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My Sassy Girl (SBS)

Title: 엽기적인 그녀 / My Sassy Girl
Chinese Title: 我的野蠻女友
Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 32 (30 minutes/episode)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2017-May-29 to 2017-July-18
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This is a 100% Pre-produced drama. Filming began on 2016-August and finished on 2017-March. It’s based on the 2001 movie “My Sassy Girl” but set in a historical time period.

It’s about Love story of a cold city scholar Kyun Woo (Joo Won) who’s known as “Joseon’s national treasure” and the sassy princess Hye Myung (Oh Yeon Seo) in a Joseon Dynasty era.


Main Cast

Joo Won as Kyun Woo
Jun Jin Seo as Kyun Woo (Child)
Oh Yeon Seo as Princess Hye Myung
Kwon Soo Jung as Princess Hye Myung (Child)
Lee Jung Shin as Kang Joon Young
Kim Yoon Hye as Jung Da Yun

People in palace

Son Chang Min as King Hwi Jong
Yoon Se Ah as Queen Park
Yoon So Jung as Queen Dowager Ja Hye
Choi Ro Woon as Won Ja
Ryu Dam as Young Shin
Tae Mi as Byul Ri

Kyun Woo’s family

Jo Hee Bong as Kyun Pil Hyung
Jang Young Nam as Mrs. Heo
Jung Da Bin as Kyun Hee

Political figures

Jung Woong In as Jung Ki Joon
Oh Hee Joong as Min Yoo Hwan
Kim Byung Ok as Park Soon Jae
Kang Shin Hyo as Wol Myung


Shim Hyung Tak as Choon Poong
Kwak Hee Sung as Park Chang Hui
Lee Shi Un as Bang Se Ho
Sul Jung Hwan as Maeng Kwang Soo
Park Young Soo as Hwang Ga
Seo Eun Ah as Mal Geum
Go Min Ji as Sun Kyung
Hong Sung Sook
Park Geun Soo
Han Ji Woo
Na Hye Mi
Lee Si Kang
Lee Je Yeon
Kim Min Joon
Noh Susanna as Sun Kyung
Kim Yang Woo as Do Chi
Jo Jae Ryong as butcher (Cameo)
Park Ji Yeon

Production Credits

Production Company: Huayi Brothers
Producers: Shim Jung Woon, Kim Dong Rae, Shin Chul
Director: Oh Jin Suk
Screenwriters: Yoon Hyo Je


Initially, Kim Joo Hyun was selected as female lead through auditions but then was replaced by Oh Yeon Seo after that.

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2017-05-29 1 8.3 (16th) 9.9 (9th) 8.5 (12th) 10.0 (7th)
2017-05-29 2 9.3 (10th) 11.3 (4th) 9.3 (8th) 8.9 (10th)
2017-05-30 3 6.5 (20th) 6.8 (20th) 7.4 (13th) 7.7 (10th)
2017-05-30 4 8.1 (11th) 9.5 (5th) 9.3 (8th) 9.3 (7th)
2017-06-05 5 7.4 (17th) 8.3 (9th) 7.2 (16th) 7.9 (10th)
2017-06-05 6 7.7 (16th) 8.5 (8th) 8.2 (10th) 8.9 (7th)
2017-06-06 7 7.1 8.0 (13th) 8.1 (13th) 8.6 (9th)
2017-06-06 8 8.2 (15th) 8.8 (7th) 9.3 (8th) 9.7 (8th)
2017-06-12 9 7.1 7.9 (12th) 7.9 (12th) 8.1 (10th)
2017-06-12 10 8.1 (16th) 9.1 (7th) 9.0 (7th) 9.2 (7th)
2017-06-13 11 7.4 (17th) 7.7 (11th) 8.5 (8th) 9.3 (6th)
2017-06-13 12 9.0 (10th) 9.4 (5th) 10.5 (5th) 11.8 (4th)
2017-06-19 13 7.5 (18th) 8.1 (11th) 8.1 (9th) 8.7 (9th)
2017-06-19 14 7.8 (16th) 8.1 (10th) 9.3 (7th) 9.5 (7th)
2017-06-20 15 5.5 6.4 (17th) 8.3 (12th) 9.2 (7th)
2017-06-20 16 6.6 (18th) 7.4 (15th) 10.3 (6th) 11.2 (5th)
2017-06-26 17 7.2 (18th) 7.9 (10th) 8.2 (11th) 8.2 (9th)
2017-06-26 18 7.8 (14th) 8.6 (7th) 9.4 (8th) 9.1 (7th)
2017-06-27 19 6.8 (20th) 7.5 (14th) 8.2 (11th) 8.4 (9th)
2017-06-27 20 7.9 (16th) 8.7 (9th) 9.6 (6th) 9.9 (6th)
2017-07-03 21 7.4 7.9 (17th) 8.5 (12th) 9.2 (7th)
2017-07-03 22 7.8 (18th) 8.4 (14th) 8.8 (8th) 9.3 (6th)
2017-07-04 23 6.9 (20th) 7.5 (16th) 8.3 (14th) 8.4 (12th)
2017-07-04 24 7.9 (18th) 8.5 (12th) 9.7 (7th) 9.9 (6th)
2017-07-10 25 7.7 8.4 (19th) 7.6 7.6
2017-07-10 26 8.0 8.6 (17th) 8.6 (15th) 8.5 (10th)
2017-07-11 27 6.7 6.8 (18th) 7.7 (15th) 7.7 (14th)
2017-07-11 28 7.4 (17th) 7.6 (16th) 8.7 (12th) 8.5 (10th)
2017-07-17 29 7.3 8.5 (13th) 8.9 (14th) 9.6 (6th)
2017-07-17 30 8.0 (17th) 9.3 (9th) 10.2 (6th) 10.8 (4th)
2017-07-18 31 9.2 (12th) 11.2 (5th) 9.6 (6th) 10.4 (5th)
2017-07-18 32 10.4 (8th) 12.3 (4th) 11.4 (5th) 12.0 (4th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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3 minutes Preview

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  1. 1 : Kdramaislife Says:

    Deabakkkk Historical + Comedy + Romance =❤️ Can’tttt waitttt 🙆🏻

  2. 2 : Kazuu Says:

    Looking forward for this Drama! Joo Won really miss youu!

  3. 3 : N Says:

    Oh my it’s Joo Won! So excited for this!

  4. 4 : Udomania Says:

    Joo won is a great actor and yeon seo very good , so the drama is going be electrified I can,t wait for this drama

  5. 5 : Caitlin Says:

    Looking forward for this drama 🙂

  6. 6 : achfa Says:

    first saeguk drama for joo won…can’t wait

  7. 7 : Gaebong Says:

    I just loved Oh Yeon Seo in “Shine or Go Crazy”. Looking fwd to seeing her in another Sageuk.

  8. 8 : Gaebong Says:

    @achfa “Bridal Mask” was a period drama that Joo Won played the lead in.

  9. 9 : MaxT Says:

    Will watch this drama.

  10. 10 : protect javascript code Says:

    Deabak – Historical, Comedy, and Romance – love this movie!

  11. 11 : nunaynunay Says:

    Joo Won and Lee Jung Shin in one drama? What more can i ask for?

  12. 12 : CoolBeans Says:

    i look forward to seeing Joo Won in thus comedy,

  13. 13 : My Sassy Girl, o novo drama historico e romance da SBS Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama […]

  14. 14 : sanjinyeon Says:

    this historical sassy girl is hilariously cute,my long moment of waiting for this to start is now ended and It’s satisfying co’z I’m always curious how Sassy Girl can be put into historical. It’s really sassy to start with a two drunk lead star, and i never thought that motel is already existed even in Joseon era.

  15. 15 : Mokoduk Says:

    I’m enjoying this drama. My only problem with it is Yeon Seo’s character appears to be a 16~19-year-old. Yeon Seo is a tad too old for the part and the character is not a patch on Shin Yool/Gaebong in “Shine or Go Crazy” in the charm department.

  16. 16 : Zashee Says:

    The lead actress is not good looking and too old..sorry

  17. 17 : leea Says:

    i haven’t finished 2 eps yet, just boring for me.

  18. 18 : Simon K Says:

    I like Oh Yeon Seo and I think she is charming and the role in this drama suit her well. However, I don’t like the fact that every Korean period drama has to involve the King and some power struggle plot, it is tiring. I like the original “My Sassy Girl”, I don’t think they should insert all those evil government official plots into every drama. Just hope the writer keep that to a minimum and keep this drama as a romantic comedy.

  19. 19 : kiki Says:

    I think it would be better if Rain or Le Joon H played the role of Gyeon Woo. Joo Won is ok, but he doesn’t suit well to do comedy with the ‘powerful’ Oh Yeon Soo. He’s just not crazy enough, sorry.

  20. 20 : F33za Says:

    I’m not very fond of the heroine.. But as for the title itself intrigue me.

  21. 21 : abi Says:

    I think i’m the one who thinking the heroine look old. I start to imagine the princess played by kim ji won. But so far the rom-com is good

  22. 22 : Alexandra Says:

    OYS is a phenomenal and beautiful actress, but she should have fired her makeup artist. Watching every week and looking 4ward to the Love-line.

  23. 23 : TALAL K H AL-JANABI Says:

    i like the stylish naughty girl Oh Yeon Seo .she is full of life and joy

  24. 24 : Sirk Says:

    One of the best rom-com historical kdrama of 2017! Cant wait for the next episode! 😍I dont care what others says but Oh Yeon Seo is beautiful and a very versatile actress! She had great dramas if some you guys dont watch it already so better not judge her. OYS and JW have great chemistry! Thumbs up to the whole casts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 👍👏🎉😊

  25. 25 : Udomania Says:

    My sassy girl is getting more and more interesting as the story line is unfolded but the family of jw should be careful not to cut between

  26. 26 : OK OK OK Says:

    I enjoy it very much. 😛
    Both leads very cute.

  27. 27 : Kdramafan Says:

    It is a well-made drama. There is a good chemistry between lead actors. Very good OSTs.

  28. 28 : aya Says:


  29. 29 : Rutendo Says:

    Oh yeon seo is jus too cute too beautiful just say yu dont know her very rather thasn give nasty comments abt her youre sick.

  30. 30 : Jake Says:

    Love this drama

  31. 31 : JAne Says:

    Oh yeon Seo may be a little old but she’s a good actor and a well- matched with Joo Won
    The other lady, Da Hyun looks a kid when she stands next to Joo Won. And her group of friends are a group of mischievous children.
    Don’t understand why they are casted. They’re too immature, and cant act at all

  32. 32 : tigerb Says:

    it’s a good watch. i don’t know why the female lead actor is such an issue. she’s good at what she does. first time i watched her was in ‘unexpected you’, a family drama, and she brought hilarity to her role too. she’s not that old, she’s as old as joo won, and really, older actors who have more acting experience are the better actors to watch!

  33. 33 : silverswan Says:

    It is okay drama for me, still cannot be compared to Ruler: Master of the Mask.
    The ending for this drama isn’t that good , especially the Queen who had been dethroned could not come back to her position.
    Anyway it is not one of the best so far

  34. 34 : oversea Says:

    I don’t like the storyline.
    Princess Hye Myung’s behavior is too exagered.
    And how can a man have feeling for so disgusting behavior ?
    Ok, the screenwriter makes efforts to assemblate a lot of contradictions, but it’s incredible…
    And boring…
    Even if I’m a fan of the main cast, it’s not Worth watching…

  35. 35 : lendyagasshi Says:

    Just love their sweet couple…
    Joo Won and Yeon Seo.

  36. 36 : Winnie Says:

    It was an ok drama not bad, not one of the best in historical though.

  37. 37 : minmin Says:

    The female lead (princess) played by Oh Yeon Seo is too exaggerated to the point of annoyance. A bit too old to be playing a young princess. Stopped watching after episode 3 cos it was just too slow and storyline hard to believe.. a princess behaving like this ie. going out frequently at night, getting drunk, such crude and rough behaviour. Nearly 3 episodes of watching her ridiculous unbelievable antics is enough. Not watching anymore.

  38. 38 : gg Says:

    ok ! nice

  39. 39 : Pinoy Dramas Says:

    this was average drama . not best but it was a good one .

  40. 40 : Kay Says:

    This drama was a bit average with a weak story, but it had a cute romance and some nice humor. It’s an easy enough watch.

  41. 41 : Untari Says:

    i am watching My Sassy Girl now (2021) and i like it. I knew Oh Yeon Seo because i have watched Hwayugi first

  42. 42 : Rose Says:

    Shim Hyung Tak who played Choon-Poong – loved his mysterious and funny character. He did a good role with his character.

    I also liked Ryu Dam and his side kick Byul-Yi.

    The costumes, scenery, flowers were bright and beautiful. I loved all the music, it was so beautiful.

    Enjoyed the drama.

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