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My Beautiful Bride

My Beautiful Bride 03

Title: 아름다운 나의 신부 / My Beautiful Bride
Chinese Title: 我的美麗新娘
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast Period: 2015-June-20 to 2015-Aug-09
Airtime: Saturdays & Sundays 23:00


This drama is about a husband, Kim Do Hyung (Kim Moo Yul) who desperately searches for his wife, Yoon Joo Young (Go Sung Hee) who suddenly disappears.

Meanwhile, Cha Yoon Mi (Lee Si Young) is the detective on the case who helps him along the way.


Main Cast

Kim Moo Yul as Kim Do Hyung
Lee Si Young as Cha Yoon Mi
Go Sung Hee as Yoon Joo Young
Ryu Seung Soo as Seo Jin Gi
Park Hae Joon as Park Hyung Sik

Supporting Cast

Son Jong Hak as Kang Hee Jan
Lee Jae Yong as Song Hak Soo
Lee Seung Yun as Lee Jin Sook
Kim Bo Yun as Moon In Sook
Jo Han Chul as Park Tae Kyu
Kim Sung Hoon as Shim Han Joo
Park Hyun Woo as Kim Myung Hwan
Lee Sun Ah as Oh Jung Yeon
Park In Bae as Janggab (grove)
Yoon Jin Ho as Lee Jang Ho
Lee El as Son Hye Jung
Shim Min as Kang Jung Hwa
Choi Byung Mo as Secretary Kim
Lee Moo Saeng as In Sook’s secretary
Kim Ye Ryung as Joo Young’s mother
Park Soo Young as Company President Jo
Lee Kyu Bok as Yoon Min Soo (Joo Young’s older brother)
Song Yi Woo as Joo Young’s sister-in-law
Joo Ah Sung as Do Hyeong’s alumni
Kang Sang Won as Han Jin Ho
Ha Soo Ho
Lee Ah Rin

Production Credits

Director: Kim Chul Kyu
ScriptWriter: Yoo Sung Yul

Episode Ratings

Date Ep Nationwide
2015-06-20 1 0.690
2015-06-21 2 0.723
2015-06-27 3 0.635
2015-06-28 4 1.008
2015-07-04 5 0.901
2015-07-05 6 0.686
2015-07-11 7 0.778
2015-07-12 8 0.879
2015-07-18 9 0.690
2015-07-19 10 1.112
2015-07-25 11 0.870
2015-07-26 12 1.146
2015-08-01 13 1.009
2015-08-02 14 1.028
2015-08-08 15 1.094
2015-08-09 16 1.287

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Angel Says:

    I think, by the end, the wife was killed by her husband,
    who lost his memory due to scary.
    Then he realized that he, himself is a monster.

  2. 2 : tigerb Says:

    @angel: that’s a good plot! worth watching even if i know the ending. wonder how the script reads.

  3. 3 : Angel Says:

    thanks, I like the drama aired in OCN, TVN or JTBC,
    different from regular drama of MBC, KBS …..

  4. 4 : Cin Says:

    Ooo this one looks promising! I adore Lee Si Young so I’ll definitely check this one out!

  5. 5 : yira Says:

    lee si young as lead actress so happy she is looking beautiful but why only 12 episode? hope they extend to 16!!!

  6. 6 : koima Says:

    simply adore the leading lady LEE SI YOUNG

  7. 7 : kema Says:


  8. 8 : reddie Says:

    Interesting plot and lee si young is gorgeous

  9. 9 : mariann Says:

    go sung hee i a boring actress she can’t act for nuts hope she gets less scenes , lee si young looks perfect as a detective will watch this drama for her

  10. 10 : sunkaya Says:

    different drama and the casts looks promising!
    si young was good in valid love.

  11. 11 : sunkaya Says:

    different drama and the casts looks promising!
    si young was good in valid love.

  12. 12 : ikaki Says:

    Lee si young in action drama wowwwwwwwww

  13. 13 : bisu Says:


  14. 14 : rockmi Says:

    the one thing i hate is Go Sung Hee she is a aweful actress why did the cast her?? she will definitely spoil the show 🙁 other than that I love lee si young a lot glad she is the female lead not that Go sung hee

  15. 15 : halogirl Says:

    Si Young Unni looks very stylish……………..

  16. 16 : siwona Says:

    Thank god 16 episode i thought it will be only 10 or 12 because most of the ocn dramas have less episode.. and lee si young gonna rock this one!

  17. 17 : prapose Says:

    cute lee si young & handsome lead guy

  18. 18 : foodlove Says:

    Attractive cast, I think the husband must be the killer in the end..or may be i am wrong., Lee Si YOUNG looks very different here so pretty

  19. 19 : robot Says:

    Go Sung Hee is a horrible actress why did the director cast her 🙁 anyway will watch for Lee Si Young

  20. 20 : maima Says:


  21. 21 : rita Says:

    This show looks better than the same old boring K-dramas Love ti watch it as I love the plot , i am a suspense lover so will love this.. is there any romance in the show between the lead actors? lee si young unni is looking amazing

  22. 22 : My Beautiful Bride | Movie Story Download Says:

    […] Korean Drama […]

  23. 23 : cuta Says:

    Lee si young so sweet here wish her the best

  24. 24 : medina Says:

    I like the plot and the lead actress si young

  25. 25 : shinone Says:

    fabulous story with great casts

  26. 26 : sukena Says:

    I like lee si young she is multi talented girl……

  27. 27 : doremo Says:

    wow saw the trailer it looks like watching a action movie..

  28. 28 : pishik Says:

    I am falling in love with lee si young she is looking fabulous

  29. 29 : luckstar Says:

    Lee Si Young in action role amazing !!!!!!!

  30. 30 : ifive Says:

    I only know lee si young here loved since i watched wild romance she looks very different here she has short hair in wild romance here she is looking diff in long hair but very gorgeous..

  31. 31 : biyoung Says:

    I just love suspense that to with my favorite star lee si young unni

  32. 32 : mars2 Says:

    Totally watching this because of the writer who did Heartless city (my favorite drama ever!!). Can’t wait 😀

  33. 33 : My Beautiful Bride Says:

    Hi all, I Will update My Beautiful Bride on Youtube with English subtitle and Indosub, Please Subcribe channel My Beautiful https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXRQBBOw6aXz20zfJ596rew for Update Latest video.
    My Beautiful Bride trailer 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_nc-OChypw
    My Beautiful Bride trailer 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpU8ubPYFhk
    My Beautiful Bride trailer 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvq14D378nE
    My Beautiful Bride trailer 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSuqDtlfuuM
    Thank for Watching

  34. 34 : bunny Says:

    my beautiful bride looks like good drama and i love lee si young

  35. 35 : fricke Says:


  36. 36 : giva Says:

    lee si young and kim mu yeol looking awesome together

  37. 37 : sunba Says:

    Looks like full suspense and thrilling drama i am so gonna watch this

  38. 38 : brave Says:

    I was missing lee si young glad she is back in this drama as lead again

  39. 39 : prishi Says:

    Mystery drama love it!!!!!!!

  40. 40 : five5 Says:

    lee si young you are very beautiful in the pics hope the drama is good too..

  41. 41 : merissa Says:

    I am lee si young lover she does good acting love love wild romance with her and lee dong wook..this drama looks like a crime thriller can’t wait to watch

  42. 42 : unima Says:

    Sounds promising, but Lee Si Young is a bad news for drama. She is terrible actress and remind rather of mannequin, always the same wooden expression. Her presence always drains story down, no matter how interesting it is.

  43. 43 : jiki Says:

    I love lee si young those who dont like her leave this page

  44. 44 : vijoo Says:

    lee si young love you

  45. 45 : fresh Says:

    June 20 waiting for this drama l love the concept of the show

  46. 46 : imla Says:

    Lee si young is a damn good performer she is very expressive on screen

  47. 47 : Madhatter Says:

    i think its similar to the movie “Gone Girl” its an American movie.

  48. 48 : Gigi Says:

    I’ve seen plenty of comments on public forums. Most people agree Go Sung Hee is a horrible actress. It’s sad some people think she’s ugly too.

  49. 49 : dean Says:

    Go sung Hee’s acting is SO BAD TO THE BONE. She’s the worst K-actress ever! Only watching this show for Lee Si Young

  50. 50 : demirali Says:

    Go sung Hee demoted makes sense. She’s so bad she can’t act her way out of a barrel. She’s the worst actress ever!

  51. 51 : kate Says:

    NOT go sung hee. She sucks at acting!
    from lead girl in last drama she went down to supporting girl in just a weekend drama. directors know how bad actress she is.

  52. 52 : Shirley Says:

    Good thing the bride goes missing cuz if go sung hee disappears we suffer less pain watching her terrible acting. Srsly, GSH is weakest link of all the actors in each drama she’s in….my beautiful bride, Spy, The Night watchman…..GSH’s terrible actress :-/

  53. 53 : Julpy Says:

    May I know where to get the English Subtitles for this drama?

  54. 54 : MisterX Says:

    Dramafever is picking this up, so you’ll get them soon.

  55. 55 : liz Says:

    Go sung-hee in the Night watchman journal is the Worst actress ever! This horrible actress went on to ruin Spy and now she’s here to ruin lee si young’s comeback. at least LSY is the lead not that hopeless non-talent shitty actress go sung-hee.

  56. 56 : imager Says:

    i think the bride has a dark side she seems to have a secret

  57. 57 : hiroki Says:

    Lee Si Young you look so wonderful gorgeous beautiful

  58. 58 : D3shine Says:

    Love Lee si young but Go Sung hee is the weakest link in this drama why can’t the director choose some other actress instead of Go Sung hee 🙁

  59. 59 : zone Says:

    Ugh don’t get me started on g0 sung Hee…me & my friends we ALL agree she’s soooooooooo painful to watch >_< GSH's the worst actress of Korea

  60. 60 : Shaquis Says:

    To ya’ll everybody sayin’ Go sung-hee is the worst actress, I agree 100%
    She’s reeeallllllllly BAD af.

  61. 61 : neea Says:

    where can I watch this eng subbed please?

  62. 62 : Julpsy Says:

    So far,there’s no english subtitles on the internet.Guess have to wait for quite some time before it gets subbed.

  63. 63 : kay Says:

    This drama is super awesome, if you’re looking for some romance,mystery and action this has it all. Even though it’s been four episode i already started re watching without subs trying to put the clues together. All the actors are doing a wonderful job in portraying their characters. I high recommend to watch once you get to episode 2 you’ll be hooked.

    On the case of Go sung hee, I can say she is doing a good job as her character,plus our hero played by Kim Moo-Yul is just absolutely handsome and so damn, i don’t know how to explain this but just know i would trade spots with go sung hee in heart beat to have kim moo-yul be my future husband in this drama.

  64. 64 : taeyeon Says:

    Ur in the minority. After reading comments in different languages, I see that A LOT of people said Go Sung Hee is the Worst actress ever. She was horrendous in Night Watchman and so bad in Spy. Now in my Beautiful Bride, her acting is still bad. She is awkward, stiff, cringeworthy and fake expressions that are not convincing. As you can see above, so many people are complaint and giving harsh criticism about her.

  65. 65 : krista Says:

    @ Kay
    Sorry not sorry but go sung-hee CANNOT act. She’s really bad and painful to watch.

  66. 66 : junior Says:

    um Kay,
    No matter how hard go sung hee tries to improve, whole bunch of ppl still think she’s terrible actress. that’s reality.
    after seeing 4 episodes, I honestly don’t like her acting. she’s not good at all. she’s weakest link among the whole cast.

  67. 67 : jasmine Says:

    the hate against Go sung-Hee is unreal, but imho i agree with majority; her acting is way below medicore. she’s pretty bad in this drama MBB too.

  68. 68 : judy Says:

    lee si young is doing good & same thing with kim moo yeol.
    still traumatized by Go sung hee’s shiteous really awful “acting” from Diary of Night Watchman and her subsequent bad acting in Spy. So far I see her bad acting AGAIN in my beautiful bride….yep, she keeps stinking up dramas in her path…..ruining 3 dramas back to back….no wonder ppl think she’s worst actress…lmao

  69. 69 : gem Says:

    fighing lee Si young unnie <3 like ur acting 🙂
    to go sung hee's small fanbase on instagram: Stay delusional and say all r really bad acting. that's majority opinion. i nominate her for worst actress

  70. 70 : shane Says:

    lemme guess, u wanna say go sung hee’s known for awful bad acting, right?
    typical for fans to defend all they want even if they embarass themselves by being delulus.

  71. 71 : shane Says:

    I was talking to u @gem

  72. 72 : junior Says:

    yep, majority and/or dominant opinion = Ko Sung Hee’s acting is so bad to the bone she can’t even act her way out of a barrel; she was horrid in Spy and Night Watchman = even reason for so many people to HATE her guts.

  73. 73 : ceci Says:

    Sub en español:

  74. 74 : john Says:

    already saw 4 episodes and really cannot stand go sung-hee’s acting. she’s such a bad actress & annoying to watch…no wonder why she’s just supporting role and her character disappears…we can see less of her bad acting.
    lee si young is cool, badass, and good actress. the male lead is cool too.

  75. 75 : arkana Says:

    besides having connections, another reason casting directors give bad actress like go-sung-hee offers to be in dramas is because of low fee. srsly, she really sucks at acting and she’s not pretty.

  76. 76 : minpyo Says:

    the story is good up until now; I like the detective lead girl…i like her character…the KMY guy is okay and good acting…no shade intended but i do not like Go sung hee’s acting in my beautiful bride…she’s cringeworthy and annoying to watch…in other words she’s BAD actress. i don’t like her character too.

  77. 77 : daniel Says:

    intense thrilling plot i like it & i like everyone except the bride….she Cannot act. go sung hee sticks out like a sore thumb bcuz she’s the only bad actress of this tv series.

  78. 78 : julia Says:

    yoon joo young character is useless & the actress sucks too….talkin’ bout Go sung-hee that EVERYBODY is hating on since we’re aggravated by her bad acting.

  79. 79 : sophie Says:

    Lee Si Young unnie…me and audience watching MBB love you 🙂

  80. 80 : Carmen Says:

    This is the best drama rigth now for me….I am waiting desperate for next episode…is been a long time, since I feel like this OMG I have to stop. and start watching other dramas….tata until next time

  81. 81 : pineapple Says:

    like the story so far all the suspense never heard of kim moo Yeol until now but he can really act and lee is young too….the director could have chosen someone way better to play the bride. Go sung Hee shows the worst acting out of everyone in the entire cast…smh

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    […] Fuente:  .koreandrama   hancinema.   […]

  84. 84 : Ally Says:

    Is there any romance so far between KMY and LSY? ‘Patienly’ waiting to marathon this drama ahahahah

  85. 85 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 3
    wow this drama is so much exciting than other dramas screen at the moment.
    So disappointed about the korean detectives how they investigate missing person’s crimes… If not for the lead actor’s lawyer….. they will put the blame on him………. aigoooooo ha ha

  86. 86 : Adeul Says:

    The hits the dude gets on the head, he’d be a vegetable by the end of the drama. And the special military training he got, is useless when the only strategy he knows is the one where he charges in without a plan.

  87. 87 : suppedexplorer Says:

    This drama is DAEBAK!

  88. 88 : joanna Says:

    please please romance between LSY n KMY please

  89. 89 : birdie Says:

    Love the drama and lee si young as detective cha yoon mi rocks

  90. 90 : illre Says:

    Nice action drama but why there still no romance shown between the lead actors very disappointing:( i think that’s why the ranking is going down

  91. 91 : sarange Says:

    writer 6 episode is gone but why we can never see any romantic scenes of the leads?

  92. 92 : abiila Says:

    Nice drama with good suspense

  93. 93 : asia Says:

    I love this dram its something diff

  94. 94 : grand Says:

    good story…good female lead and male lead…really bad actress.im talking bout the bride…geez, a lot of her against go sung hee above but i don’t blame bcuz her acting sucks & she’s the weakest link in the whole cast

  95. 95 : grand Says:

    typo: should’ve said “a lot of people against go sung hee…” that horrible actress -_-

  96. 96 : Diana says: Says:

    Oh my aching head! I enjoy this drama. Kim Do Hyung must have a head made of steel. I hope the two lead roles get together without any physical problems. Time will tell.

  97. 97 : Smh Says:

    I don’t know , I was go sung hee in the night watchmen and I agree she was flat out TERRIBLE but in this drama she’s decent ,not the great but decent

  98. 98 : sharon Says:

    Nope go sung hee is still a bad actress and she’s the weakest link of all the actors in my beautiful bride. She was horrendous in night watchman and soooooo bad in Spy. I went through the comments here on koreandrama.org. The hate against go sung hee is un-real. So many people said she’s the Worst actress they ever seen.

  99. 99 : demirali Says:

    I agree w/ the majority…Go sung-hee still cannot act. She is still very bad. She has the worst acting in the entire cast in MBB. Even idol actors and idol actresses can act better than her.

  100. 100 : KDFan Says:

    I read some comment here, want both LSY and KMY together in this drama because it says melodrama and ROMANCE genre. I too want them to be together. However, after watching the episodes so far I doubt there will be romance between the leads and that romance are meant between KMY and his bride. 🙁

    Hopefully I’m wrong.

  101. 101 : naisy Says:

    Something is wrong. Lee Si Young, seems she is only a Support here? Why is Ko Sung Hee given more scenes here, more dialouges, more highlights than Lee Si You. I think LSY is suppose to be the Main Female lead here.. It’s not happening… Unfair. Also, this is another story of Idiot Police, too slow to handle cases. Why is Do Hyun doing his own revenge and investigation? The Police are suppose to be on the scene not Do Hyun. Absurd.. Anyways, still.. good luck to all!!

  102. 102 : shaquis Says:

    Lee Si young is the female lead no matter what…I see MOST people really do Not like go sung hee. The hate against her is mad strong. That girl sucks at acting. She’s awful and so annoying to watch. Go sung hee is among the most crappy actresses I ever saw!

  103. 103 : Pate Says:

    go sung hee is a Lost Cause and hopeless non-talent who should not even be in Kdramaland…her acting is shit…she stunk up 3 projects already NWJ, Spy, and now MBB. Hate her awfully Bad acting -_-

  104. 104 : Pate Says:

    go sung hee cannot act to save her life…that’s why she goes missing and needs to be rescued. LoL

    Lee si young is the main leading actress i rooting for.

  105. 105 : naisy Says:

    I stopped watching at ep 6. Crap drama! Another story of IDIOT Police. This is too much of those stupid police. Time wasting..! Sorry

  106. 106 : Id Says:

    You’ll need to chill on go sung hee now , her acting is decent here and you guys are just over Fucking acting now ,it just seems like plain HATE and not criticism

  107. 107 : ikmiki Says:

    go sung hee is terrible actress she is who is spoiling the drama

  108. 108 : naisy Says:

    I think Go Sung Hee is just doing fine here in terms of acting.. My point is, please stop those highlight scenes of her, too much already. Now is the time to concentrate on Lee Si Young, afterall, she’s the main female lead. And also to the writer pls stop making the Police a laughing stock always in KDramaLand, they are the worst here..!! I stopped already, but still.. Good luck to all who are still watching this drama!

  109. 109 : lollykpop Says:

    What is the ending of this drama? Does somebody know the ending? Please answer then! Thank you.

  110. 110 : John Says:

    Will someone kill this annoying ho already. Bitch just keeps on getting kidnapped all the fucken time!!! This drama is fucken stupid.

  111. 111 : snowbell Says:

    love this drama different from the other kdramas n the lead role hes hottt wheres the rest of the episodes!!??

  112. 112 : OK OK OK Says:

    Kim Moo Yul ssi – first time see you act in MY BEAUTIFUL BRIDE.
    They have chosen the right actor. U are really suave & handsome. Great stamina, great actor. May God Bless You Always 😛

  113. 113 : OK OK OK Says:

    i hv watched the night watchman & I hv no complain about Go Sung Hee’s acting.
    Re Spy – I watch 3, 4 episodes & stops though i like lead actor Kim Jae Joong bc can’t stand the drama concentrate on the Kim Jae Joong’s mum = “aunty” spy.

    As for this drama, my beautiful bride, I watch bc of male lead - KIM MOO YUL – I am attracted to him. He is super smart, suave & charming. I enjoy every moment watching him. ha ha 😛

  114. 114 : tom Says:

    It’s not just hate but also real criticism. Majority of people including K-netizens agree Go Sung Hee’s acting was horrendous in Night Watchman, really bad in Spy and she continues to show bad acting in My Beautiful Bride. I do not exaggerate but I admit she’s a very bad actress.

  115. 115 : tom Says:

    On facebook, so many people agree with my constructive criticism. Go Sung Hee is bland, awkward, stiff and not convincing at all. There’s nothing intense or soulful about her acting. her facial expressions can be fake too. that’s why i admit she’s a very bad actress.

  116. 116 : amy Says:

    Exactly! ur criticism make sense. sorry not sorry but GSH sucks!
    i just do not like her very bland acting and her character is annoying in MBB too.

    i seen different actresses in korean historical dramas but go sung hee in Night watchman is the WORST actress i ever seen.

  117. 117 : carl Says:

    @amy, tom
    the audience who saw Night Watchman harshly said Go Sung Hee is the worst actress ever. forgot to mention Spy…yep, she’s the weakest link and a hopeless non-talent. i think her acting is so awkward, NO screen presence, NO charisma, dead eyes, and bad emoting…i can’t watch my beautiful bride bcuz of her -_-

  118. 118 : ms Says:

    tbh, this drama My beautiful Bride is first time i watch Go sung-hee act. She’s bland as hell. She is too stiff. Her facial expressions are mediocre. Her line delivery is awkward. Go sung-hee sticks out like a sore thumb. Her acting is the worst of all the people in the drama. I don’t blame people hating on and criticizing her. She just cannot act to save her life.

  119. 119 : ms Says:

    I have my opinion but coincidently agree with @amy and @tom above. I agree she’s bland boring expressionless actress and gets on my nerves. I don’t like GSH at all. Really crappy acting.

  120. 120 : digital Says:

    At first I thought ppl bein too harsh but after watchin this drama I agree too about the bride. go Sung Hee is darn painful to watch…her acting is so much weaker than everyone else. I can’t stand her stiff, wooden, cringeworthy acting and she got almost NO expressions at all…to y’all saying she one of the worst actresses, I can see why now. I hear she is awfully terrible bad to the bone in her other dramas.

  121. 121 : naisy Says:

    I am visiting this site to read comments. Honestly, i have watched the firsy 6 Eps, this drama is very promising from the start, but i stopped for some reasons. But i still hope there would be changes, for the Main lead Actor who is doing great! After reading all the comments, they all hate Go Sung Hee, i think this drama has a chance if you will concentrate more on Lee Si Young for the last episodes. Sure many will be happy. Good luck!!!

  122. 122 : hannah Says:

    i would love to see more and more of lee si- young.
    i hope she would have more scenes in the drama.
    and to the shippers of the kim moo-yul and lee si-young tandem, hey, guys!
    i’m with you. 🙂

    Kim Moo-Yul & Lee Si-Young, FIGHTING! 🙂
    aja! 🙂

  123. 123 : NotyourtypicalKfan Says:

    This drama is superbly written.
    Not your usual crime drama, I had wanted to quit after 1st Epi but God I tried again.
    Totally taken in with the unusual storyline.
    So an upright attractive guy cannot resist his prostitute 1st gf!
    Kim Mul Yu’lol is the perfect choice for this role. His good looks is distinctive- not your usual pretty boy. Rather, masculine, cool, powerful yet vulnerable.
    KIM MUL YUL, will be watching out for your dramas!

  124. 124 : Issa Says:

    Don’t let the negative comments affect you.
    Keep going…….
    Bitching about a flower pot takes away the excellent work of this team.
    Watch Si Young and KMY. They make this drama a MUST WATCH,

  125. 125 : kpopfan Says:

    watch my beautiful bride with chinese subtitles at 888drama.com !!!!

  126. 126 : OK OK OK Says:

    Kim Moo Yul ssi – YOU SUPER SUAVE. I LIKE YOU !!! 😛

  127. 127 : livliii Says:

    I want romance of the leads i love lee si young and kim moo yeol together they make the drama watchable unlike go sung hee who is dull and boring

  128. 128 : stefan Says:

    this drama is almost over, only 2 episodes left…thru-out this series, the plot has suspense, but the cop characters are incompetent. Acting-wise, I enjoy Lee si young on my screen. she and kim moo yeol are awesome. i HATE go sung hee. she’s very very bad at acting; ive seen other bad actresses and actors but she’s the worst of them all. GSH is soooooooooo painful to watch that i felt relief whenever she disappears off the screen. her character Joo young is awfully annoying too.

  129. 129 : suppedexplorer Says:

    Hmmm I guess the Chairman is the second husband of Kim Do Hyun mother..

  130. 130 : kevin Says:

    plenty of people on twitter and facebook called ko sung hee a dead fish and wooden log. she’s too bad at acting unlike lee si young. luv her!

  131. 131 : gerald Says:

    the actress who plays the bride has no talent at all. she’s a hopeless lost cause.
    sticks out like a sore thumb due to her lousy “acting”.

  132. 132 : alright Says:

    better if more romance btw the 2 cops; i want more lee si young unnie. hate hate the bride: go sung hee cannot act to save her life…and yes she such a lost cause

  133. 133 : alright Says:

    why they cast a non-talent with no no potential at all like GSH? she’s really hopeless -_-

  134. 134 : Silverswan Says:

    I do not enjoy watching this drama as the main actor is so dumb just because he likes GSH. He had no romantic moves , it was GSH seducing him, and like a bitch involved with so many men and still that dumb bank guy likes her even to get hit by gangsters. worthless!!! This is only a story nothing to do with the actor or actress…….the actors/actresses all were good, this drama dosent make me looking forward to next episode like MASK

  135. 135 : mokaca Says:

    go sung hee makes this drama unwatchable but lee si young makes it watchable..go sung hee is miscast in this drama..i dont know why the writer gives her importance than the drama main lead actress lee si young!

  136. 136 : oh dan Says:

    My thoughts exactly! Thumbs up to ur comment.
    Also, Im on the same page with so many other people we agree Go Sung Hee is a horrible actress. Her acting is sooooooo boring and very painful to watch. She’s a miscast who really ruined My Beautiful Bride. She’s a killjoy every time she appears on screen.

  137. 137 : Sisi Says:

    All actors in this drama are good except for go Sung-hee. Awfully Bad actress and stupid character too.

  138. 138 : Jamestruong Says:

    I don’t get how a woefully incompetent very BAD BAD actress like go sung Hee get roles in dramas and keeps getting shoved down people’s throats. She might have a sponsor, inside connections, people pulling strings or maybe she has “relationships” with the directors. She’s very painful to watch every time she appears on screen.

  139. 139 : Jamestruong Says:

    English is not my first language. Did not mean to copy ur last sentence @oh Dan. I just feel very pissed off and sick to the stomach when that crappy actress comes up on the TV in the drama. Ppl around me nominate go sung hee for Worst Actress of all time.

  140. 140 : Matt Says:

    Lee si young noona is fabulous and doing job well done. Good actress. Screw the actress who plays the bride. She freakin sucks so hard at acting :-/

  141. 141 : Dawn Says:

    This action drama was the most exciting drama I have ever seen. It’s a “not to be forgotten” drama where every single role was believable. Bravo to the actors, writer, directors, makeup, everyone in this drama deserves this respectful “BRAVO! Now, that’s entertainment. The only thing I’m sorry for is that it ended. lol.

    p.s Stay by Steelheart was an excellent choice.

  142. 142 : hc_836 Says:

    i like many things about this drama except for the bride. Her bad acting ruined it and her character is a nuisance too. i like the other actors though. the plot and action is good too.

    i see majority of ppl here HATE go sung hee. i don’t blame yall cuz that girl is a horrible actress. she’s so bland and boring as hell. she’s the kristen stewart of korea. lee si young kept me going and finished this tv series for her.

  143. 143 : Fullheart5 Says:

    I decided to read the reviews on this drama before getting into it, but all I hear is people dumping on the bride. Isn’t it about the DRama and not using that actress as a punching bag for a commentary on acting. So what about her acting, how about the dozens of other actors putting it out there for this drama.

  144. 144 : nick Says:

    I love the suspense thriller drama! awesome job director and screenwriter!
    the leading man is so good. luv his action scenes but sometimes the cops can be stupid. Some of Lee Si Young’s fans HATE go sung-hee because a good leading actress like LSY got less screen time than an awfully bland below average bad actress like go sung-hee.

  145. 145 : OK OK OK Says:

    finally finished watching my beautiful bride last few days.
    Will miss the lead actor banker Kim Moo Yul 😛

  146. 146 : Carmarie Says:

    I wanted to know if I should watch this drama; therefore, I came to this site to see if the drama was worth watching. I did not read anything that would help me decide if I should watch “My beautiful Bride.” I guess I have to go to another site where the viewers actually comment on the content of the show and not just bash the actors.

  147. 147 : jason Says:

    people here comment on the show’s content too but you can’t blame them for not liking and hating the actress who played the bride. i’ve been a patient guy but i admit she’s a really really bad actress. she’s ridiculously bland and wooden. as for the plot, i think the cops are incompetent and sometimes irritating but the suspense, action, crime, intensity…i love it!

  148. 148 : Connelly Says:

    The bride keeps making stupid choices and get herself in trouble many times. Poor kim do hyung keep trying to rescue her. He such a brave fighter and He has better chemistry with cha yoon mi.

    Go sung Hee’s small fanbase try to give excuse but GSH is Not a rookie actress anymore. She made her debut in February 2013 when she got supporting role in Korean movie “An Ethics Lesson”. Up until now, she’s getting close to her 3rd year. I’ve seen her in three dramas. Yikes! She’s a terrible actress….cannot act to save her life.

  149. 149 : mishabarton Says:

    Go Sung Hee should quit acting after this drama because she is aweful actress to be honest she should choose come other profession instead of acting and stop making the viewers irritate with her childish acting!!!!
    Love Lee Si Young its sad that a leading actress like her got less scene space compared to the second lead boring aweful non actress Go sung hee

  150. 150 : Soo Says:

    It is a watchable drama! Quite exciting.

  151. 151 : Alwine Says:

    For me…it’s a boring drama…>_<

  152. 152 : Kay Says:

    My Beautiful Bride is a great drama filled with thrills and suspense! Lots of action and interesting romance that propels the story forward. Great cliffhangers and edge of your seat moments 🙂

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