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My Name is Kim Sam Soon

Title: 내 이름은 김삼순 / Nae I-reum-eun Kim Sam-soon / My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Chinese Title : 我叫金三順
Also known as: My Lovely Sam Soon (KBFD-TV)
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2005-Jun-01 to 2005-Jul-21
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) is a baker who has a talent in making pastries and cakes. On Christmas Eve, she caught her boyfriend, Min Hyun Woo (Lee Kyu Han), cheating on her and breaks up on the same night. On that same night, she accidentally went into the men’s restroom and met Hyun Jin Hun (Hyun Bin), a somewhat callous fellow but sometimes considerate guy. By sheer coincidence, Jin Hun needs a baker for his restaurant Bon Appetit and Sam Soon is unemployed. Sam Soon is hired as the restaurant’s chief baker and the two fights like cat and dog. Nevertheless, they started to have feeling for each other and Sam Soon agreed to post as Jin Hun’s girlfriend so his mother would leave him alone. Things got complicated when Jin Hun’s ex-girlfriend Yoo Hee Jin came back from the States intending to win him back.


Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam-soon
Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon
Jung Ryu Won as Yoo Hee-jin
Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim

Extended Cast

Kim Ja Ok as Park Bong-sook (Sam-soon’s mother)
Lee Ah Hyun as Kim Yi-young (Sam-soon’s sister)
Na Moon Hee as Na Hyun-sook (Jin-heon’s mother)
Suh Ji Hee as Hyun Mi-joo (Jin-heon’s niece)
Yoon Ye Hee as Yoon Hyun-sook (Jin-heon’s “aunt”)
Lee Kyu Han as Min Hyun-woo
Lee Yoon Mi as Jang Chae-ri
Won Jong Rye as Chae-ri’s mother

Restaurant staff

Yeo Woon Kye as Ms. Oh (Manager)
Kwon Hae Hyo as Lee Hyun-moo (Chef)
Han Yeo Woon as Lee In-hye (Sam-soon’s assistant)
Kim Hyun Jung as Jang Young Ja (Dining room captain)
Kim Ki Bang as Ki Bang (cook)
Seo Ji Yeon as waitress

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Sa Hyun
Director: Kim Yoon Chul
Writer: Kim Do Woo


– Best Drama, My Lovely Sam-Soon
– Best Screenplay, Kim Do Woo
– Most Popular Couple, Hyun Bin, and Kim Sun Ah
– Best Cast, My Lovely Sam-Soon

– New Actor Award, Daniel Henney
– Popularity Award, The Main Couple Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah
– Best Couple Award,Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah
– Excellence Award , Jung Ryu Won
– Top Excellence Award/ Male: Hyun Bin
– Top Excellence Award/ Female: Kim Sun Ah
– Greatest Award, Kim Sun Ah

– Best Mini Series, My Lovely Sam-Soon

Official Site

Watch Online in Dramafever.com


  1. 1 : rachel Says:

    tis show is so nice…i luv the actress n the actor,Hyun Bin!!!tis website is so good.

  2. 2 : Kristy Says:

    Sam soon is really cute. I like her character. Jin-heon is my perfect dream guy! A guy who is cool & mature on the inside, but cute on the look. Sound tough at the same time very gentle… OMG!

  3. 3 : Kin Says:

    Good drama. The story is different. I’m glad that the herione isn’t the super-pretty type. You like her because of the way she is, not how she looks. It’s something evryone can relate too. ^^ Kim Sun Ah did a great job acting and so did Hyun Bin. The story and the words weren’t so corny, but it was still sweet and made you say “awww.” You get really into it and this drama makes you laugh (not just cry… not that I did. Hehe) 🙂

  4. 4 : Drama Addict Says:

    my favorite korean drama ever!
    Kim Sun ah’s character, Sam Soon, is the best role she’s ever done!
    Sam Soon breaks the typical mold of a leading female (in terms of appearance and character).

    It was awesome to see a female character “out of the box”
    and hyun bin!!! enough said!

  5. 5 : jas Says:

    this show is so funny!! XD

  6. 6 : yana Says:

    This drama is great and its so funny!
    I like Sam Soon character and hyun bin is so handsome…

  7. 7 : kaylia Says:

    i love this drama ad hyun bin. He’s so hot!

  8. 8 : Soo-Eun Says:

    love this drama!!!
    exspecially hyun-bin!!
    first of all i think Sam-Soon was the man…
    but lol
    it relly funny and romantic..

  9. 9 : InDy MeLinda Says:

    GooD MOvIe….!!

  10. 10 : Rin Hee Says:

    I love Kim Sam Soon..
    the story is simple but very interesting to watch it….
    And Hyun Bin is so sweet….

  11. 11 : tsutsuji Says:

    The best Korean drama ever. I look forward to see SunBin’s collaboration in the near future. So happy as Sam Soon’s fans if they will be a couple in real life 🙂

  12. 12 : taany from sg Says:

    This drama is interesting, producer is very smart to connecting the story some gags is very creative and funny the cast are not only good looking but talented as well

  13. 13 : zar from phils. Says:

    I really love this teledrama and so far one of my favorite korean drama ever!Characters were so cool and very funny ,seems like they acted so natural.The drama is really funny and romantic…I could even put my self on the characters role…I feel im Kim sam soon falling in love with the character Hyun Bin. Its so inspiring!!!Hope there could be more dramas involving both actors together…they are quite a pair…

  14. 14 : In love with Korean Drama Says:

    Enjoyed the show thoroughly. Great actors and great chemistry! The only hitch – did not like the easy attitude towards premarital sex.

  15. 15 : KOTSHEKO Says:

    hyun bin… i love you…. kin sun ah…. i like your style…. hope to see both of you guys working together again….

  16. 16 : azhani_love Says:

    hyun bin is so cute………………. i love this drama.. muahhhhh

  17. 17 : Stacey Says:

    i love u,hyun bin!

  18. 18 : Xee Says:

    i really like this movie. It not very predictable like other k-dramas thats why its really good.

  19. 19 : kikinana89 Says:

    Im very2 like this drama…
    Hyun Bin is the best!!

  20. 20 : celine Says:

    they finally put ugly korean gal!!! overall… very good movie… love it

  21. 21 : Starz Says:

    Love the drama with cute characters…highly recommended!!! gr8 OST too!!!

  22. 22 : badet Says:

    where i can watch MY NAME IS KIM SAM SOON?!

  23. 23 : angelic Says:

    this is another 1 of my favourite drama…
    sam soon is very natural.she’s different.it shows that u can find a nice n handsome guy even tough u r not dat pretty…da story is very delightful and hillarious.sam soon is very cute and naughty.hyun bin?i cant find any perfect words that can describe him.enough said, he’s every women’s dream guy.handsome,cool,successful.really love it.i hav watched it for times

  24. 24 : miss "G" Says:

    gw suka bgt sama ni drama….gw nonton 5 x booo…
    kaga boseen2…. (mungkin akan ada yg ke-6, 7 dst….hehehe)
    bagi yg blom ntn…gw saranin nonton dehhh..
    dan lo bakalan suka sama aktornya… percaya dehhh…
    sudah banyak bukti-nya….

  25. 25 : xiao yian zhi Says:

    I love sam soon so much she so cute and a lot of charm ^_^

  26. 26 : Sumin Says:

    i luv this drama. its so cute, then sad, then funny.

  27. 27 : micks Says:

    Cute show! Liked the show, bought the show. It’s about time you see a chunkier actress. I don’t have any problems w/thinner actresses, because their all pretty and the actors are very handsome and keep themselves in good shape. b I’m glad she got the part and she played it well

  28. 28 : gemini Says:

    .. another of my favorites! Hyun Bin’s first was impressive. My family and I had a great time watching this! Sooooooo funny. Indeed an ideal romatic comedy series. We watch this repeatedly if we want to have a good time. Great one!

  29. 29 : Cathy Says:

    Great drama, one of the best. EXTRAORDINARY actors and actresses especially the stars, Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin. I honestly find this drama impossible to hate. It’s something you can watch over and over again, especially if you’re heartbroken.

  30. 30 : melody Says:

    I really like this show! Great plot, great artists!
    I like the character of Sam soon. Hyun Bin was again impressive in this show. U really shouldn’t miss this one! Very romantic and funny.
    One of the best korean drama ever!

  31. 31 : ST3n Says:

    i love it:P

  32. 32 : winnie Says:

    sam soon is pretty!! Have you all seen her in her usual self?

  33. 33 : MAIKO Says:


  34. 34 : 진 사 민 Says:

    such a cute story… and hyun bin is sooooo hot
    u kno the actress acting as sam soon had to gain 30 pounds to act the part?

  35. 35 : annonymous Says:

    wooo. love this drama (=

  36. 36 : lina-Philippines Says:

    Nice watching this tv drama especially the leading actor Hyun Bin. He is sooo handsome, with his height & masculine figure. This drama is really for general patronage.

  37. 37 : torang Says:

    1 of my top korean drama, along side with MY GIRL and I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU.. Hyun Bin! Lee Min Ki!!! Lee Dong Wook!! OGM..!!

  38. 38 : torang Says:

    drama’s OST is all great!..

  39. 39 : PrettyGal Says:

    hey can anyone tell me from which site i can watch this drama please thank, lots of love xxx

  40. 40 : strato7 Says:


  41. 41 : Windxchime Says:

    wat a great couple…
    hyun bin n Kim sun-ah

  42. 42 : katheza Says:


  43. 43 : cj Says:

    hyun bin is sooooo hoottt!!!!! 🙂 great drama!

  44. 44 : Daisy Says:

    like the actor and the story line….. really make me smile while watching it! this series shown that not every preety women can fall in love…. love is great… i like it… i like it… i like it!

  45. 45 : chee jayni Says:

    my favorite koreanovela ever… woooowww, i love the story very much. i can really relate with the character kim sam soon. same with me, chubby and not beautiful. hehehe. i wish i would have the same love story with kim sam soon.

  46. 46 : pandabear104 Says:

    Although I haven’t even finished this drama yet the first few episodes really got me hooked to it. Sam soon’s odd charisma made you love her no matter what she did. Hyun Bin was oddly funny and gave girl fans reasons to watch this drama. The accting is fantastic and the story lone original and hilarious. If only I could finish watching it. Can anyone tell me where one can watch all 16 episodes? Thank you beforehands.

  47. 47 : theresia Says:

    I’ve never get bored to watch this drama, it’s a million times i watched this drama over and over again and i’ve always laugh.

  48. 48 : yea eun Says:

    where can i see the whole series? (it’s fine if it doesn’t hav any subs. i speak korean fluently…) thnx!!

  49. 49 : hani0911 Says:

    hell!! i can’t stay away from watching kim sam soon and jin hyeon.the series never get me bored.i like the couple to b really couple outside of cinema.anyway, best wishes for them. Love Suna 4eva : ))

  50. 50 : Hanna Says:

    I have only seen a few eps and i am compleatly in LOVE. the Romance is not overdone and the you grow atached to the people. Fave drama with real people.

  51. 51 : clazziquai Says:

    One of the best comedy-drama series I’ve seen so far.
    The plot is simple yet very interesting. The characters have been well personafied by Kim Sun & Hyun Bin. Even the music is great although I have yet to get a copy. Kudos to the director/s, actors and the other people involved in this project/series.

  52. 52 : 이다해 Says:

    아이구… No matter how many times I watch this drama, the language use and the disses never get old!

  53. 53 : Serene Says:

    luv watching diz series..Hyun Bin is so cute! =P

  54. 54 : Moe Moe Says:

    I lost count to watch this series. I love it.

  55. 55 : uberalethea Says:

    I started to like Kim Sun Ah when I watched this funny drama. From then on, I started to search her movies and other dramas. She is a genuine comedy actress yet she exudes such elegance. Though she’s fat in this drama, I think she managed to be sexy. Yes, I think she is sexy in this drama. Sexier than her character in her television movie “S-diary.” I hope you’ll agree with me. She knows how to throw her punchlines with the help of her leading man Hyum Bin who managed to give justice to his character. I think Kim Sun Ah is one of the “Best of Best” comedy actresses in Korea. (Together with Lee Da Hae in her performance in My Girl Kkkk)

  56. 56 : emmy Says:

    I love this drama, so funny, simple and entertaining..I watch this drama over and over again..never feel bored. Can’t wait to see another colaboration between Kim Sun & Hyun Bin..

  57. 57 : jillianne Says:

    hyun bin is so HOT!

  58. 58 : jessica Says:

    hey do u all know where to watch this show as i badly wanted to watch this show. if u know pls tell me kays?

  59. 59 : yuei Says:

    this drama is soooooo good……

  60. 60 : hayi Says:

    I love this drama…….it’s worth of buying.

  61. 61 : suong Says:

    haha this drama is so funny.

  62. 62 : jio Says:

    This is one of the foverite drama.

  63. 63 : Karma Says:

    U can watch Kim sam soon in http://www.mysoju.com and crunchyrolls.com

  64. 64 : cheeky Says:

    ist my first love!!! i start collecting korean drama becoz of this series i enjoyed watching this and i really like the story add the chemistry of hyun bin and sun ah it was a blast! koreans are now popular becoz of their love comedy stories

  65. 65 : rinna24 Says:

    for those who love comedy n romance.. watch this… u’ll definitely fall in love with HYUN Bin & Ms Sam Soon.. both are superb!!

  66. 66 : Miss Says:

    can someone please tell me ….where i can find this drama ….
    I really really like to see it 🙂 …..

  67. 67 : Pouwz Says:

    rekomen banget untuk film ini…ceritanya bagus, lucu dan romantis…gw ngasih 5 bintang deh..top bgt

  68. 68 : Unpredictabble Says:

    I like it, so entertaining, funny… hip hop horeeee

  69. 69 : ena Says:


  70. 70 : abbhy Says:

    where can i watch my name is kim sam-soon online? for free?

  71. 71 : sakura Says:

    definitely different from other korean movie…

  72. 72 : Nana Says:

    where can we watch this drama?????

  73. 73 : HannyBae Says:

    this drama is not only funny but give me an enlightenment about broken heart, desperation, love and life. The scenario and the dialogue’re very genius. 16 episode’s not boring at all. Kim Sun Ah is really comedienne. And she’s really good actress since willing to gain a couple of pounds to have Sam soon fat figure. Really, really love this drama. I’ve been watched it again, again and again…

  74. 74 : tiffy Says:


  75. 75 : icecream Says:

    this drama is very interesting………..hyun bin is very very very handsome,n syun ah is very very very cute…………i like it!!!!!

  76. 76 : Samantha Says:

    My Lovely KSS, BEST OF ALL.

  77. 77 : kongaishang Says:

    THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    nothing compares to this!!!!!!

  78. 78 : panyangbear Says:

    Guys, My Name is Kim Sam Soon and 200 Pounds Beauty are the same? I’m a bit confused. I’m still planning to buy a dvd on this. Hope I’ll like it.

  79. 79 : lovely me Says:

    this drama is so funny, exchiting, i love it so much…..i like sam soon character, more powerfull for women and make inspiration for me…very good

  80. 80 : romantic comedy lover Says:

    you can watch this drama on http://www.veoh.com, some of you might know but it cost money, but a really nice person uploaded it for free, just type My name is kim sam soon.

    NOT My lovely sam soon, dat one is the one that cost money.

    (once again) Type My name is kim sam soon ,
    eg, My name is kim sam soon episode 4 (this is an example), and dont worry it has english subtitles and all the episodes are there.

  81. 81 : Pb Says:

    I really enjoyed watching this TV series.. OMG Hyun Bin is so cute..

  82. 82 : jangerr Says:

    Throughly hilarious & enjoyable! Definitely one of the best comedy series.

  83. 83 : stellar Says:

    Must watch! Never a dull moment. The leads have such great chemistry and comic timing, especially the lead actress.

  84. 84 : Holly Says:

    it was fun this drama i used to be crazy about it

  85. 85 : hyunbinlover Says:

    funny & good drama
    love hyun bin so much!!!!!!!

  86. 86 : alberto Says:

    Kim Sun Ah is such a fabulous actress…

  87. 87 : krissyang Says:

    One of the best romantic comedies of all times! Very unlikely pairing yet turn out so well because the leads were superb!

  88. 88 : angel Llido-dablo Says:

    lover’s is quite good, but i guess nothing beats the “kilig factor” that LOVERS IN PARIS” bought the Filipinos, though the lead actor and actress r no longer very young when it comes to their age. its the momentum of the every scene that made the said koreanovela worth waiting for in the prime time….
    one of the best koreanovelas ever made, i guess….

  89. 89 : angel Llido Says:

    very funny, the pairing of the lead actor nd actor is very unlikey but it was soooooooooo good! there was magic in the chemistry…………..

  90. 90 : krissyang Says:

    Alas, none of the new drama series have the fun factor of MNIKSS & My Girl or the memorable & unforgettable romance of Save Your Last Dance, Love Story in Harvard, Autumn in My Heart, …

  91. 91 : khalid Says:

    i love it and i feel that i am in love

  92. 92 : sarah Says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ilove you so mutch kim sam sooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllooooooooooooove yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuutycccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbye

  93. 93 : fereshte Says:


  94. 94 : citi Says:

    We need more shows like this…

  95. 95 : emerald Says:

    Kim Suh Ah rocks!!!

  96. 96 : julanar Says:

    i love it ,it’s good drama ,it’s so good.sam soon is very naturel .i and my sisters love this drama.where we can watch this perfect drama.

  97. 97 : julanar Says:

    THIS comedy_drama is GOOOOOOOOOD ,i like to see it .i am from ALGERIA .

  98. 98 : Toni Says:


  99. 99 : devin Says:

    i love this drama from the beginning to the end. it was AMAZING and actually believable…the actors had THE best chemisty i’ve seen since the series thank you and my girl. THE BEST DRAMA OF ITS YEAR!!!!!!!!
    just finished a couple of minutes ago on veo tv..it you read my comment THEN GO WATCH THE DRAMA!!!!!!!! LOVED it so much…^_^

  100. 100 : stellar Says:

    Watch this! You’ll never regret it! Best romantic comedy of all times!!!

  101. 101 : ruze (moslem arab-girl) Says:

    i love this is serious very much
    idont know what ido whene it end
    i adore hyun bin he is perfect and cute (L)(K)
    i love uuuuu hyun .. iwish 2 know how much ilove u

  102. 102 : melanie Says:

    watch it on veoh.com
    fell in love with hyun bin in this drama

  103. 103 : IMAN Says:

    THIS is the BEST Drama Ever….. I watched it three times till now….. i never get bored while rewatching it….. And till now, it is still the best Korean drama…..And I also fell in love with Hyun bin….The leading actress was great too..

  104. 104 : nesta.nyenye Says:

    sam soon… i like dis one..

  105. 105 : nesta.nyenye Says:


  106. 106 : dra Says:

    love the series so much…
    love hyun bin..

  107. 107 : pkay Says:

    Finally a korean drama where no one dies lol :]

  108. 108 : tyas Says:

    hhaaa . funny story , i can laughing too loud . can’t forget this drama . hyun bin is soo cute to be sham sik . wakakk

  109. 109 : alberto Says:

    Kim Sam Soon totally rocks!!!

  110. 110 : julanar Says:

    tout simplement c’est le meillheur

  111. 111 : gie Says:

    i really really love this drama!, , , funny!

  112. 112 : citi Says:

    This has to be one of the best romantic comedies!!! Love both the leads & supporting leads. They are such great artistes…

  113. 113 : emerald Says:

    How can anyone not like this drama! It’s certainly the best if not one of the best!!!

  114. 114 : xXxXx Says:

    does anybody know where i can watch this drama online..????

  115. 115 : Wendy Says:

    pkay Says:

    January 26th, 2008 at 5:02 am
    Finally a korean drama where no one dies lol :]

    Wrooonnnggg xD
    Remember the accident? Although it happened before the story takes place… it still plays a part in it

  116. 116 : sandy Says:

    loved this seres– you can watch it on all episode on veoh. loved hyun bin. if you loved “my girl” as much as I did, you don’t want to miss this one!

  117. 117 : Bee Says:

    This is inevitable the funniest korean drama…
    Well love the little girl too she’s cute..

  118. 118 : susmita Says:

    love the drama it was sooooooooo
    nice n touching . but mainly love the heroooooooooooo

  119. 119 : abiboy Says:

    people say i looked like sam soon just because i’m chubby
    and childish

    but i liked bad boy hyun bin

  120. 120 : mafel Says:

    kim sam soon is the best……i wish there is a sequel

  121. 121 : krissyang Says:

    Kim Sam Soon totally rocks!!!

  122. 122 : arni roswani Says:

    lastly the heroin not so perfect..
    but its’s totally great!!!!!!!

  123. 123 : Sab Says:

    I absolutely love this drama! Watched it countless times already! Everytime I stop by a public restroom, I wonder which technique I would be facing, Fingers, water or socks? too real and funny!

  124. 124 : LadyViper Says:

    this is a really good drama I got it off of veoh tv and I can’t stop watching. I’ve seen it so many times and I haven’t gotten tire yet. Its a bit extreme at time but thats the same with all dramas, but its realistic in the sense that it deals with things most couples have to go thru anyways watch it and then you’ll see what i’m talking about

  125. 125 : citi Says:

    There should be more such shows!!!

  126. 126 : manoo Says:

    ارجو منكم تحميل مسلسل محبوبتى سامسون

  127. 127 : manoo Says:

    pleas احضرو لية مسلسل محبوبتى سامسون على الاميل اتا بموووووت فى سن شيك وسامسون

  128. 128 : Poppy Says:

    hillarious.i loved it..wat more can i say? i watched it almost 5 times and istill can’t get enough of it.

  129. 129 : jangerr Says:

    Very risky pairing – a handsome, young & rich man with an older, not so attractive & poor woman. Yet it turned out so convincing, credible & good! Kudos to both Kim Sun Ah & Hyun Bin – they managed to pull it off!

  130. 130 : KorPai Says:

    I love Sam soon..

  131. 131 : xiara Says:

    just love it.!!

  132. 132 : kumiyoshi lee Says:

    love this series so much……maybe not for skinner people but for thick or bigger people man this is the best

  133. 133 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    it’s very importante comedy
    in arabe countries all we love’s sam soon
    and in algeria i hope to see another comedy from korea

  134. 134 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    انا من الجزائر معجبة جدا بالكوميديا الكورية واحب اتعلم اللغة عشان احضر مسلسلات اكتر متل سام سون و امبراطور البحر مع الممثل الروعة سونغ لي غووك القرصان ومعجبة بجوهرة القصر جون غوما و مينغ جانغ هو كما احب هايين بمسلسل قصة حب حزينة اتمنى معرفة الموقع الرسمي للقرصان يوم جان بليز

  135. 135 : iluvit Says:

    Man.after reading the comments here
    i can see that everyone just LOVE this drama
    makes me wanna watch it
    but i still have lots to watch
    i guess i’ll add this up on my list

    >>>KOREAN SERIES totally ROCKS!i love em’all.

  136. 136 : kato Says:


  137. 137 : hani.msia Says:

    i remember finish all d episodes in one sit. d storyline is catchy. seems 2 me both main cast is quite similar with Coffee Prince tho : Charming+dashing Hyun Bin & Gong Yo character not that different…as well as Kim Sun-ah & Yoo Eun-hye whom played as typical-type of girl > speaking on how ‘look’ isn’t priority when it come to love. Wudn’t it be perfect if d triplet become real at the end of story and not juz in Sam-soon’s dream…i juz love d perfect ending so that i cud turn off d tv with satisfaction. I know life isn’t always like we want it to…Thats why i need it from d drama ; ) [My rating : 7/10]

  138. 138 : gwapotalaga Says:

    i stopped watching this drama, i dont know why. maybe i got bored but i heard this drama was really good and worth to watch.

  139. 139 : Funne Says:

    i really..really..love this series… i think, it’s the one of best korean drama. Funny…romantic…and of course “happy ending” story (i love it..). love you so much hyun bin……….

  140. 140 : karen Says:

    love this drama! really addictive once u get started. one of my fav!

  141. 141 : wien Says:

    this drama is very2 good…
    honestly, im very2 wonder
    how came Hyun Jin
    can fall in love with sam soon?

  142. 142 : me Says:

    where do you guys watch this at?

  143. 143 : lucresia Says:

    its my all time favorite series. i love kim sun ah, she is very talented. its such a memorable show that gma will mimic it. I just hope the lead actress will have a different character next series something unpredictable.

  144. 144 : Rayhanah Says:

    i don’t like this drama!!! especially sam song!!!
    i hope Hyun Jin-heon coupled with Yoo Hee-jin…
    i felt sorry with Yoo Hee-jin….

  145. 145 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    waw very nice serie i like’d it in arabic dubbling

  146. 146 : shirley marie Says:

    hyun bin is such a hottie in dis shOw!..he is da uLtimate kOrean actOr!..haha!..kim sun ah rili mAde us rOll into lafter!..dey made a nice tandem!..great!

  147. 147 : king Says:

    this drama is exellent. i love the story and the characters.

  148. 148 : Cm22 Says:

    This was such a differnt drama! I loved Kim Sun Ah, actually every one of the characters! They all had a good side to them even the rivals,unlike other dramas where you would usually see only the bad side to the rivals! Gosh! And Daniel Henney is too Cute!

  149. 149 : hind Says:

    i watched this programe
    its amaizing i just liked it
    ant i also love * sad love story*

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    This drama is LOVE. i LOVE the female lead and the male lead.. They were fantastic actor/actress and they had such chemistry!!!!!! And the story was hillarious and touching!!!!!!!!!!!! This drama is LEGEND of kdrama. If you haven’t watched it, you MUST!!!!!!!!!

  151. 151 : lolo Says:

    انا كمان كتيييير بحب المسلسلات الكورية بجد بتجنن نفسي اتعلم كوري وبممممموووووووت ب جوان يونغ و يونغ يو و هايين وسام سون

  152. 152 : gureisu Says:

    hyun bin is so handsome,
    sun ah turns sexy in the end\

    hahaha LOL
    good show!

  153. 153 : maria lugu Says:

    i already watch this drama but only half of the story becoz,.at that tyme i was working when the series was show on tv,..eventhough i watch only a little,but i know the drama have the qualification to be the best among the rest,.sore if my english got..cuz i am not good at it..bruneian really2 love this drama,i am plang to buy this series.so i can watch it again and again…

  154. 154 : maria lugu Says:

    my lovely samson,really2 love it

  155. 155 : Goong Ju Says:

    Nice drama but it’s not something you can watch over & over again. Once is enough

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    I was waiting so long for this drama to come out. It was kind of a disappointment. I thought it would have been better but the guy is really cute. ^^

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    I love this show, I can watch it over and over, Everybody I’ve shown it to so far loves it also… Hope to see Kim Sun Ah in more shows like this…

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    This is the kind of drama you can watch over and over. Hyun Bin is such a hottie, dammmmmmmm those dimples. The storyline was good and the acting was even better. I wish there was a sequel to this drama the screen writer could easy get another 11 episode out of these character, but I don’t think that going to happen. K-drama is never about see people who are happy to together but more about the incredible hardship people go throw to be together. I personally as a viewer would like to see one drama other the Mr. Housewife when the character are together more then an hour episode. I don’t know if it a lack of talent in writing that this has not been done more often or if Korean just likes to see the hardship but none of the success.

  161. 161 : AWESOME Says:

    This korean Drama was SUPER DUPER FUNNY.. I love it–
    I watched it over and over
    KIM sun ah is sooo FUNNY:]

  162. 162 : manel Says:

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    realy it was the best tv show i was watched in all my life i loved it so much and i like sam soon and sam chik or yan yong very much it was fantastic and wonderful

  164. 164 : [email protected] Says:

    This drama is worth to watch….the story line was ..okie. I like Hyun Bin

  165. 165 : RANA Says:


  166. 166 : RANA Says:

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  167. 167 : zye552 Says:

    For the starting…i don’t like it coz Kim Sun seem not so attractive but after a while i started to like her. She ‘s so funny….
    And Hyun Bin… he’s so handsome and charming…..
    Love this drama so much…….

  168. 168 : Sarahngge Says:

    If u love hyun bin here, i’m sure u’ll l0ve him even m0re in SN0W QUEEN. Kim Sun Ah has a new drama, WHEN IT’S AT NIGHT w/ Lee Dong Gun of LOVERS IN PARIS.

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    but i really love the characters=>
    sekalung tahniah untuk “My lovely Sam Soon”!!!

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    Come to think of it, they should so have a sequel!!! Kim Sam Soon 2!!! How does that sound?

  179. 179 : stellar Says:

    I second that!!! We need to have Kim Sam Soon 2!!!

  180. 180 : putri Says:


  181. 181 : putri Says:

    i wish i will meet samsoon and

  182. 182 : yeoh Says:

    Kim Sun Ah & Hyun Bin are so good together. They made such a lovely couple. So unlikely pairing yet turn out so good. Goes to show what great thespians the two of them are…

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    One of my all-time favourites!!! Kim Sun Ah is such a superb actress!!!

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    This drama has such a stellar cast, from the leads to the supporting cast, all are simply superb. I love Kim Sam Soon, I love Samshik, I love the sister, the chief chef, Dr Henry, the little girl, etc. Even those who played the not so loveable characters like Hee Jin, the guy’s mom, Sam Soon’s mum – all played their part so convincingly. The best of all, they all seem to have such fun together!

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    Btw, does any one know of other shows written by Kim Do Woo?

  189. 189 : kayy Says:

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  191. 191 : elizabeth Says:

    I realy like this tv series and wacth ver again that my vidio got broken already so I have to buy again hyun bin is realy hundsome when is part two coming.

  192. 192 : Ma.Joy Ann Altavano Says:

    Im a avid fan of this this korean drama. I love this show not just because of the character but also the entire story. Its a very heartwarming show ive ever seen although its a bit corny. I hope it will showed it again in the philippines…

  193. 193 : fandoramas Says:

    see all the chapters (free) of MY NAME IS KIM SAN SOOM in the KASAFIA TV it s so funny!!! XD

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  197. 197 : macy Says:

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  198. 198 : Ashley Says:

    I love this drama!! It was what first got me into Korean dramas. I stubbled upon it at the library and I could not stop watching it. It’s funny and there is not too much crying or anything like that which can be found in other dramas.

  199. 199 : lwiza 2000 Says:

    if u have theme n70 for this rama please send to me
    [email protected]

  200. 200 : eva Says:

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    need i say more?

  207. 207 : airatotzkie Says:





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    What can I say? One word. Superb!!!

  221. 221 : chase Says:

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    This drama always will be my top 5 favorite korean drama, together with coffee prince, one mom and three dads, Gong, thank you. It’s will be never boring to watch it more than serveral time, as it had a very good storyline as well as its music, think the success was not only come from the leads, but also other characters, like Sam soon’s sister, the chef, and both mothers in the drama. I would recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

  224. 224 : kate Says:

    I’ve seen this some time ago on tv. Really love it! Would love to watch it again… Where can I do so?

  225. 225 : chian Says:

    Fighting, Kim Sam Soon!!! You go, girl!!!

  226. 226 : STEVE HONG Says:

    i wants to see all the episode

  227. 227 : STEVE HONG Says:

    too bad

  228. 228 : seetee Says:

    This is truly the BEST of the best among korean romantic comedies! It’s unique, daring (in the way they pair the leads), innovative, funny, fun, catchy & much, much more!

  229. 229 : carebear Says:

    Read somewhere that america is going to produce their own My Name Is Kim Sam Soon….

  230. 230 : Naima Says:

    this is my best korean drama

  231. 231 : jane Says:

    It’s been a few years since I watched MNIKSS but the story, the characters & the ost remain so fresh in my mind… This is definitely a testament of how great a show this is!

  232. 232 : dramaqueen Says:

    sweet sweet love

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    Love Kim Sun Ah & Hyun Bin as a couple! Simply adorable! Really hope they will have another show together…

  234. 234 : doremi Says:

    The VERY best! Totally captivating & entertaining!

  235. 235 : sweet Says:

    Absolutely adore Kim Sam Soon & Sam Shik!!! They must be the cutest couple ever!!!

  236. 236 : sweet Says:

    Of course, there are many other fun &/or memorable characters – Kim Sam Soon’s mother & sister, the chef who likes the sister, Sam Shik’s mother, her secretary, the waitress who like Sam Shik, the little girl, the ex-girl friend, the doctor, …

  237. 237 : cool Says:

    Absolutely LURVE this drama!!!

  238. 238 : carebear Says:

    Kim Sam Soon is one of my favourite drama characters now!!!

  239. 239 : goldenapple Says:

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    Kim Sam Soon & Samshik is the most adorable couple I’ve ever seen…

  242. 242 : chap Says:

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  243. 243 : mango Says:

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    I’ve seen this quite some time ago on tv. Would really love to see it again but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone have any idea?

  245. 245 : tunaep Says:

    i watch this drama over and over again,
    and never feel bored,
    buy the CD everyone!!! the best korean drama ever!!
    BTW, love you sam soon and sam syik!

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    Easily the best kdrama!!! I can watch this again & again…

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    i’m love ”my name is kim som soon” so much i just keep watching it over and over its the best i also like ” i’m sorry i love” . sam soon is soo funny specially when she fights with samshik lolll, by the way he’s so cute. I really like the show i hope to watch other shows like that one .

  249. 249 : ponyo Says:

    Kim Sun Ah is a really great actress. She’s so good as Kim Sam Soon. She’s also very good in When It’s At Night. Hope there’ll be more dramas with her in 2009…

  250. 250 : claud Says:

    KSA is such a natural actress. She played her role here as Kim Sam Soon so splendidly that one can’t imagine anyone else in this role.

  251. 251 : sky Says:

    Kim Sam Soon totally rocks!!! Definitely one of my all-time favourites!!!

  252. 252 : Wendy.x Says:

    This is one of the best korean dramas i’ve ever seen!!
    Itz totally amazing!!
    I love the whole storyline and everything!!
    And Hyun Bin is totally gorgeous!!
    =] xxx

  253. 253 : grace Says:

    Any site suggestions where I can watch this? Please help me out. Thanks in advance. :]

  254. 254 : citi Says:

    grace, I think you can watch it at aznv.tv.

  255. 255 : Sony Says:

    sam soon, she is a bit fat, but cute. I love her funny performance.

  256. 256 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    This is my favourite drama. It is totally the best entertaining drama I have watched so far. It is the drama that got me addicted to Korean dramas. Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah are such an excellent pair.

  257. 257 : dody Says:

    its very nice

  258. 258 : citi Says:

    Fighting, Sam Soon! You go, girl!!!

  259. 259 : ydabing Says:


  260. 260 : Sony Says:

    Hyun Bin in this drama and Hyun Bin in Snow Queen, it confuse me. what is the different make up!

  261. 261 : citi Says:

    ydabing, I do have an account in aznv. Unfortunately, I’ve given out all my invites…

  262. 262 : Sony Says:

    i just finish chapter 8. Jin-heon, you made woman cry. you should responsible for this. ya, i love this drama…

  263. 263 : stellar Says:

    Simply rocking good fun!!! Love all the casts here… From leads to supporting cast, all are superb!!!

  264. 264 : marina Says:

    yeah syun bin so handsome and so boyish! sun ah is pretty even though she is a little bit fat. the story is nice and you can’t stop laughing.

  265. 265 : Julina Says:

    I luv this drama… Hyun Bin is sooooooooooo handsome…^^

  266. 266 : sterling Says:

    The best performance by Hyun Bin so far!

  267. 267 : crowd Says:

    I second that! Of all the shows that Hyun Bin has appeared in, this is definitely his best!!!

  268. 268 : ponyo Says:

    Kim Sun Ah & Hyun Bin should act together again!!! They have such great chemistry!!!

  269. 269 : eloise Says:

    This is one of the most amazing kdramas I’ve seen to date. Every thing about it, from the casts, their acting to the soundtracks to the storyline, works! And they work so beautifully together!

  270. 270 : chadz Says:

    Why don’t they make dramas like this anymore? Simple yet clever & unique storyline, no superfluous cast, great acting…

  271. 271 : jayanti Says:

    wow such an amazing drama with hyun bin and kim sun ah. not kidding but watched this drama for 4 times already and starting once again. this is a kind of drama which will make an impact deep inside your heart. this drama will always remain close to my heart.
    hyun bin and kim sun ah good job. the time and effort you guys put on into this is admirable. i am in love with hyun bin. if by any chance i’ve got to meet this guy i definetly would and have a nice chat with him. the directors and producers should think of making another drama with the two of them. hope to see them soon.
    lots of love and best wishes to hyun bin and kim sun ah

  272. 272 : etee Says:

    Read all the comments.
    I agree with all the positive comments about this drama. Simple and realistic storyline…fantastic acting by entire cast, superb directing and screenplay. I have yet to see another drama matching MNIKSS’s standard…and yes the character KSS is suppose to be plump and ordinary looking to fit the storyline. It really is Hyun Bin’s best work so far. I think the sort of “left hanging in the air” ending is great for a sequel!! Would the producers of MBC please take note.

    KSA’s dance challenge with Rain was also noteworthy..watched in Youtube.

    Even if you can watch free on any website, go buy the DVD for keepsake. And no, i am not KSA nor HB!!

  273. 273 : devin Says:

    love it!!!

  274. 274 : anfel Says:

    hi all how are you
    i love hyun better of my life
    and so you all of you

  275. 275 : edenbaby Says:

    can anybody pls send me the invitation for the site aznv.tv….pls…

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  277. 277 : house Says:

    Having watched many kdramas, I still think My Name Is Kim Sam Soon is the best romantic comedy of them all!!!!

  278. 278 : alodia Says:

    The best k-drama to date!!!

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  280. 280 : anushka Says:

    Hello.. I love this drama.. can someone give me an invite pleaseee.. ive only seen it once .. then aznv.tv was gone.. plleaseeeeeeeee

  281. 281 : kriss Says:


    I have the invites to aznv. Please send me your email so that I can send the invite to you. Anybody else who needs the invite can also send me your email.

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    Hi anushka.

    Yup, just give me your email here so that I can forward the invite to you.

  284. 284 : Faith Says:

    I’m from Zimbabwe…. I’ve watched 3 episodes to date and I’m loving this drama!!!! I’m totally loving it!!!

  285. 285 : narimane Says:

    i love you sam soon et merci bcq pour le drama il me plait bcq

  286. 286 : anushka Says:

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  287. 287 : kriss Says:

    Hi anushka!

    Have just sent you the invite code to aznv. Enjoy yourself! Besides My Lovely Samsoon, there are some other kdramas not available elsewhere…

  288. 288 : divajean Says:

    ive seen only parts of this drama but i’m hooked! please give me an invite….thanks so much!

  289. 289 : sol Says:

    i love it… My Name is Kim Sam Soon is a beautiful drama … i watched for the first time today… but it was already started so .. i dont know how it begins…. i want to watch it from the beginning but i dont knowwhere to find it …

    i was reading some comments can please invite me to aznv.tv.

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  290. 290 : sol Says:

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  293. 293 : reen Says:

    hi kriss, thanks for give me the invitation code..

  294. 294 : rasma Says:

    im from malaysia..this is the best korean drama i ever seen..such a cute actor….luv u kim samsoon..ha2

  295. 295 : divajean Says:

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  296. 296 : kriss Says:

    divajean, I’ve sent the aznv invite code to you. Enjoy!

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    I tried to sign up azntv account. Do i need invitation code? Can anyone helpme out?

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    I heard this drama is hilarious. somewhat similar to “the diary of bridget jones”


  298. 298 : sol Says:

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  299. 299 : citi Says:

    sol, I’ve just sent the invite code to aznv for you. Now you can enjoy My Lovely Sam Soon to your heart’s content…

  300. 300 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    I have watched this serial 7 times and am still in love with it. It has the best two actor/ actress – Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah. It such an entertaining drama that you will not get sick of. Cheers Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah for the good acting!

  301. 301 : Tina Says:

    I really want to watch this, would anyone be able to send me an invite to aznv.tv. My e-mail is [email protected]


  302. 302 : Lily Says:

    My Korean friend recommended this show. I can’t find the videos anywhere. Based on everyone’s comments, I’m assuming aznv has them…
    Could you send me the invitation code?

    [email protected]

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    hello all the world ……… I like the series ” my name is kim Sam soon”. I will like to look at the end of this series then please sending to me the invitation code my e-mail is [email protected] and I m’ call Nina

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  316. 316 : sizuku Says:

    it was my frist korean drama and it was the best now am in love with korean drama sam soon is lovely and funny andd the muisc is great but its romance comdy but it did maked me cry haha^^

  317. 317 : Ether Says:

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  325. 325 : Xaverie Lee Says:

    This is the best romantic comedy I have watched so far. Love both Hyun Bin and Kim Sun Ah.

  326. 326 : cookie58 Says:

    100% agreeable to this. Its the best! This is the drama that got me hooked on Korean series. Hyun Bin is my favourite actor.

  327. 327 : Nona Says:

    please… send me invitation code for antv please… i just love korean drama… totally hooked.. add me please.. i’m at [email protected]

  328. 328 : Mary Says:

    It appears to be very funny, yet it’s hard for me to get through it due to the parent constantly hitting her adult son when she’s displeased with his behavior, and he in return shakes it off as if it’s nothing. I know this is a comedy, yet is this somewhat culturally prominent, even in today’s world? As an American, I’ve seen a pattern of this behavior, so far, in many of the other Korean dramas that I’ve watched. Yet, this one is the most unnerving.

  329. 329 : Michelle Says:

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    Many thanks !!! 🙂

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    Can someone please send me an invite to aznv.tv ???

    my email is:[email protected]

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    hey there, im too intrested to this drama..send me invitation,
    [email protected]

  333. 333 : martin gom Says:

    hola me interesa mucho ver esta comedia y otras que se opudiese se los agradecere mucho gracias

  334. 334 : martin gom Says:

    quisiera ver esta serie y otras que se pueda

  335. 335 : martin gom Says:

    quiero ver esta serie

  336. 336 : Karthiga Says:

    Hey i’ve been looking for this everywhere and i really want to watch it. Could someone send me an invite to aznv.tv. My e-mail is [email protected]

    Thank-you so much. ^_^

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    hate u bitch

  338. 338 : 지니 Says:

    hey that rhymes

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    Hi I’m looking for this drama every where and I cant find it. Can some one please send me an invite to azntv. My email is [email protected]

    THANX 🙂

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    is there anyone that can give me
    an invitation code for AZNV.TV..????

    im totally sick of search it..

    so plis help me..

    i need it..plis

    thx for your help

    *send it to : [email protected]


  341. 341 : Ali/Lee Says:

    I love all kinds of korean drama Series, and Samsoon is one of them, Thanks

  342. 342 : Iya Says:

    ei.can somebody send me an invitation code on azntv.com. .pleess? thnks 😀

  343. 343 : Iya Says:

    btw. my eadd is [email protected]

  344. 344 : Iya Says:

    oh i mean aznv.tv. lol. .sory for the mistake.hahaha

  345. 345 : beke Says:

    can you guys send me invitation code for aznv.tv? My address is [email protected]

  346. 346 : lalala Says:

    I will send the aznv.tv code to one person who wants it, but I don’t want it to go to waste, so make sure you really want it… leave a msg here i will check back in 2-3 days.

  347. 347 : IVy Says:

    Please send me an invite code as well. I’ve been looking for the videos everywhere. Sigh, licensed dramas. Thank you in advance!!! 😀

    toki -at- pacbell -dot- net

  348. 348 : LuV Says:

    Bought and watched saw a couple episodes couldn’t really watch it properly to the end alot of ffwd as it was pretty boring the girl not cute
    would’nt recommend…

  349. 349 : Kathy Says:

    Can someone please send me an invite?I really want to watch this.
    My email is [email protected]
    Thank yous 😀

  350. 350 : D Says:

    oh!!! can i get an invite too:D! Youtube’s playing up!…thanks:D!

  351. 351 : D Says:

    oops! here’s my email: [email protected]


  352. 352 : LuV Says:

    this drama was boring…did alot of ffwd
    the main girl is not cute ik…
    not a lovable cast or story at all…
    would not recommend…

  353. 353 : Sadie Says:

    Ignore the idiot at the top main lead is beautiful currently watching her in “City Hall.” My name is Kim Sam Soon is a great drama 5 stars!

  354. 354 : chase Says:

    Yup, go watch her in City Hall! Another great show by Kim Suh Ah, the ‘Lucille Ball’ of the east!

  355. 355 : qwerty_u Says:

    that’s the whole point of the story of this drama, the heroine is not pretty, not cute, not skinny like a number 2 pencil. You need to stick with those skinny type girl then!

  356. 356 : qwerty_u Says:

    I thank this drama for opening my eyes on korean drama, at first I was obsessed with Taiwanese drama (nothing against Tdrama, i still watch them), but this go me more excited to watch more Korean dramas. I love Kim Sun ah and the rest of the cast, and it was a big change from watching those “back stabbing, cancer-stricken melodrama, schemers..etc…”

  357. 357 : p0rtia Says:

    can somebody send me an invitation code on azntv.com. .please…i’m so hooked up! 😀 thanks!

  358. 358 : p0rtia Says:

    btw…the email address is [email protected]…thank you so much!

  359. 359 : LuV Says:

    I know but i dont like her persona annoying look not cute nothing to do with weight she is not even chubby…probly better in another drama…just my opinion…

    idiot remark aimed @ me stfu biarch I can what ever the hell I like…

  360. 360 : Misha Says:

    if someone could send me code too that would be AMAZING! 😀
    [email protected]

  361. 361 : p0rtia Says:

    please, can somebody with a good heart send me an invitation from azntv.com i really like to watch this series again

    the email is [email protected]

    thanks! thanks!

  362. 362 : rica Says:

    could someone send me an invite to aznv.tv pls 🙂 my e-mail is [email protected]

  363. 363 : oGG SAYS Says:

    kim sam soon teach me make a sweet cake for my sweet heart……….
    kim sam siik you are veryyyyyy……………….cool n handsome n so sweet

  364. 364 : ayra Says:

    kriss, can u also give me an invite code pls….
    [email protected]

  365. 365 : kriss Says:

    ayra, sorry I do not have any invite code left… But good news is viikii.com is going to upload this drama soon…

  366. 366 : KIWI Says:

    I love this drama too. Kim Sun Ah & Hyun Bin are really a lovely couple,
    both of them act together can spark & shine. If they will act together again in new TV drama sure can attract a lot of viewership. Wishing them well and happy, may be… they’ll get married in future, hope to see them together ! so…sweet !!

  367. 367 : Smile Says:

    I Love this drama!! it’s hilarious.. makes u laugh out loud.. AND has a good moral message.

  368. 368 : fave Says:

    Some episodes of MNIKSS are up in viikii!!!

    For those who love Kim Sun Ah, you have to watch City Hall which is currently airing now. Superb, superb drama!!!

  369. 369 : lucie liong Says:

    the best korean drama I ever see!

  370. 370 : tess Says:

    lts very romantic. NAKAKAKILIG!!!! it just shows that size does not matter in love. its the feelings and caring sans what others think.

  371. 371 : stellar Says:

    Go watch City Hall! Another superb drama by Kim Sun Ah. If you think she has such great chemistry with Hyun Bin, you’ll be amazed by what greater chemistry she has with Cha Seung Won… They practically sizzle up the screen!!!

  372. 372 : AnggiE Says:

    Its a good love story..MNIKSS is one of my fav kdrama..It teach us abo

  373. 373 : Kolorowanki Says:

    Nice story!
    Matt Kolorowanki,

  374. 374 : frances Says:

    its awesome but she is not even that fat..
    just saying..:)

  375. 375 : reez Says:

    frances, you are right! I don’t think she is fat too, just fleshy.

  376. 376 : Leyzell Says:

    @ Luv, why BOTHER posting a comment here if you said you don’t like the drama!! AISH….. *angry face*
    It’s one of the best!! so hilarious, romantic and really GREAT..!!!

  377. 377 : parachute Says:

    Not just watch. This is one show you can watch and rewatch!

  378. 378 : switchfoot Says:

    Kim Sun Ah is really a rare actress. Not only is she talented but she also has this ability to bring out the best in her acting partners…

  379. 379 : selvia Says:

    Great…great story i’d ever seen… because kim sun ah is a like common girl when she act this teledrama..like u know..not too prety, unique, n…n hyun bin is a great actor n not too overacting…they both is my best couple…by the way this teledrama is new in indonesia’s chanel, late, iknow 🙂

  380. 380 : chacha Says:

    selvia, lucky you! This drama is not easily available… Many want to watch but can’t… So enjoy!!!

  381. 381 : rhea Says:

    i love this drama…….
    kim sun ah u very beautifull….
    n hyun bin u very cute

  382. 382 : esta Says:

    i am from indonesia,
    i love this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the best korean drama,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  383. 383 : esta Says:

    i am from indonesia,,,,,,,,,
    i luv this drama cause this drama simple and very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  384. 384 : Jhe Says:

    I love this drama!!
    make me better to solve my problem

  385. 385 : sys Says:

    This is a true classic! There are many good dramas but few can be a classic like MNIKSS!

  386. 386 : Sony Says:

    My top 20 of Korean Drama I’ve ever watched are:
    1. Boys Before Flower
    2. The Snow Queen
    3. Coffee Prince
    4. Jumong
    5. The Legend
    6. Hong Gil Dong
    7. My Girl
    8. Princess Hours
    9. Full House
    10. Witch Amusement
    11. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
    12. Bad Love
    13. Single Dad in Love
    14. Lovers in Paris
    15. One Mom Three Dad
    16. Love Story in Harvard
    17. Who are you?
    18. Hello Miss
    19. Stairway to Heaven
    20. Wonderful Life

  387. 387 : minda Says:

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  388. 388 : siska Says:

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  389. 389 : elmira Says:

    Hi.I’m iranian.i like korean drama so much.they are really good,i’m crazy about sam soon

  390. 390 : elmira Says:

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  391. 391 : elmira Says:

    i’m iranian,i like sam soon so much.actually i’m crazy about korean drama

  392. 392 : Cik Shida Says:

    I love this story,almost like my first love story… 🙂

  393. 393 : mero Says:

    I love it sooooooooo mutch

    it has every thing you need in eny drama

  394. 394 : romina Says:

    hey, ireally love this drama ………. cause its been the sweetest love story ever… kim-sun-ah and hyun bin really match to gather

  395. 395 : ran Says:

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  396. 396 : ran Says:

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  397. 397 : ran Says:

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  398. 398 : ran Says:


  399. 399 : sarvgol Says:


  400. 400 : sarvgol Says:


  401. 401 : Emily Says:

    Hey peeps

    If you like KSA in Sam-Soon, you’ll definitely like her newer drama “City Hall”!! I liked her a lot from watching Sam-Soon, but I fell in love of acting in City Hall!! It is a MUST WATCH ^.^

  402. 402 : Xiomara Says:

    Me encantó este drama, los felicito. Me gustaría volver a ver una producción con esta genial pareja Hyun Bin y Kim Sun Ah.

  403. 403 : nurul syuhada Says:

    i’m also love to watch this drama as everyone giving good comment on it..would anyone send me the invitation plz..
    [email protected]

  404. 404 : behnaz Says:

    hi it was great isaw it more than three time with best wishes behnaz

  405. 405 : Novi Says:

    I lov this drama very much^^
    lov hyun bin^

  406. 406 : givemerice Says:

    For the people who wants to watch this drama, you guys should go to dramafever.com 🙂
    the videos their have good quality and is free !

  407. 407 : [email protected] Says:

    I LUV THIS DRAMA SO FREKEN MUCH!!!! , ITS THE BEST!! , never watched a great drama like it from before !! , I watched it many times!!! , I cant even count!

  408. 408 : best looking Says:

    kim sun ah is so fucking ugly i wanna kill that bitch

  409. 409 : elahe Says:

    I love Kim sun Ah very much.I hope her a good life.She is very nice in the sam-soon.

  410. 410 : Novi Says:

    Ow..the best drama i’d ever seen,hyun bin so cool,handsome^^

  411. 411 : niloo Says:

    hi,i love it but i don’t know the end of it plz tell me what happened.i can’t wait………

  412. 412 : west Says:

    i like this drama… very very comedy.

  413. 413 : sirine Says:

    salut ça va moi si sirine lol

  414. 414 : sirine Says:

    i like this drama.. very comedy super nice drama thanke you

  415. 415 : Lydia Says:

    Hyeon bin is handsome and cute in this drama 😉

  416. 416 : Keivan Says:

    I love kim sam soon, she is sooooo energetic!!!!

  417. 417 : kathy Says:

    i really like this drama

  418. 418 : Devina Says:

    Kim Sam Soon…. i thought it would be a mistake if i didnt watch this drama…. im in love with hyun bin in this drama…. n this drama is really sweet n funny…. i didnt find any dullness for watching this. N it’s so lovely….. =) im really recomended this drama for all of you guys…. =)

  419. 419 : IchLiebeDich. Says:

    @Emily 401

    I couldnt agree more. If you love Sam-Soon, watch ”City Hall”. Highly RECOMMENDED!!

  420. 420 : octo Says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Emily is so right! Kim Sun Ah is incredible in City Hall! And if you think she has great chemistry with Hyun Bin, wait till you see her in City Hall with Cha Seung Won… Totally awesome!

  421. 421 : kay Cook Says:

    I love this drama ….if you like KSA then her new drama “Cityhall is MUST WATCH drama for 2009……..

  422. 422 : Nelly Says:

    OMG!i watched 15episodes of it but i just missed the last!

  423. 423 : rhb Says:

    love suna so much! she’s one heck of an actress! she can make hyun bin look so good!!!

  424. 424 : kate Says:

    I love this drama!!

  425. 425 : style Says:

    This is a must watch!

  426. 426 : Sunahforever Says:

    For those who still haven’t seen this, it is a real MUST SEE, still my best drama ever and not many can match in all aspects, the script, the actor, the actress, OST, everything LOVELY!!!

  427. 427 : alodia Says:

    Is there really someone who haven’t seen this drama yet? Whoever that someone is must be missing a whole lot. This drama can now be considered a “classic” ^^ Go Samsoonie! I miss you!

  428. 428 : jangerr Says:

    Must agree with both alodia (427), Sunahforever (426) & style (425) that MNIKSS is a true classic that must be watched!!!

    In fact, it used to be my favourite kdrama… until City Hall, another KSA’s drama. Now it has to take 2nd place, just behind City Hall in my favourite list.

    Those who have not watched or are hesitating to watch City Hall, don’t wait any longer! Go watch it now. You’ll be in for an amazing journey. Go read the comments for this drama & find out for yourself.

  429. 429 : amina Says:

    it is a very beautiful drama and i love it because it shows pure love from comic side

  430. 430 : kss Says:

    aja aja fighting, Sam Soonie!!!

  431. 431 : shiok Says:

    Drama yang paling hebat!!!

  432. 432 : lulu Says:

    aqu penggemar berat film KIm sam Soon…, filmnya lucu bgt menghibur…
    n ada romantisnya juga.. Kim sun ah nya lucu kocak n gemesin, hyun binnya manis n ganteng…. top deh bwat mereka dan filmnya..!!! ^_^

  433. 433 : shiok Says:

    lulu, jika penggemar berat Kim Sam Soon, kamu mesti tengok filem baru Kim Sun Ah yang dipanggil City Hall. Hebat sekali!!! Lebih lucu, lebih romantis…

  434. 434 : kali Says:

    kim sun looks realyy different frm others series
    she is too fatty
    but hyun bin supuv
    darma cool

  435. 435 : loft Says:

    kali, Kim Sun Ah is supposed to be fat in this drama. That’s an important part of the story. She purposely put on about 10 kilos for this drama! She sacrificed her looks in this drama.

  436. 436 : all41 Says:

    kim sun ah is superb here in my lovely samsoon… but she’s magnificent in city hall!!!!!!

  437. 437 : sys Says:

    Two thumbs up!

  438. 438 : tin Says:

    Totally worth watching! You cannot be considered a true kdrama fan if you have not watch this classic!

  439. 439 : M&M Says:

    Macam madu filem ini! saya suka sekali!

  440. 440 : kathy Says:


  441. 441 : pat Says:

    KSA is the best! In all her shows, she has given her all! For this drama, she purposely put on 10 lbs… What an actress!!!

  442. 442 : emerald Says:

    Where can I watch tis drama with eng subs?

  443. 443 : twiggy Says:

    kim sam soon rocks! ^___^

  444. 444 : twiggy Says:

    i lurve kim sam soon!!!

  445. 445 : i Says:

    Kim Sunah is the queen of comedy. She has such perfect comic timing. Love all her dramas & movies. She is the best.

  446. 446 : kay Cook Says:

    I love this drama.!!!!…I love KSA ………I love KSA in drama CityHall…….

  447. 447 : all Says:

    This is probably one of the most memorable kdramas of all time…

  448. 448 : 4Ever Says:

    Go, Kim Sam Soon, fighting!

  449. 449 : chacha Says:

    For those who love Kim Sun Ah, go watch her in City Hall. You’ll love her even more!!!

  450. 450 : gerund Says:

    This is really a timeless drama. You can watch it anytime and it’s still fresh & current…

  451. 451 : kay Cook Says:

    Love,Sam-Soon ferever…….aja…aja…ajaaaaaaaaaa………..

  452. 452 : susu Says:

    Sam Soonie, come back!

  453. 453 : sandy Says:


  454. 454 : sandy Says:


  455. 455 : amie Says:

    love ur movie

  456. 456 : limewire Says:

    How many ways do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

  457. 457 : kay Cook Says:

    Love this drama…….

  458. 458 : kay Cook Says:

    KSA is really one kind!…really,really love it……aja…aja….ajaaaaa…….

  459. 459 : jastinel Says:

    This is the first Korean drama that I saw and until today, I still watch MNIKSS, when I feel like missing KSS and SS.
    KSA look so different now. No trace of her character in MNIKSS and she is getting better and better in each role that she portrayed.
    I hope she will do another outstanding character like KSS and Mi rae!

  460. 460 : pat Says:

    Same here…

  461. 461 : kdrama_fan Says:

    I strongly support the recommendation, given by 449, 428, and others, to watch the drama CITY HALL. This is, in my opinion, one of the best Korean dramas to date. Shin Mi-Rae (“new future” that is what her name means) portrayed by Kim Sun Ah is an inspiring woman to finally get her love and respect from her adversaries.

  462. 462 : eagerbeaver Says:

    suna is simply superb! love all her dramas n movies… hope there’ll be a new show by her soon… does anyone know?

  463. 463 : CityHalleset Says:

    My Lovely Sam Soon is the K drama I first fall in, I accidentally watch 1st episode on Msia tv, and since then cannot withdraw myself. It open my eyes to such outstanding and exceptional plots than those cries and tears.

    and then now City Hall…

    Suna really good, I like her alot, her good play as well as her good character in personal. Ajaa… Suna-si

  464. 464 : kay Cook Says:

    If you are love this drama…Samsoonie’s new drama-“cityHall”Must see drama for 2009……..

  465. 465 : jangerr Says:

    All KSA fans, please vote for her at:


    Instruction on how to vote is posted on page 445 in soompi KSA thread.

  466. 466 : kay Cook Says:

    All KSA fans…aja aja ajaaaaa……..

  467. 467 : dewi cinta Says:

    wonderfull film love u …..
    hyub bin im in love……..

  468. 468 : jangerr Says:

    All KSA fans, please vote for her in this poll:

    after choosing Mi Rae (KSA) in her swimsuit, click the button on the LEFT (with a check on it).

    There are actually many categories and the one with KSA is at the last category.

  469. 469 : madu Says:

    love kss so much…

  470. 470 : pragma Says:

    To all KSS & KSA fans:

    You must watch City Hall!

  471. 471 : KBC12 Says:

    Samsoon was my first love for K-dramas….Love,KSA……

  472. 472 : Lily Says:

    after so many years, re-watching Sam Soon is still as good as the first time…

    Suna is the best professional actress who willing to go all the way to make the drama perfect, making the icon alive. In this drama, she sacrificed her modeling figure to put on tonnes of weight to match the chubby pâtissiers.

    An outstanding, must-watch drama! let’s clear the floor – you will soon fall on the floor, side-splitting laughing…

  473. 473 : mia Says:

    @472 Lily

    totally agree with you! ksa is the best! love her as sam soon! love her too as mirae in city hall!

  474. 474 : asiangoodsdvd Says:

    buy korean drama for less!!!


  475. 475 : hana Says:

    rute drama

  476. 476 : hade Says:

    Hey I just finished City Hall ( Best drama ever) and i don’t know what I should watch now… I thought at MNIKSS now that KSA is my favorite actress ( all because of City Hall :D) If you have something else to propose me dont hesitate!!
    Sorry for my english I’m a french person!!

  477. 477 : chacha Says:

    @476 hade

    You should watch MNIKSS! It’s through this drama that I fell in love with KSA… She’s really an amazing actress. She put on something like 10kg just for this drama…

    @ All KSA & MNIKSS fans

    Here’s wishing you all a blessed Christmas & a happy new year!

  478. 478 : rini loves MNIKSS Says:

    This is the first Kdrama that I’ve never been bored to watch over n over again..but now I’ve found the replacement..You’re Beautiful!! Hyun Bin N Kim Sun Ah really have strong chemistry in this drama. I’ve never known Hyun Bin n Kim Sun Ah before I watched this drama but after I’ve watched this I fall in love with both of them..after watching several dramas from them I think only in this drama they’re really matched for each other , no wonder they were crowned as perfect partner in 2005..what I miss both of them play together..but I’ve found the best chemistry now in Hwang Tae Kyung n Go Mi Nam in You’re Beautiful!! My Name Is Kim Sam Soon is really a Must Watched classic drama..

  479. 479 : Lily Says:

    Happy New Year to all of your out there who loves MNIKSS!!!

    Have you watch City Hall? another great great play by KSA, also compatible partner by age, CSW. I had watch YB too, nice drama and love the young couple too, I like the songs.

    After watching the three mentioned above, I find meself really hard to get out from the scene :p
    falling on love with them all

  480. 480 : rini loves MNIKKS Says:

    @Lily..yes, I’ve watched City Hall..but I don’t know I can’t enjoy watching it..I feel bored..how come drama which suggested by many people can get me fall to sleep when watching it? I don’t why..but when I see YAB the feeling is the same as I watch MNIKSS..never been bored n fell to sleep though I’m sleepy..sorry I love Kim Sun Ah but not in City Hall..

  481. 481 : GYG Says:

    is this just a romance drama or a COMEDY ROMANCE drama?

    I always got bored every time I watch a serious romance drama or just a COmedy drama (with no romance :P)

    I like Comedy Romance Dramas like Coffee Prince, BBF, You’re beautiful, Full House, Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung, What’s up Fox, 9 ins 2 outs.

    Can somebody inform me if this drama is a funny and romentic one ?

    Or Can anyone pleaseee let me know another nice drama?

    Thank youuuuuu

  482. 482 : Lily Says:

    Yes, @481 GYG, this is a romance+comedy drama.

    @480 rini, the 1st episode kinda slow, I couldn’t appreciate JoGuk when he first appeal too, but the chemical grow as much when I continue on… btw, are you watching it online, perhaps the subtitle wasn’t good. I found some are not that good, so need to look for one good one they includes the hidden message in the translation. for the second time I watch Chinese subtitle, also need to search a while for a good subber. Like other CH lovers’ saying, you can’t skip or fast forward for this drama, the single little details has meaning and jokes within the lines.

    Anyway, wish you have a good time watching

    Happy New Year!!

  483. 483 : jangerr Says:

    @481 GYG

    If you meant MNIKSS, then the answer is YES, YES, YES!!! You should watch this as it has both romance & comedy. But above all, it is really a classic!!! Anyone who claim that he/she is a kdrama fan has to watch this drama.

    Btw, this is a piece of great news to all KSA fans, KSA has just won the BEST ACTRESS 2009 award!!! Her co-star in City Hall (another must watch drama), CSW, has won the Best Actor award. So for those who are hesitating on whether to watch City Hall or not, this is your answer!

  484. 484 : ladiigodiva Says:


  485. 485 : noor Says:


  486. 486 : noor Says:

    can you any good Korean pages?

  487. 487 : Martha Says:

    Kim Sun Ah is an actress who simply turns everything she’s in into compulsive viewing. She commands the screen like no other. I have watched My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and City Hall countless of times and my delight has not abated. The male leads who partnered her, Hyun Bin and Cha Seun Won respectively, are without a rival in the masculine beauty and sex-appeal department (or in any other department for that matter). They jointly have made me want to learn Korean and emigrate to S. Korea. To all those who have not yet watched either or both of these drama/comedies I can only say, what on earth are you waiting for? As tv goes it does not, and cannot, get any better.

  488. 488 : Arai Says:

    I really enjoyed with this drama,never bored to watched…really recommend everyone to watch it

  489. 489 : etee7114 Says:

    This drama is really an epic. It’s now more than 4 years since this series ended and it is still soooo good. Countless re-watches and still it is as fresh as ever.

    A lot of people are comparing MNIKSS and City Hall, but the only commonality is KSA. Other than that, everything else is different. City Hall is very different from MNIKSS, story, themes, plot and acting wise. The underlying theme of corruption may not appeal to everyone.

    Definitely MNIKSS has mass appeal because of its simple theme. This is the best drama in this genre. Perhaps the best in any genre.

  490. 490 : lynaq Says:

    Korean drama MNIKSS that made history in the making forever. Kim Sun Ah, the best of all the best!!!

  491. 491 : ziel Says:

    I still love My name is Kim Sam Sun!I like all the cast specially Hyun Bin oppa…..

  492. 492 : KBC12 Says:


  493. 493 : Gem12 Says:

    I love this drama…..love CityHall…..love KSA….

  494. 494 : Lily Says:

    after so many years, yet they are still talking about KSS during 2009 Korean Drama award night. What a great production.

  495. 495 : ziena Says:

    most poplar korean drama around the world

  496. 496 : darlenee Says:

    LOVEEEE this drama. I think I’ve watched about 8 Korean Dramas in total, and this is still top on my list.

  497. 497 : darlenee Says:

    Oh, & VERYVERYVERYVERY funny without having to try so hard! [:

  498. 498 : Lily Says:

    I am giving it a come back rewatch this weekend, here I come, KSS!

  499. 499 : cat 78 Says:

    I love this drama……

  500. 500 : cat 78 Says:


  501. 501 : bk Says:

    any body know where can i watch this drama online w/ eng. sub?

    i watch it one dvd w/ chi. sub but i understand very little chi. so would love to watch it again w/ eng. sub. I love her also in city hall!!!!


  502. 502 : jangerr Says:

    @501 bk

    You can watch this drama with english subs at aznv. You just need to open an account (which is free) & download the winamp player.

    Btw, glad to hear that you love City Hall too! Have you went to the thread to share & read the comments there? If not, you must do so!

  503. 503 : cat 78 Says:

    KSA,she is one of best actress ! love in MNKSS…love in CityHall too !…..

  504. 504 : ss Says:

    Fighting, Sam Soon!!!

  505. 505 : cat 78 Says:

    This is one for you!…Sam Soon…

  506. 506 : lover Says:

    i love you kimsunah sarangh i love you

  507. 507 : etee7114 Says:

    A satisfying drama. Humorous, great acting in most cases, witty dialogue, excellent chemistry between the 2 main leads (that’s so important for my drama watching) and a good story. The drama that broke the 50% rating mark. Need I say more?

  508. 508 : KBC12 Says:

    MNKSS, was my first love Kdrama,it was magical…..

  509. 509 : ramona Says:

    i love kim sam soon &hyean bin is so hot

  510. 510 : ulitapepe Says:

    WE LOVE U!!!!!!!!

  511. 511 : song jung ae Says:

    I love this drama!!

  512. 512 : lover Says:

    sarangah kimsunah i love you

  513. 513 : lover Says:

    hi my sun kimsunah. i am lover you.i love you

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  520. 520 : lover Says:

    big love for kimsunah

  521. 521 : KBC12 Says:

    Anyone who hasn’t watched this drama, go watch it.this is such great drama…

  522. 522 : arlyana Says:

    love this drama sangadh…..

  523. 523 : etee7114 Says:

    Very soon, MNIKSS would reach it’s 5th anniversary of airing date. To this day, I’ve not found another drama that has equaled MNIKSS in a lot of aspects. How many dramas in this list can boast a 5 yr history? I rest my case. Go watch it!!

  524. 524 : YANI Says:

    WE….LOVE KIM SAM SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  525. 525 : lover Says:

    sarangah kim sun ah i love you heart me for you

  526. 526 : lover Says:

    my love kim sun ah i love you.

  527. 527 : samar Says:

    it is realy funy i wached three times and still enjoy it

  528. 528 : diefan Says:

    this series was OK.. I watched b/c of Ryeo won. shes the one ‘what planet are you from?’ she’s a real good actress.

  529. 529 : nor Says:

    i love it

  530. 530 : Cat 78 Says:

    Still missing you !

  531. 531 : Irene Martha Says:

    hahahahahaha. .. can’t stop laugh watch this drama … Sam Soon Lover …

  532. 532 : pikah pikah Says:

    it’s been almost 5 years since..still very refreshing & great to watch!
    i love this drama very much!!

  533. 533 : Kim Says:

    I want to watch my nam is Kim Sam Soon again, what do I do


  534. 534 : lover Says:

    hello my lovely kim sun ah

  535. 535 : Emo girls Says:


  536. 536 : Damita Says:

    You should make a little tinychat room for your blog, I’d love to see what you and your readers look and sound like haha

  537. 537 : yuri Says:

    i like it too my frnds
    that was such a best series that make every one laugh !

  538. 538 : Calderon Says:

    hurda fiyatlar? hakk?nda genel bilgiler

  539. 539 : traijila Says:

    its a fun movie 2 watch i luv it.

  540. 540 : Cat 78 Says:

    Good drama Samsoon !

  541. 541 : lover Says:

    hello ms kim sun ah .my bird heart in sky blue for you…i love you

  542. 542 : KBC12 Says:

    You are one of best acress,KSA….aja….

  543. 543 : lover Says:

    i love country korea because kim sun ah live in korea((i love you ms kim sun ah))

  544. 544 : etee7114 Says:

    I would love to watch this drama again some time soon. It’s one of those dramas that instantly comes to your mind when you are in the mood for anything Korean.
    Love it!

  545. 545 : lover Says:

    i love you kim sun ah

  546. 546 : KBC12 Says:

    Love you !

  547. 547 : lover Says:

    my star ms kim sun ah ((i love you))

  548. 548 : etee7114 Says:

    Aiiish…..this drama gives me a very warm feeling just like hugging that cute stuffed pig that Suna is hugging.

  549. 549 : lover Says:

    if not to be sun was earth died .kim sun ah is my sun ((i love you kim sun ah))

  550. 550 : lover Says:

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  555. 555 : lover Says:

    i am waiting ms kim sun ah(sarang meda)my sun

  556. 556 : KBC12 Says:

    Go,girl !

  557. 557 : Taylor Says:

    My first drama I watched, Love it. I love Kim Sun Ah cause she taught me that plus size women can be beautiful just like skinny girls.

  558. 558 : lover Says:

    kim sun ah you are evermore in my heart. i am waiting.i love my sun

  559. 559 : Parten Says:

    cool picsxx

  560. 560 : tesss Says:

    can i request you to have this with english subtitle

  561. 561 : lover Says:

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  562. 562 : kim Says:

    I want to watch” My name is Kim Sam Soon”, what do I do?
    Any idea?


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  565. 565 : KBC12 Says:

    Me too !

  566. 566 : lover Says:

    is big love in my heart ((my sun.ms.kim sun ah)) i love you

  567. 567 : KBC12 Says:

    I love this drama !

  568. 568 : nia Says:

    just wanna know, which kim hyun jung was in this drama?

  569. 569 : KBC12 Says:

    Happy Mather’s Day !

  570. 570 : lover Says:

    always at memory you.i love you my sun(ms.kim sun ah) invincible

  571. 571 : lover Says:

    never befall have little of my love at my sun ?( ( i love you kim sun ah) )

  572. 572 : etee7114 Says:

    Still one of my favorites after 5 yrs of searching for an equivalent. Easily my top 2 favorites after City Hall!!

  573. 573 : jangerr Says:


    Me too, etee, me too!!!

  574. 574 : KBC12 Says:

    Thinking about you !

  575. 575 : fetty arisandi Says:

    make me want watch this again and again!!!!

  576. 576 : fetty arisandi Says:

    good drama and verry funny,
    make me alwasy keep smile!!!!

  577. 577 : chacha Says:

    @562 kim – you can watch this drama with eng subs at aznv.tv

    @569 888 – totally agree with you!!! Sequel is sorely needed!

    @574 etee – me 3!!!

    @577 fetty arisandi – have you watched City Hall? If not, pls go watch it. U’ll not regret it. Also pls join us at the City Hall thread – read n post your comments there.

  578. 578 : lover Says:

    hello my sun….(ms.kim sun ah)sarang meda = i love you

  579. 579 : lover Says:

    hello my sun( ms.kim sun ah ) indeed wait is mortal

  580. 580 : cat 78 Says:

    Miss you all !

  581. 581 : etee7114 Says:

    I was going to wish MNIKSS a Happy 5th Birthday but I guess I’m now 2 days late. An epic drama indeed.

  582. 582 : Froman Says:

    Your headline “ my name is kim sam soon korean dram…” is not entertaining but I consider some subscribers might like it.

  583. 583 : kim Says:


    I need a code to get on, and is it free?


  584. 584 : mutiara Says:

    it’s funny… i like it… <3

  585. 585 : Aneres Says:

    This is one of the best K-drama ever!!!
    Love you Kim Sun Ah & Hyun Bin =)

  586. 586 : lover Says:

    very love you ms.(kim sun ah)i want you realize

  587. 587 : chacha Says:

    @585 kim

    Yes, it’s free but you do need an invite code to get into aznv. Unfortunately I do not have any currently…

  588. 588 : lover Says:

    crazy for you (ms. kim sun ah)

  589. 589 : arieff Says:

    is that movies like my name is khan?? he..

  590. 590 : KBC12 Says:

    Miss you!

  591. 591 : KBC12 Says:

    One of Best drama ever!

  592. 592 : KBC12 Says:


  593. 593 : etee7114 Says:

    I’ve just realized that this is the only drama here in this ranking here to hit the 50% rating. Aja! Fighting MNIKSS!

  594. 594 : KBC12 Says:

    Totally awesome Drama!!!!!!!!

  595. 595 : nining Says:

    sam soon,, you r so funny,, hehe

  596. 596 : KDAddict Says:

    The very 1st drama that I watched and got hooked on Kim Sun Ah…my fav comedy actress 🙂

  597. 597 : mel Says:

    I love all kinds of korean drama Series, and Samsoon is one of them,

  598. 598 : KBC12 Says:

    One of Best Drama!

  599. 599 : PARNIAN Says:

    realy nice korean sreial

  600. 600 : nining Says:

    love sam soon,,, it’s a good drama,, love korean drama much,,

  601. 601 : KBC12 Says:

    Kim San Soon aja….

  602. 602 : red_vishnu_28 Says:

    I’ve watched these drama so many times and keep on falling inlove.. not only because of hyun bin ( he really is gorgeous!! love him so much) but also because the whole story is beautiful.. I want to watch it over and over again… good comedy and drama.. every one can relate to the story.. Go kim sun ah! Go Hyun Bin! love you both so much! nice acting!

  603. 603 : chacha Says:

    @604 red_vishnu_28

    Since you love Kim Sun Ah and this drama so much, you should also go and watch her in City Hall. Hyun Bin may not be in the drama but the male lead, Cha Seung Won, more than made up for it.

  604. 604 : KBC12 Says:

    This is one for you!

  605. 605 : W3NI Says:

    Lov this drama…. specially Hyun Bin… (he’s very cute)
    I dying for waiting Hyun Bin next drama…. Hyun Bin saranghae 🙂

  606. 606 : tiara Says:

    two thumbs for kim sun ah and hyun bin…you guyss are great..watched more than 4 times………

  607. 607 : KBC12 Says:

    Happy 4th!

  608. 608 : via Says:

    I really really really love this drama.. and City Hall too…

  609. 609 : lover Says:

    hello ms.kim sun ah .me by break heart always await(i love you sun ah)

  610. 610 : nikky_p_28 Says:

    Meaning I can watch it over and over again especially on days when you need cheering up. I can’t remember how many times I’ve watched this over and over again. It never gets boring. KIM SUN AH is a gem of an actress. I like KIM SAM SOON as a character too. A heroine, rarely seen or dared portrayed in a movie or drama. No wonder this drama broke the 50% rating record way back in 2005. I’ve never seen any drama did the same even up to now…not even IRIS did that (“,)

  611. 611 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 612 nikky_p_28

    This is indeed a classic. Definitely one of the top ones in my favorite list. The story deals with very basic emotions so I’m not surprised that it hit the 50% rating. BUT I’d be extremely surprised (strike that), shocked in fact, if IRIS has anything beyond 35%. It’s an action, spy thriller type of drama. After having watched once, there is no desire to rewatch because you know the ending. As for MNIKSS, the fun of rewatching is going through the emotions again and again although you know the ending. That’s the difference.

  612. 612 : Lily Says:

    you are really a k-drama pro 😀
    i love reading you comments.

    yes, MNIKSS & CH re-watch still counting.

  613. 613 : berenaic Says:

    woooouuuu…¡ es realmente ermotza esta serie fue una e las primera s y me enamore totalmente de las series coreanas haci adicta a ellas jejeje se las recomiendo ya que tiene de todo un poco a una tiene su parte en algunos capitulos muy tristes pero al final todos quedan contentos jjejejej *-*

  614. 614 : rowing machine Says:

    Hyun Bin is very cute, I love him very much. Can’t wait to watch his drama again.

  615. 615 : KPOP7.com Says:

    Hyun Bin FIghting!!

    Download Korean Songs & Albums

  616. 616 : lover Says:

    only kim sun ah((i love you my sun…..ms.sun ah))sarangh meeda my amour

  617. 617 : tesss Says:


  618. 618 : via Says:

    this drama is definitely one of my all time favourite drama.. love it so much!!!

  619. 619 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 614 Lily

    This is the first time I’ve heard anyone call me a k-drama pro. *giggles* To be honest, I don’t remember how I got started on k-dramas. I remember my mother used to watch those super makjang kdrama/tdramas and I was making fun of it all the time. I suppose MNIKSS finally changed my perspective on drama watching. Not really an addict, but close. 😉

  620. 620 : Diah Says:

    its so suprising..that sam soon still have many fans….I love this drama too…however..i really hope kim sun ah can dress up gorgeously in this drma…but overall this drama was lovely… :)..she is very beatiful..different from other korean actress

  621. 621 : Lily Says:

    @ etee7114

    Yes, MNIKSS has changed my perception of k-drama, and i am re-watching for the n times :p

    I strongly believe it’s make a whole lots of fans and keep us happy whenever u think of this drama.

    KSA, what a legend.

  622. 622 : yuli Says:

    very honestly woman…

  623. 623 : tictoc Says:


  624. 624 : tictoc Says:


  625. 625 : via Says:

    Yess.. this one is definitely one of my whole time favourite Kdrama!!! I love Kim sun ah and hyun bin and their character in this drama, I just can not get enough of it, really!

  626. 626 : suria Says:

    I really like her in this drama; she’s really talented and wish her all the luck

  627. 627 : mahdieh Says:

    one off the best,i love hyun bin so much

  628. 628 : lover Says:

    (i love you my sun )ms.kim sun ah it is very hard communicate with you?????

  629. 629 : KBC12 Says:

    You love this Drama then,watch the Drama Cityhall you will love it too.

  630. 630 : broken iPhone Says:

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  633. 633 : ok Says:

    Must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary but exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.
    Jung Kyu & Yeon Yi met the 1st time & catching fire flies at the river side – so sweet
    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice – u will keep laughing

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  637. 637 : sweet Says:

    Can’t wait to see Suna’s next drama… Any idea if there’s one coming?

  638. 638 : Term Life Insurance Says:

    It used to be that everyone was able to watch it before with english subs. now, you have to buy it. something about the drama on license.

  639. 639 : nafa Says:

    @ sweet : U must watch CITY HALL.

  640. 640 : Tee Says:

    Can anyone tell me the title or singer of this soundtrack, and where I can download this song?

    the part which HB took KSA from the Hotel Bar where She was purposed by her ex-boy friend, then kissed KSA at men’s rest room in Hotel(ending song)

    I couldn’t find those scene’s song everywhere, I want to gave it up, but I couldn’t T . T

    Any Clue?

  641. 641 : anti aging for men Says:

    Full House (it has Rain (Bi) in it, in case you don’t know who he is, he is a very famous Korean Singer and he also starred in the movie Ninja Assassin)

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    http://www.dramafever.com/ can only stream to the computer that located in US or Canada :((

  644. 644 : Shkola Says:

    I live in Persia and I’ve watched My lovely Kim Sam soon on Farsi1 TV.

  645. 645 : like Says:

    i watched this series a while ago, and i think it’s quite funny. perhaps a kind of “Bridget Jones” – Korean style.. (also like Bridget Jones, btw). i think Sun Ah also increased her weight for this series, just like Renee Z.
    i like both actors – Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin, Hyun Bin’s dimples are cute.

  646. 646 : chichaloca Says:

    i don’t watch dis drama while ago bcause i don’t like the female heroin..but today i tried to watch on animax..and the 1st episode make me hooked 🙂

  647. 647 : Most Korean Drama {October Week-2} « asianfansclub Says:

    […] My Name is Kim Sam Soon – […]

  648. 648 : ng del Says:

    one of the funniest! I super love this series!!!

  649. 649 : kdfan Says:

    yes kimsamsoon is one of my favourite. it had me laughing out loud. and i agree those who love this will love City Hall too. In fact i prefer City Hall bec kimsunah and chaseongwon’s chemistry was totally sizzling.

  650. 650 : jeys Says:

    this is one of the best korean dramas that i have watched.. HYUN BIn is so cute and KIm sun ah is so funny. KSA is really such a great actress… The part where kim sun ah celebrated her Bday.. that was so sweet…

  651. 651 : hooshi Says:

    kheily kos kholid baba

  652. 652 : evvaaa Says:

    always love this drama..<3

  653. 653 : none Says:

    love and miss this drama….

  654. 654 : KBC12 Says:

    love and miss this drama too…..

  655. 655 : rwkawa Says:

    hi my lovely sam soon
    i like you both so much
    you are so prity and lovely…

  656. 656 : Lily Says:

    MNIKSS has made a debut and still stand strong with it’s instinct production team and players, but how come there isn’t any drama scene pictures here?

    Administrator, can you post some picture here please?

  657. 657 : Martha chan Says:

    tidak pernah bosan nonton drama ini, GREAT !!!

  658. 658 : joanne f lumatauw Says:


  659. 659 : KBC12 Says:

    One of best drama ever…..

  660. 660 : shoshlev Says:

    This is the first Korean drama I’ve seen
    The best drama I’ve seen first
    And the best actress there in Korea.

  661. 661 : azrul_malaysia Says:

    i like watch the korean movie ( drama )..my lovely sam soon…felling is good …like a drama My Girl…good jop ….filem happy ending

  662. 662 : Lily Says:

    a must-watch k drama if you call yourself k drama fans.
    MNIKSS simply fabulous. Kim Sun Ah never fail to entertain us, and best show of Hyun Bin

  663. 663 : Yvessaint Says:

    i like if

  664. 664 : etee7114 Says:

    This is a gem that is so unique that I can’t help but watch over and over again. If after 5 yrs and I’ve not got tired of it and still think it is the best drama in Kdrama history, then it recommend everyone to give this drama your time. You’ll never regret it.

  665. 665 : mister wooden plaque Says:

    Kim Samsoon is a great TV series. My mom, sisters and wife loves it. It’s all about this not perfect girl that fulfilled her dream as a cook and ended up with a great man. I love it. At first it was just another TV series but its not.

  666. 666 : etee7114 Says:

    @ mister wooden plaque,

    It is very refreshing and interesting to see a male perspective on this series. And for a series such as this to appeal to the male audience says a ton about this awesome drama.

    I’m just curious, but what made you say “At first it was just another TV series but its not.”?

  667. 667 : vi4 Says:

    never get bored watching this drama..

  668. 668 : kanthi Says:

    i love this drama so much,it has wondefull story

  669. 669 : via Says:

    the best comedy of Korean drama!!! really enjoy watching this drama.. Kim Sun Ah is the best!!! She really sacrifice a lot for this drama, she make herself fat because of her role as Kim sam soon, and she has a great acting skills, love her so much..

  670. 670 : gly Says:

    kim sun ah and hyun bin were best actress and actor in Kim Sam Soon…I’ve watched this series for about 5 times but it always keepps me laugh!!! Hahaha!!!love you hyun bin

  671. 671 : della Says:

    My list favorite of drama comedy
    1.My name is kim samsoon
    2.Coffee Prince
    3.My Girl
    4.Full House
    5.Princess Hours
    6.City Hall
    7.Creating Destiny

  672. 672 : dinaz Says:

    watched this drama.it was good but i wish they would have shown a marriage..kim sun ah is cute when c is angry!!hyun bin is cool n daniel henney ah!dat smile he gives melts my heart..its a good drama!

  673. 673 : KBC12 Says:

    Merry Chistmas to you all!

  674. 674 : benj Says:

    i love this series very much.

  675. 675 : Carmen Wong Says:

    No matter what we are born with, we need love! This drama let me learn so much. Be brave to express our thinking especially the love to others. Enjoy the life!

  676. 676 : via Says:

    I Miss this drama so much.. this drama bring confident for all women with a big body to have a pure and true love from the man they love. Despite of many lack of Sam soon, Sam shik still love her and crazy about her.

  677. 677 : shoshlev Says:

    This is the first Korean drama that came to our country,
    At first I had reservations about the language.
    But because the actress Kim Suna I’ve seen the series.
    I enjoyed every minute of watching. I really love kim Suna she beautiful and talented and sexy .I’ve seen a lot actress in korean series , but not in the level and not in the beauty of kim suna. I miss her and i will be happy to seeing her more in the dramas. and this drama I saw dozens times.

  678. 678 : sya Says:

    i love this drama!

  679. 679 : VIA Says:

    @shoshlev, you should try City Hall, Kim sun Ah also play her role very good, and she is even more beautifull in City Hall because she is a lot thinner, I agree with you she is a very talented actress and she is sexy in her own way, love her so much.. I think Both City Hall and Kim sam soon are the best korean drama in genre romantic comedy I have ever watched..

  680. 680 : etee7114 Says:

    @ via

    You are so right. 2010 came and went. And I’m still looking for THAT drama that gave me the same high as MNIKSS or City Hall. So, after 5 years, I’m still looking for the likes of MNIKSS. CH, a slightly different genre but after 1.5 yrs, I’m also looking for something of CH caliber.

  681. 681 : Via Says:

    eete.. I like that you are think and feel the same way bout MNIKSS and City Hall. I wish Kim Sun Ah will rock us again with her new role and make a new record that will beat her own drama before.
    So MNIKSS was beat by City Hall and I wish we can have something even more than City Hall and it should be Kim Sun Ah herself playing in her new drama with another great story, director and also great cast, i wish she can be pairing with an actor who can act and not only in good look and an actor she can comfort with. I like Kim sun Ah pairing up with Cha seung won and Hyun Bin,they have chemistry. But not with lee dong gun, i think she’s not comfort with him because she can’t act like the way she does. Maybe she can be pairing again with Goong yoo? I like her chemistry with him in S Diary and She’s on duty movies.

  682. 682 : jangerr Says:

    @ via & etee

    Same here… In fact, I miss Kim Sun Ah so much! Any of you know what’s happening in her life? Why is there no drama from her lately?

    I think Kim Sun Ah can pair with anybody. She is that good. Even the wall will have chemistry with her. She has that ability to bring out the best in anyone who act with her. But I also agree with via that Goong Yoo has one of the best chemistry with her. So hopefully we’ll see a reunion of the two in a drama and soon…

  683. 683 : via Says:

    I agree with you.. Lets us support their new Drama, Kim Sun Ah and Goong Yoo, I will support both of you when you are play in a new drama.. With best script and best story of course in Comedy genre.. KSA and GY .. FIGHTING!!!

  684. 684 : snatur Says:

    I like that you are think and feel the same way bout MNIKSS and City Hall.

  685. 685 : takgu99 Says:

    i don’t understand why this drama become no.1 & highest rating drama for 2005….such a bored drama….

  686. 686 : NP Says:


  687. 687 : Lic of India Says:

    Thanks for sharing such info! I think Kim Sun Ah can pair with anybody. She is that good. Even the wall will have chemistry with her. She has that ability to bring out the best in anyone who act with her. But I also agree with via that Goong Yoo has one of the best chemistry with her. So hopefully we’ll see a reunion of the two in a drama and soon…

  688. 688 : Penny Auction Says:

    I agree with you.. Lets us support their new Drama, Kim Sun Ah and Goong Yoo, I will support both of you when you are play in a new drama.. With best script and best story of course in Comedy genre.. KSA and GY .. FIGHTING!!! Nice info on your site.

  689. 689 : Lil Says:



  690. 690 : Lil Says:


  691. 691 : mel_bernard Says:


    hey you’re here! you have a deviant comment for Kim Samsoon. 😉

    but the reviews/comments are good so ill try to watch this kdrama also…im watching cinderella’s sister right now. MKS will be my next prospect. 😉

    Baker King still the best! 😀

  692. 692 : My Name is Kim Sam Soon | mykoreanboutique.com Says:

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  693. 693 : via Says:

    you should try to watch MNIKSS, its a very high recomended drama.. you won’t regret watching this drama..

  694. 694 : via Says:

    Sam soona.. Fighting!!! still number 1 for me!

  695. 695 : love Says:

    Pass this website to your favorite drama:)
    and this drama is one of the best:)


    Visit this website:)

  696. 696 : etee7114 Says:

    @ jangerr

    At soompi, it was mentioned that she attended the prayer ceremony for her new movie “Fighting Spirit”. Call me a skeptic but I’m a little nervous by the premise of this movie. Still, MNIKSS is my all time favorite drama and S Diary is my all time favorite movie of KSA’s projects.

  697. 697 : Vanya Says:

    Love Jung Ryu Won, But she is so sad

  698. 698 : SANSA Says:

    This is one of the best K-drama ever!!!
    Love you Kim Sun Ah & Hyun Bin

  699. 699 : webcam sex Says:

    so cool pic…i likt it

  700. 700 : larry mcneil sr Says:

    Hi. I’m late to the party. I just started watching this funny and touching story. I really enjoy it. And as for the ‘demographics’; It works for men who’ve experienced a broken heart also. Further, I’m a Strait Afro-American Male, and I really got into the story. It has a universal, human appeal.

  701. 701 : Midwest Mz Says:

    Ah life . . . .

    Have finished this one, and soooo enjoyed it. Humor great, characters could not be beat in the parts that they played. I do not speak Korean, so can only imagine the work that goes into putting the English subs to it. Buttt – split a gut when she told someone that she had graduated from the prestige’s French – La Cordin Bleu and they translated it to La Colon Blue. Nowwww – anyone with an eye that remotely speaks English should have been able to catch that knee slapper and realize they did not want to eat anything she cooked. The former is just the bomb and the latter is what we get rid of, or the remainder after we have had the former, get my drift???? Kim Sun Ah is just great in all that she does, I have now seen her in several, and will watch anything she is in. Hyun Bin starts out as a worm, but morphs into a really great character and person by the end. Well written, moves great, smiles and laughs where they should be and an enjoyable watch all around.

    Time to move on, supper time, yum! and not from la colon blue!!!

  702. 702 : KBC12 Says:



  703. 703 : etee7114 Says:

    @ Midwest Mz,

    Cordon Blue will never be the same again. I’m itching to watch this series again. It is that good.

  704. 704 : takgu99 Says:

    bored drama….worthless
    waste my time to watch this drama…
    thumb down!!! booooo….

  705. 705 : via Says:

    never get bored watching this drama, I have the DVD so I always watch it whenever I miss Sam soona n Samshika.. love the couple a lot.. love the piggy pink dol too.. ;p

  706. 706 : KBC12 Says:

    Still the one Best Drama ever….!!!!

  707. 707 : via Says:

    MNIKSS n City Hall is still the best!!!

  708. 708 : carleen Says:

    I really love this drama.. I’ve watched it couple of times and i really can’t stop falling in love again and again.. One of the best and my favorite Korean drama. I love Hyun Bin’s character here. I will miss you hyun bin.. 2 years is too long.. I hope once you’re out of the military service you’ll do another great drama.. Goodluck!

  709. 709 : Marwa Says:

    love it soooooooooooooooooooo much

  710. 710 : hassna Says:

    Ilove that

  711. 711 : mommy najmi Says:

    one of my favorite dramas… specially for the gorgeous man with dimples, your smile is killing me softly…^^

  712. 712 : etee7114 Says:

    I don’t know why, but I have the urge to watch this one again. And it’s going to be 6 years old soon. It’s like one of your favorite piece of dress and you can let go of it.

  713. 713 : etee7114 Says:

    Just marathoned this series and boy it’s even better watching it now. I still cried buckets and laughed till my sides hurt. This is definitely an evergreen.

  714. 714 : Melda Says:

    Interesting drama! Been finished wathing it in 3 nights…

  715. 715 : micess... Says:

    hebat jln citer ni……kim sam soon mkne ape 2 sbnar nye…??

  716. 716 : samsoon Says:

    hi how r u

  717. 717 : sylvia Says:

    I did like this drama a lot, It was just very frustrating that Philippine drama made a terrorizing and a horrible version of this.

  718. 718 : mybeng Says:

    love this romantic comedy series, i dont get tired watching it over and over again.

  719. 719 : 6-roulette.com Says:

    i like it very much!!!

  720. 720 : V3 Says:


  721. 721 : yobi Says:

    watch this drama! so funny and it has depth. 🙂

  722. 722 : jangerr Says:

    Hyun Bin’s acting in MNIKSS is not just his breakout role but his best to date… Somehow I don’t think he’s acted as well in his other dramas, not World Within and definitely not Secret Garden too…

  723. 723 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 722 jangerr,
    You’re here too? Good to know I have a fellow fan of City Hall and Suna. Hyun Bin is generally a good actor. MNIKSS is definitely his breakout role in terms of popularity. Although I think his acting here was vastly overshadowed by that of KSA’s. He did admit it in an interview that it was KSA’s drama and she deserved all the credit. He did Friends which I’ve heard he was amazing in. I’ve not watched that, so I can’t comment. I couldn’t finish Worlds Within because I think Song Hye Kyo was a poor match to HB’s acting. Plus his character wasn’t a very interesting one. In SG, I thought his emoting skills improved a ton since MNIKSS but then the JooWon character didn’t have as much depth as Samshik. Just some of my thoughts.

    Anyway, so looking forward to KSA’s new drama…boohoo, it’s been pushed back by a week.

  724. 724 : reine Says:

    oh, definitely my all time favorite drama!!! love hyun bin!

  725. 725 : Cat78 Says:

    GO girl…!!!…

  726. 726 : meggy Says:

    i can laugh and smile every time. What a funny drama!! Sun Ah unni is so natural n likes her acting so much. Also Hyun bin, he’s so awesome. Love this drama a lot..

  727. 727 : etee7114 Says:

    It’s already 6 years and still this is my number 2 favorite of all time. It goes to show how a masterpiece can withstand the test of time.

  728. 728 : drpiedad Says:

    i love this dram the gay is ”cute”..;)

  729. 729 : putri Says:

    This drama is so funny,make me laugh all the time. The cast have natural acting. Sun Ah n Hyun Bin is perfect couple for this drama.Love it so much…

  730. 730 : h5L Says:

    hyun bin, KSA, yes it’s really funny, they are good couples, good actor and good actress, comedy, romantic, natural, oh. I like it.

  731. 731 : anagreen Says:

    This is one of my favorite dramas!!!!

  732. 732 : red_vishnu_28 Says:

    I miss Kim Sam Soon.. i really don’t get tired of this show. I really really like the story.. So make me inlove all over again.. Whenever i feel stressed out i watch this drama all over again and alas.. im full of energy again.. I hope you’ll have another drama like this.. I love Hyun Bin.. I love Kim Sun Ah

  733. 733 : jangerr Says:

    A great watch, any time, any day…

  734. 734 : Claire clark Says:

    this is the best drama I’ve been watched…

  735. 735 : kriss Says:

    Fans of Suna – go watch her in her new drama, Scent of A Woman. This time, she teams with another hottie, Lee Dong Wook.

  736. 736 : etee7114 Says:

    Dear MNIKSS lovers,

    Finally someone is recapping this awesome series at DBs. And it’s by none other than Samsooki. A recapper who gives really good insights on Korean culture in his recaps. Check it out.


  737. 737 : jangerr Says:

    @ etee

    Thanks so much for the link! Will certainly check it out. Love this series and love Samsooki’s recaps, especially those on City Hall!

  738. 738 : jangerr Says:

    Just read the recap of episode 1 by samsooki. Makes me want to watch this drama again…

  739. 739 : kriss Says:

    I’m actually watching this drama again because of the recaps at dramabeans…. And I’m just reminded again, why I fell in love with KSA. It doesn’t seem as though she’s acting. It’s like she’s just being herself – KSA is KSS and KSS is KSA!

  740. 740 : ally Says:

    I love this drama! One of the drama that I will watch again and again! KSA is really a great actor! Looking forward for more dramas from her!

  741. 741 : wee Says:

    love this drama so much..i’m waitin for another drama from hyun bin n kim sun ah..^__^

  742. 742 : soaw Says:

    My Name is Kim Sam Soon is the first Korean drama that I started to watch and I totally fell in love with KSA. Hopefully KSA can take part in new romcom soon, because I am tearing every episode of SOAW.

  743. 743 : momo Says:

    Love, love Sunah!!! Love her in all her dramas and movies, especially MNIKSS.

  744. 744 : Vin Says:

    luv this drama..so funny n touchy n natural..

  745. 745 : rita.darita Says:

    luv this drama…so funny n touchy n natural ….;)

  746. 746 : Isma_Omoni Says:

    Oppa looks so fresh, charming, attractive and exciting to love of the two girls at the same time…. ckckckckck!!!!
    i’m waiting for HyunBin Oppa and Son Ye Jin drama or movie.
    i do love them very much ; D

  747. 747 : sie_sunny Says:

    love u forever sun a unnie….Muuuuaaaach ^_-

  748. 748 : novi Says:

    I love Hyun Bin

  749. 749 : robert Says:

    definitely 2005 best kdrama ever…^^

  750. 750 : List of Korean Drama I Have Watched « My Life My Journey Says:

    […] My Name is Kim Sam Soon Rating : 3 out of 5 […]

  751. 751 : a2a+13 Says:

    this is the funny drama…….i really love the sam soon character…..that was very unique and can make people laugh….

  752. 752 : stellar Says:

    All Sunah’s fans, go watch her in I Do, I Do!!! It’s really great so far!!!

  753. 753 : eryn Says:

    Frankly speaking, I don’t really like Sam Soon’s role. I like her frankness but not her rudeness. Far too loud to my liking and is very unreasonable. Her loud shouts can be irritating at times. Yes, she should scold the guys as rascals when they are wrong but she can be so insensitive to shoot her mouth whenever she wants to.Although there are flaws in the characters, they are still acceptable.You will admire Sam Soon’s professionalism and positive attitude towards life. But Sam Soon’s spouting of vulgar words is certainly a bad habit that all should not follow.

  754. 754 : awesomegirlrawks Says:

    i absolutely dislike sam soon ( i LOVE kim sun ah after watching her in i do i do). her character here is too much and too unlady-like. hence, this show is so unrealistic and even painful to watch. yes, it is funny and kim sun ah acted really really well (sam soon’s character is not easy to portray as she is rude and too insensitive) but i find this drama extremely terrible. to be honest, korea still has a good image for no sex before marriage and this show goes against korea’s good image. so i’m actually disappointed with this show. however, once again, good acting on behalf of all the characters including jung ryeo won and daniel henney (they’re so perfect for each other!). Please watch I DO I DO and SECRET GARDEN!

  755. 755 : True2U Says:

    LOL at the 2 previous comments, I honestly LOVED every minute of it!!! KSA character as Sam Soon was AMAZING!! I LOVED her witty and smart come backs, why? because they were necessary for those who had a rude comment to being with. What i loved most was that she was not your average female lead that allow the male lead to boss her around or any other man, She had a strong personality. i also loved that although she was hurting she was able to get herself in check and tried to move on. Honestly Sam Soon character was not rude or insensitive, she just showed her affection in ways that might seems rude ( which i did not consider it rude at all). lol ^^ I’m amazed that not one out of the two previous comments said anything about Hyun Bin character being a JERK!! Sam Soon had every right to act and treat Hyun Bin the way she did, but you still gotta love Sam Shik lol ^^ Sam Soon just knew how to handle her man.

  756. 756 : Kitty Says:

    Happy birthday to Miss Kim Sum Soon (Kim Sun Ah). Wish you have a wonderful day on your birthday,celebrate your party with your family , your friends and your lover ( Mr. Right ) I’ll pray for you to have a lot of good things on your BD. Always love you.Fan From Thailand.

  757. 757 : Cornell Says:

    It’s remarkable designed for me to have a site, which is beneficial in favor of my knowledge. thanks admin

  758. 758 : causes of premature ejaculation and solutions Says:

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching
    for My Name is Kim Sam Soon Korean Drama Synopsis

  759. 759 : KBC12 Says:

    This Drama was one of BEST!!!

  760. 760 : ogundijo missblues aminat Says:

    i almost forget hyun bin face but cant foget his arrogance he is so perfect in secret garden saranghe oppa!!!!!

  761. 761 : kitty Says:

    Happy birthday Miss Kim Sam Soon(Kim Sun Ah).Today is your birthday I’ll pray for you to have the great day on your BD. Deserve every thing that you want .Be healthy and successfully with every projects that you make especially the five your new movie and your new drama in China Meet Mr. Right soon ,I ‘m still waiting for your good news. ( you announce your wedding) Always love you Fan From Thailand.

  762. 762 : JANEL Says:

    Hi! Ms. Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin. I’m a fan of yours. I wish you will have another love team story drama when hyun bin will come back from marine training. Your the best team couple until now. We miss you both in the Philippines…

  763. 763 : endah Says:

    salah satu drama terbaik aktor,aktris,lagu,tempat pokoke top

  764. 764 : Puff Kouider Says:

    This is the best drama i’ve watched ever

  765. 765 : lila Says:


  766. 766 : MissD Says:

    when i see this drama , just thinking how can Kim Sun Ah being so different ,
    when she playing with Hyun bin , we can see her body a little big ,
    and when she play with Lee dong wook , she body so small TT … TT
    (and really make me totally jealous with her )
    are she doing plastic surgery ??? , just ask …

  767. 767 : indy Says:

    This is being rerun here.
    I am wondering about the song Over the Rainbow. In this series, Sam Soon & Hee Jin were said to have this song as favorite. In another series, Lovers in Paris – dated 2004 – (close to this one, 2005), Over t R was often used/played in the background…apparently during that era that song was so popular…K-Pop fever has not started yet apparently.

  768. 768 : indy Says:

    this series is labeled as “romance, comedy”… I wonder about the comedy part…the mother of Jin Heon, Na Hyun Sook, is portrayed as someone who likes to hit people, especially her son Jin Heon….the scenes were being cut in my country in this re-run session, but it was shown previously… and there are other scenes where some sort of rudeness or harshness is depicted…are those scenes of rudeness, violent acts are part of the comedy part in this series? I know this series is an old one, newer series may not contain the same kind of nuances/values, but I can’t help but wonder about the sense of humor delivered in a package of rudeness…

  769. 769 : My Name Is Kim Sam-Soon 내 이름은 김삼순 [2005] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] Korea cast synopsis ratings viki dramacool hancinema koreandrama daum dc gallery soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org dramabeans tumblr blogs gibbynka […]

  770. 770 : chwilówka Says:

    It’s an amazing paragraph in favor of all the online viewers; they will take advantage from it I am sure.

  771. 771 : Ling Says:

    Rerun. Lovely memories. Another time, another age

  772. 772 : Ling Says:

    Beloved kdrama characters.
    Reminded of Sam Soon while watching Lee Kyu Hyung’s Yoo Han Yang.

    Sam Soon in 2005, han Yang in 2017.
    Both beloved memorable kdrama characters.
    But living in vastly different times.

    2005 was a bright time of innocence and hope. The world was in a period of relative stability. My name is Kim Sam Soon is a child of that period.

    Yoo Han Yang was born in this increasingly darker time. A character of the times. Prison, drugs, relapse, addiction, a sense of hopelessness.

    Two very different characters but equally beloved.

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