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Doctors 03

Title: 닥터스 / Doctors
Chinese Title: 醫生
Also Known as: Doctor Crush
Genre: Medical, Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2016-June-20 to 2016-Aug-23
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00


A drama about the realism in the relationship between doctors and patients and the social prejudice of educational background and origin.

Yoo Hye jung (Park Shin Hye) was a tough bully in school with a prickly personality and always goes wayward. She had many scars from her childhood and through self-preservation, Hye Jung keeps her heart shut away from other people. However, she changes after meeting her mentor Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) who plays a key role in transforming her life from a helpless gangster to a compassionate doctor.


Main Cast

Kim Rae Won as Hong Ji Hong
Gil Jung Woo as Hong Ji Hong (young)
Park Solomon as Hong Ji Hong (teenage)
Park Shin Hye as Yoo Hye Jung
Kal So Won as Hye Jung (young)
Yoon Kyun Sang as Jung Yoon Do
Lee Sung Kyung as Jin Seo Woo

Hye Jung’s family

Kim Young Ae as Kang Mal soon (Hye Jung’s grandmother)
Jung Hae Kyun as Yoo Min Ho (Hye Jung’s father)
Park Ji Ah as Lee Ga Jin (Hye Jung’s stepmother)
Han Bo Bae as Yoo Yoo Na (Hye Jung’s half-sister)
Shim Hye Yeon as Yoo Yoo Na (child)

Other people around Hye Jung

Ji Soo as Kim Soo Chul (Hye Jung’s childhood neighborhood friend)
Moon Ji In as Chun Soon Hee (Hye Jung and Seo Woo’s high school friend)

Ji Hong’s family

Lee Ho Jae as Hong Doo Sik
Yoo Da In as Jo In Joo

Seo Woo’s family

Jun Gook Hwan as Jin Sung Jong (Seo Woo’s grandfather)
Uhm Hyo Sup as Jin Myung Hoon (Seo Woo’s father)
Yoon Hae Young as Yoon Ji Young (Seo Woo’s mother)


Jang Hyun Sung as Kim Tae Ho
Kim Kang Hyun as Kang Kyung Joon
Baek Sung Hyun as Lee Young Kook
Jo Hyun Shik as Ahn Jong Dae
Kim Min Suk as Choi Kang Soo
Jung Jin as Baek Ho Min
Lee Sun Ho as Jung Pa Ran
Choi Sung Jae as Hwang Bo Tae Yang
Pyo Ye Jin as Hyun Soo Jin
Ji Yi Soo as Yoo Byul
Jin Sun Kyu as Kim Chi Hyun


Kim Dae Sung (김대성) as Nightclub DJ
Kong Da Im (공다임) as Mi Ra
Lee Jin Kwon (이진권) as Soo Chul’s friend
Yoo Joo Hye (유주혜) as Kim Kyung Mi
Lee Ki Woo as Gong Byung Doo (Mafia Boss)
Lee Joon Hyuk as Mafia Boss’ Henchman
Jung Kyung Soon as Oh Young Mi
Jun Ji An as Plane Passenger Patient
Im Ji Yun as Lee Soo Jung (National Archer)
Han Hye Jin as Jo Soo Ji
Jo Dal Hwan as Ahn Sung Soo (Soo Ji’s stalker)
Nam Goong Min as Nam Ba Ram
Go Woo Rim as Nam Hae (Ba Ram’s oldest son)
Choi Jung Hoo (최정후) as Nam Dal (Ba Ram’s youngest son)
Lee Sang Yeob as Lee Hee Young’s husband
Yeo Hoe Hyun as Choi Young Soo (Kang Soo’s younger brother)
Chae Jung Ahn
Hong Suk Chun
Lee Seo Hwan as record shop owner

Production Credits

Director: Oh Choong Hwan
Screenwriter: Ha Myung Hee


2017 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actor (TV Section) – Kim Min Suk (Doctor)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards – Moon Ji In (Doctors)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: New Star Awards – Kim Min Suk (Doctors)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars Award – Park Shin Hye (Doctors)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Genre) – Park Shin Hye (Doctors)
2016 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Genre) – Kim Rae Won (Doctors)

Episode Ratings

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2016-06-20 1 11.4 (4th) 15.1 (4th) 12.9 (4th) 14.7 (4th)
2016-06-21 2 12.4 (4th) 16.9 (3rd) 14.2 (4th) 16.2 (4th)
2016-06-27 3 12.8 (4th) 16.5 (3rd) 14.4 (3rd) 16.9 (3rd)
2016-06-28 4 14.6 (3rd) 17.8 (2nd) 15.6 (3rd) 18.0 (2nd)
2016-07-04 5 16.1 (3rd) 20.7 (1st) 18.4 (3rd) 20.2 (3rd)
2016-07-05 6 16.8 (3rd) 20.8 (1st) 19.7 (3rd) 21.6 (2nd)
2016-07-11 7 18.4 (3rd) 22.3 (1st) 18.8 (3rd) 21.3 (2nd)
2016-07-12 8 17.8 (3rd) 20.3 (2nd) 19.2 (2nd) 21.1 (2nd)
2016-07-18 9 16.8 (3rd) 20.0 (2nd) 19.4 (3rd) 21.5 (2nd)
2016-07-19 10 17.2 (4th) 19.9 (2nd) 19.3 (2nd) 22.6 (2nd)
2016-07-25 11 17.2 (3rd) 20.2 (1st) 19.2 (3rd) 21.9 (2nd)
2016-07-26 12 18.2 (3rd) 20.9 (1st) 18.7 (3rd) 21.7 (2nd)
2016-08-01 13 17.6 (4th) 20.6 (1st) 18.5 (3rd) 20.8 (1st)
2016-08-02 14 17.2 (3rd) 21.2 (1st) 19.6 (2nd) 21.8 (1st)
2016-08-08 15 20.0 (3rd) 23.3 (1st) 21.3 (2nd) 23.1 (1st)
2016-08-09 16 18.4 (2nd) 21.4 (1st) 20.6 (2nd) 22.4 (1st)
2016-08-15 17 20.6 (2nd) 23.8 (1st) 20.8 (2nd) 22.8 (1st)
2016-08-16 x postponed Because Olympic games
2016-08-22 18 16.2 (4th) 19.7 (2nd) 19.5 (3rd) 22.0 (2nd)
2016-08-22 19 16.1 (5th) 19.5 (3rd) 17.8 (4th) 19.6 (4th)
2016-08-23 20 17.9 (3rd) 21.2 (1st) 20.2 (2nd) 22.0 (1st)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : jane Says:

    xcited much!!!!

  2. 2 : Logan1707 Says:

    Wow what a nice trailer….such a good couple. Can’t wait for this drama!!!

  3. 3 : tigerb Says:

    it’s kim rae won, why not? park shin hye’s role sports long hair. i hope she ties it when doing hospital rounds. i hated to see the female lead role in ‘blood’ with her hair dangling while inside the hospital. isn’t there hospital rules on that?

  4. 4 : Lanny Says:

    It’s Kim Rae Won yeaayyy !! Love him so much..❤️ So excited to watch this drama.. 😍 I’m a fan of him since Love Story in Harvard.. Hope he could reunite with Kim Tae Hee soon.. 😍😍

  5. 5 : ialub_etnafni Says:

    wooowwww..so excited…will wait for this..😍😍😍

  6. 6 : nurul Says:

    weee… looks like it will be a good drama. can’t wait

  7. 7 : Yimae Says:

    Super excited !!! 😉

  8. 8 : Kim so hyun Says:

    New drama park shin hye.
    Wait it.

  9. 9 : CoolBeans Says:

    Park Shin Hye as a gangster? Naw! I love the pairing with Kim Rae Won. Glad to see Yoon Kyung Sang here, Six Flying Dragon member, Moo Hyul!

  10. 10 : Joan Says:

    I can’t wait to see this drama…excited much Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye

  11. 11 : Shinhyejongsuk Says:

    So excited.

  12. 12 : Nana Says:

    Omo omo omo, my favorite Korean Actress Park Shin Hye 😘😘😘😘. I can barely wait to see this drama. Finger crossed hoping that it will be really good n get high ratings. Fighting.

  13. 13 : welber Says:

    can’t wait.. Park Shin Hye fighting.

  14. 14 : Henry Says:

    PARK SHIN HYE! Go girl, fighting!

  15. 15 : Henry Says:

    Looking forward to this drama. I love to see PSH drama!!!

  16. 16 : MaxT Says:

    Wow PSH, can’t wait to watch her new drama on June 20.

  17. 17 : poe phyu Says:

    love this shin hye

  18. 18 : renna Says:

    kim Rae Woooooon… cant wait this one.

  19. 19 : renna Says:


    Familier casts from first reading…

  20. 20 : Henry Says:

    Excited to see PSH & KRW in this drama!

  21. 21 : Alika Says:

    Judging from nice picture and the trailer from both leading actors (KRW abd PSH), I could tell this drama would be amazing. I wish 20th June could come faster!!!

  22. 22 : Chaerishi Says:

    Can’t wait!! moo hyul n kim ki bum also here.. really miss them very much.. Doctors! fighting 😙😙😙

  23. 23 : AnnaR Says:

    Oh gosh 2nd teaser is out, these two look so good together. They are so cute and so adorable. Oh man I really can’t wait any longer for this drama!

  24. 24 : Henry Says:

    Miss you Miss Park Shin Hye!!!

  25. 25 : Diana Says:

    Counting down the days. Fingers crossed.

  26. 26 : veritaserum Says:

    I miss Park Shin Hye so much in dramas. I hope this time comes fastly.
    Definitely, it will be a very good drama..

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  28. 28 : Henry Says:

    Few more days to wait!!!

  29. 29 : Lanny Says:

    Kim Rae Won oppaaaa….can’t wait to see u soon…. I like u, u are a great actor, one of the best South Korean actor.. Really really proud of u… 👍👏👍👏😍😘

  30. 30 : iamee Says:

    I missed both Park Shin Ye and Kim Rae Won acting on kdramas. I am so happy that they finally have one. I hope that the story line is good .

  31. 31 : SWEETIE Says:

    Its been so long for seeing Kim Rae Won again on the screen with partk shin hye… excited … 🙂

  32. 32 : Henry Says:

    Five more days!!!

  33. 33 : Henry Says:

    Excited to see PSH & KRW on screen!

  34. 34 : Bluey Says:

    I thought psh and krw are the patients. lol.
    Patients of surgery. Looak at their faces and complexion…so white

  35. 35 : Doctors, o novo drama de romance da SBS Says:

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  36. 36 : Henry Says:

    Waiting for showing date…

  37. 37 : Greeny Says:

    Damn KRW looks so hot on those trailers and pictures. Watching all of his dramas and movies I have never seen him so handsome until this drama, and also are good pairing and combination for KRW and PSY. I’m so excited he’s back to small screen and I can’t wait seeing him in this drama….fighting!!!

  38. 38 : Jessisca Says:

    OMG my queen’ll come back on an amazing drama ..Thanks God she will act in action and romance drama..KRw and PSh fighting..We’ll watch the drama untill the end. Looking at these trailer, we’re really impressed by this drama.Hope this drama’ll have amazing storyline ^_^

  39. 39 : yhenzzy zhen Says:

    Im waiting for this Drama cant wait…PSH… go fighting:)

  40. 40 : Nana 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Says:

    💕💕💕💕💕💕💕2 more days. Can barely wait. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  41. 41 : Henry Says:

    One more day! PSH/KRW fighting!

  42. 42 : freedomdemon Says:

    waiting for release~!!!!! ^^

  43. 43 : renna Says:

    miss Kim Rae Won acting..

  44. 44 : AnnaR Says:

    So here we come…. After we have been waiting so many months and days…it’s finally here ep. 1 it’s started tonight….so let we enjoy this drama….fighting!!!!

  45. 45 : Birddybuddy Says:

    Finally the wait is over for us fan 🙆🏻🙆🏻🙆🏻

  46. 46 : danash Says:

    I just watched the first episode not bad but the five minutes preview kind of gave away the events.
    As for the main couple I like them. I think i’ts cute since he’s her teacher and all but we’ll have to wait and see what will happens in the next episode.
    I think the drama is okey nothing special about it yet.

  47. 47 : azul Says:

    Wow… Park shin hye character here is so challenging… 1st episode was so great to watch… Love it….

  48. 48 : Doctors 2016 Says:

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  49. 49 : Logan1707 Says:

    Done watching ep 1 and it was great as I expected. Acting of both KRW and PSH were good and the chemistry between them were superb and great combination. Hoping the ratings also good and high. Keep it up the good work Doctors team and crews!!!

  50. 50 : lana Says:

    park shinhye so pretty fighting

  51. 51 : Princess Trisha Says:

    Your back,park shin hye fighting and g0dbless! Can waiting this drama but i just want to say saranghae!

  52. 52 : Jessisca Says:

    Watching first episode without sub english,,still daebak..KRW and PSH great job for all of you.

  53. 53 : renna Says:

    I’ve seen it too without subtitle.. but i like it too. itis interesting, i miss KRW acting.

  54. 54 : freedomdemon Says:

    waiting for ep2 release~!!!!! (**O **)

  55. 55 : black rose Says:

    Congratulation….!!!Doctors Drama First Ep..:)
    i really like actress Park Shin Hye & senior actor Kim Rae Won ..:)

  56. 56 : AnnaR Says:

    I’ve done watching ep 1 with English subbed. It’s so great episode and good start with highest ratings amongs the others dramas. Now I’m hoping the next episode would be great also and the ratings would be good too.

  57. 57 : bella Says:

    Wow the first ep really deabek. Wish all the best for the drama..

  58. 58 : azin Says:

    wow! the first episode was really great, unique and touching!! I think this drama is going to be a BIG HIT! the storyline is very attracting and all actors are alluring. I’m a big fan of park shin hye and i knew she was a great actress but honestly, she surprised me with her great acting skill in this drama! all those action scenes…!! wow!! hope the best for this drama..

  59. 59 : Nana Says:

    Wow, I watched the first episode and I can’t help but fall in love with this drama. I see PSH is really growing as a really good actress. I really thought that she wouldn’t be able to pull this drama of but I’m really proud of her. So far so good.

  60. 60 : coca Says:

    this drama is daebak i really think it will be the next DOTS(as in popular as DOTS) i reeeeally love all characters and so far so goood im very very satisfied!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK FIGHTING

  61. 61 : JHandHJ Says:

    Now I’m officially so addicted with this drama…finish watching both episodes and it’s so amazing and both KRW and PSY have amazing chemistry and both of them so good together. Can’t wait for the next episodes!

  62. 62 : dreamcometrue Says:

    Park Shin Hye and Yoon Kyun Sang is my bias! And so excited for this drama. Keep fighting for all the cast! DOCTOR JJANG!

  63. 63 : toyeing Says:

    . its wowww . this drama very good . 😊 .

  64. 64 : Itsuka Says:

    Daebak.. great drama.. first episode has great rating.. fighting..

  65. 65 : jeongnayoohh Says:

    Have another hopes for SBS after pretty low ratings (10 % below) in “Jackpot” and
    “Entertainers.” This happen reminded me of ” Descendants of the Sun” a little. But, hope this drama isn’t just about doctors and standard love. I want to see more than that, since the main cast is (almost) perfect ( there are nothing perfect in this world, right??).

    It’s not too long to see them. KRW is in drama “Punch-2014” last year (because it finished last year), PSH in “Pinnochio” 2 years ago, YKS and LSK also have last year drama (The Time We Were Not In Love, Six Flying Dragons, and Queen’s Flower). Hope this drama brings good or excellent results in story and ratings.

  66. 66 : Henry Says:

    The story is interesting that’s why the rating is high!

  67. 67 : Sinopsis Doctors Episode 1 - Terakhir « Kdramastory Says:

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  68. 68 : OK OK OK Says:

    I fell in love with this drama straightaway ha ha.
    Park Shin Hye & Kim Rae Won — SARANGHAE 😛

  69. 69 : Henry Says:

    I just finished watching 1st and 2nd episode, it’s an awesome drama, good start, good job!

  70. 70 : Nazi Says:

    Guys. Improve on your English.

  71. 71 : hey Says:

    i am soo amazed and addicted now i cant wait for next week woah

  72. 72 : Islam saeed Says:

    I love the two main actors and the whole cast .. lookes amazing …. fighting park shin hye love you ^_^

  73. 73 : Henry Says:

    Waaaahhh… i hope the showing of this drama is everyday. I can’t wait for next wait.

  74. 74 : Jessisca Says:

    OMg i love this drama..PSH &KRW such a good chemistry..amazing..please Monday again..counting to third episode..Love it
    Poor for hye jung..She studied well but her friends did horrible thing,,jealousy.

  75. 75 : park jun sung Says:

    Oh maiiii Godddd…. this dtama is so good. Seem like what others said, its has been long time im so happy watching kdrama after DotS. Great start. Keep it up!!!

  76. 76 : icha Says:

    This drama is really captivating. PSH’s acting is so natural and Kim Rae Won as Hong Ji Hong is a precise choice. I can’t wait to watch the next episodes!

  77. 77 : Snapy Says:

    This drama was so good. I wish I had a teacher like Jihong at my school back then so may be I would do a lot better….hahaha. KRW looks so charming as a teacher. Also good chemistry between KRW and PSY. Looking forward for next episodes.

  78. 78 : bigeye Says:


  79. 79 : xeyale Says:

    unni fighting Doctors fighting !

  80. 80 : Hannah Says:

    First two episodes are really good!!! PSH and KRW have good chemistry!

    I wish Ji Soo’s the second hero though.

  81. 81 : Khadija Says:

    I m in love with this drama park shin hye is the best i love all of her dramas and i m feeling this drama will be a huge success

  82. 82 : Henry Says:

    I’m so excited with the next episode!

  83. 83 : OK OK OK Says:

    I forgot its a Monday and Tuesday drama. I thought its Sat & Sun.
    I switch on my computer and so disappointed I have to wait till tomorrow 🙁

  84. 84 : Jessisca Says:

    OmG I watched epi 3 and preview of epi 4..Addicted to this drama..Chemistry with PSH & KRW is Very good..
    The storyline is excellent..
    Shin hye is very suitable as a doctor..
    Long time no see after 13 years..hye jun and ji hong meet again in the rooftop of hospital 😊 lovable moment
    Fighting all crews of doctors

  85. 85 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 3 – so fast finish. Can’t get enough.
    So much sadness but luckily ending part its 13 years later and Park Shin Hye has grown up to be a doctor 🙂

  86. 86 : Henry Says:

    Story is good but sad. Fighting PSH & KRW.

  87. 87 : Dini zen Says:

    These doctors really cool drama. let alone acting action fights park shin hye. I was a huge fan park shin hye and was very surprised and proud of the acting that has never been done in previous dramas. kim rae won sunbaenim also cool .. chemistry they both fit despite a considerable age difference. storyline that makes the audience carried away and swept up in emotion, tears and jokes (little joke). but the drama is worthy of being crowned this year’s best drama followed in the footsteps descendant of the sun .. lee sung kyung charming and cute, and yoon kyun sang also cool .. but it recently appeared on ending the third episode curious .. doctors keep the spirit for all the team staff production .. still maintain the rating and be one of the best korean drama of the year .. amin

  88. 88 : ally Says:

    Really looking forward to the story line!! Fighting!!

  89. 89 : Greeny Says:

    Done watching ep 4…wow the end scene of this episode was really amazing….Ji Hong was at top of Hye Jung….this chemistry between PSY and KRW was superb. Can’t get enough for these two….need more more scenes together for PSY and KRW.

  90. 90 : coca Says:

    this drama is slaying im so happy !!! its really goood

  91. 91 : Hoyokaia Says:

    What a progress!! Especially in story development and ratings (I can’t stop compare this to DOTS for rating’s progress but, DOTS mIght be to far away). But, one of pity is when in episode 4, HJH and YHJ meet 13 years later. Even just story, is it make sense? The character should be a little older and mature, but looks like PSH almost not in 30ish looks (saved by some reason). For others writers and directors, even though just about age, it isn’t simply little problem.

    Beside that, I can’t stop thinking how this drama would go since ratings in 15% range. I don’t want too have big hope first. Hope can be until 20% and above range. Even still a long journey to 20 episodes or maybe more. I’m afraid it might be unstable because of the writer’s writing, or bad acting (might not true), or schedule sacrificing problem (because SBS is 2016 South Korea Summer Olympics Official Broadcaster, so also need to broadcast some of the matches). Might be a little afraid like what happen in Gentleman’s Dignity.

  92. 92 : Gaine Says:

    @hoyokaia : everybody might have their own opinions about story writing, because it’s not 100 % non fiction. There are a few spices and let people who watch play their imagination. But, I agree a few with you.

    Notice how Yoon Kyun Sang changed his tone of voice a few for his new and more adult character. It’s a good progress. Lee Sung Kyung well enough to do hateful or jealousy character, even in doctor gown. Kim Min Seok’s character wants you to make laugh with his speak and attitude. After all of that, look at Park Shin Hye’s rough and dynamic character and doctor’s role first time and Kim Rae Won with his voice can be cute but also charisma and cute.

  93. 93 : Delami Says:

    I’m a Korean Drama Avid Viewer. When I saw the theme of the story is medical, some prejudices are: Competition between the two highest doctor rank, surgery, seniority, cheeky or quirky juniors, love between seniors and a little bit juniors, angry mode, competition between love (also with work), or rooftop scene in hospital.

    I love see this drama because of the story. But, please, can I hope for different, fresh, and exciting doctor story in it? Do I need to say some titles of medical dramas? Although I don’t know you read this or not (hope you read with help of translators), but if this drama wants to become more famous, there should be some X factors in it, also in fact the main actors are not taking long hiatus or army project (like Han Hyo Joo will be in W after 6 years or Song Joong Ki after almost 3 years in army before in DOtS), so afraid might be boring for viewers, hope not.

  94. 94 : ally Says:

    This drama is getting more interesting.. many aspects of story.. puppy love, revenge and rivalry!!

    I was laughing when Ji Hong asked Hye Jung whether she is married or does she has a boyfriend?? Hahahah! He is so desperate & direct!!

    Eventhough I don’t really enjoy Raw Won’s expression in acting, sometimes make me feel a bit uneasy, but in this drama, he is a serious guy!!

    Looking forward for this drama!! Fighting!!

  95. 95 : Ikadjie Says:

    Finally, i watch korean drama again.
    i think this drama is deabak & i like chemistry between KRW and PSH.
    KRW make me feel adult man is wowww hahahahaha
    Hope the plot keep interesting.

  96. 96 : Jongkie Says:

    Nice drama to catch up after Another Oh Hae Young has ended.

  97. 97 : bigeye Says:

    thumb up but hope they are happy end of ep 20..

  98. 98 : Henry Says:

    It’s a very good story with good actors that I would eagerly want to watch!

  99. 99 : tigerb Says:

    after 4 episodes, seems like i know where the story is going, but let me be surprised if i am wrong. i was surprised to see yoon kyung sang here (never knew his name before, just his face). his acting in ‘six flying dragons’ was impressive (transforming from a half wit, innocent/ignorant country bumpkin to a strong swordsman learning to understand what politics was all about). in the first two dramas i saw of him, his acting were simple, so hoping his role acting here exceeds than in his last series. krw is fun here, like in ‘love story in harvard’. psh is on the dot. let’s see if she can reveal her grandma’s death on the table cause. the other actors don’t even act like residents, but guess that’s what their roles are.

  100. 100 : al Says:

    cant wait for the next episode….nice drama….

  101. 101 : Welin Says:

    Fall in love after just look at ep.4 teaser. How this teacher can’t forget his lovely student??
    Love also hear OST. Nice song to hear.

    I look at some people who say about ratings. High ratings doesn’t mean will win any awards or height some competition in China or Asia or SK Economy Growth. For example, morning drama and evening weekday drama ( unless who already famous in China). Or weekend drama 20.00 slot. Because the pattern of the story almost same.

    Need some “X” Factors?? We can see, even still need more. But, sometimes people enjoy the traditional one. Ignore for those who says on SNS that this drama copy DOTS since they big. Hope for best writing and happy ending for main actors and actresses.

  102. 102 : Snapy Says:

    Woah the last scene of ep 4 was epic…I wish there was a kising scene…hahaha, too early rightttt!!! But I like those lines when they finally met each other again after 13 years apart…” are you married…do you have boyfriend…then we’re set”…those lines were so hilarious!!! This drama make me crazy. Could Monday come faster pleaseeeeee!!!!

  103. 103 : heynie Says:

    @Snapy totally agree with you, ending of 4th episode make me crazy. Those lines when Hong songsaenim met Hye Jung. His acting always wow me^^. Ah, can’t wait next episode >,<

    I didnt watch ep 3 since i still at office that day. This ep 4 help me to imagine what happened in ep 3.

  104. 104 : kDramaFan Says:

    loved the first four episodes waiting to watch next episodes eargerly
    Park Shin Hye u r too good at acting.i like the hero’s acting also.i love the chemistry they have.<3

  105. 105 : OK OK OK Says:

    Park Shin Hye is so suave and attractive in this drama. I super love it.
    So many guys going after her. ha ha 😛
    1 – Kim Rae Won
    2 – the young guy in motorbike
    3 – the gangster head who injures his head
    4 – the brown hair internship young doctor
    5 – the stuck up doctor Yoon Kyun Sang

    who is next …..

  106. 106 : OK OK OK Says:

    writer nim, good ending please. 🙂

  107. 107 : young88 Says:

    When people talk about Park Shin Hye and Yoon Kyun Sang’s reunion (even though they weren’t couple) in 2014 SBS “Pinnochio”, just realize another “pair.” Park Shin Hye also have reunion with Baek Sung Hyun. 13 years ago, they played childhood friend in SBS “Stairway to Heaven.” Different path for both of them. PSH has become main actress, but BSH stuck in supporting role, same as Kim Min Seok who has just launch his career from his latest but hittest of the year, DOTS. Hope they still not forget.

  108. 108 : park jun sung Says:

    @OK OK OK 85
    I agree with u. I cant get enough for the childhood atory. I think its too fast to end it. At least its should contain 5-6 eps maybe. Honestly, i prefer the childhood story bcoz its beautiful n interesting. But okay, i will continue the future story cz i have fall in luv with this drama.

    @hoyokaia 91
    Same with me, actually i cant stop comparing drama that i watch with DotS. Especially the rating. Before i watch DotS, drama that gained rating upper 17% is really succesaful drama. until i watch Dots which gained rating 40% make me feel that 17% is so small rating although its ranking top 3 😓-_-||

  109. 109 : Tomkins Says:

    @Snapy 102 – I’m totally agree with you. Those lines when JH said that to HJ was so funny…I have watched this scene a hundred times 🙂 may be this is a new way for someone to greet to someone you like which you haven’t seen for ages lol…..The chemistry between PSY and KRW was totally crazy beautiful. I think for me KRW was the best male costar for PSY until now. Can’t wait for Monday Tuesday to come.

  110. 110 : LuvKSingal Says:

    With Doctors, got hooked on Kim Rae Won again. Have always loved watching him.
    Went surfing for more news of him and found all about him in soompi thread.
    To everyone who likes this actor, check it out!
    http://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/kim rae won
    You’ll be so impressed!
    Just a short excerpt:Krw: I’m not very sure. But through playing the various roles, the good qualities of the characters seem to have become part of my own personality. From ‘Attic Cat’, the cute, humorous, talented, easy-going character of the leading role contributed to my humorous cells. And when I played in ‘Snowman’, I learned to be gentle to women. I treat females with gentleness in real life. The healthy and happy character of ‘Lover Story in Harvard’ replaced by former quiet and introverted character. I can tell you this. I used to drink when I’m free but now I learn English or play musical instruments in my leisure. I feel great about this change.

    Through my acting experiences, I learn things, change myself and display my good qualities continuously.

    Vg: I heard that many Hollywood actors/actresses go for psychological treatments because of problems of stress and depression. What about you? Are you on the side of natural healing?

    Krw: In the past, when I was tired of acting, especially when the story or the role I play made me feel depressed, I’d broken expensive TV sets and vases at home. Now I’m 25. Though not being too conscious about it, I hope I can learn to control myself better before I go to the army or before I turn 30. It’s particularly disturbing when I almost became mad while totally immersed in a very depressed character. At present, I’m still very sensitive in this matter, but not as sensitive as before.

  111. 111 : bored panda Says:

    Drama of the YEAR 😍😍

  112. 112 : Henry Says:

    Hope we can pull monday!

  113. 113 : bigeye Says:

    very cute dog small…i admire park shin hye bec she fight well..fighting thumb up kim rar won is good actor.praise

  114. 114 : Yulie yuta Says:

    Weeewww 😍😍😍

  115. 115 : JHandHJ Says:

    I have replayed the helicopter scenes a million times…hahaha I love it very much. That’s brilliant lines…are you married yet…do you have boyfriend’s things …it’s really funny. The chemistry PSY and KRW is really undeniable. They are so good together. This drama was really amazing!!!!!!

  116. 116 : KRWFIGHTING! Says:

    KRW Fighting!
    You are ONE TRUE great actor!
    Wanna know more about our my handsome?
    Commentary: An Actor who is young but not immature….serious but not heavy. A model young actor……a beautiful guy who has acted for a long time since he was young. A beautiful actor who is ready to progress to the next step. A face that is like a blank canvass but able to express so many faces…. His face is like a photobook ..innocence that the world has not touched. .His face inspires imagination….he is very thoughtful.

    Moon Guen Young: As far as I’m concern, people like him not because of his appearance but of his hidden innocence.

    Choi Jin Won(drector Mr Socrates): KRW has too much male hormones. Everytime when he acts or in real life he is very serious and gentle. He is very masculine, he always gets to the point and this point makes him very masculine.

    Commentary: Everyday he exercises for 6 hours and he is a natural tough guy. He represents the Metrosexual guy.

    Jo Jae Hyun: When I saw him topless I thought he has a good body.

    Schoolmate Park Sang Oh: When he was in middle school I could not believe his body was so strong…he had 6 packs. He was a shooting guard on the basketball team.

    Basketball coach: Somebody came to school and he wanted to take KRW because he was tall and so he went to Seoull. After 3 days I asked him if he stayed up, and he said yes, so I scolded him. He went to Seoul to study and he had an injury, and had to give up basketball. Because of his height he was considered a good model. His face expresses a lot of emotion and this made him good model material.

    Andre Kim: He was young but mature. He was strong, dymanic, masculine. He can express all different kind of atmosphere.

    Commentary: Sometimes he is the boy next door and very blunt.

    Hairstylist: He is very confident as he is, he does not try to be fashionable, wears blue jeans and t-shirt…it makes him very natural. He is very humble and open guy, does not put on airs.

    University Friend: He is a star who has the least amount of clothes in Korea. When we think of entertainers we think they would have a lot of clothes..like hundreds of boots or shoes…but KRW is hard to notice on the streets because he dresses so casually.

    Commentary: Every single action has a meaning….he is born to be an actor. He is a natural genius.

    Shin Hyun Joon: Actor who makes the director tired. He always has a lot of questions for the director.

    Director Pyo: He always previews and reviews…he always tries his best twice as hard as others. He will give suggestions to the director and that is why it takes a long time. Even though the scenes were shot before he will bring it up again. I think he does not sleep.

    Comementary: He always tries to be in the character. His passion for analysing the character is out of the world.

    Kim Tae Hee: I had a lot of english lines….medical and legal terms and it was so hard. Also I saw RW who was very stressed and the way he memorised his lines….he wrote the words on the wall.

    Commentary: He dropped by the restaurant to pick up the english language that Harvard students used.

    Wily: I’m the waiter in the restaurant ……………………………………….(this guy helped him study english)

    Commentary: To make the perfect character he previews and reviews several times….RW leaves the Godfather dvd in his car to rewatch the Godfather movie.

    MGY: One day KRW asked if I had seen the Godfather….I said I had not. At night he always turns on a movie that he has watched before….he always sleeps with the video turned on to pick up the good scenes.

    Sports Chosun editor: He was born with actor’s DNA. The range that KRW can act is very wide….he can do action….horror….comic….I don’t think he has shown us all his potential yet.

    Commentary: He had a fan meeting in Japan with 3000 fans. This fan meeting shows that KRW will be the next Korean Wave star. All the Japanese media was plastered with KRW articles. His boy next door character made the Japanese fans swoon over him.

    Hairstylist: He made one Japanese fan faint. I was so surprised to see so many fans come see KRW in Japan. There was an old woman who dressed up in a red dress, she could not wait to see KRW so she just fainted.

    Commentary: Only with two dramas he became a big star. Japanese fans visited KRW’s filming location. Attic Cat made KRW popular. His natural acting came from his middle school days. Because he used to live by himself, he knows how to cook. He always fry eggs and vegetables.

    Yoon So Yi: KRW is the no 1 groom material. Once he brought a lunch box which had chicken and pork, I thought he just bought it but he made it. As a man, I could not believe that he cooked ….because he is tall and handsome. Everyone could not believe it.

    University friend: He is suitable as a househusband and a mother. He always told me that before I go to bed to always brush my teeth or wash my feet as if he was my mum.

    Commentary: RW’s hobby is fishing. He gets to know life as he goes fishing.

    Mr Socrates director: Only old people like to go fishing but RW is an exception. He likes to go fishing, climbing…I feel that he has hobbies that old people have. In his spare time he always goes fishing. He is a real fisherman who can release the fish at times and catch the fish. He does not look like an entertainer and always makes the people around him impressed.

    MGY: He is considerate and takes care of the people around him. What impressed me was when I went to eat something with him….he took the bones out of the fish for me.

    SHJ: I am trapped by the KRW. He is good at imitating. He knows every line of every movie that I acted. As you know KRW, you will love him.

    Commentary: He has had ups and downs in his career….like a pebble skimping off the water.

  117. 117 : KRWFIGHTING Says:

    “I want to be an all-round actor.”
    Kim Rae Won, who always looks so confident, does not feel attached to fame as he wants to be a real actor rather than a star.
    As he keeps acting in front of the camera, he feels a stronger sense of responsibility towards his acting. What such a responsible actor is thinking in his heart can be understood. He does not just seek for the highest achievement; he works seriously, always ensuring he has made the greatest effort.
    The following is what can be termed as unexpected. Kim Rae Won has a bright and an adorable image in our mind. We were surprised by what we saw. When he first appeared in the meeting place, he bowed politely and then put down his sunglasses neatly on the table. He was like a teenager coming for his very first interview. We greeted him casually and his reply was simple.
    “Yes, I’m fine.”
    What is so charismatic about this brand name ‘Kim Rae Won’? Think about how his acting life has developed.

    With charismatic expressions of his eyes while acting in the TV drama series ‘Love Story in Harvard’, he was named ‘the Representative Actor of Korea’.

    “I am an introverted person. I don’t like talking and standing out among others. This is not to make an impressive style or bother others. When people first meet me, they expect me to be talkative, cute and humorous. They then misunderstand that I am unhappy as I don’t talk (laughing).”

    The Kim Rae Won in TV is completely different from the Kim Rae Won in real life. Usually, such a great difference in personalities will lead to negative feelings. The feeling that Kim Rae Won gives is unexpectedly different. Both of the drastically different personalities are so natural, showing unique charisma all the time.
    Through our conversations, I began my observation and understanding of this ordinary man, Kim Rae Won.
    A perfectionist in acting who doesn’t care about sleep and food
    To Kim Rae Won who melts himself into the roles he plays, acting is like a mountain. “There is a mountain.” Someone who likes mountain climbing never asks why he is climbing. Likewise, ‘Why’ has lost its meaning long ago. Acting has become his motto and he is continuously changing himself to get improvements. The quiet Kim Rae Won really opened his heart when he talked about making dramas and movies. When he talked about the recent drama ‘Love Story in Harvard’, he even made gestures.

    “I wanted to do my best while filming but now when I look back, I have this feeling that I haven’t done my best. Whenever I was praised for acting well, I felt bad. Because the thought that I could have done better is torturing me, I felt regrettable myself. When I checked things out over and over at the shooting sites, there were always thoughts like this: ‘Will it be better that I do it this way or that way?’. Moreover, I had this nickname of ‘Once more’. I minded every detail during rehearsals. The director said it was fine but I was still not satisfied. I asked for retakes until I was satisfied, tiring the coworkers so much. If I cannot do my best in acting, I feel very sad. Though I’m not a greedy person, I find myself not easily satisfied with my acting. For this particular drama, a lot of filming had to be done in LA, USA. There were many difficulties. Details of the script had been decided but we could not find suitable places for filming. We had to film a lot each day and so the schedule was really tight.”

    Although they had a tight schedule, Kim Rae Wong did not have the word ‘quite’ in mind. He paid a high price for each shot. This can be seen by the way he spent his days in LA. He totally involved himself in acting.
    “I went to LA for filming. I had no time for sightseeing. We worked six days a week and had a day of rest. While not working, some people went sightseeing or shopping but I could only stay in the hotel studying my script. The only memory of LA that stayed with me is my hotel room.”
    The city of LA was shaken when he was seen on the streets. Koreans who identified him greeted him excitedly. Oversea students and female fans were continuously attracted to the filming sites at USC. Among them were many student fans from Japan and Taiwan who knew him through ‘Attic Cat’ and ‘My Little Bride’. Seeing Kim Rae Won in person made them feel so strongly about this ‘Hallyu’ (Korean Current).
    In the drama, Kim Rae Won was immersed in sadness and love. The image of a man so devoted to his love moved TV audiences into tears. The magical expressions of his eyes made them feel they could not get enough of him.
    After acting with all his might, he found himself having matured a lot psychologically. Though the number of his works increases, he is not carried away by success. He is able to reflect on criticisms on himself.
    Whether the drama is successful or not in terms of TV rating, there are surely TV audiences who praise his great effort in it.
    When he becomes satisfied with his own performance, he will think of living a life unrelated to acting.
    For people who care about Kim Rae Won all the way, they can surely remember these images: the tormented youth in ‘Plum Blossoms’, the rebellious teenager in ‘Wuri’s family’ and the grumpy young man in ‘Beautiful Life’.
    Just before the decision to play the role in ‘Love Story in Harvard’, he was asked to try a role in a movie as a thug who has no sense of good and evil. As he had never tried this kind of roles before, he was really tempted.
    ‘I just can’t imagine this. I could have played the role as a thug who kills people. It’s not someone with a respectable life but a low class life. Maybe this can be an opportunity for me to find out the other side of myself.”
    Because he had to do the drama, he lost the chance to act in the movie. But he is not anxious to change his image. He knows what to do. By treasuring each opportunity to act and making the greatest effort, chances will come to him naturally.
    “I think I’m not a piece of blank paper for others to draw on. Conversely, I’m a painting brush that paints. I’m not to be painted on or painted fully with pictures. It is me doing the painting. Holding the painting brush tightly, I’m not sure what I will draw but I discover a new me slowly as I pick each role to play.”
    “Up till now, the role that I treasured most and lingered on most is Sin Jung of ‘Snowman’.”
    “Recently, I watched ‘Snowman’ once again. (My acting skill) was acceptable but regrettably, I was only 22 when I played that role. I didn’t understand the feelings of a man who is rejected in love but keeps on being hurt by his love.”
    Think about this. He is just 24, a good age to fall in love. But he is not anxious to be in love.
    Doctors will be another of his great project. Now Descendents of the Sun pales in comparison…don’t be mad but I just don’t like Song Hye Kyu.

  118. 118 : majoy Says:

    oh don’t kiss yet!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. 119 : Snowy Says:

    Chills to the bone^^ I have actually cried, over the top scenes in this drama, definitely the drama of the 2nd half of the year! Ganbatte rae won and shin hye. Pow^^

  120. 120 : Maddy Says:

    I think they won’t kiss yet cause too soon to be happening. Maybe they will kiss around ep 7 or 8. How come KRW looks so damn handsome in this drama and PSH looks beautiful like always. Both of them looked so comfortable for each other so that’s why their chemistry is on fire then makes this drama was sooooo gooood.

  121. 121 : Jessisca Says:

    OMG..this night wilk be aired epi 5..how can i wait the episode until night??
    The ost part III make me more love to this drama..amazing songs..every week one song..daebak
    Fighting shin hye and oppa kim rae won..

  122. 122 : OK OK OK Says:

    tomorrow first thing in the morning – ep 5 – mission possible 😛

  123. 123 : keena99 Says:

    Might be lose of fame because “Uncontrollably Fond” sold at $40,000 per episode to China, just break the record of DoTS. I don’t know or what Chinese people see from drama? The story or actors?? Actually PSH fame in Chinese is also big. Because she’s a woman, she lost to Kim Woo Bin or Lee Min Ho?? Or might be Suzy Miss A??

    There should be another way to rose the fame. Even just for a while, why not?
    But, fame should be long lasting. Believe for more hardwork and a little bit of miracle.

  124. 124 : OK OK OK Says:

    can’t wait till tomorrow morning.
    ep 5 – Yoon Kyun Sang started to fall for Park Shin Hye ha ha.

    1 – PSH successfully operate a very difficult surgery on a patient.
    2 – She fights the man with knife who sneaks into vip room to kill the gangster leader with Yoon Kyun Sang presence. Another wow from him !!!
    3 – Kim Rae Won wants to date PSH. Yeh bravo!!! 😛

  125. 125 : Henry Says:

    Thank you, subtitle came out so early!!!

  126. 126 : azin Says:

    honestly, I have watched over 80 dramas but none of them attracted me this much in just 4 episodes! this drama is daebak! I am sure it will be a big hit! the storyline, actors, cinematography, songs and everything are perfect!! I am enjoying it so much, can’t wait till tomorrow for ep 5!!

  127. 127 : mira Says:

    The chemistry between the two main leads is no joke! would have been waay better if worked more on the plot..

  128. 128 : Alika Says:

    Yay the TV rating gets increasing and the story is getting intense now. I bet the ratings would be breaking 20% if JH will kiss HJ…..yes please. Keep up the good work for team and crews!!!

  129. 129 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 125 Henry
    I watch without sub bc cannot wait till morning.
    cannot sleep without watching first. ha ha 😛

    tonight i will do the same

  130. 130 : Henry Says:

    I love the story, and i feel that i am greedy right now coz if it’s possible i would like to watch episode 6 although i just finished watching episode 5. PSH/KRW and rest of the cast, fighting!

  131. 131 : scorpio23 Says:

    So in looove with this Drama. PSY & KRW chemistry is so strong. PSY acting skills have improved allot most especially the fighting scenes. I was not much of a KRW fan but while watching this Drama… darn the 2 of them looks good.
    @Keena99… I don’t think the popularity of this Drama will lose because of Uncontrollably fond & definitely not to Suzy. PSH is a better actress than her. She only became more popular recently because of LMH. Sorry to say this but do not hate me for my own opinion. Without her being LMH GF, her popularity will not be as big as the present…just saying !!! There is really something good abot this Drama & the pairing of PSH & KRW that on it’s 5th episode , rating is up to 20% !!!

  132. 132 : Henry Says:

    @129 OK OK OK

    Hi, how are you? Nice to hear from you again!

    Well, for me, since i started watching ep 5 although the subs earlier was only 76% i could’nt leave without finishing the rest of the drama. Amazed by the rating. Fighting PSH/KRW and rest of the casts!

  133. 133 : DramaFan Says:

    Well I’m so impressed with PSH acting. I loved her since I watched You are beautiful. And I din’t liked her in heirs. But now she’s so matured. So Impressed of her.
    And KRW, I didn’t liked this man when I was watching my little bride. But look at him now. :O wohaa.. What a personality he has. Wow wow wow.
    Yoon Kyun Sang is cool as always 🙂
    Lee Sung Kyung acting is good. I hate her in every drama she acted. It’s not because I don’t like her.. it’s probably because she’s doing her part correctly.

    I’m so looking forward to watch the drama. Fighting.

  134. 134 : Henry Says:

    PSH & KRW has been in the acting industry for so long so they knew how to give life to any kind of roles that director want them to do. I admired both of them (PSH/KRW).

  135. 135 : haisin Says:

    i wonder if uncotrollably fond can beat this drama, doctors. because although UF try same method with DotS (pre produced) i mean, its probably wont be big hit like DotS. i just saw the trailer, and “ummmhhh huft” .. suzy acting a bit too much. is it only me or anyone has same thoughts with me?
    so dont worry, doctors will keep strong and on the top of popularity especially the ratings.

  136. 136 : Henry Says:

    I’ve seen the trailers of some upcoming drama, for me, I would stick watching this drama. Go, go go Doctors!

  137. 137 : haisin Says:

    senengnya bisa nonton doctors sambil lebaran gini… good drama!! go go go

  138. 138 : MSvi Says:

    I love the story so far, cant wait ep 6. 😊

  139. 139 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 129 Henry

    I am OK ha ha. How about you?
    I am very sure your name will appear whenever there is Park Shin Hye. She is so adorable…. 😛

    Still waiting for ep 6 tonight.

  140. 140 : moni Says:

    Responding to all the men to choose from:
    It is going to be Kim Rae Won and Yoon Kyun Sang. The gangster is going to be her protector and the others are just eye candy for us. …. Well, maybe they are all eye candy for us.

  141. 141 : scorpio23 Says:

    @ haisin135… sorry to say this but I never liked Suzy from the beginning. I don’t like watching any of her Dramas at all. Too bad, I like KWB but with her being there I definitely won’t watch this. Will stick with Wanted which is a great Drama. As I have mentioned before. Suzy”s popularity just went up because of her link with LMH. Let’s face it. She is known as a member of that girl group but when she started dating LMH, her fame went up high. Now producers like her. Please … Suzy lovers don’t hate me for my honest opinion. I am just stating my own view. She cannot be compared to PSH… by far inferior with regards to acting. Singing ? Maybe yes. Beauty & acting … NO !!! PSH is way more better than her. So glad KBS did the right thing not putting her Drama on M & T otherwise UF will lose in ratings. Doctors just gets too addicting every week. And the chemistry… gosh it is too magnetic. Honestly, way better than her previous partmers in her other Dramas. Definitely a Best couple award awaiting for these 2 !!!

  142. 142 : railala Says:

    Even this drama enjoy some “high” popularity and ratings, but another competition from different timeslot may begin tomorrow. “Uncontrollably Fond” , another pre-shooting drama from KBS2 starring Kim Woo Bin and Suzy starts tomorrow on Wed-Thu timeslot. Also for tvN ” The Good Wife” , adaptation from American series with same title starring Jeon Do Yeon, Yoo Ji Tae, and Yoon Kye Sang on Fri-Sat timeslot (although cable tv, but from 3 years ago, cables make some hits).

    Though the story is almost familiar, I said “Doctors” has it own charm. Hope for increasing ratings and also popularity. Although we knew “Uncontrollably Fond” has been sold at $40,000 per eps to China, higher than DoTS, I hope another miracle and hardwork. Not just another usual doctor story. Btw, I enjoy the last scene at eps.6 (too fast for last scene???)

  143. 143 : Henry Says:

    Banzai, episode 6 (raw) is already out!

  144. 144 : bigeye Says:

    nice but still wait next ep 7..i dun want see bad half sis with hye jung..it sound bad plot..

  145. 145 : OK OK OK Says:

    end of ep 6,
    Kim Rae Won finally ki sssssss Park Shin Hye 😛

  146. 146 : scorpio23 Says:

    There must be something wrong with Agb reating. How can the rating go from 2nd to 3rd when the percentage of viewers went up. Is it me or they are a little D… When the percentage of viewers go up, the rating 3rd should go up to 2nd. How can you have an increase # of percentage & then your rating goes down. Is that how they rate their rating in Korea ???

  147. 147 : scorpio23 Says:

    I mean ” Agb rating ” not reating… just in case someone out there is keeping an eye on my comment & English !!!

  148. 148 : Jessisca Says:

    Daebak..Finally kiss..although expected more from KRw..but the kiss is so soft like pure love..he is very careful to approach HJ’s heart..
    Whatever more dramas is coming in this July..I never watched drama more than twice like this drama..
    Doctors..Fighting..we alwyas support..
    Please the writer keep fighting to make this charm of the drama..
    Shin hye &KRW, I love their chemistry..Love them

  149. 149 : Snapy Says:

    Aha I like they’re dancing in the rain and finally JH kissed HJ….so romantic. I know most of the people said that the chemistry between KRW and PSH was really amaaaziiiing. I like both episodes 5 and 6. Now can’t wait the next episode….bring it on episode 7 please!!!!

  150. 150 : haisin Says:

    @scorpio23. Totalllyyyy agreee with all what u saidd.. hehe

    Aaaahjhjjjjjjjhhhjj they kisss finallyyyy…. i guest there are more pasionate kissing scene of them. Cz its just the begining. Hye jung still surprized so she cant reply ji hong kiss. When she has confident the kiss will be so passionate, isnt it?

    Eps 6 is soooo amazing. The rating is soo gooodddd. Next hit drama after DotS!!!!

  151. 151 : haisin Says:

    I think ji jong is so confident with his feeling towards hye jung. Hye jung cant do anything, she confuse with her feeling, should she going in or just depends her wall…. ahhh ji jong is such warm guy. And all woman want is in him…

  152. 152 : tigerb Says:

    i don’t understand why hye jung can’t say directly to his dad’s second wife (not step-mom!) that she can not operate on her because they are related in some way. isn’t that a medical/ hospital regulation in s.k.?

  153. 153 : kels Says:

    Hope for something different from any doctor story. Not means to totally copied, but
    is creative being part of drama filming? Or writer has any else beyond her mind? A few story remained unclear, some are clear.

    Love to see the main couple and second lead to play this drama. Fact this drama rising because of the story and actors also actresses. But, they can’t happy first. Summer Olympics 2016 schedules might ruined up or “Uncontrollably Fond” become out of control.

  154. 154 : Henry Says:

    Story goes well, I’ll wait for the next episode! Cheers!!!

  155. 155 : haisin Says:

    Based what have i understood, hye jung has tell her mom (2nd wife of her dad) that she dont want to operate her. But the mom said that she dont want to has operating in another hospital. She want to do operation in gookil hospital because there is hye jung. She said that hye jung still her family. And she could gain 30% discount if there is family employee in hospital.

  156. 156 : Henry Says:

    I enjoyed watching this drama,

  157. 157 : cassie Says:

    I ship lead girl with 2nd lead. Their chemistry is just as good as the lead guy. I know how this will end but still I ship them. Love all 4 leads. Very good drama.I enjoyed it Good my dear second lead I always fall for the second lead or shall I say the underdog

  158. 158 : OK OK OK Says:

    I watch because of Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. 😛

  159. 159 : Henry Says:

    Same here @158 OK OK OK

  160. 160 : OK OK OK Says:

    Monday —- Aigooooooo Otoke long wait…… 😛

  161. 161 : Abby Says:

    Im an avid fan of kim rae won !

  162. 162 : Abby Says:

    Kim rae won i love you

  163. 163 : haisin Says:

    4 days to go… so looonggg

  164. 164 : peecee Says:

    I am so into this drama…totally love it..everything~the ost the cuts and above all the dialogues 😍😍…aja aja fighting 👊

  165. 165 : AnnaR Says:

    Where is the preview of ep 7????? Come on SBS just give us some excitement for next episode pleaseeeee…oh gosh I need it now 🙁

  166. 166 : scorpio23 Says:

    I hope it is already M & T… can’t wait !!!

  167. 167 : well Says:

    As expected, Shin Hye never disappointed the viewers..fighting doctors..best korean drama 2016. Recommended!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

  168. 168 : azin Says:

    I think the key point in this beautiful plot is the uniqueness of the lead actress character; a clever, aggressive yet charming, implacable yet kind! with fighting spirit girl! and park shinhye indeed really did a GREAT job in displaying this character!
    of course, the lead actor has a really charming, simple and kind character too that matches the lead actress very well and kim rae won was a really wise choice!
    I’m totally into this drama and can’t wait for the next episodes!..

  169. 169 : rian Says:

    recommended!! nice ratings and nice drama.

  170. 170 : Ayeth Says:

    I hope the rating would be higher more… like dots… doctors drama was totally amazing..

  171. 171 : tigerb Says:

    @haisin 155: but i thought the 2nd wife insisted that hye jung operates on her. a vengeful hye jung can still deny their relationship so no discount on hospital bills, after all her biological father denounced his responsibility towards his daughter, and he received money from the hospital for the ‘table death’ of the grandma, so the 2nd wife does not deserve anything. if hye jung were to deny the relationship, can she not refuse to be the neurosurgeon?

  172. 172 : Henry Says:

    I love the scene Hye Jung showing her karate or taek won do skills to Yoon Do.

  173. 173 : krisnalyn Says:

    i love this drama, i like the character of park shin hye “the baddas doctor”

  174. 174 : GoRaeGo! Says:

    I strongly supports both but must admit the progress of the whole drama is very lukewarm.
    KRW seems reserved in his acting, not spontaneous like in Harvard or Attic.
    I think SH is too strong in controlling the setting of the filming.
    Watch the youtube of the 4 presenting n talking about the drama- she very much the BOSS. He sat behind and sweetly go along.
    I’d like to see more intense development.
    For now, it’s not going to overtake Descendents, although I don’t really like DOTS except for Joong Ki.

  175. 175 : Ica Says:

    I like park shin hye in this drama.like a lot.her character so much cool. Rough childhood but success in the end. We can learn from that. And her acting always great as usually. Doctors are good story and the cast it so perfect.
    like kim rae won.his eyes and smile hmmm ….make my heart flutter. And i think all you guys who was watching agree that chemistry between kim rae won park shin hye so good make me smile , sad in every epsiode.can’t wait next week to see episode 7 hmm….

  176. 176 : Henry Says:

    3 days to wait. Doctors fighting!!!

  177. 177 : OK OK OK Says:

    Park Shin Hye + Kim Rae Won 🙂

  178. 178 : scorpio23 Says:

    @ 174 GoRae Go

    Please do not spoil everybody”s hope & enjoyment about this Drama !!!

  179. 179 : Henry Says:

    I love to watch all PSH’s drama. This is a very good drama!

  180. 180 : Henry Says:

    Park Shin Hye acts natural in all her scenes in this drama, Fighting!

  181. 181 : haisin Says:

    @tigerb 171
    Its make me confuse too.. kkkkk~~ maybe just let it pass.

  182. 182 : haisin Says:

    3 days to go. Still so looonngggg. How can i breathing now? :'( :'( :'(

    Im so curious how the expression of hyejung and ji hong after kiss. Its will be awkward..

    TBH i m really waiting for soundtrack where KRW and PSH run under the rain In eps 6. Female voice.. so good so great. All things in this drama was totally great.

  183. 183 : Jessisca Says:

    Yeay..whatever spoiler and bad comments for this drama..we are fans of the doctors still support..
    They deserve to get many attention from viewers..storyline,OST, chemistry and any others supported the drama..
    OMG..monday please come sooner..we need preview of episode 7..😥
    Kim rae won&shin hye you’re cute and outstanding couple..
    Shin hye please still badassss doctor..

  184. 184 : Jessisca Says:

    Yeay..finally preview of episode 7 come..you can watch it in you tube..but it’s no eng sub..but wowwww daebak i’m waiting until monday to wait it..be patient for jihye couple’s fans

  185. 185 : haisin Says:

    Preview of eps 7

  186. 186 : AnnaR Says:

    @185 haisin – thanks for the preview! I can’t wait to see more more romantic scenes of JH and HJ. I can’t never get enough with this lovely couple…..I wish Monday could come faster!

  187. 187 : iam17 Says:

    As I watched each episode.. I can’t help thinking why they paired kim rae won and park shin hye.. he’s too old for her…though they are both good in acting I just get sick of emergency couples this days… Korean writers seems goes with the flow of what is hot… after descendant of the sun…think something that switch viewers attention to avoid comparison just thinking…

  188. 188 : haisin Says:

    Seem like im going crazy of this drama. I keep rewatch again and again episode 6 this week. I must share it to all doctors lovers. I never rewatch kdrama again and again except DotS. And Doctors is the next DotS. Hope the rating can beat 30%.

    Really love the ending scene of eps 6 when Ji Hong dance under the rain. I cant believe it. How can a man dance like that in front of woman. I think Hye Jung is the luckiest woman in the world. JH is a man who has rarely characters in the world. I mean his characters is unique and make woman melting.
    Honestly im is not PSH or KRW fans. I never watch KRW drama before. I watch this drama just becoz the story is interesting. BUT now, i am their fans now. I agree with people comment about PSH. This drama is the best PSH drama as the main lead. Her character is strong and she is mature now. Not teenager again.

    Love the soundtrack / song that he played when dancing too. The title is “There she goes by The La’s”

  189. 189 : Henry Says:

    @185 Hansin: thanks for ep. 7 preview! Comedy scene, so nice.

  190. 190 : Syuen Says:

    Finally today is sunday. Monday will coming soon. I can watch new episode soon

  191. 191 : scorpio23 Says:

    Darn … Wish it’s already M & T !!! Can’t wait for eps. 7 & 8 !!!

  192. 192 : Jessisca Says:

    Age difference it doesn’t matter for KRW &PSH..they beat up for another couple..They’re amazing couple..They must win the best couple this year..i hope so
    DOTS & doctors is not same. They have each unique aspects..please don’t make comparison of them..
    DOTS has song couple..doctors has raeshin couple..
    go go go monday..i’m waiting for you, Jihye 😍

  193. 193 : Arie Says:

    one day to go hell yeah……AM SO ADDICTED THIS SERIES!

  194. 194 : haisin Says:

    yes, i think KRW and PSH is match couple. athough KRW is older than PSH, but its not notice audience. they seem like has same age, isnt it. cz really, i didnt notice that they have different age so far. they look like seperate 2-3 years old. so i disagree if you said that KRW is too old be paired with PSH.

  195. 195 : Henry Says:

    One more sleep for doctors eps. 7 & 8.

  196. 196 : haisin Says:

    yes, i think KRW and PSH is match couple. athough KRW is older than PSH, but its not notice audience. they seem like has same age, isnt it. cz really, i didnt notice that they have different age so far. they look like seperate 2-3 years old. so i disagree if you said that KRW is too old be paired with PSH.

    Today is monday, and doctors is aired >12hours later… i should go to school for a while… (~^O^~) o(^^o) ヽ(^。^)ノ

  197. 197 : Henry Says:

    I’m contented and happy every time I watched episodes of Doctors. I’ve seen some of the drama’s that were aired almost at the same time, for me I find Doctors is much more interesting to watch!

  198. 198 : Henry Says:

    Oh my God, good story, ending of ep 7 is sad though, I hope Kim Soo Chul is okay!

  199. 199 : bigeye Says:

    so sad..wait for ep 8..

  200. 200 : Greia Says:

    Mon-Tue night, time for “Doctors” hehehe…
    I felt this episode still show some rebel side from PSH character, but to the other side
    I saw KRW and YKS ‘ character felt jealous because of Ji Soo character. Each of 4 main characters still no show yet their strong one. I also found LSK’s parent and grandparent character to be irritating enough.

    Can’t wait for ep.8 and more. Hope the best for this drama. Love the OSTs.

  201. 201 : haisin Says:

    Attention Everyone, please dont give spoiler about episode that just aired tonight in the thread. Just be patient At least 8 hours after its aired. Honestly its a bit annoying know the plot/ story when we waiting for the subtitles come out. I beg your cooperation, okay? Thank you…

  202. 202 : Jessisca Says:

    Daebak..romance,sad and serious scene in episode 7..after watching 7 and preview epi 8..I’ll have to ready wipe my tears..Ji soo why you must be a patient 😢
    Jihye couple please keep strong in operation room too
    Doctors fighting..

  203. 203 : Simon Says:

    So far I like this drama a lot. I just wish the writer keep the second lead actress the way she is right now, as a competitor to PSH but please don’t turn her into an evil girl at the end.

  204. 204 : PJFlower Says:

    wow… the rating keep increase. Great.. daebak!!! Better than Uncrtollably Fond!! seriously there is no OST release this week?? *sigh*

  205. 205 : OK OK OK Says:

    end of ep 7
    the young motorbike guy had a serious accident. Hope Park Shin Hye & KRW can save him.

    Park Shin Hye & Kim Rae Won – FIGHTING !!!! 🙂

  206. 206 : Henry Says:

    I knew it that this drama will reach the high rating. The casts & crew really deserves a round of applause for the fruit of their hard work. Keep up the good work guys, FIGHTING!!!

  207. 207 : OK OK OK Says:

    Park Shin Hye = Yoo Hye Jung has made it and became a doctor.
    Can’t stand those who despises her earlier come to acknowledge her.
    Her father and especially her step mother who even didn’t care about her at all when she needed most help and love in her teenage life.
    Keep boasting she is my daughter, she is my daughter blah blah blah. Me very angry !!!

  208. 208 : OK OK OK Says:

    Kim Rae Won as Hong Ji Hong
    Yoon Kyun Sang as Jung Yoon Do

    i like their characters here.
    They are honest about their love interest and dares to reject Jin Seo Woo love confession instead of giving her false hope…
    All adds laughter in this drama too besides Jung Yoon Do’s uncle, the young motorbiker Ji Soo.
    ALL are very cute 😛

  209. 209 : haisin Says:

    @OK OK OK 208
    But i think jin seo woo is not too bad at all. She still has good side deep her heart. I wish seo woo and hye jung can reunite become friends again. And at least i wish she got her man young doo.

  210. 210 : Jessisca Says:

    You can see another preview of episode 8..
    Thanks god HJ & JH make funny scene when drinking..
    More love the couple..
    Whatever hancinema/another source said for review of this drama..I am still fan of doctors..LOve love love PSH ‘re badasssss
    KRW You never make me fail to love you more 😄 your smile…

  211. 211 : OK OK OK Says:

    I already dislike Jin Seo Woo’s character in earlier episode when they were caught in the fire and she knew that Park Shin Hye saves her (she is awake) but she wouldn’t tell the truth. A lady with small heart bc she is jealous when someone overtakes her….

    The one who save PSH is her good restaurant friend Moon Ji In. If she did not admit to the fire incident, PSH will be locked up and have criminal records and will lead a more difficult life……

  212. 212 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ 209 haisin

    the above 211 is my reply how i see Jin Seo Woo’s characters ….. 😛

    Without her father rich status, she won’t be going that far ….

  213. 213 : haisin Says:

    @OK OK OK
    I wish seo woo will not turn into evil. with those characters she probably turn into more ‘evil’..

  214. 214 : haisin Says:

    @OK OK OK
    but yes, i still hope that seo woo will be a good friends for hye jung and soon hee. I realize it when she want ahjumma, the one who owner restaurant is sudden death. She show her ‘heart’ as human

  215. 215 : OK OK OK Says:

    @ haisin

    Lee Sung Kyung as Jin Seo Woo – though she is a model turn actress, she can act even she is new in acting and she has beautiful flawless skin. I like her. 😛

  216. 216 : It`s me Says:

    Thumbs up for the drama!!! Hope it`s going to be number 1 this year. I started waiting for Monday just because of this drama, so I hope it to be the leading one.

  217. 217 : Henry Says:

    I’ve seen ep. 8, no subs yet at Viki.

  218. 218 : azuri Says:

    I Love every episode of Doctors…
    They have an awesome character…
    Love the chemistry of KRW and YKS for PSY….

  219. 219 : Nana Says:

    Man episode 7 and 8 were so intense. I feel that the drama is getting better each week. Me likey. I feel that seo woo is only acting that cuz of how her father treats her. She’s only a bully cuz she get bullied at home.

  220. 220 : tigerb Says:

    ep. 8: hye jung’s father, after dropping his daughter at his mom’s diner unceremoniously 11 years before, now wants to reconcile with his daughter because she is a doctor! how pathetic since he had nothing to do with her success. hye jung’s stance is very understandable, even how people would say she pays respect to the parent.

  221. 221 : tess manalo Says:

    love this drama. they look good together……exci
    ted for the next episodes

  222. 222 : Snapy Says:

    Yessss I think I’ve been replaying a million time fixing collar scene and playing date on football field scene in ep 8…I got addicted for all scenes between JH and HJ together!!! Writer nim please please make more more romantic scenes for this couple in the next episode. Can’t wait for next episodes!!!

  223. 223 : Ica Says:

    Cool drama, really like it. Can’t

  224. 224 : Ica Says:

    Can’t wait next week for next episode.

  225. 225 : Henry Says:

    Ah, all episodes so far are full of excitement! PSH/KRW fighting!!!

  226. 226 : OK OK OK Says:

    Ep 8
    I am happy that Park Shin Hye get the initiative to hole Kim Rae Won’s hand…. 😛

  227. 227 : com on let it go Says:

    This is the best drama ever of 2016 after “descendant of the sun” ♥
    i loved the couple, everything, so excited for the next episodes ..

  228. 228 : Ayeth Says:

    Ep 8 is awesome, I wish tomorrow is Monday so that I can watch ep 9…
    I’m so tired of waiting,, I want to see that they are sweet, loving to each other..so that the rating higher to higher… and my heart will beat faster when I saw the couple like about the collar… he thought that shin hye will hug him…😂😂😂

  229. 229 : Henry Says:

    Casts in this drama they’re all beautiful people!

  230. 230 : san Says:

    What a beautiful drama. Love the cast. OMG all of them are so awesome. If we think of the cast point of view it’s like a night full of sparkling stars. And I love the characters and their great chemistry. PHS acting is so good in this drama.
    The scenes in this drama are beautifully written, recorded and well acted. My favorite drama of this year. Most probably will a one of the best so far. 🙂

  231. 231 : tigerb Says:

    @haisin#201: it’s difficult for some viewers to not write what they just saw if they are too excited watching each episode. so i suggest that you don’t read any posts here and anywhere about an episode you are about to watch, so you get excited too!

  232. 232 : adoreuuuuu Says:

    each episode is getting more better and better and better and better………..love the storyline so far. And all the cast especially PSH & KRW..

  233. 233 : ling22 Says:

    i never like KRW before but after watching this drama its like wowww he actually is a great actor. and i hv been a big fan of PSH since her tree of heaven drama. I like PSH crying scene it make me cry too..

  234. 234 : Jessisca Says:

    Love jealousy of JH when he see HJ with SC..OMg..love the scene between PSH & KRW..hope episode 9 we can still charming and funny moments from them..Monday waiting again 😧
    Hope preview can release soon..

  235. 235 : Henry Says:

    Counting days for next episodes (9&10), enjoying watching this drama!

  236. 236 : OK OK OK Says:





  237. 237 : Henry Says:

    I’ve noticed that mostly actors and actresses have comedy parts of this drama that is why I find it imore fun and interesting watch. Good job Doctors!!!

  238. 238 : Henry Says:

    Yoon Kyung Sang & Lee Sun Ho’s funny scenes amazed me, they act so cool and hilarious!

  239. 239 : Henry Says:

    I like this drama so much. PSH and KRW, fighting!!!

  240. 240 : haisin Says:

    3 days to go.. i hope there is beautiful scene from hj and jh. So tge ratings can increase

  241. 241 : AnnaR Says:

    Wow saw the preview for ep 9….it looks so gooood and intense!!! So there will be a boyfriend girlfriend things for JH and HJ now in the next episode….I’m so exciteeed!!!!!

  242. 242 : scorpio23 Says:

    Just watched back ep 7. So disgusted with HJ father. How can this man not remember what he had done to his daughter when she was young, not showing any affection, then when she was 18 , abandoned & dropped her like a dog in her grandma’s house. He was the one who told her that their relationship was over & stop looking for him. Him & his wife are both annoying. Because she’s now successful, they want her recognition. What a bunch of hypocrites. Just feel like popping both of their head ( lol )

  243. 243 : Jessisca Says:

    Yessss..preview of episode 9..My Jh &HJ is in relationship..our OTP get a date and JH pick up his GF..but why will Jh’s dad collapse??😭 please don’t destroy the romantic scene..wanna see their date..
    Monday please come soon.

  244. 244 : heynie Says:

    As expected, Kim Rae Won never dissapointed me.
    Nice storyline. Love all character, except JSW’s father and grandfather. All they can think is about the money.
    But I like Park Shin Hye’s acting in Pinnochio than this.

  245. 245 : Maddy Says:

    Yay so they’re dating now….yes writer-nim you need to put some more skinship for JH and HJ then I bet the rating will be breaking 20% and more than that……Doctors figthing!!!!

  246. 246 : Henry Says:

    SW was raised by a family of cunning and selfish grandfather & dad that’s why she behaves like them. They deserve a high kick from HJ…lol

  247. 247 : haisin Says:

    Poor seo woo. I know that feel. When ur family pushing u, controling u what must to do, everything must be perfect, and no words except successful. Because her family threat her like that, in the deep of hers is rebellion. Sometimes what environment do, gave a big impact for our personalities.

  248. 248 : haisin Says:

    Agree with @Maddy 245 …
    More skinships, more romance, more beautiful story, more kiss 😝, more tragedy make the rating of this drama rocketing. So writer must put “earth quack” in this drama. So its can be big hit…

  249. 249 : Henry Says:

    @248 haisin: I too, agree with you!

  250. 250 : Greeny Says:

    Well I guess this ratings of Doctors will be breaking 20% eventually as the story goes beyond interesting now…..

  251. 251 : vic Says:

    Episode 9 preview.. Enjoy!

  252. 252 : haisin Says:

    Thank you vic for the preview link… finally they are dating. Please writer give this drama “earth quack” so the rating can rocketing… 😂😂😂😘

  253. 253 : marzieh Says:

    I love this drama.

  254. 254 : willer Says:

    a much love to this drama…i fall really hard …can t wait for monday to come..thumbs up to the cast

  255. 255 : Alika Says:

    Yay It’s Monday!!! It’s time for Doctors appointment…hahaha. It’s so excited. Bring it on for our OTP moments for JH and HJ. Praying for ratings to reach 20% tonight.

  256. 256 : Henry Says:

    Doctors day!

  257. 257 : scorpio23 Says:

    Woohoo !!! It’s M & tom. Is T. Doctor’s day. Wondering what Seo Woo is up to now… something evil !!! Can’t wait for HJ & JH to start dating. Darn, ther on screen chemistry is great. Just likw shat SW said… ” Honey is dripping in their eyes ” ( LOL )

  258. 258 : Torea Says:

    It seems the story developed a few for some reason. Love between PSH and KRW (in drama) start to grow, but rivalry can’t be avoid for two of them. I can’t imagine what writer want to write further about LSK’s and YKS’ character. Need to explore more and more. Can’t wait for ep.10, for more story and who’s more evil in this story. Hope a success for Tue eps and next episodes.

  259. 259 : Yinà Says:

    I seeing in this episode, the story become slow pace if compare with before.
    I thought writer should make some “few but surprising” story plot. I just wait Mon-Tue just for this drama. Love the drama. Worth to watch.

  260. 260 : lana Says:

    Ilove story doctors fighting all the best hj &jh sweet couple

  261. 261 : tota Says:

    i really fonno why rating is going down in TnMS?! the drama is so adorable ! even better story than Uncontrollobly Fond! .. i really like Kim Woo Bin Alot and Suzy … but honestly the story is not new like Doctors … pls be fair in the ratings! thank u ….. luv u doctors 💖💖💖

  262. 262 : LoveKRWoppa Says:

    As much as I love this drama, cannot stand how the female leads dress. Comeon! This is a hospital, for goodness sake.
    Are doctors so vain now as to have their hair untied, wearing ties as accessories and dangling earrings?
    Especially Seo Woo, she’s just unbelievably vain- smokey eyes in hospital? Come On!
    She’s acting more like a spoilt model than doctor. Her role as doctor is a joke, more like a nurse but nurses can’t afford to be so blatantly vain too!
    This is the big let down- costume dept’s fault?
    Even if the storyline is love ….and the loving is TOO SLOW!
    Luv PSH & Rae!

  263. 263 : Ica Says:

    I think why the rating is going down because the story going slow and love story between krw and psh growing slow. So for the writer hope can see next episode about changing line story about love and doctor.not about politic become boring.
    Example like dots the story every episode seen show surprising audience.so worth to watching.
    So we love doctor can have high rating again. Hope can see doctor story became excited, intense, happyness, surprising in next episode

  264. 264 : Henry Says:

    Intense competition between Ji Hong & Yoon Do! Doctors, fighting!!!

  265. 265 : scorpio23 Says:

    A little disappointing with the 2 episodes. Could this be why the rating is down ???

  266. 266 : young88 Says:

    Have watched ep.10 without sub. I have to say a little bland compared to before. There are some “thrilling” part, even not too much. YHJ still in conflict between herself, work, love, and answer about her grandma’s death and JSW still in conflict between love and work. But, the guys’ character seem slow paced. I hope this drama still love by Korean viewers and hope more changes, twist, and more indepth story also character.

  267. 267 : Henry Says:

    Yes, story is a little bit slow but i still love to watch this drama.

  268. 268 : ikkkrammmmmmmm Says:

    sorry to say it but the story line become borring especialy in the 4 last episode,i looseinterest to watch it

  269. 269 : Jessisca Says:

    We’ll see what happen in epi 11..hope Pdnim make our viewers feel excited again like previous episode..please romance and action scene again from PSh and KRW..so the ratings will be high..
    Fighting doctors team..we still love this drama 😊

  270. 270 : lana Says:

    we are love drama doctors fighting hye jung &ji hong couple

  271. 271 : Gaine Says:

    As a viewers of “Doctors”, in episode 10, seems flat for me beside love triangle and surgery act. No heavy crisis yet and impactful. Not to mention it was so bad or hate, but the story didn’t seem match the premise that “Doctors” drama team made. So, haven’t met any expectations.

    Saw some testimonies about why this drama haven’t reach 20% ratings nationwide, I thought as a viewers (from outside South Korea) it was a process. Just be patient for it. I Believe It’ll reach 20% or more than that. They’re being test by God, I think. As a viewer, what can you do is to continue to support this drama. Or being through in Social media.

  272. 272 : Seera Says:

    @Gaine: I agree about what you say. Not to mention not hoping, but too much can be
    Burdening also. Hope for writer to write more thrilling and exciting, so viewers can excited to watch. Team works together, right?? (Team: director, writer, ass.director, producer, actors, crew, etc.)

  273. 273 : tigerb Says:

    like in a previous comment i made, i can see where this is going, i only watch because of krw. i agree with some of the comments above, the pace is the same and having the three generation personalities in the hospital and what the father and son want to do does not make much of a challenge. this is a hospital setting, maybe a colossal emergency or disaster to affect the leads characters, etc. can improve the story. s.k. viewers like how the story presently goes so the ratings are holding up.

  274. 274 : tota Says:

    the story is not boring… it explains how Hye JUNG will chose her lover and how the story will be solved we need the details so they are providing us… also the adorable fight between the first lead and the second lead.. it is soo sweet to watch.. hye Jung still have some doubts, questions and complications toward the male gender so lets wait n look forward how this interesting story will develop💖💖💖

  275. 275 : Henry Says:

    Hope SW gets dose of her own medicine being so much bully to HJ!

  276. 276 : peyutnduy Says:

    Can someone tell me why PSH was upset with KRW in the last scene of ep.10?

  277. 277 : azin Says:

    the story is going slow and a little bit boring. Episode 9 & 10 had similar scenes and nothing has changed nor in the relationships between characters neither in the main story. I hope it will become more interesting in next episodes. More action scenes, more serious scenes would do good. In addition, I think yoon kyun sang character should have been more serious and strong as kim rae won rival. his character is like: Don’t worry about me, I’m not that important, I’m here just for people make fun of me! It’s not that much interesting this way.

  278. 278 : haisin Says:

    Hye jung upset to ji hong becoz if jihong want to build serious rekationship, why he never share his pain to hye jung. Its make hye jung upset and dissapointed with what he has done.

  279. 279 : lana Says:

    fighting shin hye &kim rae won all the best doctors

  280. 280 : lolo Says:

    sweet coulpe hye jung &jihong Ilove doctors

  281. 281 : Tt Says:

    Getting boring…..

  282. 282 : Henry Says:

    Hoping for new action in coming episodes, Doctors fighting!!!

  283. 283 : Safa Says:

    Fighting drama doctors all the best park shin hye and Kim Rae won 💕💕💕😃😊😍🤗🌹😄😍😍

  284. 284 : Jessisca Says:

    Whatever Everyone who said this drama is boring/not good drama..we still have high interest from this drama..the drama teach us about love, friendship, developing character to act with family/haters/enemy, cute &romantic romance etc..
    Fighting Jihye couple..waiting for epi 11😊

  285. 285 : scorpio23 Says:

    Wonder when is ep. 11 preview coming out !!!

  286. 286 : Henry Says:

    Waiting for episode 11! Doctors fighting!!!

  287. 287 : lolo Says:

    fighting doctors

  288. 288 : Jessisca Says:

    OMG..preview epi 11 is coming..
    But why HJ JH’s face is still sad??
    IJ come back..more enemy for hye jung..
    PDnim please more romance scene for our jihye couple..don’t make them separated 😢
    Need hug and kiss for them 😍

  289. 289 : scorpio23 Says:

    OMG !!! In Joo is back !!! Is she going to start a war wiith HJ & team up with SW? The 2 of them are out to get HJ out of JH life. Let the fight begin !!!

  290. 290 : Chan Says:

    I love this drama
    And it’s also aired at the same time with “beautiful mind” and I also love BM.
    But both has really different ratings.
    I guess maybe because of the famous actors are in Doctors rather than BM
    But still I love both, because both is about medicine and neurosurgeon! 😀

  291. 291 : Henry Says:

    Hope it’s Doctors day now!

  292. 292 : Ica Says:

    Like episode 9and10, hm..hjh and yhj good chemistry between them. Can’t wait episode 11

  293. 293 : Yema Says:

    Doctors drama keep it more exciting & interesting so the rating will go higher!!!!PSH & KRW the best!

  294. 294 : Henry Says:

    Looking forward for Doctors episode 11! Fighting!

  295. 295 : Dee Says:

    Never really liked watching medical dramas from any country only Greys because I work in the medical field and too many times shows never seem to get it ryt.. But in the land of drama world I will try n give this a go

  296. 296 : sarah Says:

    please writer make it more intersting , i really like park shin hye. but i don’t like the story.

  297. 297 : Maddy Says:

    Done watching ep 11…last scene it’s really heartbreaking and sad to watch JH’s dad has died, but KRW’s acting was really amazing. Can’t wait for ep 12 tonight.

  298. 298 : lana Says:

    amazing drama doctors fighting all the best

  299. 299 : Nala Says:

    Finally watched ep.11. I saw as it more complicated than ever. Thought that this time
    Jin’s family ( LSK character’s family) won the “battle” over the hospital from KRW’s stepfather character. But, hope there will be some karmas surround them to punish enough. Hope for the best. Might some of people take a pity why it hasn’t 20% ratings nationwide, just be patient. Hope for the best tonight.

  300. 300 : Choe77 Says:

    Craziness over this drama because of the story and some main characters.
    It’s a sad story in ending for ep.11, but hope there are some lovely but also some thrilling and exciting story itself.

    @Nala: I also hope for the best tonight. For South Korean viewers, don’t give another false hope for them. They must be thirst enough for 20% ratings.

  301. 301 : Henry Says:

    Love this drama and I like the cast. PSH is so lovely!!!

  302. 302 : Snapy Says:

    I fell in love for everything about this drama. I can’t wait for ep 12…our OTP….kissing scene…back hug…some romantic scenes….OMMMGGG I think I’m gonna insane and fainted tonight after watching ep 12 😀 😀 😀

  303. 303 : haisin Says:

    For me i think eps 11 is getting better than previous eps. Wah, finally writer give the “earth quack” into the story.

  304. 304 : haisin Says:

    Aaaaaahhhhkk i cant wait watch eps 12…. back hug, kiss, omooooo. Its will be a big storm. Thanks writer.
    Wait2, it has been 3 week there is no OST release. Whats happen??? There are many song that must be released yet, isnt it?

  305. 305 : Maddy Says:

    OMG ep 12 was really aaammmaaazziinnggg…kyaaa the kiss I think I have stopped breathing for awhile..hahaha and then back hug…oh man I love so much for our OTP….the best chemistry that I have ever ever seen. PSH and KRW they are sooo goood together. Now I need Eng subs for ep 12!!!!!

  306. 306 : Nana Says:

    Has anyone seen episode 12 kiss. OMG, I just saw a little piece of it and OMO OMO OMO, it was love. I mean they were just all up in it. I’m so proud of PSH, she has really improved in both acting and kissing. I love it.

  307. 307 : Hana Says:

    I’ve seen 12th Episode. See some heartbreak, joy, thrilling, lie, and of course love. I kinda expecting that kiss scene is in the end of the episode. But, my guess is wrong.

    Slowly, I understand that from this episodes, the conflict will be more thrill since KRW character’s stepfather die in this episode and another “devil plans” begin. It might be 3 vs 2 (LSK character’s family vs KRW and PSH). Still another journey for this drama. Heartbreak to see YKS in this drama, seems like a little bit confused to himself between one sided love and also his career.

  308. 308 : Elie Says:

    I Can’t wait to see ep.12 in english sub. Finally seeing another kissing scene in this drama. KRW and PSH look so good being pairing despite 9 year age difference.

  309. 309 : Nyo Says:

    Great movie 😍luv it😍 #Doctors attract me so much that I could forget all worries while watching it 🙂 Luv u too #Song_Hye_Ko

  310. 310 : Nyo Says:

    sry I mean Park_Shin_Hye 😍😍Luv u so much ,ur smile ,ur actions ,all😍😍😍

  311. 311 : Nyo ☝️☝the same Says:

    sry I mean Park_Shin_Hye 😍😍Luv u so much ,ur smile ,ur actions ,all😍😍😍

  312. 312 : azuri Says:

    I Love every episode of Doctors… yay… 🙂

  313. 313 : Ica Says:

    Wow episode 12 cool.love it.chemistry krw and psh hmm… liked. Can’t wait next episode. Really cool this time episode12 doctors romance

  314. 314 : lana Says:

    fighting park shin hye love you

  315. 315 : bestever Says:

    i really enjoy the storyline of Doctors. each ep is interesting.

  316. 316 : scorpio23 Says:

    Darn !!! What a sweet kiss between JH & HJ. That’s what you call a very affectionate kiss. Then… that Back Hug !!! Great episode. Can’t wait for M & T to come… LOL !!!

  317. 317 : scorpio23 Says:

    BTW… not to mention the other 3 Doctors . So funny… IJ. YD & Lee Sun Ho ( can’t remember his character ). These 3 together is so Hilarious !!!

  318. 318 : puplett45 Says:

    mazing drama amazing OST amazing actors!!!!!!

  319. 319 : puplett45 Says:

    its a most popular drama in whole of ASIA now!!!… Descendants of the Suns and Doctors is the most watched drama during this half of 2016. high rating and good actors.

  320. 320 : heynie Says:

    Is Lee Sun Ho the one who play as Dr. Jung’s uncle?
    His western name Victor Lee, isn’t he?

    I liker his character here, so funny 🙂

  321. 321 : Grace Says:

    I just love watching DOCTORS.. Cant wait for the next episodes..

  322. 322 : haisin Says:

    Omoo omoo i just finished watch eps 12…. ahhhh i like this eps. More romantic scene and storm scene… thats what we need. Thank u writer listen our comments. Aaaaaaa i cant wait next week.

  323. 323 : haisin Says:

    That kiss scene is so hoottt.. aw aw aw… i want another kiss scene again. Plis plis i hope there is another passionate kiss scene again next eps. Doctors is the best drama this season.. KRW and PSH is match couple. I think their age different is not seen. They seem like have samr age. Because KRW is not too old, i mean his look still figure his young age

  324. 324 : Henry Says:

    I was so happy that Doctors were back in episode 12 and the rating went up again. Action and romance drama that’s what viewers were asking for. Go Doctors go!!!

  325. 325 : peyutnduy Says:

    Ep.12 = co cweeeeeet….😍😙

  326. 326 : scorpio23 Says:

    @heynie 320
    Yes he plays the role of JD’s uncle

    Gosh, I just can’t help myself but keep watching ep.12. If you compare PSH kissing scenes on her previous Dramas except LJS ( Pinocchio ) , I think this is the top. The affection that showed between HJ & JH is unbelievable. There is so much love in there that the viewers can feel & relate . When HJ stopped from playing, the look she gave on JH showed her love to him & the way she brushed her fingers on JH hair. So affectionate. Hoping for more great episodes ❤️❤️❤️

  327. 327 : lana Says:

    Ilove darma doctors sweet couple jihye fighting ep13 ahigh rating 20% all the best

  328. 328 : lolo Says:

    park shin hye fighting and kim rae won

  329. 329 : nano Says:

    sweet couple jihye doctors drama fighting

  330. 330 : baby Says:

    sweet kiss jihye Ifeel love sweet couple

  331. 331 : Islam saeed Says:

    Loved your drama park shin hye … hope the best gor the drama and the whole cast … gooood job …. ♥ doctors fighting ♥

  332. 332 : paras Says:

    Kim Rae Won,,, he’s player😸Park SH still young,, you cant kiss her so deep like in ep.12😁 Later until her enough grow up and you meet again in a new drama as a couple you can kiss her like your real love😸
    Park SH ,, remember your Taechyeon😁
    Kim Rae Won, you macth if couple with Yoo Eun Hye in drama later. Both you can show how deep romantic drama ever with good kiss and tight hug😸 as prof but just in acting. With PSH you cant show real how you like to kiss her so deep😁 (joking)

  333. 333 : puplett45 Says:

    good drama i like it very much. KIM RAE WON is the best actors. director choose exactly actors to play Ji Hong

  334. 334 : puplett45 Says:

    im so happy look those ratings… number ONE drama in this season, followed by W and UF in ratings

  335. 335 : Henry Says:

    Doctors fighting! You’re the top rater now!!!

  336. 336 : Henry Says:

    Ooops correction, although Doctors is not on top of rating, indeed this a good drama that you won’t get bored to watch!

  337. 337 : haisin Says:

    Wah there is news that Nam Goong Min from beautiful gong shim will make a special appearance (cameo) in drama Doctors in future episode. This is the link:

  338. 338 : Dena Says:

    i don’t know the reason why this drama got high rating. i am watching this drama and it’s getting boring. the conflict is not drag me to make this drama more interesting and curious to watch. i stopped since episode 10

  339. 339 : Hana Says:

    idk how this drama have a high ratings, maybe its because PSH have a high popularity.. imo the stroryline become very bad from time to time.. at first i’m very interested, but now it’s not.. i still watch it and hope for better storyline, but i stop interested since episode 4th..i’m sorry doctors……

  340. 340 : Henry Says:

    Can’t wait for episode 13-14. Doctors fighting!!!

  341. 341 : haisin Says:

    Its because the power of Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye. They are a good partner and good couple. Its make viewer addicted of them. And for me as doctors fans, im enjoy this drama, not bad, and the story is beautiful. Maybe its not ur cup of tea. Its okay…

  342. 342 : ica Says:

    Kim Rae Won so handsome, flawless acting, must see doctors because of him and Park Shin Hye too.

  343. 343 : Jessisca Says:

    Backhug & kiss scene killing me..OMg jihye couple why are you so awesome??the chemistry is so strong and amazing..
    Big applause for the doctors team😊
    What ever the haters said..we still waiting for the next episodes..
    Fighting and love from your fans Jihye couple… please PDnim give us more romantic scene from the couple

  344. 344 : Henry Says:

    I’m an avid viewer of PSH and the rest of the casts that’s why I don’t get bored while watching this drama…soooooo… let’s go…fighting DOCTORS!!!

  345. 345 : Hariz Says:

    Let me pen in some opinions in this drama. I’m not an avid viewer of any Korean actors but into the dramas. I had watch a few Korean dramas about medical and I feel most of them usually got high ratings. I don’t see this drama any exceptional. Yes, beginning the storylines was quite interesting and addicted by PSH actings from a rebellious to a successful doctor but now, the storylines seem going down by focusing other ways than original ways. I’m sure this second half of the drama is mainly focus on Ji Hong revenges and politics, same as most other Kdramas example : Yong-pal and sadly, it is getting boring.

  346. 346 : lana Says:

    amazing park shin hye and kim rae won couple

  347. 347 : haisin Says:

    Hmm why OST release always late… everyweek. *sigh* there is 2 song not release yet

  348. 348 : lana Says:

    amazing drama doctors &sweet couple jihye

  349. 349 : Logan1707 Says:

    It’s a good drama and becoming one of my favorite dramas all the time!!! This Doctors drama reminds me of my favorite US TV show Grey’s Anatomy which it’s still running until now. So couple Jihong and Hyejung it’s like Derek and Meredith…the lovely couple for both couples!!!! Keep up the good work for Doctors team and crews….fighting!!!!

  350. 350 : Noy Says:

    Love this drama especially episode 12 kissing and back hug part sooo romantic……..good story line where PSH started to show her love and act romantic with KRW eventhough the age a bit gap….. i like it…. mostly with aged man more caring, loving and romantic… 🙂

  351. 351 : Henry Says:

    Doctors day again, hope to see more of PSH & KRW good scenes in this 2 episodes!

  352. 352 : Ica Says:

    Very cute episode 13, hope the rating going up. Sweet romance, liked it

  353. 353 : Snapy Says:

    I love everything for ep 13. Seriously Jihong and Hyejung couple was really adorable together. I almost die watching their cuteness and sweetness hahaha ……OMG they look like a real couple!!! I also love every conversation between these 3 people Yoondo, In Joo and uncle Paran….they always funny…now can’t wait for ep 14 tonight.

  354. 354 : lana Says:

    sweet couple jihye ILove drama doctors

  355. 355 : lolo Says:

    drama doctors amazing ep14 &jihye couple

  356. 356 : Henry Says:

    Hye Jung’s friends & co-workers at the hospital were all funny! I love to watch them!

  357. 357 : MaxT Says:

    So far this is the best medical K-drama of the year. The OST album is great and the song “No Way’ is excellent. I can’t wait to watch the next episode.

  358. 358 : Bella Says:

    the story is great… really fun and romantic

  359. 359 : Henry Says:

    Doctors episode 14 is really good especially last part PSH with Nam Goong Min at the rooftop!

  360. 360 : Ica Says:

    Cool finally rating going up. Episode 14 so touching, romantic, sad.especially nam goong min and his child. Really sad.because its really happened in real life like that.if we dont have money to going to doctor so make us desperate. I really understand the feel of the father watching his son sick and nothing to make way out.
    So i really like doctors.good drama for this year after dots.

  361. 361 : Rima Says:

    i like this drama so much fighting doctors ^^

  362. 362 : haisin Says:

    Woahh… just finished watching eps 13-14. Hmm i like the romantic scene. There are many romantic scene. But its not enough fot me. I need more something big. I dunno, maybe the most interesting part in the relationship is when 2 person start to love and confese their feeling. Thatd why after feeling revealed, its not push adrenaline again, like this drama. But overall, i like this dtama so much… best drama in the 2016 after DotS. 😂😘❤👍

  363. 363 : haisin Says:

    The complete OST has been released. BUT why the most song I looking for is not there????!! Is it the final album? Or there will be another OST album come out?

  364. 364 : amber Says:

    KRW is still as charming as ever.

  365. 365 : Safi Says:

    Amazing drama doctors &sweet couple jihye ❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛🌹💕💕🤗👌✌️👏💚💙💙💜

  366. 366 : Ica Says:

    Hope next week, we can see more exciting episode, romance, and a little action maybe or more some push adrenalin like the first episode of doctors. The story is really good but i think sometimes is too flat every episode.
    This is hospital so every day has different story.
    So i hope we can see more excited surprise story next week. Like drama W. The storyline good fresh and hmm excited to see next episode
    I hope doctors can do that
    I really like kim rae won acting and park shin hye
    They really good actor good chemistry.

  367. 367 : roses Says:

    For me Doctors is the best drama 2016.. DOTS popular because SJK but Doctors drama have a great story.. great plot.. great charecter… all about Doctors drama are the best!!!

  368. 368 : Maddy Says:

    Oh gosh the almost bed scene in ep 14 that makes me going crazy…come on writer-nim don’t just tease us with very short bed scene like that…need more hahaha….give us some more excitement than that 🙂 Don’t you want to break 20% ratings….need another kissing scene or getting marriage proposal from JH to HJ 😀 😀 😀

  369. 369 : Tena Says:

    Mon-Tue night for Doctors. I saw ep.13 and 14. It was just a bit thrilling and exciting. To see Namgoong Min as a single dad with two sons, have economic conflict and want suicide, I was a little afraid and touching.

    As always, the main couple. Getting closer and closer ever, and for others. LSK might come closer with BSH. Hope for the best in this drama. Roots for the team to reach 20% ratings nationwide. For some critics, might use famous people for cameo. Maybe helps for rating.

  370. 370 : PJS Says:

    Kim Rae Won is soooo handsome. Its first time watching his drama. And…… gahhhh 😂😂😂😂

    Buy why his face look so tired every eps? Or its just how he should act?

  371. 371 : Henry Says:

    Doctors drama is getting better and better! Fighting!!!

  372. 372 : puplett45 Says:

    i like this drama so much…. the full OST has came out with various artist, but some song is not released yet. hfftt

  373. 373 : Iren Says:

    please advise how to watch free full movie on Doctor Crush 12 in English sub

  374. 374 : Iren Says:

    How to watch Free full korean movie of Doctor Crush 12 with english sub

  375. 375 : haisin Says:

    Try to watch here:

    I have checked its and it has doctors ep 12 with english sub.

  376. 376 : JJ Says:

    Try Also:-

    Drama cool
    Drama fire

  377. 377 : Zeez Says:

    Getting a little boring… Initially it was too good.. Now kind of slow… But will still watch cos I love the casts!!!

  378. 378 : Henry Says:

    Doctors, we want to watch actions, FIGHTING! I love this drama & casts!

  379. 379 : Maida Says:

    i have watched 5 episodes and thanks to PSH it is another overestimated drama ,the rebel, ignorant girl changed into a good one in blink of eyes which is absurd and ,The lead actor acting is so cold ,i didn’t feel his love toward her at all.she was about to get expelled and what he has done ,nothing but a lawyer card .give me a break what kind of love is it to leave her for 13 years just coz she ride the scotter with another .i dont know but i might end up dropping this drama

  380. 380 : Jessisca Says:

    Because this healing drama..so many people judge is boring in the latest episode..but you can see the storyline is amazing..we can see and get many lessons from this drama..how to heal the pain,how to love, and make your enemy be a friend, etc.But everyone has her/his opinion..So just enjoy this drama.

    Remaining 6 episode..hope doctors make us still excited until the last episode..
    KRW &PSh did the role very well..Best couple in this year
    No wonder the songs in this drama are beautiful too and loved by many people..Fighting ..

  381. 381 : scorpio23 Says:

    I can’t believe I have to say this. The more I look at KRW, the more attractive he is. I have seen some of his previous Dramas but for some reason, losing all that weight made him so attractive. As what the saying goes, some wine gets better as they age & KRW tends to become more attractive over these years most especially in Doctors opposite PSH. His actions & scenes are very affectionate. There is so much love between HJ & JH. You can feel that sweetness, caring & affection between those 2. Their acting… OMG… you can feel it most of all the romantic scenes between the 2 of them There is so much love that was suppressed for the last 13 years & now’s the time to express them. Ok, not to forget. the comedy part of this Drama. The 3 MD’s, & Soon Hee ( HJ”s BFF ) She was so funny in ep 14 when she had to hide JD in her room plus when she pushed back JH on the couch preventing him in helping her change the light. I kept watching it & for some reason it make me laugh so loud. She really does a good job. The comedy parts of this Drama is hilarious & the Romantic parts of this Drama is Breathtaking. PSH & KRW chemistry on screen is so great ( not a bit comparable with LMH in Heirs, who was so aggressive, no tenderness at all ). I may even say this is a better chemistry than LJS in Pinocchio. Probably because of KRW’s maturity & experience. Maybe if JGS ( You’re Beautiful) might reappear & have a comeback Drama with PSH, which is about time, my opinion might change again. Who knows. But at this very moment, these 2 are so great !!!

  382. 382 : indri Says:

    Best drama in 2016 after dots n amo… so maturity…. natural… make me feel in love again… hehehee

  383. 383 : Miss A Says:

    Done watching Beautiful mind. Has a good storyline.
    And I got to watch Doctors after.
    I think Doctors had greater impact than Beautiful Mind (no offense meant) but still BM is worth watching..
    Moving on..Doctors maybe can be the best drama for the yr..Perfect casting and acting. KRW is really cool! and PSH is just perfect! I really love them together.its just so cute!! Hoping for a bearable ending, please don’t let our hopes down! 😊😊

  384. 384 : silverswan Says:

    I love this drama, both main actor and actress were perfectly good. The story is amazing, hoping it will be till the end as I had seen till Ep. 12 only. Park Shin Hye had always been a good actress in all Korean drama, and I seldom watch Kim Rae Won dram, this one is real good and I did watch ” What star you come from” that was 10 years ago drama, he looks better now comparing 10 year ago..lol . I haven’t watch other dramas of his, so for sure he is good if he is the main actor same goes to Park Shin Hye, I really love that You have fallen for me, You’re beautiful and The Heirs. Sure will vote for this drama, one of the best to me besides Another Oh Hae Yong & Descendant of the Sun

  385. 385 : AnnaR Says:

    Doctors drama has amazing story in each episode, this is healing drama, so I think they can have more episodes than 20 episodes. I like to see every guest star/cameo to star in this drama besides my lovely dovey couple Jihong and Hyejung. I wish upcoming episode writer-nim will give us more more romantic scenes from both of them cause I believe this drama got high ratings because of this couple JH and HJ. KRW and PSH have nailed their roles in this drama!!!

  386. 386 : Menchie Says:

    Really love watching this drama after months of DOTS Syndrome…
    Each episodes are worth watching…
    …waiting for the next episodes…

  387. 387 : lana Says:

    jihye couple amazing &good drama doctors fighting ep15-ep16

  388. 388 : scorpio23 Says:

    Days are going slow… hope it’s M & T already !!! Doctors day !!!

  389. 389 : OK OK OK Says:

    I miss Park Shin Hye & Kim Rae Won 😛

    Hope this drama can score above 20% nationwide asap to make the casts happy. ha ha 🙂

  390. 390 : Ica Says:

    Wow so sweet romance krw and psh.their chemistry really good.so sweet. Really like Hjh express his love to Jhj.we can see his eyes, his smile to her.hmm really romantic makes woman comfort. Kim rae won more handsome in this age, like his performance in this drama.
    Hope doctors episode 15 can have more high rating.
    Amazing couple.

  391. 391 : Maddy Says:

    Yesss finally their ratings reaching over 20%….amazing!!!! Keeping up the good work until the end for the casts, team and crews….FIGTHING!!!!

  392. 392 : AnnaR Says:

    Done watching ep 15….it’s really really goooodd. And congratulations to Doctors’s team for breaking 20% ratings….even 21.3%…yesss congrats especially for KRW and PSH for their excellent acting in this drama!!!

  393. 393 : haisin Says:

    Finally the rating hit more than 20% in nationwide… actually im not yet download eps 15, but im sure the story will be interesting…

  394. 394 : lana Says:

    amazing drama doctors prefect rating 21.3% FIGHTING sweet couple jihye

  395. 395 : Henry Says:

    Thumbs up for Doctors ep. 15. Good job guys, I salute you!!!

  396. 396 : Henry Says:

    Congratulations to Doctors for an amazing drama!

  397. 397 : Princess Says:

    I think this drama is overrated. it’s a good one but not that exceptional.

  398. 398 : lana Says:

    amazing drama doctors ep16 prefect couple jihye fighting all the best

  399. 399 : Negin Says:

    This drama is a good one but it doesn’t make me excited specially the last episodes are generally is just about introducing new patientes with different storys, I watched a lot of Korean drama about hospitals and doctors and most of them are just the same.

  400. 400 : Greeny Says:

    Ah finally in last episode JH saying that he loved HJ….so sweet. Oh man 4 episodes left and I’m gonna miss this drama a lot when it’s over. I hope they will make Session 2 cause this drama has an amazing story in each episode and this is about healing and learning about humanism. One of the best Kdrama ever and no wonder they get high ratings!!!

  401. 401 : tess manalo Says:

    loving it the more……….

  402. 402 : OK OK OK Says:

    ep 16
    really keep my heart pumping with worry and excitement for the operation done by Kim Rae Won for the VVIP that I have to forward to see the outcome first. 😛

    Kim Rae Won – High five ha ha

  403. 403 : Maddy Says:

    I really love to watch KRW in this drama, he’s nailed his role as a Doctor. I wish he was my doctor and I could be sick and only just to see him so I could be healed right away….hahaha 😀

  404. 404 : OK OK OK Says:

    Park Shin Hye promise to dance when ratings hits above 15% 😛


  405. 405 : puplett45 Says:

    rating up down and up and down… ~~~

  406. 406 : Henry Says:

    I feel sorry for Choi Kang Soo, coz nobody knows that he’s sick and he just kept it to himself. Very good drama!!!

  407. 407 : Snapy Says:

    I loved ep 15 and 16 and 4 episodes remaining left I hope writer nim will give us more romantic scenes for our OTP. I can’t believe this drama will be over soon and to think about that makes me saaaad :'( I hope they could make for Session 2.

  408. 408 : klazme Says:

    i never get boring with this drama. In each episode it has an interesting storyline. Fighting doctors!!!!!

  409. 409 : Jessisca Says:

    OMG sad episode until epi 16..hope 4 episodes left with beautiful endings..we respect for everyone who dislike this drama..
    More haters more viewers..So we still support This drama until the end.fighting jihye/raeshin couple..
    Hope this drama will get many awards especially the best couple for the casts..
    Hope Pdnim make season 2 for this drama…😊😉

  410. 410 : lana Says:

    amazing couple jihye fighting ep17-ep18 doctors

  411. 411 : Henry Says:

    I feel sorry for Choi Kang Soo, coz nobody knows he’s sick and kept it to himself. Very good drama!!!

  412. 412 : haisin Says:

    I feel that eps 15-16 is not make me satisfied. Hhuft, the story become flat again, at the end of eps, its finish with flat ending, nothing important happen. Hmm… honestly i dont want to said that, but sorry, ep 15 16 is not as good as earlier eps…

  413. 413 : haisin Says:

    Is production finished release the OST until 5 part only? Actually there is 2 song which not released yet. And those song has played many times in this drama. AND this week there is no OST came out AGAIN….

  414. 414 : Frame1 Says:

    I have watched last both ep 15 and 16 and it was sooo good. Finally they broke 20% ratings. Congratz to Doctors’ casts, crew and team. I am so happy this drama has huge success. South Korean people loved this drama so that’s why the ratings got highest number!!!

    This drama has proved in so many things, good casts, amazing story in each episode and amazing chemistry between KRW and PSH. This drama does not really need so much hype, big budget or flowerboy or big promotion to get famous like other dramas to be accepted by the viewer in South Korea or International fans. The viewer itself has chosen this drama as one of the best medical drama ever. So keep up the good work for Doctors team until the end then….FIGTHING!!!

  415. 415 : kenasaa Says:

    Ratings up and down, It’s a usual for a drama.
    Love 15th and 16th episode. But, I worried a bit about this drama. Especially, news about PSH’s nail and a few unrealistic things surround this drama. For production team, these should be warning because viewers can leave this drama and watch another drama in competition (thought also about “W”). Hope to make it as realistic as possible.

    I don’t hate this drama, I really love this drama.
    Hope SBS see this, also don’t make this drama as just “cold rice” because this year, SBS have a bit dry half year (Wanted, Entertainer, Great Gambler as example) and “Doctors” make some headlines, also comparing with DOTS. Hope for this drama get as many awards as possible. See in next week. Can’t wait.

  416. 416 : Henry Says:

    Go go go, Doctors!

  417. 417 : me too Says:

    The storyline of korean drama getting much better lately. But in this drama I have some critics like why Seo Woo doesn’t still continuous to love Ji Hong or In Joo too? May be there is more interesting. Park Shin Ye doesnt look deep acting? she looks smile often . Why the doctors in korean make heels when work at hospital? Is that not bother?
    However like some scene in 15th episode when Hye Jung asked Ji hong if she was in that situation and Ji Hong said that unfair for him. I like long conversation and touch like this. In 16th episode too when Ji Hong argument with Seo Woo’s father before entering the operation room Hye Jung not to join this operation.
    I like some clothes, bags, shoes, heels, acessories, flawless make up , home interior design, cars… etc about this korean dramas. Sometimes people want to buy.
    Overall I like ‘doctors ‘… like others want happy ending and more romantic scene :)..
    Sorry for my english nd hope understand what I mean 🙂

  418. 418 : Heli Says:

    About PSH’s nail in drama, I thought she wouldn’t do mistakes especially those being aired in TV since she has been long time in showbiz. But, after all, actors/actresses are human being, can make big/little mistake in their life. She has said it all through SNS about it and she has confessed that she had make mistake. I actually think she need to say sorry because it bothers. Sometimes, actors/actresses need some critics for that, and viewers and critics have sharp eyes to see it.

    I just worried, same as @kenasaa says, viewers will leave this drama and won’t be sucess.
    I support and said at the above because I am an avid viewer of this drama. Hope for not making mistakes, “Doctors” production team !! As the story being more develop and deep in, also 4 episodes to go.

  419. 419 : Maddy Says:

    @Frame1: 414 – yes I do agree with you, this drama does not need a flowerboy to get this drama to be famous….look at this drama now…they get big success. They just need a KRW and a PSH to do their acting to make this a beautiful drama like this. Their chemistry is no joke…it’s beyond amazing so that’s way this drama getting huge success in South Korea and International viewers!

  420. 420 : sylvia Says:

    I love doctors crush soooo much, i can wait to watch the next Ep. it is a very interesting drama. i love park shin hye and kim rae won scene and i wish that the upcoming Eps will be so romantic. fighting !!!!!!!

  421. 421 : lana Says:

    all the best ep17-ep18 doctors and high rating fighting sweet couple jihye #weloveyouparkshinhye be happy fighting park shinhye

  422. 422 : scorpio23 Says:

    I think for any viewer who had been watching this Drama to leave just because of that crazy nail is so darn narrow minded. People need to grow up & be more open minded. It is just a nail for Gods sake. No big deal. Look at the bigger picture where the story will go & end. Do not focus on little stu…( don’t want to say the whole word ) things. The Drama is about healing someones wound & scars not the nails. I worked in the medical field for 20+ years & have seen Doctors, Nurses, Nsg. Assistants who got worst nail polishes & art than her. Stop making those unrealistic criticisms. All of these viewers who had made negative comments about PSH nails got nothing else better to do because they just despise her. Just focus watching her acting skills. I am not an avid fan but I cannot stand stu…criticisms like that !!!

  423. 423 : Henry Says:

    I care about the drama itselft. Good job!

  424. 424 : Alika Says:

    Wow just saw preview ep 17….please my lovely puppy Kang Soo don’t die and Hye Jung might get fired….oh dear. I wish Monday can come faster…can’t wait for ep 17!!!!

  425. 425 : lana Says:

    wow ep17 preview jihye couple fighting

  426. 426 : haisin Says:

    @alika really? Where is the link video?

  427. 427 : Ica Says:

    For those netizen critics park shin hye, hello!! Don’t judge people.actress is human too. Can make mistake. You see this drama is good story, good acting, so we can say advice to director , the actress for more satisfied audience who watch this drama.for more real in character.
    Netizen usually judge people. Like themselves are perfect no wrong in their word or attitude.
    Helloo look yourself in the mirror. Your only human too.not perfect
    So for park shin hye , kim rae won, and director writer just focus on your drama.make a good drama. We wait for doctors drama more amazing.
    I’m like park shin hye although no her fanatic fans.but i dont like netizen comment critics over that

  428. 428 : Maddy Says:

    Yeah writer nim don’t put Kang Soo dying in this drama as we love him. He’s a puppy of HJ. I hate Seo Woo’s father, hopefully he will be arrested at the end cause he is evil.

  429. 429 : Henry Says:

    I too hope Kang Soo make it to the last episode, please writer!

  430. 430 : lana Says:

    Ihope happy end jihye couple amazing drama doctors

  431. 431 : Henry Says:

    doctors on the go, fighting!!!

  432. 432 : lana Says:

    fighting doctors ep17 go go all the best

  433. 433 : [ON-GOING] DOCTORS – OH MY KDRAMA Says:

    […] Yoo Hye jung (Park Shin Hye) was a tough bully in school with a prickly personality and always goes wayward. She had many scars from her childhood and through self-preservation, Hye Jung keeps her heart shut away from other people. However, she changes after meeting her mentor Hong Ji Hong (Kim Rae Won) who plays a key role in transforming her life from a helpless gangster to a compassionate doctor. (source) […]

  434. 434 : Snapy Says:

    Yay congratulation on breaking 20% again a third time in row. This drama was really amazing. I feel so lucky to find this drama as I barely watch K-drama lately and I’m glad this drama is really doing so well in South Korea and I’m with South Korean people as well.

    I hope the ratings will stay at 20 or more high during the last 3 episodes left.

  435. 435 : Snapy Says:

    Oh noooo episode 18 will be aired tonight…oh dear Lord, so sad to hear that and now we have to wait until Monday next week 🙁

  436. 436 : Snapy Says:

    *correction…ep 18 won’t be aired tonight due to Rio Olympic!

  437. 437 : haisin Says:

    Omooo, eps 18 is delayed until next week??? *sigh* aish cinccaaa 😠😠😠

  438. 438 : haisin Says:

    Im dying looking for the ost that not released. Its played again when kang soo had surgery. Oh God, its burn me up. Is SBS really not release it as OST? There is 2 song that played many times but not in the OST list. Good, SBS success make me dissapointed. I just searching those 2 song everywhere, google, youtube, twitter, BUT there is nothing i can find.

  439. 439 : Henry Says:

    I like Doctors episode 17, good story they care for Kang Soo. PSH knows how to give the right feeling for her every moves.

  440. 440 : Maddy Says:

    Knowing that we will be watching 2 episodes in row back to back ep 18 and 19 on next Monday makes me happy and sad at the same time. Happy because we will have 2 episodes on Monday night, but I’m sad this drama will be ending soon next week. This drama already wins South Korean people’s heart and gets high ratings. I’m gonna miss this drama a lot when it’s over on Tuesday next week.

  441. 441 : lana Says:

    jihye couple sweet fighting

  442. 442 : Jessisca Says:

    Really sad because next week is the final episode..otoke..I’ll really miss this drama and raeshin couple .😂
    Hope KRW&PSH can get same project again especially in action film or drama..they did well in doctors
    writer nim please make epi 18-20 the best ending for this drama so the viewers never forget how awesome the drama is..wedding scene and more romance please..
    3 episode left..Support our actor and actress in doctors 😊 Fighting

  443. 443 : libra Says:

    who is kang soo’s younger brother?
    he’s so cute.

  444. 444 : lana Says:

    all the best jihye couple for happy end fighting ep18-19-20

  445. 445 : haisin Says:

    Until now i didnt receive any news about new soundtrack release.. hmmm

  446. 446 : lana Says:

    sweet couple jihye fighting doctors all the best ep18-19-20 happy end

  447. 447 : AnnaR Says:

    Oh gosh 3 episodes left and I’ll be sooo saaaaad as this drama will be over soon….I’m gonna miss a loooottt my OTP Jihong and Hyejung. This is my best drama for 2016. Please writer-nim can you make Season 2!!!!

  448. 448 : Safi Says:

    Fighting doctors happy end sweet couple jihye

  449. 449 : PJS Says:

    Actually i love the childhood story so much from eps 1 until 3. I think its the best eps of Doctors. I really hope that at the end, the childhood story is repeat again. Hye jung and ji hong back to hometown and they became teacher again.

  450. 450 : lana Says:

    happy day jihye couple sweet fighting doctors happy end

  451. 451 : Omoshola Says:

    Makes me cry. Love dis drama

  452. 452 : Henry Says:

    I miss this drama for a week! Fighting Doctors!!!

  453. 453 : haisin ❤ 닥터스 Says:

    Tonight is 2 eps airing back to back…. final week to see this drama… ㅠ.ㅠ

  454. 454 : haisin ❤ 닥터스 Says:

    Im gonna miss this drama. Best kdrama this year so far after DotS.
    1st : Descendants of the Sun
    2nd : Doctors
    3rd : ??

    I hope SBS will release the unreleased OST in this drama. There are 2 song left… plis plis SBS… plisss

  455. 455 : Ryina Says:

    Have watched these 2 episodes. Left some questions for me in between, for example:
    1. How suddenly prosecutors come to hospital and catch Seo Woo’s grandpa and suddenly in Seo Woo’s house having dinner? No clearance.
    2. Resolving about Hye Jung’s grandma malpractice’s case? Even 13 years ago?
    3. Yoon Do suddenly become “open” with Seo Woo?

    Actually, there are some others. I love this drama. With some great cast and nearly my expectations. I just can say this story is almost same with other medical’s drama in Korea have. The difference between “Doctors” and others are: How doctor’s relations and emphasize patient’s family feelings, telling doctors are no different with human being, and human’s relations itself (my opinions only)

    Time sure flies fast and tomorrow will broadcast last episode. Feels sureal. Can’t wait how will this drama end. Love this drama.

  456. 456 : Henry Says:

    Since there will be 2 episodes (18&19) today, it will be exciting to watch coz we miss episode 18 last week. I will miss this drama and casts and wondering when will I see PSH again????!

  457. 457 : OK OK OK Says:

    I love 90% of Park Shin Hye dressing here. Very beautiful.
    Tonight last episode. Hope everything goes well with sweetest endings for Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won. Bravo!!! 😛

    Looking forward to Lee Jun Ki & IU = Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

  458. 458 : Henry Says:

    Yaiks, it’s last episode today…huhuhu… I’ll miss PSH,

  459. 459 : haisin ❤ 닥터스 Says:

    Why eps 18 19 getting low rating? 😱. Maybe viewer felt sleep becoz its aired in midnight

  460. 460 : Maja Says:

    I hoped for more fighting scenes for the female lead because it makes the story more interesting…. Actually became boring with no fight scenes:(

  461. 461 : Henry Says:

    Doctors, fighting!

  462. 462 : Maddy Says:

    What a beautiful kiss and ending….oh gosh I don’t want to say goodbye yet to this drama. I don’t think I will get another a beautiful drama like this for the time being and I am going to rewatch from ep 1 till 20.

    Gonna miss this drama so badly and especially for our OTP couple #jihye, especially KRW and PSH. The chemistry between them was the key of success for this drama. I don’t think I can find such a couple like jihye at other dramas. The best couple I have ever seen at Kdramaland!!

    Thank you for Doctors casts, team and crew and also SBS for making an amazing drama like this!!! I’m gonna misss you and now I start crying…..uhu ugh…

  463. 463 : Ica Says:

    Gonna miss this drama.great chemistry between KRW and PSH make this drama success. Love KRW acting in here.he success make character HJH so sweet , calm, confidence, and really love hye jung for 13years. wow can we see that love in real life? Finally we love doctors drama. Hope they can get sbs drama award this year.
    I think this drama second best this year after Dots.
    Hope we will see them again soon.

  464. 464 : lana Says:

    wow happy end jihye sweet couple sweet kiss all the best

  465. 465 : scorpio23 Says:

    What a beautiful ending. Healing, forgiveness, tears, laughter & most of all LOVE !!!. KRW & PSH chemistry was magnetic. I have never seen her with such chemistry with other actors. The love & affection between these 2 was electrifying. KRW charm brought out the best in him. I have watched several of his Dramas but his charisma in this Drama is way superior compared to his previous Dramas. I am not being impartial because of PSH. I never saw his great personality & great looks until now with this role. He was good at his other Dramas but with this role, as I said his Charisma is so great. As to PSH, she is always good. She justifies every role she portrays. And to top it all, what a big improvement with her romantic & kissing scenes. So glad because now she is 26 & should be able to show how she grew up as an actress, no longer a teenager. The age gap was never noticeable between them. Great job for all the Doctors casts, Director, Screenwriter, crew & all the production company. Will surely miss you all. Job well done !!!

  466. 466 : Jessisca Says:

    Kudos..For doctors team..Thanks for giving us this amazing drama..After DOts,,doctors is one of the best dramas I watched in this year..For who dislike ..thanks for your attention so this drama could get more pupular again..
    Pdnim Writer nim..love your job and for all casts and member staffs who make this drama beautifully to watch..love your project..There’s no impossoble this drama make season 2..but if it’s not happen..i still wait for our couple make another project soon next year..
    pSH and KRw thanks for being casts in the drama..Love their acting and hard work..Miss them so much
    Hope the casts and production of the drama will get awards.They deserve to take it.
    Thanks for all of you for being DOctors fan until this drama end..

  467. 467 : AnnaR Says:

    The last kissing scene was a truly amazing scene…it’s beyond amazing, kudos to KRW and PSH as they did very beautiful and such a romantic scene in any Kdrama.

    Congratulations and big applause for Doctors drama as they are reaching another 20% TV ratings for their finale episode.

    This is truly an amazing drama, good storyline, good casts and very good in everything. I have never been this attached and affected so badly by any Kdrama. And now I’m holding myself very hard…oh dear so sad now :'(

  468. 468 : Cutterpillow Says:

    Congrats to all the cast of this drama and to all staff great job..

  469. 469 : Snapy Says:

    Yeessss what a beautiful happy ending story and sweet kisses for jihye couple, wow it looks like a real kissing between KRW and PSH hahaha. I think there is no other actor and actress who can portray as Dr Jihong and Dr Hyejung in this drama other than Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye. They did great job and chemistry was amazing. I feel so lucky to find very good drama like this and they did reach 20-ish % ratings was huge hit as rarely any drama to reach that nowadays. Congratz to cast and crew fir their big success. I am hoping that KRW and PSH will do another project together again in future!

  470. 470 : haisin❤ Says:

    Iam hardly cry. Even in the last episode SBS still dont release the beautiful OST. Whilr another drama has release their 14th OST album. Doctors just release 5 album with 2 song incomplete… i really dissapointed with SBS. Plis give the reasin why SBS dont release the song yet until now? Is there a copyright problem or what? *sigh*. Remember the song in ep 20 when hye jung n ji hong prepare to operate President Jin Myung Hun? The song is not on the OST list… im cry… 😭😭😭

  471. 471 : haisin❤ Says:

    Every time when this drama airing. At least this week. Keyword “닥터스 OST” always became trending keyword in melOn website. People around the world waiting SBS release the OST. But unfortunatelly there is nothing news about that. 5 album, not popular singer, 2 incomplete song release. whats the problem with music management? Totally annoying me

  472. 472 : soo Says:

    Love this drama than DOTs. Will watch it again, this time slowly to capture every scene.

  473. 473 : Henry Says:

    Doctors, you guys didn’t fail expectations of the viewers and your fans. The story was a good and happy ending. Bravo and another round of applause for all the casts and crew and to the writer of this drama! Good job, I love you guys!!!

  474. 474 : Dreamhigh Says:

    PSH is prettier in this drama, she was ugly before, you don’t believe, watch back her dramas.

  475. 475 : scorpio23 Says:

    @ 474 Dreamhigh

    How much prettier can you be compared to PSH ??? Sorry but is this plain jealousy on your part. I have seen all her Dramas & she’s always been attractive. Maybe you need to take a good look at the mirror & examine yourself & choose your words carefully if you are even a tid bit comparable to her. My guess is YOU ARE NOT !!! I seldom write negative comments about someone’s opinion but sometimes others are quite condescending like you who needs a rude awakening.

  476. 476 : OK OK OK Says:

    Yeah, its good happy ending.
    Hope to see Kim Rae Won & Park Shin Hye in New Drama soon. God Bless 😛

  477. 477 : OK OK OK Says:

    To me, Park Shin Hye is always pretty and most important she is lovable adorable.
    She is most beautiful in Pinocchio in my opinion. 😛
    In Doctors Crush, she has slim down alot.
    I watch almost all her drama except Goong S in 2007.
    I didn’t watch because she is not the lead actress which results in failure (my opinion).
    I will definitely watch for sure if she is the leading actress in Goong S.

  478. 478 : peyutnduy Says:

    totally agree with scorpio23 (#465).

    I like KRW since his 2011 drama with Soo Ae “A Thousand Days’ Promise” ;”)

  479. 479 : Henry Says:

    Beautiful drama, beautiful casts and beautiful viewers, makes Doctors complete. I’ll be waiting for the next drama of lovely Ms. Park Shin Hye!

  480. 480 : Henry Says:

    Ms. Park Shin Hye was born a beautiful kid until now that she’s already grown up I noticed she became more beautiful, taller and sexy. I will miss her (PSH).

  481. 481 : Hong3 Says:

    There are only 2 bad things from this drama: backsound in every scene, really annoying & editing.
    Afterall, I’m a happy viewer. Love KRW so much, look so hot as a doctor. Knowing him since Love Story In Harvard, KRW looks like a fine wine 😀

    Beautiful story. As a daughter who has bad relationship with father, I can understand the way Hyejung solved her problem with her dad.

    Kudos to everyone in Doctors. Now, I wish I could meet my own HongHongHong… 😀

  482. 482 : lana Says:

    wow happy end jihye couple hong hong hong fighting all the best doctors

  483. 483 : haisin Says:

    @henry 479
    But terrible music management. They dont release 2 most played soundtrack in this drama. How riddiculus SBS 😠😠😠

  484. 484 : tigerb Says:

    it’s a dissection of a couple: they met, got attracted to each other, they parted for 13 years, met again, courted and fell in love, happy ending, and in between, neurosurgeries. not much to say except it’s not easy to meet a guy who is mature, patient and understanding, and a neurosurgeon to boot!

  485. 485 : haisin Says:

    A right choice to be a husband, right? 😁

  486. 486 : tigerb Says:

    @haisin: YEAH!!!! LOL!

  487. 487 : lana Says:

    hong hong hong jihye sweet couple doctors all the best drama happy end

  488. 488 : PJS Says:

    In my opinion, i tried to objective,
    Honestly, Descendants of the sun still better than doctors. DotS has more interesting story. Almost 16 eps are attractive and good, there is many twist, and make viewer want to more more and more. Not with Doctors. I dont said that Doctors drama is bad. Its good but not sooo good. Its fine but not attractive. Probably its becoz Doctors have strong powerful couple ( i mean jihye couple) . They are too strong, and there is no doubt or should be afraid something happen to them. Although Yoon Do is came as third person, seem like he is not give big impact. His love character between those love triagle is weak. So he is not dangerous person for our couple. In those condition make the drama feel easy, flow, and em.. there is nothing to be afraid of. Its the weakness of Doctors drama. In other side, although in DotS the main couple didnt fall in to love triagle, but the couple has big effort to assembly. Jong ki left hye kyo in war field, they reunite in uruk, but they still dont have a ‘feeling’ , after that the disaster come, hye kyo is afraid then jongki came to save her, they waiting to confese theur truth feeling, hye kyo being kidnapped, jong ki out from army, jong ki die, but back to alive. So u can see thats in DotS, writer didnt gave viewer time to breath. Its the power of DotS drama.
    Well, overall DotS and Doctors have happy ending. The soundtrack both are good. And main couple are handsome n pretty. Good job doctors team!

  489. 489 : lana Says:

    jihye couple happy day be enjoy fighting amaziing couple jihye al the best wow kiss &happy end

  490. 490 : Alika Says:

    Damn…I’m really having bad withdrawal syndrome with Doctors. It’s so hard to say goodbye with this drama. I will miss it so badly especially for couple # RaeShin….oh dear I miss KRW and PSH already!!!

    This drama was really amazing and also Doctors drama success took everyone at SBS by surprise. This drama also don’t need big budget, no big star flower boys, no need fantasy story, no need 2 worlds to tell story, too much kissing scene or sad story etc….but this drama just needs a simple story about life, love or it happens at our daily life and look at now ….this drama got huge success….big applauds for cast, crew, writer and PD team. Once again Congratulations for big success!!!!

  491. 491 : Lao Shi Says:

    Still can’t get enough if this RaeShin couple… These two are really unforgettable!

  492. 492 : lana Says:

    happy day for doctors sweet couple jihye

  493. 493 : Henry Says:

    Doctors thank you!!!

  494. 494 : lana Says:

    wow doctors amazing story thank you team doctors fighting jihye couple sweet

  495. 495 : scorpio23 Says:

    Hard to let go of this Drama. I did like DOTS but 1 viewing is enough. It was a well made Drama & a very popular one because it was SJK’s first Drama after his military duty. Of course everyone missed him. But Doctors as I said is hard to let go. The chemistry, affection between JHJ & HJH is so magnetizing. As a viewer, you can feel the love & bond between those 2 after 13 years of waiting. Everytime I watch the scenes between those 2, it is fluttering. The Kissing scenes are so realistic. It was very affectionate & tender ( not like LMH aggressive kiss in Heirs ). There was so much love there when they have those romantic moments. The looks & glances they give each other. That’s why for me, it is my fav Drama this year. I know that it will be hard to compete with DOTS for the awards as well that upcoming Drama with LMH which I believe will be released on Nov. A lot of viewers are dying to see his comeback as well as JJH ( did I get it right ? ) after having her baby & her previous blockbuster . So maybe Doctors will be completely forgotten. This Drama has realistic medical/ surgery episodes ( this is coming from me who had been in the medical field for 25+ years). Of course there are some mishaps which is completely unavoidable, maybe they were not able to inquire with some people in the medical field but what is done is done… really don’t care. I guess I will just have to do some marathon whenever I miss them. Job well done . Will miss all Doctors casts most especilally JHJ & HJH ( PSH & KRW – wish it was real for both of them )

  496. 496 : lana Says:

    Imiss drama doctors sweet couple jihye amazing all the best fighting

  497. 497 : teresa Says:

    I miss this drama, it part of a routine for me that my Monday and Tuesday after work to watch Doctors . one of the best

  498. 498 : Jessisca Says:

    My Monday and tuesday never be same after doctors ended..miss so much our raeshin couple
    Thanks for all fans who always give support for doctors team..We wait for raeshin couple make another project soon
    PSH and KRW are beautiful and handsome actress and actors in acting and daily life..

  499. 499 : lana Says:

    I miss jihye couple hong hong hong amazing couple and good jop and good team doctors

  500. 500 : nihan Says:

    ILove drama doctors and ILove sweet couple jihye good story and good team doctors all the best fighting next drama

  501. 501 : lana Says:

    jihye couple ILove park shinhye &kim rae won so much all the best fighting

  502. 502 : Maddy Says:

    I miss this drama so much as I couldn’t move on from this drama….so sad. I miss especially the lovely couple KRW and PSH. Someone said in this comments saying that this drama no need flower boys….I bet you were right. I think Kim Rae Won did kill all of those flower boys actors…hahaha. He is so manly, you know man and the boys….see the different! And who wouldn’t want kind of that man!!!! I am also a #RaeSin shipper..hell yeah 😀

  503. 503 : shinta Says:

    sorry but i got bored while watching doctors. i stop watching on ep.11. I prefer beautiful mind for medical drama. u all must watch it. each episode beautiful and make me curious.
    but i must agree that park shin hye doing good for this drama while the plot not interesting.

  504. 504 : AnnaR Says:

    Yeah I become KRW big fan now, he is sooo manly and hot in this drama. This drama was becoming one of the big hit this year as eveyone loving of KRW and PSH and all of the casts. Why this drama become huge success because they just telling a simple story about healing of human, love, forgiven and life. No love triangle and also we did not require people to be monster, fantasy story etc. Just a simple story that happens in our daily life. I guess I recommend who haven’t watched this….try to wacth this with open your heart and mind….peace!!!!

  505. 505 : Henry Says:

    I never been bored watching Doctors, because it’s not boring watching at, rating is the proof!!! If I don’t like the drama, I don’t watch it at all. Cheers!!!

  506. 506 : lana Says:

    good drama doctors amazing couple jihye sweet fighting next drama all the best team doctors I miss doctors good story

  507. 507 : scorpio23 Says:

    @ shinta 503

    I know that is you own honest opinion. If BM is such a great Drama, why were 2 episodes cut off. The best answers probably were #1 The plot is unrealistic & ridiculous ( a traffic police officer being allowed to wander in the hospital investigating murders which is laughable) #2 the lead actress completely brought the whole Drama down. The producers should have picked a better actress & #3 the rating proves itself. So compared to BM , Doctors has a more realistic plot much closer to reality. This is coming from someone who had been a Nurse for 30+ years & had seen multiple medical
    & surgical cases in reality. The love & affection between HJH & YHJ is real . KRW & PSH portrayed their roles so well it makes so real !!!

  508. 508 : Henry Says:

    Looking forward to PSH next drama. Doctors still fighting!

  509. 509 : ryry Says:

    I watched until eps 17. Then eps 18-20 I only read the synopsis/recap. I’ve watched several Medical genre before, and the plot of Doctors was flat enough for me. The conflict was quite boring. The ending was easy to be guessed. It’s just my opinion. I give 7/10 stars for the story line, but I give 10/10 stars for the lead actress and actor. I look forward to watching next drama for Park Shin Hye.

  510. 510 : lana Says:

    ji hye couple sweet amazing couple fighting next drama

  511. 511 : Lanny Says:

    I love KRW forever !! I’ve been watching his drama since my love patzzi.. He’s really manly and i love it !! He kill all the flower boys actor hahahaha.. Fighting raewoni.. Sarangheo.. ♥️

  512. 512 : lana Says:

    ILove drama doctors and jihye sweet couple fighting park shinhye next drama the best drama and story

  513. 513 : nihan Says:

    sweet couple jihye for ever amazing feel love fighting rae shin next drama be happy enjoy all the best in real life

  514. 514 : lana Says:


  515. 515 : scorpio23 Says:

    MY M &T is never the same without Doctors / KRW & PSH !!! Just have to keep rewatching until I get over it !!! LOL !!!

  516. 516 : leilani Says:

    Great drama, love the pair of Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won!

  517. 517 : lana Says:

    amazing drama doctors sweet couple jihye

  518. 518 : shinta Says:

    @scorpio23 507
    thank u for ur reply to my comment 😁
    i agree with u that lead actress in BM brought the drama down. but lead actor is really good compare with hong hong hong.
    i think the episode is cut off becos beaten by park shin hye charm. park shin hye had so many fans around the world, include me.
    and for unrealistic, what make u watch drama is becos the unrealistic on it. for example healer, and many other drama. if the story is too realistic, flat, and boring, i prefer watching news or gossip 😁

  519. 519 : lana Says:

    jihye sweet couple amazing doctors

  520. 520 : Henry Says:

    Love to watch this drama over again and over again!

  521. 521 : lana Says:

    love to watch drama doctors amazing couple jihye good team doctors

  522. 522 : nihan Says:

    sweet couple jihye I miss drama doctors fighting rae shin next drama all the best

  523. 523 : shiva Says:

    great drama, I think six flying dragons, doctors and lets fight ghost have been the best dramas of 2016 so far…

  524. 524 : lana Says:

    amazing drama doctors sweet couple jihye good team doctors the best drama of 2016

  525. 525 : lana Says:

    amazing drama doctors sweet couple jihye good team doctors the best drama

  526. 526 : lana Says:

    ILove park shin hye &sweet couple jihye

  527. 527 : scorpio23 Says:

    Still missing this Drama !!! Love this couple so much. would not mind for them to be together in real life !!!

  528. 528 : lana Says:

    love couple jihye and good team doctors fighting

  529. 529 : Henry Says:

    This is such an awesome drama plus the ratings. I hope to see PSH in the screen again.

  530. 530 : Henry Says:

    Hope PSH to casts with the princes like “You’re Beautiful”

  531. 531 : lana Says:

    ji hye couple sweet ILove drama doctors good story and feel love amazing enjoy next job fighting

  532. 532 : N Says:

    Wow what can I say, I was never bored the entire show. Mainly because of the chemistry between KRW and PSH. I ship them both! Highly recommended!

  533. 533 : Jessisca Says:

    Still can’t move on from this drama..especially from our beautiful couple Raeshin 😢
    Hope Oppa and unnie can get another project again together
    Best drama with beautiful casts

  534. 534 : lana Says:

    ILove drama and jihye couple I miss feel love jihye all the best next drama &job

  535. 535 : lana Says:

    amazing couple jihye good story drama couple and good team doctors

  536. 536 : lana Says:

    fighting park shin hye next drama I miss you so much amazing doctors and hye jung

  537. 537 : Henry Says:

    Doctors is definitely second to DOTS! But for me, PSH is always 1st! Cheers!!!

  538. 538 : scorpio23 Says:

    Missing my Doctors & JiHye couple so much. Mondays & Tuesdays are never the same. I just have to keep rewatching it until I can get over this amazing couple. Darn… why don’t you 2 just date in real life. 9 years age gap is nothing. The chemistry between these 2 is so electrifying most especially their romantic scenes. So gentle , tasteful & full of affections !!!

  539. 539 : lana Says:

    jihye sweet couple we are miss you both &love you all the best

  540. 540 : Holi Says:

    Hope the best result for “Doctors” team, road to the end of Year Drama Awards (Korean Drama Awards, APAN Star Awards, and (each channel) awards). Because seems the competition is fierce enough as DOTS, W, Signal for example, join in some nominees (just read for 2016 APAN Awards nominees).

  541. 541 : SBSDOCTORS Says:

    Doctors Director’s Cut DVD pre-order is OPNE

    Innolife: http://shop.innolife.com/item.php?grp=1&cid=360&iid=193480&lng=1

    Yesasia: http://www.yesasia.com/global/doctors-dvd-directors-cut-edition-sbs-tv-drama-korea-version/1052992343-0-0-0-en/info.html

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    the production of Director’s Cut will be canceled.
    Please be aware of it!
    For the production of Director’s Cut Blu-ray please make an order and support us!

    Thank you

  542. 542 : lana Says:

    I love doctors sweet couple jihye I miss you shinhye all the best next drama

  543. 543 : Henry Says:

    Waiting for next PSH drama!!!

  544. 544 : jamm Says:

    good people always died, but at ending bad people always been forgived..and not died..typical korean drama..revenge is forbidden in korean drama.

  545. 545 : Eve Says:

    Wow! Love the drama (doctors). Love everything in it. The romantic part was lovely and truly it was/is manly. Thank you so much. Wish you all the best.

    Note:PSH, I was happy when I read about you coming to Africa (Ghana). That’s so great. The next time you happen to be in Ghana I want you to stay at my place. Hahaha…. Love you all.

  546. 546 : Henry Says:

    Doctors is an awesome drama! Am excited for PSH upcoming movie “Hyeong”!!!

  547. 547 : park jun sung Says:

    So far in 2016 until right now, November 13, 2016… there are only 2 Kdrama in 2016 that make me go to my school at midnight just for searching fastest hotspot to download every episode of the drama week by week. Yeah those two drama is “Descendants of the Sun” and “Doctors”. You can imagine, at midnight when everybody r sleeping and school gate is closed, i went to school just to download those two dtama. Cz so far , i think the best drama in 2016 is DotS and Doctors. Although between both of them DotS is on the top of Doctors. Definetely, i will give my vote in koreandrama.org awards just for Descendants of the Sun and Doctors. Ajja ajja fighting!!!! 😙😙😙😄😘😹🙆🙋

  548. 548 : Nana Says:


  549. 549 : deacy Says:

    Perfect couple in a perfect drama 😘😘😘❤️❤️

  550. 550 : Elaine Says:

    The chemistry is so real that I believe it’s true love in behind. The best in 2016.

  551. 551 : Marlene Says:

    Really, I miss them, Because they did their work so realistic that it is not doubt that all people who watched this amazing drama stayed fall in love with DOCTOR, THE PERFECT COUPLE AND NOT ONLY THE MAIN CHARACTERS BUT ALL CAST, PRODUCTION , WRITER , VIEWERS ETC. Iwill support this drama an of course the warm, manly, hearthrob,cool Kim Rae Won and the QUEEN pARK sHIN hYE.

  552. 552 : Rea Says:

    Until now I keep rewatching doctors coz still can’t get over thier awesome chemistry. ..I love the cast and I love park shin hye…doctors s the best.

  553. 553 : Daisy jean Says:

    I love doctor

  554. 554 : JUANA Says:


  555. 555 : Violeta Mead Says:

    Doctors Park shin hye and Kim rae won my favorite korean drama

  556. 556 : Helen Says:

    Film’s really great! It make me feel so good when I think about my diffirent life.I love it. I love all actors in film.

  557. 557 : Ramya Marri Says:

    Drama was fantastic…Park shin hye is beautiful in this drama … i enjoyed alot while watching the drama..

  558. 558 : Tasya Says:

    I hope park shin hye and rae won can appear in the same drama again,i love how they take care pf each other behind the scene,i love all their reaction in drama

  559. 559 : Triska Amaliah Says:

    I hope the park shin hye and kim rae won again be able to compete acting together, I really like every episode in the doctor’s drama

  560. 560 : Yet Montefalcon Says:

    I really love this drama, perfect for all their cast, very natural acting and realistic stories..KRW @ PSH fighting, ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

  561. 561 : Thomas Woo Says:

    The actress Kim Young Ae who plays the grandmother look like and older Bae Jong Ok.

  562. 562 : Christie Says:

    The good actor KIM RAE WON👏👏💕💕😇

  563. 563 : Henry Says:

    Beautiful and good actors and actresses!

  564. 564 : Hyojin88 Says:

    Can’t forget about this drama. Sweet, down to earth, and positive.
    Hope for win big at 2016 SAF Drama Awards (please come for all cast because miss some of the cast in it).

  565. 565 : Henry Says:

    Hope to hear good news re: Park Shin Hye’s new project drama or movie soon!

  566. 566 : Lynn Says:

    I was going to by-pass this drama thinking it’ll be boring; dealing with doctors. Boy was I wrong! I love this!!! It takes you through all your emotions! Director, actors, actresses; everyone did an excellent awesome job!!! I especially love the non-music/music at times between Hong Ji Hong and Yoo Hye Jung! Just makes your heart melt! 😉

  567. 567 : zatanora Says:

    I love this drama very much!!! Good acting, looks very natural and SWEET…
    All actor and actress are SUPERB!!

  568. 568 : Tantara Says:

    Still can’t move on from this drama although finished last year (8 months ago).
    Even look simple,ordinary, or not based people’ expectation, I just love to watch again and again. Love the couple and lines in the story.

  569. 569 : Mary Says:

    So apparently I found this new Turkish drama that has copied Doctors Korean drama perfectly. I want to say its plagiarism because the concept is wayyyy similar to this drama. Here is the link for the turkish drama episode 1:


    The subtitles are in Arabic. The title of the drama is kalp atisi. Only 2 episode have been out, but I can already find many similarities to the point that I think they have copied this drama, even the conversations are the same. The opening scene, the young life of park shin hye, and the good teacher/doctor at the time, the abusive father, the caring grandmother, the friends at her new school, it is just too similar that it’s making me mad. Did they even get approved for it?
    Anyways, I just wanted to put that out there!!!

  570. 570 : اغانى 2018 Says:

    Hi,I read your new stuff named “» Doctors » Korean Drama” regularly.Your story-telling style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing! And you can look our website about اغانى 2018.

  571. 571 : sinopsis doctors Says:

    I keep rewatching doctors coz still can’t get over thier awesome chemistry..

  572. 572 : Ne mai despart doar 22 de zile pana la premiera "Black Knight" - Asociatia Culturala Sarang Hanguk Says:

    […] cu siguranta neobservat publicului roman. Cu 184cm, carismaticul actor a aparut in drame precum: “Doctors” (SBS, 2016), “Punch” (SBS, 2014), “A Thousand Days’ Promise” (SBS, 2011), “Gourmet” (MBC, 2008), […]

  573. 573 : Sweetpea Says:

    This is such a good drama. Trying to watch Black Knight, but he doesn’t have the same chemistry with SSK that he had with PSH in this drama. This drama pulls me into it, Black Knight is blah, blah, blah. Love Sharon and Baek Hee in BK, but Sharon is getting on my nerves….plot becoming a little stupid. I want to see KRW in another drama with PSH…..they act so good and natural together. At first I was worried because of the age difference, after the first episode, I was hooked.

  574. 574 : Razan Says:

    I was just recently watching this drama because of KRW. He is an awesome actor and I’m growing to like him a lot. I loved his character is this drama and he played his role really well. I personally don’t like PSH. I did not like her neither in the heirs or in you are beautiful. She just sport the same doggy eyes when expressing sadness that just looks so fake. And her acting is too boating. She was just too lucky to get in kdrama with good writers and production teams to give her popularity. I would say her acting improved here but she still fails to connect with the male lead and the romance in the dramas looked fake. I think KRW tried to his best to get her to interact with him. But still did not look natural as in his recent black night drama. I thought his chemistry with SSK was phenomenal compared to this one.

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