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Fantastic 03

Title: 판타스틱 / Fantastic
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Melodrama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2016-Sep-02 to 2016-Oct-22
Air time: Friday & Saturday 20:30


A Love story between a drama writer with a terminal illness, and a Hallyu star.

Lee So Hye (Kim Hyun Joo) is a popular TV drama series writer, but she has only 5 months left to live. Meanwhile, Ryoo Hae Sung (Joo Sang Wook) is a poplar actor, but he is not good at acting.


Main Cast

Kim Hyun Joo as Lee So Hye
Joo Sang Wook as Ryoo Hae Sung
Park Shi Yun as Baek Sul
Kim Tae Hoon as Hong Joon Gi
Ji Soo as Kim Sang Wook

Hitman staff

Kim Dong Gyun as Yoon Chul Hyung
Yoon Ji Won as Hong Sang Hwa
Oh Dong Min as Kim Min Shik

Enter Adonis

Kim Jung Nan as Choi Jin Sook
Jo Jae Yun as Oh Chang Suk (Hae Sung’s manager)


Kim Young Min as Choi Jin Tae
Kim Jae Hwa as Jo Mi Sun
Im Ji Kyu as Kim Pil Ho
Kim Ji Young as Jo Dong Bo
Chae Gook Hee as Lee Mi Do
Yoon So Jung as Kwak Hye Sun
Song Young Jae
Choi Na Moo

Production Credits

Director: Jo Nam Kook
Scriptwriter: Lee Sung Eun


Ji Soo was diagnosed with acute osteomyelitis (bone infection) and underwent surgery 2016-Sep-13. Because of this, his character’s scenes have been decreased.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2016-09-02 1 2.237 2.1
2016-09-03 2 2.396 2.1
2016-09-09 3 2.468 2.0
2016-09-10 4 2.360 1.9
2016-09-16 5 1.805 1.5
2016-09-17 6 2.648 1.9
2016-09-23 7 2.396 1.7
2016-09-24 8 2.308 1.5
2016-09-30 9 2.358 1.6
2016-10-01 10 1.933 1.5
2016-10-07 11 2.638 2.1
2016-10-08 12 2.682 2.0
2016-10-14 13 2.498 1.9
2016-10-15 14 2.135 1.7
2016-10-21 15 2.471 2.1
2016-10-22 16 2.400 2.2

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


Fantastic Poster 1 Fantastic Poster 2 Fantastic Poster 3 Fantastic Poster 4

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Fantastic 1 Fantastic 2 Fantastic 3 Fantastic 4 Fantastic 5

Official Site

Official Trailer
Trailer I
Trailer II (Kim Hyun Joo)
Trailer II (Joo Sang Wook)
Trailer III
Trailer IV

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  1. 1 : priya Says:

    cute pair, different side of Kim Hyun Joo compared to her previews dramas in trailers, eagerly waiting……

  2. 2 : rian Says:

    2 dramas of KHJ this year and 2 dramas of JSW this year.

  3. 3 : tigerb Says:

    i hope it’s going to be as its title!

  4. 4 : violet.viol Says:

    I just hope not sad ending, i like joo sang wook drama.

  5. 5 : young88 Says:

    Make sure to watch this drama because curious of the drama after watching some trailers. Just funny !!

    Hope it’s not a sad ending story. Hope it’s a happy ending one.
    Seeing this two people being couple, I’m curious. Also.can’t wait the main poster of this drama.

  6. 6 : Rad Ginger Says:

    Can’t wait to see this drama. I like Joo Sang Wook.

  7. 7 : CoolBeans Says:

    I love the leads. I am looking forward to seeing this kdrama

  8. 8 : DramaLOVER Says:

    I really do not want to see another terminal illness drama like Uncontrollably Fond and Happy Home where the writer drags out the pity party for weeks. Hope this is positive and sends a good message of love and appreciation of life no matter how short. They leads are great actors. Leaving it up to the writer to not mess up the storyline.

  9. 9 : Dramafan Says:

    I love both main leads but gotta pass this because of the terminal illness term in the plot…

  10. 10 : flo Says:

    I hope this drama will be great, but why the story too borring,why the terminal illnes again and again

  11. 11 : Nixrix Says:

    I love the main leads specially Joo Sang Wook, I’m sure this drama is going to be Fantastic !!!!!!!

  12. 12 : Drama jTBC 'Fantastic' Rilis Poster Terbaru - KORENESIA Says:

    […] source: 1,2 […]

  13. 13 : John debets Says:

    I just curious..why do do many many korean/asian men comb their hair down the front of their foreheads…?? Are they ok or do they still have that baby ,little boy cutie pie mentality ??😎

  14. 14 : sheli Says:

    wow!! fantastic baby!!

  15. 15 : sarah naomi Says:

    Great actress, great acting, great Kim Hyun Joo 😍
    Love Joo Sang Wook too😍

  16. 16 : Sugar Rock Says:

    I like Joo Sang Wook. Fighting Fighting

  17. 17 : Jaz Says:

    Just finished watching Episode 1, hilarious drama, all the actors were excellent, this drama is highly recommended

  18. 18 : LY Says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching the first episode. This drama seems to have the potential to be better than Second To Last Love which I have given up after episode 7.

  19. 19 : tayba Says:

    Funny. A bad actor doing the part of a bad actor.

  20. 20 : Fantastic, o novo drama de romance da jTBC Says:

    […] Fonte: KoreanDrama […]

  21. 21 : fIo Says:

    waahhh, daebak. it’s an awesome drama. i like their cast.

  22. 22 : LY Says:

    This drama has lots of funny moments. Good acting by all the casts. I’m loving it. Definitely worth watching.

  23. 23 : Basil Leaf Says:

    Ryoo Hae Sung, He’s very funny guy. I like him so much.

  24. 24 : Jyenie Says:

    Breast cancer is trending in Korean drama now

  25. 25 : K_Holic Says:

    I dont know, why Baek Sul Story more interesting than main lead

  26. 26 : tera Says:

    sounds like uncontrollably fond. well not watching…not keen of sad drama.

  27. 27 : Cindy Says:

    So far I’m liking this show! I like Joo Sang Wook, Park Shi Yun and Ji Soo so I’m hoping this show works out well for them =)

    Random note: does anyone else find it funny that Ji Soo is playing a character named Sang Wook? Lol I wish they’d have come up with another name. I wonder if that ever gets a little confusing on set.

  28. 28 : stela Says:

    I’m watching this because of KHJ who is a very good actress. I liked her in Sparkling and I Have a Lover.

  29. 29 : Mey Says:

    Love fantastic

  30. 30 : Fantastic Says:

    Joo Sang-wook is a pretty good actor, yet so underrated in Korea.
    He’s doing very well in this comedy.
    Love the chemistry with Hyun-joo
    I like this show so far. It’s entertaining.
    May it’ll be good till the end.

  31. 31 : Mia Andriyani Says:

    I always waiting the drama of Kim Hyun Joo, her character in the drama always energic, cheer, n keep smilling, like BBF, Sparkling, whereas in I have a lover, her character is so sadness, make me crying, but happy ending story with ji jin hee. So hopely this ending will be happy ending story too because she roles as a writter who got worried ilness.

  32. 32 : Shari Says:

    Joo Sang Wook is dating his co-star from Glamorous Temptation, Cha Ye Ryun. He is a very talented actor and very good looking.

  33. 33 : Kdrama Lover Says:

    Frankly to say, this drama’s storylines kinda boring because too frequent been used again and again in other kdramas. The other second lead couples storylines is so unrealistic in this century, no matter what? How can she so tolerated with all the insults and abusives from her in-law family members? Yes, they paid for her mother medical fees but she was their daughter-in-law worked for them liked a slave. Too much ill-treated her, can’t understand why? Her sister-in-law was an influent woman and a CEO tv-station, dealing with all sorts of people and charity works still act as an evil. This ruined the viewers expectation about this drama.

  34. 34 : A pen Says:

    I love Joo Sang Wook .

  35. 35 : Rina Says:

    I Love Joo Sang Wook !!!!

  36. 36 : Hannah Says:

    This drama is such a gem. I love this drama a lot! This drama may not have the attention from the media and its marketing are not wild spread, but this drama has very talented actors and actresses. The storyline is simple,but I love how the writer portrayed the plot very well. I love Kim Tae Hoon’s character here! He may not be a hallyu star that receives a lot of attention, but he’s actually a very talented actor. I love Dr Hong Joon Ki’s character so much! Very positive and easy going.

  37. 37 : Winnie Says:

    Love the main actors but the drama is so boring. Actually the teaser was kind of misleading that this is kind of comedy but it is just boring.

  38. 38 : cnbluegt Says:

    agree ! this drama is little boring now and haesung’s bad acting skill isnt showed more. I actually hope this drama will be fun because jo sang wook’s character, the rising star who cant act, but the writer forgot it i think

  39. 39 : Hannah Says:

    I just realized that the font of korean title, it has ribbon like shape to address breast cancer awareness.

  40. 40 : Kristi Says:

    I’m watching this because of KYJ. I find episode 15 the most boring so far.

  41. 41 : Pat Kalili Says:

    Just completed the last episode. What an absolutely stunning drama. The ending was terrific. Sooo happy the ‘young lawyer could return and complete his role. The drama was full of emotions across the board. Thx to the writer, producer, all actors. Hope all win many awards!!

  42. 42 : aznative Says:

    Lot of laughing, lots of tears, lots of head-shaking at the antics of the “bad guys”. Cast and crew did a marvelous job. I really enjoyed watching and would definitely watch again.

  43. 43 : Sincerely Roni Says:

    Amazing drama. I cried a river in this one and I have two doctors appointments next week because the story affected me so much. LOVE love love it.

  44. 44 : Rodo Says:

    Watched all 16 episodes of this drama and I loved it. I have laughed and cried with the cast through the whole series and the story resonates with me. The cast and crew did a magnificent job and special mentions to Joo Sang Wook, Kim Hyun Joo, Kim Tae Hoon and Ji Soo! Am very happy it had a Happy Ending in the final episode !!!

  45. 45 : LittleFatLamb Says:

    It is a fantastic drama, one of the best, words can’t describe the humour, the love, the relationship, the chemistry and the story line. It is a wonderful story that describe people finding the illness and the courage to love. Just a beautiful drama of 2016 the best one I ever since for the years!!! Brilliant actor and actress, wonderful writer that able to capture all moments !!! Hilarious yet sad, wonderful movie!!!

  46. 46 : Momo Says:

    Really good drama filled with cries and laughters…definitely not to be missed!

  47. 47 : Nixxy Says:

    Best Drama of 2016, love all the characters specially Hye Sung and So Hye, a must watch, best second male lead and best second couple as well.

  48. 48 : silverswan Says:

    I really enjoyed this drama, one of the best this year. Its full of comedy, there are sad times, its emotional , romantic and they actors and actreceses were all great. Love all these main characters
    Kim Hyun Joo as Lee So Hye
    Joo Sang Wook as Ryoo Hae Sung
    Park Shi Yun as Baek Sul
    Kim Tae Hoon as Hong Joon Gi
    Ji Soo as Kim Sang Wook

    And I think it is better than Descendant of the Sun and it is something like “Don’t give up” Some people do not appreciate this kind of drama but I do love it. And that was why they were not in Top votes , but I do vote for this drama and I also love the drama ” Another Oh Hae Yong” one of the best too.
    Credit and thanks to :
    Director: Jo Nam Kook
    Scriptwriter: Lee Sung Eun

    You made this drama very emotional and full of love. Great Job!!

  49. 49 : Nina Says:

    Why i ferl the story of jisoo & park shi yun is more interesting ??

  50. 50 : stela Says:

    KHJ is the best, as always. What a terrific and wonderful drama with a good story and great acting from the cast. It made me laugh so hard and cry just as hard. Very touching indeed. Congrats to the creators and crew. Hope to see more of this kind soon.

  51. 51 : Shamoun Says:

    The bad actor acting was hilarious. He really pulled it off.

  52. 52 : Ash Says:

    another memory loss story?

  53. 53 : FantastiC 2016 – Site Title Says:

    […] http://www.koreandrama.org/fantastic/ […]

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