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Golden Rainbow

Golden Rainbow 04

Title: 황금무지개 / Golden Rainbow
Chinese Title: 黃金彩虹
Genre: Family, Romance, Melodrama
Episodes: 41
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-02 to 2014-March-30
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55


A drama about seven siblings, all of them are orphans and not blood-related, love each other more than real siblings. They will go through many hardships together.

Baek Won (UEE) is the leader of seven orphans who band together to make their own family. Meanwhile, Do Young (Jung Il Woo) is the prosecutor who falls in love with her.


Main Cast

UEE as Kim Baek Won / Jang Ha Bin (3rd child)
Kim Yoo Jung as as Baek Won (teen)
Lee Chae Mi as Baek Won (Child)
Jung Il Woo as Do Young
Oh Jae Moo as Do Young (teen)
Lee Jae Yoon as Man Won (1st child)
Seo Young Joo as Man Won (teen)
Jun Joon Hyuk as Man Won (child)
Cha Ye Ryun as Chun Won (2nd child)
Song Yoo Jung as Chun Won (teen)
Kim Sang Joong as Kim Han Joo
Do Ji Won as Yoon Young Hye
Jo Min Ki as Seo Jin Ki

Kim Han Joo’s family

Choi Su Im as Kim Shib Won (4th child)
Ahn Seo Hyun as Kim Shib Won (child)
Lee Ji hoon as Kim Yeol won (5th child)
Jung Yoon Suk as Kim Yeol Won (child)
Kim Tae Joon as Kim Il won (6th child)
Park Sun Ho as Kim Young Won (7th child)
Choi Ro Woon as Kim Young Won (child)

Seo Jin Ki’s family

Park Won Sook as Kang Jung Shim
Ji Soo Won as Jang Mi Rim
Jae Shin (재신) as Seo Tae Young
Lee Seung Ho as Seo Tae Young (teen)

Chun Uk Jo’s family

Ahn Nae Sang as Chun Uk Jo
Kim Hye Eun as Yang Se Ryun
Ryu Dam as Chun Soo Pyo
Kim Dong Hyun as Soo Pyo (teen)


Lee Hee Jin as Park Hwa Ran
Lee Dae Yun as Kim Jae Soo
Seo Hyun Chul as Kang Dong Pal
Kim Dae Ryung as Choi Kang Doo
Lee Seung Won as homeroom teacher
Park Woo Chun as Mr. Jung
Yoo Ah Ra as Kim Young Won’s secretary
Kang Hyun Jung as investigator

Production Credits

Production Company: May Queen Pictures
Chief Producer: Choi Won Suk
Directors: Kang Dae Sun, Lee Jae Jin
Screenwriter: Son Young Mok, Cha Yi Young


2013 MBC Drama Awards: Golden Actor Acting Awards – Kim Sang Joong (Golden Rainbow)
2013 MBC Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Special Production): Uee (Golden Rainbow)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2013-11-02 1 10.7 (5th) 12.5 (3rd) 10.9 (6th) 11.3 (7th)
2013-11-03 2 11.2 (6th) 13.6 (4th) 13.2 (5th) 15.1 (4th)
2013-11-09 3 12.2 (5th) 13.7 (3rd) 12.7 (5th) 14.3 (3rd)
2013-11-10 4 11.8 (7th) 12.9 (5th) 12.2 (5th) 13.2 (5th)
2013-11-16 5 12.9 (2nd) 15.5 (2nd) 13.2 (4th) 14.6 (4th)
2013-11-17 6 11.6 (7th) 12.9 (5th) 12.3 (5th) 13.7 (5th)
2013-11-23 7 12.1 (5th) 13.2 (3rd) 12.4 (3rd) 13.3 (3rd)
2013-11-24 8 12.1 (6th) 14.2 (5th) 12.2 (6th) 13.4 (6th)
2013-11-30 9 13.8 (2nd) 16.6 (2nd) 12.6 (4th) 13.2 (3rd)
2013-12-01 10 12.7 (5th) 14.0 (4th) 12.1 (6th) 12.6 (6th)
2013-12-07 11 13.7 (2nd) 15.4 (2nd) 13.7 (2nd) 15.1 (2nd)
2013-12-08 12 13.8 (5th) 15.9 (3rd) 14.9 (3rd) 16.5 (3rd)
2013-12-14 13 15.3 (3rd) 18.0 (2nd) 15.4 (2nd) 17.4 (2nd)
2013-12-15 14 14.4 (5th) 16.3 (4th) 14.7 (4th) 16.6 (3rd)
2013-12-21 15 12.3 (7th) 13.5 (5th) 13.4 (5th) 14.4 (4th)
2013-12-22 16 12.0 (5th) 13.7 (4th) 14.3 (3rd) 15.4 (3rd)
2013-12-28 17 13.3 (5th) 15.0 (3rd) 13.5 (4th) 15.2 (3rd)
2014-01-04 18 13.2 (5th) 15.4 (3rd) 12.8 (7th) 13.9 (5th)
2014-01-05 19 12.1 (6th) 13.9 (5th) 12.8 (7th) 13.8 (7th)
2014-01-11 20 14.4 (4th) 16.0 (3rd) 13.9 (4th) 15.5 (3rd)
2014-01-12 21 13.6 (5th) 16.3 (3rd) 13.0 (7th) 14.0 (7th)
2014-01-18 22 14.0 (4th) 16.9 (2nd) 14.2 (3rd) 15.9 (2nd)
2014-01-19 23 14.4 (4th) 15.9 (3rd) 13.7 (4th) 15.0 (4th)
2014-01-25 24 15.6 (2nd) 17.5 (2nd) 14.7 (3rd) 15.9 (2nd)
2014-01-26 25 14.3 (4th) 15.7 (4th) 13.8 (6th) 14.7 (6th)
2014-02-01 26 14.1 (5th) 15.6 (3rd) 13.6 (4th) 13.8 (7th)
2014-02-02 27 14.8 (5th) 16.9 (3rd) 15.0 (4th) 16.6 (3rd)
2014-02-09 28 15.5 (4th) 18.4 (2nd) 15.9 (4th) 17.2 (4th)
2014-02-15 29 15.3 (3rd) 17.2 (2nd) 15.7 (3rd) 17.3 (2nd)
2014-02-16 30 15.9 (4th) 17.4 (3rd) 16.1 (4th) 18.0 (4th)
2014-02-23 31 15.3 (2nd) 17.5 (3rd) 15.3 (4th) 16.1 (4th)
2014-03-01 32 16.7 (2nd) 18.6 (2nd) 14.9 (3rd) 15.5 (3rd)
2014-03-02 33 15.8 (2nd) 17.0 (3rd) 15.3 (3rd) 15.5 (4th)
2014-03-08 34 15.7 (2nd) 18.7 (2nd) 14.8 (5th) 15.9 (3rd)
2014-03-09 35 16.1 (2nd) 18.1 (2nd) 15.3 (5th) 16.1 (4th)
2014-03-15 36 15.0 (3rd) 17.2 (2nd) 15.3 (5th) 16.1 (4th)
2014-03-16 37 15.0 (3rd) 17.2 (2nd) 14.5 (6th) 15.5 (4th)
2014-03-22 38 16.0 (2nd) 17.2 (2nd) 15.2 (4th) 16.2 (4th)
2014-03-23 39 14.7 (2nd) 16.9 (3rd) 14.5 (7th) 15.4 (5th)
2014-03-29 40 15.4 (2nd) 17.5 (2nd) 15.8 (2nd) 16.3 (3rd)
2014-03-30 41 16.3 (2nd) 19.2 (2nd) 15.2 (7th) 16.1 (6th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : misskrisel Says:

    Wow! UEE’s back.

  2. 2 : Noona Says:

    Jung Il Woo

  3. 3 : apiel Says:

    wah, oppa jung il woo ..
    akhirnya drama mu keluar juga, horeeee……………

  4. 4 : apiel Says:

    My first love korean drama because jung il woo, anyeongg oppa il woo

  5. 5 : Anna Says:

    Can’t wait for this! You know this will be a decent drama with the stellar child cast. Jung & UEE also look like they have a lot of chemistry, and I like the 2nd leads as well. I haven’t seen Cha Ye Ryeon in forever, and Lee Jae Yoon looks good.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been watching 3 dramas at a time…Secret, Heirs, and soon this! 🙂

  6. 6 : Sofie Says:

    Been waiting all year for UEE’s new drama project, so I’m sooo excited for this 🙂 It really looks good ^_^ Uee-unnie fighting <3

  7. 7 : LTM Says:

    Why do I only think of Joo Won when I see UEE, and UEE when I see Joo Won 🙁 …

  8. 8 : renita Says:

    Can’t wait for this drama !!!!

  9. 9 : emerald Says:


  10. 10 : k Says:

    I love ♥♥♥ jung il woo♥♥♥
    So cute opa

  11. 11 : Irilight Says:

    Lovely Lee Chae-Mi is also in the cast…She is the little girl who stole our heart as Lee Jun-Ki’s little daughter in Two Weeks.

  12. 12 : ikram Says:

    uee fghting love you

  13. 13 : zeez22 Says:

    Yeah! Jung II Woo! he’s the main lead!

  14. 14 : eny Says:

    The teaser kind a reminds me of May Queen

  15. 15 : Min He Na Says:

    Jung Il Woo UEE <3

  16. 16 : eli Says:

    Jung Il Woo <3

  17. 17 : kiki Says:

    im waiting for jung ill woo oppa ,,,

  18. 18 : DIAMAND Says:


  19. 19 : I ♥ Master's Sun Says:

    The synopsis remind me of one of my fave family drama that I liked soo much ~Pick The Star~:)

  20. 20 : Jenny Says:

    love the cast , going to watch this . can not wait . ehheeh .

  21. 21 : hny Jo Says:

    want to see Jung Il woo come back act..hwaiting!!

  22. 22 : nonna Says:

    oppa jung il woo figthing 🙂

  23. 23 : ikram Says:

    uee fighting

  24. 24 : daryl Says:

    jung il woo and uee…… waiting for this! hope it’s good!

  25. 25 : ggrmarielou Says:

    lets vote for our favorite kpop artists to win in MAMA 2013 by voting here : http://mama.interest.me/visite?s=1382611372095

  26. 26 : bubble Says:

    omo,, Il Woo Oppa and UEE Unnie…

  27. 27 : sheena Says:

    im a fan,,, im a fan of this two, looking forward to this drama. 😀

  28. 28 : ikram Says:

    uee fighting love you sooooooooooooooo much

  29. 29 : OK OK OK Says:

    I like Jung IL woo to be a prosecutor bc its a strong character – manly.
    Different from his previous dramas soft characters 🙂

  30. 30 : jury Says:

    @29 OKOKOK
    I remember that jung ilwoo has acted as lawyer in my fair lady but his role is forgetable in there. I hope this one will be better. Btw how many episode of Golden rainbow? Last time I visited here,it has 30 episodes

  31. 31 : jury Says:


    LTM Says:

    October 21st, 2013 at 3:04 pm

    Why do I only think of Joo Won when I see UEE, and UEE when I see Joo Won  …

    [LOL me too. Their chemistry is blast. I think joowon has best chemistry than his other leading ladies.]

  32. 32 : jury Says:

    I mean Joowon has best chemistry with UEE than his other leading ladies ^^

  33. 33 : jury Says:

    Btw I like the child actors in here, they casted popular child actor, very smart move PD-nim. They are my fav: kim yoojung (TMTETS), Ohjae-mo (Baker King), Choi ro-woon (Good Doctor) and 2 more child actors in Good Doctor

  34. 34 : ikram Says:

    kim uee fighting for me she’s the best idol who turn actress love her

  35. 35 : Noona Says:

    i dont like long episode drama, but i gonna watch this one

  36. 36 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 30 Jury

    Sorry after posting the comments, I didn’t come back to this page again until you told me in The woman who marry 3X 🙂

    I don’t like Uee when she acted opposite Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful. So her drama I didn’t watch. I know Okjako Brothers have good ratings??
    Maybe one day in future – I will 🙂 But I will start Life is Beautiful first.

    BTW – did you watch 100 years legacy / 100 years inheritance – very nice. the casts also very good

    Lights & shadows by Ahn Jae Wook – gangsters in the 60s 70s, also very nice 🙂

  37. 37 : jury Says:

    I haven’t watch 100 years legacy and light & shadows, thank you for recommended it. Ojakgyo brothers is good, I think it’s better than YTBLSS. That drama makes UEE and joowon have gained more love from fans. It’s because of their role in previous drama as antagonist role so many people hate them lol

  38. 38 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ Jury

    What is YTBLSS ????

    I am so excited for you bc you have 2 nice dramas to watch. Pls watch 100 years legacy/ 100 years inheritance 1st – starring Lee Jung Jin & Eugene. 🙂
    Then Lights & shadows.

    I guarantee you will love it.

    I feel so miserable waiting for the HEIRS to broadcast – the wait seems so long to me. 🙁

  39. 39 : jury Says:

    You’re The Best LeeSoonShin starring IU & JJS,it’s KBS weekend drama too. I like Eugene, but I haven’t seen Lee Jungjin’s acting. Btw where do u come from? I believe with Lee minho’s name, it will broadcast soon like Gu Family book it already had already broadcast last august in my country

  40. 40 : jury Says:

    The main poster is good eventhough I don’t understand why they use ladder and desk. I like the tree as background

  41. 41 : JAKA V Says:

    congrats for this drama hope for the best

  42. 42 : risolli123 Says:

    yes kim yoo jung. can’t wait

  43. 43 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 39 JURY

    OIC, its Lee Soon Shin. I remember now. YTBLSS. I didn’t watch becoz I don’t like the lead actor. He is the bodyguard in King2Hearts. Sorry to say that I don’t find him a leading actor quality. Don’t know why he was chosen.

    YTBLSS has same screening time with 100 years Inheritance. I like both Lee Jung Jin & Eugene. I think both drama fighting hard for the ratings. HA HA 🙂

    FYI, I skip Eugene’s aunts, youngest aunt & her old boyfriend parts. I mainly watch LJJ, Eugene, Eugene ex-hushand & his family members – the evil mother & his sister. I better not say where I am from becoz my friend will know its me posting here, ha ha. Then do you mind telling me where are you from. I think we are from diff place. Did you like IU? She will be acting with Jang Geun Suk in Pretty Man. I am trying to watch her from youtube to make myself to like her so that I will watch Pretty Man. I didn’t watch Love Rain becoz I don’t like Yoona. I like Jang Geun Suk very much I do not want to miss another of his drama. after watching UI from Youtube, I think she is not bad. But I still think JGS best match is Park Shin Hye 🙂

  44. 44 : Beren Says:

    cant wait to watch Jung Il Woo oppa!! he looks adorable at the poster of the drama 🙂

  45. 45 : jury Says:

    I’m not IU fans,but I like her acting in dream high better than suzy. I’m from Indonesia haha. I like jang geunsuk too as an actor but I’m not his fan, I watch all his drama except bethoven virus. My first Eugene’s drama is wonderful life, I don’t know she is an idol before but I like her acting. Her drama in baker king introduce me with joowon and I like his acting especially his last drama in Good Doctor 🙂

  46. 46 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 45 jury

    Oh yes, after you mention, I remember IU now in Dream High. She is a shy plumb girl who had a crush on someone & later she trim down & become a beautiful lady. I remember her as a girl who sings very well. 🙂

    All Eugene’s dramas – I mostly have watched except 2 – BakerKKTK becoz she didn’t ends up with Yoon Shi Yoon & I didn’t like the short hair girl 🙁 who end up with her. Actually they ask Park Shin Hye to act but she rejected. If she have acted, then I don’t mind whether Eugene or PSH ends up with YSY. 🙂
    Then another drama Eugene is a FAT Princess? Her leading man – I don’t know who but I find him not charming – So I didn’t watch too.

    Did you continue to watch Heirs ??
    Have you started 100 years Inheritance? My friend just started & now at Ep6 and she tells me its very nice…. ha ha 🙂

  47. 47 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ jury

    Very funny. We are not discussing Golden Rainbow drama but talks about other drama in this thread.
    We are giving this GR drama more popularity. HA HA 🙂

  48. 48 : Ade v Says:


  49. 49 : jury Says:

    If park shinhye join BKKTG,then they will not pair up in FBND haha. I still continue watching Heirs because I never miss LMH drama eventhough the plot is suck haha. I haven’t begin watching 100 year inheritance, too many drama now to watch

  50. 50 : Annisa_resty Says:

    I do love the poster with umbrella. <3
    So attractive and cute I think.

  51. 51 : k drama lover Says:

    yes I agreed with @5o annisa _resty……..
    the poster look unusual, but cute………….

  52. 52 : REMONA Says:


  53. 53 : leila Says:

    fighting uee jung ilwoo love you both

  54. 54 : khalish Says:

    I think this gonna be good…

  55. 55 : clara Says:

    im gonna love this drama…

  56. 56 : kdlover Says:

    Am I the only one who is interested in child actors rather than adult lead actors? kim yoo jung is the only one who got me interested in this drama.

  57. 57 : Dramaluvr Says:

    Well this one is interesting and I like the kid

    But 50 episodes? Why did I not look before watching this?

  58. 58 : hny Jo Says:

    eps 2..start getting interesting!! but can’t wait for Jung Il Woo scene, quicklyyyyyyy…

  59. 59 : ikram Says:

    kim uee fighting

  60. 60 : freedomdemon Says:

    I more concentrate on the peoples that act as the young main characters~!!!!!!!!!! ^^Y
    (*o ^) them > http://www.koreandrama.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Golden-Rainbow-5.jpg

  61. 61 : khalish Says:

    Ok…its getting more interesting…i’ll wait for UEE & Jung Il Woo show up.

  62. 62 : Tira Says:

    I love this drama! Awesome drama! Kim Yoo Jun as Baek Won is awesome kid. Curious to watch the rest……

  63. 63 : Logan1707 Says:

    My withdrawal symptoms from Secret drama is not over yet but I will try to stick around with this drama. It looks promising this could be turning into a good drama and the story line seems interesting. This cast of kids reminds me of May Queen. Can’t wait for the adult actors in this drama….

  64. 64 : Park Sung Young Says:

    What episode did Jung Il woo seen??

  65. 65 : Park Sung Young Says:

    Il WOo oppa.. SARANGHE!!

  66. 66 : jury Says:

    @Park Sung Young
    I heard the child part take 10 episode, so I think ilwoo will appear in episode 11

  67. 67 : Mikey Says:

    The episodes are getting longer already .when the main cast will appear?

  68. 68 : ikram Says:

    i’m waiting for uee miss her soooooooooooo much

  69. 69 : Lin Says:

    Omg! Omg! After Secret tis drama is taking over. Now watching ep4 only but already cried many buckets of tear. Watching those young talented children and their amazing dad making my heart fill lots of love. But tis series is still a long journey to watch. Waw! Waw!

  70. 70 : Park Yong Hee Says:

    i am so in love with this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love this drama <3

  71. 71 : Park Yong Hee Says:

    how the episode rater be so late they need to post all of the episode.

  72. 72 : Dramaluvr Says:

    I find ha Bin’s mother to be annoying. She is such a klutzy dumb
    woman. Why are women portrayed as helpless dopes?

  73. 73 : Tira Says:

    Awesome drama! Kim Han Joo is a man that deserve the father ‘s ward for adopt so many children. Love all the child actors.

  74. 74 : sinopsis kdrama Says:

    amazing kdrama ^_^

  75. 75 : psy Says:

    Are orphans considered so low class in Korea such that they are not respected as human beings?

    If so, it’s so terribly hard for orphans to survive in Korean society. They are discriminated by the rich, the chaebols, the society…. and even the police do not protect their rights as citizens….. so sad. This is the dark side of the Korean society…they only respect $$$$$$$$$$, and the power $$$$$$$$$$ brings.

    It’s depressing to watch the hardships the 4 orphans had to go through (Kim Han Joo, Seo Jin Ki, Chun Uk Jo, Yoon Young Hye), and even at their middle age they are still not able to gain any status in society. Even worse, SJK has to resort to illegal and immoral means just to try upkeep his position in company and as son-in-law of the rich Chairwoman. The Chairwoman despises all of them, always resorting to names calling etc.
    The writer here also do not credit these orphans with much intelligence in coping with their hardships…..perhaps, like what is depicted here, no matter how hard they try, they will not get out of the deep hole that they were thrown into from birth…. i.e. the poor stays poor, while the rich gets richer.

  76. 76 : psy Says:

    Kim Han Joo is a kind hearted man, but he is not a very intelligent man. He tries to uphold his principles without considering the consequences on his kids….especially his 2 older children – Man Won and Baek Won.
    I find it very difficult to watch ep 5 – as I feel so sorry for both of them. They should be enjoying their growing up years, and learning in school… and yet, because Han Joo can barely earn enough to feed all of them (6 adopted kids + 1 new member + selfish friend and son), the burden of day to day coping falls very much upon his 2 responsible and more matured kids.

  77. 77 : zeez22 Says:

    So far it has been interesting, thou there is some resemblance to May Queen… cant wait to see Jung II Woo!

  78. 78 : Joomla Says:

    I love UEE.. perfect person 🙂 I wanna watch MBC on http://www.boomitv.net/2013/11/mbc-hd-korea-streaming.html

  79. 79 : Amanda Says:

    Agreed comments on zeez22…! similar story with MAY QUEEN, but i believe this story is more touching and interesting! Its reminds us that eventho they are not related brothers & sisters but have a good relationship when they are young. I hope in the real life everyone should treasure the family that we have now! Anyway, love to see Jung II Woo as well!

  80. 80 : dramacrazy Says:

    @zeez22 i agree with you, this drama has some resemblance to may queen.

  81. 81 : ikram Says:

    kim uee love you wait for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  82. 82 : imhel Says:

    this drama is quite moving with the children cast’s great and pure acting.

    but I hope this drama stays in that path….good scriptwriting all the way thru.

    I just hate to see that once the older cast takes over, the script will become sappy and ridiculous.

  83. 83 : DBSK Says:

    I agree, in drama like may queen, moon embracing son I liked only childcounter parts.child actors were better than adult actors. I couldn’t watch adults part. I hope it won’t happen in this drama

  84. 84 : maknaee Says:

    I love this drama. Two thumbs up for child actors <3

  85. 85 : julia Says:

    young lead actress is better acting in terms of crying than IUU 4 ME

  86. 86 : yoyo Says:

    love you uie <3

  87. 87 : hny Jo Says:

    Good acting for all child cast…poor shib won must left him behind ..he is cute boy somebody will take him. I’m gonna miss them act…and now I’m happy to see JIW acting, welcome ;))

  88. 88 : ikram Says:

    you have never disappoint me uee good acting love you and fighting

  89. 89 : hny Jo Says:

    Mmm..I like this week eps..plot going fast…il woo always cute ;))

  90. 90 : iammee Says:

    I got interested watching drama because of Il woo but I was nerve fond of the lead actress UEE, I don’t know if I can still endure the rest of the episodes when the adult UEE appears.

  91. 91 : kdlover Says:

    @julia she is uee not iiu and i undoubtly agree kim yoo jung is better actress than uee

  92. 92 : Carmen Says:

    I like it better now with all grown up….I wonder what did happend with the little cute kid the smaller one that went back for his dead brother….???

  93. 93 : pmai Says:

    sorry but jung il woo is NOT a good actor. That’s why he’s not that popular. Despite getting the leading role for flower boy ramen shop and golden rainbow, he’s not as popular as his best friends Kim Bum and especially Lee Min Ho.

  94. 94 : maknaee Says:

    He’s popular, dear. He has no problem on act, he’s pretty good. I guess you haven’t watch ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’, ’49 Days’, ‘The Return of Iljimae’, ‘Unstoppable High Kick’ yet.

  95. 95 : pmai Says:

    yeah I’ve seen them but ive heard many people say his acting is okay, not that good. Jung il woo is popular but NOT as popular as Lee Min Ho or Kim Bum. they both have bigger fan bases than jung il woo.

    You say he has no problem with acting, but people criticize him, which means he needs to improve.

  96. 96 : unnie Says:

    @maknaee @pmai
    I agree with pmai. Jung il woo is not as popular as he could be.
    surprisingly, jung il woo’s official Facebook has less than 1,000,000. but Kim
    Bum’s Facebook has over 5,300,000 followers and Lee Min Ho’s Facebook has over 10,600,000 followers. KB is more popular than jung il woo and LMH is far more popular than JIW.

  97. 97 : unnie Says:

    Jung il woo’s acting is still average, but golden rainbow is a good drama. He’ll get better as he gets more experience.

  98. 98 : julia Says:

    to kdlover, her name is quite confusing ,that”s why

  99. 99 : maknaee Says:

    @pmai @unnie
    well, then let’s see him improving in this drama kkk

    yep, golden rainbow is a good drama 🙂

  100. 100 : ikram Says:

    uee is a super good actress i wact this drama because of her

  101. 101 : springroll Says:

    I’m already missing child actors. They were so good. From point of my view both Uee and jung I’ll woo are average actors. Lee min ho has potential but badly he couldn’t show his full potential through ‘heirs’. His role was not challenging in heirs. I hope he would take more challenging role in future like Cityhunter

  102. 102 : noon a Says:

    Exactly! Jung il woo is average actor. he’s not as popular as lee min ho and kim bum, his best buddies. lee min ho is very good actor, but his character in the heirs ain’t challenging, but the drama was still big hit. his next crime thriller movie Gangnam blues will be more serious like city hunter.

  103. 103 : yoyo Says:

    uee the best ^_^

  104. 104 : mml Says:

    Although, Do Young falls in love with Baek Won. In episode 14,
    i have realised that Baek Won’s fake brother Man Won secretly falls in love with his fake sister Baek Won.

    Something attracted me to this drama, i hope, Baek Won will end up to choose his fake brother Man Won. During the childhood love, Do Young loves Baek Won. Sad to realise that when he’s grown up and being a prosecutor, his character changed and his understanding towards Baek Won also changed tremendously.

    Man Won always protect and care for Baek Won . I think, they look compatible and hopefully oneday, Baek Won will realise that her fake brother is actually her right choice to choose to love.

  105. 105 : maknaee Says:

    Man Won already showed his feeling towards Baek Won since their childhood counterpart. He acts awkwardly when Baek Won get close to him, and being jealousy towards Do Young.
    Nice drama~~

  106. 106 : ikram Says:

    uee is a goog actress and this drama is soooooooooooo cool

  107. 107 : oliver Says:

    Watch Golden Rainbow fast RAW

  108. 108 : cho Says:

    DY &BW is very coupling.i like this drama

  109. 109 : Park Yong Hee Says:

    i am so in love with this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love uee here <3

  110. 110 : Park Yong Hee Says:

    i can’t wait until the new episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. 111 : Mikey Says:

    Nice drama promise

  112. 112 : Juliane04 Says:

    Noon a @ good to hear that info about Lee min ho latest project .looking forward to it

  113. 113 : ikram Says:

    congrat uee u deserve it love u

  114. 114 : JaeMoo-ILWoo Fan Says:

    Did Uee get her award with Golden Rainbow ? The drama is not finished right! If so, why don’t they give Jung Il Woo too.Can this drama participate in next year drama award too?I really love Golden Rainbow!!

  115. 115 : zeez22 Says:

    Not many seem to be involved in the comments here… I’ve just finished ep9 and it’s still nice so far… When will the kids grow up?

  116. 116 : maknaee Says:

    @zeez22 eps 12, dear~~

  117. 117 : Logan1707 Says:

    There will be a kising scene between UEE and Jung Woo for next episode…whaattt…can’t wait for that. So the weekends come fast please!!!

  118. 118 : BirddyBuddy Says:

    Love this drama sooo far 😉 can’t wait till it finish lol ♥

  119. 119 : Love Kdrama Says:

    Jung II Woo is a very good actor, i enjoyed all his movies and look forward to seeing him in as lead in many more future dramas. Keep up the good work, Jung Il Woo!

  120. 120 : zeez22 Says:

    Thanks Maknaee! i love this show!!

  121. 121 : hny Jo Says:

    ep 21
    I don’t like Uee character here..it’s getting more stubborn and so naive espc about Man Woon !
    hmmm…sometimes she looks want to represent a tomboy girl…( I don’t like it) it’s better she just be ordinary girl !!
    And hope the story going more fast,..JIW ..I keep watching ;))

  122. 122 : Nudge Says:

    I watched the first 22 minutes and was disappointed with the writer. It seems implausible a woman who earlier couldn’t endure living with the pain of separation from her child, lacked the ability to reason that if she didn’t take the baby and run when urged, she probably is never going to see her child again.

    The writer and director failed to provide this audience member the means to suspend belief and accept such a behaviour in the character.

    But it seems to be a common trait, with a few exceptions. The Woman Who Married Three Times is one of those exceptions. The King’s Family and Potato Star both successfully disables the brain and begs one to simply enjoy the show.

  123. 123 : Nudge Says:

    Woops! “suspend belief” should read “suspend disbelief”

  124. 124 : ikram Says:

    uee is truly a good actress

  125. 125 : zeez22 Says:

    Nudge, it’s only 22 mins.. u shd continue.. i am still enjoying this show!

  126. 126 : Nudge Says:

    Thanks @zeez22, I caught up with the episodes. It isn’t as bad as I expected. You are right. The characters got more interesting for me.

    The idea of “family are people who eat together” is a nice extension to the concept which serves to bind together orphans as siblings while avoiding the bureaucracy of an impersonal social welfare system. It’s the vision of Kim Han Joo, himself an orphan, later a surrogate parent to our young orphans.

    There’s nothing new here, a similar orphan theme is used in the drama Cheer Up Mr. Kim and Wonderful Mama, though anyone who sat through all the episodes of the former, deserves a medal for uncommon valor as a couch potato.

    The synopsis is a little misleading. I find the character Kim Han Joo more engaging than Baek Won (Uee). Having spent 14 years of his life incarcerated, here is a man who took the high road unlike some for whom prison is where you go to take a break from your life in crime.

    Unlike his role in City Hunter, Kim Sang Joong’s Han Joo is a kind-hearted grounded soul to whom maintaining equilibrium in ones life is important. And acting according to ones conscience when faced with the challenges life presents.

    The loss of a family member and the mishap which separated their youngest from the family had made Baek Won withdrawn. But it doesn’t explain Uee’s awkwardness when appearing in police uniform. I think her role in Ojakgyo Brothers was a better fit. Uee’s adult Baek Won is most uninteresting.

    Jung Il Woo played several characters similar to the Seo Do Young of this drama. He’s typecast, but still very capable.

  127. 127 : ikram Says:

    ep 22 was sooo good, cute and funny :uee fighting

  128. 128 : bitbit Says:

    can somebody tell me if this is good drama?i like uee plssssss

  129. 129 : ikram Says:

    For me it s a good drama and i watch it because of uee truly she s good as usual

  130. 130 : hny Jo Says:

    I think the story like repeat the mistake again n again…I thought eps 23 will be diffrent since I saw SDY bring CH father to met grand mother but to bad it’s just like old story ;((…

    Good this drama have JIL to make me stay :))

  131. 131 : annebelle Says:

    It’s nice story… can’t wait episode 24 n 25

  132. 132 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Though I think Do Young and Baek Won end up together, but my sympathy goes to Man Won. I would like to see MW and BW together in the end. MW’s character is so moving.

    Am loving this drama. The acting from the young kids was superb and it continued with the adults. The story is not different from the rest but I still find it entertaining.

    To date, I am still curious where did Young Won go and if he still alive?

    Not sure how will the drama reveal the truth about BW and CW’s identites…thought of crazy ideas that YH would be injured or would be needing blood transfusion and her adopted daughter would obviously not qualified to provide and only BW will…heheh…!!!

    Fighting!!! 🙂

  133. 133 : zeez22 Says:

    Hi Nudge, I’m glad that u continue watching… thou this plot is similar to many other stories, i still like it…

  134. 134 : Nudge Says:

    Hiya zeez22.

    I’m watching E24. I think someone ought to go and check on the writers. They’ve lost their marbles. The story is drifting away into the twilight zone.

    How the heck did we come to evil Seo Jin Ki confessing his love for Yoon Young Hye? Huh? And he didn’t look moved, not one bit. The guy has one main expression and a few grimaces. He wasn’t even quite facing her as if he didn’t believe his own words.

    She looked a little disgusted at his confession. And I expected her response to be: “Ewww.. Who are you? What did you do to our evil Seo Jin Ki?” Then get up and walked.

    There were no prior indicators had actual feelings for her, though many an opportunity presented in previous episodes.

    Unless evil Mr. Seo is faking — I don’t think he is — I hope the writers don’t expect me to buy into this obvious failed plot twist.

  135. 135 : chika Says:

    after golden rainbow finish replace hotel king cast lee dong woo and lee yo bi…

  136. 136 : chika Says:

    after golden rainbow finish new drama mbc on wekeend hotel king cast lee dong woo and lee yo bi…

  137. 137 : maknaee Says:

    @chika LDW – LYB ~ gonna be rock kk

  138. 138 : ikram Says:

    It become more and more interessent

  139. 139 : pamela Says:

    @love kdrama 119
    dunno why but lots of people say jung il woo’s acting is okay, not that good.
    he’s not that famous, i mean not as big as lee min ho. even JIW’s best pal supporting actor kim bum is more popular overseas and has bigger fan base. i’m not big fan of any of them, but i like golden rainbow drama.

  140. 140 : csancsy Says:

    Omo:(:(:( I don’t want to watch the 27 episode… I saw the 26 raw (without preview), I feel something bad will happens to HanJoo, because he discovered Baek Won’s birth, and he texts the truth to Young Hye’s phone, but JinKi read, delete and will prevent him:(. I hate Do Young’s father very much… Unfeeling asshole. I hope my inputation will not be true. I don’t want HanJoo died or coma or amnesia:( I want revealed truth.

  141. 141 : tigerb Says:

    ep 24, last scene: to be dramatic, in most korean dramas i’ve watched, it irks me that instead of getting help right away in accidents, the focus is always somebody shouting: ‘wake up, wake up’, or, ‘are you back to your senses now’, or ‘don’t die on me’, etc. for a trained policewoman, baek won should have 1, took the license plate number, and 2, called 119 (911). just saying.

  142. 142 : ikram Says:

    sorry but for me even a policewoman when she saw her lover daying she s in shock i thing she s not able to concentrate 🙁 this is how i saw it

  143. 143 : ikram Says:

    uee good works love you fighting

  144. 144 : ikram Says:

    i cry a river in ep 27 it was sooooooooooo sad and heartbroken

  145. 145 : budgie-smuggler Says:

    I was really enjoying the drama, but every now and again a plot twist takes the wind out of it’s sails turning it into a silly soap. In those moments, the actors look bad, the music’s tacky and it becomes cheap. Ottoke?

  146. 146 : S biscoglia Says:

    This really is ridiculous. Would you really text someone that information? Then would you spill your purse every where and not pick up the contents? And why would you not tell someone what you are thinking? Sometimes they make the Korean people look just plain stupid.

  147. 147 : Carmen Says:

    I AGREED WITH S biscoglia, it was really ridiculous, when she trow her purse to the floor and not picking all her stuff even the cell-that we always depend on this, and what about when he park near that big wall–can he even think —Why should she ask him to get there???omg

  148. 148 : maknaee Says:

    the cast is okay… but hell ya for the plot. writter-nim….
    i want this drama ends faster. can’t continue watching. i’m quit.

  149. 149 : cho Says:

    i love Il Woo.

  150. 150 : bitbit Says:

    its a good story i like the two leading star…very good

  151. 151 : dramacrazy Says:

    jung il woo.. u’r such a good actor… its looks so natural.
    anyone here, do u guys knows where i can find the upcoming eps 31 preview??? i’m so anxious… i can’t wait for saturday and sunday

  152. 152 : Carmen Says:

    The dum is people are in this drama…OMG…..

  153. 153 : Annebelle Says:

    Hmm.. I’m so desperately waiting ep31 n 32!! I heard that due to winter olympic some dramas including golden rainbow are delayed.. oh really jajeungna!!

  154. 154 : Kathleen Says:

    Can’t wait to see ep31

  155. 155 : Kathleen Says:

    Looking forward to see ep31

  156. 156 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Hi Admin, the episode numbers are incorrect..it should be …38, 39, 40. 🙂

  157. 157 : dramacrazy Says:

    why last week only eps 31?

  158. 158 : Manuela Zuniga Says:

    The episode 31 with english sub can be watched at http://www.gooddrama.net

  159. 159 : Juana love Says:

    Golden rainbow fighting😊😊

  160. 160 : ikram Says:

    It become more and more interesent uee fighting

  161. 161 : Anita Says:

    I know this is just series, but I’m crazy about JinKi’s smirks and “winning”. I can’t find words how much I hate his character… Actor is very-very good. It was difficult to watch now these parts, I hope next two episode will be about his crime’s revealing, because I can’t stand for long, plus lost young brother’s case isn’t solved, and I wouldn’t like that he turns up in last 5 minute (would be good 35-37 episode, because so we can love him and know his story)… I feel that this company case is too big theme, and reserves too much episodes.
    Poor Do Young now to him is the most difficult…

  162. 162 : hk fanatic Says:

    waiting for english sub,and I’m so frustrate because until now I can’t watch it!so slow!

  163. 163 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    I can’t wait for episode 34…battle between Baek Won and Do Young…BW is helpless for now and too sad that her grandma was taken away…but for sure BW will have the last laugh…omo!!!

    Fighting everyone! =)

  164. 164 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    What I do not like about this drama is that Do Young character always cries…does not really look good in my own opinion. Man Won’s character is more manly that DY’s, and I’ll be happy if MW and BW end up together as a couple. Whew! =)

  165. 165 : mccory3003 Says:

    Do young is hurt that the woman he love his father has killed both her fathers and now trying to kill her for greed Do young is trying too protect Bawang from his evil father

  166. 166 : Carmen Says:

    This one title should have been
    “The dummest people ever”

  167. 167 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    The plot quite resembles May Queen…but I still like this drama anyway! I just do not like Do Young’s character always in crying scenes…there must be something better than crying out his frustrations, his own issues with his father, etc…!!! He turns out to be a sissy and I started to hate how the actor acts because of this, hehe…!!! 🙂

  168. 168 : Candy Says:

    This drama should be
    end DYand BW happy together.
    I don’t like MW because MW is not handsome.
    I like DY ,he is very Cute and handsome boy
    I Hope happy ending ♥ ♥

  169. 169 : Sandy Says:

    Candy:: say right☺ ☺ ✌ ✌
    Oppa JLW is so cute♡ 🙂

  170. 170 : rose Says:

    I like this drama very much
    I very very like DY and BW couple
    They are very Cute Couple.

  171. 171 : Jewles Says:

    OMG! @168& 169!

    I think MW actor is 100% more manly and handsome than DY actor ever is and will be!!

    :)) To each’s own 🙂

  172. 172 : cho Says:

    i very like DY but don’t cry my prince.End must be happy ending.

  173. 173 : cho Says:

    i more want JUNG Il WOO next drama.happy.funny.romance.love .very interesting.

  174. 174 : LL Says:

    il woo you so handsome!!

  175. 175 : Kathleen Says:

    Happy n cried to see Young Won is back. So touching!May I know what is the name of this actor who act as this teen Young Won?

  176. 176 : chan hunnie Says:

    Actor name of Kim Young Won (adult) please!!!

  177. 177 : tigerb Says:

    i have the same question as #174 andd #175: who plays the grown up ‘young won’ who returned to his siblings? thanks for any info you may have.

  178. 178 : ance Says:

    i was about to ask the same question…who’s the adult young won?

    episode 35…ahhh i’m still crying…i’ve been waiting for this episode! i thought Young Won will have revenge for his siblings…but that episode was so good..i’ve watched that part when baek won was calling young won 3 times…still puts me into tears…and the last part…i feel so sad for do young…love this episode!!!

  179. 179 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Episode 35 scene with the 5 rainbow kids is one of the most touching scenes I have seen in all kdramas…! Cried buckets! :'(

  180. 180 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    Again Do Young cried again…being able to cry does not mean one is good at acting… his character becomes so annoying! Full stop!!!!

  181. 181 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    The adult Young Won is PARK SUN HO!

  182. 182 : Maddie Says:

    Jo Min Ki has played the inconspicuous master villain many a time, it’s difficult to think of him as anything but.

  183. 183 : Maddie Says:

    #180 I agree Do Young is annoying but I don’t think that is the actor’s (Jung Il Woo) fault. I think the script is just rough around the edges.

    It’s one thing for Do Young to induce a breakup for a righteous cause, but it is another thing to severely break the girl’s heart. So much so it isn’t realistic to bring the two of them back together, even if he were to hand the company to her in the end.

    Of course that is how the story is likely to end. Do Young will take the company from his father and give it back to it’s rightful heir — Jang Ha Bin (Baek Won). But the way he’s going about it, it is as if he doesn’t see a future for himself with Baek Won.

  184. 184 : tigerb Says:

    @AjaAjaFighting: thanks for the info. park sun ho is not in this web site’s actors list. could he be new or an idol? anyway, i’m not good at remembering korean names and have to refer to the lists herein and look at their pictures to remind me if i have watched them before or not. i shall look up that name somewhere else.

  185. 185 : reindeer song Says:

    Come on Maddie, how can you say the actor is annoying? He is an ACTOR , lines are written for him it’s call acting yes, at times he can be very anoying but there is a reason to his madness.Since young he played the dummy, but he is smart and he is deflecting so no one see his plans. His Dad will experience a rude awakening.

  186. 186 : Senvy Says:

    The name of Kim Young Won is Park Sun Ho

  187. 187 : hny Jo Says:

    ahhhhhh…So Do Young…nunmul eiss-eo !! it’s exactly like I watched 49 day’s…so sad..hope u both can past this awful life, fighting Golden rainbow!!

  188. 188 : anne Says:

    I’m desperately searching the eng subs for eps 37… oediseo??? so glad the story keeps me stick to this drama, <3 <3 <3
    but.. it's three episodes left.. gonna miss this then… T_T

  189. 189 : garette Says:

    i agree with you#185

  190. 190 : Juana love Says:

    Same here am gonna miss this drama

  191. 191 : lay Says:

    i very sad i don’t see finish Golden Rainbow DY ,sad sad but he next drama waitiing Jung Il Woo fighting!!!!

  192. 192 : cho Says:

    i miss Do Young!! very like him.

  193. 193 : heaven Says:

    i very like DY+BW Couple.End happpy this couple.please writer..

  194. 194 : chaw Says:

    Ep 35 is so sad for DY,i cry with him. no end…

  195. 195 : small Says:

    I VERY LIKE JUNG ILL [email protected]@@@@

  196. 196 : iammee Says:

    Totally enduring this drama for the sake of Jung Ill Woo. I don’t care if he will end up with UEE or not but I will like it more if he won’t. I don’t really like the lead girl, she’s not tailored to act as a lead better if she’ll be the villain

  197. 197 : ikram Says:

    for me i watch this drama because of uee and her good acting ;when she cries i cry when she laught i laught truly she s one of the best actress in korea and go away haters

  198. 198 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    @tigerb, I do not recall seeing Park Sun Ho in all the dramas I have watched so far, could be one promising actor, who knows?

  199. 199 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    @Maddie, I agree that it’s not the actor’s fault for being annoying on cam, but JIW has been in the business for quite sometime, am sure he could have some say or at least suggest how he would act the character he is portraying…being able to cry buckets does not mean it’s a good acting…I do not know…I do not hate him nor like him, I just do not find him appealing on cam…it’s just me and I think it’s a turn off to see a guy who always cry either on cam or in real life…!! 🙂

  200. 200 : AjaAjaFighting! Says:

    This is the 200th comment! Fighting!!! 😀

  201. 201 : Juana love Says:

    what is the endin goin to be……………

  202. 202 : hny Jo Says:

    ooo..just one episode left…

  203. 203 : anna Says:

    please happy ending.im very love this drama make me always cry.fighting

  204. 204 : ikram Says:

    uee gonna miss you

  205. 205 : rattiya siriwong Says:

    We gonna miss Uee and Toyong.

  206. 206 : gomawoyo Says:

    Yah! What’s with the abrupt ending. Where are the victory savouring moments. Geeee-z!

  207. 207 : zeez22 Says:

    i like the ending! at least it is happy… a little draggy at the end but still worth watching… i love jung ii woo!

  208. 208 : lani quinto Says:

    Finally I finish this drama.I really love it

  209. 209 : lani quinto Says:

    jung ii woo I like the way he act.I wish more drama to come thanks for this drama is a happy ending in the end.

  210. 210 : tigerb Says:

    all is well that ends well! the series was cut short by 10 episodes i thought, but they had an extra one. seo jin ki had his last hurrah, but it failed. i like it when evil stops and things turn out right for people who suffered. the story was nice, the cast was good. do young probably did not wish to die, as he would have died right away when the gun at a right angle would have blown his brains! a writer’s miracle happened, no, two miracles, the second one when he already flat lined, but turned out alive after three years and rehab. the ending has to be happy or many would be complaining at no end. i think jung il woo is good at subtle comedy. uee has improved, and seo jin ki being an experienced actor did a job well done. it’s a good watch!

  211. 211 : anne Says:

    I really like this drama a lot.. much much… 😀
    I love the ending, nomu johaa… All the cast did great work. Now I feel sad it’s ended. I hope someday Uee and Jung il woo can be together in next drama or I’ll see them in another drama… they’re so awesome…!!!

  212. 212 : hny Jo Says:

    satisfy ending…i like watch this ;))

  213. 213 : vivi Says:

    last ep 41, i love scene Il Woo use gun, he’s acting very well, i think that is the best scene of Il Woo in the drama. Love iL Woo

  214. 214 : cho Says:

    i love ending.very happy.l hope do young & boke won more happy every time.

  215. 215 : cho Says:

    i love this drama.jung ill woo & uee action skill more perfect.I saw next drama this two actor .pease.i wish u.

  216. 216 : mary cha Says:

    It is so sad this excellent drama has finally finished. Superb actors and actresses chosen for this drama.

    I watched this drama initially because I wanted to watch UEE’s acting.
    She is young but she is an excellent actress. She can sing, dance and she can act. I saw her in Barefoot Friends and she is a natural dancer. I hope she is offered many, many parts in the future. I also would like to see her and Kim Hyun Joong soon in a drama. Wouldn’t that be perfect?
    Keep up the good work, UEE!

    I will backtrack and watch Kim Sang Joong, her adoptive father’s previous drama, Chaser where he won awards. I already saw City Hunter and he is an excellent seasoned actor.

  217. 217 : HEN Says:

    I was pleased with the ending. This is the first MBC drama that I have seen where Jung Il Woo does NOT die and does GET THE GIRL! YES!

    Did any one notice that when Do Young decided to cross over to the darkside, meaning work with his father, he dyed his hair black??

    I don’t think the wardrobe people liked BaekWon. She was the worst dress female character on the show. For a while, I thought maybe [UEE] was pregnant and they kept her in baggy clothes to hide it.

  218. 218 : Kdramafan Says:

    Love the ending
    Why all korean actors are soooooo cool,handsome,full of charisma

  219. 219 : choo annlyn Says:

    first part of the story was okay,the young actors were pretty good but as the story progressed,tragedy after tragedy,death after death,the story just dragged on..,and on..,and on.

  220. 220 : kim je wook Says:

    Finally im done watching it. It makes me cry a lot but i can’t stop myself watching it until the end. The cast and the writers are very awesome. Love you all 🙂

    Golden rainbow is <3

  221. 221 : cuity17 Says:

    Good drama, worth watching… All the cast are good in potray their character.. Well done !! I like the scene when tae young propose chunwon..so funny…ha..ha..ha.. At last I see chunwon laughing 🙂

  222. 222 : Janet Says:

    This drama became ridiculous around episode 30 to the end. Those bidding activities are not how bidding is done in reality. And when actors cry, pls wipe your nose.

  223. 223 : han Says:

    i love Il woo so much,very funny,talented…saranghae

  224. 224 : Amany Says:

    This is the best Drama i have seen it <3

  225. 225 : The World is Twisted, Keep Your Heart Straight | metaphorical sloth Says:

    […] More info: asianwiki, dramawiki, koreandrama […]

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