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Lovers in Prague

Title: 프라하의 연인 / Peurahaui Yeonin / Lovers in Prague
Chinese Title : 布拉格的恋人
Also known as: Praha Lovers
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2005-09-24 to 2005-11-20
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:45


The president’s daughter, Yoon Jae-hee (Jun Do-yeon) is a Korean diplomat in Prague. She has only recently recovered from a devastating break up five years earlier with Ji Young-woo (Kim Min-joon), the son of a prominent Korean businessman. Choi Sang-hyun (Kim Joo-hyuk) is a detective who goes to Prague searching for his ex-girlfriend Hye-joo (Yoon Se-ah). Hye-joo broke up with Sang-hyun over the phone from Prague and Sang-hyun can not accept it.

Sang-hyun meets Jae-hee in Prague and misunderstandings abound. Eventually the two help each other and become friends. When they return to Korea love blossoms, but their respective ex’s and very different social status put it to the test.


Jun Do Yun as Yoon Jae-hee
Kim Joo Hyuk as Choi Sang-hyun
Kim Min Joon as Ji Young-woo
Yoon Se Ah as Kim Hye-joo
Lee Jung Gil as Yoon Jung-han
Jung Dong Hwan as Ji Kyung-hwan (Young-woo’s father)
Yoon Young Joon as Suh Yoon-kyu
Kim Seung Wook as Hwang Dal-ho (Sang-hyun’s partner)
Kim Na Woon as Shin Kwang-ja
Andy (Lee Sun Ho) as Ji Seung-woo (Young-woo’s younger half brother)
Jang Geun Suk as Yoon Gun-hee
Kwak Ji Min as Jung Yeon-soo
Ha Jung Woo as Ahn Dong-nam (Jae-hee’s bodyguard)
Park Jae Min as Mrs. Young
Won Duk Hyun

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Goo Bon Geun
Producer: Kim Yang
Script Writer: Kim Eun Sook
Director: Shin Woo Chul, Kim Hyung Sik
Assistant Director: Oh Jin Suk, Kwon Hyuk Chan

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  1. 1 : hazel Says:

    May i know the song for this drama

  2. 2 : LIRNA Says:

    very boring drama..I HATE this drama forever!! so boring..its actress is ugly..i dont like her!!

  3. 3 : Rowena Says:

    I am sorry, but I can’t agree with Lirna. However, this series isn’t fit for audience below 30. It caters to adult audiences. For me, it’s more beautiful than Lovers in Paris and more romantic too. Starring no less than Jun Do Yeon, is already a welcome treat to drama viewers. She’s a top caliber korean actress, and the lead actor here has won for his part, an acting award for his role. I love this series….

  4. 4 : Ki Says:

    I enjoyed this drama very much! The plot was up and down but the thing that always brought me back was the great acting by both the main actor and actress. Neither may have what is considered to be “hot” looks by the younger generation but still are attractive people in their own rights. I felt Jun Do-Yun was especially fantastic. I found her so charming that she pretty much carried the series. Then again I am over 30 so as Rowena says, perhaps it registers better with people of my age group.

  5. 5 : sim Says:

    i too agree with Ki and Rowena, it’s not a teen drama but it does have quite of funny scene at the beginning of the drama. the scene i love the most was at the end when Choi Sang hyun shows Yoon Jae hee the wall with the word “i love you” written in different languages…oh god, that’s romantic..

  6. 6 : lim kjoay Says:

    I love the movie. its romantic and also very amusing, the main cast was amazing too. i love it.

  7. 7 : lim kjoay Says:

    the main cast so cute. I like her.

  8. 8 : eliza wong Says:

    Very very romantic. this is one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever seen. .. I love the whole cast. Jun Do Yeon and Kim Joo Hyuk are fantastic. I have fallen in love with this movie.

  9. 9 : Sumin Says:

    really cute drama

  10. 10 : Fonda Says:

    NOt so good movie, kind of boring..only the first 3 episodes were good,..when they are still in Praha. The story was not romantic at all!

  11. 11 : lunivic Says:

    hi! i love this drama very much. The actor is so cute.. He look kinda tough in this dra but he’s so cute. Very sweet.. especially everytime he is yelling at his partner. I like his partner also… she is cute… I like this drama,,, its not just like some kind of cutie cutie story.. I really can relate with the characters….

  12. 12 : shymaria Says:

    i love this series.. its one of the BESTTTTTTTTTTTTT … love story i have ever seen… i love everything .. the cast.. the story .. the plot.. the twist.. and of course.. the main character.. i just LOVEEEEEE IT SO MUCH..HEHEHEH… GOSH..

  13. 13 : PTL Says:

    I totally agree with Ki, Rowena and Sim. This drama is one of the best Korean shows in my opinion. The entire cast did a great job in their respective roles. Looks factor pales in comparsion with their emotions portray. This is a great show. I think that if you have not gone through a heartwrenching relationship before, you may not know or understand what it is really like. In the end, it is very important to fight for the one true love you really want. It is your decision. All the best in your love lives!

  14. 14 : rita Says:

    hai,, Iam sorry I dont speak english so I will speak indonesian only because I can litle speak english. Iam Rita . I like watch sassy girl chunhyang. please di putar ulang in indonesia

  15. 15 : rita Says:

    hai,, Iam sorry I dont speak english so I will speak indonesian only because I can litle speak english. Iam Rita . I like watch sassy girl chunhyang. please di putar ulang in indonesia ,if can night.

  16. 16 : pearl Says:

    hi everyone! i like this korean show very much, and not because i belong in an “older” age group (excuse me please ;>) i just turned 20 lately but i still think lovers in prague is really nice. though the lead stars are not goddess looking, what’s important is that they played the part extremely well. and the story itself is sooooo gooood!!! it’s a light story but has that certain deepness

  17. 17 : tomi-gurl Says:

    i just loved this series..i could hardly sleep for days..i just cant get enough of it..u will overlook the idea that they were not goodlooking..actually, in the long run..u’ll see them so cute..u dont want to get ur eyes off the tv screen. i just loved how the story ended..the director made a good job.i like it more than lovers in paris as a matter of fact..coz, it ended so beautifully and the twist and turn of every episode….just unique.some kind of modern day cinderella..only the other way around..im only 2o y/o..but i really appreciated it very much. u should know i good film if u see one..try see this film..

  18. 18 : Dess Navarro Says:

    hi! for me Lover’s in Prague is one of the most favorite and best drama series i have ever watched. I like its plot and the whole cast, they did a very good job. I admire the transparent character of Jun Do-yeon which is being true and honest on her feeligns toward Kim Joo-hyuk – the man she loves. I learned that its good to show what you feel to someone you love and not be embarassed on it… cause its the real measure of how you really love that person and that is exciting and cute…. Hooray for this drama series! Well done!

  19. 19 : pia Says:

    i love this drama very much..lirna i hate you for saying that…as if your to perfect….i love the cast the plot and all the things about this drama…its the best drama ive ever seen…you the best….

  20. 20 : eastma Says:

    i love thiz drama…. n i’m still 15…. maybe some people who didn’t like it just need to watch it again n this time plezz watch whole episodes…. n believe me… u will eat your words….

    LOve this GREAT drama….

  21. 21 : mai Says:

    yah.., i agree with you guys.,,

  22. 22 : honeyluv Says:

    i really like this drama! very heart warming. the lead stars may not be as charming as they say but they have great chemistry. they are perfect for the part. i highly recommend this drama. so very beautiful in every way!

  23. 23 : plt Says:

    where can i see this on-line with english subs???

  24. 24 : joanna Says:

    this is very beautiful drama series, wish there’s another more korean drama …too bad its just short episodes …

  25. 25 : HannyBae Says:

    I havent watched it, but I think this drama’ll be interesting. I’d like to watch Jun Do yeon acting since she won an international awards for secret sunshine.

  26. 26 : HannyBae Says:

    I’ve finished watched last night. Yoon Jae Hee characters is different from other female characters in korean drama. She’s very expressive about her felling and very determined. So funny, when she’s trying to get Choi Sang Hyun attention. Make me laughed, especially “the bath room scene”.
    Like this drama! And Praque is beautifull city!

  27. 27 : farriza Says:

    yeah! lirna was rght.. d actress was ugly. But i kinda lyk d story… n i learned 2 appreciate d lead actress.. she’s not dat bad after ol!

  28. 28 : lyka Says:

    please fix this drama it was broken from the start till the end of series tnx

  29. 29 : Pinky Says:

    Me and my husband loves watching this korean drama. We can’t affrod to miss any episode of this funny love story.

  30. 30 : bryan Says:

    hello…. this movie rocks…. i love it so much

  31. 31 : analyn Says:

    i like this series go on Claudine and Edward is a very nice love story

  32. 32 : pure Says:

    i love this series. contrary to what some people say, i find this series worth watching. the actors may not be matinee looking ones but they are not that bad looking. i find the girl pretty. the policeman is cute even if he looks mature. i love the story and the plot…..

  33. 33 : Dhez of Makati Phils Says:

    Really great korean novela. Very different compared to others. Soon you’ll realize that they were all good not just in acting but also they physical appearance as well. Highly recommended especially the ending. Its a good feeling that we have the ability to see this kind of drama. Thank God. More power to korean drama!

  34. 34 : Annasu Says:

    Where can I see this draa?

  35. 35 : pure Says:

    i really am fascinated by this drama. i hope that this has a good ending. it is currently shown on qtv eleven on saturdays and sundays 3-4 p.m. (here in the philippines).

  36. 36 : alias Says:

    i really like this film .i think the female is verry funny and lovely.In my onpion the film is very good

  37. 37 : mulan Says:

    This is something a very romantic and fabulous korean drama I’ve ever watched. A happy ending too and its really recommended to watch. I admire most and love the character of Mr. Kim Joo Hyuk. To all the cast especially the director, Congratulations!!!! Cheers!!!

  38. 38 : Owe Says:

    Jun Do yeon I really enjoyed watching lovers in prague as well your character same as your partner.
    I considered it one of my favorites korean drama.

    By the way don’t mind what some other people say please shout it to them”I am sexy and beautiful oooppsss intellegent too.

    Love you so much jun do yeon you’re superb keep it up.Oopppps my mom really likes you fyi.

    Congratulations for winning cannes award (International award).Your avid fan specially me hoping you will visit philippines manila.

    I had watched dangeong festival here in the philippines aired at Qtv 11
    I really love your smile and your short hair.

  39. 39 : sunshine Says:

    I have never no interests in Korean drama,till i saw this show and was so attracted and fascinated by the look and acting of Jeon Do yeon.I really like to see her show and keep searching around for her old movies and dramas. Keep up the GOOD work! You are Beautiful and attractive

  40. 40 : maricel catalan Says:

    i just want to say hello to edward and claudine….When I watched Lovers in Prague I had a plan to go to Korea just to see claudine and edward..
    See you soon guys!

  41. 41 : dindy Says:

    A wonderful drama. Not for tweens, highschool viewers, maybe even viewers in ther 20s (no offense). Different from the dramas we have been used to. No numerous misunderstandings that gets twisted annd twisted but straight to the point conversations and dialogues. Characters are played well. They did not mean for this drama to be cute. I am so glad for this. If there is one thing i would like to change–just a tiny bit, i wish the pre’s dtr had a little bit more pride towards the cop but then again that is just me, thanks to whoever created this 🙂

  42. 42 : dindy Says:

    addendum: hehe 🙂

    one of the best korean drama. my tears continued to flow even after the last episode. wanted to give the lawyer a hug, i wish he had a happy ending like everybody did :((

  43. 43 : loveAndy93 Says:

    My Andy got acting in tis drama!Tis is the first time i noe!!!! Can anyone tell me tat how is his acting in this drama?I am eagerly to noe about it!Plz… Thanks! or can anyone tell me where do i can watch this drama?

  44. 44 : kysha Says:

    The saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover” applies here. I enjoyed this drama! Watch it!

  45. 45 : Basuha Says:

    Great drama! Love every bit of it! This is not for the boys over flower fans but for the (noona) that appreciate drama like ( Last Scandal and City Hall). It mature and have depth, I really like how they had the main actess pursuing the guy just loved it. It a great combination of great acting and even greater storyline! I found the lead actress to be beautiful, for the viewer that called her ugly should look in the mirror because that comment was (ugly)!

  46. 46 : Sakura Says:

    I like the main cast.She is so cute when her hair is natural.

  47. 47 : phoebecates Says:

    love this drama. it’s for people with mature tastes..^.^

  48. 48 : IheartDrama Says:

    I love this drama also! in the beginning I thought the main male actor was not that handsome looking.. but as I continue to watch it, I grow to love him. Now he is one of my favorite actor. Great drama! I love how the main actress would sometimes chase after the main actor.. one part in particular that I didn’t like was the last 2 episode.. it kinda got boring at the end.. but besides that it’s one of my favorite.. i rate this drama 8/10

  49. 49 : kat Says:

    this is one of the really good korean dramas i’ve watched!!!

  50. 50 : charlotte Says:

    love this drama, very romantic and funny…
    i love Jun Do Yeon & Kim Joo Hyuk, lovely couple!

  51. 51 : mel Says:

    great drama..

  52. 52 : nining Says:

    it’s a good drama,, love korean drama much,,

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  54. 54 : gucci outlet Says:

    it’s a good drama,, love korean drama much,,

  55. 55 : toh quan ming Says:

    It’s a good drama,, love korean drama much,,

  56. 56 : RINARA Says:

    pleasen. give me the list title of original sountrack lovers in prague. tq

  57. 57 : RINARA Says:

    please..what r the title of original sountrack lovers in prague

  58. 58 : RINARA Says:

    please give me he liat of title original sountrack of lovers in prague

  59. 59 : ilke Says:

    how to download this lovers in prague movies??????
    thanx bro…..

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  62. 62 : fennie Says:

    I . enjoy watching this drama. Very well written, the casts are appealing and natural. One of the best, jun do yeon is really a beautiful fine actress.

  63. 63 : Auorora Says:

    does anyone know who sang the opening song?

  64. 64 : deasy Says:

    does anyone knew how i can get the copy of this drama i have searching but never found yet i really……..reaLLY LOVE THIS DRAMA

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  67. 67 : tigerb Says:

    after episode 4, there’s really nothing much interesting with this drama. it’s kind of predictable already what would happen next. i watch this because supposedly a good one.

  68. 68 : tigerb Says:

    i followed through and this is the first k.drama i watched that a son not only defied his father but also retaliated for the heartache the father caused, putting the blame to other people but himself.

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