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Greatest Marriage

Greatest Marriage 05

Title: 최고의 결혼 / Greatest Marriage
Chinese Title: 最佳婚姻
Also known as: The Best Wedding / The Greatest Wedding
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: CSTV
Broadcast Period: 2014-Sep-27 to 2014-Dec-27
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 20:30 (Saturday 23:00 Starting Episode 5)


Based on the original novel ‘최고의 결혼’ by 정이준 / Jung Yi Joon.

This drama telling a story about the relationships between four different couples and a marriage centered around a woman who voluntarily becomes a single mother.


Main Cast

Park Si Yeon as Cha Gi Young
Bae Soo Bin as Jo Eun Cha
Noh Min Woo as Park Tae Yun
Uhm Hyun Kyung as Hyun Myung Yi

People around Cha Ki Young

Jung Ae Yun as as Na Yun Hee
Song Young Kyu as Choi Il Jong (Yun Hee’s husband)
Park Hye Jin as Jung Soon Young

People around Jo Eun Cha

Park Ji Il as Seo Hwe Pyung
Kim Jin Ho as Ahn Jong Rak
Kim Seung Hoon as Kim Ho Nam

People around Park Tae Yun

Jo Eun Ji as Park Sun Nyeo
Jang Ki Yong as Peter
Lee Jung Gil as Park Kang Rok
Yoon Mi Ra as as Jun Reo Ja (Tae Yun’s mother)
Heo Joon Suk as Kim Joon Young

People around Hyun Myung Yi

Park So Jin as Lee Yoo Ri


Jung Se Hyung as Kim Hyung Joon
Jung Hyun Suk (정현석) as Oh Dong Shik
Yoo Jang Young as Park Sung Soo
Lee Ha Won (이하원) as Kang Young Joo
Son Se Bin as Kang Ha Ni
Kang Soo Jin as Na Min Joo
Lee Young Ran
Choi Jae Sup
Jung Dong Kyu
Kim Ik Tae
Min Joon Hyun
Yook Mi Ra

Production Credits

Production Company: C-Story (씨스토리)
Chief Producer: Choi Byung Hwa
Producers: Jung Hoe Suk, Lee Kyung Sun, Jung Hyung Seo
Director: Oh Jong Rok
Screenwriter: Go Yoon Hee


Starting from ep 5, the drama will air 1 episode a week on Saturday only, at 11Pm. (Source)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2014-09-27 1 1.141
2014-09-28 2 0.738
2014-10-04 3 0.525
2014-10-05 4 0.375
2014-10-11 5 0.807
2014-10-18 6 0.753
2014-10-25 7 1.260
2014-11-01 8 1.556
2014-11-08 9 1.151
2014-11-15 10 1.345
2014-11-22 11 1.464
2014-11-29 12 1.306
2014-12-06 13 1.754
2014-12-13 14 1.470
2014-12-20 15 1.815
2014-12-27 16 1.589

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : Secret Says:

    wowww… si yeon and soo bin, i can’t wait this drama

  2. 2 : eny Says:

    look intersting, i like bae so bin n park si yoen

  3. 3 : me_nina Says:

    I don’t like park si yeon. Miyane soo bin shi~

  4. 4 : MRS. MAYER Says:

    Lol, i thought she was ”hyeon hee” the girl in”marriage without dating” . hahaha omg, they look the same :))

  5. 5 : MRS. MAYER Says:


    they look exactly the same hahahaha 🙂 Yoon Soo Hee & PARK SI YEON

  6. 6 : mayme Says:

    yeay soo bin.. waiting for his next drama for soo long

  7. 7 : sahel Says:

    i will watch it only for noh min woo

  8. 8 : hanhyosang Says:

    Definitely gonna watch this ! 🙂

  9. 9 : traceykim Says:

    sorry, i’m still have disappointed to Bae Soo Bin bcoz his acting in Secret 😀
    sorry sorry sorry..

  10. 10 : Iris Says:

    the official site is really not the official site. It only leads to CSTV website. Not to the drama official site

  11. 11 : silhoutte Says:

    The synopsis sounds fine hope it is not another rehash. Yeah, I thot the actress was from MWD!

  12. 12 : Debbie Says:

    Yeah i will also watch it because of no min woo

  13. 13 : Neete Says:

    watching this becoz of No Min Woo. Can’t wait.

  14. 14 : ganiyat Says:

    i want to watch it because of no min woo

  15. 15 : uee Says:

    where can I watch with English sub? can’t find. thanks

  16. 16 : Vanessa Rodriguez Says:

    looks interesting

  17. 17 : han ji won Says:

    dramabay…sub plz plz

  18. 18 : neea Says:

    yes, sub pleeeezzzz

  19. 19 : Maw Says:

    so far the drama is all right haha

  20. 20 : Sharon Says:

    Love EP 1 already!!

  21. 21 : Sharon Says:

    WAtched both EP 1&2 and find this drama quite entertaining !! I will stick it out and also anticipating ep3.

  22. 22 : anne dianne Says:

    Stick to this drama only because of no min woo…no min woo is the best

  23. 23 : CoolBeans Says:

    I love the bold female character played by Si Yeon paired with the quirky chef played by Noh MIn Woo! So hot! Both are pretending to be independent and truly need each other. I hate his condescending rich parents! Proves that money can’t buy class! Can hardly wait for episode 3!

  24. 24 : ladyarcher Says:

    The more i watch this drama, the more im loving it! I love the PSY Character Girl power and the baby looks so adorable! 🙂

  25. 25 : shasha Says:

    hope the anchor women and the reporter end up together at the end…

  26. 26 : Marie Says:

    me too i hope the reporter and the anchor woman ends up together. They look good together

  27. 27 : NUMITA Says:


  28. 28 : NUMITA Says:


  29. 29 : usa-mary Says:

    Since some fiction, even though its fiction includes bits of reality. I hope that its fictional for a company’s superior to poke his adult employee (anchorwoman) in the middle of her forehead while chastising her as her coworkers looked on. Somebody would be getting fitted for a prosthesis finger about now.

  30. 30 : Tyout Says:

    @usa-mary: hahaha love the prosthesis finger bit! Watching Korean dramas and movies, sometimes you’d think they allow lots of terrible things but I doubt it’s true. I’ve seen many non-comedy movies where teachers slap, beat and even BITE students, this can’t be possible lol!

  31. 31 : merci Says:

    Hello Everyone~~~ would you like to come to Korea to study? why not try our school, Vision University College of Jeonju! We are offering Korean Language course and other major courses. If you are interested, please feel free to email me at [email protected]. Thank you.

  32. 32 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahaha hahahaha !!!👍

  33. 33 : neea Says:

    loving this drama so far. I hope Gi-Young/Tae-Yun ends up together

  34. 34 : usa-mary Says:

    Thank you…

    30-Tyout and 32-Sharon for your responses. I like posing these type of questions because stereotyping and generalizing people due to cultural beliefs, etc. is so unfair. Just because its in a foreign drama or movie doesn’t mean that the society as a whole practices such beliefs. Even if a small segment of society practiced this type of behavior, don’t bring it to me in America! Seriously… I don’t want to be in the international news. God forbid.

    The news media…even the known legitimate ones sometimes will create a foggy picture of current global events and the people involved.

  35. 35 : usa-mary Says:

    Truth be told…I was about to ditch this drama. Though it seems interesting; I’m a bit distracted by the Tae Yun character. He’s a bit delicate looking for a male (IMHO) for my taste. Nothing personally against him nor would I dare bash him. I just like a more manly man looking man. Again, I don’t mean any disrespect towards him as an actor or male. It’s just that I’ve watched his body language and its a bit sweetish, not Swedish for my taste.

    I’ll try and give it a go.

  36. 36 : usa-mary Says:

    Well…here we go again! Jo Eun Cha (aka Secret weasel), since when does patting a woman on her shoulder to encourage her=a $4.9 9million won settlement in her favor? Liar, liar…we already know that your pants is on fire, but to turn around and lie to the media… If patting her on her shoulder to encourage her=making her a woman (in various horizontal positions). I’d hate to see what a ‘thank you’ coming from you mouth would equal.

    Eun Cha…let’s see how you fair in the polls…fighting!

  37. 37 : RUBY PLACHETA Says:

    why NO MIN WOO pose like a gay in the poster. OMG! please don’t cause your so so so, very very very handsome ever. your my idol, your my crush. saranghae NO MIN WOO. good luck in this series…..

  38. 38 : usa-mary Says:

    This drama is a bit eccentric, yet interesting.

    Tae Yun’s character is developing somewhat rapidly. Sometimes, he’s not too convincing during his emotional portrayals, yet he’s coming along.

    Mean while, Eun Cha is flipping like a fish out of water; back and forth between good and evil actions towards Gi Young. He and his posse seem to be haters of women. They tolerate them more than they love them!??? WT… I get it now. It’s not that they don’t have a mother. They just want working women who are achievers to be like their mothers…stay at home and only reveal yourself to the public when called upon or needed.

    Sun Nyeo is wasting no time being hot on Eun Cha’s tail to expose him as the snake that he is with her rent a husband Pedro. PEDRO!!!??? I don’t know whether to say hola or anyong to him! Regardless of that, he appears to be a nice guy. Sun Nyeo needs to wear a hidden wire and bait that snake. She can afford it.

    Myung Yi…is a jealous sundae with a cherry lie on top. Pretty to look at, may taste good, but ooooomg…the evil, caloric weight it bears. She’s surprisingly an instigator, a liar and becoming vindictive. I did foresee that coming from her.

    What would a kdrama be without the crazy, overbearing, controlling chaebol dad and his uber-submissive wife.

    Wow…this is the second drama that I’ve watched where a chaebol will not only gets rid of a person whose deemed intrusive into their regal family tree, but a baby stealer (from that intrusive person), too! Gi Young has some hardships ahead. That’s really tough on a pregnant woman.

  39. 39 : usa-mary Says:

    Tae Yun and Eun Cha…

    The difference between Like…Love…and In Love is the same difference between…For Now…For A While…and Forever. Which category will either of you get placed in. Author-A. Campbell

  40. 40 : Sharon Says:

    Watched ep 3&4 and liked it a lot. I hope the ratings just gets better with time.
    Whose picture was on EC’s boxers and is he finally turning into a human??
    MY, is a devil in disguise. She is pitting TY and GY against each other and I have a feeling this is not going to end well. I truly want TY and GY to end up together and not for the sake of the child, because that can cause more harm than good. I want TY to take the lead and stop acting like a spoiled kid. GY has a lot of insecurities due to her parents relationship, but I hope she will fall for TY instead of EC.

    Yes he does act like he has a little sugar in his tank😉 and the love making scene with GY was a bit awkward. He was not quite relax in that scene plus he is so skinny and I like a man with more meat in his bones. Even rent a husband look more macho 💪 than him, but I hope he will become more mature if he ever finds out he is a/ going to be a father.

  41. 41 : Sharon Says:

    I thought Min Woo look so FINE in the drama “My Girlfriend is a Nine Tail Fox”, but with all the plastic surgery he look worst!! Bring back the old NMW!!

  42. 42 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-40: LOL! I had the exact thought about MW during the love making scene. I, too, like to see a man with some meat on his bones. I was thinking..I hope she doesn’t break him in two…LOL! I also could tell that he wasn’t quite relaxed, yet I believe he will get better with time. I came across some photos of him when he was a drummer for a band and GIRLFRIEND, he was buff and had some meat on them there bones. His muscles were truly cut. It had to have been pre-plastic surgery photos, because I had to look for him for a long time before I finally discovered which one was him and there were only two guys in the photo…LOL!

    I believe GW has a lot of potential and will grow into it soon. To do so, he has to practice losing those awkward, distracting feminine arm/hand gestures. I liked his appearance in the old photos, too!

  43. 43 : usa-mary Says:

    Oops! I meant to write MW, not GW.

  44. 44 : Sharon Says:

    There was a interview with him recently about people asking the number 1 question about his sexuality and he was quite upset about people thinking he is homosexual. He said he loves and attracted to women. He adamantly refute the allegations.
    What’s up with liar liar? I was like dam!! How many lies did she tell in just EP 4. I lost count!!

  45. 45 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-44: I see. Well, I won’t refute his adamant refutation.

    Re episode 4. I know…right! Liar…liar her skirt went up in flames. She is two-faced, forked-tongued and just plain unreal when she talks to Gi Young, Tae Yun, and the other staff members. As an intern, she’ll soon realize that all her lies will backfire; returning to her as judge and jury. She even told the restaurant owner where she’s taking cooking classes ‘aka English classes’ during a conversation that the chefs at her home… CHEFS!!! What chefs! She’s a habitual liar for sure. Except, when she said she wants a rich man. That was the truth. I’d like to see her try to get into Tae Yun’s household. Girl, his appa will have her leaving that house and him in supersonic speed.

    Tae Yun doesn’t want her and its so funny how she looks at Eun Cha when he calls himself trying to flirt with her. That’s another truth that comes from her. She finds him sneeringly revolting…LOL!

  46. 46 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahaha!! No don’t refute it.☺️☺️

    No, MY lies every time she blinks. Dam! What will she lie about next? That she donated the sperm. You are right TY fam is no joke especially his mother, so she is in for it.
    I think GY kinda have a feeling about her. I think she is going to get close to TY’s sister and they are going to raise hell on GY and EC.

  47. 47 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-46: …and…you know it! If she tries to accuse TY of getting her pregnant. TY’s family will come out like Australian dingoes to take that baby away from her, and who knows what will happen to her after that. She won’t stand a chance of survival with them. They’re human piranha.

    Actually, TY’s mother is not so bad. She tempered her husband’s horrible anger by stepping up and stating that she’ll handle the matter with GY. She knows first hand how cruel her husband can be and didn’t want to take the risk of permanently losing TY if something happened to GY. What I don’t get is how the writers make the chaebol sons act so obliviously STUPID and not protect the woman they love! If anyone knows their parents(s), its the child(ren). TY was about to tell his parents that GY is pregnant. WT…WHY would he do that??? Like that’s going to convince his appa to accept the woman he views as low class and gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe. It hasn’t worked yet.

    TY’s family reminds me of the chaebol’s from bowels of hell. You know the ones in Goddess of Marriage. ewwwww….

    I hope that MY’s sister and GY do become allies. Well see. GY needs all the reinforcement that she can get right now. The buzzards are flying overhead, looking down on her; hoping she’ll become their prey soon.

  48. 48 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon. Have you seen the girls in other threads, recently? So far, you’re the only one whose name I’ve seen.

  49. 49 : Sharon Says:

    No, I havent come across anyone lately. Maybe they are lurking but not commenting. To be honest, the Korean Dramas lately has not been that great where you are so excited that you have to comment on it. The last really good drama that I saw was Secret, others were just watchable. I believe if something really really good comes out the crew would be back!!! Hello crew!!! If you are lurking whats up!! Did you guys find another forums??

    Hey, I heard that this drama will only air on Saturdays only, due to low ratings. So we will see Greatest Marriage only once per week now. Aint that some bull ship!!😳😳😳😳

  50. 50 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-49: Its bull hockey pucks and patties! That bull ship needs to get sunk and lost in the abyss.

    I wonder why some of these stations are opting to have the dramas on pay-tv which they know already has fewer viewers. (Its stated above on this thread in between the ratings box and the posters section.) Doing that only propels the viewership to be lower as compared to free-tv channels. That’s similar to what happened to Surplus Princess, even though I stopped watching it some weeks ago. That drama, originally was scheduled for 16 episodes, now has been cut to 10 with the last episode to end soon. That’s ridiculous! Just to start a pay-per-view business to get more money out of people…its ridiculous to no end!

    I agree with you regarding the kdramas, lately. The new/upcoming ones don’t interest me. The plots are redundant. Where are the Hong sisters when we need them! Anyway, there’s one kdrama that I can recommend that I’m currently doing a re-watch. Its hilarious and quite entertaining. Its titled, The Prime Minister and I. Other than that, I’ve been all over the globe in Viki watching dramas from other countries. Girlfriend, believe me when I tell you this…I’ve found some gems in both movies and dramas. I had to experience watching some duds, but it was well worth the search.

    By the way, on Viki, there’s a kmovie that’s really very good. It’s an older, period black and white movie titled, The Wedding. Its hilarious and endearing. From my experience, the older kmovies and kdramas have some of the best plots and are quite entertaining.

  51. 51 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah!!! If they are placing dramas on pay-TV then the drama should be off the chain!! Make the audience want to see your drama especially paying for it. Who want to buy crap!!

    I have also travel the globe looking for my next fix of drama and I love love love the Chinese historicals they are the bomb!! Try “Empress in the Palace”it’s really good. The thing with chinese drama is that they are not usually sub in English. Bummer!!!! Ther is some really good ones out there.

    True, I believe that back in the day they put more effort in bringing good solid drama with stories that leave a lasting impression. The screen writers are lazy and has no imagination. They write about the same thing over and over. Rich boy/girl meets poor girl/boy, evil parents and poor boy/girl is trampled upon by them.

    I also heard that Park SI Yeon was band from two big TV station. MBC and KBS because of Propofol abuse. However TGM cable station aske her to do Greatest Marriage. I think she is an excellent actress she has done a good job as Cha Gi Young.

  52. 52 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-51: I could mention a number of Asian dramas that I’ve watched and thoroughly enjoyed (Pakistan, Indonesian, India, Turkey, Philippines, etc.). Yet, there’s one that stands out waaaay above and beyond all of them. The title is Cubic (Thai lakorn). Sharon, this drama is the BEST of the BEST! Seriously, I actually pulled a few all nighters just to watch this drama. Its truly Excellent! You can watch it on Viki. Select countries…its under Thailand.

    The storyline is taken from a series of 4 volume books. Cubic is taken from the first 2 books. I hope the last 2 volumes are made into a drama. Its just that good…seriously.

    I’ll also check out Empress In the Palace. I’ll search around for one with English subs.

  53. 53 : mystisith Says:

    @admin: Starting from ep 5, the drama will air only 1 episode a week on Saturday, at 11Pm.
    Source: soompi thread.

  54. 54 : Carmarie Says:

    @Sharon, I also love Chinese historical dramas, I recommend “More Startling by the Moment.”

    @USA Mary, I will check out Cubic. I am always looking for good dramas, regardless the country…thank you.

    As far as this drama is concerned, I watched the first two and it did not grab my attention. Perhaps, I will look at the last four episodes, and if they are any good, I will go back and complete the series.

  55. 55 : Carmarie Says:

    @USA Mary #42

    Noh Min Woo used to be more buffed. I also saw pictures of him as the drummer in the group Trax. NMW was not as thin as he is now in Pasta (2010); however, when he played in Full House 2, he had lost a lot of weight. Many of the Korean actors have lost weight in recent years, when you look at their earlier pictures, you can tell the difference in size.

  56. 56 : Sharon Says:

    I have seen a couple of Thai lakorn and I love the aggressive male am I a perv for loving that?? Hahahaha. I have not seen Cubic and I shal and let you know what my thought is on that.
    There is a chinese one called Sealed with a Kiss. I love the actor, Hawic Lau try it!!

  57. 57 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks, Soo much. I will watch and let you know.

  58. 58 : Sharon Says:

    I don’t think the story is bad at all. I really like this drama.

  59. 59 : Micc Says:

    I haven’t started to watch this drama, and I don’t look at ratings to choose a drama. But just happened to see the rating of this drama…it went from 1.1 to 0.3, not a good sign. Just saying.

  60. 60 : gendhis Says:

    Ini bgs lho dramanya, sk sm critanya, tp syg satu hal.. si no min woo knp tampilannya jd kyk gay.. Pdhl aktingnya bgs

  61. 61 : usa-mary Says:

    @Carmarie-54/55: Re Cubic, you’re welcome. Re this drama. I’m enjoying so far after giving it another chance.

    That’s so true re the weight loss among many Korean actors. I noticed it over the past 3-4 years. That’s why I did double take of NMW in a photo with another guy. I couldn’t tell which one was him at first.

    @Sharon-56: No ma’am, you’re not a perv. I like watching a manly man, too. Wait until you watch Cubic. Girl, there’s quite a few very handsome manly men in there. Enough to make you starry-eyed! Believe me, that drama is my go to for laughs, romance and a thriller mix. The plot is excellent and the storyline is an old one.

    Besides, those momma boys and their mommas make me cringe. Do you recall the scene when Tae Yun’s momma put on his slippers before he entered their home. I almost dropped this drama, again. He didn’t thank her and tell her that he could do it himself. Nooooo…he let her. As if he were a toddler needing help with his nighty-night slippers. HELP LORD! Well, I innately have a reason for still watching it, and I sense that he’ll grow up rather quickly for the sake of his relationship with GY. He’s going to have to fight the forces of chaebol evil to do it. Maybe he should have been a blade man too, so his appa can think he’s hallucinating and urgently sees a psychiatrist. That type of humor would be welcomed in this drama.

  62. 62 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon: Oops! I forgot to tell you that I will check out Sealed With A Kiss.

  63. 63 : Micc Says:

    What happened to the stunning Noh Min Woo in My Girlfriend is a Nine-tail Fox? He is too skinny and too much makeup. Still a fan nonetheless.

  64. 64 : bubut Says:

    Nobody wants to see , Noh min Woo,as the Leading man ,because she looks like a Gay guy,episode 4 The fight Scene,this is a casting mistake

  65. 65 : Micc Says:


    I came across your posts here and checked out Cubic. Still on episode one but it seems really interesting. Glad I saw your post. Thanks.

  66. 66 : neea Says:

    Am a fan of No Min-Woo. Was so surprised he is so skinny now. What happened to him? Am still a fan though

  67. 67 : Dong Says:

    awwww, once a week from today 🙁

    I was really looking forward to my weekends drama. What shall I watch now?

  68. 68 : usa-mary Says:

    @Micc-65: You’re welcome. I hope you enjoy.

    Now, if there was only a website available where we could discuss other country’s dramas. I’ve found some gems to discuss. Viki is not a good source for extended dialogue. They limit the number of people who can sign onto their commentary section. I’ve tried a number of times and still have not accessed it. A problem like that can only last as long as its allowed to. Out of respect for the set-up of this website/thread for Korean dramas, I won’t discuss other dramas on here.

    @Dong-67: I know. I was looking forward to watching this drama during the weekend, too. I hope it doesn’t get dropped. The network and investors were well aware beforehand when entering an agreement with this network that there would be limited viewership since its pay-tv.

  69. 69 : Sharon Says:

    Thanks, Koreandrama.org for allowing us to discuss our frustration and our delights about our views and insight on K dramas. I must also thank you very much, for not reprimanding us for disclosing other countries drama. Kamsahamnida!

    The drama is called The Greatest Marriage. My question is, who is GY going to marry?! I have a strange feeling it’s going to be EC. If it is EC is going to marry GY I can foresee the chaos between TY’s family especially his sister.
    Thanks for all the info girlfriend. Here we go, the only drama so far I find entertaining is now showing one per week!!

  70. 70 : Micc Says:


    Watch What Happened to this Family. It’s very funny.

  71. 71 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-69: Hi chingu. I will join you in thanking Koreandrama.org. Thank you admins.

    You know, the exact same thought crossed my mind about this drama’s name and how will it become the greatest marriage. Especially, since she doesn’t want to marry. I, too, believe that GY will marry EC. She’ll strike a marriage deal with him for security, not for love. She’s vulnerable and desperate enough to do it to protect her baby, keep TY and his crazy family away, and to secure her job. Now, you and I both know that TY will have a hissy fit if/when she marries EC. You’re so right about his sister. I’m adding that she may surprisingly get jealous since he was her first, inclusive of her vendetta against him. That truly would be a wicked love/hate mindset.

    I applaud EC for stepping up and being extremely protective when he saw the ill state GY was in. He immediately switched from trying to taunt her to being the most caring, protective, and chivalrous man that I’ve ever seen. Though it was short lived once she was much better… I tell you…that conniving man…makes me want to slap him. LOL Anyway, I believe that’s the beginning catalyst, she’ll use when making her decision. I think the deal will be that he takes the lead anchor position, so she can go on hiatus right before she begins to show. Then, after the baby is born, she’ll return to co-anchor with him. There may be other incidents to follow where he’ll show his kindness in between his conniving, yet I’m sure that was the initial start.

    In the preview, it appears that her mother will be upset with her. I’m assuming its because GY told her that she’s pregnant, will keep the baby, and won’t marry. We’ll find out. Why do kdramaland mothers hit their pregnant daughters out of frustration or for whatever reason? That’s just plain CRAZY!!! That’s one of the most delicate, vulnerable times for a woman.

    Info about pay-per-view TV in the U.S. (just sharing)

    Here in the U.S., when pay-per-view TV came on the scene. Only special-live sporting events was televised. Actually, it began with major boxing events. During the time it came out , Mike Tyson was the favored boxer. People didn’t mind paying to watch his live, televised fights. It was a whole lot cheaper than being at the actual fight. The inve$tor$ made beaucoup $ either way. People made it a reason to have parties in their homes with lots of good socializing, good food with avid like-minded friends. This was before sports bars. Later, a few movies was televised on pay-per-view, but never dramas or soap operas as its called here in the U.S.

  72. 72 : usa-mary Says:

    One more thought… Once they’re married, I believe EC and GY will eventually fall in love with each other. I know…I know…everyone wants to see GY with TY together. I’m just saying. Who knows…EC may just turn into that loving, caring, emotional healing, sexy beast that she needs. LOL He does love chasing skirts, though. Maybe having GY that close to him, watching her belly grow will redirect his focus. Witnessing his current hormonal activity, he’ll quickly turn the fake/deal marriage into a real one. Once in love, I think then we’ll see a quite different EC who will fight from his heart to protect GY and no longer plot against her. We’ll find out what writer Go-nim has in mind.

  73. 73 : Sharon Says:

    I problem with that situation is TY’s family. Is GY going to not let TY know that the baby is his, because if she does the family is going to be on her like white on rice. Maybe that’s why she will end up marriying EC, the family may want to take the baby and she claims it’s not TY’s its EC, the plot to marry begins. I like your thoughts on it, making a deal with EC and you know how he love deals especially when it benefit him the most.

    I feel the sister is going to fall for rent a husband. What you think??

  74. 74 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-73: TY’s sister told GY in passing when she returned to work after the fainting/emergency room incident, that if she is pregnant with TY’s, baby her parents will take the infant away from her. I don’t believe that GY really wants to distance herself from TY, yet his father created a situation where she has no other choice. She likes TY, but she wants her baby more. I think she likes the TY she met who appeared to be his own person, making his own decisions. She didn’t know he was a chaebol. She wasn’t at ease with the TY who suddenly becomes reattached to the chaebol subculture, wanting to marry her after she became pregnant. Even more so, when they both were humiliated by his father; only put her in flight mode. I was surprised that TY went to his parents to introduce her to them so soon. IMHO, he can’t be that STUPID! He should know his own parents better than anyone else. For instance, that’s why he’s living away from home and against all odds, pursued his passion in the culinary field. Since his father adamantly disapproved of TY’s career choice, what makes TY think that he would approve of a woman who’s not a chaebol and is 2 years older than him?!

    Boy, oh boy… Koreans sure do harp on that age difference. GY and TY are both in their 30’s and 2 years is not a lot.

    LOL…yes, EC sure does love to make deals. It seems to be his specialty. I had the exact same thought about TY’s sister and the rent a husband. From my observation, he’s mature, grounded and seems like a nice man. She needs that type of man in her life. Plus, he’s good looking. Unless, appa Park dies soon, I don’t even see those two having a good chance to get together. Let’s see what writer Go has in store for us.

  75. 75 : Sharon Says:

    I was surprised that TY just sat there and let his father wip his ass. As a woman that’s a turn off. TY has to prove himself a man. He has to man up!!
    I believe he really cares for GY, but he has to let go of his immature, spoiled ways.
    Will the screen write let EC become the father of GY and TY’s baby?? I don’t know if the Korean audience is ready for that kind of modernization. Maybe ultimately TY and GY will come together.

  76. 76 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-75: Girl…when his appa hit him, my mouth was wide open! In my mind, I was waaaay ahead of GY…like get out now if you have any sense and dignity! RUN…as fast and as far your feet will take you. LOL

    I wouldn’t want a man that would take that type of abuse from ‘anyone’ either. Now, I’m not advocating striking his appa, but don’t just sit there and take that! There’s ways to assert oneself and get the meaning across without resorting to violence. People who accept abuse like that usually turn out to be abusers in some form. GY actually knows what she’s doing when it comes to staying away from TY. He, too, is carrying some serious baggage that needs unloading.

    I believe screenwriter Go will let GY and EC marry. If not, that’s okay, too. I’ve seen kdramas where its indicated that a man married a woman that was pregnant by another man. But, I don’t recall at this time seeing a kdrama where the lead actors portrayed that situation. I have to think about it a little more. I’ve watched a lot of kdramas, so it will take a while to recall.

    Even if the writer does have GY and TY get together. I’m still trying to settle in my mind the idea of those two being together. It’s still not registering for me, yet.

  77. 77 : Micc Says:

    I’m going to watch this drama after the ending so I don’t have to wait for it. So far, haven’t finished episode 1 but I’ll hold it out.


    Viki has no Cubic videos after episode 8! I’m devastated. Haha! Do you know any other place I can watch it? Thanks.

  78. 78 : usa-mary Says:

    @Micc-77: This drama’s storyline does get better after episode 1, believe me. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t still be on here commenting.

    Re Cubic. If you have access to Youtube, you can find it there in its entirety with English subtitles. Just type in Cubic lakorn. Enjoy! Its well worth the watch.

  79. 79 : miss olive Says:

    Why cant I find ep. 5?

  80. 80 : usa-mary Says:

    @miss olive-79: I’ve found it without English subs on Youtube.

    @Sharon: The period, black and white kmovie I told you about on Viki is titled The Wedding Day, not The Wedding. My apologies.

  81. 81 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah!! TY has to man up for their relationship to seems somewhat real to the audience.

    Thanks, for the correction. Waiting for EP 5 to sub!!!

  82. 82 : usa-mary Says:

    @Micc-77: I just checked Viki and Cubic’s episodes go to 16. I don’t know where or what you looked at to conclude 8 episodes are only available, but I checked episode 16 in Viki and its working just fine.

    Watching The Greatest Marriage in the raw now. I look forward to it being subbed.

  83. 83 : Micc Says:


    Viki seems to have the episodes but when I clicked on it, it said video not available. That happens from episode 9. I haven’t checked episode 16 since I haven’t reached there yet.

    I will wait for The Greatest Marriage to finish. It’s more fun to watch altogether as long as I don’t start so I can wait. Once I started, then I’ll have to endure the waiting game. Haha! Enjoy your drama!

  84. 84 : Micc Says:

    @usa-mary – 78

    I’m sure it gets better. I saw a little bit of episode 1 and while I don’t care about the story line, I like Park Si Yeon’s acting. I’m definitely not a fan of her, so if I feel I like her acting, I should be able to find the drama interesting. Will wait until more episodes come out.

  85. 85 : usa-mary Says:

    @Micc-83/84: Re Viki…hmmm…it could be a regional issue.

    Sometimes, I get a little excited about sharing what I’m getting out of a drama with those who choose to stick around to watch it and are open for create constructive dialogue. I get it…its not the case with you.

    Personally, I have no problem with waiting on the next episode. Life goes on in the interim…

  86. 86 : Regine choi Says:

    You can watch it on drama.net and dramacool.com guys =)

  87. 87 : Lee min HA Says:

    Why are the ratings so low?

  88. 88 : usa-mary Says:

    I can find this drama in the raw anywhere. I’ve watched in the raw already. I need English subtitles. O_o

    Hehehe…this shows how much I like this drama!

    Volunteer subtitle writers…fighting!

  89. 89 : Dong Says:

    @Micc-70: thanks, will do that 🙂

    love funny dramas, just laughs

  90. 90 : Sharon Says:

    Guys!!! Eng sub on Drama Fever !!!

  91. 91 : usa-mary Says:

    YiiiiiHaaaa! Thank you Sharon!

  92. 92 : usa-mary Says:

    I’m looking forward to Eun Cha receiving another slight of hand, face slap. Just like the one Tae Yun’s sister faked him out with while they were waiting in court. He’s completely and totally DESPICABLE!

    If the writer has Gi Young marry Eun Cha for any reason…I’ll be clenching my teeth. grrrrr (one side of lip raised, showing teeth).

  93. 93 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness EC is beyond despicable, he is like efleas on rats!! I love his limping to TY’s sister office. Hahaha!!
    Can TY be that lack of a backbone? He need to man up!!! I can’t stand it!!
    Now here comes MY with another lie. Damn, that beach got lies for days!
    When did she slept with TY? Can somebody tell me?!
    The next thing is GY’s mom, o God mother you have a child don’t you think she feel the same about the one growing in her stomach. How dear you schedule an abortion, because you worry about what people would say. People can kiss my pass!! People are ready to crucify you when times are bad and crucify you when thing are going good for you.

  94. 94 : Sharon Says:

    That was fleas on rats! Not efleas

  95. 95 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-94: Pedro deserves an award for shoulder bumping that vermin! You were correct. I’d like to send him some trained e-fleas to add to that Band-Aid on his forehead and limping leg. The e-fleas would be trained to attack the non-limping side, so he can scratch up and down one side, while limping like a crazy fool on the other! I must agree, that limp was too funny and he knew it! LOL This man is too much.

    Another funny scene was when he thought the ahjummas’ were members of his ‘TV anchor’ fan club. When all they wanted was to feel a young man’s body under the guise of stroking his ego. But, when they stopped ooooing and awwwing all over his body, and told him they were there to support Gi Young with a letter to the President, he acted a fool and lost that fan base, too. Asking them did Sun Nyeo send them there. He’s not skittish enough for me, yet where Sun Nyeo is concerned

    This man is living in his own fools ‘mack daddy’ paradise world. Why is he still trying to smooth talk Sun Nyeo to provide him with info about GY; as if she’d tell him. For someone who thinks he knows women, he truly knows nothing about retaliation after wronging them. But, she got him back real good. I may only understand a few Hangul words, but I can thoroughly comprehend body language and hand gestures. Before she left him standing at her desk like a deer caught in the headlights. She pointed at his pants, held up her fingers to imply the size, then turned up her nose and walked away. GIRL…THERE ARE NO FONTS LARGE ENOUGH…LOL! I’m still rolling on that one! LOL

    Tae Yun is acting so immature right that I really don’t want to comment about him. MY is a pathological liar. Gi Young’s mother is all into saving face. Geez, in kdramaland, criminals headed for and in prison receive more care and understanding from family members, than that.

    I really don’t care for EC at all in this episode. He tore his briefs or boxers with me when he had MY remove GY’s chair. Actually, that includes all the sniggling imbecilic co-workers and that sorry station manager, too. If I was her, before the men approached the anchor’s desk to physically remove her, I would have shouted…How Do You Spell LAWSUIT! EC, in this episode is so worthless, that his worthlessness is worthless. He has the full support of all the misogynistic zippers at the TV station and still instigates. It’s amazing how the blissfulness of ignorance is embraced. The dichotomy between the female mind and the male mind here is really magnified. EC scolded GY that her behavior would affect the sanctity of marriage! Really, now. So, its okay for him to go cherry picking before the picking season (matrimony) in an orchard that’s not his, then lie about it. Is that embracing the sanctity of marriage? Mmmmhumph!

  96. 96 : usa-mary Says:

    I know when Eun Cha hilariously limped into Sun Nyeo’s office it was to give her the bill for Pedro’s actions (acting as if he was hit by a truck, instead of another human being). Why should she have to pay for something he incited? Anyway, my point is that EC is forever showing up in her face trying to get some information out of her about Gi Young. Was that a sympathy limp to get Sun’s attention in the beginning? If so, she didn’t notice and definitely didn’t care. Besides, after she left him in her office, he walked away just fine. That rascal!

  97. 97 : Sharon Says:

    You are so right!! EC is poop in the bottom of my shoe. He will stop at anything to get what he wants. No wonder TY sister is after his ass. Imagine the lies he told her and the acting to get into her panties. He is a pice of dog poop. EC even got copies of GY’s phone conversation with TY an now the blackmail begins.
    Did GY mother wanted to jump over the terrace?? Is she crazy, saying lets jump together. I would be like mom, you go first. GY is Thirty two years and can’t have a child without being married ?? She is not begging ant one to pay her bills, buy her clothes and give her food unlike MY, so what’s the problem. I am soooo piss off at TY that my blood boils within me. I wanted to enter drama land with a 2×4 and beat the shit out of him. He think his father is crazy when I am finish with him he would have muscles for days.
    This drama gets better every week!!

  98. 98 : Sharon Says:

    A truck!! I thought he fell on a train track!!😃😃

  99. 99 : wa72 Says:

    I love this drama. Hate us MY.

  100. 100 : wa72 Says:

    I love this drama. Hate u MY.

  101. 101 : Dong Says:

    saw the ep. 6 trailer. please don’t tell me Ms. evil MY finally got TY into bed with her???!!!!!

    I’m gonna be screaming in front of my computer

  102. 102 : meirav Says:

    i love this drama shame only one episode a week

  103. 103 : usa-mary Says:

    @Dong-101: Finally is an understatement! I watched that preview 3x just to make sure I was actually seeing what I was seeing…O~o!!!

  104. 104 : Dong Says:

    @usa-mary 103: am hoping the preview is shown in such a way to mislead, pleeezzzz.

    If TY really ended up in bed with her, I think I might just read the comments here instead of watching episodes 7-15, then watch only 16, just the finale, coz I might be just to upset with them (TY & MY). Or comments reading only until I calm down before continue to watch

  105. 105 : usa-mary Says:

    @Dong-104: Me too. Kdramaland’s previews have been known to mislead us with their chopped up short takes. I, too, hope this is one of those times.

    If it does happen and that psychopathic liar of a witch gets pregnant, I’m done… I just may join you in reading the comments, then watch the final episode later. This is just too crazy to fathom. In kdramaland, Soju is infamous for getting even the most platonic couples in trouble. Besides, it’s not like he was drunk.

    GY apologized (face to face with TY) and even told him the cause and affects of her actions. Which to me is a first, because that doesn’t happen often or hardly ever in kdramaland dialogue. Usually, there’s so much misunderstandings because no one either forcefully speaks up to clarify a misunderstanding or is constantly cut off in the midst of trying to explain what happened that the truth is never revealed until much later. TY listens to his sister and MY about what happened with GY and not to GY herself. Sun Nyeo doesn’t dislike Gi Young; she despises Eun Cha who’s making misleading statements to her about Gi Young. Based on Eun Cha’s character, and Sun Nyeo’s first hand experience with him, she believes the opposite of what he says. MY is a troubled, want-to-be-in-the-lime-light, deranged psychotic. She’s so disgustingly absorbed in her get-a-chaebol-man-as-fast-as-you-can syndrome, that she lied to the man’s face about sleeping with him. Now, that behavior calls for more than therapy.

  106. 106 : Sharon Says:

    Now, I thought a Train ran over EC as he limp into SN’s office.

  107. 107 : Sharon Says:

    You are so right!! EC is poop in the bottom of my shoe. He will stop at anything to get what he wants. No wonder TY sister is after his ass. Imagine the lies he told her and the acting to get into her panties. He is a pice of dog poop. EC even got copies of GY’s phone conversation with TY an now the blackmail begins.
    Did GY mother wanted to jump over the terrace?? Is she crazy, saying lets jump together. I would be like mom, you go first. GY is Thirty two years and can’t have a child without being married ?? She is not begging ant one to pay her bills, buy her clothes and give her food unlike MY, so what’s the problem. I am soooo piss off at TY that my blood boils within me. I wanted to enter drama land with a 2×4 and beat the shit out of him. He think his father is crazy when I am finish with him he would have muscles for days.
    This drama gets better every week!!

  108. 108 : usa-mary Says:

    I can’t stop laughing and can barely type… You’re going GANSTA on TY RLOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

    Girlfriend, you did it for me. I can’t add to that! WHEW!

    When GY’s mother responded with she’ll die if she doesn’t have an abortion. I said, “Bye”….waving…RLOL!

    Wait a minute… Sharon…are y’all ready for THIS! Since drama fever was going too fast during the preview of ep. 6. I searched for a preview that was a little slower so I could control each frame. I didn’t realize there was a frame that we missed. Right after the couples feet in the shower scene is a close up shot of the two in the shower. Then, it goes to GY in the shower talking to the baby. Yes, its pissing me off sad, but its TRUE! It’s them, in the shower.

    Sharon, you bring the 2×4, while I block the door! Let’s throw MY and TY in for good measure. I’m just in the mood to practice my golf swings!

    I thought 2013 was the year of kdramaland crazies. It looks like this writer has been hitting the soju bomb (soju and beer); soju and yogurt; soju and coke; soju and curacao; soju and kool aide. Where’s the Hong sisters! I need them to bring some sanity and humor back to kdramaland, again.

    Mess with me will ya’! I hope TY gets MY pregnant, then takes her home to me his sweet, kind, soft spoken, considerate appa. I’m ready with a broom to dust off the welcome mat for that wench.

  109. 109 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahahaha!!!! Team work make the dream work. Yes, 2×4 and all.
    I am so mad at TY, because if he sleeps with MY I know there is no chance for him and GY. I guess EC is the end game for GY.

  110. 110 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-109: EC, God forbid! Earlier, before EC completely emerged from the bowels of hell, I thought the writer would have him soften his heart towards GY sooner. Especially, after he carried her on his back to the hospital. Now, I see him as a deceiving MY in a male form, but worse. I’m not caring for either the male lead or the second male lead in this drama. It doesn’t matter how the writer can quickly change them into decent, apologizing human beings. Don’t start any mess from the beginning and there won’t be any to clean up. The only male I’m rooting for is Pedro and he’s with Sun Nyeo.

  111. 111 : usa-mary Says:

    Pedro is the only decent, grounded man in this drama and that’s sad. I would include TY’s restaurant owner friend, but we haven’t seen any of his personal life interactions to gauge by.

  112. 112 : Sharon Says:

    So true Pedro the most sane on this drama. I also thought that EC would redeem himself by been nice for once, but that was short lived.
    Wiman can be the greatest enemy of themself. Why aren’t women in North Korea sticking up for these single mothers. It as if they have committed a crime. Women has to stick together and enforce laws that protect single parents and especially the child. A lot single mothers tend to give the child up for adoption, or abort the child. These are the children of the future if they are aborted where is our future.

  113. 113 : usa-mary Says:

    The women are actually in support of GY. From the preview of episode 6, GY will leave the station (carrying a box). The aftermath of her departure caused the ratings to drop more than 2%. EC is scrambling for ways to reverse the domino affect of his and the exec’s insensitive actions towards GY. Now, all the pressure is on him to produce better ratings. He’s threatening to fire his ‘women haters’ team if they don’t bring the ratings up. Really! (I don’t have any poster board or markers to show sympathy or empathy for his behind).

  114. 114 : loulou Says:

    Aww why only one ep. per week 🙁

  115. 115 : Juana love Says:

    pls who is the father of GY baby?

  116. 116 : usa-mary Says:

    @loulou-114: See Note under between the Production Credits and Episode Ratings on this thread.

    @Juana Love-115: Read through comments on this thread or go to dramabeans.com.

    Thank you.

  117. 117 : Juana love Says:

    @usa-Mary-116:thank u

  118. 118 : Sharon Says:

    Will TY ever find out it’s his baby?? I don’t think TY is going to see the text message EC is using as blackmail. GY is going to intercept and try to make a deal with EC. My thought!

  119. 119 : usa-mary Says:

    I believe TY knows and is licking his wounds since GY rejected him. He told her, even if it is his sperm, she aborted the baby. That’s kdramaland male logic for you. If that’s the case, why lease a condo directly below hers? Does he plan on drawing her back to him with the smell of his exquisitely prepared cuisine? Oh, snap…I just remembered hood rat MY…yuck!

    I believe that EC, out of sheer desperation to keep his #1 anchor job will approach GY with a deal. From the preview, it appears that she already resigned so, what other reason could there be. We’ll find out.

  120. 120 : han ji won Says:

    what the title of the song in the end of ep5..plz let me know

  121. 121 : Sharon Says:

    I think GY is going to marry her baby and kiss the two male goodbye. That would be the greatest marriage.
    Looking forward to EP6.

    @han ji won
    I like that song too, but not able to find it. If I find will let you know.

  122. 122 : my3views Says:

    can anyone fill me in as to why they dropped the epi to 1wkly. I’m crushed, this is a great drama dealing with Korea’s moral shackles.

  123. 123 : Sharon Says:

    The ratings were very, very low. So, instead of canceling the drama they make it once per week and change the time slot. Guess what?? The rating has gone up.

  124. 124 : uhahaha Says:

    who is the male lead No min woo?

  125. 125 : Dic's Says:

    Micc.. same with you, I watch this drama after episode 14, coz I cant wait 1 ep every week, whatever happens I’ll understand …
    Coz I like this drama… when i saw the poster, i remembered empress ki, about EC touching GY shoulder, n I think GY will end up with EC, but I prefer TY,…

  126. 126 : AnCe Says:

    it’s a great drama…why did it have to be another 1 episode per week?

    I like Ki Young to end up with Tae Yun please…

    No Min Woo’s the lead here right?

  127. 127 : usa-mary Says:

    Does Pedro have a successful older unmarried brother? If so, I’d like to introduce him to Gi Young. If he’s a few years young than Gi Young that will work, too. Because I’m not feeling Tae Yun or Eun Cha at all.

    Has it been 4-6 weeks already and gold digger is spewing the word imsin?!!

    I agree, the greatest union would be to her child. The 2 men currently in her life are the pits. Though I like Tae Yun’s turnaround, I’m still not feeling him. He really needs to ‘man’ up quickly; that’s if he can.

  128. 128 : Dong Says:

    good idea, introduce Pedro’s successful unmarried brother to GY. I feel the next few episodes will be TY becoming a real man, to stand up for what he believes in and stand up to that big daddy of his with Ms Lying Scheming GOld-digger trying harder and harder to become Mrs. TY at the same time

    My oh my, Uhm Hyun Kyung is doing such a good job that we are all hating MY! Just hope viewers will hate only the MY character and give her credit for a job well done

  129. 129 : usa-mary Says:

    @Dong-128: I agree with you 1000% about the viewers response to the character portrayal vs the actual person of the actress herself. People are so biased, whether its about age differences or evil antagonists. I find it strange and somewhat unbalanced when viewers can’t disconnect and/or disassociate the actor from a portrayed role. I applaud Miss Uhm for a job well done. I enjoy poking fun at the antagonists in dramas who are over the top in the evil arena. Hating them is too strong of a spiritual emotional weight to bear for me, even for fiction. Yet, in the meantime while she’s portraying MY, I’ll continue to come up with names that suit her character.

  130. 130 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness guys, I am like tempted to watch it raw!!! But I want the sub experience. Can I wait till it’s sub?! I don’t know!!! 😁😁

  131. 131 : Tayba Says:

    Personally, I like the Pedro-Sun Nyeo couple the best. Their relationship is far more straightforward than the rest.

  132. 132 : usa-mary Says:

    I watched it raw. Looks like we’ll have to wait until next week before we see the couple in the shower since they didn’t appear in episode 6. From the crazy way TY is treating MY, I wonder if it was GY with TY?!! I tell you…the blurring of the camera lens can be very tricky!

    Pedro is my hero! What a man! If I’m not mistaken, he’s younger than Eun Cha and Tae Yun, yet more mature then the both of them combined.

  133. 133 : Dong Says:

    I watched it raw, then will watch again when it’s subbed. Just can’t wait.

    TY is now throwing tantrums, like a little boy, since he has always been a mother’s boy, so afraid of his daddy too. Guess the reason he slept with MY is just to spite GY but deep down inside he still has feelings for GY

    Remember in episode 1, the 2 wine glasses with GY’ on the news while he was cooking at home alone? It’s like as if he is giving a toast to something, he was looking at the TV.

  134. 134 : Sharon Says:

    TY has a secret crush on GY forever. He purposely moved into her building to be beside her and the cooking show to be seen by her. He planned everything to be with GY, but he is unable to articulate his feelings to GY, because he likes her so much and can’t take her rejecting him. He is totally insecure around her.
    I think the wine toasting was to her as he watched her on TV.

  135. 135 : Dong Says:

    @Sharon 134:
    you are so right. The way TY smiles and brightens up whenever he thinks of GY or whenever he sees her, it’s so cute. I just love those smiles. I think No Win Woo is almost perfect here, if only he has more “meat” on his body

    EC is so funny, so silly. If I remember correctly, was it Pedro who tried to sell the photos to another reporter he took of EC with GY on his back carrying GY to the hospital? If it’s Pedro, then I think the writer has something more up his sleeve.

    Could it be the writer planned to have SUn-Nyeo/EC couple?

  136. 136 : Dong Says:

    *No Min Woo*

  137. 137 : usa-mary Says:

    If it wasn’t for Eun Cha’s feigned antics, this would have become a long melodrama. Even though he’s portrayed as an egotistical, conniving, over zealous-famed driven male chauvinist with childish tendencies. His exaggerated, over-the-top antics takes humor to a whole other level. His chameleon personality keeps both Sun Nyeo and GY on their toes. Sun Nyeo sees through his hocus pocus talks with her and continues to find ways to inflict revenge upon him.

    Since I’m still trying to find a comfort or settling zone re TY and his love for GY. I can say that in the preview, when he went to GY’s aide and showed MY who was more important to him…I applaud him for that.

    TY also exposed MY to herself…proving that he’s fully aware of what she’s trying to gain from him. He wants more than a pretty face and superficial intentions by his side. Which is why I believe he took her shopping at the most expensive stores and gave her some money after their encounter. (Actually, that was an insult that MY didn’t like, but shunned.) It’s a revelation that he’s not stupid and that she’s nothing but a gold-digger. Yet, there’s a twist to TY’s intelligence. He knows enough to protect himself from falling for a gold-digger, but not intelligent enough to protect himself from making a baby with one. It seems like every woman he has skinship with is fertile!

  138. 138 : usa-mary Says:

    @Dong/Sharon: You both have very good observation re TY’s secret crush on GY. He approached her and wooed her with food; that is afterwards. Now, who can resist that from a man, especially a culinary chef. He even agreed to her terms re dating and having a relationship. Then, patiently and skillfully interjecting during their conversations what he desires to experience with her without even pressuring her. If this character was a swallow, he would really be something. Eun Cha should take instructions from him. The women are chasing TY and running away from EC! LOL

  139. 139 : Dong Says:

    synopsis says 4 couples, who are the other 6 persons I wonder.

    EC, SN, the gynae couple (?), MY?, Pedro?

    Why oh why change to weekly? can’t just keep it bi-weekly?

    Just don’t want to wait another week 🙁

  140. 140 : usa-mary Says:

    I, also, reread the synopsis and wondered who the other couples were.

    So far the couples are:

    1) EC and SN
    2) GY and TY
    3) SN and Pedro
    4) MY and TY

    No other couple relationships have been established, yet.

  141. 141 : Sharon Says:

    I think Pedro was trying to make some extra money on the side. Hey, they called him to buy the pictures, but it was a set up by EC. I have a strange feeling that SN is going to end up with Pedro.

    Hahahaha!! TY has swaaaaag!!!! EC has😳😳 I don’t know.

  142. 142 : Sharon Says:

    thete is the Doctor and her friend, the mother and father.😉😉

  143. 143 : Sharon Says:

    I am still waiting on subs!! 😡😢😭

  144. 144 : usa-mary Says:

    Finally! Dramafever has subtitles which means everyone else should have them by now.

  145. 145 : Chae Won Says:

    You can’t completely disconnect the actor from the character otherwise the process of casting wouldn’t make sense.

    In my experience guys with the degree of effeminate that Min Woo’s Tae Yun shows are batting for the other team. Granted there may be the exception. But being married or having a girlfriend do not the exception make.

    It isn’t easy for some of us to give into it when something like that is a constant reminder. It is a drama after all — fiction.

    Here we have the beautiful Park Si Yeon, all woman, sultry and a world-class head turner playing an equally beautiful no-nonsense anchor woman with a bucket load of repressed sexual energy. Who should come to her aid? A effete wimpy mama’s boy. Get real!

  146. 146 : usa-mary Says:

    Eun Cha….Eun Cha! The only thing I will say at this point is…where is a bird when you need one to accidently fly into the building and make deposits on him! He’s worse than a weasel…he’s a badger who needs his but beat. Blackmail is against the law?! He needs to get arrested…Sun Nyeo were are you when we need you and Pedro, girl!

  147. 147 : usa-mary Says:

    The jury is in and the deliberation is unanimous! That chick MY needs a padded truck to take her to her new luxurious, padded room! What woman in her right man would tell a man to pay her for dating him…unless she’s for hire? Pay her for what she invested in prepping herself for him to notice her…pay her for what she invested in after he noticed her. Then, pay her for her time with him since she could be seeing other men. WHAT??!!

    I don’t know if anyone on this thread is a Star Trek fan, but it appears that this child got stuck while she was being beamed up. Not only has her dinghy sprung a leak, the hands on her clock are missing and the cuckoo bird stays out.

  148. 148 : usa-mary Says:

    If anyone cares to reread our comments, you’ll see that our discussion wasn’t about why a person is chosen to portray a character and the similarities of that association . You’ll see that its referring to the cause and effect of portraying a mean, vicious character like MY by Miss Uhm. How the post-drama phase which is forever held in the minds eye by some in the viewing audience. Even when these people are out of character and move on to live their normal lives just like the rest of us do. Its held over their heads or in their face.

    Its obvious that you wanted to discuss Noh Min Woo and you’re free to do so. We’ve already been there and done that regarding him! Its on this thread, too.

    By the way, some are for TY’s relationship with GY and some are not. So WHAT! In reality, writers will write what suits them and people will live how they want to live regardless of what others think about their choice. Whether in a closet, out of a closet, in a crawl space, or in a basement. They’ll either embrace how they’ve chosen to live and shout it from the roof top or deny what they’re becoming, even if its visible for all to see.

    My question to you is…what are you going to do about it…regardless if its fiction or reality?

  149. 149 : Voluptuous Hypothesis Says:

    She’s lovely

  150. 150 : Sharon Says:

    Just start EP 6

  151. 151 : Sharon Says:

    So, TY take his frustration out on MY’s body then send her home with money in a cab. Where I come from they call her a hoe.
    GY mother ask the question I was dying to ask. What’s a review room and why does it seems as if it’s below sea level. I am like damn! They lost her in that dungeon.
    GY’s mother is making me like, too mad right about now. Your daughter is going through hell right now and you are worried about what people think!! The mother is selfish, how could she fight with GY in the cafeteria infront of those people. No one should know about your disagreement you keep that at home. How does that look to the people she so want to approve of her lifestyle. Not good mother dearest.
    MY has a nerve to feel like she has been bought. Ok, newsflash, you have been bought and not for a lot either.
    EC, is a chauvinistic clown! I hope he trips over that twenty something co-anchor and break his balls.
    Why the uck did GY’s mother went to her job and create a scene?? In my Spanish accent: no mama you wrong.🙀🙀
    Ok, question, how did mama got out of the dungeon so fast? No it was the cafeteria. Next question, where did that cab come from??
    GY needs her mother now more than ever she must feel so alone.
    Hahaha! EC rating is only 3% now we know why GY had to work so hard and take no crap to keep her self on top!!
    👏👏👏 Yes Pedro, that’s how a man💪 takes care of his wife!!!👏👏
    TY ran to protect his baby mama, he so want to feed her and protect her. I see TY is taking baby steps to the plate. Oh my goodness I can’t feel my pulse!! MY is pregnant!! For who?? Damn, TY should be a sperm donor. His sperm his alive and kicking like crazy. It’s that food he has been cooking.

    The writer of this drama did an excellent job and the story is just getting better and better with each EP.

  152. 152 : Sharon Says:

    @usa-mary 148
    Who spit in your beancurd?

  153. 153 : anabelle Says:

    this is so addictive..

  154. 154 : Dong Says:

    am now torn between wanting to wait till drama ends then watch and meantime do comment reading or follow each and every new episode closely.

    I really wanted to slap GY’s mom. How can a mother be sooooo uncaring, inconsiderate? Did not even want to know how her daughter is coping with all these hoo-ha and acted like some lunatic in public. wanted to hold her by the shoulders and shake her until each and every piece of her bones shatter

    It’s getting so exciting. Now 1 confirmed with baby, the other, errmmmm, is she for real? Could it be because TY shoo-ed her aside and she wanted to “proof” that she is the one TY is presently seeing and that she is also carrying a baby?

    Like ep7 trailer, where GY met TY accidentally at the temple(?), love TY smile when they both sat down to eat or something

  155. 155 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-152: Awwww…you are so funny! LOL Nothing got in my craw chingua. Just elaborating to the person who needs to see it and/or for those that come here after said person with the same shuck and jive.

    You know how people come on this thread, comment on a discussion, won’t direct it to the people they’re referencing by using the @ sign or names. They just drop by to get our attention only with the intent to veer us into another direction. Not really seeking dialogue, but an argument. It was Chae Won-145. I’m not angry with the person, just letting that person know that actual discussion entailed, if he/she only rereads it. No problem.

  156. 156 : Sharon Says:

    Went back and read post 145 and I don’t understand what he/she is saying. Is it that TY seems femine, I don’t get it. Anyway, forget about that, haters are going to hate cause that’s what they live for.
    Did you see the preview of EP 7?!?!! MY feel like she found the golden ticket. (Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) Is she having an abortion, Is the pregnancy test real, is EC trying to commit suicide? Karma is a beach!! Now he has to get on his knees to beg GY for forgiveness. Then has the nerve to say it’s his baby!! TY is going to die! My poor TY, I was just taking his baby steps to become a man this news is going to kill him.

  157. 157 : usa-mary Says:

    Well, episode 6 is truly an eye opener.

    MY got pregnant really fast. In kdramaland, we have to rely upon our on ingenuity to grandfather in the time frame somehow. It really seems much less than a week to me. Leave it to kdramaland. GY’s face didn’t look too good after hearing that. It appears that MY will talk herself into keeping the baby. I really want to see her try entering into TY’s parents home with this one, demanding justice. It really is going to be a good watch if she does. Wait a minute! Was I the only one that noticed in the preview TY told MY they only did it several times…WHAT! Several…WHEN? I need to be sure if that was MY or GY he was talking to. Kdrama’s love using the camera’s splicing, mix n match technique on us.

    By the way, what’s with these ignant (that spelling is intentional) fools manhandling a pregnant woman. That’s a law suit if I’ve ever seen one. Just get some bruises on your arms and thighs from being pushed to the floor, then go to the emergency room and call your lawyer while enroute. Besides its WRONG! Karma is a b’ee stinger y’all!

    GY’s mother should have just stayed home.

    Eun Cha needs a flock of birds to fly over his head daily to decorate him in with the honorarium he rightfully deserves.

    I want me a Pedro…yes I DO! I like his character a lot. Now him, I could work with. He’s the only considerate, decent man in this drama. The old skunky men and the young men lack cahoonas or cojones (take your pick). Fussing over the new 20ish anchor co-host. Yeah, like they’re so young, tight, and youthful with everything pointing to the sun. Take off those clothes and we’ll all see that gravity is not only causing their butt to be close to dragging the ground.

    I knew the ratings was going to drop. According to the manager, GY never had a 3% rating EVER!. Actually, she never went below 5% EVER! Even the ratings after announcing her pregnancy and not wanting a husband went higher than 5%, daily! LOL BUT NOOOOO…the zippers couldn’t tolerate that. Now, let’s see how all those women hatin’ zippers scramble to lift the ratings. Hmmmm…I need some snacks to munch on while I watch them brain storm to achieve this feat. I hope they don’t have nervous breakdowns in the interim or resort to buying toupees after pulling their hair out. Oh…this is going to be good. CHEESY SMILE

    That Review Dept. team, using their polite Korean manners to welcome GY. I’d rather be surrounded by Australian dingoes than to be around them.

    I now see that the other couple is GY’s friend who’s married to the gyne doc. They have a very unusual relationship to be so young. Sleeping in separate bedrooms because after she had the baby he moved into the spare bedroom. Mostly likely to get some sleep. Well, your daughter isn’t an infant now?!! Hmmmm…something’s wrong with this picture.

  158. 158 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-156: Exactly! His reference was aimed at TY and him being effeminate. We’ve been there and done with that topic. True that. Thank you again for the reminder, chingua!

    Willie Wonka is right! LOL If I’m not mistaken, I don’t recall seeing her legs in stirrups. Every drama I’ve seen, they use the stirrups. She’s so cuckoo, its probably a hernia or something like that which she’s claiming as a pregnancy. Did she pee on a stick? If so, it hasn’t been seen, yet. TY’s little friend needs a raincoat or a good rain cap. He needs to stop riding that horse bareback and buy a saddle. He may enjoy the rain while it lasts, but the storm that’s coming is a b’lip (as my mother would say).

    I saw the women haters club rescuing him from bridge railing. I would have said…OOPS! Giving him a push into the river when I should have pulled him away from the rail. Knowing that skunk, he forewarned his posse by telling them what he was going to do. Thus, the rescue and fake fit!

  159. 159 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my gosh, I did a triple take when I heard him say that. I was like, several times!! when?? Maybe he did her a couple of times that same night. TY seems so innocent, but he loves the cat between the legs. No feminine here, he is all sperm.🙈🙉🙊

    Yeah, GY’s mom should have just keep on cooking.

    I was thinking about the doc and his wife too. She was rather short with her hubby asking if he is just coming home. Has he cheated on her before. Is MY pregnant for the doc and not TY. I want him and GY together Soo bad !!

    True, TY need to fit it before he hits it. GY would have someone waiting for him in the Han River!!

  160. 160 : Sharon Says:

    I am not calling TY, TY anymore. His new name is Sperm Man.

  161. 161 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-159/160: RLOL!!! You are too funny…him and hello kitty…meow!I agree. Its a must for him to fit before he hits! RLOL! Him and his fertile myrtles. It seems to me that GY would receive that amount of action from him since that’s who he really loves, but we’ll find out. If it turns out to be MY, then we know in addition to being crazy, she’s got some super freaky going for herself. TY may appear to be innocent, but those are the ones to watch out for.

    I saw the preview of episode 7 again. I was sooo incorrect; glad I re-watched it. MY’s legs was placed in stirrups and afterwards, they did show the pregnancy stick. Shouldn’t it be the pregnancy stick then the clinic? TY personally took her there. I don’t think she got rid of the fetus, though. Girlfriend, that’s kdramaland pregnancy for you. Skinship one week, pregnant the next week, and giving birthing to a baby the 3rd week.

    I can see EC planning his own rescue.

  162. 162 : sseuncha Says:

    why is this drama cut to one ep per week?? 🙁

  163. 163 : swimmergirl Says:

    I think there is a new drama coming out in the time slot, but it does make me super sad that they are cutting it to one episode a week. This drama is so good, it is loaded up on the drama and really pulls you in.

  164. 164 : Carmarie Says:


    I love your posts, they are thoughtful, often funny, and to the point.

    Thank you

  165. 165 : Carmarie Says:

    USA Mary and Sharon,

    LOL!!! You are too funny.

  166. 166 : usa-mary Says:

    @Carmarie-164: Thank you. I enjoy poking fun at the antagonists. Truth be told, they actually help make the drama worth watching.

  167. 167 : Dong Says:

    @usa-mary & sharon #160/161

    I really enjoy reading your comments. You guys are so funny. Like.y said, makes watching the drama more enjoyable

  168. 168 : Sharon Says:

    LoL, Kamsahamnida.

    EC would stage his suicide, I hope on his way down SN is there to greet him with a baseball bat.
    EP 7preview showed him begging GY and told SN that he is the father of her child. Will GY accept him saying that? If she does what about TY?

  169. 169 : Sharon Says:

    @Dong 154
    I think MY has fallen for TY. It’s not about the money anymore. It’s her ego, challenge and feelings all in one. I really hope she is not pregnant. I wished TY had kept his super special in his pants if he was still feeling GY, but he is so impulsive and angry that he took out his anger on MY in bed, I guess several times. Wasn’t one time enough!!! Now he is going to loose GY for sure.

    @Dong 167
    LOL, thanks. ☺️☺️

  170. 170 : usa-mary Says:

    @Dong-154/167: First, Thank you. Second, You said it. MY was upset because he shooed her and sneered at her, too. She even told her sister that she knows he likes someone else and not her. But will still pursue him for money and diamonds. This chick has a chronic delusional disorder. I just want to see if she’s crazy enough to tell his parents.

    Actually, EC is the funniest antagonist that I’ve seen in a kdrama. Usually, they’re so unbearable to watch because of their mean, innate desire to inflict cruelty. But, EC is like a terribly, mischievous child. One minute you want to praise him, then the next you want to choke him. Well, in this case, mostly choke EC. Here in the U.S. I grew up watching some funny antagonists. Whether at home (my big brother), on TV or at the movies. Its good to see kdramas step up their game.

    @Sharon-168: Girl, EC has more courage to taunt people than to take his own life. I saw that creature begging GY. I knew he would…he’s predictable that way. I guess he’ll remind her how he carried her on his back to the hospital that ‘one’ time. But, forget about the texting blackmail, behind the scenes sabotaging, the forced resignation, and everything else he’s done to her. Why would he even spew that lie about being the father of her unborn child. I bet if she had a sonogram at that very moment, we’d even see the fetus crossing its arms in protest to that one. But, one saving grace…SN beat him with her cute bag (poor bag-I hope its alright). Even though I don’t no the reason (feel free to make up one-LOL), I’m satisfied with that.

  171. 171 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-169: Very insightful.

    Maybe that’s why TY was at the temple…atoning for the results of his 7x pent-up anger. If he continues on that anger path, he should get a permanent room at the monastery. If not, he’ll increase the Korean population with a lot of little Parks.

  172. 172 : Sharon Says:

    Hahaha! Yes, the rate he is going anger management is a must.
    Hey, I started the drama “Liar Game” the first two ep was really good.

  173. 173 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-172: Thanks for the Liar Game info. I’m looking for something funny.

  174. 174 : Dong Says:


    Will watch tonight. Thanks for sharing

  175. 175 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, on NMW Instagram he post a pic of TY and MY getting married!!! 😁😁
    I guess she is really prego. How stupid can TY be this immature little sex craze super sperm dummy went and got MY pregnant. Now he is marrying her! I need a cool glass of water, bloodpressure just went up.

  176. 176 : Dong Says:


    Stoooopeeeeeed TY!!!!!!! So immature, cant handle slight hurdles go throw tantrums just to get GY’s attention and then …

    I want GY/TY couple so bad. ╯﹏╰

    Let’s see how she handles that chaebol papa, the purrrfect daughter-in-law?

  177. 177 : Sharon Says:

    I am def watching ep 7 raw!! I have got to see you his.

  178. 178 : Dong Says:


    me too me too. going to watch it raw now even though it’s wee hours here, just can’t wait.

    I have a feeling I’ll be screaming in front of the screen ….

  179. 179 : anabelle Says:

    too many twist.. i want TY and GY together,please please please!

  180. 180 : Micc Says:

    So? Did TY get married? I’m watching through the posts here. 🙂

  181. 181 : Sharon Says:

    GY is totally confused when she heard MY is pregnant. She was going in the wrong car.
    This is Soo unbearable for me especially MY, she is tramp city. She had the balls, bigger than TY’s and went to his parents house all humble and innocent to plea her case. She is a big beach.

  182. 182 : Dong Says:

    Arghhhhhh, the wait is too long. I cant bear the thought MY going to marry TY, even though he is such an immature mother’s boy.

    the 4 females n males are here already, GY, MY, SN and gynae wife. Males, TY, EC, Pedro n gynae.

    I too am desperately hoping that TY grows up n says NO at the altar to MY. But what about MY’s bb?

    @Micc: am going to be with u, watching through the posts here, at least until after ep 8 or 9. Cant take the suspense, blood pressure hitting the roof

  183. 183 : usa-mary Says:

    Wow…I wasn’t even trying to predict what would happen and it turned out just as I suspected, so far. According to everyone’s comments MY did go to his parents home to plead her case. I really don’t know if I want to predict what else is going to happen from now on. This is pathetic enough for me right now.

  184. 184 : usa-mary Says:

    Oops! I forgot to add, that I haven’t watched episode 7, yet. Not sure if I really want to now.

  185. 185 : usa-mary Says:

    Okay…I decided to watch it…raw. Excuse me everyone, but I find the turn of events absolutely hilarious! What I don’t understand is why the protesters are wasting their precious, farm fresh eggs on Eun Cha when their families could be enjoying them. Why not ferment some of the stinkiest, rottenest eggs to throw at a rotten man.

    Well, gyne…look at you. You and your nurse all comfy playing family with your daughter. Here comes typhoon noona. What’s wrong with the males in this drama. It’s a stupidity epidimic.

  186. 186 : han ji won Says:

    tq sharon,but the voice just look like no min woo

  187. 187 : Dong Says:

    @usa-mary 185

    You are so right. All the males in this drama, all have a nut or 2 loose in their heads that needs to be fixed.

    Hey, ratings went up. Good sign

  188. 188 : Swimmergirl Says:

    Episode 7 was drama packed and so good. It is crazy how powerful of a women KY is and how she is truly in full fight for her baby. I just think it is sad that Tae Yeon still thinks that her baby has come from a donor and does everything to try and cause KY pain….that is not going to get you super far buddy. I want our two episodes a week back! This drama is just so hard to wait for each week. I’m very indulged.

  189. 189 : Sharon Says:

    Just watch ep 7 with subs!!
    Is it bad for me to hate the hell out of MY 😈!! I can’t stand her for nothing!!
    No, EC is one of a kind!! Who in the heck goes to someone you literally ousted out of their job then disrespect and belittle them in front if your peers and now asking them to not take it so personal. EC has balls the size and weight of a cannon.
    Did EC said to SN “do you want me to get you pregnant too”?!! Has Korea gone wild.
    JEC is a rotten bastard!! He left SN on the ground and run to GY for his selfish rotten gain. No, it’s kick ask time EC bend over, you slimy piece of of of of….. Damn! I can’t think of anything!!!
    Oh my gosh! When ever I see MY I want to slap the sheet out of her!! 👊👊
    TY’s mom is no fool, she knows the deal with MY, but for TY’s sake she is chilling.
    EC break down was too funny! He saw a monster In the Han River. I don’t doubt it. All kinds of sheet is in that river even MY’s virginity.
    Did MY told TY’s mother her father has a business in Canada??! Does MY have a Father and which Canada is she talking about? Don’t she know TY’s mom is
    going to background check her. Did she also want to say good bye to FATHER!! 👊👊
    Dumb Ask TY, gets in my last nerve!! He is so impulsive. He should chill, run after GY, whisper sweet nothings to her. Tell her he did not know what to do when she rejected him, so he fell into MY but he want to be with her. TY, you should have begged till the cows come home then cook her dinner, rub her stomach, etc. All you do is get mad, just like your father. Be more like your mother and you would have GY eating out of your hands.
    Did they tell EC they will get him a diaper if he wants to go to the bathroom. Hahahaha!!

  190. 190 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-189: RLOL! I haven’t watched episode 7 with subs, yet.

  191. 191 : Sharon Says:

    You have got to watch!! I am waiting for your comment.

  192. 192 : Sharon Says:

    Girl! TY is is really dumb. I knew he was kinda slow but damn, even a snail is like, hurry up. GY asked him how long was he at the monastery and the dumb MF said a month. GY was like, I saw you yesterday..🙈 when they were giving away stupidity TY asked for seconds.
    Guys, don’t get me wrong I love TY and I wish he was with GY right now rubbing her feet and cooking her dishes that she craves, but he is so impulsive and unable to express himself that it’s sickening. Now he is going to marry MY because he is mad at GY for asking him to sign away his right to the child. How smart is that?!

  193. 193 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-192: RLOL!!! Girl…I’m laughing so hard, I could barely type this sentence. Maybe TY has been staying there since his appa went into a frenzy after he saw him cooking in the kitchen. Girl, chaebol people are CRAZY! I mean MAD, CONTROL FREAK CRAZY…STRAIGHT-JACKET CRAZY! For real!

    Mr. After-the-Fact should have been at the monastery 2.5 months ago. Then, he wouldn’t have sniffed around MY several times. His erratic, impulsive, explosive behavior is well off the charts. Looking like Edvard Munch’s The Scream after he was beaten up, covered in dirt hollering for GY, misdialed and got creeping vine MY. MY just couldn’t wait to entangle herself w$th h$m. I knew early on he wasn’t the sharpest pencil in my pencil holder, but even my dullest exacto blade is sharper than his dimwitted self. If he put more effort into forming a healthy, solid relationship as he does with his food preparation and presentation, he would at least be headed in the right direction to receive high marks. Yet, no matter how hard I try, his mannerisms still won’t find a resting place in my soul whenever he makes certain arm gestures. He’s not manly enough for me. Yet, this is who was chosen and that’s that.

  194. 194 : Sharon Says:

    The little yellow bus must have taken him to school! Because he did not learn sheet!!
    You are right about the presentation and preparation of his dishes compared to his relationship. He need to treat his woman like his food gentle, fresh ingredients and love, but nooooo. He has to act like a wild child, gues to show money does not buy everything.
    Yes, he does not have the man stance like Pedro, but he has a heart and that’s what I love about him.

    Hahahaha!😆😆😆 TY did look like EM’s the Screem. His stupidity is making me look like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.

  195. 195 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-194: RRRLOL! Girl, you are hilarious! You’re making it hard for me to type. Most definitely, the short bus! LOL He’s a grown, in love spoiled brat. EC, too (though we don’t know very much about his background, I don’t perceive him being chaebol groomed.) Well, let me retract that a little about TY’s food prep…he did savor MY several times. We’re unsure about GY. But, when it comes to putting in the effort…nada. He probably would do fine with GY if given the chance, but I can’t blame her for not wanting to lose her identity in a chaebol household like his. Money definitely doesn’t buy good, common sense. True, compared to Pedro its like night and sunshine. Yet, I agree, he does have a good heart, especially towards GY; that is, when he’s not upset with her about the baby. I don’t know if he and MY will turn out to be a good match or not, but I can see her pumping out little ones to secure her position as a chaebol DIL. We’ll see.

    He nailed that look…The Scream! LOL Macaulay Culkin…LOL! He just makes me either scratch my head or just glare at him.

    Writer-nim…what are you trying to do to us?!!!

  196. 196 : usa-mary Says:

    I just had to see the elevator scene again when SN beat EC with his gift bag. Then using one of her ‘husband’ coupons to give Pedro money to break one of EC’s legs. Since Pedro doesn’t use violence. On that note, she coaxes him with more money to kill him since he doesn’t use violence. WHAT?!!! Killing EC is not an act of violence?!!! SN is too funny!

    Continual observance of EC’s behavior should become a patented birth control method.

  197. 197 : Aga Says:

    I love to watch GY & TY. Funny!
    I just disappoint that TY and MY married bcoz MY pregnant in preview ep 8.
    Hope GY can do it successfully alone without man.

  198. 198 : han ji won Says:

    sharon3..the song at the end of every ep is no min woo,crazy love
    no min woo is very hard work for her carrier

  199. 199 : Sharon Says:

    I am dreading ep 8, but hoping for an amicable out come.

    @ usa-mary
    SN best the crap out of EC and he deserves every minuite of it. I see in ep 8 preview that Pedro take her up on her offer to break his leg. I hope he does not get himself in trouble with the law. I guess this is where GY is going to help him, but I can understand his hesitation for not wanting to help her, by saying he is the father to her child. Imagine what TY and SN will do to him.
    Instead of a wedding there will be a funeral, his. Hahaha😆😆😆😆

    @han Ji won
    Thanks girlfriend, for the info. I am about to put it on my playlist.☺️

  200. 200 : usa-mary Says:

    Hmmmm…I noticed that some of the scenes in the previews aren’t being shown. For instance, MY and TY in the shower and a few others. It did show GY in the shower crying.

    I wonder if we’ll see the previews in actual scenes director-nim?

    Looks like GY is being vexed envisioning her being intimate with TY, then MY being intimate with TY. She’s doing her best to move forward, but still, deep down has feelings for TY.

    Is GY really going to have compassion on EC and go to his aide when he’s in the hospital? I don’t mind giving a cup of water to the enemy when that person is in need, but doesn’t he have any family member writer-nim? Will you really have her marry that weasel (contract marriage deal) or am I just not sensing correctly?!

  201. 201 : Sharon Says:

    @ usa-mary
    I think it will be strictly business for her and making deals with him and his job. I do believe the empathy/ compassion will surface if he tells her his story growing up in a single parent home with no support from his father, extended family, or society. The compassion/empathy can also come from how he treats her and her baby.
    GY thinking about TY making love to MY is a sign that she liked him and he totally disappointed her. Now she has to protect her baby from that ill-tempered family and EC is just the man for the job. Just hope SN does not get to him first.
    I will be watching RAW again, can’t help myself.

  202. 202 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-201: I’ll watch it in the Raw again, and I can help myself…LOL!

  203. 203 : Sharon Says:


  204. 204 : usa-mary Says:

    I watched it Raw. While waiting for subs, I will say this much. TY’s appa is hilarious…going to burn the house down! LOL I see where SN gets her ‘beat ’em up’ mind set from! LOL

    EC is so pitiful. I like the way Writer-nim unleashed the Karma. GY is returning the favor by protecting him from embarrassment and looks like she’ll tend to him while in the hospital. She’s a good one. I wonder who was on the motorcycle that hit EC? I don’t believe it was Pedro, but we’ll find out.

  205. 205 : Sharon Says:

    I think it was Pedro on the motorbike.

    I can’t believe the father hit the mother in the head with the lighter!! I was like is this real and to top it off he pored gasoline in his living room on TY’s stuff. What the heck!!!

    How much water can EC body holds, he emptied his shoe, not to mention what on the floor. I was like damn!! I love how GY came in and helped him out. No revenge here GY.

    Ok, so, did TY’s mom threatened GY about the baby? Maybe that’s why she went to EC for protection.
    SN is so hot tempered like her father and brother. I have a strong feeling Pedro is going to tame her, because he was not happy with what he did to EC.

    Did the Doctors mistress confront his wife?? I was like, there is no way we would still be sitting there, someone had to be in his office on a bed with IV inserted in one arm and guess what it would not be me. Love how GY defended her friend, tea anyone.👍👍

    Love how GY went to the wedding with her stomach and confuse TY. Didn’t TY look more manly in this ep? Love how he waited outside until she return home from the hospital. Did I detect jealously, hmmmm. Thumbs down👎 to TY for walking away to the elevator with MY and leave GY with her big stomach and groceries when it fell out of her bag.😾

    MY, what’s left to say about her. She is exhausting.

    Can’t wait for sub and ep 9. The preview look fascinating, I think ep 9 is where things are going to change drastically. Can’t wait!!!

  206. 206 : usa-mary Says:

    Did anyone notice how Sun Nyeo kept blowing out the lighter every time her appa flicked it! LOL

    I believe that TY made MY sign some type of contract; making it more of a contractual arrangement. Whatever agreement they struck definitely wasn’t on the basis of love in their relationship.

    I dedicate this song to Eun(peepee)C…with all my heart!

  207. 207 : usa-mary Says:

    It was too funny how every time TY’s appa flicked the lighter, Sun Nyeo blew it out! LOL

    It appears that TY made MY sign a contract. Its more of a contractual arrangement, than a marriage based on love.

    Now, I know this is fiction when a Korean wife just sits there listening to her husband’s mistress and does nothing to her. I would have added some sugar (my foot) with that tea bath, then smiled and told her to live well.

    I dedicate this song to EC…

  208. 208 : hnyJo Says:

    just finnish watching this drama marathonly ep 1-8….interesting!! waiting for next episode… Min woo great with his weird acting n style,hmmmm enjoyable lahh! n Bae so bin ..o hooo cute! love it. great drama worth it to watch this month,fighting GM!!

  209. 209 : Sharon Says:

    Hahahaha!! That was soooo funny, I died laughing!! She blew out Hye lighter everytime he lit it.😂
    Yes, the contract signing I also think was a deal. What did MY say to GY as they were entering the elevator?

    @usa-mary that link was cold!!! Water water, Sesame Street!! Cold Blooded!!
    Poor EC that was a lot of water!! Did he like drank a tub of water before going to the station??

  210. 210 : usa-mary Says:

    EC is one of my favored antagonist. That situation is not one that I expected to see him experience. He’s so macho and gun ho when it comes to belittling GY; now he’s more pitiful than pity itself. I’d say, more like the Han River or a Yosemite National Park gusher..hehehe. I hope he thoroughly washed and disinfected that mop afterwards.

    I don’t know what MY said to GY in the elevator, but from what I can tell, she told GY and EC in the newsroom that she was leaving the station and getting married; looking forward to the subs.

  211. 211 : Sharon Says:

    EC is too funny. Hey! What’s up with the Doctor’s side chick!! Is she like, reading his wife her rights!! I was like, side chicks should stay in there lane. Do not pass go and do not collect $200. I was glad GY gave her some tea, but the thing that stuns me the most was the husband reaction, he said nada. He just stand there like a statue of Lee Soon Shin.

  212. 212 : MEL Says:

    @USA-mary & @Sharon… I am such a huge fan of you both! I read about you both from the Soompi the Greatest Marriage forum, got curious and just am a huge FAN! I marathon read this forum and laughed soo much I cried! You both have hit so many nails on the head with your opinions and the nicknames of the characters especially the nut cases! Oh soo hilarious, you both rock!

    GY has to be strong, if only TY were more manly and placed a huge barrel over his whatchamacallit, since raincoats won’t do… Or just simply didn’t stick it wherever, he’d still be with GY.. GY still has some kind of like for that child TY, but TY hasn’t got any spine to protect GY… Obviously TY doesn’t know how to properly love or is he just obsessed with GY? Now GY ends up with “pee pee” EC (yeah that was a lot of fluid in the shoe and much more on the floor, must have a bladder of a whale….) I wish GY could go on without any of these 2 bastards! … But she has to protect that child.. So EC-“sheet under my shoe,” will have to make do! As for MY-the GD (soompiers call gold digger–which is one of the best terms for her!) MY will go her way to be next to the TY & his money.. I wouldn’t put it past her to find ways so that GY will lose the baby..

    Pedro… Yeah, he might be the only grown up here… Can he truly tame chaebol sister, yeah violence is in that family’s genes.. You think that eventually daddy chaebol will burn down the castle? I wonder how many times this has happened? Wack!

    Anyway, as we await with frustration for 1 episode a week, and watch raw trying to figure out what the heck is going on.. I join the insanity that is the greatest marriage… No cure for the KDrama addiction!

  213. 213 : Sharon Says:

    Thank you, for your kind words.
    Hahahaha!! Bladder of a Whale.😃😃
    Yeah, and maybe this is the third time he try’s to burn his house down with him in it. 🔥

    Ep 8 is subbed Drama Fever!!

  214. 214 : usa-mary Says:

    @MEL-212: Thank you.

    Its going to be interesting to find out what TY’s mother said to GY. Of all the people to find refuge with…EC.

    @Sharon-205: Girlfriend, who wouldn’t want to get tamed by Pedro?! @[email protected]

    An IV drip! That’s for after-the-fact. Girlfriend, that mistress would be having butt surgery. I’d purposefully wear the most pointed toed stilettos for a difficult removal.

    I agree. There are times when TY looks very manly. Then, there are the other times when he makes gestures that just can’t be overlooked. Anyway…Greatest Marriage drama…FIGHTING!

  215. 215 : usa-mary Says:

    TY is very peculiar. The contract he drew up between he and MY may be fine on paper, but in reality, he really doesn’t know women or his own body. Then, amending the contract between he and GY, stating that she can’t ever marry. What? So, she can be available to him when he wants sex and marry her after he divorces MY. That fool really doesn’t know women; nor in this case, either one of his babies momma’s. I foresee My falling in love with him over the years, if not sooner. What about his relationship with their child. Separate beds? Yeah…right! There are many couples that had separate beds. That didn’t stop their visitation period=lots of children.

    TY’s appa created his own Bonfire of the Vanities.

  216. 216 : Sharon Says:

    Just watched ep 8 subbed
    Ok, so SN was trying to save the house Not TY’s stuff. SN: The house did nothing wrong! 😧😧

    So TY’s mom is his enabler, she makes him the boy he is. You are a man if you have many woman?!! Wow!!

    MY, is a pain in my grass!

    Stop the press!!! Did this beach just tell the doctors wife that she is more of a wife than her? And that she slept with her husband Twice a week, cook him dinner and pick her child up from the daycare? Oh my goodness! She is totaly out of her lane, because right now she is about to have a head on collision!! No she did not go there! And the beach can still sit and talk. Something is wrong with this picture. He asked for a divorce?!

    Is TY crazy??! A lie detector test! Damn and she passed.
    If MY has no love for TY why does she hate GY so??
    TY looked like he wanted to kiss the sauce off GY’s lips.☺️

    TY and his two baby mama in the elevator. TY must feel 🎵like a man when he walks through🎵.

    Smart move GY for signing as EC guardian. Now there is proof that you and EC are more than friends.

    Pedro told SN right. Fix yourself first so that you can be loved. Pedro, my hero.

    Why do I feel like EC is a product of been orphant /abandon by his mothe. It came to mind when he was lying on the hospital bed in a fetal position.

    TY has a nerve!! TY: if you won’t marry me be my mistress. What part of I don’t want to be with you does TY not understand.

    Ep 8 wad great!! Can’t wait for nine, will watch raw!

  217. 217 : Sharon Says:

    Who the heck is going to stay celibate for TY? I know I wouldn’t.

    I think MY is in love with him right now. She is an excellent liar. Why would she feel so upset over GY and go through lengths to antagonize her.

    The Doctor is a dog, why is all the men in this drama so disgusting!! Except, Pedro and the Chef.

  218. 218 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon: You’re right. TY’s mother does want to know whether the baby is his or not. She’ll probably want to know the gender, too. If that risky, illegal medical procedure is done, she probably will take the baby, especially if its a boy (The Heir)…how cruel.

    That gyne doc and his nurse…unbelievable. That skunk’s displaced bedside manner fizzled from his wife and sizzled with his disgusting nurse. Heffa, acting like she’s his wife. Just because she tended to his child when the real mother was working doesn’t make her the child’s mother. Even if the nurse went to the zoo and stood in the hyenas cage wouldn’t make her a hyena even if she does look like one with her. Curtsey… Noona, good riddance to trash and praises to you for having everything in your name!

    Mianhada! I don’t know why I laugh so much at EC’s facial expressions when he gets hurt. I usually don’t laugh when people get wounded or are in pain but, this man’s face and antics are hilarious!

  219. 219 : CoolBeans Says:

    The writer must be a temporary worker who shares a job with other writers on this drama! This disjointed storyline makes no sense unless the writer(s) wants the viewers to hate most of the characters! I keep wishing each episode will take a turn for the better and Park Tae Young will come to his senses enough to dump the trash he intends to marry and try to make amends with the anchor woman before his child is born! I am 100% positive the trash heap is NOT pregnant with PTY’s baby. Now, she has money to pay off the DNA test facility to rule in her favor. The emergency husband bowed out gracefully ending my hopes of seeing at least one happy couple in this drama!

  220. 220 : Sharon Says:

    Everything about EC is hilarious and over the top.
    Yeah, TY’s mom is no joke. She does the dirty work while Papa Bear barks all day long.

    I wonder if ep 9 is where TY comes to his senses and just become a good father to both child. I do believe that MY deserve some sort of repercussion for her behavior.

    I think MY is going to have a miscarriage and side with the mother to take GY’s baby.
    Why was TY crying in the carriage and why was GY crying? Ep 9 looks really heavy.

  221. 221 : usa-mary Says:

    TY’s mother told SN that a man shows his prowess by the number of women he has. WHAT??? Obviously, poppa was a rolling stone which gathered no moss (babies). TY’s mother turned her head while her husband was on a very long leash. Ssshhh…hissss and pisssshhh….what lunacy!!!

    MY is the inedible weeds in my yard! Where’s my weed killer?

    That was Pedro on that motorcycle. CCTV anyone?

    Sharon-217: TY doesn’t expect GY to be celibate. The contract between he and MY states that they will not interfere with each other’s personal life outside of their marriage and will not in have sex with each other. He plans on having sex with GY, that’s why he wants her to stay single. Asking her to be his mistress. I’ll black his eye for her.

    Girl, EC asking GY for prayer and wants time to prepare his will. LOL That clown can dish it out, but for sure can’t take it in return on any level.

  222. 222 : Sharon Says:

    Single parents in South Korea is a very sensitive subject. Therefore, the writer took a genius route to show the public how hard it is for a single parent to survive in a Patriarchal Society.

    Writer Go Yoon Hee is doing an excellent job in telling us a dark story with humor and over the top antics.

    I think Pedro will come to the rescue for SN, but she has to check herself first and I think she will.

  223. 223 : Sharon Says:

    I laugh so hard when Papa Bear was going to burn the house Dow and SN said ” the house did nothing wrong, disinherit TY, but leave the house.”
    Too funny!!

    TY has balls of steel! For GY not to have sex with anyone only be available to please him. GY’s cat really made him meow.

    EC character is coming home. The writer is now showing EC vonerability, by him peeing on himself, him being hit by the bike, his fetal position and being alone. Now we are heading for a tolarable EC. I love his slapstick humor.

  224. 224 : usa-mary Says:

    RLOL…EC is the most funniest, pitiful, want to be babied man I’ve ever seen! I don’t believe he has a family. He got GY to hold his hand while being rushed towards surgery by telling her, “You know I don’t see you as a woman.” But, later tells her she should make porridge herself, and not buy it. Really? So, where’s his women haters club members when he needs them? He’s so flippant!

    This writer was definitely indulging in something when this was written. I thought Goddess of Marriage and When A Man Falls In Love writers was way out there. This one is definitely in that league.

    MY went to the woo woo woman to get her fortune told. I hope she doesn’t get to raise GY’s cute little baby. Hmmm…from the preview, it appears that the wedding will be interrupted big time.

  225. 225 : MEL Says:

    TY can’t let go of GY, what is that contract? GY not get married ever but be TY’s mistress, oy… And the TY-MY contract, separate beds, no sexual demands but TY can do whatever he wants, yup have your cake and eat it too! With GY showing up at the wedding, i ca

  226. 226 : MEL Says:

    (Oops I didn’t submit that yet!) anyways, I can’t wait for next week’s episode. The pregnant GY looks beautiful at the entrance of the wedding, so young and fresh I her pregnant state. Why are GY & TY crying so much? What contract does GY bring and what does she say during the ceremony? Are TY & MY not married since his parents show up to stop the wedding? Does GY finally get the message to TY that they can’t be? Maybe pride is put away for these two to finally communicate and allow TY to understand GY and let her and their child go.. But he’s so wishy washy that he’ll always lurk — stalk GY. That EC seems to be there for GY, will they co habit and maybe they will have their own contract or understanding.. Soooo curious am I! That preview has me drooling, Monday be here already complete with English subs! …and GY unnie, take that hospital and all your properties with you! Kick that buzzhole of a spouse with his arse if a nurse out! EP 9, be here already!

  227. 227 : usa-mary Says:

    Noona anchorwoman’s gyne husband put everything in her name. Yippee!!! He was really, very much in love with her at one time to do that, yet she didn’t break up their marriage, he did. Probably, right after their child was born, maybe even during her pregnancy. She’s so heartbroken and numb after listening to that heffa. Hmmmm…something’s going on here. I don’t believe gyne doc really wants to breakup with his wife. I can see it in that rat fink’s, son of a jackal’s eyes. But, for 5 years…a hyena and a jackal???! If he really wanted to leave his family for that hyena heffa in white, he would have done it years ago. Why are these type men so wretched!!!!! I wonder who the in-laws will blame. Our noona or the gyne husband? If I was noona, I’d tell all the family members what that nurse said and for how long they’ve been together. But, knowing kdramaland in-laws and family members, our noona will get blamed for not being a housewife and for neglecting him of which I believe is ridiculous. Why are the men in this drama SUCH BIG WRETCHED BABIES???!!!

    TY told MY that the only reason he’s marrying her is to get his parents off his back. That’s crazy logic, somewhat understandable in his case. (Oh, ohhhh…when anyone starts to understand kdramaland logic, its time to check oneself. LOL) But, why would he set the parameters of marriage to MY for 5 years just to live how he wants to live? TY so desperately wants to be with GY, but he’s so illogical and erratic in his approach and she doesn’t want to lose her baby or her identity. When he’s not shopping with MY for their love nest oops, her love nest, he’s outside waiting or watching out for GY or being a scoundrel like when her grocery bag fell over. He had the nerve to ask if she’s been sleeping with another man, amending the contract again. Be his mistress if she won’t be his wife…WHAT THE HICCUPS IS IN KOREAN WATER?! When MY was walking down the aisle, SN’s expression was hilarious! She and our noona knows where TY’s heart really lies. I believe she’d rather have GY as an in-law than goldd$gger MY. TY’s entire persona changed when he sees GY with her big belly. He looked as if he longed to be with her at that very moment. Wait a minute…GY takes the mic! It appears that she’s actually going to interrupt the wedding! In who’s favor though?

    No wonder the photo of them on this page has the 2 men’s body’s interchanged in the photo. Its becoming clearer now.

    Side note: That wedding jacket style (especially the back) looks so good on TY. It’s perfect for him; very handsome. What would really top off his wedding ensemble is white, leather, custom Bannister men’s dress shoes. Now, that would really be GQ!

  228. 228 : usa-mary Says:

    @MEL-226: You are too funny!

  229. 229 : Sharon Says:

    Looks like a lots is in the water. Either you can’t hold it(EC peeing on himself) or you want to jump into it.(EC wants to kill himself).

    MY is always antagonizing GY, girl get over yourself because you are just the rebound chick.

    TY’s suit for the wedding was great. The design was diffrent yet contempory and chic. However I thought the pants was a bit too tight and you hit it on the head with the shoes. That black shoe had to go it did nothing for the suit.

    Love, love, love this ep and seems like ep 9 going to be the bomb! I think ep 9 is where they are going to seperate the men from the boys. Damn there is a lot of boys in this drama!

    In the preview, did MY talk about handing the privilege of the family to her desandant. That’s why she wants a son? Looks like a miscarriage is on the way for MY. See TY taking her to the doctor.

    Looks like SN try’s to attack GY asking why is she at the wedding. Ep 9 is going to be good!!

  230. 230 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-229: RLOL!!! Lots of water… CHINGUA…RLOL! Too funny! I tell you, we’re both in rare form when it comes to this drama.

    I know this is another drama, but I’d like to introduce MY to Ricky the Vampire and let them suck each other dry. He, her blood; her, his money. Vampires are known to be very wealthy. In my opinion, they’re the original gold diggers. They seek out wealthy victims to inherit their money. He and MY should get along well.

    Speaking of tight pants. Korean men wear such tight pants in these dramas…ugh. I hate that look with a passion. It makes them look like Brazilian stilt walkers in pants during Carnival. Then, on top of that, their suit coat/jackets end where the top of their hips begin. Very, very unflattering on a man because that look emphasizes their butt. Not a good, overall view, especially, for a businessman.

    Yes, episode 9 is going to be good. MY is wondering around as if in a daze after the wedding debacle. TY is actually crying in this one. MY shouldn’t have told GY what the woo woo woman said to her about taking her child and raising it. Them there’s fightin’ words (in the old wild, wild west vernacular)! A pregnant mother will go to unheralded lengths to protect her baby. If MY miscarries, that means it wasn’t meant to be for them. I hope she doesn’t seek revenge on GY later because she brought it on herself..

  231. 231 : Sharon Says:

    Hahaha!! Brazilian stilt walker.( the visual have me all messed up).
    Speaking of visual, did you see TY’s puppy in that tight pants? I was like, wow! TY has a good size dog!! Never see smoke without fire. Hahahaha!!

  232. 232 : MEL Says:

    @usa-mary & @Sharon… I love you both! You bring such laughter to simply brighten any dull day, though here in So Cal it’s super sunny and windy.. I’m such a fan, I hope you both keep blogging, I now look forward to both your zaniness! You notice things that I overlook and I have to go back and rematch the episodes… I’m copy pasting this whole for re reading and simply giggling while waiting for the next raw–Eng subbed episode! Til next postings, let’s laugh and be merry… Ummm, do you think there will be more future demos of EC’s amazing physiology… ie fluid storage?

  233. 233 : MEL Says:

    Yikes, I meant re watch not rematch…..

  234. 234 : [email protected] Says:


    I missed the puppy, but I rewind and check it out. I am sitting at my desk crying, after reading USA-Mary and your comments. So funny!

  235. 235 : usa-mary Says:

    @MEL-232: Midwesterner here! The weather report is cloudy, dreary, damp from raining off and on all day.

    @Sharon-231: When you mentioned a puppy, I actually tried to recall seeing a pet doggy. I recall our noona, Yun Hee, who’s daughter had dolls, but not a pet. Well, leave it to me with my innocent mind. When it finally dawned on me after repeating it a number of times…puppy, what puppy, and where is there a puppy. I re-watched episode 8 and still didn’t notice anything unusual or out of the ordinary. Maybe its just me.

  236. 236 : Sharon Says:

    Can’t wait for ep 9!! Water all gone.😱

    @[email protected]

    You are sooo bad. So what are you saying? Hahahahaha!!

  237. 237 : usa-mary Says:

    @MEL-232: Fluid Storage! LOL Our Squish…Squish is quite amazing when it comes to spewing. Be-it harassment or water, he lets it rip!

    @Sharon-231: I was trying to understand what you were talking about when you mentioned TY’s puppy in tight pants. What were you referring to? Were you speaking metaphorically? Enlighten me oh wise one. My mind is quite innocent in these matters. smile

  238. 238 : usa-mary Says:

    TY not only wants his cake and eat it, too. He wants the oven, the bakery, the help…heck, the entire 5 mile radius. He likes MY because they’re a lot alike. It’s a win, win situation for both of them. She caters to his every whim; regains the lifestyle she was accustomed to living, his family eventually leaves him alone, and he has the liberty to pursue the desires of his flesh with other women without restraints. Which is why he said, he should have met her first instead of Gi Young. He even mentioned that he may extend the contract with her beyond 5 years, depending on the situation. Just plain crazy! He may want GY, but his concept of a healthy relationship is too far fetched. We’ll see what GY’s hormones have lead her to do at TY and MY’s wedding.

    Sun Nyeo is so funny. No matter who walked down that aisle, she sneered! LOL

  239. 239 : Sharon Says:

    SN is mad at the world right now and if she is she had not gotten what Pedro was saying. I think she tackle GY thinking that GY wants her cake and eat it too. How dare GY takes her man and now at her brothers wedding and its her fault why her brother is marrying this money grabbing Beach. I would want to grab a piece of her hair too. SN has got it all wrong about GY.

    I will say no more about the puppy, becsuse it ran outside and you missed it. Darn it! 😜

  240. 240 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-239: Hmmm…the puppy ran outside? So, is MY stray rescue now (going for 8x)?

    I just noticed something. Hopefully, we won’t witness any hit and runs in this drama, and I’m not advocating seeing any. But, what is it with kdramaland and white trucks? Does S.K. only have white trucks? Why is it that only the white trucks hit people in kdramas and no other color? People run out into the street, then just stand there. Even when the truck driver constantly blows the horn, the person just looks surprised or bewildered as if the truck is in the wrong place. My logic is if you can run into the street, you can run back onto the sidewalk. Kdramaland logic is just stands there; waiting to get rescued or to look like a deer caught in the headlights.

  241. 241 : Sharon Says:

    Hahaha! MY only like the rich ones you know, Poodles.😀

    Hahahahahaha!! Maybe it’s more difficult to identify if every truck is white.
    How the hell did that came up?? What are you watching? I am laughing my bum off typing this.

    True, that’s the million dollar question. Why not run back onto the side walk when there is a truck coming and blowing it’s horn.

    Answer anyone???

    My answer is, they go def and blind at that very moment. 😱

  242. 242 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon-241: True that…poodles are always en vogue amongst the elite. So, why not have MY go all the way and shoot for the British Royal Corky dogs. Now, that’s the elitist of the elites. Besides, that’s generations of old money! I wouldn’t put it past her to try to hob nob on that caliber.

    Re the white trucks. I know its the kwriter-nims preference, but they seem unanimous in their 4-wheeled color coded catastrophes. Oh, I was watching Rosy Lovers when that scene appeared. The synopsis reads…Romantic (that’s it), but I smell the scent of a melodrama (about 50 episodes) which I really don’t particularly care to watch. (I’m also the only one commenting, so far.) Right now, I only reserve the patience to watch 16-20 episodes at the most. That even depends upon whether the drama is really good or not.

  243. 243 : han ji won Says:

    i love to see ty n ky romance,being cute together..writer plz create d scene

  244. 244 : anabelle Says:

    i had watch ep 9 raw,cha ki young gave birth already and myung yi had abortion. crazy waiting for the sub and next week ep..

  245. 245 : Sharon Says:

    Haven’t watch yet in the raw, will soon!!

  246. 246 : Sharon Says:

    Haven’t been watching any drama was my B-Day weekend, so I partyed. Now I am back to drama land!!

  247. 247 : MEL Says:

    Happy birthday Sharon, belated Happy Birthday that is! The drama is getting more melo… EP 9 was more drama than comedy and cooperation among the couples or uncoupling, was high on the storyline. GY looks like she & CE will be linked closely as he signed that he is the father. TY seems to be more sympathetic towards MY after the miscarriage. Pedro & crazy sister will be linked together. And GY’s best friend will have nice restaurateur…. I guess the couples are now set up… What’s your take? Sad scene with TY letting go of his child….

  248. 248 : Sharon Says:

    Ok, the wedding was a trip!! I felt so sorry for TY after he sign the contract he bawled like a baby.

    Is MY going cray cray, because she was talking on the phone to her mom and dad and no one was on the other side. 😜 I hope the writernim is not going for us to pity MY, so she can live happily ever after.😼

    The mother and that darn paternity test.

    Pedro is disgusting!! I hope it’s an act and he does not mean what he says to SN about their age differences and love. For right now, that shit was too real!!

    Is the doctor living with his side chick in the same house as his wife and daughter?! 🔫🔪💉

    Chef, thank you for acting like a friend to

    Did everyone get the recipe for the cold and flu remedy for pregnant women? You bake pears in honey for 3hrs then let it sit for 2days. Then eat pears and cold/flu will go away. No kidding!! After 2days your cold will get better anyway without the damn remedy. 😷😷😷

    How come the father does not get a heart attack already? He shouts about everything. 😴😴

    EC cracks me up!! He puts his hands in front of GY stomach as if to catch the baby, she just pushed him aside. Too funny.

    Ok, so, MY is getting her come up pance. She ran over the house think she will be getting some goodies, but instead she get a whole lot of baddies. First, food shopping, then scolding, then cooking, then the never ending bowing and she is only engage. I guess she got what she wanted.

    What’s up with the water!!! Was there a ocean in her stomach were the baby was taking a swim. That’s just too much water, poor EC shoe and he had the nerve to ask what was that. EC, it just a ocean of water.💧

    EC: boil the water sterilized the scissors.🙈🙉🙊 What cave did he lost his way from?

    Noooooo, the family told MY she did a good job. Whyyyyyy!

    GY is better than superwoman, why!! Ok, she had a cold/flu passed out went to the hospital mucus plug was out, labor begins, went to the station in pain, did the nine o’clock news, went to a meeting after, then drove herself to the hospital. Now that’s a 22nd century woman. More power to her, but after that first pain, I am out, Peace! 😯😯

    The hospital is a fraud! You can’t have your child unless there is a man signature and SS number!! Bull ship.

    Oh my goodness, did they work MY to death?! No, they work her to a miscarriage. So, so, sad.

    GY is having her baby and EC sign as dad. Wow! Let the party begins.

    EC, is too funny in this ep. He contradict himself so many times, but his delivery was totally on target.
    BSB’s acting in this drama put him steps ahead. He has embodied the character and make it hard for me not to recognize his talent. 🌟

    Ohhhhhh, the baby is hungry.

    So, GY has her baby, cute little thing, but now the real story begins.

  249. 249 : Sharon Says:

    @ MEL
    Thanks, for the belated B-Day wish. Kamsahamnida.😊😊

    I think, now the real story begins. I think now the writer is going to drive her baby home and lift the roof off woman’s worth in South Korea. I think we are in for a treat. I hope her delivery of the story is solid enough to leave an impact on her audience, which causes them to evoke change. We have to recognize a woman’s worth and make available resources for single parents in South Korea.

  250. 250 : Micc Says:

    Who’s the father of GY’s baby?

  251. 251 : Nita Says:

    Oh No!!! Please not TY & MY. Just because MY miscarried doesn’t mean she can get away with all her wrong-doings, her lies and schemes. It will be like a gentle tap on her wrist, not even a slap on the wrist. Maybe the Korean society in general is that forgiving and fast to forget but, if MY can get away with all her lies, I will be so disappointed.

    Call me mean, but I want MY to end up with nobody

  252. 252 : Sharon Says:

    The baby is soo cute.🍼

    I wonder how will TY feel knowing he gave up the rights to his child and now MY has a miscarriage.

    How will the parents treat her, now that she is no longer pregnant?

    I am Soo happy for GY, her dream has finally come true. Now EC is a father and he does not know it. 😀

    EC did a good job caring for GY. I mean he was not the best, but for a male chauvinist he did the best he knew how.

    SN has gotten scarier and scarier every ep.

    The doctor has gone too far for a ex-husband. He has no respect for his ex-wife and the mother of his child, but I was happy that Iorn chef stepped in to give her a boost.

  253. 253 : Sharon Says:

    Park Tae Yun is the father of GY’s baby. 🍼☺️

  254. 254 : Micc Says:


    Thanks Sharon. Oh, so he got two women pregnant?! Wow, what the heck happened? Wonder who he ends up with at the end.

  255. 255 : Sharon Says:

    I think PTY will end up with MY.
    What I think about the most is when he hears that GY had his SON, what is he going to do. Remember, MY has miscarried and your son with GY is alive and well. What are you going to do TY. Will he want GY to tear up the contract?? Will she have to sleep with him/become his mistress? Will he team up with his parent to take the child? I don’t think so, because he himself is trying to run as far away as possible from them.

    However, What I have noticed with TY is that he is very traditional, family and culture orientated So I think he might side with his parents. Aigoo!!!

    What I do know, is that the mom is going to the law/court on GY to get the baby although TY signed the contract, but it’s good that EC signed as guardian during the delivery. So, they have a fight in their hands.

    Will TY be on the side of his parents and go after the baby, or will he just keep his promise and move on? Wow! Enquiry minds wants to know writernim!!

  256. 256 : aline Says:

    I love this drama …please no more bullying pregnant women.

  257. 257 : Micc Says:


    Thanks for all the info. It’s getting more frustrating especially with one episode per week. Although I would like TY with GY but I think you’re right. TY and MY and EC and GY are more likely. Aside from the storyline, just a hunch from the poster above.

  258. 258 : usa-mary Says:

    Yah chinguas! My computer is being serviced, and I’m at the library which doesn’t access Asian drama websites. 🙁 Hopefully, I will be able to comment again soon before this drama ends.

  259. 259 : Lulu Says:

    I watched 7 episodes in the past 2 days and I’m finally caught up! Now the torture begins….one episode a week for the next 2 months!!! CSTV seriously needs to go back to airing 2 episodes a week. The ratings are good now…

  260. 260 : anabelle Says:

    no episode 10 yet?

  261. 261 : Sharon Says:

    Come back soon!!

  262. 262 : Sake Says:

    far much better than I thought. Enjoy it!
    ( though the actor Noh Min Woo is so woman-like / beauty as a woman)

  263. 263 : Naisy, Philippines Says:

    Gi Young and Tae Yun must end up together because they love each other, but Tae Yun he needs to be a man first. And PLEASE.. make it two episodes per week!!!!

  264. 264 : anabelle Says:

    credit to all production staffs..
    this drama is really great..
    curiously and addictively waiting for the last 6 more episodes..
    ki young and tae yun, FIGHTING!!!

  265. 265 : Juana love Says:

    @sharon and usa-Mary when are u guys going to comment cos i miss readin ur comments……

  266. 266 : Naisy, Philippines Says:

    PLEASE.! I miss the love and hate relationship of Gi Young and Tae Yun! I hope in the end they will have sweet moments or romantic scenes together. And i hope we can watch them again in another K Drama, maybe in a Rom Com. Good luck to all.

  267. 267 : Sharon Says:

    Just finished watching ep 10 and I love, love, love it.

    Can this drama get any better?? Hell to the NO!!

    1.Ok, so, EC capitalize off of GY’s birth. Why am I not surprised. He will capitalize off his mother’s death.

    2.I am so happy for GY, she finally got what she said wanted. Congrats MAMA!!

    3. And TY wept.

    4. MY’s behavior to influence TY to have her, worked. I must say, weren’t that guy a bit harsh on the slaps he gave MY, damn!! Then TY came in, saw her out cold and ask if she is asleep. What Kind of a question is that! Noooo, TY, she just got knock the yuck out!

    5. Oh, GY’s mom is making Seaweed Soup. Soo, nice.

    6. Are they really whispering, or they want GY to hear their comments. Why in every KDrama they talk so loudly, as if they don’t want you to hear. GY should say, damn!! I heard you.

    7. How/why in heavens name would you segregate a single mother’s newborn baby from a married woman’s baby, in a hospital nursery. Plain Bull Ship!! Call your lawyers, GY.

    8. Did GY’s mother try to run away with the baby?! Is she going crazy or what. How could you as a mother do that to your child. Yes, GY, tell her to go home on that darn bus with a one way ticket. For goodness sake, that’s your grand child. You know what lady, Don’t let the doorknob hit you where the good lord splits you. PEACE!!!

    9. Chef kissed Noona!! 💖✨💋

    10. Did TY graduated from dumb university? Even dumb is saying damn TY you dumb. Why the hell is he always do some stupid ship. Talk to GY, let her know how you feel and that you would like to see your son, but nooooo. Instead you ask her to sleep with you. She just had a baby, damn!!
    Women don’t think about sex after just having a baby TY!!!

    11. Ok, where is the babysitter? Did she went to get a cab and leave the baby crying in the house alone? Shouldn’t the baby be dress and ready to go with his baby bag? Guillotine!

    12. Did that nut job TY went Boar hunting, or did the Boar go TY hunting. I can’t figure that out right now. 🐗

    Overall, I thought the story would be more solid. I was looking for more from the mother, more from TY, more from EC, more from SN and Pedro. Well, maybe ep 11 will fulfill my need for conflict and choas. Ep 10 was too mild knowing the importance of the story the writer should have make ep 10 more thought provoking. I will see what ep 11 brings.

    Don’t get me wrong, ep 10 had some really serious situations. Like, separating the babies, like, the mother running away with GY’s child, like, the other women gossiping about GY. This made me realize how women are women’s greatest enemy.

    Preview 11: who the hell electrocute TY?!! The Boar! Looks like he lost his darn mind at the police station. Oh Ship!
    Pedro is a runway model?! Can’t wait.

  268. 268 : Sharon Says:

    Get that computer fix pronto!! You got to get online girl!!

  269. 269 : Jyenie Says:

    I have only watched the first 10 min of ep 1 and I think I like this drama 🙂

  270. 270 : Sake Says:

    because of Bae Soo Bin’s acting, I really enjoy his crafty character very much. The story is getting more and more interesting. I wonder who will end up with who!

  271. 271 : usa-mary Says:

    Yah, Sharon and everyone! I’m still around (at the library, again). My laptop is fine, its the virus/malware tech guy that’s not on his j.o.b. to keep my laptop virus/malware free. I’ll stay in touch on this thread until it’s done correctly. Anyway, the comments here are as lively as always!

    Jyenie…you’re here, too!?

  272. 272 : Jyenie Says:

    Hi usa-mary, I am back after 2 months break from Korean dramas:)
    I hope to see you on Misaeng page, my favourite drama ATM.

  273. 273 : Naisy, Phils Says:

    Episode 11 with the abscence of Park Tae is boring. But still hooked on this drama. Gi Young and Park Tae must end up together, afterall, they have a son, and they love each other. Park Tae, be man enough!

  274. 274 : Sharon Says:

    Sorry guys, I am just getting started on ep 11.
    Will comment when finish. Had a long and extended weekend. Here I go!!

  275. 275 : anabelle Says:

    without park tae yun in ep 11 was a bit boring.. i missed the love and hate quarrel of him and cha ki young. Be a man enough PTY,show her what is inside ur heart.

  276. 276 : Mellymel Says:

    Im hooked in this drama 🙂

  277. 277 : eny Says:

    EC n GY fight is really interesting to watch, Bae so bin comedic acting is really refreshing to see

  278. 278 : onna Says:

    Iˇm very like this funny story. Interest for me in Hungary.
    This drama tells the story about four different couples in similar stances of their relationships, some of them are married, others are dating.
    Wery sory : we like to see 2 ep. times one week – when possibile.
    Thank you.

  279. 279 : Mellymel Says:

    If Park Tae and Gi-Young didnt end up together in this drama what a waste LoVe. 😞 That Stupid Eun Cha aaarrgggh he used 815 to gain popularity. Gi Young should realize that and stop clinging to that man. Park Tae is really hurting he need to stand and fight for his son and Gi-Young. Stop being stuborn and spoiled… The fact that Gi Young visited Park Tae in the hospital and said sorry she still have somethin for him. That bitch Myung Ri hate her. 😡 Wow! Pedro a model….Lol! Wow another triangle Myung ri cousin, Park Tae sister and Pedro 😱. My heart is really pounding in this Ep. Cant wait for Ep13. I really didnt enjoy much Ep11 cause Park Tae is not in that ep. The child is so perfect even the song too. This really crazy love it Go No min Woo 😀

  280. 280 : Swimmergirl Says:

    Episode 11 was jammed packed again of ups and downs. This drama has such a good message to it about the problem women face in the Korean society easing children on their own. It’s something people in my country the US take advantage of. I am glad to see improved ratings on this drama; I truly enjoy if. I really want her to end up with Park Tae!

  281. 281 : Mellymel Says:

    Check this out: Ep 3 and others followed that MY and PTY mother should be mother and daughter they are both very schemeing 😤

  282. 282 : SereneJN Says:

    I’m enjoying this drama more & more. Why? Why does it have to be only once a week?????!!!???!!!
    Park TY’s emotionality is really complex. His childish pride & ego ruined everything. No doubt his love for Cha KY is genuine but he should’ve expressed his feelings in a more matured & reliable manner. Jo EC, although a jerk right from the beginning, is slowly starting to show his softer side.
    Interesting drama….can’t wait for the next episode!!

  283. 283 : Mellymel Says:

    I really want GY and PTY end up together. 😍😍😍😍😍

  284. 284 : Swimmergirl Says:

    drama fever is taking a long time to get episode 12 up. i think sadly this drama has been put on the way side for other dramas. I love this drama a lot. I wish it was more popular

  285. 285 : Naisy, Phils. Says:

    To the Director and Writer of this K Drama, if Gi Young will not end up with Park Tae, we will boycot your next K drama if you will have a new one after this, we will make a revenge! Myung Yi the bitch, she does not deserve to end up with anybody, she must be given a lesson because of her wrongdoings! Anyway, it’s the love for money, her intention for marrying Park Tae. That will be the moral lesson here. And PLlEASE make it two episodes per week!

  286. 286 : Mellymel Says:

    I normally watch this drama over and over again while waiting for the next episode but NOT this particular episode (Ep 12). I cant stand the character of MY, EC and PTY parents. 😤😤😤 And it is also heartbreaking. 😢😢😢

  287. 287 : Sharon Says:

    I have a love hate relationship going with with EC. I love hoe he plays and take care of Dan, but I hate how he is using them to further his political career. Whenever I think finally, EC will go through this metamorphosis and turn into a beautiful person here comes Mr. Despicable Me. I thought that EC would be the one to save the day and help GY and Dan to go through life a little easier, but a leopard can’t change his spots. EC is a low down piece of rat poop!! I think the writer is turning me into a bipolar patient watching EC.
    BSB is doing a darn good job with his character. I love how he was fighting with his conscience whether to keep Dan, or give him up for his campaign funding. Good acting!

    MY, what can I say about this piece crap of a woman. Believe me, I said it once and I will say it again. Women are women’s worst enemy. How could MY steal another woman’s child and give it away without a thought. MY and her rat looking face need to go hide somewhere, because beach you will never make it to Mecca. In the end you are going to loose, because TH has no feelings for you. Dan should have kick her, spit on her, scratch her face and bite her. The part that got me the most is the fact she went to her in-laws with Dan crying. As if she is giving them a gift. Thumbs down for MY.👎
    I felt, so sorry for her after she miscarried, but this beach has taken my empathy to another level. The level where I want to kick her ask!!

    What the hell, in heavens name happened to TH?!! I am lost for words. Who let the boar out!! Hahaha. No, really!! TH has become the poster child for what not to do when hunting a wild boar. Hahahaha!!
    Ok, but seriously, what the hell is wrong with him?? TH need a proscription for Zoloft and prozac, because he is in a deep depression. Did he beat the ship out of that guy, or what! After seeing TH I has to get a glass of wine to deal with the insanity of this drama. 🍷

    Then we have Noona fighting her insecurities with chef. She finally kick the ex-husband lover out the house. That’s been a long time coming. She should have done that long ago. Noona and her Ex had become friends, where they are giving each other relationship advice. Here I go for another glass of wine.🍷

    SN saw Pedro and he confess his feelings to her, this crazy beach who is just as crazy as her brother told him she is married and have kids. What the.. Now, I got a bottle of wine.🍷🍷

    Meet the Parents, Wacko and psycho. Whet did they dig these people up from? No wonder TH is running away from them. I am totaly speechless watching them. How the hell are they blaming GY for TH incompetence.
    He gave up his right to the child, because he could not become a man!
    Where is my glass..🍷

    GY need to get her act together. There is only 4eps left and she has to be strong and take her son back. Will the real GY please stand up and fight for you rights and your kid!! Bribe EC to help you get the kid back. No, soduce TH and tell him sweet nothings and get the kid back. There has a to be some left over tricks, legal and media action you can take GY. Wake up from your slumber and fight for you child. Even if you have to use TH to get him.
    Is there hope for GY and TH?? I don’t know, but I do see where she apologized for handling the situation the way she did. There maybe a chance.
    Oh my goodness!! This drama is driving me to drink! 🍷🍷🍷

    Ep 12 had its ups and downs. The writer has nailed how Patriarchal Korea is and how even the women plays an intricate part in keeping this society the same. However, I find that she has made GY character the same thing she is trying to get away from. She has tuned a strong confident woman into a scared, timid, submissive individual; who became this way to protect her child. Writernim, I don’t buy that!! Having a child don’t make you weak it make you stronger, a fighter, a protector. You have to change GY back to her old self to make this story plausible. Fighting!! 🍷🍷

  288. 288 : Sharon Says:

    I have been away due to the holiday, but I am back!!

  289. 289 : Mellymel Says:

    To: Sharon

    Well said 😊 enjoy reading your comment 😉

  290. 290 : usa-mary Says:

    Hi every1! Thanks to Sharon and every1 for keeping me updated. Wow…a lot has happened in this drama.

  291. 291 : usa-mary Says:

    Yah gang! Drama Fever will allow me to watch dramas online. I’ll return soon with comments. See Ya!

  292. 292 : Sharon Says:

    You got to get on!!

    Kamsahamnida! 🎉

  293. 293 : Micc Says:


    Two thumbs up! 👍👍

  294. 294 : Micc Says:

    I started the drama from episode 12 and don’t think I miss much.

  295. 295 : Sandy Says:

    Counting the days till Saturday….I want to see the end of the wench of Hyun Myung Yi…she is pure selfishness and greediness. How does she dare to use poor baby Dan to pursue her selfish ambition….I really like this drama….Cast is doing a great job in performing their respective characters!!! Fighting!!

  296. 296 : Nancy Says:

    I would like to know if Noh Min Woo is singing the theme song. This drama is so horrible to watch as a woman. If You are a single mother in Korea, your life is tough one! I hate culture that abuses and manipulate woman who are weak.hope this ends happy!

  297. 297 : Sharon Says:

    Thank you, sooo much.
    Will be watching and waiting for ep 13 with eng subs.

  298. 298 : onna Says:

    today’s broadcast of the TV channels and movies, this is the most interesting topic. About 600 Korean movie fans in Hungary who wish to participate in a two week see.

  299. 299 : Mellymel Says:

    @ Nancy
    Yes it is No min Woo who sang the song… Lyrics so perfect for TY character. 🙂

    Ep. 13 Love it love it…PTY started to stand like man, but when it comes to Cha Ki Young he’s very soft. 😍😍😍. PTY will do everthing for Cha Ki Young

  300. 300 : @odds Says:

    To Sharon: I read your comments and you are absolutely right about this drama. I want to say too, that I really enjoyed reading your comments. Especiallly from a glass of wine to a bottle and now drunk. Just had to let you know.

  301. 301 : swimmergirl Says:

    Drama had its highest ratings so far on episode 13! Still so sad about the one episode a week. This drama is my favorite as to the ones currently out right now. I just like how original it is and the issues it brings up. If you want a non-typical drama this is a much watch. It will make you experience all sorts of emotions. I am still mad about episode 12…why did MY have to steal another women child?!? Thats like the worst thing you can do. I think she did it so she could stay in Park Tae Yun household because she was worried about loosing her spot again. That is the worst act however!

  302. 302 : Mellymel Says:

    Hhmmm I dont think the baby in the pictur/poster is Cha-Dan…Wow!

  303. 303 : Mellymel Says:

    You Go PTY dig dig EC stinking 👃👃👃dirt expose him 👌👌👌 I am for you 😃😃😃. EC ambition is getting way out of hand, he still think of marrying Cha Ki Young to gain in his political carrier what a total jerk. I cant wait what in store for MY after PTY parents find out what she really after. Im still for PTY and Cha Ki Young till the end of this drama.👪👪👫

  304. 304 : Carmarie Says:

    I love this drama, currently it is one of my top five. Sharon is correct when she states GY needs to wake up from her slumber and fight for her child. GY was a kicka** reporter and knows how to fight. It is time to bring it. GY should tell TY, I will let your parents in our child’s life if you divorce MY. I know GY doesn’t want to stoop to MY’s level. MY is fighting dirty; therefore, GY needs to fight dirty also. She cannot take the high road when MY has no standards and is willing to do anything to keep her status. GY should dig up all the dirt she can find on MY and expose her for the low down rat she is.

    I do not know how the writers are going to resolve this issue, I just know that MY and TY better end up together.

  305. 305 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 13.
    Ok, this ep has to bring it!!!

    TH is torn up from the floor up! Damn! Could someone hand him a Chapstick and a comb.

    Poor GY, it’s heartbreaking to see her cry for Dan and EC is such a firth bag that I enjoy watching. Bipolar anyone?

    Oh my goodness! MY is totally PATHETIC!!! I want to…to…to…🔫🔪 yeah, that’s it. Kick her. She is such an ask, girl stop being so dependent on people, because they can easily pull the rug from under you!! The mother told her if Dan goes, so will she. MY, you are stupid and greedy. Therefore, I can predict your end. Looser!

    Yes GY, you have to be strong. Put on your Wonder Woman outfit and fly in your invisible plane and kick some ask!! Ok, maybe just walk to their house and kick MY’s ask.

    Is papa bear having heart trouble?
    Strange how TH can’t bond with his son. Is it that he was never exposed to a fatherly love, or is he scared to become attached to the child? I think he was not exposed. What do you guys think?

    I would be ashamed as a man to know that my son is calling someone else DAD!! TH, get it together.

    Oh, and this greedy, selfish, power hungry EC is in a class by himself. Want Dan and GY for his political agenda. Dan cares for EC and I feel he cares for Dan too, although he has the a heart the size of a pea like MR. Grinch. Bipolar much?

    Question?? Why when push comes to shove TH can never do anything??! The cops are taking away GY and his dumb ask just stand there with Dan in his arms. TH for the last time, be proactive!

    Is that funny teeth man threatening GY?? Listen, he is her son, GY get your mojo baaaack!! Of all the thing in a cop car. Wow, Papa Bear got juice.

    Only Pedro can read SN! He tells her like it tis! 😉

    Ok, so, Dan is watching the door while his mother is sitting on the stoop outside the house, they both longed for each other. TH is cooking in the kitchen while his father feels he is so nonchalant about the whole situation and start to yell at him. TH mother ran in the kitchen to appease the father by knocking the vegetable off the counter while scolding TH. This is the Kicker!! Here comes MY running into the kitchen on her hands and knees picking up the mess the mother has made. Now what kinda crap is that. MY is all sold out!!
    However, this is where I think TH’s father finally realized that he was not a good father to TH and want TH to become a father to his son. He saw that TH has no interest in the child, or care to show the child some affection and admits in not so many words that it’s his fault. He was also stating to TH that, not because he did that TH should.

    Noona and chef had a disagreement about their conservative way of thinking. How they both proclaim to have this 21st century way of looking at thing, while deep down they are their traditions and culture still carry their parents way of life and views. So, I guess this conservative, patriarchal culture is embedded within them.
    If this way of thinking is embedded in the population, change is going to be very slow.

    GY checked EC at the door! Telling him he is only using her and her son for his political ambitions and he doesn’t care what happens to her son. Just like he did at the fashion show. Check mate✅

    Is MY trying to school TH after she is the one who stole the kid and brought him to the house. MY you should be cleaning Dan’s poop. Instead you are talking rubbish to TH about how he is treating his son. TH, divorce that beach!

    Now, the battle begins. TH want’s custody of Dan after seeing his father love for the child and he himself is slowly coming to his senses about Dan.

    Ep 13 was good, the flow is going according to the story. GY need to display her inner strength writernim.
    The writer tackles all aspect of Koreas societal ills against women and men. She also shows how embedded these thinking is rooted into the society. Will Writernim be able to show us the light at the end of the tunnel, or this idea of change is nothing but a fleeting illusion.
    I am curious as to how this story will end. Thanks, everyone for reading my silly comments. God bless!!

  306. 306 : Sharon Says:

    I totally agree with you. GY has to bring it and hard!!

  307. 307 : Mellymel Says:

    I dont think I will like the end of this drama. Saw some pic. Of PTY and MY in suits and wedding gown. I dont like it 🙁 🙁 :(. CKY will be his mistress
    forever ? 🙁 🙁 :(. What happen to the LOVE?

  308. 308 : Mel Says:

    I might not like the reality ending of this drama. Saw some pic that by the looks of it my hope of (PTY and CKY end up together) crashed 😔😔😔 What so great about that marriage! arrrggghhhh😡 Okay I will still watch it. 😊

  309. 309 : Mel Says:

    @ Sharon:

    Strange how TH can’t bond with his son. Is it that he was never exposed to a fatherly love, or is he scared to become attached to the child? I think he was not exposed. What do you guys think?

    Yes I guess. His dad mentioned it to Dan in the amusement park that he became so busy making money. I just hope that it will not be the same with PTY and Dan.

    Sharon As always love reading you comment 🙂 🙂 🙂

    –>>> PTY will be hospitalize again! What happen? Hmmm!

  310. 310 : Sharon Says:

    I agree, EC is a scumb bag. I also want TH and GY ending up together and not because she has a child for him, but because I believe deep down they care for each other. TH us manning up a bit. However, I wish he would use his new position for reconciliation with GY instead of trying to eliminate EC.

  311. 311 : Mel Says:

    @ Sharon:
    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 for that.

  312. 312 : Debbie4626 Says:

    Yeap…@$# MY i hate her…ugly duck face…poor DAN.. after watch this drama each week… my mood keep down n down..why..why.why…i hope GY n TY n Dan back together as a fmly..

  313. 313 : Punwinc Says:

    I hate MY, i really wish they script it to have TY divorce her and expose her greed. They need to bring down EC too and expose his greed for power. GY and TY need to get back together.

  314. 314 : Mel Says:

    Love Cha Dan when he and PTY talking in the park…the boy is adorable 🙂

  315. 315 : Bussyamas Boonsanit Says:

    episode 16 the end. Cha Gi-young and Park Tae-yeon. I want to give them the love and understanding. Happy Ending.

  316. 316 : MEL Says:

    GY and DAN are the best union for me because of the poor husband materials. I’m saddened that the two mean have no B.LLS to truly stand up for GY and DAN! At this point GY needs to expose the cruelty of that chaebol’s family. TY is too much of a spineless fool to truly express his love to GY so he forces the ‘mistress’ issue. GY will probably go along with it to get DAN back. The men just have to let go of their egos, hidden agendas and show their love for GY and DAN

  317. 317 : dammy02 Says:

    one of d best film so far!

  318. 318 : Mellymel Says:

    PTY and CKY deserve a happy ending. 😍😍😍. They need to stop listening to the people around them and listen to what their heart is saying ☺️☺️☺️

  319. 319 : Timeline Says:

    Hope for a happy ending and the family reunion. TY & GY clear up all the misunderstanding.

  320. 320 : Mellymel Says:

    Miss Ep1 when the are both so funny and in love 🙁

  321. 321 : usa-mary Says:

    Yah…I’m playing catch up! On another laptop for now.

  322. 322 : usa-mary Says:

    I know I’m playing catch up, but I couldn’t resist commenting about GY entering the postpartum center after giving birth when EC began making slurping sounds with his lips after telling baby 815 to eat first before doing anything else when GY . Now, I know EC is not having breastfeeding flashbacks at his age?

  323. 323 : usa-mary Says:

    Up to ep. 11 now. Folks, I’m totally not a Lousana (Louisiana, New Orleans) mojo, woo woo woman, but I’m about to put a hex or a root on EC’s behind!

  324. 324 : Sharon Says:

    Welcome back!!! Catch up girl, we have a lot to talk about !!!

  325. 325 : Оюунаа Says:

    All episodes very nice, I want to Park Tae Yun /Noh Min Woo/ & Cha Gi Young/Park Si Yun/ get married.

  326. 326 : Carmen Says:


  327. 327 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon…Thank You, Chingua! I’ve already caught up. I’m waiting for drama fever to post episode 14.

    Oh, by the way. I didn’t include MY in the hex/vex because I have something totally different for that show ‘n tell wench. Just don’t know what it is right now.

    I will say this…after watching ep 9 thru 13, TY’s parents and MY are a true piece of work. Especially, at the wedding when appa Park saw GY making the congratulatory speech. That scene was too funny! I thought he needed a telescope to assure that it was GY that he saw. Then, later saying that GY stole their ancestry male seed (thanks to EC’s stunt). Chaebol folks really enjoy being blinded by their own narcissistic desires vs what just and fair for everyone involved. Only Sun is the voice of reason when it comes to her 4 year old nephew 815. The child misses his mother. Duuuuuhhhh!

    TY is hurting badly for GY and 815 even if he refutes it, he wails, not cries secretly over the situation, while walking among the living as if he’s the walking dead. When he and GY do talk, its amicable and gentle towards each other. They truly understand and are in sync with each other when there’s no outside interference. But, when he can’t see his way out between his parents stronghold on his personal/marital life due to their interference with GY and 815…he begins to favor GY, again until he sees EC around her and 815, trying to help them. Even his recounting how she secretly visited him in the hospital with their baby after the wild boar attack, knowing that she loves him isn’t enough to soothe him and tries a number of times to return 815 to her. That is, until after he constantly sees EC around, helping her which makes him overly jealous. Even pushing his own child away who knows his own blood like EC told him. TY really didn’t want to receive a lecture from a man who he believes in his own warped way is stealing his woman and child from him. With all that, I sense that TY has something up his sleeve that’s going to draw GY and 815 to him. Even if making her and the child a public spectacle in order to cause her to leave the country so he could then try to be with them like he desires is a long shot, but its kdramaland after all. That’s my take for now.

    The 3 generation of Park males at the amusement park was priceless. Stating, who didn’t like whom lightened the situation somewhat.

    Sun Nyeo and Pedro are so cute. That’s it Sun, go and get wrapped, kneaded, flushed and dipped for your hottie Pedro.

    For Yun Hee, she should have reported that hyena, heffa nurse to the NAAHW (Neighborhood Ahjummoni’s Against Home Wreckers) for a special honorary award of their choice for that home wrecker. Il Jong scratching his butt while lounging on the sofa, telling who he thought was Yun Hee coming in the door, if hh nurse calls, he’s not at home. Hmmm…looks like having to mow and pull the weeds from the grass on the other side of the yard grew old and passé rather quickly. Yun Hee, that heffa would have had her hair pulled and thrown out of my house on day #1. Now, I know she slept over with you ex to annoy you…@[email protected]! Some people tolerate entirely too much. Well, at least she and her husband are becoming friends. BUT…Yun Hee, since hh nurse won’t let Il Jong help you with the bills…@[email protected]!!! Girlfriend, you should personally make him and take him to the bank to withdraw some money or personally evict his behind (do both). Pssst…Yun Hee…ATM’s girlfriend…ATM’s! Especially made for after hours transactions when hh nurse is not visiting Il Jong.

  328. 328 : Sharon Says:

    You know what ticked me off !!! The salt trowing bull ship! I wanted to grab mama bear hand and turn it towards MY!! How could his mother do that?? She was the one who basically treatened GY not to see TH again, so what’s her problem.

    Yes, TH did look like he needed some lotion in the previous ep. Yeah, walking dead is right. 😀

  329. 329 : Carmen Says:


  330. 330 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon I’m so glad you mentioned the salt throwing scene. That was horrible to say the least. When it comes to MY, the tangled web-weaver, she will definitely get hers soon.

    Even though I’m working on being patient, I haven’t found ep. 14, yet. Not even in the raw. Drama Cool has it in the raw, but I can’t access it. It’s been 2 days for me so far.

  331. 331 : Mellymel Says:

    Still waiting for Ep 14 Eng sub 😉.

    Enjoy your post always 😊

  332. 332 : Sharon Says:

    DRAMA FEVER!!! Ep 14 subbed!!!

  333. 333 : Mellymel Says:

    Whattt the…! Im really speechless. I will wait for Ep 15. I really do not like the idea of CKY and EC getting married.

  334. 334 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 14!!!!
    I jumped up and down when the two Ajumma gave the child to GY and have TH visit once per week. 🎉🎉
    Sat down quickly when he said he is taking it to court. Court!! Just shoot me now.🙈🔫

    Can just anyone walk into a Elementary School?

    Poor Dan, making dough like his dad. How does a kid learn to make dough at 3 yrs old? It’s not like GY cook a lot.

    How could you want to destroy a persons life by taking away their job, home and assets. Papa Bear shame on you!!

    Oh my goodness, can EC get any slimier guys?! YES!

    Papa Bear is crying and kissing Dan’s photo. You should have done that with TH.

    Can somebody, anybody, kill MY? Pleaseeee, I will give you 5 won.💴

    TH is maaaaaad, he want no man to touch his cauliflower. Especially EC.

    Oh ship!! Why is the father acting like Dan is his child.

    At least EC acted like a Gentleman and went with GY’s decision.

    MY is a beach!! She is tormenting TH even more. I can’t stand that pice of of of trash bucket.

    GY got to have food in the house at all times!

    The lawyer is on the take?!

  335. 335 : Sharon Says:

    I posted prematurely!! Hit the wrong button.

  336. 336 : usa-mary Says:

    Whew! Episode 14, how do you spell corruption. Seeing Cha Dan’s cute smile helps me stay balanced while watching this emotional see-saw drama. Its not unusual for a child to make dough. I made mud pies from mud when I was his age. Yet, I believe the analogy here is showing that he shares his father’s love of cooking.

    Thank you oma for finally standing up for your daughter GY who’s only crime is being a single mother trying to properly care for her child. If I were you, I would have added some spicy, boneless chicken feet to the kimchi you threw at the reporters outside her apartment.

    EC went from playing the devil’s advocate re GY to the heavenly hosts trainee by being somewhat on her side (no halo for that rascal, yet)…only to being tempted by the devil himself all over again. This time with a full fledge promise of a seat in the National Assembly or become an outcast like GY. We’ll see how EC handles this dangling, rotten, bribery laced carrot.

    People, I want to cook appa Park some country style pork ribs and fried chitterlings with lots and lots of salt added to stabilize his blood pressure. Then, send MY on a very long vacation to Canada to visit her parents, even if she can’t find them. Just go and look for them.

    @Sharon…just 5 cents for exterminating MY…LOL! I’m not Korean and I know that much! I’ll add 1 won if you throw in oma and appa Park. Just do away with the whole lot of evil at one go. Re GY’s ‘so called’ empathetic, female lawyer. It surely doesn’t take much to get people to join the $$ side when those that have an abundance of it make you an offer you don’t want to refuse. Her husband becoming a college professor is worth more than her integrity and oath as an attorney to uphold the law. It’s surely not the poor and homeless who’ll jump through hoops for money. The middle class and wealthy are equally guilty.

    Well…GY is the one that offers the deal to EC for her and Dan’s safety and security. Now, this is going to be interesting. EC is as happy as a rooster in a hen house with this sweet deal. Hmmm…I sense a romance thief about.

    Well…well…well…somebody’s imshi! Hark, do I hear the footsteps of a little Pedro approaching! Sun, its now your turn for the kimchi is going to hit the wok when your appa and oma finds out. I wonder what they’re going to offer Pedro? A passport to New York, including a job with a top modeling agency, maybe.

  337. 337 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon. Actually, Papa Bear was kissing TY’s photo while calling (Dan) Eun Chil’s (? spelling) name. Dan’s photo was near the top of the frame while TY’s baby photo was right below it. I believe Papa Bear has his fairy tales mixed up. He’s huffin’ and puffin’ trying to blow GY’s and EC’s life down. Now, they’re going to turn the tables on them. I believe that their joining forces (marriage) is their survival mechanism. Which will counter-attack everything the Park clan is constructing against them; causing them to create a stability in their lives and Dan’s. Perfect toward GY’s favor in Family Court, EC’s favor with the public for votes and another stalemate for the Park clan’s conniving plots. Oh boy…I dare not think about how pissed off TY will be when he finds this out about the marriage. He’s already reenacting cry me a river because he wants to be with GY and Dan. Yet, he helped drive GY to that point. Stability is the name of the game and GY will do anything (legit and honest) to keep her and Dan together.

    EC has the tenacity and personality of a pack of vermin when anyone knowing or unknowingly gets in the way of his success. Yet, when he uses that same tenacity to fight against injustice and unfair practices towards whoever he cares about, his fierceness and sense of justice looks rather sexy.

    When EC saw that TY was the new director, his countenance darkened as if an eclipse had just occurred. LOL

  338. 338 : Mellymel Says:

    Cha Dan so adorable 🙂 he deserve to know his real dad.

    Yup seems like Cha Dan shared the same interest in cooking as his father. He wants to make a dough thats cute and funny. CKY mentioned it in previous episodes that Cha Dan likes to make kimbap. 🙂 🙂 :). He also shown his dad’s bad temper when they waited in the park with his mom, PTY did not show off.

    Hey you! Yeah you! PTY its episode 14 and two more left when are you going to rise up and be a MAN? PTY should divorce MY NOW as in NOW!

    EC even though he shown his good side, I still despise his dispicable character. He got some embesslement issue too. Ep 15 preview CKY ask to get married with him? I dont think so, I dont think that will be a greatest marriage anyway.

    NYEO and Pedro were the only ones have a sense here in all the characters.

    Ep 15 preview PTY went to the apartment saw the pics drawn by his son. So what are you going to do about it? Go run find your son and his mother after all you have all the resources. The song crazy love is perfect for PTY’s character. It is crazy love. So since its crazy love it would be the greatest marriage. PTY and CKY deserve a happy ending. Hahaha! I cant give up on these two.

  339. 339 : Sharon Says:

    EC said I wil scratch and crawl on his hands and knees to become SN assembly man and with GY by his side he is unstoppable.

    MY is driving TH crazy with her bull sheep of GY in bed with EC. MY is not cute at all, have you seen her teeth?

    Is Noona and Her husband getting back together? He seemed as if he wanted some cookies looking at noona’s stomach.

    TH, what can I say that’s not already been said. You dumb pice of of of… Can’t think of anything. Why would you not go to your son? Why put your child’s mother on display like that. Because you are blinded by emotions and don’t have the brain capacity to think. Right now if GY ends up with EC more power to them!! The a$$ was in GY’s home crying looking at the pics and the broken pic. TH that tells me that your relationship with GY is shattered to the point of no return. There won’t be a relationship with TH and GY the ship has sailed in the next ep.

    Pedro and SN is cute together. I guess they are going to increase the population in Korea. 😃😃😀

  340. 340 : Sharon Says:

    Girrrrllll!! Give up!! There is no return for TH, GY and Dan. TH fock that up royally. He is the biggest a$$ I have seen. He always listen to MY and get his ship all out of control.
    I too wanted them together, but I don’t see it happening anytime.

    In the end what’s going to happen to TH? That’s why I am totally curious about the ending. How will this situation resolved?

  341. 341 : Sharon Says:

    I just remembered this part I was like DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!
    Remember, when, EC entered into TH’s office and trew the tape on TH’s desk. Well, what he told TH made me fall out!!! EC said, GY and I were hugging all night and she picked out his tie this morning. Now, this is the worst part!!! EC made a bowing gesture and showed TH that how his son bowed and say DAD, have a nice day. BOOYA!!!!

    I thought TH was going to blow up the station!!

  342. 342 : usa-mary Says:

    @Sharon. MY’s teeth? What did the horse say…wheeeeeeen!

    Girlfriend, EC went to the woo woo soothsayer man 2x to find out about the type of woman GY would be in his life…THE BLUE HOUSE…need I say more. Even with that, he’s being more benevolent towards Dan and GY, than TY (who’s too easily influenced by MY). EC acts as if he’s experiencing a childhood he never got to have when he’s with Dan. When GY told him not to see Dan anymore and her only for business, he was disappointed more that he couldn’t see Dan to bring him food and play with him. He does have a twisted ‘Despicable Me’ agenda, but what man doesn’t have one. Men, especially among the upper financial/social, economical wealthy, competitive mindset want younger women who doesn’t want to share the spotlight with them, but shares that same competitive drive to get ‘them’ to the spotlight they’re striving for; while at the same time being eye candy on their arms. Just like when Sun honed in on the man that shared the same views as EC and others in their patriarchal society. You know…to them, its only ‘okay’ for women to have that drive as long as its directed towards waiting for him to return home from work, organizing the home, rearing the children, while in bed with him, and getting involved with charity work. That’s about it. Then, when the men fool around, the women should ignore it and not have thoughts about having sex. IMHO…once a man has been formally introduced to said woman’s genteel area, whether she’s young or old the coochie remains a coochie until a woman dies. IMHO, the view of a feminist is taken way out of context on purpose by men the world over. It’s contrived to continually keep us women in our place (of their mindset). From my studies, the feminist position (since it began in this country-by wealthy, married women) is being recognized as being feminine with the same privileges as men. Like, to be taken care of humanely just like them in every aspect on every level, period. It never meant doing the same work related job as them…and if so, its only fair to receive the same pay because its proven that we as women work harder (and we know this)!

    TY has shipwrecked his vessel big time with GY this time. Only a flick of the writer’s pen could change this course. Dan is like the breathe she breaths. As a mother, she’ll literally fight to the death to keep him with her. But, until then, I believe, just like I stated in the beginning that EC and GY would marry. From the way it appears, it will more than likely work well for them because their reasons for coming together will be clear cut. A need for survival and stability for everyone involved. Even if its true that GY will help EC get to the Blue House, EC will hold onto GY with every bone and breath in his body, no matter what he has to do to keep that family image by his side. Plus, he’ll enjoy it and needs it.

    I knew that Il Jong wasn’t going anywhere when his behind didn’t leave and move in with his adulteress. He was jealous of his own seed (child) and wouldn’t face that fact. The man didn’t intend to go anywhere and needed therapy. Re he and Yun Hee. Well, after he broke her fall, she wasn’t trying to quickly get away from his scummy behind. Since he and she are still together…I believe they’ll make up a number of times that day. With that, the nurse may just turn in her resignation now because these men don’t wear saddles when they ride. Besides the stork has been circling that household for a while, waiting to drop another bundle on them.

  343. 343 : usa-mary Says:

    I got that part, too, and even voiced, why did EC say that. Though TY wanted to ignore the photo chopped image given him by MY; his emotions got the best of him after EC said and did that. Rationale just couldn’t find a place in his mind after that.

  344. 344 : usa-mary Says:

    P.S. Come to think about it…TY is more influenced by his own thinking. Whenever he sees EC helping GY, he blows a gasket for real!

  345. 345 : usa-mary Says:

    Oops! @342 should read…breath she breathes…LOL!

  346. 346 : Sharon Says:


    Ha hahahahaha! MY’s teeth! Damn girl.

    Men feel that a wiman cannot be fem and want equal treatment. That’s unheard of.

    Girl, sooooooooo right about EC. He will fight to the end to keep his and GY is the perfect match to take him where he needs to go. I think TH will concede realizing that he has become an immature, tantrum playing, spoild brat that did not have daddy’s love. Therefore, he is rebelling when his love is not reciprocated by GY. Wow! Thank God, SN love is true with Pedro and Pedro is man enough to put SN in her place if she disrespect.

    Yeah, I feel that Noona and her ex will be back together!!

    MY and TH will stay together. She knows TH more than he knows himself.

    Listen, EC was going for a slam dunk, and he did!! He hit TH where it hurts!!
    I was surprised that TH did not pour gasoline and light a fire to that beach!!
    I was biting my nails saying everybody run as fast as you can from that station!!😀😀😀😀😀🙈

    Yes, TH is his worst enemy!! He is going to need Therapy after this 16 eps.
    Me too!🍷

  347. 347 : Mellymel Says:

    @ Sharon
    Hahaha! I know right? 😀😀😀 I should have! but as usa-mary said only a flick of the writers pen. You can never tell….but then again they finished the shoot two weeks ago. 😞

    What wil happen to PTY? He will be heart broken, hospitalize or even probably die. LOL

    Just hope that the ending is satisfying and that the viewrs will not left in a hanging/question mode.

    Enjoyed all the comments 😊

  348. 348 : nabiyat Says:

    these is the best drama in 2014

  349. 349 : MEL Says:

    This drama is sooo crazy! I keep hoping something acceptable happens… There’s slow response when each episode is shown but once the Eng subbed episode is revealed everyone has such strong emotions that explode on the net. It’s all similar reaction in that maybe PTY matures and MAN up to how much he truly loves GY and that he is drawn to his son DAN. Like many of you I pray that TY can just have a heart to heart talk with GY. I hate that TY & GY are both so gullible and easily manipulated, no backbone at all. Each episode we witness how how both painfully cannot swallow their pride and face each other with their feelings. All evidence that destroys GY TY does not investigate for its reliability. GY’s fight is futile because she does not confront who publishes online photo shopped pictures nor the news that are untrue. The initial arbitration between GY & TY looked promising in that TY was shown as a womanizer who discarded pregnant GY and got another woman pregnant. The evidence were quite strong for GY but TY’s family including MY have stayed true to their colors of blackmail and manipulation to destroy GY’s reputation. I’m saddened that GY’s lawyer who initially seemed to do well has been manipulated by TY’s mother. Now that the trial will become public every part of the garbage, dirty tricks hopefully will be exposed. I still feel that neither TY nor EC are husband materials! Both are so selfish, as soon as they are backed into a corner GY is expendable! I’m glad GY has said good bye to EC, though the next episode she asks for his help… GY’s world is destroyed and the only people who care are her MOM and hopefully newscaster Unnie…. Now only 2 episodes left, how can this mess be unravelled? This drama can either be total trash, epic fail but why is it that everybody have such strong attachments to it. I hope the strong, modern single parent GY will return. Banish all the evil doers who have come to hammer and torture GY. Luckily TY’s unnie and Pedro will have a great ending or will she have to go through what GY has been through, no marriage to the poor PEDRO? I hope they both will help GY and DAN. As for GY being EC’s lucky charm, that’s kind of out in left field or just simply out of the ball park. Will our writernim-PDnim pull an amazing ending that’s not forced nor rushed in the next 2 episodes. Yeah, I’m drawn to this drama, my strings are getting pulled. I can’t abandon ship, whatever the ending and the ulcers I’ve gotten from this insane–I will accept. I love how PSY’s portrayal makes me want hit her yet want to fight for her and DAN too. There’s so much strong emotions from the viewers that we will hang on to the crazy end that hopefully will be realistic, not far fetched.

  350. 350 : Sandy Says:

    I need to vent all my emotions about this drama…as much as I dislike the way the character PTY is, I recognize that he loves CGY so much but he doesn’t know how to show his love to her….who would with those suffocating parents that he has. Poor PTY no good role model he had. In fact, due to inmaturity, he thought he could control that she wouldn’t get closed to any man by making her sign that ridiculous agreement in return for his custody rights!! At any rate, right now in epi 14, he is so crazily jealous that he is not even thinking about this woman’s reputation in Modern South Korea which according to the drama I think is still behind in their views towards modern and professional single working moms!! I’m not sure if that is an accurate statement that I’m making based on what I’m watching on this drama. I am really hoping to be wrong!! I hope they catch up with the times. Yet, I am Hoping for a PTY-CGY couple to end up together for their child best interest. Hoping the b#$ check of a wife he has ends up as she deserves to end up as well as his parents…I’m curious how the writer will end up this drama as there are only 2 episodes left…can’t wait!!!

  351. 351 : Mellymel Says:

    @MEL and @Sandy
    Well said 🙂

  352. 352 : Swimmergirl Says:

    I love this drama because you never know what to expect every week, besides crazy amounts of drama. A lot of other Kdramas you can figure out the story line by the third or fourth episode. There is such a power struggle for this child between TY and GY. In reality however you can tell how they really do still care for each other but TY has absolutely no trust what so ever for anyone.

  353. 353 : Sharon Says:

    TH does not know how to act like a man, because he did not have a man to teach him. TH learned to become a man by his mother. I find him taking on the characteristic of his sister. At least SN confess her feelings to Pedro. TH has this wall of pride and crazy. Instead of him trying to understand the woman he loves and work out their relationship he gets angry and make the situation ten times worst.

    He will not have GY if he continues like this. I am darn tired of see that ugly cry on his face when he does crazy ship and regrets it.

    If TH want GY he has to follow her to her mother’s house. Talk and reason with her, show Dan that you are his dad and become independent of his father’s wealth.

    It’s over!! If EC get to marry GY. I think in the end GY will be alone with her son.

  354. 354 : MEL Says:

    Sigh… Frustration, the last 2 episodes are coming up and we don’t have a hint of an acceptable ending… Can these last two episodes bring redemption to anyone? I too hope there is a TY-KyDan ending… And why not? KDrama is totally about redemption, forgiveness even with all the BS in this drama! That’s why I enjoy KDramas! Give me hope that we get that here! Fighting!

  355. 355 : usa-mary Says:


    I tell you. This drama’s writer-nim (like the others) definitely tries to make us feel as if we’re on a playground clenching the chin up bar, struggling against our own muscle strength, hoping our chin won’t touch the bar (to win over our opponents). You all can recall the agony that caused…part entertainment/fun of the challenge and part emotional/physical endurance. Well, I’ve been fighting and warding off said agony as I’ve watched this drama. Sometimes hoping against kdramaland’s logic. Hoping that TY will finally open the door of maturity and courage; fearlessly walking into it. That’s the biggest object he has to confront and overcome…fear. Yet, only to see him time and time again stop at the entrance to freedom, never crossing its threshold. Sometimes, even for me, its been a questionable situation when trying to stay objective (towards the antics of TY, EC and others) or temporarily lose one’s sanity by fussing at my laptop screen with my hands on my hips about the ridiculous actions we’ve all witnessed. Writer-nim, there has to be a sane, intelligent balance somewhere in these relationships! Really NOW! Well, as usual (for me that is) the only exception is still Pedro. All the other men and some of the women are walking selfies.

    My rave is Cha Dan. What a precious cutie!

    We’ll I predict the ending will be typically crazy, just like the poster on this thread.

  356. 356 : usa-mary Says:

    @355: Oops! The word in the very last sentence of my comment should be Well, not we’ll. Smile

  357. 357 : Sharon Says:

    Yeah, what’s up with the poster!! Maybe it’s a secret code. Maybe in the end EC will marry GY and he will become president. While as First Lady, GY will advocate for single mothers. However, I still believe GY will be with her son and say yuck you to all the men. Maybe not, because Korea is not that tolerant of single mothers. Writernim, may write to please the Korean audience, by letting EC and GY marry.

  358. 358 : Sharon Says:

    I know the feeling. You think that TH might redeem himself and fess up TH GY and his kid. Hell no! Writernim is like that’s too easy you guys are going to need a AA meeting after this drama. Cheers🍷🍷🍷🍷

  359. 359 : Mellymel Says:

    @ MEL

    I am type of a person when I watch or read I normally start with the ending so that I know if its worth of my time watching or reading it. That is why I dont watch soap I was browsing when I found this drama on a Ep 3. This drama is a struggle for me and its drivin me ______. Whaaahhhhhh!!!

    @ Sharon

    AA meeting! I might have to go after hahahaha!!!

  360. 360 : usa-mary Says:

    Since this drama will end soon, I don’t know what’s next on everyone’s kdramaland agenda, but I’ve started watching kdrama, Dr. Frost. It is similar to a Jdoroma that I watched a year ago titled Galileo (1 and 2). Only the Japanese version was about a gifted, crime solving physics professor with the similar cold demeanor. Dr. Frost is about a gifted psychology professor/bartender/crime solver-on the side, similar to The Mentalist here in the U.S. So far, the acting is very good. In addition to that one, I’m on a quest for a really, really good comedy. I’ve had enough of the crazies to last me for a long while.

  361. 361 : MEL Says:

    @MellyMel, I also love a great ending, but I don’t mind drama’s with craziness but this drama just doesn’t let up on the BAD heaped on KY And even in his inability to face KY with his love I feel for TY–I just wish he would just confess his love for KY And ask for forgiveness .. KY would fight for him and Dan! Don’t make KY so desperate that she has to ask EC to marry her. Ugh! Old man chaebol needs to feel heartache, maybe TY will redeem himself in having his family go through a scandal–double at that with the KYTY-DAN and SN-Pedro! Or will it be MY who detonates a huge bomb since she really has no place in this except as a social climber stepping on everybody’s back. Honey it’s a long way down with a tremendous bang when you fall! ….yet could EC really marry KY? Would he secretly marry KY? Maybe TY will assist KY and EC to get to the Blue House..so many possibilities… How about KY and Pedro get together! I’d like that but that crazy sister would kill them both! Saturday come already with some ray of hope for KyDan

  362. 362 : Sharon Says:

    looking for something a little lighter too.
    @ Mel

  363. 363 : usa-mary Says:

    @MEL-361: LOL…GY and Pedro! Sun Nyeo would follow them to the ends of the earth with a torch, lighter fluid and matches. I do get your point, though. Its like…writer-nim, just give GY and us some reprieve from this constant upheaval and a decent outcome, PLEASE!

    Yah, chinguas. I believe that I’ve found a light hearted, funny kdrama. At least, IMHO. Its called Love Frequency 37.2. So far I like it. Its about a bootleg DJ who airs his radio program late at night by pirating airtime from anywhere he can. No brick and mortar structure or overhead for this guy. He’s like the love doctor of relationships. Check it out.

  364. 364 : usa-mary Says:

    I just may have to retract my statement about Love Frequency 37.2 being light and funny. It has it moments, yet this drama deals with some heavy love relationship issues as it progresses. Even though, these issues do exist. I’ll continue my quest for a drama that’s light and funny; be it a kdrama or a drama in another part of the globe.

    I’m not into K-Pop, yet I may just drop by the kdrama Modern Farmer to check it out. I’ve read some good comments about it being funny. Until…

  365. 365 : MEL Says:

    @usa-mary Birth of a Beauty has its moments, it’s not light and Modern Farmer has lots of funny moments… Watch while we wait for our 1 episode a week wonder that is killing us…

  366. 366 : usa-mary Says:

    @MEL. I already tried Birth of A Beauty, but it just didn’t appeal to me. Watching the woman being used and humiliated by her IL’s was one thing. But, when that woman found out her husband returned without her IL’s or him telling her, then hid quietly in the closet while her husband and another woman had sexual intercourse! That scene right there ended any interest towards that drama. Fiction or not…that was plain ridiculous. In addition to that, the woman wants to remain married to that scumbag liar who totally disrespected her without any remorse. Even if she accepts the other guy, I’ve seen too many writers flick their pen to only have the woman return to the husband. Dishing the really, caring guy. Thanks, but I’ll pass.

  367. 367 : MEL Says:

    @usa-Mary, I’ll continue with BOB, it too is about a woman being torn, helpless and powerless who has help in getting back up. Hopefully KY gets back her strength and will have help to stand up against that family in the last 2 episodes, coming up in a few hours. Give us a nice Xmas gift pls…

  368. 368 : dhi kra Says:

    When I watched ep 14 I had a lot of feeling it made me feel sad upset and crying I’m really looking forward to next ep😊 it’s really making thnx alot for this drama

  369. 369 : Sharon Says:

    I think, the way out for GY is to marry EC. I have a strange feeling she will and become First Lady of Korea.

  370. 370 : usa-mary Says:

    @MEL-367: There’s nothing wrong with BOB…that’s just my thoughts about it (for me), not for anyone else. Enjoy.

    I agree that EC will be GY’s stability, and that’s okay. Bring on the National Assembly campaign EC. I’d rather enjoy seeing the Park family giving handshake favors, creating networking strategies, and finally cow towing by trying to get invited as guest to the Blue House to meet President Jo EC and Madame Cha, his wife. Whatever happens to TY and MY in the interim…who care…I don’t.

    By the way, in the poster, which usually is deceiving for the most part to us viewers, but I’ll ask anyway. That’s not Dan on her lap…so who is it? EC and GY’s baby? Just a thought.

  371. 371 : usa-mary Says:

    Watching ep. 15 Raw. Court secene…MY is the 1st witness and is sobbing, as well as MIL. Whatever she’s saying is upsetting unnie Yun Hee and her husband (obviously, she’s telling a lie). I’d like to attach a long fuse to MY right now, light it and watch her take off anywhere in the stratosphere, just as long as its not earth where she lands.

  372. 372 : Mellymel Says:

    @ usa mary 371: Yeah was wondering what shes saying 💭 but I want to slap her face with her fake tears. Cant wait for the Eng sub.

    Watching the preview of final ep. Is PTY redeeming himself???

    Ep.15 PTY Wow! He was all over CKY even from the beginning (reminiscing). He and his crazy love for CKY.

  373. 373 : eny Says:

    i guess marrying EC will make KY life easier, noone will question n protest her about her being single mother.
    i think some people getting overate saying that SK treat single mother badly, i guess it’s not being single mother that make her getting bad treatment, it’s because she has a baby without marriage, in asian country who still regard honour n tradition someone has to get married to have a child, having child without married is almost the same with prostitute, asian culture didn’t accept sex before married, but it’s different when having a child by adoption that more acceptable in society.

  374. 374 : MEL Says:

    It’s so difficult to watch raw without Eng subs, just assumptions at this time, but the court scenes showed how lies and more lies continue to destroy KY’s reputation… Not just in So Korea does money and power talk, that’s international. The single motherhood-having a child out of wedlock continues to be taboo but more so in Asian countries. I just wish the truth would come out how the liars and their lies destroy others so easily. This show shows how easily we jump into conclusions, no investigations whether things are true or false! TY is such a weakling and so wishy washy. I wish he just had backbone and conmunicate with KY about his true feelings. There’s a mix of scenes showing how TY has had feelings for KY since her early days as a journalist. TY supported her quietly. It’s sad the two men TY & EC are unreliable and selfish that KyDan are easily sacrificed by these two men. KY is devastated and hopeless that she gives up DAN to that family. This last episode hopefully will show these TY& EC stand up for themselves and KyDan. I continue to hope that TY and EC will find a way to support KyDan. Will EC win, will KY be able to find ammunition to stand up and redeem her reputation? Will these three work together and redeem this drama? I hope so..

  375. 375 : Sharon Says:

    Drama Fever has subs!!!!

  376. 376 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 15 was a very emotional ep.😭 will comment later.

  377. 377 : Sharon Says:

    Oh my goodness, redemption!!!! I am speechless right about now. Love ep 15. Writernim you have not dissapointed me!!!!

  378. 378 : IU Says:

    This drama is really good. The scenario writer and the director esp could maintain the plot, so it is always interesting to watch each episode. As a viewer I really get emotional. I hate Tae Yun very much in ep 14 but then understand how he feels in ep 15. He already wounded by his family for all the years, he could not always be what he wanted to be. He always feel been rejected by his parents, if he wants live like he want. He could his parents attention if he follow what they want. So, then after he got Ki Young’s attention and her love, then his has to decide (again) he feels nothing but confuse. Hope he could be mature after what he did to Ki Young. He is kind of sick person. Poor him. He really needs help. Hope he realize to show his love properly to his loved one, Ki Young and Cha Dan *why am I to emotional and make analysis, like this story really happen in a real world* but it could be. Who knows?! Hope really, this drama and all the casts get full attention for K Drama lovers especially in their own country.

  379. 379 : MEL Says:

    EP 15! Yey, the two losers, TY & EC finally showing they have backbones! BRAVO! I’m so relieved that our anti heros may become heros! Maybe TY will admit defeat by leaving his pride at the door, maybe he finally woke up to claim his KYDAN are his family! Now how to get rid of MY! Yeah TY, tell the truth that you love KY! And lo, now EC showing he’s not that spineless! He wrote apologies for his trio newsies in danger of getting fired in addition to telling almost all the truth at the custody trial! But we have yet to see who KY will end up with! I’m on that TY-KY ship but it’s better that she has these two men on her side instead of one–no marriage at all. Together all of them can sway the masses.. It’s okey to be a single mother with a career! Yes a successful one at that if only the patriarch does not use more evil ways to destroy KY and get custody of DAN. I can’t wait to see EP 16.. Will there be a marriage? If there is will it even be the greatest…? I just wish Dramafever would fix the lag in the subtitles vs the dialogue…very annoying to watch since the subtitles were way, way behind the scenes! True this drama is infuriating but we keep watching because it hits the heart in all of us! And of course that love will prevail.

  380. 380 : Mellymel Says:

    Oh, my my my! Who will end with whom? Am still hoping for PTY and CKY💑Cant wait for the final Episode. I know its too soon…for the writer 👏👏👏 What happened to NHY and the chef that was really funny. Dan knows his real father yet? Hmmmm! EC still using CKY for his own interest. Im glad PTY got into his senses took him 15 episodes. Hahaha!

    Ep 16 preview: Whhhhhaaattt MY will kill everyone? Start with the Papa and mama bear then herself LOL

    For PSN and Pedro what will be the ending? 👰 Will it be the greatest marriage for them? 💍 LOL

    What is good after this? Anything? Anyone? 👀

  381. 381 : Naisy Says:

    Hope we can see now the real Park Tae Yun, a man who can fight for his love! This is the right time while Eun Cha is using Gi Young till the very end for his political career!!! Park Tae Yun and Gi Young, be true to yourselves, you love each other!! Hoping for a great marriage!!!

  382. 382 : Sharon Says:

    Ep 15, writernim, you connect the dots!!

    Flour and eggs was a bit too much for these women to trow at KY. I could use the flour and eggs for these Christmas cookies I am baking.

    Is the ex-husband looking at Chef’s ding-a-ling and laughing? How tiny is it?

    Oh my gosh, kill the beach already!! MY should be burned to the stake.

    Why isn’t KY’s lawyer saying anything? You are been payed to represent, soooo, do your damn job. I forget, bought!!

    EC on the witness stand priceless!! “Ms. Cha Ki Young, I am truly sorry.”👀
    EC said he has been having an afair with KY since she became pregnant!! What?! Can’t EC just be totally honest/real?! He always have shit up his sleeve! But, I love his denouncing of the patriarchal society, even if that’s his route to become an Assembly Man.

    Pedro, told SN KY isn’t getting sympathy from his age group of people, because of their insecurity with the system. Due to lack of jobs and money for marriage. Therefore, KY is foolish not to marry rich man and live a good life. I guess the young people can’t understand her.

    Noona slept with her ex!! No way!

    Does EC really love GY? I don’t think so. I think it’s more of a like.

    Pedro and SN….. What can I say!☺️☺️

    Love how TH was advertising the colone!! 😀😃😃😃

    Eviction is a bit harsh, don’t you think.

    The Court scene was quite emotional and tear jerking. Poor Dan, poor GY, poor me!!

    What! No rebuttle from her lawyer!

    I wish papa bear will stop spitting everttime he speaks. 🙊

    So, TH confess. That he is dying because he did wrong by her. Well, he should feel ashamed of himself. Poor Dan, he is the one suffering the most. As for MY, TH need to leave her dry!!
    I hope that TH and GY can come together for the sake of Dan and find what they lost on the way.

    Writernim has got my vote. She brought it back to one and fit the puzzle nicely while still advocating a woman’s right to have her child out of wedlock and keeping it. I love EC telling of his journey through the period of KY’s pregnancy.
    Ep 15 was a great delight. Looking forward to the final ep. Yet still, I feel she will be with Dan as her greatest marriage.

  383. 383 : Mellymel Says:

    @ Sharon:
    What was the colone? Hmmm I think PTY did that twice and CKY did the same thing in some way back episode. 😊😊😊

  384. 384 : Sharon Says:

    Remember when TH dressed and sprayed the colone on, then go to the room to speak to his Lawyer about evicting KY from the apartment. He suddenly turn to colone so we could see the brand. It’s Jo Malone London white Jasmin and Mint. Cost $120, It’s a Unisex colone/perfume. It’s sold at Sax fifth Ave, Neiman Marcus, etc.

  385. 385 : Mellymel Says:

    Thanks Sharon 😊😊😊

  386. 386 : hannah Says:

    Makjang drama..

  387. 387 : Sharon Says:

    Merry Christmas!! To all my KDrama Crew!! God Bless you guys and have a Happy New Year!!

    I have enjoyed all the comments and laughter we share in this thread.

  388. 388 : usa-mary Says:

    I’ll just wait until this drama is over to read the comments because this writer is making this a wretched DRAMA until the end.

  389. 389 : MEL Says:

    Merry Xmas fans and non fans last episode coming up. Hope it’s acceptable!

  390. 390 : myrtle Says:

    i like this drama, park si yeon is beautiful, Bae so bin acts well here 😉 they’re both effective actors. <3

  391. 391 : Mellymel Says:

    Merry CHRISTmas to ALL!!! Have a great one! 😊😊😊
    Check with ya all later 😉

  392. 392 : Adeul Says:

    Yes. Park Si Yeon is beautiful. In just four years her acting went from “lousy” playing opposite Kang Ji Hwan in Coffee House to “really nice”. But this drama is a step backward for her. It’s poorly written as if each scene is a coin toss with only the two options; we-go-that-a-way or not. The characters are not so likeable. I came back after giving up twice but I won’t bother with the final.

  393. 393 : Sharon Says:

    Guys, I will be watching “Kill Me Heal Me” on January 7th. Two of the main lead of the previous Drama “Secret” will be in this drama! It’s a Rimantic Comedy. After this drama I will take a break to celebrate the New Years, then I will begin watching on the 7th.
    All our drama crew please fall in!! Should be an intresting watch!!

    @usa-mary, fan, Jyenie, Mellymel, etc. let’s just have fun!

  394. 394 : inigo Says:

    TGM really sucks. Hate the ending!!!! The title is misleading~ Sigh.

  395. 395 : usa-mary Says:

    I periodically stop by this thread to read comments, only. I’m not going to even watch the end of this drama. I could tell from the midway point to episode 15 that it was going to continue as an emotional rollercoaster ride. I tried to give it the benefit of a doubt, but the constant harassment didn’t let up for GY nor did it surprise me, at all. I’m out.

    @Sharon-393: I’ll check it out.

  396. 396 : usa-mary Says:

    It seems as if more and more kdrama writers are including psychiatry in their plots. Its an interesting subject and more of the kdrama characters should get professional help, especially the chaebols.

  397. 397 : Mellymel Says:

    Watched RAW:

    As I hoped for PTY and CKY! ❤️❤️❤️ Not the way I pictured it on a wedding set up but I love the way the writer end it. Very light ending. They all redeemed themselves.

    MY got what she wanted ( her parents)

    Papa bear looking for Dan under the sheets that is so funny.

    They are all happy i guess except for NYH and her ex…LOL!

    @ Sharon I will check on it ( Jan. 7) thanks 😀

  398. 398 : Mellymel Says:

    Ending: at the park CKY, PTY holding hands) Dan, and fake dad walking together. Love it 🙂

  399. 399 : MEL Says:

    Thanks for the company everyone,.. No subs yet for EP 16. Love the ending, harmony four KYDan, TY & EC… Communication, yes! Holding hands, yey! No weddings okey… The men have to MATURE! Still… Stuck with the show because of love for PSY–who conveyed the emotions of love, turmoil, strength, sadness, loss of hope, desperation, revelations, reunification, recovery… LOVE! Thanks again… Happy new yes to you all, may the coming year bring joy, health and fortune to you all.

  400. 400 : usa-mary Says:

    After reading MEL’s and Mellymel’s comments, I did watch it RAW and that’s enough for me.

  401. 401 : Naisy Says:

    BAD ENDING!!! Not worth the wait!!! Where is the Greatest Marriage? The Title has no connection with the story..! And also it is not also clear to whom did Gi Young end up to. I will not watch again any K drama involving again the director and writer of this drama in the future if they will have new, i am disappointed with them. Trash Ending!! Sorry, my only opinion.. Thanks!

  402. 402 : Mellymel Says:

    Eun Cha was really funny with his facial expressions. Started to like his chareacter in this final episode.

    MY great exit!

    Haha! Pedro charming, sly goldigger! 😮 atleast his honest of his intentions.

    Love the talk between PTY and CKY…they finally let it all out. They could have done that in the beginning but then again the story line will be different.

    Papa and Mama bear I guess they softened a bit because of Cha Dan.

    I noticed number of people are not satisfied with the ending because the way they end it. 😞😞😞. I guess the writer wants us to read between the lines. 😄😄😄.

    Enjoy your New Year! Great things ahead for 2015 😊


  403. 403 : Sharon Says:

    I think the greatest marriage is all three coming together for the child sake. It’s the marriage of understanding, equality, and introspection.

    I believed the writer watered down this drama to the point of tastelessness. Sorry her audience could not handle the truth. However, she has started a dialog within the North Korean society and I guess that was her goal.

    I started watching this drama, because it was real, then it faded a bit by making KY turned into a weak individual and TH an unstoppable reck. Overall I would give this drama a 5. Why? It had great potential, but the writer scaled back due to ratings and the korean audience.

    Did not enjoy the ending. I think it could have been much better.

  404. 404 : CoolBeans Says:

    The only good things about the ending is the end to the starvation and force feedings of the child, his mother gets joint custody, and the father admits he was jealous of the child because he wanted all the attention of the mother. ALso, Myung Yi realizes that slaving out her self for money and status is not worth it when the family sees you lower than the hired help and the father has not touched you since you got pregnant! NO GREAT MARRIAGE TO BE FOUND! The writer needs more training.

  405. 405 : usa-mary Says:

    Though I watched the last episode in the RAW version, I agree that it faded out to become the usual kdramaland kviewing audience, influenced-manipulated logic like most dramas do when the ratings are extremely low. Yet, even though there’s joint custody, it appears that GY and TY are still very close @[email protected] (holding hands)! Now, I will end with this….GY, purchase a saddle for him, please!

  406. 406 : USA-Tati Says:

    I personally LOVED the drama i’ve liked every drama No Min Woo has ever been in, I agree I was expecting a little more in the ending but when I think about it it makes sense not every story will have a perfect happy ending. What I think it means is that maybe the greatest marriage doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be married like Cha Ki Young said in her speach. I think it was a good drama and I woudl watch it again.

  407. 407 : anonim Says:

    what a bad ending….
    really, i don’t hoped this drama ending just like that..

  408. 408 : Lodi Says:

    I don’t get why the title is “The Greatest Marriage”….I expected Cha Ki Young and Park Tae Yun to get married as the drama ends BUT I don’t see any wedding. So where’s the Greatest Marriage here? The title does not fit the story. I love the story except the ending.

  409. 409 : Stephanie Says:

    I personally LOVED this show. I would wait for it to air every week. I would have liked more episodes. The ending left me at the feeling that I wanted more of a closure. I would definetely watch this again if the writer decides to add on. I thought jo eun cha was hilarious. His facially expressions and his laugh were awesome!

  410. 410 : debie Says:

    Is that the end? Duh? To whom did Park si yeon end up to?!! But, i notice that she hold the hand of No min woo in the end. What im hoping is the nice closure for this drama. What matters most to us viewers is the man who will she end up to, we patiently watched every episodes, But u didnt give us what we want.. So now, im just trying to make myaelfbelievethat he ends up with No min woo oppa.

  411. 411 : Silverglide Says:

    This is a good drama i really admire park si yeon in her acting she’s good in all her projects..

  412. 412 : The Greatest Marriage 최고의 결혼 [2014] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] cast ratings trailer viki dramafever dramacool hancinema daum topstarnews soompi mydramalist koreandrama.org tumblr blogs shura dokmis […]

  413. 413 : victoria Says:

    I agree with all of the comments . This movie is a really great happy , sad story but it lagged in the ending . I believe if this film have a satisfying ending it will be one of the great film i’ve ever watched . But this is so dissapointing . I hope they add more episodes for the ending .

  414. 414 : anabelle Says:

    great acts,good korean drama. two thumbs up for the actors..
    but as everybody says,not satisfied with the ending too.
    just curious what is the name of the child actor ( CHA DAN )?

  415. 415 : Anissa Says:

    Total waste of my time! Somebody please help me to un-watch the drama

  416. 416 : hawin Says:

    Unfortunately the ending is not clear
    Very disappointed

  417. 417 : Tirangue Says:

    OK… I’m not watching lol

  418. 418 : Autumn Grace Says:

    With all the bad comments, I’ll still give it a try. Let’s see. 🙂

  419. 419 : no min woo forever Says:

    Personally, I don’t think the title ‘The Greatest Marriage’ denotes as what by its literal means. The storyline is exceptionally unique in the way it’s trying to imply that every woman has the right to give birth to child regardless by sperm bank or through intercourse without marriage. Btw, if I were in Cha’s shoe, I don’t think I will accept Park’s bigot parents but I do love their son.

    Speaking of the vague ending whether Cha Ki Young end up with who, it doesn’t cancel my faith that she will be marrying Park Tae Yun, my No Min Woo oppa:)

    Two thumbs up for this show especially for No Min Woo…:)

  420. 420 : adam4y Says:

    Brak pracy, długi albo kiepskie zarobki nie są kłopotem dla chcących pozyskać kredyt gotówkowy – a przynajmniej mowa tutaj o odwiedzających naszą stronę. Prawda jest taka, że umieściliśmy na stronie przydatne informacje, które powodują, iż natrafienie na kredyt bez zaświadczeń, oczywiście całkiem korzystnie oprocentowany, to żadne utrudnienie. Jednak wortal nie ma tylko czysto informacyjnego charakteru – także można najzwyczajniej załatwić właśnie na nim kredyt bez bik.

  421. 421 : Jung Gee Says:

    This is at the very least the WORST most OFFENSIVE Korean drama I have ever seen! The plot to show what happens to a professional woman when she gets pregnant when being unmarried is full of innuendos about how horrible people can be, specially Koreans can be nasty!

  422. 422 : Jung Gee Says:

    The fact that that disgustingly horrible male newscaster got to have the girl resign is bad enough. They make him into a caricature and it’s not funny at all. I bet the writer of the original was a woman, probably a lesbian who hates men.

  423. 423 : Apple-pen Says:

    My worst Kdrama, that why I have to comment here. This drama wasted my precious times and my normal brain. Why pick this lead actress, Park Shi Yeon? Her expression crying make me hate her more because so ugly, don’t even touch to 0.01% Angelina Jolie as claimed.
    The title of this drama make me confused and cheated. She doesn’t even have a happiness since give birth to an illegitimate son. At the end, she not happy with the two guys but ended up with them yet this two guys give her a hell of harsh in the modern romances. Teach us greatest marriage is no marriage but stay in guys.
    What happen to the Korean world, writer?!

  424. 424 : Myio Says:

    I think its a great drama with great actors.. the ending is just not clear… not bad… but not good. Its like eating pizza without mozzarella cheese.

  425. 425 : Snow Says:

    @419, the reason I can’t watch this drama is because of No Min Woo—she is no Oppa.

  426. 426 : Ngọc Anh Says:

    I really like this dramma. There are a lot of people think that the ending is open. However, I think it is happy ending, Ki Young ang Tae Yun still love together ( both of them have shared the same dream in the es16 ). I think Ki Young never get married someone. She will live happily with hẻ love( her son and her lover-Park Tae Yun). Of course, Cha Dan will be happier because he has 2 dad ( Eun Cha is adoptive father ). Ki Younh and Tae Yun will hold their hand to the last life without marriage. Therefore, it í the greatest marriage 😘😘😘
    However, the ending is equivocal so everyone can understand, may be because the director is tighted by the broadcast time 😂😊😊

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