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Flower of Evil

Title: 악의 꽃 / Flower of Evil
Genre: Melodrama, Suspense, Thriller
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2020-Jul-29 to 2020-Sep-23
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:50


This is a drama about a man who hides his cruel past and changes his identity, while his detective wife tracks down his past.

Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won) is a detective. She is married to Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Ki) and they a daughter. Baek Hee Sung seems like a committed husband and father, but he hides his cruel past and lives under another person’s identity. He deceives his wife completely. Cha Ji Won learns of his deception and chases his past.


Main Cast

Lee Joon Ki as Do Hyun Soo / Baek Hee Jung
– Park Hyun Joon (박현준) as Hyun Soo (teen)
– Cha Sung Je (차성제) as Hyun Soo (child)
Moon Chae Won as Cha Ji Won
Jang Hee Jin as Do Hae Soo
– Im Na Young (임나영) as Hae Soo (teen)
– Lee Chae Yoon (이채윤) as Hae Soo (child)
Seo Hyun Woo as Kim Moo Jin
– Jung Taek Hyun (정택현) as Kim Moo Jin (young)

Family of Lee Joon Gi & Cha Ji Won

Nam Gi Ae as Gong Mi Ja
Son Jong Hak as Baek Man Woo (Hee Jung’s father)
Kim Ji Hoon as Baek Hee Sung (Mi Ja & Man Woo’s son)
Jo Kyung Sook as Moon Young Ok (Ji Won’s mother)
Jung Seo Yun as Baek Eun Ha (Hee Jung & Ji Won’s daughter)

People around Hae Soo

Choi Byung Mo as Do Min Suk (Father of Hae Soo and Hyun Soo)

Kangsoo Police Station

Hong Seo Jun as Oh Young Joon (Chief of Police)
Choi Young Joon as Choi Jae Sub (Veteran detective and Ji Won’s senior)
Choi Dae Hoon as Lee Woo Cheol (Team leader of Ji Won’s homicide team)
Kim Soo Oh (김수오) as Im Ho Joon (Ji Won’s partner)
Im Chul Hyung as Yoon Sang Pil (Chief of homicide division)

Hanjoogan Magazine

Yang Hye Jin as Kang Pil Young (Kim Moo Jin’s senior)
Joo Ye Eun (주예은) as Reporter Joo


Kim Gun (김건) as Kim In Seo (ep 1, victim of child attempted murder case)
Yoon Hee Suk as Kim Sang Jin (ep 1, In Seo’s father and a lawyer)
Han Soo Yun as Jung Mi Sook (the 7th victim of Yunjoo serial murder case)
Yoon Byung Hee as Park Kyung Choon (Taxi driver and husband of Mi Sook)
Kim Ki Moo as Yum Sang Chul
Choi Young Woo (최영우) as a bartender (Yum Sang Chul’s subordinate)
Lee Joo Yeon (이주연) as Park Seo Young
Lee Kyu Bok as Nam Soon Gil
Park Seung Tae as Oh Bok Ja
Kim Ki Chun as Dr. Lee Hyun Suk (ep 5, doctor of Kakyungri Village)
Kim Jin Woo as Im Ho Joon

Production Credits

Production Companies: Monster Union, Studio Dragon
Director: Kim Chul Kyu
Screenwriter: Yoo Jung Hee

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2020-07-29 1 3.357 -
2020-07-30 2 2.860 -
2020-08-05 3 3.116 -
2020-08-06 4 3.735 -
2020-08-12 5 2.973 -
2020-08-13 6 3.615 -
2020-08-19 7 3.526 -
2020-08-20 8 3.863 -
2020-08-26 9 3.540 -
2020-08-27 10 3.659 -
2020-09-02 11 3.844 -
2020-09-03 Special 2.342 -
2020-09-09 12 4.729 -
2020-09-10 13 4.456 -
2020-09-16 14 4.767 -
2020-09-17 15 5.083 -
2020-09-23 16 5.715 -

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Official Site

Official Poster

Official Trailer
Trailer I
Preview I
Preview II
Trailer II (Version 1)
Trailer II (Version 2)

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  1. 1 : nischuu Says:

    omg moon chae won is back!!

    when a drama these days involved alot about husband and wife with 3rd party, but here it is not your typical suspense and thriller melodrama ajadflasf

    looking forward to it!!

  2. 2 : shiva Says:

    can’t wait for this Lee Joon Ki is back again 🙂

  3. 3 : tigerb Says:

    i’d only watch this series if lee joon ki has gained a little more weight. i dropped watching a drama series he was with moon chae won in the past because i could not stand the sight of him so thin.

  4. 4 : zieda Says:

    thank you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1y4GyQmUns

  5. 5 : Su Says:

    Hurmm.. maybe he change because of her… or maybe someone frame him. By the way, cant wait to watch this drama…

  6. 6 : Finnyana Says:

    I need genre romance pleaseeeee 😭 it would be perfect if the genre romance , thriller, mystery, melodrama 🙁

  7. 7 : Sara Says:

    @finnyana have u watched the girl who see smells? It’s very nice webtoon adaptation romcom with thriller. Maybe you care to check it out.

  8. 8 : Suzy Says:

    I think :
    1) Maybe someone have frame him as serial killer or
    2) Maybe he change because of her

    Looking forward for this drama…

  9. 9 : Ron Hill Says:

    I have read two different synopses on this drama, which one is right? The first one says “He is hiding his past” so he is the villain, the other says, he maybe the Villain will his wife find the truth? Mmmm interesting

  10. 10 : Claudia Says:

    By the end of the first episode Joon Ki kills a reporter to keep his past hidden. There’s no doubt who the villain is. The drama isn’t for me.

  11. 11 : Chocopie Says:

    Woahhh…. this drama is moving fast alright. The killer is already exposed in the very first episode. He’s a beast !! The most dangerous of its type with dual personality. A chameleon. One minute he is this. The next, at the blink of the eye, he is that. A born psycho. A most dangerous kind.

    Its going to be hard to watch this drama.

  12. 12 : Chocopie Says:

    Wait a minute !! Are we being led astray by what we’ve been seen? The psycho we are made to think he is, may not be the one at all ? Do HyunSoo is behaving suspiciously alright. Could it only be because he himself is secretly investigating and looking for the real psycho ? Hope so…. (keeping my fingers crossed).

    May be its too early to say it. But for now the drama and story are kind to the viewers. No mad killing frenzy or wild bloody scenes. No dark manipulations of the mind. So far …. its much more like a police homicide investigation. I can live with this.

  13. 13 : Chocopie Says:

    Hahaha… another thing I like is how Do HyunSoo (the supposed psycho) meted out his kind of justice on an unfair kiddy fight. He stealthily took and threw the horrible kid’s doll into the trash bin, after having squashed it out if shape !!! Hahahaha !! That’s daddy justice !! Ooops !! 😷😷

    Ahem, there are two faces to every human, you know. Hehe !! Black and white ! Yin and Yang etc etc !!

  14. 14 : Shelsav Says:

    Hope this drama have a happy ending … Beside all of the thriller genre … I love the chemistry joon ki oppa & chae won onni from the minute first from ep.1 (yeah the kissing was so sweet) and it was wrap with a cold feeling. Will watch it and very hope a happy ending for the little family

  15. 15 : t Says:

    10 lbs more and he would have been better looking.

  16. 16 : tigerb Says:

    t for tiger

  17. 17 : MaxT Says:

    b for bot?

  18. 18 : MaxT Says:

    I meant to say b for BOY?

  19. 19 : tigerb Says:

    @MaxT #17 and 18: b for baby

  20. 20 : Chocopie Says:

    Looks like the story is starting to take-off now. Getting to be more interesting, intense… and more complicated….

    Meanwhile looming in the background, caught in the crossfire, is the integrity and sanctity of a young lovely family.

    JiWo’s husband and family needs her now, more than ever. The stakes are building up against her husband (unjustly, I like to think so). JiWon’s walking on a thin line. To save her husband and family …. and to serve her duty as a law enforcer. How to do both? Its a tough call. JiWon fighting !! You are a smart girl. Keep your head on your shoulder. You can make it !!

  21. 21 : Chocopie Says:

    Wait, what, where, whooooo….. ooops ?? Got to catch my breath and get my bearings first. Everything happening at super speed now ….

    Was there a kidnapping? A crazy taxi driver just zoomed past? An almost murder by drowning? Jiwon and police searching for her missing husband ? A life saved or drowned? Secretive peaceful lives blown open by police’s desperate search for kidnapped victim? Etc etc…

    In the midst, JiWon suddenly finds herself led into a dark, murderous and intriguing world, which unknown to her, was once where her husband had lived and grew up in…and where hell was.

    My final thought here is… Jiwon, what are you going to do now? Your cozy little world is about to be blown apart ??

    Fighting Jiwon !! You can pull through this one. You are not alone. You have some good people out there who will be there to help you save your husband. When husband is saved, family will be saved too.

  22. 22 : Chocopie Says:

    Jiwon, its understandable that you are upset and hurt to find out the secrets of Do HyunSoo’s past life. He has no choice. He wanted to live.
    Anyway, you already knew of his birth defect when you married him. A defect which caused him to be a target of bullies in his early life and now.

    You will realise from your investigation, that your husband (DHS) in the past and at present had been condemned by false rumours and gossips. There are no evidence to prove that he’s a killer.

    Your disappointment will pass. Have faith in your husband. Do not let history repeat itself on him. Save him.

  23. 23 : Chocopie Says:

    Just finished watching episode 6. I think I can see a bigger picture of what’s going on now…. ( I may be wrong though). Here’s my theory….

    So far, we have seen lots of noise, dramas and actions todate….. But we have not come any closer to answering so many questions out there. Hopefully, the below assumptions might help us a little.

    To cut the story short, I think there are two, not one serial killer. These killers operate independently of the other.

    One killer who we are made to believe is Do Minseok, father of Do HyunSoo. The other, is Baek HeeJung son of the CEO of University Hospital, who now is the fake fathet of DHS. DHS is now impersonating as BHJ. What happened here?

    Remember the night 18 years ago, when DHS was running away from home, he was accidently knocked down by Baek HJ ? BHJ wanted to call 911 for help. But DHS stopped him? I think BHJ then phoned his dad to send medical help. Dad sent help. And found the body of a dead woman (taxi driver’s wife) in BHJ’s car. Presumably, she was taken and been killed by BHJ.

    BHJ’s dad helped cover up the death of taxi driver’s wife by getting rid of her body. For some reason, BHJ got injured seriously during this time (drama did not tell). My guess is, Mrs Baek, BHJ’s mum could have hurt him in her mad anger and panic.

    His dad CEO hid the seriously injured BHJ at home. Made a deal with DHS to take BHJ’s identity. That’s how DHS lived as BHJ, and the taxi driver wife’s body was never found inspite of rumour saying that she was killed by serial killer Do Minseok? Not true. Just rumour.

    Meanwhile, I think that due taxi driver still searching for his wife’s body and police digging up the case, CEO Baek is getting panicky. He on purpose manipulates the rumour mill going again about DHS taking after his dad to become a killer again in town. (Remember the chinese restaurant owner murder? And how he claimed he’s been harassed by phone calls from DHS? Actually, caller could be CEO Baek in disguise). CEO Baek did this is to make DHS take the blame for whatever killings to saveguard his status, and son’s secret zombie existence.

    Imagine how the human mind has two faces. Eg. CEO Baek willing to sacrifice a young man (DHS) and his young loving family in order to save himself and his materialisc world. 👹

    Meanwhile, I would consider other side incidents in the drama as just distractions and false leads to add excitement to the drama.

    Well, the above is my theory. My apologies should I happen cause any upset to anyone.

  24. 24 : Chocopie Says:

    Well, theory above sounds well and maybe probable to solving the murders. But here comes the next part.

    I wonder, if Do HS were to be made a scapegoat for the murders, he had to be exposed for impersonating Baek HS and living as the son of CEO Baek and Wife. How then are the Baeks going to account or explain for the disappearance of their real son, Baek HS? Wont they put themselves in hot soup too??

    Anyone out there got any ideas?

  25. 25 : Chocopie Says:

    I cannot say that I like Jiwon right now, as a law enforcer and wife. Do doubt she’s got to do her job, and be a wife as well, but can not she tackle the investigation on her husband, Do HS with more understanding and civilility? In her 14 years of marriage had she not learnt to understand her husband’s character? How can her faith in him suddenly start to waver and crumble over night?

    But no, here she is, sulking like a spoiled brat just cos her husband had witheld info about his past. Plus, now treating her husband as if he’s a killer, just cos people said so. (Stupid. To believe the lies and rumours). And not even caring about his current physical condition post hospitalisation or how it must have been torture to make him revisit the hell where he lived a tortured life whilst growing up ? Isn’t there a more subtle way to conduct an investigation?

    As for DHS’s sister. Its hinted that she could even be a killer. Perhaps so, killed the village foreman in self defence. ( I would do the same, if my life were to be in danger, with no way out). Whatever, I suspect she knows more secrets of the village then she cares to let on. She’s alive today is cos she’s kept her mouth shut? Or is she the flower of evil?

    Village Doctor. Could he be the partner of the serial killer? Well, medical docters like anyone, can be good and bad people too.

    How about Do MinSeok is not a serial killer? A scapegoat? He and son, Do HS were victims/scapegoats of the village bullies and the serial killers? Condemned and judged by the lies, rumours and gossips of a small close knit community? Eg – shaman exorcism conducted by villagers on DHS when he was a teenager, just cos of his birth defect (APD)?

    DHS’s life is obviously in danger now. Ceo Baek wants DHS to disappear. He requested so. Will DHS give up the two items most valuable to him, Jiwon and Daughter, and go away in hiding? Don’t think so. He will stay.

    Will Jiwon wake up from her disapointment….to go and help protect DHS? She better be !! Will DHS’s sister go to save her bro ? Yes, I think so. After 18 years, time for to make the 18 years of hiding pay back…….

  26. 26 : Ng Says:

    Storyline is well written and scenes tightly connected. Can’t wait for next episode. Meanwhile biting my nails for whole week waiting and waiting!!!

  27. 27 : Chocopie Says:

    Below are my speculations. Food for thoughts….

    Has anyone noticed that the serial killings (taxi driver’s wife included) stopped at the same time as Do MinSeok’s death and the “disappearance” of the real Baek HS? Coincidence? Doubt it. Ahem… rule nbr 39 says… there is no such thing as coincidence. Hehe !!

    My guess is that the one main Shaker or rather, Manipulator here of all the events that had happened 18 years ago and currently, is none other than CEO Baek.

    Why him? Its cos of his greed for status and power plus the need to cover up the killings that his psycho son Baek HJ had been committing. So CEO Baek killed off Do MS making it looked like suicide to make DMS be blamed for the serial killings.. Dead man tell no tales. Do MS was a perfect scapegoat.

    His son’s BHJ deep coma – could it possibly be an induced one? Induced by CEO Baek himself as a means to keep BHJ under wraps, as it so happened that at that very time, he found an impersonator (DHS) who could take son’s place?

    Now 18 years later, things are beginning to unravel and fall into place that are going to reveal CEO Baek’s evil deeds. The most immediate dangers to him now are the presence of DHS and his own son BHJ who is coming out of his coma, though in a vegetative state. So CEO Baek needs DHS to disappear for good. But DHS refused.

    CEO Baek thought that he could manipulate things again like he did 18 years ago, by creating a witch hunt against DHS now. But this time justice has reared its head. CEO Baek’s plans are becoming to come un-loose. Even now, little Eunha DHS’s daughter, has a part to play in the cornering of CEO Baek. She possibly would unwittingly reveal the location of the secret room in the Baek’s home to her parents. This will lead to discovery of BHJ etc etc…

    Bit by bit… even a hill can be flattened… so will be CEO Baek’s evil world.

  28. 28 : Chocopie Says:

    Just realised that as we have been so busy “chasing down” the monsters, we have overlooked Do HS’s medical condition. He seems to be suffering some kind of chest pains everytime he’s stressed up. What does this mean? & Will it eventually claim Do HS’s life? Will the story end in a tragic note? Oh please no!! (Why am I frightening myself here….. ?? I have been overthinking? My bad.)

  29. 29 : Chocopie Says:

    Do HaeSoo, Do HS’s sister had mentioned that the guy who gave her the “fish” keychain at their father’s (Do MS) funeral cried hard there, as if he and DMS were rather close.

    I think he cried hard not cuz he lost someone close to him like a dear friend. But cuz he had to simply kill DMS’s just so in order to conceal his and his partner’s secret murderous life.

    Could this fish keychain person then possibly be the reporter MinJun. He got this trait of jotting notes on his forearm too, similar to fish keychain man, plus as well, he later became Do HaeSu’s boyfriend?

    Or could it be the village doctor? CEO Baek could be holding him to a secret he (doctor) wanted to conceal

    Who are the monsters who are now being forced to stir from hiding. Its obvious that they are in plain sight. Right under people’s noses. But just who are they?

  30. 30 : Chocopie Says:

    Spoiler Alert : Please do not want to squeeze my neck … Peace ✌

    Phew !! Good news !! Never better !!

    By chance this afternoon, I came across a piece of news.

    The news said that Director Kim Cheol Kyu mention that the story would end on a good note !! Do HS and wife Cha JW will join forces to a great conclusion !!

    (Sorry.. no specific details on the “war between good and evil”).

    Yeah… JiWon, love will conquer all !! Happy family !!

    All my feelings of angst for the past weeks have been worthwhile afterall. Phew !!

    Well, meanwhile I will keep watching to see how are the monsters going to wriggle to freedom. No way… ya?

  31. 31 : Chocopie Says:

    Detective Choi, noisy colleague of JiWon, had by shere good luck, got hold of the voice recorder belonging to Reporter MinJun. The voice recorder contained much useful information relating to the investigation.

    With the crucial information in hand, Det.Choi will force JiWon out of the investigation, citing conflict of interest (she investigator/husband murder suspect). Making the way clear for him to avoid and escape detection by the investigation team. Why does he need to do this?

    Because he could be that mysterious and elusive serial killer’s assailiant ??

    Has anyone wondered how could the human trafficking/ organs harvesting syndicate survive for so long (more than a decade) if it had not been protected by some powerful people in the community and law enforement agency? Food for thought.

  32. 32 : Chocopie Says:

    Quote: ” Because he could be that mysterious and elusive serial killer’s assailant.”

    CORRECTION : Because he could be that mysterious and elusive serial killer’s assistant.

    Sorry for slip of thought here.

  33. 33 : Chocopie Says:

    Hahaha …. the loud, and still getting louder buzz coming from various social media sites in trying to solve the Flower of Evil serial killing case is deafening.

    I think, other then the real Zodiac serial murder case which is a huge mystery internationally, FOE comes next, in spite of the fact that its only a fiction, not a real event like the Zodiac case !!

    Every other person who’s been following the tv drama, cannot resist becoming an amature detective, me included. In spite of these huge numbers of amateur detectives, we are no closer to catching the serial killers.

    The killers must be hiding in plain sight. Best hiding place. Example: which amateur detective would look under their mattress for a serial killer?

    Come on, Scripwriter and Director. Have pity on us. Throw us some bits of clues eh?

    Its obvious drama’s Scriptwriter and Director are having fun, leading the global hoards of amateur detectives round and round the bush. No closer to solving the case.

    Six more episodes to go ahhhh !! Arrrgg !! Hope the hair on my head is still there by the end of the drama…. pulling my hair in frustration in trying to solve the mystery is not my thing, but, but FOE is addictive…!

  34. 34 : Chocopie Says:

    Ayuhhhh… still got a few more nail biting …. oooopps… forget I said it. Taboo words!! Dont mention here. No, no, nooo.

    What I mean is, still got almost a whole day to wait for the screening of FOE over at my place here.

    Got very very curious about what’s happening with so many situations in the story.

    Decided to go visit some FOE sites for some foe tidbits.

    I landed at the page where a member suggested that the bodies could be cut up for various purposes… one of which could be for some Michaelangelo hobby! Michaelangelo? Beautiful life-like sculptures?

    What?? My poor hyper curiosity jumped over my head and my overthinking start cranking up hard now. I didn’t bargain for this!! I only came here for tidbits only. Oh Lord! Woah… this is the ultimate….

    ‘Just kidding’ the member next said in her post. One overthinker to another, unncessarily frightening ourselves out of our pants.

    Oh gosh! I should stick to meditating before I decide to overthink.

    Anyway… yay… tonite’s the nite… FOE… no overthinking here! You gotta show. We deserve it. We had braved digging for FOE tidbits and almost frightened ourselves half to death by thoughts of Michaelangelo life-like sculpters because of you

  35. 35 : Michelle Says:

    Wow, wow, what a masterpiece! What a remarkable job actor Li does! Can’t wait!!!!!

  36. 36 : Chocopie Says:

    #35 Michelle

    Hello Michelle

    For a moment I thought I saw a ghost here. But of course you are not. Ghosts would not even dare land here. You must have been dropped off by a drunk pilot who’s landed at the wrong airport. Btw a while ago, I thought I heard a loud explosion near here….

    Anyways, welcome to this lonely thread. You may call me by my other name “happy ghost” if you would like, in case you are allergic to chocolates.

    B4 you dropped here, with nobody here, this was a great place for me to rant and rave and sometimes having a monologue with the Scriptwriter and Director.

    Take your time to explore this thread. Enjoy!

  37. 37 : Chocopie Says:

    Watched Episode 11 last nite. Ayuuuuhhh !! It was a cry fest.

    Plus its a place where we see and feel the saddest, and … best of the human spirit. A very touching and disturbing episode alright. Do HS poor guy. He suffers soooo much. Tears tears tears…

    The Baeks are the epitome of the devil. Ayuuuh… nail biting to the max. Demon of a father…

    The real serial killer has been exposed… including his enabler. Our many amateur detectives out there should be happy that some of their theories are proven correct.

    Next, my head is a blank right now. Too much things have got stuffed up there lately. Can’t even speculate what will the remainder of 5 episodes be about.

    Possibly it might be about how the Baeks are going to deal with the monster they have created.

    Side Note: To person who wants to know : Do not fall. You might frighten the dragonfly away.

  38. 38 : paoare Says:

    I don’t know way this drama doesn’t have higher ratings! The actors are excellent and the story is one of the best I have seen!

  39. 39 : Chocopie Says:

    #38 paoare

    Reason for low rating is given in drama intro write-up above. This drama is on paid tv channels which account for less viewers compared to free tv channels’. Also rating is based in SK only. I think international viewers are not counted.

    Haha .. I remember my first introduction to k-dramas. When I first returned home after having been away for a very long time, a friend’s mom dropped a platic bag full of k-drama shows on to my lap, telling me the shows would keep me company. Little did she know that I knew nothing about k-dramas then.

    Hahaha… when she next saw me in a couple of weeks, I haven’t started watching any. At that time I was ignorant about k-pop and k-dramas, eventhough I had some SKorean friends and colleagues at work when I was abroad.

    But now, I am a fan of k-dramas and k-pop. Currently, following I-Land too. Luv this show.

  40. 40 : Chocopie Says:

    Trivia for a k-drama fan’s interest…..

    Ost : Because Its You – Kutenikka – by OnePiece.

    I knew all along it wasn’t coincidence. Cuz in life there is no such thing as coincidence. Was it at least a 3 year search? Why would you do it?

    A brave thing to do, plus a strong faith that what you are looking for would appear. How come you are so sure? Spooky…

    You would make a good amatuer dectective for FOE.

  41. 41 : Chocopie Says:

    Watched the Special Episode which was screened in lieu of ep 12.

    There wasn’t much to it. Nothing unusual or new. The review were sort of like echoes from viewers comments.

    Episode 11 was the highlight episode. To me, it was the ending, and beginning of the drama.

    Guessed probably from now on, there’s going to be much more intense actions, desperations and possibly bloodsheds happening.

    The dangers are not over yet for Do HS and JW, including Do Haesoo and Mujin.

    Its baffling Ep 11 showed Do HaeSoo going to CEO Baek’s home at night just for some information. Why take the risk? She could have done it the next day?

    And then, a much more scary sight was… a sinister looking BHS peeping through a doorway, eveasdropping on the meeting between Do HS and CEO Baek. Spine chilling…

  42. 42 : Chocopie Says:

    Episode 12 is moving very fast. To go catch a plane, I think?

    There is no let up in the built up of the suspense and tension from the start of the episode. B4 we could even take a breather… there is another killing !! In the Baek home !! You guessed right. BHS could actually walk. He isn’t a cripple!! (Miracle, after 14 years in bed, his leg muscles have not atrophied).

    Oh gosh! He strangled their maid to death, to protect his mommy dear, he said. Just like that !!

    No, it wont do anymore. BHS is truly a MONSTER. )He’s damaged beyond repair. He’s gotta be removed for good.

    How are the Baeks going to get rid of the maid’s body? The Baeks are now a close knit murderous gang called Murder Incorporated.

    How cunning. Murder Incorporated is planning to pin the murder onto Do HS.

    And… unknown to DHS of Baek’s plan, he himsel will be meeting with CEO Baek with an agenda of his own, that is, to trap CEO Baek and get him arrested by the police.

    Now we have a ‘war’ of good vs evil, meeting head to head. Which will win?

    Have to wait for next episode….

  43. 43 : Chocopie Says:

    I know, I know…. at the very point !! Anti climax !!

    Blame it on the Director and production crew. They anti climax and cliffhanger people, got no heart.

    No choice. Gotta wait for the next episode….

  44. 44 : Chocopie Says:

    Started to watch Episode 13 earlier today.

    But midway thro, I decided to stop watching. The story seemed to be running in a loop. Freedom and elation of JW and Do HS one minute. The next, JW in her silly childish suspicious mode would be accusing Do HS again. Wanting to arrest him. And there goes the loop-de-loop, depending on her emotional and mental state towards Do HS at the time. This scene seems to repeat itself since many episodes ago. JiWon’s mental state keeps changing at the drop of a hat. Been happening too often and too much already. Please to stop flogging this scene, Director. A horse would even die if flogged too much.

    I am taking a break from watching this drama for a while. Will return to it maybe, for the finale.

  45. 45 : k-drama.net Says:

    cant wait finale episode, huh so exited

  46. 46 : lili Says:

    saving my last 2 episode for this coming weekends,i just hope it will be happy ending /

  47. 47 : Chocopie Says:

    #46 lili

    Like you, I am also hoping for a good ending.

    I had planned to watch only the finale, which is tonite (over here in my country).

    But he coward in me, took a peep towards the end of Episode 15 this afternoon for signs to tell me whether to watch the finale or run away. It showed promising signs that the ending will be a good one. (Keeping fingers crossed).

    Happy watching!! Cheers for our beloved egg tart family!!

  48. 48 : Chocopie Says:

    I’ve gotta go now. My pet cat is yelling for me. She wants my attention. She’s a very naughty girl. Secret: now she even wants me to give her fried chicken. Had to buy two whole fried chickens a few days ago for her to eat over few days. But she ended with only one. I ate the other one. Due unforseen greedyness in Shi’s human.

    Have a happy FOE finale!!

  49. 49 : Benjamin Says:

    Very nice ending.

  50. 50 : Chocopie Says:

    Yeah…. I’m rather happy with the ending(s) too.

    Dont know about you, but the
    way I see it, this drama’s conclusion is rather smartly planned – the possibility of two endings. Its up to us pick one?

    Viewers take your pick. Which ending would you like?

    This time the drama’s anti-climax and cliffhanger people have finally listened to us. No more torturing us with suspense, no hanging us in the air. They gave a choice of ENDINGS !! Smart chappies!

    And thank you fellow viewers for dropping in and allowing yourselves to be half zoned out by Chocopie’s monologues with the tv, with the drama’s characters and her sometimes outrageous murder theories. That’s her She’s a shamless self proclaimed “monologue queen.

    It has been a wild and crazy ride. Good ride… 😄😄

  51. 51 : shiva Says:

    watched in 3 days, fantastic storyline, excellent acting by leads, specially Lee Joon Ki, loved it. Lee Joon ki never disappoints highly recommend it. and the amount of flash backs is 0 you only see it in last episode.

  52. 52 : Liz Says:

    Positive: Great plot, excellent acting.
    Negative: Make up, especially the main actress’ lipstick. I would like to get the brand name of her longlasting lipstick !

  53. 53 : Jassy Says:

    Very very good drama that I have watched in 2020, great story line and great main actor n main actress ❤️❤️

  54. 54 : Chocopie Says:

    #52 Liz

    Hahaha…. You’re observant aren’t you? Long lasting lipstick…. etc

    Hope we’ll meet again at some other k-drama in the near future.

  55. 55 : KDramaFAN Says:

    Absolutely love this drama! One of the best I’ve seen in 2020. Every episode keeps you wanting for more and the suspense just makes you wanna go arghhhhhh lol I think Lee Joon Ki and Moon Chae Young did such a great job, love their chemistry! Highly recommended!

  56. 56 : laura Says:

    i prefer watch STRANGER than this movie.. the plot too make sense … as a mother she’s not good being a mother .. and i guess too stupid cop.. sorry

  57. 57 : Su Jia yi Says:

    Th is a very good drama and you have to keep watching every episode until the end. Then you can know what is the truth for whole story. Lee Joon Gi and the main actress who both are my favorite star. This drama is
    Worth watching. You won’t regret.

  58. 58 : Karen hawod Says:

    Sobrang ganda… Fan from Philippines… 🧡

  59. 59 : Farida Says:

    One of the best character joon gi did. Love him so much.

  60. 60 : Meljorie shane rosales Says:

    I love this korean drama ❤️

  61. 61 : Olanrewaju Barakat olaitan Says:

    An interesting and amazing storyline

  62. 62 : Alyanna Says:

    I love this drama super 😘

  63. 63 : Juli Layugan Bayed Says:

    Best kdrama of 2020! Lee Joon Gi acting is awesome . Only Lee Joon Gi can give life to both role . kudos ❤❤❤

  64. 64 : Rica Mendones Says:

    Super duper love Lee Joon Gi. He truly deserves an award and FOE is the best drama of 2020.

  65. 65 : Juli Layugan Bayed Says:

    FOE the best kdrama if 2020. Lee Joon Gi is brilliant. Deserve for more acting awards

  66. 66 : Tata Says:

    I love this drama super!!!

  67. 67 : Rosy Shein Says:

    Best of LEE JOON GI

  68. 68 : lyne Says:

    Best Drama 2020

  69. 69 : Rosy Shein Says:


  70. 70 : [email protected] Says:

    Flower of evil lee joon gi

  71. 71 : leenie Says:

    This drama is super nice and Lee Joon Gi really fits his character as Do Hyun Soo

  72. 72 : Rosy Shein Says:

    Best of best

  73. 73 : U Tin Aung Says:

    good drama

  74. 74 : Mirah cerezo Says:

    Flower of Evil Lee Joon Gi

  75. 75 : Lorie Jean avendano Says:

    Ilooove the way lee joon gi acts, its natural. Superr love his all movie ❤

  76. 76 : U Tin Aung Says:

    This drama is the best.

  77. 77 : rc lasatin Says:

    I just love all dramas of lee joon ge

  78. 78 : TATIANA Says:

    Flower of Evil Lee Joon Gi

  79. 79 : Nicoleta Minzatianu Says:

    This is the Best drama

  80. 80 : Summit lep Says:

    Best drama of the year

  81. 81 : Moe Thet Says:

    Best drama of 2020

  82. 82 : Lyne Says:

    Best kdrama of the year

  83. 83 : Ancke Says:

    Loved it

  84. 84 : Aimslee Says:

    The best kdrama of 2020!

  85. 85 : waktu21.com Says:

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