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My Mister

Title: 나의 아저씨 / My Mister
Also known as: My Ajusshi
Chinese Title: 我的大叔
Genre: Family, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16 + 1 Special
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2018-Mar-21 to 2018-May-17
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:30


This drama tells the story of three middle-aged brothers, who are enduring the weight of their lives, and a strong, cold woman, who has been living a hard life of her own, as they come together in healing each other’s past scars.


Main cast

Lee Sun Kyun as Park Dong Hoon
IU as Lee Ji Ahn

Dong Hoon’s Family

Go Doo Shim as Byun Yo Soon (Dong Hoon’s mother)
Park Ho San as Park Sang Hoon (Dong Hoon’s older brother)
Song Sae Byuk as Park Ki Hoon (Dong Hoon’s younger brother)
Lee Ji Ah as Kang Yoon Hee (Dong Hoon’s wife)
Jung Young Joo as Jo Ae Ryun (Sang Hoon’s wife)
Jung Ji Hoon as Ji Suk (Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee’s son)

Ji Ahn’s Family

Son Sook as Bong Ae (Ji Ahn’s grandmother)

Other people around Ji Ahn

Jang Ki Yong as Lee Gwang Il
Ahn Seung Kyun as Song Ki Bum (Ji Ahn’s friend)
Lee Young Suk as Chun Dae

People at the company

Kim Young Min as Do Joon Young
Shin Goo as President Jang
Jun Gook Hwan as Managing Director Wang
Jung Hae Kyun as Executive Director Park
Jung Jae Sung as Executive Director Yoon


Nara as Choi Yoo Ra
Park Hae Joon as Kyum Duk (Dong Hoon’s friend)
Oh Na Ra as Jung Hee (Owner of Jung Hee’s Bar)
Ryu Sun Young as Jung Chae Ryung
Hong In as Jong Soo
Chae Dong Hyun as Assistant Kim (Dong Hoon’s Co-worker)
Kim Min Suk as Yeo Hyung Kyu
Seo Hyun Woo as Song Seok Bong (Dong Hoon’s Co-worker)
Park Soo Young as Sang Hoon’s friend

Production Credits

Director: Kim Won Suk
Screenwriter: Park Hae Young


  • Na Moon Hee was cast to play a supporting character role, but had to drop out due to scheduling issues. Go Doo Shim was then cast to play the same role.

  • On 2018-Feb-27, Oh Dal Soo confirmed to leave the cast of this drama following his involvement in the sexual assault allegation recently. His role was replaced by Park Ho San. (source)

  • Episodes 13&14 were delayed on May 2-3 due to the production being behind schedule. On May 2 a commentary special aired.


2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards: Most Popular Actress – IU (My Mister)
2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Screenplay – Park Hae Young (My Mister)
2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Drama – My Mister
2018 2nd The Seoul Awards: Grand Prize – My Mister
2018 6th APAN Star Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Miniseries) – Lee Ji Eun (My Mister)
2018 6th APAN Star Awards: Best Supporting Actor – Park Ho San (My Mister)
2018 6th APAN Star Awards: Best New Actor – Jang Ki Yong (My Mister)
2018 6th APAN Star Awards: Best Production Director – Kim Won Seok (My Mister)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2018-03-21 1 3.923 4.6
2018-03-22 2 4.133 4.1
2018-03-28 3 3.373 3.9
2018-03-29 4 3.611 4.3
2018-04-04 5 3.936 3.7
2018-04-05 6 4.038 4.6
2018-04-11 7 4.487 4.7
2018-04-12 8 5.313 4.6
2018-04-18 9 4.803 3.8
2018-04-19 10 5.824 5.6
2018-04-25 11 4.965 4.6
2018-04-26 12 6.035 5.5
2018-05-02 Special 3.187 3.0
2018-05-09 13 5.635 5.3
2018-05-10 14 6.468 5.5
2018-05-16 15 5.819 5.7
2018-05-17 16 7.352 7.2

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : OK OK OK Says:

    story sounds funny. Should be fun to watch. 😛

  2. 2 : Jake Says:

    Thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

  3. 3 : Wind Says:

    IU¡¡¡¡ is on it, count with me.

  4. 4 : Kikoy Says:

    Cant wait… i love Lee Sun Kyun drama..

  5. 5 : Mia Says:

    Not a good synopsis of the story. Comments so far makes no sense.

  6. 6 : Hyeongnam Says:

    Park Dong Hoon’s wife is having an affair with someone higher up in the company he works for. So does this mean a kind of romantic liaison with IU’s character? If so I must protest—accompanied with puke—that Lee Sun Kyun is the least romantic Korean actor. That may not be the case in his actual life with his wife who plays the widow in “Misty”, but it has been etched-in his screen demeanour whatever the drama or movie-unromantic dude.

  7. 7 : Hyeongnam Says:

    Heart-wrenching what she goes through to keep her grandmother alive.

  8. 8 : niche Says:

    http://img.thoibao.today/Content/fetch/https___kenh14cdn_com_2018_3_21_01-1521603937191920212089.jpg POSTER

  9. 9 : Park jun sung Says:

    Just finished watching episode 1-2. Well i like the story. The story is interesting. I really hope there are many romantic scene between IU and Lee sun Kyun. I dont know why everybody keep complaining age gap between IU and Lee sun kyun. Ouch come one. How about drama Goblin? Gong Yoo is much much older from that high school student. And you all didnt protest that? HAH!

  10. 10 : Park jun sung Says:

    Lee sun kyun is mature, ‘not flower boy’ ahjussi and has charming character inside. Oh and he is handsome.. So, IU and him is lovely couple i think.

  11. 11 : annmasae Says:

    Love this drama. IU is acting well in a very different role for her. Lee Sun Kyun is great as always. I hope the ratings increase for this exciting drama.
    Do not understand why IU’s fans were against this drama. I am glad she decided to do it anyway.

  12. 12 : Madchen Says:

    Glad IU took up this role. High time she show her acting skills that she ‘s not only cut out for idol-type roles but that she’s capable of playing various serious roles of substance.

    Here in this drama her acting is pretty good. Very convincing in her portrayal as that street smart tough girl that is to be admired even by the bad asses !

    One more point – I almost could not recognise IU in this drama. She’s grown more pretty as she matures in age.

    Lastly, this drama is good. I look forward to watching how IU’s character turn adversities to her advantage and putting the bad asses in their place.

  13. 13 : Emerald Says:

    I love the drama… 😘 im a fan of lee sun kyun…

  14. 14 : Riri Says:

    You will never getting bored with this drama. Skillful acting from lee sun kyun and unpredictable story, IU is good also. Best drama in the beginning 2018…keep up the good work 👌

  15. 15 : Hyeongnam Says:

    “There’s someone who knows a lot about me. . .
    and I think I know a lot about her too.
    I’m sad that she knows who I am.”

    Seeing Ji Ahn’s face as she listened; it’s like the heart knows before the head is awakened by the smell of morning coffee.

  16. 16 : Usasip Says:

    Interesting drama but some scenes alike the director is drugged is too far fetched..it already has two blackouts..is it that easy…otherwise good acting, the unemployed brothers are fun…

  17. 17 : Madchen Says:

    This drama keeps my head spinning and confused a lot. It seems as if it is trying to tell so many stories about so many things – compacted together.

    Mainly, I am confused as to what is Ji-An actually up to. What is she doing? Why, why, why??

    Why is she helping the crooked CEO to create trouble for Dong Hoon (an innocent scapegoat), and then “playing” with Dong Hoon, taking him in circles and also setting up Park Dong Woon a Dept Director for the sack….???

    And why is she so interested in Dong Hoon such that she’s gone to the extent of tapping his conversations and spying on him….?? If Ji-An is romantically interested in Dong Hoon, why set him into a supposedly romantic trap? You do not cause such trouble for someone you like, or on an innocent and good person?

    What’s going on?? Very confusing indeed.

    Any viewers care to give your take on this.?

  18. 18 : Hyeongnam Says:

    @Madchen – If you really want to know what is going on and what Ji Ahn is up to you should watch the drama again. The plot unfolds quite clearly.

    Ji Ahn is just out to make money and clear debts while taking care of her only family member—her grandma. She’s obviously intelligent and street smart, but she has a serious criminal record.

    While she is setting up the managers for a fall at a price, I suspect she will learn that even in this cruel world there are good people who are not looking to exploit her.

  19. 19 : Madchen Says:

    #18 Hyeongnam

    Thanks for your clarification.

    Now its rather clear to me. So the story here is not about Ji An as a sweet goody girl at all…but about a young girl who’s as bad as they come and who is a mercenary. Based on this premise, I understand now the direction this drama is going.

    And Dong Hoon understands her well when he says “when a kid has had a terribly hard life they grow up fast”. Yes, Ji An is exceptional, unlike most young people. Now I understand her better and why she does things the way she does including resorting to killing in defence. Woah…looks like this drama is going to teach me a lot about life.

    Looks like in the end Dong Hoon will be the one who is going to “put humpty dumpty back together again”.

    Thanks again for your clarification. I can now tune my mind onto the message this drama is trying to impart and be able to follow the story.

  20. 20 : Anthony Chan K H Says:

    Jang jang jang. I want to watch episodes 5 to forever now. Why can’t they air this everyday?! The plot grows on you.

  21. 21 : annmasae Says:

    my current favorite drama. thanks #18 hyeongnam and #19 madchen for your great analysis of the storyline. I hope the ratings go up because this drama is very well written and all the actors are doing a great job.

  22. 22 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Sun Kyung is a good actor. IU is also a good actress. They have chosen the right combination for this couple to act together in this drama My Mister.
    So far I have finished episode 4 and enjoying so much and I am looking forward for the future episodes. Hope both ends up together 😉

  23. 23 : Park jun sung Says:

    Can writer make Dong Hoon and Ji Ahn end up together? Please. Just divorce Dong hoon and his wife. And Dong hoon start to date Ji ahn. Oh come on. Kits okey to dating a girl with 20 years old different age u know. Cz love can do anything.

  24. 24 : Madchen Says:

    Executive Director Yoon is a bitch !! Feel like twisting his neck…

    The drama is getting more and more intense and interesting….

    Dong Hoon you must start fighting back now. You will not be alone. You will lose everything if you do not. By the way, chuck your wife out of your life. Wrap her with ribbons and graciously deliver her to your CEO. See how fast he will start to crumble and lose his balance and maybe will be the start of his downfall.

  25. 25 : Usasip Says:

    About time the hero confronts wife and lover…and the other two brothers and love life is also getting to be fun..so far the script and direction has been pretty good…

  26. 26 : Park jun sung Says:

    Aaaaaa episode 7 is sooo gooodddd… Especially the ending… Please writer make Ji An and Dong Hoon end up together at the endddddd…

  27. 27 : Madchen Says:

    Not sure whether Episode 8 had made many viewers’ wishes come true. It me, it has made many of my wishes came true.

    How fast the CEO quickly dumped his married lover at the hint of trouble… what a rat.

    Surprise, surprise. The CEO does not seem to have a brain, does he? Trusting a mercenary to do his dirty work for him (CEO). How desperate can the CEO be? He has underestimated this mercenary. This is no ordinary mercenary.

    Its becoming so clear now, how the people in the Company are split into two groups, competing and fighting so hard for positions, power and ownership of the Company.

    Ji An’s loanshark is coming into the picture now. Which side will he support? Hope he will not join the CEO’s side.

  28. 28 : Ling Says:

    Another fabulous drama from tvn.
    IU and Lee sung kyun what great chemistry!
    Shows like these remind me why I love Korean dramas.
    Everyone is wonderful in their respective roles

  29. 29 : Madchen Says:

    #28 Ling

    If only such well scripted and well thought out dramas are plentiful, but unfortunately not so. Most of the time most dramas out there are just not worth watching.

  30. 30 : heynie Says:

    This drama is very well written.
    And the cast, the director, music director, everything about this drama so far is great. It’s not good, it’s great.
    It teaches you about how hard life is, how you build your character.
    My favorite drama (currently airing).

  31. 31 : Madchen Says:

    #30 Heynie

    Quote: ” It teaches you about how hard life is, how you build your character. ”

    You are right. Dong Hoon said so too, when he said to Ji An : … . ” hell is reality ” .

    I am of the opinion that scripwriter Park Hae Young must be a greater observer of life, sensitive to what’s going on around her and taking notes in her mind. This drama is a reflection of her observations.

  32. 32 : Stranger Says:

    I always love LSK acting esp pasta..😍😍..at 1st i don really like IU..never tot she could be this good☺👍👍..hehehe..definitely will put her in my fav actress list!

  33. 33 : Madchen Says:

    Where has LSK been all this while? I wonder. Has he been acting much? It’s a wonder for me. I have been been watching korean dramas for a few years now, but sorry to say I have not come across him in any of the dramas or variety shows I have watched. Who is he? He is rather a good actor. Why in cold storage?

    What the President of Saman EC said that Dong Hoon looks like a person with the “look of a victim” is true. Isn’t it? And not only does Dong Hoon looks bored, sad, serious, etc…. but so too does its actor LSK. Good casting.

  34. 34 : waver Says:

    this is just a great drama, the episode rating seems to be finally starting to go up…. can’t wait for the next episode

  35. 35 : Hyeongnam Says:

    Park Dong Hoon: “I’d have killed him if I were her too. I’d kill anyone who beat on my family!”

    Hearing those words Ji Ahn broke down and wept. It was what she needed to hear to restore her faith.

    She was in a situation where the constant beatings would likely claim her only family member’s life—her grandmother. Park Dong Hoon proclaimed, he too would kill and neutralise the threat to his own family in that situation.

    However, Ji Ahn wronged Park Dong Hoon by telling his wife that her husband already knew she has been unfaithful. The couple may not overcome that hurdle in their marriage. We shall see.

  36. 36 : Madchen Says:

    #35 Hyeongnam

    When did Ji An tell Dong Hoon’s wife that Dong Hoon already knew of her affair with the CEO? I remember Ji An only showed Dong Hoon’s wife a recording of what the CEO said about their affair, and telling Dong Hoon ‘s wife to get a grip of herself before she ruin her life.

    Did I miss some part of the drama somewhere.

    The senior loanshark who beat up Ji An’s grandmother deserved what he got. He pushed Ji An into a tight corner. Do that to a rat ? Even the rat would turn around and bite.

    Hard to tell what’s going to happen to the marriage. Let’s wait and see.

  37. 37 : Jukbang Says:

    Park Dong Hoon is the coolest character ever.

  38. 38 : park jun sung Says:

    @Madchen #36
    Ji an tell Dong Hoon’s wife about it on episode 9. Before the scene when Dong Hoon heard the story from ahjussi trash picker. around minute 01.00.00 – 01.05.00.

  39. 39 : park jun sung Says:

    Do you know, episode by episode I’m getting more and more in love with this drama… aaaahhhhh this drama isss soo goooddd… the storyy is so good. Most all character in this drama has strong character theirself. from Dong hoon, Ji ahn, brothers, Yoo ra, Jun hee, Trash Picker Ahjussi.. all of that was people with strong character in their life story.

    AND YESSSSS, I AGREE with @jukbang #37….. PARK DOONG HOON IS SOOO COOOLLL AHJUSSIIIII… ahh i want to cry when he defend Ji ahn, when he fight with kwang il to defend Ji Ahn, protect her. aaaaahhh i want to cry tooo…. Finally there is a one who care about her.

    THIS DRAMA ISSS SOO GOOODDD>.. PLEASE writer, can you make Dong hoon and Ji Ahn end up togetherr??

  40. 40 : Lori Says:

    Can i have a man like Dong Hoon ahjussi in my real life? 😍😍😍😍😍

  41. 41 : Madchen Says:

    #38 park jun sung

    Thanks for coming to the “rescue”. Got it now !!

    I wud say that it was good that Ji An met with Dong Hoon’s wife. At this meeting, the wife got to know now the whole truth about what was going on at her husband’s office and how the knives are out to topple him. Just in time she knows. She might end up being a strong supporter of Dong Hoon and protecting him with her legal standing.

    How I hate the loanshark. He , like his father deserves to be killed. No good reason to leave them alive. Who cares if they died. Ha! Loansharks !! Scums! They practically made Ji An a workhorse and physically abusing her and her grandma. So cruel. Poor Ji An. Finally, there is someone who cares whst happens to her, Dong Hoon.

    This character Dong Hoon is a typical caring person. He did try to help anyone in trouble.

  42. 42 : Hani Says:

    Very good drama. Character development is the main point in this drama.

  43. 43 : Park jun sung Says:

    @Madchen #41
    Beside the fact that dong hoon’s wife start to be in Dong hoon’s side to help him againts Do joon young, it’s probably mean that she will “back” to her husband. And THAT’s mean… Its possibly Dong hoon at the end end up together with his wife again… Ohh nooooooo!!! divorce them and make Ji Ahn end up together with Dong hoon. Hahahaha…
    Surely, i just don’t care Yoon hee anymore. She can go to USA and live with her son. And Dong hoon can start new live with Ji Ahn, and protect her. Haha just my big dream.

  44. 44 : Madchen Says:

    #43 Park Jun Sang

    I am very sure Dong Hoon’s wife will support him and help him, with help from Ji An to fight off the CEO to win the Director’s seat, plus (oh please make this happen) taking over CEO’s position. And why would she return to help Dong Hoon? It’s because this is the revenge she can take to punish the CEO for using her and making a fool of her ( love affair). A woman scorned can be a very dangerous woman.

    However, can’t tell whether Dong Hoon and wife will get back together as by now, Dong Hoon is dreads to be in his wife’s company. He loaths it. When his found wife is home after work, he would rather go drink somewhere alone just to avoid her.

    The years of living and surviving in this harsh world on her own has made Ji An to be very smart in the art of staying alive. Latest development in the office politics has made her realised that she’s got to get out of the CEO clutches of having to do his dirty work for him. Possibility Ji An would be manipulating to get herself fired, disappear and to enable her to help Dong Hoon secretly from the outside.

    I like how Dong Hoon has such loyal support from family, friends and office colleagues. Did you see how his family and friends ran so fast trying to save him “at the drop of a pin” ?

  45. 45 : Park jun sung Says:

    @Madchen #44

    Yeah, I see how his family and friends are trying to save Dong Hoon as soon as possible when they find out that he has just been beaten by kwang ill. it’s because he is a big hearted man, everyone loves him, not to mention Ji An. yes, Ji An, expressing her feelings to Dong-hoon at the end of episode 10. it makes me sad, seeing the fact that to get them together at the end takes a lot of effort. Ji An realizes that, loving a married man is a dream that will make her hurt.
    By the way, Dong Hoon once told Do Joon Young that, if his wife knows that Dong Hoon has understood everything, his wife will not be able to live together again with Dong Hoon. I doubt what Yoon Hee wants to do right now, what does she mean to act now, is she merely taking revenge on Joon Young, or is she aware that Dong Hoon loves her so much, and makes her regret it, and she wants to improve her relationship with her husband?

  46. 46 : JEN Says:

    This drama is an art! It breaks the traditional style of K drama. This drama delve deep into the daily hardship of the poor, breaking but surviving. This drama breaks the stereotype of some of societal mindset- the young can fall in love with older people, man can beat up a girl… It tugs at our internal moral compass…

    I didn’t know IU can act soooo well!!!! Great acting! I am excited to compete this drama!!

  47. 47 : Linkie Says:

    Great drama, excellent acting, with well written episodes, like most comments here it would be in the interest of the writers to match DH with JA are they (writers ) brave enough to match this pair up? we will see, Now that the wife knows that her husband is aware of her affair with his worst enemy I cannot see them being married for to long, quite rightly so too, as she does seem to have strong feelings for him(CEO)

  48. 48 : Madchen Says:

    Eeewww…. who would want the CEO? Only Dong Hoon’s wife. It must be the badness in the CEO that attracts her. She must have found Dong Hoon too tame and boring for her.

    She is a piece of trash !! No better than the CEO.

  49. 49 : anb Says:

    I never knew that IU would be this great for acting. She’s really into his character and match very well with brilliant actor LSK. I love both of them together. Cant wait for romantic moment between IU and LSK \m/

  50. 50 : OK OK OK Says:

    Jang Ki Yong ssi,

    you are so gentle, suave, kind hearted, loving in Go Back Couple. You acted very well.
    I just finished watching 12 Episodes today.

    I am really happy to see your role with good characters in that drama. Fighting !!!

  51. 51 : park jun sung Says:

    @admin, please add this additional cast:

    Chae Dong Hyun as Assistant Kim (Dong Hoon’s Co-worker)
    Seo Hyun Woo as Song Seok Bong (Dong Hoon’s Co-worker)

  52. 52 : Hyeongnam Says:

    Ji Ahn Park Dong Hoon to fire her and how to go about it. Ji Ahn tells him what to say so everyone would know she has been bad, presumably to save Dong Hoon. Dong Hoon’s responded angrily:

    “I’m too old to immaturely fire you for liking me. And I feel sick thinking about firing you.”

    “If I didn’t talk to a guy while at school, once I meet his parents and say a few words, we’re not strangers anymore. That’s how I am. I’ll be at your grandmother’s funeral, so you’d better be at my mother’s.”

    “I’m going to see you finish your contract term. And I’m going to hear that you’re doing well at another company. And then in 10 or 20 years when I run into you again, I’m going to greet you warmly . . . I’m going to face you with a smile. I’m begging you. Let’s do that.”

    Beautifully written script it left me in tears. It’s moments like that in this drama that I find myself lifted out of my mundane life into a transcendent state, just by the sheer beauty of the character the writer paints. Dong Hoon’s vision of himself in the world and his ethics is wonderful—it’s spiritual.

  53. 53 : Hyeongnam Says:

    At the end of episode 7 the grandmother asks Ji Ahn’s why she’s crying despite all the good things that was happening with her and with Dong Hoon, she replied it’s because she is happy. Ji Ahn said;

    “I’m happy that I’m close to someone like him.”

    IU’s acting in that scene was superb. The sadness in her face as she uttered “I’m happy” shows us Ji Ahn’s sadness stemming from her empathy for Dong Hoong and the heartache that he’s going through. And the realisation that Dong Hoo is someone that has now a place in her heart.

    What a beautiful drama.

  54. 54 : Hyeongnam Says:

    Correction: “the end of episode 7” I meant episode 11.

  55. 55 : Linkie Says:

    This drama gets better by each episodes, will the writers be brave and let DH to divorce his cheating wife, will they let him andJA have a relationship, Good acting from everyone, we like the goodies and hate the baddies, lets hope it ends with a nice romance

  56. 56 : Park jun sung Says:

    After episode 11 passes, I think the chance to make Ji Ahn and Dong Hoon end up together is getting smaller. Surely there is still a chance, but not 100% easy to happen. especially when Dong-hoon tells Ji Ahn that he wants to see her succeed as herself 10-20 years later, and Dong Hoon wants to see Ji Ahn again with a smile and congratulate her, ouh, yes, he (Dong Hoon) does not want to ‘ have a further future’ with Ji Ahn.

    I think Ji Ahn feels a little guilty now for telling Dong Hoon’s wife about the truth. Dong hoon is now really messed up. but on the bright side, the problem with his wife is getting more and more open to find his way out. whether he and his wife finally decide to divorce, or they will defend their home for their son, Ji Seok.

    yes, one of the reasons why Dong hoon could not easily end up with Ji Ahn is because of Ji Seok. of course you know if Dong Hoon is a good man and responsible. he could not be that easy as to make his son end up a broken home kid, right? Aish that boy ..!

  57. 57 : Hyeongnam Says:

    I prefer they don’t end up together, tho I think Ji Ahn is now in love with Dong Hoon. If the writer who constructed Dong Hoon truly appreciate the values upon which the character rests, he/she might avoid putting them together as a couple.

    Whichever way it goes, this writer has done a really wonderful job already.

    And Lee Ji Eun’s (IU) acting is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Such a joy watching her do things that established actors have failed to achieve. Not taking anything away from the rest of the cast; all are giving great performances.

  58. 58 : OK OK OK Says:


    GOD BLESS YOU !!!!

  59. 59 : Nudge Says:

    Gorgeous Nara!

  60. 60 : Nudge Says:

    I hope Ki Hoon gets to direct a movie again with Yoo Ra.

  61. 61 : Madchen Says:

    Finally Dong Hoon has erupted. The floodgates of frustrations have been opened. Good. This will finally force the many issues troubling him to come out publicly and be tackled.

    I notice that many of the main characters here carry baggages with them. Still hanging on to the demons that prevent them from moving on. It is as if they relish having these demons haunting them and turning them into self pitying blobs of humanity. I do not like this.

    Episode 11 is an episode where the characters’ demons are coming out to confront them. It’s an Episode of truths.

    And then there is this comical part where even a small cleaning enterprise has a slush fund. Lift up the matress, and you will find the money all neatly stacked up underneath it.

    This drama is very well written, script and dailogue and all.

  62. 62 : Mirai Says:

    Wow, the rating of episode 12 is hit its highest rating so far.

  63. 63 : Nana Says:

    oh, it looks like the end of the story is getting closer. Ji An will go somewhere. it would be nice if she went on episode 13. I mean, at least there will be a story after her return that will be told into episode 14,15,16. She will be a better girl, both in terms of ‘cheerfulness’, appearance and success.

    in episode 12, she openly admits that she likes Dong Hoon to his wife. And i still dont get the point why his wife is so grateful hear that. either because she can finally release Dong Hoon to Ji An or because she does not have to worry about Ji An, even though she likes her husband, she has no intention of taking Dong Hoon away from her. If she means that she is happy to finally have a woman who can replace her position in the eyes of Dong Hoon, I will be very happy. Just go away immidiatelly, ahjumma.

    Luv u Dong hoon ahjussi 💟💟💟

  64. 64 : Ling Says:

    #29 Madchen

    Last season there was Mother. Another tvn drama. Also very good. The little girl was unbelievably genius.

    But I must say my mister really resonates with me : )

  65. 65 : Ling Says:

    Every one deserves the best actor in this drama.

    Lee sun kyun is on fire and utterly believable as the flawed Mr Good Man.

    The script is just mind blowing

  66. 66 : Madchen Says:

    Dong Hoon saved a soul. His kindness did wonders in casting away doubts and fears of a young girl, to be replace by confidence and hope.

    Ji An is worth saving. Compared to his wife, Ji An, though may be so much younger, is so much a better person. Her grandma has taught her and brought her up well.

    However, on the other hand I just simply dislike the whining Yura, Ki Hoon and the idiotic Director Yoon. Director Yoon is a typical ignorant senior staff who should be put on display with the dinosaurs in a natural history museum. He belongs there. So ignorant and backward in his management style and human interactions. His EQ (emotional quotient) is ” 0 “.

    Dong Hoon’s wife is a specimen. Blaming breakup of their relationship all on Dong Hoon. What a blind fool. She’s wont be able to meet another man like Dong Hoon ever in her life again. Her attraction to toxic men is going to be her eternal “excitement” in life. At the end of the day, she’s going to regret it. Too late then.

  67. 67 : Ling Says:

    It surprised me dong hoon’s wife actually had a valid reason for why she was driven to have an affair, given how perfect dong hoon is. He didn’t realise how his spending so much time with and on his mother and brothers, was a problem for his wife and alienating her and causing her to be lonely. She is pitiful as well.

  68. 68 : Ling Says:

    Lee ji ah is so transformed in this role, I can’t believe how good she is

  69. 69 : Ling Says:

    Ki hoon and yura, it’s so kooky, the two of them together, it’s like a perfect match. The writing, direction and acting, is so good, it makes the relationship credible. It’s as jung hee tells Ki hoon’s mother – they appear to be suited for each other : )

  70. 70 : Madchen Says:

    #67 Ling

    No, not a valid reason. Its just an excuse . Just like the way Yura blamed Ki Hoon for her bad acting, when in fact she does not have any acting talent. Eg. her current acting role (2nd chance to prove herself) which is turning her neurotic again instead. Why, because she finds it too difficult to handle the acting role. If she got acting talent…. acting would be a breeze. Yet she tried to load her current problem on Ki Hoon.

    As with most humans it is easier to blame others than themselves…. this is what happens with Dong Hoon ‘s wife.

    Dong Hoon’s wife if she were to love her husband, she would know and understand how attached and close DH is with his siblings and mum. What choice would she choose? Go fine another man? Or join her husband and be part of his close knit family? But in this case, DH ‘s wife looked down on DH’s mom and siblings and so do not accept them as well. What is wrong with lowering her intellectual level to those who are not at her level? So she stayed away. She’s too status conscious, plus very selfish. This is her biggest character flaw. That’s why she will be condemed to eternal “excitement” (toxic men) with no sustaining power in the choice of partners she make. She is a flawed personality. She will not ever have a fulfilled life…. a wandering ghost in search for the perfect partner. Reality is, there is no perfection in life.

  71. 71 : Ling Says:

    Without doubt, yeon hee loves dong hoon very much. This is why she cannot bear dong hoon finding out about the affair. And when he does and she finds out he knows, she decides to do right by him. She’ll wait for him to work his way through the mess and abide by whatever decision he makes, be it to divorce her or keep up with the marriage sham for his mother’s sake. And she’ll do whatever it takes to protect him from do joon young’s machinations. Plus above all, she does apologise and beg his forgiveness. She is well aware she has wronged him.

  72. 72 : Madchen Says:

    #71 Ling

    Dong Hoon’s wife does not love him. DH is only good as a fall-back guy for her, while she go have her fun.

    Now she is like a kid who’s caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She is scared and frightened of a public blowup and that she would lose face.

    She had known all along that her cheating on DH was wrong and not acceptable in society’s eyes. But as long as she was not caught, she would be fine. But once she was caught and also when she found out that the CEO did not even want her but was only using her, and that Dong Hoon is someone who would not breakup a marriage and family, she tthem tried to cushion the impact of her “fall” from grace. And at same time, she wanted to get her own back on the CEO. And maybe her concsience had played a small part here. So thats why with Ji An’s help pressured the CEO to back off or quit or else she would go public about affair. I believe this was a bluff because she too was scared of public shame herself. Otherwise why would she have her affair in secret in the first place.

    In my opiniom, she was playing the cards in her hand as best she could to ensure her own survival.

  73. 73 : Madchen Says:

    Of course DH’s wife would quickly apologise to DH. Just like any person or kid would when caught doing something wrong. If she was not caught, or she thought that DH was stll in the dark about her affair, she would not be apologising. She was crying not for DH. She was crying for her self for getting caught.

  74. 74 : Hyeongnam Says:

    @Madchen – I’d like to believe Yoon Hee loves her husband but became ensnared by her other desires.

    I think she deeply regrets it especially upon hearing the recording of the lover talking about her and also learning that Dong Hoon knows of her affair.

    I’d like to believe her apology is prompted by the pain she’s brought upon DH. She may not have apologised as you said, had DH not found out. An apology would be an admission of infidelity and cause pain. DH spoke about that in particular; he didn’t want for Yoon Hee to know that he knows of her affair. That way, he can still protect his family from total collapse.

    Yoon Hee knows the man she married is a class above the one she’s been having an affair with.

    I’m not defending Yoon Hee’s infidelity, but I think in our western societies, women pursuing pleasure beyond ethical and moral boundaries is encouraged in elite publications like Cosmopolitan and the like not to mention Hollywood movies and cable TV shows.

    Men are driven by a powerful biological urge and they have to release the pressure is the reason they tend to be promiscuous. The biology of women is somewhat troublesome in other ways.

  75. 75 : Hyeongnam Says:

    No eps this week. Bummer.

  76. 76 : Shosh Says:

    To have regrets after you got caught is not a sincerely, it is feeling sorry for yourself and try to manipulat your partner into forgiving you. 99% of the time the situation will repeat itself

  77. 77 : Maja Says:

    Why no episode 13 and 14 this week? So hard to wait for 1 week and suddenly no episodes aired? Why oh why? So frustrating…

  78. 78 : waver Says:

    man no new shows for another week…. I’m having withdrawal symptoms

  79. 79 : Ling Says:

    Ya real bummer : (

  80. 80 : Ling Says:

    Watching the special ep.
    IU’s all grown up. The look in her eyes have matured.

    She’s grown into a fine actor. Still remember Lee soon shin and the breakout Dream high.

  81. 81 : Madchen Says:

    #76 shosh

    My believe is the same as yours. Dong Hoon’s wife’s character is what makes her what she is, plus the psych that comes with such a character. Example, when things were going well for her and the CEO she even had the gall and without any conscience wanted DH fired from his job! Come on, man. How can a wife try to get her husband fired from his job? This is how bad the dark side of her is. No cure.

    Does anyone know why there are no shows this week? Breaking the momentum of the intensity and interest in the drama is the worst thing to happen to its viewers.

  82. 82 : Madchen Says:

    My feelings have feelings too, hey !! Why no shows this week?

  83. 83 : waver Says:


    what’s the special commentary episode about?

  84. 84 : Ling Says:

    The introductory press conference, which included director Kim won seok, who also helmed misaeng and signal, the two super dramas; and on-scene interviews with various cast members, behind the scene shoots including the scene at the nursing home where ji an’s helmoni asks her how dong hoon is doing. Turns out the scene was a difficult one for IU. I think in the end it was done in a few takes and edited together. Wouldn’t have known. It was a moving beautiful scene

  85. 85 : Ling Says:

    Oh, and IU also did a bit acapella of the “adult” ost.

  86. 86 : Adhelia Says:

    oooohhhh myy goodddd cant wait for episode 13.
    Guys, have you watch special episode of My Mister. in the end of special episode it showed 2 minute preview of episode 13…. and i just can screaaaammm loudlyyy…. in episode 13, The chief told Dong Hoon how Ji Ahn compliment him during Interview, another scene is when Jung Hee finally go to temple and meet the monk, and the last georgeus part is when Dong Hoon run (seem like chase Ji Ahn) when she want to go somewhere. Dong hoon just standing freeze in the traffic light. I dont know what he thought about. I only can screaaaammmm nowwwwwww…

  87. 87 : Adhelia Says:

    @Madchen #81
    Seem like its because they not finish episode 14 yets during the replacement of actor Oh dal soo with Park Ho san. They must reshoot again of scene where Oh dal soo exist. So the shooting of next episode delayed. And i hear news that they shooting until midnight to finish a lot of scene. So they are not ready publish episode 13-14 this week.

    @waver #83
    The special episode is about recap story from episode 1-12, behing the scene, vlog from IU, Nara, and Seo hyun woo-Chae dong hyun. AND extra 2 minutes preview of episode 13. Just see the preview of episode 13 and i screaaaammmm nowwww. 😱😱😱😱😱

  88. 88 : Diana Kaneo Says:

    This is a very good drama series. The actors and actresses gave justice to the characters they played. Watching dramas like this gets me addicted to K dramas.

  89. 89 : Ling Says:

    Diana Kaneo
    Hi, couldn’t agree more : )

  90. 90 : Ling Says:

    Thank you very much for the info : )

  91. 91 : Ling Says:

    Special ep.
    There’s an interesting comment via the subtitles re dong hoon and ji an’s relationship. About how they go from protecting each other to helping each other to heal to … till such time as “they become each other’s someone” (direct quote from subtitles).

    The whole drama has been so awesome that it’s totally believeable to me that dong hoon and ji an can be together. The 20-plus-year age gap doesn’t even figure.

  92. 92 : Adhelia Says:

    @Ling #91

    Really? Where did u watch it? I watch it without subtitle actually. Do u know where i can download subtitle for special episode?

  93. 93 : Madchen Says:

    #87 Adhelia

    Thanks for filling in the reasons for delay of episodes 13 and 14. Reasons why, cant be helped. Its clear now.

    My apologies for the impatience.

  94. 94 : Florens Says:

    Hiii ahjusi… You have a very good voice… Its nice to listen it, never borring
    Wish you always on stars orbit

  95. 95 : ora Says:

    Is it known when chapters 13-14 will be published?

  96. 96 : Ling Says:

    Hi there. I watched it on cable.
    Maybe u can check out the link below? I haven’t taken a look at it but it says it’s ep 12.5. If it’s the special ep, maybe it has subtitles?


  97. 97 : Ling Says:

    To Florence.

    Lee sun kyun – love his voice too : )
    It made him stand out way back in coffee prince. His breakout role : )

  98. 98 : jang jian Says:

    this drama tooks my tears more than ‘dear my friends’. it does change my preference on picking movies to watch. Love the drama! Idk why but love which let the wounds bleeding together and heals together is really heartbreaking. it may be out of the blue, i’ll be really satisfied when DH and JA cannot be together and there will be 2nd season telling story of Gwang Il’s (psycho) love story with JA while doing flashback on the bar owner and the monks story. i don’t know why but i think it’s interesting. remember how gwang il cried recalling his dark pink memories (eps12) . i think, it’s not only JA that has hard youth life, but also Gwang Il. since, there’s always lesson that being missed by the character that we (watchers) can learn. Lastly, i am really speechless with bar owner statement, ‘as i remember back then, life was also not easier when we were young’ (the statement may not the literally correct, i just write what i remember, sorry if it’s wrong). No matter what’s going to happen in this drama, I’ll be pleased. the wording is healing and beautiful. I don’t have any complaints. good job, park hae young and team! i love you.

  99. 99 : Ling Says:

    jang jian, hello : )

    Haha, a second season. That’s how much u love the drama : )
    I did enjoy dear my friends.

    Jung hee and gyeom duk’s relationship, it would be interesting to know more. Oh na ra’s fine detailed acting so fleshed out the character, and made jung hee’s deep grief and depressed state of mind so palpable, she was just amazing in the role. Definitely best actor stuff.

    Why were u speechless by jung hee’s statement?

  100. 100 : Nana Says:

    episode 13. Omooo.. I dont have any words to say. the best episode in this drama so far. actually i’m full of tears now. guys, after you watch episode 13, dont you think dong hoon can end up together with Ji An? i hope so…

    Btw.. Wow, my coment is hit #100th. Actually recent years, its rely a drama got comment until 100++… This drama is deserve the best.

  101. 101 : Tayba Says:

    I really do not believe that Ji An will end up with Dong Hoon. She does not belong with him any more than she belongs with the loan shark who beats her up.
    She will always like and love Dong Hoon as a very special person in her life, but actually being a couple simply does not work.

  102. 102 : pd Says:

    someone have to die…..to be perfect….. it’s part of life….

  103. 103 : Hyeongnam Says:

    Kyum Duk, DH’s friend is troubled by Yoon Hee’s plea. He has gone into deep meditation.

    Yoon Hee is tormented, full of resentment and bitterness which can metastasize into something worse—anger toward God. It is like she’s been dangling at the edge of a cliff and the one person who can save her, Kyum Duk, was not aware of her situation. So, his meditation might change that.

    Kyum Duk played a pivotal role in making Yoon Hee what she is. And so, the selfless course of action for him to take is to end his venture into monastic life and marry the woman.

    After all, monastic life is not for everyone and it is time Kyum Duk realises it is not meant for him.

  104. 104 : Adhelia Says:

    Watching the ending of episode 14 is like watching the ending of avengers infinity wars. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔. Ahjussiii.. Please dont be mad to Ji Ahn…..

  105. 105 : Adhelia Says:

    The rating of episode 14 is keep climbing to the top…
    AGB Nielsen : 6.468 (nationwide) || 7.374 (Seoul)
    TNMS. : 5.5 (nationwide)

  106. 106 : Adhelia Says:

    Park Dong Hoon, why you are soooo handsome and charmiiingg, why, WHY, WHYYYY??!!! You make teenagers like me fall in love with ahjussi like you.. 😍😍😍 Heww..
    Why this dramaaaa is soooo gooodddd. I give 1000 out of 100.
    In episode 14, when DH invite his wife to join the party, oh God… Nooo waayyy. Writernim, dont make DH and his wife reunite again. Doooonntt do that. Just make them seperate imediately! I just really want DH and Ji An end up together no matter what.
    And expression of DH at the end epusode, what that mean? Of course he surprize and so embarassed because there is a one who knew everthing about him, BUT, did he mad to Ji An? Or he relief he can share his pain without his notice.? Is he mad to her, please don’t. DH is need Ji An to be happy. And Ji An also need DH to be happy. Why dont you two just live happily together.

  107. 107 : waver123 Says:

    Argh just two more episodes to go! Personally I dont think DH and Ji Ah will be together as lovers at the end, but we will see! But I am happy to see the ratings keep going up this drama deserves more recognition!

  108. 108 : Liebe 👾 Says:

    I can’t wait next wednesday thursday. But i’m not ready for next wednesday thursday too because its will end. 😥😥😥.
    Writernim / Director nim. PLEASE don’t kill Ji Ahn by that car accident. Pleaseee don’t!! Or i will be so mad and dissapointed!

  109. 109 : Sandy Says:

    I have enjoyed this drama so much with all the actors and actresses. IU’s acting keeps getting better and better.I am happy that after Moon Lovers, she seems to be getting more mature roles. I think this particular one, where she was both a good and evil wench, she has done a very good job!! As for Lee Sun Kyun, (PDH) well his acting is always superb!! I have loved him since Coffee Prince. As for the drama, I am not expecting for LJA to end up with PDH. She will continue to be happy as he told her once that she will finish her contract with his company and move on to another job where she can show her talents and abilities as she is a very smart girl. For LJA, PDH will always be her Ajushi who helped her out and made a difference in her life. Needless to say, I am sad that there only 2 episodes left.

  110. 110 : Ling Says:

    : ) I can’t describe what I felt when dong hoon speaks into his phone calling ji an’s name and telling her to call him. Indescribable. How can a script be so good : )

    My guess is that dong hoon will not be upset at ji an for long. From the start, he was the one who reached out to her first. From the moment he saw her stealing the office tea packet drinks and his first instinct was worry for her that she might get into trouble, that empathy has drawn them together.

    Dong hoon will remember that after listening in on his whole life, ji an’s view of him is that he is a very good man. I think this judgment of his character means more to him than being promoted. For a person like dong hoon, the ties that bind, his relationships, character, loyalty, friendship, family, these mean everything to him and defines who he is.

  111. 111 : Nana Says:

    @ling #110

    Ouw, that make sense. Maybe he ask Ji Ahn to call him to clear it, that he actually not be mad about she pirate his phone without permission. And he is so happy when Ji Ahn call him, he really waiting her call. but when Ji Ahn “say good bye” to him, he start to trembling, and he try not to cry (if you notice it). Dong hoon without his knowing, he not just empaty to her, but he like her. and thats feeling can be turned into love.

  112. 112 : Ling Says:

    Hi nana : )
    I think the very things that make dong hoon who he is, are the very same things that make a love relationship between him and ji an next to impossible. He certainly feels for her; she has a way of getting to him. But being the deeply honourable and good man he is, he never ever makes a move on her. She asks to hug him, he gruffly turns her down. He always makes certain to keep her at arm’s length.
    And when he’s with yeon hee, remember a recent scene where he returns home and is headed straight to the room when yeon hee asks him if he’d like a drink, meaning they’ll drink together, dong hoon while he’d prefer not to, stops himself and says yes instead. This guy, he doesn’t have a mean bone in him. He doesn’t hurt yeon hee’s feelings in spite of all that’s happened. He has deeply reflected on his part in driving her towards having an affair. She was not all to blame. This is an amazing guy, capable of reflection and being accountable. You can see why yeon hee still loves him and will do her best to do right by him.
    As at ep 14, yeon hee’s still being lauded as THE WIFE at dong hoon’s promotion celebration, something dong hoon seems to be happy with. He has kept his family together.
    Looking at ep 15 shots, it appears dong hoon finally acknowledges ji an’s feelings for him- when she cries out that she wants only for him to be happy and he receives it telling her he will be so. This is perhaps the most he can do for her in this regard? (Will have to see how the last two eps play out). And another telling bit- yeon hee tells dong hoon they should help ji an so she can stop running and hiding. Just imagine: the wife is stepping up to help the potential girlfriend. Wow. But then yeon hee can see, compared to herself, that ji an’s love for dong hoon is pure and fiercely loyal

  113. 113 : Icha Says:

    Hoping that the two remaining episodes will lead this drama to a good ending both for Ji An and Dong Hoon… Just like at the writer’s previous drama, Another Oh Hae Young, it seemed that they couldn’t be together (because of death) but it turned out to be a nice ending at the last minutes-of the last episode.

    No matter happens, I’m glad being a witness of another masterpiece from Writer Park.

  114. 114 : Hyeongnam Says:

    I liked the scene when Ji Ahn uninstalled the wiretap app on her phone. We hear Dong Hoon’s footsteps echoed then it was gone.

    Then Ji Ahn cried. It’s the letting go of what had become the most intimate things she had of Dong Hoon. The sound of his breath; his footsteps; when talks to himself; when he cried in anguish. and when he expressed his thoughts about Ji Ahn as a good person. She won’t get to hear them again.

    It’s good work by the screenwriter and the director to include that short scene. It reinforced the fact that Ji Ahn truly loves Dong Hoon.

    And I like that Doong Hoon restrained himself. Staying aloof; not allowing his emotions take over. I suspect inside he really wants to hold her and console her. We know what happens once that happens.

    Kudos to the writer. Powerful writing. And Lee Ji Eun’s acting is just brilliant!

  115. 115 : Hyeongnam Says:

    @Ling – “Yeon Hee can see, compared to herself, that ji an’s love for dong hoon is pure and fiercely loyal.”

    Indeed. And it is to Yeon Hee’s credit. She also acknowledged that Ji Ahn was protecting Dong Hoon “WITH HER ENTIRE BEING.”


  116. 116 : Hyeongnam Says:

    Grandma’s last conversation with Ji Ahn:
    “What a wonderful relationship you have with him (Dong Hoon). And so precious, too.”

    It is not important that the tale is not factual; what is important is that the narratives embedded in them help us navigate through life.

    Kudos to the writer and director. Well done!

  117. 117 : Ling Says:

    Hyeongnam : )

    We’re all so loving this drama aren’t we : )

    Thank you for your post #74.

  118. 118 : Doko Says:

    나의 아저씨 one of the most wonderful drama in the world. Thank you very much everyone who made this masterpiece. My heart soul very happy, you gave me a lot of pleasant energy and strength. 감사합니다 정말.

  119. 119 : Wasim Says:

    This is my second time watching a Korean Drama, I can’t describe or express my feelings , I’m speechless.

    My Ajusshi, is a magnificent story, well written and amazing performance.

  120. 120 : Jaysee Says:

    Excellent drama. Very realistic. Great scriptwriter & director. Fantastic actors & actresses. Keep up the good work.

  121. 121 : annmasae Says:

    wonderful and realistic ending. enjoyed this drama very much. totally agree with all the positive comments. i hope IU’s fans that objected to the pairing of her with a much older man are now acknowledging that the pairing was heart-warming with a lot of chemistry. IU’s acting was great. Loved Lee Sun Kyun a lot too. His drama Pasta is one of my favorites.

  122. 122 : Jukbang Says:

    In the end Park Dong Hoon is a lonenly man after all.

  123. 123 : Madchen Says:

    This drama took my breath away. When was the last time I watched a drama with such a soul searching story?? The last and first time is this drama….. “My Mister”.

    I believe many viewers out there could be like me, feeling that MyMister’s story is that missing piece in us that has finally filled in that void in us. Giving us a kind of settled feeling that all is ok in humanity afterall.

    The scriptwriter, director, cast of actors plus the hardwork of the production are incredible. They told the story so well in this drama.

    I am really lost for words to express how this drama has touched me. Hope what I’ve written above makes sense.

  124. 124 : waver123 Says:

    I’m not sure if Dong Hoon’s actually separated from his wife or what, the story says she’s looking for a school to further her study, is that an excuse? Because in the story the young brother mentioned DH rarely cries, if he cries then something really bad must be happening. Or am I reading too much into it.

  125. 125 : park jun sung Says:

    @waver123 #124

    same with me, i still confuse, is he is divorced his wife. the writer give mystery about his marriage status. i hope he and his wife divorced, and dong hoon can run into ji ahn then.
    Its bad, when DH is the one who lonely at the end. cz, although he build his company and seem happier than before, there is still a sad lonely man pictured in his face.

  126. 126 : Madchen Says:

    When Dong Hoon’s wife is looking to further her studies, it could mean that both she and Dong Hoon are taking a break (not a separation or a divorce) to reflect and re-evaluate their lives.

    Both of them have reached a cross road in their lives. I suppose an re-evaluation is needed in this case. And what is the catalyst that spurred this on, its the arrival of Ji An into their lives. Her presence sparked the parts that had gone silent and dead in both Dong Hoon and his wife. Suddendly they started to live.

    However the drama finished without telling what the is end of the couple’s re-evaluation. It just show Dong Hoon and wife looking at a new direction in their lives. One id further studies and the other, having the courage to be his own boss by starting a new business. Not the finale for their marriage.

  127. 127 : Madchen Says:

    Some viewers mentioned about loneliness the characters are facing.

    Loneliness is a feeling that is with everyone. We can even be lonely in a crowd. Its a feeling which is up to us to deal how we what it to be. Throw it down the dumpster or allow this feeling to fester in us.

    Ji An’s grandmother, the smart and wise one that she was, taught Ji An to have a grateful heart and be happy (with what she has). With such feelings in us, there is no place for loneliness. Dong Hoon finally found his answer. So did his bro Dong Sang.

    The monk friend of Jung Hee too feels lonely. But he knows how to put his loneliness aside. Its his religious search. Here is one fine example where it does not mean that a person must have a human partner in order not to become lonely.

    In the end, it can be said that Ji An like an angle, came and changed world and the lives of a bunch of very good people who were on the brink of “self destruct”.

  128. 128 : Ling Says:

    Kwang il
    What redemption
    The price – his life
    Very sad

  129. 129 : Ling Says:

    That hug
    The handshake
    The radiant smile

    Becoming someone to each other

  130. 130 : Ling Says:

    Article to share-

    Comforting life through meeting ‘My Mister’

  131. 131 : Ferra Says:

    Really Like this movie. My fav after jealousy incarnate

  132. 132 : Nana Says:

    @Madchen #126

    Maybe I think, this is the end of their marriage. not a relationship, but a marriage. of course they will keep in touch because of their child. yes, maybe they both take a break, they do not meet each other and they live apart. I so remember a guy Dong Hoon’s friend who owns the bar. The story of his life is the same as what happened to Dong Hoon at the end of the episode. He and his wife are not divorced but they are separated. and they have lived for so many years and finally decided to divorce. and I think Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee will be like that. sooner or later they will start a new life, and open their hearts to new people. if you realize the end of episode 16, Dong Hoon has not called his wife as ‘my wife’ but ‘my son’s mother’. so, that is the stage where they start to split up. and the ending of this drama is the open end. not the real end. both Ji Ahn and Dong Hoon both met at the end as being new and free from the past. maybe this is the beginning of their relationship.

  133. 133 : Nana Says:

    I just so in love with this drama…. Lee sun kyun is sooooo charming and handsome ahjussi… His voice iss sooo ‘something legit’

    This drama should got achievment like daesang and best drama of 2018 in Baeksang Art Awards or Seoul International Drama this year.

  134. 134 : алла Says:

    Love this drama!!. Much love for all the cast!!

  135. 135 : Madchen Says:

    #132 Nana

    Maybe, maybe, maybe….

    Choose our own ending !

  136. 136 : Ling Says:



  137. 137 : Ling Says:

    Credit: Yonhap news agency

    TV series ‘My Mister’ portrays humor, pathos of Korean ‘ajeossi’

    By Woo Jae-yeon
    SEOUL, April 11 (Yonhap) — TvN’s new series “My Mister” is a dark, heavy story of a young woman whose sole life purpose seems to be making money to pay a debt and a middle-aged man who unwittingly becomes her “friend.”

    Despite the gloomy storyline, producer Kim Won-suk, also known for such hit series as “Misaeng” and “Signal,” believes his audience will ultimately see that the drama delivers a heart-warming, soothing story.

    “It is about someone becoming special to someone else,” Kim said at a press event held in Seoul on Wednesday.

    “This one is in line with my previous works, in that it also tells about life together and that life changes for the better, if only slightly, by meeting and interacting with others.”

    The producer also hopes to draw Korean middle-aged men — the most elusive audience group — by telling stories they can relate to.

    The drama, the Korean title of which is “My Ajeossi,” had a bumpy ride in the run-up to its March 21 premiere. Ajeossi means a middle-aged man in Korean. It had to urgently change one actor, Oh Dal-su, who faced sexual assault allegations. Some TV viewers took issue with the title that they interpreted as alluding to an improper relationship between a young woman and a middle-aged, married man. After all, it cast 22-year-old singer-actress Lee Ji-eun, better known by her stage name IU, and 43-year-old actor Lee Sun-kyun opposite each other.

    But the story has been developing differently from what had been expected.

    Lee Ji-an, played by Lee, has supported her sick grandmother on her own since she was six. She does whatever it takes to make money to repay her debt to Lee Kwang-il, son of the cruel moneylender she accidentally killed when she was a middle-schooler.

    In her desperate attempt to escape from the deepening cycle of debt, she approaches Park Dong-hoon, played by Lee Sun-kyun, a warm-hearted middle manager at the company she temps at. In spite of herself, she begins to feel sympathy for Park, who suffers the heavy weight of life in his own way.

    Although viewership ratings are around four percent, IU’s powerful performance of the sad woman is seen as gripping or even mesmerizing, as it is out of sync with her public image as a youthful, buoyant little sister.

    “I wasn’t sure if I could play the character … but the director gave me confidence when he said I would grow a lot by the time the drama finishes,” Lee said.

    “Ji-an is a very interesting character. The drama follows her objectively, rather than trying to justify her actions. I liked it,” she added.

    Actor Lee Sun-kyun said he could sympathize with his character because he also cares about his family and worries about the future like any other Korean ajeossi.

    “The story is somewhat dark. But I hope viewers feel life is still worth living. I have a line in the drama which reads, ‘Life is about the struggle between your inner power and outer forces. If you have strong inner power, you can overcome difficulties you face in life.'”

  138. 138 : OK OK OK Says:

    Re Dong Hoon Lee Sun Kyung.
    I don’t think anyone will get back to the wife husband relationship anymore after one of them slept with others after a marriage. TRUST AND LOVE DISAPPEAR – CANNOT BE THE SAME ANYMORE.

    IMO, In the last episode, Lee Sun Kyung wife’s is in overseas staying with the son, that means they already go separate ways for their case though they not yet divorce…

    When Lee Sun Kyung met IU after some separation gap, I guess they are ready to start a new “couple” relationship when they are so at ease at meeting each other and IU says she will call him up for lunch in the near future.

  139. 139 : Ling Says:

    Waver, park jun sung

    Re Park dong hoon and kang yoon hee
    The marriage survives the upheaval and heartbreak. But in what exact state we’re not told.

    There are however, some clues.
    And the timelines help to clarify.
    The first timeline is after ji an goes to busan. Some time after, maybe a few months, a year, yoon hee leaves for america to see their son, with the possibility of going back to the US for further studies later.

    The second timeline is the successful set up of dong hoon’s company. So this should be at least several years after yoon hee’s visit to the US. Dong hoon appears to be happier. On his office desk, photos of yoon hee and their son, and his brothers, line the desk.

    Dong hoon has protected his family to the end. He is largely at peace with himself, and happy, like he promised ji an he would be.

  140. 140 : Park jun sung Says:

    @OK OK OK #138 and @Ling #139

    Yessssssssss! All we want is DH ♥ JA. They are starting stare each other. (Oh i forget, not they but DH, cz jI An is early love him whenever he reject her).

    Based on Ling explaination abt timeline, DH and JA probably meet each other at the end around 4-5 years later after event JA grandmom died. Its proved with DH company. Of course build company didnt take 1-2 years right.? I just cant handle my self to see whats going on with them after they meet for the 1st time after many years seperate. Aaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  141. 141 : Park jun sung Says:

    I keep rewatch this video until my replay button broken. LOL…

    (Ji Ahn – Dong Hoon meet after several years)

  142. 142 : Ling Says:

    So many inspiring dialogues in this beautiful drama.

    Just to note down one from ep 16, already partially shared by hyeongnam @ #116- ji an’s last conversation with helmoni-

    What a great man
    Its an encounter that’s to be treasured
    But when u think about it
    Every encounter every meeting is something to be treasured
    You need to repay him
    So be happy
    That’s how u can repay him

  143. 143 : Madchen Says:

    #141 park jung sung

    Hahahahaha ! You made me laugh so much ! Breaking the replay button ? Get out of here, man ! Come on, man ! Hahaha ! Serious. You’re cute.

    What will you break next ?

    My Mister is a good drama, is it not ?

    Hahaha !!

  144. 144 : Ling Says:

    Park jun sung aneong : )

    U really want them to be together don’t u : )

    On hindsight, its a one-sided love from ji an for dong hoon. Dong hoon has always only considered her as someone much younger than him, someone to be protected because of her young age. He uses the word “eolin ai” repeatedly when talking about her.

    He’s always telling her- how can one so young feel pity for an adult? He’s deeply moved by the fact that though she is so young, she can understand his struggles.

    And to him it’s always pity; he calls what she feels for him pity. That because she pities him is the reason she helps him : ) By calling it pity, it shows he does not acknowledge that what she feels for him is love.

  145. 145 : Park jun sung Says:

    #143 Madchen
    Yesssssss, i’m sooo exhausting with this drama. I keep replay the video just for see Dong Hoon cutie smile. He is soooo handsomeee when he smile. Anyway, if u ever watch LSK drama, Pasta, his gesture on last scene when he congrats Ji Ahn is like ‘Chef’ gesture… How he move, how he smile. Aih cincca.

    #144 Ling
    Hey, do u know, actually i just realize it after read ur opinion… Ooohhhh so, this long time, dong hoon thought that Ji Ahn is only feel pity about him. You are right, Dong hoon never think that it is the way how Ji Ahn express her feeling towards him. Not just a pity feeling. Pabo… Pabbo ahjussi… 😤

  146. 146 : Ling Says:

    Park jun sung
    Please watch coffee prince if u’ve not yet done so. Lee sun kyun is very charismatic there. You’ll also find his charming voice mesmerising : )

  147. 147 : Kelly Says:

    Just so in love with this drama. Lee Sun Kyun voice is so sexy and manly. I just melting like a piece when he start to talk.
    Unfortunately this drama is end, no more excited Wednesday Thursday (T^T)
    My Mister, Fighting! Should get DAESANG in Baeksang Art Awards 2019

  148. 148 : My Mister, o novo drama familiar de romance da tvN Says:

    […] Fonte: KoeanDrama […]

  149. 149 : OK OK OK Says:

    until now, i am still recommending to my friends who has not yet watch this drama. I really like this lead couples 😛

  150. 150 : My Mister, o novo drama familiar de romance da tvN | BRAZILKOREA | O site mais completo sobre a Coreia do Sul Says:

    […] Fonte: KoeanDrama […]

  151. 151 : Sabi Says:

    the story, cast, ost., cinematography are just PERFECT. the voice of ahjussi is really eargasm. and IU’s acting is really gooooooood, esp in last episode while she did sign language to talk to her dead grandma is heartbreaking 💔💔💔 .. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  152. 152 : Rett Says:

    He did love her,but he was a gentleman first and foremost, she did everything just to make him happy, she loved him was it meant to be remains questionable? I think sometime in the future they will? though there was no physical skin ship, mentally their love and dedication is endless. This is a one of a kind Drama, that should’ve received numerous awards of every kind, yet it wasn’t nominated??? how sad, this was a drama made to make you **feel, every kind of emotion, just read the many blogs and statements made by the Fans My Mister is exceptional soompi https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/408082-drama-2018-my-mister-나의-아저씨/?page=231 The entire crew ,amazing actors the writing, amazing just read the many websites and blogs who continue to state how affected they were by this Drama

  153. 153 : rieneee Says:

    Very very highly recommended drama!! The story is deep, touching, warm and the chemistry between IU & LSK is so strong. At the beginning I didn’t expect romance (because of what the PD-nim had said before) but ended up stumbling onto one of the greatest love stories ever.
    Without those cheesy words, cliche love story, lots of kisses and skinships My Mister has become the most romantic drama.

  154. 154 : wizrose Says:

    I hope this drama is entertaining… because I did not see any young drama star their

  155. 155 : M Says:


  156. 156 : Ling Says:

    Looks like this wonderful drama continues to turn heads and capture hearts.

    Hi Rett, since this drama is a 2018 production, nominations will be made for the various upcoming awards later this year. I certainly hope it gets nominated for many awards and wins!
    But this isn’t really important cos I think this drama has already won given how it touches the many whose path it crosses.

  157. 157 : retse Says:

    wow…very good story and the actors are so good,i admire lee sun kyun i saw him the drama pasta….back the i really like him…very nice actor

  158. 158 : LJB Says:

    I am out of words of this kind of Kdrama. My Mister is a treasure! A gem! A masterpiece!It lingers in your mind and stays in your heart forever! Such a wonderful series about human lives, its pains, struggles and triumphs. We appreciate this kind of drama and please continue to make excellent dramas like this. Perfect for me!

  159. 159 : Stranger Says:

    Please make my mister season 2!!!!

  160. 160 : Pjs Says:


    Woahhh… My mister won best drama (daesang) ini 2nd The Seoul Awards in 2018

    2018 2nd The Seoul Awards : Grand Prize (Daesang) for Drama Category – My Mister

    Very good. That briliant!!!!! It will get more..

    @admin could you please add the awards… Here the source : https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/10/check-out-the-winners-of-2018-the-seoul-awards

  161. 161 : ssatam Says:

    Guys,, please vote my mister as best korean drama 2018… We need your vote…. At least, lets put my mister into big 8

  162. 162 : Icha Says:

    Writer Park, please write for My Mister 2. I need to see LSK and IU again. 🙏 Im just sooo in love with every drama you wrote. Im looking forward for another Masterpiece of you and Director Kim… ❤❤❤

  163. 163 : guest Says:


  164. 164 : Ling Says:

    Jang ki yong should have won baeksang best newcomer also for this role in my mister

  165. 165 : pinoydailytvshows Says:

    Hi there. I watched it on cable.
    Maybe u can check out the link below? I haven’t taken a look at it but it says it’s ep 12.5. If it’s the special ep, maybe it has subtitles?


  166. 166 : Madchen Says:

    Its been 3 years since, My Mister, when you became a sensation.

    I have not forgotten you. Every time when I watch a badly done k-drama, I am reminded of you.

    Not only for this reason.

    Another lingering reason is, you have touched me deep enough to realise that I had forgotten about a part of me that I had somehow locked up deep within me, and thrown the key away years ago. I am glad to say that I am now slowly learning to rehab this lost part of me … one day at a time …

    Such, is the magic of the story of you, My Mister. It woke up the other half of us …

    I am sure I am not the only one you have touched and affected. There possibly be some people out there as well …

  167. 167 : laura Says:

    IU the best she’s really multi talented … she’s good in acting and i like her so much after watch this movie. this is my first movie of her.. ….. young and positive vibe as always

  168. 168 : Chaminda Gunasekara Says:

    IU i love you so much miss you so much Dlwlrma

  169. 169 : dramacoolhd Says:

    Watch your favourite korean dramas online for free.

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