Jung Joon Ha

Jeong Jun Ha is a South Korean comedian and entertainer. His well-known motto is "(Whether) gives love or not, (he) always gives love, Jeong Jun Ha"
Just after graduating Gangseo Senior High School, he had entered directly to the Korean Entertainment industry, as an official manager of comedian Lee Hwi Jae. His television debut was on the programme "Theme Theatre" of the MBC in 1995, as a cameo of several episodes.
After coping a depression of his career, he appeared a segment of the brand-new comedy programme called "Comedy House – No-brain Survival"(MBC, 2003~2005). This segment was a parody of segment "Brain Survivor" of Sunday Sunday Night, and his role was a foolish quiz-challenger, including the creation of fad words such as "This is like, killing me twice."
Later, he becomes the top Korean comedian. He appeared in a wide range of entertainment shows. During a winter season of 2006-2007, he was a cast of The Full Monty(as Dave).[3] He also participated in several Korean sitcoms and movies, including the top-rated High Kick! (as Lee Jun Ha) and the movie Marrying the Mafia II (as Jong Myeon). He is a captain of the Korean entertainer baseball team "Han".

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Jung Joon Ha Facts

Native Name: 정준하

Birth Name: Joon Ha Jung

Nationality:  Korean

Birth Date: March 18, 1971

Gender: Male

Height: 185cm

Weight: 88kg

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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