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My Wonderful Life

Title: 찬란한 내 인생 / My Wonderful Life
Also Known as: My Glorious Life / My Perfect Life
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 127
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2020-June-29 to 2021-Jan-08
Air time: Monday to Friday 07:15pm


This drama deals with the adversity overcoming of a new life as a young mother who has lived a hard life becomes a daughter of a chaebol. It is a story that happens when a young mother, who has lived in defiance with all her bad luck, becomes a chaebol daughter in the morning. It seems to be a drama that looks back on life and family.


Main Cast

Choi Sung Jae as Jang Si Kyung
Shim Yi Young as Park Bok Hee
Jin Ye Sol as Go Sang Ah
Won Ki Joon as Gi Cha Ban
Han So Young as Nam Ji Ae

People around Bok Hee

Yang Hye Jin as Bok Hee’s stepmother
Ahn Suk Hwan as Cha Ban’s father
Park Yoo Ha (박유하) as Park Hyun Hee (Bok Hee’s younger sister)

People around Shi Kyung

Oh Mi Yeon as Jung Si Kyung’s mother

People around Sang Ah

Lee Jung Gil as Go Sang Ah’s Father
Kim Young Ran as Go Sang Ah’s mother

Production Credit

Production Company: MBC C&I
Chief Producer: Jang Jae Hoon
Director: Kim Yong Min
Screenwriter: Seo Jung


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Official Trailer
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  1. 1 : zieda Says:

    thank you

  2. 2 : Drama Fan Says:

    Song Seung Heon is in “Would You Like To Have Dinner With Me.”
    Thanks for the photos of him though, nice looking man.

  3. 3 : Rose Says:

    Is any one watching this drama???

    Is it a pretty decent drama??

    It it not being aired presently in the Chicago area. MBC is rerunning My Secret Terius drama.

  4. 4 : Carm Says:

    Hi Rose! Viki has it but they charge now. I watch my dramas at Drama Nice and Fastdrama. Make sure you use an adblocker.

  5. 5 : Diana Says:

    Same here! But they keep showing previews of “My Wonderful Life”. Who knows maybe MBC will still run it!!!

    Gal from Redlands, CA

  6. 6 : Rose Says:

    Hi Carm – thank your for your response. I usually watch the dramas on TV and if miss an episode/s, then I do watch it on Dramanice.

    I have no idea what is going on with MBC in the Chicago area. They are airing more re-runs than new shows.

    On Monday and Tuesday nights at 11 p.m., since 365: Repeat The Year ended, re-runs are being aired. Now that My Secret Terrius ended, I thought Would You Like To Have Dinner Together would start, but Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo is re-airing.

    On. Monday – Friday at 7:30 p.m. “Make A Wish ended, then Invincible Lady Cha is now running, and at 8:15 p.m.when Bad Love finished, *Dr. Hur Jun, original air date March 18 – September 27, 2013 is being re-run again. 135 episodes and has been aired several times on the weekends.

    On Sunday at 8:30 a.m. *Dr. Heo Joon, original air date November 29, 1999 – June 27, 2000 is on. *Both shows are the same with different actors.

    One or two dramas have not aired, I believe they were on Netflex instead. I am not too happy.

  7. 7 : Carm Says:

    @Rose–I don’t have cable but watch MBC and KBS if my antennae picks it up. During the afternoon their showing Eve’s Love. Maybe they are showing old dramas because of Covid?

  8. 8 : Diana Says:

    “My Wonderful Life” has started. Aug. 3rd.

    Gal from Redlands, CA

  9. 9 : Nadya Says:

    The main lead (female) is pitiful, having a hard time watching a train wreck. She should divorce her husband, he nor his family helps her with the kids.

  10. 10 : Kelly Says:

    The husband is pitiful and should be deleted. The so called daughter is also awful which is why the ratings are going down no one is a father to two kids would act the way he doe get rid of him.

  11. 11 : Rose Says:

    This drama started at 10:05 a.m. on August 4, 2020 in the Chicago area. It was supposed to be aired at 8;15 p.m. after Bad Blood finished.

    They have been re-running old dramas in the a.m. hours, so wonder why they changed to have this show air in the morning?

    Never know what MBC is up too!!!!

    Cha Ban is an idiot. Once the chick, Ji Ae dumps him as she got all the money now, he probably will try to go back with Bok Hee. Hope she does not decide to go back to him for the children.

    It is moving along pretty fast right now, but Ep. 11 just aired. Some where along the way, it will start dragging. Usually happens with the long dramas. Like it so far.

  12. 12 : Rose Says:

    I missed a few episodes, but how did Bok Hee’s step mother and step sister find out Bok Hee was working for a rich family??? Did Bok Hee tell her ex-mother-in-law, or did BH’s 2 children? That Eun Soo has loose lips at times. Very bad move on whoever told Cha Ban’s family. Cha Ban will continue to ask idiot BH for money. Now she can deal with another situation as how is she going to pay the loan back. She is one stupid lady.

    I can’t believe Bok Hee didn’t tell the police that her ex-husband was attacking her and the Si-Kyung came to her defense. There should be cameras around the house, Si-Kyung should have told the police to check them out??? What kind of lawyer is he???? Bok Hee has her mouth running off all the time, now when she needed to open it to defend Si-Kyung she kept her mouth shut. That whole police scene was stupid.

    Si-Kyung told BH to block low class Cha Ban’s calls and she said she can’t due to the fact that he is her children’s dad!!! What has he done for her or the children??? CB took all her money, sold her truck and she was left with nothing. BH is really dumb.

    If Ji-Ae is loosing all her money, wonder if she will go back to Cha Ban? Then she and CB can nag BH for money.

    Or will Cha Ban work for Sang-A doing some of her dirty work for money???

    The ex-step sister dresses like a queen, why doesn’t CB ask his mother for money???? Doesn’t make sense.

    When CB finds out BH is the daughter of rich parents, he will push her to get more money. This is going to be a long boring drawn out drama.

  13. 13 : Pebbles Says:

    Please if you suffer from high blood pressure don’t watch this mess!!!
    Every day I tune in, in hopes of some miracle. PBH is the worst character. How is it possible for GSA To intersect everything? Are you trying to say she’s the only one with power? Really? Even more than the father?
    Why PBH doesn’t divorce the husband? Because she chose to live in the “shadows to raise her children” what in the hell? Her children are not dumb they are reckless but they are not dumb. They see their father living with another woman, their father taking everything from them and living them on the streets. No home, no car, no money nothing. So what is she teaching her know kids.
    TO THE WRITERS: STOP THIS MESS! GIVE PBH A BACKBONE. MAKE HER DIVORCE HER HUSBAND SO SHE CAN PROPERLY DATE Jang Si Kyung Properly. This ways she can show her daughter and son the proper thing. Not pretending that it’s ok to be married and see/date someone else. If you want to make the show about morals then start there!
    DONT MAKE THIS SHOW ABOUT GSA. If the show it’s called my wonderful life then don’t give GDA 118 episodes to do whatever she wants and manipulate people to her advantage then give PBH 2 episodes of “wonderful life”
    We need to see PBH become fierce ON ALL LEVELS. And don’t leave it for the last 2 episodes.
    Annoyed by this series!!!

  14. 14 : Rose Says:

    Where did nauseating Cha Ban get two suits??? I can’t stand his character – makes me sick. He is such a loser.

    Money hungry Ji Ae is back on the scene which I figured would happen. After she ripped off dumb and stupid Cha Ban out of all their money, she has the nerve to come back.

    How stupid are the scenes at times!!! In Ep. 17 when Ji Ae was looking into Shim-Sook’s restaurant window, there is NO WAY beauty queen Huyn-Hee could not have seen her. HH was facing the door window, so unrealistic.

    Pretty soon Shim-Sook and the queen sarcastic daughter, Park Hyun-Hee, will also be working for Ko-Choong’s family.

  15. 15 : Dreamcatcher Says:

    BH is so stupid. She should have told her 2 children that their jerk of a father stole their cake for their birthday. He has no clue it is even their birthday. What kind of father is he???? And Eun-Soo tells his father everything with his big mouth.

    BH needs to sit down with the 2 children and tell them to forget their idiot father and she needs to get him out of her life. She should have told Jo Eun-Lim that the chauffeur barged into her living quarters and harassed her. Wonder how that would play out?? Maybe Eun-Lim would have fired him.

    The step mother and sister are disgusting, irritating people. How could BH be so darn stupid to give them all the clothes Eun-Lim gave her. Who would want to date or even marry Park Hyun-Hee?? She thinks she is so great. She will eventually try to get her hands on Si-Kyung.

    Cha Ban is the same as Shim-Sook and Hyun-Hee. The three of them make a great trio. They must be blood related.

  16. 16 : Angela Says:

    How many episodes? This is dragging too much

  17. 17 : David Says:

    @ Angela —-

    Toooo many —- supposedly 120. That could change though depending on how the show is going. More episodes could be added like Bad Love. Or they could cut down he number of episodes.

  18. 18 : Rose Says:

    What does screaming idiot Ji Ae get the money for all the clothes she has??? She lost all her money, came back with nothing and has better clothes than BH!!!!

    Why is she is in love with creep Cha Ban?? He has nothing, he gave it all to her. Dumb and Dumber.

    BH should have told CB in front of Si-Kyung and Sang A when she found out dumb CB had not finalized their divorce, that you are living with your girlfriend who lost all the money you gave her.

    Show is so stupid. Hope they cut down the episodes.

  19. 19 : ken Says:

    I hate the actress GSA. obviously her face is full of augmentation and surgery. And her acting is dumb.

  20. 20 : Ken Says:

    Cha Ban too is a bad actor, does not justify the character. And main character is too kindhearted even to stupid Cha Ban. GSA should have been replaced with a better actress. She is terrible. I’m not affected at how bad at acting she is, all she did is bite her lips or make her face lopsided when it is already is lopsided, but she lacks the “feels”. Trashy.

  21. 21 : Ken Says:

    I just hate GSA’s lousy acting. You should have the villain in “Here Comes Bori Bori”, she would have nailed the role and even more good looking. GSA looks like she cannot show much emotion because of too much surgery done on her face, sorry but it looks like she had a lot of surgery done. And what is with the story about the main character getting all these hardships in almost all episodes except for the last few ones. Cha Ban should not have been paid for doing this, and even the stepmom of BH, because she did nothing but “read” and not deliver lines. Peace out. This is what I observed.

  22. 22 : D Says:

    Nam Ji-Ae is a real con artist, ripped embecile CB off for everything he had, stupid that he is, and she goes back to him knowing he has no money and stupid that he is takes her back. Have to say though, she is a smart cookie, she figures everything out.

    Where did Ji-Ae get all her clothes???? Thought she came back to CB with nothing????

    Both CB and Ji Ae are a waste of air time. Need to eliminate both of them from the show, leeches that they both are. Idiot CB needs to take CB to the court and get her dam divorce from the creep.

  23. 23 : Rose Says:

    Ep 37 and 38 just finished airing where I live

    Doesn’t Jo Eun-Lim and SK wonder why Sang A isn’t a match for the mother for the blood she needed, earlier in the drama, and now SA is not a match for the chairman for a kidney transplant????? SA is not a match at all for her parents.

    BH surprised CB bought a beauty salon for Ji Ae and doesn’t wonder where he got the money?????? Ji Ae is back to her old tricks of playing cards. Hope she loses the beauty salon and all the money dumb CB gave her. He is an A-hole.

    How strange all this is!!!

    BH can figure out every one else’s problems, but not her own.

    She needs to get the divorce from the money sleaze of a husband.

  24. 24 : Rose Says:

    Park Hyun-Hee is relentless in her pursuit to get her hands on Dong-Yoon. From what I see, Dong-Yoon is not interested in Hyun-Hee at all, but since she is persisting, the idiot that she is, in the end he will give in and they most likely will be a couple. Poor Dong-Yoon.

    How could Chief Kim lie about someone’s life??? His actions as a doctor are disgusting.

    The two office workers, besides Dong-Yoon are not listed any where in the listing of actors in this drama. Strange.

  25. 25 : George Says:

    This happens in every K-Drama, the person leaves the computer on after finishing an assignment and the antagonist always changes what the person did. So lame. Shut the darn computer down or put security codes so no one can get into the computer.
    The Clothing Factory doing the T-shirts should have received TWO emails, the first one that BH sent and the second one that witch Sang Ah sent. SK doesn’t even go to the factory to see what email/s they received????? He needs to step up to the plate and also try to find out if anyone else was in the office after BH left? S-Kyung is slow on the uptake when it comes to Sang Ah.

    Why would BH take her co-workers to the restaurant her step-mother owns??? How stupid. Chaos always reigns there. And who sent the email of the group photo to Sang Ah???

    BH needs to move away from those leeches?

    Of course SK runs to SA to tell her he knows BH is the Chairman’s daughter. Stupid — give the jerks the heads up so they can make plans And SK needs to wise up and keep his mouth shut about telling that dam Sang Ah everything he is doing with BH. He knows how hateful she is. I knew that Sang Ah would ruin his plans to take BH to that SS Club. Dumb SK for telling Sang Ah he was taking her. When will he wise up?????

    BH is so dam stupid. She needs to move the hell out of her mother’s house and slap the hell out of her ex-husband. He is still ruining her life.

    Can this show be any more stupid?????

  26. 26 : David Says:

    SK needs to get a lock on his bedroom so witch Sang Ah cannot just walk right in any time she wants. When he is in there, she doesn’t even knock. Evil person that she is.

  27. 27 : Rose Says:

    Is SK really a lawyer???? He doesn’t use his mind properly. How can he believe everything SA tells him. He knows she does not like BH and sabotaged her several times.

    He should take a piece of the Chairman’s hair while he is in the hospital for a second opinion elsewhere. Can’t believe all this stupidity!!!! They should not make dramas with 100 episodes, everything is dragged out waaaay tooo much.

  28. 28 : Sasha Says:

    This is a shit show! By now you would think the story should be changing. Instead they are creating more stupid shit. Banana face continues to do what she wants. Her daughter is out control. They are not learning anything. BH as a parent is trash. How your kids tell you they don’t want to leave with the rich grandparents and you just leave them. STUPID- she deserves every and any bad thing she gets just for that alone. Banana face never gave up on her daughter. How the attorneys mom just comes in and doesn’t like BH based on what is told to her by banana face. The kids father is less than 0 and BH is not too far behind. The biological parents (specially the mom) trash. How can you tell someone to leave their kids. Don’t you want to get to know your grandkids? Why is BH going on another date meanwhile you are supposed to be dating the attorney and on most importantly your kids are not with you. TO THE WRITERS YOU ARE TRASH!!!!!! Make shit more believable. Stop with the stupid shit.

  29. 29 : Gemini Rat Says:

    If this show is trash for you, why are you still here commenting on it? Leave!

  30. 30 : Ryan Says:

    How could SK not see Sang Ah and Cha Ban in the park when SK was giving BH a piggy back ride??? The writers need to get a grip with these scenes.

    Cha Ban is a stupid nothing of a father. He does everything Sang Ah tells him to do to destroy everything and anything BH is trying to do to make a living for her 2 children and herself, and he just blocks everything. He is so stupid. And his son continues to tell his father everything even though his Eun Ha has continually told Eun Soo not to tell their father anything. BH should sit down with the 2 children and tell them not to tell the father anything.

    Cha Ban takes all the money he can from Sang Ah and spends it his chickee and himself, but cons his son to find out all the information he can about BH so he can prevent her from trying to make a living. He is such a loser.

  31. 31 : Drama Fan Says:

    SK told Eun Lim that he was not going to marry Sang Ah and that the rumor was not true and the stupid ding bat of a mother and person that she is goes and picks out wedding dresses for Sang Ah. Eun Lim is one stupid person. She can’t figure out that SA doesn’t match her or the chairman’s blood and she doesn’t wonder why. Could the writer’s make it more plain or more stupid????

    And BH should have walked out of the wedding store instead of going along with trying the dresses on. She doesn’t owe anything to Eun Lim.

    And SK is one weak stupid man to not tell Eun Lim again at the wedding store that he is not marrying SA, that BH is your daughter and take BH out of the store.

    A-hole CB caused most of the damage to BH and now he punches SK. SK did need to be punched, but CB is doing everything he can to screw BH per SA instructions. Another idiot.

    The writer/s are really screwing this drama up. Don’t know where they are getting the idiotic ideas. If BH and SK get together in the last 2 episodes, it will be disgusting.

  32. 32 : George C Says:

    The Chairman can’t talk, but can’t he write??? Can’t some one give him a pen and notebook???? His hands seems to be OK.

    This drama really makes Korean people look stupid.

    I wonder if SK’s mother knows any thing about the switch. Sang Ah had Lawyer Kim get rid of the woman that was taking care of the Chairman as she knows something. Oh, did she only know that Sang Ah was not the real daughter and that BH was?

    SK should have taken another DNA test with the chairman’s toothbrush. He is too mushy and even though he is aware of all the bad things Sang Ah has been doing to BH, he stills believes her and goes along with the program. Let Sang Ah have SK and send in nice new guy for BH and the hell with her family and her real parents

  33. 33 : Andrew Says:

    Hope BH holds the fort down, does not cave in to their stupidity and changes the locks on the house she and the kids moved back into.

    But she still has to deal with the step-mother and idiot step-sister. Right away Shim-Sook as BH to reduce the restaurant rent. They only think about money, including jerk CB.

    CB dresses like a fool and his chickee dresses pretty good.

    CB needs a good slap in the face from BH. He and his chickee are such losers..

  34. 34 : Drama Fan Says:

    Jo Eun-Lim should have bought a building for BH and the kids in a different neighborhood so she could get away from those money hungry leeches. At least she would not have to see them on a daily basis. Stupid people are disgusting. They get on my nerves.

    Eun Soo needs to start getting his act together and stop telling his dad, Shim-Sook and Hyun-Hee everything that is going on with his mother and their life.

  35. 35 : Rose Says:

    BH should change the door lock on CB’s door so he can sleep on the park like she did with the kids so he gets a taste of what he did to her. But then, he is so stupid, he wouldn’t understand any way.

    Sang Ah turns up at SK’s place and he doesn’t even wonder how she knew he had moved there!!!!!!!

    Why doesn’t Sang Ah fire Hyun-Hee from the company. HH doesn’t do anything any. She is never there any way.

    Is Shim-Sook kissing up to BH now with the vitamins because she is rich now??? She raised BH, and it seems BH did quite a bit for her and HH when she lived with them. Then Shim-Sook made BH pay her rent when she moved in with the children when she had no place to live. What a low class jerk.

  36. 36 : Day Dreamer Says:

    Jeez…….give me a break…..Shim-Sook wants BH to reduce her rent!!!! BH has had sleazy people around her her whole life. BH did a lot for the step-mother, she deserves to pay BH money – the jerk.

    Since Ji-Ae is locked out of CB’s house, I thought she would be out of the drama, but the scriptwriter continues to bring her in with idiotic lines. There is no reason for her to be in the drama at this point. But have to say Ji-Ae and CB make a perfect pair.

    Hope Eun-Soo doesn’t weaken and give into his father about getting back with BH.

    Eun-Lim is an air head. SK should have told her that Sang Ah tricked him with the contract marriage and he should have told BH when he moved upstairs from her why he was engaged to Sang Ah.

    The chairman should have put SA in another department, not in BH’s department. She will be looking into their computers and their paperwork and block everything BH is doing again. Her revenge will continue to the end of this drama.

  37. 37 : Andrew Says:

    Two parasites ====== CH and his stupid girl that continues to cling to him. They both don’t have any money, but she thinks he will become rich because of BH. Both dreamers.

  38. 38 : George Says:

    The first thing BH should have done when Eun Lim bought the buildings for her, she should have kicked a=hole CB and his dumb girlfriend out and changed the lock on the door so she would not have to see him every minute. He is nothing but a loser and a drag on her. He got rid of the stupid girlfriend, and now she is back in his place. CB took everything away from BH, she had no job, no truck, no place to live and she lets the idiot continue to live in her building. She is stupid…so what if he is the father of her 2 kids. He has done nothing for them and will continue to do nothing for them.

    The chairman continues to give Sang Ah chances and more chances. She will continue to screw up everything at the company and screw BH every chance she gets. What is wrong with the Chairman and his dam “giving you another chance???” How many times Sang Ah has already did damage to the company and he still gives her another chance?????!!!!!!!! Stupid.

    And idiot SK should tell his mother why he was engaged to Sang Ah and all that she has done to the company. He gets his dam mouth shut when he should be telling BH why he was engaged to Sang Ah and clue in the frosty mother of his.

    This drama is stupid.

  39. 39 : Drama Fan Says:

    Now that wicked Sang Ah is living by SK, she can now walk into his apartment any time she wants like she did when he lived with the chairman and she just walked in his bedroom any time she wanted. SK needs to lock his door. Sang Ah is using her daughter to spend time with SK, so she can wiggle her way back in to his life. SK needs to be strong when it comes to Sang Ah, but he is too easy going and will get screwed by her again.

    Also, Jung Young Sook for running a hospital is pretty gullible for believing everything Sang Ah tells her about BH, without getting to know Sang Ah and BH. Sook needs to ask BH questions instead of dictating that she should break up with SK, etc. etc. etc. . SK needs to tell his mother about the lie Sang Ah told him to get him to agree to a marriage contract and everything she has done at the company and the reason why she is starting over at the company.

    How funny, Sang Ah told Jung Young Sook that “The Truth Always Comes Out At the End.” So true, and eventually the truth about Sang Ah will all come out. Unfortunately it won’t happen until the last few episodes.

  40. 40 : Joyce Says:

    I am so much happy to the story..the evil doings of kosang ah always had a karma.. Thanks to the dirextor cause..park book hee is always a winner 😂😂😂i love the story goes..

  41. 41 : Rose Says:

    JW changed his red hair back to his dark shade.

  42. 42 : Pebbles Says:

    I’m so tired of this damn roller coaster. Why so much pity towards SA? She’s cold blooded, manipulative, evil and has shown she doesn’t care about anything or anyone. This story should be about her and not BH. BH is stupid as hell. She knows her kids father ain’t shit yet she allows him to live there WITH THE GIRLFRIEND. He left her and her kids homeless. But yet she still looking out for his ass. She knows he’s helping SA yet she still allowing him to work at the company as well as SA. And her mother is the worst. You are leaving off your biological daughter yet you still looking out for the one that kicked you out of your house. I’m sick of the writers! This keeps going in circles. Why keep adding stupid stuff that’s not needed. There’s 37 episodes left, they should be about SA being discovered and the shit she does. JW stealing all of SA money and leaving. The less than 0 husband needs to be kicked out. The girlfriend needs to move ASAP. Her biological mother needs to be written off.
    Let’s see some realistic stuff. Like BH getting married. And SA getting a ruff time in jail. My goodness.

  43. 43 : Night Watch Says:

    End of Ep. 75, SK had his mother, air brain Eun Lim and BH all in one room, he should have sat them down and told all 3 of them all that Sang Ah has done to BH, to the company, plus lying that BH and he were brother and sister, henceforth he did a marriage contract with Sang Ah. BH and SK agreed to be honest with each other in their relationship, and he still has not told BH the reason for the marriage contract with Sang Ah. He is stupid at times.

    Jung Young Sook told SK that she was going to come clean and tell she was “X” group, but he didn’t show up at the restaurant. SK tells her, he was there and some one prevented him from seeing her and the a-hole mother doesn’t even pick up on what he told her. SK should have elaborated he was hit by a car and left on the street.

    Both mothers have very disrespectful attitudes.

    Can’t BH sue Jung Young Sook for the baby switch at her hospital??????

  44. 44 : Drama Fan Says:

    How long has it been since the Chairman had a kidney transplant???? And he is moving furniture???!!!

    Plus why would he fix the curling iron for CB’s air head live in when she is the one that broke up BH’s marriage to CB????? Or maybe he doesn’t know that???

    This show is so stupid —- in what world does two opposing teams doing a contest work in the same office talking about everything they are doing???? BH and SK discuss everything with the 2 assistants, and Sang Ah and idiot CB and the other guy don’t discuss anything they are doing and listen to everything BH is saying. Can this be any more stupid?????

    BH needs to wake up and get the asshole CB and the girlfriend out of that area. Move their stuff out, change the lock and let CB live in the park with his chick like BH did with her children. This show makes no sense what so ever. What is BH’s problem????

  45. 45 : Rose Says:

    The area where Mr. Hwang’s house and property is very pretty. How peaceful and lovely it would be to live there.

    Sang Ah, CH and YJ are all committing fraud and they get away with it. I can’t believe that SK and BH didn’t report SA to the police. They could tell the police Mr. Hwang’s daughter is dead and SA is pretending to be his daughter and he believed her due to his senility.

    This show is so stupid —

    Doesn’t BH have a code on her phone so no one can get into her phone????? Neither BH or SK felt something was fishy that Sang Ah found out about the daughter so fast????

    Sang Ha changed her hair style now that she is the CEO!!!!! Not impressed. This drama is all about Sang Ah and her evil deeds.

    The wall that was up between CB and his idiot girlfriend is gone. Or do they only put it up when they go to sleep???

  46. 46 : Rose Says:

    Finally, SK wakes up — loved how he sprayed with double hoses all the parasites. He finally got fed up with all their darn nonsense.

    For once, helmet head Hyun Hee did something good for BH, telling her that the designer who supposed claimed plagiaries over the clothes BH did for Dreamy was out of the country. So SK’s mother kind of figured out a thing or two about SA and redhead

  47. 47 : Andrew Says:

    More BS from Sang Ah and the writer. Another contest for a year !!!! Sang Ah has CB steal BH’s new Dreamy design. NO WAY Assistant Kim could not have seen CB in the office with her…..so stupid. What is the writer thinking????

    And JW is going to buy paintings for the new resort as a slush fund so Ms. Jung won’t know. Stupid JW should have hooked up with BH and SK, he would be better off.

    BH should leave Sang Ah and the company, and start her own company with her father and SK. The Chairman has no shares in the Group any more. If her co-workers want to go with her they can. She is making all the money for Shinsang/S.A. Group, SK’s mother and the shareholders.. All Sang Ah is doing is ruining everything and idiot SK’s mother can’t see that. I thought with Ms. Wang on board things would be different for BH, but the same crap is still going on.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid SK goes running right away to Sang Ah after listening to the 10% of Sang Soo’s phone voice to ask if she was with him in the crash. He should wait until the tech can try to get the whole cell phone info out and talk to BH first about it. So lame and stupid for a lawyer. Really no common sense, how could he be so darn stupid??????? He is not a good lawyer. He should have talked to BH about it instead of running to Sang Ah. SK knows darn well Sang Ah is evil and a lies every time she opens her mouth. Unbelievable. JW heard SK say that also. Now they will most likely find out about the phone and they will pay the tech more to not give the info to SK. So stupid.

  48. 48 : David Says:

    Sang Ah asked herself “why did SK out of the blue ask if she was in the car accident with SS and him”?” Because SK is stupid.

    And he doesn’t lock his door — good think when HH was in his room looking for SS’s phone, SK forgot his wallet and caught HH. Why don’t people lock their doors???? Especially living with those idiot spy’s in the area.

  49. 49 : Sunbeam Says:

    Well, it was obvious the stupid tech guy with the phone would screw everything up. Sending messages to SA instead of giving the cell phone back to SK. Typical screenwriter drama line.

    BH, SK and their staff should stay in the basement. At least they could lock up their office instead of being back upstairs where every one can hear and see what they are doing. None of them are smart enough to shut down their computers and lock every thing up in their file cabinets. When I was working locked my desk drawers every night and my file cabinets and didn’t leave any thing out for people to see.

    So Grace Jung has been out for revenge for 50 years because the Chairman never married her. geez….how petty and silly.

  50. 50 : Rose Says:

    Both SA and Jung Woo both are blackmailing Grace Jung and she is letting everything they do slide. She is really stupid for thinking she is so smart. But her eyes are starting to open about how sly SA and JW are.

  51. 51 : Rose Says:

    I can’t believe the stupidity of BH. All the bad things that CB has done to her following SA’s directions, they let the asshole continue to work for the company in the building and then make Sang Ah his assistant!!!!??? Solid plain stupidity. They both should have been fired immediately from the company. No company in the world is run like that. Geez…..how humiliating to the Korean fans that are watching this drama.

  52. 52 : Drama Fan Says:

    Who is the idiot that hired Sang Ah as a part-time at the company?
    She is going to be on trial for the bombing of the factory and she gets hired at the company. How stupid is this ???

    Plus she still wears all her fancy clothes. Goofy stupid Eun Lim is still fooled by Sang Ah’s BS. How stupid that EL gives SA the spare key to the past restaurant/possible dance hall. Brainless.

    This story line is not properly done. Too many stupid flaws that don’t make sense.

  53. 53 : George Says:

    They extended this drama by 8 episodes!!!!!! More episodes to see nasty Sang Ah — you have to be kidding.

  54. 54 : Andrew F Says:

    BH is one stupid broad. She continues to support her stupid ass ex-husband who is screwing her left and right, and she continues to help Sang Ah who is continually coming up with ways to get rid of her from the company.

    Cha Ban should have just killed SK and then he can kill BH. And Sang Ah and Cha Ban can run the company and end of story.

    I don’t even know why Shim Yi-Young – BH won an award for this drama. I don’t think she was all the great to deserve an award.

  55. 55 : Zac S Says:

    All of the above comments are missing the point of this series. I too was really frustrated at how SK and Cha Ban kept getting their way with BH. But eventually I realized that this is about a woman who, throughout her whole life has endured abuse from her step family and husband, and still was able to maintain her dignity and raise her two kids on her own. When BH discovered that she had been switched at birth and her true parents were a rich family, it was sad that her mother did not want to recognize BH as her daughter, and this was yet another hardship that BH had to endure. All in all, aside from the clueless director who doesn’t know how to create a scene, and the writer whose characters choppy dialog fractured most of the episodes, I still enjoyed the series. I currently have five more episodes to go with the last one became available today. I hope the last five are full of happiness and surprises.

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