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Five Fingers

Title: 다섯 손가락 / Five Fingers
Chinese Title: 五根手指
Previously known as: 피아노의 숲 / The Piano Forest
Genre: Romance, Musical, Melodrama
Episodes: 30
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Aug-18 to 2012-Nov-25
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:50


“Five Fingers” is about young people who each have their own tragedies to overcome and achieve their dreams.

Yoo Ji Ho (Joo Ji Hoon) is a genius pianist with perfect pitch in the show. While he overcomes a tragic past and childhood scars to chase his dream, he gets caught up in a bitter rivalry with the rich successor to a corporation.


Main Cast

Joo Ji Hoon as Yoo Ji Ho
Kang Yi Suk as Yoo Ji Ho (Young)
Chae Shi Ra as Chae Young Ran
Ji Chang Wook as Yoo In Ha
Kim Ji Hoon as Yoo In Ha (Young)
Jin Se Yun as Hong Da Mi
Kim Sung Kyung as Hong Da Mi (Young)

Supporting Cast

Jo Min Ki as Yoo Man Se (father of Ji Ho and In Ha)
Na Moon Hee as Min Ban Wol (Man Se’s mother)
Jun Mi Sun as Song Nam Joo (Da Mi’s mother)
Jung Eun Woo as Hong Woo Jin
Noh Tae Yub as Woo Jin (young)

Oh Dae Gyu as Hong Soo Pyo
Jun Noh Min as Kim Jung Wook
Cha Hwa Yun as Na Gye Hwa
Jang Hyun Sung as Choi Seung Jae
Jung Joon Ha as Louis Kang
Jun Gook Hwan as Ha Yoon Mo
Lee Hae In as Ha So Yool
Yoon Hye Kyung as Kim Eun Woo
Han Soo Jin as Shin Do Ri
Lee Seung Hyung as Secretary Oh
Song Ye Joo (송예주) as Lee Dong Hee
Ji Young Woo (지영우) as In Ha’s friend
Kang Chan Yang as Sung Hee
Ha Soo Ho as Delivery company employee
Hwang Eun Soo

Production Credits

Production Company: Yein E&M
Chief Producer: Kang Shin Hyo
Director: Choi Young Hoon
Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2012-08-18 1 12.1 (6th) 13.4 (6th) 11.2 (8th) 12.5 (6th)
2012-08-19 2 13.4 (8th) 16.3 (4th) 12.7 (6th) 14.2 (6th)
2012-08-25 3 15.0 (4th) 17.4 (3rd) 14.1 (4th) 15.3 (4th)
2012-08-26 4 13.8 (7th) 15.7 (6th) 14.0 (6th) 14.9 (6th)
2012-09-01 5 13.3 (5th) 15.1 (4th) 13.7 (3rd) 14.3 (4th)
2012-09-02 6 11.3 (12th) 12.4 (9th) 11.8 (8th) 12.8 (8th)
2012-09-08 7 10.7 (12th) 11.6 (8th) 10.8 (8th) 11.0 (9th)
2012-09-09 8 9.4 (17th) 10.7 (15th) 10.5 (11th) 11.3 (9th)
2012-09-15 9 10.1 (15th) 11.2 (10th) 10.4 (9th) 10.5 (10th)
2012-09-16 10 9.8 (17th) 9.7 (15th) 9.2 (17th) 9.6 (12th)
2012-09-22 11 10.9 (7th) 11.9 (7th) 11.7 (6th) 12.6 (6th)
2012-09-23 12 10.5 (11th) 11.6 (8th) 10.0 (12th) 10.2 (13th)
2012-09-29 13 10.6 (9th) 12.2 (6th) 8.9 (8th) 9.4 (9th)
2012-09-29 14 9.8 (15th) 10.9 (12th) 8.5 (13th) 8.9 (10th)
2012-10-06 15 10.1 (13th) 11.3 (8th) 10.2 (8th) 10.5 (9th)
2012-10-07 16 9.6 (16th) 10.9 (13th) 8.4 (15th) 8.8 (16th)
2012-10-13 17 9.4 (14th) 10.4 (11th) 10.1 (8th) 10.4 (10th)
2012-10-14 18 10.1 (10th) 12.1 (7th) 9.3 (10th) 9.4 (10th)
2012-10-20 19 10.3 (9th) 11.4 (10th) 11.3 (6th) 12.1 (7th)
2012-10-21 20 9.7 (14th) 10.9 (10th) 10.8 (8th) 11.0 (8th)
2012-10-27 21 11.9 (10th) 12.6 (7th) 11.4 (7th) 11.9 (6th)
2012-10-28 22 11.8 (8th) 12.7 (6th) 10.9 (8th) 11.7 (7th)
2012-11-03 23 11.4 (8th) 12.6 (6th) 12.6 (5th) 13.7 (5th)
2012-11-04 24 12.6 (9th) 14.1 (8th) 13.0 (7th) 13.2 (7th)
2012-11-10 25 13.7 (6th) 16.0 (4th) 13.5 (5th) 14.1 (6th)
2012-11-11 26 13.3 (8th) 14.7 (7th) 13.5 (8th) 14.3 (7th)
2012-11-17 27 11.8 (7th) 13.2 (6th) 12.6 (6th) 13.0 (5th)
2012-11-18 28 11.5 (8th) 11.9 (7th) 12.3 (7th) 12.7 (7th)
2012-11-24 29 12.0 (5th) 12.4 (6th) 12.5 (5th) 13.3 (5th)
2012-11-25 30 11.3 (8th) 12.3 (7th) 11.4 (8th) 11.6 (7th)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


– Actress Ham Eun Jung from idol group “T-ara” was originally cast for the co-lead female character of Hong Da Mi, but is no longer part of the series from August 21, 2012. A possible bullying scandal among the members of “T-ara” caused an uproar in South Korea and with two other members of “T-ara” (Hyo Min in “The Thousandth Man” & Park So Yeon in “Lovers of Haeundae” ) appearing in drama series that are receiving low ratings, an agreement was made to replace Ham Eun Jung. Filming for the adult characters is scheduled to begin August 23, 2012. Actress Jin Se Yun has accepted the offer to play the role vacated by Ham Eun Jung.

– Episode 13 & 14 broadcasted on 29/Sep/2012 back to back due to SBS aired the special program for Chuseok Day on 30/Sep/2012.


2013 Apan Star Awards – Popular Star Award: Joo Ji Hoon (Five Fingers)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Producer Awards, Chae Si Ra (Five Fingers)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Awards, Chae Si Ra (Five Fingers)
2012 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards, Jung Eun Woo (Bride of the Sun, Five Fingers)



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  1. 1 : finia Says:

    sooooooo lookin forward to jo ji hoon’s comeback #yay

  2. 2 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    i heard that ji chang wook will play his first antagonis role.. looking foward for that..

  3. 3 : tey Says:

    haaaaa jo ji hoon……see u soon… :D:D

  4. 4 : sassou Says:

    Eun Jung unnie fighting <3 <3 <3

  5. 5 : windi Says:

    i am waiting for joo ji hoon

  6. 6 : Rita (Ritztarits) Says:

    Jihun is the only actor I follow 24/7 and any project of his is worth the wait and worth the time invested.

    I love the guy and will watch his movie and this drama without a doubt!
    Jihun is an excellent actor and I will not be surprised if he gets nominated for best actor at the end of the year.

    Jihun and his drama – fighting!

  7. 7 : shocco locco Says:

    here to support Eunjung… hwaiting Eunjunggie

  8. 8 : Rani Says:

    Dying to see Ji hoon oppa with new project…

  9. 9 : kdbig Says:

    yay eunjung can wait for this drama 🙂

  10. 10 : sara Says:

    Choi Sira, one of the bests
    JCG, the first bad gyu role
    JJH, come back after 5 years/ the second chance
    I’m looking forward to it. Hope it will be okay.

  11. 11 : asiandaddict Says:

    Another drama to look forward this season especially to the coming back JJH. The long wait is over!!! I hope this will be a hit and a successful one. Fighting!!!

  12. 12 : Penelope Says:

    T-ara fans wants eunjung watever to be kicked out cuz of t-ara bullying Hwayoung 🙁 awww poor Hwayoung…

  13. 13 : GHSforever Says:

    If the bullying is really truth(which I believe) Eunjung
    should get out of this drama by herself.
    Netizen said that they won’t see it if she is in it and that would be bad for the actors who really works hard especially for JJH who finally returns after such a long time.

  14. 14 : raden zinira Says:

    the news of the bully is not true…..hwayoung say at her tweets….are you all still not believe…..what ever….i still support this drama…..

  15. 15 : sara Says:

    I’m reading the news of bullying now. It does seem to be true. I hate T-ERROR and EUNJONG. KICK HER OUT PLEASE.

  16. 16 : Jennie Says:

    @GHSforever I agree with you. Whether there’s any truth or not, Eunjung should just leave so as not to jeopardize the drama, which is so crucial to JJH. I didn’t like the fact that she was casted in this drama in the first place because she does not have the charisma of an actress, especially a leading actress.

  17. 17 : tomy Says:

    You’r the BEST Eun Jung .. We will be waiting for you …. fighting.

  18. 18 : mai Says:

    If people are truely a t-ara’s fan, then shouldn’t they support all the girls in that group? cause thats what make them “t-ara”… They shouldn’t being saying that they are “t-ara fan” since, they’re picking one girl over the other. That’s ridiculous….. Anyways, Figting Eunjung!! who cares what people think, they can’t do anything to you.

  19. 19 : rone Says:

    eun jung ,,, Fighting !!

  20. 20 : eny Says:

    agree with mai, betwen idol singer became actress i think eunjang is the best, she pick different charracter in her project, it means she really wanna learn to be better actress and i see her improvement from coffee house to dreamhigh, dreamhigh can be good because the acting of KSH and eunjang, although i don’t like KSH in “the moon”

  21. 21 : PURPLE LOVE Says:


  22. 22 : PURPLE LOVE Says:

    please don’t kick out eunjung from this drama…..

  23. 23 : joy Says:

    JUST for JU JI HUN….nothing else…..

  24. 24 : SEGACRAZE Says:

    another anticipating drama for me bec of JJH!!!

  25. 25 : sara Says:

    How can you say that? I don’t know HY and just heard T-ara’s name. I even don’t like any of Korean girl groups but as a human you must sympathize with the victim. Now the problem is not being a loyal fan. Nobody has the right to hurt others just because s/he thinks she is a star and has some supporters. And why do you think what people think is not important? Can she survive in the industry without people’s support? She doesn’t have the right to ruin JJH’s come back drama.

  26. 26 : eny Says:

    i,m not a fans of girlband band too, but i guess the news about that it’s too much, we don’t know the truth, i guess it’s not bullying, in one group there’s some fight betwen the member it’s really usual we can’t make everyone have the same thought i think media over dramatize this problem

  27. 27 : Sakura Says:

    I am excited for this up and coming drama and hope for its successes because I, too, am a fan of the actors and actresses in it.

    But what I have to say will offend people so I won’t even apologize for my prudent nature: some online netizens have taken the matter far more serious than need be. (Before you fire back, just read on) It reminds me of Tablo’s education scandal which took him a while to recover but it was proven to be false accusations. Now the situations are different but it all started with a rumour (false statements).

    You netizens and zombie fans (I call you zombie because all you scream for is blood without the justifications and logics of acting in a civil manner) are acting like children on a playground who do not even know how to distinguish what is right and what is wrong. You are not in the situation, therefore you can not justify with rumours spread online, who have the potential to ruin lives. Please don’t act like you were never victim to rumours, everyone has been. The truth, no matter how one tries to conceal it, will be revealed so calm your titties and wait like civil people instead of posting nasty comments like uncivilized people who can’t even use their brains, even if their life depended on it. Times are tough for all parties involved and you zombie netizens, are only adding fuel to the fire. That is, if you are the type that likes this kind of drama, I pity you, I truly do.

  28. 28 : Sakura Says:

    I hope true fans will not mix in what is happening in reality to the drama’s success of being a great production. Yes, human nature dictates that personal feelings of disappointment towards a film may be the deciding factor of whether you watch the drama or not but at least, you should give it a chance. Peace.

  29. 29 : I Says:

    I’ll watch this drama because of you, Eunjung ahh^^.
    It’s OK.
    Stay strong….

  30. 30 : dinaz Says:

    Eunjung be strong..ur fans will always believe in u..everything will be alright!Good luck for the drama..

  31. 31 : Charlie Says:

    Im excited to see Joo JI Hoon coming back to drama land.

  32. 32 : nadhira Says:

    I’m so excited to see Joo Ji Hoon again !!! XD but too bad, there is EUNJUNG too in this drama -______-” oh my god, why she’s there?????? like a crap

  33. 33 : GHSforever Says:

    T-ara canceled their performances and other stuff because of the recent scandal and I assume that they are also afraid of the “angry netizens”.
    Many netizen are still angry and not satisfied with the current situation and will still bashing T-ara. If there was really NO bullying why the hell did not
    T-ara members clearly denied it. The apology from Hwayoung looks also suspicous. Some netizens assume that it was even forced.
    For me the bigger question is how the hell will Eunjung promote her upcoming drama.

    Well if the situation don’t improve, I wish the PD good luck with the ratings.

  34. 34 : sara Says:

    I agree with you. Although they say T-ara members doesn’t have the right to speak freely but their image is already ruined so what do they fear? They have to tell the truth. I was happy coz JJH is back and seeing JCG as a bad guy for the first time is pleasing but it’s a shame if it will be ruined. If the ratings drop they will be forced to change the script and this will affect the drama in a negative way.

  35. 35 : Jennie Says:

    I’m specially looking forward to this drama, especially with the three hot guys, Joo JH, Ji CW and Jung EW and I have confidence that this drama will be popular, well, maybe not in Korea but it’ll definitely be well received by international viewers 😀 Chae Shi Ra, a veteran actress, will probably play a more prominent role than the rest of the female cast. I am happy as long as the drama is able to start and I get to see the three guys all together in one drama “rubbing hands with glee” 😀

  36. 36 : PlaPla Says:

    i like eun jung . I’ll watch this drama because of you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. 37 : PURPLE LOVE Says:


  38. 38 : roxyalso Says:

    Let’s focus people, I will watch this drama because of Joo Ji Hoon…he is a good actor and needs all of our support.

    Being in the entertainment profession isn’t easy and everyone should be given a second chance if they stumble. Having said that… the actors who whine about their fans and complain about not having any privacy, need to get a grip or leave the acting profession. How much money are these actors making because of their fans? Who is responsible for making them famous? I bet both answers would be FANS. Not every fan is going to be ok with neg. behavior from their fav. actor, they get to big for their britches and act out …. and YES there are going to be consequences for their neg. attitude, arrogance and acting like spoiled children.

    Neg. fans, which are in the minority, need to get a life and get a grip too. You idolize these young people who go out and get the nose jobs and eye fix because basically they don’t like the way Koreans look, and then you let them believe they are better than the average Korean boy or girl. Koreans are beautiful looking, their actors and actresses are insecure, if they weren’t insecure they wouldn’t change their looks and make it on their talent alone. Fans, if your fav. actor hadn’t gone under the knife and changed their looks would you still be so enamored? Think not.

    Too bad one person can bring down a whole drama, the world does not revolve around her.

  39. 39 : apple Says:

    Eunjung please be strong we will support u..molkang-molkang!!!

  40. 40 : KDaddict Says:

    Eye opening! Truly eye-opening!
    Had no idea that netizens would have such strong reactions to sth that started w sb’s twitter message.
    It seems like a crazy world that these young entertainers live in. Such whims of fans. Such stress for them. The success is heady. The downfall can be sudden and out of the blue. Ssccaarryy.

  41. 41 : caca Says:

    Well abt T-ara issue, Eunjung is on the wrong side too. She knows how crazy netizen can be, so why she has to post such a stupid comment on twitter? It’s so unprofessional.

  42. 42 : vbs Says:

    Joo Ji Hoon is the reason to watch this for me, I’m SO tired of all these comments about some kpopgirl group that are all over the web when i read about this drama…

  43. 43 : diah Says:


  44. 44 : wazabi Says:

    can’t wait to you again my prince….i have been waiting you so long time..good luck than..i miss you.

  45. 45 : sassou Says:

    i will watch this drama because of eunjung
    eunjung fighting <3 <3 <3

  46. 46 : Leevu Says:

    Eun Jung fighting. We always stand by you. Waiting for your comeback. Sarang hae 

  47. 47 : Cyn Says:

    Honestly I don’t know if the whole T-ara thing is as big as everyone is making it but I really do not think it has anything to do with this show so, I will watch it because I like Eunjung and Ji Chang Wook’s acting.

  48. 48 : kdbig Says:

    idc about the scandal of t-ara i will still support eunjung no matter what and ill watch this drama because it really has a lot of potential to be a hit one 🙂

  49. 49 : zarima USA Says:

    am going to watch this kdrama.. as long as UEN JUNG and JI CHANG WOOK ….
    so go go goo.. AJA AJA…

  50. 50 : kira Says:

    yeah Joo Ji Hoon’s back!!!.but uhmmmm im not sure of Eunjung’s acting though..i never liked her in DH too..i’m not a fan of idols-turned-actors that’s why and who cares about the “bullying” rumors about T-ARA..that’s there problem ..maybe they’re not fond of each other that much and the girl who’s bullied ,,i forgot the bame,it was decided by the members,staffs and make up artists etc. that she’d be out,,maybe she has a character problem that’s why…

  51. 51 : sachi Says:

    WHAT..! ENJUNG .. Still in this drama!!!! OOhh !!!! why??
    so many good actress why Enjung? she bad actress, just good and nice in camera,,! OH NO!!!

  52. 52 : eli Says:

    Don’t believe what u only listen because sometime is not truth and make other people hurt..Believe in your heart and not judge people without in rational mind…I still believe eunjung is innocent and kind person…Eunjung fighting and never ever give up with your life..Our life like wheel sometime up and sometime down…Luv from eunjung’s fan

  53. 53 : Plapla Says:

    eunjung fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . i like you.

  54. 54 : T-jinyo Says:

    Ya! eunjung 너 ! 그냥 가라 ! 너 진짜 축기하고싶다…

  55. 55 : Dafuq Says:


  56. 56 : erika Says:

    is eunjung still play as the leading actress in this drama since it’s so much controversy about t-ara member?
    will she be changed?
    maybe the writer will change its storyline so that eunjung role stopped after some episode..

  57. 57 : sheila Says:

    eunjung ???????????????????? ohhh nooo!!!! bad actreessssss

  58. 58 : PURPLE LOVE Says:

    lol….you all misunderstanding…the new of bully is not true…..if you all can’t believe go to this page http://hyotheleader.tumblr.com/ all the truth and romurs in this page……please don’t say eunjung is bad actress……

  59. 59 : syasya Says:

    EUNJUNG FIGHTING…..DON’T GIVE UP BABY….we still support you in this drama…..

  60. 60 : zarima USA Says:

    OH what a cruel some of the fans… they just beleive what they wants to beleive… the bullying may not be true but why some fans insists it so..

    EUNJUNG aja aja

  61. 61 : [email protected] Says:

    Shut up! ALL anti-eunjung… don’t talk if you don’t have anything good to say. ARE YOU PERFECT? A TRUE fan like me will not give up idolizing our favorite actress Eunjung with just one wrong rumor. I still like Eunjung! fighting!

  62. 62 : syasya Says:

    @[email protected] i’m support you….their don’t no what the truth news….that why their anti eunjung…..

  63. 63 : hihi Says:

    EJ. fighting. she dont sad. she is good person

  64. 64 : loma Says:

    eunjung aja aja fighting .. you’r good person

  65. 65 : syasya Says:

    eunjung fighting…..i can’t wait for this drama…..so excited

  66. 66 : mahta Says:

    EUNJUNG FIGHTING…..DON’T GIVE UP BABY….we still support you in this drama…..
    i love u
    im from iran

  67. 67 : pammy Says:

    I don’t like eunjung’s acting …. Y.Y
    she has the jealous’ eyes..

  68. 68 : jereme Says:

    I really don’t like when girlgroup be in drama.. they’re singer not actress lol

  69. 69 : Queen_Eunjung Says:

    Eunjung fighting….don’t give up eunjung unni…u can do it..!!!
    I’m Queen From Indonesia..^^

    Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.
    Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.
    Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.
    Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.
    Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.
    Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.Eunjung fighting.

  70. 70 : Ella407 Says:

    YES.. joo ji hoon is back, nae sobang is back… whatever they are talki’ about eunjung or whatever … i most interesting with joo ji hoon..
    long time for waiting u in drama … miss u oppa ..

  71. 71 : bella Says:

    jereme…but eunjung is singer and actress….eunjung has long been an actress and then she became the singer…..she cast in 1999…she is senior….she can act so well better then ji chang wook and joo ji hoon…..eunjung fighting…

  72. 72 : hihi Says:

    she has the jealous’ eyes..
    but her friends said:” she is good person”
    she has many friends

  73. 73 : dinaz Says:

    Oh i feel bad reading the anti-eunjung comments..its not like she killed someone and who knows the real truth,it may be more twisted than we can imagine.i support her..i feel bad for her poor girl is facing so much of hatred.
    stay stong eunjung!!fighting..

  74. 74 : Jennie Says:

    Just stumbled on some videos on Princess Hours/Goong on Youtube and guys, forget about Eunjung now. She’s IN, so either we watch or we don’t, that’s it. For me, I just want to see JJH again, in another drama. Looking at those vidoes make me all excited about seeing him again. I miss JJH and YEH – bet everyone who was nuts over Goong back then will want to watch the drama again once you see this vid LOL. Am going to dig out my dvd tonight and do a marathon for sure. Here’s the link:

  75. 75 : cimm Says:

    i like the male lead,,but i didn’t like the female lead,,but i still interesting with this drama

  76. 76 : Gretz16 Says:

    I thought this drama is 52 episode… i read it from previous updates and news, but how come only 30 episode now? Did they cut it short because of the controversy that the cast was in?…. But any way, i think i’m gonna miss this one… i preferred to watch “May Queen” … i will be back to watch this when i’m done on the other drama. 🙂

  77. 77 : Jennie Says:

    @Gretz16 I remember reading about the 50/30 episode issue and it seems somebody made a blunder in reporting it as a 50 episode drama. Original plans had always been 30 episodes, it seems. This drama will be my top drama to watch out for after this run of dramas but I am going to watch May Queen and Arang too while waiting for Nice Guy 😀

  78. 78 : sarangniya Says:

    @jereme, @sheila, @sachi: you don’t now who Eunjung is, how come you talk bad about someone who you don’t know.. ?? she’s actress originally since 8 years old.. in fact, she’s child actress

  79. 79 : sarangniya Says:

    @sara : LOLing on you.. you even don’t now what the true is.. you said you don’t know HY or T-ara, so how come you believe that issue ?? so you should find better source about that rumor before you speak.. slander is not good honey…

  80. 80 : sara Says:

    Firstly, i must say, this discussion is off-topic and i hate arguing over some idols But i just want to answer to your comment. I really apologize to admin.

    I said i didn’t know them coz i’m not a fan. But i did watch them in variety shows and interviews and follow k-pop news everyday coz it’s my fave. So I’ve read many things related to this news. I don’t know what the truth is coz there are lots of false and exaggerating stories but i do believe bullying happened in some way. Even from their childish tweets you could tell. So just because you are a fan, you can’t accuse me of ANYTHING. Even your comments are rude and biased. So, it’s better, you also don’t believe whatever you see and not idolize anybody. T-ARA is not a bit important to me. To me, the whole mater is just like a Korean- family drama with all of its tension and cliches. I just don’t like anyone hurt others just because s/he has some fake given by media star power. And humanity is being stepped in an industry everyone just wants to survive no matter what. So, support your idol somewhere else please.

  81. 81 : bella Says:

    i don’t care about you all say……i just want to watch this drama….if you all want to fight…..don’t at this page!!!…eunjung fighting…joo ji hoon fighting……ji changwook fighting

  82. 82 : lea Says:

    Eunjung will do great~! I really look forward to all Chae Sira and Eunjungs performances together. 🙂

    Too all the haters, grow up and suck it up. Eunjung is apart of the main cast and that’s that. She was chosen for a reason and allowed to stay for the same reason~ because she is a talent actress with great potential. You weren’t there so you don’t know the truth. None of us do. Hating on Eunjung for unsubstantiated bullying rumors is ridiculous and will only hurt the drama you all claim to care about. Also, given how hard Jihoon has has to work to overcome the hate spewed out at him regarding his past you would think you’d be a little more sympathetic. People like you are the reason its taken him so long to have a comeback. Nasty haters that think they have the right to cast judgments on people and ruin their lives. Smh.

    I can’t wait for this drama~ I think its going to be amazing.

  83. 83 : Lizzy Says:

    Umm.. I am not a fan of Eun Jung but i just wanna tell you guys that have said bad things about Eun Jung that she is not bad at acting. And maybe acting and singing is Eun Jung’s talent thats why she can become both… How do you feel if someone told bad things like ur a bad actor/actress? Ofc u will also feel sad right? Anws , i can’t wait for this drama!

  84. 84 : bella Says:

    @LIZZY….i support you..

  85. 85 : wazabi Says:

    i dont know anything about eun jung news these days..but other way i do believe if everybody have mistakes in their life’ so like jo ji hoon too..but why eun jung with o ji hoon now..whom is want to get up …why…just so pity..whatever she have excelent talent in singing or acting but if she really have bad behavior ..oh no……..h’ anyway..jo ji hoon fighting”!

  86. 86 : zieyziey Says:

    @wazabi if you don’t now the true news…don’t say eunjung is bad behavior….are you eunjung???if you don’t know what the truth news….don’t say the rumors news….the bad news of t-ara and eunjung is not true….you don’t know the true news????lol….you same the the anti t-ara….ONE SIDED….WHAT YOU DON’T SEE WITH YOUR EYES,DON’T WITNESS WITH YOUR MOUTH….i’m not t-ara fan..but i want to cry because of you and anti t-ara….take care your mouth……

  87. 87 : jane Says:

    ohmygod Joo ji hoon! for a very, I mean, VERY long time I don’t see him, I CAN’T WAIT!!

    but, who is that? Ham Eun Jeong? woah, this is gonna be an interesting drama kekeke~

  88. 88 : adl Says:

    lmao eunjung? not watching this one.

  89. 89 : rarah Says:


  90. 90 : shalsof Says:

    ..just stop arguing .. this is not a place for that..
    just comment about the drama not their issues/career ,,you gonna make this drama having a hard time to get a high rating,, they are all good artist.. just support them and this drama if you all like.. weather you like it or not its gonna air soon..

  91. 91 : SaC09 Says:

    I’m really looking forward for this drama!
    Chai Si Ra ; one of the best and respected actresses in Korea.
    Ji Hoon ; a good and talented actor, for those who had been following this guy since Goong phenomenon in 2006 must be super excited to see his comeback drama.
    Chang Wook ; very first role as villain. Oh he looks so gorgeous for this drama.
    I hope Five Fingers will be a hit and an awesome drama! Fighting! 🙂

  92. 92 : oppa Says:

    I love Jihoon but Eunjung ?!?!
    a little bit upset I won’t watch this drama seriously…

  93. 93 : rarah Says:

    lol….if you don’t want watch this drama….don’t watch…..who care???

  94. 94 : Lizzy Says:

    @bella : Thank You

  95. 95 : Putri Says:

    omo I think this drama is gonna get a low rating if watchers just still care about eunjung or so-whatever girlgroup scandal -_- however, I dont care about it, I just want to watch it. FIGHTING JOO JI HOON! 🙂

  96. 96 : grace Says:

    I hate to see all the bad comments, and i feel bad to all the artist, unfortunately, i think i’m not going to watch this drama… it’s just too disappointing and by just reading those comments here, it gives me a very bad impression about it..

  97. 97 : agave Says:

    Thankfully, there are just a few more days to wait until I can see this drama. Between Chae Shi Ra and Joo Ji Hoon, I’m really excited about Five Fingers because they are powerful actors who have played a wide range of characters in their past roles.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing Ji Chang Wook play against type as a villain. I’m prepared for a lot of angst and larger than life characters, so this should be an interesting ride.

  98. 98 : exsha Says:

    ji chang wook so cool

  99. 99 : baguss Says:

    ham eun jung ,,t-ara whaithing

  100. 100 : maya Says:

    joo ji hoon i love you

  101. 101 : depth Says:


  102. 102 : Jennie Says:

    Very excited that I’ll get to see 3 hot and talented guys (Ji Chang Wook, Joo Ji Hoon and Jung Eun Woo) all in one drama. My three “J”‘s 😀

  103. 103 : annira Says:

    for all anti fans ham eun jung : before mocking other people … look at yourself first … you think you’re better … you are is nothing

  104. 104 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    haha your comment make me laugh,, yes, cannot wait for three J,, esp. ji chang wook,, eh Jennie if i’m not mistaken you’re fans of dbsk, don’t you,,
    what do you think about ji chang wook, it seem his look a lil’ bit look like changmin ya,,,

  105. 105 : Jennie Says:

    @taraLuvJJ Yes, they do have some similarity, somewhere around the upper lip. Love DBSK to death, yes. Ji CW has matured into such a fine looking young man and looks so good in all the pictures in this drama, doesn’t he?

  106. 106 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    @Jennie, yes he is,, even in this drama he got antagonis role, i’m so exited and really cannot wait,,,,

  107. 107 : katy Says:

    please … not Eunjung
    upset !!

  108. 108 : lily Says:

    @katy you sad but i’m happy…..:)))…..eunjung fighting..

  109. 109 : SHALSOF Says:

    ,,hahaha,, its gonna air soon,,,
    the haters,, you’re all useless,, just enjoy the show,,
    im not a fan nor a haters,, i just love to watch korean drama,, even though i dont know the artist,, love the story and how they portray their characters,,,

  110. 110 : Hera Says:

    Love eunjung and her every projects …..fighting

  111. 111 : Cathy Says:

    So excited to see ji hoon once again but I’m bit disappointed with their choice of the actress-eunjung. I just hope that the story won’t focus much on romance between jihoon and eun Jung.

  112. 112 : mai Says:

    love you eun-jung. fighting fighting fighting..:)

  113. 113 : rarah Says:

    why all the anti fan…so SUCK….why you all not satisfied??about the bully??the bully is not true….she not bully but you all the bully….just keep quiet…if you don’t know the truth story….you think you great and perpect….nobody perfect…all people make a mistake…not anly she and t-ara….

  114. 114 : kdfan Says:

    i like jichangwook. i hope they are not going to make his character so bad that i hate watching.

  115. 115 : dada Says:

    I prefer Mayqueen the leading-female is more interesting

  116. 116 : lulu Says:

    I didn’t dislike her because her problem with t-ara members
    But from Dreamhigh ..
    Its not up to her problem or anything just focus on her acting..

    not anti I’ll watching this and hope she’s doing well Fighting !

  117. 117 : eny Says:

    i just need good story and good acting, i don’t care about any gossip about them, just enjoy the drama if it’s good or watch another drama if it’s bad

  118. 118 : eny Says:

    the synopsis look’s more intersting than may queen

  119. 119 : Plapla Says:

    i like you eun-jung. fighting fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. 120 : mahta Says:

    من خیلی خوشحالم که ایون جونگ در یان سریال بازی میکنه
    به امید نقش های بهتر
    دوست دارم eun jung

  121. 121 : diefan Says:

    OMG! Exciting… can’t hardly wait.
    the story and the casts ahhh A must watch!
    of course my bias EungJung-ah!! Saranghaeyo! Fighting!~

  122. 122 : diefan Says:

    looking at chae shi ra poster above she looks very intimadating and her red dress oh my… her darling diva pose. a totally momie dearest for real.
    this is gonna be an awesome drama..

    Reminders to all haters and bashers keep on what you doing you know it will come back to you tenfolds.. I pity you guys and i’m very disappointed. shallow netizens. huh!

  123. 123 : GirL_KicK_AsS Says:

    Joo Ji Hoon is finally back:)the last time I saw him was in “The Devil’ 🙂 sounds interesting story!

  124. 124 : Cathy Says:

    This drama sounds so boring, i don’t hate any of the cast, but i just feel it’s not a good story. i think they choose the female lead because she is a famous singer, not knowing that she will be in scandal just before the drama start and mess up everything, true or not true nobody can control what people think about it. I will watch this drama later on because i like the male lead… :)… For now, i choose to watch “My Queen” first, i think it’s better to watch lovely Angel like Kim Yoo Jung, than someone everybody calls pretty bitch…

  125. 125 : Cyn Says:

    @Cathy Wait Eunjung is the main female lead? I thought she was the second female lead.

  126. 126 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    I will follow this drama because of Joo Ji Hoon.Eunjung,i don’t know about,i think i saw her in other drama and i don.t like her.The come back for Joo Ji Hoon might not be as successful because of this lead female.I feel no chemistry already.Ji hoon might not give his all with this lead actress because it does make a big difference how one acts and reacts if there is no connection to start with.If they can still change the female lead ,i would wish and hope that they would.Sometimes no matter how much you love the artist,but can’t feel the chemistry then it becomes uninteresting to continue to watch. I hope that won’t be the case .I love Joo Ji Hoon in Goong 1 and very sure that his female partner inspired him and acted and played his role well the way he did because of her.No offence to Eunjung fans.

  127. 127 : sassou Says:

    my bias eunjung fighting

  128. 128 : lily Says:

    eunjung, fighting…just do ur best..don’t mind the criticism of others…five fingers will be a successful drama…

  129. 129 : amicus curae Says:

    I just watched the first episode… and I can say I love this show.
    I really love dramas about music.
    Even the teaser and the full length trailer is mesmerizing.
    Piano… oh I love piano music.
    I have watched Nodame Cantabile and Beethoven Virus, but this time, I will experience a kind of heavier drama about music.

    This show is also about love, family and following one’s dreams… and I am very excited about the acting skills that these veteran actors can show us as the plot unfolds before my eyes.

    So far I am very impressed with the show and I will continue watching it.
    I am excited for the appearance of Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Chang Wook and Eunjung.

    Very promising drama. Five Fingers Fighting!!!

  130. 130 : athena Says:

    This is Joo Ji Hoon’s TV drama comeback!
    I absolutely became a fan of him in Goong/Princess Hours.
    After so many years I can finally see him again in a drama!
    This time he plays the piano!
    Wow I am so excited.

    Ji Chang Wook is also a promising actor. While this is the first time that he portrays a villain, I have faith that this drama can bring out and maximize his acting skills as he shows the darker and and angsty side of him. I have seen him act like a villain in a music video and I sense the potential. I am looking forward to him and his interesting character.

    Eunjung is also a good actress. I watched Dream High and she portrayed a villain role effectively because I really hated her character. I learned that she wanted to become an actress since she was a child and she even had small acting roles when she was younger. She even appeared in a cameo role in Joo Ji Hoon’s drama Goong/Princess Hours! Cool, now she’s no longer just in a cameo role but acting in a lead role with Joo Ji Hoon. I also learned that she is taking up Acting as her college major in Dongguk University, a top university known for its prestigious Acting program, where top actors in Korea like Shin Min Ah and Han Hyo Joo also graduated. Since this is her first lead role in a drama, I am excited to see her acting dreams fully blossom.

    Chae Shi Ra is also another gem in the cast. She won acting awards in the past, portrayed numerous roles in various dramas and I can say that she’s a veteran. And also a very beautiful woman for her age. She portrays such a rich and complex character in this drama and I am so excited to see her wide acting range. Especially in this drama full of angst and deep emotions.

    I have seen first episode and it was very impressive. I shall keep watching.

  131. 131 : karen Says:

    I am so excited for Eunjung’s drama.

    I have seen her act and I see her potential.

    She became an actress first in small roles before she became a singer.

    So I am happy that she’s now in a role that allows her to do her first passion, acting.

    While she may not be the best actress around, I am giving her a fair chance to grow and learn in this drama project. I have faith in her ability to portray Hong Da Mi well.

    Eunjung Hwaiting!!!

  132. 132 : junggiestar Says:

    @thank god for korean drama.. lol you don;t have to right to bash our eunjung… and please check the work you used before I invite all Junggiestar here and bashed Jo Jihoon …. I actually don;t like jo jihoon specially with that FUGLY hairstyle…

  133. 133 : GHSforever Says:


    AGB: Five Fingers (SBS) = 11.2%, 12.5%
    TmnS: Five Fingers (SBS) = 13.4%/12.1%

  134. 134 : queen Says:

    i think the most important things in drama is about the story, not about the lead female!. I think you are a narrow minded person.

  135. 135 : Queen Says:

    i think the most important things in drama is about the story, not about the lead female. I think you are a narrow minded person if you see te drama from the lead female.

  136. 136 : eny Says:

    absolutly right,story is really important, i don’t watch the drama just because i like the actor/ actress even if i like the actor/actress but the story is bad i wouldn’t watch it

  137. 137 : pop Says:

    The lead female and male also important for the drama

  138. 138 : ean jihu Says:

    love you eun jung eounie

  139. 139 : mahta Says:

    Eunjung … you’r THE BEST

  140. 140 : mahta Says:

    five fingers will be a successful drama…
    love you eun jung eounie

  141. 141 : raqzie Says:

    i will watch five fingers for reason that it is a good drama and eunjung acting skill will definitely be seen in another level, i believe in her abilities that she is someone who can earn everyone’s recognition specially in acting..

  142. 142 : SaC09 Says:

    Rating Five Fingers ep.2 (19/08)
    National / Seoul
    AGB: 12,7% / 14,2%
    TMnS: 16,3%(3rd)/13,4%(8th)

    Really looking forward for the adult cast performance, but I’m soo in love and enjoyed the child cast performance! they’re really amazing with their roles, especially In Ha, I love his acting skill.
    Five Fingers fighting!!!! <3
    Jihoon fighting! We all love you Joo Jihoon-ssi<3

  143. 143 : Jennie Says:

    Am so glad this is being well received. Have yet to start watching as I am traveling this weekend, unfortunately but I just had to know how it was doing. So happy and looking forward to catching 2 episodes in a row when I return 😀

  144. 144 : shoshlev Says:

    I am not going to see the drama because of the boycott did the T-ARA

  145. 145 : hihi Says:

    shoshlev: I’m glad you do not see this drama. because you are stupid. and lack of understanding. the film did not need people like you to see

  146. 146 : GHSforever Says:

    It’s his/her opinion so she can decide. Just like you decided to watch it.
    He /She did not even bash T-ara, so why are you getting offened?
    Don’t call somebody stupid who you don’t even know. That’s ridiclous

  147. 147 : eny Says:

    i think eunjang acting it’s ok, as long as she can portray her charracter, i don’t care about the gossip that doesn’t always true

  148. 148 : Charlie Says:

    I’m very exited about the castings. But the story doesn’t look promising To me by viewing the first two episoes. It seems about the hatred and fighting between the step-relationships from a twisted family, showing ugly side of mankind, not my favorite topic. Hope when the adult casting starts, the story will get better.

  149. 149 : Jennie Says:

    Ugh, why aren’t the subs out yet? 🙁

  150. 150 : Yoyo Says:

    I wish they could change the female leading :(((

  151. 151 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    To Jungiestar,i’m entitled to my own opinion as you are to yours,so keep it to yourself before you make a comment.When i say no offence to your beloved idol fan as you youself,what is it that your not understanding?

  152. 152 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    For those who made a statement using the word narrowminded and stupid,please read between the lines and choose your word wisely for it might just show that your knowledge in understanding might be lacking immensely.Have an open mind before you can judge people being narrow minded.Broaden your knowledge and horizon first then maybe your argument can be worthy of debate,

  153. 153 : irene Says:

    having second thoughts watching this drama for i also don’t like the female lead. are there no other actress around?

  154. 154 : rarah Says:

    @irene…lol…if you don’t like this drama because of the lead female….don’t watch…anybody care….just you only care….crazy woman….

  155. 155 : Ramla Says:

    I love Chae Shi Ra dramas. I loved her in Empress Chun Chu and am looking forward to her amazing acting in this drama.

  156. 156 : Sophie Says:

    Joo Ji Hoon’s hiatus is over judging from the ratings from the first two episodes and the icebergs are thawing, cannot be happier as I have long admired this amazingly beautiful man since Goong. It does look very serious and though I try to stay away from heavy dramas, I just might make this an exception. Am happy for him, his fans and yes, mostly for me as I enjoy him continuously for 30 exciting episodes.

  157. 157 : something Says:

    they eventually kick out eun jung and will cast Ji Se Yoen (Mok Dan in bridal mask), oh noooooo, i hate eun jung controversy and prefer her to drop out but they should choose better actress i dont like Ji Se Yoen acting that the only reason i can’t stand bridal mask

  158. 158 : Yoohoo Says:

    Yippee……I heard Eun Jang is dropping out of the drama 😀 !!

    No more Eun Jang! Yes, I will start to watch “Five Fingers”. Thank god for that!!!

  159. 159 : lala Says:

    @yoohoo…………..lol…don’t happy….the news is not confirm…..the producer say it not confirm…..

    Eunjung’s role in “Five Fingers” jeopardized because of issues with sponsors

    It was revealed that the decision about Eunjung’s role in SBS weekend drama “Five Fingers” was due to a conflict over PPL (product placement).

    There are problems that have risen since Eunjung is in the drama between SBS and the producers and an emergency meeting was called. One side says “nothing is decided for sure” while the other side says “she is not longer cast.” The drama producers and SBS staff will continue discussions and come to a final verdict on Eunjung soon.

    It was revealed that the reason Eunjung would possibly be leaving the drama is because of an issue with indirect advertising (PPL). The advertisers for the drama influenced the production side of “Five Fingers” after the recent member issues with T-ara were brought up.

    The 2nd episode of “Five Fingers” received a 12.7% viewership rating (AGB Nielsen). The PPL sponsors are happy with the positive ratings, but are worried that the recent publicity around Eunjung can hurt them.

    The broadcasters said, “The controversial issue of T-ara’s member leaving and Eunjung being in ‘Five Fingers’ at the same time was mentioned ultimately promoted the drama. Although Eunjung might not hurt the ratings, people might not buy the products being advertised if she’s there and it would be a waste in the PPL sponsors’ eyes.”

    T-ara’s agency has not yet commented on if Eunjung is leaving yet. Currently the drama’s producers and SBS are watching this situation closely to come to a final decision.

  160. 160 : tt Says:

    unhappy if eunjang dropped out…i waiting for her part.so regret with eunjang ….fighting!!! eunjang the life must go on!

  161. 161 : ZIZI Says:

    IF EUNJUNG NO IN THIS DRAMa…..I DON’T WANT TO WATCH THIS DRAMA….AND MAKE THIS DRAMA MY ENEMY….if this drama kick out eunjung….i hope this drama can’t be popular and non-profit…..

  162. 162 : natalie Says:

    agree with @yoohoo

    I’m going to watch this drama after know the news !!!
    waiting for other nice actress yay !

    This drama doesn’t kick Eunjung out..She kick herself out
    please let the other Great acting actress play in this drama,It has a very interesting script…..except the female-leading’s problem….

  163. 163 : bambi Says:

    I believe the rating must comes up after changing the female lead

  164. 164 : kim Says:

    You must regret yourself and come again next time eunjung but not in this series…

  165. 165 : jenny Says:

    Who’s care if you don’t want to watch it @ZIZI
    There’s also Joo Jihoon’s fan, Chae Shi Ra ‘s fan and Ji Chang Wook’s fan
    NOT only eunjung’s fan who’s waiting this drama ?

    I’m sure they’re continue watching this drama and this drama also will be successful ! I’m a big fan of Joo Jihoon and I always feel angry with Eunjung’s problem.. Who is her to make this drama have so many problem ?
    we just want to watch Joojihoon’s comebaclk drama after a long time !

  166. 166 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    Replacing the female role with the less two evil so to speak is not going to go any further anywhere.If i heard it right from Something says that Ji Se Yeon is getting the part instead, whoever is doing the casting should maybe reconsider someone who is more likeable and has the appeal to appease the audience.I lost interest in watching Bridal mask inspite of my admiration and loving Joo Won because of the dryness ,none appealing ,no charisma of Ji Se Yeon.There are so many female artists to choose from,why not make a survey first and study who will sell more.Not to criticize these beginners but both picks either way in my honest opinion is not going to be a sell out.I dont know why this choice and on what basis.This picks could be cheaper but in the long run would it pay up ?

  167. 167 : ZIZI Says:

    @jenny……lol…..joo ji hoon have are scandal to in 2009…he was accused of taking drugs….btu why you don’t feel angry to him….a scandal of his more hated that eunjung….why???….the news of eunjung is not true…

  168. 168 : ZIZI Says:

    @jenny…if joo ji hoon will kick out in this drama….how do you feel???Sad and hates this drama forever??right????same to me….only me and fan of t-ara only can feel….

  169. 169 : eny Says:

    tara eunjang issue is still gossip and we still can’t confirm the truth, if eunjang kicked out of this drama because os this issue that gonna be really unfair, even someone like joo ji hoon that accused of taking drugs still have the second chance. Another TARA member still OK with their project, it’s because Eunjang popular so the hater also more than the other

  170. 170 : rarah Says:

    lol….not eunjung kick out herself…but the haters…lol


  171. 171 : ivAn Says:

    I hope that Eunjung will continue to do work in FF movie, she tried very much to participate in the film. not because of the scandal on her , support to encourage her and help her through the wind waves. Eunjung trying !

  172. 172 : rarah Says:

    @ivan i hope to…:))….eunjung fighting….

  173. 173 : grace Says:

    I’m just sharing this news that i read…


    T-ara’s Ham EunJung quitting Five Fingers, people say, “Maybe she has a weak will”
    On August 22, it was reported that Eunjung finally quit SBS TV’s new drama series Five Fingers, in which she was cast as the lead role.

    On August 21, several media sources reported that Eunjung will start shooting the series on August 22 and she will start appearing in the series from the fifth episode. However, Eunjung decided to quit the series before the shooting started.

    The production company of Five Fingers is currently looking for an actress in her twenties, who can play the role of Hong Dami, a girl both Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook fall in love with. Jin Se Yeon from Bridal Mask is currently mentioned for the role.

    Eunjung also decided to quit MBC TV’s We Got Married, which she has appeared in for a year and a half.

  174. 174 : padma Says:

    the poster should be changed..

    actually i was waiting eunjung play again in drama..it’s really too much if she (is forced to) quit just because the rumor..

  175. 175 : dinaz Says:

    ah i feel so bad for eun jung..people can be so mean.among all the girls she has been treated the worst and we don’t even know if the rumours are true..ah thats so bad.poor eunjung.i guess she must have been so depressed to take this step and she even practiced so hard on the piano.afteral how much can she take.
    newaz i am not interested in this drama anymore..
    EUNJUNG FIGHTING!!hope to see u soon 🙂

  176. 176 : TO ANTI Says:

    Shut Up!!! You’re fxxx!!! i hate Antis!!! I Only Support EUNJUNG!!!!!

  177. 177 : HEHE Says:

    Well, I remain neutral on rumours and scandals because most of the time it’s not true and w/o actual evidence. I think it’s normal if they want to replace an actress currently surrounded by scandals, but this is really low from sbs to use eunjung to promote the show and then ditches her at the last minute. It’s just a laugh out loud for sbs…Hate eunjung for rumours or Hate Joo Ji Hoon for taking drugs? Your own to decide, but antis normally don’t think for themselves and go for the trend lolz it applies to all antis.

  178. 178 : dinaz Says:

    Omg..new articles says she did not voluntarily drop out of this drama..ah how mean of sbs 🙁 i feel so bad for her!!

  179. 179 : BIna Says:

    hoo…hooo why us that happening that’s true eunjung had drop off her cast by valountary humph that’s can not believe, but you know this world where everything come and go.

  180. 180 : kuri Says:

    That will be your highest ratings to achieve, and i hope you will have a single digit rating, you real bullies of the entertainment industry!!!
    How can you abandon my Eunjung like that!!!

  181. 181 : kuri Says:

    I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Disappointed to you SBS!

  182. 182 : BIna Says:

    why don’t you boycott sbs aired but faith gonna be aired on there hehhehe.that’s difficult choice hah

  183. 183 : Reira_86 Says:

    NO a SBS NO a Five FIngers!!!!!!!!!!!!!We want to Ham Eun Jung!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. 184 : ellashe Says:

    OMG!….very big ISSUE of T-ARA…….but Hyo Min at A Thousandth Man MBC drama still can continue her role…..?_?

  185. 185 : Cyn Says:

    This sucks I was so looking forward to watching Ji Hoon, Eunjung and Ji Chang Wook on screen together. Stupid SBS got my hopes up, only to crush them.

  186. 186 : -Autumn- Says:

    Oh no~ I like Eun Jung more than Se Yun to take the role of female lead. I was looking forward to this drama becoz of Ji Hoon and Eun Jung as the lead actors and there will be a romance btw them but now of the sudden change, I…..just feel disappointed. I didn’t understand why the bullying scandal can cause such an uproar.

  187. 187 : True2U Says:

    This drama looks Classy!!!! Might check it out in the future!!

  188. 188 : annira Says:

    thank you for all the crew five fingers, five fingers to the sponsor and to the sbs, especially to se yun jin … thanks to all discouraged me to watch the five fingers, I just see no professional your work …. good job , I was amazed at all of you

  189. 189 : lovely Says:

    t_ara deserves it by treating hwayoung badly first. what goes around comes around. i have no interest but to pity poor u

  190. 190 : fairyfunnycat Says:

    only like that drama, not specially actor or actress.LOL

  191. 191 : Thank god for korean drama Says:

    Scandal or not is not the point.Who doesn’t have a buggage or skeleton in the closet.The point of the matter is ,are the characters in a drama or movie has chemistry?Are they likable?Will the audience buy it?Will it sell ?Honestly ,i don’t understand what people are arguing about.Each individual has their own favorites.We are free to voice and comment how we feel about certain characters but has no right to insult other peoples comment because they disagree with yours.

  192. 192 : junggiestar Says:

    SBS and to the PRODUCER …. do you have HEART ??? how can you pulled someone out without prior notice.. the SAD thing is that Eunjung is putting her 120% to practice and prepare but this stupid Producer pulled her out..dafuq

  193. 193 : myeon Says:

    i don’t care if there is eunjung or not~ the one that i want to see is just joo ji hoon ! and well, we watch this drama just because the interesting story. don’t hate the PD or sbs if eunjung have to kick out. the netizen hate her, and that’s the only reason why eunjung have to left. the viewers are the kings actually

  194. 194 : myeon Says:

    AH ! And, i think Jin Se Yun is better than Eunjung ! she’s more perfect to be lead actress. i like her since bridal mask

  195. 195 : MG Says:


  196. 196 : diah Says:

    stupid five fingers1!!!!!!! poor my lovely eunjung….i hope the rating bad bad bad 😛

  197. 197 : sheep Says:

    non sense!

  198. 198 : hohohaha2006 Says:

    I Love Joo Ji Hoon. When I see this drama was out, I want to watch it. Eunjung was also a great actress dispite all of the scandals. She is a great girl. I hope i will see her in another dramas. I love her in DREAM HIGH AND QUEEN INSOO. However, it is also great to see Joo Ji Hoon coming back. so look at him don’t care who is the female lead. The evil step mother doing a great job in a first 2 episodes so look at the other characters and actors that are doing a good job so far. waiting for new episode this weekend!!!! CAN’T WAIT.

  199. 199 : Diska Says:

    No Ham EunJung No Five Fingers…
    I hope the ratings is low… and Please haters, shut up. T-ara Never Bullies Hwayoung okay, Once again, NEVER!!!

    I don’t wanna watch this drama …
    Don’t be sad Eunjung-ah. You are a great actress, you will success no matter what..

  200. 200 : TXXX queen Says:

    no more five fingers! i will never watch and support !!!!
    why u using Eunjung like this!!!!1

  201. 201 : rarah Says:

    okey!!!….i give up…but if the drama episode 3 and next episode……you look at the EPISODE RATING will down and down…because the haters of sbs and five fingers….example TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU you all look at the episode rating so down down it because sbs kick out eunjung…than the people didnt want to look sbs drama and anything about sbs….trush me!!..

  202. 202 : Rarah is shit Says:

    @ rarah:

    The last 2 words….do you mean “trash you”??? LOL

    Okie YOU ARE TRASH!!!

  203. 203 : TXXX queen is a tranney Says:

    @ Txxx queen :

    The drama doesn’t need your support. You can go and fly kite.

  204. 204 : Diska is Gay Says:

    @ Diska :

    Who are you to ask others to shut up. Dun like it? Get the hell out of here?

    Ham Eun Jang has been KICKED OUT of this production already. Get it in your thick skull. No Eun Jang here, go support her in her thread. As if she give a damn anyway.

  205. 205 : I hate MG Says:

    @ MG

    You think SBS give a damn whether you F them or hate them? Go get a life. Do you know the world’s population? Where exactly do you stand?

  206. 206 : SaC09 Says:

    That scandal of T-ara is really annoying!!! All Joo Ji Hoon’s fans had waited for 3 years for his comeback drama and now you want to ruined this drama? NO WAY!!!!

  207. 207 : rarah Says:

    @Rarah is shit i mean believe!!!….you ara the trash….i don’t have time to fight with you….lol….fight with you self…

  208. 208 : padma Says:

    just read on soompi.
    it seems sbs unhappy with JSY’s decision taking the offer as female main lead in five fingers since bridal mask is still airing..

  209. 209 : amy Says:

    @padma lol….that good…i don’t like JIN SE YWON anymore….anti fans…i support @rarah…..that right the rating of to the beautiful you low now….

  210. 210 : tomy Says:

    OMG! Sorry NO EUNJUNG .. NO FIVE FINGERS ..I hope the rating bad bad bad 🙁

  211. 211 : amy Says:

    @SaC09 @I hate MG @diska is gay you all so suckk…okey we look how will win!!….eunjung or five fingers!!!…..you don’t know the true that why you always say something make no sense….

  212. 212 : Rarah is trash Says:

    @ Rarah :

    Well..how does it feel to type rarah is shit? Glad to see that you are acknowledging it graciously. No time to fight? But plenty of time to put down others whom doesn’t share your opinions? LOL, look at your reaction 😀 Dun like to be called trash and yet you insulted someone here as crazy woman??

    By the way, please write properly next time. What do you mean by @ rarah is trash I mean believe? Huh? You mean you believe that rarah is trash? Again, thank you for kindly acknowledging it.

  213. 213 : Amy can't write Says:

    @ Amy :

    Do you want to write in your own language? Perhaps you can express it better. Try harder next time. No worries, I can translator easily.

  214. 214 : padma Says:

    @amy go to soompi(dot)com ..the news was released about an hour-2 hours ago..

  215. 215 : padma Says:

    @amy can’t write and @amy heyy calm down guys..well both of us seems dont use english in daily conversation..and for you @amy can’t write you should write ” i can translate easily” or “i can be a translator”..take it easy..just take as a chance to improve english skill by commenting this page..don’t use harsh word or insult anyone..

  216. 216 : Plapla Says:

    why ? No Ham EunJung No Five Fingers… I so sad . i don’t watch this movie.

  217. 217 : MG Says:

    I never watch this drama even 1 episode … the casts aren’t good enough … my Eunjung doesn’t need this drama , but five finger is NOTHING without Eunjung … I hope the rating baaaddd …

  218. 218 : sarah Says:

    OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont worry eunjung u still have ur fans , what the hell is five fingers ? eunjung has more important things … fighting … T ara is still my fav

  219. 219 : sharon Says:

    I am so happy to know that Eun Jung will no longer be a part of the cast. I am having second thoughts watching this drama because she will be part of the supporting cast, now that she’s out. I will give it a try. I think it’s the best that she’s out of here because it seems to be a melodramatic kind of story and I don’t thing that Eun Jung could deliver the role well, I have seen some of her drama partly like Coffee House but never finished it because of her again, I find her acting not very convincing. I also don’t find her charming. If she’s a singer just stay being a singer.

  220. 220 : eny Says:

    replacing eunjang with jin se yoon or another actress is not a good decision for the quality of the drama, the preparation is really lack for new actress

  221. 221 : zinira Says:

    stop fight….

  222. 222 : eli Says:

    Come on guys…stop it !!
    lets watch joo ji hoon and enjoy …we have been waiting such a long time to see him again .could you please forget Tara and stick to the drama !
    I think ,it was a little harsh she was replaced but it is an undeniable right for a station to decide for the dramas which cast lots for them ,so there is no big deal .she can survive …

  223. 223 : Manatee Says:

    I love JJH, I hope rating of 5F getting increase every EP !!

  224. 224 : lol Says:

    lol love to see bunch of emo cunts saying no eun jung no five fingers

    1. obviously you are not appreciating the korean drama itself, u just wanna watch some idol and not the plot of the drama

    2. too bias

    3. just shut the fuck up cunts

  225. 225 : lemon Says:

    what the **** eum jung has been drop out?
    hey come on la!!!! the other drama where t-ara participate is not good drama itself… not because of the actor..additional, they only take small play only not the leading actress…. think!

    actually i really looking forward of this drama from beginning because of Eumjung.. thank to you i will never watch dis drama!!!

    and it not EUMJUNG FAULT ok!!!!!!!!!

  226. 226 : hurm Says:

    lol Says:
    August 24th, 2012 at 2:02 am

    lol love to see bunch of emo cunts saying no eun jung no five fingers

    1. obviously you are not appreciating the korean drama itself, u just wanna watch some idol and not the plot of the drama…

    >>>>>>>>> if idol casting in dis drama is d issues… i dont think they will drop eumjung out…

  227. 227 : Padma Says:

    Hey guys check allkpop(dot)com..
    I am not a fan of eunjung but i think its so unjust to drop out eunjung without any legitimate reasons

  228. 228 : BIna Says:

    aww to bad for eunjung and Jin se yeon. Why to bad for jin se yon because if KEMA decided to protect eunjung is mean Jin seo Yeon will be hurt cos may be Jin seo yon fail to role eunjung role.

  229. 229 : eve Says:

    just wish that it gona still a great drama coz i’v been wauting joo ji hoon for his new drama since trouble that could cause his can’t appear in tv…fighting oppa!!!

  230. 230 : junggiestar Says:

    Obviously we are watching it only for Eunjung and not Because3 of the Drama… the DRAMA itself really sucks… & not having Eunjung makes it even worse..!!!

  231. 231 : kristie Says:

    WHY?????????????????? I was looking foward to watch this drama cus Eun Jung is playing the lead actress!!!!!! That sucks…….

  232. 232 : ean jihu Says:

    why must eun jung that replaced??
    the wrong elected….

  233. 233 : iammee Says:

    I am so happy that they remove Eun Jung as part of the cast. Now, I will be happy watching it.

  234. 234 : zinira Says:

    @BINA……..HAHHA….i support you….

  235. 235 : jan2kay Says:

    Either is Eun Jung or another actress I’m gonna watch this drama because of the story..and because of Joo Ji Hoon of course..^^

  236. 236 : tt Says:

    I doubt about netizen who interested in k-drama and k-pop.They anti Eun jung & t-ara because them thought this girl group bullied Hwayoung …The netizen didn’t like that action too much.But Why?? they did the same with Eun jung & T-ara .Double standard yet?? … I hearded many news about korean actor, actress & singer suicide.Do you need them again???.Don’t be angry and pls. forgive…

  237. 237 : tt Says:

    I doubt about netizen who interested in k-drama and k-pop.They anti Eun jung & t-ara because them thought this girl group bullied Hwayoung …The netizen didn’t like that action too much.But Why?? they did the same with Eun jung & T-ara .Double standard yet?? … I hearded many news about korean actor, actress & singer suicide.Do you need them again???.Could you not angry and pls. forgive…Them (T-ara) .They got the big lesson of thier life.

  238. 238 : junggiestar Says:

    PD of this drama is just an attention seeker..using Eunjung for Publicity.. shame on you.. this drama really sucks..!!! POOR PLOT + Stupid PD = FAILed

  239. 239 : Kanshou Says:

    the ratings depend on the drama storyline and not the cast, so, switching eunjung away wont change anyting..stupid SBS management, they are so irresponsible..eunjung determined to play the role despite critized by netizens,i think she is really strong and cheer for her..just some stupid management of SBS, switching the female lead at the last minute, it made me suck..and get a bad impression of this drama..

  240. 240 : JYJ Fanatic Says:

    I feel bad for Eunjung. She should give a chance!

  241. 241 : yoon Says:

    with this publicity Eun Jung more famous in facebook & more fans every day

  242. 242 : GHSforever Says:

    I would not blame SBS for removing her.
    SBS is mostly interested about ratings and especially HIGH RATINGS which leads to a high amount of money. The adult cast did not play yet so basically you can assume that the good ratings are their effort. If the adult cast episodes begin SBS fears that the ratings will drop due to Eunjung’s controversy. You can see the dramas of the other T-ara members aren’t so good with ratings and what makes it worse is the fact that they aren’t even the female leads of the dramas. So what do you guys think will happen to a drama that has a girl as the female lead who has a scandal ongoing and is hated by many KOREAN NETIZEN(I am not talking about the international fans). SBS don’t care if the scandal is true or false. They don’t want to lose the good ratings/money they get from the drama. So the only solution for them was to remove Eunjung from the cast.
    And by the way I want to say something to those who say: I won’t see the drama and the ratings will drop. Well they WON’T! If you aren’t a KOREAN NETIZEN who lives in Korea your views will NEVER count.
    I said it a few times but I say it once again:

    The most important part of a drama is the script not the cast. Even if you have famous people in it , if the script/acting sucks you won’t get anyway.

  243. 243 : GHSforever Says:

    The adult cast did not play yet so basically you can assume that the good ratings are their effort.With that i meant the effort is thanks to the child cast.

  244. 244 : Carolina Says:

    damn, i really hate JSY at Bridal mask hera acting so flat and can not express emotions , and now.. she replace enjung??? OMG..OMG.. OMG

  245. 245 : meipyong Says:

    JSY??? the mummy girl??? Kick her out from Five Fingers!!! her acting so bad at Bridal mask..!!!!!

  246. 246 : asuza Says:

    @ meipyong…..that right!!…i watch her drama at bridal mask…so suck and she like can’t act…….why the drama want to kick out eunjung…eunjung are good actor better than JSY…..

  247. 247 : jewel Says:


  248. 248 : meipyong Says:

    @asuza @ jewel

    ya Jsy can not act at all!!! i didnt understand why she has been choosen as lead actress at Bridal mask , play with outstanding actor Joo won..arrrrgh her acting so embrasing. and now she play with Joo ji hon, OMG how come….!!!this is too crazy!!!

  249. 249 : Jewel Clown Says:

    LOL at the stupidity of the irrational EUn Jang fans. Hating Jin Seyeon and SBS or whoever becos Eun Jang got KiCK OUT of the production.

    Eun Jang is a WHORE! And Jewel, Asuza, Carolina, etc. I hate your mothers!! This is my opinion too you know. That is the beauty of online forum, we are the keyboard warriors!! Yay!

  250. 250 : dinaz Says:

    Eun jung is a young girl..but she is facing the worst treatment..and i dont believe in that stupid bullying controverty both parties were at fault but only one poor girl is suffering..she is not a criminal.no wonder these celebs undergo severe depression and sometimes take extreme steps.hope eun jung can overcome all this and start fresh..
    eun jung fighting!!

  251. 251 : Katie Says:

    I like both girl actress. Good luck to both of them . It’s sad to hear that they are kicking eun jung off. Jin se yun is not that bad to me . I like her acting in My Daughter The Flower . How would you know that Eun Jung is a whore? Sure her dancing can be very sexy and much but doesn’t define she’s a whore. Do you know what whore truly mean? Is not like she slept with many men and you have no evidence that she is a whore. Sure you can hate or dislike Eun Jung but calling someone a whore is a bit too much. You guys might dislike Jin Se Yun acting but why would you guys hate her for what reason. She didn’t do anything wrong. I might not like every actors or actress in this world but i would never talk like you guys. I don’t care about the rumors or what they have done. Life is full of mistakes . We make mistakes because it’s part of life. We make bad decision but it doesn’t define us as bad people. For some people a take a long time to become better in acting and at lease both of them are trying. They are doing their best and that’s all they need to do.

  252. 252 : i support hameunjung Says:

    bloody moron. i don’t believe it at first but the reality kicks in… no eunjung no 5fingers for me. this is really sad how can a production gave her support during the scandals then later on will only stabbed her on the back.. what a management no backbone at all.. $$ vs dignity. I loss my respect. I can only say goodluck to all the talents, staffs and crews..
    and if you guys believed T-aras did all that to what rumors created you guys have problem with that.. the rumors were fabricated by hates and became trends. (i know because there was no proof this bullying exist on T-ara.) having said that this priveliges with online doing adolescent young kids can hate everyone and they can say/typed everything behind persons back because they can. unknowning consequences a cyber bullying became trends and unfornate T-ara was there and popular and became “the target”. so hoping the law will acts as governing such powerful medium.
    I can’t wait to see the justice in this.
    i’m sure EJ will get her justices and this people has to pay and takes responsibility for all this mess. Peace and God bless EunJeong.

  253. 253 : [email protected] Says:

    To all anti-Eungjung

    Go and watch this drama now… You’re evil deed to someone doing nothing to all of you is here. But watch your back.. KARMA will be there for you soon!!

    i don’t believe it at first but the reality kicks in… no eunjung no 5fingers for me. this is really sad how can a production gave her support during the scandals then later on will only stabbed her on the back.. what a management no backbone at all.. $$ vs dignity. I loss my respect. I can only say goodluck to all the talents, staffs and crews..
    and if you guys believed T-aras did all that to what rumors created you guys have problem with that.. the rumors were fabricated by hates and became trends. (i know because there was no proof this bullying exist on T-ara.) having said that this priveliges with online doing adolescent young kids can hate everyone and they can say/typed everything behind persons back because they can. unknowning consequences a cyber bullying became trends and unfornate T-ara was there and popular and became “the target”. so hoping the law will acts as governing such powerful medium.
    I can’t wait to see the justice in this.
    i’m sure EJ will get her justices and this people has to pay and takes responsibility for all this mess. Peace and God bless EunJung.

  254. 254 : [email protected] Says:

    To i support hameunjung… i copied our comment because its all true.. thanks

  255. 255 : Justice is King Says:

    Hohoho….those seeking justice. Justice is done….Eun Jung is a kick out of 5fingers. That, by the way is her KARMA. Serve her right!

  256. 256 : lily Says:

    oh my…what they did was disgracing the reputation of someone…why didn’t they inform the actress before removing her in the drama…as if they didn’t know the controversy she had face before the drama aired or filmed..i hope the staffs thinks it over again what they did to ham eunjung…

    i started to love this drama..i was anticipating because it will be ham eunjung first main role..but i don’t think i will watch this this time…

  257. 257 : myeon Says:


    it’s okay if u don’t want to watch this drama because eunjung had kicked off. It’s your own choice, anyway.

    BUT, it doesn’t mean you have the right to make an opinion about this drama such a bad and terrible drama.


    WHAT’S THAT????

    EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO WATCH THIS DRAMA. and, there isn’t any terrible thing in this drama anyway. why? it has a very good story for me. even with eunjung, or not, it still have the same plot, and the same story. and, the casts on this drama not only eunjung. can u respect the other cast?? or, the staff member?? for their hardwork to make success for this drama???

    please, people watching it because they love the story, i think. so do i, that’s why i watched it.

    you guys don’t have the right to boikot this drama or something like that.

    if you don’t like this drama, then, just don’t make a terrible comment in here.

    we’re here just we’re who support and love this drama.

    THANKS A LOT for your attention.

  258. 258 : depth Says:

    i think it is best that they kick eun jung out i don’t like her acting that much .she will do pretty good if the genre of the drama was comedy romance i think, but for a melodrama wich needs a deep feelings and hard acting skills she need to pass it !!
    although i dont care if she had scandals or not i care about the acting and drama it self

  259. 259 : jewel Says:

    @myeon…..you right…but if five fingers kick out eunjung but have reason…the fan will be not angry….but this the kick out eunjung don’t have reason…….serious!!….i’m not t-ara fan…..but i can feel what their feel now….you can’t feel because you hate them already….please understand their…if you want to watch just watch…don’t care about them…if you care you will be stress….just care about yourself…..t-ara fighting….eunjung fihting….five fingers fighting….you all fighting…

  260. 260 : Lime Says:

    No Eun Jung…..No Five Fingers….so disappointed about SBS….Eun Jung Hwaiting….We always stand by you!!!!!!!!

  261. 261 : Nelly Says:

    To all Eun Jang fans who feel injustice about her being dropped from the drama. Please! Enough have been said, and yes, we know you’ll boycott the show. If you can’t let go, perhaps, you could start a petition and forward to SBS or whoever. And, it is now time to move on. This is not a forum about how unjust you feel, not the right platform, please, her name is no longer in the production. Please take your grievances somewhere else.

    I’ve just finished the 2 episodes and it is indeed a good production. I come here to share and comment about the drama not to see pages and pages of your complaints.

  262. 262 : Angel Says:

    @myeon, 257
    Why are you trying to talk reason to such idiotic fangirls/fanboys? It’s useless. They’re only watching because they want to ogle their favorite idol. They don’t care about the drama, or the story, or anything else. So just… ignore their shrilled whining and screeching and nonsensical babbling, and just enjoy the drama yourself.

    Plus, it’s like losing some idol would harm the drama much, since having idols on a show doesn’t necessarily guarantee massive viewership either. That’s why “Love Rain” flopped, and “To the Beautiful You” is in the process of flopping.

  263. 263 : iammee Says:

    I am so happy that eun jung is out of the picture then I could watch the whole drama.

  264. 264 : myeon Says:

    @jewel :

    well, actually, i don’t wanna care about this fans war. but, i just can’t understand, this isn’t a forum or something like that. why they have to make a terrible comment in here? if they don’t like this drama, then just silent in here. don’t make any comment. i just wanna try to give my complain about their behaviour. just that.

    @angel :

    yeah, i agree with you. that’s why i don’t really like when an idol trying to be an actor/actress unless they really capable to act. and for my self, although I also feel sad about Eunjung, but i just think she isn’t suit to the character hong da mi. that’s why i think change her was the right decision.
    and i want, those fans, please don’t just look from Eunjung’s side, but also of the whole drama.
    think, smart.

    btw, i really really like this drama xD can’t wait to see eps 3~

  265. 265 : Jin Se Yun « hanipoollazuardi (first) Says:

    […] Five Fingers (SBS, 2012)Bridal Mask (KBS2, 2012)My Daughter The Flower (SBS, 2011)Daughters of Bilitis Club (KBS2, 2011)The Duo (MBC, 2011)It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl (SBS, 2010) […]

  266. 266 : PlaPla Says:

    Why?The acting is not news.Now I do not pretend to show it.
    Hate the fake.Where is justice.Or did you do for the movie rateing.
    Pleased with the success.

  267. 267 : Valentine Says:

    Yeeeeees…the rating for ep. 3 is increase! So happy…
    Ep. 3 was great..so intense! Chae Si Ra, oooh..her act is amazing!!! The daddy act (Jo Min Ki) is awesome! and of course the act of the child stars is so amazing. I’m already falling in love with the child stars and kinda sad because Ep.4 is their last episode. I hope we can see several flashbacks of them in future episodes 🙂
    Fighting five fingers!!!!!

  268. 268 : Tonberry Says:

    I don’t like makjang dramas but I really like Ji Chang Wook and Joo Ji Hoon. They are very talented actors. Should I watch this anyway? How angsty is this story anyway?

  269. 269 : Gigi Says:

    Yes you should watch it! The plot is so intense and the scenes of piano are so beautiful.

  270. 270 : hohohahah2006 Says:

    I Think we should always look forward to the good side so look at the storylines and the actors. Focus on how the story are developing and each of the actors will fullfill their acting. Eunjung will be happy if she know that she has many supporters. She might have chance to act again. For now, focus on Joo Ji Hoon! FIGHTING! Waiting to see how they will become when they grow up.

  271. 271 : kdbig Says:

    bah no eunjung i was waiting for her to act again in a drama sigh.. i guess no five fingers for me.. I’ll watch May Queen instead <3

  272. 272 : Manatee Says:

    The rating is increase ! <3 Joo Ji Hoon

  273. 273 : clairerosean Says:

    I wish everyone who doesn’t favor the casting as it is now must stop ranting about the swapping thing of those female leads..

    The storyline itself is quite intense and dramatic… enough to keep the viewers entertained.. besides, the plot actually revolves with the two male leads and their talents.. the romantic side is just a part of the entire story.

    Watching the young Yoo Ji Ho is very touching, what more if he is grown up and become the handsome Joo Ji Hoon… So far, the 3 episodes were so interesting… enough to keep me waiting for more EPs..

    I hope the other viewers will see this drama as how i am starting to see it… in any case, i think the production and the entire management’s decision of changing the lead actresses must be the best way to present a better drama, we could just respect their decision for once..

    Let us support Five Fingers and of course.. the cutie-cute JJH… he’s been out of the limelight for quite sometime so, let’s just support his return!! <3<3<3

    Peace To All!! 🙂

  274. 274 : hibye Says:

    I agree with myeon concerning the Eunjung matter.
    Sometimes it is scary the so intense Fanclub and comments concerning others who have a different opinion.
    Anyway,from the first episodes the drama seems interesting, i hope it continues like that.I will miss the child characters thouh.Loved them:)

  275. 275 : Rasia Says:

    Such an amazing drama! I love the young actors/actress. In episode 5 next week, Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Chang Wook and Jin Sae Yeon will come out. Fighting!

  276. 276 : Torri Says:

    I read some where that the lead actress in this drama has been changed to the girl who is currently acting in bridal mask .am so not happy about it .i mean I can’t stand the fact she is actually not doing bridal mask any good and now she will be is drama an also make good actors look bad .she is not good enough to play this role and I which they could have made a better choice I mean joo Jo hoon come back drama I want him to realy do great because I love him since he acted the prince and nowi fear he might not shine because of the girl who acts as his partner .ahhhhhs so mad .well I also have hope .so I hope the girl at makes and effort and does well .i am realy realy realy dissapionted .nothing personal to her fans

  277. 277 : Dhaouz Says:

    i am s0 sad ab0ut the news.. actually i wanna f0ll0w this drama cause of eun jung in there.. since there is n0 eun jung, i just g0nna pass this drama…:( s0 sad, iam realy realy realy realy dissapionted tooo….”(

  278. 278 : lol Says:

    @Angel, 262

    ^ finally someone speaks with neutral boundary, can you all tara nigger faggot just shut up? thanks

  279. 279 : junggiestar Says:

    lol ratings is equal to instant karma… I felt sorry for Jihun’s comeback… he should not taken this role… specially with this unprofessional attention seeker director

  280. 280 : Cathy1996 Says:

    I watch the first 2 episode and i find it so boring . I think this drama is not for me to watch. I’m just expecting something more interesting and worth my time, or at least enjoyable to watch. I check out this drama because i saw it was listed one of the popular drama airing, but looking at all the previous comments, i think it’s only popular because of the scandal regarding the cast, and which i’m not even interested to know.

  281. 281 : rinna Says:

    So annoying of eunjung’s topic.. I really annoyed and start to dislike eunjung don’t know why

  282. 282 : mahta Says:

    I am so sad
    i loved korean peopel but now i think that i shoud my mind
    i love taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa and eun jung i know korea and kpop whit tara
    why she removed to this derama.
    iam realy realy realy realy dissapionted
    Iwont see this deram.
    i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo angeryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy all of anti- fannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and Producers. please help to taraaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  283. 283 : clairerosean Says:

    Finally, Joo Ji Hoon is there!!!!! Can’t wait for the next episodes… he is still as cute as ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. 284 : expert Says:

    i think this drama plot similar to Kim Tak Guk

  285. 285 : eny Says:

    @ expert
    wow, when i read the synopsis last night, suddenly i think about that too even i’m not watch it yet, Baker king Kim Tak Goo is one of my favorit drama

  286. 286 : myeon Says:

    where i can watch eps 3 and 4 with engsub??? T_______T i’ve been checked all day but there isn’t any of them. waiting for subs killing meeee~~ why it’s not as fast as arang or to be beautiful???? :'( aaah i wish i could understand korean more..

  287. 287 : lala Says:

    i hate pd 5fingers they use eunjung to promoted they drama . i hope may queen get high ratings .

  288. 288 : Manatee Says:

    It’s seem we have new devils in Kdramaland, Chae Young Ran and her boy, Yoo In Ha !
    Yoo Ji Ho,, Fighting!!!!

  289. 289 : zarima Says:

    not a good choice,, shes so boring in bridal mask

  290. 290 : Desca Says:

    STOP talking about Eunjung and that controversy in any Five Fingers forums. Please move on girls!
    Eunjung is not in this drama anymore, accept it!
    don’t get me wrong, i do feel sorry for her but, I feel more sorry for all cast in this drama who have been working so hard for this drama especially for Joo Ji Hoon..which this drama is very important for him!
    You said won’t watch this drama because Eunjung is in this drama and now You said won’t watch this drama because Eunjung is out from this drama. Seriously girls, she is not the main character in this drama, just one of the main characters and also she had not filmed for her role yet for this drama.
    Agree or disagree, Eunjung and T-ara controversy have been bothering the process of this drama!! sorry to say this but, if only Eunjung had never included in this drama since the start, this drama might getting the good responses from many people.

    Joo Ji-Hoon, Ji Chang-Wook, Chae Si-Ra and all the cast in this drama deserve to get the best result of their effort toward this drama.
    Fighting Five Fingers!

  291. 291 : Desca Says:

    And also i’m glad that Jin Se Yeon playing as Hong Da Mi in this drama. To me she looks more suit as Da Mi than Eunjung. Judging by the official picture of Jin Se Yeon as Da Mi in SBS site and the previous picture of Eunjung as Da Mi. Jin Se Yeon’s picture as Da Mi way more looks natural, bright and innocent than Eunjung’s picture as Da Mi. In the picture you can see, Jin Se Yeon just smiling, less make up and wearing a very simple dress but Eunjung looks tried hard to portray as Da Mi with many poses, many facial expressions, much make-up and glamorous dresses.
    I’m looking forward to Jin Se Yeon performance in this drama. fighting!

  292. 292 : AYA Says:

    For everyone who is bashing the producers here’s a link to see why they HAD to let her go, Stop acting like a spoiled child and grow up. If you don’t watch it, that’s fine, Thousands will watch it and enjoy the hell out of it!!! Just move on to the next drama, its not like it the ONLY one out there airing at the moment.


    If you want to blame someone, you can blame her agency and T-ara for how they handled the situation.

  293. 293 : Desca Says:

    STOP talking about Eunjung and that controversy in any Five Fingers forums. Please move on girls!
    Eunjung is not in this drama anymore, accept it!
    don’t get me wrong, i do feel sorry for her but, I feel more sorry for all cast in this drama who have been working so hard for this drama especially for Joo Ji Hoon..which this drama is very important for him!
    You said won’t watch this drama because Eunjung is in this drama and now You say won’t watch this drama because Eunjung is out from this drama. Seriously girls, she is not the main character in this drama, just one of the main characters and also she had not filmed for her role yet for this drama.
    Agree or disagree, Eunjung and T-ara controversy have been bothering the process of this drama!! sorry to say this but, if only Eunjung had never included in this drama since the start, this drama might be getting the good responses from many people.

    Joo Ji-Hoon, Ji Chang-Wook, Chae Si-Ra and all the cast in this drama deserve to get the best result of their effort toward this drama.
    Fighting Five Fingers!

  294. 294 : Lian Says:

    whether we give them solid reasons, eunjung’s fans wont hear a thing, wont understand a thing.
    for them only eunjung is important, only eunjung is a human and the other actors and production crews all just garbage that they don’t have to care about.

    Yeah right, like ur eunjung’s life is the only matters,
    while life and effort of the other crews are no less important.
    just for one eunjung it’s okay to sacrifice all of other crews, duhh.

    such a childish mind.

    The Production company of Five Fingers want to take legal action toward eunjung’s agency for keep forcing their assertions? Yeah just do it.
    You guys all don’t have to suffer and waste your efforts just because one eunjung.

  295. 295 : clairerosean Says:

    I hope English Subtitles for EP3 and EP4 will be out soon!!

  296. 296 : armin Says:

    این سریال بدون ایون جونگ ارزشی نداره ……. من و دوستان تو ایران فقط به عشق ایون جونگ می خواستیم این سریالو ببینیم و تو 2 قسمت اول فقط منتظر حضور ایون جونگ بودیم .. حالا شده این … بازیگر عوض کردید .. شما مردمو گیر اوردید ؟ یعنی چی ؟ اصلا نمی خواد دیگه این سریال ادامه پیدا کنه .. پخشش متوقف بشه بهتره تا برای ایون جونگ جایگزین انتخاب بشه

  297. 297 : cherry Says:

    i saw the drama of the new lead actress, She cannot pull the attention of the audience watching and to make more interesting…maybe for now the ep.are intersting cuz the children were at acting…Ah when i saw the grown up characters my interest is falling down hhaahaha to watch this drama…

  298. 298 : kimchilee Says:

    I think its not so much of Eun Jung but on why she had to be removed just bec of what happened to the group and the way she was being pulled out of the drama. People shld be judged by their acting and I believe Eun Jung proved she could act in Dream High. Anyway, people can comment here all they want.. why get so annoyed.. just read and move on as you say.. haish..

  299. 299 : Jennie Says:

    Have seen 3 episodes of this drama and I love it. It’s dark alright but exciting. Looking forward to seeing the adult cast. Fighting FF 😀

  300. 300 : mahta Says:

    من میخوام به فارسی کامنت بزارم امیدوارم کسی باشه تا براشون ترجمه کنه
    گروه تیارا در ایران خیلی طرفدار داره
    و واقعا ناراحت هستن که با این گروه دارن بد رفتار میکنن
    چرا همه بدی ها رو مبینن و هیچ کس نمی خواد خوبی های این گروه رو به به یاد بیاره
    ما از مردم کره این انتظار رو نداشتیم و فکر میکردیم کشور و مردمو خوبی داره ولی دارم به این فکر میکنم که نظزم رو تغییر بدم راستش من گروه تیارا رو دوست دارم و کره را به خاطر این گروه دوست داشتم و الان همه دارن نسبت به این گروه ظلم یکنن
    من خیلی دوست داشتم این سریال رو ببینم ولی با این شزایط نه دیگه نیستم.

  301. 301 : mahta Says:

    not a good choice,, shes so boring in bridal mask

  302. 302 : Lis Says:

    I was going to watch this drama until I saw Jin Se Yun was added to the cast. Her character is so useless in Gaksital, I need a break from her. Maybe I’ll give it a try in a few months after I’ve flushed “Mok Dan”out of my system…

  303. 303 : jeje Says:

    oh eunjung unnie

  304. 304 : jeje Says:

    please eunjung unnie

  305. 305 : Manatee Says:

    I’m here for Joo Ji Hoon !!

  306. 306 : agave Says:

    I was pleased to finally see Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook join Chae Si Ra for a full episode in episode 5. I also look forward to seeing more of the other adult actors.

  307. 307 : popza Says:

    So Happy without Eunjung !!! woo

  308. 308 : Cathy Says:

    Five Fingers Episode 6 Rating:
    AGB Result:
    11.8% – Nationwide – Rank # 8
    12.8% -Seoul – Rank # 8

    TNmS Result:
    12.4 – Nationwide – Rank # 9
    11.3 – Seoul – Rank # 12

    Rating are getting lower and another competition is going to air next week.. Looks like FF need to double their effort…

  309. 309 : Jennie Says:

    @Cathy I’ve noticed that the ratings always drop on a Sunday and it happens to wahtever drama that is showing. I guess it isn’t because that the interests have gone for the Koreans, except maybe they have something else to watch at the same time, maybe the Barclay’s Premier League (I know the Koreans are mad about soccer) whic is around that time too. Just guessing anyway 😀

  310. 310 : Cathy Says:

    @ Jennie, maybe you’re right, there’s new programs airing at the same time, but i notice that FF keep dropping but not MQ, May Queen is gaining more viewers every episode, the drama is getting more exciting too.

  311. 311 : kel Says:

    @jennie True. There are football matches going around at the same time so that explains the rating drop. Moreover, some will be sleeping early too as the next day will be working day.

  312. 312 : Jennie Says:

    @Cathy & kel May Queen is also pretty good and their strength right now is because of the fantastic lineup of child actors, especially with Kim YJ. I think the real test on the ratings will be when the adults appear in May Queen too, which I think will be from Episode 8/9 onwards. For us netizens, the good thing is we do not have to choose which one to watch first – we just watch whichever one that the subs come out first – speaking for myself of course but my bias is FF 😀

  313. 313 : Cathy Says:

    @ Jennie, will… it’s true… the kids lineup in May Queen are indeed awesome, but considering the FF already started the adult cast, the rating should be at least gain viewers not loss it. I’m actually watching both dramas, base on the pace of the plot and acting of the cast, in my own opinion, May Queen is better. But FF is not bad too. They just need to improve it a bit more interesting. Their casting is good that’s why on the first 3 episode they are leading, but they should consider that in order to get the viewers attention and stay with them , the story must be interesting and worth to watch the others. May Queen is going to start the adult part on episode 9, and the casting is also solid, specially with the two male actors on it. Kim Jae Won, although not very known overseas, he is one of the most popular and well-loved actor in South Korea, i read a lot of news about him. He was chosen as the army ambassador in 2011, and also become ambassador of the University where he graduated. He was respected in that country not only as an excellent actor but as a netizen itself. His appearance in that drama will surely take a lot of attention. But of course, they have to maintain the good story of the drama to keep the viewers loyalty on them. What i’m pointing out is, FF should catch up before MQ started the adult part.

  314. 314 : Kiki Says:

    I don’t get why the ratings are go down. In my opinion the plot of FF is getting more intense and the chemistry of Chae Si Ra, Ji Chang Wook and Joo Ji Hoon in episodes 5 and 6 are really good. I hope the ratings will go up soon because this drama is really good and intense. And also the acting of Jin Se Yeon so far doesn’t disappoint me because I see she can brings out her role as Dami well.

  315. 315 : Jennie Says:

    @Cathy I happen to be a big big fan of Kim Jae Won too but at this stage, I really can’t say which one I like more in terms of story because both have similar plots, though I tend to lean more to FF because of the cast. I am not a fan of Han JH and I’ve never liked her in any of her dramas. Honestly speaking with that kind of controversies surrounding FF in the early stages, it’s already a surprise to me that they have done so well in terms of ratings. My only wish is that they are able to maintain what they have, especially with the new saguek drama, King’s Dream coming up. The leads are especially popular among older Koreans and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they beat both FF and MQ in ratings 🙁 But I hope for the best, FF fighting!

  316. 316 : Cathy Says:

    @ Jennie, FF and MQ seems to have a fair competition, although FF faced some issues regarding the casting, they still manage to get into top 20 , which is not surprising because most of the viewers that usually hangout in that channel when Gentleman Dignity was airing still their. That’s one of their advantage. As for MQ, honestly speaking, i love all the child cast, but on the adult cast , only Kim Jae Won captured my interest. I’m not familiar of HJH and JH, i seldom watch their drama. And most of the comments on the thread about MQ that i read, it’s either, fans like the kids or KJW, the other cast are hardly mention. Even on the news, HJH should be the one on the front page, because she is the main character but i always see KJW on the news headline instead of her. On the other hand, what i don’t like on FF thread, is the issue of the scandal and the bad comments of the fans, it’s very off-putting . I like JJH that’s why i’m following FF thread. Actually FF and MQ are unique in their own ways.

  317. 317 : maryta Says:

    BECAUSE “”””””””JUNSU””””””””””””
    HE IS IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEPTEMBER 6H 2012

  318. 318 : Jennie Says:

    I just watched Ep 5 last night. The subs are so slow for this drama. I’m enjoying this drama very much and so far the entire cast has been fantastic. Seems Da Mi’s brother is playing a bigger role than expected and I ‘m glad because I like Jung Eun Woo. As for the brothers, from this episode, JJH and CJW both are looking very good and it’s fun to watch Ji CW playing the antagonist. JSY too is pretty good, the role is perfect for her and her chemistry with the two male leads is good, but I think I prefer the InHa/Dami’s ship right now. They look like a good pairing. Of course I may change my mind later again in the next episode- that’s the best part of this drama. I like all the leads, so doesn’t matter who ends up with whom, yay! On a separate note, I ‘ve never seen such a creepy looking piano in my life before. 🙂

  319. 319 : [email protected] Says:

    Eventhough i like JJH… Im not into this drama, they have low ratings not because of the bullying issue of T-ara member EUNJUNG… so she dropped out already… why this drama still have low ratings? It’s not because of her… maybe its a KARMA due to the managements SELFISHNESS

  320. 320 : Ina Says:

    Karma ???????
    I expect more the storyline this forum not about somebody yelling this ex-cast… Just except all of this to be her destiny..
    I’m a little dissapointed with JJH hair style,he has a better hair style in The Devil.. Looking forward to this drama

  321. 321 : grace Says:

    the subbing for this drama is slow maybe because not much are interested to watch and the subbing team losing their interest to do it. Regarding about the rating, we can’t tell yet what’s the main reason why the rating is getting lower, if it still continue to drop for the next few episode, that means the story is not good, i don’t think it’s about the casting. Most of the time , viewers will tend to stay on the drama if the story is interesting and good, not because of the cast.

  322. 322 : cherry Says:

    even if the story is interesting… then the cast are not good enough to act its useless the viewers will loss the interest to watch it…I must say i like the young cast they have better acting than the grown up…

  323. 323 : eny Says:

    i’m not watching this drama yet, i agree with you cherry, if i don’t get the emotion of the drama i will stop watching it, i like the moon embrace the sun when the child cast act , suddenly i lost interest when adult cast act s o i didn’t watch it anymore

  324. 324 : grace Says:

    @ cherry and eny,

    Are you trying to say that the adult cast of FF are not doing well that’s why the rating keep dropping?

  325. 325 : cherry Says:

    in my opinion yes, only the veterans act so well, but the lead characters doesn´t give me any impression thats this drama will be a good one. Sorry for the fans but im just stating my opinion when i saw the grown up doesnt catch my attention to continue to watch it…. Goodluck for the drama hope they can pull attention of the viewers…

  326. 326 : drama freak Says:

    to tell the truth…i really enjoy this drama…especially ep05 onwards…its getting more interesting as they are adult now….i love ji chang wook alot…he is so hot….and in this drama he can really cry….love his acting….hope this story gets better and please more love line between the 3 main actors and actress…looking forward =)

  327. 327 : grace Says:

    FF episode 7 rating drop again 🙁

    Nationwide : 10.8 (-1.0) – rank 8
    Seoul: 11.0 (-1.8)- rank 9

    Nationwide: 10.7 (-0.6)- Rank 12
    Seoul: 11.6 (-0.8)- Rank 8

  328. 328 : Jennie Says:

    I guess for as long as the story and cast continue to interest me, I shan’t be overly concern about the ratings and continue to watch. I am not bothered about negative comments to a drama that I am watching just so long as I think otherwise because we all have our preferences and differences. I always think it’s important to know what you like and not let the ratings influence you. Ratings here is to show how popular the drama is and is decided by the Koreans. My Husband Got Family is now considered the National drama and has achieved 40% in ratings but how many of us are actually watching this drama? Not many, it has never been on the ‘Popular Now’ list! So for those of you who are undecided whether to start this drama or any drama for that matter, give the drama a chance, then decide and not let the ratings nor comments, especially negative ones influence you. Just thinking aloud 😀

  329. 329 : Lara Says:

    I don’t give a shit about the ratings. Yeah ratings are important for the popularity of drama itself but it doesn’t determine the quality of drama itself, which is good or bad. For those who have been rooting in K-Drama must be know it. So far, I enjoy and love this drama! Fighting 5F!

  330. 330 : clairerosean Says:

    Aissshhh!! I really hate Da Mi for making such a huge mistake of using the piece that doesn’t even belong to her… i hate her for putting up Ji Ho on such a terrible situation!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr 🙁

  331. 331 : lietha's t-ara Says:

    this drama is not good without eun jung t-ara
    i don’t like this drama n the management this drama…
    go the hell

  332. 332 : I Love Eunjung Says:

    I am uber happy the way the ratings drops with every episodes.

    They must pay, foolish SBS staff and production teams must pay the cost for kicking my Eunjung out.

    They kicked out well-prepared Eunjung and replaced with a busy and random actress.

    That’s why Five Fingers fails although the stroyline is awesome and Ji Changwook, Joo Jihoon and Chae Sera are really good at acting, Jin Seyeon destroys the drama’s success.

  333. 333 : Nora Says:

    LMAO as always EJ/T-ara’s fans come in any Five Fingers sites and giving harsh comments about this drama.

    you should read carefully in many articles that from the beginning the PD has been interested in Jin Se Yeon as Hong Dami, they even stated that JSY is the right actress as Hong Dami. Due to JSY busy schedule with Gaksital then they casting EJ, which EJ was the second choice as Hong Dami.

  334. 334 : ptsh836 Says:

    @clairerosean #330:

    i super agree with u….d writer has committed a major miscalculation in epi 5…by having da mi play ji ho’s composition. it was already bad enuf having her replace eunjung…now to commit this despicable act which will surely discredit her character further….geeeez…i dun like her at all. n for putting ji ho in a spot…this is real bad!

    no wonder ratings for epi 6 & 7 continues to take d plunge…im sure many viewers are equally pissed off.

  335. 335 : Jennie Says:

    @Nora Agree with you. Some of these people are so lost and confused that they don’t know what is real or drama anymore and lump them together in their comments. These people really need help 😀

  336. 336 : junggiestar Says:

    they deserve a LOWER RATINGS Than this… so Glad Eunjung is not in this drama anymore… lol this is what we call K.A.R.M.A

  337. 337 : junggiestar Says:

    lol JSY’s acting is Way beyond HORRIBLE.. its DISGUSTING

  338. 338 : Nora Says:

    JSY’s acting is horrible and disgusting?? but, many Producers of the three big boardcast in Korea like and choose her for their Dramas baby!
    Jealous much eh? LOL

  339. 339 : dinatamtini Says:

    i hate the drama when the evil character is too evil at almost become surreal. i thought she doesn’t have a proper reason to become that evil which put me off so i stop watching it. but the drama seems more interesting than may queen. maybe i’ll watch it when it completed.

  340. 340 : jin se yeon bitch Says:

    lol jsy act is so fucking bad,,,even netizen said that,,,dami suppose to be like eugene at kim tak goo,,but because jsy acting is bad they change dami personality to become cheerfull,,,look at the jsy dami poster,,smiling like a retard,,,stupid sbs and 5fs now can die with her bitch,,single digit rating baby

  341. 341 : Nora Says:

    You can give those harsh comments toward JSY just because she took the role of Eunjung’s right? Whatever Eunjung’s fans say about JSY, at least JSY is a lovely and good person..many people like to work with her.
    Who cares about rating? ONLY Eunjung’s fans who care so muuuch about 5F’s rating LOL

  342. 342 : Irish Says:

    are u even thinking before saying all those bad words towards Jin Seyeon, she is the best actress and i know she deserves to put in this drama. so stop commenting if u would only put negative things to her, you guys can’t compare how good she is.

    Did you see the Gaksital drama she portrayed her role with the talent of being such adorable actress.

  343. 343 : Irish Says:

    The reason why they got lower ratings, because the episode appeared very late i witnessed it last saturday and sunday because i waited for the whole day! not because Jin Seyeon is the main actress instead of EJ….

  344. 344 : armin Says:

    اینون نونگ عزیز فقط ببین چطوری سریال 5 انگشت داره نابود میشه … خیلی خیلی خوشحالم .. چون گفته بودم بهت که بدون تو این سریال اصلا ارزش دیدن نداره ….. فایتینگ ایون جونگ فایتینگ

  345. 345 : cany1993 Says:

    I love ji chang wook. He would be the only reason to start this drama, but I don’t like the actress though. I didn’t like her acting in Bridal Mask. Maybe she was overshadowed by the other AWESOME cast and I started to compare her acting with that of Joo Won and Ki Woong, which was incredible. But her acting was lousy. 🙁 Does she at least have a likeable personality in this drama? I don’t know if I should start watching this…

  346. 346 : sassou Says:

    despite i’am EJ’s fan, i wish good luck for this drama,it seems interesting and i think that JSY has the right to prove herself , she has innocent and pure face

  347. 347 : annira Says:

    i’m happy now….good job five fingers 😀

  348. 348 : popza Says:

    f you t-ara you’re all problem….

  349. 349 : kimerica Says:

    I’m 5 1/2 eps. into this drama and I’m ready to give it up out of boredom. Can’t believe a drama with Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook doesn’t sparkle, even though I expected sizzle. Must be the mean-spiritedness of the mother/stepmother and wishy washy spinelessness of the female leads. I can’t help but feel that this script is from a slush pile dated 2002 with injuries substituted for diseases. Sorry
    if this sounds angry; I’m really just so disappointed. Maybe it would have been better if the father survived the fire and the mother died in it.

  350. 350 : raqzie Says:

    kARMA strikes back! haha! the ratings will surely drop even more in the coming episodes..

  351. 351 : ptsh836 Says:

    @kimerica #349:

    you know, this kinda plot in kdrama has been worked to death as far as i know minus, of course the musical parts…evil stepmother, stepbrother, backstabbing, schemings, fighting ovr inheritance n what not….this has been repeated umpteenth times n i guess viewers are getting tired.

    the double-faced stepmother irks me the most, the clueless hero who needs to be shaken up, the angst-fueled stepbro…a goofy looking n inexperienced female lead….all will add up to unsatisfactory ratings against other dramas….’may queen’ for one. may queen projects a brighter outlook….an ambitious heroine chasing her dream is more attractive, i guess.

    however, for the sake of joo ji hoon, who is trying hard to regain his popularity n to piece back together his tumultuous life….i’ll hang in there!

  352. 352 : jean Says:

    Hey guys, for those who are talking nonsense and unpleasant remarks, can you please show some respect. I’m not a fan of any of the cast, i’m just a normal Kdrama lover, but i don’t think it is right to attack any of the artist. Comparing one artist to another is acceptable, but insulting them just like the way you are doing now is unfair to everyone. If you want to support your favorite star, why don’t you write words of encouragement, instead of talking nonsense…

  353. 353 : clairerosean Says:

    @ptsh836 #334 Oh dear, don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t talking about the lead actress as she is… my remarks was all about the scene on the drama.. but thanks for your input..

    Anyway, I am really hoping that the rating will get better soon… it is just because i read on some sites that for these dramas/ actors/ actresses to be recognized for any awards, the show itself must be high rating… I am hoping JJH’s return as a mature actor will be recognized.. even the ‘evil mom’, her poker face is really infuriating and i think that is what the production intended to do.. such a waste if they won’t be recognized for this..!

    Yaay i really hope the viewers will start seeing the show not just as some controversial drama but really appreciate the depth of the storyline itself..

    Peace to All!!

  354. 354 : ptsh836 Says:

    @jean #352:

    i cant imagine you thinking we are attacking the actors/actresses personally….do we even know them that well for that matter.

    its not difficult to see that we are only just discussing the characters of said drama…how it is affecting us…n how it is affecting d ratings, etc

    geeez, we are only interested in what is going on with this drama n contributing our positive n negative views/comments here which is everyone’s right….we’re not attacking anyone here…plz get it straight!

  355. 355 : jean Says:

    @ ptsh836 354, Please don’t misunderstood me… i’m actually talking about the previous comments, not yours. 🙂 It’s just happen that my comment comes after you. I read all the comments from page 1 down to this page out of curiosity, and for my disappointment, i only see bad words like “Bitch or Disgusting” from those childish fans. I’m expecting something about the drama and not the personal life of the cast.

    I think you are being defensive too because of what’s going on here. I’m not referring to any particular person when i wrote my comment. I think this would be the first and last time that i would check out about this drama, it’s not because the drama is bad or not interesting but because of the people here who really pissed me off… Well… Good luck to this drama… 🙂

  356. 356 : agave Says:

    @kimerica – #349

    If you’ve only watched 5 1/2 episodes, then you’ve only seen 1 1/2 episodes with JJH and JCW. I don’t know about you, but it usually takes me several episodes to really get into characters. I may like them in the early episodes, but I tend not to really love them until I’ve watched about a third of a drama.

    Also, I find that you either love melodramas or you hate them, because there is no assurance of a happy ending. Or. at least an ending that won’t piss you off. Five Fingers is the first melodrama that I’m watching while it airs in Korea. So far, I’m enjoying it.

    @ptsh836 #351

    All k-drama plots have been done to death, so it’s not surprising that this melodrama contains elements common to most melodramas. What makes or breaks a drama for me are the actors. If I love them, I can stick with the drama, unless the writing becomes strange and inconsistent. For Five Fingers, I love the actors and I’m enjoying the writing. So, it’s working for me.

    I haven’t watched May Queen, but it seems to have a standard love plot with a triangle between the lead female and the two male leads. I’ve found that this type of plot is typically more popular than those where the love plot may not be *the* main focus of the drama.

    I know there are other elements involved in the storyline of May Queen, but from what I understand those elements include the same characters who are involved in the love triangle. Therefore the love story could be considered *the* main focus no matter what.

    In contrast, although the love triangle in Five Fingers should become a prominent plot point, the larger plot focuses on the relationships between Young Ran, her step-son, Ji Ho and her son In Ha. All of the storylines for the other characters are connected to one or all of these three characters.

    At this point, the young woman involved in the triangle, Da Mi, doesn’t seem to be actively involved in the drama’s major storyline, outside of being the girl in the triangle between her, Ji Ho and In Ha. For those who love traditional romances where the female is the driving force for moving the overall storyline, this could be disappointing. It also doesn’t help that Da Mi is so young that she doesn’t have a strong presence. Because of this, she’s overshadowed by they other female lead, Young Ran, the mom.

    I’m glad you plan to hang in there for JJH’s sake, but I hope you find more to enjoy as you continue to watch. As I said, I’m loving this drama, so far.

  357. 357 : ptsh836 Says:

    @agave #356:

    phewww…finally i meet someone who knows what she/he is talking abt 🙂

    your knowledge abt the intricate workings of kdramas is most appreciated. ive been feeling slightly peeved by all the animosity thrown in by some hardcore fans…its a relief ive not been scarred for life!

    anyway…this drama will surely be drawing out all kinds of emotions from viewers; its intense, dark n stressing to say the least…

    storyline, actors, actresses is one thing…but chemistry between leads is equally important. ive encountered many dramas where ive not been able to continue watching becuz of chemistry issues; when i cant root for the leads…that is when i drop said dramas…

    so, for me…its still too early to assess whether this drama will succeed …but i’ll surely be hanging in there.

  358. 358 : sarah Says:

    hahaaa so happy look at those low ratings 😀 im glad this drama is sucks… actually its casts !!

  359. 359 : myrice Says:

    i never hope the rantings will drop even when they kick out eunjung. I love to see eunjung in this drama but right now I glad that she is not in drama because if she still in this drama she will be blame when the rantings keep decreasing.

  360. 360 : kimerica Says:

    @ptsh836 I truly appreciate your reply to my comment and I understand your point of view. I’m a big fan of both male leads, but particularly wanted to see
    JJH have a great role in his first drama after military service. I’m just afraid that
    this will be another Fashion King debacle and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    I watch all kinds of kdramas and enjoy most of them. The only other drama I gave up on was FK. (I did go back to see the last ep. after reading about how bad the ending was. I disagree about that: the hit…You Ah In’s death was the perfect
    ending, I think. I will come back here to see if the drama improves judging by
    comments and start watching again if it does. Hope so for JJH’s sake.

  361. 361 : mimi Says:

    so happy see the rating low..hahha……5F i’m so happy now…..how are you????

  362. 362 : Charlie Says:

    Joo JI Hoon is such a waste in this drama. It’s good to see him grown into a strong young man but seriously, what is this story is about! It’s soooooo boring. How can a writer even think of such evil mom character.

  363. 363 : Charlie Says:

    All the characters in this drama are either evil or stupid.
    May Queen on the other hand is much interesting story although it also got evils in there.

  364. 364 : grace Says:

    I manage to watch until episode 8, on first 5 episode i feel that the story is interesting, but i’m getting bored from the rest of the part… the story is not the characters are not balance, or maybe i should the evil mom acted her role very well and the others just do what so ever they can, i don’t feel iay life or excitement in this drama, Although i like JJH a lot, still didn’t work for me. May Queen has a lighter and more simple plot but the story goes so well as well as characters role. Even if you can almost predict what will happen next, the excitement is always their. When i started to watch both dramas, i thought FF is better, but after watching 8 episode, i realize that May Queen is much more better and worth to watch. Anyway, i still watch this drama for JJH, but maybe later on…

  365. 365 : grace Says:

    Sorry i made a lot of mistakes while writing my comment on #364. 🙂 So bad, i can’t edit the errors.

    I mean, the story line and the characters role are not balance,..

  366. 366 : elip Says:

    Seriously this story just remember me ” bread,love,dream” and with same leader actress ( stepmother) !!! I hope that JJH has a lucky return and being famuse again . Fighting ^-^

  367. 367 : Lorem Says:

    I watched up to the start of episode 6. The characters make some ludicrous decisions. I don’t know what the writer is smoking, but this thing is at times convoluted and perhaps too much over-thinking the plot. The term which comes to mind is “analysis paralysis”.

    For example, inadvertently leaking a portion of the music to the net, getting lots of views in a matter of hours is generally great marketing. It should bolster ticket sales to the upcoming concert. Yet the professor’s character decides to drop the composer because his pride was hurt. What planet is this? The writer of this drama seem so out of touch with how things really work.

    If the music is good and the orchestra is well rehearsed, one would take the ‘happy accident’ for a blessing. In real life, the best artists and composers know that even when one puts in their all, there is no guaranteed success. Fate plays a hand in it. And because fate threw in a card in the form of a viral marketing video which garnered interest, all the hardworking people including the professor would acknowledge it, and take the high road. That’s the reality, which the writer ought to know.

    There are a few of these banal contrivances in the script, makes me want to strangle the writer.

    I would enjoy this drama if the writer would treat me the viewer, with a little more respect. Let the characters decisions be made according to their nature, not according the writer’s whim. To put it bluntly, stop dicking around writer-neeem!

  368. 368 : agave Says:

    @Lorem, I disagree. It appears you missed a crucial part of that first scene in episode 6. The professor was angry because, in episode 5 Da, Mi told him she had found the sheet music discarded on the street. In that first scene in episode 6, the professor tells Ji Ho that he doesn’t want a composer who is so careless that he could leave the professor’s work in the street.

    Furthermore, most artists would not be happy about having their unpublished work “stolen” and released without their permission. If they’re unknown, they’ll probably have to sue for the rights to any benefits. Even if they’re well-known, they may still have to sue to prove the work is rightfully theirs.

    Therefore, if this had happened in real life lawyers would be involved. The only way something like this may have worked as a marketing benefit is if the public already knew this was the professor’s work. In that case, having a video featuring his music go viral could have increased interest in his work.

  369. 369 : eny Says:

    first time i read the synopsis i’m more interesting about five finger than may queen but after i read a comment about the plot similar to baker king, it reduce my interest eventhought baker king is one of my favorite drama all time, and i see the rating of May Queen is better than five finger

    I already watch Watch May queen and so far i like it, may be i will try Five finger later

  370. 370 : chiee Says:

    oh so sad , i think this drama is good but why get low rating , because eunjung? oh my god , this is important for JJH 1st his comeback afters army and scandal ..

    i wish this drama get high rating .. :’)


  371. 371 : eny Says:

    i think it’s not fair to blame the low rating because of eunjang, she’s not here anymore. It’s really interesting they kicked eunjang out because they afraid the rating will drop and after Eunjang out people still blame her because this drama get low rating

    I’m not Eunjang fans i just feel weird about this and i still wanna try this drama

  372. 372 : momo Says:

    i like her…..i like the role she played in Bridal Mask! hwaiting!

  373. 373 : reca Says:

    A shame because Eun Jung did not play in this drama.
    This drama is good, but I’m sorry for his watch.
    because I expected in this drama is Eun Jung.
    and I guess I will not see her again next episode.

  374. 374 : reca aquarius Says:

    A shame because Eun Jung did not play in this drama.
    This drama is good, but I’m sorry for his watch.
    because I expected in this drama is Eun Jung.
    and I guess I will not see her again next episode.

  375. 375 : agave Says:

    @ptsh836 #357

    Yes, this drama is going to continue to wring out emotions from viewers and this is only the beginning. I say that because I some are watching because they’re hoping for a strong romantic element with a happy ending. However, I suspect that even if some of them get their wish, it’s not going to be an easy ride.

    The thing is that this is not a feel-good drama, but there appears to be a lot of viewers wouldn’t normally watch a melodrama who are watching this because they support the actors. Much of that support is from JJH fans.

    I used to avoid melodramas too, but recently I started watching a few out of curiosity. So far, none of the melodramas I’ve watched had a happy ending. None. Zero. Zip.

    Because of this, I’m prepared for anything with Five Fingers.

  376. 376 : drama freak Says:

    i actually like this drama….it is getting better and better =) will continue to watch it =)

  377. 377 : mahta Says:

    this drama is not good without eun jung t-ara
    i don’t like this drama n the management this drama…

  378. 378 : Charlie Says:

    I must say that this drama is getting better in ep 9 & 10. I guess it’s because YJH is finally waking up and will revenge. I have the confidence that it’s going to grt better and better Also I like His new hair style much better. The previous one was so weird, it’s like from 1930″s.

  379. 379 : mahta Says:

    eun jung is the best

  380. 380 : Jennie Says:

    Enjoying this drama very much. Young Ran is as evil as she can be and I love the chemistry between the cast. It’s dark alright in the Yoo household. On the surface, they seem like a loving family, mother and sons with plenty of hugs and touching but beneath it, there are layers of betrayals and back stabbing. On the other side of the town, Dami and her family, loving and cheerful at the beginning suffer the comsequences of being in contact with one member from the Yoo household. Looking forward to seeing JiHo rise to the challenge and betrayal. Love how Dami is like a beacon of light to the otherwise “dark” brothers and I hope she remains like that. I feel for In Ha because I pity him and so far, his only fault is wanting to be better than Jiho. I wonder what will happen to him once he finds out the truth about his mother’s involvement in so many evil deeds? At this point, I am on Dami/Inha’s ship because I think their chemistry is better 😀

  381. 381 : eny Says:

    i watch first episode and i’m hesitate to continue it, i just feel like the story has much similarity with “baker king kim tak goo” the different is they try to achieve their dream to become pianist in baker king their dream is become the best bakery. Baker king Kim Tak Goo is one of my favorite drama all time

  382. 382 : Manatee Says:

    Yoo Ji Ho, Fighting !!!

  383. 383 : camila Says:

    Arrrgh!!!! JiN SE YUN….how come i must see you again here in my fav drama!!! i was so sick of you at Bridal mask, your acting so boring !!!!! and now..??? damn

  384. 384 : mimi Says:

    i think this drama better if eunjung in this drama…..i watch JIN SE YEON in bridal mask is so boring..like she can’t acting……

  385. 385 : mahta Says:

    she is acting so boring

  386. 386 : Myr Says:

    I like Jin Se Yun. She doesn’t look fake. Most importantly, she can act despite being a newcomer.
    Jen Se Yun, FIGHTING! I really admired your acting in My Daughter The Flower. Don’t let “ugly words” put you down.

  387. 387 : junggiestar Says:

    lol pathetic drama… I hope this drama will end very fast.. just a waste

  388. 388 : agave Says:

    I love how things are really heating up when there is so much more of the drama left. Now that Ji Ho is finding out more about what really happened the night he thought Young Ran intentionally saved him, I want to see how he handles this for more than just a couple of episodes.

    When Five Fingers first started, I thought Ji Ho wouldn’t find out the truth until the last few episodes. That would have meant compressing the fallout into just a few shows. I hate when dramas do that.

    So far, I’m enjoying this drama, I just wish the subs were faster.

  389. 389 : Jennie Says:

    @agave Yes, I agree with you. I am so excited about the next episode to see what happens next. The pace of the drama is good and we still have many episodes to go and so much more to be revealed. And we have yet to see Woo Jin and his boss carry out their revenge. Love the appropriate background music, lovely/romantic or suspense when the scene calls for it. Read that the OST is a hit in Korea when it was released.Can’t wait to see Episode 11 & 12 with subs. Looking forward to seeing JiHo kicking up a fuss too!!! Wish the subs were faster too but I don’t mind the waiting as long as it’s quality subs 😀

  390. 390 : Prince Says:

    plzzz who can lead me to the Opening title of this drama ?

  391. 391 : agave Says:

    @Jennie, I’m also looking forward to seeing JW get more involved in Young Ran’s life again. We know that Woo Jin is focused on revenge against Young Ran, but I’m curious about whether JW will find that he still has feelings for Young Ran. If he does, things could get really messy because Woo Jin is like a bullet that can’t be put back into the gun. There’s no way he’s going to allow anything to keep him from getting his revenge.

    Regarding the OST, I’m not surprised it’s a hit because viewers have been begging for the OST since just after the first few episodes.

    I’ve been trying to be patient about waiting for subs, but it’s hard. From reading the previews, JiHo’s blinders about Young Ran are slowly and painfully coming off. It’s going to be interesting to see him struggle with his love for her while he’s also forced to protect himself from her.

  392. 392 : camila Says:

    Jin se yun the worst actress!! her face & acting so boring!!! i hope this is the last drama for you

  393. 393 : roxyalso Says:

    JJH is a good actor, I’d like to see him in a drama with YEH again. They have good chemistry together and both have certain acting qualities that gell.

  394. 394 : Jennie Says:

    @agave Not sure if I have missed out anything but I don’t understand why JW hates YR so much. It can’t be that she left him and married Yoo Manse because he was poor. I just finished watching Episode 11 and my, things are really getting heated up. I love the step grandma. I thought she was going to be such a pain but she turns out to be the wisest one of of them all and definitely Jiho’s guradian angel. The sweatshirt was a stroke of brilliance and I was so excited that Jiho caught on so quickly and connected the dots 😀 Inha’s character is a disappointment though. I thought there’d be some brotherly love among them two and expected some inner struggle when he found out about his mum’s involvement but he turns out to be just an ordinary and predictable villian 🙁 Hope the writer will give more thought for his character development. And the lyrics of the song is so beautiful. Love it! Can’t wait to listen to the second one by Homme. Love the songs by these two guys always 😀

  395. 395 : Nora Says:

    Yay…subtitle episode 11 and 12 in Viki: 100%
    I’m enjoy this drama so much 🙂

  396. 396 : agave Says:

    @Jennie, since you’re just finishing up episode 11, you’re close to finding out why JW hates YR so much. I’ll wait until after you’ve watched episode 12 before discussing it with you.

    I love the step grandma too. I liked her from the beginning because her presence reminded YR that she shouldn’t get so comfortable with her schemes that she allowed her emotions to get the best of her. Unfortunately, YR didn’t or couldn’t listen, which is why things are backfiring on her so quickly.

    However, as much as I enjoy the step grandma, we can’t forget that she’s honest enough to admit that her first priority is her and her future. She even told Ji Ho that he should never depend on her or anyone else to support him.

    Ji Ho is definitely quick about grasping the truth. He was this way from the beginning. Even when he didn’t suspect YR, he still kept looking for the person responsible for setting him up and making his life miserable. It’s too bad it turned out the be the person he loved and trusted the most.

    I’m also disappointed that we’re not seeing In Ha show JH any brotherly love. I’m also disappointed that YR doesn’t seem to have any love for JH. Before the show started, I was hoping that both YR and In Ha would have conflicted feeling about the way were treating Ji Ho.

    However, I still hold out hope that we’ll see some signs that they care more about Ji Ho than they are willing to admit.

    @Nora, finding out that episodes 11 and 12 are already subbed is a great surprise. 🙂

  397. 397 : Jennie Says:

    @agave Hi, done with Ep 12 yesterday. Was really happy to know that subs came out faster this week. I hope it means that more are watching this, especially the subbers. As we go deeper into this drama, it’s getting very exciting for me. Ok, now I know why JW hates YR so much. If it was YR who ordered him to be killed, I can understand why. However, if that was the case why is she still “mooning” about him and reminiscing about their younger days? She looks like she still cares for him. Now I fear what will Woo Jin do if JW decide not to take revenge because he finds he still loves YR, just as you said or he finds out that it wasn’t YR who tried to kill him. Man Se had this love-hate obsession with YR so I will not be surprised if he was the one who attempted to kill JW. And step-grandma too had a role or rather was also against JW because he was poor but that’s just pure selfishness on her side. She’s crude and acidic but at least she’s honest about putting her self interest above all else and she says it as it is.
    I find YR as a mother really suffocating and she is over protective over Inha. Inha has become a spoiled brat as a result and he is consumed with the thought that Jiho is taking everything from him including Dami. Really disappointing to see how his character is so weak as I was hoping that Ji Chang Wook would have selected a more challenging role. Well, it’s still early but I really hope the writer will do more with his character. I hope and want a stronger Inha – one that I can grow to love and appreciate, and one who is JH’s equal.
    Dami’s mom is one who makes me worry the most. While I undersatnd her need to clear her husband’s name, but really, I wish she wouldn’t interfere and just let WJ handle the revenge. I’m always so afraid that she’ll mess everything up. With the latest development, I hope she doesn’t get killed by that attorney 🙁

  398. 398 : jo Says:

    the drama is quite interesting. fighting……

  399. 399 : jo Says:

    the drama is quite good n interesting. only the initial part the lead actor’s hair style a little bit weird. but i wondering how come the rating is not very high……

  400. 400 : agave Says:

    @Jennie, I don’t believe YR tried to have him killed. Like you mentioned, I think it’s more likely that YR’s husband, Man Se and her stepmom, Gye Hwa, could have set it up to look like YR tried to kill JW to break them up. I think it’s also possible that they didn’t really want to kill. Instead, I think they may have set things up to make it look like someone wanted to kill him.

    JW seems like a pretty determined guy and he and YR seemed to be very much in love, so I can’t see him just giving up if YR had broken up with him. That’s why I can believe that Man Se and Gye Hwa needed extra insurance to make sure JW didn’t try to stay in touch with YR. If this is true, then I wonder if YR later found out about this. I’m looking forward to getting more details about this to see if any of this could be possible.

    I agree that Woo Jin could be a problem if JW changes his mind about taking revenge on YR. Woo Jin will see this through despite JW’s wishes, so this could get ugly for both of them.

    YR has truly become a monster mother, not only because of the way she’s treating Ji Ho but also because, as you mentioned, she is too overprotective of In Ha. The closer she becomes to In Ha, the worse he becomes. When you compare In Ha’s relationship with Ji Ho before he forgave his mother, In Ha seemed to get along much better with Ji Ho. He also seemed to be a stronger person.

    It appears that YR has lost her mind because she no longer seems rational. She seems to be fixated on two things. One, using Ji Ho as a surrogate for Man Se and making him pay because she wasted 10 years on Man Se only to have him give his fortune to Ji Ho. Two, she’s obsessed with trying to make it up to In Ha by making sure he gets whatever he wants, no matter how much this destroys him.

    Like you, I was hoping that In Ha would be strong enough to retain at least a little bit of his dignity, but, he seems to have lost whatever core of decency he once had. Remember when he said wanted to beat Ji Ho fairly? That determined little boy seems to have disappeared because now he’s all about doing anything to win, including cheating.

    Although I think In Ha is weak, I love what Ji Chang Wook is doing with this character. However, I agree with you about hoping the writer adds more texture to his character. I don’t want to see JCW having to play the same scenes over and over.

    I’m concerned about Nam Joo too because she doesn’t think before she acts. I was stunned when she had Lawyer Choi’s safe broken into. Despite knowing how reckless she is I was also surprised when she told him what she had done and about YR’s part in Man Se’s death. You’re right that Choi may decide she’s too much of a loose cannon and get rid of her.

    From one of the latest episodes, Choi proves, once again, that he has his own agenda. As YR mentioned earlier, Choi is not the type to go down alone. If he gets destroyed, he’ going to take anyone involved down with him. I can also see him getting rid of anyone who may threaten his plans. So, yes, I’m worried about Nam Joo.

  401. 401 : something Says:

    2 episodes broadcast on 29/9 not 19/9

    admin is that typo? LOL

  402. 402 : Jennie Says:

    @something No it’s not. Due to the Chuseok specials, two episodes (Ep 13 & 14) were shown yesterday 😀 and Episode 14 was especially good 😀

  403. 403 : F.Ids Says:

    Com’on, this drama was supposed to be COOL and AWESOME and all. You know, the return of Joo Ji Hoon!!! But i am kinda disappointed about it. I gave up at episode 4 or 5.

  404. 404 : Kdrama_fan Says:

    What a stupid drama it is! In Ha’s repeating ridiculous subplots to hurt Ji Ho are so bad. Why does the scriptwriter think the viewers are dumb? Why can this Ji Ho who is supposed to be a genius not protect himself?

  405. 405 : cheezy Says:

    Heyy this drama I kinda like, but what a whidin spoil ass son. He needs to get beat up big time. The second son needs to put him in check, always gotta run to Mommy dearest. Cmon writer, can u guys write somethin better than this??????

  406. 406 : Beth Says:

    I like this drama very much from the start until now. I’m always excited every saturdays and sundays waiting for uploads. The actors/actresses are great and give justice to their roles. Looking forward for a happy ending. Thank you.

  407. 407 : Charlie Says:

    It’s hard to swallow that JH has been repeatly tricked by IH and his mom. He’ll just never learn.
    Dispite of all the stupid parts, I’m still able to enjoy the show. Joo JI Hoon is so good, I can’t have enough of him. Jin Se Yun’s performance in Bridal Mask wasn’t worth to mention, but here she is so natual around JJH, her performance is actually getting better in this drama. (Is she also JJH’s fan? 😉 ) she is actually kissing this time. That kiss was pretty hot.

  408. 408 : Panda Says:

    I’m also kind of disappointed about until now Jiho haven’t take any revenge to his evil mom and evil brother yet? I can’t wait to see those episodes where Jiho starts to destroy his evil and crazy mother/brother..and that evil attorney also. Please stop makes Jiho look likes a stupid man among those evil people.
    Agree, JSY’s performance here way better than in BM. I feel she’s more free and natural here. especially with the leads male. At first I thought JJH and JSY would be an awkward couple due to the age gap between them. But…Dang! I was wrong..they’re so comfortable each other, lovely and one of the sweetest couples in K-Drama I have ever seen.
    I bet she’s also JJH’s fan..I mean who can resist JJH’s charisma especially when he kisses you? LOL

  409. 409 : clairerosean Says:

    @F.Ids: I think it’s time to resume watching it, that’s if, you like intense drama and just all the romantic-googled eyes stuffs.. especially now that JJH is starting to ‘see’ the reality about his ‘mom’s’ caring….

    I love watching it because of course, I love JJH ever but apart from that, it is a drama that has a lot of very human-like evilness such as greed/ hatred/ envy however, the balance they put up by having a very loving and kindhearted heroin makes it all bearable.. thankfully, i’m getting inspired by the positive attitude of the main character rather than getting annoyed from the negative attitudes of both his step-mom and step bro..

    so, i suggest, give it a try… either this drama suck rock-bottom at the end, i won’t feel bad.. because seeing JJH twice a week is great enough!!

    Peace to All!! 😉

  410. 410 : clairerosean Says:

    Edit the 1st Para:

    @F.Ids: I think it’s time to resume watching it, that’s if, you like intense drama and NOT just all the romantic-googled eyes stuffs.. especially now that JJH is starting to ‘see’ the reality about his ‘mom’s’ caring….

    @ADMIN: Can i suggest having and “EDIT” button somewhere so whenever some accidental typo error, it will be easier to make the changes?? hehhehe Just asking… 🙂

  411. 411 : swift Says:

    I still find it difficult to accept the actor playing In Hwa as the bad guy. I have seen him in other dramas acting as the good guy. Each time he acts out his evil deeds in this drama, it does not seem real to me, just my opinion, hahahhahhahh……… they picked the wrong guy for this character

  412. 412 : Doney Says:

    I think they’ve chosen the right actor as Inha..Gosh, Ji Chang Wook is doing the great job as Inha. His acting is so damn good and it’s so nice to see him playing such a different role from his previous roles as the good guy.

  413. 413 : ptsh836 Says:

    yeah, i too dun get why ji chang wook accepted this role playing such a hateful character; the same goes with chae shi ra playing chae young ran. after successfully playing inspiring leads…jcw in ‘smile, donghae’ n csr in ‘the iron empress’….arent they afraid of losing many of their fans??

    both these two characters are so grating on d nerves…i had a hard time sticking to this drama; its so intense, i couldnt stomach more than 2 parts of each epis per day; so im still lagging @ epi 10…

    what i hate most in kdramas is when the lead is at a disadvantage n outnumbered by evil scheming characters attacking him at every turn n not allowing him to catch his breath! here…yoo ji ho is practically alone in a household full of double-faced characters who survives on a diet of hate n greed. i dun get why in-ha is still so full of envy n agnst after being away from ji ho for so many years… if only they had bothered to ask, im sure ji ho will gladly give up whatever is their rightful share of the company….

    as for hong dami…being described as a bright spark n bringing hope to ji ho/in-ha…is not too far fetched. she literally lights up the scenes she shares with the two male leads by permanently flashing her toothsome smiles ever so often; too often, in fact to warrant whatever little measly response fr me! aaaargh! if i needed a clown, ill go to d circus!

    the writer is lazy in building a believable character that is hong dami! all of a sudden, she plays d piano well even tho she never had a formal education…just learning d basics fr ji ho/in-ha can produce a genius who is adapt as well in tuning a sophisticated piano….it is simply unbelievable! as far as im concerned, she has yet to get me warmed up to her character thus far.

  414. 414 : ptsh836 Says:

    im @ epi 11 n getting more n more agitated with Professor Ha (??)

    i just dun understand how such a highly educated n intelligent man like him who had been nurturing a musical genius called yoo jiho all those years could just give up on him without conducting more investigations into those unfortunate incidents n so swiftly promoted in ha, who had only just returned to korea n where his talents have not been tested much…

    i dun see how the prof had no trust in his own disciple at all n for him to offer the successor position to in ha is quite exasperating to say d least; when he very well know he should be lucky to have encountered a musical genius during his lifetime n he should be grooming him n not just discard him like some used tissue!

    i think his daughter is a better judge of character when she seems to understand ji ho more than him…

  415. 415 : Conny Says:

    i’m not the one who feel hurt when i read at some opinion at famous forum that Bridal mask break the rating more rhan 20% becouse JIN SE YUN!!! OMG.. this statement so ugly… for everyone who whatching BM what your comment for this statement ??

  416. 416 : Mystisith Says:

    @ptsh836 I agree with your analysis of the story/ characters, except for one thing: I don’t think Ji Chang-wook is wasted. For me his acting is the best and if not for him I would have dropped that show a long time ago. The same thing happened in Fashion King with Lee Je-hoon: He stole the show. I really want to know what will happen to In Ha at the end: Redemption or crash in flames. The main couple is as interesting as watching the grass grow.

  417. 417 : danaya Says:

    JIN SE YUN unusefull!!! Boring!!! she just can smile and laugh only, not suitable for lead actress

  418. 418 : Joana Says:

    this drama is so exciting love it
    such suspence
    i ´m anxious for the rest

  419. 419 : swift Says:

    The main culprit in enticing the hate among the family members is actually the father who died. I think he gave the spruce to IH and the key of the construction note to JH is to make them work as a team instead of making them enemies. JH may have the compassion to make up with IH but IH’s jelously with his mothers influence does not help to improve the brotherly relationship.
    The only bridge for the brothers to reconcile is DM. As both brothers will protect her eventhough their mother will go to the extreme to rid DM’s family.

  420. 420 : joy Says:

    well.. im just annoyed with this repeated stupidness of the main actor,, what is so called genious.. If its not JJH.. i won’t dare to watch this korean drama. sorry i may not have to criticize thier work but please put a little bit common….’?s? writer please!!!! ..European viewers…

  421. 421 : annmasae Says:

    this drama is great. i don’t understand the low ratings. the love between Ji Ho and Dami is so romatic and natural. i disagree with the negative coments about Jin Se Yun. I think she is doing a great job. I enjoyed her in My Daughter Flower also.
    I hope JJH starts fighting back against his evil stepmother and his younger brother In Ha. I won’t be able to stand 30 episodes of him continually being beaten down and hurt. i’m hopeful for a happy ending for the main couple.

  422. 422 : rarah Says:

    even eunjung acting in this drama i think this drama well better…..i don’t like jin se yeon acting in this drama….so suck!!

  423. 423 : Jennie Says:

    @annmasae Do you see now why most of us who are actually enjoying this drama refrain from making positive comments on this thread? 😀 😀 😀

  424. 424 : swift Says:

    Writer, please get the story move faster before I doze off……….hahahhaha
    Poor Ji Hoon, hope the writer will create some solutions for his character to have a breather rather than all the other characters around him wringing his neck all the time………….

  425. 425 : Touise Says:

    Agree..if the one who play Ji ho isn’t JJH and this’ not a comeback drama of JJH, I won’t continue to watch this. Gaah, they make JJH looks stupid and weak. I can’t stand it, JJH is capable of so much more than that! Have they forgotten how much his fans were dying want to see him comeback on screen? then why do they make his role on his comeback drama so sucks?! If they won’t change Ji ho soon be strong, strike back, and kick some asses in this drama, there would be many fans of him would be so freakin’ disappointed with this drama.
    I love all cast. I have to admit this drama have strong and great cast! Joo Ji Hoon, Ji Cang Wook, Chae Si Ra, Jun min Sun, Jung Eun Woo and Jin Se Yeon. All of them together in a drama, great! They’re playing their parts so flawless. But, the writer is kind of sucks. How can a drama with full of stars in it can’t be shine? then, the answer must be the writer-nim. I hope the writer can do better job for the left episodes because the cast is so strong and this’ JJH’s comeback drama you know, it should be something amazing and wow!
    I love Jin Se Yeon, so far she’s doing a good job in this drama but, somehow I found she doesn’t has sex appeal yet..I’m not a fan Eunjung or Jin Se Yeon..but I think Eunjung has that sex appeal. However, in my own opinion, it would be much better if not both of them (Eunjung and Jin Se Yeon) who casted as Hong Dami. Another actress I think would be much better to do the role as Hong Dami 😉
    JJH fighting!!! five fingers fighting!!!

  426. 426 : Jennie Says:

    Okay, after watching Episode 17, I take back whatever I’ve said earlier. I am not enjoying this drama at all, especially with this latest episode. The writer is just giving one false hope after another that I’ve lost my patience. And the preview for Episode 18 is even worse. I know we are not getting any new development anymore, story wise and character wise.. That’s it. Such a big let down. I feel sorry for the rather awesome cast 🙁

  427. 427 : swift Says:

    Urghhhh……… more disaster befalls on JH, when is the writer ever going to allow the good to triumph over the evil doers. The ratings are falling, not surprising as viewers may have obtained overdose of frustration on the main character constantly being bullied by other characters.

    Hope the writer will improve the storyline scenarios before losing more viewership for this drama.

  428. 428 : Lorem Says:

    I wonder if the writer is purposeful in inflicting pain on viewers? This drama is like a wounded animal that needs to be put out of its misery.

    Seriously, they need to bring the axe down on it. It’s just increasing the nations carbon footprint without justification.

  429. 429 : Touise Says:

    I think ep18 will be the last time we can see JH in pain. The end of ep18 looks so promising for JH. such a relief JH finally went out from that evil-house and seems next week is the time he begin his vengeance.

  430. 430 : cheezy Says:

    This drama is gettin really really boring!!!!! The evildoers are always gettin
    away with everything. They’re strippin the brother with everything. SAD
    SAD SAD. I hope he can fight back, cuz that evil mother is psycho psycho.

  431. 431 : ptsh836 Says:

    ive barely managed to scrap thru epi 16, amidst so many heartwrenching moments n sickening, evil plots to bring down ji ho….all thanks to d no-good doings of his wicked stepmom, in ha n attorney choi…

    d usually cool n calm ji ho is visibly shaken for losing his position, shares n self-confidence all b’coz he was too naive, trusting n careless in dealing with in ha n his mom…

    it looks like d evil doers will not give up till ji ho is driven out of d house n cheated of his inheritance…mayb by then he would have nothing else except his name n his god-given gift; which incidentally had been targeted by in ha to get him removed fr d music world, thereby causing ji ho lots of heartache n pain.

    sometimes its not a good idea for d writer to stretch viewers’ patience n endurance by incorporating ridiculous, exhaustive plots to oust d male lead at every given opportunity n turn …viewers will simply revolt by switching off, thus bringing down d ratings with them. mayb its abt time ji ho wise up n fight d evils n win d war soon, very soon hopefully!

  432. 432 : joy Says:


  433. 433 : ptsh836 Says:

    i wasnt anticipating epi 17 after reading some comments here but was in for a pleasant surprise n some awesome acting from ji ho…

    cool ji ho, for the first time simply lost his cool n it was exhilarating to see him go against his stepmom for once after sleeping thru 16 epis…he described her very aptly as ‘scary, shameless n contemptible’….words like this had never crossed his mind before but now, he has been forced to re-evaluate his respect n love for her before its too late; before being completely destroyed by her!

    its indeed an irony or perhaps ‘karma’ has decided to rear its head earlier when in ha caused hong woo jin (da mi’s bro) to be seriously hurt in both mother n son’s attack on d latter…should woo jin die, then its a repeat of what chae young ran had committed in d past when she killed her husband…now her son is following suit n i gleefully await their punishment….but not b4 d writer’s insatiable appetite of making ji ho d scapegoat once again was satisfied….its simply unbelievable what ji ho has to go thru, i hope he escapes unscathed this round, *sigh*….

  434. 434 : ptsh836 Says:

    i went back to view epi 17 n i must say this…or i will regret it for d rest of my life….*hicks*

    listen up those of u ppl who had given up or wants to give up this drama ….come back n watch epi 17….its joo ji hoon’s best acting thus far, u must not miss this awesomeness….im so proud of him, it gives me goosebumps …i wanna shout out to d whole world aka @sara in her luv for kim jae won…its d same here…hehe!

    see for yourselves how ji ho goes against young ran…how brave he is, for the first time…he’s getting fed-up n i enjoy seeing him all riled up n not playing his usual cool, cool self…

    give this drama another chance…thats all i have to say <3

  435. 435 : lemon Says:

    now u all see… this drama already worse even though ham eum jung (T-ara) already out from the drama…

  436. 436 : Kiki Says:

    Geez…ENOUGH bring Ham Eunjung’s name in any site of Five Fingers. Her fans should realize that annoying bully t-ara scandal was the first trouble for this drama and already made this drama became worse. If that bully scandal never happened, this drama won’t get many controversy.

  437. 437 : swift Says:

    Not much of progress in the plots.
    The only significant difference is the evil Young Ran crying while packing Ji Ho’s stuff to send him out of Korea.
    Also, In Ha who is supposedly driven with alot of jealously with Ji Ho would still have a soft spot for Ji Ho.
    Ji Ho is now blinded with hatred towards Young Ran that he may resort to extreme measures to torment Young Ran.

  438. 438 : mahta Says:



    @Swift/ @Joy: Be patient please, this drama aims to ‘Hurt’ the main lead that’s why the story is too sadistic if i could use that term..

    @Lemon:I think you’re on the wrong page.. HEJ or T-Ara does not belong on this page so.. your comments are unnecessary..

    this goes to @Mahta as well.. why watch if you find it boring..? Go find your own taste of DRAMA, comment all you want and surely we supporters of FF won’t mind it at all..

    @Kiki: You Rock! I’m so freaking sick of those who keeps blabbing about T-ARa or HEJ.. Geez..!!

    @ptsh836: I cannot agree more, although i have been watching this drama since the beginning and so far, i haven’t had that ‘giving-up feeling’ although i must say, i hurt a lot everytime JJH is bullied but i do understand that, that’s exactly what the writers intends to inflict..

    Please-please.. pretty please Haters… leave this PAGE if you are not a supporter of this drama.. leave us in Peace Please!

  440. 440 : junggiestar Says:

    I was happy with how things are turning now.. I felt sorry for the remaining cast who work hard for this drama… but with this kind of unprofessional PD he’s dragging everyone down..!!! fuck this DRAMA.. this PD should be banned and stop making drama/…..

    So Happy that EUNJUNG is not in this drama, look how the storyline Sucks …???

  441. 441 : ptsh836 Says:

    @Five-fingers page peace-maker: i salute u for being so brave as to voice out your exasperation towards d haters of this drama…

    your efforts tho commendable is alas…quite ‘fruitless’ coz human beings are born with a mouth each coupled with a functioning or vegetable brain; nothing is gonna stop them from saying what they want whether they like it or not…except to push d mute button on them if ever there is one, hehe! you cant stop them fr coming onto this page either…so it is really a hopeless endeavour to stop them…

    in the meantime, we fans of joo ji hoon shi will continue to support him in whatever way we can n enjoy our drama despite d hatred n useless comments posted by them here.

  442. 442 : [email protected] Says:

    joo ji hoon like ir movie im touching im waiting ur movie ur the best actor,,,no te gusta ur partner ……i love you idol.

  443. 443 : Kiki Says:

    Eunjung or t-ara fans should thanks to all Joo Ji Hoon’s fans because they didn’t throw ton of tomatoes to Eunjung because that annoying t-ara bully scandal made his comeback drama got into trouble.

    @junggiestar so are you happy Eunjung is not this drama? We are way more happy because this drama free from that t-ara scandal. And finally people realized that this drama is Joo Ji Hoon’s NOT Eunjung’s, which her fans were so annoying thought this drama only hers and covered the existence of Ji Hoon in this drama. I bet you haven’t watched this drama because you don’t know the progress of the storyline.

  444. 444 : jedi Says:


    Your screen name is too long, please don’t mind I made it short.

    Even though I’m not watching this drama and not intend to watch it later, I don’t think so it’s right to asked people not to comment what they feel or their mind, maybe it’s irritating to read those bad comments ^^`

    By the way, I liked how you wrote it, I gives you my salute. PEACE!

  445. 445 : Mystisith Says:

    I’m watching this show and May Queen at the same time, & I must say I understand why the second one is more popular: The intensity is balanced by funny interludes or quiet zen scenes. I mean, revenge, revenge and only that is just tiring and depressing in the end. Why so serious? You need a breather from time to time. Even killers can crack a joke and have hobbies like cooking or gardening. Here it’s just pure lemon juice, one shot.

  446. 446 : torri Says:

    Hi every one , i started watching FIVE FINGERS and MAY QUEEN , last week but i love five fingers more i realy dont get why some of you here are comparing this two dramas they both have two different story lines , the reason i love this drama is because of the tension , watching the evil step mum geting her way and now finaly the main lead is having his turn to payback is all fun and interesting to me and this might not be what some of you are interested in, which is fine !, and since its no fun for some of u then some of u should check other dramas that might give y the fun y want rather than make all the negative comments some of y have been making about this drama , i like May Queen too ,but it is not as exsisting to me as fingers and just because May QUEEN does not give me that exsistment i am looking for when watching a drama does not make the drama a bad one , and by the way i am not saying this because i am fan of any of the actors because i am not , i am saying this because the only reason why i was delayed in starting this drama is because i read some of u comments and i was not very encouraged to watch it , and i am very sure so many people who read u comments might feel that way and stay away from the drama , if the too evil step mum is making u too upset and u want a comedy or a lovey dovey drama trust me Secret Garden will be the best to watch , i know we all come here to express our mines about the drama we watch but some of negative comments are realy uncalled for , BUT HERE ITS A FREE WORLD BUT CAN WE ALL BE CONSIDERATE,

  447. 447 : kdfan Says:

    @Jennie i m only at ep 8 n suffering. Thx for ending my suffering.

  448. 448 : Gigi Says:

    this drama has the funny side too. Madam Na and restaurant scenes where Dami’s working always cracks me up. Madam Na’s character is so unique and funny.
    I tell ya, this drama have so damn good the level of intensity and I like that. Another reason I like this bcause the classical musics in this drama. My theory why do this drama gets low rating than May Queen because this drama not really show the love storyline up like other melodrama but more about the brotherhood, motherhood, ambition how to achieve your dreams, past scars and justice.
    this drama also have love storyline, they have Jiho and Dami but they’re not really expose that much which can be seen by the way they write this couple like an innocent, supportive, friendship couple. The way Jiho-Dami interaction each other so soft but sweet. people have their own interest on what they like to watch but I like this drama.


    @Jedi.. #444 your intro cracked me up.. LOL At the time i’m on the peak of being so pissed but trying to be calm and reasonable.. that is the only ‘name ‘ came to mind that sounds a bit neutral.. anyway, making it shorter doesn’t bother me at all.. 🙂

    Although in general, i must say.. giving comments about some mishaps of this drama’s storyline won’t tick me off at all, every viewers have their own minds when it comes to drama choices… it is only the childish comments about the never-ending T-Ara and Eunjung issues making their comments very uncalled for.. it is totally irritating while the poor lady isn’t even on this drama.. criticizing the ratings or even cursing the drama to an epic failure just because Eunjung lose the part is quite disturbing.. those poor comments just wasting the space for the supposed to be FF supporters’ comments…

    anyhow.. reality about the “free-world”, “Freedom of Speech” and “democracy” sometimes sucks but, what to do???

    @Kiki #443, @Gigi 448 and @Torri #446: Amen to that! Finally, i can feel some maturity here!

    Peace to All!!

  450. 450 : Jojobean Says:

    I am really impressed with the writer for five fingers.. The plots are well thought and flowing flawlessly. Episode 16-18 were the lowest point for Yoo Ji Hoo and the underdogs. Episode 19 onwards just blow my mind, I really enjoy the plot that the writers have developed to plan out Ji Hoo’s and the underdogs revenge. It was totally satisfying. I hope this momentum continue to the last episodes. Really looking forward for the next episodes. Great job!!

  451. 451 : Touise Says:

    Agree with comment about the low rating because the Love story line in this drama not as the main theme like other mellow-dramas. I also have thought like that about rating. Like @Gigi 448 said that This show more show about “the brotherhood, motherhood, ambition how to achieve your dreams, past scars and justice.” And one more: about Music. This drama absolutely different from May Queen, which is also a makjang drama but this drama not just focus on the love line. The love line in this drama like placed in the second although there are Jiho/Dami and Love triangle (Jiho/Dami/In Ha).
    That’s why SBS seemed not had a problem to cast JSY as Dami to be JJH’s leading female who has many age gap with him, that’s because the Love story line in this drama not the main center.
    it’s regrettable people already looked down on this drama because the scandal of T-ara and the changed of the second lead female. JJH and JCW performance are daebakkk!


    Ep 19 and 20 were the ultimate episodes so far!!!! I want Best Actor for JJH…. His acting is so….. Just the best! So dark and sad and very compassionate!

    Totally agree with #450 and #451… I hope the story will progress more positively from now onwards.. Bad deeds of the past are falling into right places now, good vs. evil… Evil vs. evil…. I hope later it will all be good.

    This drama is very dark and intense… And I am so loving it!!

    Peace to all!! 😉

  453. 453 : JJHlovers Says:

    Episode 20 is THE BEST EPISODE so far!
    I’m regretting this drama has a low rating, because this drama is VERY GOOD. You can be very mad watching this drama, or sometimes be very enjoyable and I even clap my hands while watching ep 20.

  454. 454 : jedi Says:


    It’s because I’m too lazy, so I made it short ^^”

    My sister watched this drama, but I don’t know if she still following, I will asked her again, usually both of us has same taste, and after read @gigi comments, I’m feel curious ^^`

  455. 455 : ptsh836 Says:

    finally i had d chance to view both epis…19/20 after days of trying to get this drama to load…it was an uphill battle against hordes of kdrama fans all loading up at the same time…

    i had labelled d writer as being lazy before n ive got to call her that again…i did not recall seeing any funeral scenes for hong woo jin in epi 18 n by epi 19…we had moved so fast forward leaving poor woo jin behind…at the back of my mind, i somehow harboured d wish that he was still alive but hidden somewhere as part of kim jeong wook’s plans for avenging chae young ran…alas, till now i still think woo jin died unnecessarily n it was a waste of a very capable young man…he did not even get d chance to avenge his father’s death…another grouse is kim jeong wook’s failure to protect n safeguard his new recruit…amidst his grandiose plans to topple boosung instrument…

    there were quite a number of events which had moved forward during d time jump…some, i find funny n not making much sense; one eg is chae young ran getting all cosy with kim jeong wook, in ha getting himself engaged to prof ha’s daughter when he was all suicidal n depressed ovr his crime a year ago…he recovered speedily n was soon back to his old, contemptible self…; ji ho playing d piano at in ha’s party altho his hand was hurt a year ago…how ji ho got backing for his plans of revenge when he had nothing left on him…there were lots of guessing games for us viewers as d writer must hav deemed it tedious to relate every single incident!

    d best thing to happen in epi 20, of course is making in ha taste his own medicine in d plagiarism issue…only wished d writer did not copy paste ji ho’s case here…altho ji ho achieved what he wanted here, i hope there’s no more repeat of what he had suffered….only plzzz make it more elaborate, more wicked n i’ll gleefully rub my hands together to see both mother n son tortured outta their wits n get them both thrown into jail quick!!!


    @ptsh836: I think it is great how people see different views of this drama, i might say i agree with some of your inputs (about In-Ha recovered so unbelievably fast to the extent of getting engaged and all – even though it’s his mom’s doing or not).

    However, being able to watch FF (without blinking) since the beginning, i can somehow understand some areas i.e. having Woo Jin die so abruptly/ unjustly – i think, it is a vital part to make a shift of the ‘revenge’ for Da Mi together with Ji Ho do it instead.. besides, Woo Jin’s character personality-wise is way too strong to jive with Ji Ho’s.. I cannot imagine him working hand-in-hand with Ji Ho to continue the unfinished business with the evil mother and son..

    Another thing, i think about Kim Jeong Wook’s ‘failure’ to protect Woo Jin is basically caused by WJ’s insistence of doing all the planning and execution majority by himself.. he stubbornly disregard almost all the concerns from his mom or even KJW’s in the past.. which in reality per se, anything done drastically (like full of anger) generally will only cause a haste.. unlike Ji Ho’s style of revenge, (as the writer’s emphasis of at least a span of one year of planning) will give a better result.. and so far, Ji Ho is doing a good job manipulating the situation..

    ‘Copy-pasting’ the Plagiarism scene (which btw also goes with the ‘life-saving’ incident), i took it in a different way as well, not about some laziness issues but i think, Ji Ho’s plan is to completely let the people hurt him in the past (while he is still stupidly naive) to feel the same extent of pain he felt.. i think we can call it a deliberated ‘KARMA’.. and i feel like it is justifiable seeing In-Ha’s face during the conference and the mom’s face at the hospital during the check-up (i’m literally jumping in joy about those scenes)…

    Finally, about the upcoming scenes of the most anticipated ‘Pay-back moments’, I cannot wait to see specially the mom finding out that her EX is actually behind all these chaos.. i can imagine how sweet it will be! I am also looking forward to see how Ji Ho and Da Mi workout the situation they are IN to now, i hope although they agreed to be ‘all-business’, i hope their supposed-to-be love towards each other will take over them..!! (Of course I only like to see such scenes to moderate the intensity of the drama… or maybe my romantic side is now talking.. 😉 )

    Anyways, let us see how FF progresses next week.. i just hope JH won’t be making such ‘stupidities’ like before.. i really hate seeing him looking so pathetic..

    Peace to All!!!

  457. 457 : Clo08 Says:

    I want they make Jiho to do his revenge in brilliant way. I’m a fan of JJH in Mawang and I love the way Seung Ha did his revenge in soft and smart way. That was amazing! I also curious about Jiho and Inha are actually whose children actually. I still doubt In Ha is a child of YR with Man Se and Jiho is a child of Man Se with a woman whom YR’s rival.

    Somehow I don’t think Dami eventually can end up together with Jiho. I have no idea any way they can end up together…I mean, it would be harder for Dami and her mother to accept Jiho if he is actually a son of YR either with Man Se or JW because YR is a real mother of him..a son of a person who ruined Dami’s family. And still hard for Dami and her mother to accept Jiho if he is actually a son of Man Se with another woman because YR is the woman who raised him for 14 years and he lived with her for 14 years. So I don’t expect a happy ending for this couple (Jiho-Dami). Same with Inha, I can see he will get a very sad ending 🙁

    Agree about Woo Jin. I was expecting he would get a big role in FF because he was a good partner with JW for ruin YR. I was very happy when YR signed her contract with JW’s company in episode 16. At least they should’ve kept him until Woo Jin can pay his wound on YR because he had kept that wound for about 14 years since his daddy died.

    Yes this drama is so dark and full of tension and the sounds background of this drama make it moreee dark. I love Joo Ji Hoon acting in this drama..,only by his eyes you can feel how hurt, sad, and happy he is..And Ji Chang Wook acting is awesome, he’s successful nail his role as a villain for the 1st time..whenever you see him in this drama all you want is throw things around you on your screen. He’s a freakin’ evil in this drama.

    I don’t think they will make Jiho looks pathetic again for the rest episodes. There are 3 phases for Jiho in my theory.
    1st. episode 1-10: which he was totally blank about how evil his mother and brother are. He was a sweet mommy son.
    2nd. episode 11-18: which he began to know how evil his mom is but was trying to give an opportunity to YR to stop her wickedness.
    and 3rd. episode 19-30: He couldn’t hold on anymore how evil his mom is and starts his revenge for his wounds that they did to him. The beginning scene in episode 1 I think the answer of what Jiho is going to do for YR near the final episodes.

  458. 458 : blanca Says:

    Well Loving this episode already…..
    @joy..mi amiga come now it’s doing great really!!!!
    restrain from the previous insigth okay…. i tell you????

  459. 459 : blanca Says:

    I’m seeing a BEST Actor here…the eyes,facial expression, the anger
    the moods everything is great indeed…both actor are great in there acting……CONGRATULATION:::: from amsterdam, spain and italy..

  460. 460 : Gomez Says:

    FIVE FINGERS have EPIC background musics!!!!!!!
    The team production of this drama work very excellent for the background musics. I’m in love with all background music of FIVE FINGERS,,they are truly beautiful and epic. Especially the one that always appears at the end episodes and previews, Maaan..that’s so freakin’ intense and epic!!!!!!! I suggest you all to watch this one because the storyline is freakin’ intense (different from all melodramas) and they have EPIC & BEAUTIFUL background musics. 😉

  461. 461 : magmag612 Says:

    Yes Ju Ji Hoon is truly awesome in five fingers. His acting has improve to another greater heights since Mawang. You should also go watch his movie ” I am King”. He is so funny in that movie. You get to see another side of him

  462. 462 : ohohlalayoyo Says:

    I don know i should watch this drama or not. i have read many comments and some said it’s good but some said it’s worse to watch now i have to make up my mind should or shouldn’t i ? ok i will watch it !!! i will give a chance to this drama so the PD you have to thank JJH and SY i decide to watch this drama because of these two .

  463. 463 : ptsh836 Says:

    @ohohlalayoyo: by all means plz watch this drama if you really luv joo ji hoon; coz you will definitely see a very much improved actor in him…

    see if you can stomach 18 epis of torture, pain n heartache heaped onto our vulnerable hero by his evil stepmom n angst-driven stepbro to come out tops n all the more stronger albeit wiser yoo jiho. by epi 19 onwards half his battle is already won n you will see the amazing transformation of a timid, naive n trusting jiho into a very strong-willed n confident young man who is brave enough to confront these two evils in his life n you’ll also marvel at how awesome his acting is to bring forth such a varied display of emotions viz of betrayal, loneliness, disbelief, anger, but never envy coz he genuinely luved both of them…

    it goes without saying all these incidents will have a powerful effect on you while you go thru the upheavals together with jiho… this, i can absolutely promise you!

  464. 464 : Gomez Says:

    @ohohlalayoyo if you really miss JJH’s performance in drama, I suggest you to watch this. His acting skill in this drama definitely improving than you saw in Goong or Mawang. You can see he plays piano which I love that 😀 I have watched “I AM KING” agree he was so hilarious there and also we can see him as a Crown Prince and a King again besides in Goong 🙂

  465. 465 : huggielicious Says:

    I’m such a big fan of Joo Ji Hoon oppa!!! Whenever he’s sad in this drama, i felt like embracing him, perhaps to soothe the pain.. Haha.. Yoo Ji ho fighting!!!

  466. 466 : joy Says:

    watching it now…absolutely better than before but can’t help it to rewatch the whole episode…. niceyy me gusta mucho.

  467. 467 : ptsh836 Says:

    lots of things have happened in epis 21/22…but i enjoy d most is when d two brothers played on their respective pianos to compete for a contract with hanguk music university…d drama has swayed way too much fr d original theme….beautiful classical music n d display of awesomeness n talent from genius pianist, yoo jiho. somehow d writer has forgotten to tap into jiho’s talents n instead got carried away with never ending tales of revenge n retribution…

    i feel jiho in his quest for revenge, has lost a great part of himself…his tender, caring side is now replaced with cold heartedness n brashness in his behavior towards young ran n inha…tho i understand he has to change in order to survive!

    the character i like d most here is mdm na (young ran’s stepmom)…she’s always speaking in rhymes n has a delightful way of dealing with situations which threatens her position…she’s ever so positive n her conversation with jiho is so funny; she refers to them both as rejects who recognises each other when jiho asks her why she still treats him well now that he’s broke n has no money.

    however, she advises jiho not to burn d house down in order to hunt d mouse n should jiho n young ran were to drown…she’ll have to save young ran coz she’s her mother altho she hates young ran to death …eventually d only person who’ll accept young ran is her, mdm na! 🙂

    i love also d ending part of epi 22 when both bros insist that young ran apologizes to them both for killing their father…n she did it unwillingly not knowing that d media was waiting to pounce on her…this action of hers had me jumping on my feet coz it was an uphill battle jus to make her confess n now…d whole world knows n she’s gonna be made to pay for her crime!

    one thing before i end, i suspect it was inha’s doing in circulating d voice recording of dongyi in d internet coz he was upset his mom had kidnapped hong dami??

  468. 468 : ptsh836 Says:

    *addendum: (how i wish there’s an edit button!)

    inha warns his mom: “if you ever touch hong dami, i’ll never forgive you…im really scared of you…you are a person for whom there’s no end how far you go….i think i’ll die bcoz you’re so dreadful” (powerful words spoken by inha coming fr one evil to another!)

  469. 469 : Mindy Says:

    I can guess who will turn out to be the missing child of Young Ran and Jeong Wook….it is no less than Yoo Ji Hoo….such ironic twist. I like the fiercely assertive young grandma. She’s the one who made more sense than the main protagonists. Wise and sardonic. In ha so far has the best acting delivery. He’s so intense one can feel the inner struggles he needs to overcome. Very interesting plot.

  470. 470 : Manatee Says:

    @Mindy, I have the same idea that Ji Ho is the son of YR and JW but I still hope it’s NOT, T_T. Is Chairman Yoo know everything? He was very nice with Ji Ho back then! I want to see JH, JW and Da Mi as the team destroy YR till the end!

  471. 471 : Mindy Says:

    Yoo Man Se held the key to all the secrets. I think he was the culprit for the supposed fire that almost killed Jeong Wook back in the US. YMS was too obsessed with CYR, he could’nt accept defeat from losing his woman to another man, just like that. Being the powerful man that he was showed him that his wealth can make anything possible for him. He toyed with the lives of the characters. Maybe his mom will suddenly have a spurt of recollection, she just might help steer the story to a better ending. The plot is too heavily centered on unabated deceit, revenge, atonement might proved too short-lived and will leave the viewer teethering at the edge of a cliff. Whew, I’d be too tired to grasp what the moral of the story is all about.


    Love how the comments flows positively lately…!!

    Peace is prevailing indeed! 🙂

    @ptsh836 #468 I have requested the same on my older posts… having an ‘EDIT’ button would be a great help, it would make the posting easier and space saver.. hope @ADMIN can read this! 🙂

  473. 473 : ptsh836 Says:

    @mindy #471:

    as opposed to your view that yoo man se was the one behind the fire that nearly killed kim jeong wook; i would think chae young ran is the more likely culprit as expressed by jeong wook himself that young ran had wanted to kill him to pave the way to her new romance with man se then….i would most likely agree with him that young ran is capable of committing this crime in order to secure her happiness with filthy rich man se…

    speaking of d moral of this story…i find it may have switched fr the original theme of concentrating on either bros…jiho or inha, thus the title…”five fingers” altho inha had nine! now the story is more focused on a greedy woman gone mad n gone too deep to pull herself out of the sinkhole she had dug herself…d drama has gone spiraling downwards together with delusional young ran whose greed for power n status has overtaken the main limelight of dis drama…i feel nothing or no one can stop this mad woman except her sons, inha n jiho (since some of u have predicted jiho to be her abandoned son); tho at one stage i had an incredulous idea that mayb the deceased woo jin could be her son…n in killing him, will cause her to wake up to the harsh reality of her insanity…

    anyway…dis drama is getting more n more interesting n it makes u wanna strangle young ran yourself jus to stop this runaway wreck of a derailed train…

    @FFPPM #472 (dun mind my short form?)

    well, your call for constant peace here is working finally ….tho i wish more viewers will comment n share their thoughts??

  474. 474 : Someone Says:

    Woo Jin isn’t the son of Young Ra with JW. Have you watched episode 23? in that episode they were starting reveal who JW-YR’s son is.. episode 24 this sunday they are going to show openly who their son is. you can mad at me to give a negative comment like this….,,the acting one of the lead females in this show a.k.a Dami (Jin Se Yun) is very boring and tasteless. She can’t pull her emotion off like other actors in this show; JJH,JCW,CSR.
    Ok just shared my thoughts. Bye

  475. 475 : ptsh836 Says:

    @someone #474:

    woah…hold ur horses for a minute…i know for sure woo jin is not JW/YR’s son eventho ive not watched epi 23…

    i was only entertaining a ridiculous idea of mine so as to create a more suspenseful detour to dis drama…sorri…but i do that a lot!

    as for hong dami (jin se yun)…i hated how she first burst onto the scene; full of exuberance n goofy smiles amidst her unhappy n unfortunate past, it did not make much sense that she had escaped her past unscathed…but as she begins to exhibit more n more emotions n less smiles along d way…i begin to appreciate her acting more n more too. that is to say, i prefer her acting under duress than when she was openly coming onto jiho/inha!

    i too cannot wait for tonite’s epi n like u, is curious abt d true identity of JW/YR’s abandoned son…

  476. 476 : Someone Says:

    I do agree dami acting is a little bit better recently but she still can’t play with her emotion and expression deeply in acting although I believe she’s trying the best as dami. I haven’t gotten the chemistry in her as the heroine yet. especially whenever romance scene appears…,I hardly can accept this is JJH with his partner. It is weird because usually I’m a fan of JJH with his partners in drama such as he with Yoon eun hye and he with Shin min Ah. Kinda jealous actually with other mellowdramas that is airing now; Nice guy, may Queen, and I miss you because they have matching and well-prepared couples in their dramas while a couple in this drama seems like is forced be a couple.
    ok you can mad at me again because give a negative comment again like this….,
    just shared my thought. bye all..,

  477. 477 : huggielicious Says:

    Oh my! Reading some of the comments keeps me swaying back to the thought that Jiho is YR’s son.. I had wish it would be Woo Jin. Tsk.. So dying to watch ep 23.. Writer, pls don’t make Jiho the son of that wicked woman.. The idea of how pained Jiho would have become, breaks my heart… He has sufferred a lot! I wanna see him smile again… 🙁

  478. 478 : huggielicious Says:

    Seen the recaps.. Jiho is really YR’s son.. 🙁 disappointing! 🙁

  479. 479 : Manatee Says:

    Hong Woo Jin alive?

  480. 480 : torri Says:

    why !why! why! did this writer do this to this drama i just watched ep 23 i cant beleive what am seeing so far , how can jiho be that witch son please writers dont do this to me am not liking this one bit please let it not be possible i hope there should be some mistake because if jiho is that witch son then all hell break loss, it makes no sense at all , come on guys y writers are just geting the whole story more twisted , am loving the show so far but hate were this is heading right now

  481. 481 : Courtney Says:

    I love Chae shi Ra I think she not wish she is the best mom ever, stupid Yoo Jo not in good player he face &emotion act so dump even his innocent I don’t felt sorry should not be a actor he player such as idiot. I like Yoo in Ha very fool boy he very good action in this drama.

  482. 482 : Manatee Says:

    dying for ep 25 !!

  483. 483 : ptsh836 Says:

    hey, if jiho comes out of all this mess n still survives n functions as a normal human being…i will salute him!

    epi 23 is a blur to me…honestly, i cant even remember what ive watched…but epi 24 is another story!

    seriously, d writer has got to be some kinda deranged person to twist jiho’s fate like this! really, ive no words to describe how flabbergasted i feel right now; do i call myself dumb, stupid or whatever to be led on a very meaningless merry-go-round by an equally dumb n stupid writer who has yet again left us to barely grasp what kinda sh*t had been dumped on us, d viewers!; but still ive gotta persist watching how jiho becomes more hurting, pitiful, sad, n shocked outta his wits to discover young ran, d evil witch is his mother! what a bummer indeed!

    truly, i do not understand what d writer is trying to deliver in dis sorry tale n what kinda moral does she hope to convey in this absolute mess of a story…i simply cant believe i fell for her stupid agenda!

  484. 484 : huggielicious Says:

    i think the writer wants jiho to put a halt on his revenge since he is uncontrollable, that’s why YR turns out to be his real mother..

    I could say that, the moral the writer wants to convey to us is that, ‘there is no point in getting revenge. It’ll cause you harm in the long run’

    just a thought though 🙂

  485. 485 : ptsh836 Says:

    @huggielicious #484:

    i beg to differ…

    who’s d uncontrollable runaway wreck of a train here?? it has to be young ran while jiho is giving his all to stop her in her tracks n make her repent for all her wrongdoings either by throwing her into jail or turn her into a mad woman! the whole mess was started by her killing her husband n putting d blame on hong dami’s father…then inha supposedly killing hong woo jin n she putting d blame on innocent jiho…

    did you see how she was lying thru her teeth in court n under oath?…my gawd, this crazy woman is not afraid of hell what more a court of law?? in comparison, inha is more humane n conscientious to realise his crime …he had to turn himself in before he also became insane…

  486. 486 : Micky Says:

    You have to rewatch again from episode 1 until episode 4 before the adult actors appear. That was obvious Jiho since the first has been prepared for YR’s son not sure who the real father is. There is no point at all if they stab each other but not blood related eventually. Of course there is something relation between Jiho and YR with these revenge and hateful. Don’t forget…This is a makjang drama after all… everything could happen and possible in makjang drama, don’t blame the writer..if you don’t like just drop it.

  487. 487 : ptsh836 Says:

    @Micky #486:

    if my weak memory serves me right…from the very beginning when chairman yoo man se brought jiho back to his home, it was very clearly presented to chae young ran that jiho was a product of yoo man se’s philandering escapades…not once was it conveyed that jiho was in any way related to chae young ran! if young ran had known jiho was her child, would she have hated him on first sight??

    sometimes, a viewer (especially me) likes to be dragged around by a stupid n dumb writer…you would call this a masochistic streak…so i dun see why i should drop this drama jus bcoz you said so. =.=

    no offence….i know what a makjang drama is…i jus happen to enjoy riding this up n down n merry-go-roundabout drama even tho its eating into my thinking brain!

  488. 488 : roxyalso Says:

    I want to see JJH and YEH do another drama together. Together they exhibited chemistry and positive timing. jJH had a ripple in his career but HE IS BACK NOW, and I for one, am happy to see it happen. FIGHTING!

  489. 489 : Jannah Says:

    I wonder what Kim Jeong Wook would say in the court now that he’s aware that Jiho is his son. Don’t like him standing as witness.


    I think i’m getting where the story is heading, there is no sweeter revenge than getting the same dose of your own medicine as they say..

    I think the reason why YMS (dead Chairman) was so cold to CYR (evil mom) is because he is well aware that she might have married him and have been physically submissive to him, but her heart (on the other hand) was never given to him 100% since she’s been holding on to that old flame of hers (JNM – Glory Big Boss). So YMS won’t let CYR slip with the secret pregnancy and giving birth issue as well as to her secret affair with the hidden piano (hidden on the basement before).. So i think, YMS intentionally took that child as his sweet revenge against CYR’s ‘unfaithfulness’:

    My ideas of intended mis-directions of YMS to CYR:

    1) To make CYR ‘never’ to find her child.. of course, she won’t (even in her wildest dream) suspect that Ji Ho is her child because YMS already said he is ‘his’ child.

    2) Human defense mechanism: “Step (mom or dad)” seldomly jive with their step children… so, YMS might have foreseen it (in dramas, almost everyone have unnatural intelligence/ or stupidity).. bringing Ji Ho as a ‘step son’ to CYR will build hatred in CYR’s injured heart.. (exactly what happened – she hated the poor child)

    3) If in the end (like the current episodes), CYR will finally ‘find out’ the ‘truth’, it will never be easy for both mom and son (since at the moment, they are busy hating each other).. and again, another victory to YMS…

    Well, just my ideas… but how about you guys? What do you think?

    Peace to All!! 🙂

  491. 491 : AandK Mom Says:

    I love reading comments, esp. when people “spar” about their love or hatred of the drama. More entertaining than the real drama. 😉

  492. 492 : Shannah Says:

    We’re almost hitting the end… Would Jiho and Dami end up together? Wish them happiness.. But Jiho’s been cold to her. 🙁

  493. 493 : lemon Says:

    DAMI acting in this drama so low!

  494. 494 : ptsh836 Says:

    “hatred paralyses life, love releases it;
    hatred confuses life, love harmonizes it;
    hatred darkens life, love illuminates it”…..by Martin Luther King Jr

    the above quote was constantly running thru my mind while watching this drama; d amount of hatred, envy, revenge n spitefulness is enormous n repeatedly emphasized in every episode….i think im suffering fr an overdose of all these negativity to not view jiho’s future as very dim n sad.

    how much more hurt can jiho endure coming from such a dysfunctional family background…where his own mother refuses to acknowledge him while d father he respects so much turns out to be an outsider instead.

    mdm na was right when she said this is the first time she encountered a terrifying blow fr a dead, spiteful n wicked man; someone who was so adamant in exacting sweet revenge against d woman he loved intensely who not only betrayed his love by not returning it but who had lived a life of lies with him. he knew exactly how to hit where it hurts most n also knew how to torment YR by turning a mother against her son n by making them both bite each other’s head off to death.

    it’s indeed painful to see jiho suffering so much thru no fault of his own while his goal of 1) making YR pay for her sins; 2) making her repent to her bones n 3) making it a living hell for YR may now seem misguided n useless now that he knows YR is his biological mom…


    EP 27 made me cry a lot… :”-(

  496. 496 : Zijila Says:

    I cried a lots too when i watched Ep 27. The only thing that made YCR change the heart is because JH. she loves him…she is not afraid to die for him. I really hate her before but…she change even she’s know that JH wont forgive her.
    She is a mother after all.


    Oh my geez… EP 28 made me cry a lot more… and more!!! :”-(

    Happy ending or not, Five Fingers is going to be one of my favorite Kdrama ever.. Depth, darkness and love.. All In!!

    I wish a Baeksang Award for JJH as Best Actor and CSR for Best Actress.. best TV Drama for Five Fingers itself..

    Yaaaaa, my heart is aching!!!!

  498. 498 : nicayuki Says:

    yeah it’s a great drama my heart is pounding kudos to all the cast
    they did a beautiful job 🙂

  499. 499 : nicayuki Says:

    all the actors was great ..
    thank you for sharing this beautiful drama
    though my heart is pounding..great ever..

  500. 500 : ptsh836 Says:

    @ nicayuki:

    your heart is pounding; could it be fr the awesome drum beat n the orchestra in the background?? i have to say the accompanying music works one up without fail n makes you anticipate the next moves fr all the superb cast…

    i notice too the dialogue here is super awesome altho the storyline is constantly changing to suit the writer’s mood while she cant decide who should be the chief villain?? first, it was YMS, then CYR, then IH, now attorney choi who should, incidentally be thrown into the lions den for his share of back dealings n for playing politics against JH…

    all of a sudden, the enormous built-up of resentment n hate we have against YR is threatening to dissipate now that she has become JH’s mom…she is being reduced to a whimpering, guilt-ridden woman, even IH is getting impatient n vexed for losing Boosung to Glory…

    now that the writer has crossed out YR fr the villains list…the story will surely lose much of its steam n head….i dun know where!


    Since there are only two episodes left, I think it will concentrate now about the reconciliation of the supposed to be newly found family…

    As the last scene shows, In Ha finally called Ji Ho hyung (brother)… Ji Ho as a good natured person, forgiveness shall not be of any issue at all.. He is a very warm and loving person who yearns for the warmth of a family…!

    In Ha, who I think finally understood the heart of his mom (after finding out that she is now literally blind yet tries to be strong just for the sake of her children) isn’t impossible to be soft-hearted now and be shaken..

    And finally, Young Ran, being misleaded by hatred from the falsity of her dead-hubby not to mention her doomed love affair with JNM due to her stepmom’s interference, I can imagine how much she might have hated herself for mistakingly making JH’s life a living hell.. Besides naturally, the writer have shown her character as a very very caring and passionate mom to In Ha.. Too bad, she exerted a lot of unnecessary efforts in ruining her son’s life… Somehow, she getting blind and maybe prison term in the future is the way to show that whatever, evil is evil and therefore, the evildoer has to pay after all… And that applies to In Ha as well.

    About Atty. Choi, he is pretty pathetic… I don’t think he even deserves to be called as villain.. He’s annoying and he is so trying-hard that his actions and plans looks shallow and funny.

    Haist, anyway, few more days to wait and it’ll be bye-bye time already to FF.. (sobs) i’ll surely miss it specially Ji Hoon Oppa.. (grins)

    See you gals/ guys next week.. Peace to All!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  502. 502 : ptsh836 Says:

    why, you all know the saying…”if there’s nothing good to say…dun say anything” ^^!

    in my case…there’s nothing much to say abt d impending end to this drama except that karma came calling on YR earlier than expected; YR losing her eyesight, home, company, etc is a given since she was sooo bad in the earlier part of this drama….but by making her appear pathetic, remorseful n what not…does that make her crimes any lighter?? lest we forget how she killed her husband, gave instructions to kill hong woo jin n caused lots of pain to JH…the writer is making us forget what a despicable character she had been…

    at the swipe of her pen, she will make IH n JH forgive their mother no matter how evil she had been n thus d drama will wrap up its long-winded tale of a woman who had caused so much damage n irreparable harm to her sons only to have them come out of it all still fine….


    Personally, i really like the word: REMORSEFUL

    “Remorseful: Feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses”

    For me, having watched this drama from the beginning, i cannot even remember how many times i promised myself that i’ll stop watching it because it is really upsetting me already, but knowing that it is just a freaking drama, thankfully i kept a grip of myself. I’m glad i continued watching it till this point coz somehow, thinking about it positively, too many life lessons we could get:

    1) Repent and remorse (these are the few ways you can prove that you’re still human and you that have a conscience, it means you still fear God)

    2) Don’t discriminate (not only YR towards JH, but among us – we tend to treat people we like more nicely and be mean or cold to those we like less)

    3) Let Go and Forgive (this will make you a happier person and will definitely give you a better sleep at night)

    4) Never fear a Fall or get Stumbled but always remember to get up (unfortunately, the casts of FF have to face a lot of terrible fall outs just to succeed, i.e. JH but at least, his attitude and personality became stronger, he is still passionate and forgiving yet, a lot stronger than the insecure boy he used to be as a child)

    And most of All, LOVE: never give up on love… Whatever category it might fall (motherly, brotherly, friendly or romantically) when you love someone, fight for it and work hard for it. Unconditional Love is the essence of being human…

    Just my idea, anyway it is my Birthday today (do i really have to broadcast?? – LOL)

    I’ll be busy for the day 😉 Hope you gals/ guys have a good one! <3 <3 <3

    Peace to All!! 🙂

  504. 504 : Huggielicious Says:

    To five-fingers page peace-maker:

    Belated happy birthday to you! You are absolutely right with your moral lessons..i haven’t seen ep 27 and 28 yet. But been reading it’s recap. I so badly wanted to watch the scene when Jiho was sobbing in the car.. That would be a total tear jerker scene. I wish i could hug him on that scene.. haha.. So love Joo Ji Hoon. Such a great and amazing actor.

    Hey, peace maker! Can you be again be Jo Ji Hoon’s ”Next-Drama page Peace-maker ”in the future? i wish him a lot of projects pouring in after such an undying acting skills in five fingers.. I hope he would be partnered with Eun Yoon Hye. They’re adorable together..

    By the way, i was wondering ever since i started watching this drama why was this entitled ‘five fingers’? Couldn’t seem to find a connection with the story. Neither Ji Ho nor In Ha has five fingers. Well, In Ha has nine.Does it make sense? Did the writer possibly made a mistake?

  505. 505 : huggielicious Says:

    Correction to me: Yoon Eun Hye 😀



    LOL.. Thank you for the Birthday Greetings!! 😉

    I will always try to be a ‘peace-maker’ to any of JJH Oppa’s upcoming dramas… He is one of the K-actors that I admire the most… his acting abilities – superb and of course, I don’t mind at all the good-looks!!  (blush) Yeah, I kinda hope another team-up between JJH and YEH too, both of them are so adorable!!

    About the title…not so long ago, I had the same question, all the while, I was thinking that JH would hurt himself and lose one of his hands or something (yaaay), but instead of the literal translation, I came across with this definition:

    Five Finger (noun) (source: http://onlineslangdictionary.com/meaning-definition-of/five-finger)

    1) Stolen, lifted, heisted, boosted, shop-lifted.
    2) Derived from the use of the hand in obtaining illegal merchandise.

    I think the over-all story of FF revolves with the GREED of almost all of the characters, their extreme greed to power, wealth and even love & affection so somehow, associating it to the title quite make a sense… or maybe not…? (toinkssss) what do you think?

    Eps. 27 & 28 were both tearjerkers indeed (before JH’s breakdown in the car, you must watch the scene where YR pretended not to be blind giving a big smile when she heard someone came and called out for In-Ha not knowing it was Ji-Ho… then, she stumbled from a coffee table – accidentally grabbing ‘In-ha’s’ arms only to realize that it was Ji-Ho after all (can you imagine what I am saying? Yaaay, I cried a lot!!!) I liked the last scene as well (In-Ha finally calling Ji-Ho Hyung… that is also very touching!!!)…

    I hope you watched 27-28 by now coz tonight is EP 29 already and tomorrow….. (sobs) FF is finally Finito!!! 🙁

    Peace to All!! 🙂

  507. 507 : Nethu Says:

    im loving it…. 😀


    EP 29 is just heart-breaking… (sobs-sobs-sobs)

    Ji-Ho… when will you ever stop crying??? You want a hug?? :”-(

  509. 509 : Nethu Says:

    ow… ep 30 is a sad ending. mother and sons all suffer… 🙁 but finally the sons get united which is why im happy. i really love the drama from the beginning to the end. thanks for the great piece of work!!! yoo ji hoon… fighting!!! 😀

    btw, how can it be real, the saying, “there are 7 people who looks alike in this world”,,, in ha looks exactly like Tylar in The Vampire Diaries. 🙁



    I’m so heart broken..! EP30 is so freaking sad now my eyes were swollen… but thankfully somehow it ends up happily for JH and IH..

    Poor-poor YR.. (sobs-sobs-sobs)

    I so love FF… I so love Ji-Hoon Oppa!!

    Gals/ Guys.. i think this is it.. anyone who will be following ‘I Miss You’, well, let’s just meet there!

    Peace To All!! 🙂

  511. 511 : y Says:

    Jin Se Yun is so bored in dis drama…i will enjoy dis drama if ham eun jung take the role

  512. 512 : cha Says:

    i agree with #511

  513. 513 : Carmen Says:

    Ok about the end, it was realy realy sad, once i stop crying there comes another scene to cry and cry…at least JH end with a smile on his face, as for me I think was a good ending…the mother se castigo a ella misma, no pudo con su culpa…por mas q el hijo la perdonara ella no se pudo perdonar….bien pero bien triste nadamas de escribir se me aguan los ojos…..no podia terminar con relaciones amorosas por que este drama era mas de familia…por lo menos los hermanos q no tenian culpa de nada de lo q hicieron sus padres terminan juntos y sin pleitos…..muy buena este drama, ella la mama hizo un tremendo actuacion.

  514. 514 : AnitaTienda Says:

    I watched the whole drama and I love, enjoy, and like I am with the scene coz the actors and the actress act very real and so natural. I love Joo Ji hoon he is so very very good. His acting is so intense and very memorable.He deserve to get an award. His kind of acting is a gift for him it is hard to act using only your eyes and facial expressions. Not all actors can do that. That is called passive acting. This drama is made so classy coz all the stars are superb. Congratulations to all of you. Your all five stars actors and actresses. I am waiting for another Joo Ji hoon drama I hope I will not wait that long.

  515. 515 : AnitaTienda Says:

    I had watch the whole episode of this drama and I enjoy and love it very much. I love the acting of all the stars. I love Joo Ji hoon’s acting it is hard to find actors who can act very good just using their eyes and facial expressions only. It is a gift to him. He deserve to win an award on this drama. Congratulations to all the cast,director, writer and to all the crew good work guys.

  516. 516 : huggielicious Says:

    Just finish watching FF!!! My eyes are still teary eyed.. A must-see drama! Glad Ji Ho already smiled. I’ll miss him definitely… What’s next for him? More dramas please??!?!

  517. 517 : ptsh836 Says:

    finally, this drama has come to an end…quite an unsatisfactory end, i must say…

    i would have preferred to let YR live, repent n learn to love JH…her blindness is punishment enuf, why make her die? JH is heartbroken all over again…it never seem to end; his miseries follow him like a shadow, its abt time he enjoys some happiness…alas he had to lose someone he loves dearly no matter how bad or evil she had been…JH had always loved his mom in his own way.

    the most improved character has to be IH…going fr being a self-centred, jealous driven n evil younger bro to a very sober, understanding n caring young man in the end. i would like to present an award to mdm na for all her wise sayings n dialogue which never fails to tug at your heartstrings…she’s one wise n classy lady!

    another award definitely goes to joo ji hoon for his awesome comeback portrayal n a very improved performance in the very difficult role of yoo jiho! he acts like no one else can n plays jiho’s character to a T. its hard to imagine anyone else in that role.

    finally, also an award for the most awesome script…it makes you feel very involved in the plot n makes you think n use your brains, at least!

  518. 518 : maest1212 Says:

    Just finished watching FF last night, although finding a quite unsatisfactory ending finally … still want to watch interaction between Yoo Ji Ho and Young Ran or Yoo In Ha after all the family hurricane … * recalling a moment like when seeing Yoo Ji Ho smiling when laying on the back of his blind mother at the remote island, or when In Ha calling “Hyung” to Yoo Ji Ho …

    However, I am glad that every single script touched the HEARTS … *I must say the story has great storyline and script as well … supported by great acting of all the cast, in their respective characters – they deserve AWARDS*, especially Joo Ji Hoon and Chae Shi Ra. Finally, All the misunderstanding found its understanding … with a good willingness to admit within the heart.

    After watching some of Korean Dramas, I just found in this FF that although there is a true love between leading characters; they are not supposed to be united … each character has successfully depicted their self-pride, in humbleness at the end … love is not about possession, but fertilization and preservation … in peacefulness of heart and mind for determining further act …

    I was so absorbed to follow Yoo Ji Hoo character … Unstoppably, I would cry when he was crying. It is true what 517 says :

    “… joo ji hoon for his awesome comeback portrayal n a very improved performance in the very difficult role of yoo jiho! he acts like no one else can n plays jiho’s character to a T. its hard to imagine anyone else in that role … ”

    Though I just finished watching it, I would love to watch it again, particularly parts of Yoo Ji Ho 🙂

  519. 519 : witlily Says:

    Best storyline from start, but this another KDrama with unsatisfactory ending this year :-\

  520. 520 : luna Says:

    I Love ji chang wook……….LOVE…..LOVE……LOVE…….

  521. 521 : peyutnduy Says:

    i like everything in five fingers. one of the heavy dramas that i found interesting. but i believe their mom didn’t have to be killed. poor ji ho who couldn’t feel his mom’s sincerety & pure love anymore.

  522. 522 : haibara Says:

    will watch it since it’s JJH new drama… jlher acting in the devil (2007)drama still stuck at my memory.. hope he will make a new drama again… in thriller genre like the devil.. kkk.. *such a masochist..

  523. 523 : laura Says:

    Like the first. .middle story…but hate the ending….

  524. 524 : Gents Says:

    Something is not right with this couple, Jin se yun and joo ji hoon. Can’t feel the chemistry between them ( I’m at episode 16). Try as I might, wanting to like this girl, but I she just cannot act. Her look is ok, not bad, but somehow her face is forgettable. ( No uniqueness)! Dear Ms se yun, Please don’t ever take the lead role again, you just spoilt the momentum

  525. 525 : Wedaz Says:

    Actually this drama is quite good. Like the storyline. However 30 episodes is a bit long, makes the story dragging. Sometimes the arguments and reasoning that the story wants to portray does not make sense.
    I can’t feel any sympathy for the character Hong DaMi (whenever you’re supposed to feel her sadness) just because she really cannot acts!

  526. 526 : Ponunae Says:

    This is a good drama. Recommend to watch. If you love piano, this drama is for you. So sad for Joo Ji-Hoon through out the story. He acts so well. It is not fair that he did not win the award.

  527. 527 : taiki Says:

    very good story and nice casting this is the best drama.

  528. 528 : beabe Says:

    hu hu hu i cried a lot i like the story and the cast if you want nice drama this is the best watch this and you will love jjh oppah ha ha ha……

  529. 529 : beabe Says:

    im so sad because why they didnt got an award?so compusing…..anyway thats life but still they deserved an award

  530. 530 : jergens Says:

    highly recomended drama.if you want good drama better watch five fingers

  531. 531 : sd Says:


  532. 532 : winnie Says:

    I love this drama although I’m quite disappointed with the ending. Why was there no scene to conclude the relationship of ji ho and Hong Da mi. It could be nicer if they were shown together.

  533. 533 : gt Says:

    the drama was good, but i do not like acting of hong dami.

  534. 534 : kdrama freak Says:

    The built up of the drama is good, what a ending! It doesn’t wrap up and leave you to draw your own conclusion. Real anti climax!

  535. 535 : ffennie Says:

    I enjoyed this. It kept me glued to the television, it’s not the usual storyline.

  536. 536 : TrangNguyen Says:

    I like the this movei music

  537. 537 : snow Says:

    i like this drama
    and ilove opa jjh

  538. 538 : prl Says:

    Fuck all people who don’t like this drama

    DAMN on all of people who hate it

    This is the best drama ever … And the one who make fun

    Of this drama GO TO HELL

  539. 539 : lovejdg Says:

    just finished watching this drama.. its a great drama and worth to watch. I wonder why jjh doesn’t get an award for his excellent acting.. he’s the reason why I started to watch FF.. but why her mom has to be dead? eventho she’s an evil but everyone worth a second chance.. too bad it could be a perdect happy ending.. but still I recommend this drama for drama lovers

  540. 540 : Dewi January Says:

    overall the Drama was good, except for the acting of Hong Da Mi.

  541. 541 : Autumn Grace Says:

    I find this drama good, thought I’m not yet done watching it, I’m just in Chapter 12. JJH is a good actor, he was able to convey to the audience his deep and silent but strong character. I feel the emptiness within him. I feel so sad with his character and pity him.

    I cannot focus my entire feelings and emotions in the flow of the story because I keep on thinking with the other twist that will occur in the story.

    I hope I won’t be disappointed with the ending.

  542. 542 : Autumn Grace Says:

    find Episode 24 the best chapter of the story.

    I am giving applause to the writer and director as well as the main cast of this drama. This is the best drama for me. The script writer is so good. The story has a lot of values to share with.

  543. 543 : Tere Says:

    @autumn grace:
    I agree with u, this is a very touching drama! However, im quite dissapointed with the ending..i waited for so long to see jiho and her biological mom embraced each other and utter the words mianhe, let’s start a new life..my expectations were all in vain, the worst thing is thAt why is chae young ran need to die? The ending is quite bad, u have to make your own conclusion.but one thing good about this drama is that the acting of the casts are commendable. I got carried away with inha and jiho when they saw their mom in the island,so touching!

  544. 544 : Lk Says:

    May I know where can I get the music score for Sympathy, thanks!

  545. 545 : lee hye ae Says:

    So this was Joo ji hoon’s comeback drama! I was mistaken because I thought it was Medical top team. Anyway, I’ve been reading comments and recaps about this drama, and most of them said that this is a good drama and also worth watching. I also want to watch this drama because I missed watching Joo ji hoon, especially after his character as Lee shin in Goong. Joo ji hoon-oppa, FIGHTING!!! I am glad you are now back in the drama scene.

  546. 546 : MARIO CORTES Says:

    Excelent drama, this could happen in real life, the greed for power an money ruins peoples’s lives way beyond repair sometimes. the ending left me with so many unanswered questions but that is real life itself many times.!

  547. 547 : zeez22 Says:

    very good plot!! ending a bit sucky thou..

  548. 548 : Korean Drama Review 5 Fingers | Drama and Show Reviews and Recommendations Says:

    […] Five fingers (2012) 五根手指 […]

  549. 549 : Tryon Says:

    I just stated to watch this drama and haven’t finish yet. Quite interesting plot, another K-dramas about hatred, rival and powers among close family members.
    Love K-dramas because they always started the storylines from childhood to adults. A bit of emotional strains at the beginning of the story. Curious to know how the ending of this drama. The characters of the villain mother is so unrealistic in real-life, if she knew how to got hold of the gigantic company and bribe off lawyers and management under her? Why make her take so long-times to get rid-off JH?
    Well, this is another fun drama to watch, otherwise, they can’t be such a long episodes to end.

  550. 550 : Tryon Says:

    Well, after marathon finishing watch this drama, I can said the leading casts are great in their acts but the plot is over-extreme and a lot of loops.
    This drama main reasons make everyone tuhned into monster is “Money”. All begin from Yoo Man Se who don’t trust the woman that he loved. He had the evil-minded to revenge his own wife by adopted his wife ‘s ex-lover son without her knowing. He doubtful that his wife goes after his wealth.

    Confused in this drama is how can a man whose had so shallow minded using his own wife and son to compete with other people’s son? Who will do that? Given all his fortune to other people’s son rather than his own son.

    At first, I really hate Young Rang’s evil characters in this drama but under all the circumstance around her, if I will be in her shoe, I might be as evil as her too. Protecting my own son,feel jealous and ill-treated to my husband’s illegitimate son after how the husband abusive treated her and the son. But one big mistake in here is Young Rang put the blames on Dan Mi’s father and constant insult their family although she know was her faults.

    Worth to watch it if got much free times because it is quite addicted to see the villains got punish as soon as possible. And I love to watch this actress, Chae Shi-ra. Beside her good acting skills, her appearance is vey stylish and appealing. I love her fashion senses. Now, she acting in “My daughter, Geum Sa-wol”, is another exciting drama for year 2016.

  551. 551 : Five Fingers (2006) | free movie sites Says:

    […] Five Fingers […]

  552. 552 : FOGMILVXOLTYO Says:

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful information specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such information much. I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.

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