Title: 장난스런 키스 / Jangnanseureon Kiseu / Mischievous Kiss
Chinese Title : 韩版惡作劇之吻
Also known as: Playful Kiss / Naughty Kiss
Genre: Romance, school
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2010-Sep-01 to 2010-Oct-21
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


Based on the popular manga, Oh Ha Ni is a clumsy student who falls for the perfectionist, Baek Seung Jo. However, Seung Jo is indifferent towards her and rejects her love. When Ha Ni’s house collapses, she and her father moves into his long-time friend’s house. It turns out that Seung Jo is the friend’s son and Ha Ni is given the opportunity to be near the guy she loves. Will she be able to move Seung Jo’s heart?


Kim Hyun Joong as Baek Seung Jo
Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni
Lee Tae Sung as Bong Joon Gu
Lee Si Young as Yoon He Ra
Jung Hye Young as Hwang Geum Hee (Seung Jo’s mother)
Oh Kyung Soo as Baek Soo Chang (Seung Jo’s father)
Choi Won Hong as Baek Eun Jo (Seung Jo’s brother)
Kang Nam Gil as Oh Ki Dong (Ha Ni’s father)
Hong Yoon Hwa as Jung Joo Ri (Ha Ni’s friend)
Yoon Seung Ah as Dok Go Min Ah (Ha Ni’s friend)
Jang Ah Young as Hong Jang Mi
Bye Bye Sea as Bong Joon Gu’s followers
Hwang Hyo Eun as Song Kang Yi (Ha Ni’s homeroom teacher)
Song Yong Shik as Song Ji Oh
Moon Hoe Won as Head Teacher Hwang
Choi Sung Gook as Wang Kyung Soo
Yoon Bo Hyun
Abigail Alderete as Chris

Production Credits

Production Company: Group Eight
Chief Producer: Han Hee
Producer: Song Byung Joon (송병준)
Director: Hwang In Roe, Kim Do Hyung (김도형)
Original writing: Manga “Itazura na Kiss” by Tada Kaoru
Screenwriter: Go Eun Nim (고은님)


– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: New Actor Award (Lee Tae Sung)
– 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Kim Hyun Joong)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2010-09-01 1 3.5 3.8
2010-09-02 2 3.6 (<8.6)
2010-09-08 3 3.5 (<8.0)
2010-09-09 4 3.2 (<8.5)
2010-09-15 5 3.0 (<7.6)
2010-09-16 6 3.0 (<8.0)
2010-09-22 7 5.8 (<7.0)
2010-09-23 8 6.0 (<9.0)
2010-09-29 9 4.0 (<7.8)
2010-09-30 10 8.2 (18th) 8.8 (15th)
2010-10-06 11 5.4 (<6.9)
2010-10-07 12 4.9 (<6.3)
2010-10-13 13 5.9 (20th) 6.5 (19th)
2010-10-14 14 6.4 7.3 (19th)
2010-10-20 15 6.0 (<7.0)
2010-10-21 16 6.0 (<7.1)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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2,518 Responses to “Mischievous Kiss @ Playful Kiss”

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  1. 2376
    lingjell Says:

    i luv this drama…

  2. 2377
    valli Says:

    i luv drama very much…………
    heorine is very cute n goodlooking………..
    her acting is so nice…..

  3. 2378
    minmin Says:

    best drama ever. I dont care about the rating, but in the youtube this drama got lot of downloader… that is an evidance that this drama strech the world.

  4. 2379
    Arabella Says:

    Fairy tale for 12th years old girls, when they start to dream ab prince and his kind hearted king-father and queen-mother..^^

  5. 2380
    luisa Says:

    aish .. i miss super playfull kiss .. !!! of coure the lead star kim hyun joong sshi and jung so min unnie .. im super miss them .. !! i hope you do another drama …!!!

  6. 2381
    k-dramas Says:

    love this drama… perfect chemistry. Highly recommended drama. please watch this…

  7. 2382
    Firestarter Says:

    Not really a fan of korean drama, but since i watch this just cantstop to like it.
    KHJ acting was ok in the begining, but then it got better and better through out the episode.
    So far, this is my best korean drama i watch.
    Jsm you are stuoidly cute, therefore you act very well to be dumb in this drama.

  8. 2383
    MIABUEN Says:


  9. 2384
    MIABUEN Says:


  10. 2385
    bria superbus Says:

    this is a very cute show! if you’re young and you just want to fall in love over and over again, this is a show to be on the lookout for. i really hope there will be a season 2. :)))

  11. 2386
    Imel Says:

    Love this drama, nice couple ^^ love Hyun Joong

  12. 2387
    cyndi A Says:

    Saranghae hyun joong oppa !!!
    ♥̤̈♥̤̈ this drama !!
    ( ◦’⌣’◦ ).

  13. 2388
    anjhie Says:

    .saranghae baek seong jo…..
    swear.. i fell in love with you..

  14. 2389
    kimchi Says:

    i hate this drama! soooo boring! :/

    (sori to those who loved it)

  15. 2390
    ilovedonghae Says:

    i really love this drama this drama is one of my favorite korean drama

    super kilig :)

  16. 2391
    patricia lazala Says:

    i like this drama very much
    i love jung so min and kim hyun joong very much ..

    i miss you

    hyunmin love team
    ulitin sana ang PK !

  17. 2392
    Berj Says:

    Yeoboseyo hyun joong i really like your movie playfull kiss i enjoy watching it,i love playfull kiss and boys over flower.im your for ever fans never fade hyun fighting…..,,

  18. 2393
    myung ok Says:

    i never boring to watch this drama love it so much….sweet…………………OH HA NI unnie and Baek song jo oppa wish you always together even not in drama…….love….you….guys…….

  19. 2394
    jessa Says:

    cud anyone teach me how to speak the korean language….im so inlove with this

  20. 2395
    Aini Says:

    lov this drama very much.. will give 5 star for this drama.. i admire both of you … KIM HYUN JOONG N JUNG SO MIN. to all members make this drama happening … thank you very much…

  21. 2396
    theresa Says:

    a great drama. inspiring.

  22. 2397
    amethyst Says:

    It Started With a Kiss…korean version

  23. 2398
    jane Says:

    love this drama so much

  24. 2399
    princess tutu Says:

    this drama is the best i love it …… i love cold guy loke seung jo so so much and i love hani too because she is fighter

  25. 2400
    Chai Says:

    The drama got lots of dawnlaoders because of kin hoon joon not that it was good. I can see it clearly that tis drama wasn’t that good but y fans commented it was the best. It was just regular storyline but strong actor, that’s all. There was no deep love n passion for eachother. Bye. Oh, you’re beautiful wasnot that good either like I said it just the actor not the drama itself. Bye. Oh marry stay out all night was not that good either. Just the actor. The best Korean drama in 09-10 Was not fair

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