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Nam Hye-Seung, award winning director and composer in Korea and China, has stepped into music industry to become a Music Director and Film Scorer after she graduated from Yonsei University as Music Composition degree specialized in classical music. Now, she has been known for directing and scoring the most number of a biggest Korean TV Series (mainly known for "Guardians the Lonely And Great God" aka. Goblin, Mr. Sunshine, and few that are coming out this year) and has been in audiences’ interest for her special taste in music and directing. What was special about her talent was her ability to do mesmerizing job in all genres and all type of films such as documents, animation, love-comedy, romance, Noir, Crime, etc.

When she works, she is also known to work very collaboratively with other directors as well. Not only she simply compose, edits, and directs music for the show, but she also gives great suggestions on how certain things should be like. Also, due to Korean environment of film production, sometimes she only has so much time to produce the one that fits and works perfectly but she is the one to turn impossible to possible at the end.

Her dream never ends here. Although for almost all the shows she has worked on, there are hundreds and hundreds of people’s blogs and news articles purely on her music work (they even made a term "director Nam’s drama OST syndrome when her work hits the top of the chart each time music is released), her dream is one day to have a opportunity to work with TV series or film from other countries in Europe or the United States.

Recently people are really recognizing her style of work and number of fans were increasing at very high speed. Not only the music is mesmerizing, but she recently started to work with unsigned singers (independent bands) and famous singers from different countries such as (Elsa Kopf from France, Patrick Joseph from the States, Miljenko Matijevic from SteelHeart, etc.). People cannot believe how she hits the chart and brings all the color it needs to for each scenes with singers from abroad (since it is not common; almost no other director/composer does this in Korea since it has very high risk of language barrier with audiences).

After all the years, people are starting to comment on video or music streaming website saying how they knew that it was director/composer Hye-Seung Nam when they started to watch the show and were blown away or touched by original sound tracks and how they were used.

At the moment, she is looking for the opportunity to step into music/film scorer/directing industry in other countries while she has never ending inquiries here in Korea. (source: IMDb)

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Native Name: 남혜승

Birth Name: Hye Seung Nam

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date:

Gender: Female

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