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Golden Time

Title: 골든타임 / Golden Time
Chinese Title: 黄金时刻
Genre: Medical, Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 23 + 2 Special
Broadcast Network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2012-July-09 to 2012-Sep-25
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55


This drama is set within the backdrop of an emergency room at a hospital.

The one hour you have to save a person’s life after a traumatic injury is what emergency physicians call “Golden Time”. Lee Min Woo (Lee Sun Gyun) learns this all too quickly as he starts work as an emergency physician at an urban hospital. Kang Jae In (Hwang Jung Eum) is a first Year resident who discovers that she is the heiress to a foundation that owns the hospital. Can they learn to become great doctors from Dr. Choi In Hyuk (Lee Sung Min), a renowned trauma surgeon who puts his patients before everything else in his life?


Main Cast

Lee Sun Gyun as Lee Min Woo
Hwang Jung Eum as Kang Jae In
Choo Ye Jin as Jae In (child)
Lee Sung Min as Choi In Hyuk
Song Sun Mi as Shin Eun Ah

Jae In’s Related People

Sun Woo Yong Nyeo as Park Geum Nyeo (Jae In’s grandmother)
Jang Yong as Kang Dae Je (Jae In’s grandfather)
Song Yoo Ha as Bang Sun Woo

Haeundae Sejong Hospital

Jung Kyu Soo as Na Byung Gook (Department of Emergency Medicine)
Kim Ki Bang as Kim Do Hyung (Department of Emergency Medicine)
Lee Ki Young as Hwang Se Han (Orthopedics)
Jo Sang Ki as Park Sung Jin (Orthopedics)
Heo Tae Hee as Ko Jae Won (Orthopedics)
Ji Il Joo as Yoo Kang Jin (Orthopedics)
Kim Hyung Il as Kim Ho Young (Department of Neurosurgery)
Shin Dong Mi as Jo Dong Mi (Department of Neurosurgery)
Uhm Hyo Sup as Kim Min Joon (General Surgery)
Hong Ji Min as Song Gyung Hwa (General Surgery)
Jung Suk Yong as Ji Han Goo (Anesthesiology)
Chun Jae Ho as Park Keun Soo (Plastic Surgery)
Kim Sa Kwon as Jang Hyuk Chan (Trauma Surgeon)
Park Young Ji as Oh Gwang Chul (Hospital Director)

Other People

Kim Mi Kyung as Min Woo’s mother
Park Jung Min as Jang Young Woo
Hong Hyun Taek as Lee Se Min
Na Seung Ho as Kang Dae Je’s secretary
Samuel Kang as doctor of emergency room
Seo Ji Yeon as nurse
Lee Seung Won as Min Kyung’s father
Lee Woo Dong
Park Sun Woo

Production Credits

Producer: Kim Ho Young (김호영)
Director: Kwon Suk Jang, Lee Yoon Jung
Screenwriter: Choi Hee Ra

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-07-09 1 8.8 (20th) 9.2 (19th) 8.7 9.7 (14th)
2012-07-10 2 7.2 8.7 7.8 (19th) 8.9 (18th)
2012-07-16 3 7.2 8.5 6.9 (<8.2)
2012-07-17 4 7.8 8.3 (20th) 7.4 8.4 (20th)
2012-07-23 5 12.0 (7th) 14.2 (5th) 10.9 (8th) 12.6 (5th)
2012-07-24 6 13.3 (4th) 15.0 (3rd) 13.6 (3rd) 15.9 (3rd)
2012-07-30 7 13.1 (12th) 16.0 (6th) 12.0 (6th) 14.2 (4th)
2012-07-31 8 14.4 (8th) 17.2 (7th) 14.2 (3rd) 15.5 (3rd)
2012-08-06 9 14.1 (8th) 17.9 (5th) 13.2 (5th) 14.8 (5th)
2012-08-11 sp1 5.3 6.7 4.8 (<9.0)
2012-08-12 sp2 5.7 6.4 5.0 (<9.1)
2012-08-13 10 14.7 (3rd) 17.7 (3rd) 14.7 (3rd) 15.6 (3rd)
2012-08-14 11 14.2 (5th) 16.5 (3rd) 13.2 (4th) 14.4 (4th)
2012-08-20 12 14.5 (4th) 17.3 (4th) 14.0 (3rd) 15.6 (3rd)
2012-08-21 13 15.5 (5th) 17.7 (3rd) 14.6 (4th) 16.0 (3rd)
2012-08-27 14 13.1 (10th) 14.8 (5th) 13.3 (9th) 14.8 (5th)
2012-08-28 15 15.4 (7th) 17.7 (4th) 14.3 (9th) 15.7 (7th)
2012-09-03 16 15.0 (4th) 17.0 (3rd) 14.6 (3rd) 16.7 (3rd)
2012-09-04 17 15.4 (6th) 18.6 (3rd) 15.4 (4th) 16.4 (3rd)
2012-09-10 18 13.5 (6th) 15.5 (4th) 13.5 (5th) 15.1 (3rd)
2012-09-11 19 15.1 (5th) 16.1 (5th) 15.2 (4th) 16.9 (4th)
2012-09-17 20 14.5 (9th) 16.2 (5th) 15.5 (3rd) 17.5 (3rd)
2012-09-18 21 13.4 (7th) 15.2 (4th) 15.2 (4th) 17.8 (3rd)
2012-09-24 22 13.0 (6th) 15.1 (4th) 13.7 (5th) 14.8 (3rd)
2012-09-25 23 13.6 (6th) 15.1 (4th) 14.5 (4th) 16.6 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– 2 Special Episode aired on 11/Aug/2012 and 12/Aug/2012 which will summarize what had happened till the time the drama was interrupted for the Olympics. The special episodes will include behind-the-scenes footage, actors’ interviews, and the plot of the drama.

– The total episode will be extended from 20 to 23 due to the high rating of this drama.


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Producers’ Choice Actor of the Year, Lee Sung Min


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  1. 1 : zarima USA Says:

    another medical romance again? hope this will be good also, it must be a happy ending if not the writer SUCKS…yaaairkzzzzzzz

  2. 2 : _mbvsjhsjexo Says:

    sorry I don’t like the actor >.<

  3. 3 : adhe airashii Says:

    me too, i dont like the actor 🙂

  4. 4 : park jun hee Says:

    medicine genre again????? aarrgghhhhhh…..

  5. 5 : bani Says:

    !!!!! Lee Sun Gyun<3<3<3 sei grande<3<3

  6. 6 : nana Says:

    I don’T Like the main actor too

  7. 7 : KDaddict Says:

    I also don’t like the main actor.
    This show is a Skip for me.

  8. 8 : Sara Says:

    Just because you don’t like the actor doesn’t mean the drama is going to be boring!!!! I am not trying to be rude here, but you should at least try it and give it a chance 🙂 Who knows, you might like it after that!!! 😀

  9. 9 : hny Says:

    I remember this lead actor..he is Gong Yoo brother in coffee prince…I’ll take a look when aired..

  10. 10 : mariel Says:

    Lee Sun Gyun is so good in Pasta. Looking forward to his performance in this one….:-)

  11. 11 : Anny Says:

    Hmm… By the way, I agree with Sara’s comment 🙂
    Hope this drama will be a good drama.. 🙂

  12. 12 : Randel Says:

    just finished watching Pasta…overall, d actor did an excellent job in acting…hopefully, dis drama is worthy to watch

  13. 13 : Randel Says:

    im kinda dont like medical genre…should i give it a try???

  14. 14 : vbs Says:

    I don’t mind the lead guy, but some people wont watch a drama if the don’t like the lead (male or female) i’m like that to sometimes so i understand them

  15. 15 : KDaddict Says:

    Did sb say anything abt this drama being good or bad, boring or not?

  16. 16 : Lilik Says:

    waaah… cerita ttg dokter lagi yaaah…. i waiting2…. 🙂

  17. 17 : zheisya Says:

    bored with hwang jung eum. why she appears in so many dramas? I want more song he gyo, ha ji won, moon geun young, yoon eun hye, park shin hye! even lee soo kyung better than her!

  18. 18 : fransiska Says:

    i like the actor..:)

  19. 19 : lizabish Says:

    i agree with sara comment.
    the lead actor get some award.

    – 2010 KBS Drama Awards: One Act Special Award – Actor (Our Slightly Risque Relationship)
    – 2010 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award with Gong Hyo Jin (Pasta)
    – 2010 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival: Best Actor (Paju)
    – 2007 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Acting Award Miniseries (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince)

  20. 20 : niko Says:

    i like the actor and tanx lizabish for comment..

  21. 21 : Rifka Says:

    Assseeeekkkkk……cerita Dr Laggiiiiiii…….!!!


  22. 22 : OK OK OK Says:

    Lee Sun Gyun is a good actor. I like him especially in Coffee Prince. 🙂

  23. 23 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    yeah me too.. i like lee sun gyun in coffee prince, if i’m not mistaken he sang with yoo eun hee in that drama.. but i don’t like his role in pasta..
    ok, maybe i give it try to this drama and i hope the storyline as good as ER (one of my fave american tv series)

  24. 24 : ji min Says:

    I agree with sara…………… 🙂
    I’m looking forward too watch it………….. 🙂

  25. 25 : sara Says:

    I neither like nor hate Lee Sun Gyun. He has a good voice and he was great in pasta. But i hate medical dramas. Specially Korean ones which are somehow unrealistic with exaggerated emotions which are not suitable for medical dramas, like when the surgeon thinks about his love memories when his hand are inside the patient belly. I agree with you @ KDaddict, it’s a skip for me too.

  26. 26 : blackpearl Says:

    nice poster!!!
    I always love medical genre!!!
    it’s amazing that the actor or actress play a doctor but in real they don’t know about doctor or medical
    About story it’s always same with the other drama : love, rival, money

  27. 27 : may lwin Says:

    i am a crazy lover of medical movies,hope that brovo too

  28. 28 : Setia Says:

    Aiyah… Lee Sun Gyun lagi… he was so good in Pasta… looking forward to this one. But I am not familiar with the leading lady’s works before. And medical genre yea? This should be be great… looking forward to this one, yay!!

  29. 29 : will lin Says:

    I like lee sun gyun and gong yoo since coffee prince. But i’m not sure this drama will be worth watching. Bcoz I’m too tired with medical drama. But i will watch it bcoz of lee sun gyun.

  30. 30 : MJ Says:

    Watch Online with English, Chinese & Other Subtitle:



    Episodes are RAW. RAW no English Subtitle check back later.

  31. 31 : Lorem Says:

    A nice contrast to most western medical dramas, making the protagonist a timid somewhat cowardly individual. I like it so far. The only problem I’m having is Lee Sun Gyun doesn’t really have that male thing that makes you want him to be with the girl — and what a drop dead gorgeous female lead. It’s almost as if he doesn’t belong with any woman. Does that mean he’s gay? I realize he is married.

    Sorry if I offend dude. No malice intended.

  32. 32 : Micc Says:

    This drama is really funny! Never watched a medical drama with such comical touch!

  33. 33 : mommy angel Says:

    Totally love medical drama and love this drama. Very upbeat. Good characters and story line. Love Lee Sun Gyun and Hwang Jun Eum. Very good actor/actress. One of my Must-See these days! 🙂

  34. 34 : CC Says:

    It is great to see the rating is up significantly. It is a good drama with excellent acting from leads to supporting actors and actresses.

  35. 35 : JJ Says:

    Pretty big fan of Lee Sun Gyun. I’m so glad he is back!!! Also love medical dramas!

  36. 36 : Micc Says:

    If you are looking for medical genre, this drama is not for you. It’s really more of a comedy.

  37. 37 : amethyst Says:

    Where can I watched on line other than daily moon

  38. 38 : aseyar29 Says:

    i thought this is being aired during monday and tuesday? why is it that ep 10 was delayed? i it is supposed to be last week.

  39. 39 : asdfghearty Says:

    @ aseyar29
    it was delayed bcoz of london olympics.

    @ admin
    hello dear, pls change the date of ep 10, it was aired yesterday. thank you. 🙂

  40. 40 : aseyar29 Says:

    @ asdfghearty

    tnx a lot for the info 🙂

  41. 41 : aseyar29 Says:

    i love this drama!!!
    i love Lee Sun Gyun!!!
    Coffee Prince,Pasta then Golden Time 🙂
    i cnt get over him:)

  42. 42 : Dede Says:

    Having an exciting time watching this drama. In America we don t have this type of television viewing. Love it because it’s exciting and then it ends. Have been a fan Of Lee Sun Gyun and Hwang Jung Eum. But after watching what a great job Lee Sung Min did in King 2Hearts (one of my most favorites) am loving him in this drama. Great job everyone.

  43. 43 : Torri Says:

    I realy don’t get why this drama has such good rating .because am currently watching it and I can say it not that great it u compare it to Brian or sydrome.they have no realy story here .no suspense .even the actual medical treatment suspense none of that .well is just my point of view I guess
    Am only watching because I like the lead actors.

  44. 44 : JC Says:

    I love watching this drama. The speed, skill and compassion of saving trauma patients by doctors in this drama bring to light how critical their roles are in saving lives of patients at ER. I hope this drama will last more than 20 episodes.

  45. 45 : JC Says:

    Lee Sung Min plays a good role in the character of Dr. Choi In Hyuk in this drama. I prefer him acting as a humane, compassion and humble doctor. That’s also the same role that he played in The King 2 Hearts. His acting as good guys make me like him.

    But that doesn’t mean he acted poorly in roles of bad guys. I really dislike him in Brain coz his acting was so good that I really dislike that cunning, manipulative Professor role he carried. Your acting is superb, Mr. Lee! Daebak!

  46. 46 : Ileague Says:

    If you like Lee Sun Gyun you should watch Triple another drama he did before Pasta but after Coffee Prince.

  47. 47 : xincha Says:

    lee sun gyun ure d best, i really enjoyed watching ure movies and drama series. pasta is d best, golden time……so far…..its good i just recently watch episode 5, im looking forward to have a good ending….

  48. 48 : emerald Says:

    good job LSG… ur PASTA drama was excellent…

  49. 49 : Lorem Says:

    Good drama. Though the “pontificating flappy-mouthed doctors fraternity” might get off their respective asses and do some actual work. They’re starting to become like a gaggle of ducks ..hehe.

  50. 50 : Lorem Says:

    Lee Min Woo look relaxed and settled in his role. He just handles it with ease. Wonderful actor.

  51. 51 : Lorem Says:

    My apology for hogging the comments.

    Just wanted to add, I really like the mood, the soundtrack is nicely handled. Reminds me somewhat of the soundtrack for Monster with Charlize Theron.

    I’m impressed with the writer. He/She must have worked in a medical environment. Wonderful!

  52. 52 : swift Says:

    a pity with such good casting in the drama, i do not seem to have interest to watch this drama which i find to be too draggy that i could only watch three episodes before giving up

  53. 53 : Momo Says:

    Like this drama better than DrJin ’cause of good storyline, acting of leadings and supporters are syncronized. Worth to watch eventhough it don’t have famous lead actor and actress.

  54. 54 : Micc Says:

    They have really good casts in this drama, but I couldn’t quite understand what point the writers are trying to make. All the doctors in this hospital but three are lazy and incompetent. The less work the better for them. They want glory and power but don’t have the talent to match. On second thought, maybe that’s reality.

  55. 55 : Micc Says:

    Just when I commented about not getting the point….I think I start to see it now. Other doctors are slowly influenced and motivated by the good doctor.

  56. 56 : rose Says:

    can anyone tell me if this series comparable to the U.S. “ER” and worth watching?

  57. 57 : maryta Says:

    BECAUSE “”””””””JUNSU””””””””””””
    HE IS IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEPTEMBER 6H 2012

  58. 58 : Myr Says:

    It’s already episode 17 but I’m not seeing romance developing? Is it going to be pure medical drama? Still, it is exciting to watch and looking forward for more episodes!!^__^

  59. 59 : Nili Says:

    😀 my favourite drama <3 😀

  60. 60 : pipay Says:

    Actually the lead actor, Lee Sun Gyun is an excellent actor with a very good voice. Most korean actors to me sounds the same except for this actor, even only his voice that is acting you could tell it’s him. Hwang Jung Eum as well is a good actress she could deliver the role that is asked of her naturally, despite being new to televison. I’m not surprised if I see her more often in the dramas because she’s really good. As for this drama… i can’t blame some viewers here that are getting tired of medical dramas ’cause i have the same reservations when it comes medical dramas, but i do give the benefit of the doubt that it may turn out good and of course must be different from other medical dramas that are previously aired. So far this drama did not bore me watching it, reaching as far as this 18 th episodes and still looking forward seeing the next few episodes and also happy that it will be extended for few more episodes. My only hope on this drama is to see more romance developing between Lee sun Gyun and Hwang Jung Eum.

  61. 61 : Fika DD Says:

    Can’t hardly wait too watch full episodes.

  62. 62 : iwoney Says:

    I really enjoy watching this drama, so realistic w/ a cinematic touch. I encounter commend the writers and researchers for this drama. Being from a medical background, that live and breathe life threatening situations, i find this drama fascinating and informative.

  63. 63 : iwoney Says:

    I really enjoy watching this drama, so realistic w/ a cinematic touch. I commend the writers and researchers for this drama. Being from a medical background, that live and breathe life threatening situations, i find this drama fascinating and informative.

  64. 64 : Dede Says:

    The professors/doctors are selfish,boring incompetent fools. No admiration whatsoever. Basically I want to throw up. The trauma team is the inky redeeming factor with these guys

  65. 65 : samosir7 Says:

    i really like this drama than dr jin,there is many new case in every episode,and i feel so sad in episode 13,about the police and the kidnaper..many leading actor in this drama.

  66. 66 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    I like the lead actor…he’s the one in pasta!I’ll wait for this to finish then I’ll watch it…tho I don’t like medical genre but i gotta endure watching this one like Thank You of Jang hyuk…^^

  67. 67 : Cathy Says:

    I only start liking this drama at episode 17, 🙂 … but the casting is really good, I love Hwang Jung Eum, she is a good actress, i hate blood but i endure watching it because of the story, it’s quite realistic… What’s the real name of the cute guy, who like to gossip., he is one of the intern.. the one who always called Min Woo .. “Hyung”.. he is like a cry baby but i find him really cute… 🙂

  68. 68 : Doris Aguirre Says:

    I think that this is a total replica of New Heart.

  69. 69 : dirajunsu Says:

    i really love this drama. really amazing!!
    very worth to watch!! 🙂

  70. 70 : Lorem Says:

    Cathy #67 I think his name is Ji Il Joo.

    It’s over now. This drama is done.

    The script was good. The music married well enough with the scenes. The casting was spot on and I was not bored though the pace was slow.

    Like modern medicine this drama was dry and stoic. And though I found it enjoyable, I much rather imbibe the nectar of a truly wonderful romantic drama, than endure carbolic acid. 🙂

  71. 71 : Shirley Says:

    Sorry didn’t get a chance to watch the ending. Did the ‘pasta’ Dr ended up with the lady doctor?

  72. 72 : JC Says:

    I enjoyed watching the drama. However, I find the ending a bit abrupt. After watching Ep 23, I didn’t know that was the ending of the drama. I was looking forward to Ep 24. But then I found out that the drama had ended. So, I find the ending a bit weak.

  73. 73 : WitLily Says:

    Very good medical drama, but very weak with ending story (maybe another season 2?)

  74. 74 : boa Says:

    Lol,random comment comment about Junsu in MEXICO LOLOL

  75. 75 : ina Says:

    I watched bcoz of lee sun gyun….


  76. 76 : Janno Says:

    this drama is very good i hope there is a part 2 of this drama……..

  77. 77 : Лучшая Дорама 2012 Года — Корея | Мираленд Says:

    […] Take 2 (SBS Plus) Ghost @ Phantom (SBS) Glowing She (KBS-N) God of War (MBC) God’s Quiz 3 (OCN) Golden Time (MBC) Goodbye Dear Wife (Channel A) Haeundae Lovers (KBS2) Happy Ending (jTBC) Heaven’s Garden (Channel […]

  78. 78 : dwan Says:

    please make golden time 2

  79. 79 : emmanuel Says:

    Love this drama.am hooked up already.

  80. 80 : emmanuel Says:

    Am really dissapointed with this drama.

  81. 81 : Yozora Says:

    the operation is a little bit messy, appearantly the doctors in this serial really love yelling when they do the operation and the 2nd female lead lack of compassion of a doctor, her face doesn’t change much even when she’s laugh or angry (too many surgery done maybe? making her face too stiff) just like a barbie dressing as a doctor in this serial..

    but, the story is somehow good though.. 🙂

  82. 82 : Clarice Esguerra Says:

    I really hope this will have a part 2 after 4 years since it aired. This was so great that I can’t really recover how this drama got me. I can barely hear its ost every morning even though 2days already passed since I finished watching. Seriously. So love it!

  83. 83 : Chadel Says:

    I fervently hope that there will be Season 2 for this drama series. This was a really awesome drama! The plot, artists and staff who created this were truly talented. You knew how to stir people’s interest. The protagonist’s love story was quite hanging too that it needs continuation. Hopefully there will be one to look forward to…
    It was also amazing that most of the casts in this drama were in the ongoing tv series of Miss Korea!

  84. 84 : EK Says:

    great drama..great plot and surprises

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