER!!!!

  92. 92 : mtoenlob Says:

    If you are looking for a drama with an angst, with lots of twist and turn of events, then this is not for you. This drama has no pretensions. It is what it is. A light drama but not wanting in quality entertainment.

    The drama depicts the life of a popular star who in spite of his lack of acting talent which his multitude of adoring fans conveniently overlook, manages to stay at the top, thanks to his good looks and a body to die for. Sung Min Woo is at the top of his game. He who is blessed with good looks, the height, a killer smile and top that with a body that could make a multitude of mankind either swoon with delight or grit their teeth with envy. He is adored and he knows it and he immensely enjoys the adulation and the perks that go with the territory. He has everything going perfectly right for him until a past came to haunt him. And his life is never the same after that. This is where the drama begins taking its viewers to the pinnacle and to the pit of Min Woo’s struggle, his actions and reactions to the people around him as he faces the challenge that is before him. The emblem of show business perfectly signifies the two faces of the movie world – the happy and the sad which most of the time it is only the happy face which the worshipping fans see not knowing that beneath that smile is a sadness that cannot be shown nor expressed publicly. Taking it into a deeper level the drama is a story of one person’s journey from being just a man who exist to becoming a humane individual who dares to live. Of course, it is de riguer to have a love interest and the ever captivating Chae Rim provided the necessary romantic angle as Yoon Kae Hwa.

    The actors in this drama did a commendable job in portraying the characters – Chae Rim, as always being a competent actress, was able to pull through her role as the 35 year old ahjumma. In spite of her youthful look, Chae Rim did a believable portrayal. She even got that ahjumma voice and mannerisms pat down. The little girl who portrayed the adorable Ye Eun stole everyone’s hearts even with the lack of any speaking lines except for two words. Even the child Min Ji was as spunky as her mother Kae Hwa. At such a young age, she showed maturity beyond her years. Although she was given limited exposure, every time she is on screen one will get nuggets of wisdom from her lines. But I would say, it was Choi Si Won who was the pleasant surprise in this drama. I am not fond of boyband idols doing dramas. Most of them if not all cannot act. They have nothing to boast but their picture-perfect faces which most of the time do not register an iota of emotion. All they can do is smile and look pretty. Argh! But, Choi Si Won proved me wrong. With due respect to Chae Rim, I dare say that he carried this show from beginning to end, of course, ably supported with the rest of the cast. It was fun seeing Si Won portrays Min Woo. Beside the body beautiful which is given and that killer smile, it is fascinating to see the various expressions of Si Won coupled with the now famous Shibrows and hand movements! Haha! His portrayal of Min Woo is like a breath of fresh air. He was natural. Although in dramatic moments he still needs improvement, he managed to display the right emotions, to translate to the viewers the emotions he is going through. And to me that is what matters. If the actor and I, the viewer, are able to connect, I feel as he feels, then he has won me over. In any drama whether a movie or a theater play, the scriptwriter provides the vision, the direction where the story is going through the dialogues and the scenes; the director provides the guidance and the instruction how a scene is to be done or acted out; but it is the actor’s primary duty to know and understand the character he is portraying, to breathe life into his character and to make that character believable as close to reality. Choi Si Won gave soul to Sung Min Woo.

  93. 93 : jh Says:

    ohh… it ended just liddat! sad.. i still hope that they will show more…

  94. 94 : koreanprincess Says:

    omg! i can’t believe it was the last episode, thats just sad 🙁
    they should atleast show 2 more ep. like they got married and all of them were hanging out as a family.. i will miss them huhuhhu im sad:(

  95. 95 : Tira Misu Says:

    I really like to watch more drama by Choi Si Won. He is consider one of the most handsome Korean actor so far. I hope to see more of his drama in the near future.

    Choi Si Won,
    All the very best for you.

  96. 96 : Catherine Says:

    whr can i download the whole drama?

  97. 97 : KorDramaFan Says:

    Catherine: try http://www.d-addicts.com or aja-aja.com for downloads, if u want streaming can try sites like viikii, mysoju, dramacrazy.net, dramasub.com

    I’ve not watched this yet, can anyone tell if this is really worth watching?although i do see some pretty good comments here…

  98. 98 : aoun Says:

    Help! I can’t watch the last episode on mysoju. Can anyone? Any suggestion?

  99. 99 : desia Says:

    you can watch the full episode at this site: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/OhMyLady

  100. 100 : Bluemoon Says:

    Hi mtoenlob,

    U hv a very great review on this drama. It’s very nice reading your comment. Detail and precise!
    Thanks for the review!

  101. 101 : SARAH Says:

    This Drama REally Rocks!!!!! Everythings SOO PERFECT!! especially the Cast and The Story!!

  102. 102 : mondriy Says:

    chae rim just too old for si won, i think. she’s like go mi nam’s aunt in you’re beautiful. could they be a sibiling?

  103. 103 : lilchupa Says:

    i love oh! my lady.
    siwon’s daughter is sooo cute <3

    does anyone know what brand siwon's phone is in the drama?

  104. 104 : 4season_leaf Says:

    i do enjoy watching this drama, it’s very enteresting

  105. 105 : zya Says:

    It’s nice story… wonderful… siwon… keep doing a great job… himne… fighting…!!

  106. 106 : lei Says:

    I love this drama! Hurray to the cast and the staff. Chae Rim is great and Si Won is admirable.

  107. 107 : bonii Says:

    Love this drama…!!!!!!!!!
    shiwon oppa, i love you…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good acting……
    still like that, but i hope you”ll be better….!!!!!!!!

  108. 108 : millethsalonga Says:

    i love this drama so much,that i keep on watching it … even im done watching the 16 episodes,perfect actors and actresses…they really gave all their best to perform the role that was given to them… i hope a part 2 for choi si won and chae rim.. perfect couple….. keep it up and fighting…. well done..GOD BLESS YOU ALL… sarang-hae to all the cast of this drama…

  109. 109 : Sara Angkul Says:

    This Drama is really great. I love it, I keep watching it many times. Alway made me smiling. Story’s also interesting, plus wonderful actor, actress and supporters. They performed naturally. Oh! how can I forget little girls (Ye Eun & Min Ji), both of them are really cute & adorable.

    Thump up to production teams. Looking forward to see next drama. dl*_~lb

  110. 110 : mvinasia Says:

    really like this drama….

    so funny..
    i watch this many times…but,,,
    chae rim act alway make me smile when i see her in this drama…

    the story was good…

    i like it…

    will wait your next drama chae rim…

  111. 111 : wiLuphsiWon Says:

    Really likeee this dramaaa…. i’ve been twice to see 16episode….hwhwhwhwhw
    Si won its so Cute in hereeee…. so Gentle mann…… si won oppaa saranggheyooooo >.<
    this film is RECOMENDED…… watching diss!!!!
    his dauhgter so cuteeeee (like she father…hohohohoho)

  112. 112 : happy Says:

    siwon is so cute,but chae rim is too old and not beatiful…

  113. 113 : felicia Says:

    love the Siwon because he was in the drama oh! my lady is very very cute and cool but I do not agree if the couple in the play Siwon chae chae rim because the rim is old while still 23 years old so Siwon Siwon stella kim worthy only joking

  114. 114 : Devina Says:

    Could someone tell me which one is better, Oh my lady or Personal taste?? thx ^^

  115. 115 : iyem Says:

    i love choi si won oppa, 😀

  116. 116 : [email protected] Says:

    A blessed day to everyone!I’ve been through watching oh!my lady,but I watched it over again.We loved to watched it.Choi Si Won played a big part to make this drama perfect and remarkable.His acting is really amazing and awesome.He’s very talented and very handsome guy.Si Won thank you for singing “WHO AM I” in this drama.I salute you for singing it.God bless you and your career more and more!We’re looking forward to see more of Choi Si Won’s drama in the future.we love to see him on the screen again and again.Hope he could work together or could pair-up in drama with Han hye jin or Han ji hye or Kim eugene or Park shin hye,most beautiful and talented yet very simple actresses in korea.Chae rim acting is awesome too.She looks pretty young to be ajumma but she acted it well as an ajumma.She’s beautiful but it was just her hairstyle not good for her,but she’s really beautiful.By the way that was part of her acting to look older and her hair help a lot..ha!ha!..Ye eun is so cute and adorable kid!A big applaud for all the cast and staff behind this drama.It was really good.Congratulations and keep up the good work guys!SBS you’re the best!God bless you all!Take care!….

  117. 117 : unik karlita Says:

    i like this drama…

    ketika seorang ayah harus menerima seorang anak yang sama sekali tidak diketahui kapan lahirnya…

    dan konsekuensinya ayah… tetaplah harus menjadi seorang ayah

  118. 118 : momomiko10 Says:

    i’d just finish watched this drama, the ending wasn’t dissapointed, the lead role wasn’t too klise. because Gae Hwa didn’t fall for him first and she’s not too interfere in min woo’s life so much. like other kdrama that the girl always chaotic the man. or sometimes the girl always loose talk about their secret to anyone. that sometime is so annoying. but the problem is the climax. its not making me anxious. i looovvveeee how min woo’s trying to make gae hwa accept his proposal. overall this drama is being listed to my favourite.

  119. 119 : dicta Says:

    luv this drama

  120. 120 : Lisa Says:

    Loved this romcom. I will surely rewatch it over and over. Siwon acting was very good in it. He proved he can act. Chae Rim (one of my favorite actresses) is always enjoyable to watch.

    People comment too much on Chae Rim’s hairstyle and that she needed to change it and wishing for her to get a makeove. People are missing the point of her not being at her most attractive.

    She is supposed to be a woman who has other more important things in her mind, like working hard to be able to provide for her daughter and stand on her own feet as a single mother. Romance or looking attractive is not her goal at this point in her life.

    It is also to contrast her look to the single, young, attractive Yura, who at first gets all of Min Woon’s attention. He later sees the internal beauty in Gae Hwa and falls in love with her, thus losing interest in the beautiful superficial girl.

    There are quite a few lessons to be learned from this little jewel of a drama.

    If you are looking for something funand easy to watch, I highly recommend it.

  121. 121 : swity Says:

    so sweet

  122. 122 : KorDramaFan Says:

    I love this show! its reallly awesome…one of my fav. You just can’t stop and the plot keeps you wanting to watch the next ep! Si Won did a superb job in this, I love when he sang “who am i” , and his interaction with Ye Eun , the cute little girl, really amuses me. I would really RECOMMEND this! Plz do watch oh my lady! you won’t regret =)

  123. 123 : beneva Says:

    Interesting drama. Keep in me smile while watch is this. Chae rim always to be my favorite actress n her skills never been doubt.
    Choi si won not bad too. Actually I fallen with ye eun character…super duper cute a little girl…can’t wait the next her job.

  124. 124 : DramaFanatic Says:

    I was initially skeptical to watch this, because i was thinking “what?an ahjumma and a young hot actor, doesn’t seem like a good match” . Anyway, i tried to watch since i was curious about SiWon’s acting.
    WHOA!!! I ended realllyyyyyyyy loving this drama!!! If you are thinking like how i was thinking initially, PLEASE DON’t MAKE THIS AS AN EXCUSE TO NOT WATCH THIS!
    I enjoyed this.. I can say it’s one of my fav Kdrama! It’s funny and hilarious, makes you smile and what’s better is that beyond the humour, you actually learn a couple of good life lessons. A father’s great love for his child to the extent of his willingness to sacrifice his acting career and the fact that he did what is right although the whole world was against it, was what really touches me.
    SiWon carried the character of MinWoo amazingly!! And because its his first leading role, SiWon deserves much credit for his acting skills! Chae rim was hilarious acting as an ajumma, its good to see a different side of her.
    I’m totally blown away by Ye Eun, oh my gosh, she’s sooooo cute that i feel like adopting her! Seriously, Ye Eun brings such joy to the whole plot!!


  125. 125 : yulie rossi Says:

    What a good drama!!!!! 2 thumbs up!!!! b^^d
    Si won is charming, Chae rim is a good ahjumma and Ye un is soooo cuteeeee ^^
    Highly Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. 126 : vahn Says:

    this drama is really AWESOME!!!!! every scene always make me smiling and laughing… HAHAHAHAHAHA.. , WANNA SEE AGAIN DRAMA LIKE THIS!!!! (2 thumbs)

  127. 127 : gene Says:

    i have already finished this series, it was good to watch it will make ur face smile and to cry also. the actor is so handsome and the actress is so flawless but the hair do is not fit to her. good that there was a good ending. 3 stars.

  128. 128 : mutiara Says:

    I like this drama! the casts are amazing..

  129. 129 : rose Says:

    it’s a good drama….
    eventhough the love story is not showed enough.
    it’ll be more interesting if in the end of the movie Yoon Gae Hwa changes into beautiful lady.
    so she won’t like “ahjumma” anymore.
    for choi si won….i like u very much.
    especially your body. it’s perfect for a man.
    for all….it ‘s so-so drama….

  130. 130 : ferina Says:

    i looooooovveeee this drama!!!!!
    CHOI SHI WON as SUNG MIN WOO is soooo coool!!
    love Kim Yoo Bin alsoo.., she’s sooo cute. really wanna a little sister as cute as her.

  131. 131 : Alghie Says:

    want to see it

  132. 132 : ardhan Says:

    this drama is really AWESOME!!!!!

  133. 133 : wendy Says:

    i really love this drama is so addicting. the leads are awesome.

  134. 134 : Care Says:

    the best comedy korean Tv series that I’ve seen after full house. We never missed any singel episode of this series.

  135. 135 : mel Says:

    look like so funny… i wanna watch this movie….

  136. 136 : Dree Says:

    good to watch drama….

  137. 137 : Dree Says:

    oh and that yoo shi jun really made me crazy….why did he release his wife to live separately…..

  138. 138 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  139. 139 : Deena Sn Says:

    the drama is not too bad, although some episode 4 me look boring but because of there is choi siwon this drama become nice..:D

  140. 140 : joracel Says:

    i really like this series coz chae rim was there and choi siwon is so handsome and sexy…

  141. 141 : Elvie Mendoza Says:

    I simply have to say something about this drama. Soooo entertaining and the acting superb! Best wishes to you Chae Rin and Choi Si Won.

  142. 142 : nining Says:

    it’s so funny n romantic,,, i love korean drama..

  143. 143 : ontak Says:

    i love korean drama,, can i have a download link of this?

  144. 144 : kyuprincess Says:

    can download k drama at yellowcinema

  145. 145 : Astry Soemego Says:

    What a nice drama it is !!!!!!
    very entertaining, funny….love this drama so much…:)

  146. 146 : pram Says:

    choi si won…really good for drama …..
    i like it….

  147. 147 : dy_ans Says:

    this drama is so funny and fresh!! OMG!! Choi Si Won really has a very good body!!! Like Chae Rim too, she is petit!!

  148. 148 : mey kisaragi Says:

    I realy like yhis drama,Siwon oppa in this drama so handsome…ohohoo…

    Siwon oppa fighting!!!!

  149. 149 : wilma Says:

    there both cute together hahahah…
    i love choi si-won….hot….hot….hot
    the story is a bit conventional about an actor and some ajumma love affair …hahahha
    but it was a good story after all….2 thumbs-up……love it….
    aja aja fighting

  150. 150 : nikky_p_28 Says:

    Typical love story but what made me watch this is because I’m a big fan of Chae Rim since her 2007-Dal Ja’s Spring days and my curiosity about Choi Si Won, also known as one of the member of the popular group Super Junior. Chae Rim is still on her element and she looks goods but unfortunately in this drama her role has no character development whatsoever, It was all centered on the male lead character. Most singers or member of boy band groups, who make the transition on the small screen has a difficulty of making that transition or they CAN’T act at all. But not Si Won, since I saw him in”Legend of Hyang Dan’s” , a short episode drama last year, I know this guy can act. Although in this drama, they showed more of his six pack abs rather that showcase his acting talents, the potential is there. I like how he delivered and transformed himself from being an immature father to a responsible adults. It’s not much but give him time and more project, I think he’ll turn out as a fine actor as well. All in all it was a an average drama to showcase his budding talents. His daughter was so adorable in this drama, probably one reason I finish this drama. 3 out of 5.

  151. 151 : aoun Says:

    Love the show! Choi Si Won is super cute. Love his performance! Very present to watch!

  152. 152 : DramaFanatic Says:

    This drama ROCKSS! Don’t look at the ratings, because I really believe it does not justify the potential of this drama!
    I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a light-hearted, hilarious drama, which also teaches you a couple of good lessons in life!! :D:D GO FOR IT!

  153. 153 : KdramaLOver Says:

    I like this drama so much.
    Its so fun, excited, n look good.
    Love all performace, Wanna watch this anymore.

  154. 154 : nur shafiqah bt mohd fauzi Says:

    oh si won oppa…so handsome…
    the song that was sing by si won so fantastic…

  155. 155 : greyblueray Says:

    I like this drama more than personal taste.. Very hilarious, interesting, relaxing, not boring at all. Totally love both the main actor and actress!

  156. 156 : sarahning Says:

    watch this drama, remain me of full house….. I think I wacth this drama over than 5 times, so touching n cute….. si won is really great actor… saranghe… 🙂

  157. 157 : symphoni Says:

    this drama very funny , love this performance ,not booring to watch this drama, over all i kike it

  158. 158 : robie Says:

    This drama was cute and interesting

  159. 159 : destylicious Says:

    love ittt….

  160. 160 : anton Says:

    wah rondo entuk brondong artis iki…..

  161. 161 : masfie Says:

    walaupun dah diputer berkali-kali tapi nggak bosan lihat drama ini… konfliknya ringan dan nggak membosankan…

  162. 162 : saa.. Says:

    Nice drama! Recomended!!

  163. 163 : jen Says:

    oh my lady has a good story about a divorce, mature and responsible woman and a famous, arrogant, immature actor. Both of them have a child from their past relationship. I love the story goes as Yoon Gae Hwa helping Sung Min Woo to take good care of Min Woo’s hidden child and as time pass by, he became a responsible father and learn to love his child. But sadly, there is a lack of romance or serious love scenario between the couple. Almost the whole story focuses on parenthood and career. I think this drama not focuses on a love story drama, but rather into being responsible parent, but still i recommend this drama cause it will make you interested on what will happen next.

  164. 164 : Luzy Says:

    I love this drama. Choi Siwon improved a lot in his acting… He’s cute & handsome.

  165. 165 : Evelyn Says:

    I looove this drama. The cast were good and the story is nice. Siwon is super hooot and Kim Yoo Bin who played Ye Eun is cute, I want to adopt her. heehee. More power to SBS and to the cast and crew of Oh My Lady.

  166. 166 : shekufe Says:

    i really really love this drama,it make me happy after monthes.
    i want to watch it times and times.

  167. 167 : ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buy exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  168. 168 : Momo Says:

    Oh my Lady..! saranghe………. so much 🙂

  169. 169 : lovekoreandrama! Says:

    so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the show. touching and full of jealousy!!

  170. 170 : Ye Eun Says:

    cute drama … SiWon & Chae Rim saranghae ^____^

  171. 171 : nan.aiury Says:

    nice drama lovely but, why last ending chae rim dress not good look like old, I now she woman marry but….for si won i fall with you cute smile very hansome when he angry and smile

  172. 172 : lee hye jo Says:

    nice n funny drama…
    i love it…
    especially choi si won…:))

  173. 173 : akma94 Says:

    <3 this drama so…..much.choi si won do his acting very well.for 1st time see him,i fell in loe with his charming and hillarious character. i love this drama more than other korean drama. good job choi si won and other partners in oh my lady!! saranghaeyo..

  174. 174 : dian Says:

    Choi si won, saranghae. Cutest smile I’ve ever seen.

  175. 175 : ptsh836 Says:

    if u can get past chae rim’s limp hairstyle (it only gets better after episode 13!) & dowdy wardrobe & with the help of kim yoo bin’s (si won’s daughter) super cute face to distract u; u’ll begin to enjoy the drama when si won starts to interact with his child n learn to be a responsible father…^^ si won’s acting gets better towards the end when he sacrifices his all for his daughter….

  176. 176 : EdRiAn Says:

    i Love this drama
    ye uen is so cute
    si won & Chae rim _saranghee

  177. 177 : maida Says:

    it is awesome drama,simple and deep at the same time
    i really had a good time watching it.

  178. 178 : korendramAdiktus Says:

    why is chae rim usually paired of with younger guys? dalja’s spring, this drama and good job good job?

  179. 179 : Carmina Says:


  180. 180 : Carmina Says:

    I love this Drama Siwon is so hot Oppa saranghae nice acting.. Ye eun so cute kid i love her.. and the ajumma cute… this is kinda like Full House…

  181. 181 : louis vuitton outlet Says:

    i Love this drama
    ye uen is so cute
    si won & Chae rim _saranghee

  182. 182 : jen Says:

    really really nice drama… very funny and nice…
    don’t hesitate to watch this drama…
    from the first episode till the end its so exciting.
    i watch this drama in one sitting without sleeping from episode 1-16 and had a hangover.
    nice ending:)
    loved this drama


    love korean drama!!!

  183. 183 : maida Says:

    for those who didnt watch powerfull opponent , i highly recommend it for you,

  184. 184 : Snow Says:

    This drama is so nice and sweet. All along I like Chae Rim very much…..she is super super sweet and charm. As for Choi Si Won, i know he is one of the super junior member but didn’t really pay attention on him until i watch this show…. wow….. he is real charming……. MUST WATCH THIS DRAMA…..:)

  185. 185 : jeys Says:

    oh well, im expecting a lot from this drama.. It disappointed me! Si won is so cute and i love chae rim too.. but it did not show enough scenes on the romance genre,, it was not shown clearly how siwon fell inlove…. i think i had just wasted my time watching this.. it is not that bad.. but i was looking for more.

  186. 186 : toh quan ming Says:

    it is very funny and interesting story that i am watching it.

  187. 187 : ratih Says:

    i like this drama very much

  188. 188 : fannie Says:

    i like it. it’s very light and funny.i did’nt know that the boy was a member of a boy band.although the characters seem to be impossible to come true, still,in this age,it is okay.

  189. 189 : Mizrilla Says:

    Parenthood movies ala Korean style.. Like the story cause very light and funny.. And of couse Oppa Siwon is so freaking handsome..

  190. 190 : ptsh836 Says:

    @korendramaAdiktus (#178): if not careful chae rim will be stereotype cast in future roles (her being the cougar)….i think she shld choose n sift thro her new roles…jus becoz the trend is such she shld not allow her image be tainted….n jus becoz she is 31 shld she choose the mom’s roles….chae rim was at her very best in “Cheers for the women, 2000” n “Dating now”. then she was very beautiful n bubbly.

  191. 191 : OK OK OK Says:

    I have watched this drama becoz of Chae Rim. I get to know Choi Si Won from this drama and start to like him. Hope Si Won will get more lead roles in future with the right female lead actress.

    I have watched 2 times because all of them put in a good show – I really enjoyed it very much.

    Choi Si Won’s daughter Kim Yoo Bin also very cute.

  192. 192 : Jeena Says:

    Vote for our Best Korean Drama of 2010 – http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=5818

  193. 193 : kamy_diary_malaysian Says:

    Oh my god… I really fall in love with this drama.. now it’s have been 16episode in my country Malaysia… we all liked it very much… Si Won & Chae Rim… what a agood couple… hope have My Lady 2

  194. 194 : Honey Says:

    It`s really beautiful Drama! I Love it vercy much…

  195. 195 : che'nah Says:

    really love this drama…saranghae siwon oppa…

  196. 196 : princess Says:

    Luv this drama so much. The song is nice & wonderful…Si Won & Chae Rim ..saranghee…you two look good together (age is no longer a subject in modern life)…wish that the ending is extended until they married & have kids…REALLY LOOKING FORWARD FOR OH MY LADY 2…. hope there’ll be oh my lady 2…VOTE FOR THIS DRAMA AS 2010 WINNER….

  197. 197 : Candy Says:

    I love it very much!

    Oh!My lady Fighting~

  198. 198 : daw Says:

    i love this drama………love very muchhhhhhhh……fuhhhh best

  199. 199 : ririe Says:


  200. 200 : ravi Says:

    I loved Kim Yoo Bin, very cute and adorable. 🙂
    Nice drama, liked it.

  201. 201 : somerandomdude Says:

    how to get the korean start and end song?

  202. 202 : koreafanz Says:

    i like this story! siwon is very handsome!^_^

  203. 203 : jolie Says:

    chae rim acting is very versatile. Great actress plus handsome leading man. very inspiring story…love it!

  204. 204 : vahdaneh Says:

    It is awesome i keep watching it again and again and i am falling for it more and more.
    The cute thing is that my mom who i used to kill myself so she watch a Super Junior MV now she is asking me to show her those and though it’s really hard for her to memorize korean names she is learning them.

    Great DRAMA

    The kid is so cute i want to kiss her

    THANK you

  205. 205 : melano Says:

    i like this drama. the characters and story are cute. even the actor and actress.. they looked good.. nice and simple…i love the songs…thanks

  206. 206 : mars Says:

    i like this drama!111 Siwon is very gorgeous and cute in this drama bagay cla ni chae rim

    I want to him in person and other members of super junior!!!!!!!

  207. 207 : Patricia Says:

    I’ve just finished watching this drama. Overall, its an enjoyment. The drama however, if the producer could give a proper end to it. It’s too simple and doesnt leave a satisfying closure to the story.

    In any case all actors and actresses have done well here. And yes, the music is really good. I m using their tracks as my mobile phone’s ring tone.

  208. 208 : sassy_10 Says:


    just another korean drama listed to my favorite list.. hekhek

    this one is creative, comedy ive ever laugh out so loud grr.. it worth all the time ive consumed..

    keep up the good work and best wishes..

    acknowledgement: YE YEUN ur so cute,…:D


    MIN WOO is really good .
    GAE HWA ive admire you.. ur so cool.. aja!!!:D

    GOD BLESS to all of u.. take care coz i care..

  209. 209 : Aryne Says:

    theyre good together
    ye eun is very cute

  210. 210 : dramatistia Says:

    I found it interesting that the song Min Woo is singing when he goes to his international fan club meeting in episode 8 is a Christian praise song popular US churches… I wonder if the producers were aware of that. I like it, but thought it was a little odd in the show with the way his character is! haha!

  211. 211 : maa7900 Says:

    Where could I get an original dvd of korean drama series?? pls help I’m from the philippines.

    This series is really good. As well as almost all of korean dramas.

  212. 212 : Samantha Says:

    I’m soo into Choi Si Won and Chae Rim. I watched this drama several times, and do not tire of replaying some scene before my bedtime. They have this wonderful vibe that guarantees a good night sleep with a smile on my lips. I even watch some episodes with my morning cofee. Refreshing!

  213. 213 : Mysterious Says:

    this series is great! I love si won from super junior. ahhh i love super junior. Chae rim is great. I’m loving it

  214. 214 : Maki Says:

    super cute drama!! hahah everything is soOooo cool, colorful & light. haven’t finished yet, but one of the reasons iam excited to go home to finish this. Love si won’s body. LOL ♥♥♥

  215. 215 : etik Says:

    i love this drama!!!!
    very inspiring story.
    this drama show that we can’t choose with whom we must fallin love, because love comes without us knowing.
    great story!!!

  216. 216 : putri Says:

    I love..love..love..so much this drama. The cast and the story lines is so great. I love Siwon and i love Chae Rim. The perfect couple for this drama. I think the story is appropriate to what happened in real life and very inspiring. Siwon is so handsome, cool and cute, i love his body. And Chae Rim is so sweet. I watched this drama several times and never bored to reply it. Love u much Siwon oppa…saranghae ^_^

  217. 217 : meggy Says:

    i start to likes si won oppa since i watched this drama. jeongmallo!! 🙂
    in real life he is very funny, warm humble and all good things about him. Two thumbs for you, si won’ssi 🙂
    and of course i also liked chae rim acting.

  218. 218 : lengskee Says:

    my mom and I love Si Won as actor/singer. Love this series! He’s so funny but can also do some serious acting too!

  219. 219 : Oh! My Lady | diary zahidah wahid Says:

    […] menonton drama Korea Oh! My Lady. Lepas menonton drama ini mulalah membayangkan bagaimana kalau aku mempunya kekasih seorang pelakon […]

  220. 220 : inuminu Says:

    Give it to me love baby i luv u hmmmmmmmm mind blowing drama like it very much sung min hoo n anjuma good performacne keep it up…..

  221. 221 : Monica Magdalena Says:

    So Very…very…GOOD
    I LOVE this story…

  222. 222 : chaepenn Says:

    i really like this drama. all in one story plus chae rim and siwon was great.

  223. 223 : nicole Says:

    I start to likes si won oppa since i watched this drama. 😀

  224. 224 : Sari Tjen Says:

    will be onair in Indonesia soon…. at Indosiar… will watch this too.. missing chae rim so much 🙂

  225. 225 : sweet Says:

    highly recommended! good drama, great acting, terrific cast, worthy to watch

  226. 226 : superjunior 13 Says:

    choi siwon is so fantastic ! hes acting is so cute ,the expression of his face makes me laugh out loud ^_^ siwon oppa is good (thumbs up for you siwon) hope next drama is super junior ! hehe

  227. 227 : Hear Evil | Blog | HEY GIRLS…GUESS WHAT?… Says:

    […] nine yards.  I checked to see if I could get closed captioning and yes! and so I start watching Oh My Lady.  Reading the captions while watching was easy to get used […]

  228. 228 : truly-reta Says:

    This drama is playing in indonesia right now! Siwon and chae rim they are so amazing. Siwon expression so cute and funny, his acting so natural. Love this drama so much… ^^

  229. 229 : Jessie Lou Bullecer Says:

    I love it! Chaerim’s charisma never fade..and as well as Siwon…they’re so compatible.. ^^

  230. 230 : metria Says:

    i like the drama very much, one of the korean drama’s that makes me laughing, the story is very good, simple and very funny. Siwon and chae rim acting is very good, they are so natural, very very recommended drama i think,, ohh yeaa the song is suitable with every moment in this drama, loveee ittttt so muchhhh!!!! 🙂

  231. 231 : lisa_yoanna Says:

    Although finally happy, but I feel sad too because I could not watch anymore.

  232. 232 : lisa_yoanna Says:

    I love Choi Si Won and Chae Rim *kisses*

  233. 233 : sweet Says:

    choi sewon is the best….i already watch this for 5 times and not getting bored of it…

  234. 234 : mels Says:

    so fantastic…..i love it so much….never get bored watching u Siwon….n of course chae rim u a gud role model for parents n guradians……but im so sad i didnt get to watch the wedding…!!!

  235. 235 : phin Says:

    Please make Oh My Lady Part 2.
    Very nice and inspiring drama for divorce woman, Don’t afraid to start again coz love is everywhere.

  236. 236 : Bangben Says:

    I think this drama is good, acting si won and chae-rim naturaly and not bad

    where pleace for opportunity make drama series?? please information

  237. 237 : lyn Says:

    I agree… part 2 please……………

  238. 238 : like Says:

    altho this series is entertaining, it is kind of predictable – the story line, how it would end, even the things that would happen like when Gae Hwa first came to Min Woo’s place to work as domestic help, one could see that she would burn Min Woo’s shirt and indeed she did…etc…etc…
    however, it provides good entertainment with actors who are so easy on the eyes, Chae Rim with her natural charm and prettiness and of course the one and only Si Won – he is just such a rejuvenating vista- with his thick dark hair, bushy eyebrows, dimpled smile, tall-lean-muscular body especially if he wears a suit or tux – not only does he look oh so handsome but also so gorgeous ! and of course Hyun Woo, Han Byul, Jung Hee and the rest of them… btw, i read that the songs are not performed by Si Won, how come..? – he IS a singer…

  239. 239 : sweet Says:

    i thought the ost was sung by si won

  240. 240 : Mitch Says:

    OMG……i’m so inlove with this series…..

    it’s the best korean series i’ve ever watched…

    i love u siwon and chae rim….

    OH MY LADY 2…plssssss

  241. 241 : Iffah Says:

    Happy Ending Min Woo and Gae Hwa/.

  242. 242 : yani Sh Says:

    choi siwon..

  243. 243 : finau marayawa Says:

    nice movie ,i guess

  244. 244 : Lee Jack Says:

    i like it………….. love si won and chae rim

  245. 245 : Ariel Ignacio Says:

    Choi Si Won is so wonderfull. We want to have a part 2 of the drama series. hehehehehe…..

  246. 246 : 'IerNna Says:

    Choi Siwon So Cute………………..

  247. 247 : 'IerNna Says:

    My Lady So Very, Very………Good
    Choi Siwon So Cute 😀

  248. 248 : Kissyiana Aman Says:

    i love this drama.. OH!!.. It just make me fall in love.. <3

  249. 249 : gari Says:

    luv luv luv this drama i was so hooked up tat completed it in 2 days i didnt knw anythng abt siwon or super junior b4 this drama & after watchng the drama i becm fan of siwon & eventualy super junior a must watch cute and funny & a drama tat can b watched again and again

  250. 250 : Korean Says:

    I really like this drama. All episode are too good. There is any time you feel bored. each n every scene i enjoined.choi siwon is so fantastic after watching I became your fan……..Hope to see more drama in future. Keep up the good work!!!!!

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  252. 252 : a2a+13 Says:

    siwon is the best…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. 253 : fengyan Says:

    i’m a chinese (beijing, mainland) fan who adores chae rim for her cute looks and immense innate kindess as she shows in Oh, My Lady, which i have just watched. she has done a pretty good job performing the 35 year old ajima , a character with experience and personality quite unlike her own.

    of the tv dramas in which chae rim has played lead roles i didn’t see many, yet i love her!! wish her a joyful and serene life!

    look forward to her coming back to china and working more with chinese drama people!

  254. 254 : chaepenn Says:

    i love this drama esp. chae rim and choi siwon.

  255. 255 : kristel jane Says:

    i love this drama…………

  256. 256 : kristel jane Says:

    i love this drama esp. chae rim and choi siwon.

  257. 257 : zhao Says:

    currently i watching this drama, and it is good so far and entertaining.. i hope Si Won will be end with that ajjuma…wkwkwkwkw

  258. 258 : APRIL Says:

    i love story of this drama. please make the sequel of this drama.

  259. 259 : Goo Na-ri Says:

    I’ve already watched this .. until the end !! And this one is nice. :))

  260. 260 : SUJU ELF Says:

    so sweet..i love this drama..

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  262. 262 : ritapraise...from NIGERIA Says:


  263. 263 : Alnnmay3 Says:

    I also have started to review the Kdrama’s I have seen on Tumblr…


  264. 264 : christine50 Says:

    i am in love with the story, it is one of a kind korean story i have watched until the end. chae rim and choi si won are definitely fantastic and amazing, they both did well, i really love them both. i am hoping for their next project, and i wish even in real life. they have a very nice chemistry that you won’t forget. i have watch a lot of korean dramas but this is the best, and i have watched it four times until the 16th episode. the story has a lesson to learn, it’s entertaining, amazingly done, i really love it. i wish them both a happy life and more projects to come.

  265. 265 : MayaF Says:

    What an Amazing drama! Really love this drama.. So funny.. Nice drama^^

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