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Creating Destiny


Title: 인연만들기 / Creating Destiny
Chinese Title : 创造情缘
Also known as: Making Fate
Genre: Romance, family
Episodes: 31
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-10 to 2010-Jan-24
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55


Han Sang Eun emigrated to Australia with her family at a young age. Years later, she has completed her law studies in the United States and plans to marry her American boyfriend. Her dad, however, is strongly opposed to their union and has set his heart on her marrying Kim Yeo Joon, the son of his best friend. Sang Eun finds herself exiled to Korea, where she reluctantly teams up with the equally uninterested Yeo Joon to devise a plan that will allow them to avoid their impending marriage.


Han family

Eugene as Han Sang Eun
Kang Byul as Han Hyo Eun
Kang Nam Gil as Han Kyung Tae
Im Hyun Sik as Yoon Suk Joo

Kim family

Ki Tae Young as Kim Yeo Joon
Kim Jung Nan as Kim Yoon Hee
Hwang Eun Hye as Kim Jin Joo
Choi Sang Hoon as Kim Taek Soo
Yang Hee Kyung as Park Geum Ja
Ban Hyo Jung as Lee Ok Ran
Lee Jung Hoon as Park Bok Man

Shim family

Jung Suk Won as Jung Gyu Hwan
Lee Sung Min as Shim Hye Rim
Lee Hui Do as Shim Dae Hwan
Geum Bo Ra as Shin Jin Hee

Other people

Byun Woo Min as Kang Hae Sung
Ryu Sang Wook as Kang Se Won
Baek Jong Min as Min Chul Ho
Olivier (올리비에) as Alex
Park Soon Chun as Soo Jung
Yoon Joo Hee as Jung So Yeon

Production Credits

Chief Producer: Oh Hyun Chang
Director: Jang Geun Soo, Lee Sung Joon (이성준)
Screenwriter: Hyun Go Woon (현고운)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-10-10 1 3.5 (<8.0)
2009-10-11 2 3.1 (<8.8)
2009-10-17 3 7.9 (<8.7)
2009-10-18 4 6.8 (<9.5)
2009-10-24 5 8.8 (18th) 9.7 (16th)
2009-10-25 6 7.5 (<9.0)
2009-10-31 7 8.0 8.8 (19th)
2009-11-01 8 6.9 (<9.0)
2009-11-07 9 8.6 9.3 (18th)
2009-11-08 10 8.0 (<10.2)
2009-11-14 11 8.2 (20th) 8.5 (17th)
2009-11-15 12 8.9 (<10.0)
2009-11-21 13 7.4 (<8.7)
2009-11-22 14 6.8 (<9.0)
2009-11-29 15 7.2 (<9.2)
2009-12-05 16 (<8.9) (<9.6)
2009-12-06 17 7.7 (<9.3)
2009-12-12 18 7.6 (20th) 8.4 (17th)
2009-12-13 19 6.9 (<9.4)
2009-12-19 20 (<8.1) (<8.3)
2009-12-20 21 6.7 (<9.9)
2009-12-26 22 6.8 (<8.7)
2009-12-27 23 7.2 (<10.0)
2010-01-02 24 6.7 (<9.4)
2010-01-03 25 (<10.0) (<10.1)
2010-01-09 26 (<8.3) (<8.4)
2010-01-10 27 6.0 (<10.6)
2010-01-16 28 5.6 (<8.5)
2010-01-17 29 5.5 (<9.5)
2010-01-23 30 6.0 (<8.5)
2010-01-24 31 5.8 (<9.8)

Source: TNS Media Korea

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  1. 1 : kysha Says:

    I like Eugene! Sure to catch this!

  2. 2 : kate Says:

    hey…Eugene will back 😀

  3. 3 : iya/kre Says:

    i am eagerly anticipating this drama…havent watched anything after city hall (just.cant.move.on. LOL!)…i love eugene esp when she speaks in english, totally cute :)…high hopes for this drama

  4. 4 : most-DEF' Says:

    OMGAH! i want to watch this drama already!

  5. 5 : maya Says:

    its so kute i love it

  6. 6 : fave Says:

    Eugene! Yay! One of my favourite actresses… Hopefully this will be good.

    After City Hall, I just can’t watch any other dramas… Seriously, for those who have not watch City Hall, go watch it! It’s the best ever drama!!! Great storyline, beautiful OSTs, superb cast, awesome leads with incredible chemistry!!!

  7. 7 : arezou Says:

    it s good because of KI TAE YOUNG!

  8. 8 : raz Says:

    Good luck to the cast and the drama’s production.

  9. 9 : Andrea Says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! EUGENE!
    I missed her

  10. 10 : burberry Says:

    Something to look forward to. Enjoyed watching Eugene in all of her dramas

  11. 11 : fara Says:

    whohaa..so excited to watch this drama..!!!
    cant wait..

  12. 12 : rwkro Says:

    she moved to Canada so should it not be Canadian boyfriend instead of American. also i watched the preview, it looks like the scene took place in Australia because i recognized Australia famous architectural building .

  13. 13 : strawberryfieldsforever Says:

    gotta see this..eugene is a great, great actress!

  14. 14 : aurora Says:

    She is a wonder actress I love her drama. I love her long hair better but, she look good with any short hair too..I can’t wait to see her in drama with some cute actors.

  15. 15 : Adriana Says:

    Awesome ;D I was wondering when she was gonna be in a new drama!
    I love Eugene, can’t wait to see this drama~~

  16. 16 : lou8 Says:

    i like her partner so handsome in angry mom. hope in this drama he will be recognized by the filipino fans.

  17. 17 : lou8 Says:

    ki tae young i can”t wait to see this drama. i like you so much

  18. 18 : chiara Says:

    i watched one episode..i like it!

  19. 19 : Jani Says:

    this drama rocks..I love Eugene and Ki tae young, another super couple..looking forward for the next episodes

  20. 20 : bru Says:

    Check out http://dw4ptommyrot.wordpress.com/ for RECAPS of this drama!

  21. 21 : hien Says:

    eps 3 please, it’s been long time already why hasnt been there yet…..????????????????????????

  22. 22 : 1 Says:

    he’s like a idiot and rascal……
    im so sick of him, who does he think he is… such a idiot think highly of himself

    he will have to pay for what he is later on….

    i’ll wait

  23. 23 : lou8 Says:

    ratings please………

  24. 24 : burberry Says:

    Love it! Great interaction amongst actors & actresses. It’s always enjoyable to watch Eugene in any drama.

  25. 25 : USA Says:

    I am so into this drama. So far, this one is perfect for this season to enjoy; at least for me. The storyline is great, the actors’ chemistry is in sync, and their lines flow. I almost forgot about this drama, since it took a while to post the next episode. I’m glad I went back to watch it.

  26. 26 : devinityinmotion Says:

    I tried watching this drama. Its ridiculous and a waste of time. So cliche and the premise is disrespectful to the Gay community. I am glad judging by the rating, the Korean public is not watching this. Kudos to them for not buying into this fail boat of a drama.

  27. 27 : burberry Says:

    oh dear! it seems that you’ve gotten the wrong message devinity..

    i don’t think it is being disrespectful to the gay community at all? which part of it did you find offensive?

  28. 28 : HB LD Says:

    This drama is ok to watch when you are bored. I really wish they writer can improve the story a bit… it is like frying cold rice again and again…like other dramas.

  29. 29 : princess Says:

    i like this drama but i hope that eugene will not just simply stare and do nothing if hye rim is trying to bullied her… grrrr…. let her be firmed because as per her profession she is a lawyer….so it should be a little bit strong n fighter as well…..

  30. 30 : nina Says:

    wait next episode come?m waiting for the next ep i hope somebody will post soon…and i think it’s should post at the same time with You’re beautiful but yesterday i watched, so y this drama still not yet post?
    i like to see this drama and want to see how the actor take care actress when he start to love her.
    ok hope tonight can see the next ep

  31. 31 : USA Says:

    I’m really enjoying this drama. Great chemistry among the actors. They’re hilarious! Really, really love grandpa…he’s dapper. So suave and a player among the ladies in Australia. I wonder why the first woman got the largest bouquet from him….hmmmmm. Looks like he keeps a mental scorecard. Go grandpa. Or should I say…Go Lady! LOL!!! The writer and director of this drama are outstanding. Let me correct that. The entire team, along with actors, is making this drama outstanding. Love the decor…the pillows on the livingroom suites catch my eye everytime I see them.

  32. 32 : kathkath Says:

    wow.. i really like EUGENE kim.. and this drama rocks..

    .. eugene as sangeun and ki tae as yeo joon .. they were perfect for each other..:)) love it..

    ..WATCH this GUYS till the end.. i asure you all its cool and sweet..

  33. 33 : kathkath Says:

    this drama is great.. if somebody pisses this off. i don’t think they had the ability to understand and even observe how this drama goes. or may be they didn’t understand this drama at all.. that’s why they were bored watching this.. but unfortunately guys,, this drama was great. if you had the heart and the mind to watch this.. you will enjoy it..promise.. so stop making ridiculous comments. maybe. it’s just a comment or a opinion but i want you guys to remember and see who is EUGENE really is.. the way she acts and her smiles and even her beautiful face. she’s so beautiful and talented.. but i don’t know you guys recognize it huh?.. because you think on the different way.. sorry for the word.

    devinityinmotion i don’t think you watched this drama at all . and at first you watched the first episodes right?.. honestly.. those first episodes was kinda bored but if the role of sangeun and yeojoon or we call them as EUGENE and KI TAE.. they have the chemistry. and it was so funny.. you must follow the way of the story so that you can understand what i’m saying.. ok?..

    ..for the others who don’t like this drama?.. then don’t like it.. there were still anyone like me who likes it..

  34. 34 : Jani Says:

    very entertaining drama, Ki Tae young and Eugene are excellent actors…funny and adorable…but I must say this drama will drag toward the end, its 50 episodes…tooo long!!

  35. 35 : Jo Says:

    I am from the USA and I love Eugene. I even watch this episodes 3x already even though I don’t understand it.(since there is no English subtitles yet.). Can’t wait for the subtitles. Its wholesome funny family drama. I love the story. Congratulations to the crew. You have a lots of fans here in the US.

  36. 36 : diane Says:

    you can watch on http://www.mysoju.com with english
    or http://www.iidrama.com
    i love this drama due to different culture.
    we are asian raise in foreign country with diverse. she more American
    she leave in Australia and go to school in Canada.
    we have more freedom of speech and stay away from other
    business that what Eugene is run away from her family because
    she cannot get use to the korean tradition, with asian
    we cannot talk back just say yes never say no
    when come to marriage already set you cannot back out.
    since they both try so hard and 3rd party interfere causing the couple having problem. in ep 14 i could not understand due to she got so upset
    because that girl is chasing after her korean fiance and threaten her.
    with american culture we just back off.
    may that why when Alex came to see her in Korea
    she take advantage of him for cuddle her and given her compassion
    instead her fiance always yell at her “he is jealous of alex”
    i think he has feeling for her already but she does not know it yet.
    I love this drama cannot wait for this weekend…………
    happy thanksgiving everyone in USA

  37. 37 : diane Says:

    also on http://www.youtube.com already has ep 13 and ep 14
    good luck this is USA…………….. no english yet.
    you have to wait for http://www.mysoju.com
    or search on http://www.yahoo.com to give you the website
    or http://www.dramabean.com javabean is post where you can watch with english. good luck

  38. 38 : Jani Says:

    this drama is getting more interesting each week…two people who really annoy each other is actually fallling in love but don’t realize yet..

    I love and admire Eugene and Tae young…very adorable and the chemistry between this actor is just incredible…hopefully they soon realize that their feelings toward each other is for real so he can stop doubting. Looking forward for the next episode

  39. 39 : diane Says:

    I agree with you Jani, yes they do have the chemistry dont they.
    last night when i watch the ep 15 OMG how funny the her grandfather
    saw Alex he states OMG he is here . when TaeYoung saw Eugene
    in Hotel with Alex he was jealous, and his sister said that he is jealous
    he just tried to protect her because she is so naive.
    how funny, he tried to get to airport and saw her tell her
    is she is going to leave to America, how funny she is not going to america
    she lied to him………………….I could not wait to see ep 16

  40. 40 : USA Says:

    I really don’t know why the ratings are so low for this drama. It is EXCELLENT…so FUNNY! I look forward to watching it. The cast is great. Extraordinary chemistry. They make me laugh until my eyes become teary.

  41. 41 : USA Says:

    Grand pa is one of my favorites; he’s so cute. He doesn’t take anything off anyone (he looks like he’ll fight anybody), yet he has a protective and tender heart towards his granddaughters; as well as, an eye for the ladies. Still a lot of pep in his step! LOL!!! Go grand pa!

  42. 42 : delleen Says:

    this drama is great

  43. 43 : diane Says:

    I agree with you USA he is so adorable. I cannot wait ep 16
    I just dont understand why that american he does not act like a lawyer
    at all……..i just wonder if Eugene will help his sister to win the case
    she a lawyer in USA she can help can she?
    if she does what i think, right after she help his sister.
    she will tell his family, that she is not going to married him.
    she is going back to Australia ……………………..

  44. 44 : minibus Says:

    Pretty interesting and captivating but I get annoyed whenever her American boyfriends comes out. He doesn’t even speak English very well and they chose him to do it? That doesn’t make sense.

  45. 45 : diane Says:

    I agree with you as a lawyer from boston, he should has style
    and speak better english. I think the writer did not do a go
    line for him, but he can change it. but i did not like the way he act.
    it need more action…………they way i see it like he just a puppet
    for YS to get jealouse.

  46. 46 : diane Says:

    I think the ep 16 will getting good. how this couple is going to face with both parents and grand parents.
    how funny! what is it like for grand pa to get up set over YS

  47. 47 : abby Says:

    I’m so inlove with Eugene after i send her in the korean drama “save the last dance for me…she’s super pretty face and killer smile…been waiting for somebody to upload the next episode kindly hard to find it..
    Wish she get more dramas after this..looking forward to see her in a different character just love her..mabuhay!

  48. 48 : liana Says:

    The show is amazing! but she doesn’t move to Canada. It’s Australia, but then she studies in America. Have to watch it!!

  49. 49 : diane Says:

    ep 16 and ep 17 http://www.wubisheng.cn/html/hanju/2009/365.html#

    ep 18 is even better.

  50. 50 : davisian Says:

    Eugene is a lawyer from the US and so the jurisdiction is different from Korea. No one can just practice law anywhere in the world without passing the bar in that country. Even in the US one has to pass the bar in any state that they want to practice law in. So , Eugene can only help in researching the family law in Korea but cannot defend or be the counsel for the sister.

  51. 51 : kailanie Says:

    I am fan Eugene and I really like to watch this after ep 15 but no Eng sub.Where can I watch it with eng sub. Diane, I went to those sites but no Ep 16 with sub. Thanks HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL … BE SAFE

  52. 52 : diane Says:



  53. 53 : Kailanie Says:

    Hi Diane,

    Thanks a gazillion. I hope your commute home isn’t as horrendous as mine here in San Francisco. I like SMILE, YOU too and I did like YOU”RE BEAUTIFUL so much since it did make me SMILE from ear to ear. Brings back memories of a lot of FIRSTs–first love, first holding hands, etc.

  54. 54 : diane Says:

    MY EMAIL IS [email protected].
    i am not sure if i can paste the information from other website that someone else had translate.

  55. 55 : diane Says:

    but you can sign up for http://www.viikii.net
    click on creating destiny
    these people will posted the translated for ep 16 and ep 17
    there is no way you can missed it

  56. 56 : diane Says:

    there a recap for ep 20 and ep 21 for smile

  57. 57 : peaches Says:

    Eugene is really Korea’s fairy. She is pretty and so talented.

  58. 58 : diane Says:

    ep 15

    ep 16 & 17 translate

  59. 59 : diane Says:

    ep 16
    here are the link for translated Kailanie

  60. 60 : diane Says:

    ep 18 & ep 19
    is on youtube with sub omg it is going to be good

  61. 61 : diane Says:

    http://www.wubisheng.cn/html/hanju/2009/365.html# ep 18 no sub

  62. 62 : Kailanie Says:

    Thanks a lot Diane. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend.
    I watched the preview on youtube and it seems to be great but I’m a bit worried about that scene where Eugene is all dressed up like it is an engagement party and Yeo Joon is in the operationg room-it looks like our heroine was stood up on her engagement day—Maybe its just my imagination but this drama is really getting a bit heated. Thanks again

  63. 63 : davisian Says:

    I watched the preview on 18-19 then I watched 18 raw version and I really don’t like men who are indecisive like most of the lead in Korean dramas(Yeo Joon in here) and the perfect. caring second lead guy is always there to save the day for the heroine but never gets the girl. But I know that makes it more interesting for the story line. This is just 1 man’s opinion so please don’t shoot me

    . Anyway, I like this drama and it is starting to really get interesting.

  64. 64 : diane Says:

    you are welcome, i just finish watch viikii blog it seem this couple
    are start to fallen in love with each other, i think he will be late
    why did him call her he had emegency …..I hope not.
    are else she weill get mad and leave to Australia.
    the spoil on you tube when he wen to autralia to get here
    back. that he reall love her. this is going to be giood
    cann wait to ep 10

  65. 65 : angie Says:

    Eugene is such a beautiful and talented young lady- Her title NATIONAL FAIRY of KOREA is so fitting-with her natural beauty she surely deserved it. This drama is so good and heart warming. Congrats Eugene and more SUCCESS.

  66. 66 : kailanie Says:

    Yes, I watched it too and as expected they are into each other now. The cliffhanger at the end of 19 shows that she was left to dry on a special day as shown by her outfit -she is beautiful in that dress. She looks gorgeous. Thanks till next episode, I can’t wait

  67. 67 : diane Says:

    you are welcome. I dont like the next ep 20

  68. 68 : kailanie Says:

    I totally agree with you. I was so anxious, I don’t want to see it but I guess that’s how dramas are.I sure could emphatize with Eugene in the next episode. WHEW. The writers are so good in creating such emotional conflict that we the audience feels it too.GOOD DRAMA defintely

  69. 69 : cassie Says:

    AWWWWWWWW. It looks like from the preview YJ has chosen the old flame. Ouch. EUgene is beautiful. Such a lovely lady..I like this drama too.

  70. 70 : diane Says:

    i could not believe why rush to have an engagement with no ring
    he will show the engagement for sure . then girl friend show up
    but he prperly just think she as a friend but S will not accept it
    but i dont understand what that necklace mean. i think she is going back to australia
    even is not sure about her feeling toward him it just a beginning
    she might realize that she do loves him , that why she left korea
    and went back home.

  71. 71 : diane Says:

    I dont know about the writer, she does not act like a lawyer,
    she is so naive, after she talk to H there a woman. she should just tell
    him how she feel about the ex girl friend, he really loves her
    she should get a ring no matter what. I can tell she very uncomfortable
    about the rush to get engagement. this is very sad, he wants her to quit
    where work . Now i understand about the spoil how she left Korean
    and go back home, because all he wants is best for him but not for both of them. no matter what they will get back together……….
    there alot of hurt from the third party………………………..
    is the sister going to get engage with HR? i guess she is not going back
    with her EX …………that is so sad……………..

  72. 72 : kailanie Says:

    I was so frustrated after watching the preview for 20 that I wnet back from whence it started ep1. I wanted to be see who was the boy who promised a girl that they will marry and it was YJ ep2 part 3. So I thought all the while that she was the one he was waiting for. Anyway, I think that he should have just gotten rid of that ring but when I saw him hang on to it then it is not over. He has to sort out his feelings first and the writers are into that now. COnflict time bring in a credible go between (the ex ) and then reconciliation. In real life, I will not accept him anymore-I’ll just forget him-She is a lawyer for heaven’s sake and a pretty one too. WHo needs a doctor who has is indecisive. If it were me but this is a drama and it has to have some conflicts so we can be entertained. I’LL ENJOY it while it last, though my heart goes out to Eugene.

  73. 73 : davisian Says:

    I do not like how the writers portrayed Eugene as a lawyer from the US. After studying in the US and in Boston 9HARVARD maybe) she should be tough and should not be taking things from Hye Rim and others sittig down. She should tell them to go to HHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You want me to do that for you EUGENE? Just horsing around………..heheh

  74. 74 : diane Says:

    I agree with you the writer is the one whose confuse wonder it drop from ep 50 to 37. she has a good idea but the presentation was terrible.
    when she put the character Alex in his dialog was not good.
    YS act all jealous when she hang out with different guy he so selfish
    I dont think i want that kind of man. may be she just want her father to be happy. I think she the person keep in side the feeling.

  75. 75 : kailanie Says:

    Agreed again. Remember how the family said that she is the more obedient daughter of the 2 girls. Plus she told YJ that she only became a lawyer to please her father for he had a hard time raising them w/o a mom. You can see that she is a very filial daughter. She told YJ that she will give in to her father except when it comes to marriage. I just feel sorry for her that she fell for YJ- this is where she will experienced heartaches and in most asian dramas it has to happen to keep us at the edge of our seats emotionally. When SE was outside the 1st time she arrived she was looking at the sky and said “Do you live in the same neighborhood?” she must be referring to that boy (YJ) and the promise—so sweet…..eventually we’ll get the answer soon. I think 37 ep is long enough 50 is a bit too much and it will be slow.

  76. 76 : diane Says:

    realy i tried to skip some part is not important,
    i need to see entire thing again. you are correct she is a filial child
    she does not wants to hurt adult and their relationship.
    that why she go along wit JS. May JS is to ambitious
    to complish things, and does not want SW to get SE
    I am glad the third party coming in which is th ex to test how is his feeling i just wonder if he did not show up the engagement
    OMG the grandfather is going to get piss……………LOL
    he is going to give him a piece his mind.
    He likes SW better than JS . He does not trust JS …………..LOL
    how funny. i can not wait this weekend…………………………..
    I want to see ep 21 preview……….

  77. 77 : kailanie Says:

    OH Yes, Gramps will really be pissed and maybe it is him who will take her to Australia. I hope SE gives YJ a hard time in the next 10 ep and then sweet reconciliation like in the Delightful Girl Choon …I was smiling and giggling a little bit while reading your comment about Gramps He will surely do what you said. You are like I usually skip the trivial parts but it seems that childhood part was shown for a reason. At first I thought it was SW cuz he said he proposed to her when they in the grade school before she left Korea. JUST LIKE YOU AND EVERY EUGENE FAN I CAN’T FOR THE WEEKEND AGAIN so while waiting I started from #1. Anyway all dramas in the end even the villains always have a change of heart but it still exciting to see them act their part and we do our part ny hating them while rooting for heroine. It is funny how we got caught up in the moment while watching each ep

  78. 78 : diane Says:

    i think ep 21 is when she decide to go back to Australia, because
    she knew that he was not 100 % love her, that what it show
    on ep 20 , i just finish watch the up coming video in wabingsheng
    chinese website it show that he went to Australia to get her back.
    this is telling us that he had realize he does no longer love his ex.
    when S left , he had felt heart ache and he had missed her.
    that why she told him a busy person like you what do you doing here.
    you are make your path, why are you come here for.
    he said you responsible for me , she said why do i have to responsible for you……………………it was on youtube. i guess
    he follow her to Australia to tell that he is in love with her not his ex.
    he had realize that he was wrong. he does not want to them to be aprt again. this is trying the adult nut.

  79. 79 : princess Says:

    im excited to watch the next episodes cant wait for the weekend….i agree with others about eugene’s role, she should be tougher lady when hye rim trying to bully her… i really like the plot of the story but i hate the father and mother of hye rim and gyu han…very irritating including hye rim…

  80. 80 : kailanie Says:

    AWWWWWWWWWW. I went tothat site you posted and OMG I was almost in tears. I love it This is the start. I really wish that continued my study of Mandarin when I was in grade school so I can read it but oh that’s water under the bridge. But you are so on the money….Yes, the University they showed is the U of New South Wales in Sydney-HE ID FOLLOW HER and he waited..and knelt AWWWWWWWW so sweet and I am so in love. Just as I said I am so into the moment. PINCH ME……….HAppy for S

  81. 81 : ucdavisgal Says:

    Hye Rim is just that-a rude and conniving character coupled with her obsession for YJ. My problem with the characterizations is the 1 with YJ- a doctor who is supposed to be always busy and yet could go out to pick up a friend (Hye Rim) when she had a fender bender also when she had that allergy why does he (YJ) haveher to treat her himself when he is an orthopedic (she didn’t have any broken bones) it was allergy. DId they miss that. ALso, SE why work in a language center instead of in a law firm even as a paralegal or researcher since she can’t practice in Korea being a lawyer from another jurisdiction (US) anyway, this is one man’s opinion so PARDONEME……I will continue to ENJOY it. SIGNED:: A HUGE FAN OF EUGENE… KIM YOJIN

  82. 82 : diane Says:

    Kailanie please continue learn Mandarin. it is good for you since you live in San francisco. I know the ep 21 will be good.
    I will teach him a lesson, but you can blame him becasue
    he still hang on to his ex, but everyone has to go thru that kind of experience before they get married, remember he said that
    you only married someone you love ……………………..this already 1/2 way of drama I wonder what happen when they get married
    more problem? it sad that she has to quit he such a selfish person.

  83. 83 : kailanie Says:

    Yes, I wish I had the time but law school is so demanding and my boss (a lady lawyer-like eugene–she is tough-we said she has balls …..never a pushover like SE here.) had me enrolled in Spanish. We have a lot of Spanish speaking clients. I flunked Mandarin when I was young for nobody can read my characters. My late father was fluent
    I can’t wait for the next ep. I guess the script writer will have to hold our enthusiasm by adding more conflict before they finally settle down. While waiting for the next ep I watched a Thai Lakorn “SASSY LOVE” on iidrama.com and it is also good-Thai drama has more conflict than any other Asian dramas.

  84. 84 : diane Says:

    then i guess your are fluent in spanish, but practice with get you
    at least …..some where better then nothin g
    spanish is easier than chinese. .. you are a lawyer?
    i cannot wait next ep. i think people are guessing game the ep 21 has not post yet today is tuesday, i cannot wait until thursday.

  85. 85 : kailanie Says:

    Not yet. First year law student @UC Hastings College of the Law in SF. As you see with the holidays and all I got a chance to shelve the books & enjoy my dramas for when school starts again back to the salt mines. I work as a paralegal for a lady lawyer. I had all of the clericals at the office addicted to Korean dramas. Eugene is the fave of most because of Save the Last dance-even our security guard is with us. COoler conversation is Creating Destiny, Smile You & You’re Beautiful. So I can’t wait for the weekend so I can destress with the dramas. What site was 20 preview posted with sub. Wubeshing has the one where she is in AU and YJ was there too- is that 20 or 21. The songs (2) were great- I love it.

  86. 86 : diane Says:

    wow, cool the whole law office must be asian LOL
    how funny! I kind of scan the drama “save the last dance”
    no sub yet, but i think that people in viikii discussion was kind of
    mean to each other so i tend to search on other link.
    nothing yet, i think that the ep 20 SE told me that to cancel the engagement for him to be with his ex, i think he was upset about it and
    walk away. ep 21 this is just my visual SE say good bye to his family
    and request her dad and grandfather she is going back to Australia
    to much stress, she needs to be herself. I gues after she left
    he told his ex that he no longer love her, he only love SE.
    from my point of view I think he is not a bad person at all
    among all the woman i think he does care for SE and protect her.
    she is a lawyer but she had a compassion what she does.
    she does not like to hurt someone. may be seperate from him
    she can breath better and clear her head if she loves if or not
    this is the test between two couple that learn how to love each other
    before commitment. I think he show up the engagement late due to his
    surgery, after that his ex came to picture……….
    that when SE knew that she coming back for him.
    that when she decide to let him go…………..
    i hope my imagination is right……..
    I wish i was a writer. too bad I am not like my father………..LOLL
    i do have alot imagination LOL
    if you dont mind i ask this question. you will be lawyer one day
    some how the writer did not create SE like a lawyer or not
    lawyer should be aggressive and fight for their right.
    she is not kind of let other push around.
    or because of how her father raised her that way i dont really
    understand the writer at all………………..welllllllllllllllwonder why the rate is low……..the idea is good but ……………..??????

  87. 87 : Kailanie Says:

    Wow, you sure have a great imagination and insight and you can write! I do admire people who could write. I like Jane Austen she played with words so well and so does Danielle Steele and Nicholas Sparks. Diane, start writing, write anything letters, fanfiction, anything that comes to your mind and you will see how words will just come into play. I have to practice too (legal) for we are expected to be able to describe events, people & situations. The 4 lawyers (different personalities) in the office and yes, we are a very diverse group as SF is. My classmates are just that diverse and with varied personalities but I observed that mostly tend to speak their mind openly which may appear condescending at times or arrogant and some are a bit passive like SE. I kind of did not like the way SE just kept silent when she got bullied by Hye Rim she just stand there and to me (personally) I will never tolerate that. WHen Hye Rim slapped her, I would have raised hell no matter who is there. It happened in high school-no slapping just someone cut in line (bookstore)–Ohlalala-my caveman temper just comes into the fore and you’ll hear it or get it. I know in front of our elders, we are never allowed to talk back even if it is not our fault. I got scolded a million times and was never given a chance to explain until later for we wer told NEVER NEVER to talk back w/o permission from the elders. SE’s character was based on that culture. Close mouth just SMile even if it hurts and you are expected to excel-to be the BEST child of the family. Family always comes first……..
    Thanks for sharing your insight into the next episode. We have an office slowdown during the holidays-the bigwigs are all on vacation now. Today is our X’mas lunch and hopefully we will received something inside a X’mas card. MAHALO.(Thanks in Hawaiian)..

  88. 88 : diane Says:

    OMG writer no I am not good at it, I might write a cook book
    I love to cook, well Danielle Steele he is great write in love novel.
    I had been reat alot young writer ( asian) in fanfiction website.
    cheng26 i love her stories. go to this link here
    this story i had been read for almost a year, she is fresh in college this year. and http://www.wattpad.com/123380 read cheng 26 stories
    it is very good just for fun
    she also has her old blog
    you have to email her to request the pass word.
    i like short stories LOL

  89. 89 : diane Says:

    how funny i just finish our xmas lunch, too much food.
    it is not cold today which is good, I hate the weather here.
    to windy. yes you right she did not say that she like to be a lawyer.
    she more give in then tell straight just like she wait for awhile
    to tell Alex that she does not has feeling for him made him wait
    finally she told sewon that she just want to be best friend.
    she only has him, and one her senior who is a lawyer in korea
    and one else. she please YS quick her job.
    I would not please no one, i will do what best for me.
    how do you sure he is going to married you? quiting a job is not a good
    idea. I guess in her situation she too tired to argue with any one.
    may be going back to Australia is a good idea even though different culture . in Asian world is so stress, being a asian child has alot of expectation from your parents and families.
    choosing a major that made your family proud.
    married a rich or good guy will made your parent happy.
    which way is the right way. some time being Asian so sufficate.
    i dont want to be in SE shoes………..alot of head ache
    I so fullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  90. 90 : kailanie Says:

    Yes, this the time of X’mas lunches or dinner and white elephant-I got a waffle maker this year yah like I need it. You are so on the money about SE just like most Asian kids we just don’t want to argue like her so she just agreed to go to Korea for the father faked ailment (that was underhanded) but she didn’t feel bad about it like the filial child that she is. Yes, maybe going back to AU is better for here so she can take a breather since they were suffocating her in Korea. I know how hard it is to grow up in an extended family like hers-every one has an opinion as to what’s best for you. It is only now that I got to really pursue what I wanted. Mom’s family wanted me to be a doctor-I faint at the sight of blood. Dad’s side wants me to be an engineer –I suck at Math. So I told myself no scalpel, chemistry and numbers-be a lawyer. They want you to play an instrument-music doesn’t like me. I am not my aunt or sister but do you think you can voice that if everyone is on your case-you become the black sheep or the unfilial one. Holidays are the worst but we survived. Still, I think I will never give in when it comes to marriage-I’ve seen the result. SE will only marry for love same with YJ . The story is starting to take off and I’m loving it. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! WATCH SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME at MYSOJU.com I think it is also @ YOUTUBE. Wonderful LIFE & 3DADS 1MOM she was good. Also, I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU- I love her the most in this one with Lee Minki-She was able to pull tis one off and she was young.

  91. 91 : diane Says:

    You are so funny, did you really faint . I alway want to be Hotel Managment and be a pastry chef….I love catering …………
    My father wants me to be computer engineer. I am more creative
    in design food, house or build a house. I love to be around people
    and helping people too. so i graduate in finance and accounting
    i hate accounting boring………..so i did going to be social worker for 4 yrs
    hate it so depress. so i decided to work for accounting busy but bored
    so my sister and i going to catering business. she is finance major too
    she got harass at work and quit job already now she continuing
    in her master in art she is talent in water color,oil paint sculpture
    etc. my 2 brother and my other two sister. i am not good in art
    but i can creative in food, i got from my grandmother which is my mom side my dream to be a chef and open a small restaurant.
    that is my grandmom dream she went to paris but could not do it
    due to difficult in language. i t not like american.
    so she cooks at home and catering.
    but it is a ok parent alway right……………………………
    be a lawyer not bad……………my father is pretty open mind it
    he never push us, he pretty support. my sister is speech therapist,
    my younger sister want to be a surgeon but she change her mind due
    to no life at all……………………….
    but when come to holiday all my brothers and sisters cook different
    dishes so we can compete how funny, my youngest brother
    can bake a very good vanilla bean cheese cake the best
    I like to cook and entertain people but i dont enjoy eating.
    anyway come back to story this is their test to see if they really love
    each other . as for all her movies and drama i already saw it.
    the best website is http://www.iidrama.com
    i used to be in http://www.mysoju.com did not like the set up.
    anyway, keep on do what you like because you have to like your job
    if dont have the passion you will be so depress.
    as for lawyer, it is tough out there depend what kind lawyer.
    every case is differnent and chalenge right………
    my niece a corp law, she graduate in rice university and then graduate in Harvard and now she work in New York city.
    i think you will a ok, but in bottom of your parent heart they still
    love you………. trust me. my parent alway love us not matter how
    old we still their baby. LOL I love my Asian parents even when they
    angry at me lOL…………….

  92. 92 : kailanie Says:

    I fainted so many times, that’s why they said for me not to use a knife cuz I’ll spoil the celebration. Wow, I love to eat but not cook, my older brother is the one in computers. He is a network engineer for a bank in Chicago and my sister is a biological science graduate from UC Davis, she is working for a pharmaceutical company. We are 3 siblings, am the youngest and Gramps called me the stubborn one. Pa was a corporate lawyer but succumbed to cancer at the age of 42, Ma is a teacher and will soon retire. Ewa Beach in Oahu is my childhood home . My first love is horticulture, growing plants especially orchids and doing bonsai and Hawaii is my paradise, In college, I was a receptionist then a legal researcher in a law firm and now am a paralegal. My boss is pretty supportive and encouraged me a lot. Berkeley was my 1st choice but I have to go across the bridge from work so I opted for Hastings also a part of the UC system so it isn’t too bad. Tuition is cheaper than Stanford .I like to practice Family Law God willing. We always spend our holidays at home here in the Napa Valley north of SF
    Wow, So did your grandma tried Cordon Bleu the best in Paris. French cooking is so good because of the use of butter. My favorite restaurant is Bouchon in Napa owned by Thomas Keller who also owned The French Laundry. SF has a good one –the Culinary School-cooking schools are expensive, my best friend spent so much just to become a pastry chef from said school and got a chef job in a hotel in Canada. Good Luck on your business venture-that;s good cuz no matter what people always eat so it. You love to cook and you know about finance so good combo. I tried that site and I watched a Thai drama that I liked Sassy Love. The weekend is almost here so we will know what happen. Why is SE in AU? We will watch ep 20 & 21 soon..ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS with your loved ones. My aunt & I are the assigned cook . My dish is Paella and my brother fave is pork crown roast my sis lazy plays the piano for us. She is good. No nephews & nieces yet. My bro is only 28 we are 2 yrs apart.

  93. 93 : diane Says:

    wow, you and i have the same hobby, bonsia and orchid.
    you live in Hawaii during your child hood. your parents made the right
    decision to get in usa for your sibling to go to school.
    your family had 3 children, my is 6 total. I am the eldest.
    I am glad that your boss encourage you to go back to school
    you are so lucky to have her. I wish i can be a pharmcist or doctor
    to help other, but i back out when my friends said i have to
    be with dead person for 2 semester no way………i dont like to be near the dead people. blood does not scare me.

    my lady slipper orchid is bloom now it is purple.
    my phaenoposis is also start to have buds so far 3 plants.
    I love orchid……….and bonsai. most of my is ficus,
    it is easy to take care. i love plants……..

    my grandmother is only cook vietnamese tradition food.
    she made the best eggroll, she did not give us any recipe
    she passed away 3 years ago in Rhone France, she live in Lyon
    then she had a stroke so my uncle moved her to a nun facility
    he is a priest.
    my aunt live in paris never like cooking but now she own a hotel
    and restaurant in Greece, she had been all over asian and europe.
    she end up retired in Greece.

    Napple valley i heard it is pretty. you have a beautiful family.
    my youngest brother is about 30 then you can guess
    i am the eldest so i am very old but young at heart.
    I had help my daughter to bake a ding dong cup cakes for her friends
    xmas gift, she had some trouble with ganache i have to help
    her. my son said i am so hungry now. I bake about 200 cups cakes
    yesterday and 150 chocolate cup cake on wed for donation.
    so i fix him 4 cup cakes, Omg he hate them all.

    tonight i am bake a raspberry apple cake, 24 keys lime mini pie
    for my children to take to Houston , they are spending xmas in Houston
    i will be working :(:(((( . I do enjoy cooking.
    as for culinary you are correct Sanfrancisco, Washington or New york
    even canada too. after i graduated from finance i want to go to study
    to be chef. my dad said no , but Uof H the dean in Hilton
    want me to be in master program becasue he likes my cream brulee.
    i am justa immature chef. i was an intership with Houston oil at that
    time. my friend is a head chef for the Hilton whose is sponsor
    for University of Houston Hotel management school.
    it was an honor to have a complement from the Dean too bad i should take the opportunity i that time . too late now.
    but I am happy, everyone month i bake about 100 cup cake and give out to children………….just a little sweet.

  94. 94 : diane Says:

    I am going to watch on chinese website for ep 20 to see what happen
    but that will show until 3am on our time.
    I just cannot wait…….I have to leave early to go out of town about 7am

  95. 95 : diane Says:

    ep 20 and ep 21 preview with english.

  96. 96 : lei Says:

    Is ep 20 up yet. I am so anxious because I don’t want Eugene to be broken hearted.

  97. 97 : KAILANIE Says:

    Diane, I am so sad…he did say sorry to her family and went with that girl… i feel for SE I really don’t like to be in her shoes.. always pretending to be strong that all is well with the world when her heart is being gnawed into bits & pieces-that feeling of wanting to cry but you have to hold it an appear strong………not a very good feeling…….ithink i want to kill someoene YJ STOPPPPPPPPP me

  98. 98 : KAILANIE Says:

    In 20 the engagement went on though a bit late maybe and they kissed the 21 changed everything when YJ apologizes to her family and left and shown with the ex. OMG real conflict begins. How will they present it to us to hold or enthusiasm we’ll see in a few days. REALLLLLLLLLLLLL GOOD.
    Diane I will email you later Thanks again HAPPY HOLIDAYS MAY YOUR EVERY WISH COME TRUE……….HAVE A SAFE HEALTHY AND A VERY PROSPEROUS 2010 YEAHHHHHHHH 2010 ALREADY in a few days and our drama addiction continues. I read the fanfiction and they could write. And some of them young too real ypoung teens… which is real good. they should be encouraged so I left comments-commending their great effort. One wrote a very long one on METEOR GARDEN- I liked that one better than Boys over flowers.

  99. 99 : jasmine Says:

    how many episodes are there in total? I thought there would be 50 of them? Did they decide to cut down till 37?

    Creating destiny is an awesome drama! Keep up the good work!

  100. 100 : diane Says:

    yes ep 20 is up http://www.viikii.net no sub.

  101. 101 : diane Says:

    I wish a Merry xmas and Happy new year. This year was the worse year.
    my doctor said my blood presure is good but i am understress
    he ask me was my job stress me out, i told him no why?
    I he was that i am under stress. i laugh at him. for last 2 months
    i saw him 5 times. He said i have not cancer, something bother me
    that cause me sick due to my immune system was to low.
    so i am look forward this year, my boss gave a big bonus, i was shock
    LOL I guess i can go shopping now LOL
    anyway i will wait 5 am to see if ep 21 is up. http://www.winglin.net/fanfic
    search for “my contract husband” the writer is freshman college
    angelwishes there alot writer out there are high schoool students.
    the ep 21 i was wrong, they both got engage, he saw his ex,
    and had dinner with her and forgot that he suppose to have dinner with SE she was waiting for him. so she called him , told him it late
    she is going home. when he got to her appartment he called she was about to go sleep, she bought him a present, when she went to hospital
    saw him with his ex, ep 21 telling us that she said that he does not
    love his ex why ????? she waiting to meet him to give back the necklace since still in love with his ex, but he said enough and walk off
    i guess ep 22 and 23 their will be a big mess. OMG the grandfather
    will throw a fit. she probably tell elders they are not going to get married she is going back to Australia………..he is torn between two lovers said.

  102. 102 : kailanie Says:

    COngrats on you bonus-shop till you drop. I think I think I got greedy and expected more -not bad I can get a new laptop and maybe pay for my books this sem. The books are draining my savings. Transportation is also a prob since I’m coming from Napa about 45 mi 1 hr w/o traffic w/ traf–up to 1hr45. On days that I have no classes at night I take the ferry to save on gas and the wear & tear of my old Corolla. I was planning of getting a Pruis (hybrid) can’t afford yet. Toll fee for me is $8/day 2 bridges to cross. ANyway doin’t stress yourself. My Pa used to see Tomorrow is another day and your pile of work will be there waiting for you. But cuz of genetics he died young too. I asked the dr. the cause of Lymphoma and no sure answer Think positive all the time. Ma is a new age fanatic. Positive thinking and candles and music-She loves classical music playing it unlike me who just listen.. Anyway, i was so frustrated of what i saw and assumed. I want to watch it w/ sub now. What site an I watch it raw.

  103. 103 : diane Says:

    there is sub already in ep 20 http://www.viikii.net check it out
    I just saw this morning, I know in big city traffic is hectic
    and toll over there cost alot. I feel for your expenses.
    I am sorry about your dad. you do missed him during the holiday.
    i called my dad everyday, he the best in the whole wide word.
    even my friends love him…..I could not come home for xmas
    there nothing to do in okc, at least you have to golden bridge
    and the ocean to release the stress. i had been there about 10 yrs
    ago. this summer i went to LA it change alot, i am not talking about the city but it was too dry ……it nice to come out there just to relax.
    i feel for SE, he had change his heart because he feels sorry for his ex
    poor SE she wants to return the neckle , but he would not take it
    and he enough for now. I think she already fall for him …..sad.
    i just wonder how the next 2 chapter will turn out the rate is low
    because the drama to mellow no action “peak of the story”

  104. 104 : kailanie Says:

    Diane, I hate YJ. SE dump dump the jerk. How could he even stood her up for dinner- forgot to call OMG I’ll not forgive him that easy. I admired strong willed women. Se is such a sensible girl but for heaven’s sake be assertive once in a while. They walk all over you like that. Remember the song “These Boots are made for Walking” nancy Sinatra. Use those boots to kiss his hinny… I am furious about the dinner thing. Had he called earlier before she called but to totally forget her cuz he met his ex………..do not give in still she feel sorry for his ex. 21st century lady a lawyer and very pretty too…….you got it all SE. I will torture him b4 I’ll forgive him. I know the drama was written as such but this is just me if I were SE. Maybe this the reason I only have friends I can discuss matters ASSERTIVE again so they don’t step on your 2 feet…………………HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY MERRY X’MAS. Gotta get some ingredients for my Ma’s PORK CROWN ROAST her special X’mas centerpiece.

  105. 105 : kailanie Says:

    I just can’t take it. What is with this writers.. make my blood boil… SE is Smart & Beautiful What so great with a guy like YJ..But I guess that’s how you make your viewers interested but I’m not anymore I am not watching this 21 I feel so frustrated with SE. WHy take this? I said NO NEVER. I’m fed up Gotta go I didn’t finish 21

  106. 106 : diane Says:

    calm down kailanien, now i do understand YS, he does love SE.
    as the doctor he has to do his duty to take care the patients.
    ex was trying manipulate SE, i dont know she a lawyer she needs to
    get all the facts, he told her that not to worry and trust him
    i guess in ep 22 she saw him put the ring on his ex to return to her as requested. it seem to him is done deal. but SE saw that and misunderstand.
    so she probably took the job in australia because she thinks he
    did not keep his promise to her. Lawyer should learn to be aware these kind of person, i think she will better to be family law for
    criminal law. and observe people act before come to conclusion
    i guess she was in love with him and saw him with ex
    and she could not trust him any more that why she is going to accept job offer in australia, when she tell him he got mad
    and walk away, then he probably realize that she is gone
    he missed her and fine out that his ex is lie to him
    that why he go to Australia and get her back , he went to australia
    and tell her that she has to responsiblity for him, she said why
    do have to responsibilty for you. you were to busy, and when his own path. he finally kneel down and tell her to married him and he
    love her. He told her that he does not want them to be apart again.
    i guess when SE gone , her sister tell him that SE did love him
    and got hurt so much, so she decided to go home.
    she feels betrayed…….dont get mad the writer that how the story
    will be end.
    also send me your mom recipe, i went to Dallas to meet my sister
    and she forgot my prime rib. and i dont know what to cook
    for my niece and nephew for lunch on Xmas day
    it getting cold here in okc and it might snow on xmas day.
    i do not like snow……LOL. and i got to be bake that key lime pies on
    Tuesday night………what am i going to do, i kailanieneed your recipe.
    asap can you send to my email…….thankskailanie

  107. 107 : diane Says:

    here the spoiler, read the translate on the bottom
    then you will understand YS he really love her
    watch on http://www.viikii.net on ep 21 you will for give YE
    i thought i have hot temper you do too lol
    please be calm at the end the good guy always
    the winner. her mom will protect her……….have a good evening
    it is cold here

  108. 108 : mariel Says:

    I was frustrated with the ratings…. maybe because its light because if you look drama release they want heavy actions and real tearjecker.But since their not my cup of tea I prefer and I think this drama is entertaining. Even the story is common but the cast did well…. the main charaters has good chemistry.

  109. 109 : diane Says:

    the rating probably low due to the story did not has the peak.
    from begining to now every ep about the same thing over
    alex in the picture then alex is out, now the this new ex come back
    and then she will out. it does not has any action. everything is
    smae old thing keep on repeat………but the whole idea was good
    i wish this drama was only 16 ep.
    i like My little bride very cute……………..

  110. 110 : Crissy Says:

    I am sooo sad, I think she should go to australia and get her head fixed and the doctor can go fly a kite. I hate men who are whoosies cant make up their minds…..I cant wait for ep.22 and on

  111. 111 : Crissy Says:

    Its almost Christmas and I am wishing for a good ending to this drama I love korean drama and many friends of mine here in Hawaii shares my feelings too. Can hardly wait for the next ep to come out with english subs of course. Time is ticking Mele Kalikimaka a me Hauoli Makahiki Hou.

  112. 112 : diane Says:

    the ending will be good, after she left Korean she decided to
    take an offer job in australia. before she left australia
    she had applied for that position.
    that why in ep 21 her father and grandfather received some paper work
    from australia, she said she got the position in autralia
    that why her father and sister said you getting married soon.
    she was about to meet up with YS to tell him about the job
    want to made sure he is going to married but i guess
    the ex come back. so she had decided to take the job offer
    i gues he is going to be surprise in ep 22 or 23. LOL

  113. 113 : Crissy Says:

    Diane, thank you for the update, this doctor is really something cannot make up his mind so hesitant. She gave up her boyfriend fast and he still holds on to the sick ex of his. He should be left all alone and lose out when she goes to australia and start anew, good girl get on with your life theres someone better then this whoosie doctor…..keep me posted if you can
    Alooooha from Hawaiii

  114. 114 : diane Says:


  115. 115 : joy Says:

    Its very cold here in Va Beach, USA but its not compare how cold YJ is to SE. I’m addicted to this drama now. All my friends and coworkers here can’t wait for the next episode. Hope it will be nice this coming weekend you know just to give us a christmas treat or else I will get mad to the writer of this drama. We only watch Eugene drama. Avid fan of her. Just love her. Merry christmas to all.

  116. 116 : diane Says:

    Joy you are in VA beach, in your office have alot of asian?
    snow will be coming here on Thursday…..
    today is warm but cloudy. I had been rewatch the last 4 ep
    and waiting for the ep 22 and ep 23. it looks like they are not
    going to spend christmas together.

  117. 117 : Kailanie Says:

    Aloha!! Another hula girl, hELLO EVERYBODY. Diane last day of work today for 2009 and was really hectic. Traffic is horrendous, can’t take it anymore. Jan. 11 Spring session begins and reality will kick in. I will continue to follow up on my fave lawyer SE. I like her decision to go for her dream. She worked hard to be a lawyer, so go for it SE. If I were SE i would have chosen the law firm in Boston but AU is ok as long as she gets away from all the insanity in Korea. Better to leave YJ so he can sort out his feelings and be sure of it, same with SE since she said she half care for him at the time which I don’t believe but as a lady -one should never reveal her true feelings unless you know how the other party feel for sure. “Absence makes the heart grew fonder”-so YJ must have realized his loss now that SE is in AU. Anyway, Diane, I forgot to write in the recipe that Ma marinates her pork roast in Lime, soysauce, brown sugar and black pepper then bro adds some chili flakes. Until next time, HERE’S WISHING YOU ALL DESTINY LOVERS A VERY HAPPY HOLIDAYS. TAKE CARE YOU ALL & BE SAFE.

  118. 118 : diane Says:

    hi sorry that you had a hetic day with the traffic that is how in big city
    I think i love the next two ep when she accident saw he put the ring in
    ex finger and she was pissed , she probably told him that she trust in him
    she could believe that he betray her lol…………she finally tell him
    that she want to break the engagement so he can move on with his ex
    and i guess he got mad and walk off, she probably told him that she is living to australia, he probably did not take her words for it
    lol hey what kind pork meat????????????????how much lime juice,
    soy sauce email me [email protected]
    with the ingredient.
    I just finish bake 16 key lime mini pies,and 31 mini pumpkin pies
    I will try to do the pumpkin rolls….if i have time.
    so cold here. i will be busy with auditor tomorrow. they called me last minutes, before i go home. i have to get in early to get it done by 8:30am
    wish me luck i love audit LOL
    dont get mad get even…………LOL have a good night

  119. 119 : Kailanie Says:

    I sent you the recipe. Wow you’ve been busy. Today, I received a bagful of goodies from an officemate a lady like yourself who loves to bake for her 2 lovely daughters ages 7 & 9. Another gave me a homemade Panettoni- of course he is of Italian descent. So I will be a snowman by the end of the holidays- thick in the middle. Thank you for the analysis of the preview. I really feel for SE when she was stood up and then he was late -she actually told him 2 outs but he did get it. I think he was somewhat sure of his feelings for SE but his Hippocratic oath gets on the way especially for a sick girl he cared about before. All’s well that ends well.. So I guess, we’ll have to wait for the next 2 episodes. Take care and enjoy this HAPPIEST of HOLIDAYS with your LOVED ONES. BE SAFE

  120. 120 : sharisa Says:

    i have a question…anyone know if dey showing dis show in hawaii yet..and if they are what time and what channel

  121. 121 : mariel Says:

    I think their family moves to Australia not Canada as you mention in your synopsis. I watch the drama online cause cable in the Philippines has only one korean channel (ARIRANG) watching it give me light feeling and always looking the next episodes. Even I have completed the episodes I always go back to the episodes that I really like. The main characers compliment each other. The sound track is very good as well as the theme songs.

  122. 122 : diane Says:

    homemade Panettoni can you ask him the recipe i really want
    a recipe authentic one. i will bake anything.
    right now i need a kimchi recipe not too garlic

  123. 123 : joy Says:

    Diane, theres a lot of aseans here in VA, not only in our workplace but everywhere. Feedbacks are, they are crazy with Eugene. Been followers of hers. We are on our way to Florida Disney World tomorrow . I had my laptop with me everywhere I go to ensure that I will not miss the next episode of creating destiny. Thats the only soap I am watching right now. I am afraid to watch others cause I might have no time with my family if I am hooked with other soap. You know, we have to take care of our family also, so I limit myself watching one drama for this season. I don’t even watch TV and news. Thats the only hobby I am crazy about right now, creating destiny. Thanks also for your creative recap, its entertaining. LOL.

  124. 124 : diane Says:

    just go to http://www.iidrama.com
    or http://www.viikii.net and watch the best is watch about 3am in your time.
    no traffic. i could not watch at 10 pm central time.
    due to traffic……….too many people watch it.
    enjoy it.

  125. 125 : diane Says:

    I am glad you are going to Disney world, made sure you the fast pass
    so you dont have wait. My family went couple years ago
    we had a good time except my back………
    anyway, i had two children keep me busy like a bee………….
    but my time to watch it about 2am on friday night and saturday
    night. I dont watch alot of drama. I am very picky.
    you might try coffee prince is very cute. Have a safe trip.

  126. 126 : diane Says:

    check on this website, i will post the web so you can watch.
    there a chinese web the you can watch but in kind slow
    and they dont have eng sub but only chinese.

  127. 127 : kailanie Says:

    Diane, I’ll get the recipe for you and I will email to you together with my Dutch friend’s Appletart/Apple Pie-it is so good that I always eat all the crumbs. My sis is the baker. She doesn’t want my help maybe she thinks she still work in the lab even when she is in the kitchen. also, I will include her recipe for lemon bars. I will watch Destiny again before I go back to work after the New Year for I may not have the time to watch it when the new term starts but I will surely keep in touch with you if only to swao recipe. Can you email me your grandma’s eggroll recipe. Every once in a while we to this Vietnamese Rest. in Pleasant Hill for they have the best PHO ever but the best egg roll I’ve tasted is in Oakland -VI’s and the owner told my sis how to make it but somehow it’s not the same. Albany has one good one too but I think the most authentic ones are in San Jose which is a little far from where we are. After watching so many Korean dramas, I tried their food and it is good, a bit spicy. I’m Chinese but I like all kinds of food except the very spicy ones and raw (sushi & sashimi) I always thought why pay so muh money for something that they did even cook(JOKE so pls. no offense.)
    Aloha, Joy, just watch it online. See Diane’s suggestions. Crissy is also from Hawaii. I grew up in Oahu-well until I was 7 but we visit every once in a while-I miss the Kahuku shrimps & the flora esp. the orchid farms-chico, pomelo, guavas & everything about my island paradise.HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  128. 128 : joy Says:

    Diane, where could I find the english sub of creating destiny theme song. I love their song but the only word that I understand is Sarangheo which is I love you at the last part of the song. I watch it many times in youtube preview the VOS of creating destiny to look for the sub but there is none. Thanks.

  129. 129 : diane Says:

    I will send you the recipe, if you dont mine email to
    me on personal email. I dont want post on this website.
    I feel funny. it is very easy to do, even pho
    you can do it too. I will be waiting for your email
    I dont trust restaurant people.
    if you have a chance to go to Oregon. My friend own
    Phovan, they have a website
    http://www.phovan.com it is pretty good.
    any recipe you need let me know. i plan to create a blog but i dont have the gut.

  130. 130 : diane Says:

    you can search on ON YOUTUBE, I LOVE THE SONG TOO.
    there are 2 songs, which one?
    I cannot go on youtube at work, but i can search for you.
    they already had one in vietnamese. i can search english for you.
    it mean that she the only one that he had been waiting for,
    she stand by him something like that. l listen everynight
    trying my daughter nut……………LOL

  131. 131 : diane Says:

    I will be in hawaii in May, may be you guy can give me a list
    where to visit and where to eat. no offense i do not like sushi
    or raw fish. my nephew whose is an engineer, he had been
    working with japanese chef he made very good sushi
    i probably take my daughter in New Jersey so she can eat all the sushi.

  132. 132 : kailanie Says:

    I e-mailed you but I don’t know if you got it. Can you check if not I’ll give you my email. We tried the Steve’s Pannetone and it was a bit compact and not as soft the store sells. I asked him to email me the recipe and then I’ll send to you. Diane, my sister has a collection of cookbooks like Farallon – a famous rest in SF and Bouchon & The French Laundry by Thomas Keller. If you want anything from these cookbooks tell me I’ll emailed them to you. I will communicate with you thru our personal emails.
    Please continue to send your insight on our favorite drama & actress Eugene thru this forum. I do like Eugene a lot. She grew up in Guam, you know and was in SF this Summer. I wish to see her in person. The necklace that YJ gave her snowflakes—LOVE LOVE IT-that will be my X’mas wish.. What is the meaning of SNOWFLAKE? In YOU’RE BEAUTIFUK the STAR In SAVE THE LAST DANCE-a message in the couple’s necklace. Snowflake vanishes in a split second-oh well, it is beautiful though. I’m here chillin inside cuz it is coldddddddddd out there but the sun is up. LATERRRRRRRR

  133. 133 : diane Says:

    Nope, try this email [email protected]
    sometime my hotmail will block

  134. 134 : diane Says:

    this is the only website i can get in, they block at work.
    yes i will post eugene drama. i love her too.
    guam too, is your dad a military????????????

    I will check out that book, i have too many cook book.
    i had print 500 pages of different kind cup cake.
    there a blog that i go in and print out recipe and try it out
    i want to try out crepe recipe tomorrow. i am not sure i have the time
    to do it.
    snow will be coming down this evening and tomorrow.
    i have to be at work 1/2 day, I only bake , i do not eat
    i dont know why.

  135. 135 : joy Says:

    Diane,The theme song- slow one song not the fast one. Anybody knows who is Eugene boyfriend? Just wonder also if Eugene is a famous actress in Korea? The rating is very low. Not fair for my favorite drama. Every episode is very exciting so I wonder why it is low.

  136. 136 : diane Says:

    oic the slow song. I will try to translate for you when i get home tonight
    they have in vietnamese sub….
    I will try my best to translate in english.
    the song call “one person” am i right?

    kailanie I have the recipe written down and wait for your email
    you can try my other personal email. [email protected].
    see if you can email to me or at work.
    any vietnamese recipe you want me to type up for you.
    I dont care much about lemon bar…..
    but i am working on Portugese egg custard
    this a good to eat when it is hot.
    and chinese egg custard, my daughter love it.

    I am in to pastry now, every time i did a cream puff
    i bake about 400 mini with chocolate glaze.
    and 200 mini cream cheese cake with fruit on top.
    I know I usually bake for the party

  137. 137 : diane Says:

    I thought she already married and had a little girl.

  138. 138 : joy Says:

    She is not married yet. I saw her in youtube interview . She is still looking for a boyfriend and lists down all the qualities he suppose to have.

  139. 139 : diane Says:

    OIC thanks for the information. that mean she is single
    LOL that a good new.

  140. 140 : joy Says:

    But I’m not sure though. I probably watch the old scene. LOL. Diane , I though you are on top of Korean news? Anyway, any news about her we appreciate and glad to hear.

  141. 141 : diane Says:

    I could be wrong, because couple week ago i search on line
    about her life. she had married to whom i really dont know
    on youtube , it show her and her daughter she is so cute.

  142. 142 : kailanie Says:

    Diane, I will do just that. No my Pa was not in the military, my grandpa came to the US via Hawaii and settled there. I was into Eugene when I happened to watch her Wonderful Life. At that time I was into Thai Lakorns on You Tube. Eugene was the 1st Korean actress I really admired-she looks so sweet and charming. She is popular in S.Korea, she is considered Korea’s Fairy. I think that the ratings are low because of the many shows showing at the same time. At first the drama was kind of slow but now that it is picking up hopefully it will catch some attention over there. I watched all her videos on You Tube she was a singer at a young age.

  143. 143 : kailanie Says:

    Joy, you’ll get more Korean Entertainment news at dramabeans.net. It has recaps of some of the current dramas. Unfortunately, it has no recaps for Creating Destiny. Did you try the sites Diane suggested ? At this site http://www.viikii.net you can watch it you just have to install the Viikii plug for easy viewing. ANyway, enjoy. EUgene is my Korean Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock combined. I am a fanatic and a groupie thru & thru.

  144. 144 : diane Says:

    thanks kailanie,

    yes, I dont think Java bean like creating destiny.
    i knew her so well, she very picky what she watch so she can recap it
    but there one person that recap creating destiny,
    to ep 12. she did not like creating destiny either but if we go to her
    blog put our comment she will recap for us,………..so far only 2 person comment on her blog dw4p also recap smile for dramabeans right now.
    I start her recap on smile on dramabeans, request her to recap
    creating destiny that how i got her website.

    link here

  145. 145 : Joy Says:

    OMG. Is she really married? I thought she is still single. I am hoping her and Ki Tae Young will develop something in real life. Oh well, anyway we are just hoping her the best. Kailanie, thanks for the info. I usually watch the raw scene in dramastyle with no sub. I was able to watch it in viikii when there is no traffic the next day.

  146. 146 : diane Says:

    is this the song this is in chinese sub this ius for joy

  147. 147 : diane Says:

    or this one

  148. 148 : USA Says:

    Oh, this drama is so GOOD! I just love the grandfather. He’s so funny! Maybe he needs to date real soon. That way he’ll avoid getting into altercations. He had 3 women in Australia! LOL!!! The writer of this drama is truly brillant.

    I also like the lip movements given by Yeo Joon towards Sang Eun, when she doesn’t respond to his comments the way he thinks that she should. Then he smiles a little, after she walks away from him. It’s so sweet. I like everything about this drama. Even the acting of the 2 antagonistic females that are after Yeo Joon. They definitely portray those women very well.

  149. 149 : diane Says:

    hi everyone

    the preview ep 22 she is going to take that offer in Australia
    and preview ep 23 her sister give to hint to him
    so he is going to australia to get back.
    he finally to H take a hike. LOL enjoy the preview
    joy I hope you and your family have a good in florida.


  150. 150 : lucille Says:

    hi diane, joy, kailanie! im just wondering if eugene’s really not single anymore and has a daughter? i havent found any site showing that she’s already married…
    i was hoping that both lead actors of this series were both still single because they have good chemistry and that maybe someday they can make another series.. cant wait for the other episodes to be shown on viikii..
    anyway, gurlz, hope you still post your comments and suggestios because im into this kdrama and getting really “addicted” to it 🙂 lol..

  151. 151 : diane Says:

    i saw on you tube she with her daugter about 1 or two i could be wrong ep 22 is up on http://wwww.wubisheng.cn/htm/hanju/2009/365.html#

  152. 152 : USA Says:

    Thank you diane for sharing the preview of ep. 22. Happy holidays everyone!

  153. 153 : diane Says:

    also http://www.viikii.net they are working on sub .
    have a good day! you are welcome.
    I hope the rate go up but i have the feeling it would not
    because the writer did not put any action.
    every thing to repetition. ……no peak in drama.

  154. 154 : USA Says:

    Thanks diane. I just finished looking at what’s going on in viikii before coming to this site. Also, in a most recent preview, Yeo Joon’s grandmother is dressed in funeral attire. Only the hand of the person she’s consoling is visible. I wonder who that person is and who’s going to die? Oh my! I have to prepare myself mentally for this. I’m a softy when it comes touching scenes like that (smile).

  155. 155 : diane Says:

    no one is going to die

  156. 156 : diane Says:

    the scence that you saw probably flash back when YS grandfather
    passed awat SE comfort his grandmother.
    is it black and white?

  157. 157 : Jani Says:

    Love this show, for the first time, Yeojoon went after Sangeun so he is indeed inlove with her..I can see wedding on the way!

  158. 158 : diane Says:

    ep 23 no sub from

  159. 159 : diane Says:

    thanks for his sister and doc finally got him some senses to go to australia to get her
    it was a romantic between them granpa called over alot………..
    but it look like se is adopted child so sad in ep 23 it has answer our question about when her father and father talk about adopted child
    in ep ??????????/right after ys and se made the kim chee
    i hope ys comfort her sad cannot wait for the wedding

  160. 160 : U.S.A. Mary Says:

    Watched preview again, it is in black and white; like the one just before it of Sang Eun as a little girl. All the other frames before and after the black and white frames are in color. Got it. Sometimes writer and director will throw a curve ball to throw us off. I’m good to go, now!

  161. 161 : diane Says:

    usa the idea of the drama was very good, but the write
    was not very clear on thing like the her ex suddenly come to see her
    and was not clear what they exchange the information and splash back
    after the ex gone that she finally tell him that she not in love with him.
    then repetition his ex suddenly come in to his life. there alot of not clear thing. may be they tried to rush thing it suppose to be 50 ep
    turn out to be 37. and now when she come back to korean
    her dad told her that she was adopted the whole thing was in shock.
    it is not clear that why the rating is so slow because the writer not
    the actors. they have a good group of actors.
    but the writer was not clear what she or he wants so the whole drama
    rating was too low.

  162. 162 : U.S.A. Mary Says:

    I did notice a comment about the reduction of episodes in a viikii blog. It’s unfortunate, yet they have to do, what they have to do. I understand. I, also don’t mind a curve ball being thrown in a drama, like the adoption factor. It adds a little spice to it. Thanks for mentioning who that woman was that walked into the donut shop. I questioned what her connection was with the Han family. I’m enjoying this drama IMMENSELY!!!

    I don’t get into the rating aspects of dramas; not even here in America. Yet, I do respect those viewers who choose to do that. I just like to watch the dramas and check out the other fans comments. I must admit that I did vote for my favorite Asian dramas. PROUD TO HAVE DONE IT!!! LOL!

    Now, I’m looking forward to a wedding. Maybe there will be weddings or engagements?!!!


  163. 163 : diane Says:


  164. 164 : princess Says:

    i recall the episodes and that scene was in ep16… it showed how arabuhji reacted when se’s father mentioned about parenting due to jin joo’s case…

  165. 165 : go Says:

    is this show really up to episode 37 or 25?

  166. 166 : diane Says:

    thanks princess, I think it ep 16 your are correct.
    as for ep continue to 37, i wish they just leave it to 50
    too bad huh but in Viikii forum some people said
    it will be only 10 ep left so i really dont know.

  167. 167 : U.S.A. Says:

    I just ADORE grandpa! He’s an instigator in the ‘good sense’ of the word. I really enjoyed and laughed at his heckling Hye Rim’s stepmother, by telling her that Yeo Joon went to Australia to see Sang Eun. He was grinning from ear to ear. He’s a sneaky, sweetie in my eyes! LOL!!!

    One thing that I’ve been noticing are the fur trimmed coats these women are wearing. OMG!!!! They are VERY NICE! CHIC and CLASSY!

  168. 168 : diane Says:

    U.S.A you are so funny. I guess you like fur coat huh?
    yes they are very nice.

    I am with you on the grandfather. It is so funny when he told YS
    friend why are you not taking our picture and he took the camera from him and complain you only took YS sister picture.
    how funny! and he was wore the sunglass because some one hit him.

  169. 169 : U.S.A. Says:

    Thank you Diane. I gladly, receive the compliment. I thoroughly enjoy good, clean humor. You’re funny, too. I totally forgot about grandpa and those sunglasses at the engagement party. Thinking he’s debonair! Ha! Ha! Trying to look cool after getting knocked upside his head, and trying to hide that bump on his left eye! LOL!

    He really can make some funny faces when he’s annoyed; like before he took the camera from GH. I commented sometime earlier that he needs some girl friends in Seoul. He had 3 in Australia. Hmmmmm, with his sly self! LOL! With extracurricular activities keeping him occupied, in addition to the donut shop, maybe it will cut down on altercations. LOL!!! He’s definitely one that will not take ANYTHING off ANYBODY! He’ll even fight a woman. On more than one occassion, his son-in-law had to hold him back from going after YS’s grandmother. I couldn’t believe, it was so funny! He makes my day!

    P.S.-I do like furs! Yet, I don’t want to say too much….maybe some animal rights activists’ may be on this site! LOL!!!

  170. 170 : Joy Says:

    Greetings from Florida, weather here is in the 70’s. We are just about to take a walk here in International drive after the theme park. Anyway, just finish watching ep 23 and 22 last night. OMG. I am right. Thats a good treat for the fans. I am so inlove right now Diane. Ive got to watch it again as soon as i got back from VA. Nice to read your comment. Creating destiny staff has done a good job. Happy new year to you all fans of Eugene. Fanatic of Eugene drama all the way until she will retire from acting. Im serious I only watch her drama and nobody else.

  171. 171 : diane Says:

    I am agree with you 100% he needs a girl friend.

  172. 172 : diane Says:

    hi Joy
    i am glad you love ep 22 and 23 . that is totally not fair
    you are in florida having fun . it is cold here we just had a big snow storm in okc, and a little last night.
    what a white xmas for us.
    i am heading to houston tomorrow morning.

    happy new year to everyone, be safe!

  173. 173 : U.S.A.Mary Says:

    NEED TO KNOW OF HELL. -Emily Dickinson “Parting”

    To me, this poem expresses what YJ experienced after SE left for Australia. (SE was so smart, she knew YJ would come after her, and she wanted to spend time with him alone from all of the ‘but-in-ski’s’ in the neighborhood). LOL!

    May everyone have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for a prosperous, joyful year and EXPERIENCE THEM!

    -2010- -2010- -2010- -2010- -2010- -2010- -2010- -2010- -2010- -2010-

  174. 174 : flyan Says:

    Creating destiny is very good love story.

  175. 175 : diane Says:

    usa i think you are absolutely right about SE. she wants him to
    get away from everyone so she wants to see if he really
    love her like his promise…………this guy promise to many
    people, he needs to be strong ………to made decision
    but he did passed the test, LOL they are so cute together,

  176. 176 : joy Says:

    Hello Diane, hows your trip? I’m finally back from Florida, and creating destiny followers any update for ep 24? When are they going to download the next episode? Can’t wait. Let me know plsss…Anyway we are at the mercy of the Viikii team since they have to interpret it for us. My goal for 2010 is to learn korean language !!LOL..

  177. 177 : diane Says:


  178. 178 : diane Says:

    i am still in houston, i am glad you came back safe.
    here the pe 24


  179. 179 : lucille Says:

    to the crew and staff, i think it is not too late to increase the rating of this drama if you could actually insert more of “sweet” and “loving” moments between the lead actors…
    they really look good together and i think this is what’s lacking for the drama to push through to the top.. the “kiss episode” on ep.23 was nice but still i find it “brief” for supposed lovers who have found out that they love each other.. if this was in reality, they should be all over each other and cannot get over each other esp that they are alone in a foreign country that time and with their character’s age (i believe they are in their late 20’s or early 30’s as portrayed in this drama)… i also find it in shortcoming that there’s not more hugging or touching scenes as what most lovers do..
    i like this drama and i really love Eugene and KTY in this drama, they look good together in the camera and i hope that in the succeeding episodes there are more “sweet” (kilig) moments between the two; just like what they’ve done in coffee prince or smile you. salamat. 🙂

  180. 180 : Izzy Says:

    this drama is wayyyyyy tooo cute lol love it!!!!! lol

  181. 181 : Neo Says:

    the story is kinda dry, dragging, and most of all its boring… im korean drama fan but this one is simply not worth watching. i watched till ep 5 and the story did not even progress a little. this is just my opinion.

  182. 182 : U.S.A. Says:

    I am so ENJOYING this drama! Grandpa is still at the top of the list as being one of my all time favorites with his antics! To me, the pace of this drama fits the genre. It’s centered around family, and there are accelerations from time to time, just like real life. It’s unlike one of my other favorite drama’s that has an unsurmountable, somewhat never-ending, accelerated plot.


  183. 183 : Crissy Says:

    omg, ep.24 is just great can hardly wait for the next one….. love this cpl
    who is the mystery woman….. her mom???

  184. 184 : kirara Says:

    I’ve gotten hooked on this a little more than Smile, You but I still love them both. I love Eugene, she’s so pretty and now that the two leads are supporting each other all the way, its making me jealous and want a relationship like them.

    I can’t wait to watch ep 26.. I’m dying here.. 😛

  185. 185 : diane Says:

    at first i did enjoy smile but now i am not really like it
    as much at creating destiny.
    smile start to get bored. the lover do love each other but his mom is so
    annoyance controll freak, her mom i did not like so her dad.
    I love the grandfather, but now everyone is living in the same house
    I just stop watch it. I like this drama even thought start to slow down
    but i cannot wait ep 26 when he bought the ring to keep her confident
    she probably afraid because of her back ground his family would not
    accept SE. Thing are looking good like a wedding coming up in ep 29 or ep 30
    I just predict………………………have a great day everyone.
    enjoy the korean drama there a new drama like pasta
    it is really good , i just kind of scan so far so good.

  186. 186 : kailanie Says:

    Hi Diane, I’m still here-haven’t fallen down from the face of the earth yet.After the holidays a truckload of work was dumped into my desk yesterday and with school on the 11th I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off. So, I tried watching my Kdrama but it said not until 2/2010. Where can I have a glimpse of ep 24. Take care my friend.

  187. 187 : diane Says:

    go to this link keep it on your favorite
    when you get in the link there 2 video
    take the bottom one.
    viikii has some problem right now they are trying to do the translate
    so you would not able to watch.

    take a time out after work…….put your feet down and watch
    the drama. I am starting watch pasta ep 1 it looks pretty exciting.
    see you………LOL

  188. 188 : Joy Says:

    Kailanie, I really feel for you. The papers in my desks makes me cry that I don’t want to go on vacation anymore. Its feels like a punishment. I’m just fortunate I’m the manager so no bosses to pressure me except myself and the head office. Anyway, though there is no sub I was able to watch and endure it for an hour just analyzing through their gesture. hoping to pick up something. I love this drama and I don’t want to missed anything. Hopefully, Viikii will be able to resolve the problem. We are at their mercy. Diane, just post your comment at your convenience and we will be able to catch up somehow.

  189. 189 : diane Says:

    hi everyone
    viikii just finish translate ep 25 but not complete
    how sad when his family knew about her back ground
    his mom against his marriage and his father could not
    know what to do since they are so in love
    they all wonder what kind father she had
    sad, when he saw her sick, it hurt him so bad.
    he told her from now do not kept anything from him
    and dont get sick anymore, i can feel that he loves her and stand
    by her no matter what. in ep 26 his mom probably
    want him to break up with SE but he said no
    he give her a wedding band and he has one too
    what a precious moment for both of them
    it seem it will be a long road ahead for this couple
    i just wonder SE uncle that this kind of thing.
    i hope is not her best friend father…………that will be so sad

    i hope the writer will bring another actor in as uncle
    i think her mom family is rich not a simple family
    that why they give up the baby for the family
    name. i just wonder who is se father??????????????????????
    so mistery………why do they cut 13 ep it should
    just leave it to 50 ep.

    have a good night everyone. hope everyone catch up with your work
    i was over whelm today, could not be at work yesterday
    get back from houston, my budget need to be increase
    purchase items need to be order for tomorrow.
    on and on . i have a dead line tomorrow which they did not tell me ahead
    of time until 2:45pm do you believe it ……that is so crazy the report
    are due tomorrow due to end of 1st quarter.

  190. 190 : diane Says:


    you need vacation, no matter what your job will be there
    but your family will not so enjoy the good time
    you can clean it up with in couple and get back to work normal
    when i am on vacation they still call me to get thing for them
    but for family i just enjoy every moment and with my friend too
    my friend had been live in china for couple year
    she come back visit her family. we all had a great time.
    now i am back to work let it flow…………………and
    less stress…………..LOL

  191. 191 : princess Says:

    please help me…. i cannot watch at viikii…. could you suggest another site with english subbed….

  192. 192 : diane Says:

    http://www.viikii.net is the only sub right now.
    http://www.iidrama.com got the video from viikii
    and http://www.mysoju.com too.
    right no ep 24 they still working on waiting for approve
    from the youtube, you can watch ep 25 with translate but
    not 100% yes, but you still have the idea what it mean
    with body language.
    it so sweet when he demand her to tell him every little thing
    he knew that she does not open up and kept to herself
    and run away from problem
    she finally meet up with her birth mom, and find out that her uncle
    was the one the given her up and put her infront of her dad house
    he birth mom did not know that she was a live.
    my question how did she knew that whose the person adopt her daughter
    it does not made any kind of connection boom she was adopted
    weird when they cut the ep and hurry to get thing done
    it made it weird……………………………
    as a writer and director they need to go with a flow one ep to another ep.

  193. 193 : diane Says:

    if you want to watch viikii the best time is about 11pm central time
    i dont know where you live, but that is a good time to watch
    good luck………..
    when you watch ep 25 when he took care, how he express
    that he afraid something happen to her.
    he cook food and pamper her. i guess now she really knew what kind of
    his personality, how funny when the young doctor brought him
    some medication for SE he complain about her sister he calls her
    cappucino lol very cute………………………. but it does not translate
    at all but the body language telling he was complain to the YE
    i will watch again tonight…………love this drama

    there are 2010 drama coming out pasta, God of Study and Wish Upon a Star rating are very high , but i am not sure how long it was last
    but kind of like the pasta already the chemistry
    i do like the wish upon star it kind of family but cute
    as for god of study i have not see that one yet.

  194. 194 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    Viikii has the copyrights to this drama’s subbing and is controlling the subbing rights of some of the most popular/best dramas out there. To date, some we’ve already watched. Well, at least, the ones that I have watched and there have been many. It’s really strange when the subbing is changed on previously watched drama. It’s quite obvious, at least to me.

    There should be more qualitative competition, instead of one company or two companies having the monopoly on dramas’ viewership because of subbing rights. I personally, don’t like to have to stop watching a drama at episode 3, because I can’t proceed to the next episode due to a site’s overload. Or sign up to pay, if I want to continue watching?!! This gets old; really, really, old. It has been quite annoying to say the least. Of course, I can do other things, in the mean time, which is what I do. But when I want to finish watching a very good drama, I want to do so without interruptions. -Just Having My Say!

  195. 195 : mariel Says:

    The hold period restrictions in viikii is very upsetting. I hope that the youtube and veoh ( both have clear videos and precise English translation) could update their episodes very soon.

  196. 196 : diane Says:

    I have not check with youtube update on this drama
    we got to be patience due to free download, we have to support
    them they had been working very hard.
    go to http://www.dramabeans.com they can tell you where to watch.

  197. 197 : joy Says:

    Diane, thanks for recap. I just smiled at myself after reading your comments. I am not the only who is busy and “overworked” , yet we still have time to watch our favorite drama. I told my husband I need to watch this drama . It helps me relieved some of my stressed. Right now things seem back to normal. Able to catch up with my work.
    Creating Destiny drama- I am hoping they will stick to their original to keep it until 50 episode. I think the Father of SE is SW dad. It will get complicated when SW and SE will realized they were brother and sisters and the family feud will get worsen since this 2 family were against to each other already.
    I am still waiting for the viikii to download the subs. Creating destiny has a lot of followers here in VA.

  198. 198 : U.S.A. Says:

    My COMPLIMENTS to all the behind the scene workers who are subbing, etc. this drama. My views by ‘no means’ are towards your hard work in making our viewing of this drama entertaining. I just take issue at the way this industry is evolving. -An American Fan….Just having my say.

  199. 199 : diane Says:

    on ep 24 the recap was that SE birth mom wants to meet SE dad
    and talk about her daughter SE. after conversation he cried
    due to he does not know how to explain to SE.
    he loves her as his own child.
    SE and YS after dinner drop her off. he told her that never be apart again. when they arrived at Korean her father wants to tell but could not able to tell her so grandfather has to tell her, his daughter could not able to has a child, when you was at our front step it was a winter.
    she took you in, right after she tooks you in her health is better and
    the rice cake store had doing very well then she has her sister.
    after that her health getting worse. he said to have SE is bring luck to her family. she kept on ask her dad and granpa are you sure
    after heard the story she was in shock
    she did not answer YS, she left early next day and meet up with YS
    and try to tell him but got interrupt. she met her birth mom
    and they did not had a good conversation.
    she walk around the city and end up in sub station
    and start to cried. she was confuse and shock.
    next day she got a called from YS sister it was her mom tried to
    meet her again, they had talk. try to find out why was she rid of her
    and left in the cold in someone front house.
    whose the father, her mom said her dad was married at time
    when she has SE her brother told her to give se away.
    she walk out and saw YS he was waiting for due to Se did not answer
    his called so finally she told him that she has mom and she was adopted
    he said she need to share information not kept from him
    he will support her. in morning she did not wake up, ys called her on phone she talk for few second and hang up the phone.
    he sense something was wrong, so he went over her house and knock on door SE drag her out of bed and open the door for him
    she collapse and she was running fever. he cook rice soup and feed her
    when se finish ate her soup he was going to take the dishes back
    to the kitchen but she told him to stay. he said her fever went down
    ask his JR to bring medicine over for him.
    JR was complain about something capucino mean her sister.
    but they did not translate. se father was having a meeting with her
    mom she told him that she wants to talk to her but she not forgiving her
    her father got phone call from YS tell him that he is taking care of SE
    he came home and tell him thanks.
    he wants to ask him if he can stay over night to take care of SE
    he said yes. this is so cute when se wake up saw YS he told her to get well never do this again. she was look at him …………..
    in front of their house this the best i can summary
    as for other business i did care to ……….LOL

  200. 200 : diane Says:

    what happen now is 31 why?

  201. 201 : joy Says:

    What??? They shortened it to 31 from 36. Unbelievable. I don’t want it to end. Diane, thanks for the recap. We appreciate it.

  202. 202 : diane Says:

    I know, that is so sad, Viikii has a problem could not get in
    to sep ep 20 to ep 25 until 2/1/2010
    oh well, i am watching Pasta right now. sound like a short drama
    but it is good, the rating is high but i could be wrong
    this drama should just be 16 ep instead of 50 ep
    so the rating would be good.

  203. 203 : princess Says:

    thanks diane… i am currently living here in UAE… i dunno what happend here suddenly viikii is not allowing to watch on that particular kdrama…

  204. 204 : mariel Says:

    THUMBS UP to Diane for giving the deatails of episode 24 and 25.. as if you have given me a gift on my birthday… I really thank you for your harwork on that

  205. 205 : blackberry8310v Says:

    what happened to this drama episodes from Ep 50 down to Ep 36 and now Ep 31. Please stick to your original format, don’t shortened the story. This is one of the best korean drama i’ve ever watched.

  206. 206 : massy Says:

    Hey peeps!!!
    I have been doing the “search-all-medium” to watch episode 24 and 25 with ENG SUB. And finally i found it!!! Was uploaded today!!! YEAH!!!

    Here is the link, ENJOY

    EPISODE 24::

    EPISODE 25::

  207. 207 : diane Says:

    ep 25 is up no sub yet
    http://www.wubisheng.cn/html/hanju/2009/365.html# , on her birthday
    her father set up for mom to come her birthday. he did a rigth thing
    it is a good thing for her to know her mom.
    ys gives her a wedding ring, and he has one too.
    se dad told the family that he was sorry that he did not tell them about
    se was adopted. YS mom again the marriage.
    when they had a dinner her sister said wow you got a ring
    her father said it seem likes they are not approve this marriage beacause
    of her situation. . his mom told him not to married se but he said
    he loves her and he is going to married her.
    but in ep 27 i think she is douted about the wedding , i guess
    her mom went to see ys and tell him to protect her and married her
    i think that why he tooks her to the beach and tell her that they are going to get married no matter what.
    ep 28 and 29 are going to be his sister wedding
    i think she will choose the younger guy…..
    but your never know. …………LOL ep 31 will end soon
    i hate it……….i really like these couple they are pretty good to each other. ……….they should not never cut short
    should just stidk orignial 50 ep.
    sad it end soon.
    he told her that he is going to married her no matter what.
    go ys

  208. 208 : Joy Says:

    Thanks Diane. What shall we do without you. Anyway, I am really sad that it will end soon. I hope they will have another drama together. This couple really has a magic chemistry. Anyway, thanks again for summarizing it. Kudos to you.

  209. 209 : massy Says:

    Diane!!! Thx for the follow up!!! awesomeness!!! i cannot wait for Episode 26/27… I hope the YS sister married the bestfren, he is so romantic and loving, a whole package!!!

    Here is the link for Eng Subb, ENJOY

    EPISODE 24::

    EPISODE 25::

  210. 210 : mariel Says:

    Is it because of the rating that they shorten it? I really like the drama, although the story is familiar but it has sweet -charm effect. It is light and graceful but entertaining, you feel delighted watching every episode. Although there redundancy in some of the dialogue but it is tolerable. The cast are good. There is good chemistry between the lead actors. The musical score is great as well as the theme songs.

  211. 211 : diane Says:

    hi everyone you are welcome
    i just finsh ep 26 i think they should have more kisses on ep 25 and ep 26
    there some part like the beach, and in the bed room just a sweet kiss
    sad it will end soon
    watch on http://www.wubisheng.cn.

  212. 212 : chay Says:

    Creating Destiny ( Eps 1-25 ) can not be viewed in veoh maybe they have a problem same as viikii. The situation is very frustrating…

  213. 213 : diane Says:

    other sub require fee to be member ship
    the ep 26 i just finish watch without sub.
    he told se to have trip with him, so cute he call her father tol them
    the se with him not to worry about, then he turn off both phone
    and left in the car. we they were in the bedroom se wants the pillow between them since they are no married. how funny he put in back
    they both end up sleep on the floor together.
    i love the part that se grand father went to in law and confront with them about se and js marriage base on body language it seem like he really stand up for se no matter what she is in granddaughter no matter what
    they should not treat their se that way……..
    he walk off. LOL I think YS will set up a wedding soon…..
    it will happen din ep 31

  214. 214 : blackberry8310v Says:

    Sad that this drama will end soon, watching at this site with no eng sub…

  215. 215 : blackberry8310v Says:

    this is ep 27 not 26. . .
    he told se to have trip with him, so cute he call her father tol them
    the se with him not to worry about, then he turn off both phone
    and left in the car. we they were in the bedroom se wants the pillow between them since they are no married. how funny he put in back
    they both end up sleep on the floor together.
    i love the part that se grand father went to in law and confront with them about se and js marriage base on body language it seem like he really stand up for se no matter what she is in granddaughter no matter what
    they should not treat their se that way……..
    he walk off. LOL I think YS will set up a wedding soon…..
    it will happen din ep 31

  216. 216 : susanne Says:


    Does anyone know any site that can watch ep 25&26 with eng sub?… veoh doesnt work no more=( Help? Plesae let me know.

    Thank you,


  217. 217 : lei Says:

    I miss watching this series,I hope viikii can solve its problem soon. They are a good pair.

  218. 218 : joy Says:

    I don’t know why only creating destiny Viikii has a problem of copyright. They are showing other drama without a problem. Whats the deal?Anyway, I guess I will just wait till Feb to watch with sub. For now we are going to watch it without sub and trust that somebody else will recap it for us -creating destiny followers.

  219. 219 : Angela Says:

    someone, could u give me the link of ep 20 with eng sub?? i cant find it anywhere… vikii get trouble… sighh… i’m so curious.. T.T.. this is because i’m too busy so i cant follow it… arghhh… it’s drives me crazy…

  220. 220 : diane Says:

    Have you try http://www.mysoju.com or http://www.iidrama.com
    i guess these the only two links that have english
    since they got the link from viikii you might not able to have

  221. 221 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    OH, I JUST LO-O-V-VE GRANDPA! He’s a male version of a mother hen, DON’T MESS WITH HIS BROOD! He’ll come after you and PECK YOU!

    I recall in an early episode when he, SE and YJ were sitting together at a table in the donut shop. While grandpa was lecturing them, he directed his conversation towards YJ, smiling. This made YJ smile, as if he was in grandpa’s good graces when it came to SE. Grandpa leaned back in the chair, (still smiling and talking) then in a quick second, sat up, looked YJ in the eyes and changed the smile on his face to a serious, growling-like expression. He did this so fast that, YJ didn’t know what to do. But, I did! I laughed hilariously! Luv, luv, luv this man! GRANDPA ROCKS!

  222. 222 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    P.S. I believe that YJ’s sister is going to marry her daughter’s father. He’s working hard in showing that he’s sincere (helping YJ’s family business to become a successful franchise really did it, I think). It seems she’s already given GH the final ‘NO’ when it comes to having relationship other than friendship with him. So, sad! At least to me it is. I like GH. Well, writer’s preference; we will know for sure soon.

  223. 223 : kdrama_fan Says:

    San Eun (Eugene) speaks completely differently, not like in “I really really like you”. She is adorable in this drama. I love OSTs of this drama, too.

  224. 224 : maco Says:

    Hey… I wonder if I should start this one…it’s a long drama (31 episode) so I don’t want to sart it and be boring …I’m watching smile you now and it’s a long drama too but really great without boring episodes so I wonder if it’s worth…
    thanks to answer me and sorry for my english, it’s not my language I speak french

  225. 225 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Hi, @maco! In my personal opinion, yes! It’s a very good drama. The plot and acting is superb. As you read throughout this thread, you will see that grandpa is my favorite! He’s feisty and funny! So, give it a try, at least. I believe you will enjoy it.

  226. 226 : diane Says:

    Hi everyone

    i just saw ep 27 and ep28 no sub he wants her to get married
    but the sad thing her mom has brain tumor just my guess
    it does not looks good. I think ep 30 she will be spent time with her in
    hospital, ep 31 they will get married.
    ys mom still oppose their marriage sad.

    what you YS married to a guy never been married
    why did people look in their shoes before judge other

  227. 227 : kdrama_fan Says:

    Two more episodes are remaining. Viikii blocked the drama, citing a copyright dispute. So, I have to watch the episodes up to 29 in a Chinese website which does not streamline the drama reliably at all. I do not like Yeo Joon’s mom (of course, the scriptwriter made her that way). What a double standard she is applying to her son Yeo Joon and to her daughter Yoon Hee! She seemed to forget what Yoon Hee had gone through. Yoon Hee handles things well. I love her in the drama. She portrays an emotionally stable and mature single mom very well. To me, she is very pretty.

    I do not agree with the scriptwriter’s subplot (or logic) on Gyu Hwan. Why does Gyu Hwan keep coming back to beg for Yoon Hee’s love, even though she has explained to him many times that she could not accept his love. Even he promised not to embarrass her but is doing the same thing over and over. I was annoyed of his role. Maybe love is like that.

    The lead actor and actress are superb. Yeo Joon and Sang Eun are lovable. Hae Sung, Yoon Hee’s first love, is very charming, even though he dumped her. He regrets his stupidest mistake of abandoning Yoon Hee. He is determined to get her back. The way he talks shows his maturity and wisdom, somewhat belated though. I root for him. I hope that Hae Sung and Yoon Hee resolve old uneasy issues toward each other. Overall, this is a drama worth watching.

  228. 228 : joy Says:

    Thanks for the recap -creating destiny followers. We do appreciate you. I am so sad that they still did not resolve the copy wright issues. I really dying to watch it with sub. What are they doing to us fans here in US. They have to be fair. Why other current drama has subs and not this drama. Anyway, we will just wait by Feb but till then we will watch withous sub.

  229. 229 : cloud513 Says:

    I wish they are a real couple! They admitted to being close and they seem awfully sweet off cam plus that there were rumors although as usual both of their management agencies denied this. But their body language in their interviews and NGs can’t be denied. Go Eugene! Go Ki Tae Young!

  230. 230 : diane Says:

    I was disappoint at the end
    the drama start so good and high peak they should kiss more.
    like they went to skii trip and there a moment on beach
    to . I agee with you they do look good for each other
    but it only drama

  231. 231 : diane Says:

    good new i found recap on ep 1 thru ep 26

  232. 232 : joy Says:

    Diane, thanks for sharing. I was able to recap the episode 24-26. Your awesome.

  233. 233 : diane Says:

    you are welcome. have a nice weekend.

  234. 234 : diane Says:

    where did you find their story about their relationship.
    I think among all the guy that she did the drama with
    YS had more chemistry with her.
    but you know what it only drama, I dont why the writer
    did not put more effection on them after they got back together.
    what is she afraid off

  235. 235 : joy Says:

    probably the writer has a crushed on YJ and afraid that SE will get close with YJ in real life so the writer and probably the director too has a crushed with SE so both of them afraid to put more affection to the couple. Unlike other drama, directors and writers are all out in pouring affection at the last episode. That is soooo sad. This drama is really good but lack of excitement at the ending. No romantic kisses and affection. I hope they will make it up on epi 31 which is a little bit late.

  236. 236 : diane Says:

    LOL you are so funny Joy. I love your thought…………..
    i am still giggle about your comment
    the writer and director did not want affection on
    the couple that is so sad but the rate low due to the drama
    is sinking. we does not want what is going on with her mother
    we want them to be happy……………..crazy..
    it kill the drama………………..dont you all agree

  237. 237 : joy Says:

    I agree. It does kill the drama. I wonder who is is step brother who lives in the US.? Anyway, I still wonder how the story ends since this weekend is the last episode. Keep us posted..

  238. 238 : diane Says:

    seem like ys tell se that her mom is sick need operation
    and he wants to tell both family that he wants to married se no matter what
    rate getting low due to no compassion and affection between the two lead

  239. 239 : diane Says:

    I was disappointed about thi drama. i know it is family. but they cut so short.
    they should have the wedding party….i guess budget problem
    they ending was nice but so short. i guess at the end every one is happy
    but i wish they can drag to ep 37,…………’ ep 31 can only get a 9
    not even 10

  240. 240 : mandme Says:

    The intertwining of families near the end was interesting, yet I agree about the lack of affection between SE and YJ would have made a huge difference.

  241. 241 : princess Says:

    nice ending…but they did not show how does the brother of mom’s yj got a wife as well…i like what they have done with yoon hee and jinju that they have stick with the real father… the ending was about the first love of arabuhji and grandma… hahaha….. they have destined to one another…

  242. 242 : joy Says:

    I agree they should at least add one or two more episode and should include the wedding and refresh us with their memories how they get along and able to survive their past differences, culture and background. Its a good drama but lack of affection and romance. To all Eugene fans -see you in next drama, my guess next year or late this year. Diane, keep in touch. I copy some of your recipe. I am not a good cook but trying to be. My kids are picky eater and they always love their grandma recipe.

  243. 243 : diane Says:

    Joy just email me what you want, also i have some very good recipe for children, my son same way.
    [email protected] i have very good cup cake recipe too.
    from vietnamese, chinese, american and etc…….if you need it.
    let me know. have a great day

  244. 244 : joy Says:

    Thanks Diane. My brother gave me last christmas a korean CD drama, Spring Waltz. I just finished watching it and my eyes are swollen from crying. This drama is one of the best 2nd to Save by the last dance of Ji Sung and Eugene. Korean has many talented actors and actresses. No wonder there is Korean drama are very popular to asean community. Most people I know here are fans with korean drama. I am not surprise why.

  245. 245 : diane Says:

    you need to see goong it is fun and excellent drama
    also coffee prince. i am very picky what i watch,
    right now I am watch “Wish upon star”
    go to http://www.dramabeans.com and read the recap see if you like it or not

  246. 246 : joy Says:

    Okay , i will try to watch those. I still prefer to watch eighter Eugene and Ji Sung Drama. I watch the Swallow the Sun, New Heart, Wonderful life, I really like you, three dad and one mom. Its a good drama as well. I am a registered -Eugene fans thru and thru. Do you know if Eugene will take a break again this year or does she has plans to do another drama?

  247. 247 : diane Says:


    I dont keep track with her schedule, because i am not really her fan
    i just like the chemistry of the two actors when i see the drama
    then you need to see the
    the heart break Library on youtube. it is realy good.
    and unstoppable marriage. this two movies of her really good
    yoga school………try it very good. you can go http://www.asianfanfiction.com
    and see if they post anything new about her.

  248. 248 : diane Says:

    joy here the update eugene kim 1/25/2010

  249. 249 : Joy Says:

    Anybody knows when are they going to continue subbing this drama?

  250. 250 : diane Says:

    joy go to http://www.viikii.net only ep 31
    as for recap go to http://www.dramabeans.com
    on left side column click on link sub2 fansubs

  251. 251 : tiarahma Says:

    i love this drama, great ending…

  252. 252 : Yuni Wahyuningsih Says:

    its one of good drama, i like because happy ending story…u should watch it!.

  253. 253 : indri Says:

    Nice drama, like Eugene.

  254. 254 : cloud513 Says:

    Hi diane, don’t know if this is too late to reply to the seeming lack of closeness of eugene and ki tae young. On the contrary, they both admit to becoming close because of this drama and there seems to be something going on between the two but both are denying (as usual). If you want a copy of the link of their interviews, email me at [email protected]. Their interviews are so cute, pinching and all. I really like them to be together as ki tae young seems to be good for eugene. Let’s see how this will progress in the future.

    email me to get the link of videos with english subs especially the latter part when viikii stopped uploading.

  255. 255 : ammy Says:

    this drama, except the good looking main leaders, it’s storyline just too boring….

  256. 256 : louie Says:

    where are the episodes from 23 onwards in english?

  257. 257 : hanawa Says:

    too many episodes…. it’s boring

  258. 258 : Eka Says:

    Good Drama! Worth to watch..Love it!

  259. 259 : thara(myanmar) Says:

    Currently watching it and enjoying it so much… ☺
    I love the actor, Ki Tae Young. He is such a cutie ♥

  260. 260 : diane Says:

    i just emailed to you the links for recap. check your email.
    let me know.

  261. 261 : diane Says:

    I just emailed to you some how it bounce back
    email to me at [email protected]
    this the recap ep 1 thru ep 31.
    i love them they look good together.

  262. 262 : louie Says:

    what happened to vikii episodes? cannot watch anymore

  263. 263 : diane Says:

    viikii ep 1 to ep 28 i just wait until it get done.

  264. 264 : LP Says:

    Whole drama with English sub @ http://www.dlaznmovies.com/2010/02/creating-destiny.html

  265. 265 : iya27 Says:

    Hey, I just finished watching this drama… and I’m quite stuck with this, I think I’ll watch it all over again… I Love this couple sooo much, especially Kin Tae young and HARABUCHI ‘the grandfather’, he’s so ROCK and FUNNY, I cant stop giggling when I see him.


    City hall is great too btw, u should watch it… n the important thing is the great ending… ^_^

  266. 266 : lou8 Says:

    where can i find this drama?

  267. 267 : me Says:

    i love Ki Tae Young….
    what else His movie?

  268. 268 : Rocelle Says:

    I’m an avid follower of Eugene, and she really matches to all her partners..this one is really great..but make sure to watch also Save the last dance For Me with Ji Sung, I’m sure you’ll get hooked and stucked also…

  269. 269 : lou8 Says:

    try to watch angry mom and terroir he is one of the main lead star in that drama’s. ki tae young is the best in angry mom.

  270. 270 : lei Says:

    I love this drama! Eugene is really great same with Ki Tae Young. I find them very good together. I hope and pray for Eugene’s next project.

  271. 271 : Harrah Says:

    Hello! Do you know where I can download this so that I can watch it? Hehe. I am very curios about it since the ratings are good. 🙂 Thanks ahead! 😀

  272. 272 : che Says:

    it’s another great novela for eugene..i finished watching it in 2 days..i’ve watched so many korean novela but this one has the best ending..there may be too many love stories here but i find them all interesting..

  273. 273 : lhen Says:

    owesome……good job

  274. 274 : Iara Says:

    helllo! I LOVE this drama..I already finish watching all the episodes…I love the concept cause it shows that love is so unpredictable..no one knows how or when will each and every one of us… find our true love..

  275. 275 : diefan Says:

    this one is all time one of my faves… its pure and its full of fun….Romantic story from beggining till end. Charming and delighted. Highly recommended.

  276. 276 : diefan Says:

    I’m surpised how the rating so low. Watch it for yourself.. its enjoyable.

  277. 277 : martha ToB Says:

    why the rating is low ??? i think this drama is good, romantic and funny, especially Ki Tae Young oppa and Eugene unni … Love them always <3

  278. 278 : rogue eugene zoomerisess Says:

    i love this show very much.

  279. 279 : rogue eugene zoomerisess Says:

    everthing is great

  280. 280 : mutiara Says:

    it’s interesting, i’m gonna watch this… 😀

  281. 281 : Kourhan Says:

    I just finished watching it
    It is a good drama
    I love it
    I don’t like the ranking

  282. 282 : merzy Says:

    I watched this drama series twice and l would like to watch it all over again. Great drama, great acting. I love the storyline. It is so funny and entertaining. I kept on laughing while watching Sang Eun and Yeo Joon fight each other and making faces every now and then. If you want to be entertained, watch this. It is really great from start to finish. Great ending. Love you all guys, most especially Eugene and Ki Tae Young. You have chemistry! Hope to see more in drama together.

  283. 283 : ardhan Says:

    It is a very good drama 🙂

  284. 284 : nining Says:

    funny,, romantic,, i love korean drama,,,,

  285. 285 : mel Says:

    i wanna watch this movie soon..

  286. 286 : nining Says:

    love korean drama much..

  287. 287 : ade Says:

    i like korean drama…

    i wanna watch this.. ^^

  288. 288 : nining Says:

    i love korean drama..

  289. 289 : blood pressure monitor Says:

    Good content, many thank you to the writer. It will be incomprehensible to me right now, but in general, the actual usefulness as well as importance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck!

  290. 290 : icemum Says:

    love this drama alot watch it many time already…..especially when Tae Young starts to get jealous with the boyfriends around Eugene……^^

  291. 291 : Philippines...:) Says:

    really, really, really….., love this drama a lot…
    never get tired of watching it again and again…can watch this drama all day long repeatedly without getting bored really…it does not only talked about between two people being in love but it also tackles the relationship between family and friends…i’ve learned a lot from this drama like how to handle different kinds of relationship and how family/friends help each other in times of trouble and learn how to fully forgive and forget and understand one another and most especially TRUST one another…
    its not only full drama but also fun to watch and you’ll really a lot of things…
    really love the actor/actresses too…
    hope to see more of Eugene and Ki Tae Young in another project…

  292. 292 : phil Says:

    my mom and i really love watching this series
    ki tae young and eugene look good together
    hope to see both of them in another romantic-comedy series….
    seriously love this….

  293. 293 : via Says:

    I just watched this drama and i really love it, this is a very good drama, I am really amazed that Yoo Jin can speak English very well, at first I dont really like her, but when I watched this drama, I can say that I am a fan of her, she’s quite beautiful and a very smart woman too..

  294. 294 : abbie Says:

    Love this drama but 31 episodes is a bit too long

  295. 295 : ok250682 Says:

    Another nice MUST WATCH drama is Gumiho – Tale of the Fox’s child – Once you started – you will chase the show. ^.^ Also look out for this star Lee Min Ho (1993) – very charming guy – Hope he can have more lead roles with good script in the future.

  296. 296 : ok250682 Says:

    Another must watch drama – Gumiho – Tale of a Fox child. – The picture look scary but actually the drama is not scary buy exciting. The actors and actresses including the kids all acted very very well.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (a comedy) – also very nice.

  297. 297 : Lucille Says:

    This is a very nice drama , same for drama You’re beautiful – a comedy with happy ending. Why is low rating for these drama even we enjoy it so much ? My opinion – I think Koreans like more serious story line like how people overcome with hardship and become successful etc. How the good people win over the evil people or they like stories revolving family instead of just love story

  298. 298 : lei Says:

    i love this series……i have watched it for three times already…eugene and ki tae young were good together….

  299. 299 : jo Says:

    Love Eugene in this drama. So funny. Don’t get tired watching it.

  300. 300 : via Says:

    i just watch it again.. seriously love this drama..

  301. 301 : Nice drama Says:



  302. 302 : loren-saranghae Says:

    I love this drama….nice drama

  303. 303 : helen olegario Says:

    i really the tandemn of this 2,,,i luv their series ,,really good,,,make more movie series,,,^_^,,

  304. 304 : lovejo Says:

    love this drama very much. Love Eugene. She is a good actress in the baker king. Waiting for your next drama. Will be here to support you Eugene Kim.

  305. 305 : mirna ferian Says:

    love this drama really..
    love yeo joon…ohhh you so cute,,cool…
    i guest your the one great actors korea….
    soo happy ending,,
    but a little bit plot…so hurry up to watch this…:D

  306. 306 : nafa Says:

    I like this drama…
    but, why got low rat?

  307. 307 : Abbie Says:

    I really enjoy watching Eugene fights with Ki Tae Young, that is how a girl should be, frank, firm, righteous,smart, beautiful and charming at the same time. I hate those traditional characters of a girl who is weak and vulnerable always needs a hero for protection.

  308. 308 : tri purnamawati Says:

    i watch ten times more..awsome story…

  309. 309 : hcr63a Says:

    Good drama! I love it very much, it is so romantic. Yoo Jin and Ki Tae Young, perfect match. Though, it is rather too long.
    O yes, anyone who loves to upload the ost. I have tried to download it from ‘4shared’ account the ost, but why only the opening song, there is no closing song (the slow music song), it is a very nice song. Someone! please upload it to ‘4shared’.

  310. 310 : hcr63a Says:

    What impressed me most is the attitide of Kim Yeo Joon. A real gentleman.I remember when Sang Eun suddenly change her style,wearing a very short dress,hahaha….when grandma ask her to sit on the floor,Yeo Joon put off his coat to cover Sang Eun knee and thigh.Really hope that Ki Ta Young as the actor is also a true gentleman in real life.Not only put hope on Ki Ta Young but also the men in the whole world especially the asian people.Be polite guys!Take good care of your girlfriends.

  311. 311 : loren-saranghae Says:

    Saya suka drama ini….romantis dan lucu…jadi semua penggemar. Drama jangan lupa harus nonton drama ini

  312. 312 : via Says:

    watching it again.. never get bored with this drama.. love it a lot!!!

  313. 313 : toh quan ming Says:

    when is this korean drama dvd to be released?

  314. 314 : sHera Says:

    I watch this drama again and again and haven’t got bored with it 🙂
    really nice drama especially when tell both of Ki Tae Young and Eugene..
    I always skip to the part when it plays the two of them 😛

  315. 315 : nafa Says:

    i’m agree with shera.
    i realy-realy like this drama.
    it’s so romantic.
    i like han shang and father n grandpa. they are so funny.
    haven’t got bored to watch n watch again this drama.
    i have wacthed 15 times.

  316. 316 : ney-ney Says:


  317. 317 : tan Says:

    VERY FUN. I LOVE EUGENE AND KI TAE YOUNG.Will be here to support BOTH OF you

  318. 318 : hcr63a Says:

    ^.^ I have watched this drama over and over again. Never got bored. Really hope to see both Eugene and Ki Tae Young will play in next serial to be couple again. Perfect, perfect match!.

  319. 319 : Qina Says:

    Best drama I ever watch!!!!!! I Love Eugene and Ki Tae Yeong!!!! Love the music too!!!!

  320. 320 : santirosanti Says:

    Ki Tae Young guantengggg…..

  321. 321 : via Says:

    watching it again.. never get bored..;p

  322. 322 : via Says:

    i love the scene when ki tae young go after eugene to Australia, he’s very different with his usual behaviour, he is more casual and relax and he’s not hesitate to show his love for sang eun,i think if the grandpa doesn’t call sang eun, he just doesnt want to separate with her even for a minutes, he’s even told her that to spend the night together since they will get married eventually, i keep thinking wow.. you go doctor! hahahahaha…

  323. 323 : berenice11 Says:

    love the story so much.. there isn’t any single scene in the story that is not good.. ki tae young and eugene really suit each other..

    last 2 words: TOTALLY ADDICTED!!!! 🙂

  324. 324 : via Says:

    Woooww… Great news.. Ki Tae young and Eugene will get married on July this year.. Can’t believe it!!! finally my dream is come true.. hahaha… love this couple so much.. Congratulation for this lovely couple!!!


  325. 325 : bunny Says:

    OMG…they’ll get married this year!!!! Hahahahaa… Perfect couple!! Hope they marriage will last 4ever….ameeeennn……
    Congrats eugene&ki tae young!!! Love them….love the drama….love their marriage!! 😉

  326. 326 : OK OK OK Says:

    Congratulations to you both Mr Ki Tae Young & Eugene ssi on your coming marriage. 23 July 2011.

    Wishing you both have an everlasting happy marriage and 早生贵子 (have children soon) 🙂 🙂 ^.^

    Please also continue to act more good shows after your marriage. We will continue to support you both. Your Singapore fans


  327. 327 : joy Says:

    OMG. Love you Eugene. I can’t believe you will get married. I am hoping you will tie the knot soon but not this soon. We did”nt even know you are dating with Ki Tae young. Anyway, we love you both. Love your drama and thats how i get to know Ki Tae young. We are Eugene’s follower since her best drama , save by the last dance. Hope to see you soon after you get married in new drama.

  328. 328 : Binyoz Says:

    what a great news….both of them will be a real couple in real life !!…I really like eugene and ki tae young and I think my dream come true that they will become a couple in reality..;-..congrats for both of you..

  329. 329 : List of Korean Drama « ♫~ ώ α ḟ ά ă 15 ~♫ Says:

    […] Prince Comrades Country Princess شاهدته  Couple of Fantasy شاهدته  Crazy for You Creating Destiny Crime Squad D Dae Jang Geum Dae Jo Yeong شاهدت ثلاث حلاقات   Dae Mul Dae Wang […]

  330. 330 : ANGIE Says:

    love this drama…. each character played well 🙂 congratulation for eugene and ki tae young… have a happy family 🙂 u both look good together 🙂
    i will watch this drama for many times many 🙂

  331. 331 : alice yap Says:

    Congrats to you both Ki Tae Young & Eugene on your coming marriage on 23 July 2011.

    Many well wishes to your marriage … stay happy together forever & have many many kids yeah … 😀

    Am “in love” with this drama … hahaha … have watch it many many times … and have been looking around to buy the DVD to keep and also to show it to my gilrs but fail … any idea where can I purchase it in Singapore ? I’ve check with TS group & Poh Kim group but they do not carry this drama … please help … won’t give up … or i can buy online from Korea ?

    Your Singapore fan … AYHN2123

  332. 332 : linyiru Says:

    ove this drama…. each character played well 🙂 congratulation for eugene and ki tae young… have a happy family 🙂 u both look good together 🙂

  333. 333 : tonga Says:

    so over the moon for this drama….in tongan words ma’alahi atu faufaua meaning lovely….

    luvvvvvvvvvvv korean sopulalhhha!!!!!!!

  334. 334 : jessy Says:

    i love this drama, i love eugene and ki tae young together. you guys are perfect togther. i do want to see u 2 acting togther in dramas in the future. 🙂

  335. 335 : singapore cheap web design Says:

    We are a gaggle of volunteers and starting a brand new scheme in our community. Your web site offered us with useful info to work on. You have performed a formidable task and our entire neighborhood can be grateful to you.

  336. 336 : zarima Says:

    love u both,,, a good couple and wishing u d best… more kids

  337. 337 : taraLuvJJ Says:

    br sls ntn ni drama.. haduh mnrutku drama korea paling ngebosenin yg prnh kutonton, adegannya gitu2 doang, adegan pernikahan antara yoo joon & sang eun yg ditunggu2 di akhir episode mlh ga ada 🙁 what a dispointment but despite all of that i really like chemistry between ki tae young & eugene.. they’re look cute together no wonder they got married in real life!

  338. 338 : mery_j Says:

    I`m so glad to here that the two of you are married and I wish you a realy happy life together. You must to know that I`m your fan from Bulgaria. My cauntry is small and beautifull and I`m glad that I have the shance to watch your dramas. My dream is one day to come in S.Korea and to learn korean language. I want to be screenwriter on dramas in S.Korea.

  339. 339 : emma Says:

    Love Eugene’s character in this drama, she is awesome, and grandpa is funny. Love this drama a lot.

  340. 340 : Susan Gervasi Says:

    loved Creating Destiny and I thought the leading actor and actress made a beautiful couple and thought it would be great if they actually got married and wow they did!

  341. 341 : max Says:

    highly recommended…very cute love story on and off camera

  342. 342 : phn Says:

    where can we watch this drama with eng sub please help

  343. 343 : leilani Says:

    have finished watching for the 7th time, really cute! ‘love watching both of them, great couple!

  344. 344 : toink! Says:

    this drama really irritated me. it was good until in reached about 85% and it plummeted down.

    IS KOREAN CULTURE ON MARRIAGE REALLY THAT SHALLOW AND MATERIALISTIC????????? they talk about qualifications, bloodlines, educational attainment, status, money…. etc. they base their happiness on the external. to know the korean culture is a disappointment to me.

    i wouldnt recommend this drama so as to spare you with great irritation. it was good for a while though but then towards the end it is not worth it.

  345. 345 : green rose Says:

    toink, you are right. I am thinking so too. It is so disgusting watching that old people forcing, not matter what, that two in an arranged marriage.

  346. 346 : ann Says:

    are there more episodes or only 31

  347. 347 : MM Says:

    Love this drama, really funny. 🙂

  348. 348 : Yam Says:


  349. 349 : hana Says:

    am from nigeria,i like no i love watching kdrama u people keep me going .

  350. 350 : JConfidante Says:

    Love this drama been watching over and over again, Eugene and ki tae young, great chemistry, God bless both of you always happily in love.

  351. 351 : Creating Destiny 인연 만들기 [2009] | My Drama Links Says:

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  352. 352 : Shellsbells Says:

    This was funny from the start but a huge drag by episode 7 couldn’t even bring myself to continue watching had to turn it off after episode 9. Much too boring to waste my time on.

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