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Title: 레버리지:사기조작단 / Leverage
Also Known as: Leverage: Fraud Control Operation
Genre: Crime
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: CSTV
Broadcast period: 2019-Oct-13 to 2019-Dec-08
Air time: Air time: Sunday 21:30 (2 episodes back-to-back)


This Drama is a remake of U.S. television series “Leverage” that aired on cable channel TNT from 2008-2012. The series follows the story of a former insurance investigator who forms a team of thieves and con artists to catch the real bad guys.

Lee Tae Joon (Lee Dong Gun) is an excellent insurance fraud investigator. An unexpected case changes his life. He quits his job and recruits talented criminals, that he once caught, to form an elite fraud team. The team includes Hwang Soo Kyung (Jeon Hye Bin), Go Na Byul (Kim Sae Ron), Roy Ryu (Kim Kwon) and Jung Ui Sung (Yeo Hoe Hyun). They scam wealthy criminals and return the money that they stole to the victims.


Main Cast

Lee Dong Gun as Lee Tae Joon
Jeon Hye Bin as Hwang Soo Kyung
Kim Sae Ron as Go Na Byul
Kim Kwon as Roy Ryu
Yeo Hoe Hyun as Jung Ui Sung

Supporting Cast

Choi Ja Hye as Shin Yoo Ri
Kim Kwang Sik as Park Ki Ho
Choi Hong Il as Yang Chul Soo
Park Eun Suk as Min Young Min
Jang Gwang as Baek Jong Koo
Shin Seung Hwan as Baek In Ho
Lee Yong Nyeo as Kim In Sook
Yoo Ha Bok as Chief of National
Lee Yong Woo as Police Agency Ghost
Kim Joong Ki as Jo Joon Hyung
Jung Ki Sub as So Ma
Park Tae In as Lawyer

Production Credits

Director: Nam Ki Hoon
ScriptWriter: Min Ji Hyung

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2019-10-13 1 1.320 -
2019-10-13 2 1.594 -
2019-10-20 3 1.269 -
2019-10-20 4 2.096 -
2019-10-27 5 1.638 -
2019-10-27 6 2.058 -
2019-11-03 7 1.407 -
2019-11-03 8 1.949 -
2019-11-10 9 Posponed  
2019-11-10 10 Posponed  
2019-11-17 9 2.287 -
2019-11-17 10 2.132 -
2019-11-24 11 1.617 -
2019-11-24 12 1.899 -
2019-12-01 13 1.837 -
2019-12-01 14 2.236 -
2019-12-08 15 1.167 -
2019-12-08 16 1.928 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Ellyn Says:

    Lee Dong Gun ❤️❤️❤️

  2. 2 : sushi Says:

    i really like the us drama leverage..hope this would be equally good

  3. 3 : MaxT Says:

    It was a boring drama felt asleep after first 10 minutes. Will skip this one.

  4. 4 : Nuguorange Says:

    I had high expectation for this drama. It seemed promising in the first 5 minutes but I couldn’t feel anything while watching. Not to mention the akward interaction between Lee Tae Joon and his wife. The plot itself didn’t come together as a solid story. But I liked the background story of every con artist. It was fun.

  5. 5 : USA Says:

    Really enjoying the storyline. It has a flavor of the Mission Impossible and the Bourne. Kim Kwon has some of Jason Bourne character, and the group setting has a flavor of the Mission Impossible. This drama has action, suspense, mystery, comedy and action to seek and destroy the evil. First 1 or 2 episodes were not very inviting, in fact it was a bit disconnected, but stuck with it knowing the Lee Dong-gun character would evolve… Like the mini-series within the storyline, so far it is quite entertaining and not at all dull. Oh, whatever happened to Lee Dong-gun’s wife?

  6. 6 : Misu Tira Says:

    Love this drama and Lee Dong Gun. Great team of the actors and actresses……
    Awesome and exciting story…….
    Thank you so much.

  7. 7 : dora Says:

    I like Jeon Hye Bin, as she makes the story fun in a stress drama. Lee Dong gun is a very excellent actor … and the guy who play a computer nerd also charming and cute ..
    Overall the story is good for those who like investigating plot story with a mixture of all, sadness, laugh, thrill

  8. 8 : OK OK OK Says:

    I enjoyed watching this drama so far till ep 14.
    15 n 16 is tomorrow. Hope the ending is good.

  9. 9 : qwe Says:

    what it mean on the last eps book that’s black?

  10. 10 : Grey Says:

    You said FULL cast but Choi Se Ri isnt on the list…

  11. 11 : Becca Mazzini (@beccamazzini) Says:

    Choi Se Ri was played by Park Jung Ah from Jewellery

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