Ex-girlfriend Comes Back Korean Dramas & Movies

Fight For My Way (2017)

Fight for My Way

Rank #455

Can you still go after your dreams without the right background? Ko Dong Man has always dreamed of becoming famous as a taekwondo athlete but now works as a contract...

Suspicious Partner (2017)

Suspicious Partner

Rank #949

Noh Ji Wook is a brainiac prosecutor and Eun Bong Hee is a rookie justice department intern, who always seems to find herself in the most unfortunate and embarrassing situations....

Dinner Mate (2020)

Dinner Mate

Rank #2073

A young woman going through a rough breakup with a long-time boyfriend and a man who had a painful first love, meet unexpectedly on Jeju Island. Upon their return to...

My Lovely Sam Soon (2005)

My Lovely Sam Soon

Rank #2431

Kim Sam Soon is a baker who has a talent for making pastries and cakes. On Christmas Eve, she catches her boyfriend, Min Hyun Woo, cheating on her and breaks...

Miss Independent Ji Eun (2018)

Miss Independent Ji Eun

Rank #2439

Ji Eun is a girl who enters society for the first time, getting her first job, at 24 she must make important decisions about emotions in her career and her...

My Girl (2005)

My Girl

Rank #3233

When Gong Chan meets the lively and beautiful Yoo Rin, he finds out that she has connections to his missing cousin, whom his grandfather has been searching for. He asks...

Protect the Boss (2011)

Protect the Boss

Rank #4198

No Eun Seol finally gets a job as a secretary at a law firm after struggling with unemployment, only to have her boss, Cha Ji Heon, the immature youngest son...

About Time (2018)

About Time

Rank #5431

A man and a woman have different abilities when it comes to time. Michaela Choi is an aspiring musical actress who has the unusual ability to see other people’s life...

Lie to Me

Lie to Me

Rank #5481

Gong Ah Jung, a level 5 Ministry of Culture official, gets entangled in a web of lies when she mistakenly lies that she’s married to Hyun Ki Joon, a noble...

Sweet 18 (2004)

Sweet 18

Rank #5540

Kwon Hyuk Joon’s grandfather, the head of the traditional Kwon family agrees to an arranged marriage between his grandson, Hyuk Joon, and Yoon Jung Sook when Yoon Jung Sook is...

Wild Romance (2012)

Wild Romance

Rank #5603

Everything starts on the birthday of Eun Jae’s dad. Eun Jae ran into Park Moo Yul, who is the 2nd baseman of ‘Red Dreamers’, when she is drunk. Eun Jae...

9 End 2 Outs (2007)

9 End 2 Outs

Rank #5628

Hong Nan Hee is an ordinary worker at a publishing firm. She’s a girl who always falls in and out of love ever since she was young. Nan Hee has...

Creating Destiny (2009)

Creating Destiny

Rank #6005

Han Sang Eun emigrated to Australia with her family at a young age. Years later, she has completed her law studies in the United States and plans to marry her...

Touch (2020)


Rank #6302

A popular make-up artist, known for his never-ending quest for perfection, Cha Jung Hyeok was at the top of his game. But destiny, it seemed, wouldn’t let him stay there...

Love to the End (2018)

Love to the End

Rank #6441

When she was a teenager, Han Ka Young’s father’s company went bankrupt. As a result, her parents then divorced. Because of her difficult situation, Han Ka Young has taken care...

Best Mistake Season 3

Rank #6934

The new season will take place in a college setting, showing the growth and romance of young people as they prepare to enter the real world. (Source: Soompi)...

Star's Lover (2008)

Star’s Lover

Rank #6987

Lee Ma Ri is a top star in Korea and throughout Asia. The head of her management agency, Seo Tae Suk, hires a ghostwriter to help transform Ma Ri’s image....

Cyrano Agency (2010)

Cyrano Agency

Rank #7465

The Cyrano Agency consists of four people from a theater troupe who offers a unique cupid service for lovelorn clients. The company intricately devises and implements schemes, custom tailored to...

Paradise Farm

Paradise Farm

Rank #8245

Dong Joo and Da Ji were once desperately in love and married at 19 after struggling to convince their parents, but they had divorced after a mere six months. Six...

South of the Sun

South of the Sun

Rank #43735

South of the Sun is a love story between Kang Sung Jae, who has been in prison despite his innocence and cut off from the world, and Jung Yeun Hee,...

Tell Me You've Changed (2020)

Tell Me You’ve Changed

Rank #44956

The story is about Da Mi, active as a statistician in 2000, who reminisces about her past when she starts working as a researcher again in 2020, and depicts a...

Our Time (2022)

Our Time

Rank #49790

Ji Eun, who was once a Won Young’s lover, visits her, who has now buried the past. Ji Eun asks Won Young out on a date, and Won Young agonizes....

First Love Again (2016)

First Love Again

Rank #53447

Lee Ha-Jin and Cha Do-Yoon were deeply in love and planned to marry, but, because of circumstances standing in their way, she broke up with him cruelly. Eight years later...

Lost In Love

Lost in Love

Rank #57703

Yeon Ju is a timid young girl who maintains a secret crush on her platonic male friend, Woo Jae. Her shyness frequently gets the better of her, and she can...