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City Hall

Title: 시티홀 / City Hall
Chinese Title : 市政厅
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-29 to 2009-July-02
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


City Hall is a drama that will deal with politics in a romantic comedy genre. It’s about the happenings between a young woman mayor and an elite bureaucrat. Jo Gook is an exceedingly smart government official. He passed the Higher Civil Service quickly, and basically is the perfect guy. But being a deputy mayor is not enough for him. He lives with the dream of becoming South Korea’s President. He should have easily gone straight to the top, but due to an unexpected incident, he gets dispatched as a deputy mayor for a provincial small town, Inju City, where Shin Mi Rae was working. Shin Mi Rae is a low-ranking secretary in Inju, but she works her way up in becoming the youngest City Mayor. As their paths met, they have to deal with each other’s personal and social differences. But despite their constant bickerings, would they end up in each other’s arms?


Cha Seung Won as Jo Gook
Kim Sun Ah as Shin Mi Rae
Choo Sang Mi as Min Joo Hwa
Lee Hyung Chul as Na Jung Do

Extended Cast

Cha Hwa Yun as Jo Yong Hee (Jo Gook’s mother)
Yoon Se Ah as Go Go Hae
Jung Soo Young as Jung Boo Mi
Lee Joon Hyuk as Ha Soo In
Yang Jae Sung as Kang Tae Gong
Kim Gun as Yang Kye Jang
Choi Sang Hoon as So Yoo Han
Kwon Da Hyun as Sun Hwa
Kim Neul Mae as Go Yang Yi
Choi Il Hwa as BB
Shin Jung Geun as Ji Gook Jang
Park Joo Ah as Yoo Kwon Ja
Kim Jin Seong as Jo Rang
Yum Dong Hun as Go Boo Sil
Park Tae Kyung as Boo Jung Han
Im Dae Il as Director Moon
Ryu Sung Han as Director Byun
Kang Joo Hyung as Mang Hae Ra
Lee Jae Goo as Ye San
Kim Ah Rang as Ha Ni
Kim Jin Sung as Jo Rang
Choi Dae Sung
Kim Dong Gyoon
Nam Hyun Joo

Production Credits

Director: Shin Woo Chul
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook


– 2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actor – Special Drama (Cha Seung Won)
– 2009 SBS Drama Awards: Best Actress – Special Drama (Kim Sun Ah)

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
2009-04-29 1 13.9 (7th) 14.9 (8th)
2009-04-30 2 14.6 (5th) 16.0 (3rd)
2009-05-06 3 15.3 (5th) 16.3 (3rd)
2009-05-07 4 16.7 (2nd) 17.8 (2nd)
2009-05-13 5 14.6 (5th) 15.4 (3rd)
2009-05-14 6 16.4 (3rd) 17.2 (3rd)
2009-05-20 7 15.3 (4th) 16.6 (3rd)
2009-05-21 8 17.8 (3rd) 18.3 (3rd)
2009-05-27 9 15.5 (4th) 15.8 (3rd)
2009-05-28 10 16.9 (2nd) 17.8 (2nd)
2009-06-03 11 16.7 (3rd) 17.4 (2nd)
2009-06-04 12 16.8 (4th) 17.6 (3rd)
2009-06-10 13 17.0 (4th) 17.1 (3rd)
2009-06-11 14 14.1 (3rd) 14.6 (2nd)
2009-06-17 15 16.7 (3rd) 17.8 (3rd)
2009-06-18 16 17.4 (2nd) 18.9 (2nd)
2009-06-24 17 18.0 (3rd) 19.4 (2nd)
2009-06-25 18 18.3 (2nd) 20.0 (2nd)
2009-07-01 19 17.6 (2nd) 18.8 (2nd)
2009-07-02 20 19.6 (2nd) 20.8 (2nd)

Source: TNS Media Korea


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  1. 1 : stellar Says:

    Oh! Kim Sun Ah! Such a superb actress! Any show with her is worth watching…

  2. 2 : crowd Says:

    Any synopsis? Is this a romantic comedy?

  3. 3 : momomiko10 Says:

    kim sun ah :)) im pretty sure this drama will be hit

  4. 4 : rebwarts Says:

    I have seen the first 2 episodes of this comedy-romance drama and i love it. the two leads has good chemistry together. kim’s not the prettiest among actress but her acting great! hope the rest of the episodes is as enjoyable as the first two.

  5. 5 : Basuha Says:

    Very funny drama, I find Suh Ah to be very pretty, more so because she has a shape of a woman instead of a little girl. Her acting is good, she one of the few actress that comedy comes naturally. I’m not familiar with the male lead but I do find him attractive in a Forest Gump mixed with Al Bundy (married with children) way. They chemistry is very mature, I hope they continue on this path.

  6. 6 : noha Says:

    this drama is very interesting
    watched only two episode and looking forward to the rest
    kim sun ah is amazing and funny
    i recommmend every one to watch this drama

  7. 7 : apple Says:

    Have just watched the 1st episode. Love the scenes when the 2 leads are together. They have such great chemistry!

  8. 8 : doremi Says:

    I know I’m jumping the gun a bit but having watched epi 1 & 2, I think this show has the potential to be one of the best dramas in 2009!!!

    KSA is such a superb actress. Her comic timing is totally spot on! It’s so fun watching her. Just watch the first 2 episodes especially those parts with her, you’ll laugh till you roll on the floor!

    I’ve not seen the lead guy before but he’s a pretty good actor. He may not be the most handsome guy but he is suave and has a rakish charm which makes him really attractive.

  9. 9 : sky Says:

    Totally enjoyable!!! Looking forward to upcoming episodes. Hope they’ll keep up with the fun.

  10. 10 : emerald Says:

    Eyeryone should watch this drama! One of the most enjoyable in 2009! Unique storyline, superb acting, great fun & incredible chemistry between the leads!!! Way to go!!!

  11. 11 : spur Says:

    This is So..ooo hilarious!!! Do not miss it!!! Guarantee to make you fall off your chair with side-splitting laughter!!!

  12. 12 : zara Says:

    After some checking, I realised the lead guy is the one in Bodyguard. He looks really different now, much better than before. Can’t recognise him at all.

    Also his acting has improved. I stopped watching Bodyguard after a couple of episodes because I didn’t like his acting then. Good thing he’s better now.

  13. 13 : alws Says:

    I believe this is going to be another HIT show! It’s incredibly hilarious! Really, really love it!

  14. 14 : hollywood Says:

    Hi Basuha,

    I am checking out this drama. I will watch this one once it is
    completed. Patience isn’t one of my best virtue. I normally buy
    the DVD after checking them out on the net.

    I like Kim Suh Ah, very talented actress. She is
    very funny in S Diary and She’s on Duty. I believe this one to be
    a very comical one.

  15. 15 : kayy Says:

    Incredibly funny drama! Especially those scenes with Kim Sun Ah in it. She’s one heck of an actress! I can watch those scenes with her over & over again, and yet still have to hold my sides from all the laughter engendered… In fact, I find myself chuckling away when I think about some of those moments. Must not do this in front of people otherwise they’ll think that there’s something wrong with me… Hehehe…

  16. 16 : JoyS Says:

    I have watched 4 episodes with the Chinese subtitles. It’s really a great romantic comedy not to be missed! The leads have fantastic chemistry with each other. This is a fun, relaxing and enjoyable show to watch. It will make you laugh out loud. Kim Sun Ah is definitely a natural comedy actress. Hope that the English subtitles can catch up real fast with the release in Korea.

  17. 17 : ponyo Says:

    Yup, yup, yup! KSA is simply hilarious!!!

  18. 18 : seetee Says:

    Love the chemistry between Kim Sun Ah & Cha Seung Won! Really enjoy the moments when they are together. Good thing there are plenty of them in each of the 4 episodes so far. Can’t wait for them to start ‘feeling’ for each other…

  19. 19 : rebwarts Says:

    this is really hilarious!

  20. 20 : kayy Says:

    OMG! The way episode 4 ended makes me can’t wait for the next episode!!! Talking about anticipation…

  21. 21 : Isabelle Says:

    Marvellous drama! 😀 WATCH IT!

  22. 22 : munichreynoso Says:

    Kim Sun Ah you’re the best. Can’t wait to see Ep5 hahaha!!! what will Cha Seung Won do? Fighting!

  23. 23 : fave Says:

    This is seriously one of the best dramas in 2009! I’m enjoying every minute of it. All the cast, from the leading to the supporting, is superb!

    Kim Sun Ah is, without a shadow of doubt, in her elements here! She delivers each & every time with her comic talents. Seeing her will guarantee you a hysterical time!

    Cha Seung Won may not be well known but he’s surprisingly comical too. Best of all, he seems to have this easy & relaxed chemistry with Kim Sun Ah. Makes their chemistry seem so effortless!

    For the supporting cast, I’m pleasant surprised by Choo Sang Mi who played the ambitious & totally pretentious council woman with such aplomb.

    The mayor is another character I look out for in this drama. Potentially there are others too if their characters are fleshed out & given the chance to develop… I’m hopeful, as it is only all of four episodes only…

  24. 24 : house Says:

    MUST watch!!! Incredibly funny!!!

  25. 25 : ABC Says:

    It is highly recommended. It is fun to watch after the work day and the drama makes you feel so relax.

  26. 26 : hollywood Says:

    I have been watching this drama. The story is so good beside funny.
    Must watch. I love it. Kudos to all the actors and actresses.

  27. 27 : Mary Says:

    I am really enjoying the energy amongst the cast members in this drama. It’s hilarious!!! Well, worth watching.

  28. 28 : savvy Says:

    Agree with all the above comments! This is currently my favorite show!!!

    Love both the lead characters! Enjoy watching them sparring & bantering with one another. They have an amazingly natural & convincing chemistry!

    Kind of like the vice mayor’s secretary too… Quite a good actor too. Who’s he, btw? Can anyone please tell me?

  29. 29 : ABC Says:

    This is a good drama!! I highly recommend it. The actor is new to me but he is pretty cool and fits into his role. The actress, Mrs. Kim, is always the best.

  30. 30 : zac Says:

    Love it, love it, love it!!!

  31. 31 : Mary Says:

    Oh-o-o-o! I really like this drama. It’s so funny, as well as, intriguing. I hope this drama lasts for a long time and that there are plans to vindicate Mi Rae and the other corruption is exposed, big time!

  32. 32 : punch Says:

    Finally, at long last! Episode 7 is out! Yippee!!!

  33. 33 : dmingz Says:

    Contrary to some of the comments, I like Sun ah’s short and booby hair. Make her look really cute when she act cute in front of the vice mayor. Kinda surprising that Shin Mirae is a loud mouth, scheming (the way she made up tales and made use of the vice mayor) and actually act cute to get off the things she did. But once again, sun ah proves she can take on any role with ease.

    Though the writer says politics is in the background, i think she actually made it pretty prominent in the story (the 1st few episodes kinda confuse me because of the political storyline lurking behind the comedic acting), but it’s a refreshing plot, compared to the boring romance dramas that’s all over now. I hope the rest of the drama holds up, unlike in Everynight where the plot crashed halfway.

    just saw ep 7, sorry, but Hyun Bin did not make a cameo (So dissappointed!!) but i think he may not be able to be as comical as this guy who acted as the ex bf.. Hyun Bin is too good looking…. hahaha

    PS: Really cannot stand guys with perfectly shaped eyebrows…… What’s wrong with these guys? So girly!!!!

  34. 34 : kazue Says:

    yes…this drama is my current favorite. I would recommend this to anyone. Although it is light-hearted it is genuinely witty and the chemistry between the main characters are really amazing and realistic: it’s as if they really are in a real relationship. the show itself it really easy to get hooked on and the plot is entirely solid. The scrips are great and the actors are all phenomenol. The setting is great, the direction, and….well everything! I might be over-praising it..but in all honesty great drama so far!!!! And I found my soulmate. The guy is just to [email protected]#$#@( HOT! Not kidding. I can’t understand how he just fuses out charisma like it’s just. Even just looking at him in the screen makes me feel all warm inside….I love his performance too….and I like his face in general…real handsome and altough not the classic guy, still better. I think he might even beat the other actors on my top lists…including Bi, Lee Jun Ki, So Ji sub….argh…hard decision!

  35. 35 : kell Says:

    Unlike what dmingz has said, I don’t think Shin Mirae’s character is loud mouth and scheming. On the contrary, she’s supposed to be a rather bright and warm-hearted person.

    She has some weaknesses though. Firstly, she’s not very confident and does not know or want to make decisions. The latter stems from her dislike of taking sides and hurting people. So in the process she pleases no one and is therefore stuck in the lowly 10th grade post.

    Also, she can be very impulsive. When she’s pushed to a corner and is desperate, she’ll cling on to anything that she can. Because of this, she’ll shoot off her mouth without thinking through her brain. The vice mayor, an important person in the village, is new and has shown her some attention, so he became someone she clings to by default. However, each time she ‘used’ him, she felt bad and regretted it. This goes to show that she’s definitely not scheming.

  36. 36 : JoyS Says:

    The more i watch the show, the more i find the two lead very compatible! Really hope that it will be a beautiful, blissful and good ending for the two of them in the show!!! A drama really not to be missed by any romantic comedy fans!

  37. 37 : Mary Says:


  38. 38 : cool Says:

    City Hall totally rocks!!!

  39. 39 : chase Says:

    Kim Suh Ah is without a doubt, a first class actress! Her acting and comic flair is impeccable. She is indeed the ‘Lucille Ball’ of the east!

    But what surprises me is the lead guy, Cha Seung Won. He’s been acting for some time but I’ve never really liked him or wasn’t impressed by him at all. However, in City Hall, my opinion of him changed totally! He looks much better (in fact so different from before that I can’t recognise him at all) and be acts tons better. Maybe he has improved since or maybe comedies are more his forte… But whatever it is, I’m sure looking out for him now…

  40. 40 : improv Says:

    Really good drama! Haven’t enjoyed myself so much in a drama for a long time…

  41. 41 : switchfoot Says:

    Kim Sun Ah is simply amazing! Not only is she such a superb actress, but she has this incredible ability to bring out the best in her co-actor.

    Just as she did it for Hyun Bin in MNIKSS and she did it for Lee Dong Gun in When It’s At Night, she’s now doing it for Cha Seung Won. I’m not sure if anyone else has notice this? All these actors were at their best when they acted with her…

  42. 42 : hollywood Says:

    Switchfoot, I totally agree with you. Class 1 actress. I am so hook on this drama now. Cha Seung Won was not that good in Bodyguard. I did not even notice him until this drama. Lee Dong Gun has his own style, pretty good actor, however, Hyun Bin ??

  43. 43 : switchfoot Says:

    Hi hollywood! You’re so right. I wasn’t impressed by Cha Seung Won at all before this. I don’t know if he acted in many dramas but definitely I don’t like him in Bodyguard.

    As for Lee Dong Gun, though he has acted in numerous dramas, I liked him best in When It’s At Night. In fact, I was quite irritated by his acting and stopped watching several of the dramas where he’s the lead after a few episodes, such as Stained Glass, Lovers In Paris, Smile Again,… But I must say that he pair quite well with Han Hye Jin as well.

    Hyun Bin? Popular that he is, I don’t think much of his acting skills, not in World Within, not in Snow Queen, definitely not in Ireland. The only time I sit up and watch him is in MNIKSS.

  44. 44 : stellar Says:

    Just as I had thought so, this drama is turning out so fine! Kim Sun Ah is just so good. You go, girl!

  45. 45 : JoyS Says:

    Switchfoot, I also agree with what you commented. Indeed, Kim Sun Ah is able to let viewers notice not only her, but her co-actors and co-actresses! All of them have acted well in this show!

  46. 46 : yoohoo Says:

    This drama is HAPPENING!!!

  47. 47 : ABC Says:

    The latest two episodes are all about “mayor election” and I hope next few episodes will focus more between two main cast. I think most of us don’t like too much about politics. Overall, this is a good drama.

  48. 48 : sueT Says:

    Some of the lines are just so funny! Eg., in episode 7, “I want to go for a trip… with my hamster.” You’ve gotta watch it to understand…

  49. 49 : dmingz Says:

    i agree… hopefully the next epi will move away from the elections… Poor sun ah. get thrown by eggs and now tomatos!! which actress get such poor treatment!! God, it looks painful!!

  50. 50 : jastinel Says:

    I`m also addicted to this drama, I hope all of you will continue watching this drama, the story is getting better and better in each episode that most of the foreign fans wanted this drama to have an extension.
    I`m so loving GUMI couple, on and off cam their chemistry is unbelievable.
    It`s like Suna found her big bro in Cha Seung Won, I like the way he takes care of Suna. Though, his married, have kids and older, than those previous leading man of Suna, His considered one of the HOTTEST male star. His charisma is so strong that I fell in love with him from the very fist epi. I hope you guys can join the discussion about this drama in City Hall [email protected] You can enjoy watching this drama with English Sub here….http://www.viikii.net/videos/watch/19071/0/city-hall-episode-6-part-1.html. Episode 10, made me cried, Suna is not just good in comedy but also in drama…she`s excellent!

  51. 51 : nickie Says:

    i am also addicted to this drama. where can i download chinese version torrent for this drama

  52. 52 : etee Says:

    Wow, all the above 50 comments are favorable! I am still subbing ep10 at viikii. Becoz the server was down yesterday for 8 hrs, I couldn’t get to it. Now that they say they have “upgraded” the server, it’s actually worse than before they upgraded….sooo slow to upload the subs. Once I finish this comment, I will go back to subbing.

    Unfortunately, I think ep 11 and 12 will be heavy on the elections. But interspersed with GuMi’s magical moments….not romantic ones but more tensed.

    Anyone here from Korea? Are the ratings a true reflection of public’s opinion? Anyone here watching That Fool or Cinderella Man? I gave them up after 4epis and 2 epis respectively. Nothing to rave about there.

  53. 53 : Mofo Says:

    This is the best drama series of 2009 yet…for me. It’s funny, quirky and very insightful. The pairing is very mature but they do not fail in making the viewers swoon at their romantic scenes. The male lead is just hot. JUST FREAKING HOT!

    The drama is addicting too. I’m currently waiting (not patiently, I’m at my wits end) for the subbed episode 10. Watch it!

    Oh and Etee, thank you for the hard work on the subbing!

  54. 54 : Mary Says:

    U.S.A.- here! I thoroughly enjoy this drama. I look forward to the updates. I agree with Mofo…especially about the male lead, OMG! I have never been a drama fan prior to these dramas on mysoju, ever; nor have I ever chose to be star struck. But, Hey! I have to give credit to mother nature where credit is due. If they’re handsome, they just can’t help it!

  55. 55 : Mary Says:

    Kim Sun Ah EXCELS as an actress. I’ve watched her in other dramas, and her astounding acting ability really expresses each character she portrays. She can acts well in comedies, suspense thrillers, and romance. You Go Girl!

  56. 56 : jangerr Says:

    etee, thank you so much for subbing this drama.

    This is THE drama that I look forward to every week. Like Mofo, I love it so much that I’m not very patient in my waiting too. I’ll be like, constantly checking between yukou and viikii to see which sites upload it first.

    However, I’ll still watch both sites in the end as I love this series too much.

  57. 57 : Mary Says:

    Love the ACTION in episode 10. Great leads and character actors thru out. EXCELLENT!!! Anxiously waiting for next episode!

  58. 58 : devin Says:

    i cried in ep 10 when she got pelted with food. what happened after he came made me cry. her acting is so natural and real, i sometimes forget that this is a drama. excellent acting for all and a well written story as well. i can honestly say i love the main four, even thous some of them can be a bit much at times…XD

  59. 59 : fave Says:

    Hi etee! Like the rest, I want to thank you for doing the eng subs for this drama. From your comment, I take it that you are not korean. So how come you are so good in the language that you know how to translate? I’m impressed!!!

    I don’t understand the rating too. But I remember reading somewhere that if the rating is above 15%, it is supposed to be quite good. However, I think this show definitely deserves much better rating. The good thing is that the rating keeps going up!

    As for That Fool & Cinderalla Man, I too don’t find them that fantastic… I’ve stopped watching them after a few episodes.

  60. 60 : nature Says:

    Love this show!!! Only wish there are more scenes of the 2 leads together…

  61. 61 : Mary Says:

    City Hall: Ep. 4-Finally saw it on youtube, eventhough, without eng. subs, I was able to get an idea what was happening in the scenes. Still can’t get ep. 4 in its entirety on soju, yet!!?? Anyway! When ep. 4/pt. 2 came up, the scene between the two men….WHAT THE-E-E….. I must say that particular scene, was one I didn’t expect. It was like a wrench thrown into my libido. This rendevous was mentioned later in another episode, yet since I couldn’t view ep. 4 on soju, there wasn’t a frame of reference for it. Oh, well! Moving on…. Just had to make that comment, because I thought it was the tango scene in the competition that caused the high ratings. At least for me it was.

  62. 62 : Bear Says:

    I love this show. Cannot wait for new episode to be updated each week.

    The story writer did a great job, always throwing in some unexpected drama to make it more interesting. Definitely one of the best drama this year.

    Love the chemistry between the leading roles is amazing. I rewatched many scenes over and over.

    Also love the songs used in this drama.

  63. 63 : Mary Says:

    City Hall is outstanding. Not to take anything away from other actresses in Korea….yet, from my observation, Kim Sun Ah is the hardest working actress in Korea when it come to character portrayal. Her facial expressions, body movements, word annunciations, and eyes captures the very essence of the her character’s expression in every scene. I’ve noticed this with the leading men who work with her as well. They draw from each other, it’s remarkable. She just delivers her roles, unlike some of the other actresses that I’ve seen whose facial expressions are almost blank. Miss Kim is truly an artist that knows her craft.

  64. 64 : nikki Says:

    City Hall is nice HILARIOUS drama. Is it supposed to me comedy romance drama?
    I enjoy watching Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won. I shall name my laptop as Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won. A fan of them.

  65. 65 : jangerr Says:

    Yay! Epi 11 is subbed & ready at viikii.com!!!

  66. 66 : nickie Says:

    This is the best drama series of 2009. I am really love this drama. Wishing good happy ending.

    Is this drama really a romantic comedy?

  67. 67 : Mary Says:

    This drama makes me laugh hysterically, cry sympathetically, applaud it with joy, and watch it with passion. I applaud the creativity of the writers, director, producer, actors and everyone involved with the birthing and delivery process of this drama. It is truly a work of FINE ART. High Five to everybody!!!

  68. 68 : hollywood Says:

    Hello Basuha, are you watching this? Have not heard from you for
    some time. This is one very fine drama, so addictive, not even a boring moment. Shin Mirae will take you along with her from nobody to somebody. Let’s see how she do as a mayor of Inju now that she is elected. Tune in people, this is a highly recommended show for a different breed of audience.

    I do hope that Kim Suh Ah is recognize and will be awarded her superb peformance. Not forgetting the other leads too.

  69. 69 : Mary Says:

    Great subbing etee…enjoy the header comments, as well . Ep. 11 is so funny! Also funny, vote with your conscience (#5-hand signal). Check out that wig on the former mayor…I didn’t recognize him. So funny! He really pulled off going incognito. LOL!!!

    I’ll conclude with….there’s nothing that can beat a praying mother (MiRae’s) whether portrayed fictionally or in reality; it works!

  70. 70 : style Says:

    This must be one of the best pairing!!! Kim Sun Ah & Cha Seung Won – wow!!! They just look, feel and seem so good together… I hope there’ll be more & more of them together…

  71. 71 : Mary Says:

    Etee, in response to That Fool. I’m watching it and it’s hilarious! I too started to watch it when it first came out, but didn’t get pass the 1st couple of episodes. For some reason, I went back, and I’m so glad that I did. It is so funny and sweet. I really admire the character Dong Baek. Such excellent acting in this drama. Cinderella Man….I have not returned to it. I like the actors, yet not the plot so much. -American kdrama fan!

  72. 72 : albany Says:

    One of the greatest attractions of this show is the lead couple, Shin Mi Rae & Jo Gook.

    Just love the bickering, bantering, ‘bullying’ & ‘love’ tension between the two of them! So I totally agree with some of the viewers here that we need to see more of the two, together, not separately… So, please, scriptwriters, take note of our requests & put in more such scenes…

  73. 73 : kayy Says:

    The appearance of the ‘oppa’ in epi 12 is certainly good… Nothing like some potential serious competition to give the ex-vice mayor a sense of urgency…

  74. 74 : U.S.A. Says:

    Ep. 13 is OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY! It is the best romantic comedy for 2009. I’m still trying to give my stomach muscles a rest from laughing so hard due to
    the scene with the directors’ wives and their husbands’…so funny. Also, FINALLY….the kiss! I’ve been anticipating that to happen. Looking forward to ep. 14. Scandal?!! I too hope this drama has a happy ending.

  75. 75 : ABC Says:

    Just finished ep. 13 and is waiting for ep. 14. This episode focused more between two main characterors and is going to the direction what everone expects. I like this episode especially when Jo Gook was so anxious waiting for Mi Rae to call him.

  76. 76 : hyderia Says:

    where can i download this drama,? thanks

  77. 77 : munichreynoso Says:

    I just love watching them two CSW and KSA. Really nice Drama, worth watching every episode, just finished watching EP14.

  78. 78 : alws Says:

    Finally! At long last!!! We’re seeing more of Mirae & Jo Gook together… This is soooo good! Please keep it up!!!

  79. 79 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Okay!!! I know this is fiction, and I enjoy it immensely. Yet, how many times will Mi Rae, upon being persued by Jo Gook, continually try to climb this tree, and each time she gets a little closer to a branch to grasp hold of for security, to have an valid relationship, she is immediately forced down to the ground again??!!!! Hey!!! To me, this character has not been portrayed as the triangle affair type (he still has a fiance’)!!! Mi Rae’s character, so far, has definitely not been that naive or stupid!

    Personally, I’d like to see another tall, handsome, brilliant, educated, suave, 30ish professional man, as a love interest, come into her life. Just to give Jo Gook a run for his money. In other words, just to let him know that there is someone else out there who’s intentions are honorable towards the mayor.

  80. 80 : zany Says:

    “Typhoon” Shin Mi Rae… Yeah, she’s so going to blow all her oppositions and obstacles away. Just watch and see… Both in her career and in her love life….

  81. 81 : kell Says:

    Episode 13 is the turning point for both Shin Mi Rae & Jo Gook.

    Shin Mi Rae is now on the path of self discovery – on how valuable she is, how strong she can be,…

    For Jo Gook, he realises how much he loves Shin Mi Rae, how much he really cares for her… All along, he thought she’s an easy target, someone he can use & discard in his climb towards his goal, his ambition. He started having some feelings for her as he spent more & more time with her but it is in this episode that he knew how much these feelings have become. It’s definitely more than he thought possible.

  82. 82 : ying Says:

    I had just finished watching ep 14, they finally kissed! I’m really addicted to this drama that I catch the show every wed and thurs. Oh..CSW is so man! Can’t wait for ep 15.

  83. 83 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I find Mi Rae’s integrity astounding. She definitely in ep. 14, is getting a taste of the political games played when it comes to a love relationship. Her approach to politics is the same approach to her budding love relationship;
    with honesty, admiration and nothing to hide. It’s either we’re in the relationship together or we’re not, regardless of what anybody thinks.

    Recalling earlier in the drama when during a meeting, she boldly mentioned seeing the mayor and a woman together, the mayor denied it. Mi Rae detested his denial, the same way she found it hard when Jo Gook told her to ‘take heed, she’s not in a relationship’ when responding to any questions that may be asked about them. Looking forward to ep. 15.

  84. 84 : stellazhao Says:

    it’s a really nice drama …. it has brough me back to korean hit group again!!! 🙂

    but….just wondering…there is a sad love song that has been used quite offten in 14 and 15 eps…not 웃어봐 (feat. Amen) / 채동하

    cos i’ve been looking for it for 2 days…but stil l couldnt find it anywhere…

    i so ….hope anyone can help me out…..thx

  85. 85 : para Says:

    Really love episodes 13 & 14! Jo Gook is so sweet towards Mi Rae…

    So many beautiful moments – from him anxiously calling & texting her to finding her & telling her that she is his, to the tender kiss & his ‘tiptoeing’ around so as to not disturb her while she was sleeping, to the way he lovingly shielded her from the sun,… I can just watch them over & over again…

  86. 86 : kriss Says:

    Everyone should ignore the ratings and the synopsis and just watch this drama! It’s seriously good… One of the best in 2009!!!

    I have doubts initially too upon reading the sypnopsis. Political drama? It was certainly not my cup of tea and I believe this is so for many others.

    But because Kim Sun Ah is in it, I thought I’ll just give it a try. and boy, am I glad I did!

  87. 87 : munichreynoso Says:

    A MUST see Drama! worth watching

  88. 88 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Ep. 15/16, excellent! I’m speechless; with the exception of the crying scenes. Whew! My, my, my…they can act!

  89. 89 : momomiko10 Says:

    yea i agree with U.S.A.-Mary ep 15 and 16 is just speechless..its was amazing job from the actress and the actor..love sunah^^

  90. 90 : cera Says:

    love kim sun ah and cha seung won dey have a greatt chemistry…

    love ep 15 and 16….im excited for d coming episodes

  91. 91 : mtoenlob Says:

    Since episode 1, am hooked. Best drama I’ve seen so far. Great pairings for the lead characters. Such beautiful couple. And great chemistry. Physically, they’re a perfect match – tall, lean and good looking. Acting-wise, they complement each other. Both gave justice to their roles. Talent for talent, they clicked. Comedic flair, no question about that. Dramatic moments, hands down. Both delivered with aplomb. KSA is such a competent actress. Amongst her peers, she stands out – she takes her craft seriously. She doesn’t hesitate to deglamorized herself if the role calls for it. I agree with switchfoot, KSA has this ability to bring out the best in her co-actors/actresses. A mark of a true artist. Looking forward to seeing KSA and CSW together in other future projects.

    Couldn’t believe this would be ending soon. Seriously, my week isn’t complete without a dose of CH. Am addicted to it. I’ve been watching kdrama but CH gave me a different satisfaction. Thanks to the cast and production staff, they’re all doing a great and wonderful job.

    Highly recommended. You’ll never regret you did.

  92. 92 : Airliebird58 Says:

    I’ve been a big fan of Kim Sun Ah since seeing her in ‘My lovely Sam Soon’, so I watch anything she is in. This is a really good drama, just a little bit different.
    Anyone thinking of trying this series, please do so, you wont be disappointed!

  93. 93 : yulia Says:

    really really nice story. give another sense of political life.
    i really love kim seon ah, she is really cute and good actress.
    she has good quality in acting.

    keep fighting kim seon ah!!!! 🙂

  94. 94 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    The subber for this drama is so funny! I’m really enjoying your comments…many of them are my exact sentiments. LOL!

    Presently, viewing ep. 15/16 again. All I can say is that they are an OUTSTANDING ACTING duo. I’d like to see Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won become an acting team like…Bogart and BaCall, Ball and Arnez, Tracey and Hepburn, just to name a few (that’s my opinion, only). These two have such excellent chemistry. I’m a kdrama fan now! Ha ha…never anticipated being one, ever.

  95. 95 : Pauline Says:

    I love this show and can’t wait for the next episode to come out. The chemistry between the two main leads Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won are very good. They look good together. Hope to see both together more in the future. Keep up the good work. City Hall is one of my favorites.

  96. 96 : Pauline Says:

    Oh by the way I am looking for the ost of this show but I don’t seem to be able to get the song that I am looking for. The song that was played when they break off and patch back together. I just Love that song. The rest of the songs I’ve managed to get it except for this one song. Can someone tell me where I could find it. Thanks and appreciated it.

  97. 97 : Min Says:


    Go to aja-aja.com or d-addicts.com. I believe aja-aja files are all megaupload and d-addicts files are torrents.

    Happy hunting.

  98. 98 : switchfoot Says:

    Well said, mtoenlob! Totally agree with what you’ve said regarding the leads. Both are such outstanding thespians.

    Another sign of their superb craftsmanship is their ability to convey so much with so little… Without uttering any words, without any actions, just with their eyes & their expressions, they are able to tell a story, pull your heartstrings, warm your heart, draw you to their sides, make your heart drop, etc! Very, very few actors or actresses can pull that off…

  99. 99 : roofie Says:

    I’m totally addicted to this drama. Already watched twice.

    Highly recommended, esp if u’re a fan of Kim Sun Ah!!

  100. 100 : aquarianunicorn Says:

    i am addicted to this drama!
    luckily, my son was sick so i watch a whole day marathon to catch up to all 16 episodes-
    i cant wait for the last 4
    hoping for a happy ending!
    GuMi fighting!

  101. 101 : ABC Says:

    The next two episodes will be heartbreaking. I am not sure whether it will be a happy ending.

  102. 102 : jangerr Says:

    Have just watched epi 17 – really heartbreaking… This show really knows how to play with our emotions…

    But I’m still hopeful that things will turn out alright in the end for our dear MiRae & Jo Gook. It has to, it must, and so it shall…

  103. 103 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Just finished watching ep. 17. Thoroughly enjoyed the writer(s) stategy for overcoming obstacles, once again. In other words, maintain your battle plan by knowing your legal rights with in the law and don’t allow intimidation. Love it! Great portrayal by Jo Gook, who’s a stategist (call noona, Madam Jung); he continues to be very protective of Mi Rae.

    I really like the character, Mi Rae, in this episode, too, because no matter what type of challenge confronts her, eventhough, her eyes reflects the disappointment at that moment or the glance that signals to her adversary (you really don’t want to cross me); she handles it with poise, dignity, and grace. That’s an overcomer!!! Alright!!!

    As I observed, Mi Rae wasn’t pitiful, AT ALL! Go Go Hae (excellent female protagonist portrayal) is the pitiful, fake-smiling, emotionally-threatened one, in my opinion. Especially since she didn’t get the reaction she wanted from the mayor, as she blatently tried to belittle her. For a woman, who in comparison to Go Go Hae, is supposed to be lacking (per BB); two men acknowledged her as a typhoon that entered their lives, once she became mayor. That says a lot about a woman when it comes from the view point of two men. One in an intimate relationship with her, and the other is just a colleague. Oh, I really like the writer(s) thought process of this kdrama!

    Regardless of how this drama ends, I sense Mi Rae will come out on top and is destined for a marital relationship with an emotionally-secure man that cherishes her. Hey, it’s only fiction. I have fun just analyzing it.

  104. 104 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I would love to see whoever Mi Rae ends up with slow dance to Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn’s duet of the song ‘If This World Were Mine’ playing softly in the background. This is such a beautiful, seductive, and romantic song.

  105. 105 : fave Says:

    Crying my eyes out now… Poor Mi Rae & Jo Gook… Love each other so much yet not able to be together. Jo Gook has to pretend to be a jerk which must be really heartbreaking to him and Mi Rae has to face the brunt of his ‘harshness’ & ‘ruthlessness’…

  106. 106 : Shelly Says:

    This is the best Korean drama that I have seen so far. The story is very well written, one which is both emotional, romantic, inspiring and realistic. The story is also well produced and executed beautifully and tactfully, with excellent acting and performance by the cast, especially Cha Seung Won and Kim Suna. Audiences couldn’t help but smile with the drama and cry with it.

  107. 107 : ABC Says:

    I finished episode 18 and it is great to see Mi Rae becomes a strong person after she broke up with Ji Gook. I am looking forward for the next two episodes.

  108. 108 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Just completed ep. 18. The character Mi Rae is formidable in her convictions and is definitely a force to be reckoned with; is not one to be taken for granted. Looking forward to the next two episodes, as well. Will hate to see series end.

  109. 109 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    P.S. Hopefully, in the next two episodes Joo Hwa, Go Hae, and BB get a dose of their own ruthless, narcissitic ways, and the tables are turned against them for making innocent people suffer. The law of reciprocity is ever present to justify anyone that’s innocent.

  110. 110 : baliji Says:

    I am soooo into this drama! totally engrosing because of the actors and actresses, the beautifully written script! the directors’ creative juices overflowing to the max!.

    i started watching this drama halfheartedly becuase i thought ” oh another political, heavy drama” and watching at first was because of Sun ah, i am a fan of her. SO I said i will ear with it. But down the road, i got hook! even to the extent of waiting for the uploading of the drama way into the morning! creating havoc to my sleeping pattern and work the next day!!!
    Just like the rest of the pubilc, I also wish that the drama can be extended!

    again thank you to the team and most specially Director: Shin Woo Chul and Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook for doing a great job!

  111. 111 : stellar Says:

    I’m constantly amazed by this drama. Every episode is so exciting, engaging & enthralling! I’ll be sad to see the end of the show which unfortunately is coming soon… Can we hope to see an extension? Or maybe some special episodes???

  112. 112 : Basuha Says:

    Hi Hollywood

    How everything with you? I been very busy at work these pass few months and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to let up any time soon. I’m going on vacation in August (Disney crusie) I hope I get a chance to relax I’m going to bring my laptop and watch some old favorites of mine……..(Lovely Sam Soon, Golden Bride and Last Scandal)

    I’m watching City Hall really enjoying this drama; I appreciate the maturity of the storyline. They are playing characters in they’re late thirty and the story line reflects that very well. I know Mi Rae involved with a man that has a fiancés and normally I’m against that, but it a light drama that doesn’t focus on the triangle but more on the attraction that developed between the two main characters. They relationship have such a great balance of sexually, fondness, innocence, understanding, support and strange compatibility that you can’t help but be captactived. I like the side story of Director Lee and his crazy wife; I like the friendship of Bo mi and Mi Rae, I’m enjoying it all.

    I also started watching Triple and the main actress is so charming that I look forward to this drama every week as while. The storyline and the acting are good. It light, deep, funny, sad, there are so many emotions with the characters that you wonder what underneath it all. It very similar to City Hall in respect to how each episode it develops to a greater excitement. If you haven’t already started watching it, give it a try.

    Lastly I also watching Job Well Done, I was hesitate about this drama because it has a similar storyline of my (Precious Child) and I wasn’t about to go thought that again so I approached this drama warily. It on episode 29 with 21 more episodes to go and all I can say is (Thank Yoo). The storyline has a lot of depth, but what makes it so good is that it has the typical Korean prejudices but it handle and a way that an American like me won’t be pulling her hair out yelling (LIVE YOUR LIFE!) I love the main actress character she strong, smart, and have a great self esteem. The main guy character is also endearing, a younger man that portrays a lot of wisdom when needed and also childish man, if you know what I mean. I love the fact that there are no secret they all out on the table and this drama is about dealing with the cards life dealt you. As I’m telling you about this drama I realizing once again how good it is. I hope you get a chance to check this one out as while.

    Hollywood take care and I hope too hear from you soon 

  113. 113 : munichreynoso Says:

    HAYYY! Can’t wait for the last 2 episodes

  114. 114 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Viewed ep. 14-18 again. At first, with conflicting thoughts, I wanted to write the character Jo Gook off (as a ??!!!). Actually, there weren’t any fitting words to describe him when it came to his continued relationship with Go Hae and how he had asked Mi Rae to understand her. What….?!! Then, after viewing these episodes again, yet a little more objectively, I gained some insight into what the writer is trying to convey. I like his effort to protect the mayor, even if it meant ending his relationship with her. I still don’t like the harshness of his actions to get her to maintain a fighting spirit, yet I can somewhat understand it; not in agreement with the method. All in all, he’s trying to strategize his way out of a political/paternal web after declaring that he wants to live his life differently for the first time in his life. Sounds like a first love to me.

    What’s funny is that the mayor is not someone to cross, no-o-o-o, not at all. She pays back with interest, like on a loan from a loan shark, yet with dignity. LOL! It’s all done for their own self-reflection. Well done to everyone that made this kdrama. This is among THE BEST kdrama’s for 2009, especially for the political forum.

  115. 115 : babieeweirdoo Says:

    omg.. i love city hall.. best drama that ever existed!! even the ratings are off the chartttt beat cinderella man, that fool, princess ja myun go! cha seung won and kim sun ah are simply fantastic.. i can’t believe it’s ending.. i hope theres an extension to the drama and maybe a wedding!!

  116. 116 : bonz Says:

    The BEST drama I’ve seen for a while! One that makes you smile fondy, laugh hystericaly, sob uncontrollably, pull your hair in frustration, gasp in surprise, wait impatiently, hope fervently, .. All these & more…

    My only hope is it ends well. With only 2 episodes to go, I’m kind of afraid that then ending may be too rushed…

  117. 117 : mia Says:

    This is SOOOOOOO good!!! I can’t believe that I actually hesitated before watching, thinking that it’ll be some boring, heavy political stuff. But it turned out to be so intriguing & interesting.

    The storyline may have some loopholes here & there but the stellar cast, especially the two leads, put up such a brilliant performance that all is forgiven.

    What caught me by surprise is the incredible chemistry between Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won! It’s stratostrophic!!! And to think that I didn’t know who CSW was! They should totally win the Best Couple award hands down.

    I can’t wait for the next two episodes. That’s how it has been every week – I’ll be waiting impatiently for the new episodes. But this time around, I dread them too… Because these are the last two episodes….

  118. 118 : ABC Says:

    I like episode 18. Ji Gook changed dramatically in this episode and I think the next two episodes are important. I hope the screenwriter has good explanation about how Ji Gook is able to help Mi Rae to fight for BB and Go Hae.

  119. 119 : fdsafsadf Says:

    The acting and the chemistry between the main leads is by far one of the best in all Korean drams. Love Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah together, they compliment each other really well. As well, so glad that Kim Sun Ah is finally able to find a partner who is older than she is…all in all a perfect match…too bad they can’t really be together since Cha Seung Won is married…oh well hope the ending is happy yet dramatic…fighting for the ratings!

  120. 120 : jangerr Says:

    Finally the ratings are moving upwards… People are discovering how good this drama is. It may be a bit late but it’s better than never. I suppose prior to this, most people are caught up with bbf & cinderella man. Frankly, after seeing this, those two are fluffs… Hope more people will tune in and catch this amazing drama…

  121. 121 : hollywood Says:

    Hey Basuha,
    Glad to hear from you, been a while. U go girl, enjoy your cruise.
    My aunties and uncles just love cruises, they just got back from
    the European cruise. They asked me to join them on their next
    carribean cruise, I turned them down. I have taken one the Mexican cruise and I think that all I can handle, but they do have a lot of activities on board, enjoy yourself.

    I am also watching Job Well Done too, in middle of the drama, it’s OK.
    The usual senario, younger man with older single mother. It a tough relationship in real life, does not always work out, especially in conservative asian society. My friend is in one, 7 years with 2nd baby and ended. It’s only glorified in drama, movies.

    Also watching this other drama, Shining Inheritance, slow to start however, the love story got more interesting as it progress.
    What I don’t understand is that the brother is missing and why is the police not contacted to help in the search? This had me puzzled for quite sometime, not logical.

    Anyway, City Hall is still the best. Looking forward every week to
    watch this drama.

    You take care.

  122. 122 : kay Says:

    Thoroughy enjoyable drama! One of the best in recent years. Love the plot & how the story keeps building up, the twists & turns, the clever dialogue and witty repartee.

    Kim Suh Ah is totally in her elements here. The drama works partly due to her effortless star power and of course her acting chops. There are many younger & prettier korean actresses who have decent acting skills but she is, without a shadow of doubt, in a class of her own. She plays a contradictory combination of naive countrybumpkin and determined, gutsy mayor which would look ridiculous on anyone else with less screen presence.

    The drama is also elevated by Cha Seung Won who turns in a surprisingly good performance. Cha was prior to this kind of blah. But in City Hall, he is able to go toe-to-toe with Sun Ah, and even more remarkably, nimble enough to dance rings around her while not upstaging the star of the show. He definitely holds his own in this drama.

    But what makes this drama immensely watchable is the incredible chemistry between the two leads. It is reminiscent of the classic great team of Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind. Such a delight and pleasure to watch them together.

    City Hall is a rare exemplar of a well-made entertainment for grown-ups. That definitely makes it stand out from the tons of chick flicks or teeny boppers kind of shows cluttering the silver screens today.

  123. 123 : Basuha Says:

    Hi Hollywood,

    I just had to let you know that the brother missing got to me as while, how you going to go on with your life as if you lost a pair of scandal? This drama is all over the place, nothing you can really focus on. Too many side story with no detail or depth. Try triple it really good

  124. 124 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    OMG!!! Episode 19, BRAVO, BRAVO!!! City Hall EXCEEDS in every area, again. From its story line, acting; to set design. This kdrama has never been ALL OVER THE PLACE (that’s my critique)! It’s very well written. As one who is a prolific reader, I never began to experience agony and quit viewing it nor got lost in the plot. Since fiction is derived from reality, this kdrama views the lives of everyone effected by the decisions of city hall, yet portraying it without redundance or overkill. None of the scenes are long drawn out, fill-in, boring extensions. It’s like a suspense thriller that keeps me anticipating who, how and what’s next, because I do not tolerate boredom on any strata. As an analytical, creative person who still finds American soap operas uninteresting, yet commends them for their sustainability, I view this kdrama and some of the others that I’ve watched, as incredible works of visual/performing art. Unlike undeveloped, amateur eyes…it’s like well trained-eyes, viewing a master artist painting…the eyes freely travel from top to bottom, left to right, without an uneasy interruption. The placement, color, technique, and subject matter are all in one accord, from hue to gradation. To me, there’s only a great juxtaposition in City Hall’s presentation. I again, applaud everyone in the making of City Hall!

  125. 125 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Just completed viewing ep. 20 on a website that I found. I’m so very, very pleased with how everything turned around for good and not for evil. Eventhough, it didn’t have the english subtitles, that didn’t matter. I could still figure out what was happening. The actors are a very easy read. This is the BEST KDRAMA EVER!!! The end is simply SWEET and BEAUTIFUL! BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! Oh! The festival dance scene, the after party at the restaurant, the garden slow dance scene, and the wedding pictures. So, beautiful!!!

  126. 126 : keller Says:

    This is one show that after watching, I just felt like standing up and shout, “Encore!”.

  127. 127 : cityhall_fan Says:

    BRAVO! BRAVO!!! kudos & great job done by all City Hall production team, cast & crew! One of the best, exciting and enjoyable kdramas i’ve seen. =)

    laughed and cried along the drama while watching it. aww!! mirae and jo gook are just SO sweet! great performance by kim sun ah and cha seung won!! *clutches heart* love how the story unfolds… good plot… those little flashbacks that explain the story, wow! kept me glued to my seat and anticipated each episode eagerly. very happy that everything falls back into place and has a good ending! =)

    sighs, now that this drama has ended its run, i’m feeling the withdrawal symptoms already… *sobs*

    city hall = must-watch kdrama!!! BRAVO!!!

  128. 128 : liebep Says:

    I’m sooo sad that the series has finished its run! it was one of the best drama shows i’ve ever watched and the development of the love betw kim sun ah and cha seung won was just so fantastically shot and super sweet! do you recall the scene in the cab where their fingers were barely touching? i thought that scene totally described the bitter-sweet love between the two.. very touching! i’ve watched the series over and over again without getting tired of it. highly recommended!!!!!

  129. 129 : Tira Misu Says:

    I hope that the producer will pick other actress than Kim Sun Ah as the actress because her acting skill is very boring. I mean that not exciting enough to continue watch that show. Lately she have been acting in quite a few show. Wrong pick!

  130. 130 : U.S.A. Says:

    Looking forward to City Hall’s last series which is coming soon, according to mysoju. Sounds great to me! Wonder if it will contain bloopers?!!

    City Hall remains OUTSTANDING! Everyone was GREAT!!! Very, very moving scenes about perserverance and overcoming obstacles. Really enjoyed the song and the dance routine at the festival. The outfits that Mi Rae and Joo Hwa wore were absolutely cute and gorgeous, especially Mi Rae’s wedding gown. Simply beautiful!

    To me, Kim Sun Ah is the hardest working actress in Seoul, Korea. Aja! Aja! Fighting!!!!!!

  131. 131 : parachute Says:

    Let me sum up this drama with these words:

    Best Drama, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Couple!!!!

  132. 132 : mtoenlob Says:

    The exhilarating roller coaster ride has come to an end. But what an ending indeed! Such a fitting culmination leaving every viewer with mixed emotions – a smile of . . . . happiness that our favorite couple has finally weathered the storms. . . relief that the antagonists have fought their inner demons and resolved their personal issues. . .gladness that Inju’s citizens and SMR’s colleagues have at last realized and acknowledged their mayor’s sincere desire to give them an honest service. . .bliss and ecstasy for that romantic dance sequence and an ‘out of the box’ proposal . . . delight that JG and SMR will eventually tie the knot. . .sadness that we will miss all of the CH characters who for the past months have been part of our lives as we share their joys, pains, frustrations, failures and successes . . . regret that we will not know how many children will JG and SMR, Manager Lee and Councilor Min will have,or will GGH find the right guy, or will Soo In finally find his own typhoon, or will BB finally utter the words to JG ” this is my son, with whom I am well pleased”. . . appreciation to the people who uploaded, segmented and subbed the entire series with so much dedication; the writer, director, casting director, producer, production crew and staff who have all put their heads (and hearts) together to come up such fascinating, entertaining, captivating, spellbinding (oh my, the superlatives can go on and on) drama that kept us glued to our laptop/computer patiently waiting for our beloved subbers to do their thing so that we may enter the world of City Hall, and the entire cast of City Hall – the actors and actresses – from the leads (KSA and CSW) down to the ensemble – who superbly acted out their characters with aplomb. Thank you. You all deserve a standing ovation and ear-splitting applause as we the viewers shout “Encore! Encore! Encore!”

    To the network, SBS, you deserve a salute and hats off. We bow our heads in humble appreciation for coming out with this type of drama which not only made our hearts skipped with excitement or ached with pain, or tightened with frustration and anger but also made us stop and ponder what really is happening in our society, in our government, in our world. Our hearts were made to feel and our brains/minds were made to think. This stopping and pondering gave us the feeling of hope; that we can attain the common good if only we sincerely and collectively work together. Thank you!

    I join the rest of the City Hallers in echoing our fervent desire – – – please, please bring KSA and CSW together again in another project sooner.

    One of my wishes was granted – ending on a high note. Expectations exceeded. Do you think my other wish will be heard – – – this merit a sequel? The life of JG and SMR as husband and wife, as the president and the mayor. . . meanwhile I will console myself with re-watching the drama and drawing scenes in my mind of JG and SMR of what could possibly happen in the future.

    Shall we continue the dance?

  133. 133 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Commentors 131 & 132, I agree wholeheartedly! Especially, with 132’s critique! You expressed my sentiments exactly. Sequel?!!!. Hopefully, so. Seeing KSA and CSW team up in upcoming dramas would definitely be great. Their chemistry is extraordinary.

    On a personal note, there has never been a man, in a fictional role, that brought tears to my eyes like JG’s love for SMR, and that’s the truth. This man was ready to fight by using the truth, until he attained his end result, to live his life differently with SMR, and then was going to fight some more, if needed (if more men were like this in reality, our world would be much, much better-I’ve been blessed to have met a few like this, and even fortunate to watch some evolve, but not enough of them). There were times when I had to press pause, especially during the scene when he listened to SMR cry in her room while he stood (crying) outside her home, and the other was when he pulled her under the shelter (both crying) when it was raining, after refusing his umbrella, and secretly viewing her website. All very touching. The kdrama ‘That Fool’ moved me, yet not like this one did.

    To everything there’s a season, and I believe the season for KSA and CSW, along with the other great actors and team behind the making of City Hall is just beginning. -American kdrama fan.

  134. 134 : pat Says:

    I can’t believe this amazing drama has come to an end… Boo hoo hoo!!! I want some more… Please, a special if not a sequel… Please, please, pretty please…

  135. 135 : yeow Says:

    I’ve never watched a show more than once. And I’ve never understood why people want to do that. But after watching City Hall, I find myself thinking, “Ahhh!!! This is one show I want to watch again!”

  136. 136 : ABC Says:

    I agree with all of you that this is a great drama. I would like to see Mi Rae and Ji Gook again to continue their roles as wife and husband. Hope to see the special for City Hall” soon.

  137. 137 : Edith Says:

    This is the best K-Drama so far…both acgtor and actress plays a really good role, strong chemistry between them and look like REAL…Lots of lesson learned in this drama, especially in the dirty politics world….would love to know if politicians watch this…Bravo director, scriptwriters, actors and actresses…well written, well play and very entertaining from the beginning to the end…love, hate, laugh, cry…all in one drama…and nice ending too…..Hope more drama like this will be produced …

  138. 138 : arcy Says:

    The 6 years hiatus has been good for Cha Seung Won. He has certainly emerged more than reenergised, rejuvenated & refreshed… If I may say so, he is reinvented!!! His acting skills has improved by leaps & bounds and he looks so much better. In fact, he looks like a completely different person than before…

  139. 139 : zany Says:

    What can I say except I’m blown away? Yup, completely blown away by ‘Typhoon Shin Mi Rae’!!! You go, girl!!!

  140. 140 : ponyo Says:

    Come back, Gook!!! Come back, Mirae!!! Please come back!!!

  141. 141 : layla2ISU Says:

    Who ever disagree with me can do that; it’s their own freedom. However, how long has it been since Korean drama got out with such professionalism? Honestly speaking, I completely and wholeheartedly prepared myself to bid Korean dramas farewell since they were unable to come up to a level of true professionalism. When I got introduced to them, I was introduced with the best of the best “Stairway to Heaven”, “Beautiful Days”, “Winter Sonata” and the remaining goes on. However, ever since 2009 started, my heart wasn’t at ease for it couldn’t find a refined, heart wrenching drama that could make me go completely to that comforting world of Korean sentiments. Cain and Abel, at the beginning of the year, flagged some goodness, but it was one T.V Drama. But when I saw the F4 show “Boys over Flower”, I was appalled!! How can a show like that surpass people’s taste and become of the hottest sensation of Korean dramas? Only because of four hardly beautiful or good actors “Kim Bum was amazing in the 3 episodes he contributed with in East of Eden but he was under some bad spell in BBF”. Then, the hits continued with the accidental couple, matchmaker’s lover, star’s lover to end up with A Man’s Story. What on earth is going on. Even with Song Hye Gyu’s most anticipated drama, nothing came out of it besides Hyun Bin’s wonderful character.

    But it was only one scene from The City Hall, got me completely hooked up with the Drama; The scene where Kim Sun Ah shows her rather exquisite body ( I wonder of those who consider her Fat) to the magnificent wonderful man Cha Seung Won. To be completely honest, I liked the guy ever since he did that goofy role in BodyGuard. He cracked me up in that show whenever he pronounced his job title with the assuming American accent. I saw a lot of his films and loved the comedian he is. His comedy is pretty much natural to me, unlike those who try soooo hard with no avails to even crack me “Song Seung Hun in He Was Cool (rolled out if not precisely).

    Then, the journey, just like JG’s journey into the hick town of Inju, commenced. I regained all those wonderful amazing feelings and ticklish flutters of Korean dramas. The man still cries for his beloved, still is crazily and cheesy jealous when she’s flirting with other men, intentionally or unintentionally. And Kim Sun Ah. AHHHH. I love this women; she is my ideal women. How can some one pull of such lighteness without actually trying. I loved her completely in MNIKSS but here, she completely bewitched me. I love her (But I love Cha Seung Won more).

    The chemistry (maturely accomplished) the styling (superlatively presented) and story (mind-blowing writings) are just a few ingredients of this savory drama that is till this moment, 3 days after its consummation, I feel yet hungry for more.

    The ratings aren’t fair at all. This is supposed to be the best drama ever in the history of 2009. BBF??!!! AS IF…. This is the best drama ever. Not a single moment of boredom (starting from Min Johwa Charming devilish endeavors, to Go Hae’s icicle evil or Manager Lee’s stupid puppy dog eyes).

    I loved it. I loved it to the extent that I am gonna watch it again. Starting tonight, I am buffering the first episode. Where ever is the petition of The City Hall Sequal, I am completely gonna search for it and sign it. We need Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won, we need their magic that restored the charm of Korean dramas. We need them; we need you guys. I know I need you.

  142. 142 : dusabe Says:

    Do not know what to say about the City Hall Drama! I enjoyed every episode and now I am watching it again. Mature, funny and sincere actors in every action! Hope to the leading actors again in another project. They perfectly much. The ending was so beautiful, romantic and meet my expectations. The OST, there is a slow one by female singer, it gives tears whenever it starts. Wish could understand its meaning!

  143. 143 : savvy Says:

    I’m an avid kdrama fan. But like layla, I’ve been rather disappointed with the kdramas in recent years. There seems to be a drought in good solid drama.

    Yes, some seemed to be doing very well such as the recent chart-topping BBF but I must say they were mostly undeserving, including BBF. I agree with layla as I find the acting appalling too. In fact, I gave up after a few episodes as I find it too painful to continue watching.

    So it was with some trepidation & hesitation that I watch City Hall. Will it be a disappointment too? After all the hypes surrounding many such as Cinderella Man, World Within, BBF, Bad Love, East of Eden, I felt let down.

    Let me say now that it has been totally worth it. City Hall is definitely worth it! First class acting, first class story, unbelievable chemistry! It is the best kdrama, not just in 2009, but in recent years!!!

  144. 144 : Zooey Says:

    To be completely honest, I was about to swear off Korean dramas after the whole BBF incident–that’s what I think it is, a incident. Someone accidentally heard about the huge success of Hana Yori Dango and decided to go and butcher it. Just because they brought together 4 popular and decent looking guys, the whole of Korea goes completely nuts.

    Do they deserve it? No. Most of the actors are newbies; to congratulate them for BBF is insulting, because it wasn’t the acting or script that sold it. It was just mob psychology at its best. To quote Nick from Nick and Norah’s Infinitely Playlist: “So he’s a past hippie, present yuppie, spoon feeding the same old garbage to the masses?” The masses thought BBF were pretty and the ratings shot through the roof.

    Yet, I decided to try City Hall because of Kim Sun Ah. I watch MNIKSS and I loved it. Hopefully, she would do the same in City Hall?

    I was wrong.

    She did better.

    Now, I haven’t watched Bodyguard (though my brother can vouch for it) but Cha Seung Won was the best choice, if not the perfect one. Both are veterans at acting and played their parts beautifully.

    And you know what completely made me fall in love with City Hall?

    Unlike BBF, the chemistry pop, sizzled, and panged! xD Those newbies still have a thing or two to learn before they approach a script like City Hall’s.

  145. 145 : emerald Says:

    This may be a 20-episode drama but it felt more like a 10-episode one… The story totally engaged you that you don’t feel that it is that long. Of course, the two leads played an immensely important part in bringing you into the show so much so that you feel like you are not merely watching the show but you’re part of the show… Yup, they are that good!

    The strange thing is after watching it, you want more… More of Shin Mi Rae, more of Jo Gook, more of Jo Gook’s secretary, more of Council Min & her husband, more of Mi Rae’s best friend, more of City Hall…

  146. 146 : Cambria Says:

    Absolutely outstanding and delightful drama, to be savored immoderately ! Thanks to two excellent leading actor and actress who wholeheartedly delivered their performance, both exuding such charm and intense chemistry. Thumbs up for the remarkable script, the supporting cast, and the wonderful music (love the Inju staff dance to the sound of “Sorry, sorry”).

    Definitely a must for korean dramas lovers.

  147. 147 : sueT Says:

    Love, love, love, love, love this drama!!! But most of all, love Kim
    Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won and love their partnership!!! Definitely the BEST couple I’ve ever seen!!!

  148. 148 : white flag Says:

    waw, really good drama ,full of romance and funny in the same time , i like the chemistry between the lead actor and i love the way Seung Won loves sun ah
    recommend it to watch

  149. 149 : Citrine811 Says:

    I really love this drama and the actor and actress!!!

  150. 150 : cameron Says:

    For those who miss City Hall now that it has ended, you can catch some City Hall specials at viikii.com!

  151. 151 : kell Says:

    Wow!!! Awesome drama!!! Definitely one of my all-time favourites now. Thoroughly impressed by the storyline, the casting, the soundtracks, the pacing, the acting & most of all the incredible chemistry between the 2 leads.

    Kudos must be given to Kim Sun Ah. This amazing actress not only gives her all in every role she is in but she seems to be able to ‘click’ with all her co-stars. Her chemistry with all her co-stars so far seem so effortless & completely natural.

  152. 152 : stellar Says:

    That’s it! This show has set the new yardstick for me. After watching it, I lost interest in most other shows. Either they seem like child’s play or they have the same old tired formula of love triangle or love square.

    Anyone felt the same way?

  153. 153 : mtoenlob Says:

    Agree with you stellar. City Hall sets the new standard in what a drama should be. I thoroughly enjoyed the drama in all its aspects – the plot, the characters, the dramatic techniques, the dialogues, the setting, the actors and actresses, the electrifying chemistry of the leads – Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won -, the OSTs. The drama totally pulls you in, you are not only a viewer but you are a part of it. You feel their joys, their pains, their frustrations, their hopes; you dream their dreams and hope their aspirations. This is a drama that treats us as intelligent viewers, not mere watchers. For those who haven’t seen it yet, do watch it. Highly recommended.

  154. 154 : Anon Says:

    WOW! Absolute best drama :D! Great EVERYTHING! I really loved the originality and creativity of the series; it was really wonderful! No complicated back-stabbing and love triangles and tangled storylines! Very well written, very well acted out!!

  155. 155 : watts Says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with all the comments. This is truly THE drama to look out for, THE drama that sets the new bar of standard.

    It’s so refreshing to see a show without the overused & stale ‘love triangles’, evil stepmother, bitchy third wheeler and back-stabbing. Just goes to show that you don’t need resort to sensationalism to make a show successful.

    So to the casts and crews involved in this project: Well done!!! Good job!!! Bravo!!!

  156. 156 : mtoenlob Says:

    A story of conflicts on personal ambition, love, relationships and moral responsibility. The drama depicts the ethical dilemmas people face and how they react when presented with such predicament. Although the background is politics which would normally turn-off some viewers, the focus is on the relationship of the protagonists Shin Mi Rae and Jo Guk. It depicts that politicians are as normal as any ordinary people – they love, get hurt, feel frustrated, devise sinister acts, turn into a new leaf, do good. Not your typical Kdrama – no complicated and tangled subplots, no one dying of certain illness, no intricate love triangle (can’t consider it a triangle since there is no love between Jo Guk and Go Go Hae. Theirs was just a relationship for convenience brought about by BB and President Go, GGH’s father).

    A quality drama series that benefits from solid writing. The plot is tight and cohesive. All scenes, even the small ones which at first glance are thought of as insignificant and unrelated, are sewn into a unified narrative leaving no loopholes. In one scene we see an inebriated JG ,after a drunken nightout , talking on the cellphone own by Jung Do (Manager Lee). They just met that night in a bar. Thinking it was his (JG) phone, JG pressed the speed dial (no. 5) and started a lengthy monologue. Towards the end of the story, in the last episode, flashback 8 years ago, we find SMR awaken by a call from her phone and looking at the caller ID thought it was Jung Do whom we now comprehend as a long time acquaintance of SMR. Hearing what the caller is saying, we recognize that the caller was JG. We then realize that 8 years ago, the two unknowingly had already crossed path. No long drawn out scenes or boring fill-ins, thanks to a well-written screenplay skillfully translated on screen. Great storytelling by the writer. Worth mentioning is the device used by the writer in some of her dialogues, particularly in the scene where JG is giving his campaign speech – the double entendre. To the crowd, it was a campaign speech by JG as a politician but to SMR it was a confession of a love by a man who is paralyzed to pursue the true beating of his heart due to circumstances beyond his control.

    Thanks to the credible characterization by the actors and actresses who all turned in a convincing portrayal. The protagonists – Kim Sun Ah as SMR the level 10 city hall clerk who everyone perceives as someone whose only specialty is preparing coffee. But underneath that uneducated and brash exterior is a perceptive and deep thinking woman with an honest heart. Cha Seung Won as JG, the snobbish, political savant who is so used to getting his way that he fails to realize that he often comes across as arrogant and insensitive. Yet, no one knows that deep inside is a lonely man, longing for an acceptance from a father who’s main mission in life is the Blue House. The antagonists – Go Go Hae, she with a smile forever plastered on her face but not with a warmth but a chill born out of pride. She, however, was able to redeem herself towards the end of the story. She proved that she wasn’t a total icy lady. BB as the shrewd, ambitious politician who sees JG not as a son but as a means to an end. Both enacted their role as the compelling villains. Not to forget Councilor Min who with her scheming but charming ways tried hard to wreck havoc to SMR’s existence. Without a doubt, Kim Sun Ah is in her elements when it comes to comedy. Her comedic flair will leave you in stitches. And she has proven that in many of her films and drama series. She, however, has shown that she can carry dramatic moments as well. Her previous drama series, When It’s At Night, was more of a straight drama than comedy. And she acquitted herself well in it. It is in instances where there are no speaking lines but only her eyes that act to show the emotions that she has to convey is she at her best. The scene in her room after JG dropped her off as he sped away to meet his fiancée GGH, is a testament to her dramatic sensitivity. As she stares at JG’s jacket, you see in her eyes the longing, the pain, the understanding and acceptance that JG is someone else’s man. Cha Seung Won matches up with KSA in the acting department. He can hold his own whether comedic or dramatic moments. Just like KSA, CSW’s forte is comedy. Both breeze through comedy effortlessly. Yet, serious drama is not alien to them. One scene that demonstrated their aptitude to serious acting was when they met under the lamp post, after a grueling night of interrogation when SMR was accused of a fabricated offense courtesy of Councilor Min. For a few minutes, they just stood there looking at each other, no verbal exchanges, only their eyes speaking volumes. Subtle acting at its finest. Theirs is an ideal pairing. They complement each other. Physically, the two are a delight to behold, such beautiful couple, a feast to the eyes. KSA has slimmed down considerably since her MNIKSS days. For CSW, his makeover has done him good. In his previous movies and drama series, CSW already called attention what with his height and physique and natural good looks. But, it is in City Hall where he emerges as a suave, dashing, drop dead gorgeous hunk. A change in hairstyle and trimmed eyebrow really did wonder. Kudos to his stylist. No pretty face, younger looking actors and actresses can hold a candle to these two who are both a summation of good looks and talents. In fact, this pair exudes such electrifying chemistry that the screen lights up whenever they are on the same scene. Their intimate moments could set the screen on fire. Overall, the entire cast delivered a persuasive performance.

    This is a drama that takes in its viewers. It pulls you in. You don’t just watch but enter the world of City Hall and empathize with the characters. You are not just a mere viewer but a participant. You feel with them. You think with them. You are one of them. This is a drama that respects and treats its followers as intelligent viewers.

    Not the least, are the sound tracks. Breathtaking, heart-tugging and extremely evocative music beautifully interpreted by the various artists/singers tasked to sing – the haunting rendition of Booranhan Sarang (Uncertain Love) by Horan, I Sarang (This Love) by Lim Hae Wook and Loving, Loving You by Park Sang Woo; the lively and bouncy tune of One Dream and Smile by Seo Moon Tak and everyone’s favorite Okay, I Believe in Myself by Bizzy. And that one sound track with a jazzy beat. These songs completed the ambiance and the mood of each scene.

    If you only have one drama to watch, make it City Hall. You’ll never regret you did. Highly recommended.

    P.S. – Am terribly missing the tandem. Please bring them back, together in another drama or movie. Please. Hope with the same team that made City Hall.

  157. 157 : recha Says:

    i love this drama, kim sun ah prove that once again she is a very good actrees, i love her and i love this drama and the leading actor is good to recommend this drama to watch because is worth to watch.

  158. 158 : jangerr Says:

    Wow, mtoenlob! Are you a writer or perhaps, a film critic? You can write so well. You’ve expresed everything I like about the drama and the 2 leads so clearly & completely that I’m totally impressed!

    By the way, what other shows are you watching? Anything worth catching? City Hall has somehow spoiled it for me. I’m now looking for one that is close if not on par with it… Tall order, I know… Sigh…

  159. 159 : mtoenlob Says:

    Hi jangerr! Thank you for appreciating what I’ve written. But, no, am neither a writer nor a film critic; just a plain drama/movie viewer. I was totally in awe of City Hall that it compelled me to write, not out of pressure but out of gratitude to the production team and the casts who made City Hall an unforgettable experience and the other viewers who saw its inherent distinction from the rest of kdramas. Here is a drama that respects its viewers’ intellect; not a mere sugar coated, cotton candy type of drama that lately is proliferating the screen – pure eye candy but no substance at all.

    I agree, City Hall has set a standard (at least, for me) and yes, it’s a tall order. At the moment, I’m at a hiatus. Nothing interests me yet. (“,)

  160. 160 : jangerr Says:

    Oh dear! Maybe we have to put out a ‘warning’ to all who is thinking of watching City Hall… Something like this:

    “Warning!!! High Alert!!! Watch this drama to your own peril!!! While watching, you’ll laugh hysterically, sob heartbreakingly, smile whimsically, clutch your heart in excitement, wait anxiously, roll on the floor in complete mirth, jump for joy, clap your hands happily, shout triumphantly, and more!!!

    After watching, you’ll lose interest in all other shows. You want more of City Hall!!! You want more of Shin Mirae & Jo Gook!!! Nothing else will do!”

  161. 161 : punch Says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with you, mtoenlob! There are too many sub-standard dramas lately – those that banked on young, nubile starlets and eye candies or popular boyband members who look good but can’t really act. Worse of all, once a formula seems to work, there’ll be like several versions of it flying around…

    It’s time we have more of solid drama which respect its viewers’ intellect like City Hall.

  162. 162 : improv Says:

    Totally mind blowing!!! Awesome, awesome drama!!! One not to be missed!!!

  163. 163 : tin Says:

    For those having withdrawal symptons from missing City Hall so much, good news!

    No, not that there’ll be a sequel or special. At least not at the moment lest that you all start to do the victory dance or scream yourself silly. Rather, there are some ‘best moments’ clips which you can feast on at viikii.com. So enjoy!!!

  164. 164 : sys Says:

    Enjoyed reading all the comments here. So glad to know that there are many others who loved this show as much as me….

  165. 165 : beans Says:

    For all fellow City Hall fans, check out dramabeans.com/tag/city-hall/ for great summary & write-up on this show. In fact, there’re episode by episode summary as well.

  166. 166 : pat Says:

    Hehehe *laugh sheepishly*… Gotta admit this. Though the show has ended, I love it so much that I’ve been rewatching it regularly…

  167. 167 : Kaye Says:

    First time to watch Cha Seung-won, he’s really good looking and good chemistry with Kim Sun Ah. I love this show!

  168. 168 : white flag Says:

    Although i finished this drama , i keep watching it everyday , am in love with it and lead actors as well.
    i am surprised from the episodes rating. absolutly there is something wrong :((
    This drama is from the best korean drama i ever watched
    Guys i love your comments , i come here everyday to read it

  169. 169 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hall sits on top of the k-drama world in a throne of its own. It is heads and tails superior in writing, acting, directing than any other k-drama I have ever watched (which is too many to count). No other drama has made me so addicted to writing about it in any forum related to City Hall, has made me re-watch City Hall obsessively, and search out every nugget of Behind The Scenes footage, reviews and recaps. If I were still in college, I’d write a dissertation on the complexity and poignancy of City Hall. The journey of Shin Mirae and Jo Gook, which opposite-mirroring each other, but complementing each other, was a typhoon that transformed forever what it means to truly fall in love with a show and these 2 characters. Kim Suh Na is a spectacular actress, and Cha Seung Won has leap-frogged to the top of my fave actors list. And together, they are so good-looking, with an undeniable chemistry evident from the first scene, to an ending that no ending has ever delivered in terms of satisfying us fans, this was perfection from episode 1 to episode 20.

  170. 170 : gold Says:

    I’m totally & utterly blown away!!! City Hall is by far the most engaging, intriguing, captivating drama I’ve seen in many years!!! Wow!!!

  171. 171 : Nii Says:

    The fisrt time that i watched it i couldn´t control my loughting…
    In fact this is BEST KOREAN DRAMA that i ever watched!!!

  172. 172 : deanaz Says:

    i really don’t want this drama end…coz i’m gonna missing the great chemistry ever with a good storyline. This drama tell me many things that i never know before. Must watch this drama and must have the dvd too..

  173. 173 : madu Says:

    Kim Suh Ah is undeniably one of the best korean actresses currently. This can be seen from all her recent dramas from My Name Is Kim San Soon, to When It’s At Night to City Hall. Her potrayal of each of her character has been outstanding if not perfect.

    Cha Seung Won on the other hand, has been pretty mediocre. But like a good bottle of wine, the older he gets, the better he becomes. In City Hall, he’s put down his stamp as one of the, if not the, korean actors to look out for. Watch out people, a new star is borned!

    The amazing chemistry between these two further demonstrates the level of their craftsmanship. They made their characters in City Hall looked and felt so incredibly good together. And best of all, it all look so effortless and natural.

  174. 174 : sanny Says:

    I’m falling in love to this drama.City Hall is different from other drama,cause the whole story,the character…all are the best.I don’t want this drama end.Bravo to KSA and CSW,also all the crew!!They’re looked like a perfect couple and so romantic…!Ahh why why CSW already married.

  175. 175 : eagle Says:

    Is this the best couple or what? They looked so unbelievably good! Such amazing chemistry!

  176. 176 : mtoenlob Says:

    I’m a City Haller venting. This is me after the typhoon. Never a drama has affected me as much as City Hall did. True, I love MNIKSS which introduced me to Kim Sun Ah whom I dearly love. For me, she’s the best in her league. When she makes you laugh, you really laugh from your gut. When she makes you cry, you really feel the pain. That is how an effective actress she is. MNIKSS will always have a special place in my heart. Yet, City Hall has a different effect on me. When I have first known that a new drama series for KSA is in the can, I was in cloud 9. I was ecstatic! It felt like meeting love for the first time. The anticipation of its first airing was met with abated breath, with excitement and at the same time with anxiety. Have you ever been in a delivery room, eagerly and anxiously waiting for the baby’s birth? That’s how I felt. And when it started airing, gosh, I was in a euphoric state week after week. From episode 1 to 20, the enthusiasm never wane. Who would when you were enthralled by the likes of Shin Mi Rae, Jo Gook, Soo In, Boo Mi, Jung Do, Joo Hwa, Go Go Hae, BB and even the 3 “stooges” (I’ll borrow the word used by one of the viewers). These people took me in, in a roller coaster ride of various emotions. I laughed with their antics, I got hurt and cried with their pains, I felt their frustrations, I rejoiced in their triumphs and hoped their aspirations and dreams. All these I partook with them. I was one of them. And so, when the series ended, it felt like something or someone was taken away from me. It felt like death. For days, there’s this inconsolable sadness hovering over me. I tried snapping out of it, but can’t. So I console myself with rewatching the drama and all the NGs & BTs and reading all what I can about it. Embarrassing it might be, I must admit that I have been staying up until the wee hours of dawn (unmindful that I have to report for work the following day) searching everything about City Hall. Every discovery drives home an unexplainable pain. How could something beautiful end just like that? I went through the motion of every day things in a limbo state, day in and day out. Then reality hit me. I was grieving. It is very strange this thing called grief. It is something that won’t go away unless and until you surrender to it. The words of the wise always ring true – “surrendering to the feeling more often than not always lends some comfort, no matter how fleeting”. It took me weeks to slowly come back. I have gradually returned to normalcy but there is still that nagging feeling of lost. As I go through my daily routine, there will always be a time I will catch myself drifting to City Hall and reliving the moments and the emotions that went with each. Each moment relive brings tears and a happy ache inside me. The memory of it is so poignant, it stirs me to tears – happy and sad at the same time. Maybe because I have invested so much emotion and attachment to City Hall that’s why letting go is quite difficult. And who ever said that letting go is easy. It never was, and never is and never will be. The only thing that makes me going is the thought that I was one of the fortunate few who was privileged to experience the joys, pains, dreams and hopes of the characters, who were made real to me as I entered and joined them in their world in City Hall. The experience was so profound that I found myself getting lost in someone else’s world and being so immersed in it that I had to give myself time to waft back to reality when the journey ended. For me, Jo Gook and Shin Mi Rae are as real as you and me.

    So how do we solve this? For now, I have no answer. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, I tell myself “cheer up”! After all, JG and SMR would rather have us cheering instead of moping, don’t you think?

  177. 177 : emerald Says:

    Oh dear, just when I thought I’m finally making some headway in weaning myself off City Hall… Then I have to read mtoloeb’s writing… And I started to relive those moments again… And I started watching City Hall all over again….

  178. 178 : inne Says:

    speechless,what an amazing k-drama

  179. 179 : style Says:

    Move over, Kwon Sang Woo… Here comes Cha!!!

  180. 180 : eton Says:

    Kim Sun Ah + Cha Seung Won = BEST COUPLE

    After seeing this two together, every other couple pales in comparison. The smouldering chemistry between the two is UNBELIEVABLE!.

  181. 181 : tin Says:

    Everyone! This is the best drama! I’ve put it on top of my favourite list. Have you?

  182. 182 : dane Says:

    This is one drama that truly exceeds expectation! One that delivers more than it promises. I’m glad I did not miss it.

  183. 183 : para Says:

    Alas! Much as we don’t want to, we have to face facts. Much as we loved and missed City Hall & its casts, especially the two leads, we have to contend with the fact that we’ll not be able to see a drama of this calibre any time soon… Yes, there are some decent dramas around, but not one that delivers its goods like City Hall…

  184. 184 : league Says:

    Incredible! One of the most amazing dramas I’ve ever seen!

  185. 185 : jive Says:

    Oooooooo… Cha Seung Won…. Certainly the male actor to look out for now. He literally oozes charisma and rakish charm through every single pore of his. He’s like George Clooney and Johnny Depp rolled into one…

  186. 186 : all Says:

    Loved this drama sooooo much! Best of the best!!!

  187. 187 : twin Says:

    This is a must-watch drama!!! Unbelievable chemistry between the leads!!! Smoking!!!!

  188. 188 : punch Says:

    I’m already missing Mirae & Jo Gook… I hope the producer will take note of what we’ve written…

  189. 189 : watts Says:

    no doubt about it, city hall is the best kdrama in 2009!

  190. 190 : citi Says:

    This drama has some of the best dialogues – witty, ingenius, memorable. Cha Seung Won is lucky in this respect. His character gets to spout some of the best lines ever in drama history. Here are a few samples…

    To Mirae:
    “A woman should know how valuable she is.”
    “You’re not a light wind, you’re a typhoon… You can avoid the wind, but you’re helpless in a typhoon.”
    “What kind of woman are you that you made me so helpless before you.”
    “I have a dream now. I want to be the President. And on my inauguration day, I want to dance with my wife like today. Will you dance with me on my inauguration day?”
    “You can hide yourself in as many people as possible. I’ll still be able to see you. Why? Because you’re mine. How can anyone not be able to find what’s theirs?”

    During his campaign:
    “If you haven’t accomplished what you can in real life, that means your choice was at fault.”
    I liked the one where he asked the people whether it’s easier to make or count 100,000,000 won too. It”s too long to put in here but it’s ingenius.
    Also the one after he and Mirae went their separate ways because of BB, where he was giving a speech and he spotted Mirae. The speech he gave then was amazing. To Mirae, it’s for her. To the crowd listening, it was for them too.

    His ranting to the water man whom Mirae bumped into accidentally:
    “I’ve just realized what’s in my heart, but everyone’s against me, asking for death. In front of me is a cliff, behind me is bluff… It’s killing me that I love her so much… I want to hold on to her so much that it’s killing me. But if I hold on to her, she’ll die. And if I let go, I’ll die.”

    Imagine someone saying all these to you and for you… Won’t you just melt???

  191. 191 : babieeweirdoo Says:

    omg i love this drama.. it’s the best drama in the whole entire world, so different! i loveeeee kim sun ah and now i love cha seung won too i can’t believe it’s over. best k drama of 2009 kim sun ah never fails me :] i can’t wait for her neext drama!! how w ill i ever get over this? :/

  192. 192 : sallyfields1227 Says:

    Just like most of you guys who took time to give a piece of their mind… Truly, this is one K-drama that I will be watching over and over. My auntie whom I convinced that this is one excellent drama cannot help herself from being addicted to it. We both have watched City Hall a number of times and cant help laugh and cry at the same scenes. KSA and CSW are really great in their portrayals of their roles. I wish they will really have another drama which we can look forward to in the future…

  193. 193 : kabaex Says:

    Have you all ever watch another Korean Dramaaaas??? There are many more K-Dramas which are much much better than City Hall…. peace (^_^)v

  194. 194 : jogj Says:

    How can anyone not love this drama? The more dramas you’ve seen, the more you’ll love this drama. It’s one the best…

  195. 195 : joy Says:

    Incredibly good! So glad that I’ve watched it. And I’m planning on watching it again…

  196. 196 : gold Says:

    I’m sure tis is not the greatest drama ever. But it’s definitely the one I enjoyed the most in recent years!

  197. 197 : Sandy Hoyle Says:

    where could I purchase this vedio?

  198. 198 : Sandy Hoyle Says:

    where could I purchase this dvd

  199. 199 : citi Says:

    Another meaningful line from this awesome drama:

    “Whether it be ambition or dreams, instead of stepping on everybody to climb higher, you can also climb higher while protecting someone… you can climb even higher by protecting those around you.”

    This was from Jo Gook to BB, something he wished his dad has said to him instead of him saying it to his dad

  200. 200 : jaja Says:

    I started watching this drama after I saw CSW appear in Family Outings.
    Eager to find out what kind of drama City Hall is. It is really awesome. I never thought that I will be attached to the series until the end. It was really realy good. Good job to the cast & production team and especially the scrip writer. I was really satisfied. Nice job. Worth watching!

  201. 201 : chacha Says:

    Kim Sun Ah said this in an interview:

    “During the proposal scene where the bulbs light up, at that time, my hair stands up and the blood in my body had reverse the flow and I had the trembling feeling. I’m felt that as though I’m really touched by it, I felt that I’m no longer Kim Sun Ah but Shin Mirae.

    I told the PD that he made the proposal scene so perfect and magnificent, how am I suppose to return back to reality and continue to

    To borrow Kim Sun Ah’s words, I want to ask the producer & scriptwriter of this drama, “You’ve made a show so beautiful that entralled us so much, how are we suppose to return to reality and watch other shows?”

  202. 202 : Ecca Says:

    Hanyang asaeyo…
    City hall is very atractive drama..I love it,simply,fun..and they were cute. The unique story.

  203. 203 : Tety Says:

    I’m not a good comentator, but this drama ….. you must seen it once and you’ll love to watch it again and again.

  204. 204 : cube Says:

    This is one of the rare shows where everything comes together beautifully. The story, the plot, the cinematograpy, the ost, the casts, etc. What I love the most is the two leads – they are totally matching in every possible way – age, looks, height, acting skills,.. and most of all their chemistry.

  205. 205 : mtoenlob Says:

    @201 chacha

    “To borrow Kim Sun Ah’s words, I want to ask the producer & scriptwriter of this drama, “You’ve made a show so beautiful that entralled us so much, how are we suppose to return to reality and watch other shows?””

    My sentiments exactly!

  206. 206 : MC Says:

    what song was shin mi rae singing when she was looking in the mirror and remembered the encounter where jo gook held her up by her chest? its before she even enters the pageant. i know it goes like “nega mechusaw” which translates to “i must be crazy” or “im crazy”. its by a girl group i just need to know who/what the song is

  207. 207 : yoomi Says:

    The best ever….

  208. 208 : Mala Says:

    I’ve just finished watch ep. 11…..n i cant stop keep watching it…I Love Cha seung won….ur so handsome, goergous…

  209. 209 : bezt Says:

    What can I say that has not been said? Every thing about this drama is just soooooo good! I juz hope KSA, CSW, the producer and scriptwriter read our comments.

  210. 210 : Jam Says:

    Best drama. Ever.

  211. 211 : mtoenlob Says:

    @206 MC

    The singer is Son Dambi. Song title is Crazy (Michyosseo)

  212. 212 : pat Says:

    What to do now? Nothing seems to interest me anymore… Not even my old favourites… We MUST really petition for more of City Hall. Or more of Kim Suna & Cha Seung Won! Anyone has any idea how to do it?

  213. 213 : jaja Says:

    OMG!! How can the Koreans make this kind of drama…? I am really addicted to Koreans Drama & movies right now… I am really enjoying City Hall very very much… thanks to the production teams especially the writer who makes the story line interesting….how can I express myself.. CITY HALL IS TOTALY AWESOME…

  214. 214 : jaja Says:

    The best drama..EVER..
    The best proposal…
    The best ending…
    I’m gonna miss City Hall..

  215. 215 : Miss White Says:

    Absolutely the BEST Kdrama. Beautiful KSA and Gentleman CSW in fine chemistry very different and immaculate acting talents being display to shine beyond and leave lasting impressions sweet and detail, I enjoyed or rather my whole family and lots of friends love watching both lead stars and the entire crew of CityHall blend in perfectly as summed up by the meaningful CityDay Celebrations…all the Pom-Pom and dances and winning City Day status!! to the Delights of all citizens and CityHall Government. Thumbs up to the script-writer and director too to take Kdrama to the next Leap and hope voted Top and Peak Kdrama for Year 2009. Do keep us posted of any forthcoming awards for CityHall and my vote goes to only CityHall Kdrama for 2009. Hope to see more of KSA and CSW. Both are perfect doves simply enchanting and asking for more!!….Keep all news about KSA and CSW coming our way soon!! Cheers to all who race with CityHall to beat all KDramas.

  216. 216 : para Says:

    @214 jaja

    Totally agree with you. But you’ve missed out a few others:

    Best Couple
    Best Actress
    Best Actor

  217. 217 : reez Says:

    The ‘Sorry Sorry Dance’ is one of the best too!!! Cool moves, catchy song! But it’s not these that made the dance so special. After all, there are cooler and slicker moves, better and catchier songs. The reason it’s special is because it’s like watching your loved ones & friends performing the dance for you!!! You just feel like clapping along & dancing along…

  218. 218 : JainPotter Says:

    “how am I supposed to return back to reality and continue to
    I feel like I am trapped in one of those dreams which u’d never wish to be awake from ,, the tango , the trip, the jacket , the kiss in the car ,the hug in the office and finally the rain scene
    the 2 actors have done a spectacular performance , I hope them sincerly to get all the awards of the year

  219. 219 : Tety Says:

    @216 JainPotter

    Totally agree with you, had finished the drama weeks ago. But still can’t awake, still trapped in those dreams as you said so, what could I do ? Just keep playing both the drama and the song and sure enjoy it much.

  220. 220 : sadfskajldf Says:

    If CSW and KSA don’t win some awards for this drama I am going to kill someone!!! The ratings are ridiculous…I cant believe Korean AJUMAs dont appreciate the heart and soul of this drama…maybe its too hard for them to understand…maybe all the careful threads and pieces of puzzles are too hard to fit together….I just feel so sorry for CSW and KSA…its such a good drama and they worked so hard…and yet shining inheritance (noo offence but its not really good…its too typical of a Korean drama…too laggy…and too old schooled….) rocked the ratings….how is tat ever fair….i am so afraid my NOW favourite actors wont win any awards at the end of the year…at least at least they should win best couple…if not best actress and best actor…since KSA has already won once maybe JSW can win once doesnt have to be TAESAN –the biggest award—but best actor please….this might encourage him to film more dramas….and please please please for the next drama KSA find a leading actor thats older than you and that suits you (who is equally talented in acting as you are…I dont want to see you lead the show…I want you to be like SinMiRae…the little woman my JGs side lol…) and CSW for your next drama I really really hope you can find an actress who acts as good as KSA (I think thats gonna be hard to find in Korean…) Please dont give him some young, pretty, extraggerated I CANT act actress—really and please find a script and director as good as City Halls (again i noe this is gonna be hard….but I do hope god can help you) Thank you for giving me an amazing summer! Thank you CSW, KSA, and the crew of Cityhall!!!! I love you all!!!

  221. 221 : pat Says:

    @sadfskajldf – It’s not just the korean ajummas who don’t know how to appreciate this awesome drama. I think it’s more of the teens and young adults who don’t know how to appreciate it. These are the groups of people who have all the time in the world to chase after stars, boy bands and dramas and influence one another in their pursuits. So if these groups don’t catch on or understand this type of dramas, then these dramas will not be able to do as well. So to do really, really well, dramas have to appeal to these people, unfortunately… That’s why BOF, Shining Inheritance, etc, did so well though they can’t compare with City Hall.

  222. 222 : Shelly Says:

    Yes, the best ever Korean Drama I have seen so far!! Not interested in any other drama now.

  223. 223 : shosh.k Says:

    The best Korean drama ever i saw
    I want to see a lot of Drama with the best Actress in Korea kim suna She is a smart and beautiful, and she is a really Thunderstorm . she he’s a typhoon the sweeping behind her many men they not Can not be stand at the end of its tenure.
    I hope you find the man who can stand strong on your Side and to Appreciate you
    I wish you the best of the world
    I am from a small country on the globe but we are on the same continent

  224. 224 : mulan Says:

    i’m happy to see the comments after viewing it that’s the only time to watch the drama. I am excited to watch this.

  225. 225 : Oto Says:

    Oh dear! Like most people here, I can’t get enough of City Hall, can’t get enough of Mirae, can’t get enough of Jo Gook, can’t get enough of the rest of the cast. I just can’t get them out of my head. Love the songs too, so beautiful & apt.

  226. 226 : milanisti Says:

    this is the best drama i’ve ever seen…the most romantic kissing scene..I kept watching it over and over…the storyline is great, the actors and actress are doing a great job… I can’t get this drama out of my head..how can I be able to watch other kdrama..City Hall is best of the best!! Highly recommended..a must see movie!! 4 thumbs up..:)

  227. 227 : teekamzz Says:

    WAAAh! i watched this drama for the third time, and still the first time i watched it is still as so good as the third time !!! CITY HALL has no comparison. ONE OF THE BEST KOREAN DRAMA i have ever seen 🙂
    Everything was great; actors, actresses, songs, plot, scenarios, “kilig moments” WEEE! EVERYTHING!
    Kim sun ah is really pretty, a versatile actress
    so as Chae Syung won…
    WAAAHH.. Thanx for making my summer worthty

  228. 228 : Miss White Says:

    Thumbs-up and cheers to everyone who had participated and were involved in the making and production of CityHall to bring the Best of KDrama to all homes far and near. Truly a KDrama above par and beyond boundaries both in substance and elements each scene seen and asking for more and more of lead actress and actor, their chemistry so melting and real.
    Well, it will not be easy to come near CityHall standards, both the lead stars are amazing and remarkable from beginning to end. Having watched many KDramas I can really attest that KSA is her unique self and a very special actress both versatile in her actings and bringing joy and love and reality in every words and speech to all. She blends in very perfectly well with CSW much better than Lee Dong Gun and Hyun Bin.
    Just hope more viewers think the same and that this KDrama will be accorded recognition in the right and best way.
    Yes…absolutely the perfect win vote for Best KDrama, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Couple and More Honours to the Overall Production Teams in 2009. We must make this happen and how to vote!…Anyone please guide from here. Thanks heaps and all have a great day!. Cheers!

  229. 229 : emerald Says:

    Shin Mi Rae! Shin Mi Rae! Shin Mi Rae!
    Jo Gook! Jo Gook! Jo Gook!
    City Hall! City Hall! City Hall!

    All these done with fist pumping in the air.

  230. 230 : I-Rae Says:

    love this drama so much…the storyline, the actor and actress play are very nice and so sweet…WONDERFULL DRAMA…

  231. 231 : arcy Says:

    i dont understand the rating, i dont understand the numbers… this is the most awesome drama i’ve ever seen… why is it not the number 1 drama????? why? why? why?

  232. 232 : OMMIG Says:

    Why do i love you so? Let’s vote for this drama…(City Hall)

  233. 233 : miami Says:

    City Hall rocks! KSA rocks! CSW rocks! The producer rocks! The scriptwriter rocks! Everyone in City Hall ROCKS!!!

  234. 234 : mtoenlob Says:

    @218 JainPotter

    I emphatize with you. I was feeling the same for the longest time. When the drama series ended, I thought a part of me died. I had a hard time reconciling the fact that it has ended (albeit it was a very happy and romantic ending). I consoled myself by re-watching the drama and searching everything about it. Sigh, I miss Shim Mi Rae and Jo Guk! I miss City Hall.

    @220 sadfskajldf

    I felt your frustration over the rating, too. City Hall is a lot better compared to the rest of the Kdrama that was airing along side. My opinion is that City Hall is the best thing that every happened in Kdrama. The script, the directorial job, the characterization, the actors, the OSTs – all these factors were so in sync that the drama click. Not to say the least the electrifying chemistry between the the lead actors – Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won. Both are very competent actors and did a very brilliant portrayal of their characters. So much so that the viewers rode from one emotion to another without going over the top but instead thoroughly enjoyed the emotional roller coaster ride. It’s about time we get to see more and more of this kind of drama – beautifully executed, splendidly acted with great script and chemistry. Please enough of those pretty face actors/actresses who can only do one-sided performance nor those dramas that are just hypes but lack substance.

    @228 Miss White

    Agree with you. City Hall has set THE standard for Kdrama watching.

    Hope KSA will continue making quality projects. Looking forward to another drama or movie with these two – KSA and CSW – as leads.

  235. 235 : YELL Says:


  236. 236 : stellar Says:

    amazing, awesome, brilliant, best, compelling, delightful, excellent, exhilirating, enthralling, fabulous, fantastic, great, heartwarming, ingenius, …

  237. 237 : patti Says:

    Mooooonnnn Riiiiiverrrrrrr (……..)

  238. 238 : fave Says:

    I’ve never liked the song “Moon River”… I’ve always thought that it was very old, sedate & tired. But after how it was used in City Hall, I changed my mind. It’s like I’m hearing a new side to the song. It just sounded so romantic, so beautiful & so special in this drama.

  239. 239 : BES Says:

    Liili lii lii li City Hall

  240. 240 : miss angel Says:

    I love this drama!!! It’s different from the other…so romantic and funny too…there’s none like this… I’ve lost interest of other kdrama because of City Hall…it made me so addicted to watch it again and again.. Is it possible to make a sequel??pleaseeee…a story after Jo Gook is elected to become a president maybe??? Pleasee..pleaseeee??????

  241. 241 : Seal Says:

    How are we suppose to return to reality and watch other shows? From 201-chacha,

  242. 242 : Seal Says:


  243. 243 : Angel Says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I LOVED this show and I am addicted. Thanks for sharing the OST with us too. Just by listening to it, will recall all the scenes. There is a bonus track for the OST, can you post it for us too?

  244. 244 : stellar Says:

    impressive, inspiring, incredible, incomparable, jubilant, knockout, laudable, magnificent, magical, marvellous, …

  245. 245 : OTTIK Says:

    I just can’t stop loving you

  246. 246 : just Says:

    Just want to say I love this show too! Hope to see more of Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won, preferably in the same show. They have such great chemistry!!!

  247. 247 : jus Says:

    김선아 – 차승원 – 시티홀 – 사랑해요

  248. 248 : Ting Says:

    Saranghae – I LOVE YOU TOO

  249. 249 : summerscentt Says:

    wow…. after reading so many comments on this drama …
    m gonna check it out…
    u guys make it sound so good…

  250. 250 : keller Says:

    @ summerscentt

    You should definitely watch this drama. It’s not that we made it sound so good. It’s really that good!

  251. 251 : shosh.k Says:

    I can’t see another series of another drama. I can not stop to see this drama again and again thousands of times,i dnot seen a successful series at the level of City hll
    Kim suna i wish you a Beautiful love like that in the Alive
    You are an amazing team with a successful and beautiful

  252. 252 : Miss White Says:

    @234 mtoenlob…hi, have a great day!!

    Well, I must say the best KDrama for this season, KSA and CSW, both superb in their best elements none can come close. Their love sparks even in low tide and high waves to endorse this pair of loving doves none can beat, simply stand tall above the rest.

    CityHall KDrama a must see for every K-Fan, you will definitely be engrossed and CityHall could be lasting a decade and more. That are the reasons for asking more of KSA and CSW….simply the Best Couple in time!!. Do send your votes to keep the sparks alive!!.

  253. 253 : Miss White Says:

    Actually should read these are the very obvious reasons for asking more of KSA and CSW. Everyone out there seems to be captivated by your happenings and love …you know that …KSA and CSW and stopping here is gonna too little for ardent fans like me, so come back to entertain more and more your hilarious yet serious self. We want more and this ending is not enough!!…what’s next!!

  254. 254 : More Says:


  255. 255 : tin Says:

    City Hall is truly a show that is in a class of its own!

  256. 256 : Paris Says:

    I LOVE this drama, CITY HALL. This is the BEST Korean drama show that I have seen thus far. I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE the storyline, the actors (men & women) and the acting is superb!! I LOVE the lead actress & lead actor–they’re just perfect!!! Please keep CITY HALL Korean drama on the air!!! I have been hooked to this show, am really new watching Korean dramas, but this is the BEST by far!!!!

  257. 257 : FAN-KD Says:

    You Belong To My Heart…Now And Foreverrrr

  258. 258 : eton Says:

    A must-see! Miss this & you’ll regret it…

  259. 259 : all Says:

    If anyone is not sure about this show, just take a quick look at the quality of comments here. Remember, what’s important is the quality, not quantity.

    Some other shows may have more comments, but looking at their comments, one can tell what kind of people watched those shows. Conversely, this drama may not have the most comments but the things that are written here are more accurate indications of the quality of the show.

  260. 260 : Loveit Says:


  261. 261 : ROBIN Says:


  262. 262 : wui Says:

    the best drama ..Chemistry CSW and KSA OK ….

  263. 263 : gee Says:

    This is one drama that will remain in your mind long after it’s over…

  264. 264 : Ree Says:

    Sweet dreams in CITY HALL

  265. 265 : BOOMbOOm Says:

    Ah ah…Attention everyone, from 6.00 pm today, we will select a Village Chief at the Council Hall. All (……) residents should attend……You will be shocked when you enter the CITY HALL, What is this? LOL


  266. 266 : mtoenlob Says:

    @249 summerscentt

    watch it. you won’t regret doing so.

    @252 Miss White

    Ayt! City Hall is a must see. Not only for the superb acting of KSA and CSW, but also for it’s script, artistic execution and OSTs. This is one drama that will keep you enthralled from beginning to end.

    @255 tin

    Couldn’t agree with you more. City Hall is THE DRAMA to watch. Here is a Kdrama that connects with your heart and soul and mind. It is a breath of fresh air compared to all other dramas that have lately been on screen.

    @248 eton

    Agree whole heartedly! Miss it and you miss 99.9% of your life! hahaha . . .

    @263 gee

    Well said. Exactly my sentiments. City Hall is one drama that you will find yourself watching and re-watching and re-watching…

  267. 267 : iya Says:

    hi everyone! 🙂 im about to watch this drama, im new to kdramas so its hard for me to decide what to watch next…sadly, there are only few i watched on their entirety…your wonderful comments about this drama are really encouraging, cant wait to watch it! thanks for the heads up 😉

  268. 268 : fave Says:

    Incredibly good! I’ve watched this drama several times but I still can’t get enough of it. Everyday I wake up hoping against hope to see a new announcement that the broadcasting network, SBS, that they are going to do a City Hall Special of City Hall 2… Am I asking for too much???

  269. 269 : Rook Says:


  270. 270 : ALW Says:

    This is such an excellent drama. Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung
    Won have amazing chemistry when they act together! It’s a drama that let you have the feeling to fall in love all over again.

  271. 271 : Miss White Says:

    @266 mtoenlob….the facts all clear to endorse CityHall simply the Best KDrama, not just being a K-fan but more of watching the best K-woman and best K-man, both in KSA and CSW who had taken this drama to the next level of perfection both in contents and character.

    I must attest a must watch KDrama, few can surpass and present another couple like KSA and CSW with superb acting and fine qualities many others have to take greater pace to beat this race that is CityHall none can beat….Cheers and Hi to all fans of CityHall. We have the same standards!!

  272. 272 : milanisti Says:

    Moon river……..lalalalaaaa…I love this song because of the ‘dancing in garden’ scene…soo romantic…

  273. 273 : ASIS Says:

    Cheers and Hi to all fans of CityHall. We have the same standards!! (fr, miswhite – including me cheerio)

  274. 274 : mzpakipot Says:

    Hello City hallers! just dropping by to read all the wonderful comments here. My heart is happy to read such praising words to our Loved City Hall. This drama is by far my most favorite of all time. MNIKSS became second.
    PERFECT in each and every way!
    Romance/Love Story
    Couple (GuMi)
    KISSES (so natural between two leads)

  275. 275 : JainPotter Says:

    all lovely ppl here!! who ‘ve fallen head over heels for this drama !! Anyonghassyo again!! we must all unite together and vote for city hall ,, I can’t stand the idea (just the idea ) of shining inheritance and boys before flowers being considered better than city hall!!!!!! we must do something !
    especially for the ( best couple award) , cuz I ve watched so many K-dramas and I swear to god this is the sweetest , most heartwarming love story I’ve ever seen, and their chemistry is not to be argued !
    if u agree plz say so

  276. 276 : skelly Says:

    The City Hall has passed Coffee Prince, Soulmate, and My Name Is Kim Sam Soon as my favorite kdrama of all. Like the other three, City Hall is funny and romantic, with fantastic acting, writing, and direction – but City Hall is somehow, deeper, with several layers of meaning and small asides and connections that mean you can watch it again and again and catch something new with each viewing.

    If you haven’t seen it, watch it. If you have seen it, watch it again – I guarantee you will find some new golden nugget to enjoy!

  277. 277 : etee7114 Says:

    To all those who posted here on how they love CH and how addicted they are to CH, a big hug to all of you. You have so eloquently stated how I feel, like you took the words right out of my mouth. Please don’t ask me how many times I’ve watched and re-watched this drama…proudly admitting that I have lost count.

    Here’s a thank you note to ockoala at Soompi who directed me here. I used to come here but kinda narrowed down my addiction to blog sites for other things.
    But I just had to post here because like so many of you, I’ve been greatly impacted by this drama and CH has certainly raised that bar of drama watching that I find myself watching other dramas with CH eyes. LOL

    @231 arcy
    Yes, I can’t understand the ratings either. But just remember those ratings are stupid anyway. NO intelligent human beings here can make sense out of those numbers. However, CH stood in the #1 spot from ep 1 to 20 at the time slot it was aired in….beating out 4 others. (CM, TF, Triple, Partner)

    I have yet to read all the comments here. When I’m done, I will certainly revisit and post more comments. I, too, want to see CH sweep awards at the end of the year. Otherwise, besides someone being killed, there will be a one-man-demonstration at SBS! I hope they play fair and not give in to ratings/popularity.

  278. 278 : Tety Says:

    My most fav. scene is Sim Mi Rae & Joo Gook strolling out along the way after wearing couple white sport shoes.
    Can’t stands of that Joo Gook’s big smile, the way he walked, OMG, kind of feeling of falling in love….. so wonderful…so satisfied…

  279. 279 : Miss White Says:

    @273 ASIS …..great minds think alike. CityHall is truly a great KDrama, once seen you can never stop asking for more of KSA and CSW, every scene delivered, be it bickerings and loved, they are simply in their best elements both in character and substance second to none taking viewers and fans to the next level both in satisfaction and dreams, absolutely a must watch KDrama for all fans of Korean movie.

    @275 JainPotter…..I can safely endorsed my vote is CityHall for Best KDrama 2009. The storyline is as beautifully plotted and played well by lead actress KSA and and lead actor CSW protraying the Best Couple many will agree, this far their fine acting quality beats many who just fall behind the line, I have yet to hear and seen another KDrama that can race to the Peak just like CityHall.

    Let’s hear from more fans.

  280. 280 : SUNSHINE Says:

    AbSoLutely, UnqUestiOnAbLy MsWhIte, That are the reasons for asking more of KSA and CSW..

  281. 281 : DeAr-AlL Says:

    Hi EteE, Please don’t ask me how many times I’ve watched and re-watched this drama…proudly admitting that I have lost count. (P…..S)

  282. 282 : Q PITT Says:

    TTEE, so wonderful…so satisfied…

  283. 283 : Mimi Says:

    JAINPOTTER, we must all unite together and vote for city hall. You can count on me…JainP, hee hee

  284. 284 : Waiting Says:

    Kim su nah- Cha Seung Won, Cha Seung Won- Kim sun ah,
    Kim su nah- Cha Seung Won, Cha Seung Won- Kim sun ah,
    Kim su nah- Cha Seung Won, Cha Seung Won- Kim sun ah,
    Kim su nah- Cha Seung Won, Cha Seung Won- Kim sun ah,
    Kim su nah- Cha Seung Won, Cha Seung Won- Kim sun ah,

  285. 285 : arcy Says:

    Thanks, etee, for your info on City Hall being the number 1 at the timeslot it was in. Though it’s not enough, as I still think it should be the number 1 at all times, it is a small consolation. It’s frustrating to see such a great drama not being as well received as it should…

  286. 286 : ROAM Says:

    I have to thank all of you here for introducing me to the best realistic drama that have the great effects through the end.

  287. 287 : Cactus Says:

    Welcome to my drama ..Jo Gook-Shin mi rae, stepped in to my heart, this drama is just the best.

  288. 288 : jastinel Says:

    I`m happy to be back here, where I can meet people who are like me…addicted to CH. From the time that CH was aired (April 29), up to this day (8/25/09) there wasn`t a day that I did not watch CH. So don`t ask me how many times I watched this drama and I bet no one can beat me….hehehe!
    Continue spreading City Hall love!
    Best drama in 2009
    Best couple
    Best OST
    Best script
    Best kissing scene
    Best dialogue
    Best actor CSW
    Best actress KSA

    City Hallers…Fighting!!!!

  289. 289 : Haha Says:

    Well done JSTINL,

  290. 290 : lucky290 Says:

    YEAH yeah…City Hallers…Fighting!!!!

  291. 291 : JAZZ Says:


  292. 292 : Tiramisu Says:

    I really do not Kim Sun Ah acting. She is so stupid and annoying character. Luckily Cha Seung Won is a good actor otherwise the story will be horrible.

    I do not know why the rest of Kim Sun Ah show is really really annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  293. 293 : GREEN T Says:


  294. 294 : 'EAR SAY Says:

    CityHall simply the Best KDrama, not just being a K-fan but more of watching the best K-woman and best K-man, both in KSA and CSW who had taken this drama to the next level of perfection both in contents and character. (MSWHITE-THANK UUU)

  295. 295 : NO_1 Says:

    ‘SKELLY’ City Hall is somehow, deeper, with several layers of meaning and small asides and connections that mean you can watch it again and again and catch something new with each viewing. SALUTEEEE

  296. 296 : NOD Says:

    [all lovely ppl here!! who ‘ve fallen head over heels for this drama !! Anyonghassyo again!! we must all unite together and vote for city hall ] P.S. JNPOTTR

  297. 297 : YEAH! YEAH! Says:

    Continue spreading City Hall love!
    Best drama in 2009
    Best couple
    Best OST
    Best script
    Best kissing scene
    Best dialogue
    Best actor CSW
    Best actress KSA -JSTNL-

  298. 298 : LOO LA BY Says:

    MZKPT: PERFECT in each and every way!
    Romance/Love Story
    Couple (GuMi)
    KISSES (so natural between two leads)

  299. 299 : WAR DC Says:

    270′ This is such an excellent drama. Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung
    Won have amazing chemistry when they act together! It’s a drama that let you have the feeling to fall in love all over again.

  300. 300 : MS-X Says:

    I can’t see another series of another drama. I can not stop to see this drama again and again thousands of times,i dnot seen a successful series at the level of City hll
    Kim suna i wish you a Beautiful love like that in the Alive

  301. 301 : para Says:

    @288 jastiner, 297 YEAH! YEAH! & 298 LOO LA BY – totally agree with the list you’ve come up with but I still think that you’ve all missed out something very important. And that is:
    “Best Ending”

  302. 302 : Abc Z Says:

    See You Again City Hallerrrrrrr…

  303. 303 : jastinel Says:

    @Tiramisu Says:
    The fact that you watched her drama is enough for me to smile.
    KSA is the most lovable actress that I`ve known and I understand how you feel, it`s annoying to see a woman who can act cutesy and be adorable on screen even she`s in her 30`s. She`s a woman with beauty, sexiness, full of talent and good personality…who wouldn`t envy her….that is so annoying right…LOL?!

  304. 304 : etee7114 Says:

    @285 arcy
    I badly wanted to see CH hit #1 spot for every episode. But I have been a participant of AC Nielson’s ratings survey before and the ranking questions being asked were not indicative of viewership. They were skewed towards how one would purchase advertisement slots.
    Just imagine ranking 30+ TV programs for a particular day. I thought that was ridiculous because how many people actually watch all those programs on that day? Also, I understand that TNS Media Korea take polls from 5000 to 10000 participants from all walks of life, and I can’t for the life of me think all those (5000- 10000) participants watched all those programs. I, personally, ended up using fuzzy numbers and plucking numbers from the air to rank those programs.

    Having said that, I have often wondered how a native Korean would watch a drama like CH. Looking at how the writer poked fun at all the categories of people I can think of, it must have made some people uncomfortable watching this drama with all its political satire.

  305. 305 : arcy Says:


    Hmmm… is that how they come up with the ratings? If that’s so, then it’s certainly neither accurate nor fair. I thought they came up with it based on viewership…

  306. 306 : CHEERSS Says:


    KSA is the most lovable actress that I`ve known and I understand how you feel, it`s annoying to see a woman who can act cutesy and be adorable on screen even she`s in her 30`s. She`s a woman with beauty, sexiness, full of talent and good personality…who wouldn`t envy her….that is so annoying right…LOL?!

  307. 307 : CHEERSS Says:


  308. 308 : JainPotter Says:

    for all who has replayed ,, thank you so much , it meant a lot to me ,,
    come on ppl , let’s repay the drama that made us live in a charming dream .
    I’ll be back , love u all cityhallers

  309. 309 : Miss White Says:

    This far, I have only good words for CityHall KDrama, Go For It Now!…to those who have not started!… and to all viewers who are in love like me …Once a CityHall fan always a CityHall man, I have yet to hear and see another KDrama of CityHall standards.

    Enough of the norm in love triangles…all go for CityHall now and more…you’ll all love the people in CityHall especially the beautiful and charming lead actress KSA and the gentleman in lead actor CSW. I am very much in love with both of them.

  310. 310 : JainPotter Says:

    I spent 3 hrs or more reading your heartwarming comments , and I cried my eyes out recalling the sweety scenes of Jo gook & Mi rae.
    mtoenlob,, your comments has stated my feelings so loquently that
    Iam speechless , big hug to u all city hallers

  311. 311 : CHEERSS Says:


  312. 312 : shosh.k Says:

    Is the story written about tham Is this the real story between tham ?!, it seemed so appropriate that this happens in the real life they are a beautiful couple together. Kim Suna she is really Typhon and she is infectious She has a good personality and she is a good actor and the most beautiful and most intelligent in Korea I’m sure . and csw he’s look like a real man and cool

    Too bad he’s married they could be a beautiful future together
    I hope my English is good if not then sorry]

  313. 313 : ITSMII Says:

    @ shsh.k, Kim Suna she is really Typhon and she is infectious She has a good personality and she is a good actor and the most beautiful and most intelligent in Korea I’m sure . and csw he’s look like a real man and cool. Ajaaa

  314. 314 : IAMBACK Says:

    @MSWITE..This far, I have only good words for CityHall KDrama, FIGHTING

  315. 315 : ME 2 Says:

    JainPotter Says:

    August 28th, 2009 at 12:25 pm
    I spent 3 hrs or more reading your heartwarming comments , and I cried my eyes out recalling the sweety scenes of Jo gook & Mi rae.
    mtoenlob,, your comments has stated my feelings so loquently that
    Iam speechless , big hug to u all city hallers..(including me2)

  316. 316 : WAITING Says:

    JainPotter Says:

    August 28th, 2009 at 7:51 am
    for all who has replayed ,, thank you so much , it meant a lot to me ,,
    come on ppl , let’s repay the drama that made us live in a charming dream .
    I’ll be back , love u all cityhallers.

  317. 317 : milanisti Says:

    It’s so good to see that you guys are interested and addictes with this drama too. Just like me..can’t get enough of it.
    City hallers..hahaha..maybe we have to make CH fan club.. I will be the first who join it..:).

  318. 318 : SARANG Says:

    HI,MILMST City hallers..hahaha..maybe we have to make CH fan club.. I will be the first who join it..:).

  319. 319 : madu Says:

    Saranghae Kim Sun Ah! Saranghae Cha Seung Won! Saranghae City Hall!!! Nomu nomu saranghae!!!

  320. 320 : KISSEE Says:

    Director: Shin Woo Chul
    Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook
    Cha Seung Won
    Kim Sun Ah
    More romanceeee pleaseeeee

  321. 321 : GIV MI MOR Says:


  322. 322 : UNAILEDID Says:

    @ETEE, I badly wanted to see CH hit #1 spot for every episode.

  323. 323 : Miss White Says:

    Yesterday was a public holiday here 31/8/2009 in Malaysia. Like all CityHall fans, it was a holiday well-spent being able to watch my most loved KDrama CityHall again.

    Loved KSA from the start, a humble office worker and with each difficult pace against odds and expectations she is able to get out of the maze many thought she was in a daze yet she proved her mettle and emerged as a winner of correct with confidence and support to become their righteous Governor. This climax could be rare but the moral of the story is to rid the winners of wrongdoings and keep the viewers asking for more upon each episode how KSA and CSW overcome obstacles and pave way for solutions without forsaking loved ones and bonding relationships and friendship and loved peaks most of all along the way.

    It leaves me feeling good always and keeps me radiant, many envy and I just say watch CityHall more and more!!. Hope you are there with me too, KSA and CSW. Do both of you read this blog off and on. Keep some updates coming to your fans, at least a Hello and Cheers to all!!. It really pays to keep more love in the air!!.

    KSA and CSW had delivered their mettle in beautiful love bondings few can come close really!!

    I hope to get a peep at KSA when I travel to Seoul, Korea year end. Does she have a coffee outlet. Fans of CityHall, drop me a line where in Seoul I can see KSA and say hi!.

  324. 324 : shosh.k Says:

    I think chw he’s really graceful and handsome, I saw NG from City hall and “you can feel the emotions” Betweentham

    they’re a little More beyond from a game
    but they’re trying to” strangle” them.
    I really wish to Kim Suna love so beautiful in real life too, I think she’s deserve that , by the way I dono’t see every movie. [ have so many bad films] but all the films with Kim Suna I really enjoy to watched
    good luck kim suna and chw. Fighting !
    ב ה צ ל ח ה.
    나도 너희들처럼

  325. 325 : CHEERIO Says:

    KSA and CSW had delivered their mettle in beautiful love bondings few can come close really!!

  326. 326 : OU2 Says:

    @ SHO K
    I think chw he’s really graceful and handsome.
    I really wish to Kim Suna love so beautiful in real life too.

  327. 327 : ITSMI Says:

    It leaves me feeling good always and keeps me radiant, many envy and I just say watch CityHall more and more!!. – 2MSWHITE…FROM MALAY(CHEERSS)

  328. 328 : emerald Says:

    Love and romance can be beautiful at any age. KSA & CSW did an incredible job here in City Hall. Not only they made their love and romance so beautiful, they made it so cute too!!! I’ve never thought it was possible but they’ve proven me wrong…

  329. 329 : chacha Says:

    Like Miss White, I’m planning to go to Korea sometime end of this year. I too would like to find if there’s anywhere I can go where I can do some star spotting, especially stars like Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won. Does anyone know?

    Also appreciate if anyone who knows things to do, places to go, what not to be missed, things to buy, etc to kindly let me know. Can just post your recommendations here. I’ll come by regularly as this is one of my favourite sites. Thanks!

  330. 330 : WiTLOVE Says:

    Love and romance can be beautiful at any age. KSA & CSW did an incredible job here in City Hall. Not only they made their love and romance so beautiful, they made it so cute too!!! I’ve never thought it was possible but they’ve proven me wrong…(….)

  331. 331 : WiTLOVE Says:


  332. 332 : OU Says:

    Before u go, South Korea, also known as the “Land of the Morning Calm”

    South Korea is a developed country with high living standards and is a full democracy. It is a High-income OECD member, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Korea#Entertainment

  333. 333 : OR Says:

    Get around;http://wikitravel.org/en/South_Korea#Get_around

  334. 334 : OR Says:

    Dont forget to read ‘CAUTION’
    and ‘RACISM’

  335. 335 : OR Says:


  336. 336 : chacha Says:

    @ OU & OR

    Thanks so much for those site references. They are indeed handy. However, I would like to have tips from personal experiences, i.e. people who have been there before or people who live there. Some places may not be cited in those touristy brochures or websites but they can be more interesting and revealing of the nuances and flavour of the nation.

  337. 337 : LoveCH Says:

    I’ve watched CH numerous times. It still makes me smile and cry whenever I watch it over again. It was such a good drama! Now waiting anxiously for original DVD to be on sale so that can see the crystal clear version.

  338. 338 : Christian Says:

    This drama is so good, I believe its the team behind, “Lovers In Paris”… damn it didnt fair on the ratings.
    Good drama’s are falling on the ratings like “The Lucifer”, “Swallow the Sun” and this “City Hall”…

  339. 339 : witu2 Says:

    I just say watch CityHall more and more!!. Hope you are there with me too, (im with you mswhite)

  340. 340 : switchfoot Says:

    What I like about this show is how Jo Gook taught & helped Mirae to believe in herself, that she is a woman with charms, a woman who is valuable and someone who is able to accomplish things if she set her mind to do it. He gave her courage and hope. Because of this, she is able to come out of her shell, overcome her limitations and be the best that she can be. This is something really heartwarming and inspiring at the same time – something which we don’t see often in romantic dramas. That’s another thing which sets this show apart from the rest.

  341. 341 : IBBCK Says:

    jastinel Says:

    August 25th, 2009 at 9:15 pm
    I`m happy to be back here, where I can meet people who are like me…addicted to CH. From the time that CH was aired (April 29), up to this day (8/25/09) there wasn`t a day that I did not watch CH. So don`t ask me how many times I watched this drama and I bet no one can beat me….hehehe!
    Continue spreading City Hall love!
    Best drama in 2009
    Best couple
    Best OST
    Best script
    Best kissing scene
    Best dialogue
    Best actor CSW
    Best actress KSA
    City Hallers…Fighting!!!!

  342. 342 : Miss White Says:

    @340 and 341…

    Both inspiring reads…we are all CityHall fans

    I like company and these days whenever home I just on CityHall to keep me company when running about to get things done at home. Surely only KSA and CSW fits my standard as the best actress and best actor, this far none get so close to me!

    By just listening to their conversations and dialogues I enjoy my day. Follow the facts on this KDrama CityHall, you will really be like them, beautiful people who care to share just like me!. We are the priviledge few!!, many just envy…come on and join us at CityHall today!!

  343. 343 : mtoenlob Says:

    @340 switchfoot

    “This is something really heartwarming and inspiring at the same time – something which we don’t see often in romantic dramas. That’s another thing which sets this show apart from the rest.”

    Agree. What sets CH apart from the rest is the fact that this is a drama that touches the heart and stirs the soul and prompt the mind of the viewer. We see both the transformation of Shin Mi Rae and Jo Guk. SMR from someone unsure of herself and her capabilities to someone who can stand on her on and hold her convictions, someone who now knows her worth as a person and as a woman. JG from someone whose existence was solely powered by career and ambition to someone who nows values relationships, who realizes that one can attain success without stepping on others but rather protecting and loving those around you. As JG helped SMR to give importance to herself so was SMR to JG. Their journey to self-discovery was inspiring that we see ourselves in them. Rare indeed do we see this in any other drama.

  344. 344 : mzpakipot Says:

    hello cityhallers! just dropping by to read more good comments here. but i seem to notice something weird..a lot of the posters here just repeating what other’s just wrote? just weird…..spammers??

  345. 345 : IBBCK Says:


  346. 346 : etee7114 Says:

    @329 chacha
    I’ve been to Seoul and Suwon about 14 times on biz trips. The one thing you must know about Korea is that English is hardly used outside of hotels and touristy spots. If you can speak Korean, it’s definitely an advantage. My best advice if this is your first trip and you don’t speak Korean, please join tour groups. Ask your hotel concierge for recommendations.

    As a biz tripper, the only thing I could do with that little bit of free time is to shop. Itaewon is great place for shopping. Foreigners go there because it is touristy and at least some English is used. Communication is everything when you need to buy something!

    OK, I am off to post another comment on CH.

  347. 347 : etee7114 Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Earlier I posted that I’ve lost count on the number of times I watched this drama. Despite knowing the storyline, the plot and subplot lines, the twists and THE best ending ever, I still haven’t really figured why CH is so re-watchable consecutively. At least for me anyway.

    I’ve been checking out a few other kdramas that are airing right now but none is as awesome or as addicting as CH. Don’t get me started on acting skills of some of those more popular actors/actresses out there, I really don’t see any.

    So, why is CH so re-watchable to you? I think I can see myself watching this 5, 10 years down the road and still enjoy it as much as when it was airing.

  348. 348 : Emily Says:

    Hello to all City Hallers!!

    I live in Canada. Although CH came out and finished in July, but I just got to see it 2 weeks ago. Absolutely in love with the drama. So far in 2 weeks I’ve already watched it 3 times, just couldn’t get tired of this drama!!

    City Hall fighting!!!

  349. 349 : chacha Says:

    @ etee

    Thanks so much for your advice. I’ll definitely be taking a package tour but I think I have one or two free days in Seoul so I need to know what to do, where to go then. Where exactly is Itaewon? Is it a place of shopping mall in Seoul? How big is it? Can it be covered in half a day? Also, what are some good buys & eats there?

  350. 350 : etee7114 Says:

    @349 chacha

    Here is a little map of Itaewon. Ideally, it will be great to stay at a hotel near a subway line. It’s a lot easier to get around. Taxis and buses are a lot more difficult because of communication barrier.

    This a link to the map of Itaewon. Itaewon market is really interesting. There also tons of large shopping mall along the entire street. Eateries are all over the place. I’ve forgotten a lot of the details so check with your hotel before you set out. Info like when the shops are open (wkdays, wkends, etc). Get all the info you need AT THE HOTEL to get to the location and back to the hotel. Ask for the hotel’s biz card (in Korean and English) and carry it at all times. Koreans are generally friendly and helpful but the communication part can be quite a challenge.


    Hope you will enjoy yourself.

  351. 351 : IBBCK Says:


  352. 352 : Miss White Says:

    Good morning to all CityHall fans. Another week another day, I still love to see CityHall. Like many CityHall man I still have not get enough of CityHall or rather I say there is yet to surface another better KDrama at this very moment that can come close or better than CityHall, this far none can beat and CityHall simply on my top chart. Please do highlight if you can recommend one that could me my standard. Therefore this time around I am only contented with this best KDrama CityHall to keep me company. Go for CityHall today!!.

  353. 353 : Emily Says:


    I totally agree with you, yesterday I already wrote a comment, I can’t really describe how I feel about the drama… it’s like part of me was complete because I’ve seen CH… though really disappointed with the rating, why only 2nd?????

    Anyways, I recommend Boys Before Flowers. It’s a good drama as well. I’ve watched all 3 versions of Boys Before Flowers and this Korean version is actually the best one out of all 3. Not that BBF is better than CH, I still love CH the most. But it is a drama that’s worth watching.

  354. 354 : switchfoot Says:

    Another amazing thing about this drama is this. From around episode 13 or 14 onwards, the drama simply scaled from one height to another. Just when you thought, “Wow! This must be the climax of this show!”, you’re promptly brought to a new height at the next episode. And it’ll just go on like this till the very last episode where you’re brought to this seemingly impossible, unimaginable high that leaves you breathless and wanting more!!!

  355. 355 : Miss White Says:

    Really I was not fascinated by another KDrama after having viewed CityHall, infact my family members are seeing some new KDramas, I really do not know why I am least interested until now. I am only glued to CityHall each day when I return to home. Even for an episode or two I am still happy having seen my favourites KSA and CSW and the CityHall crews, they are all very spectacular in their own ways, indeed a KDrama not to be missed!!.

  356. 356 : IBBCK Says:

    @352/353/354/355/.////…. LOVE YOU CITY HALLERR

  357. 357 : Miss White Says:

    When time permits you can be sure that CityHall will give you the ultimate satisfaction in terms of KDrama entertainment and special pampering in the comfort of your own home laced with love and affection aplenty so all I really want is to sit back, relax and forget the worries of the day and enjoy CityHall KDrama, the best KDrama in 2009 for this season in time. Have a nice day CityHall fans.

  358. 358 : mtoenlob Says:

    @354 switchfoot

    Ayt, switchfoot. I totally agree with you. Todate, after several months am still at the apex. Rewatching it still gives me the same high the first time I’d watch it. This Kdrama is one for the books. City Hall is one rare experience indeed!

  359. 359 : skelly Says:

    Hello, City Hallers!
    I’ve found another problem with trying to watch another drama after City Hall, and that’s that even if I can tolerate the story, the romance ALWAYS falls flat or falls short.
    After experiencing the fantastic job that KSA and CSW did, other drama relationships – well, they just don’t cut it, in terms of hotness, closeness, humor, or intensity. How long do you think it will be, before we get another couple with that sort of chemistry?

  360. 360 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 359 skelly
    So, you view all other dramas with CH eyes too? LOL Gosh, it’s a little more than 2 months since CH ended and we are all still in this state. Yes, I, too, wonder when we’ll get to see a similar chemistry at work between 2 leads or between any actors. Do you think this is one of the reasons why CH is so re-watchable? To relive those moments of hotness, closeness, humor and intensity? *Sigh*

  361. 361 : Miss White Says:

    Still with CityHall. This drama has come to its ending storyline yet there’s no ending for me. I know why, there’s yet to be another KDrama that can really live up to my standards, CityHall you are the best KDrama for 2009, there’s really more than love and love more and beyond. Yes, cheers to KSA and CSW and all.

  362. 362 : jangerr Says:

    Hi fellow City Hallers! So glad we have this site that we can share & ‘talk’ to one another about our love…

    Etee, you sure this show has ended 2 months ago? It sure doesn’t feel like it. I know! I’ve probably been watching & rewatching it so often that I don’t feel it…

    On the other hand, I still can’t help wishing that there’ll be a City Hall special… Or a sequel… Or another drama with KSA & CSW again… Please, someone has pity on us… Get the 2 together again for us!

  363. 363 : IBBCK Says:

    On the other hand, I still can’t help wishing that there’ll be a City Hall special… Or a sequel… Or another drama with KSA & CSW again… Please, someone has pity on us… Get the 2 together again for us!

    CityHall you are the best KDrama for 2009, there’s really more than love and love more and beyond. Yes, cheers to KSA and CSW and all.
    Gosh, it’s a little more than 2 months since CH ended and we are all still in this state. Yes, I, too, wonder when we’ll get to see a similar chemistry at work between 2 leads or between any actors.

    Hello, City Hallers!
    How long do you think it will be, before we get another couple with that sort of chemistry?

    City Hall is one rare experience indeed!

    CityHall KDrama, the best KDrama in 2009 for this season in time. Have a nice day CityHall fans. Love u guys…

  364. 364 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 362 jangerr

    Yeap, CH ended on 2 July. So it’s 10 weeks since the last episode aired. Can’t you guys tell I’m counting the weeks without OUR City Hall. LOL I was following the recaps at DBs. Since it’s stalled on Episode 11, I’m kinda glad because I get a little from all this CH fever.

    Also, I followed up with a few of CSW’s movies since I’ve seen all of KSA’s movies that are available. Really loved his Ghost House and Eye for an Eye.

  365. 365 : Miss White Says:

    Still with CityHall this far, my favourite KDrama that’s keeping me company from actual real company. Excuse me!! KSA and CSW, both are waiting for me!!. You all can go ahead for your happy hour and teh tarik. I want to enjoy my coffee time just like KSA did!!.

  366. 366 : epyc Says:

    Hi Everybody

    My first time posting here although I’ve been stalking this site since the early days of City Hall. It is great to see our beloved CH is on the most commented list.

    Just wished to share my CH journey. I watched the first 6 episodes in one go over seven or eight hours with only toilet/meal breaks. It just drew me in. I WAS not a KSA fan but like MNIKSS. When City Hall first came onto the scene, I thought its stills and trailers look pretty interesting although CSW’s eyebrows did irk me but I couldn’t help thinking this mature man has a charm on his own. Then I read those not so complimentary reviews after it first aired. I thought to myself, with those charming trailers, it shouldn’t be too bad. Let’s just have a go to get some fun. And the rest is history!

    Different is the first word I’d describe City Hall. It is practically free of the usual Kdrama cliches. Somehow, despite its unusual storyline, it talks in a language I can relate to. I saw through the characters of SMR, JG, LJD, JH, BM and SI the ups and downs of life, aspiration, disappointment, betrayal, baggage from the past, helplessness from circumstances beyond your reach… Even the politics part, to me, is realistic be it from the East or the West perspective. It is refreshing to see a drama catered for mass audience that you can identify with and feel for. By the end of those six episodes, I was completely hooked and thought it to be the best romantic comedy for the year. It however didn’t prepare me for the subsequent drama and emotional ride.

    Unpredictable is the second distinctive feature of City Hall. This made watching this drama ‘live’ a magical experience. For other dramas, it is easy have a sense of where they will head and what the ending likely be. Not so with CH. While SMR is as transparent as the sun, JG’s mysteriousness and unclear intention always get you on the chair. The beauty lies with how his character is gradually changing – because of MR – in front of our eyes in a very believable way (as opposed to many other dramas where the main characters look like going through a sudden character surgery). That transformation is in fact one of the most beautiful things about this drama. I am in awe in watching his and her transformations as they move in different paths (his of becoming a better person and hers, heading to an up-and-coming politican) and eventually reaching the same goals (of builidng and realising their visions of serving people). At the end of it, you feel euphoric about this couple not just because of their union but for the better persons both have become.

    Dreamily romantic is what I didn’t expect at the beginning, especially from a drama depicting two thirty something!! I do have difficulty now in watching other dramas that have way to go in measuring up the CH’s chemistry and emotional scale.

    Every drama would set out to become a successful one but few get there for a variety of reasons. As a viewer, I am so glad that City Hall – with the combination its excellent script, amazing cast, lovely music and cinematography, and aptly directing – gets there offering us such a rich tapestry of well-woven and unforgettable sight, sound and emotion! This is the BEST ever drama for me.

  367. 367 : IBBCK Says:


  368. 368 : jangerr Says:

    @366 epyc

    Welcome to this site where we City Hall fans can share our love for this drama! Maybe it should be welcome to participate since you’ve actually been stalking this site since early days. But why did you wait so long before you start posting? It can’t be you don’t know what to say for you definitely have a lot to say & say it well. Anyhow, it’s better late than never…

  369. 369 : Patty Says:

    Quality quality quality. ……quite a rarity in kdramas nowadays. loved everything about this drama

  370. 370 : jastinel Says:

    I can see that City Hallers are increasing in numbers. I want to suggest that may be we can form a group that will make a request for this drama to have a TV special. I`m hoping that CH will have a 2nd season but most probably it wont happen, so, TV special is fine with me. What do you think guys?

  371. 371 : para Says:

    @370 jastinel – I second your idea!!!

  372. 372 : Emily Says:

    @370, I also support ur idea ^^

    ohoh.. I loved the part where cha seung won takes his “hamster” to camp!!!!! ahhhhhh.. I’m craving to watch again… lalala… okay my fourth time begins ^_______^

  373. 373 : Cecille Says:

    Dear City Hallers,
    i’ve read almost all of theese comments.
    And i’m totally agree with you all.
    This drama, is my first watch for CSW but not KSA.
    I’m a fan of her. She’s a great actress.
    In this drama, i can see the chemistry between them.
    it’s so lovely, just like Hyun bin and SHK in World’s Within.
    KSA and CSW are perfect couple….
    so, i hope we can see them again in another drama.
    KSA, CSW…화이딩

  374. 374 : sueT Says:

    Hey Emily! The “hamster” on a trip was one of my favourite parts too!!! Soooooooo adorable!!!

    Also jastinel, I support your idea too. U can count me in!!!

  375. 375 : marianneT Says:

    OMG…CSW is prince charming,I like chemistry between CSW n KSA..i wish it happen to me..I watch CITY HALL again n again, the more I see CSW the more I fall in love with him…you are so adorable.
    I really like episode14 when CSW n KSA in the car and when they were on the road while KSA sleeping in the car, he is so charming and sexy..I watch ep.14 so many times…all of you must see ep.14 …make everywomen dream it

  376. 376 : jastinel Says:

    I know many of us would agree that this drama should have a TV special, something that will show more BTS and interview the cast and may be they can also perform on this TV special, CSW can sing and Suna can sing and dance as well.I haven`t seen the script reading so may be they can add that. If we are going to form a group, we need a leader, who is good in words and have time for this. I will vote for “EPYC”! (I hope you don`t mind).

  377. 377 : mtoenlob Says:

    @350 skelly ,@361 Miss White

    I echo your sentiments. After viewing City Hall, it has set the standards for me for future Kdrama watching. I have checked current dramas and to me they all fall short. Nothing interest me at the moment.

    @366 epyc

    good to see you here! ditto to all points you’ve raised regarding our beloved CH. These qualities are what make CH endearing and a great experience to all its viewers.

    @369 Patty

    Indeed! Quality is what set City Hall apart from all the rest of Kdrama currently showing (or even those that had previously been shown). City Hall is more than just the usual trite and cliched rom-com dramas that lately proliferate the screen, for the reason it touches on issues related to self-worth, emotional growth, finding one’s happiness, value on compassion and respect for others over one’s own personal and egotistical needs. It helps that the stars are REAL actors in the truest sense, who can definitely ACT.

    @370 jastinel

    count me in.

    @372 Emily

    Am sure there will be succeeding rewatchings to do after your fourth. City Hall is an addiction. 🙂

    To those who haven’t seen City Hall yet, give it a try. You surely won’t regret it. It will take you to new heights and beyond.

  378. 378 : IBBCK Says:


  379. 379 : emerald Says:

    Looks like CH is finally getting some of the attention that it deserves… It’s not there yet but at least more & more people are noticing it…

  380. 380 : Miss White Says:

    Yes, I am totally engrossed with CityHall, yet again I reckon none can come close to me to fill the gap of my expectations just like CityHall, I behold Top Chart as the Best KDrama for 2009 this far I had enjoyed viewing time and again, there is simply no stopping until I can reach the rainbow end. Go now for CityHall, had surpassed many in good moral substance and romance, very few can race at the pace like KSA and CSW, none can beat I can strongly attest this pair as the Best Couple of the Year.

    Recalling KSA loo time, so abrupt and urgent in time of need and at mercy makes me smiling when I take my own sweet time!!…and also being carted away to the lobby sofa like still in a maze!!…many more I have to find time to write again..have to run for a brunch meal and meet…not that loo call please!!. Discover and Enjoy CityHall!! more…

  381. 381 : chacha Says:

    Just last week, I felt I had to take a break from rewatching our favourite City Hall. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that interest me, none of the new shows though I tried several times. Not Style, not Dream, not Swallow The Sun nor Take Care of the Young Lady (?).

    So I did the next best thing, i.e., I watched My Lovely Samsoon again. It certainly bring me down memory lane. It reminded me of when I first saw Kim Sun Ah and fell in love with her… Ah! She’s so adorable! And she’s really one class act. As I watched this time around, I came to the realisation that not only is she a superb actress but she has this amazing ability to bring out the best in her co-stars – from Hyun Bin, to her sister, to her mum, to her assistant,… She’s incredible!

  382. 382 : etee7114 Says:

    Dear All CHallers,
    It’s so good to come back here time and again to see the never waning love for CH.

    @ epyc, so glad to see you post here as well as soompi. I love reading your thoughts. You write exactly what I have in my mind….just not so articulate as you though.

    @ mtoenlob, thanks for posting here as well as on viikii. I know you’ve been so vocal in the comment sections about all things CH on that channel. I have managed to sneaked one CH comment in on Lady Castle’s channel and converted someone to CH. Haha, sounds like he/she has lost interest in LC too.

    @ chacha,
    Why, oh, why? CH is so satisfying at so many levels that it’s going to take 100+ kdramas to equal one CH series. And that’s a scary thought! LOL! It might just be a whole lot easier to re-watch CH. 🙂

  383. 383 : chacha Says:


    Don’t panic! City Hall is still my all-time favourite! My Lovely Samsoon is just a distant second. How can anything come close?

  384. 384 : IBBCK Says:


  385. 385 : shosh.k Says:

    ן still have not get enough of CityHall week day and Months , All staff producer did a great job, in This beautiful story ,drama Maybe It could be in reality life Between Them.They are beautiful together.

  386. 386 : Kay Cook Says:

    I’m a New cityhall fans .I love cityhall not get enough of this drama.Cityhall simply on my Best drama ever seen………CITY HALLERRR AJA AJAAAAAA………..

  387. 387 : bokheester Says:

    evertime I enter the living room, my wife is engrossed in city hall with a kleenex box. Waiting for the DVD with english subtitles. There should be a huge market for it………

  388. 388 : lundu Says:

    Excellent drama. The actor deserves award of the year for his charisma and his natural ability to reveal his vulnerability. The script-writing was good and deep. Well done!

  389. 389 : aimee Says:

    It’s a great drama. It has a good storyline supported by competent and great korean actors and actresses. Kim Sun Ah did it gain, she really can pull through that kind of role. The actor who acted next to her was a revelation to me. i first watched him in the drama bodyguard but he didn’t caught my attention there but with this drama, I really did admire him a lot. He’s perfect for the role. They really had a good chemistry together their acting was very realistic, as if they were really deeply in love with each other. I hope to see them both again in another good and romantic dram. Congratulations for having come up with nice drama.

  390. 390 : switchfoot Says:

    @388 lundu & 389 aimee

    Totally agree with both of you. Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won are such amazing thespians. To me, Suna is the Sandra Bullock of the east with her incredible comic timing while Cha is a combination of Johnny Depp & Hugh Laurie. Both of them not only act well but exude such incredible charisma!

  391. 391 : IBBCK Says:


  392. 392 : Miss White Says:

    Over here will be a long weekend inclusive of 2 public hols for Hari Raya celebration. Indeed I can pamper myself to another dose of CityHall away from the city lights and sounds. I must say time spent with CityHall is like a holiday well-spent graced with love and more love I can imagine.

    I sincerely would like to add credits to the excellent script-writer (or are there more than one, pls share this marvellous writer and any other KDramas she is owner that I can viewed). In fact I am new to KDramas and hardly can finish one series. It was on TV here accidentally I have seen KSA as a baker and was fascinated by her comedic acting and have asked relatives and friends to keep me updated of her new releases. Truly my standards match the red carpet awards, be it Academy Award and Cannes Award and highlights on transparency inputs by all viewers shall take CityHall to the next level in recognition and status for healthy great KDrama selections not prone to the skyrocket and one-sided ratings indicators. This will definitely give a good platform to fire up real inner feelings and after-effects the KDrama scores its goal in super manifestation and motivation techniques to give good feelings that lasts and remained permanent results to all viewers and fans. Only with such impact and transformation and feelings taking place amongst many viewers can a massive success on a KDrama like CityHall be bequeath accordingly.

    Just like CityHall lead actress, KSA along the way learn to love herself more and what an amazing transformation beyond expectations and protocol she delivered her best elements to the favour of the mass people and delights to all, not to mention about the lead actor, CSW instilling a healthy self-esteem to overcome criticism easily after captivated by KSA and many and the great casts and enriching storyline shall continue to develop the power to drive CityHall none can come this close. (For this KDrama what awards are in line for nominations and its taking and when, hope to travel to Korea to witness and are tickets for sale, help on a link).

    I have always mentioned that this is the Best KDrama storyline and pls update if CityHall is herald with such recognition and awards are suppose to take place and other secondary awards for CityHall, a tidal wave like tsunami awards for CityHall is just a beacon and call away.

    Blown away with CityHall fulfilled and loved more, well seeking the right frame of mind and to wake up fast and return to normal after this long weekend. Shall torture myself to be better cos embarking beyond call and duty.

    Cheers with CityHall friends. We are on the same wave-length!!.

  393. 393 : zany Says:

    Wow! Typhoon Shin Mi Rae is still blowing strong!

  394. 394 : IBBCK Says:


  395. 395 : Alice Says:

    City Hall has ended 2mths but it I still in love with the drama.
    Hope that DVDs will be released as soon as possible.

  396. 396 : Hidar Says:

    CITY HALL is the best drama EVER.

  397. 397 : kay Cook Says:

    Another month another day,I still Cityhall is only Drama for me ,I still found a another drama that’s worth watching………………..CityHall LOVE………

  398. 398 : jangerr Says:

    Ooooo… I’m so happy!!! Our City Hall is receiving so many positive comments. Make me proud too.

    I’m sure many of you share the same feelings as me. After watching City Hall, you feel like you’re part of it & it belongs to you… And when it’s doing well, your heart swell with pride and happiness. Hehehe…

  399. 399 : LoVeU Says:


  400. 400 : mtoenlob Says:

    wow! am glad this thread is thriving with comments. it makes my heart swell with pride for the City Hall team to have come up with such great drama. just look at all the comments here! to those who are just starting to watch it or midway through it, just persevere. keep watching and you will have the surprise of your life. to us who have watched and re-watched this a countless time, we may pause but we will surely come back again . . . and again. hugs to all City Hallers!

  401. 401 : kay Cook Says:

    Cityhall is deflnltely one of the best dramas all time!!!!!! LOVE CITYHALL………..

  402. 402 : SA-HE Says:

    I’ll wait for you. (CSW-KSA).

  403. 403 : Emily Says:

    I’m pround of you City Hallers!!!! keep going with more comments!!! love and hugs to you all, aja City Hall!!!!!!

  404. 404 : Olga Says:

    I love this drama really bad!!

    I need to stop watching korean dramas
    now, I’m so obsessed I can’t even focus
    on my studies……

    Whats the title of the main song?

  405. 405 : littlean17 Says:

    love it love it… comedy, drama and politics 🙂

    can’t help but I’m falling to Cha Seung Won character here – very gentleman

  406. 406 : kay Cook Says:

    The cityhall obsession…..How can something entlrely fictional can be so overpowering?……..The cityhall fever and withdrawal is not easy to get over……….LOVE CITYHALL…………

  407. 407 : mtoenlob Says:

    @406 kay Cook

    How absolutely true! City Hall is one experience that is extremely difficult to shake off or better yet to forget. The experience is so profound that you will find yourself getting lost in a journey in someone else’s world and being so immersed in it that you have to give yourself time to float back to reality once the journey has ended. Alas! It is far from over. You will find yourself, again and again, drifting back to City Hall to relive and savor the moments with the endearing characters. Once more, you would want to relish their joys, their pains, their failures, their successes. Why so? Because all their emotions ring true to us viewers. The drama has successfully strike a chord within us, a certain connection that enable us to feel as they feel, to see and understand circumstances as they perceive them. This quality sets City Hall apart from the rest. Thanks to the superb story telling, the brilliant characterization by A-list actors and the electrifying chemistry of the lead stars (which is rarely seen). Of course, not the least, the heart-tugging and highly evocative sound tracks, poignantly interpreted and rendered, which set the appropriate ambience and mood thereby making each scene memorable.

    Now this recollection makes me want to watch City Hall again!

  408. 408 : jangerr Says:

    @404 Olga

    I think the main song is called Uncertain Love or Anxious Love. Really love this song too. I think it’s one of the best OSTs in kdramas!!!

  409. 409 : iya Says:

    help! im having city hall withdrawal syndrome! i cant seem to watch another drama after watching it! so damn good, great story, well acted, best OST!…cant get enough of shin mi rae and jo guk!…aaahhhh! definitely one of the best dramas, love, love it!…now, where do i go from here? definitely sets the bar high

  410. 410 : indri Says:

    OMG!!!,.. City Hall is the best drama EvER!!!,.. CSW & KSA is the best couple, so perfect,….

  411. 411 : epyc Says:

    Wow, City Hall is now more commented than MNIKSS on this site!! This just shows the City Hall love is growing thick and fast. Let’s hope it’ll garner greater support as the drama is beginning its airing in Asian countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong.

    I am for one who keeps drifted back to CH all the time, no matter how many new dramas I try since the ending of CH in July. Nothing compares to it by any close margin. I just wish the cast and crew will be justly recognised at the year-end award ceremonies.

  412. 412 : emerald Says:

    I still feel that CH is not as well received as it should have. It’s such an incredibly good drama yet if you look at the ratings or number of viewers it has garnered so far in mysoju and viikii, it’s behind many average dramas like Cinderella Man, Take Care of the Young Lady, BOF, etc.

  413. 413 : IBBCK Says:


  414. 414 : Emily Says:

    @ 413 emerald

    I totally agree with you!! although its ratings were higher than the other dramas that aired same time wed, thurs night, but it still wasn’t regonized enough. I actually tried to post comments on other sites to recommend people to watch it as well as on my own FB. Hopefully City Hall will be more well known and loved!

    I love you all City Hallers *hugs* keep up the good works, KSA & CSW, CITY HALL fighting!!!

  415. 415 : ABC Says:

    I finished this drama few months ago and I am surprised this drama is recognized by more people now. It is a very good drama and I am hoping for part II of City Hall.

  416. 416 : JYSee Says:

    This is one of the best dramas I ever watched. The plot is wonderful, every episode gave me the “high” and “low” but most important it left me full of “feel good” emotion. The end was wonderful too, there was closure for every character.

  417. 417 : fave Says:

    @ 414 Emily

    Great dramas are meant to be shared, especially one like City Hall which comes by once in a long, long time. Good job in spreading the word around!!! Keep it up!!! Let’s all do our part too…

  418. 418 : zany Says:

    Watch out, people in Taiwan & Hong Kong! A “storm” is coming!

  419. 419 : Emily Says:

    Hi City Hallers:

    Since I love CH so much, I also love its OST. I’m not sure if anyone is interested in its OST’s lyrics. but since I was looking for it, so I’d like to share with you all =)

    This is one is from Park Sang Woo name 사랑하고 사랑합니다 (Saranghago Saranghamida) I absolutely loved itm very heart touching! It’s not in the OST though, but it is one of the theme songs in CH

    사랑하고 있나봐요
    saranghago itnabwayo
    I must be in love

    그대만 보이니까요
    geudaeman boinikkayo
    Because i only see you

    하루종일 내모릿속을
    harujongil naemoritsukeol
    헤매고 있는건 그대니까
    hemaego itneungeon geudaenikka
    You’re wandering in my head/thoughts everyday

    사랑하고 있나봐요
    saranghago itnabwayo
    I must be in love

    심장이 그댈 모르죠
    simjangi geudael moreujyo
    My heart doesn’t even know you

    어디에서 무얼 하든지
    eodi-eseo moeol hadeunji
    But wherever, whatever i do

    그대만 떠올라요
    geudaeman tteo-ollayo
    Only thoughts of you pop up

    모르지만 이게 사랑인거죠
    moreujiman-ige sarangingeojyo
    I don’t know, but this is love

    그대 웃으면 나도 따라 행복해져
    geudae euseumyeon nado ttara haengbokhaejyeo
    미소를 지어요
    misoreul jieyo
    When you smile/laugh i too become happy and start to smile

    꿈을 꾸는 아이처럼 마냥 그대가 좋은걸요
    kkumeol kkuneun aicheoreom manyang geudaega joheungeolyo
    Like a child lost in dreams, i adore you

    그대 슬픈표정 보일떄면
    geudae seulpeunpyojeong boilttyaemyeon
    난 하늘이 무너져 내려
    nan haneuli muneojyeo naeryeo
    My world crashes down when i see your face sad

    이런 내맘 모르죠
    ireon naemam moreujyo
    You don’t know these feelings of mine

    한번도 말 안 했지만
    hanbeondo mal-an haetjiman
    Although i’ve never once told

    사랑한다 못했지만
    saranghanda mothaetjiman
    Although i couldn’t say i love you

    눈 뜨면 그대만 보이고
    nun tteumyeon geudaeman boigo
    When i open my eyes i only see you

    눈감아도 보여요
    nungamado boyeoyo
    I see you even when my eyes are closed

    모르지만 이게 사랑인거죠
    moreujiman ige sarangingeojyo
    I don’t know, but this is love

    그대 웃으면 나도 따라 행복해져
    geudae euseumyeon nado ttara haengbokhaejyeo
    미소를 지어요
    misoreul jieoyo
    When you smile/laugh i too become happy and start to smile

    꿈을 꾸는 아이처럼 마냥 그대가 좋은걸요
    kkumeol kkuneun aicheoreom manyang geudaega joheungeolyo
    Like a child lost in dreams, i adore you

    그대 슬픈표정 보일떄면
    geudae seulpeunpyojeong boilttyaemyeon
    난 하늘이 무너져 내려
    nan haneuli muneojeo naeryeo
    My world crashes down when i see your face sad

    이런 내맘 모르죠
    ireon naemam moreujyo
    You don’t know these feelings of mine

    난 그대밖에는 몰라서
    nan geudaebwakkeneun mollaseo
    Because I don’t know anything but you

    그대 작은 손짓에도 숨을 죽여요
    geudae jakeun sonjisaedo sumeul jukyeoyo
    I hold my breath even at your slightest motions

    사랑을 놓칠까 겁이나
    sarangeul nohchilkka geopina
    I’m scared of losing this love

    그대 하나만 거울처럼 따라하는
    geudae hanaman keoulcheoreom ttarahaneun
    눈 먼 바보라
    nun meon babora
    I’m a blind fool who like a mirror, only follows you

    소리처도 듣지못할 사랑안고
    soricheodo deuljimothel saranghango
    I live hugging onto this love that cannot be heard

    혹시 그대 사람놀라 나를 떠나갈것만 같아
    hoksi geudae saramnolla nareul tteonagalgeotman gata
    Because of my fear that i may startle you into leaving

    사랑하고 사랑하고 그댈 사랑하고 살겁니다
    saranghago saranghago geudael saranghago salgeomida
    Loving, loving, loving you, is how i’m going to live

    이런 내맘 모르죠
    ireon naemam moreujyo
    You don’t know these feelings of mine

    오직 그댈 사랑합니다
    ojik geudael saranghamida
    I love you and only you

    I found it on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYUM8EjBtV4
    credit to BON FunSubs

  420. 420 : Christian Says:

    love this drama…

  421. 421 : ISME Says:

    Oh Emily…Many many thanxxxxxx…LOVE U CITY HALLERR….

  422. 422 : Wit LOV Says:

  423. 423 : Wit LOV Says:

    Korean – from Naver
    Romanization – alodia/lovelykimsunah
    English – BON Funsubs

    불안한 사랑 (Anxious Love)
    Performed by: Horan of Clazziquai 클래지콰이 호란

    이렇게 좋아도 될까요
    ireokhe joahdo dhwelkkayo
    Can I really fall in love with you?

    왠지 난 불안해요
    waenji nan booranhaeyo
    Why do I feel so anxious?

    한번도 이런적 없어요
    hanbeondo ireonjeok eopseoyo
    I’ve never felt this way before.

    그대가 특별해요
    keudaega teukbyeolhaeyo
    You must be special.

    사랑이 두렵진 않아요
    sarangi dooryeopjin anhayo
    I do not fear love,

    곧 이별이 온다 해도
    kot ibyeori onda haedo
    even if separation will come soon.

    그러나 이 사랑 싫어요
    keureona i sarang sireohyo
    However, I do not want this love,

    더 갖고 싶으니까
    deo katgo shipeunikka
    because I will keep on yearning for more.

    마음대로 물 흐르듯이
    maeumdaero mool heureudeushi
    Like water freely flowing in the stream,

    내 맘을 맡겨봐요
    nae mameul matkyeobwayo
    I will entrust my heart to you.

    하루가 지나면 하나씩
    harooga jinamyeon hanasshik
    As each day passes,

    버릴께 생기거든요
    beoril ke saengkikeodeunyo
    I’ll find something that needs to be thrown away one at a time.

    곁에 두면
    kyeote doomyeon
    If I have you by my side,

    생각 하면
    saenggak hamyeon
    if I think about you,

    사랑 하면
    sarang hamyeon
    if I love you,

    도저히 안될 것 같은 사람
    dojeohi andhwel keot kateun saram
    you seem like a person that won’t stay long.

    보낸 다면
    bonaen damyeon
    If I let you go,

    떠난 다면
    tteonan damyeon
    if I leave you,

    그때 더 사랑할 것 같은 사람
    keuddae deo saranghal keot kateun saram
    you seem like a person that will love me more.

    불안한 사랑
    booranhan sarang
    Anxious love.

    그래도 이 사랑이 나는 좋아요
    keuraedo i sarangi naneun joahyo
    Even so, I like this love.

    나 혼자 사랑하고 나 혼자 보내는
    na honja saranghago na honja bonaeneun
    I love on my own, I let go on my own.

    이 뻔한 사랑
    i ppeonhan sarang
    This true love,

    이 토록 간절한 왠지 내게는
    i torok kanjeolhan waenji naegeneun
    I’ve waited so earnestly for you, but

    어울리지 않는
    eooolliji anhneun
    we are ill-matched.

    못된 사랑
    motdwhen sarang
    An unfortunate love.

    곁에 두면
    kyeote doomyeon
    If I have you by my side,

    생각 하면
    saenggak hamyeon
    if I think about you,

    사랑 하면
    sarang hamyeon
    if I love you,

    도저히 안될 것 같은 사람
    dojeohi andhwel keot kateun saram
    you seem like a person that won’t stay long.

    보낸 다면
    bonaen damyeon
    If I let you go,

    떠난 다면
    tteonan damyeon
    if I leave you,

    그때 더 사랑할 것 같은 사람
    keuddae deo saranghal keot kateun saram
    you seem like a person that will love me more.

    불안한 사랑
    booranhan sarang
    Anxious love.

    그래도 이 사랑이 나는 좋아요
    keuraedo i sarangi naneun joahyo
    Even so, I like this love.

    그래서 이 사랑을 나는 붙잡아요
    keuraeseo i sarangeul naneun bootjapayo
    Therefore, I will hold onto this love.
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    Tags: kim sun ah city hall

  424. 424 : kay Cook Says:

    I miss my CityHall………Best Drama ever………!!!!!

  425. 425 : indri Says:

    Dear Cityhallers, thanks for the lyrics, if someone has the other lyrics, especially, SMILE,.. pls post it soon,… thank you,.. CH AJA!!

  426. 426 : Spring Says:

    City Hall was a wonderful drama!!!! 10/10 drama!!!

  427. 427 : cityhall_fan Says:

    hullo, fellow cityhall fans! *waves excitedly*

    i’m real glad that this webpg is consistently filled with comments, even though the drama has ended for some time already (i’ll sheepishly admit that i constantly check this pg to re-connect with my unexplainable cityhall “obsession”). really, really glad that more people r watching this fabulous drama and enjoying it! =) and boy, aren’t i glad to know that i’m not the only person madly addicted to this wonderful, wonderful drama!! words can’t fully explain my addiction but i KNOW fellow fans will understand how i feel, just like i know all ur feelings when i read ur comments! hee. *silly grin on face while thinking of fav cityhall scenes/ lines*

    let the cityhall spirit continue & continue to spread the love for cityhall! =)

  428. 428 : FAn4eVeR Says:

    I fell in love with City Hall, and City Hallerrr comments……….

  429. 429 : Wondfl Says:

    I didn’t like reading comments from City Hallerrrr ?

    더 갖고 싶으니까
    deo katgo shipeunikka
    because I will keep on yearning for more.

  430. 430 : bha-mee Says:

    LOve this drama
    Everthing is so well done.
    Script, director ,actor, actress,
    especially Kim sun ah and Cha seung won.

    Most of all thank a lot for english sub team,
    Who make me none korean speaking
    to enjoy watching this good story so much.

  431. 431 : kay Cook Says:

    Cityhall was so wonderfal a dramas good story line…….THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST DRAMAS I EVER WATCHED…………….LOVE CITYHALL……….

  432. 432 : jangerr Says:

    @419 Emily & 423 Wit LOV

    Thank you so much for the lyrics to the 2 beautiful songs in City Hall. These lyrics really help to bring out the meaning of the show even more. And they make me appreciate City Hall even more… Thanks once again!

  433. 433 : 316CJ Says:

    City Hall is the best KDrama so far for me !
    Many many many many many thanks to all the subbers and uploaders. You guys are AMAZZZZINGG!!!
    Thank you for viikii.net and b.o.n fun subs for allowing me to experienced such a GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT drama !!
    Story, Dialogue, Acting, Soundtrack, Scenes, Settings, basically everything in this drama is sooo goood! and I think quite original too. ^^
    Love SMR and JK !! The cutest and romantic couple I’ve ever seen!!
    Thank you Kim Eun Sok for writing such a great drama.
    Thank you Ryu Shi Won for canceling his role. I can’t imagine another actor play JK’s character but CSW.
    Thank you for whoever for creating all the good scenes in this drama.
    Last but not least, thank you KSA and CSW for showing the greatest chemistry I’ve ever seen on the screen !!!!
    I hope many people will find and fall in love with this drama..
    Seriously, this drama is worth watching for over and over again!

    Anyway, thanks guys…. ^^

  434. 434 : Roween Says:

    Hi all *^^*,
    For me City Hall is not only a remarkable drama, it’s a journey, you’re definitely not the same k-drama lover “after” City Hall.
    The perfect storyline, incredible actors (even the water boy did it perfectly..), the most amazing OST, the couple with the most incredible chemistry ever (..Suna & Cha…you guys put our TV screens on fire…), the unforgetable and beautiful lines (..so many..), the most romantic..sweet..touching kisses ever, the most romantic guy in the story of the planet earth (…Jo Gukie..you make my search for the perfect guy even harder.)…OMG! I can go on forever…it have it all.
    This drama make me laugh like crazy, and cry…and get emocional… and want to hit the TV or kiss it (…depend of the character…).
    It change your expectations & standars in dramas & actors performaces, putting them really high.
    That’s probably why I come back over and over to enjoy it, and it’s now list on the top of my personal ranking.
    This jewel is truly one of the best dramas ever and without a doubt the best of 2009.

  435. 435 : Houxx Says:

    This is the best drama I’ve ever seen!!!
    Rewatvhing it again and again!!!
    I must be crazy!!!

  436. 436 : iya Says:

    city hall is one hellava amazing drama! the best there is!!! definitely a must see, 11/10 🙂

  437. 437 : Re-Wat Says:

    City Hall, I loved it..
    시티홀 – City Hall Behind the scenes (Rehearsal tango dance)

  438. 438 : Re-Wat Says:

    Sweet dream Cty Hallerrrrr…..
    시티홀 – City Hall the Scenes (Bed Scene)

  439. 439 : kay Cook Says:

    Cityhall I’m wait for DVD……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  440. 440 : mtoenlob Says:

    After City Hall, watching kdrama is never the same. City Hall has set the standard for kdrama watching a notch higher. No, much, much higher. All other else pale in comparison. Watch it to see the difference. It’s an experience you won’t regret nor forget. You might even say it is an experience of a lifetime.

    Am missing the GuMi couple. CSW-KSA tandem is the best for me. Never seen such sizzling on screen chemistry before. Please bring them back.

    It feels wonderful to see all these comments. It means many have seen and appreciated its merits. Hello to all City Hallers! Hugs! (“,)

  441. 441 : jologsdiary Says:

    the best Kdama for 2009!

  442. 442 : Miss White Says:

    I am reading and can feel love transform from the waves into words input by many fans here on the transformation and impact CityHall had caused permanent results to all…. from awesome to amazing and much more feel-good feelings created by the storm in CityHall overwhelming success storyline. I have this feelings CityHall will be the Peak KDrama in 2009.

    Today is a special day for lead actress KSA and Happy Birthday to our Wonder Woman showing the world her wonder unique talents, insights, values and all beautiful things about you! here together with fans far and near, in Korea and around the world, let’s wish KSA a healthy life filled with wonders and values our lady wants more in her life and lifestyle, let her wishes hail true as she sail thro’ the storm and shower her and protect her always, blessed are her success stories as seen in CityHall.

    Yes!! What makes the successful KDrama CityHall different even when there is a level playing field? Simply watch and re-watch CityHall, You will love more!!.

  443. 443 : chacha Says:

    Hi fellow City Hallers again! I’m elated to see the growing & glowing comments about our beloved City Hall.

    After being impacted & entertained so much by this drama and by the awesome performance of KSA & CSW, it’s only right that we support and show them our love in whatever ways that we can.

    And what better way than to pen our thoughts till the korean entertainment industry & whoever who’s choosing this year’s best kdrama, kactor, kactress, kcouple in Korea know how well this drama is received, how much we love KSA’s & CSW’s performance… till the producer & scriptwriter know our desire for more of CH… till KSA & CSW know we love & appreciate them… till others who have not seen CH sit up & notice & start to watch & start to get hooked…

  444. 444 : honey b Says:

    Why City Hall very recommended:
    1. Cha Seung Won
    2. Cha Seung Won
    3. Cha Seung Won
    4. Fun to watch
    5. It’s a happy ending drama…
    6. Nice soundtrack

  445. 445 : 316CJ Says:

    I am getting insane.. (sigh)

    Every chance I’ve got after school or work, the first thing I do is turn on my laptop, go to my documents, then my videos, and then City Hall folder and watch it over and over again…
    I think I remember every lines in this drama now. (sigh)
    Can’t get rid of the soundtrack as well…

    Anyway…. please…. this drama deserve some awards (definitely not only one award).
    If there are any news about this, City Hallers, please let me know.
    I do really really really hope that this drama win some awards.
    Crossed fingers! ^^

  446. 446 : iya/kre Says:

    i havent watched another kdrama after city hall!!! i just cant get enough of the GUMI couple!!! aaaahhhh! reruns forevah!

    i just wanna thank u guys, the city hallers, for introducing this amazing drama to me…your wonderful comments here made me decide to give it a try…definitely one of the wisest descision ive ever made in my life LOL…kamsahamida! aja! aja! fighting!!! city hall truly rocks!!!

  447. 447 : abbie Says:

    Happy Birthday, Kim Sun Ah! You’re a beloved actress to your Filipino fans! Good health and may your dreams come true.

  448. 448 : IBBCK Says:


  449. 449 : kay Cook Says:

    Happy Birthday Kim sun ah,Bast wishs!!!!!…..Love by… all Cityhaller……!!!!!

  450. 450 : Inju Says:

    Thanks the scriptwriter and drama director for producing such a wonderful show. Of course KSA and CSW are both excellent artists. Hope the DVDs will be out soon.

  451. 451 : BSKI Says:


  452. 452 : Roween Says:

    Hi all City Hallers!
    Happy Birthday !!! to our lovely Suna, ..our sweet Mi Rae (I know is kind of late but..sorry)
    The best wishes to you,…and I hope to see you really soon in another proyect (I miss you already)…maybe again with Cha Seung Won Oppa *^^* (cross my fingers).
    City Hall, a must see, …classic, .. I love it.
    …(waves…see you later fellow CTH….)

  453. 453 : OV-CTHAL Says:


  454. 454 : 316CJ Says:

    City Hall doesn’t show me :
    1. A fancy overseas settings
    2. Huge and shiny houses
    3. Lots of expensive cars
    4. Branded costumes and ‘complicated’ clothes.

    This drama is just plain, simple and original. Plain costumes, simple settings, and original scenes.

    BUT…. City Hall is :
    1. The only drama ever that can make me keep watching it over and over again.
    2. The only drama ever that can make me keep leaving comments on internet like a crazy person.
    3. The only drama ever that can make me want to have a chat with others City Haller like there is no boundaries.
    4. The only drama ever that has soundtracks which I’ve been listen to everyday without any signal of boredom.
    5. The only drama ever that can make me wondering whose on earth for creating lots of unbelievable scenes just in one drama altogether???

  455. 455 : ChaoChao Says:

    Must see Drama!

    Suna did it agian in a magical way. I fell in love with her when watching MNIKSS, this time around, she was even better. It took me 4 years to find another work of art to match up with MNIKSS. Kudos to the team!

    Great story line, superb actings, top of the line directing, beautiful music and dialogue, list goes on and on.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, CH ROCKS!!!!

  456. 456 : dpcats Says:

    almost missed watching this wonderful, great, awesome drama….thanks to the City Hallers for giving me a little push to give it a try or else I would never be able to meet one great actor in the name of Cha Seung Won and will never discover what great chemisty he has with Kim Sun Ah….and now after watching it I am in a great dilemna this past few months and having a bad case of City Hall withdrawal syndrome…..I’m finding almost all dramas I’ve watched after CH to be so booorrring and the romance and kiss scenes so flat eventhough it is my hotness Ji Sung doing it or pretty face Jung Il Woo or the dewy eyed Yoon Sang Hyun, I almost fall asleep in most of them and would only stay awake and will get some energy again if I would take a little peek to my Mi Ran and Jo Gook cutesy and so awesome cheesy scenes…..but still am proud to say my viewing habits have increased a notch after watching CH, will always compare other dramas to CH after watching it if it has the same great OST, same unbelievable chemistry between the leads, has the same awesome dialogue/plot and last but not the least the great acting prowess of the leads….and sad to say almost all of them always lack one or more of those……am just slowly curing my CH syndrome by hunting some of the previous works of KSA and CSW, as I almost watch all of those of KSA, am now looking for CSW previous works but am finding it hard right now, only found a couple of it from the net……

  457. 457 : indo1 Says:

    Hallo City Hallers!!!
    Agreed with you all,… CH is SUPERB!!! FANTASTIC DRAMA, nothing compare with it. Can’t stop to watch it…. waiting for CH 2,… hopefully,…^_^…..
    cant wait till i can get the original dvd here, in Indonesia.
    CH AJA!!!

  458. 458 : jangerr Says:

    @456 dpcats

    I’ve actually put up a “warning” in one of my earlier posts, i.e that potential viewers have to watch at their own risk… That once you watched CH, you may not be able to watch or enjoy other dramas… Obviously you’ve not seen it, so you must be new here. Anyway, welcome and please continue to visit and share your thoughts.

    Btw, have you seen S Diary and She’s On Duty? KSA is the lead actress in both these movies together with Gong Yoo. I must say, she has good chemistry with Gong Yoo too. In fact, she has good chemistry with all her co-stars… But of course, she has the BEST chemistry with CSW.

    @454 316CJ

    Totally agree with your listing especially the one on what CH does. Same things happened to me. I’m doing things I’ve never done before, like trawling and stalking sites that have regular updates and comments on CH (oh no! I’ve become a stalker!), reading & rereading every comment and post, posting comments every few days, ‘talking’ to other city hallers like you’re all my old friends,…

  459. 459 : HifRn Says:


  460. 460 : Mm.. Says:

    ‘she has good chemistry with Gong Yoo too. In fact, she has good chemistry with all her co-stars… But of course, she has the BEST chemistry with CSW. (u nailed it)

  461. 461 : shosh.k Says:

    Kim suna! I try to see another drama and I cano’t stop to see City hall over and over again a hundred times, city hall amazing success of this year
    csw *^ ^* kim suna *^ ^* faiting.
    ב ה צ ל ח ה

  462. 462 : shosh.k Says:

    Kim suna! I try to see another drama and I cano’t stop to see City hall over and over again a hundred times, city hall amazing success of this year
    csw *^ ^* kim suna *^ ^* Fighting.
    ב ה צ ל ח ה

  463. 463 : kay Cook Says:

    Ageed with you all,…Cityhall is one the drama nothing compare with it…………….Cityhall,must see,….Best drmam all time for me……!!!!!!!!!

  464. 464 : mtoenlob Says:

    @454 316CJ

    Whole heartedly agree with your listing to what CH has made me do. And am not complaining. CH is totally a profound experience you would want to relish again and again.

    @458 jangerr

    If visiting all possible sites and reading (and rereading) all comment and post about CH make one a stalker, then am with you. I’m now a certified CH stalker, too.

    I feel so delighted that many are discovering the joy of watching City Hall. To those who has yet to see City Hall, don’t hesitate. Join us in the roller coaster rider of a lifetime!

  465. 465 : iya/kre Says:

    city hallers, help!…can u recommend another drama, as good as city hall (is there any? in the first place?!)…i bet not as good, but close to it…i havent seen another drama after city hall, and being a newbie at kdramas, i wanna watch more, i miss staying up late at night :(…many thanks, and sorry for an OT post

  466. 466 : iya/kre Says:

    ^ i hear ya! another “stalker” here *raises both hands* LOL

    the NGs and MVs at you tube are love

  467. 467 : Sony Says:

    Hi iya/kre
    I heard most of Ji Sung fans recommend Swallow of The Sun.
    I think it is nice.

  468. 468 : Sony Says:

    I watch the episode 1 of City Hall.
    It’s really impressive.

  469. 469 : Sony Says:

    Hi every one!
    Let me in the City Hallers!

  470. 470 : IBBCKSSSS Says:

    @464 and @@@@@@@@@@@@ss, no no no it’s me, the real stalker here, aja aja City Haller…ssssssssss

    If visiting all possible sites and reading (and rereading) all comment and post about CH make one a stalker, then am with you. I’m now a certified CH stalker, too. Well, we’re the same team…fighting..for the best top high standard of KDRAMAS.

  471. 471 : SUMSUNG Says:


  472. 472 : kay Cook Says:

    City Hall,.A MUST see Drama!…Worth watching………Love CityHall!!!!……..

  473. 473 : Denali Says:

    @ parachute
    Just wanted to let you know that your ‘stalking’ at viikii to share our CH love on this website did work its magic for me. Nice job! ^^

    Numerous, deep, meaningful messages above that should be read in the most appropriate moment. I’ll come back to better enjoy them, and maybe even share myself, when the time is right.

    City Hall does deserve dithyrambic reviews. Such a life-changing experience.

    Thank you for keeping this thread alive, for your words, passion, care.

    *waves @ everybody and especially mtoenlob, etee, koalagirl, jastinel*

  474. 474 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hall is an transformative journey of the characters in the drama. To watch it, you’ll be on a high for days, weeks, months to come. If the title “City Hall” turns you off because you don’t like politics, how about I re-name it “Of Soulmates and Dreams.” Because that is what the drama is about, it is romantic, challenging and uplifitng. You’ll never regret entering City Hall, you’ll only regret not having done so earlier. City Hall is love, and truly the most amazing drama you’ll probably ever watch.

    *waves back at Denali*

  475. 475 : Miss White Says:

    Yes! The KDrama CityHall doors are open by and large and enjoyed with quantum confidence as attest here are ardent CityHall fans, we care to share our love for CITYHALL Kdrama in so many good words and many just continue to live in CityHall past in the future. The highs and lows, be them anticipated problems or amicable solutions, this drama leads superior and satisfactions fulfilled and felt in many heartfelt pains and joys, we all gain whether enough or wanting more we shall live in CityHall past into the future!. I have wake up but still not 100% after these past months. Life now takes another journey and keep well, I wish all here!

    Yes! I wish all here the Best to come and the good news is to give all here a pat at the back for having found CityHall, a KDrama standard second to none.

    Yes! I must say and offer my usual unbeatable guarantee to CITYHALL to sail fast to be the Best KDrama of the Year. To all fans, do keep the smiles coming in via your winning way with words to certify the miles of “hard work” all had endured and now leading to rejoice moments and more cheers and recognitions come this way I wish CITYHALL will reach its Peak and Perfect next.

    Yes! To the Lead Actress, KSA and the Lead Actor, CSW, do get ready for the Big Event. Both had performed out of the Box and Different from the Norm. Stunning is for KSA and Gorgeous is for CSW. Both had caused us to live in CityHall past in the future. CityHall an awesome KDrama with its outstanding storyline and casts few can come in line.

    Yes! Now The Best Couple Award to KSA and CSW, both their chemistry none can beat. Absolutely both KSA and CSW are next to Perfect and Perfect to the Dot is the fine right words just like as the Stars dot the sky at night we hail this winning pair day and night in CityHall past in the future to be STARS of the Year.

    Yes! Now over to you CityHall fans, please continue your say, anytime is a good time for CityHall.

    Yes! Appreciate fans here to link me to viikii and more of CityHall. When time permits I love to read your care to share and drop a note to pour and consume unless I cannot find the park to more CityHall.

  476. 476 : iya/kre Says:

    @ sony – tnx, il look into it!…im so happy to hear that ur having ur 1st dose of CH, aaahhhh! enjoy the moment! ul certainly crave for more…CH truly rocks!!!

    @ koala girl re “of Soulmates and Dreams”, wow! nice title!…i must admit, i was hesitant to watch it at 1st coz of its political backdrop…oh! im soo glad i gave it a try, or else i wud have missed a lot

    @ Miss White i soo agree! CH deserves all these awards and accolades and much more! all the best for CH! FIGHTING!!! 😀

  477. 477 : suie Says:

    Hello CITY HALLER..love u love u…

  478. 478 : jangerr Says:

    Hello my fellow stalkers! Oops! I mean, my fellow City Hallers!!! We are so awesome! We can give ourselves a big round of applause *clap clap clap* and pat on our backs *pat pat*. Hopefully SBS, the director, scriptwriter & most of all our beloved KSA and CSW know about this site and our love.

    Also, erh… Denali, I’m actually ‘parachute’ at viikii. Glad to know that my ‘stalking’ at viikii has paid dividends. Welcome to this site and please, please share with us your views & comments. It’s ok to gush, we totally understand.

    Welcome to you too, Sony! Enjoy the exhilirating ride that you’re embarking on in watching CH. Remember to give us a regular update of your journey.

    So long, my fellow stalkers! Oops, I did it again!!! Aigoo!!! I beg your pardon. It should be my fellow City Hallers! See you again soon!!!

  479. 479 : BULL-CTHL Says:

    Hi Cityhaller, I m racing with you guys…AJA AJA

  480. 480 : kay Cook Says:


  481. 481 : 316CJ Says:

    Need a ‘little’ help here guys…

    Can’t find another drama as good as City Hall.
    Gosh…. I rewatching it again and again!!!

    For the newbie… DO NOT HESITATE to watch THIS DRAMA !!!
    The main story is NOT ABOUT politic.
    This is the SWEETEST COMEDY-ROMANTIC you will ever know!!

    Hi for the City Haller…
    Keep encourage people to watch this AWESOME drama…^^

  482. 482 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 473 Denali

    It’s so good to see you here too! *Waves back*
    It warms my heart to see so many seasoned CHallers come back to comment here time and again.

    “Waves to Miss White, mtoenlob, Jangerr, MarthaD, koalagirl (ockoala?), ooo so many more*

    And to all the newbies and hoobaes, we sunbaes are so excited to your virgin posts. The are really refreshing to read. I have used up all superlative adjectives that I know of to describe what CH is to me. All comments are indeed meaningful and I get to relive the magical journey that is CH.

    A special welcome to 316CJ @481

    Sorry, I’m not sure how we can help you when we are all in the same boat as you. I have not found a drama that is as fabulous as CH. The current ones are just mildly entertaining but all lack the grip on me. And I agree 200% on all your posts. Isn’t this an amazing drama to make us all feel this way?
    I used to tear my hair out waiting for each CH episodes to come out while it aired. Nowadays, I’m tearing my hair out coz I can’t find another drama to match the love I have for CH. 🙂

    I will check on you guys once in awhile.

  483. 483 : Emily Says:

    Wave to all Newbies to the addicting drama City Hall!!! Welcome and I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I did. I’ve been addicted to CH since I finished watching it in July. And now the addiction has grown to its OST as well…. I cannot not listen to its songs everyday… or I can’t even sleep!!! LOL

    Attention to whoever that hasn’t not seen City Hall, I recommand that you should because you don’t want to miss the drama of the year!!!

    And, to all lovable city hallers, you guys are doing a fantastic job making great comments on here. Love and hugs to you all!!! Aja City Hallers ^__^

  484. 484 : babylv Says:

    Checking it evryday…and warning don’t miss CITYHALL..

  485. 485 : ITSMI Says:

    Don’t look too far They are the best..
    Production Credits
    Director: Shin Woo Chul
    Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook

  486. 486 : jastinel Says:

    Hi to all City Hallers, I`m happy to be back here, lots of reading to do!
    After the typhoon that freaked me out for 4 days, I`m back to my normal life. I`m very thankful to God that i`m still alive and my family are all well (no one got sick).
    My Internet connection got back yesterday, so only now I can read all the comments here and I`m glad to see newbies. I missed CH for days!
    Keep on spreading CH love and i`m sure more people will come here and post their one of a kind experience in watching this drama.
    God Bless all of Us!!!

  487. 487 : tety Says:

    Feel relief that I can back here after my connection has down some times ago just the time when I backed from holiday, imagine of how I missed CH.

    As the same condition with 454 (noted : had finished CH last July)
    BUT…. :
    1. The only drama ever that can make me keep watching it over and over again.
    2. The only drama ever that can make me keep leaving comments on internet like a crazy person.
    3. The only drama ever that can make me want to have a chat with others City Haller like there is no boundaries.
    4. The only drama ever that has soundtracks which I’ve been listen to everyday without any signal of boredom.
    5. The only drama ever that can make me wondering whose on earth for creating lots of unbelievable scenes just in one drama altogether???

    Then… could someone here help me where / how could I down load the OST “Loving, loving you” only as it is not included in the CH OST CD I bought.

    Waiting for “Loving, loving you”. …

  488. 488 : 316CJ Says:

    @ 487 tety

    You can download Saranghago Saranghamnida (Loving, Loving You) by Park Sang Woo here:


    @ 482 etee714

    Hiiii….. nice to ‘see’ you again. ^^
    Yeah, this drama is just unbelievable. I don’t know how many times I read comments that said, ‘I can’t find another drama as good as this one”. Same thing happen to me guys….(sigh+smile = no complaint)
    Btw, I recommended this drama to my friend as well and as I expected, she just loved it! I asked her which scenes that she loved the best and she said (after got silence for awhile), “I don’t know. There are too many good scene in this drama.”
    See?? The thing that makes this drama unbelievable is there are lots of good scene just in ONE DRAMA!!

    This is the only drama ever that ‘allows’ me to make friends through internet (or should I said, I allows myself?). I will make a confession now: I am visiting this site and viikii.net (city hall channel) EVERYDAY!
    I think I am a lunatic now… (sigh+smile)

    Anyway…. see you guys ‘around’ ….
    Let’s hope for our awesome drama to get lots of award.. =)

  489. 489 : koalagirl Says:

    @ 316CJ

    I have watched dozens and dozens of k-dramas, and City Hall is truly unique, special and nothing matches its perfection in everyway. Of course, I have other dramas I enjoyed, and still look forward to watching new dramas – but this is all with the understanding that CH is, was, and probably always will be, the single best drama I have ever watched, period.

    If you love CH-related things, City Hallers pretty much live and love at Soompi Forums City Hall thread, so please join and enjoy all the amazing things and thoughts Hallers have compiled and shared.

    Also, Samsooki has CH recaps going at dramabeans, and they are a treat in and of itself, he promises to finish it at some point, but currrently its up to ep. 11.

    @ etee7114

    Alas, much as I like to pretend there are two of me, yup, it’s me ockoala here, still a Haller, always a Haller. *waves back* Btw, this is becoming a mini-OT.

  490. 490 : TATI Says:

    @488 There are too many good scene in this drama. CITYHALLERRSS AJAAJA…

  491. 491 : TATI Says:

    And thanks for the song.

  492. 492 : kay Cook Says:

    OMG!!!Cha Seung Won’s New Movie SECRET is coming DEC.2009…….I can’t wait too see it…………OMO……….

  493. 493 : Aicha Says:

    Heard that Hong Kong are airing City Hall started from 5th October, really envy Hong Kong fans can get to watch the drama. Really hope that KSA and CSH will go to Hong Kong to promote the drama. So we can get more news from both of them. Hope that CH will gain stronger popularity and more and more people will love this drama.

  494. 494 : LoveSunCha Says:

    Yes, Cha Seung Won’s new flim, ‘Secret’ is coming soon. He look so cool in this new flim. Counting down to that big day, 3rd of Dec 2009.

  495. 495 : mzpakipot Says:

    so, here all the city hallers gone to! i was wondering why Soompi has gotten quieter nowadays. lol

    yes, i’m also one of the city stalkers…i stalk viikii, aznv.tv, soompi, dramabeans….oh any site you can think of.. lol

    nice to see my fellow cityhallers. *waves*

  496. 496 : chacha Says:

    Wow! This site is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! So many City Hall fans or should I say, City Hall ‘stalkers’… Lol! Count me in, mtoenlob, iya/kre, jangerr, IBBKSSSS & many more…

    Love reading all the comments especially those by 434 Roween – the part on “hit the TV or kiss it while watching CH”. Wonder how your TV looks like now… Must have dents and lips marks all over! Lol…

    Also 482 etee – your description of “tearing your hair out waiting for each episodes of CH while it was airing and now tearing your hair out coz can’t find another drama that matches CH” is simply hilarious & spot on. Hope there are no bald spots on your head…

    I also want to take this opportunity to thank Ryu Shi Won for withdrawing from this drama (thank you, 433 316CJ for your reminder). For without him doing so, we would not have discover Cha Seung Won. I shudder to think of that…

  497. 497 : IBBCK Says:


  498. 498 : GOTU Says:



  499. 499 : Sony Says:

    Hi, City Hallers!
    Let build our Happy Village!
    City Hall! aja!

    Happy weekend, everyone

  500. 500 : indri Says:

    Help….I can’t breakout fm CH enchantment… I’m more and more to be dependence……Gosh…. There’s no day without CH…. Love it..love it..love it…..

  501. 501 : 316CJ Says:

    guys and girls…

    seriously… after watching this drama, all the previous dramas I’d watched become soooooo tragically childish and make me wonder ‘why on earth I liked this kind of drama??’
    well well well…. better late than never.
    so, for the NEWBIE…. give it a try… I’m begging you (I mean it).
    You will not waste 22 hours of your time by watching this drama.

    Hi City Haller….
    Keep on fire, shall we? ^^

    @ 489 koalagirl

    etee7114 had told me about Soompi but I didn’t know that it will require me to sign up to open the City Hall forum so I thought maybe the site is broken or something. Anyway, yesterday I register to Soompi and you almost made me late to go to work ;-).
    I was like, Woah…. lots of SMR&JK’s picture here. There are lots of topic that amuse me. I think I am lunatic and never thought I will find people that more lunatic than me. But it is refreshing to see from different perspectives. 🙂

    I went to a blog that talk about City Hall. He or She talked about moral on this movie since we all know JK has a fiancee while he build a relationship with MR. I was like, what?? Are you serious?
    To be honest, if he/she didn’t mention about it I will never have a thought about that. After I read that ‘moral’ part, I skip it straight away to see the comments. Some people said they will skip this drama or delay it. I was like, nooo….. you should watch it first than make your own review!!
    I am still a bit upset if I remember that blog (better not to mention which blog was that). Well, we can’t get pros all the time. Must be there is a time when we get cons.

  502. 502 : JABONG Says:

    @501,seriously… after watching this drama, all the previous dramas I’d watched become soooooo tragically childish and make me wonder ‘why on earth I liked this kind of drama??’
    Me too i feel so frustrated watching the old dramas comparing with CTH..AJA AJA…

  503. 503 : Lady Hawk Says:

    It’s been months since I finished watching CH and still I can’t bear to start watching a contemporary Korean drama (e.g. the highly recommended Brilliant Legacy or Story of a Man). Instead, I’ve watched Jp dramas, TW dramas, sageuks, Chinese ancient dramas, and am now into Lost, 4th season! There just isn’t any interest for anything else, if CH is still the benchmark for contemporary Korean romcom.

  504. 504 : SAMM Says:

    For me CSW-KSA, are the most talented in CTYHALL, I do have my faverite actors actress but the acting and story lines are not as good as CTYHALL, though i still loved period Kdramas. Cheers to all CTYHALLERR.

  505. 505 : Denali Says:

    @ 496 Chacha:
    “I also want to take this opportunity to thank Ryu Shi Won for withdrawing from this drama (thank you, 433 316CJ for your reminder). For without him doing so, we would not have discover Cha Seung Won. I shudder to think of that…”
    LOL!!! Yes, kamsahamnida Ryu Shi-Won!!!!

    @ 478 jangerr:

    Booo, after submitting my long unsaved comment, I was informed that an error occured. It’s all vanished now. Argh. Gotta do it again.

    I was basically saying that whenever I think of City Hall, which does occur quite a few times a day, to say the least, languages mix in my head: 1 – Korean for I watched it with the cast’s real voice and have since then learned a lot of hangeul through such means ; 2 – English for BON subtitles and comments on viikii, soompi, dramabeans and everywhere else including here ; 3 – French, my Native tongue, through which my heart expresses best my thoughts and feelings.

    Thus I often face frustration as to put ideas in not-so-common words, especially after reading some excellent quality comments on this site. I also wish I would bring a new interesting idea, but I’m afraid that everything has been said already. ^^ 🙂

    Thus, I’ll just keep on enjoying positive comments and stalking, err I mean, talking simply about City Hall, sharing the greatness of such drama. I, too, hope that the director, scriptwriter, cast do know how much their work is so globally acclaimed, despite them not being fluent in Shakespeare’s language.

    *waving at soompiers*

  506. 506 : tety Says:

    Check out in Korean Clicks under Korean Star News :
    Kim Soen Ah & Cha Seung Won’s ETTV interview photos, both of them looks so great & cool !

  507. 507 : tety Says:

    316CJ, thank you so much for letting me know where I can down load the Saranghago Saranghamnida.

    Saranghago Saranghamida !

  508. 508 : Roween Says:

    @506 tety:
    I just saw the photos…,waaaahhhh!, they look so gorgeous together. Thanks for the info, I’m always hunting news about them 😉
    City Hall fighting!

  509. 509 : mika lindsay Says:

    My first post @ koreandrama.org. I am addicted to City Hall and Coffee.
    Kim Suna & Cha Seung Won look so gorgeous together. How I wish Cha Seung Won is not married and hope both of them together forever.

    Is there any cure for addiction?

  510. 510 : kre Says:

    hiya city hallers!!!…CH addiction is one sickness i dont mind having forevah! woot! woot!…lately, ive been lurking at vikii and DB also, i never knew i had this super fan in me LOL…all the wonderful comments there just warm my heart, aaahhh! just cant get enough of CH!!!

    CH trully rocks and ditto with city hallers!!! FIGHTING!!!

  511. 511 : chacha Says:

    Boujour, Denali! And merci beaucoup for mentioning dramabeans as another site that you ‘stalked’. Well, I decided to stalk it too and was really impressed by what is written. I’ve just read the write up on Episode 8 and I really have to quote it here to share with everyone.

    “… the chemistry between the two, even in simple dialogue is so apparent. It is sort of like Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah were made to play those roles, to talk to each other in such a natural and comfortable manner. Chemistry in a drama series is not so easy to come by, and even compared to other drama series were there was undeniable chemistry between leads, there is still something else, something a little bit different about how CSW and KSA interact with each other. Their chemistry is aromatically complex and mature, something that you might not find with drama series that merely mash together young actors and actresses.

    And I love the way that they look at each other. Jo Gook looks at Mi Rae with eyes that change between humor and sadness, as he is tickled by her warmth, honesty and lack of guile, but he knows that those very elements of Mi Rae will be the ones that will be her biggest weaknesses if she gets involved with him. And if he gets involved with her, her weaknesses become his weaknesses too. Mi Rae looks at Jo Gook, and she sees a brilliant and beautiful man, one that has so much to offer and give to everyone, but a man who is greedily hoarding his talents for his own gain. Everytime she looks at Jo Gook, her eyes show longing and fear, and they show how even the strongest and most courageous person can be made the weakest.

    You have to wonder what this series would be like, if someone else had the role of Jo Gook other than Cha Seung Won, or if someone other than Kim Sun Ah had the role of Shin Mi Rae. I just can’t see it.”

    Isn’t that something? It just capture the whole essence of the magical partnership between KSA and CSW.

  512. 512 : iman Says:

    guysss..i juz love this drama..it’s so addictive..i have watched lots lots lots of korean dramas but CITY HALL is the BEST..in all aspects (ost, theme, actors and actresses, storyline).. it’s so true that after watching CITY HALL i feel that i don’t want to watch other KDramas anymore but only Kdramas that have Mirae and Jo Gook in them…i want more..i feel sad that it’s finished..Sarangee Kim sun ah and Cha Seung won

  513. 513 : kay Cook Says:

    I’m a CityHaller……Just Love this Drama…..LOVE..LOVE..LOVE….CityHall……..

  514. 514 : Sony Says:

    Love you all City Hallers!
    Thanks to your beautiful and warm comment, esp. Chacha, 316CJ, Denali, and so on.
    It makes me happy in the advanture of this drama.

    It’s wonderful drama! aja!

  515. 515 : Sony Says:

    KIM Sun Ah performed really natural.
    It’s really funny.

    And it remind me when I watch My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.
    She is really good in that drama.

    Now, Her acting in City Hall is better.
    Keep Fighting! KSA

  516. 516 : Cynthia Says:

    Really enjoy watching this drama. Hope ms Kim Sun Ah and mr Cha Seung Won can be together in real life. Ha Ha! ( very Compatible )

  517. 517 : Pally Says:

    I ‘ve tear in my eyes just to read Chacha and other comment, my dear CTYHALLER…I cant get rid of JO GOOK, tenderly sad happy look to SHIN MI RAE…LOVE EVERY MINS OF THIS DRAMA..CITY HALL AJAAJAAAA..

  518. 518 : Denali Says:

    @ 509 Mika Lindsay:

    I’m afraid that no cure has been found yet. Well, I’m not that afraid actually, hey hey. Because it is such a wonderful disease that keeps spreading everywhere and it brings people closer, where they can pour our their hearts in acceptance. Such is this website and again, let me invite you to join us on soompi, if you haven’t done so already. You’ll find so much goodies/thoughts/love and so many City Stalkers, err Hallers, there. ^^
    I bet that newcomers “Kre” and “316CJ” can testity about that. 😉

    @ 511 Chacha:

    What a lovely thought to write in French to me, that is so sweet, thank you. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying Samsooki’s recaps on dramabeans, who happens, by the way, to be a man. So unusual, isn’t it, but hopefully more male viewers will too be charmed by this masterpiece? He had shared his thoughts on soompi too, and indeed, his portrayal of GuMi’s relationship is so vibrant. Such a delight too. Are you a member there too? Under which nickname?

    @ 514 Sony:
    Oh, so nice. ^^

    Let me then just copy here a thought of mine shared on soompi about love in CH:

    “If you think about it, JG had not experienced unconditional and genuine love. His dad? Ashamed of his son, using him for his own interest. His mom? She was so hurt by BB when he turned his back on her and their child that she couldn’t give her son the love he needed, while he later admitted that he was too busy/eager for his father’s attention to pay attention to his mum. That explains why she took good care of Rang, as JG himself explained it. [sidenote] Remember when he tells her in the garden that the Elder asked about her? Her answer feels so true: she is merely a corpse, because she feels dead inside. The pain didn’t stop despite time since BB had left her with little money on the sidewalks, as if he was getting rid of her like of garbage. sad.gif Although they hadn’t spoken to each other for three decades, there still is something between the 2 of them: hate, wrath from her side, and many more emotions, but mostly a child. A grown-up fine one.[end of sidenote]
    So if JG couldn’t turn to his parents for love, who could he turn to, since he was an only child? Thus Soo-In’s betrayal hurt him so much: he was kinda like the younger brother he never had and that very person he trusted had backstabbed him. GGH? Her behavior was no different from his own: using all means to achieve one’s goals.
    And amidst all these people around him, appears this uneducated woman, overweight and unpretty (according to his standards), with no interesting social/family/financial background, yet she appealed to him. Something in her caught his eyes because she acted completely differently from those he was used to deal with :
    1. Instead of betraying him in repeating his words to Mayor Go, she remained silent ;
    2. Instead of surrendering to his good looks (early episodes), she pushed him away;
    3. Instead of being manipulative and using people for her own purpose, she was always willing to help and serve them ;
    4. Instead of plotting many things, she was always true, genuine and a bit naive (remember Boo-Mi’s words as she described her friend to him in their private meeting for registering MR in the elections) ;
    5. Instead of being satisfied with her secure position at the city hall, she also worked on week-ends to provide funds for children at school, giving a hand to fishermen, redecorating a grandmother’s old home.
    Thus, she demonstrated unconditionnal love, even towards her opponents when they didnot ‘deserve to be loved’, yet standing strong. It proved to be the best strategy, because in the end they supported her (the Deputy Mayor and his staff, the Bureau Directors, Jooh-Hwa, GGH). He was curious of such natural ‘phenomenon’ and needed to see more for himself until he realized, a bit late, that he was caught in a typhoon.”

    *wishing you all some special time with GuMi*

  519. 519 : Sony Says:

    Thanks to Denali for warm explaination.
    Yes, I see what say.
    Shin Mi Rae is a good woman for Jo Gook despite of her weird character.
    This is piont it remind me that I laugh all day long cos her funny character.

    I Just finish epi. 3.
    It’s still long Journey to go.

  520. 520 : kre Says:

    hiya city hallers!!!

    @ denali – yeah! i can testify to that LOL…wow! great explanation 🙂 i swear, i hafta back read at soompi more 😀

    @ sony – wow! enjoy the journey, it’s really a wonderful one, brace urself, ur in for a treat! excited for u!!! 🙂

  521. 521 : jangerr Says:

    Hi my fellow City Hallers!!!

    @ Denali

    You are so modest. You certainly can express yourself so well in English as seen from your recap @518 of your comment in soompi. Imagine if we can understand your comments if it’s written in your native tongue, French! I’m sure we’ll be floored!

    @ Sony

    Like I’ve said earlier, please come here regularly to give us an update of your journey. It’s so nice to hear from those who’ve seen this awesome drama for the very first time…

  522. 522 : IBBCK Says:


  523. 523 : marianneT Says:

    I couldn’t stop watching City Hall…The chemistry in CH is the best in korean drama…the dialogue between CSW and KSA is simple but touch my heart…Is there any better drama than CH ???? aaah so far not yet

  524. 524 : kay Cook Says:

    Just say to all CityHaller out there Love you all……….AJA,AJA,AJA…………..

  525. 525 : Alice Says:

    Just got the news that CityHall will be airing in Japan starting from Dec 12. Very happy to hear that as more and more people will get to love CH, KSA and CSW. (In October, Hong Kong had started airing and also next year CH will be airing in Taiwan).

  526. 526 : Doreen Says:

    Does anyone know when the official DVD will be released??? I’m Caucasian and rely solely on the subtitles, so I need the official version. I am dying to share this with my friends and family, but want them to see it in high def. Of course I also plan on watching it over and over again. This is the BEST rom-com television series I have ever watched (and that includes U.S. programs).

    I made the happy discovery of Korean dramas because I couldn’t decide which cable provider to go with (it’s a Libra thing) and stuck with basic cable. When I couldn’t find a program to watch one day, I came across “You are My Destiny” and started to watch out of curiosity at first. I kept coming back for more and shortly I became addicted. (Seriously, I was forgoing activities to go home and watch it.) When that show ended, I was so depressed, thinking I wouldn’t find another program I’d like as much. I kept searching the Korean channels to find a replacement … then I found City Hall and now I’m really ruined. Thanks for raising the bar so high that nothing compares lol!

    I don’t know if the producers read online comments but… I wish there were more like it. No, actually I NEED more like it– regular television sucks in comparison. Everything about this series.. from the acting to the sound track is AMAZING. Can you get the same team to shoot/produce another one like it? And seriously, couldn’t you squeeze out a few more episodes… why only 20? I know that movies are only two hours generally and I should be satisfied with 20 or so… but nope…. you spoiled me… I need more.

    Anyways, those are my two cents. If anyone knows when the official DVD will be released, please let me know. Thanks 🙂

  527. 527 : 316CJ Says:

    @ 526 Doreen

    Hi Doreen… BIG welcome to you.. 🙂
    I am so glad that you like this drama.
    And YES, this is the best drama EVER for me as well! I know so many Asian drama and City Hall, without ANY doubt, is the most AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE drama I’ve ever seen!!

    About the official DVD, I’m not very sure. News from Soompi said that the City Hall DVD Director’s Cut is still in production and will be expected to release in November 2009.

    If you dying to know any kind of news about City Hall then please register to Soompi and go to the forums about Korean Movies and Drama and you will find City Hall thread.
    There are lots (I mean really really lots) of everything that related to City Hall. Also, you can find people from around the world who love City Hall as much (or maybe even more) as we do. They will welcome you very well. ^^

    Hope to see you there. 🙂

  528. 528 : indri Says:

    Hope City Hall will be airing in Indonesia soon,… Pleeeeeeeese…

  529. 529 : Aicha Says:

    Yah, also hope that CH will air in Singapore soon.

  530. 530 : LadyHawk Says:

    City Hall will forever remain one of my favourite dramas of all time, and CSW has been elevated to A grade actor. Before that, I did not know much of him (abandoned Bodyguard after first episode because of poor video quality). As for KSA, have admired her since MNIKSS and She’s On Duty.

  531. 531 : jangerr Says:

    @526 Doreen

    Yes! I totally agree with you that City Hall should have more episodes! Not only we don’t have enough of the two amazing leads, but we can do with more of the supporting leads and the rest of the cast too. There is just so much potential…

    @530 LadyHawk

    Like you, CSW is never in my radar prior to City Hall. In fact, when I first saw him in CH, I was like, who’s that guy? Where did he come from? He’s so good but how come I’ve never seen him before. After some quick searches, I realised he was from Body Guard which I gave up after a couple of episodes. Either he has improved tremendously or his role in CH really suited him to a tee!!! Of course, I think KSA has an important part in him being so special in CH!!! She has this incredible ability to bring out the best in her co-star!!!! Btw, have you seen her S Diary?

  532. 532 : LOVVVU Says:


  533. 533 : kay Cook Says:

    After watched Cityhall,it hard times move on to a different dramas………..recently tried watching some new ones but nothing seems to work……So,CityHall will remain one of favourite dramas of all time…………..LOVE CityHall………..

  534. 534 : Denali Says:

    At last, a few minutes to share a few words. Have you noticed that this thread’s reached 8th rank on kdrama? I bet that it can beat “the story of the first kings’ four gods” with sustainable, clever and numerous messages, can’t it! Aja!

    @ 520 kre:
    Thanks for your testimony, lol. Omo, blushing here! Well, alodia did a great a job with backreading, as she posted many links on the first page, so you won’t have to read all 350 one of them. 😀

    @ 521 jangerr
    I am very honored with your comment and thank you for it. It’s pretty sad for me who used to be bilingual (I was even miskaten for an American once while living there) to have to look up in a dictionary for simple words, such as “to gush” or “floored”. My English is not what it used to be but at least it’s good enough to understand and get my point across as much as possible – or so I hope. For even smilies differ from a continent to another. A lot to learn indeed. 🙂
    And since my last comment, I have found ONE forum in French with City Hallers. Yay!! What a blast! And yes, I’m kinda stalking there too. LOL

    @ 527 – 316CJ
    Yeah!!! Promoting Soompi!!

    Will write there in a few hours, after a good night rest.

    There’s nothing like “City Hall”. So hard to just go on, after such an experience. *sigh*

  535. 535 : jastinel Says:

    Hello to all City hallers!
    The voting poll for SBS drama 2009 are open already, if the voting is open for foreign fans, Please support CH all the way.
    I wish KSA and CSW will win the Best actor awards and Best couple.
    I think City Hall, Shining Inheritance and EOE are the best drama of SBS for 2009.

  536. 536 : Aicha Says:

    Hi Jastinel,

    Can you attach the link here so we can all try to vote for CH.
    Really hope KSA and CSW can get some awards for their fanstatic performance.

  537. 537 : kay Cook Says:

    Hi City Haller…Keep on going…..

  538. 538 : jastinel Says:

    I will post SBS web site link as soon as my friend gave me the link. She`s the one who informed me that the voting poll is on already, since I`m not good in searching, I will leave it to her. i`m just too excited to informed everyone to vote for our GUMI couple. (If someone here can find the voting site please post!)

  539. 539 : ITSMI Says:


  540. 540 : IBBCK Says:


  541. 541 : kay Cook Says:

    I vote for GUMI couple….aja..aja..aja……..

  542. 542 : indri Says:

    I want to vote for GUMI couple also,.. but dont know how, and do not understand korean,…
    GUMI…. is the best…..CH is Superb!! ^_^

  543. 543 : Doreen Says:

    Hi @ 527 316CJ and thanks for the warm welcome 🙂 I will certainly check out Soompi. Thanks for the info.

    Hi @ 531 jangerr. Yeah, you make a great point– the supporting cast was totally underutilized in the series (although I didn’t mind the focus on CSW, yum). I can see several story lines just exploring the supporting characters.

  544. 544 : martha Says:

    Who on earth would think that anything could possibly match City Hall in flair, wit and performances and vote for another series? Kim Soon Ah and Cha Seung Won are a match made in drama/comedy heaven (I’ve said it before and will say it again, they delight in the same way Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy did in days of yore), they are simply without a rival in that category. I also thought the series focus was absolutely right, as the side-stories were dealt with in brief but ‘to the point’ glimpses that were neither distracting, nor threw the drama off course (as it happens in so many other series where one wants to cry ‘mercy, mercy’). As a token of the brilliant economy of the series, I will mention one particular scene where our lady mayor’s best friend, Boo Mi, is quarrelling with her husband over the phone (it’s understood that he’s been to the movies with another, younger, woman), Boo Mi shouts down the phone something like this ‘You think I was born X’s mother? I was twenty once too’ (‘x’ stands for one of their children’s name). When she turns and sees that our mayor has witnessed the call, she says, ‘pretend you heard nothing’. That’s how a clever, sparkling clear script does it: we get a good picture of a marriage and the friend’s character in the space of under half a minute. Yet neither portrait is facile, schematic, or silly. Anything more, I believe, would have muddled the series’ flow. Please can someone kindly post the link where we, the series’ European fans, can vote for it?

  545. 545 : Denaa Says:

    Finally, korean drama is back.. City hall is one the best.. Luv u CSW..

  546. 546 : CTYLOVER Says:

    Oh my dear Martha, and the other, I’m with you all the way…CITY HALLER….AJAAAA AJA JA JA A…

  547. 547 : scy8psycho Says:

    glad have people like you guys have the same thought about city hall.
    one of the best drama that i ever watch. can get over it.
    proud to be one of CITY HALLER. wish they make city hall number 2,, so much to tell,,aja aja,,

  548. 548 : tety Says:

    What is so suck is I can’t chat with someone real life here about City Hall, CSW and KSA since I’m too crush on it day by day. And keep replay and replay it. Had purchased 7 sets of CH so far, keep offering friends to watch it, but seems everybody here is too busy to start it. sigh….

  549. 549 : soinlove Says:


    Cha Seung Won as Jo Gook
    Kim Sun Ah as Shin Mi Rae
    – Yoon Chae Rin as Mi Rae (child)
    Choo Sang Mi as Min Joo Hwa
    Lee Hyung Chul as Na Jung Do

    Extended Cast

    Cha Hwa Yun as Jo Yong Hee (Jo Gook’s mother)
    Yoon Se Ah as Go Go Hae
    Jung Soo Young as Jung Boo Mi
    Lee Joon Hyuk as Ha Soo In
    Yang Jae Sung as Kang Tae Gong
    Kim Gun as Yang Kye Jang
    Choi Sang Hoon as So Yoo Han
    Kwon Da Hyun as Sun Hwa
    Kim Neul Mae as Go Yang Yi
    Choi Il Hwa as BB
    Shin Jung Geun as Ji Gook Jang
    Park Joo Ah as Yoo Kwon Ja
    Kim Jin Seong as Jo Rang
    Yum Dong Hun as Go Boo Sil
    Park Tae Kyung as Boo Jung Han
    Im Dae Il as Director Moon
    Ryu Sung Han as Director Byun
    Kang Joo Hyung as Mang Hae Ra
    Lee Jae Goo as Ye San
    Kim Ah Rang as Ha Ni
    Choi Dae Sung
    Kim Dong Gyoon

    Production Credits

    Director: Shin Woo Chul
    Screenwriter: Kim Eun Sook

  550. 550 : marianneT Says:

    To : Director of City Hall
    We are City Haller can’t wait for City Hall 2 ….

    I wouldn’t be City Haller if the cast was not Cha Seung Won&Kim Sun Ah.
    I wouldn’t watch over n over again if the cast was not Cha Seung Won&Kim Sun Ah.
    I wouldn’t know CSW as the most charmed koreanactor if the cast was not him.

    Thanks to the director for making City Hall with the best chemistry I’ve ever seen.

  551. 551 : koalagirl Says:

    For all the new City Hallers:

    Great resources for sating our CH love is dramabeans.com (JB’s blog) where Samsooki is recapping CH episodes. He’s up to episode 11, but will finish the entire drama soon. He’s an amazing recapper, and the love for all things CH comes through so vividly. Visit to read recaps and relive CH. Let’s keep CH alive forever even though the drama has finished, all the characters feel like they are continuing on to live their lives in Inju, doesn’t it?

  552. 552 : elizabeth Says:

    City Hall should become a case study in everything a TV drama/comedy should aspire to be (the writers of the tedious Take Care of etc., should study it line by line, shot by shot). Central and secondary characters impeccably drawn and a story that keeps one glued -even when one, like yours truly, has seen it more than fifteen times from episode 1 through to 20 without ever fast-forwarding. I personally cannot remember seeing anything funnier and sexier (and one needs unique charisma to retain sexiness in hilarity) than our Mi Rae wrapped around the most gorgeous male thigh in the world. I’m in love with both of them.

  553. 553 : chacha Says:

    @548 tety

    tety, tety, my dear! You are certainly one huge fan of City Hall. Imagine – 7 sets of CH! Wow! You deserve a pat on the back and one big round of applause… *pat pat* *clap clap clap clap clap*

  554. 554 : Abriza Says:

    My fav korean drama of all time.. Love both KSA n CSW.. Funny mi rae n Sexy jo gook.. Absolutely, theyre a great couple..

  555. 555 : Sony Says:

    I would like to say hellow to all my dear City Hallers.
    I agree with you guys to have City Hall 2 with the same lead casts.
    I think no one is best in these roles than CSW and KSA.

  556. 556 : LOVVVVVV Says:


  557. 557 : Rena Says:

    LOVE City Hall!!!!! My heart is bumping every time i see the kissing scene.. So natural. All about this series is AWESOME!!!

  558. 558 : ctyhall Says:

    Hello pals, CTHALL CSW+KSA, the best drama ever.

  559. 559 : CSW Says:

    South Korea ‘Cocoa’ plastic surgery cooperated with an integrated advertising agency and organized a survey named ‘The most charming middle-aged man that touches your heart’. They conducted the survey with women age from 20 to 30 year old and had collected 351 responses. With his 188cm height, Cha Seung Won received a total of 27% votes and came in 1st in the top position.

    What is the first condition women looked into when they vote for this survey? The first three conditions consist of gentle attitude, young at heart, social status and financial ability, followed by sense of fashion and statue-like face.

    This shows that having good appearance isn’t the main condition for middle-aged men to be attractive.
    link here

  560. 560 : CSW+KSA Says:

    link here

  561. 561 : kay Cook Says:

    Best Drama ever…….

  562. 562 : mtoenlob Says:

    @551 koalagirl

    Thanks for encouraging new City Hallers to Samsooki’s great recaps. When the nostalgia bug bit me, I run to Samsooki’s recaps to relive those CH days. Thank you, Samsooki. And to you koalagirl for spreading the CH love.

    @552 elizabeth and @544 martha

    I concur with your idea. City Hall has set a standard in TV drama viewing (at least for me). This is one drama series that has treated its followers as intelligent and matured viewers. The entire production team – writer, director, casting director, crew – and the entire cast did a very notable job with this drama. No tiring long drawn out scenes or boring fill-ins to extend the time. Every little scenes which at first glance would seem unrelated are sewn together resulting to a well defined and unified narrative leaving no loopholes. Thanks to a well-written screenplay competently translated on screen by its amazing characters and a great story-telling by its writer. Speaking of characters, JG and SMR character would not have been indelible if not for the brilliant performance of CSW and KSA. These two leads were tailor-made to portray these lovable characters which by now would come down to kdrama history as one of kdrama’s unforgettable characters. Both skilled actors rendered a very compelling performance. Their versatility as competent actors shone throughout the drama. I totally agree with you with that scene where SMR with her arms wrapped around JG’s long thigh is such one hilarious but definitely sexy scene. Without KSA and CSW, it would have come out as a mediocre scene. While comedy is both their forte, likewise, they have shown their dramatic sensitivity. One particular scene that is a testament to their dramatic aptitude is the lamp post scene – for a few minutes, they just stood there looking at each other, no verbal exchanges, only their eyes speaking volumes. Subtle acting at its finest. Never have I seen two leads displaying together such remarkable talents and startling chemistry on screen. They totally complement each other. I hope they would make more TV drama or movie projects together.
    @548 tety
    Oh, tety, such great love for CH for you to purchase 7 sets and offer friends to watch. I hope they will take time to watch because CH is one drama worth watching. It is a time well spent.

    @538 jastinel
    Hi jastinel! Once a City Haller will always be a City Haller. Thank you for tirelessly spreading CH. Yes, let’s all do our share in showing our appreciation for this wonderful drama and our lovable GuMi couple. Let’s vote! If anyone knows the voting site, please share.

    To all City Hallers, Aja!!!

    P.S. – wave to Denali, kre, jangerr, etee7114, koalagirl(ockola?), parachute

  563. 563 : indri Says:

    try http://www.bimbibap.com the recaps already finished.
    CH keep moving!! Cityhallers, Keep Fighting!!!

  564. 564 : stalkin Says:

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ and @@@@@@@@@@@@@@sssss. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COMMENTS?…CTHALLERRR AJAAAAAAAA.

  565. 565 : kay Cook Says:

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,…CityHall….This drama is just Awesome…!!!!!….

  566. 566 : marianneT Says:

    I just wondering who CSW’s wife???? oooh how lucky she is
    Can anyone show me CSW’family picture?

  567. 567 : ifa Says:

    Kim Sun Ah, Cha Seung Won, and all the cast play the role very very well,, The story line about politic and love was a good combination…
    I love the soundtrack too, very catchy,,
    It all blend, and make this drama in a high quality…
    Totally, this drama is SUPERB…
    City Hall is the best korean drama i’ve ever watched…
    You should watching it too…
    Very-very Recommended…

  568. 568 : DramaLoverGirl Says:

    This drama is both very funny and romantic. I LOVE IT!

  569. 569 : LOVIM2 Says:

    @566, CSW’S WIFE,
    link here

  570. 570 : LOVIM2 Says:

    More of CSW.
    Cha Seung-won is 40.
    Who would believe that this hot actor has a 20 year old son?
    Whatever he wears, whatever character he takes on in film and drama he is full of charisma!
    link here

    link here

  571. 571 : IchLiebeDich. Says:

    Simply The Best…. I hope i can stop thinking bout it… but i can’t..

  572. 572 : kay Cook Says:

    CityHall…Best Drama 2009…..Love CityHall….aja..aja..ajaaaaa……..

  573. 573 : CTH Says:


  574. 574 : Denali Says:

    Almost 600 posts, way more than previous popular k-dramas. Great and not that amazing, considering the excellence of OUR City Hall. So hard to get over it…
    Many familiar names down there, seen also on soompi and dramabeans. Yep, we are so much looking forward to reading Samsooki’s recap on Episode 12, once he and Mrs are settled with their baby. And to vote for the best k-drama, storyline, directing, script, actress, actor, lead couple, OST, costumes (?), humoristic scenes…

    @ 571 IchLiebeDich:
    Would JeatvVoon be hiding under such a nickname or would you too happen to live in Europe as well?

    PS: waves back at mtoenlob and waves at jastinel, koalagirl, jangerr, kre, 316CJ …

  575. 575 : kre Says:

    @ 562 mtoenlob *wave back at ya* 🙂 i tremendously enjoyed ur long post! aja! aja! :)…couldnt agree more, i cant imagine other actors playing the role of SMR and JG, KSA and CSW were both born to play these wonderful roles 🙂

    @ 564 denali *wave back at ya too*
    whoa! almost 600 post indeed! great job city hallers! 🙂 . ..yeah! really hard to move on after watching this great masterpiece!…lets all continue to spread the CH love 🙂 fighting!!!

  576. 576 : jangerr Says:

    Hi fellow City Hallers! *wave excitedly* & *high 5* especially to Denali, mtoenlob, kay Cook, jastinel, etee, kre, cha cha, 316CJ & many more…

    It’s been more than 2 weeks since I last posted something here. Have been really busy. But no matter how busy I was, I made it a point to come in here and have a quick peek at what’s going on… Somehow the day doesn’t seem complete without me doing so… Anyone felt the same way too???

    Thank goodness I have a breather now. So here I am to slowly savour all the comments & exchanges that I’ve missed… Ah!!! Chuuah sor!!!

    @552 elizabeth

    I totally agree with you that City Hall should be a case study for all artistes, scriptwriters, producers, directors, etc… I also agree wholeheartedly with you that it takes a special charisma to be able to look funny yet sexy. Many can look sexy and many can be funny but very few actresses can look both funny and sexy at the same time. KSA, I must say, is one of the rare ones who could…

  577. 577 : Admir Says:


  578. 578 : jastinel Says:

    Hello to all City hallers, Happy halloween!
    To those who want an update about CSW and KSA, please visit soompi, I hope this is not spamming) cause there`s a lot new things about them.

    I`m still very much addicted to CH!

  579. 579 : elizabeth Says:

    Hello to mtoelob, jangerr and all the other City Hall addicts.

    mtoelob (562)
    Oh, yes the ‘lamp post scene’! One feels spoilt for choice in this series packed as it is with remarkable set pieces. That whole sequence where she turns off the street lights (what a great idea, by the way, S.Korea shows the way on how to save energy) until she meets JG’s silhouette (whose silhouette, nay, whose shadow even, has more sex-appeal than the whole army of male film stars’ actual appearance put together)and what follows, is incredibly well conceived and executed. The way they look at each other is screen acting at its best, no bathetic prolixity here as they hold the look just long enough to be effective and affective. Another scene I love, for its scripting as well as its mise-en-scene, is that where JG tries to pacify the bottled watter cooler carrier. That little speech he gives, movingly captures the predicament of the lovers, a whole range of emotions, and at the same time serves as JG’s first public declaration and owning of his love for SMR (since he had been forced publicly to disown that love). The fact that the first public declaration of such love is done in the midst of a street wrangle and to a cantankerous man, quietly emphasises the desperate need to confess that love to strangers (and don’t you just love the way the irascible man tells JG that he (JG) looks like a ‘pimp’! That line always gets me). I also agree with other commenters and fellow City Hallers here, that a great part of our deep addiction to and love for the series have to do with KMA’s and CSW’s acting abilities, their capacity to pass back and forth from comedy to drama with unbelievable agility and imagination and their alchemy (rather than chemistry, for such a degree of rapport between two actors must be said to have something of the supernatural about it and border on the mystical).And, of course, it does them no harm to be in possession of irresistible physical allure.

    CSW (559), thank you for the info, and although I wholeheartedly agree with the result, I thought the question the surveyors put to the public was rather inaccurate. CSW transcends age, so describing him as and forcing him into the narrow and limited ‘middle age’ bracket does not capture his power to entrance and burst the banks of, precisely, such given categories. I’d have him beat all 20 year olds in the sex-appeal stakes and by a large margin. As for the criteria ‘women’ (who are these women?) listed as guiding their choice, I found them rather depressing (since when income and status move hearts? Good Heavens! Such considerations may enter lists when one calculates one’s life, but move the heart? Has the world been that corrupted?). So, come on girls, lets list our own criteria of ‘heart movers’. What would move me in a man is first and foremost an intelligent and creative imagination, emotional articulacy and a sparkling wit, followed by intellectual articulacy and charming manners. Oh, and let us not forget, be as beguiling as CSW.

  580. 580 : nickie Says:

    so everyone still re-watch city hall.

  581. 581 : ME2 Says:


  582. 582 : Rena Says:

    Rewatched….Rewatched….Rewatched….Rewatched…. AAANnnNdd Rewatched….

  583. 583 : OMI Says:


  584. 584 : marianneT Says:

    @569: thAnks for the webs….i also can see his son n daugther

    wow since i’ve watched CH i think the most sexiest korean actor is CSW

  585. 585 : marianneT Says:

    i thought that only me who watch over n over again..but so many of you who did it as same with me…so we are crazy city hallers

    CH makes me addicted and can’t be out of my mind
    I recommend this drama to all my friend!!!!
    All of you must see this drama…and you will addict like me hhehee

  586. 586 : kay Cook Says:

    What can i say…..Cityhall is Best dramas out there..!!!!…Let’s keep Cityhall alive forever…….aja,aja,ajaaaa…………

  587. 587 : Roween Says:

    Hello to all Cityhallers out there *^^* (waves ..)
    I’m always come back to read you guys.., it’s so good to see the love for this drama not fading at all :)… I didn’t watch any new dramas yet (..I tried some, but fail..really bad ones..), because of work..it’s funny, when I finally have some free time… I start City Hall all over again.
    It’s the kind of drama you enjoy even the 10000 thousand time.
    See you later guys and happy late halloween 😉

  588. 588 : etee7114 Says:

    *waves back to all city hallers*

    We are a bunch of people with great taste in drama. I can totally see myself checking this forum out everyday, comment here every now and then, reading your comments….and that’s 10 years later….hahaha!!

    To those who have yet to watch this drama, what are you waiting for?

  589. 589 : HEEHEE Says:

    @588 We are a bunch of people with great taste in drama. Including me hee hee, and keep fighting AJAAJAJAA

  590. 590 : HEEHEE Says:

    @ETEE PHONE HOME…I can totally see myself checking this forum out everyday, oh well me too haha..

  591. 591 : mtoenlob Says:

    @588 etee7114

    “We are a bunch of people with great taste in drama.” – I like this! hahaha . . . surely City Hallers have great taste!

    @587 Roween

    “It’s the kind of drama you enjoy even the 10000 thousand time.” – How aptly said, Roween. Even after watching it for the nth time, I still get the same feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction.

    @585 marianne @582 Rena @581 ME2 @580 nickie

    rewatched , , , rewatching . . . watch again . . . – Yes!

    @578 jastinel

    “I`m still very much addicted to CH.” – Agree. This is one addiction that you would lovingly embrace and never let go.

    @579 elizabeth

    I like your choice of word – alchemy – to describe KSA & CSW ‘s rapport. It connotes a deeper bond and affinity between them. I agree, JG’s first public declaration of his feelings for SMR is one for the books. I particularly love the campaign scene where JG spotted SMR amongst the crowd who was trying hard to hide herself. But that fish pin he gifted her with gave her away. And when she was about to leave, JG was torn between continuing his speech or running after her. His eyes expressively described his agonizing dilemma. (What an actor!) And the scriptwriter’s genius came into play – the use of double entendre in JG’s speech. I just love that. To the crowd it was a stirring campaign speech but for SMR it was a poignant public declaration of JG’s love for her. Who would have thought of that technique? It shows that this drama is a product of a well thought out efforts by a team of clever, smart and able individuals (the creative team – scriptwriter, casting director, director – the production staff and crew and the actors – lead and supporting). Is it any wonder then why anyone who experiences City Hall extols its merits. The fact that this is a drama that treats its audience as intelligent beings and doesn’t disappoint but delivers its worth as oppose to other dramas that are all hype but are nothing except flash in the pan that lately proliferate the screen. No other recent drama comes close to CH’s standard. (My affection for this drama shows, isn’t it?)

    @575 kre

    Thanks, kre. With CH, I find it difficult to stop myself from singing praises to this drama. (“,)

    @574 Denali

    600 posts and beyond! (“,)

    To those who have yet to experience City Hall, do yourselves a favor. Give yourselves a treat. Watch City Hall. You deserve it!

    P.S. – hello Denali, jangerr, etee7114, koalagirl, kre, parachute, roween, jastinel, 316CJ . . .

  592. 592 : Sunahforever Says:

    OMG!!! I can’t bear it….all of you fans of City Hall…I have a confession, I have not watched it….and am going out of my mind thinking what I am missing….hope to get a copy soon!! I love Kim Su Nah to bits….she is my TOP & most FAVOURITE actress…I try to watch all her shows but her shows are not regular so have to wait and wait…after MNIKSS, I have kinda lost touch with her shows…but recently found her again in WIAN…and now just heard abt City Hall….sigh…a bit late but better late than never!!! I have to wait a while to see what and why the City Hallers are so crazy about the show. I must say I am not a fan of CSW…dunno who he is until now…sorry fans …so have to see him in action first!

  593. 593 : FACT... Says:

    The fact is i rewatched without sub..haha..how’s that?

  594. 594 : marianneT Says:

    Just like you before i didn’t know CSW , but when i saw him in ep.1 i fell in love with him at first sight hahaha…he is full charisma and very charm.
    I bet that you gonna love CSW and be the next City Haller!!!!

  595. 595 : CityHallest Says:

    Hello all **waving**

    me too, keep coming back to trace for new comments, hope everyone enjoy the drama as much as i could 😀

    be a responsible CityHaller, i must pay my due – to leave comment here and wish city hall forever living ^o^

    love both KSA & CSW very very much.. they both are best match, compliment each other in all aspect…

    Thanks great actor, scriptwriter, director, editor, all the hardworking behind the scene that make this drama great piece of art, leaving so many sweet dreams for so many people

    Really hope if they are going for City Hall 2, then 3, then 4….. aja!

  596. 596 : CityHallest Says:

    oh yes! keep going mirae & jogook, we are almost there.. 600… and more

  597. 597 : kay Cook Says:

    So, We are bunch of crazy people CityHall addicts….We are bunch of people with great taste in drama…I Love it..!!!!….I will be CityHaller 10years and ever………..

  598. 598 : koalagirl Says:

    We’re nearing the end of the year – and I can say that City Hall, and definitely Cha Seung-won and Kim Su-na, should be winning awards at SBS’s end of the year awards show. Best Couple! This is such a spectacular drama on every level, 2009 has been a great year for us drama lovers. For anyone still wondering whether to watch City Hall – 600 comments in less than 6 months cannot be wrong! Pretty much anyone who has watched City Hall is breathlessly in love with it. It’s that good.

  599. 599 : HAHA Says:

    Ii’m so please with you gys Ajajaaaaaa

  600. 600 : kay Cook Says:

    Haha I’m CityHaller 600…Love CityHall…..aja,aja,ajaaaaa…….

  601. 601 : 601 Says:


  602. 602 : Sunahforever Says:

    I managed to get the full DL set but still have to wait another 2 wks before getting the discs…sigh…more waiting!! However, watched the OST on Youtube yesterday, Loving You, Loving You…OMO OMO OMO, so romantic……..from the snippets, it looks like it is another first again for Kdramas where there are so many scenes of showing of affections and LOVE!!! I still haven’t fallen in love with CSW yet just fm watching this OST as I still haven’t gotten used to an older guy acting besides KSA. However, he makes her look SOOOOOOOOOOOO young!! Her hairstyle also helps I think…but she’s so gorgeous!!! And those kissing scenes!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! Ehm, which episode did the bed scene happened??? Watched some NGs on the shooting of the bed scene and boy!! it took so many takes…hehehe, CSW must be enjoying himself!!!

  603. 603 : indri Says:

    Stuck on City Hall and Gumi Couple!!!

  604. 604 : chacha Says:

    First thing first, *a big giant wave* to all City Hallers! So glad to ‘see’ all of you again!

    @593 FACT

    Hmmmm… Watching without the subs… Come to think of it, I’ll try it too. After all, I’ve watched it sooooo many times that I’ll have no problems following it at all… Hehehe!

    @592 Sunahforever

    Why? Why? Why? Why haven’t you watch City Hall yet? For a KSA fan, how can you miss this awesome show? There are so many sites where you can watch it streaming – viikii.com, mysoju.com, aznv.tv, tudou.com, etc. So go ahead, get started! Don’t have to wait until your DVD comes. Fortunately, like you’ve said, it’s better late than never. And please keep us posted on your amazing journey with Mirae & Jo Gook, ya?

  605. 605 : HI Says:


  606. 606 : Sunahforever Says:


    Yes, yes, guilty one here!! Been off Kdrama for a while that’s why didn’t know that KSA had acted in 2 dramas..since MNIKSS. Totally lost track for 2 years I think. You’ll be shocked to know I just completed watching WIAN yesterday night…ha ha ha!! Dun worry, am catching up. Will tell you wat I think of City Hall when I finally watch it. As for WIAN, must say the plot is not great but KSA is damn good as usual. We see the softer and more serious side of her. Maybe that is why it was not popular as she was not acting comical which she is so good at. Am very sad she didn’t win any awards in MBC but LDG did…sigh…where is the logic?? Anyway, promised to watch all her shows in future and on time!!! Hope she makes more dramas and with HB if possible…still can get over her and Samshik!!!

  607. 607 : jastinel Says:

    Love your username, if you are a sunaforever, I`m a suna4life….hehehe

    he makes her look SOOOOOOOOOOOO young!! Her hairstyle also helps I think…but she’s so gorgeous!!!


  608. 608 : mtoenlob Says:

    @606 Sunaforever

    Guilty as charged? – but you’re missing a lot if you let this drama passes by. Do watch it and we, City Hallers, guarantee you won’t feel short-changed. Seriously, as KSA admirer, one cannot and should not miss out on City Hall. As SMR, it’s KSA must-see acting piece. When you do, share with us your experience. We would love to hear from you. As your name says we. City Hallers, are suna forever!

  609. 609 : Sunahforever Says:

    @608 mtoenlob

    Promise, promise, won’t miss this show and definitely will not!!! Am waiting for my discs (DL by brother) is becos’ I’m the impatient type who must watch it all (if I have the time) and also want to watch a good copy…Well, also good that I have to wait as am building up my expectations!!! Will share with you CHallers my opinion when I finally watch my darling in action…but I have full confidence in her after watching some of the clips on Youtube!! So funny!!!

  610. 610 : chyin Says:

    I’ve watched tis drama 4 times and to all of you who are still deciding or hesitating, don’t. Just do it! It’s THAT GREAT. Everything about the drama is wonderful..cast, songs, dialogue, scenery..etc.

  611. 611 : Sunahforever Says:

    Will do, definitely…I think I’ve watched MNIKSS at least 6-7 times or maybe more….especially all my favourite scenes…sigh….I’m so in love!! Will tell you my experience when I finally watch it….till then…thank you all who responded to my comments…am a newbie to such forums…haha but am enjoying this…

  612. 612 : imn'er Says:


  613. 613 : CityHallest Says:

    I have to admit I was lead by Suna to watch this show, at first, my friend recommended as CityHall is 1st, and MNIKSS has to give way after so many years championship. I couldn’t agree at first until I watch this CH……
    Everything was perfectly done. even the NG scenes on youtube were fabulous

    I finished 1st on Viikii, now following chinese sub 😀

    KSA+CSW+whoever loves it -> Aja ^^

  614. 614 : CityHallest Says:


    couldn’t help myself to come here everyday to check out new post, so eagerly like to share our feeling on this show as well as for the crews and foremost MiRae shi + Jo Gookie 😉

  615. 615 : kay Cook Says:

    A Must see drama!.worth watching….CityHall is masterpiece………

  616. 616 : AGAY Says:


  617. 617 : Sunahforever Says:

    Hey, all KSA fans! I read some very old threads somewhere (2007) that KSA was considered for a drama where she is to act as the first female President in Korea (in close contention with Lee Young Ae of Jewel in the Palace). Is there any news on this since 2 years had passed??? Dying to see KSA in new and challenging roles!!!

  618. 618 : Sunahforever Says:

    Oh, maybe City Hall is the show they are talking about!!! Instead of president, she’s the mayor!!! Ha ha ha!!!

  619. 619 : jangerr Says:

    Hi City Hallers!

    We’ve more than passed the 600 comments mark!!! Imagine when the show ended, CH was not even in this list! Now it’s the top 7! Think we can pass the 700 mark?

    @ Sunahforever

    I’m so excited for you! You’re in for the TREAT of your life!!! If you think Hyun Bin is so right for Sunah, wait till you see Cha Seung Won with her… Totally explosive!!!

    Btw, you may want to post something in MNIKSS as a couple of other dramas are catching up on it…

  620. 620 : GYNGL Says:


  621. 621 : kay Cook Says:

    I just stop by Hi, all to my CityHaller……….

  622. 622 : indri Says:


  623. 623 : kate Says:

    CSW & KSA the best couple!!

  624. 624 : Sunahforever Says:

    Hey, anyone can help translate this??? Very frustrating as cannot understand.

  625. 625 : AJAAAAA Says:

    Well done,

  626. 626 : Elizabeth Says:

    Oh no! No longer available online, with English subs., as most links are reported broken. I bet most of us are going ‘cold turkey’ even as I write.

  627. 627 : Sunahforever Says:

    Yes, I tried getting into mysoju.com to have a peek at City Hall…cannot wait…but was very disappointed as I could not get into any chapters except Chapter 20. I managed to watch Chapter 20.1, 20.2 & 20.3 but decided to stop there…don’t want to spoil the show by knowing the ending but I think my will power will let me down!! Ha ha…already cried and used a few tissues when SMR announced her resignation as mayor and when JG hugged her to console her….sigh!!!! Soooooooooooo nice!!!

  628. 628 : koalagirl Says:

    You can watch City Hall with English subs on aznv.tv

    Create an account, it’s free to watch. Dramafever doesn’t yet have City Hall, but check there periodically, it should have it in the future.

    Sorry to hear the links at Viikii are down, so distressing.

    @ sunahforever

    DO NOT skip ahead with City Hall – it’s not the ending, but the journey of Mirae and Jo Gook that makes this the best drama I have ever seen, don’t spoil yourself, enjoy the entire experience.

  629. 629 : Denali Says:

    My, oh, my. Hadn’t checked anything about CH for about a week now, and look how it’s grown: almost 650 posts and 7th rank. I bet this is going to linger, especially if CH gets at least one award.

    *waves at kre, etee, mtoenlob, jangerr, koalagirl, jastinel*

    @ 627 Sunahforever
    Have you tried downloading through MegaUpload from http://bonchu.net46.net/city-hall/ ? The team had subbed all episodes in English, but the MU website only allows a few downloads a day. Oh, looks like the regular DVD is available for sale now in some countries, thus this may explain why videos are not available anymore, due to copyright laws.
    If you do manage to see them, I fully agree with 628 koalagirl: start with the beginning. 😉

  630. 630 : CTHL Says:


  631. 631 : jangerr Says:

    Currently the best 2 sites to watch our beloved CH are aznv.tv and tudou.com.

    For aznv.tv, all you need is to create an account, download the free winamp player and you’re ready to go. It has english subs and every single episode is working (at least the last time I checked).

    For tudou.com, all you need is just to look for the drama and click! No need to create any account or download anything. The only thing is it has only chinese subs…

    Another site that has most of the episodes working is mysoju.com. Only 3 episodes are reported as broken…

  632. 632 : kay Cook Says:


  633. 633 : CityHallgo Says:

    CityHall the best drama you gonna Go For It!!

  634. 634 : chyin Says:

    Sorry to hear some websites r down. If u r anywhere in Klang Valley, Malaysia n r dying to watch this uninterrupted, let me know. I’ll tell u where u can get hold of of the DVD with Eng subs.

  635. 635 : SARUNG Says:


  636. 636 : alodia Says:

    Ha! I wonder why I haven’t posted here… well I don’t have much to say. I just want to say hi and thanks to all City Hallers here who never fails to spread the City Hall love all these times. *^^*

  637. 637 : any l Says:

    saya tidak mengerti akhir ceritanya. Apakah jadi menikah atau……kurang jelas di akhir cerita

  638. 638 : OLHA Says:


  639. 639 : mia Says:

    @ 637 any 1

    mereka dua menikah di episod 20, selepas kredit. Juga ditunjukkan selepas itu, Mirae pergi ‘support’ suami nya, Jo Gook, semasa dia memberikan campaign speech…

  640. 640 : kay Cook Says:

    All characters in drama cityHall are providing fantastic job.laugher and warmth! give us Best,wenderful drama ever…….Cityhall…Love,Love……

  641. 641 : Olala Says:





    introduces Arirang, Miryang Arirang and Kangwon-do Arirang.

    I. Arirang

    Arirang, Arirang, Arariyo,
    Arirang Pass is the long road you go.

    아리랑 아리랑 아라리요
    아리랑 고개로 넘어간다.

    1st Verse:
    If you leave and forsake me, my own,
    Ere three miles you go, lame you’ll have grown.

    2nd Verse:
    Wondrous time, happy time—let us delay;
    Till night is over, go not away.

    3rd Verse:
    Arirang Mount is my Tear-Falling Hill,
    So seeking my love, I cannot stay still.

    4th Verse:
    The brightest of stars stud the sky so blue;
    Deep in my bosom burns bitterest rue.

    5th Verse:
    Man’s heart is like water streaming downhill;
    Woman’s heart is well water—so deep and still.

    6th Verse:
    Young men’s love is like pinecones seeming sound,
    But when the wind blows, they fall to the ground.

    7th Verse:
    Birds in the morning sing simply to eat;
    Birdes in the evening sing for love sweet.

    8th Verse:
    When man has attained to the age of a score,
    The mind of a woman should be his love.

    9th Verse:
    The trees and the flowers will bloom for aye,
    But the glories of youth will soon fade away.

    II. Miryang Arirang

    1st Verse:
    Look on me! Look on me! Look on me!
    In midwinter, when you see a flower, please think of me!
    Chorus: Ari-arirang! Ssuri-Ssurirang! Arariga nanne!
    O’er Arirang Pass I long to cross today.

    2nd Verse:
    Moonkyung Bird Pass has too many curves–
    Winding up, winding down, in tears I go.

    3rd Verse:
    Carry me, carry me, carry me and go!
    When flowers bloom in Hanyang, carry me and go.

    Note: Bird Pass or “Saejae” is the summit of a high mountain, rising north of Moonkyung in the ancient highway, linking Seoul with Miryang and Tongnae (Pusan). Its sky-kissing heights are so rugged that in their eyes. This is a love song of a dancing girl from Miryang who was left behind by her lover from Seoul (Hanyang). She is calling him to take her with him to Hanyang. She believed that her own beauty was above all flowers in Hanyang. The words in the first line of the chorus are sounds of bitter sorrow at parting. This song was composed by Kim Dong Jin.

    III. Gangwon Arirang

    1st Verse:
    Castor and camelia, bear no beans!
    Deep mountain fair maidens would go a-flirting.
    Chorus: Ari-Ari, Ssuri-Ssuri, Arariyo!
    Ari-Ari Pass I cross and go.

    2nd Verse:
    Though I pray, my soya field yet will bear no beans;
    Castor and camelia, why should you bear beans?

    3rd Verse:
    When I broke the hedge bush stem, you said you’d come away;
    At your doorway I stamp my feet, why do you delay?

    4th Verse:
    Precious in the mountains are darae and moroo;
    Honey sweet to you and me would be our love so true.

    5th Verse:
    Come to me! Come to me! Come and join me!
    In a castor and camelia garden we’ll meet, my love!

  642. 642 : sunahforever Says:

    Uhm….any relevance of these folk songs with City Hall??? Sorry, am I missing something…as I still haven’t watched CH….

  643. 643 : mtoenlob Says:

    @636 alodia

    Omo! Is that you alodia? THE alodia I know? Good to see you dropping by this site.

    Yes, thank you to all City Hallers who tirelessly and unselfishly keeps this site (and soompi, of course) alive!

    To those who haven’t seen City Hall yet, never tarry. It’s an experience you would cherish. If you are a kdrama fan, this is one drama you shouldn’t miss. KSA and CSW will take you into an awesome emotional journey with their brilliant acting and amazing chemistry (or alchemy as one viewer described it)!

  644. 644 : Olala Says:


  645. 645 : marianneT Says:

    i just re-watched ehm maybe for 10th or 11th times ep.4…..ooooh CSW n KSA did tango..inspire me to learn tango and wishes dance with CSW…hope my dream come true hehehe

  646. 646 : koalagirl Says:

    @ sunahforever

    I don’t think the folk songs posting has anything to do with City Hall. Once you start watching CH, you’ll marathon it, I guarantee. It’s absorbing and addicting, and you’ll feel like you live in Inju City with all the residents. Watch out for sizzling chemistry between CSW and KSA.

    @ alodia

    Hey, so happy to see you here, sis! We just can’t let it go, and have to spread the word of this amazing drama to everyone!

  647. 647 : Elizabeth Says:

    Olala (641),

    Thank you so much for the links and translation of the Korean folk songs. I found them incredibly beautiful, possessing that quality all significantly unfathomable things do.

  648. 648 : CityHallgo Says:

    CityHall Kdrama that beats all drama! You need not travel far just live here in Inju CityHall. You will be amazed!!

  649. 649 : CityHallgo Says:

    It’s timely to spread this beautiful storyline of CityHall Kdrama to everyone. I give you my unbeatable guarantee that you will be asking for more!!.

  650. 650 : rein Says:

    City hall I love u Full..

  651. 651 : kay Cook Says:

    Love Cityhall…..aja…aja…ajaaaaa……

  652. 652 : jangerr Says:

    @642 sunahforever

    Well, my dear, this is what happens after you watch City Hall… You start to exhibit strange behaviours previously not seen as many of us City Hallers have found out…

    You start to ‘stalk’ every sites that have City Hall (that’s why we sometimes call ourselves City Hall stalkers!)… You start to watch & rewatch it like forever… You start to post comments regularly… You start to read every posting religiously… You start to tell everyone you can about the drama, whether they like it or not… You start to talk to fellow City Hallers like you’re the best of buddies… You start to listen to the osts every day… You start to share unlikely stuff like what our fellow City Haller, olala, is doing… You start to… The list goes on.. I think you get the picture now & can fill in the blanks…

    Before I forget, *wave delightedly* to all my fellow City Hallers!!!

  653. 653 : sabsab Says:

    okay i will this series..hahaha i love korean dramas..currently i’m watching you’re beautiful…

  654. 654 : ITSMI Says:


  655. 655 : OLALA Says:


  656. 656 : Christinn Says:

    I simply love this show. It has brought many new inspiration to my dull life. After watching the last episode, I feel very dejected and sad…as if my own story has ended….I am watching it for the second time…hopefully I will feel happy instead of sad this time…

  657. 657 : Mark Says:

    Everyone here is CityHall, CityHall and CityHall, Go, Go, Go, this is Mirae’s way in the children’s home.
    Everyone simply loves her, her selfless way by example.

  658. 658 : Marcus Says:

    CityHall drama is really one of anxiety, my wife insists I take tuition at Inju CityHall to be at my BEST.

  659. 659 : Michael Says:

    Pamper yourself today to an overdose of CityHall drama you gonna enjoy to suffer the joy and tears as toppings you are going to love for life.

  660. 660 : Matthew Says:

    To make a long story short, take the short-cut now to CityHall and sail through safely. The storm is over and you can find Mirae and JoGook in CityHall in the office enjoying CityHall drama and drinking coffee, enjoying every sip, refill by Mirae, wow, not a drop they waste and both drinking without haste. Come on, let’s join them in CityHall!!.

  661. 661 : Mi_Rae_CH Says:

    CityHall I live here with all of you!

    Hi, everyone and stay well and study hard, Mirae’s says in this time health is most important in view of rampant H1N1. if rampant watching of CityHall is allow at any one time, Enjoy your CityHall drama. I love all of you.

    I wanna reach you and you all in CityHall, Mi Rae CH…
    Yes! Mi Rae reach CityHall.

  662. 662 : Mandy Says:

    CityHall I never stop rewatching just like love is blind. I love CityHall.

  663. 663 : MoneyBee Says:

    Live and let live, CityHall drama for you and me.

  664. 664 : Mum Says:

    Watching a really good drama like CityHall simply make short the miles with talk and smiles. Even at 20 episodes CithHall just dash across like storm in my cup of coffee. It’s finish and over and rewatching starts.

  665. 665 : Monday Says:

    Monday blues never hit me because I have CityHall to keep me alive!!.

  666. 666 : Master Says:

    It’s because of CityHall, my son make the best of a bad bargain and got me a portable DVD player. Now I can travel with CityHall, my hamster everytime is a goodtime with CityHall drama.

  667. 667 : Midday Says:

    In CityHall drama you will find all characters are aces you admire and love for good making all CityHall fans going places and returning here with so much praises.

  668. 668 : Major Says:

    The degree of CityHall drama will reach an astonishing level and there’s no turning back once you have started. Stay cool, that’s how Mirae describe Jo Gook. No high fever please but major participation from all CityHall fans to make a comeback fast for a peep inside CityHall and race here settle in Inju CityHall. Everyone is waiting.

  669. 669 : Mann Says:

    Really words alone cannot reveal in details the magic in CityHall, you really must pay a visit here fast. Coming up next I shall make a comeback to charm if you choose to close ears and eyes.

  670. 670 : Mike Says:

    Every moment spent watching CityHall is precious with KSA and CSW simply the Best couple in time. Cheers Cheers and Cheers.

  671. 671 : Matt Says:

    CityHall is everything but extraordinary just like David Copperfield puts magic in people’s lives.

    You will love Mirae and JoGook and all casts, their fine acting makes my world go round.

  672. 672 : Mine Says:

    CityHall first double line.

    Mirae belongs to me. You are mine. JoGook says. Simply a genius in the making!!

  673. 673 : sunahforever Says:

    Wow!! A sudden influx of new comments…great stuff…my waiting time is getting shorter…will get the discs on 18 Nov…till then, I will share my experience with all of you City Hallers….i will be the next stalker!!!

  674. 674 : Moonriver Says:

    Lovely is this romantic song. KSA and CSW let’s tango till midnight. Come on Cityhallers do put on your dancing shoes.

  675. 675 : Midnight Says:

    CityHall, this drama name may sound politic but its actors and actresses charm and storyline aptness keeps every CityHall fans on their feet from morning till midnight. CityHall is the Number One KDrama for 2009.

  676. 676 : Moonlight Says:

    I love watching CityHall because from My Lovely Samsooni to WAIN to CityHall, KSA shines and gives that greater measure of acting magic implanted deep and permanent. It lasts!.

  677. 677 : cthalrrrr Says:

    Fighting CTH,

  678. 678 : Min Says:

    CityHall, there is no minimum or maximum go, every watch and re-watch is yesterday’s first, today’s best has no match. CityHall is here to stay with all.

  679. 679 : jastinel Says:

    Wow, i`m surprised to see usernames that starts with M and they posted their comment on the same day.

    Welcome to all the newbies! I`m happy to come here everyday to read and see new people in my home town, Inju City!

  680. 680 : Mannie Says:

    Hi Cityhallers, Great mind thinks alike. We simply have this in common. Like Mirae say to High Wave, I am not common but special to JoGook.
    I love this in Mirae. She’s a special indeed to JoGook

  681. 681 : Emily Says:

    Hi and a big “WAVE” to all fellow City Hallers

    Does anyone know when will the SBS drama awards take place???? I heard it’s around mid December. Any of know the exact date?

    And, if you guys like action drama, IRIS is actually quite good. I’ve watched up to episode 8 so far. Though I’ll still hold CITY HALL at FIRST in my heart!!!

  682. 682 : Many Says:

    Come on CityHallers, wake up from your dreams and stay in the hot springs. Jo Gook says to Mirae while sweet walking on the pavement in a world of their own. That’s my new shoes, make this happen to you and your loved ones. We are one happy CityHall family, Yes!!, very lovely and hope that happen to many Cityhallers who must not faint.

    Guys and Gals, be like JoGook and Mirae ‘Faint heart never won fair lady’

    Buck up today!!

  683. 683 : Musteers Says:

    When it comes to CityHall, the proof can be seen here. Best of the Best is CityHall Kdrama.

    ‘God never shuts one door but he open another’ Watch CityHall and spread the news.

    Hi CityHallers stay here forever just like JoGook to Mirae I shall stand by you and you only.

  684. 684 : marianneT Says:

    I just wanna say to all Cityhallers
    WAAAW so many comments …near 700
    We are truly truly fanatic with City Hall

  685. 685 : kay Cook Says:

    Where can I buy DVD for Cityhall????…..

  686. 686 : Main Says:

    Is there a solution to CityHall’s withdrawal symptoms. Many CityHallers main duct is jammed up with Mirae and JoGook’s shadow, we really need to find a cure to sizzle each time Mirae and JoGook dazzle in our mind.

  687. 687 : marianneT Says:

    yeah i am waiting the dvd CH…too
    where can i buy?????

  688. 688 : chacha Says:

    @653 sabsab

    Yes, you must watch City Hall! We promise you that not only will you find yourself on a most amazing journey but you’ll also start to look at kdramas with a new set of eyes from then on…

    @656 Christinn

    It’s really strange, isn’t it? It ended so beautifully yet we feel sad… Actually, it’s because it’s so incredibly beautiful that we’re sad that it’s over. That’s why we ended up watching it again and again… Another thing I discovered that is of some help is to read the recaps by Samsooki in dramabeans. Unfortunately he has only done up to episode 11… Of course, coming here and reading fellow City Hallers’ comments as well as penning our thoughts is of some comfort too…

    @658 Marcus

    Your wife is very wise… You should so listen to her. Now how do I get my hubby who doesn’t watch dramas at all to watch City Hall? Anyone has any idea? Anyone, please?

    @679 jastinel

    Hmmm… Either it’s a coincidence or it’s 1 super enthusiastic new City Haller! Which is totally understandable… Look what it’s done to the rest of us…

  689. 689 : Mi_Rae_CH Says:

    My life sweetness comes naturally with CityHall dose of extra’s toppings of My Mirae’s cuteness and my feel is here to share.

    Mirae’s smiles always sweeter, her welcome warmer and I will want to stay in CityHall forever.

  690. 690 : Marcus Says:

    @ Chacha

    Wife’s words I remember CityHall’s the name of today is the Kdrama of tomorrow. Stay home and complete the whole series and keep posting your thoughts and only good words please, my wife outsource to me!!

    Say Hi to Jastinel, Emily, Marianne T, Kay Cook, jangeer,Olala, ITSMI, Mark, sabsab, Matthew, Moonriver, Moonlight and all the Mmmss.

    How come no mooncake. Is missing here!!

    I too am enjoying CityHall now. Thanks to wife beside me.

  691. 691 : Mooncakes Says:

    Yes, Mooncakes here for all in CityHall. Hi CityHallers, Enjoy with me.

    Have a cup of coffee on Mirae and JoGook.

    They should be dropping by CityHall anytime now!!.

  692. 692 : Movie Says:

    Yes we are one nation originate from Inju CityHall.

    CityHall nation is here to stay together and run together.

  693. 693 : Mohan Says:

    Cityhall never fails to make me laugh and cry. Mum ask me why?.

    My girlfriend panic and ask for a reason why?.

    The cause is CityHall, Mirae and JoGook all in one.

  694. 694 : Mohamad Says:

    CityHall is one KDrama done well over the air, brave the storm and over to all CityHallers waiting on the ground.

    We love you KSA and CSW more and more.

  695. 695 : Madness Says:

    CityHall delights are first rate, believe in me this Kdrama is truly great.

  696. 696 : Mat Says:

    CityHall drama is above par, cost less for more values, you got to watch fast to measure the priceless in Mirae and all the casts. CityHall the Best drama this far.

  697. 697 : Matsalleh Says:

    Truly CityHall is all about comedy, love and everything, surpassed all drama just like rare treasures and yours for keep. CityHallers we are really birds of feathers that flock together. Stay well.

  698. 698 : Matters Says:

    CityHall matters most to everyone here and that’s the reasons all keep coming back. One more time…its the sorry sorry dance we all love.

  699. 699 : Meetagain Says:

    We Live in Inju CityHall and we shall meet again.

    CityHall now is like the hand that rocks the cradle rules the drama addicts world. We love CityHall second to none.

  700. 700 : aja Says:

    this city hall fever is wa__aaay too infectious! lol!

  701. 701 : Marryme Says:

    The best proposal scene in Forgive and Forget, Live and Let Live, Love is Blind and Marraige is a Lottery. Anything you call, Mirae and JoGook experiences and journey in CityHall is truly a marraige make in heaven on screen their patience is virtue. We all learn nearest is dearest and all in CityHall we treasure.

  702. 702 : mitt Says:

    City Hall all the wa a a y

  703. 703 : Lan Says:

    This is one of the best dramas I have seen so far. It is meaningful, interesting and enriching. Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah have great chemistry and their actings are awesome. I hope they will be awarded the best tv drama couple of the year 2009.They are simply the best actors and success of this great drama should also go to the scriptwriter.

  704. 704 : Denali Says:

    First of all, let me wave at all my dear City Hallers/Stalkers – especially jangerr!! 😉

    Also, I second jastinel’s comment and wish an admin would watch this thread to prevent spamming like it happened yesterday with “M”. Too many coincidences and messages that did not make sense.

    Last but not least, have a safe journey wandering in Inju City. You just don’t know how far and how long it’s gonna take you to. 🙂

  705. 705 : Emily Says:

    @688 cha cha and @704 Denali

    I also agree with you both with those so too COINCIDENCE “M”s comments. Seriously, we all admit that we’re stalkers of this great drama, so no need to make up all these names to post comments. Yes, we’d like to have the drama to be top 5 on the list but… come on, we don’t like to cheat… just like Mi-rae will never cheat in the drama as well!!!

    *wave* again to all city hallers/stalkers, AJA!!! City Hall all the best!!

  706. 706 : koalagirl Says:

    I agree, Denali and Emily. It was so distressing to see most likely spamming comments on our beloved CH thread. We who love CH just want to explain for drama viewers curious about why CH is so popular what exactly about the drama is so inspiring and wonderful, and those posts made no sense.

    CH really is the best drama you will ever watch, so check it out!

  707. 707 : Emily Says:

    Dear all newbies who come here to check out this forum,

    City Hall is a great drama that it’s not only a story; It’s actually a journey of life (well, to me it is) The script is perfectly written as it has meaningful messages behind it. It is funny, heart warming, and breath taking (aspecially when you watch the scenes between Mi-rae and Jo Gook). I promise you, this piece is the drama of the year and you will not want to miss it. Therefore, come now! Don’t hesitate… take the journey and become one of us. You shall not regret it!!

    @ Koalagirl

    Good to see you again, we’re totaly City Hall stalk buddies lol…. I totally second to no spamming comments on this beloved CH forum. Hopefully whoever did it would not do it again. I went back and did a count; There were more than 30 comments that were posible spams… what a shame *sigh*

    *bow* to all City Hallers/Stalk buddies, may CH and our love spread to all newbies!!! All the best to CH!!! Aja Aja fighting =)

  708. 708 : indri Says:

    WOW,…… so Fantastic !!! Love you all City Hallers,..VIVA CITY HALL !!!
    ^_^ mmuaaaaaaaaach….

  709. 709 : Mary Says:

    This space is for all who love CityHall just like Denali, Emily, koalagirl, jastinel and many more.
    Having said these do give the new M members the benefit of the doubt.
    They have their right to say their likes and love for CityHall and have written relevant. Don’t get upset. We welcome all on board CityHall. They too must have taken good times to chip in. Think positive and withdraw rude senseless remarks. Think mature. We want to see all happy people in CityHall.
    You are not going to chase all M away. Like mtoenlob, mimi, mzpakipot, Martha, ME2 and me Mary.

    Live your day well and enjoy CityHall just like them all. CityHall is for all and not the privilege few.
    I speak for Mirea and JoGook and CityHall fans. Be prudent and wise with words on this site which is in control by relevant authority. On this thread site there is no Hero and there is no Zero. Stay cool.

    You and me are CityHallers, we wave on every comeback. CityHall drama is for all and all can continue your says for CityHall. See all again. We love CityHall.

  710. 710 : CityHalleset Says:

    **waving high to all City Haller**

    Can’t believe it’s just a day after my last visit to this site, the comments growww at this speed. All heartfelt warm welcome can be sensed corner *^^*

    @652 Jangerr, @688 ChaCha, Marcus, KayCook, koalagirl & many others,

    well said, we live in Inju City Hall, I especially like the comment: Inju shi is our home 😉
    Day and night, we are thinking of Mirae, JoGook and all other city hall cast every actions that moved us…

    I have rewatch in tuduo, sub with mandarin, so far no jam up.

  711. 711 : Marcus Says:

    Wave back to CityHalleset and newbees and everyone in CityHall,

    I just finish camp scene and enjoying every minute of it. JoGook so timid with white lady so to get close to Mirae…yeh not a bad idea to get this close.

    Love the tango scene too.

    More to share.

  712. 712 : Moonriver Says:

    Mary had spoken in general and do come back to write your says well for others eyes otherwise will get ban and bombarded by some so called senior and OTs (old-timers) that matters most to them. Thanks and No worries Mary. You really understand that we are all CityHall fans.
    Choose be cool or choose to stay away. The choice is yours. Be true to yourself and never criticize others in one conclusion. I will be coming CityHall way. CityHall drama I have re-watched and MoonRiver at my fingertips. WoW! WoW! It’s Jo Gook scream at the work agency. He was stalking Mirae for upcoming mayor post. I like both of them here.

  713. 713 : Madness Says:

    Our love for CityHall on this thread make others go mad, mad, mad….
    To think about this is just like watching CityHall’s main stars KSA and CSW in intense emotions but that’s no madness just real feel and no spam!! I think those who start this words need an overhaul. Well all because of you Mirae and JoGook. I am drinking ice lemon instead of coffee today.

    Stay there we are all Cityhallers and continue your favorite CityHall drama.

  714. 714 : Mi_Rae_CH Says:

    I have come to love Mirae more each time I re-watched CityHall.

    Especially the scenes when she was pelted with eggs and later scene tomatoes.

    Believe me I stop taking eggs for weeks because the intake and sufferings was really raelly too much. I admired KSA from this point most of all. She is really in her elements.

  715. 715 : Matters Says:

    Words really matters and for that matter my wife told me to continue watching her favorite CityHall drama and be on par with her when in conversation or rather she tells me Mirae and JoGook more than my children’s updates.

    Wonder why she love to label Mirae and JoGook so good and others just little. Come to think of this scene, my wife signal see BoMI lecturing the husband out with a young girl for movie. Never be like him and return home fast to watch CityHall.

    Wife’s order I love to listen. That’s matters most because she is happy and I am delighted and amused by JoGook’s witty ways and learn more from this guy. HaHa. Wanna know why. It really matters to survive!!.

  716. 716 : Mooncakes Says:

    I was carried away by the unbelievable CityHall proposal scene. Can it happen in real life. To me is a No No.

    I will bring the one I love to an island away from all. This one scene with all the lights like it’s going to black out, I am really out really black out now, not to believe.

    Anyway overall it’s still worth seeing. The laughs tickles me when Mirae show-off in swimsuit. That’s a sport. This was the beginning of JoGook so possessive of Mirae is his just in case it happens that way, the total love is yet to warm up, this way I believe it goes unlike the ladies who introduce CityHall to me keep flooding with so good and so excellent. After church many crowds and all CityHall story, that’s why I have to see this drama to fit in. Now I can fit out , anyway still an A for CityHall.

  717. 717 : Meetagain Says:

    Whether you are North or South, East or West, vision your imagination, JoGook says and let’s travel to Inju CityHall. This is where my special meeting place in CityHall. I am back to watching CityHall drama again.

    See how Mirae ‘shines’ and ‘melt’ with emotions as I see Mirae on her knees crying by the seaside regretting she cannot make it for the mayor ship and will fail her supporters. The speech is so hugh in perspective and very unrealistic. She cannot blend with it. So How?? You must come and see this drama to feel and suffer to enjoy what many Cityhallers know the effects just this much to say.

  718. 718 : missss Says:


  719. 719 : CHILL Says:

    I m not good with words but I can tell you guys that evry parts in City Hall just spot on and very very entertaining with the best dialogues ever, well… in real life..for the ending it realistic for me…if you have money to spared…with the one you loved…why not?

  720. 720 : jangerr Says:

    Hi my beloved City Hallers!

    Wow! It was just slightly over a week ago that we cross the 600 marks… And now we’re well over the 700 marks! Amazing!!!

    Like what most have observed, there seem to be a sudden influx of posts by some viewers with usernames that start with ‘M’. It’s kinda strange but I think it’s nothing to worry about. I choose to believe it’s one or some super-duper, can’t-contain-his-excitement city stalker/s.

    Come to think of it, some of the comments were rather spot on, some goofy, there’s one rather poetic too & some really crack me up! Egs “…we really need to find a cure to sizzle each time Mirae & JoGook dazzle in our mind.”(686) or “Cityhall never fails to make me laugh and cry. Mum ask me why? My girlfriend panic and ask for a reason why?” (690) I’m giggling as I’m writing this… This is simply hilarious!!!

    So whoever the user is, you’re most welcome to post your comments & share your excitement. But it will be good if you can contain your enthusiasm a bit and not post too many comments continuosly. We don’t want others who happen to come into this site think that we City Hallers are so desperate to get our beloved drama into the top few most commented list. Cheers!

  721. 721 : Marryme Says:

    I now remember the one hang-up that Mirae love having. The kids gave the art piece instead to JoGook’s mum. You know JoGook was admiring her from behind a second time while she hang the art.
    The first one was when Mirae was picking the rubbish.

    Both indeed is suspense and JoGook mentioned it seems the beautiful mayor is not around and walk out.

    In his mind he must have set eyes for Mirea, She looks best from behind scene!!. JoGook wanna reach the next stage and may be fall head to toes and marry her.

    That’s my brother’s view. Watch that again because men you are right!.

    Wave to all the new M & M….Sweet dreams to all CityHallers.

  722. 722 : Mohan Says:

    This I pick from JoGuk, it’s every woman’s dream to be pampered. She showed Mirae the way from good values to priceless moments JoGuk enthralled her.

    I must pamper the ladies more!! Who to pick? Front good or back best? Use your head to think mum scolded me when I seek her views!.

  723. 723 : Marcus Says:

    Everyone here do you know who suffered most. My answer is Mirae, not you or anyone here. We have a friendly forum on this. I am really keen to share and hear views.

    The impact I meant the real after effects of CityHall is Mirae. As a guy I can feel her emotions in her shoes. Yes she will get over it but not so fast. JoGook had put her to a level of no return.

    I can feel it this CityHall drama impact on Mirae had caused her a major toil on her. Even this is screen acting stand alone. The after-effects take time to clear especially so for this drama so intense is her roles both as mayor and JoGook’s lover and wife.

    JoGook’s feel is only temporary or instant back to normal, that’s a guy point of view. JoGook is more free burden in that sense so back to normal fast when he gets to go back to his family.

    Mirae is the more target victim and the main casualty in this drama CityHall. Agree! Or not. Let’s hear your opinions, CityHallers.

    All in all I believe over time Mirae can be her self again but takes time. I believe she can and will be strong and be normal but really not at this short duration. I get that instinct Mirae suffers most in that sense because she I have seen her down with emotions that scare me!! I meant a few scenes.

    Next post I shall reveal the impact scene that caused most. I am done at 20 episodes and doing a post-mortem for the interest of all Cityhallers who wants to hear from me more.
    Let’s go, go, go….all CityHall fans…enjoy CityHall but don’t suffer like Mirae.

  724. 724 : Citypal Says:

    Wah! you people so good in CityHall story telling. I am addicted to CityHall after completing the whole series 2 weeks ago.

    I like KSA in this drama CityHall. She is so beautiful and good actress, she will be No. 1 in Korea.

    I want to see her more in new drama and movies with LDG.

    They make good pair.

    @ Marcus, the actress performance is of course real and she will be not the same after scenes that’s human nature but for how long have to call KSA for interview. CSW you can leave him alone and he will never be lonely.

  725. 725 : koalagirl Says:

    @ jangerr

    I’m rolling on the floor laughing with your observations about the newest/sudden onslaught of comments in this thread. You are so hilarious! Anyways, anyone can post, whether you’ve watched CH or not, as long as the comments have to do with the drama and make sense (proper use of English notwithstanding). It’s the love for CH that matters, and as long as the postings are legitimate and not spamming, I have no problems with them. Glad folks love CH so much!

  726. 726 : Mum Says:

    Many here simply love to park their feel for CityHall after or before watching CityHall. This space must really have lots of fresh air for all to come around, there are no so called restrictions nor mention rules and order. All here can read from A to Z or more.

    CityHallers are all mature and loving by nature. Understand great minds think alike.

    Here is all about CityHall and all CityHall fans. When driving into CityHall park it’s all about Mirae and team and all their wonderful castings that has brought CityHallers around the world to visit this space here.

    Here CityHallers have only sincere says and most significant is everyone is standing for CityHall. That’s the real cause for loving Mirae and CityHall. Re-watching CityHall and Mirae doing her cooking share at the Charity Home and singing away is entertaining. You better be here to savour the food.

  727. 727 : Movie Says:

    Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!, Dad really go wire seeing me at home watching CityHall.

    Why? run out of money to watch movie, That’s me racing to enjoy CityHall again, to learn more of JoGook’s cunning yet intelligent part to treat my gal.

    Really very man of JoGook…AAH….dad please don’t disturb I am okay at home, it’s all about CityHall this weekend.

    I need a coffee please plus refill, Noona U there!!.

  728. 728 : Matsalleh Says:

    Absolutely the best storyline, I recommend this CityHall Kdrama to my officemates.

    You know, non stop chatting and bickering at times to compare Mirae and JoGook’s emotions to emerge winners and some ladies can’t even gesture properly, some choose to brag they understand CityHall better than others who pen here lately but more seems nice and understanding, that’s we all Cityhallers stay here in Inju.

    Anyway it’s CityHall I love the vital reasons more will get the point right and check their talk and style so that more can walk about in CityHall for peace and harmony.

    Hi Cityhallers let’s wave again.

  729. 729 : URINLAW Says:

    @726 CityHallers are all mature and loving by nature. Understand great minds think alike. You’re so dead right Mum. AJAAAAAAAAAA JA

  730. 730 : 316CJ Says:

    O-M-G !!!
    Am I dreaming? My last post is at 527! I’ve got 73 post that I need to read!!!
    But, I am happy to see this site becomes more and more popular.

    Waves and hugs for etee7114, denali, mtoenlob, koalagirl and jangerr. You guys are ROCKS!!! Thank you for your hard working for draw people to City Hall. Definitely, they won’t regret it!

    Hi for the new City Haller… =)

    For whoever that somehow find this site. This is not an accident, it is opportunity for you to experience a great, great, and great drama you’ll ever know.
    Do you like comedy? You’ll find it in City Hall.
    Do you like romance? You’ll (definitely) find it in City Hall.
    Do you like sweet and cute scenes? You’ll (again, definitely) find it in City Hall.
    Do you like heart-breaking and heart-warming scenes? You’ll absolutely find it in City Hall.
    Do you like politic? You’ll find it in City Hall.

    So what are you waiting for?

  731. 731 : 316CJ Says:

    Ups… made a huge mistake…
    I mean, I’ve got 202 post to read!!!!
    Proud for all of you! *HUGSSSSSS*

  732. 732 : Main Says:

    CityHall storyline must be that one drama ‘more than meet the eyes’. The answers I got from my wife first, my honeybee for this weekend is not going out, change her mind because she cannot just stop, CityHall to see more of her Mirae and JoGook she keeps saying both so matching so and so good.
    What’s next?; mum sounded, Let’s eat out. Your wife not moving or cannot moved? Your wife mentioned cannot stop. Is it the DVD player is jammed? I meant she was jammed and engrossed with CityHall.

    Wanna find out CityHall must be really that intoxicating and touching. Mother remarked you know this, your wife did not cry this way in dad’s wake. So touching must be this story for her. Let’s pack her favourite food. She must be this bad affected!
    Let’s check-out the CityHall story from the start. That’s mum next agenda. Wave Cityhallers will be back to share.

  733. 733 : Mi_Rae_CH Says:

    Wonderful, I can see so many new CityHallers here aspire to share with more and more inspiring stories they have encounter in their journey with CityHall drama.

    Certainly Mirae and JoGook pop up the superstar way to attract all from far and near.

    Thanks a million for bringing to all this wonderful CityHall KDrama, the BEST this far in a billion ways.

    My offer here is be seduced by CityHall. You better be prepared.

  734. 734 : kay Cook Says:

    There is lot of good dramas..but here is Best of Best one and only drama “Cityhall” i’m so crazy about this drama all the way…I was just too tired of many typical K-dramas out there.??….CityHall is refreshing….LOVE..LOVE…CityHall……

  735. 735 : Marcus Says:

    Like I have mentioned Mirae suffered the most. Not my wife or anyone more than Mirae for that really matters in CityHall drama.

    My post mortem on this drama I discovered sweetness unfolds from an unsure and shaky Mirae yet plain, helpful and sincere transform to be an able well balanced Mayor delivering her commendable speech to the accolade from mass people of Inju.

    Mirae’s journey was indeed tough, here in CityHall you will laugh more and cry less, dream more and mirror Mirae in her spontaneous ways and enjoy every of her rock and roll and tango and sorry sorry dance so much and many hilarious moments and situations she and JoGook unveil as the story progress.

    One worth mentioning was Mirae took her goals in her best spirit through bitter times to her milestones achievements based on respect she had earned flawless balance from her one time peers and JoGook motives became her winning points and to achieve her fundamentals. Even JoGook awe on many instances when she delivered her speeches on TV elections and her stand not to cooperate on the pollution and
    environment issues.

    Yes I reiterate Mirae after effects is more than my wife and all of you. I truly can vision more than reality seen in the end and will share more once wife summoned to discuss again.

    Why no CityHallers want to discuss with you? My answer to close wife’s lips. All CityHallers are very busy with their own CityHall story. No time like you!.

    Again wife asked what you think of Mirae? Or how you find JoGook, To tell the truth Mirae deserves someone at least 100 times better than JoGook . I shall tell you why and why Mirae deserve that special someone.

    Wave to all CityHallers. I have had enough today!.

  736. 736 : ENOG Says:

    @734 KK, CityHall is refreshing….LOVE..LOVE…CityHall……AJAJAJA…

  737. 737 : Mary Says:

    Hi! CityHallers
    Sitting atop my list of KDrama is still CityHall.
    Indeed here I have found new CityHallers who too have no answers to their immense addiction in CityHall.
    Certainly CityHall is the best of all KDrama presenting the Best actress in KSA and Good Actor in CSW.
    You got to get hold of this great drama fast.

  738. 738 : Midday Says:

    It’s midday here, the weather is warmer now just like what I wanna do, like all of you who love Mirae and all about CityHall to stay a little longer here in Inju, simply the drama too good and like the welcome here is more and more CityHallers to wave back.

    Going to eat less today after a midnight overdose of CityHall and enjoying this part most!

    That’s Mirae in her enchanting moments taking more than her stomach could digest as she gesture to JoGook and that witty guy lift his eyelids to awe at KingKong, What a duo after her heavy meal and there’s she goes plunge when she meets her Mr XX to shout and bicker to the delight of JoGook.

    Stay here longer and more to share CityHallers

  739. 739 : Mine Says:

    It’s here I can find more space to share the best in KDrama and CityHall is the one best drama to highlight my addiction.

    Yes, no matter you have viewed the interior, or learned here from CityHallers the exterior, I can guarantee you this and bet my life that you will too find CityHall so superior. Isn’t this our standard? CityHall is now the hallmark of Kdramas this I can attest and love more to share.

    Come on CityHall pals and fans let’s cheers, my soju is here let’s cheers to KSA and CSW and to CityHall Drama’s glory soon.

  740. 740 : zeesaw Says:


  741. 741 : Musteers Says:

    The world smiles with CityHallers.

    Taking the Lead in KDrama, go go go for CityHall the all time favorite for you and me.

    Let’s cheers to our most beautiful Mirae and gorgeous CSW.

    Wave to all CityHallers.

  742. 742 : Matt Says:

    Hi all CityHallers,

    So many new voices simply makes CityHall indeed special for a good cause.

    Wow! CityHall drama the difference that makes all the difference.

    Believing is getting started with CityHall early or enjoy your re-watching again.

  743. 743 : jangerr Says:

    *Big wave* to all City Hallers!

    @730 316CJ

    Welcome back! What happened to you? MIA for so long! Now you have a lot of ‘catching up’ to do… I was very busy the last couple of weeks but I’ve always came in here daily to take a quick peek. Somehow the day didn’t seem complete without me doing so…

    @ 725 koalagirl

    Glad you’re finding the lighter side of the current slew of comments. We City Hallers certainly have a good sense of humour, don’t we?

    Here are a few new ones that are tickling my funny bones… “This I pick from JoGuk, it’s every woman’s dream to be pampered… I must pamper the ladies more!! Who to pick? …Use your head to think mum scolded me when I seek her views!” (722), or “…my wife is not going out, change her mind because she cannot just stop, CityHall to see more of her Mirae and JoGook…What’s next?; mum sounded, Let’s eat out. Your wife not moving or cannot moved? Your wife mentioned cannot stop. Is it the DVD player is jammed?” (732) Aren’t these such a riot!!! I’m having so much fun!!!

    @710 CityHalleset

    Yep, yep, yep! I like to watch it at tudou too. No problem there at all!

  744. 744 : Mi_Rae_CH Says:

    CityHall is travelling places, original from Korea and simultaneously by cable and satellite and internet to all and ardent fans across the globe. Now hail officially in Japan and HongKong and many more countries. Thumbs-Up so far.

    Simply timely to continue to win accolades for its respectable storyline on politics, a world class offerings and insights to improve oneself and draw inspirations from a Nobody to a Somebody like Mirae and from one self-centred JoGook, where fame and wealth matter most to a symbolic change from scaling a mountain to quick success to changing course in going the right path to win the hearts in Inju and the one heart JoGook focus to live in her. Yes, again it’s all about beautiful Mirae, step in to CityHall to peep at Mirae, you gonna love her like all CityHallers here.

    Don’t you think this is a great storyline everyone elder or younger can pick up the strength and head for their goal? I assured my mum by re-watching drama CityHall I am ready to score straight As.
    Dad and Mum beam and grin. Really than continue with CityHall drama first.
    Yes! Mum trust me because she trust Mirae. Mum for sure is positive. She mentioned Yes; If you can be 10% Mirea, I can sit back and smile. I wanna all to know Mum always says Mirae uses the Power of mind over matter to follow her heart. Mirae is my family Number 1 best actress.

    I am confident to score all As for a First-Class degree. Thumb’s-Up, praise me just like Mirae.

    Yes CityHall KDrama the answer, Don’t ever stop, spread the words fast, use sms please. CityHallers shall be back.

    Wave everyone and esp. my favourites M & M newbies.Great sharing to all.

  745. 745 : juphe Says:

    City Hall is AWESOME!!
    I’m really addicted with this drama…
    How can KSA be such an amazing & beautiful woman…^^
    And i admire CSW’s great body!! hahaha
    very best drama ever!!

    Wave to all City Haller!! ^^

  746. 746 : Moonriver Says:

    @745 and 744 and all postmasters CityHallers here,

    Let’s cheers to our cute and beautiful and talented Mirae and to witty, in-between can do (character in CityHall- at least from…to better if not best), gorgeous JOGook. This story in CityHall we have so much to say again and again.

    Here all CityHallers follow their journey like the waterfall, swift water flow to attract all to camp at the site where Mirae and JoGook spam all over wet and fun they splash cool and hot waves to all her fans so that we can continue to seal this space and pour the excess water in words not in haste but slow and steady for all CityHallers to enjoy and share.

    No scene shall go waste if you re-watch this drama again.

    Let’s tango here when time permits, CityHallers here I wave to all.

  747. 747 : miss.u Says:

    i love Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah so much… so romantic when see they together. 2009 the best drama, the best actor n actress. CITY HALL well done \(~.~)/ muack****

  748. 748 : CityHalleset Says:

    Never get bored rewatching and rewatching each scene, as well as never get bored to visit to this site to check what’s up, I like great minds think alike 😉

    Can you guys trace where does JoGook start to fall for Mirae?

    There’s one scene where JoGook claim his belongings, “your little toes are mine, your belly is mine, eyes are mine, lashes are mine, whole body belongs to me, you are mine” isn’t it sweet?

    On the other hand, where all of us falling in love with CH and all the lovely cast, I agree with @723 Marcus that KSA suffered the most, at the end of the filming, she went a breakaway with family to chill down the heat and role playing in CH.

    Anyway, I wish KSA would get her loving Mr. Right, and live on happily. Aja!

    And not forget to wish all of you CityHallers, have a nice day!

  749. 749 : MEE2 Says:

    @748 Never get bored rewatching and rewatching each scene, as well as never get bored to visit to this site to check what’s up, I like great minds think alike, including me….ajaaaja

  750. 750 : Monday Says:

    Hi, all M & Ms and eveyone in CityHall, Yes! continue from my previous Monday blues never hit me because I have CityHall to keep me alive!!.

    Enjoy, CityHall a superb drama where emotions are taken to new heights episode after episode and stops at a CityHallglory scene where the lead couple Mirae and JoGook are full of life in an active campaign and Mirae on the go to support JoGook. Indeed a beautiful stop-right for a take-off to CityHall2.

    Get ready your boarding pass, CityHallers far and near. We shall be on board CityHall2. Now draw the Big Picture. I shall come by again to share with you when Monday Monday ( hum humming to sing along to Monday blues and tune) returns to CityHall park.

    Enjoy the week ahead and don’t stop CityHall until your Saturday Night fever sets in for your break but never never breakaway from CityHall and remember to return to base for a wave to all.

  751. 751 : angel1992 Says:

    I asked my mom to buy me Original City Hall DVD from Singapore, Price SDG $39.90


  752. 752 : kay Cook Says:

    where can i buy DVD????????

  753. 753 : Major Says:

    @ No1 to 752, CityHallers here is our great nest, knowing CityHall is simply knowing you and you CityHallers. Indeed another milestone to enjoy Kdrama and CityHall drama is a major success in winning the hearts of all viewers in particular everyone here I can see, read and hear.

    Stay close to Inju CityHall to enjoy great moments with Mirae and JoGook and over here loads and loads of CityHall toppings from fun to laughter and more let’s ready coffee, cookies, cakes, curry, chicken, everything that start with alphabet “C” we care to share our special feel for CityHall KDrama, we are all so addicted we cannot stop even on days when we are just TIME POOR yet to BALANCE LIFE we sail this way and wave to all our CityHall fans.

  754. 754 : KEOCMN Says:


  755. 755 : Marcus Says:

    Hi @748 and all CityHallers and all newbies M & Ms, welcome into CityHall of fame and confirmed here drama viewed and understood. I swear to care and share my analysis.

    First and foremost good evening to all or rather happy morning to East and South CityHallers.

    Well in this post-mortem analysis CityHall thoughts goes my way in this way starting with my wife because I saw how she suffered to enjoy CityHall.

    Dear keeps asking me why CityHallers got no time to talk and discuss here on how Mirae suffered like what dear claims to be.

    I am glad to have you, this fan @ 748 by my side CityHalleset that you agreed Mirae suffered most.

    CityHall is the one and only that had affected my wife this much and that is this reason why I journey with her when she re-watched at the 5 round. She reiterated its Mirae and JoGook’s favorite Number 5. I just wanted to know why she was too immersed and the facts I was concerned with her well-being and my mum too even asked me to take her to see the best doctor in town! .

    This is true and in just one sentence here I am lost for words or rather my wife went out to CityHall and got lost there!. My journey now is too fully understand her and convinced her a drama is just another melody on screen, straight she knew the answer and agreed than why take so long to be back to normal, still the story cannot end and CityHall so so very good and here am I back to part my says.

    Reach out for wife’s favorite’s stars KSA and CSW in CityHall.

    Who suffered most we got one vote or rather 2 from me and CityHalleset.

    Now the question from CityHalleset, when did JoGook fall in love with Mirae?

    Yes or No all yours to decide. This is my assumption of cupid love arrow strike Mirae & JuGook in CityHall. This way I tell and share and you may give your views for and against all welcome.

    I would say as early as their encounter at the swimming pool. CSW confirmed, this lady is gonna going to be mine as Jo Gook’s 2 big protrude goldfish eyes roll left and right to awe at Mirae even with hands over his face the loopholes shows in between those tricky fingers and in a man’s mind the wave is set and anchored.

    Yes! Mirae is the one!! with her stunning figure and with her spells of down-to-earth nature study, CWS can conduct his tour in Mirae overall and that simple honest cute statement to refill his coffee ‘kill’ JoGook spot-on that this lady is going to be on his side, in simple words belong to him, Mirae to sum up is intriguing and stimulating and CSW can explore more tales and affairs of CityHall thinking Mirae is straight-forward, blunt, pumpkin and could easily be sway by his charms because he wanted to use this lady to carry tales to nail down the Mayor-in-office.

    Such is the beginning to a roller coaster rock and roll and romantic story-endand to quote the initial spark to wild fire taking place in Inju City on the very first scene JoGook meets Mirae in person is the start point of falling in love. Infact the better scene will be the very opening scene when JoGook peep on Mirae from the behind butt scene on clearing the rubbish and that clear-cut was even endorsed from behind. This lady cannot run away!

    To make it precise was the office scene and first statement of coffee refill that was indeed captivating when JoGook make a 90 degree turn to look into Mirae to ask her secrets in preparing the coffee and Mirae’s answer on refill spellbind him.

    The only setback was her hair problem also on the first encounter and on how JoGook overcome this riled. Shall relate this part in my next post if you wanna know in details, when her hair smell disappear, to know when JoGook starts to feel normal with her hair. Hear from me here we wave in CityHall base.

    That’s the reason, for JoGook when he became possessive and did not approve Mirae to join the pageant. After the whole set-up of embezzling part of the pageant upfront expenditure and by putting Mirae to win all think this matter will be hush-hush but it didn’t work the way.

    To be continue. Stay with me, CityHallers. Did I bored you rigid you or bowl you over to CityHall. Keep going the good and normal way and enjoy more of CityHall drama.

  756. 756 : Lan Says:

    A truly meaningful, inspirational and interesting drama with an awesome cast. I will vote this as the best korean drama of the year. Cha Seung Won and Kim Sun Ah are superb in their chemistry and acting. Hope they will receive awards for their excellent performance.

  757. 757 : Mum Says:

    Once more time (sing to the tune) CityHallers, your joy is pertinent.

    CityHall Message from the Board and Authority on behalf by Mum.

    Those who are skeptical, those who procrastinate, those who believe that nothing will make any difference will miss this opportunity to enjoy CityHall KDrama.

    And to those who just browse and go and say zero that’s up to them. They will miss their say forever for all we know we shall stay here for as long as we are CityHallers for more and better.

    The door is open you can come in to join many CityHallers. Peeping is allowed here because we all loved to know are you still watching CityHall.

    This category, don’t be one of them. Steal and libel others are not allowed because we all love to see every CityHallers safe, sound, free and happy.

    Let your guilt shall sway swing away by the breeze and wave in CityHall.
    You can do that now or your life just be the same.

    Come in today we live in the hearts here in CityHall in tandem with JoGook’s making up words he lived in Mirae’s heart’s. Brought directly to you via CityHall Love cable by Mirae and JoGook and all CityHallers across the globe.

    Go Go Go ! It’s CityHallers Day on 17th November 2009, my birthday.

    God Bless All CityHallers.

  758. 758 : Michael Says:

    @ 757 Mum, Happy Birthday to you from all your M & Ms sons and daughters, inlaws, outlaws, kiddos and on behalf of CityHallers here today. We really really miss you. Enjoy and make time even so far away. Still winter, watch your steps and wear more clothes to keep warm and no overdose of CityHall! just for today. Kisses and lovessss.

    We love you always just like CityHallers who pledge love across miles for CityHall.

    Everyone loves Michael Jackson a legend he remains close to the hearts of many. Music his life makes the world and MJ the world’s recognition I behold.

    Similarly, the hallmark way for CityHall, a legend drama manifest in line with great Korean drama delights marks a distinction bringing smiles across miles.

    Everyone, everywhere, everyday we are bound to enjoy CityHall. Discover the secrets in Mirae and JoGook to break that spell of magic and spread the CityHall fever.

    Cheers CityHallers. Cheers Mum, ready ready cheers to good health Mum I love you

    CityHall space I use and say thank you to all in CityHall.

  759. 759 : CityHalleset Says:

    @ Monday
    New century is now having Tuesday blue… hahahaa.. anyway still agree with you, we live in Inju City does not feel the blue, as we always has great City Mayor with us 😉

    @ 755 Marcus
    whoosh… Thanks for your long long story sharing, , I like
    the way you described the intangible side of the story. Far more better than synopsis on the top.

    To me, the chemistry started, I would think it’s when JoGook looked up for Mirae in middle of helping Lee ZD finishing wall paper in the old house, his eyes filled with jeolousy…

    well want to hear more from you and others too…

    Like your wife, she is so cute and sentimental… You are lucky man, and so does she is lucky to have you, who can share CityHall with her…

    Cheers to all CityHallers!

  760. 760 : URINLA Says:

    The door is open you can come in to join many CityHallers. Peeping is allowed here because we all loved to know are you still watching CityHall.
    To mi mum, I’m peeping now. Ajaaaaaaaaaaa

  761. 761 : Mum Says:

    @758 & 760 Michael and URIN LA, Greetings, love msgs. and wishes flow all over CityHall and Skpe. I knew boys and girls all around. Thanks heaps and May God Bless all. Mum is well and great and lots to read.

    I am convinced CityHall will be here to stay forever seeing my brood grow and grow.

    Pamper yourself more and sing favorites and watch CityHall, the all good n all time family favourite drama more and more like how you pamper mum everyday.

    Wave to all CityHallers.

  762. 762 : Mi_Rae_CH Says:

    @761 + 757 Happy birthday mama mum, missing you just like Mirae and JoGook missing each other. U received my sms, I love you mama. You Inspire us and we are here to Aspire.

    Indeed camping here, I can read and check out fans in CityHall, now reaching new heights from Mt Sorak at height 762m above sea level we have scale mountains and cross oceans and continue to grow, each time I past here and sometimes more than 3 times in a day I will come by, I knew for the right reason is I have you CityHall fans around here.

    The CityHall interesting picture display Mirae was caught red-handed and claimed ownership in rejoice and happy moments by Jo Gook more than 3 times in a day to witness how that ‘sly/smart guy’ delivers his speech flawless and support his campaign speech. Double meaning of ‘sly/smart Jo Gook’ check me out and no need to run through to check Oxford or Webster, I shall relate to you after my exams!.

    No worries, CityHallers, this park here has no restrictions, only free fresh space and no surcharge or parking fees and no copyright or royalty fees everyone who understands CityHall and need more of Korean wave, I meant breathe cool fresh air exudes at CityHall parks, do drop by, there’s no limit, countless occasions most welcome or knock 3 times at the old oak tree ( do sing along with me ) by the way I sing well, a country singer because I live in country side like Inju suburb, imagine me sing (friends call me more than a bathroom singer), dreams and aim and set my goal, great one day I want to be like Mirae.

    Join me here everyday when free, CityHallers come this way because breathing cool fresh air is really only one ricola/clorets/peppermints/CityHall episode your choices you select, breathe in and release stress just shout out loud to all.

    Come over to see the blooms and feel the freshness of tomorrow!. This time Mirae’s turn to give her speech on Flowers Day in Inju. That’s impulsive throw and stab back retaliation and fun to funny Mirae’s speech caught the attention of the ladies crowding around JoGook. Amusing to all visitors, you and me and CityHallers we are all blown away by Mirae’s words splash across at JoGook that his likes of busty, tall more than pretty and money flowers all 4 in one are his roving ways to reach his dream girl. JoGook reacted beyond normal look seen irritated here was already in love with Mirae and JoGook awe her closing speech when she mentioned further everyone will grow and progress with each bloom bring prosperity to all citizens in CityHall.

    So wonderful is the continuation, let’s find out again in CityHall drama. You may call me when free I have more time now, I have resign as a valid Mayor, and that’s later part, enjoy all and goodnight CityHallers. See all around again.

  763. 763 : CityHallgo Says:

    Hi, @ 762, 755,756,757, great story about CityHall.

    The going was tough, enduring an internship, thinking of my Mirae makes the tough going, just like Mirea being beacon and call at the pageant to be readmitted. The shirt pulling by JoGook was a good one to view her full back and butt matter from behind!.

    That JoGook likes to start from the behind scene all the time!!. He is simply hilarious!!. Look out for more from the behind scene, more to share!!

    Keep going into CityHall, Go Go Go!!!

  764. 764 : kay Cook Says:

    I love y’ll….Cityhaller……

  765. 765 : MoMo Says:

    Hi! all,

    Fantastic! Being a first page CityHaller, now promoted to page 16, truly a drama at its finest and i am still with my stars KSA and CSW in CityHall.

    Keep up the CityHall standard this way!!. Enjoy your day.

  766. 766 : Marryme Says:

    WoW! CityHall fever is zooming so widespread.

    Is that for real happenings? All in CityHall Top KDrama!

    Thumbs-up! Everybody in CityHall. You make my day.

    Wanna complete each and all interesting reads for shots and kills.

    CityHall waves pounding many hearts like fire!

    Simply we are here for more and more of Mirae and JoGook.

    Can you all hear! Your own heartbeats!

    Mirae really can hear JoGook’s heart pounding!

    Even when he laughs! (JoGook or your loved ones –send for test)

    Yes! confirmed JoGook’s heart beat in office is normal today!

    Out of office! Out of sight! Out of mind!

    Refer to Mirea! his doctor ! or his wife! Respectively!!

    Ha Ha Ha!!! Very likely have to be warded!

    Next Patient please!

    All showing now in final episode!!

    Be happy, merry and merry in CityHall.

    Wave…all CityHallers esp.mum

  767. 767 : kre Says:

    whoa! CH is now ranked 6th here on most commented dramas! wweee1 *clap*clap* great job CHallers! fighting! 🙂

  768. 768 : Mark Says:

    CityHall Drama, the best kdrama in 2009.

    To see CityHall drama is to enjoy and hail CityHallers and return to meet friends and fans, all CityHallers here, we are simple rejoicing every second every minute every hour every day every week every month and maybe years to last.

    Come here to check us out!!

    We welcome all.

  769. 769 : ME2 Says:

    Wave…all CityHallers esp.mum

  770. 770 : koalagirl Says:

    All 20 episodes of City Hall with English subtitles is now up on Dramafever.com (amazing source of subbed k-dramas). Viikii links are no longer working. Good luck to everyone looking to watch City Hall to see what all the fuss is about.

  771. 771 : Moonriver Says:

    I discover CityHall warm my heart

    Probably few and many reasons the actual cause

    The coming back here did make me feel complete.

    Many did suffer the same fate

    The remedy and cure could take a little longer

    But the feelings culminate and love filled the air

    The chemistry between Mirae and JoGook seen immaculate

    To find one talented Mirae is rare

    JoGook’s charm may proof a gem

    Setting the bar to fall in love above par

    In 5 days is magical

    In 5 weeks is mission impossible

    In 5 months is God’s blessing

    In 5 years is CityHall’s standard

    Applications from males and females

    Now open, Drop in CityHall Square.

    Results to make known in 5 hours!!

    Mimic Mirae right or select a JoGook extremes

    CityHallers open your Goldfish eyes to right picks!

    I am ready to sing for the lucky pair and pair more

    The Moonriver song I love best

    Sway your body just like Mirae and JoGook

    Sweet sweet dreams CityHallers I love all.

    Mum it’s me not this late I suppose to declare all my love for you till the right one I can see as mine to share and care (I wish for JoGook’s extreme goldfish eyes to find my Mirae) Hi brothers M&M & mates stay well and cheers all CityHallers

    Help on the way in CityHall way.

  772. 772 : kay Cook Says:

    There were any dramas is/was better then the Cityhall?…it was the most romantic drama I have ever watched…it just unfolded so beautifully…so well place and put together with great actors and werderful script…so I’m convinced Cityhall will be here to stay foreever……….

  773. 773 : CityHalleset Says:

    Hello all my fellow CityHallers!

    Happy belated birthday to Mom, wish you good health and happy living in CityHall 😉

    To those have not started or in the mid of watching CH, my advice to you, try to finish the drama series, do not go peep at any other NG scene or behind the scene. This will give you complete roller coast feeling on the whole story, getting more and more excited to find out what’s going to happen next…. believe me, it’s more interesting than you could expect…

    My friends said I am deeply addicted to CH, can’t help 🙂 First one told me, I would expect to get hang over for a week or two… but friend, I am listening to the OST everday, rewatching the drama, coming here CH base to check on updates and moves by every comments my dear CityHallers wrote… not daily, in fact more than 3 times a day…

    Both Mirae and JoGook are really fantastic, love all the parts they do self-talking…. Remember the scene JoGook talking to himself after hung up phone when LeeZD warned him it’s more dangerous for Mirae to be with him than where she is, after their first intimate kiss in the car, “this guy knows me better than myself”.

    Not the normal crazy about movie or drama that I feel, I am feeling more contented with CH, never feel this great before as to be with you great ppl here in Inju-shi.

    Cheers CityHallers and everyone if you have not started, go go go…

  774. 774 : Elizabeth Says:

    770 koalagirl

    Thank you so much for the info, it is music to my ears.

  775. 775 : Ellooo Says:

    City Hallerrrr ajaajaaaa

  776. 776 : Meetagain Says:

    CityHall icon KDrama

    CityHall idol Mirae

    CityHall cool JoGook

    CityHall conversation melts

    CityHall coffee stimulating

    CityHall connecting people

    CityHall moments spark

    CityHall connecting lives

    CityHall lift spirit

    CityHall connecting spaces

    CityHall open doors

    CityHall true-to-life

    CityHall entertaining all

    CityHall drama advantage

    CityHall attracts all

    CityHall unite CityHallers

    CityHall across globe

  777. 777 : Movie Says:

    Breaking News in CityHall
    Cheers M&M & mates.
    Hi! CityHallers.
    Done up the music video for mum
    Continue the lyrics lines @ 776
    Understand compose ready by Mike and Mag @ 776
    Indeed a fantastic music video CityHall storyline (pics of lovely Mirae and cool JoGook)
    Singing tunes to favorites Lionel Richie and the late Michael Jackson.
    Singers Moonriver and Mi_Rae_CH
    All Happenings on Special CityHall Christmas celebrations & Drama Night
    We wanna X’mas special for mum and members seeking more of CityHall.

    M & M CityHallers all
    We are the world CityHall
    The beginning of the greatest story CityHall
    The fulfillment of the greatest story CityHall
    The impact of the greatest story CityHall
    The greatest story ever told CityHall
    The greatest story can change yours CityHall
    The greatest story continues CityHall
    All are welcome to CityHall
    Admission is free CityHall
    We are the world CityHall
    We are the world you and me.

  778. 778 : Midnight Says:

    Good morning to all CityHallers
    Good night to some going to bed
    Sweet dreams in CityHall

    The Drama is CityHall, The Experience is Priceless

    For Sneak Preview, Walking the Red Carpet

    Talented Beautiful Actress, Bubbling-Fresh Mirae

    Ace Gorgeous Actor, Awe-Inspiring JoGook

    The Funny side, The Romantic side

    Breathless & Brilliant, Blockbuster Cityhall

    The Best KDrama in Time.

  779. 779 : N ME Says:

    @3…seven, We are the world CityHall
    We are the world you and me, and me…

  780. 780 : koalagirl Says:

    To watch City Hall (English subbed):

    1. Dramafever.com
    2. aznv.tv

    To watch City Hall (Chinese subbed)

    1. Tudou or youku

    A DVD directors cut will be coming out soon, so be on the lookout. It will probably have deleted scenes, BTS, and commentary.

  781. 781 : Mi_Rae_CH Says:

    I am Mirae’s double.
    Completed Grade 10 exams
    Next Agenda
    Re-watch my favorite CityHall.
    I have a Dream.
    My Dream is to become Drama Critic
    Win every Battle.
    Celebrate Sing CityHall
    We are the World
    Mum and Dad.
    No worries
    Mirae my Mentor
    For Sure Tomorrow
    All watch CityHall
    The Best KDrama

  782. 782 : kay Cook Says:

    Where can I buy directors cut DVD???
    What is directors cut DVD?????????……I want buy a cityhall DVD…love,love,this drama

  783. 783 : koalagirl Says:

    @ kay cook

    Check on soompi’s City Hall forum – when the release date and method of purchase of the City Hall director’s cut DVD is announced, Soompiers will be sure to post in the forum. It’s also an amazing place to chill with other City Hallers.

  784. 784 : Mann Says:

    Hi! CityHallers
    It’s pouring here in CityHall
    I’ll be late, Mayor
    Infact was watching CityHall
    Till past 3am in the morning.
    Just reclined my seat
    For a rest and coffee
    Simply CityHall the cause
    Best Drama, Great artists
    Mirea and JoGook
    Both superb a must see
    All in CityHall.

  785. 785 : kay Cook Says:


    Thank you so much impo….i will check on Soompi’s………..

  786. 786 : JELYN Says:

    I love CH. It simply rocks!!!! I love Kim Suna. She’s my fave Actress. Thank you to City Hall for casting Cha Seung Won. they are full of chemistry. You want to watch them more and more and more Love you. AJA!! CH. AJA!!

  787. 787 : sunahforever Says:

    OMG, 786 postings!!! It was only 642 when I last posted something…well CH fans, I have jumped into the band wagon!!!! Yippee, I just got my DVDs…am watching Episode 2….no time due to work so hv to catch up this weekend…sigh…can’t wait. However, I must say the momentum has not caught up yet at Ep 1 & 2…am I being too impatient??? There were funny scenes but cannot feel the LOVE chemistry yet between my darling KSA and CSW. However, it was crazy that SMR was portrayed as “fat” or “old” to qualifty to enter the beauty pageant…how can??? She lost so much weight….anyway, to continue tonite!!!

  788. 788 : mtoenlob Says:

    I am reposting this which I have earlier posted at soompi.com. Just want to share with you my journey to and from The City Hall. Dedicated to Denali and to all City Hallers who are in the process of moving on.

    Moving On

    How do you say good-bye to a loved one? How do you let go of something so precious? How do you move on when someone or something that means so much to you is gone?

    When CH aired its final episode, the splendor of the ending – the unforgettable, dreamlike and out-of-box proposal scene which sent shivers down my spine and which surely had made not a few women swoon with delight and envy; the astonishing revelation that 8 years earlier into their lives, SMR and JG had unknowingly crossed paths and fate had sealed that encounter; and not the least, a glimpse into a wedding and hopefully a blissful union together for years to come – far outweigh the imminent loss. Only when the euphoria subsided did the realization that CH had ended sank in. An unexplainable sadness gradually seeped in and hovered, lingering for days turning into weeks. A feeling of emptiness gripped my being tightening its hold until my chest constricted with ache. I fed my hollowed pain with rewatchings of CH, with internet searches for everything and anything CH. But the craving was insatiable. Until the conscious awareness set in that I was in grief. And it is very strange this thing called grief. It is ironic that the more you ignore it the more it will cling on to you. It will not leave you unless and until you surrender to it. This act of giving in to the feeling lent some comfort no matter how fleeting and somehow soothed the longing in my heart. Then the acceptance that indeed my beloved CH has ended became a bit easier but not without pain.

    It’s been over four months since CH ended, but the thought of it still remains. I still catch myself every now and then, drifting to Inju City, reliving the joys, the pains, the failures and successes of each character who were so real to me. As I write this, a part of me still wishes that SMR and JG would appear before me just as hilarious and lovable as they were. Sometimes the longing is so real it leaves me breathless. So how do I deal with this resident loneliness and cope with the longing? A shift in perspective almost always help or surrendering to the feeling until it has quench its thirst for attention or simply resignation to the situation makes it less painful, leaving no room for regrets only recalling those amazing moments at Inju City. It is easier said than done, but yes, it can be done. How? Little by little, just going with the flow as situations unfold recapturing the wonders between visits in Inju City until I learn to accept the need to say hello and goodbye. I need to learn to accept (and perhaps acknowledge it as having an essential part of me) because without acceptance there will be no letting go, there will be no moving on, there will be no growth, only a stagnant bond which could only lead to decay and eventually resentment. If you like, one day at a time, at your own phase until everything feels . . . and is . . . right again.

    However, once a City Haller will always be a City Haller. This is one badge I will forever be proud to wear. New adventures may be encountered; new characters might be met; new excitement might be experienced but all these will only be savored in the light of City Hall for City Hall is where my heart is. I might be taking new journeys, venturing into new escapades and exploring new quests, but, at the end of the day, like the proverbial prodigal son I will be returning, always returning home. And there is no better place like home – where one finds solace in peace and serenity, contentment and satisfaction, comfort and love. And City Hall is my home, for home is where the heart is.
    In any circumstances, good-byes are, most of the times, difficult to express. Partings will always be sweet sorrows. Letting go necessitates decision and moving on requires responsibility to be determined and resolved. But after all has been said and done, what goes round comes around. We will find ourselves renewing acquaintances, reminiscing the past, exchanging anecdotes.

    No good-byes. No farewells. Only . . . until we meet again in a place where it all began . . . in Inju City . . . in City Hall.

  789. 789 : sunahforever Says:

    Goodness @788, you are such a brilliant writer…so poetic, so passionate!! I will carry on with new episodes tonite to experience the wonder you are expressing…

  790. 790 : AGOO Says:


  791. 791 : koalagirl Says:

    @ sunahforever

    Episode 4 of CH is where the intense, sizzling chemistry between KSA and CSW completely takes off, no holds barred. Episodes 1-2 are hilarious but more set-up, so it’s not surprising you don’t feel the intensity yet. I’m suspecting you’ll marathon City Hall this weekend, so looking forward to your review afterwards!

  792. 792 : Elizabeth Says:

    Oh, dash it! City Hall at dramafever.com can only be accessed by those in the USA and Canada. Withdrawal symptoms are here to stay.

  793. 793 : JELYN Says:


  794. 794 : jangerr Says:

    @793 JELYN

    You don’t have to apologise for posting comments here. You are most welcome to post as many comments as you like. We City Hallers totally understand… After all, it happened to all of us here. As I’ve mentioned in one of my earlier posts, we start to exhibit some ‘strange’ behaviours after watching City Hall.

    Some examples include: You start to ’stalk’ every sites that have City Hall (that’s why we sometimes call ourselves City Hall stalkers!)… You start to watch & rewatch it like forever… You start to post comments regularly… You start to read every posting religiously… You start to tell everyone you can about the drama, whether they like it or not… You start to talk to fellow City Hallers like you’re the best of buddies… You start to listen to the osts every day… You start to become poetic (this is a new discovery)… The list goes on… and on…

    @ 792 Elizabeth

    Unfortunately, you’re right. I was so happy when I saw koalagirl’s post re dramafever.com. But alas! It’s not to be… However, there’s still aznv, mysoju and tudou (if you know chinese).

    @ 788 mtoenlob

    So glad to hear from you again! Really missed you… Love reading your post. As always, you’re so eloquent and so able to express your love for City Hall and our beloved KSA and CSW.

    Once again, you’ve nailed it! We have to let go and move on… I’ve gone for a couple of weeks without rewatching CH but I come here consistently every day no matter how busy I am. So letting go and moving on doesn’t mean we say goodbye forever. We’ll still come here regularly, we’ll still share anecdotes with one another, we’ll still watch CH now and then, etc, etc. But most importantly, we’ll still hold CH dear in our hearts…

    Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts, mtoenlob. Please continue to do so and keep us posted on what’s going on with you… Love ya!

  795. 795 : sunahforever Says:

    Ok folks, watched Episode 3 yesterday. Couldn’t marathon it as just need to wake up early today to pick someone fm airport. OMG, it was so funny!!! I laughed so much until I cried. The scene where SMR was practising her can can dance and got bullied by the other contestants and JG came to get her help. It was really priceless when she pretended she hurt her leg and needed his help to stand up……so so funny and the morning after at the breakfast buffet…ka ka ka….my husband laughed so loud when JG showed his pained expression due to his bad back…yup, managed to entice my hubby to watch together with me…more tonite…hope can marathon it since it’s the weekend…till then…

  796. 796 : 316CJ Says:

    Hi for all newcomer,
    Keep sharing your journey with City Hall through this site, soompi, dramabeans, or viikii. Hopefully, you can feel the excitement feeling that City Hall bring.
    SMR and JG is an awesome pair! Salute for the scriptwriter,pd and all the staff that involved in this drama!

    @ 743 Jangerr

    Hi Jangerr, I know, I feel bad as well. But can’t help it, have been quite busy. Now, I am trying to put my posting frequently (not everyday) in here or Soompi if I have something in my mind or simply if there’s still people who want to share their ‘journey’ with me =). (Sorry, a bit sentimental, feeling like I just lost my friend.)
    My Korean friend will go back to his country next year, probably on March and I was planning to get City Hall DVD through him. But I don’t know if there is a subtitle or not. Do you have any information about that? Thanks in advance! =>

    Waves and hugs to koalagirl, kay Cook, mary, mtoenlob, and all of the fellow CH permanent stalker in koreandrama.org. ^^

  797. 797 : ITSME Says:


  798. 798 : Mary Says:

    Announcement to all CityHallers,
    Message from the sensible matured CityHallers to 316CJ senseless creature!!

    This woman @ [email protected] Says:November 21st, 2009 at 3:50 pm
    Had caused havoc by bad-mouthed CityHallers for posts best known to her on other threads as indicated below.

    Indeed you are the one or more than one who are really senseless. All you oldies can have the space all to yourself. Indeed a shameless and coward act to mess situation beyond this thread.

    Do pay dearly in your next life and continue to trespass others, shocking repeats from oldies. Buck up and teach yourself first and watch your worst words before your doomsdays are count down, otherwise rub yourself hard against the wall if you are seeking more than fun!!

    This message to tell you off 316CJ

    From all from the newbie’s.
    Take back your own senseless words for yourself to swallow back and to read your own and very own quotes below for a treatment.

    My M&Ms are all my grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Do check their ages for a grade 10 in Australia unlike you an old lady 316CJ so senseless and do eat back your words and do not make my brood retaliate to give you as good as we love CityHall.

    They have posted their love for CityHall If your yakkings and criticisms can take you to the next CityHall level than do try to coin a CityHall poetry and song like my M & Ms.

    You oldies can now have all the space to rub each time. You really have chosen to make CityHallers go away. We all newbies here reiterated today an urgent message from the sensible CityHallers to 316CJ senseless creature!!

    You and your oldies are like a Pot calling the kettle black.
    Be a coward to continue not the CityHall Way!!
    QUOTE (316CJ @ Nov20 2009, 12.30PM)
    Uhmmm…. I think some people did mention about this before. Something wrong with some comments made on koreandrama.org in CH thread. A bit disappointed to see the comment. Some is just doesn’t make any sense. I am happy to see City Hall at 5th rank on koreandrama.org but… those comment…. (lost my word).

    QUOTE (316CJ @ Oct 14 2009, 01:22 AM)
    Oh my! This is far too long! I’m sorry everyone, I lost my sense. Maybe I will continue next time. There are some other things about this drama that I would like to mention about.

    This space is a CityHall park for all and now because of sick person 316CJ, we choose not to get contaminated.

    Do Understand the feelings of a true CityHaller!!

    @ 709 Mary Says: November 13th, 2009 at 10:53 am

    This space is for all who love CityHall just like Denali, Emily, koalagirl, jastinel and many more.
    Having said these do give the new M members the benefit of the doubt.

    They have their right to say their likes and love for CityHall and have written relevant. Don’t get upset. We welcome all on board CityHall. They too must have taken good times to chip in. Think positive and withdraw rude senseless remarks. Think mature. We want to see all happy people in CityHall.

    You are not going to chase all M away. Like mtoenlob, mimi, mzpakipot, Martha, ME2 and me Mary.
    Live your day well and enjoy CityHall just like them all. CityHall is for all and not the privilege few.

    I speak for Mirea and JoGook and CityHall fans. Be prudent and wise with words on this site which is in control by relevant authority. On this thread site there is no Hero and there is no Zero. Stay cool.

    You and me are CityHallers, we wave on every comeback. CityHall drama is for all and all can continue your says for CityHall. See all again. We love CityHall.

    CityHallers feelings endorsed here again.

    @ 726 Mum Says: November 14th, 2009 at 8:04 am

    Many here simply love to park their feel for CityHall after or before watching CityHall. This space must really have lots of fresh air for all to come around, there are no so called restrictions nor mention rules and order. All here can read from A to Z or more.

    CityHallers are all mature and loving by nature. Understand great minds think alike.
    Here is all about CityHall and all CityHall fans. When driving into CityHall park it’s all about Mirae and team and all their wonderful castings that has brought CityHallers around the world to visit this space here.

    Here CityHallers have only sincere says and most significant is everyone is standing for CityHall. That’s the real cause for loving Mirae and CityHall. Re-watching CityHall and Mirae doing her cooking share at the Charity Home and singing away is entertaining. You better be here to savour the food.

    For the sick and no sense 316CJ

    Do take time to learn your lessons as we ardent fans speak up for all CityHallers to escape from sick person like you. Do last when you choose to betray CityHallers. Shame on you as a coward to post on else threads as all my kids who have been so excited in their journey with me to CityHall now choose to abstain and exit from CityHall all because of some sick people.

    Conclusion and Sayonara Goodbye to all the understanding CityHallers. Final wave from M & Ms.

    We have grown to more than 40 CityHallers as M & M members, declaring our love for CityHall and have to say goodbye because of some bad eggs and oldies who keep thinking they are monopoly and ownership, no sense old maids. Make a good shot everyday or be shot!!

  799. 799 : koalagirl Says:

    I had a wonderful online conversation with a fellow drama lover who started City Hall because of so many recommendations, and powered through the entire drama and loved it! Really made my day, and it was wonderful to re-live City Hall with someone who just lived it.

    As we go on to watch new dramas and even enjoy/love them, it just takes someone to mention City Hall and certain scenes and feelings from watching them come rushing back.

    *waves* at all the City Hallers. Soompi is popping again, it’ll probably ebb and flow as time continues to pass – but I’ll always venture back to drop a line, as I hope you all continue to as well.

    Thanks again mteonlob for that inspiring and comforting post.

    And lastly, sorry for not mentioning that Dramafever is currently only open to US and Canadian users – I hope Viikii will be fixed soon so that more options are available to those who want to watch.

    And the City Hall director’s cut DVD is available at the end of December, a great Christmas present, no?

  800. 800 : Elizabeth Says:

    sunahforever (795)

    Thank you for keeping us posted of your virgin viewing of CH. Your excitement brings memories of my first time around City Hall. Something tells me you will follow on the path of many of us here and as soon as you finish watching it, you’ll go back to the beginning and start all over again.

    jangerr (794).
    Unfortunately no knowledge of Chinese whatsoever (apart from my native English the only other language I’d claim to know -well,sort of, for I’m still learning it- is German, but the chances of finding CH with German subs. are pretty remote, I should think). I tried the aznv site in the past and it seems that one needs to know how to download videos for it to work. Any tips on how to do it on a PC will be most appreciated.

  801. 801 : Mum Says:

    Indeed very upset that there are double headed snakes that is 317CJ bad mouthed CityHallers on this thread on other thread site. Please do not make adverse comments in such sly ways and I repeat again. This is a space for all fans who are CityHallers and who love CityHall drama.

    You ought to be shot and shame if you are still around. The main door of CityHall is open and you can leave but do not continue your bad ways.

    Are you a very frustrated woman? Here we CityHallers would like to know and cure your setbacks. So the remedy is leave right now!!. You’re yakking and gossips proved to be one of evil nature.

    Live this life your cunning ways and leave CityHall now!!. You are a very sick person like previous who make stupid comments. This thread again does not belong to only few.

    Devil your mind and such poor and oldies people like you should think again what to write and no negative remarks are others who are CityHallers.

    Repeat for all CityHallers to be aware of sly foxes like 316CJ…

    @798 Mary Says:November 22nd, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Announcement to all CityHallers,
    Message from the sensible matured CityHallers to 316CJ senseless creature!!

    This woman @ [email protected] Says:November 21st, 2009 at 3:50 pm
    Had caused havoc by bad-mouthed CityHallers for posts best known to her on other threads as indicated below.

    Indeed you are the one or more than one who are really senseless. All you oldies can have the space all to yourself. Indeed a shameless and coward act to mess situation beyond this thread.

    Do pay dearly in your next life and continue to trespass others, shocking repeats from oldies. Buck up and teach yourself first and watch your worst words before your doomsdays are count down, otherwise rub yourself hard against the wall if you are seeking more than fun!!

    This message to tell you off 316CJ

    From all from the newbie’s.
    Take back your own senseless words for yourself to swallow back and to read your own and very own quotes below for a treatment.

    My M&Ms are all my grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Do check their ages for a grade 10 in Australia unlike you an old lady 316CJ so senseless and do eat back your words and do not make my brood retaliate to give you as good as we love CityHall.

    They have posted their love for CityHall If your yakkings and criticisms can take you to the next CityHall level than do try to coin a CityHall poetry and song like my M & Ms.

    You oldies can now have all the space to rub each time. You really have chosen to make CityHallers go away. We all newbies here reiterated today an urgent message from the sensible CityHallers to 316CJ senseless creature!!

    You and your oldies are like a Pot calling the kettle black.
    Be a coward to continue not the CityHall Way!!
    QUOTE (316CJ @ Nov20 2009, 12.30PM)
    Uhmmm…. I think some people did mention about this before. Something wrong with some comments made on koreandrama.org in CH thread. A bit disappointed to see the comment. Some is just doesn’t make any sense. I am happy to see City Hall at 5th rank on koreandrama.org but… those comment…. (lost my word).

    QUOTE (316CJ @ Oct 14 2009, 01:22 AM)
    Oh my! This is far too long! I’m sorry everyone, I lost my sense. Maybe I will continue next time. There are some other things about this drama that I would like to mention about.

    This space is a CityHall park for all and now because of sick person 316CJ, we choose not to get contaminated.

    Do Understand the feelings of a true CityHaller!!

    @ 709 Mary Says: November 13th, 2009 at 10:53 am

    This space is for all who love CityHall just like Denali, Emily, koalagirl, jastinel and many more.
    Having said these do give the new M members the benefit of the doubt.

    They have their right to say their likes and love for CityHall and have written relevant. Don’t get upset. We welcome all on board CityHall. They too must have taken good times to chip in. Think positive and withdraw rude senseless remarks. Think mature. We want to see all happy people in CityHall.

    You are not going to chase all M away. Like mtoenlob, mimi, mzpakipot, Martha, ME2 and me Mary.
    Live your day well and enjoy CityHall just like them all. CityHall is for all and not the privilege few.

    I speak for Mirea and JoGook and CityHall fans. Be prudent and wise with words on this site which is in control by relevant authority. On this thread site there is no Hero and there is no Zero. Stay cool.

    You and me are CityHallers, we wave on every comeback. CityHall drama is for all and all can continue your says for CityHall. See all again. We love CityHall.

    CityHallers feelings endorsed here again.

    @ 726 Mum Says: November 14th, 2009 at 8:04 am

    Many here simply love to park their feel for CityHall after or before watching CityHall. This space must really have lots of fresh air for all to come around, there are no so called restrictions nor mention rules and order. All here can read from A to Z or more.

    CityHallers are all mature and loving by nature. Understand great minds think alike.
    Here is all about CityHall and all CityHall fans. When driving into CityHall park it’s all about Mirae and team and all their wonderful castings that has brought CityHallers around the world to visit this space here.

    Here CityHallers have only sincere says and most significant is everyone is standing for CityHall. That’s the real cause for loving Mirae and CityHall. Re-watching CityHall and Mirae doing her cooking share at the Charity Home and singing away is entertaining. You better be here to savour the food.

    For the sick and no sense 316CJ

    Do take time to learn your lessons as we ardent fans speak up for all CityHallers to escape from sick person like you. Do last when you choose to betray CityHallers. Shame on you as a coward to post on else threads as all my kids who have been so excited in their journey with me to CityHall now choose to abstain and exit from CityHall all because of some sick people.

    Conclusion and Sayonara Goodbye to all the understanding CityHallers. Final wave from M & Ms.

    We have grown to more than 40 CityHallers as M & M members, declaring our love for CityHall and have to say goodbye because of some bad eggs and oldies who keep thinking they are monopoly and ownership, no sense old maids. Make a good shot everyday or be shot!!

  802. 802 : BOO Says:

    City Hallerrs…ajaaja well fighting for rating not fighting to each other…we’re all loved CITY HALL….AJAAJA

  803. 803 : Fair Says:

    This is all about CityHall drama and not individuals remarks on CityHallers.

    Be mature and be fair to others.

    One man’s food might be another man’s poison.

    Stay away if you cannot accept postings from CityHallers at large.

    Don’t start the fire but sparks fireworks in Inju City.

    The culprits are killing the spirits of CityHallers.

    Buck up all CityHallers!.

  804. 804 : 316CJ Says:

    City Hall is the BEST comedy-romantic kdrama ever.
    For all newcomer, if you want to see something different, then choose City Hall. This drama is unique from the story-lines and scenes point of view.
    Again, politic is not the main story in this drama. Personally I think, City Hall is the sweetest comedy-romantic I’ve ever seen. Right after finishing this drama, I can’t help to re-watch it over and over again.

    So…. in conclusion, give it a try. Or you can have a look for the recaps first at dramabeans.com. Samsooki have finished it until episode 11. It is a good recaps. Just give it a try. =)

    안녕 하세요.. for all fellow City Haller..

  805. 805 : Lan Says:

    This drama is one of the best I have seen so far.The storyline, cast and setting are good. Though I love the drama very much, I think we should not get so obsessed of it that we insulted and condemned people who posted unfavourable comments about the show. Every viewer is entitled to his/her opinion.

  806. 806 : kay Cook Says:

    We are all love CityHall…Let”s keep it that way…..aja…aja…aja..all CityHaller…..

  807. 807 : Boo Boo Says:

    Warning 316CJ ,
    Why no apology to your blunt remarks at soompi. Are you inhuman?

    Let’s check out the culprits who started her sick story at soompi, 316CJ, do not bad mouth other CityHallers there. If you can write or post just continue but do not impart your negative remarks. Say it out here on the same thread. You are not the only CityHallers. Have respect for all.

    This space does not belong to you. There’s a limit to all your negative repeats. Shame on you. You may continue to preach your evil mind to your students. Parents beware!!

    Boo! Boo!!

  808. 808 : koalagirl Says:

    @ 316CJ

    City Hall recaps at dramabeans may be restarting soon. Yay, so excited. I wonder how I will feel when I go back to Inju after many months ago. When the recaps started, I has just finished and it was such a vivid memory of all the wonderful scenes from the drama. I think reading any new recaps will tempt me to re-watch City Hall again! Which is always a good thing, right?

    For everyone wondering why City Hall is so highly beloved, just start watching and you’ll understand, the drama is special and magical.

  809. 809 : CityHalleset Says:

    Hi all,
    Ajaa… City Hall, Mirae, JoGuk, and all!

    We like and recognize CH’s remarkable good work, there is why keep coming back to check out updates…

    Don’t worry, anyone can say what they like, really appreciate those who are fighting and defending all of us CityHallers, thank you.

    I would like to learn from Mirae, her great compassion, and indescribable kindness to forgive and forget….

    Cheers everyone! Don’t let anything bothers you except CityHall!!!

  810. 810 : kdrama_fan Says:

    This story was told beautifully. I was hooked to the drama. And indeed it cost me a whole weekend to complete the drama marathon. The names in the drama are not proper Korean names but satiric ones. The scriptwriter, I think, is brilliant in choosing these names. Please see below for annotations.

    Cha Seung Won as Jo Gook – My country
    Kim Sun Ah as Shin Mi Rae – New Future
    – Yoon Chae Rin as Mi Rae (child) – Future
    Choo Sang Mi as Min Joo Hwa – Flower of democracy
    Lee Hyung Chul as Na Jung Do – I, the right way

    Extended Cast
    Cha Hwa Yun as Jo Yong Hee (Jo Gook’s mother) – Quiet, like living in hiding
    Yoon Se Ah as Go Go Hae – Lofty alone
    Jung Soo Young as Jung Boo Mi – Government-subsidized rice
    Lee Joon Hyuk as Ha Soo In – Subordinate
    Yang Jae Sung as Kang Tae Gong – Fisherman waiting for his opportunity
    Kim Gun as Yang Kye Jang – Chicken farm
    Choi Sang Hoon as So Yoo Han – having a lot
    Kwon Da Hyun as Sun Hwa – purified (?)
    Kim Neul Mae as Go Yang Yi – Cat
    Choi Il Hwa as BB
    Shin Jung Geun as Ji Gook Jang – Department head
    Park Joo Ah as Yoo Kwon Ja – Voter
    Kim Jin Seong as Jo Rang – Donkey
    Yum Dong Hun as Go Boo Sil – Very sloppy like sloppily built with lots of corners cut
    Park Tae Kyung as Boo Jung Han – Illegal, not right
    Im Dae Il as Director Moon
    Ryu Sung Han as Director Byun
    Kang Joo Hyung as Mang Hae Ra – Lose (imperative) wishing somebody to lose everything.
    Lee Jae Goo as Ye San – Budget
    Kim Ah Rang as Run Ha Ni – asked to run (mix of English and Korean)
    Choi Dae Sung
    Kim Dong Gyoon

  811. 811 : ITSME Says:

    Many thanks @ 810, and City Hallerrrss. Ajaaaa ja

  812. 812 : sunahforever Says:

    Hello CityHallers, am back! Just completed Eps 9 yesterday. Yup, managed to fit 4 episodes in 1 day…quite a marathon for me as dun have much time. I am not a recap expert like Samsooki in dramabeans but would like to share my thoughts and favourite scenes with everyone since this is my “virgin” viewing like what Elizabeth described it!
    1) most favourite scene:
    the camping trip…OMG, the torchlight scene was sooooo funny, I practically rolled on the floor. I was laughing so hard that I need tissues to wipe my tears! KSA, you are such a genius, such marvellous acting, so effortless in being comical…I can’t believe it!!! and JG was such a coward, I can’t believe it since he is supposed to be so macho and man…I loved their chemistry, they are such a great couple! Muak….
    2) most moving scene:
    JG being betrayed by his assistant and his confrontation with BB to question how he can not trust him after all these years. Did you see the tears whelming in his eyes and then rolling down his cheeks? My heart really hurt with him and again, had to reach out to tissues…this time tears of sadness. CSW, what a great actor!!! I must admit I didn’t quite like him in the beginning but now I know why you guys raved so much about him….
    3) most hated scenes:
    SMR being thrown out of City Hall. I can’t believe an employee can be treated with such indignity. My heart was so painful when I see her tears. Another scene is the egg throwing scene….how can JG just watch at the window??? I couldn’t watch the scene myself…too painful, too hurting….KSA, my goodness, what you do for your profession!!! Kudos to you for taking such nonsense to portray your character….love you!!

    Well folks, the roller coaster has started…one minute crying, one minute laughing…am enjoying every moment…another episode tonite and hopefully 2….

  813. 813 : Roween Says:

    Hello all Cityhallers out there *^^*
    It’s so pleasant to read all the new comments and watch the CH community growing everyday, it’s such an amazing thing.
    So far, I’m trying to introduce a couple of my reluctant friends to watch this drama, ..I can’t wait for the Spanish subtitles so I’ll transform more of my friends into Cityhallers (hehehe…)
    By the way, does anyone know about the SBS awards? is City Hall in the competition?, can we support it?, how? when?
    See you around.
    Ro 😉

  814. 814 : koalagirl Says:

    @ Roween

    The SBS end of the year drama awards show nominees for various categories (including best couple) are picked by the TV station (SBS) with input from the production companies and ratings of the drama. But there is always an award for popularity, which is open to viewer votes, and once the poll opens, voting begins. I’m not sure if overseas viewers can access the polling and cast out votes.

    Mine would be for City Hall and all four leads in every category they are nominated in!

  815. 815 : CityHalleset Says:

    Exciting about the SBS TV Award this year, hope that they do like City Hall as much as we do ^^

    Anyway, City Hall overall cast and production team has been champion in our heart.

    Ajaa City Hallers! An yeong hab se yo *^^*

  816. 816 : Sony Says:

    Well done my city hallers!
    Now CH is the top No. 5 on KD.org
    Your comments are so interesting.
    Love you all

  817. 817 : Sony Says:

    I respect the charactor of Shin Mi Rae, she’s so brave to fight for her right at the time people throw her out the city hall. I’m so dissapoited Jo Gook too for only watch out from the window. And I really hurt for that scence.
    However, I love it which make me more and more interest.

  818. 818 : jangerr Says:

    Hi to all City Hallers!

    @796 316CJ

    From an earlier post by angel1992 (751), it seems the CH DVD is available with eng subs from Singapore at $39.90. The link given is http://www.pohkim.com.sg. You may want to check it out.

    @800 Elizabeth

    Good news! Previously to watch dramas and movies at aznv, you need to download the winamp player first. But recently they’ve changed to the flash player. All you need is to click the drama and episode you want and it’ll just play! At least that’s what happened for me currently.

    @ sunahforever

    Thank you for sharing your virgin journey into Inju City with Mirae & Jo Gook with us! Like I’ve said before and will say it again, I really envy you… No matter how often we’ve rewatched it, the magic of the first journey can never be completely recaptured… So please continue to come here regularly and share your feelings & the special moments of your journey…

    @810 kdrama_fan

    Thanks so much for the info. It’s so much fun to know the connotations of the characters’ names! I simply love the scriptwriter’s ‘cheekiness’! I can just imagine her chuckling to herself when she was writing the script…

  819. 819 : ME2 Says:

    @ 815 Anyway, City Hall overall cast and production team has been champion in our heart.

    Ajaa City Hallers! An yeong hab se yo *^^*

  820. 820 : etee7114 Says:

    I did check out the DVD (Singapore version). I am a bit weary of the English subtitles because the packaging tells me it’s a Chinese production. Audio available in Korean and Chinese. Subtitle options are in Chinese and English. If you read/understand Chinese, I think it’s decent enough. But if you are totally dependent on English subs, it’s probably not a worthwhile investment for USD 39.90. The shop I went to had a 20% discount. Still it’s USD32.

    @ koalagirl
    I’m with you regarding the awards. Best drama, best couple and best supporting cast.

  821. 821 : dee Says:

    love this series….love it…love it…u must watch it…smarth, funny, sexy and gorgeous drama

  822. 822 : sunahforever Says:

    I think the price is SGD39.90 not USD39.90. Yes, beware of the cheaper versions of DVD as they have horrible English subs. I think you shd look out for the distributor PWP (can see it behind the disc cover). Their subs are of good quality but their DVDs are normally more expensive. I know as I have a cousin in Singapore who stocks up for me when the discs are on discount.

  823. 823 : Elizabeth Says:

    818 jangerr, you’re a darling. I’ve just checked and it works!!!! Thank you, thank you. As soon as the dvd becomes available in the European (region 2) format I’ll definitely purchase a copy. It is always a good thing for cultural products to be freely and widely available on the web. Where would many of us come to know Korean films and dramas given that distribution is controlled by a small number of American-based multi-national corporations that decide what I can and cannot see in Britain? Thanks to those tireless, generous and not easily intimidated posters, CH can now gain a new crop of friends (and, alas!, some new enemies too).

  824. 824 : koalagirl Says:

    Elizabeth, hope you’ll be able to buy your City Hall DVD soon. Imagine being able to share it and recommend it to more folks, and to watch your fave GuMi moments anytime. Bliss!

    City Hall is mature, sophisticated, and infinitely re-watchable.

  825. 825 : CityHalleset Says:

    City Hall is mature, sophisticated, and infinitely re-watchable.
    and for sure is worth-collectable, Ajaa!!

    @ 818, 820, 822
    I found 1 store in Malaysia selling RM29.90, but when the subtitle and translation was not good. So, I had decided to endure and wait for better quality copy.

  826. 826 : JELYN Says:

    i love it when the GUMI couple went for a date. When JoGook treated Mirae a beautiful woman. Indeed she was. Gosh soo romantic when he reached for Mirae’s hand and they walk hand in hand in the park. Mirae was blushing and me too.hehehe. I love that scene. it tickles my heart(even my bones(giggles) hehehe. i just really love this drama. wonderful. Thanks GOD.

  827. 827 : sunahforever Says:

    Jelyn, you must be talking abt Eps 12 (which I just completed last night). This was the scene where SMR was just made mayor and JG brought her to a hillside to look at the Inju city night scenery. OMG, soooooooooo romantic when he puts his arm around her and gently hugs her. She looks so happy that my heart also sings. I shed tears of joy watching that scene…I think this is the ultimate gesture that affirms that JG is falling in love with SMR. KSA is soooooooooooooo pretty in this Eps with her new hairstyle…She can play such a sloopy role and then transform into such a beautiful and graceful lady…Amazing…Sunahforever and ever!! Love you to bits!!! Oh, forgot to mention her speeches, so inspiring, so well said, so articulate….oh dear…I’m going MAD!!

  828. 828 : jastinel Says:

    Your friendly neighbor here jastinel is saying Hi to all Inju Citizen!
    Glad some of those who travel far, can still come back and visit us.

    Moving on….I don`t think I`m capable of living my home town for now. I still can`t find any other good place to stay. Even sometimes my neighbors got misunderstanding, argument, still this is the most happy place.

    Reading from the point of view of our male neighbors is something to share with my hubby. not all male viewers can appreciate CH, that includes my hubby or perhaps jealousy makes it difficult for him to take a pick on this drama.

    I`m loving CH more and more, specially when I read comments here, simply because the beauty of this drama can touch so many lives.
    I hope candidates for next year election here in my country can see this drama and be like Mirae. I think there is now a Presidential candidate that I can see a good future of my country in his hand. I hope people
    will be more wise in using their right to vote.

    This Christmas I`ll be spreading CH love to my friends, giving them a copy of this wonderful drama and poster….hehehe.

    Peace and Happiness to all!

  829. 829 : MIMI Says:


  830. 830 : 316CJ Says:

    Hi for all newcomer who perhaps accidentally open this site. Just want to tell you that you are in the right site. This drama is absolutely AMAZING and by reading the information and some comments from City Hallers, you will know why and what make this drama so special.
    If you want to have a peek before watching it (like what I did =P ), here are some great video:

    (credit: apduy and bimbibap.com)
    This video contain one of the wonderful City Hall OST.

    (credit: jasminelu0707 and linn)
    Again, another wonderful City Hall OST.

    @ koalagirl

    WOW! What a great news! Yup, that will definitely tempt us to re-watch it more thoroughly. Can’t wait for the new recaps. Soon I will make an id at dramabeans.com and then say my BIG BIG THANKS to samsooki for recapping this drama. I was thinking about my id name. etee7114 gave me a great idea about my id. 316CJ become 316CH. LOL! But then the meaning will be different. =P. Ups, sorry, off the topic.

    @ kdrama_fan
    Thank you for the annotations. =)

    @ jangerr, etee7114, sunahforever
    Thank you for the DVD info and tips. =)

    @ jastinel
    안녕 하세요… I can’t wait for your friend’s reviews. Should be give us new fresh ‘wind’ (read: comments), don’t u think? =>

  831. 831 : angel1992 Says:

    @825 CityHalleset
    You can buy city hall dvd in Singapore for $44.90 SGD from innoform.com.sg. English/Chinese subtitle, dual language

  832. 832 : angel1992 Says:

    last weekend i saw When It at night DVD (from PWD, eng/chn subtitle, korean/chinese dialogue, 17episodes) in Singapore selling for below $20 SGD. city hall dvd at $44.90SGD, 20 episode, 4 disc eng/chn subtitle, Korean/Chinese dialogue.


  833. 833 : chacha Says:

    Oo la la… Our City Hall is in the top 5 most commented drama here… I’m not surprise though. In fact, all along I thought & still think it can do better… It deserves better… For such an amazing drama that gives us so much, it definitely should do better – in ratings, viewership & online comments.

    Fighting City Hall! Fighting City Hallers!

  834. 834 : koalagirl Says:

    @ sunahforever

    There are *many* more dates to come, keep watching. The love, sweetness, care and appreciation these two have for each other, it’s overwhelming to watch and it feels so intimate and real.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your watching experience.

    City Hall forever~

  835. 835 : sunahforever Says:

    Hi Koalagirl, my goodness, thank you all for responding to my comments. I feel honoured that you die-hard fans find my comments are worth a read. I am so so sad that I can’t continue with CH. Work got in the way….sigh…still stuck with Eps 12. I know there are much more to come (in terms of romance and tender scenes) so am so looking forward to it. Also busy this weekend so CH may have to take a back seat again….but the ANTICIPATION is soooooooo great….at least I have something to look forward to. Can’t imagine when I finish the series…will be soooooooo sad!!! I have to make do with just listening to the OST in my car to keep me thinking of the lovely couple I have to leave behind. I love KSA so much…dreaming of her whenever there is a chance. Am going to Korea in Dec for a holiday. Hope I will bump into her…:-). I’m sure going to run up to her and give her a big hug!!!

  836. 836 : CityHalleset Says:

    I just had a thought, how about you?

    It’s about watching the drama from TV compares to watching it on PC/Laptop.

    I had been watching CH in laptop, well, I should say less than 3ft distance from the screen :p, I even pause or rewind to read the sub (sometimes it goes too fast :p) in order to catch every single movement and facial expression, I guess this is how we captured the intiminated feeling, falling so deeply together with SMR & JG in the storyline.

    1 of my friends, bought DVD back to Aus after our strong recommendations, she said it’s very funny show but do not have so much feeling to it compares to my other friends who watch online, that’s y my guess, watching CityHall on TV, with distance, maybe does not turn so much impact on.

    I love the OST, here is one of them: Anxious Love or Uncertained Love

    불안한 사랑 (Anxious Love)
    Performed by: Horan of Clazziquai 클래지콰이 호란

    이렇게 좋아도 될까요
    ireokhe joahdo dhwelkkayo
    Can I really fall in love with you?

    왠지 난 불안해요
    waenji nan booranhaeyo
    Why do I feel so anxious?

    한번도 이런적 없어요
    hanbeondo ireonjeok eopseoyo
    I’ve never felt this way before

    그대가 특별해요
    keudaega teukbyeolhaeyo
    You must be special

    사랑이 두렵진 않아요
    sarangi dooryeopjin anhayo
    I do not fear love

    곧 이별이 온다 해도
    kot ibyeori onda haedo
    Even if separation will come soon

    그러나 이 사랑 싫어요
    keureona i sarang sireohyo
    However I do not want this love

    더 갖고 싶으니까
    deo katgo shipeunikka
    Because I will keep on yearning for more

    마음대로 물 흐르듯이
    maeumdaero mool heureudeushi
    Like water freely flowing in the stream

    내 맘을 맡겨봐요
    nae mameul matkyeobwayo
    I will entrust my heart to you

    하루가 지나면 하나씩
    harooga jinamyeon hanasshik
    As each day passes

    버릴께 생기거든요
    beoril ke saengkikeodeunyo
    I’ll find something that needs to be thrown away one at a time

    곁에 두면
    kyeote doomyeon
    If I have you by my side

    생각 하면
    saenggak hamyeon
    If I think about you

    사랑 하면
    sarang hamyeon
    If I love you

    도저히 안될 것 같은 사람
    dojeohi andhwel keot kateun saram
    You seem like a person that won’t stay long

    보낸 다면
    bonaen damyeon
    If I let you go

    떠난 다면
    tteonan damyeon
    If I leave you

    그때 더 사랑할 것 같은 사람
    keuddae deo saranghal keot kateun saram
    You seem like a person that will love me more

    불안한 사랑
    booranhan sarang
    Anxious love

    그래도 이 사랑이 나는 좋아요
    keuraedo i sarangi naneun joahyo
    Even so, I like this love

    나 혼자 사랑하고 나 혼자 보내는
    na honja saranghago na honja bonaeneun
    I love on my own, I let go on my own

    이 뻔한 사랑
    i ppeonhan sarang
    This true love

    이 토록 간절한 왠지 내게는
    i torok kanjeolhan waenji naegeneun
    I’ve waited so earnestly for you, but

    어울리지 않는
    eooolliji anhneun
    we are ill-matched

    못된 사랑
    motdwhen sarang
    An unfortunate love

    곁에 두면
    kyeote doomyeon
    If I have you by my side

    생각 하면
    saenggak hamyeon
    If I think about you

    사랑 하면
    sarang hamyeon
    If I love you

    도저히 안될 것 같은 사람
    dojeohi andhwel keot kateun saram
    You seem like a person that won’t stay long

    보낸 다면
    bonaen damyeon
    If I let you go

    떠난 다면
    tteonan damyeon
    If I leave you

    그때 더 사랑할 것 같은 사람
    keuddae deo saranghal keot kateun saram
    You seem like a person that will love me more

    불안한 사랑
    booranhan sarang
    Anxious love

    그래도 이 사랑이 나는 좋아요
    keuraedo i sarangi naneun joahyo
    Even so, I like this love

    그래서 이 사랑을 나는 붙잡아요
    keuraeseo i sarangeul naneun bootjapayo
    Therefore, I will hold onto this love

    **credit to yuyaindou

  837. 837 : Me22 Says:

    @ 836 I had been watching CH in laptop, well, I should say less than 3ft distance from the screen :p,

    I – even – pause -or – rewind -to – read – the- sub -(sometimes it goes too fast :p) – in – order – to – catch – every – single- movement – and- facial – expression,

    – I guess this is how we captured the intiminated feeling, falling so deeply together with SMR & JG in the storyline.

  838. 838 : jastinel Says:


    Can I go with you when you go back to Korea, hehehe?
    I really want to meet Suna in person. I really….really like her and it`s a dream come true if I will have the chance to go to Korea on her b-day next year.
    Best of luck to you in going to Korea, share with us your experience, ha!

    Hi! Thanks for spreading CH love, you are quite familiar to me! I admire those people who can write their thoughts very well, cause I`m not good at it.

  839. 839 : ezirion Says:

    awesome! uncountable thumbs up! i REALLY love this one! nice cast anyway 🙂

  840. 840 : RUTH. Says:

    그래서 이 사랑을 나는 붙잡아요
    keuraeseo i sarangeul naneun bootjapayo
    Therefore, I will hold onto this love for CITY HALL…AJAAJA

  841. 841 : kay Cook Says:

    I love CityHall…..my #1 all time…..

  842. 842 : sunahforever Says:

    Saw Eps 14 where JG kissed SMR in the car. OMO OMO OMO, so great, so lovely, so romantic…..and when he blocked her face from the sunlight, soooooooooo awesome, he really is in love with her now!!! But, I do have a nagging feeling, how come SMR does not feel guilty as JG has a fiancee…remember in KSS, she made sure Samshik left Hee Jin before she became his girlfriend. I thot for such a righteous person like SMR, she would make sure that matter is resolved before getting more serious with JG….maybe I will find out soon!!!

  843. 843 : CityHallest Says:

    @842 sunahforever
    yes, you will find it out soon 😉

  844. 844 : CityHallest Says:

    For those understand mandarin, you can follow City Hall in tudou, specially recommended this subber:

    link here

    of so many uploaded in tudou, I find this one best translated in mandarin subtitle.

    Hope you enjoy and tell us your journey to Inju shi City Hall 😉

  845. 845 : ME2 Says:


  846. 846 : Martha Says:

    842 sunahforever,

    ‘All is fair in love and war’ as the saying goes. I, for one, was pleased with the script’s avoidance of the usual prudishness governing the representation of human feelings, loves and desires in Korean dramas. I think the series enormous appeal has to do, partly, with the fact that its fictional events and situations are anchored in believable human characters. Now, we all wish that in situations, where a threesome is formed (due to our human adventures of falling in and out of love, betraying and being betrayed), there could be a neat and painless solution where all parties are left satisfied and unscathed. But we know it is not so and cannot be so. SMR’s moral qualities rather than being called into question, in my view, become even more believable -and hence more relevant- by being embedded in the representation of a human being who cannot deny her enormous love for and attraction to this (irresistible) man nor forfeit her claim to happiness (I’m relieved the makers of the series did not have the woman, for the zillionth time, deny her feelings and desires). I think had we seen SMR withdraw her affections from JG, until the fiancee question was settled (and plot-wise they have so many obstacles to overcome, the fiancee is only one of them) the whole series would have rung artificial and hollow, flat and lacking the depth of human inner conflicts and passions-which, after all, are the material out of which moral qualities are fashioned.
    Besides, I think JG’s other relationship is primarily his responsibility not SMR’s, and he is shown to grapple with himself over this issue (the fiancee for him was most of all the key to the realisation of his life’s ambition)and as you will come to see in later episodes, he handles that as best as it could be handled.

  847. 847 : koalagirl Says:

    @ sunahforever

    I agree 100% with what @ Martha said (bravo, for such a well-written dissection of this issue, Martha!). The fiancee issue in City Hall has been the subject of many, many discussions in the past (see samsooki recap comments section and see Thundie’s City Hall review comment section). At the end of the day, Go Go-hae and JG had an political arrangement, it was still valid and should be honored, but aren’t we all just fools for love, looking for the elusive other half of our soul our entire lives? I find it completely realistic and touching how MR and JG, two very different people, fall madly in love even while fighting it until they both understand how special their love is. It’s the stuff of dreams, and I’m willing to bend my principles a bit in this instance, because it’ll all work out in the end. City Hall is just mature and sophisticated through each and every turn.

  848. 848 : eagerbeaver Says:

    sunah is simply da best! love all her dramas n movies… any new shows from her? does anyone know?

  849. 849 : sunahforever Says:

    Wow, finished Eps 15 yesterday…simply mind blowing. The break-up scenes was so touching that I cried myself silly…then the scene at the guest house where both reconciled, I have never been so emotionally touched. Such beautiful acting….However, was slightly disappointed with the “bed scene”…so brief. I saw the NGs of this scene and it took them soooo long to get it right…so I expected a little bit more !!! Thanks Martha for your explanation. I also agree with you entirely that this is the first Korean drama I have seen where the love between the leads are so apparent from the start and there’s no “beating round the bush” and “finally I realise I love you” kind of melodrama…It’s so refreshing to see the tender love between the SMR and JG. The most memorable scene to me is when SMR realised she has to break up with JG. This is at the park where she tenderly touched his face to wipe his sweat away then commenting on how beautiful his eyes and nose were…OMG, that’s the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen…I was expecting her to rant her wrath at him after finding out she was part of JG’s plan to have a “puppet” mayor. Great twist to the story…and don’t everyone agree that KSA is the GREATEST actress of all times???…one minute she has you rolling on the floor with her cute & funny antics and then she gets all serious and declare her love so convincingly to JG…I love her, I really love her soooooooo much and she’s exceptionally beautiful in these later episodes…Her hairstyle really suits her to the tee!!! Can’t wait to watch next few episodes!!!

  850. 850 : ham Says:

    do you know – when the main actor invite reporters telling that his father wants to retired, – there is an instrumental music played during that time..do you know what is the name of the music? Help me plz..

  851. 851 : mtoenlob Says:

    @846 Martha and 847 koalagirl

    Agree to your analysis on the moral issue. This is one of the many charms of CH. The writer understands her viewers and is intelligent enough to treat the followers of this drama as matured thinking individuals. Although fictional, the characters are rendered in believable human traits and situations thereby enabling the viewers to connect and feel what the characters are going through – whether it’s happiness for a successful task, or pain for a failed relationship, or fury for injustice and resentment for one’s vulnerability. In my books, I personally believe a drama is a success if it is able to touch the viewers’ heart and mind – emotional and cerebral. And CH encompasses these and more.

    @849 sunahforever

    “I have never been so emotionally touched. . .Great twist to the story.”

    As I have said earlier, these are some of the many endearing qualities of CH. No wonder anyone who has entered Inju City and experienced City Hall will find it difficult to let go. This drama is a rarity compared to the superficiality and inanities of other dramas that lately proliferate the screen. Continue
    your journey through CH and share with us your experience. We would love to hear from you.

    P.S. – jangerr, etee, jastinel, 316CJ, roween, etc. – Annyeong!

  852. 852 : koalagirl Says:

    @ sunahforever

    You’re late start to watching CH has really re-ignited so many City Hallers remembrances of our own watching experience, so thank you for sharing your watching diary with us!

    Episode 15 of City Hall is, hands down, THE BEST SINGLE EPISODE of any drama I have ever watched. Every single scene is perfect, the up and down rollercoaster of that episide is just breathtaking, and the acting by CSW and KSA – leaves me speechless with wonder. KSA can cry, but CSW cries right back, the scene when MR is sobbing her heart out inside her room, and and JG is standing outside just listening to her, and both their hearts are breaking into a thousand pieces, and his look, the tears that just come as painfully as he must be feeling, CH is simply amazing in delivering heartfelt emotions with such power.

  853. 853 : WEL COM BK Says:

    @852 and his look, the tears that just come as painfully as he must be feeling, CH is simply amazing in delivering heartfelt emotions with such power.

    @851 The writer understands her viewers and is intelligent enough to treat the followers of this drama as matured thinking individuals.

  854. 854 : koalagirl Says:

    As the end of the year 2009 draws near, I feel so blessed to have had the chance to watch City Hall this year. This drama has changed the way I perceive dramas should be, and set the bar higher than I imagined possible. Please watch City Hall if you haven’t seen it, and if you have, please continue to post messages on your thoughts, and help City Hall stay heads and tails above all other dramas.

    City Hall wins on the strength of its amazing story and acting, and will stay with you long after many trendy dramas have faded from the limelight.

  855. 855 : Martha Says:

    What wonderful discussions about and descriptions of this series take place on these pages! I wonder if any other Korean drama/comedy has ever generated such volumes of eloquent adulation as much as CH has. ‘Sunahforever”s description of that particularly exceptional scene in episode 15(exceptional writing, acting, mise-en-scène), where a forced separation is announced through the tenderest and most poignant (without being maudlin) terms, further clarify why so many of us are terminally addicted to this series and remind us why such an addiction is well and truly justified.

    koalagirl, mtoenlob, sunahforever, and all the other CH devotees (forgive me for not providing a detailed list of user ids) greetings and thank you for your thought provoking contributions!

  856. 856 : jastinel Says:

    Please vote for Suna instruction on how to vote, posted on page 445 in soompi Suna`s thread….

  857. 857 : koalagirl Says:

    I voted, jastinel.

    Thanks for letting us know. I liked KSA, but after City Hall I *heart* her to bits. I will henceforth watch anything she stars in.

    Her performance as SMR was out-of-this-world pitch perfect.

  858. 858 : sunahforever Says:

    Thank you thank you for encouraging me to write my thoughts and feelings on CH. Nowadays, I will rush home after work so I can continue with my beloved show!! Finished Eps 17 yesterday and if you can see my eyes today…sigh, I just can’t help crying watching my favourites in this series. The pace is increasing and it was with sheer will power that we (me & hubby) stopped ourselves from continuing watching to the end. I guess we may do that tonight! Yeay!!

    Couple sneakers, how cute!! And the love between SMR & JG, so, so natural. Yes, now I agree when someone said that too bad CSW is married or else both he and KSA makes a wonderful couple. Now, how can they not win the “Favourite Couple” award??? The scene where SMR was grilled and questioned by investigation team and how JG waited outside anxiously for his love was so so well acted. Really feel for both of them and when SMR walked out of the place, she looked so worn out and like going to faint from fatigue, now how more realistic can you get?? Really salute KSA’s acting!! First class!!!

    Hate that Go Hae now!! She’s poisonous….and see that evil glint in her eyes!! Is it me or does she speak kinda funny? I don’t think anyone else in the cast speaks like her…is this some kind of formal language (like they use for period dramas)? I guess my question on SMR feeling guilty that JG has a fiancee finally surfaced in this episode (or was it Eps 16?) I think it is only human that she feels a bit insecure with that Go Hae threatening her like that….

    Will write more…once I see the ending….wish me luck that I can complete this wonderful series by tonight!!!

  859. 859 : sunahforever Says:

    Oh, forgot to mention. Can inform me when the SBS Awards show is scheduled? Want to know the good news if our favourite CH, KSA & CSW win any awards.

  860. 860 : indri Says:

    Just stop by to read new comments for City Hall, hello everyone,.. keep sparkling City Hall!!! Keep moving CityHaller!!

  861. 861 : etee7114 Says:

    @859 sunaforever
    The award shows for the broadcasting stations are usually held on the last few days of the year. I haven’t heard of any confirmed dates here or at soompi, but I reckon it should be out very soon. Stay tuned!

    And I vote for CH – best drama for 2009, best couple, best actor and actress, best supporting cast, etc. Otherwise, SBS is going to see a lot of rotten eggs and tomatoes on their building!!

  862. 862 : Martha Says:

    856 jastinel,

    Thank you for the info. , I immediately clicked on the link to vote but could find nothing in English to guide me through the voting procedure (I only noticed that our lady is currently languishing at no.7 of the popularity vote list). Has anyone here found a solution to the language barrier problem? Please advise.

  863. 863 : jastinel Says:


    I hope this will work here, Kim Jo [email protected] posted this…
    I hope everybody will vote for Suna!

    kim jo yan’ date=’Dec 1 2009, 12:32 AM’ post=’15010443′]
    ..,ya done it…here’s how
    go to this site

    then find this

    image file

    just select SUNA then leave some comment

    image file

    click the left button and it’s done!

    image file

    ..,and you can see your comments here

  864. 864 : jangerr Says:

    @ sunahforever

    Thank you so much for updating us on your journey! Love, love, love your sharing… It’s like us taking the journey again… I’m sure by now you know why we have been raving about this incredible GuMi couple! Don’t you think they simply sizzle?

    P.S. Big wave to all City Hallers, especially mtoenlob, koalagirl, etee, jastinel, roween, chacha, 316CJ, marianneT!!!

  865. 865 : vero Says:

    Just visiting to see how fans are encouraging our favorite actors and actresses of CH!! There are now 18 pages! Wooow! It feels good to have so many to share views. CH touched my heart! Can’t let it go!!!

  866. 866 : koalagirl Says:

    What I love about this City Hall thread is that for the most part, all the comments are constructive, witty, substantive, and really explain to the casual viewer why City Hall is such a great drama.

    Not just “OMG, it’s so good, he’s so hot!!” (which CSW is, and the drama really is so so good). But everyone pours their heart into writing and sharing about City Hall, it’s just so heartwarming to read.

    City Hall is gonna lose its 5th place position soon (You’re Beautiful is rocketing up the charts so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if it went past 800 comments this week). YB was cute, fun drama, and really much better than its low ratings indicated, and so its avid fans are going crazy trying to promote it. And good for them. I just want to keep encouraging Hallers to continue to come back and write a comment when you have time and want to.

    It also feels like home. *waves* to all the Hallers: etee1744, denali, mtenloeb, 316CJ, jastinel, jangerr, Martha, alodia, epyc, and everyone everyone I missed. Mwah!

  867. 867 : Denali Says:

    Jastinel, I did follow your link and voted for KSA. The results so far show that Song Hye Kyo is first with over 40 000 votes, Lee Bo Yong is second with a little less than 27 000 votes and our dear KSA is 3rd with almost 23 000. Funny, because it reminded me of a certain mayor election, when one candidate apparently had no chance to win but ended running the City Hall. 😀 😉
    @ Martha: if you are a registered soompi member, then click on the link below to see instructions to vote for KSA:

    @ Sunahforever: just like koalagirl mentionned it, watching your comments feels like we’re experiencing our journey with the GuMi couple all over again. We are so much looking forward to reading how your hubby and yourself loved the last episodes. Hope you’ll manage to watch them tonight: be prepared, it’s a roller-coaster !!!! 🙂

    @ koalagirl: been very busy and kinda dead-tired lately, thus coming to this thread tonight felt like breathing some pure and clean air. As usual, I just had to agree with you, and yes, let’s keep this thread as alive as possible, so that CH gets as much attention as possible. *Waving right back at you*

    * Waves at City ‘Stalkers’: jastinel, etee, jangerr, mtoenlob, epyc, alodia, kre and many more (forgive me for not mentionning all of you) *

  868. 868 : kay Cook Says:

    There is/was any drama better then CityHall?……..after watched Cityhall any other dramas wont be the same……….

  869. 869 : Lily Says:

    I had done my vote for KSA! Thank you Jastinel.

    My Lovely Sam Soon is the K drama I first fall in, I accidentally watch 1st episode on Msia tv, and since then cannot withdraw myself. It open my eyes to such outstanding and exceptional plots than those cries and tears series.

    and then now this incredible City Hall… I love it so much, like many others, coming here to read the comments make me feel comfortable and complete, after watching the last episode which was like so short and can’t get enough. The overall production team and the main cast is really really good! Double thumbs up for all of them!

    When my friend recommend CH to me, I came look for the synopsis, and find it so so, coz I don’t like politics, I don’t know CSW, but I certainly trust KSA, so I started…

    Traveling in Inju City with GuMi couple is so exciting, the winding road can hold your breath, staying up late coz cannot pause is painful, but, the memory.. is worth.

    Ajaa… Suna-shi!
    Ajaa.. CSW!
    Ajaa.. City Hall!

    For those haven’t start watching, please fasten your seatbelt, the roller-coaster is about to kick off!!

  870. 870 : indri Says:

    @863 Jastinel
    Thank you,.. finally i can vote for our Suna,… but what about CityHall,.. how can we vote ?

  871. 871 : kylie Says:

    This drama was superb.
    Guess I couldn’t say the same about Kim Sun Ah. To me her she was trying too hard to be cute & endearing which turned out to be very very annoying… Her acting too childish didn’t help her case either.
    I know that KSA fans will not agree with me but I could never appreciate her acting. Even in ‘My Name is Kim Sam-Soon’ she was annoying and I lost interest after watching the first few episodes.

    But the male lead was so hilarious! He had me in stitches…his expressions were so priceless…
    This is good drama and worth watching!

  872. 872 : jastinel Says:

    @kylie Says:

    The fact that you watch this drama is enough for me to welcome you here. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that!

    (Suna fan speaking here)

    Well, Suna cannot please everyone, but she is certainly an amazing actress…To Each Its Own!

    Continue voting for Suna, lets support her all the way!
    We can vote after every 12 hrs…Thanks to all!

    Hello….Helllo to Denali, mtoenlob, koalagirl, Martha, sunahforever, indri, Lily!

  873. 873 : Emily Says:

    Thx jastinel, I followed your link and voted.. and I’ll try voting every 12 hours too LOL

    @ 871 Kylie

    I appreciate that you have watched City Hall and like it. It was unfortunate that you didn’t like Suna’s acting. I(as Suna’s fan) myself enjoyed every bit of it. Though please do come back every now and then to comment. Hopefully someday you’ll like her just like we all do.

    *wave* to all City Hallers, wish you all are well. Aja CH!!

  874. 874 : indri Says:

    @871 Kylie
    Agreed with my friends here, we appreciated your thoughts about CH and Suna…
    maybe we just have different point of view right ?
    but you may considerate Suna as a very professional actress, especially her act in CH,.. dealt with eggs, tomatoes, and must act under the rain more than 6 hours ( if I’m not mistake ) and others,
    maybe you can watch the making of CH or NG’s on Youtube,.. hopefully after you watch those videos, your heart will be touched and become the new member of Suna Lovers,.. LOL…^_^ and welcome to Inju City…….

  875. 875 : ham Says:

    close to the end of episode 14, when BB has arrived and is walking toward Jo Guk there is a beautiful instrumental piece which is not in the OST of this drama. this exact instrumental piece was also alot at the drama “lovers” and also not included on the OST . does anyone know what is the name of this music and where can i find it?
    thank you for your help.

  876. 876 : koalagirl Says:

    @ ham

    I check soompi and while its clear the instrumental is from Lovers, no one has been able to locate its name or a rip of it. I’m sorry I can’t be of any help. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will come along and provide you with the answer.


    I’m not a Suna fan, but I loved her in City Hall (well, okay, I loved EVERYTHING in City Hall). However, I was curious as to whether you found her *character* annoying or her *acting*. I get the feeling that what you disliked about KSA in CH stems from her character having cutesly attacks kinda inappropriate for her age, but which really rounds our her character and adds more color. KSA is nothing like KSS or SMR, and I find her acting just phenomenal, but that doesn’t mean all her characters that she portrays are that endearing. Feel free to disagree, doesn’t matter, your thoughts are totally interesting to me. And our love for City Hall is a unifying factor.

    Keep on chatting here, Hallers! *waves*

  877. 877 : indri Says:

    More than 12 hours already,.. Vote ! Vote ! Vote !…..

  878. 878 : Martha Says:

    863, jastinel

    Thanks a million, it did work and I have now voted for KSA (and I will be doing again in 12 hours time). I wonder if the Japanese site operates a similar list with male actors, for I want to vote and vote again for CSW. I’m going to watch everything, absolutely everything, with his name on it, beginning with a film called South of the Border.

  879. 879 : jastinel Says:


    Thanks Sis! I don`t see CSW name among the actors in the poll.

    Are you a member @soompi?
    If your looking for CSW DL link of his movie you can find it here….courtesy of [email protected]


    I love his movie Ghost House, first movie of him that I saw before he became JG.

  880. 880 : jangerr Says:

    @ jastinel

    Thanks for your detailed instructions on how to vote for Suna. It’s really a great help!

    @ Martha

    Like you, after CH, I wanted to see every show by CSW, with the exception of Body Guard which I’ve seen & given up after a few episodes some time ago. However, I managed to watch only Ghost House. It’s alright but I think he was much, much better as Jo Gook in CH…

    @ Denali

    Missed you for a while… Welcome back! Hopefully you’re more free now to participate and share in this thread.

    Btw, what happened to some other regulars like Elizabeth, kre, mzpakipot, dpcats, Doreen, IchLiebeDich, Sony, etc? Haven’t heard from them for a while… So if you have been coming to this thread now and then but have not posted anything for a while, please do so.

  881. 881 : epyc Says:

    Dear City Hallers

    It’s great to see the City Hall discussion is still well alive and thriving. I guess we are forever grateful to the scriptwriter, cast and crew for giving us this wonderful drama that touch our hearts so deeply in so many ways. And, as said by many others, watching dramas will never be the same after CH!! As we get into the voting season, please note that Thundie’s poll for best and worst kdramas for 2009 is now open for voting at link here

  882. 882 : Emily Says:

    Hi City Hallers,

    If you happen to come back to check on the thread, please do stop by and make a comment or two. As what koalagirl had mentioned, “You’re Beautiful” is climbing up so fast that they’re at #688 mark(which grew more than 140 comments within one week mark. I hope that CH can hold its fifth place or perhaps gain another. Therefore, you all lovely City Hallers, please try your best and come back every now and then to give your supports.

    Aja City Hallers, all the best to you all!!!

  883. 883 : koalagirl Says:

    Hi eypc:

    Thanks for posting the link to Thundie’s poll. Everyone, please vote for your favorite dramas of 2009, and if it includes City Hall, all the better!

    @ Emily

    You’re Beautiful is like the second wave of Boys Before Flowers, so it’ll pass CH soon enough. But for such a mature, sophisticated, complicated, daring, deep drama such as City Hall to be as popular is astounding to me, makes me so estatic that there so many folks out there who were touched by CH. CH is not an easy drama to recommend, takes a few episodes to get going, and the subject matter (provincial politics in Korea) is a huge hurdle to overcome in getting a casual drama watcher to check it out. And yet, CH perseveres, and I think it’s because anyone who has seen it cannot forget it.

  884. 884 : cityhall 4me Says:

    sorry old folks city hallers, you can not beat the teens here…

  885. 885 : just fo me Says:

    THE BEST..

    CSJ – SIG – SA – SEA GOD


  886. 886 : Denali Says:

    @ epyc:
    thanks for the link on Thundie’s link. No need to tell you for what drama I voted, right? But I also voted for the worst and my choice was … YAB. lol Ah ah ah. I know this k-drama has made teenagers (mianhae, “you-know-who” :p, don’t be mad at me, lol) go wild, but the “I’m a girl but pretend to be a boy” is in my eyes one of the most annoying plot to watch. Just like “Coffee Prince”. No matter how nice/gifted/skilled the actors, SW or PD.

    @ jangerr:
    Thank you for welcoming back with such kind words. My heart is so moved. Kamsa. Actually I have become more involved in real-life hobbies and responsibilities, thus leaving much less time for other things, such as keeping an eye on this thread or soompi’s. 😉
    Yet, coming back here or there feels like staying in a resting place for a while. Because of CH mainly, but not only, because CH has opened a way for me to get acquainted with smart, kind, respectful people. That’s not so often. So, again, kamsa. To you and to the familiar/unfamiliar “faces” seen here and there. *^^*

  887. 887 : Lily Says:

    not only enjoy this great drama, I find it interesting, some related to our real life. I am not working in a town hall nor city hall, but a big manufacturing plant. Politics here definately not less than what you seen in the drama, but yes, I learned some good points from JG and MR, ie.
    The reverse attack!!

    Anyway, it’s got a lot of good classical phrase too, can you recall them?

    Cheers everyone! Anyeong habseyo!

  888. 888 : indri Says:

    @886 Denali
    Agreed with you, i’ve watched it, for me it was very ” so – so ”
    CityHallers,.. keep Fighting!!! Never give up!
    CityHall is the most ” Beautiful ” series Ever!!!

  889. 889 : chacha Says:

    How can anything compare with City Hall?

    Definitely not those teenyboppers-chick flicks-idol drama kind of shows! Definitely not those overly used formulaic & cliche kind of of dramas! Definitely not those overly hyped, heavily marketed & promoted!

    Enough is enough! We need to up our standard! Don’t watch those dramas that keep churning out all those rubbish!

    Because of this, I refuse to watch BOF & YAB…

  890. 890 : kay Cook Says:

    CityHall is #1 drama all time…………

  891. 891 : kdrama_fan Says:

    For this beautiful song “Anxious love” of City Hall, please read

    link here

    I admit that I listen to this song many times everyday.

  892. 892 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hall is destined to be a classic. One that will age gracefully and we can recommend to anyone, at any time. Very few dramas stand the test of time, and some fade upon the first re-watch. City Hall only gets better and better. Like fine wine. And so is CSW and KSA. Gorgeous, gifted, and perfectly cast in CH.

  893. 893 : jangerr Says:

    @887 Lily

    You’re right. There are many superb phrases & witty dialogues in this wonderful drama. Just off the top of my head is the proposal which is definitely one of my favourites. It just showed that proposals need not be the usual lines like, “Will you marry me?”, but rather…” I have a dream now.. I want to be the President…When I become the president, on my inauguration, I’m going to dance with my wife just like today… Won’t you dance with me on my inauguration day?” Isn’t this a gem? Of course, there are many more… Let me recall them first and post them later…

    @881 epyc

    It’s been a long time since we last heard from you. Glad to see you back! Please come back regularly and post something so that we can keep up to date with you… Thanks too for the link on Thundie’s best and worst dramas of 2009. I’ve just gone in to vote – no prizes for guessing which drama I’ve voted as THE best. Like our dear Denali, I’ve also voted for the 5 worst dramas… You know, the funny thing is I found it really difficult to come up with the 5 best dramas cos’ in reality, I’ve only 1. And I’ve a hard time putting the 5 worst dramas as I’ve more than 5!!! After CH, many dramas seemed really bad…

  894. 894 : geeze Says:

    Hope CSW and KSA get the best couple award in 2009 for their role in CH.
    Very best I will recommend all my friend to watch this drama. So touching i love it. Thanks for all the team of CH.

  895. 895 : eagerbeaver Says:

    @ Lily

    here’s another classic line from this drama. it was when she tried to attend jogook’s campaign trail incognito & he caught up to her. she was like “how can you tell it was me, i was wearing a disguise” and his answer was, “i could see you even in a huge crowd, how can you not see what is yours” or something to that effect.

  896. 896 : CTHL Says:


  897. 897 : Magicity Says:

    Hi! friends,

    I found here massive contagious.
    Only 2 words to describe CityHall all,

    “Always CityHall”

  898. 898 : balancedchaos Says:

    I am so crazy about this drama and this couple! It has been about 4 months since I finished watching, but I still try to fit in a few episodes per day… I’m that addicted. I have never felt this way about ANY other drama before. Thank you so much Cha Seung Won, for dropping from the sky into this drama! I can’t imagine anyone else being our beloved Jo Guk.

    @lily: Two of my favorite Jo-Guk dialogues from episode 15.

    “Do I ignore you who’s naive and easily bullied, and give you up for my own happiness? Or do I suffer for your happiness? Who can make this decision easily? This choice may cause me to lose many things, but I’m more afraid of losing you. So, although you can’t stand with me, I hope you won’t go too far. Even if you stand against me, I hope you can stand a bit closer.”

    “I only recently realized my heart’s desires, but everyone is strongly against me. In front of me is a cliff and behind me is a precipice. I like her so much it’s killing me. I want to hold onto her so much it’s killing me. But if she stays, she’ll die! And if she leaves, I’ll die!”

  899. 899 : marianneT Says:

    same to you, i’m still addicted with this drama since 5months ago
    it can not be removed from my mind
    i’m so in love with Jo Gook

  900. 900 : ME2ME2 Says:

    “Do I ignore you who’s naive and easily bullied, and give you up for my own happiness? Or do I suffer for your happiness? Who can make this decision easily? This choice may cause me to lose many things, but I’m more afraid of losing you. So, although you can’t stand with me, I hope you won’t go too far. Even if you stand against me, I hope you can stand a bit closer.”

    “I only recently realized my heart’s desires, but everyone is strongly against me. In front of me is a cliff and behind me is a precipice. I like her so much it’s killing me. I want to hold onto her so much it’s killing me. But if she stays, she’ll die! And if she leaves, I’ll die!”
    And his eyes…pah….

  901. 901 : epyc Says:

    City Hallers are really a force to reckon with! When I posted about the Thundie’s poll yesterday, there were 44 votes for CH sitting at 3rd place….. but now it is up to 206 votes leading the chart!!

    Here’s the link again: here

    And thanks to all those welcoming me back to this thread! Once a Haller, always a Haller! Christmas is coming up and it means CH re-watch time, woohoo!!

  902. 902 : Denali Says:

    @ epyc:
    Nice to see you again, indeed, like koalagirl stated earlier. Funny, because I had wanted to post here to encourage many to vote on Thundie’s blog, because about an hour ago CH was a bit ahead of YAB, around 180 votes. So glad that CH is leading, hopefully her blog will remain rather anonymous amongst YAB fans, so “we” can win. lol

    Nice suggestion, there, about Christmas and City Hall. Definitely worth giving thoughts about a GuMi marathon.

    Have a nice day, evening, yeorobun!

  903. 903 : jastinel Says:

    Please vote for City Hall as BEST K-drama for 2009 at Thundies blog!

    Continue your support for Suna in this poll


    VOTE and VOTE!!!

    Hi epyc and Denali!

  904. 904 : Martha Says:

    Thanks epyc for the link. I have dutifully cast my vote. It indeed proved easier to chose from the list of five worst dramas (893, jangerr) for after CH it is very hard to recall other kinds of pleasures, different past delights. I also read Thundie’s thread about CH and found it, rather predictably, missing the point on a number of important issues dealt with in the series(and for that reason, her review contains a number of self-contradictory pronouncements too). Now, naturally one has the right to think that So Ji Sub (an actor I like, by the way) is the standard of comparison for all things appealing, as ‘thundie’ (the blogger) seems to think, but I beg to differ. So Ji-Sub, although pointing in the right direction, has some way to go before reaching the heights of diabolical allure so effortlessly scaled by King Cha Seun Won, or become that kind of magnetic force field (which will soon merit a separate branch in Physics dealing with the phenomenon) CSW is. As for the acting skills department, I fear SJS would suffer from any comparison with CSW, for while the former gives a (good)representation of existential sadness, traumatic secrecy and sexual mystique, the latter IS all those things – I mean, CSW is a lived representation, one who risks his flesh and spirit serving the artifice, not one who merely does a good job with the artifice.
    P.S. Finished watching South of The Border last night and he is truly magnificent in that too ….I’m entranced (a feeling shared with many here) while being thought provoked.
    P.P.S. Alas, aznv.tv is no longer using Flashplayer, so CH is, once more. unavailable online (I managed to squeeze one more viewing, though, while the going was good). When, oh when!, are they going to release a region 2 dvd of the series?

  905. 905 : Magicity Says:

    Christmas magic for CityHall KDrama.

    The facts so clear for CityHall drama we all hold dear!!.

    Make it happen here!!

    Thanks heaps for the link…keep coming back friends!!

    Always CityHall.

  906. 906 : koalagirl Says:

    Boo Ya! OMG, City Hallers, you guys are magnificent and amazing. Yeah, we know CH is the best drama we’ve ever seen, now I believe City Hallers are the best group of fans around. Sophisticated, challenging, thoughtful, coherent, cheerful and loyal. We’re up to over 900 comments, can you believe it! And we’re nowhere near done. I’m as crazy about CH 6 months later as I was when I watched it. It’s a very happy insanity.

    And go go CH on Thundie’s poll!

  907. 907 : Maxi Says:

    I’m mad about the City Hall…

  908. 908 : Roween Says:

    Wow wow holy molly guacamole!! ..how many wonderfull comments, ..this thread really grow fast :), love to share my City Hall madness with so much people 😉
    @ 814 koalagirl Thanks for the info, I wish I could vote for the SBS Awards, but I will support CH, Suna and Hot Cha ^^ on any possible way I can..
    See you later 😉

  909. 909 : kay Cook Says:

    I love CityHall…….

  910. 910 : Magicity Says:

    Always CityHall

    I can see CityHallers so vibrant and varied. Happy Morning to all.

    Your votes matters most, vital and valuable. Exercise your right to love CityHall and vote now!!

    You and all, say it out all in votes to take CityHall to the Peak.

    Always CityHall

  911. 911 : sunahforever Says:

    OMG, I just left this thread for 3 days and look at the number of new comments!!! Incredible!! But so nice to read abt everyone’s love for CH…well to all you supporters out there….I finally finished the series!!! I now want to share with you my feelings on this show!!!

    I really can’t remember which scene is in which Eps but generally the last 3 Eps flew by…and left me breathless…I cried so much my eyes was sooo swollen…although this is definitely not a melodrama, but the acting was so convincing and the story line so good that we were totally immersed in the journey of SMR and JG!!! So many lovely and heartwarming scenes and also heartbreaking scenes…this particular scene broke my heart and I cried and cried for both SMR & JG. Remember the scene at the restaurant where JG was trying to break off with SMR to protect her, OMG, did you hear what SMR said to JG??? I can’t remember the exact wordings but it was something like she will always have room in her heart for him…She was sooooooooooo sad and heartbroken and he was trying to be mean but not hiding it very well…you can see he was really tortured……what wonderful acting!!! And Kylie, although I respect your views abt KSA, my love for her will never change and it is reinforced by the wonderful acting in CH. She was a bit silly in the beginning but went through a tremendous change after being elected Mayor. I have never seen KSA acting in such a capacity before i.e. shedding so much tears…but notice her style of crying is so different from the queens of tears (eg. Choi Ji Won). Her tears are so real and you can feel her sadness so deep, so sorrowful!! I will continue with my thoughts on the ending later. Until then….

  912. 912 : sunahforever Says:

    Btw, can anyone tell me whether the recaps for Eps 12 onward are available at dramabean?? I enjoyed reading those but only up to Eps 11….please help???

  913. 913 : mulan Says:

    I love YEH in take care of the young lady. But as per browsing various comments i saw “hollywood” recommended to watch cityhall to elizabeth. So i got interested too. And to my surprise this drama is better compared to the one i’ve mentioned. Various scenes makes me giggles, sad and burst into tears. Can’t help it i admire most JG…. tandem of SMR and JG is awesome.. I’ll vote this as best Drama for 2009….But still i’m an avid fan of YEH.

  914. 914 : jangerr Says:

    @913 mulan

    Welcome, our new City Haller (or City Stalker, as sometimes we like to call ourselves)! As Magicity has rightly pointed out, and many have attested to it, once a City Haller, always a City Haller. I think YEH is a credible actress too & have watched all her shows. In fact, she is one of my favourite actresses too though KSA is above her in my list.

    @ sunahforever

    Oh yes! CSW and KSA are both such amazing thespians. They are the rare ones who are able to show incredible depth of emotions with just their eyes. Just looking at their eyes, we know and can feel what they are thinking and going through… The pain, the agony, the fear, the love, the joy, etc,…

    @ 904 Martha

    I did not read Thundie’s thread on CH. But from the little I’ve read in the voting site, I think I’ve rightly made the deduction that I wouldn’t agree with her so I didn’t bother to read it. The types of dramas she likes say something about her… As with you, I too think SJS is no comparison with CSW in the acting department…

    Btw, where are Elizabeth, kre, mzpakipot, dpcats, Doreen, IchLiebeDich, Sony & tety? Haven’t heard from you all for a while… Tety, tety, where are you?

    Also, fellow City Hallers, I’ve just checked thundie’s thread on best 5 dramas. Our CH has been overtaken by YAB and I’ve used up my 3 votes…. Boo hoo hoo… Those who have not voted, please vote now!

  915. 915 : absolute... Says:

    from 914, @ 904 Martha

    I too think SJS is no comparison with CSW in the acting department…
    The City Hallerrsss Ajaaaaaaaa aja

  916. 916 : crying Says:

    @911 you reminded me of that scene at the restaurant where JG was trying to break off with SMR to protect her, OMG, did you hear what SMR said to JG??? I can’t remember the exact wordings but it was something like she will always have room in her heart for him…She was sooooooooooo sad and heartbroken and he was trying to be mean but not hiding it very well…you can see he was really tortured……what wonderful acting!!!

  917. 917 : sunahforever Says:

    Hi, am back!! Wanted to continue with my thoughts on the ending of the CH. The proposal scene………..sigh….it would melt any girl’s heart watching this scene……..so sweet, so romantic, so real…I love it, love it! Like someone said, this will be a classic scene in Korean drama history…the wordings were so appropriate and so right…my favourite scene of all time…see the love sparkling in their eyes?? Can’t be real right?? So so real….I only wish they could be couples in real life…

    And this is the first Korean drama I have seen where all the loose ends were tied up…amazing….the father, the mother, Councillor Min & Lee Jung Do, Boo Mi, the fiancee…everyone!!! It leaves you feeling so satisfied!! Sigh….yes, another rewatch is a must…love CH love it!!!

  918. 918 : sunahforever Says:

    Just to let every fan of CH know that I am spreading the love of CH to all my friends and relatives. I made a couple of sets of dvds for my friends as Christmas presents!!! My cousin in Singapore also got a set to watch after my recommendation…she is loving it too and we are now both sharing our views on the show…so much fun!!

    CH forever!!!

  919. 919 : Smile Me Says:

    @sunah, just read your comments, and it filled me up with romanctic thought…please come back again and again with your beautiful comments…and also all City Hallerrsss aja aja..

  920. 920 : Magicity Says:

    Always CityHall

    The window of opportunity won’t be here for long.

    Link us to SBS vote-site for best KDrama when available….CityHallers we call….TQ to all…. vote at Thundie’s and for superb Suna too…

    Let’s ready our champagne

    Merry X’mas and New Year joy and love filled the air and cheers to vivid prize-winning awards coming for CityHall, KSA and CSW.

    Always CityHall.

  921. 921 : epyc Says:

    Hi Everyone

    Just checked the tally at Thundie’s: City Hall is now 536 votes ahead of You’re Beautiful’s 400, with Brilliant Legacy in the third place with 148 votes!! Go Go Inju Citizens!!!

  922. 922 : pinkybarbie Says:

    The biggest mistake in my life is married with my husband.
    Full of sadness, yelling, arguing…no touching, hugging , kissing
    Thanks to drama City Hall…it comfort me and relieve all my distress.
    Whenever i was sad, i rewatched City Hall.
    Whenever i need a shoulder to cry on , i watched the OST”Loving” and “Smile”.
    I’m falling in love with another man..Jo Gook
    Woow it’s more powerfull than marriage counselling.
    I’m truly blessing with City Hall
    Thanks for this drama

  923. 923 : Maple Says:


    Great you found CityHall to lean on, Enjoy every minute with Mirea & JoGuk and pamper yourself to every dose of CityHall.

    @921 and 920

    Thanks for your encouragement to keep voting CityHall.
    The statistics says CityHall is on track to red carpet moments.
    Do continue CityHall countdown to glory and vote is the call to all CityHallers.

  924. 924 : kay Cook Says:

    I love all my CityHaller,you are the Best !!!!!………

  925. 925 : jastinel Says:

    @pinkybarbie Says:
    If you need a friend we can always have a chat. I`m sorry to hear that your marriage is full of agony.
    My marriage, let me describe it as…A bed of roses, but I still need a dose of CH everyday.
    I`ve been married for 14 years and I`m so lucky that I found a man who is very loving, kind, a good father, good provider. We also fight and argue, but in the end of the day we always see to it that everything is settled and we love each other no matter what. In fact, we are more in love with each other as the yrs passed, I think being away from each other is the reason why we don`t get tired of each other. Were like honeymooners every times his here with us, having his vacation from work. This is off topic already, sorry! Just want to share my love life….hehehe!
    But you know, Suna gives me a different happiness every time I watched her and CSW makes me giggle with his romantic gesture in CH.
    I`m forcing my hubby to have facial hair and abs, but he got muscles already, in his arms chest. It`s nice to be hug by a man with big muscles. So girls find your JG and be happy all your life.
    I wish the same with Suna!

    Don`t forget to VOTE!

  926. 926 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hall is suddenly way ahead in the end of the year best drama polls. Keep voting everyone.

    Link here

    @ sunahforever

    At last, you have completed the journey with MR and JG, but the drama will live with you for a very very long time.

    The proposal scene – to me still the best marriage proposal I have ever seen on screen, in any medium. It was perfection from beginning to end.

  927. 927 : Magicity Says:

    Always CityHall

    I am crazy about CityHall.

    Lost count how many times,

    I laugh more and cry less while still enjoying re-watching CityHall.

    Back to Inju to cast my vote.

    Come in to vote too all CityHallers…

    Always CityHall

  928. 928 : chacha Says:

    @922 pinkybarbie – Sorry to hear about the state of your marriage. Though I’m glad that you’re getting relief from CH, I hope you’ll be able to work out something more permanent & concrete with your husband. CH is a drama but your marriage, your life is reality. I’m sure both of you married for love, so remember the love you used to have and try to rekindle that with your husband. Talk it out, work it out or get help. Remember that for a marriage or any relationships to be successful, effort, commitment & communication are essential & inevitable. You deserve happiness so let me wish you all the best…

  929. 929 : mulan Says:

    @ 914 jangerr – nice to meet thru this blog.

    @ 922 pinkybarbie – if it’s true, well really sad.

    @ 928 chacha – you’re right, we’re just pampering our selves by watching various dramas but in the case of pinkybarbie it’s reality.

    And we all know being a wife, mother and worker in one is not as easy as abc. But we really need to know on how to manage our time for work, family and self. Just like this,when we’re watching, we forgot our problem temporarily but after this you’re going back to reality. I suggest,you talk to yourself and be a broadminded. Forget all the bad experiences and face the life with a smile. Pray to God to lend you an intelligent heart….. We deserve to be happy.

    Happy New Year to all of You.

  930. 930 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hall recaps at Dramabeans are back, baby! Episode 12 recap just got posted.


    This is for everyone who’s been following the recaps, and for those who haven’t, this is City Hall round 2, so so good.

  931. 931 : Dona Says:

    Oh may gosh grabe ang ganda pala ng story ng City Hall. Ang galing talaga ni Ms Kim Sam Soon. Shes tall hah but the guy is even taller than Ive ever seen a korean actor. Im on episede 15 na. Kahit di ayos ang subtitle ng nabili kong dvd e gets ko naman story. Im planning of having another copy with correct englist subtitle. Will anybody please tell me where I can buy a new one and please describe the packaging so that I will not commit another mistake. I hope that all korean dvds will be translated with correct englist subtitle. Buti na lang maganda yun story.

  932. 932 : indri Says:

    Go SunA Go SunA Go!! Vote ! Vote ! Vote !
    City Hall is the Best !! Aja!!

  933. 933 : sunahforever Says:

    Thank you thank you Koalagirl….am so looking forward to read the recaps of Chapter 12 onwards…these are the chapters which are so heart wrenching and brought so much tears to my eyes…happens everytime I rewatched an emotional scene…can’t help it…

  934. 934 : kay Cook Says:

    Don’t forget to VOTE …VOTE…VOTE…..Cityhaller…aja.aja..ajaaaaaa…….

  935. 935 : KBC12 Says:

    LOVE,LOVE,LOVE……Cityhall….Best drama ever!!!!!……….

  936. 936 : koalagirl Says:

    All right City Hallers:

    Best of the Year 2009 polls are open at Dramabeans!


    Please, please vote for your favorites, including drama, couple, newcomer, lots and lots of categories.

    I’m voting for City Hall, what about you? CH is way ahead in Thundie’s year end poll, so let’s mobilize and continue to spread CH love.

  937. 937 : indri Says:

    @Koalagirl,.. Done,.. thanks.
    Come on City Hallers,.. vote our CH at dramabeans,…right now, our CH got 8% only in voting,… Let’s vote !!

  938. 938 : sunahforever Says:

    Koalagirl, how to vote, how to vote??? I clicked the link but there is no option to vote??? Am I doing it wrong?? Pls help!!!

  939. 939 : koalagirl Says:

    My bad, don’t click on my link, which probably displays the results after my vote and doesn’t all you to vote (each person gets one vote, I’m guessing).

    Do go directly to the website: http://www.dramabeans.com

    Click on the post for 2009 year end polls, and then vote away!

    You’re Beautiful and all its super mania fans who just finished the drama is gonna far and away lead the pack, but oh well, CH fans are still fun and loyal bunch, and let’s let our voices be heard anyway!

  940. 940 : sunahforever Says:

    Koalagirl, I tried but there is no buttons or link for voting….really, I checked and checked but dunno where it is?? Am I blind?? Am I missing something? Sorry to bug you again to show me how to do it!!!

  941. 941 : jastinel Says:

    Kababayan, nice to see you here!
    If you want you can DL the episode from BON.
    Here`s the link: http://bonchu.net46.net/city-hall/
    I don1t think you can buy a decent copy here in Manila. But others made an order for the Directors cut and the DVD are not yet distributed. So we have to wait.
    I hope you can join us for the fan meeting on Dec.13! Here`s my YM add me: [email protected], so I can tell you the details.

  942. 942 : pinkybarbie Says:

    @jastinel @chacha @mulan
    Thanks for your sympathy and your sharing…i’m happy not only being city hallers but also can share my love life with all of you
    It’s really touch my heart when everytime saw JG holding MR’s hand, kissing her, and crying for her….it never happened in my life but at least i can feel it.
    Finding real JG it’s not as easy as buying CH’dvd…that’s why i become addict with this drama ….i’m truly insane with City Hall
    Like a little girl who wants present from Santa , so do i
    I want Christmas present Real JG from Santa HOHOHO

    Merry Christmas City Hallers!!! aja aja aja

  943. 943 : alodia Says:

    I already told the Korean, Vietnames and Chinese fans to vote for City Hall too in Dramabeans and Thundie’s blog.
    To all the City Hallers who voted – thank you very much
    To all the City Hallers who urged everyone to vote too – thank you more
    To all the City Hallers who haven’t voted – please vote now!



  944. 944 : jangerr Says:

    @ sunahforever

    For the dramabeans voting, just click on the bullet/button on the left of the drama titles. After that click on the vote button at the bottom. CH is not doing well at all so let’s make sure we vote…

  945. 945 : epyc Says:

    At dramabeans poll, there are several categories that we can vote for City Hall, including favorite drama, favorite trendy drama, and favorite romantic pairing. It is unfortunate that neither Jo Guk or Shin Mi Rae is in the favorite character category.

    CH is lagging behind in all categories. Here is the link again:


  946. 946 : jastinel Says:

    Another POLL, please support our Mi Rae (KSA) in this poll!

    after choosing Mi Rae in her swimsuit, click the button on the right.

  947. 947 : sunahforever Says:

    I give up, I really cannot find any buttons for clicking…really, I’ve tried everything….sigh…i am sad that i can’t vote!!!

  948. 948 : dee Says:

    please help me…i can’t stop falling in love with cha seung won…city hall is the best korean drama ever…..everything is such so click…and CSW is gorgeous…!!!

  949. 949 : KBC12 Says:

    This drama is awesome…….Cityhall is THE BEST………….

  950. 950 : alodia Says:

    Another POLL, please support our Mi Rae (KSA) in this poll!

    after choosing Mi Rae in her swimsuit, click the button on the LEFT (with a check on it).

  951. 951 : koalagirl Says:

    @ sunahforever

    I don’t know why you can’t vote. I used another computer this morning, clicked on the link, and out popped the page with the voting buttons available again, so I voted for CH again! Yay!

    I’m sad you can’t vote, but at least leave a comment that CH is your fave drama, pur voting really doesn’t matter since YB is going to win everything in that poll.

  952. 952 : WINWIN Says:


  953. 953 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hallers, we’re on the 20th page of comments! This is such an accomplishment that a single drama has really united so many folks and brought out our vocal love for it.

    Keep on sharing the CH wonder and love.

  954. 954 : KBC12 Says:

    Cityhall is one of the Best drama ever…..It will stary with us forever……..love…. CityHall…….

  955. 955 : indri Says:

    I hv new habit,… open all the links to vote before start to work,…

  956. 956 : sunahforever Says:

    Been meaning to ask this question for a long time. How come the song “Loving, Loving You” is not included in the OST of CH??? That is another great song after Anxious Love. Anyone got any idea??

  957. 957 : geeze Says:

    please vote for CH….. I never bored watch this drama again and again.

  958. 958 : jangerr Says:

    @ sunahforever

    I had the same problem for a while yesterday. I think it’s because the YAB fans were jamming the site. Just keep trying if you want to vote but like what koalagirl said, it may not really matter cos’ YAB is way, way ahead… Sigh…

    @ Fellow Cityhallers

    There’s another important poll that we have to participate and it’s on this very site itself – Best Korean Drama in 2009. Just go to the main page and it’s there. Our beloved CH is now only at 4th position… So c’mon guys, let’s vote, vote, vote!!!

  959. 959 : etee7114 Says:

    @955 Indri

    Talk about new habits. Click on City Hall buttons only on every fav drama poll.
    End of day, check results.

    @ ockoala,
    While YB may be a hot favorite at DB’s poll, it didn’t beat CH in terms of ratings. Yes, ratings does nothing for my drama watching, but it’s everything during awards!! Higher ratings just mean that more advertisement revenue were raked in for CH. The biggest threat at the SBS Awards is most likely BL.

    Politics abound in the entertainment industry….all the big wigs at SBS should watch this drama. It’s about doing things right. Give credit where credit is due.

  960. 960 : indri Says:

    @959 etee7114,
    Copy that,…. LOL ^_^

  961. 961 : trn08 Says:

    Great ! Great ! Great !Love it….

  962. 962 : its mi Says:


  963. 963 : shosh Says:

    I see the leading percentage is You’re Beautiful I admit the series really nice but no more in that .I really like the actorss.In fact, I love the series Boys Before Flowers More than You’re Beautiful
    I do not know who they are voting children or people who really understand what this a good series ,
    The city hall is the series the highest level seen in 2009,
    city hall is a series exciting and beautiful quality, and Kim Suna is a beautiful legend.
    That’s why I do not really understand how she receives a low percentage of voters. I tried to vote and I can not get the vote did not register mine because I do not see a change in voter turnout and that’s why I think the vote is not really realistic.

    Please I want to see city hall 2. Fighting ^ j ^

  964. 964 : koalagirl Says:

    At Thundie’s poll, CH leads by a wide wide margin (let’s keep voting folks), but then suddenly, CH is also leading in the worst drama of the year poll. WTF? CH was a few votes in that category yesterday, then suddenly it’s jumped by multiple percentages.

    And if I know my statistics, chances are, fans (of a certain pretty drama) who are angry their favorite drama is not winning the poll is purposely voting for CH as the worst drama because CH is so far ahead in the best poll, and that’s just plain petty and ridiculous.

    Trust me when I say, a vewier may not think CH is the best or their favorite drama – but it’ll be a cold day in hell when that many people suddenly think CH is the worst drama of the year.

    Rant over! (sorry guys, this made me really angry, that our love for CH would make folks so jealous they would purposely sabotage its rankings in the worst poll).

    Keep voting here:


  965. 965 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hall recap of episode 13 is up at Dramabeans.


    Awesome episode, awesome recap. Enjoy!

  966. 966 : jangerr Says:

    My dear City Hallers,

    We know in all our hearts that CH is the best drama of all time. We try to promote it to the best of our ability. But it does take a certain level of discernment & maturity to be able to appreciate & love it.

    There will always be groups of people who’ll not be able to get it. These groups of people are generally the angsty, hormonally charged tweens & teens (& probably some naive young adults) who have all the time in the world to vote, especially now that it’s holiday time for most of them. Not all of them but I believe it’s a big group of them. There are, I’m sure, the more matured teens who understand & love this drama as much as us.

    Unfortunately most of these people do not care about fair play, probably do not know or care what fair play is, so they’ll not just keep voting their favourite like a quazillion times but will also vote against what they think is their greatest threat which at the moment is CH… Sigh…

    What we should do is just stand our ground. Let’s not let ourselves be dragged down to their level! Let’s just continue loving & spreading our love for CH around…

  967. 967 : Magicity Says:

    Always CityHall

    Keep supporting our favourite drama CityHall

    Believe there is a panel on fair judging besides just polls

    Positive CityHall will be able to reach the Peak

    Always CityHall

  968. 968 : indri Says:

    Good Morning CityHallers!!!
    Don’t give up,.. keep voting!…. No matter what, City Hall is the Best,…!!
    @#@##@#[email protected][email protected]#@#@#@#@ for those whose jealous with our love for our City Hall !

  969. 969 : crash Says:

    OMG! u sound more like those people who lack discernment and maturity you are accusing. stop the hate coz our fave drama is not winning.

    comon guys, look at our page guys. full of recentment and accusations. look at YB’s site full of praise for their fave drama and no angst whatsoever. they could have easily brag there how awesomely they are winning.

    its a shame! we are supposed to be the mature viewers. looks like we’re not.

  970. 970 : koalagirl Says:

    @ crash

    I need to apologize. I saw something odd and felt the need to point it out, and consequently brought about a negative tone to our beloved CH site. jangerr was merely responding and the attitude has been postive. Nonethteless, you’re right, let’s keep in all in the positive and with love for CH.

    However, just as an FYI, fans of other dramas are indeed quite happy their drama is winning in other polls and have been vocal in those thread comments. I have no problem with that, just merely essaying the fact that we all have faves, and its probably idealistic to assume folks can remain impartial.

    I’m so excited about the resumption of CH recaps, it’s truly the best present for the holiday season, to spread the cheer with more CH love and treats.

    I’m looking forward to a full CH rewatch when I get a free weekend.

  971. 971 : chacha Says:

    @crash – I think you’ve misunderstood jangerr’s remarks. What she did was merely commenting on what she thinks is happening. Like koalagirl has rightly pointed out, her tone was positive. There was no hate or resentment, just her observations and thoughts. Like what jangerr has said at the end of her remarks, we should not let what’s happening, ie what’s happening at the polls, affect us but continue to be positive and spread our love for CH around.

  972. 972 : kre Says:

    hello everyone *wave to all*…miahne for being MIA, swamped with work….

    CH fighting!!!…best drama…ever!!!

    the polls may say otherwise, but we know better right? hihihi 🙂
    my sister just got back from her business trip from singapore and surprised me with a CH dvd box set, wweeee! what a great xmas present! (i was esp touched coz she doesnt even watch kdrama, she must have noticed my non stop raves about CH LOL)…it may not be the director’s cut dvd, but still…it’s still CH ^.*

    CH all the waaaaaaay! 🙂

  973. 973 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hall director’s cut DVD will be released at the end of December 2009. Thanks to alodia at soompi for getting this information.

    And best of all, KSA and CSW are reuniting this week to record their commentaries for the CH DVD set. I *faints* in anticipation. I hope they add tons of behind the scenes as well, those were so funny.

    Their chemistry as a couple was the most intense, riveting and awe-inducing pairing I have ever seen in k-dramas.

  974. 974 : dee Says:

    so jeolus… i really hope i can have an original dvd…cause mine is not…city hall is drama that made me crazy and crush on Cha Seung Won..i promote this drama to every of my friends..just one question, how could that be some perfect just like Joo Gook ups i mean Cha Seung Won…love him so much..hahahahaha….

  975. 975 : Maple Says:

    Cheers CityHallers

    No matter the polls results we all know for sure CityHall is the best drama we want to cherish and share with everyone, everytime, everywhere, time and again.

    Just keep votes coming the CityHall way.

    We are on the right track because CityHallers stand united as CityHallers all the way.

  976. 976 : ME2 Says:


  977. 977 : JELYN Says:

    no matter what other may say about CH, It’s still the No. 1 for me. It’s still the only kdramas that makes me blush when i;m just thinking of those sweet(the sweetest in all kdramas) moments. It’s still the only drama that makes my heart continue beating. It’s only the kdrama that allows me to escape to difficult situations(just thinking of it). It’s the only kdrama that I have discovered CSW. Its the only kdrama that has the most romantic couple. The most relaxed scenery. I love it!!! AJA!

  978. 978 : sunahforever Says:

    Yes Yes, CHallers, I finally can vote!! I used another computer and all the buttons are there for voting, Yay!!! Sad to see CH falling behind but it is still quite high on average!! Keep on voting and my wish is that CH gets the recognition it deserves in all the Korean Drama Awards….love you KSA & CSW…

  979. 979 : jastinel Says:

    Please continue voting for KSA in this poll, she needs more vote to be number one.
    You have to choose one in every category and click the left botton. (I made a mistake in my first try and Dia also posted the instruction here)

    What is important is that we never get tired supporting and spreading City Hall love.
    SBS voting poll will be open soon, there, we can give all our support again and this is the most important poll for they can win awards there. I hope they will receive what they deserve….recognition and awards!

  980. 980 : jastinel Says:

    Forgot to include the link….

  981. 981 : epyc Says:

    Dear All

    Another poll has now open for best kdrama for 2009: our very koreadrama.org poll at http://www.koreandrama.org/?p=977

    City Hall fighting!

  982. 982 : Bearpower Says:

    Will do my part to vote for CH!!!!

    But whether it win in terms of vote, CH won the hearts of many and it will always be the BEST Korean Drama in the many hearts it touched.

    I have not seem another korean drama with such captivating dialogue, such matured acting skills, so much effort in editing and OST which melts our hearts.

    I tried to watch other korean drama after watching CH but they all seem to be missing something…. I am back to watching CH again… bec CH is the BEST I have watched thus far. It touches my heart and it never fail to leave me with a smile after I watch it!

    This show is the fruit of the labour of love, of those who played a part in making it.

    Thanks again to everyone who made this show so alive, esp CSW And KSA!!!

  983. 983 : Dona Says:

    To Ms Jastinel,

    Thanks ha! I guess I have to go on with my downloading to really feel the emotions of SMR and JG but having read all those comments from you all city hallers what more can I ask for. Im on my 2nd time to watch all over again. For ep11 up to end is the best. I hope it will be shown here in Manila soon. Sana ch2 para may chance to bring them here sa Manila ang 2main lead star ng CITY HALL. Ch7 will not do the effort kahit pa mag no.1 dito sa Pinas.

  984. 984 : lynaq Says:

    Whenever I’m down CITY HALL is the prescription to ease my loneliness, by re-watching this awesome drama of 2009. I go to this site twice a day reading your positive comments makes my day alive and well. I finally voice out my sincere feeling, although I’m not as good in making comments. I think this is the site where genius people hangout, voicing out their undying love about CH. I consider myself as a certified addict of CH. Can I certify myself to do this on my own? Or somebody has to do it for me. I have never in my life made so many comments in regards to this CH, made my life crazy and obsessed. To, Alodia and Jastinel, I read @ soompi about the upcomig fan meeting of Suna in Makati. I wish I’m over there. Can I connect with you two as we are avid fan of Sun Ah. Plan on visiting Korea, coming from seattle,wa.By the way I tried to vote following all the links. Last but not least, we should be thankful and give credits an applaud to the two incredible leads, Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won with their natural/effortless acting that made this drama a success. Also the killer OST, I still has to figure out, how to download on my ipod. Cha Seung Won, captivate my heart.. Love you Cha!

  985. 985 : koalagirl Says:

    Hi Bearpower and lynaq

    Both of you wrote such stirring words explaining why CH has touched your hearts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Both of you are certified City Hallers for sure.

  986. 986 : Grease Says:

    Yes! It’s CityHall recognition and time to vote! vote! and vote!.

    Together let’s make it happen for our lovely KSA and gorgeous CSW.

    CityHall has a place in my heart.

  987. 987 : KBC12 Says:

    CityHall is best drama ever…..

  988. 988 : Colins Says:

    Saranghae – I LOVE CITYHALL

    Mi Rae! Mi Rae! Mi Rae!

    Jo Guk! Jo Guk! Jo Guk!

    City Hall! City Hall! City Hall!

    Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

    Let’s make the party bubbles!

  989. 989 : jangerr Says:

    Wow! We seem to have several new City Hallers! A very warm welcome to all of you – lynaq, bearpower, Collins & anyone else who is new here! Please continue to come & share with us your thoughts & love for CH, KSA & CSW… We’ll love to hear more from you all.

    As for lynaq’s query on how to be a certified City Haller, there’s really no steps to take, you just BE! Of course, coming in here regularly to share is an outward demonstration of your ‘status’. Hehehe!

    Honestly, what you’re going through is familiar to many of us, including me. I’ve never felt this way about any drama before, and I’ve watch tons! This is the first time I participated in any drama-fan-clubbish kind of thing…

    @ 972 kre & 963 shosh

    Welcome back, our ardent City Hallers! It’s good to hear from you two again… It’s been a while! Please don’t go MIA again…

    Now, if I’m not mistaken, there’re still quite a few we haven’t heard from for a while. There used to be a Miss White who wrote such glowing comments about CH… Where are you, Miss White? Also, tety who bought like 7 seven sets of DVDs to give to friends… Where are you, tety? And many more… Please come back & share with us what’s happening. Most of all, please vote for our beloved CH and its stars at all the current polls!

  990. 990 : lifeisgreat Says:

    Enjoy CH very much, hope there is more such OUTSTANDING drama!!!
    And the character’s names given are so unique that

    Jo Gook means from Korean “My home country”
    Shin Mi Rae is “New Bright Future”
    Min Joo Haw is “Democracy”
    Should be Yi Jung Do is “enough is enough or this is it !!!”

  991. 991 : Lily Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with all of your post here, City Hall is #1 in our heart, City Hallers are mature, uniting individuals from everywhere and willing to share our love of City Hall to everyone we know, no know, virtually know..

    Like many of you had put down your comments, I am sure I am a mature and calm person, have never “chase”, foolow treads and put down comments on web like this before.

    It’s all because of City Hall, what’s more can I say to convince you to watch this incredible piece of artwork drew by the crew and the cast.

    Cheers CityHallers! Cheers annomynous visitors! Cheers by-standers! Cheers everyone! Treasure your precious comments here, be it sour aor sweet, it compliment the beauty of Inju City Hall in my heart 🙂

  992. 992 : Milky White Says:

    @989 Jangerr,

    Always CityHall

    Thank you for remembering so many CityHallers here.

    You are a very wonderful CityHaller yourself and have been sharing everything mesmerizing about CityHall.

    We all know CityHall is so Drama-Perfect, with the most perfect-fittings, CityHall after effects spreads like CityHall wild fires I believe CityHall syndrome stays to last and have penetrates and rocks everyone here to the bottom of the sea, we anchor here in this platform with almost all viewers, an incomparable KDrama second to none and next to perfect.

    We hail this majestic drama time and again as we walk together down the Inju CityHall Park here with so many ardent CityHallers, Once a CityHall fan always a CityHall man.

    We give the merits to the CityHall casts and especially Mirae and JoGuk we hail as the best actress and best actor, we hold dear even the polls should result otherwise, it really does not matter less for more because CityHall have a place in my heart until the end of time for this mouth-watering, mind-opening, no mistake-proof, moving, outperform, rock and roll gleaming love, ideal to many, huggable sometimes icy yet intimate and intoxicating, the CityHall fever guarantees blockbuster explosive breakthrough you going to benefit best-seeing, bewitching, awe-inspiring, dream-like, breathless, sweet, hilarious, romantic, ace, top-notch drama, hot and captivating and leave everyone asking for more and more in CityHall today, tomorrow and everyday.

    A CityHall vote is a CityHall to the Peak

    Always CityHall

  993. 993 : Grease Says:

    Cheers with CityHall friends.

    We are on the same wave-length!.

    This time around I am only contented with this best KDrama CityHall to keep me company.

    Vote for CityHall now.

    Go for CITYHALL drama today.

  994. 994 : JoyBoy Says:

    The storm is over for me and I came back to my CityHall family.

    Unlike me stress down and sick for weeks (wanna know my reasons), here now I can see many still in ICU (intensive care unit) suffering from an overdose of CityHall, that’s great news sharing loving thoughts into words to cherish for CityHall.

    Here’s no eulogy for CityHall success, just vote, vote, vote all the way for CityHall Drama to the Peak

    Believe more CityHall fans will join the CityHall cheering way to vote and vote.

  995. 995 : jastinel Says:

    Once you entered Inju City, you are already a certified City Haller, your post is a prof that you belong here…..hehehe!

    PM me (@soompi) with your Yahoo messenger ID and I will add you, so we can have a chat during your frees time.

    You can find DL link of CH OST in the first page of CH thread, then you have to use itunes to transfer the file in your Ipod. You can DL the software in the Internet.

    I bought the CD of the OST and it worth the price. Now I`m saving for the DVD set, I think they will add the video commentary that they filmed yesterday (Info from dcinside).

  996. 996 : EggWhite Says:

    Saranghae Kim Sun Ah!

    Saranghae Cha Seung Won!!

    Saranghae City Hall!!!

    Nomu nomu saranghae!!!!

    Must see Drama!!!! CityHall Drama The Best KDrama 2009

    City Hall, is less of politics and more of a romantic comedy

    CityHall with love story today’s best has no match.

    CityHall is here to stay with CityHallers.

  997. 997 : Pam Says:

    WoW! Having seen CityHall drama, it has been my favorite since my marathon run last week.

    Argh!! Seen some less thought of results in the polls, never mind what others may poll here’s my decision and my vote goes to CityHall.

    Over to you and your votes for CityHall does count.

    I knew you are there, CityHallers.

  998. 998 : Maple Says:

    Look at Mirae, Look at JoGuk, such chemistry between both lead stars few can come this near and close to CityHall standard.

    CityHall for the better and more reasons everyone keep coming to Inju CityHall.

    Aja! Aja!! CityHall fighting!!

  999. 999 : [email protected] Says:

    The proverb says

    Like Father like son

    Here I say

    Like CityHallers like you and all CityHallers

    Out of sight but not out of mind

    A comeback is always a Yes for Best in CityHall

    A Vote here is a Must for all CityHallers

    Dash fast to be in Pace to beat all Race

    Remember to Vote, a role model CityHaller we can play

    Continue to Take CityHall to the Peak

    CityHall drama is honest-to-goodness, recommended surefire.

    The neighbors may envy because CityHall never sizzle to dazzle

    A dose of CityHall will definitely leave you feeling brand-new

    Just like all and Mirae fresh like the mountain-dew

    North, South, East and West, CityHallers breathing double-cool air like JoGuk

    Yes! CityHallers enjoyed this wholesome CityHall drama

    Let’s cheers to the glory of CityHall, KSA and CSW.

    Make this happen! I am ready with my champagne!

  1000. 1000 : Whopps Says:

    When it comes to CityHall

    The proof can be seen here

    Best of the Best is CityHall Kdrama

    We all CityHallers enjoy our day and make our say

    Widespread everywhere.

    CityHall CityHall CityHall all the way……….way ahead!!.

  1001. 1001 : Magicity Says:

    I can read and check out fans in CityHall, now reaching new heights from Mt Sorak at height 1000 says above sea level we have scale mountains and across oceans and continue to grow, each time I past here and sometimes more than 3 times in a day I will come by, I knew for the right reason is I have you CityHall fans around here.

    The CityHall interesting picture display Mirae was caught red-handed and claimed ownership in rejoice and happy moments by JoGuk more than 3 times in a day to witness how that ‘sly/smart guy’ delivers his speech flawless and support his campaign speech. Double meaning of ‘sly/smart Jo Gook’ check me out and no need to run through to check Oxford or Webster, you can figure well in CityHall episode what? Someone do relate from here!!.

    Happy Watching and ReWatching CityHall.

    It’s Vote time and remember to exercise your rights to vote CityHall, KSA and CSW

  1002. 1002 : eagerbeaver Says:

    i’m so excited for city hall! city hall rocks! city hallers rock!

  1003. 1003 : Lily Says:

    For those prefer Mandarin subtitle, here is one good translated site:

    Enjoy your show, and you are most welcome to tell us how do you find City Hall after watching 🙂

  1004. 1004 : ME2me2 Says:

    @ 1001 Happy Watching and ReWatching CityHall. CITY HALLERS AJAAJA

  1005. 1005 : ITSMI Says:


  1006. 1006 : KBC12 Says:

    OMG,all Cityhaller,you are The Best….aja…aja…ajaaaaaa……

  1007. 1007 : Honkie Says:

    CityHall on TV HongKong I cannot wait. I choose to go way out and online to view this classic drama.

    The suspense not so much and unlike HongKong movies, more on revenge and hate, I simply like this CityHall drama, the extras of Shin MRae and JGook leaves me feeling good like a dream I can see in better tomorrow.

    A very good drama that makes all the difference.

  1008. 1008 : jangerr Says:

    Oo la la! We’ve reached 4-digit number in this thread! Well done, City Hallers!!! Let’s keep the momentum. We can also do the same in the polls for our beloved CH! Fighting!!!

  1009. 1009 : KBC12 Says:

    WOW,WOW,WOW,,Cityhall rocks!…….

  1010. 1010 : koalagirl Says:

    Hi everyone:

    I want to once again let everyone know that CH recaps are back and on track at Dramabeans:


    If you get a chance, visit the recaps and leave a nice note is possible for the recappers. They have graciously undertaken this amazing and splendid task because they love CH as much as we do, and I know it must make them really happy to hear that their recaps and hard work is bringing so much joy to us all.

    Thanks, and congrats to CH and the Hallers for propelling this comment thread to over 1000 comments, way to go!

  1011. 1011 : Dona Says:

    To all City Hallers please vote for The Best Korean Drama of 2009. I think we can make it known to everybody that City Hall is the Best okay.

  1012. 1012 : mtoenlob Says:

    @972 kre

    I’m so happy for you. What a great christmas present indeed! Your sister loves you so much, doesn’t she?

    And yes, no matter what others may say we know better. I’m overjoyed that more and more people are enjoying the trip to Inju City. To all newcomers, a warm welcome. Do share with us your experience. We would love to hear from you.

    @955 indri

    “I hv new habit,… open all the links to vote before start to work,…”

    You are not alone, indri. We are on the same boat. That’s my first agenda for the day, even before I start checking my mails. CH is habit forming. (“,)

    @964 koalagirl @966jangerr

    It’s frustrating isn’t it? But, we wouldn’t give up, would we? Just like our beloved SMR, we will persist because we, City Hallers, are made of more sterner stuff.

  1013. 1013 : pragma Says:

    Clever plot & creative storyline
    Witty dialogues & wittier lines
    To-die-for male lead
    Beautiful yet comical female lead
    Sizzling hot chemistry
    Wacky & irreverent ensemble cast
    = Incomparable & unforgettable City Hall

  1014. 1014 : KBC12 Says:


    I.m with you 1000%……..

  1015. 1015 : shosh Says:

    I’ve seen. City hall a thousand times already, director, screenwriter his a genius and producer produced a success, KIM SUNA She the most amazing actress and most beautiful and most professional in Korea, and CSW He is also a successful actor .
    We want to ask City hall two please. With the same players. .^ J ^.

  1016. 1016 : koalagirl Says:

    @ pragma

    Wow, perfectly said! Not a wasted word, but each word used to describe the magic of City Hall on the spot. Thanks for the amazing review.

  1017. 1017 : sulyn Says:

    Yes, City Hall is indeed a beautifully written drama with an equally amazingly superb pair of stars. Hi, everyone. I’ve been reading all your lovely comments about this drama and can’t help it but to post a comment here too. The awards from SBS will be on soon and I do hope that the results will show us that City Hall is THE Best Drama. Hope that this drama will reap in many awards including the Best Actress for KSA, the Best Actor for CSW and the Best Couple for both KSA and CSW.
    Congratulations, cityhallers. you’ve passed the 1000 posts mark. City Hall, fighting!

  1018. 1018 : balancedchaos Says:

    “Those words must really be true, about how you hear a lot of people say that you’re good-looking. Your eyes are beautiful. Your nose is also beautiful. Even your chin is beautiful. That is why my heart has been fluttering all this time. You didn’t know, did you?”

    I am so smitten with Cha Seung-Won and it’s all thanks to this drama. I hope we will be able to see both CSW & KSA together at the SBS awards! City Hall for best couple and Daesang for either or both leads, please! 😀

  1019. 1019 : etee7114 Says:

    @1013 pragma

    How I wish I could replace the above synopsis with your succinct and poignant comment on City Hall. Few words but so wonderfully said and it says everything. O, for the love of this drama.

    @ All CHallers,
    We should give ourselves a pat on the back for crossing the 1000 mark. I had my doubts about CH being the top 3, but now I see our Halllers are just like Shin Mirae…we are not going to give up despite strong contention here.

  1020. 1020 : ALALONG Says:


  1021. 1021 : Honkie Says:

    Shin Mirae performed really natural. Seeing her eat and walk really makes me laugh, so funny asking JGook to open the door fast to enter for the loo. She cannot control! I too could hardly contain myself and paused to enter and ease too!!. What a timing. Everyone excuse me first, I have to continue CityHall.

    And it reminded me when I watched My Name Is Kim Sam Soon.
    She is really good in that drama.

    I find her acting in City Hall leaps for better and best.

    Cheers to much anticipating awards night, Shin Mirae & JGook

  1022. 1022 : Denali Says:

    @ 1019 etee
    Already over a thousand posts, and it goes without saying that the number will increase, because of new City Hallers joining in (hi there and welcome!), of older Inju inhabitants still lurking and also because voting SBS is soon to be open. If you look at “our” craze for other polls recently, then “Boys over/before flowers” won’t remain on the 3rd position in koreandrama for long. 😉 🙂

    Aja yeorobun and waves at City Stalkers!

  1023. 1023 : jastinel Says:

    First, Welcome to all the newbies!

    Glad to share that the photos taken from the video commentary are posted in soompi (CH thread and KSA). To those who missed GUMI couple, they are together again. I wish, this is a sign that they will do a project together after all CSW commitments.
    Thanks to carol for providing the photos!

    Keeep on voting my friends!

    Hi Denali, I might forgot to greet you, so I will take this chance, I hope for you to have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  1024. 1024 : Milky White Says:

    CITYHALL you got to grab something, really a deserving award!

    Just waiting for KSA + CSW to win the Best Couple Award!, this amazing couple is the answer. Otherwise I shall question the panel!! He! He!!

    Talking about voting I wish I have few PCs and Lap-tops to vote at the same time!

    Really crazy have been getting friends just to go to these vote sites to also vote and I click for them. HaHa!!

    One of them have committed to seeing CityHall then.

    See one more votes or more to come!

    My office have 33,000 staff. If 15% votes then I shall get back my deposit. I have to start telling them I am Shin Mirae!! Vote for me fast! fast!.

  1025. 1025 : balancedchaos Says:

    @Milky White

    “My office have 33,000 staff. If 15% votes then I shall get back my deposit. I have to start telling them I am Shin Mirae!! Vote for me fast! fast!.”

    LOL!!! A+ comment. 😀

  1026. 1026 : Grease Says:

    @1024 Milky White

    It’s Saturday Night Fever, I gonna round up my friends to vote for U and U is Mirae just for tonight!

    Once you get your deposit back don’t forget to treat CityHallers here!!

    Check the scores!!!

    CityHall, KSA, CSW and all let’s get ready to rock and roll!!!

    Where? CityHall Disco Hall and vote vote vote is the order of the day!!! CU there!!

  1027. 1027 : indri Says:

    @1024 Milky White
    What a Genius idea!! Fighting!

    I wish, i hv more PC and lap-tops too. In fact, in my office, there’s only 7 PC, I went to the internet centre yesterday, and used 10 PC to vote, hehehehe…..at least i can contribute for our CH…. wish i can do better. so sad.

    Come on everybody,… keep fighting and voting !!! Have a wonderful weekend for all of you CityHallers,..!!!!!

  1028. 1028 : Whopps Says:

    @ 1027 indri 1026 Grease @1024 Milky White

    Absolutely it’s nature’s call!

    Wei! Look here! Just for the moment, JGook is here!

    Why mine sms message vote so short,

    Why North Star so lengthy long sms score,

    What’s wrong cannot see or cannot read,

    Why make me this down

    Why make me so worry,

    Why no contact to call n calling East and South,

    West force all votes to Mirae and everyone here vote for me, Gorgeous JGook! Stare here only to vote please!!

    We can leave the North Star to indri, Grease and Milky White to handle. All CityHallers are riding storm waves to make sure Mirae and JGook beat time and pack power to scale greater heights.

    Hi!! It’s JGook and Mirae in the battlefield with subversive elements.!! Worry less none can beat this first couple 2009!!

    Well, no worries leave the worry to Whopps and Whopps team!!

    Remember leave the North Star out, I am very jealous!! JGook not leaving here!

    Make sure to check my score for CityHall tonight!!

    We, CityHall, Mirae and JGook gonna make it to the scoreboard!!

  1029. 1029 : JELYN Says:

    hello City Hallers!!!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CITY HALL. BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Thanks to KIM SUNA AND CHA-SEUNG WON. YOU GUYS ALWAYS MAKE MY DAY! and ofcourse to staff and crew. LOVE u all.

  1030. 1030 : balancedchaos Says:

    The exciting episode 14 recap by Samsooki is up on Dramabeans now! 😀


  1031. 1031 : jangerr Says:

    Hmmm… Someone mentioned recently that CHallers are a force to be reckoned with, think it was etee. How apt! Look at where we are now! Look out, everyone! A typhoon is coming!!!

    Another amazing thing about CHallers is that we are so supportive & such an encouragement to one another! Look at how we try to spur one another on… Especially the way we encourage one another to vote for our CH, with some coming up with some ingenious ways as well… Hehehe!

    @ 1024 Milky White – Love your crazy ideas!!! And oops! You have a healthy competition from Whopps (1028)!

    It really warm my heart to see the glowing, oops, should be growing number of CHallers! Welcome, welcome, welcome to Inju City!!!

  1032. 1032 : Colins Says:

    Let’s cheers to cute and beautiful and talented MiRae and to witty, gorgeous JOGook. This story in CityHall we have so much to say again and again.

    Here all CityHallers do, Let’s tango here when time permits, CityHallers here I wave to all.

    Let’s let our hair down tonight and vote vote vote before we sway away!!

  1033. 1033 : JoyBoy Says:

    I really couldn’t help dancing myself when I watch JoGuk dancing away during his campaign and engaging too good rapport and so closely with his supporters.

    My siblings ask me what happen and why this and that, making a mess in the hall. I told them that’s all about CityHall. Go for it!!

    I do wish we have our own candidate in this tempo when voting begins in my country!! How great that will be. Me and all my buddies will go for JuGuk style and vision!!

    He is ace in whatever he goes for it. Everyone shakes hand with him except Jang Do, no chance given to get even with him in so many ways he is taking Mirae to the battlefield at least that’s what Jang Do never gets to agree in the beginning!!. Ending part please enjoy and see all yourself or come by hear to read, share and keep enjoying CityHall.

    Whopps!! Remember to vote, my buddy man is waking me to vote. I am online don’t disturb!!

  1034. 1034 : sunahforever Says:

    OMG, we have reached the 1000th mark…crazy, crazy good news!!! To celebrate this wonderful news, I penned down a few lines to reflect my feeling for lovely CH….here goes:

    CH, CH, I started with high anticipation
    After such wonderful reviews, who wouldn’t be
    Slow start but filled with expectations
    Cheers for my biggest idol. Shin Mi Rae!!

    Journey with the two leads, up and down
    Like a roller coaster, they move in tandem
    Tangos and can can, dried fish in Inju town
    So much laughter I have to fanthom

    Then come the mayor, a pretty lady
    Falling in love with a rogue, full of charm
    Love so deep, so passionate and so crazy
    Leaving hearts a flutter, all gooey and warm

    Making Inju prosper and fighting all evils
    Mayor Shin gains popularity and support
    After much heartache and upheavel
    Lover triumphs and a wonderful ending, how hot!!!

  1035. 1035 : pinkybarbie Says:

    Can someone tell me where can i buy CH’s DVD with English subtitle in Singapore???
    I’m crazy with this drama….please let me know….

  1036. 1036 : TISME Says:


  1037. 1037 : Maple Says:

    Hi! CityHallers stay here forever just like JuGook and Mirae.

    I shall stand by you and you only.

    We only vote for CityHall, KSA + CSW.

    CityHall I live here with all of you!

    Love Cityhall…..aja…aja…ajaa….

  1038. 1038 : KBC12 Says:

    keep it going CityHaller I’m with you!…………..Love CityHall………

  1039. 1039 : Mi_Rae_CH Says:

    Don’t you think CityHall is a great storyline everyone eveywhere is enjoying this drama again and again.

    So now its the time to say yes yes yes and vote CityHall, KSA, CSW, they are the Best of the Best, none can come this close and never will for a long long time.

    Simply timely to continue to win accolades for its respectable storyline on politics less, romance and comedy more, a world class offerings and insights to improve oneself and draw inspirations from a Nobody to a Somebody like Mirae and from one self-centred JoGook, where fame and wealth matter most to a symbolic change from scaling a mountain to quick success to changing course in going the right path to win the hearts in Inju and the one heart JoGook focus to live in her and only her is Mirae, our lovely KSA, she must win the Best Actress award and also the Best Couple award, otherwise I shall protest in front of Inju CityHall for sure!!.

    Yes, again it’s all about beautiful Mirae, step in to CityHall to peep at Mirae, you gonna love her like all CityHallers here.

    Don’t you think this is a great storyline we cherish again and everyday.

    Also don’t forget to vote and vote elsewhere to make the vote works miracle again and again everyday.

    Excuse me for the repeats!! Enjoy CityHall.

  1040. 1040 : sunahforever Says:

    Hi Jastinel, you said somewhere that SBS Award poll is starting. Do keep me posted. Also can’t wait for SBS Award Show 2009 and I will wait in anticipation for City Hall to grab all the awards available or else I will really carry out a lone protest outside SBS Award show venue!!!

  1041. 1041 : YES YEAH Says:


  1042. 1042 : LoV me Says:

    Love me love my City Hallers

  1043. 1043 : sulyn Says:

    Yes, yes, yes,
    Love City Hall
    Love Kim Sun Ah
    Love Cha Seung Won
    Love the GuMi couple
    Love their first kiss
    Love their lovey dovey scenes
    Love the romantic proposal scene
    Love the beautiful wedding photoshoot
    Love to see Kim Sun Ah as Best Actress
    Love to see Cha Seung Won as Best Actor
    Love to see the GuMi couple as Best Couple
    Love to see them together at the SBS Drama Awards night
    Love to know that that will soon be a reality

  1044. 1044 : KBC12 Says:


  1045. 1045 : Denali Says:

    @ jastinel

    Just a few words after my message on soompi to thank you for your wishes as the end of 2009 nears. I too, wish you to spend a Merry Christmas with hubby and children, as well as a Hapy New Year if we don’t get a chance to say so on soompi. 😉

    @ sunahforever
    There’s a new thread on soompi about SBS polls, yet empty as the author is also waiting for names to be released, and you will surely be informed as soon as it is out. Until then, have fun with watching CH again and again! 🙂

  1046. 1046 : welldone Says:


  1047. 1047 : Nina Says:

    UNBELIEEEEEEEVABLE!!! CityHall what a great storyline and its terrific moments felt.

    A good drama for me and I have not seen many this far. I do not know their names I meant the main actor and actress but they are very fine stars and real good in their deliveries.

    Thank you for this good recommendation…MW and hope this drama sells and climb the ladder fast as you have been expecting for CityHall to win.

    See U in the air and Good Luck to CityHall and all casts.

  1048. 1048 : Pam Says:

    CityHall is one marvellous drama to watch!

    This is so soo..ooo hilarious!! with side-splitting laughter!!!

    Do not miss it!!!

  1049. 1049 : dee Says:

    city hall is the best drama, with a great story, great couple,and no doubt…Cha seung Won is the most gorgeous actor…love him

  1050. 1050 : Magicity Says:

    I love watching CityHall because from My Lovely Samsooni to WAIN to CityHall, KSA shines and gives that greater measure of acting magic implanted deep and permanent. It lasts!.

    CityHall I never stop rewatching just like love is blind. I love CityHall.

    Only KSA and CSW can make it happen this beautiful way for all.

    Keep voting for CityHall, KSA+CSW glory moments coming up soon.

  1051. 1051 : MEone Says:

    The City Hall and City Hallers Aja aja jaaaa

  1052. 1052 : Nikki Says:

    a good plot and storyline.. i must say that i enjoyed the drama very much :] but the ending is very much confusing.. mind telling me the precise ending? 😀 does they end up together or…..
    thanks! 🙂

  1053. 1053 : Milky White Says:

    Simply here is about CityHall drama you will find all characters are aces you admire and love.

    Every moment spent watching CityHall is precious with KSA and CSW simply the Best couple I have ever come across in a KDrama story.

    There’s the real good brilliant reasons for making all CityHall fans going places and returning back here with so much praises about CityHall, Mirae and JoGook.

    CityHall I live here with you today and more days, months and even years to come. Possible for a long long time and beyond I can vision and share with my loved ones and friends.

    CityHall DVDs I actually have 3 sets sitting in my library for circulation to all friends who are keen and want to watch this drama and do not know where or how to purchase them.

    You know I set a time limit for each person to return back. It’s 5 days the big Five (5) of Mirae and JoGook so as to keep up with the heat and race my favourite CityHall to the Peak and glory.

    CityHall Cheers Cheers Cheers………and remember our role and duty here is to keep voting…..

    Vote Vote and Vote and keep the momentum alive and active…

    Pray for Best to come this CityHall way…and more awards awaiting for KSA + CSW.

    May God Bless All CityHallers in Good Health and keep everyone here safe and happy.(to all taking a long X’mas break..enjoy hols)

    Merry Christmas to all CityHallers across the globe.

  1054. 1054 : lifeisgreat Says:

    I watched again and no doubt, THE best drama indeed!

  1055. 1055 : indri Says:

    @1052 Nikki,..
    Yup, absolutely, they end up together,.. very perfect ending,..remember the wedding photo shoot and the scene where JG campaign as the next President of Korea and SMR came, watched his campaign? they called husband and wife.
    Wondering if there will be CH season 2 ???? hopefully SBS will accommodate our wishes to see CSW & KSA together again.

  1056. 1056 : sunahforever Says:

    Hi Nikki, I believe Indri has explained to you about the ending…what would make an even more perfect ending would be Mi Rae, going to support JG’s campaign with Jo Rang in tow and another toddler…ha haa ha, my dream ending….then it shows that they are a perfect happy family and no more ambiguity abt whether they end up together???

  1057. 1057 : KBC12 Says:

    CityHall have best ending on any dramas…love Cityhall……

  1058. 1058 : eagerbeaver Says:

    @1035 pinkybarbie

    in case u’re still looking for the dvd, it is available at poh kim outlets. but you need to check the eng translation though. it may not be so good.

  1059. 1059 : Nikki Says:

    alright! hehe thanks Indri and Sunnahforever! 🙂

  1060. 1060 : YeyE Says:

    Racing City Hallers Ajaaja

  1061. 1061 : WHATT Says:


  1062. 1062 : Where? Says:

    Where have all the City Hallers gone?

  1063. 1063 : Emma Says:

    I love City Hall from its first second to its last. I was so relieved that they avoided the usual cliche about the ‘happy life’ (i.e. the ‘tomato sauce commercial’ picture of domesticity, as if a woman whether alone or as part of a couple cannot be fulfilled otherwise) and showed them five years later still doing their work (vocation), still putting all their effort in what they care about the most (politics), and still madly and teasingly in love with each other. I particularly liked the fact that they clearly stated she’s still Inju city’s mayor, which means my girl has won a second term in office. Her happiness consists in improving the lives of others (what being in office, in principle, means) and having JG for her playmate. Heavenly.

  1064. 1064 : KBC12 Says:

    Cityhall episode 15 recap is up on dramabeans,it awesome,great job as always…

  1065. 1065 : pragma Says:

    @1014 KBC12, 1016 koalagirl & 1019 etee7114

    Great minds think alike! Wanted to capture the essence of the show with as few words as possible but it’s near impossible. As it is, I’ve missed out something – the hauntingly beautiful osts…

  1066. 1066 : mtoenlob Says:

    @1063 Emma

    “and having JG for her playmate. Heavenly.”

    Hahaha. . . , I love this line! These couple really know how to have fun.

    What makes City Hall a stand out is that it does not adhere to the cliche that most kdrama have. It’s not the usual “and-they-live-happily-ever after” or “one-character-dies” formula. The characters are immersed in plausible situations and breathe believable life responses. Yes, I like it too that years later we still find them pursuing their dreams. The charm of this drama is in its inherent intelligence – the script, the actors, the witty lines, the twists, the emotional-cerebral connection, etc.

    City Hall is an experience worth taking.

  1067. 1067 : indri Says:

    JG : ” Your ears really only like to chose what it wants to listen to ”
    ( Ep 3, when JG invited SMR to his hotel room to discuss the beauty contest )…

    like my ears, love to listen the beautiful soundtrack of City Hall only,….^_^
    One Dream, One Feeling,… Aja CityHallers!!!

  1068. 1068 : sulyn Says:

    Really love this drama and the ending. After 5 years of marriage, they were still blowing kisses to each other and MiRae actually wanted a kiss from JoGuk when he went to her. Hehehe …. what a lovely couple!

  1069. 1069 : jangerr Says:

    @1063 Emma

    There are simply so many amazing things about this drama. And you’ve rightly pointed out something really important, ie, the lives our beloved couple live years after. That they continue to do what they believe in, living their lives to their best, pursuing their dreams and loving each other, supporting each other, encouraging each other… What a couple!!! All the reason more to love them…

    @1067 indri

    Hehehe! You’re so cute! Love how you drew the parallel!

  1070. 1070 : sunahforever Says:

    Since we are on about OST, I still need to know why the OST Loving, Loving You is missing from the 20 tracks. I like that song very much too but of course the best is still Anxious Love…I need a dose of at least 3 X a day of this song to boost my spirit up to face the tough world outside!!

  1071. 1071 : balancedchaos Says:

    @1070 sunahforever

    “Loving, Loving You” was not on the OST because the OST was released really early on in the drama, before that track was used.

  1072. 1072 : only Says:


  1073. 1073 : jastinel Says:

    SBS drama awards website is up already.
    Ready to vote for our fave couple?!


  1074. 1074 : jastinel Says:

    Another Voting poll….this is important, Please vote and make Suna win!


  1075. 1075 : Whopps Says:

    Mirae is one very good Korean actress I admire her one in all.

    From comedy to serious and back to sad moments and intense situations she is always an ace. None can beat her I bet.

    One serious note on safety here I would like to share at the vacant apartment that Mirae took JuGook to view. While walking up down for a few times, did anyone notice on the left of the kitchen cabinet there is a tail like insect. Infact quite scary because I am sure it’s not a lizard but a much dangerous insect. Lucky it did not jump out to hurt Mirae or JuGook sitting by the kitchen table-top.

    At least the place should be thoroughly inspected for actor and actress safety at large. How could this happen?.

    Anyway that’s the minor major I come across on house-keeping.

    Next after the awards I shall share about the setbacks of Mirae in CityHall and the voting pattern that took place when I and my team seriously run a voting rally at my office with 100 colleagues and friends. I do not want to reveal the cause now but the setback did make me bitter too on reviewing that episode. One scene really did upset me and the second setback pointed was a bit tolerable.

    Agree or not its all opinions from age range 15years to 39years, most Uni undergraduates and colleagues. Surprisingly they watched CityHall because our team push and push and that’s their say in another version of CityHall to the mass.

    Anyway that’s the answers gather from my group and the votes did not seem to materialised in the way I want too after trying so hard to push.

    We have done our best and still I want CityHall, Mirae and JuGook to be able to capture at least 2 awards.

    To be frank it looks tough but miracles does happen and all I want to close here is keep the votes alive in all ways.

    Whopps and team is still with CityHall and shall exit for an X,mas breakaway. Of course it’s Korea here we come.

    Merry X’mas and Happy New Year.

  1076. 1076 : Martha Says:

    1073, jastinel,

    Would it be possible to guide us through the voting process? I don’t know where to go to vote for CSW and KSA. I’ve tried the google bar translation but had no luck. Unfortunately, SBS has not made the page available in English.

  1077. 1077 : sulyn Says:

    I do agree. Really need help as to how to go about voting for polls connected with Kim Sun Ah, Cha Seung Won and City Hall. Saw a whole list of links posted by Kim Jo Yan from soompi. Hope that she won’t mind me posting them here. Here’s the list. Happy voting!








  1078. 1078 : indri Says:

    @ Jastinel,…
    Do not understand the language ( innolife & sbs ),.. please guide us how to vote.

  1079. 1079 : jastinel Says:

    You need to sign up first for an acct in SBS website the instruction on how to sign up is in KSA/CH thread posted by Kim jo yan.

    Sorry guys, I`m also waiting for the instruction on how to vote on SBS.

  1080. 1080 : jastinel Says:

    I don`t know how to post instruction here.
    In Innolife, just choose KSA (3rd photo) then at the bottom, click the single botton then another page will appear and will ask for your email add, after that click the right botton. (I wish this helps) I saw the instruction in Sunaforever cafe, to those who has an acct there, you can see it posted by Yummy.

  1081. 1081 : chacha Says:

    @ 1077 sulyn

    Thanks for posting all the links together. You’re such a darling! It really makes voting easier putting them together like what you’ve done. Unfortunately, both the thundie links don’t work. Also not sure how to vote in the chinese poll, sbs best couple & innolife poll. Can you help?

  1082. 1082 : sulyn Says:

    Sorry, here’s the thundie link again.


  1083. 1083 : Lydia Says:

    i love this drama! KSA is so pretty in this drama! i love her :]
    good luck for my fav actres Kim sun ah! Hwaiting 😉

  1084. 1084 : loved Says:

    City Hall the best ajaja

  1085. 1085 : koalagirl Says:

    I can’t wait for year end awards. Hi and a happy holiday season to all City Hallers. Now it’s almost the end of the year, I can definitively say that City Hall is the best drama all year, AND the best drama I have ever seen. Cheers!

  1086. 1086 : KBC12 Says:


  1087. 1087 : ivy quek Says:

    Hi, this is Ivy Quek from S’pore. City Hall is one of the best Korean Drama I have watched for the past 7 years. I have read some of the comments here, and I find that most of the praises and supports are to Kim Sun-ah. But I personally find that Cha Seung-won act better than KSA (not that KSA does not act well, but I am more of a supporter of CSW). I find that CSW, his sense of humorous is very natural and I especially like his Election speech, should listen to the Korean version so that can hear natural original voice. I find that he acted very well and natural for the role of Joh Guk.

    To my surprise, I have watched over 3 times for this series, and still likes it very much. Like the rest of Supporters, I sincerely hope that City Hall will be able to get the Best Drama Award for Year 2009 in SBS and also CSW & KSA will be able to get the Best Couple, Best Actor & Best Actress Award. Cheers.

  1088. 1088 : chyin Says:

    I have been a fan of CH fr the very beginning. I watched it first on Viikii and later bought a “copy” cos I love the drama vvvery much. When the original DVD came out, I naturally bought it to add to my collection of my favourite dramas. The English subtitles in the “copy” was simply awful anyway! So I sat down to enjoy myself watching for the 6th/7th time and boy oh boy, did it get me hopping mad! Why? Because the songs in my favourite scenes were changed..no more “Moonriver” and no more “Sorry sorry”. Can someone please explain the reason for the change? I bought my DVD from Singapore.

  1089. 1089 : m2m2 Says:

    How many times i have to remind you guts City Hall is the best drama ever…

  1090. 1090 : koalagirl Says:

    Hi chyin

    You most likely did not buy the “original” City Hall DVD, which has yet to be released. It will be released at the end of December. The DVDs for City Hall which have been on sale for many months now, are all bootleg copies, but sometimes the quality is actually okay. However, scenes are deleted and subtitles can be choppy.

    We’re all waiting to buy the official original City Hall DVD director’s cut when it is released!

  1091. 1091 : balancedchaos Says:

    I believe the Singapore DVDs are legit (check City Hall @ Soompi), and as koalagirl said, the official DVDs from SBS have not been released yet. As of last month, the release date has actually been pushed to January.

    The songs might be different, because they probably do not have the license to use “Sorry Sorry” or “Por Una Cabeza”? I think that the currently airing Hong Kong version of City Hall also has changed the songs on theirs as well.

  1092. 1092 : balancedchaos Says:

    P.S. I will cry tears of joy if Jo Guk & Mi Rae walk down the red carpet (for the SBS awards show) arm-in-arm. 😀


  1093. 1093 : lynaq Says:

    @1092balancedchaos, I’m with you. I keep dreamimg and until now about Jo Gook and Shin Mi Rea walking the red carpet arm in arm with Mi Rae in black dress and Jo Gook in black 3 piece suit. I will rejoice and be the happiest and pls. Almighty Lord, hear my plea and wish. Thank you!

  1094. 1094 : claudia christina Says:

    city hall is very funny and good film!!!! hahahahahahaha….go city hall

  1095. 1095 : sulyn Says:

    Ya, ya, ya, it’s all cityhallers’ dream to see our GuMi couple,
    JoGuk and MiRae, walking the red carpet arm in arm. Then
    they will also be receiving some awards to take home. How
    great that will be!

  1096. 1096 : dee Says:

    i hope that CSW and KSA are walking on the red carpet…but. I DO REALLY HOPE THAT CSW is WALKING ON THE RED CARPET WITH ME….HEHEHEHEHE…LOVE HIM SO MUCH….

  1097. 1097 : Iam Says:


  1098. 1098 : jastinel Says:

    I wish Suna will take home the grand price, she deserves it and I also wish for CSW win Best actor award. I don`t think I can watch the awards night on line, for my family will celebrate new year in my Parents-in-laws house.
    I hope someone will upload the whole show the next day.

    Wishful thinking…..I wish Suna will perform the Sorry-sorry dance with the Super Junior as an opening number of the awards night….that would be so cool!

  1099. 1099 : KBC12 Says:

    CityHall is best drama 2009………….

  1100. 1100 : Pam Says:

    CityHall. KSA and CSW all smell success, Just like breathing cool fresh air in Inju City.

    Remember your votes matter most even though the going is tough.

    CityHallers union add strength in folds to CityHall, KSA and CSW walking the red carpet way.

    Cheers Cheers Cheers!!!

  1101. 1101 : Maple Says:

    CityHallers keep the votes coming for CityHall, KSA + CSW.

    Many hearts live here in Inju with all CityHallers!

    Smiles and smile for CityHall, KSA + CSW and never give up!!

    Make the best of the best KDrama CityHall we can still bargain!!!

    Love Cityhall…..aja…aja…ajaa….

  1102. 1102 : koalagirl Says:

    I love City Hall! Watching it is like experiencing the most amazing love story firsthand.

  1103. 1103 : Grace Says:

    Wow! CityHall drama the difference that makes all the difference.

    Such great storyline about comedy, love, friendship and comrades, sweet and more CityHall impart and believing is getting started with CityHall early or enjoy your re-watching again.

  1104. 1104 : TOLDU Says:


  1105. 1105 : KBC12 Says:


    Merry Chistmas&Happy New year to Y’all……..

  1106. 1106 : JELYN Says:

    Goodness! I have watched the making of Episode 14 The Kiss moment. Goodness of Goodness! That was so passionate and hot(giggles) I love CSW. KSA great actress in KOrea. Love her also. She’s my fave.

  1107. 1107 : Lily Says:

    Ahnyeong habseyo yorubun ^o^

    Merry X’mas & Happy New Year to all City Hallers and warmth greetings for all visitors to Inju City, hope everyone enjoy as much great moments treasuring City Hall as me 😀

    Love one of the scenes when MiRae was complaining JoGuk getting her to climb hill middle of the night after long day working, but soon turn to blushing smile as JoGuk reach out his hands towards hers,…. and then romance starts with nightlight of Inju city…

  1108. 1108 : trn08 Says:

    CityHall is one of a kind…. very special drama.
    Best drama, best couple, best soundtracks, best director & writer in 2009.
    Best of the best!!! Love CH very much,.. muach..muach..muach…

  1109. 1109 : DBEST Says:


  1110. 1110 : geeze Says:

    Merry Christmas to all City hallers. Hope CSW + KSA will meet again in next drama. Can’t wait….

    Great job for director and all crews of Ctiy Hall

  1111. 1111 : jastinel Says:

    Check out all new photos of KSA in different magazine posted [email protected] and add your comment about our lovely KSA in this Blogs

    link here

    link here

    Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all!

  1112. 1112 : ITSME Says:


  1113. 1113 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hall is the most touching and well-made drama. Watch it during the holidays and feel all warm and cuddling.

  1114. 1114 : Denali Says:

    @ 1107 Lily

    Annyeong “lone one”. ^^

    Yup. This scene is one of the key moments of the GuMi story and the dramabeans team did an excellent job recapping – if you still haven’t read it yet, it is highly recommended. *.^
    link here

    *best wishes to my dear City Stalkers and newcomers*

  1115. 1115 : jastinel Says:


    To: Denali, koalagirl, chacha, indri, sunahforever, jangerr, mtoenlob,
    Milky White, etee7114, epyc, 316CJ, etee7114, CityHallest, Roween,
    mzpakipot, Mi_Rae_CH,etee, ham, Elizabet,Sony,BooBoo,Fair, Mum,
    Midnight, Movie, Meetagain, Moonriver, Mark, kre, Marryme, CityHallgo,
    Michael, Marcus, Major, Monday, MEE2, juphe, Matt, Musteers, zeesaw,
    Midday, Matsalleh, Citypal, Mooncakes, Matters, Madness, aja, Olala,
    CSW, soinlove, Doreen, iman, LadyHawk, LoveSunCha, tety,
    MissWhite, dpcats, ChaoChao, iya/kre, Mary, WitLOVE, Emily, switchfoot, aimee, IBBCK, marianneT, skelly, shosh. k, JainPotter, CHEERSS, Waiting, miss angel, sadfskajldf, sallyfields1227, citi, madu,
    emerald, Zooey, savvy, layla2ISU, U.S.A.Mary, kay, Basuha,
    christina, lynaq, balancedchaos, m2m2, chyin, ivy, Pam, KBC12, Iam, dee, sulyn, claudia , quek, loved, Lydia, indri, Martha, Whopps, only, pragma, kazue, dmingz, doremi, and Alodia!

    and to the moderator of this BLOG (I hope you don`t mind my long greetings)

  1116. 1116 : sulyn Says:

    Thank you very much for the greetings, Jastinel.
    I would like to take this opportunity to wish all
    cityhallers a very merry christmas and a very
    happy new year too. Season’s Greetings Everyone!

  1117. 1117 : IBBCK Says:


  1118. 1118 : jangerr Says:

    My dear, dear fellow City Hallers

    A very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you. May the joy, love & peace of the season be upon each & everyone of you. Enjoy the break & maybe catch another round of CH? Hehehe! Or maybe it should be hohoho!!!

  1119. 1119 : Miss White Says:

    Hi there!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all CityHallers.

    Truly this is the best platform to unveil the Best of the Best in KDramas. All drama fans have says spelt out in votes for their most favorite KDrama of the year 2009.

    In fact the sayings goes, one man’s food might be another man’s poison. We shall now leave the matter to the honorable judges and wise drama critics to announce the Academy awards winners in its various categories.

    Least but never last, allow me to share my humble opinions and views with all about CityHall drama, it has never happen to me before but CityHall carried me away! I was like in lost season!

    Now!! See no miracles; see CityHall, Mirae and JoGook in CityHall drama with such impact and transformation and feelings taking place amongst many viewers and fans across the globe can a massive success on a KDrama like CityHall be bequeath accordingly.

    Congratulations will be in order to the winners in each best category. We believe the results will make this path right and the ultimate shall take its course in the noble way via the red carpet glory moments to the Peak.

    Certainly CityHall, KSA + CSW have scored its goals in every way and touch so many hearts and more and more….more….

  1120. 1120 : sodapop Says:

    Good drama.
    Good story.
    Must watch it.

  1121. 1121 : LOVED Says:

    Great great great drama ever…

  1122. 1122 : Martha Says:

    I wish all City Hallers, per definitionem people of great taste, wit and imagination and the makers and actors of City Hall, especially goddess Kim Sun Ah, who made heterosexual women the world over fall in love with her, and god Cha Seun Won, who furnished the interior of our maddest most erotic fantasies this past year.
    A Happy Productive Exciting and Rewarding New Year
    And, where applicable, Merry Christmas.

    Particular wishes to (list of user names courtesy of the indomitable jastinel, #1115):

    Jastinel, denali, koalagirl, chacha, indri, sunahforever, jangerr, mtoenlob,
    Milky White, etee7114, epyc, 316CJ, etee7114, CityHallest, Roween,
    mzpakipot, Mi_Rae_CH,etee, ham, Elizabeth,Sony,BooBoo,Fair, Mum,
    Midnight, Movie, Meetagain, Moonriver, Mark, kre, Marryme, CityHallgo,
    Michael, Marcus, Major, Monday, MEE2, juphe, Matt, Musteers, zeesaw,
    Midday, Matsalleh, Citypal, Mooncakes, Matters, Madness, aja, Olala,
    CSW, soinlove, Doreen, iman, LadyHawk, LoveSunCha, tety,
    MissWhite, dpcats, ChaoChao, iya/kre, Mary, WitLOVE, Emily, switchfoot, aimee, IBBCK, marianneT, skelly, shosh. k, JainPotter, CHEERSS, Waiting, miss angel, sadfskajldf, sallyfields1227, citi, madu,
    emerald, Zooey, savvy, layla2ISU, U.S.A.Mary, kay, Basuha,
    christina, lynaq, balancedchaos, m2m2, chyin, ivy, Pam, KBC12, Iam, dee, sulyn, claudia , quek, loved, Lydia, indri, Whopps, only, pragma, kazue, dmingz, Maple, doremi, and Alodia! And all those whose user names may have been left out (sincerest apologies).

  1123. 1123 : Moonriver Says:


    Stay Cool like JuGOK

    Stay Beautiful like MiRAE

    Keep the votes coming in for this lovely on screen couple.

    CityHall a must win for the most memorable gift to all this year 2009

  1124. 1124 : lynaq Says:

    @1119MissWhite, I always like reading your post, what a witty remarks. are you a movie critique or perhaps a writer? I agree with you 100%. City Hall is the the best drama that absolutely will be forever stay in our minds and hearts until many, many years to come. Best romantic couple, best actor/actresss, CH Ost, wont get tired of listening over and over. supporting cast, director and screenwriter, many thanks to you all for creating this wonderful and excellent City Hall drama of 2009 and to our dear Mirae and Jo Gook for a stellar performance, Gumi couple they are the best, ever!

    @Jastinel, a million thanks for x’mas greetings! Happy holidays to you and your family, looking for a healthy and prosperous 2010, to all my fellow City Hallers!!!

  1125. 1125 : WOW! Says:

    WOW Best Drama ever ever!!! it’s 1h06 AM and i just finished the final episode!! Things beautiful like this, should never finish!!!
    un drama tout simplement magique!!!je pourrai presque en pleurer 😛 XDXD!!

  1126. 1126 : sunahforever Says:

    Yorubun, I’m back!!! Back from beautiful Korea, the land where the god and goddess JG & MR live. My oh my, had a real good time but was it cold, yikes, -ve 9 to 10 degrees…and it snowed in Jeju Island!! What a great feeling. watching the white township!

    Just a few days away and Wow, Wow, so many new comments!

    Thanks Jastinel for the Christmas greetings and the same goes out to all you faithful CHallers!!! I will now spend my Christmas for a rewatch of my favourite drama of the year…what else!!!

  1127. 1127 : Roween Says:

    Hello all Cityhallers!
    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas *^^*, and send a virtual hug to all of you guys.
    I wish you to enjoy this day, enjoy your family, your kids, your dinner, most of all, enjoy and be merry for your own life., ups and downs,.. cloudy or sunny.. you should live this day and all days to the fullest…that’s the best gift you can have and share with every single person around you.
    ..and of course.. Cityhallers…Fighting!!

  1128. 1128 : ELLO Says:


  1129. 1129 : hade Says:


    PS: I’ve a question…Now that I finished city hall…should i watch my name is kim sam soon…I readed that it’s a relly good drama and ksa was gorgeous like in city hall!!I don’t know what drama to watch for holiday !!
    and sorry for my english…i talk french

  1130. 1130 : koalagirl Says:

    Merry Christmas to all my City Hallers the world over!

    @ hade

    Yes, watch MNIKSS, it’s a great drama, and KSA’s breakthrough role.

  1131. 1131 : sulyn Says:

    Yes, yes, yes, do watch MNIKSS. It’s from this show
    that I fell for this amazing Korean actress, Kim Sunah.
    Merry Christmas, everyone.

  1132. 1132 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hall shows that there is a happily ever after, you can be a Cinderella at age 36, you can meeting your Prince Charming and transform him. What a great message to share at this holiday season.

    Watch City Hall, and continue to spread the love and message. This is the best most satisfying k-drama I have ever watched!

  1133. 1133 : Marcus Says:

    Jesus was born to save us from sins, thats the real message of Christmas, have a meaningful and joyous season this Merry Christmas to all CityHallers.

    The right way Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa’s message is clear….to all my friends here in Inju town and everywhere, have a dose of CityHall, Mirae and JoGook to cheer up this X’mas and stay well, this message from my wife, she is home from Korea of course and busy pampering herself with CityHall and outsource to me to deliver her notes in good faith and blessings from the Almighthy God to all CityHallers.

  1134. 1134 : chacha Says:

    Here’s wishing all CHallers a very blessed Christmas & happy new year, especially to Jastinel, denali, koalagirl, indri, sunahforever, jangerr, mtoenlob, Milky White, etee7114, epyc, 316CJ, CityHallest, Roween, mzpakipot, Mi_Rae_CH,etee, ham, Elizabeth, Sony, BooBoo, Fair, Mum, Midnight, Movie, Meetagain, Moonriver, Mark, kre, Marryme, CityHallgo, Michael, Marcus, Major, Monday, MEE2, juphe, Matt, Musteers, zeesaw, Midday, Matsalleh, Citypal, Mooncakes, Matters, Madness, aja, Olala, CSW, soinlove, Doreen, iman, LadyHawk, LoveSunCha, tety, MissWhite, dpcats, ChaoChao, iya/kre, Mary, WitLOVE, Emily, switchfoot, aimee, IBBCK, marianneT, skelly, shosh. k, JainPotter, CHEERSS, Waiting, miss angel, sadfskajldf, sallyfields1227, citi, madu, emerald, Zooey, savvy, layla2ISU, U.S.A.Mary, kay, Basuha, christina, lynaq, balancedchaos, m2m2, chyin, ivy, Pam, KBC12, Iam, dee, sulyn, claudia , quek, loved, Lydia, indri, Whopps, only, pragma, kazue, dmingz, Maple, doremi, and Alodia, Jacqueline… (name list courtesy of jastinel. Thks, jastinel!)

  1135. 1135 : Milky White Says:

    Cheers! Here’s wishing all CityHall fans, friends, loved ones…mum and dad, brothers and sisters, folks at church and homes, neighbours and lots of buddy-buddy so close and good to me, I know you have been my CityHall support who have been on this thread and more..plus KSA, CSW, crews and front and back of CityHall Inju town, (one more thing never pick JoGook bad habits to look from the back only at Mirae, my advice look forward and vision a goal in life…stay the CityHall winning way!!)

    A blessed Christmas and splendid New Year

    Do continue your milestone tour to enjoy Kdramas and strongly recommended CityHall drama, it’s major success in winning the hearts of all viewers in particular everyone here I can see, read and hear.

    Don’t envy us, join us today in rejoicing X’mas with so many CityHallers and keep up with our pace to spread CityHall the Best Drama in 2009 and many more years to come and more about KSA + CSW, both lovely and gorgeous aces going places, none can beat their race, I simply love to stay a little longer here in Inju City, maybe the climate a little warmer and the welcome simply enchanting.

    Let’s celebrate and stay merry with our loved ones and friends and fans here on this lovely park and thread.

    We love CityHall and we love to share and care for CityHallers.

  1136. 1136 : Grease Says:

    Hi there! all CityHallers, esps. Marcus, Whites, Moonriver, Pam, Maple, Jangerr, lynaq, Jastinel, CityHallest, Best Mum and M&Ms sisters and brothers at work and all and more…you all are more than diamonds to CityHall.

    Yes!! CityHall is already a diamond winner in every category. CityHall you are above the rest and stay your winning ways in all our hearts!!!!.

    CityHall, here my answers Always CityHall.

    The best KDrama in time.

    My greetings to all fans of dramas here;

    May your Christmas sparkle with lasting moments of love like Mirae and JoGook in CityHall endowed with the spread of generous showers of love, laughter and goodwill and the years ahead be filled with contentment and joy like the marraige proposal NOT FOR SALE in CityHall but just for the enjoyments of all CityHallers here and all KSA and CSW fans to continue with the tour and re-watch of CityHall.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

    Just for tonight, only one dance as romantic JoGook reiterated to beautiful Mirae and lets leave all and everything behind and let’s get ready to let our hairs down and tempo begins with the steps of tango and rhythm music right, it’s moonriver, let’s dance our joy and no worries for this X’mas. We all have CityHall, Mirae and JoGook to rejoice and accompany.

    Stay your happy self…all CityHallers.

    We care and we share.

  1137. 1137 : jastinel Says:

    Hi guys, How`s Christmas?

    Reminder City Hallers, we only have few days left to register and vote in SBS voting poll, try your best to vote and ask family and friends help if you can. Lets make KSA and CSW win awards!
    For instruction on how to register and vote go to soompi….

    Please, register and vote!

    Do you know that CH won the Poll in Thundie`s Blog? Check it out, read thundie`s comment about us City Hallers!

    Lets make Mirae and Jo Guk win again!!!!

  1138. 1138 : ika Says:

    really luv this drama, especially because KSA … merry Christmas for all cityhallers…

  1139. 1139 : tety Says:

    Really amazing this has reached 1,138…. merry christmast all city hallers esp. to 1134 chacha. It’s been a while I do not leave any comment, so glad to read and see all yours, moreover to receive christmast & new year greeting. Thank you chacha.

  1140. 1140 : Honkie Says:

    CityHall drama I enjoyed this most beautiful storyline and I shall share with all my friends this X’mas season.

    Wishing everyone who loves CityHall, a blessed Christmas laced with lots of giving and sharing with the less fortunate.

    May God bless all CityHallers across the world we stand united and CityHall……aja….aja…..aja…………………..aja

  1141. 1141 : Pam Says:

    Thumb-ups!! Bravo!!! Kudos!!!! & Great Job done by all City Hall production team, cast & crew, and best actings from KSA + CSW. The best of the best, exciting and enjoyable kdramas i’ve seen is CityHall.

    Just don’t know why I laughed and cried along the drama while watching, simple awesome Mirae and JoGook are just so sweet!

    As the story unfolds, such good plot really cluthes my heart and keeps me glued to my seat and enjoyed each episode and everything has a good immaculate ending.

    Remember all our votes count and keep voting on your part, CityHall fans I wish you Merry Christmas and Blessed Year 2010.

  1142. 1142 : koalagirl Says:

    As Christmas ends, I’m grateful for all the wonderful things in life, including City Hall as a present from the drama gods I will cherish for a lifetime.

  1143. 1143 : Midday Says:

    Hi! It’s still merry x’mas and enjoy this season. Merry Merry X’mas to all CityHallers.

    I wish all here the Best to come and the good news is to give all here a pat at the back for having found CityHall, a KDrama standard second to none.

  1144. 1144 : jastinel Says:

    If you have time City Hallers, kindly add your comment here….

    link here

  1145. 1145 : etee7114 Says:

    Never has a drama provided such a gamut of emotions packed in all but just 20 episodes, and such breath and depth in the characterization of the main leads and supporting cast. Even the minutest of role like the evil photographer in only 2 appearances was so impressive.

    So, as we are nearing the SBS Award nite, I hope the judges have wise eyes and pick CH as THE Best Drama for 2009, Best Couple, Best Actor, Best Actress, etc. Why you ask? Because even the blind can see that this is by far THE Best Drama for 2009, Best Couple, Best Actor, Best Actress, etc.

    Like CSW said, a good drama will stand the test of time. Just take a look at MNIKSS, 4 years after the drama end, people are still talking about it and recommending it to friends. 5 years down the road, I’m sure this drama will take top spot in the ranking here. You don’t hear people widely recommending the top 3 here do you?

    Anyway, a belated blessed Christmas greeting (12 days of Christmas right?) and an exciting drama year ahead for 2010. Countdown to award nite. Aren’t we all holding our breath?!!

  1146. 1146 : JELYN Says:

    Hello City Hallers!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope City Hall
    will be recognized tis coming SBS awarding. City Hall- SUPERB!!!

  1147. 1147 : mulan Says:

    Happy New Year to all city hallers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1148. 1148 : chacha Says:

    And to you too, mulan! Greetings too to Honkie, Grease, hade, ELLO, ika & any other CHallers that I’ve missed out in my 1134 post. A blessed Christmas (like etee has pointed out, there are 12 days of Christmas) & fruitful New Year to you all!

  1149. 1149 : CityHallgo Says:

    Yes!! to all CityHallers, Go!! Go!! Go!! Mirae shouted at the children’s home when her chicken supplies came in for the children’s X’mas party!!

    Here; you and all of you stand TALL to attract ALL. Together our says for CityHall KDrama glory is like the stars that dot the sky at night, just choose the 2 shinning stars to dot and honor Mirae and JoGook in CityHall KDrama one more time for their immaculate CityHall position as Lead actress and Lead Actor, a Kdrama at its finest.

    Here’s wishing all fans enjoy your Merry Christmas and coming Happy New Year 2010.

  1150. 1150 : Midnight Says:

    Merry Christmas to all CityHallers

    Saranghae Kim Sun Ah!

    Saranghae Cha Seung Won!!

    Saranghae City Hall!!!

    Nomu nomu saranghae!!!!

    Must see Drama!!!! CityHall

    The Best KDrama 2009

  1151. 1151 : Magicity Says:

    Greetings to all CityHallers and Wishing all a Blessed Merry Christmas and a Great New Year 2010.

    CityHall Drama, the best kdrama in 2009.

    To see CityHall drama is to enjoy and hail CityHallers and return to meet friends and fans, all CityHallers here, we are simple rejoicing every second every minute every hour every day every week every month and maybe years to last.

    Come here to check us out!!

    We welcome all.

  1152. 1152 : KBC12 Says:


    I’m with you 1000%…………..

  1153. 1153 : EggWhite Says:

    Truly CityHall is all about comedy, love and everything, surpassed all drama just like rare treasures and yours for keep.

    CityHallers we are really birds of feathers that flock together.

    I love watching CityHall because from My Lovely Samsooni to WAIN to CityHall, KSA shines and gives that greater measure of acting magic implanted deep and permanent. It lasts!.

    Stay well. Merry Christmas to all CityHall fans + friends + team players.

    Yes! I am ready with 200 eggs, call them CityHall easter eggs to distribute to all CityHallers to celebrate X’mas and countdown to CityHall, KSA and CSW glory to fame. Yes or less, I do not throw away eggs but keep giving and sharing. We love to tell all about CityHall. the eggs have CityHall name imprints!!.

    Where do you live….Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, I can mail over.
    I am at Richmond area-Zone one.

  1154. 1154 : Toyin Says:

    I am yet to see this drama. From what I read off you guys comments, it must be interesting.

  1155. 1155 : Mi_Rae_CH Says:

    @1153 Many thanks for the offers on eggs, how can I reach you!! Ya! Ya! I know and shall see U….keep 20 for me and friends!!

    I have come to love Mirae more each time I re-watched CityHall.

    Especially the scenes when she was pelted with eggs and later scene tomatoes. Mirae must have suffered the most at being hit and smashed up by 200 eggs and lots of tomatoes!!. What a scene she is able to tolerate.

    Believe me I stop taking eggs was than for many weeks because the intake and sufferings was really raelly too much. I admired KSA from this point most of all. She is really in her elements.

    Have a great time and cheers Merry Christmas this season to all CityHallers.

  1156. 1156 : jangerr Says:

    @1154 Toyin

    First off, welcome to Inju City, where City Hallers gather together regularly to chat & share about our common love… Who else but the suave Jo Gook & incredibly funny yet sexy Mirae… What else but the drama of the decade, City Hall…

    You definitely have to watch this drama! You won’t regret it! In fact, you’ll find yourself on an amazing journey into Inju City. If anything, you’ll kick yourself for not watching it earlier… But anyway, it’s better late than never…

    Just remember to come in here regularly to update us on your journey. We’ll love to hear from you! Enjoy!!!

  1157. 1157 : Grace Says:

    Good Wishes in the coming results of KDramas and celebration countdown to the new year 2010.

    CityHall a sure winner and KSA + CSW both are already clear winners in all our hearts whatever the route, the flow, the journey takes….

    CityHall aza!! aza!! aza!! fighting until the dawn awakes all CityHallers!!

  1158. 1158 : Mandy Says:

    CityHall all the way to win!! win!!! win!!!

    Let’s cheers to KSA and CSW as the best actress and best actor!!!

    CityHall the answer is Best Drama in 2009, the happenings this year end celebrations for all CityHallers across the globe!!.

    Make it happen!!! no matter for better or best; always CityHall

  1159. 1159 : U.S.A. Mary Says:

    Thank you chacha for taking the time to do this (1134). I’m PROUD TO BE A CITYHALLER. That would make a good slogan for tee-shirts, if it wouldn’t create a trademark infringement. I’m getting started on my 3rd time around watching it. Can’t get enough of CITYHALL!


  1160. 1160 : ME2 Says:


  1161. 1161 : elli Says:

    hi, City Hall rocks and will be the best Korean drama in 2009

  1162. 1162 : paj007 Says:

    CITY HALL!!! BEST 2009 DRAMA!!!. SO SAD THAT ITS OVER! so sad that i watched it so fast!… the emotions were so piled up! the acting the crew the cast. Kim Sun Ah! .. goodness.. most unique story and phenominal play!!!.. BEST EVER!! i wish good things for this drama!!!.. HOPE THEY WIN!!!!!!!… SUPPORT ALWAYS!!!!.. CITYHALLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the OSTs were one of the best ive heard in a long long time!!!!.. just amazing!!!!!! I WILL WATCH THIS FOREVER AND EVER!!! and will never get bored! the chemistry was incredible.. everything was just so real! a GOOD DRAMA WILL MAKE YOU BELIEVE ITS REAL!!!! 😀 and so this Drama definitley did!!!!GO CITY HALL!!!

  1163. 1163 : indri Says:

    Hallooooo Cityhallers,…. have been busy lately, especially almost end of the year, a lot of work to do.
    I read new comments fm new CityHallers,.. Welcome.. welcome,…. welcome….

    Speaking ’bout new years, I have some resolutions in 2010 as Inju City residence…. :
    1. Wish, there’ll be more people who watch and love City Hall and will share their beautiful thoughts, here, in this site with us.
    2. Wish, CH will be no 1 Kdrama in this site
    3. Wish, CH will win all categories at SBS Awards ( although, for me,.. CH already the winner )

    I miss CH so much,.. I’ll re-watching for the 5th time during my long holiday,..hehehe ( never get me bored )…. LOL…^_^

    And for all of you,… My beloved CityHallers,… City Hall big Family…
    ” HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010,…. Faith Makes Things Possible, Hope Makes Things Work, Love Makes Things Beautiful….May you have all the three all year through,… Wishing you all the Best…. ”

    (¨`·.·´¨)Keep Smiling !!!

  1164. 1164 : geeze Says:

    agree with Indri, I can’t count how many times I watch this drama over and over again never bored. Perfecto CH

  1165. 1165 : elli Says:

    CITY HALL rocks. this drama is the best Korean drama in 2009. please vote this drama into the best drama in 2009. I love cha seung won and kim sun ah. their acting is cool and marvelous

  1166. 1166 : dexi Says:

    Awesome !!! Great Drama!! The Best in 2009 !!
    Bravo CityHall!!

  1167. 1167 : iya Says:

    Highly recommend to watch this drama *city hall*, really love this drama, great cast, n perfect acting, and I love the ending,,, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT,

  1168. 1168 : sunahforever Says:

    Hello hello! Into my second viewing…still as entertaining as ever…my hubby also asked me to wait for him before I continue with the next chapters…hehehe…so unlike him…and he always loved the tango dancing scene…he kept saying, wah, KSA quite pretty here..never knew she can look so good!!! Wah, that is a very strong compliment as he hardly passed any…KSA fighting!!! Lover her to bits!!!

  1169. 1169 : DBEST Says:


  1170. 1170 : Honkie Says:

    Oh-o-o-o! I really like this drama. It’s so funny and entertaining!!

    Hi!!! CityHallers…..Wishing all a great year ahead!!.

  1171. 1171 : pinkybarbie Says:

    same with geeze…I am watching CH now for many times ….great actors, great OST, n great chemistry, never get me bored with this drama
    I wish I could meet someone like Jo Gook, he is my dreamlover
    He still looked sexy n charm when he got teardrop

    Happy New Year 20101 to Jastinel, Maples, and to all City Hallers!!!
    Best wishes to all of you GBU

  1172. 1172 : Michael Says:

    Really words alone cannot reveal in details the magic in CityHall.

    Everyone here is CityHall, CityHall and CityHall….

    Once finish and over and rewatching starts….that’s the magic and asking for more in CityHall

    Are U ready for more restart…..

    Yah!! Happy New Year to all CityHallers………….

  1173. 1173 : CityHallgo Says:

    Warm wishes to all CityHall fans and friends.

    Do have a safe and blessed year 2010 and share to love CityHall more!!

    CityHall Kdrama that beats all drama! You need not travel far just live here in Inju CityHall. You will be amazed!!!!

  1174. 1174 : CCTHALL Says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR …2010

  1175. 1175 : paj007 Says:

    i just want to express my thoughts again! cause i couldnt find my previous one! but yay! I’M SO IN LOVE WITH CITY HALL AND ALL THE CAST MEMBERS. esp. cause i’m SUCHA HUGE FAN OF KIM SUNAH!!!!!!… i’m currently rewatching it over again!!! and wow.. the first and second time and i bet the gazillin more times i wathc it. is always gonna give me the PHENOMINAL IMPRESSION of how unique the story is!. i’m so amazed. the script was written so well! each episode makes me so anxious. to watch the next episode!!. i’m so glad i watched it!!!!!.. the characters were so real! that it made me believe it’s REAL!! HOW GREAT IS THAT?? I REALY WANT TO VOTE but i can’t read korean, chinese or japanese. if anyone can help me with this i will gladly appreciate it!!. also i just became a soompi member. i dont know much about where to go but i just know so far i’ve read almost all of kim sunahs thread.. i’m so thrilled. and happy. that she has sucha an amazing fan base!!!!… i’m so happy.. ! . the ending is probably one of the most BEAUTIFUL ENDINGS EVER!! CITY HALL definitely topped MY LOVELY KIM SAM SOON and i thought nothing would beat it!!!.. wow i’m so amazed still!.. i’m going crazy!!!. lol.. but anyway! i hope everyone will have a wonderful NEW YEAR! AND TO KIM SUNAH AND CSW HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL LIFE!. wish everyone well!. CITYHALLERS ALL THE WAY!!!.. I HOPE CITYHALL WILL WIN MANY AWARDS. BECAUSE I’M FOR SURE IT CAPTURED MANY HEARTS AND TO EACH ONE OF US IT HAS ALREADY WON!!!.. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!

  1176. 1176 : Lily Says:

    Happy New Year to all City Hallers and friends (pardon me for not mentioning your name but all your names to me are just like my old good friends), our beloved casts and not forget the crew behind the scene, may you be blessed with all good health, happy living and have a great great 2010 year ahead, and last but the least, continue rewatching City Hall and continue sharing here 😀

    @1154 Toyin
    City Hall is a marathon you must start to treasure the joy. whether it’s taste or not, hope you enjoy and come to share with us your findings and feelings after watching City Hall.

  1177. 1177 : KBC12 Says:

    Best wish to all CityHaller for Happy New Year 2010……….

  1178. 1178 : JELYN Says:

    Hello City Haller’s!!! Later is our Thanksgiving Party. Likewise i would like to thank the creative team of CITY HALL. And of course all City Hallers who’ s love continues for this beautiful drama. And thanks God, for giving us freedom, wisdom, hope, faith and love. Good health to all of us and to City Hall. To KSA& CSW, i love the both of them. AJA and GOD BLess. Cheers!!! Happy New Year everyone.

  1179. 1179 : LOVCTH Says:


  1180. 1180 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    On my third go-round with CITY HALL. I’ve forgotten how funny the first 2 episodes were. It has me laughing non-stop and just plain makes me SMILE! Mi Rae is my girl! Fiesty, funny, and a beautiful woman! I don’t think Jo Gook knew what to do with her, even then (eventhough, he said he had plans on using her and then throwing her away). Oh! How do I love hearing the theme songs. I’ve started humming them, again, while I’m doing housework. These songs make me dance around while I do housework. Why not have fun doing a mundane choir. Is it JUST ME or is there anyone else out there that does the same or feels the same as I do?

    BEAUTIFUL inside and out HANDSOME inside and out


  1181. 1181 : jastinel Says:

    another voting Poll….CH is leading!
    To the moderator, Sorry, if I made some error!

    Choose City hall, then click the Chinese word (means VOTE) on the RIGHT (The one I box).
    Thanks [b]sueyip[/b], I already figure it out!

    link here

    Instruction photo….

  1182. 1182 : JOY2C Says:

    Happy New Year to all

  1183. 1183 : KOreanDramaFan Says:

    City Hall is amazing!! Great job!! Initially i wasn so into it during the first few eps but as the story progresses, it’s addicting! THings get really interesting once Shin Mi Rae was elected as Mayor..love the twist at the last episode!! Happy New Year 2010!!

  1184. 1184 : Denali Says:

    Wanna wish the best in 2010 to all City Hallers, especially to the following ones:
    Jastinel, chacha, koalagirl, indri, sunahforever, jangerr, mtoenlob, kre, etee7114, epyc, 316CJ, Roween, mzpakipot, Mi_Rae_CH, skelly, U.S.A.Mary, and Alodia!

    God bless.

  1185. 1185 : koalagirl Says:

    Happy New Year to the fans of the best drama in 2009, and perhaps ever, really, how amazing was City Hall for all of us?

    Waves to all my City Hallers, for those curious, just watch and find out what all the love and fuss is about.

  1186. 1186 : Lily Says:

    @1179 U.S.A.-Mary
    yes, and me too, find the lyrics to sing along, have the songs playing when drown by works, on car mp3 when driving, and on bedside companying me to sweet dreams, how nice was that?

  1187. 1187 : sunahforever Says:

    The OST is one of the best so far! Was addicted to the MNIKSS’s OST but this one is also as good. No wonder as the singer for Anxious Love is the same singer for MNIKSS i.e. Horan of Clazziquai. The song is so so sweet and touching!!! The lyrics are also so appropriate…same as the rest, the song is in my car, in my husband’s car, and also whenever I replay CH….lovely, do they have awards for best OST??? Am anxiously waiting for the SBS Awards results!!! CH Fighting!!!

  1188. 1188 : kdrama_fan Says:

    @1187 sunahforever

    I completely agree with you about the OSTs of City Hall. These songs are really touching my heart and, I am sure, other hearts, too. I am a Korean and have lived in the States almost three decades. I have completely forgotten about Korean dramas and songs until one of my colleagues (who is not Korean by the way) introduced me back to Korean dramas this year. Out of tons of Korean dramas, a few stand out as excellent like City Hall, My Lovely Sam Soon, Last Scandal of My Life, and …. The protagonists of these dramas are very accessible, and furthermore appeal more, I think, to grown-ups. I find myself cling to the DramaFever website for many late-night marathons to complete. Silly me thinking that I am too old to laugh and cry at the same time.

    The OSTs of these aforementioned dramas are, to me, very good. The OSTs of successful dramas must be good thanks to all-out-effort of drama-making people. Think about that. Without good OSTs, how can we keep our fond memory about the story and people in the drama for a long time? These OSTs soothe my heart and uplift my mood whenever I listen to them. I wish they do the same to others with or without understanding the lyrics. You can close your eyes and let your imagination take you to go back to the drama and envelop you with wonderful, heartwarming stories and characters.

    P.S. Listening in my native tongue is an advantage you may say. Once one of my friends yelled at me for me not relying on subtitles. Nowadays, I have daily dose of these OSTs.

  1189. 1189 : Rin Says:

    oh! that’s right…agree with you…i like City Hall’s OST too…this is one of the Kdrama i like best….CH fighting…eveyone,Best wishes for a happy and prosperity..HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 ^^

  1190. 1190 : DBEST Says:

    City Hall the best drama

  1191. 1191 : Maple Says:

    CityHallers, Happy New Year to All drama fans everywhere!!!!

    CityHall you never wanna miss out this drama for sure!!!

  1192. 1192 : jastinel Says:

    Happy New Year to all!

    Make a habit to vote in this Poll….

    Support our Fave drama City hall!

  1193. 1193 : Whopps Says:

    Wishing all CityHallers Happy New Year 2010 and more……

    Dear CityHallers and all drama fans and buddy – buddy -friends

    Where did the year go? Suddenly it is December……AGAIN – and we realize that with giant strides we started in January and within a blink of an eye, 2009 is almost over! CityHall stays!!

    A big “Thank You” for your friendship, dramaship, mateship, laughs and
    memories during 2009. Without you, I’m sure that 2009 would have been extremely boring without CityHall!!

    From my side I wish you all a magical Festive Season filled with Loving Wishes and Beautiful Thoughts…more of Mirae and JoGook

    May 2010 mark the beginning of a Tidal Wave of Love, Happiness and Bright Futures like CityHall….and more…..

    And to those who need someone special, may you find that true love;

    To those who need money, may your finances overflow;

    To those who need caring, may you find a good heart;

    To those who need friends, may you meet lovely people;

    Should you be driving during this time…..please take care and stay safe! ;

    And please if you win Lotto, remember who sent you this lovely message;

    Ho, ho, ho” cheers Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! ;

    Always CityHall….CityHall and CityHall……..and more!!!!

  1194. 1194 : Lily Says:

    Thank you! thank you all for the warmest best wishes… am so happy and despite Inju is a virtual city, I can really feel your sincere greetings from every corner of the world 😀

    To @1193 Whopps, hahaahaa… would imagine am thanking you when I strike a Toto 😀

    See ya in year 2010 !!!

  1195. 1195 : KBC12 Says:

    Cityhall,The Best Drama of year2009……..

  1196. 1196 : Meetagain Says:

    Hi! all,

    The countdown shall begin very soon to another new year of celebration as we all CityHallers hail 2010 with good wishes and anticipating awards awaiting CityHall haul in capturing at least the best drama award besides the best actress award and best actor award and more….

    What matters most is we, CityHallers have CityHall in our hearts for keep and the embedded loving and memories of moments last and stay and journey with Mirae and JoGook really matters most.

    Here’s wishing all fans and friends a very great year awaiting all CityHallers and Happy New Year 2010 as the clock ticks starting now….

    Stay well and safe, May God Bless all CityHallers!!!.

  1197. 1197 : Milky White Says:

    Hello and Feel Great, all CityHallers,

    Wishing All Happy New Year 2010;

    Always CityHall,

    Everytime you smile at someone,
    it is an action of love,
    a gift to that person,
    a beautiful thing.

    You know it’s love
    when all you want is that person to be happy,
    even if you’re not part of their happiness.

    Happiness is not something ready made.
    It comes from your own actions.

    Always CityHall and more……

  1198. 1198 : Wath Says:


  1199. 1199 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    OR DREAM, BEGIN IT. -Goethe



  1200. 1200 : KBC12 Says:

    Yes,Cityhall all the way……aja…aja..aja……..

  1201. 1201 : jastinel Says:

    Congrats to all City Hallers, 2009 ended with a BLAST!

    KSA won the BEST ACTRESS
    CSW won the BEST ACTOR

    Plus another award, I still don`t know what it is….ah, top 10 star awards, if
    I`m not mistaken.

    They`re still the BEST COUPLE in our hearts and that`s enough to consider them as BEST COUPLE winners.

    It`s time to celebrate!

    happy New Year….I wish 2010 will be a greater year for all of us, to KSA and CSW too!

  1202. 1202 : Roween Says:

    OMG!!! I’m so happy they won *^^*, thanks for confirming it, I just read it, hope someone put the video online so I can see it too. Suna & Cha deserve it 🙂

    And to all Cityhallers out there, Happy New Year!!, I wish a 2010 full of life, love, health and sucess to everyone.

    See you next year 😉

  1203. 1203 : mtoenlob Says:

    What a way to start 2010!

    Thanks for the good news, Jastinel. Congratulations to KSA and CSW! To us City Hallers, you guys are the best couple. Hoping to see you in another drama or movie project together.

    And to all City Hallers, Happy New Year! Looking forward to a continued fervent love and support for our beloved GuMi couple.

    P.S. – ‘annyeong’ to Denali, jangerr, epyc, jastinel, kre, etee7114, koalagirl, 316CJ, sunahforever, Miss White, JainPotter, chacha and all the rest of City Hallers.

  1204. 1204 : KBC12 Says:

    Congrats to KSA&CSW they’re Best Couple in my heart too….

    Happy New year to you’ll………

  1205. 1205 : lynaq Says:

    My wish and dream came true.Kim Sun Ah in black gown, simple but very elegant, just fit stunningly beautiful on her. Cha Seung Won in black suit, hotty as ever. What a lovely couple indeed. Of all the nominees presest Gumi couple has the best attire. Browse some of the images @ soompi, so happy and elated screaming on top of my lungs reaction that I can not explain. Congratulations to you both.To all my fellow City Hallers here, I know we are all clamoring for a best couple award, but did not happen, still GUMI are the WINNERS to me. Agree with me to all my fellow City Hallers? Viewing still on it’s peak all around the globe, City Hall is not going to die ever! Looking forward for a healthy life and love for Suna, exercise will not make your body stagnant , do it moderately, Suna fighting!!!

  1206. 1206 : koalagirl Says:

    OMG, KSA and CSW looked so fabulous individually at the SBS drama awards, and together…..they about combusted the joint.

    Congrats to our favorite GuMi couple on a well-deserved win as Best Actor and Best Actress. Yay for City Hall to be recognized!

  1207. 1207 : indri Says:

    Happy New Year 2010 to ALL CityHallers,…

    @ Jastinel,..
    Thanks for the good news,.. so happy,… it become a new year gift for me,…
    Soooooooo glad,……
    Congratulation GUMI!!!

  1208. 1208 : jastinel Says:

    DL link provided by…[email protected]

    link here

    PW in MU…aja-aja.com

  1209. 1209 : indri Says:

    I saw the picture @ soompi,. they’re really perfect couple,..
    can anyone please up-load the video on Youtube or pls advise where i can watch ?

  1210. 1210 : jangerr Says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my! What great news!!! Thanks jastinel for informing us of this fabulous news!!! Just as we knew in all our hearts and now confirmed – our KSA & CSW are the BEST ACTRESS & ACTOR!!! I concur with mtoenlob that this is a great way to start 2010. This piece of news has just put a big smile on my face!!!

    Btw, jastinel, could you please also provide a link for us? It will be so much easier for us to access it. Also any other links to the awards proceedings would be very much appreciated.

    P.S. “Annyeong” & Happy New Year to mtoenlob, jastinel, Denali, kre, indri, sunahforever, U.S.A. Mary, etee, Roween, koalagirl, KBC12, lynaq, Miss White, chacha, 316JC, all M&Ms, mkazipot, tety, Sony, Lily, Jelyn, Jacqueline, Mary, and all other fellow City Hallers!!! Sorry I can’t list out all your names as the list is so long & seems to keep growing & growing… which is of course, great!

  1211. 1211 : sunahforever Says:

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, I am so happy…..KSA & CSW won awards…so well deserved!!! But expected them to win BEST COUPLE as well and also KSA for Daesang award…sigh…but never mind…in my heart, they both are winners of their own right….

  1212. 1212 : sunahforever Says:

    Oh, I forgot to mentioned, OMG, both of them are so beautiful together…my heart melt already!!! Have a look, don’t you think they are the finest couple in the universe!!! Brangelina of the Korean acting world!!!

    link : http://www.dramabeans.com/2009/12/2009-sbs-drama-awards/

  1213. 1213 : jastinel Says:


    You can watch the show here…part 1-2

    http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTQyNTU3ODk2.html (part 2)

    photos and video`s here

    link here


  1214. 1214 : Denali Says:

    Woot! Congratulations to KSA and CSW!!! Strikingly glamorous at the SBS award ceremony. It was as if Inju City Mayor Mi Rae and President Guk were attending an important event. 🙂 😀

    Congratulations also to us, City Hallers, who have supported the GuMi couple for quite some time, whether be it a few hours or several months now, and will continue to do so wherever our path takes us, irl and on the web. 🙂

    Annyeong, chingu!

  1215. 1215 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I’m ‘SO, HAPPY’ for KSA and CSW for winning awards. So, very well deserved! Thank you jastinel and sunahforever for posting the awards’ outcome and photos. You both are gems. Eventhough, I don’t understand the Korean language, I enjoyed watching the awards program.

    HAPPY 2010!

  1216. 1216 : pepeb Says:

    i like this drama 🙂

  1217. 1217 : KBC12 Says:

    CityHall,CityHall,Cityhall….The best of everthing……….

  1218. 1218 : ME2ME2 Says:


  1219. 1219 : angel1992 Says:

    congratulations to cha seung won and kim suna. I want to see city hall season 2.

  1220. 1220 : sulyn Says:

    What a glamorous couple! Kim Suna and Cha Seung Won are truly the couple of the night. What a deserving win. Congratulations to both of them for getting the Best Actress and Best Actor Awards. Both of them were also in the Top 10 list of SBS stars. They did all Cityhallers proud!

  1221. 1221 : Emily Says:

    Congrats to KSA and CSW for winning Best Actress and Best Actor… but I’m still disappointed that city hall didn’t win more awards, which I felt they should have been. =(

    Anyhow, City Hall has won all the awards in my heart and I’ll support it all the way.

    Best wishes and Happy New Years to City Hall casts and production team, as well as to all my beloved City Haller and stalkers!!!!

  1222. 1222 : etee7114 Says:

    My congrats to CSW and KSA for winning the Best Actor and Best Actress (Special Drama Category) for their roles JG and MR in City Hall. I’m really proud of them. Although they didn’t win the Best Couple (I’m a little miffed by the SBS judging system) but in my eyes they are a Perfect Couple in the acting department. None of those couples nominated in this category including the winning couple can hold a candle to them. Yep, so Perfect Couple it is.

    Blessed New Year to all City Hallers : Denali, MathaD, 316CJ, koalagirl, jastinel, alodia, jangerr, sunaforever, Miss White, and so many more. It’s been a wild ride with all of you here and at soompi, DBs, viikii, etc. 2009 would not have been this exciting if not for CH and the camaraderie we have built here. I look forward to KSA and CSW’s projects for 2010 be it together or individually.


  1223. 1223 : Dbest Says:


  1224. 1224 : dee Says:

    oooooowwwwwww CSW and KSA were so cute……..love love love….

  1225. 1225 : jastinel Says:

    I`m not sure if KSA posted this.
    But She posted a message photo in her fan cafe, double treat!

    link here
    link here

  1226. 1226 : balancedchaos Says:

    Our Patriotic Couple are so cute here! Kim Sun-Ah keeps screaming that it’s cold. 😉

  1227. 1227 : sunahforever Says:

    OMO, OMO, can someone help with translation, alodia, jastinel, please please help…what are they saying in this clip???? I love them so so much…..

  1228. 1228 : YEHYEH Says:


  1229. 1229 : sulyn Says:

    Hope someone can translate what was being said.
    And …. what was the crowd shouting about?

  1230. 1230 : sunahforever Says:

    Another one for translation…please, please help!!! Oh dear, our darlings receiving awards but we dunno what they are expressing..so depressing:

  1231. 1231 : sunahforever Says:

    Since we are at it, found this old clip…looks very interesting…sub sub please????

  1232. 1232 : comon Says:

    come on translationssss @@@

  1233. 1233 : Martha Says:

    I’ve just watched our darlings win the SBS awards for best actress and best actor respectively. It was such a relief to see that not all powers of discernment have been squeezed out of humanity. I was depressingly certain that hype would, yet again, trump merit, but, thankfully, I was proved wrong. Kim Sun Ah was her usual magnificent self and Cha Seun Won proved yet again that whoever invented the suit (single-breasted, double-breasted, three-piece and black-tie suit alike) had him and him alone in mind. I love them to bits and am absolutely delighted for them.

  1234. 1234 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1230 sunaforever

    The YT video linked here was from behang. She provided a short synopsis of what was said in the Description. Go to the top right hand corner, click “more” and you will see the write up. It’s not a full translation but it’s adequate.

  1235. 1235 : Roween Says:

    Hi all Cityhallers!
    Thanks for linking the videos of the SBS Awards…I’m doing “my happy dance” since that day and once more everytime I find a new photo or video of the lovely Gumi couple.
    I was soooo happy that I just made a City Hall MV ^^, my first (hehe), with the beautiful song: “Atado a tu amor” (translates “Tied to Your Love) and I want to share it with my fellow Cityhallers.

    Here it is:

    I’ll be more than happy if you guys check it out and .. tell me what do you think 🙂

  1236. 1236 : sunahforever Says:

    Thanks etee7114, I discovered that after I posted my comments…but the second clip I posted sounded very interesting so still need some expert translater!!!

  1237. 1237 : indri Says:

    @ Roween,… Love your video,.. perfect !
    @ Jastinel, Sunahforever, balancedchaos, thanks for the link…

    I cried cause i’m soooo happy for them,… Bravo Gumi!!
    More clips please,…. LOL….( ^.^ = )

  1238. 1238 : sulyn Says:

    Love your mv, roween. Thanks for sharing your love
    for our GuMi couple.

  1239. 1239 : etee7114 Says:

    @1236 sunaforever,

    The interview you posted was amusing but not funny. When KSA was teaching the host how to tango, she sorta hurt her back and she pointed to camera, “Call for ambulance”. It’s really difficult to translate here but subtitling takes a lot of effort and needs a software.

    Anyway, let me offer you this video which is a whole lot more funny. Sorry, this is not related to City Hall but it was a variety program between the 2 dramas When It’s at Night and City Hall. KSA is so spontaneous. She is hilarious. Also demonstrated this during the 2009 Award night. During the interviews, I think she was the funniest of the lot.



  1240. 1240 : Martha Says:

    Roween (#1235) thank you so much for the video, a five minute reminder of the reason(s) we all find them so irresistible.

    P.S. Have you noticed that a small group of YAB fans -who have nothing better to do- have been flooding the pages of Koreandrama.org with their inarticulate one-liners?
    I sort of smiled in a few places while watching that series (conventions do work on one after all), and I very much liked the leading man (he’s one to watch) but nothing could make me sit through it again (thank heavens I don’t have to!). I think, ultimately, I disliked its forced and manufactured youthfulness (I could see the chart of ‘target audience’ written all over it) the most. For this reason, I found it peculiarly lacking in youthfulness, that kind of reckless and indomitable spirit of early youth, all the while it pretended to shout ‘youth’ from the rooftops. It felt more like a second rate menopausal fantasy of youth rather than a spirited representation of it. One would have to be of a particularly predictable taste, i.e., be wholly subsumed under the category ‘target audience’, to become obsessed with something so average and repetitive (not to say misogynistic). I can say with great relief that my younger sister who’s 16 -and very intelligent- loves CH and could not stand YAB.

  1241. 1241 : Thaxxxxx Says:


  1242. 1242 : Roween Says:

    @indri,sulyn,Martha.. thank you so much for your lovely feedback.
    Makes me so happy that you like my MV :), our Gumi couple is just irresistible.
    See you later. City Hall aja!!

  1243. 1243 : mtoenlob Says:

    @1235 Roween

    Good work, Roween! You have captured all the precious moments of our GuMi couple. Thank you, too, for providing a translation to the song. The lyrics aptly described JG’s feelings for SMR. Love it!

    @1240 Martha

    Well said. I gave it a try to check out what’s the fuss about it, and you’re absolutely right, its “forced and manufactured youthfulness” was too trite.

    “It felt more like a second rate menopausal fantasy of youth rather than a spirited representation of it.” – hahaha . . . this line floored me!

    “I can say with great relief that my younger sister who’s 16 -and very intelligent- loves CH and could not stand YAB.” – and I can say you and your sister got panache! The look and the brain, just like our GuMi couple. 🙂

  1244. 1244 : JELYN Says:

    Hello City Hallers. Good Health to everyone!!! Congrats to our lovely GUMI couple. They are so sweet and perfect. Another drama for them please……… Again congrast to all City Hallers. God Bless and more blessings to come… I love you KSA& CSW(”,)

  1245. 1245 : jangerr Says:

    Thanks so much for all the links, balancedchaos, sunahforever, jastinel & etee! We City Hallers are such a great bunch – ever ready to share our fun, laughter & joy!

    Btw, etee, really love the clip you’ve given us the link to. It’s really funny!!! Our Sunah is so much fun. Also love the little girl. I must say she has great taste!

    Roween, thank you too for capturing some of the best moments of CH for us in your mv. Don’t understand the song but the tune and feel of the song seem to match the clip very well… Great job!!!

  1246. 1246 : LOVEU Says:


  1247. 1247 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1235 roween,

    What a beautiful MV! I finally got a chance to view it. So apt and the lyrics describe the GuMi relationship so appropriately. I always envy people who are so talented with these things.

    @ 1240 Martha,
    I agree with @ 1243 mtoenlob and everything she said. Since your sister is 16, you can’t be much older than 20!! I have deliberately put off watching YB for one reason. I don’t want to watch it while there is still so much hype. While I enjoy parodies that make fun of one’s self, I don’t think highly of parodies when they make fun of others/other people’s work. It’s a value system gone wrong. Your post is a testimony to the quality of CH’s production and its viewers of course.

    @ 1245 jangerr,
    I’m pleased that you enjoyed the video. I saw that late 2008 and once in a while, I still go back to it. KSA is sooo much fun. The little girl is Kim Hyang Gi. She acted as KSA’s daughter in Girls’ Scout and Chief Kang’s (2nd male lead) daughter in When It’s At Night. KSA is so spontaneous and witty. The entire audience guffawed at the SBS Awards Show with her one word “optteoyo” which no other interviewees could in many sentences. Even CSW was no match for her. 🙂

  1248. 1248 : KBC12 Says:

    Love,love,love,Cityhall and Cityhaller !!!!……

  1249. 1249 : KBC12 Says:

    New CityHall DVD out there yet?

  1250. 1250 : koalagirl Says:

    I’m still floating on the high of seeing CSW-KSA together at the SBS drama awards, arm in arm, and totally goofing off the entire night. Soooooo satisfying since I miss the GuMi couple so much!

  1251. 1251 : jangerr Says:

    @1240 Martha

    I’m amazed by what you’ve written. You have this incredible ability to put down in words so cleary yet wittily what many of us feel… Like what mtoenlob in 1243 felt, many of your lines floored me! I was at once nodding my head in total agreement & holding my stomach in mirth!

    @1247 etee

    Oh! That little girl is simply adorable! She’s such a natural. Think she’ll grow up to be like our Sunah in wittiness, spontaneity and humour! I totally agree with you, no one holds a candle to Sunah in terms of comic timing. Just one word from her, everyone burst out laughing! In the video clip from the variety show, the way she changed her tone & manner of speaking was so hilarious! And it seemed to come out so effortlessly… More, please!

    @ 1244 JELYN

    Thanks for your blessings! God bless you too, my dear.

  1252. 1252 : balancedchaos Says:

    Hey City Hallers, episode 17 recap by Samsooki is up at Dramabeans! 🙂 How sad, the recaps are almost finished…


  1253. 1253 : indri Says:

    I remember my first Kdrama, Hotelier (2001),.. made me became a fans of Kdrama,..
    There’re only few drama that made me re-watched them so far :
    Dae Jang Geum (2003), Save Your Last Dance (2004), My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (2005)
    But, there’s only one drama that keep me re-watched for many times,…
    ” CITY HALL ”
    AMAZING drama, never get me bored.
    Keep me Laughing, Crying, Smiling & Blushing..
    And the Soundtracks,.. O.M.O.. keep me mumbling, re-play…re-play….re-play….
    Soooooo Addicted.

    Waiting the next project of KSA & CSW Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee……..

  1254. 1254 : ange Says:


  1255. 1255 : Pics Says:

    Found this great drama and shall start this weekend after all the heavy promos that CityHall is so so very good….. Shall give it a try after getting the DVDs from a shop nearby.

    Really the main stars won some awards as stated. Must be good drama!.

  1256. 1256 : dee Says:

    yap..this drama never get bored to watch, because the story, the casts are the best…yeah…perhaps they will be together again in another great drama… hoping so much….

  1257. 1257 : WITU Says:


  1258. 1258 : jastinel Says:


    You must watch this drama with good subtitle or else you will miss all the good lines in every scene. The scriptwriter and director should receive an award too. I wish CH will be nominated in SDA and win some awards too!

    After the recap, for some this drama is done, they can move on and find another drama to watch, but for sure, this drama has a special place our hearts. For me, I can move on and give my copy a rest if Suna will come up with a new drama as good as this one.

  1259. 1259 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I just enjoy watching the shocked look on Jo Gook’s face when Mi Rae just flat out lets him have it, when she is telling him off. Especially, when she calls him a jerk! His expression is like……what is wrong with HER, SHE’S CRAZY?!! She doesn’t FEAR me or my position as vice mayor?!! So funny! She leaves him speechless everytime. Yet, he’s being drawn towards her bold, courageous, honest and tenacious, fighting spirit. To me, she’s unlike any of the women he would seriously ever date or get involved with. Typhoon Mi Rae! LOL!!!

    Go Go Hae is so prissy acting compared to Mi Rae’s down-to-earth, coyish behavior when she talks cutesy, baby-like talk to Jo Gook! He really doesn’t know what to do with her. It’s so funny! This drama’s writer is very, very good!

  1260. 1260 : koalagirl Says:

    Hi City Hallers

    Episode 17 recap of City Hall is up at dramabeans. Please check it out and leave a nice encouragement for samsooki and the recap team.


    Its a fantastic recap of a spectacular episode of an unparallel drama.

  1261. 1261 : Donna Says:

    Still enjoying after watching it several times. I also find time to read episode per episode to fully understand and feel the magic once more. The english subtitle that I bought was not good so I would like to give thanks to those who provided me so much information as to where can I access episode guide. At this time I cant find any korean drama as good as City Hall.

  1262. 1262 : Maple Says:

    Thumbs-up CityHall for this great drama.

    Congratulations to KSA and CSW in winning the Best Actress/Best Actor respectively in the Special Drama category.

    Great both KSA and CSW also come up in the Top 10 Stars of the Year.

    Happy watching and re-watching…

  1263. 1263 : Pam Says:

    Wow!! the year 2009 ended with great moments for KSA and CSW. Congrats to the winning pair for their awards and success in CityHall.

  1264. 1264 : CityHallgo Says:

    The hooray is over and the joy all across the globe flows here for KSA and CSW. Congratulations to the lovely pair.

    CityHall the best drama everyone never miss.

  1265. 1265 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1240 Martha,

    Are you the same Martha at viikii? Just curious. Ok, I finally took a peep at the YB thread to see what you mean by the “inarticulate one-liners”. Hehe, they are desperate aren’t they?

    @ KBC12
    I’m curious too if you are the same person at viikii. Are you Korean by descent?

    @ jangerr
    I’ll look for another cute clip where they played a prank on Suna and Rain back in 2004. I can’t remember if it was subbed but I’ll need some time to look.

  1266. 1266 : Lily Says:

    I like the overall speed of the story flows, not too fast, not too slow.
    Yet, every movement on facial expression is well delivered. (I recall the scene when JoGuk let go MiRae’s hand in the cab in rain, but still wanna touch her to comfort her… **sob sob **)

    I have to admit that I come from seeing another sure-win Suna’s project, but I ended up trailing every single details related to CH, CSW, and others stars, also keen to see what other project done by same crew of director & script writter.

    CH is really one of a kind, very successful k drama, best drama that worth all this supports.

  1267. 1267 : ItSme Says:


  1268. 1268 : Pics Says:

    Hi! all and @ Jastinel…hello there!

    I have reached the pageant episode and like to share this here….it goes…

    For Mirae, it is her most prized weapon in verbal spar and parry: an argument with JoGook, her enemy at that crucial moment to stay on or just walk off from the pageant show, so hilarious and real entertaining was this scene that JoGook did not imagine himself being hit and ended taken by surprise.

    Mirae’s creative argument was JoGook as vice mayor does not have the right to command her to go here and there or stay on or leave and note here again this guy likes to look at Mirae more from the back while pulling her T-shirt to choke her up. What an act to play with Mirae!! To add on, my little nephew, age 4 is imitating and pulling his brother shirt from behind!!…learn from this bad guy!! JoGook!!…pointing to the cover of CityHall DVD !!. and laughing like a hero!! and bullying his poor brother age 6 caught unaware from behind!!.

  1269. 1269 : Grace Says:

    So CityHall had concluded yet good happenings to KSA and CSW keeps coming this way and awards bestow both simply great joys for every CityHallers.

    Keep up the excellent standards in your next new projects and drama.

    CityHall simply here to stay and last for more and more.

  1270. 1270 : Honkie Says:

    It’s celebration time to KSA and CSW for winning 2 awards. Wonderful and marvelous actress and actor. Congratulations to this amazing pair.

    CityHall means so much to everyone here.

    Good wishes to all.

  1271. 1271 : Jess Says:

    Great drama CityHall I love to re-watch again and so many times.

    Congrats to the lovely KSA and gorgeous CSW.

  1272. 1272 : U.S.A. Says:

    The character, Mi Rae, is so funny when she trys to disguise her voice when telling Jo Gook that he has to move his car or it will get hit; just so she could talk to Go Hae. I like Mi Rae’s approach to getting the answers to her unsolved questions. It’s like, she’s on an unending quest for the truth and she has the assurance of getting her answer. Again, it’s an excellent plot!

  1273. 1273 : Robyn Says:

    I love CityHall drama, so so special of everything you cannot find in another Kdrama.

    Only CityHall has it all. Best best from Mirae and JoGook. They are my top stars in Korea for me!!

  1274. 1274 : Magicity Says:

    Wow! Wow! KSA and CSW won awards!!. The Best couple on Kdramas!!

    Great News for all CityHallers!!.

    CityHall drama simply a standard none can beat!!

    Always CityHall…

  1275. 1275 : KBC12 Says:

    Aways CityHeller….Love,love,love,CityHall…….

  1276. 1276 : Getz Says:

    The best drama I have seen is CityHall. I am joining all CityHallers here.

    Congratulations to KSA and CSW for winning and winning awards.

  1277. 1277 : Darren Says:

    Certainly one of the very BEST Drama of the Year is CITYHALL.

    Gonna miss so much of the fun I guess in Mirae and JoGook if you have yet to start.

    Thank you buddy buddy M & M’s CityHallers for your pestering.

    Really it’s better late than never. Sure I am with CityHall.

  1278. 1278 : Lily Says:

    @1268 Pics
    Haha… recall that moment… looked so natural and funny
    the entrance is the same as the exit…

    Love your nephew, he is so cute, probably another JoGook in the making. 😀

    Do come back and share with us what do you find out next… can’t wait to hear another round of recap by the first viewer.

    Besides great comments from Jastinel, Jangerr, Miss White, Mary, U.S.A.-Mary, Sunahforever, Kay, ChaCha, Mi_Rae_CH, ITSMI, MarianneT, etee, mtoenlob, Kay Cook, Koalagirl, 316 CJ and many more…

    I just revisit all old post, also like this comments:
    @8 doremi – yes, you have great taste
    @141 layla2ISU
    @190,199 citi, like you recap on the classic dialogues.. ^o^
    @220 sadfskajldf -hahaha you don’t have to kill someone now… LOL
    @387 bokheester
    @658, 690 Marcus, @715 Matters,@732 Main – like how your wifes pull you into this incredible InJu city
    @722 Mohan – have you found you Mirae?
    @750 Monday – monday blue never hits me… coz of CH..

  1279. 1279 : dbest Says:

    ccc told you?

  1280. 1280 : lover Says:

    i love you kim sun ah happy new year

  1281. 1281 : JELYN Says:

    Good Morning City Hallers. I woke up with a smile this morning and it is because of CH and all City Hallers. Your comments here are good in the heart. We all love Inju City. We all love the CH creative team. We all love the scenes. We all love CSW. We all love KSA. Congrats to all of us. CHEERS!!! Have a bountiful and meaningful new year everyone(“,)

  1282. 1282 : jangerr Says:

    @1278 Lily

    Wow! You really went through the old postings! Out of curiosity, I took a few quick backtrackings and realised that hey, you really did that! However, you didn’t pick out any from post 400 to 700 as well as after 750. Were there any good ones there?

    @ etee

    Yes, please do try and get the link for the prank on Suna and Bi. Heard so much about it but haven’t got the chance to see it…

    Also want to extend a very warm welcome to some new City Hallers – Pics, Getz, Darren, lover and any others who are new here.

    Pics – please continue to update us on your journey.
    Getz – yes, please join us here
    Darren – don’t you think you have such good friends?

  1283. 1283 : lover Says:

    i love you kimsunah i want to meet you.what can me have your email.my heart is for you

  1284. 1284 : MEmeME Says:


  1285. 1285 : sulyn Says:

    Hi, lovely cityhallers, were you looking for this clip of
    Suna and Rain? Hope it’s the one.

  1286. 1286 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I really like the mayor’s toe socks in episode 2. I noticed them when he began scratching his foot while it was propped upon his desk. It’s the scene when the mayor is stalling Jo Gook, who is waiting to meet him in the outer office. At first, I thought the socks were just for novelty wear, until I did a web search on them, just for fun. I actually found a site that sells them, and I WANT A FEW PAIRS! They are so cute and look warm; great for the winter months. Women’s size please (I have small feet)! LOL!!!

  1287. 1287 : kysha Says:

    Great drama! Love the amazing chemistry between the leads.

  1288. 1288 : lover Says:

    i love you kimsunah you are best actor korean i love you

  1289. 1289 : KBC12 Says:

    Love, Cityhall……..

  1290. 1290 : KBC12 Says:

    Best drama all time!!!!…….

  1291. 1291 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Shin Mi Rae’s friends are also hilarious! Whenever they are having a meal together at the restaurant, and the conversation is centered around Mi Rae and Jo Gook; no matter how often she tells them the truth behind a rumor, they are never convinced. It’s so funny how she begins to patronize them by embellishing the story about their relationship and it never fails, Jo Gook shows up everytime. Looking shocked, she always asks him how long has he been standing there and what part of her story did he hear. So, funny!

    The leads in this k-drama are among the few actors, out of the many asian-dramas and asian-movies that I’ve watched, who express through their eyes, facial expressions, and gestures, the passion of their roles. They really know how make their characters personable and tangible. Excellent script.

  1292. 1292 : dya Says:

    love this drama.. love kim su ah..

  1293. 1293 : dee Says:

    kapan ya tv indonesia muter nih drama…????

  1294. 1294 : Denali Says:

    This thread started late April 2009, and it’s so nice to see that it has been kept alive for almost 9 months now. Kinda like for a baby to be born. 🙂

    Until I can catch up on soompi (lots to backread!), I just wanna say hi to the regular visitors and once again, wish you all happy times with the GuMi couple.

  1295. 1295 : lover Says:

    i love you kimsunah

  1296. 1296 : KBC12 Says:

    Dramabeans Cityhall recapped#18 is up,Best-samsooki as ever……

  1297. 1297 : Lily Says:

    Good morning CityHallers!

    @1282 Jangerr
    ops… acutally **secretly telling** I was in the mid of doing my staffs employees performance reviews, until it was so boring that I have to find a solution to get refreshment, what else but visiting CityHallers Inju City…

    It was too rush to post the comment that I forgotten to pen down, that I will conitnue the journey…

    and wish all of you to be with me, refreshing our beloved posts in the past is such a joyride 😀

    I love your comments U.S.A Mary 😀

  1298. 1298 : ange Says:


  1299. 1299 : mtoenlob Says:

    @1297 Lily

    “ops… acutally **secretly telling** I was in the mid of doing my staffs employees performance reviews, until it was so boring that I have to find a solution to get refreshment, what else but visiting CityHallers Inju City…”

    – hahaha . . . now my secret is out, too. Thanks to you. 🙂 When ennui takes over work, I sneak off to Inju City and re-charge. I do drop by here (and in soompi) everyday in silence (unless there is something I wish to share) even before I begin work. This has become a daily ritual.

    “…that I will conitnue the journey…and wish all of you to be with me,…”

    – take heart, Lily. We will be with you all the way. We would love to hear your story as you travel through Inju City. We assure you it will be a journey like no other.

    P.S. – jangerr, Denali, jastinel, etee, 316 CJ, koalagirl, etc. – anneyeong!

  1300. 1300 : YU n ME Says:


  1301. 1301 : KBC12 Says:

    Cityhall the MUST see drama……Love…love…love…Cityhall…….

  1302. 1302 : Mochi Says:

    Yah! This has got to be one of the most hilarious Korean dramas that I have seen in a long time. I really love Kim Sun Ah and now Cha Seung Won… he was really good at comedy so I decided to check on his other films and dramas! But Kim Sun Ah still can steal the show. I know that she suffered a lot while filming this drama but I thought that it should have gotten higher ratings. I loved their Tango Routine… I can’t wait till the dramas come out on sale. This is one that I really want to purchase.

    P.S. I thought that this drama had outstanding casting! Everyone was perfect in their perspective roles

  1303. 1303 : chacha Says:

    Annyeong, my fellow Inju mates!

    Just dropping by to say hello. I’ve only been away a few days but look at how our Inju population has grown and is still growing! Very soon we have to acquire new ‘ground’, like ‘taking over’ BBF’s land… What do you all think? I definitely don’t think they deserve to be or belong there.

    @1302 Mochi

    Welcome to Injy City! I certainly agree with you. This to me is the best kdrama in recent years. And it certainly should have gotten a much better rating that what it had. I’ve sort of lose faith in ratings. Look at how some mediocre but heavily promoted & hyped dramas are able to achieve those incredible ratings…

  1304. 1304 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hall recap episode 18 is up at dramabeans.com: http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/01/city-hall-episode-18/

    Please go and leave a nice comment to share our CH love when you get a chance. It’s almost done, and samsooki and his team have put so much love and care into making this amazing recaps. It’s like watching the drama again with a best friend.

    Hi to all the wonderful City Hallers everywhere!

  1305. 1305 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Hello, fellow City Hallers! At this moment, I’m approaching Inju City, taking the next exit ramp which goes directly to City Hall, episode 4. It’s my 3rd time travelling this route, and I’m still enjoying the scenery as if I’ve never passed this way before. Along the way, I am noticing some of the most funniest antics in scenes that I missed the 1st and 2nd time around. In times past, I’ve experienced some minor detours (surfing for other quality a-dramas, while waiting for the next episode) and even a few minor, traffic-jams (viikii-site overload). Yet, it was worth it because I always return to the most reliable (comedic) route which takes me directly to City Hall.

    Once there, without any reservation, I become so captivated that I forget to blink; sometimes I’ll laugh, cry (which helps when I didn’t blink), applaud (when Mi Rae defies her opponents), swoon (at the most romantic, heartfelt scenes), hum/dance (love the themes songs) and talk to my computer screen at any given moment (=> BB, Go Hae, Joo Hwa, sometimes even Jo Gook can be a bit much). LOL!!! This drama continues to make me smile and laugh!

    Also, I apprecate ‘all’ those who work behind the scenes at koreandrama.org for this site which enables us to corporately express and share our enthusiasm (or not) for a specific drama.

  1306. 1306 : Lily Says:

    Good morning!

    @1305 U.S.A.-Mary
    I am totally with you, and I suppose you do have a VIP booking with the Inju City Hotel, for you to stay overnight sometimes, when you get stuck longer there 😀

    I have no comment for others, cause everyone has unique preference and all I mind is what I know I love most is City Hall. And certainly haapy to find many chingu here in this tread.

    Let’s spread and continue to keep warm of our love for City Hall, is all I wanna say. Cheers!

  1307. 1307 : Lily Says:

    Thank you koalagirl
    for updating samsooki, post of City Hall recaps. I had keep a bookmark and ofcoz registered in order to view the fantastic posts.

  1308. 1308 : indri Says:

    @ Chacha… agree with you,… we should ” ‘taking over’ BBF’s land”

    Btw,.. ” YAB ” is right behind us… they keep coming and growing,..
    make me nervous.. little bit worried if they can catch us, hehehehe….

    At soompi,.. there’re 385 pages with 7.684 comments already for CH ,.. great numbers from superb CityHallers,..
    believe we can do the same thing here,..and “taking over all lands “…LOL ^.^

    Loooooooooooooooooove to read your comments,.. Keep it up guys!!

    PS: Pardon my english,…

  1309. 1309 : dya Says:

    see city hall make me smile and cry.. best drama i ever see..

  1310. 1310 : sunahforever Says:

    Can someone send the link to soompi City Hall thread??? I so wanna read the comments there…and yes, my second journey to Inju City is nearly over…now at Chap 18. I thought with my second journey, my emotional control would be better since I know the gist of the story. However, I am dumb-founded as my emotions are still so raw. I bawled my eyes out during the 1st break up scene!! The scene that most affected me (confrontation of SMR with JG during the restaurant scene) is coming soon and I don’t know how I would react to that again…It was so gut wrenching….my eyes are still swollen fm last night’s viewing of the 2nd break-up scene…sigh, how am I going to get over CH??? NO WAY!!!

  1311. 1311 : balancedchaos Says:


  1312. 1312 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1310 sunaforever,

    Here it is. Welcome to CH – Inju City!

  1313. 1313 : dee Says:

    i think this drama won’t be the same if the actor/actress were not Cha seung won and Kim sun ah… they are gorgeous!!!!!!

  1314. 1314 : jangerr Says:

    @1313 dee & 1302 Mochi

    You’re both so right! The casting for this show is just perfect. Everyone fit into and played their role so perfectly, from the leads to the supporting to those who played small and minor roles too. I too cannot imagine anyone else being Mirae and Jo Gook other than KSA and CSW! We must really thank the actor (can’t remember his name but he recently acted in the drama, Style) who was supposed to act as Jo Gook but dropped out of the show last minute! Whew!!! What a relief he dropped out!!!

    @1310 sunahforever & 1305 U.S.A. Mary

    Enjoy your 2nd and 3rd trip into Inju City respectively. I’m very sure you’re going to make many more trips as many of us have. I think Lily @1306 has given you a very sound advice on making a VIP booking at Inju City Hotel. You’ll find that you certainly need it as you’ll want to linger… and linger… and linger in Inju City…

  1315. 1315 : jangerr Says:

    @1285 sulyn

    Thanks for the link to the clip on Suna & Bi. It was quite funny. Bi looked so young & boyish then! But Suna looks much better now since she’s shed the weight that she has put on for MNIKSS.

    @1297 Lily

    Naughty, naughty! But please keep’em coming… Love to see the treasures that you’ve unearthed…

  1316. 1316 : SOOCHA Says:


  1317. 1317 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    I would like to extend an ‘Inju City Greeting’ to all fellow City Hallers, and especially to Lily and Jangerr. I’m glad you both enjoy my comments. I also enjoy both of yours, as well as, many others on this thread.

    Actually, I do have VIP status at the Inju City Hotel. My stay averages out, to about 1 1/2-2 weeks (CH viewing period), at the most. As a matter of fact, I’m here on business, and even as we speak, I’m reclining on the chaise in the hotel’s 2000 sq. ft. top floor, revolving suite, that overlooks City Hall. Everyone I’ve come in contact with (CH fans comments on this thread) is absolutely great! The concierges’ (those who are knowledgeable and share info about CH) here have an exquisite caliber. The quality of the hotel’s atmosphere (CHallers steadfast attitude towards it being the best drama) is high-end. The structural exterior/interior of the hotel (koreandrama.org site/workers, respectively) is exquisitely impeccable. I’ll continue to be a frequent visitor and will also, continue to tell others about Inju City’s grand hotel (CH thread). LOL! I’ve always had a vivid, constructive imagination, and I’m pleased that this CH thread acts as a venue for us to be expressive and have fun while doing it! LOL!!!

  1318. 1318 : Gem12 Says:


  1319. 1319 : lover Says:

    hello dear kim sun ah.heart and blood me is presented for you.you are evermore in my heart

  1320. 1320 : Lily Says:

    @1309 Dya, @1313 Dee – So true…

    after finish my 1st round of CH that I felt so vacant suddenly. I was crazy about CH (addicted is more appropriate to discribe the feeling) and wanted to dig and find out more anything about CH, KSA, CSW, other cast and script writter, director and the production.

    And I found here, koreandrama. I was moved by it’s great connecting & humanity comments that I was so keen to pen down my feeling, sharing with other CityHallers here and want to be part of this incredible CityHallers. The harmony and unity started from the earliest posts were really so warm and welcoming.

    I want to thank to all of you for bring me here.

  1321. 1321 : dya Says:

    3 times complete for CH.. LOL.. go go go CH

  1322. 1322 : sunahforever Says:

    Hello, thanks balancedchaos and etee7114 for the soompi thread. Kamsahamida….my friends have just started the Inju City journey but they are still not over the moon yet over the show…as we all know, it is a slow starter….they think SMR is still rather klutzy and character very like KSS but I told them to be patient….roller coaster coming!!!

  1323. 1323 : COMBK Says:


  1324. 1324 : mtoenlob Says:

    @1302 Mochi and 1313 dee

    Indeed, this is one drama where the chosen actors were appropriately casted for the characters from the leads to the supporting casts. As you said it dee, the overwhelming allure of City Hall wouldn’t be as remarkable if it weren’t KSA and CSW portraying SMR and JG. They were a perfect pair as Shin Mi Rae and Jo Guk! I haven’t seen a pairing as mesmerizing and electrifying as these two. It would be difficult to imagine other actors portraying SMR and JG. Yes jangerr, thanks to Ryu Shi Won for dropping out. No offense meant to him, but, I think CSW was the perfect epitome of what or who was JG – from the physical attributes down to the attitude and characterization as I would imagine JG should be. Love SMR and JG to bits! Thanks a lot to KSA and CSW for breathing life to this lovable couple.

    @1317 USA Mary

    What a lively imagination you got, Mary! I love how we City Hallers are somehow “threaded” together in this site (and other sites, too) for our common love for CH even though we knew each other only by the coded names we use where we can share our ideas and opinions.

    @1320 Lily
    “after finish my 1st round of CH that I felt so vacant suddenly. I was crazy about CH (addicted is more appropriate to discribe the feeling) and wanted to dig and find out more anything about CH, KSA, CSW, other cast and script writter, director and the production.”

    I can deeply relate to what you’re feeling, Lily. I went through the same phases. When CH ended it felt like the world stood still. I had this nagging feeling of emptiness and loneliness I couldn’t quite get a grasp why. I had the insatiable hunger for anything and everything KSA and CSW which I fed with internet searches long into the wee hours of the morning. (that in spite of having to report for work in the morning). Not complaining though. The things we do for the love of City Hall! (“,)

  1325. 1325 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    That fine rascal, Jo Gook (I just love CSW’s acting) looks so serious, as he keeps his distance while watching Mi Rae’s quest for justice. I don’t think he even realized when he actually began flirting with her. I listened attentively, when Jo Gook’s assistant expressed his own interest in her (not the same as Jo Gook’s, for politcal reasons). Thus, it came to the light (Jo Gook became jealous and tried to hide it). TOO LATE, LOL!

    Jo Gook, thought she was an air-headed, paper-pushing, free coffee/tea refill serving, crazy rumor-spreading, emotionally weak, buy her a designer handbag or designer shoes to appease her type female. But, he was W-R-O-O-N-N-G! His character is so stalwart and focused on making Mi Rae a scapegoat, by aiding him in uncovering the mayor’s boondoggles to oust him; that he didn’t recognize the approaching typhoon’s warning signs, as it gave his heart a jolt. TYPHOON MI RAE! LOL!!!

  1326. 1326 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:


    While perusing another drama thread, there was a comment that really ‘stood out’ among all the others, to me. There was a person who really wanted to have a dialogue about the drama, along with eveyone else, but stated that their english wasn’t that good. Therefore, the person was reluctant to participate. My heart went out to that person. So, I would like to do the following:




  1327. 1327 : Martha Says:

    1243# mtoenlob, 1247# etee7144 and #1251 jangerr, thank you for your kind words, it does feel nice to be amongst a community of people with whom one shares a precious obsession. I ‘dared’ post a small criticism of YAB on dramabeans (as a reply to the yearly Korean drama review penned by the same person, I think, who blogs as Thundie, and who, as expected, dismissed CH -what was bewildering though, regarding her/his criticism of CH, was that what she/he held against CH one could level, multiplied by a hundred, against YAB!) and was blindly attacked. Now, I don’t mind facing objections by defenders and fans of YAB -after all, it is constitutive of every act of criticism that responses from the other side are both elicited and invited, and I myself have many more objections to YAB than the ones already voiced (and which, if provoked, I’d gladly expound in great detail). Moreover, I can defend myself within a discursive community of rational beings. However, what I cannot accept is what I got, frothing at the mouth rage questioning my very right to point out the, in my view, failures of YAB (as well as its charms, by the way). What I find unacceptable is the effort to silence all criticism, all different judgment, by people who drone on about their ‘liking x’, as if that kind of liking is by itself and immediately authoritative. If it is, or rather WHEN it is [i.e., when ‘my’ liking ‘x’ is authoritative, and this is not in the least equivalent to saying, in a thoroughly undemocratic manner, that ‘my’ pleasure just counts more than ‘yours’ -as many people who resist the idea of the authority-claim constitutive of every judgment of taste seem erroneously to believe- but that your ‘disliking x’ does not do justice to the object/matter in dispute whereas ‘my’ liking ‘x’ reveals something of its worth) then ‘I’ (or one) must say something more than simply repeat the tautology ‘it is good because I like it’. Anyway, I call that sorry state of mind -and of imagination- an inability to defend the content of one’s own pleasure while pronouncing on the object of somebody else’s pleasure and refusing to be challenged on either. And since one must practice what one preaches, I’d invite anyone who wishes to post a negative review of CH on these very pages and engage her/him point by point. So if there are any CH objectors out there, please do come and voice your criticisms here and you shall not be thrown to the lions.
    P.S. ettee 7114 (the answer is yes, I’m the same Martha both here and at viikii, at least as far as I’m aware). I’m a 25 year old Music and Literature graduate, and nine years older than my remarkable little sister (as mad a CityHaller as one can be and then some). I’d love to immerse myself in the melodious Korean language and come to master it to the highest degree (in fact a friend of mine, Elizabeth, also a CH fanatic, and I are going to start learning Korean in the summer). I’ve recently started reading a collection of Pansori (Korea’s old oral, i.e., not text based, performance driven ‘theatre’ tradition) translated by a nice American Professor from Yale, and I’m about to turn my attention to Korea’s folk songs. My desire to know more about the country, and perhaps go and live there for some time is becoming stronger and stronger by the day. I wonder if there’s any CityHaller here who speaks Korean as a foreign language? Any CityHaller who’s learning Korean? Please come forth!
    P.P.S. Naturally, the desire to go to S. Korea is also fuelled by the hope/mad wish that the streets of Seoul are populated by a considerable number of (unattached) Cha Seun Won look alikes who (please cut me some slack, this is a fantasy after all!) would be as intrigued by an English bumpkin as she is by them. Oh, and have somebody like Kim Sun Ah as a bosom friend (I hear she majored in piano; we could play the piano together too, especially Mozart’s piano sonata for four hands in D major).

  1328. 1328 : Martha Says:

    I forgot to mention that I watched City Hall TWICE over the Christmas holiday period (that brings up the tally to 30, I think), being lovingly envious of all those newcomers/first time viewers, who were communicating not only their enthusiasm but also the freshness of that enthusiasm to us veterans. It is strange, but with each repeat viewing I find the performances of the leads more and more nuanced and modulated, and although I know every single facial expression and vocal colouration, I’m still surprised at what I find there and what is yet to be discovered…so you could say that novelty is still retained to some degree even in compulsive repetition. Strange, giddy things, humans!

  1329. 1329 : iya27 Says:

    Love to read all comment here, city haller* every comment were really love CH, so do I…. I love every part of it, but the most scene that I love was the ending, when he propose KSA with those beautifull word in a romantic night… * -made me so crazy in love n wanna watch it again and again-

    Thanks to all for recommended, I never feel so happy to see a beautifull drama like this-

    This is the best drama I ever watch, LOVE CH…..*

  1330. 1330 : lover Says:

    i love you kim sun ah.i need to meet you.would me have your email.my heart is for you.saranghae

  1331. 1331 : Lily Says:

    Good morning!

    My friend warned me, I am gonna get couple weeks of the CH fever like many others, but, friend, until now, I am still very sick…. Though I moved on continue with couple drama after 3rd months, still I find this is the best place I could come by every now and then, the City Hall doors is always open, the best coffee is serves, the smiles here is so heartwarming. There is no reason for me to let go, do you agree?

    @1324 Mtoenlob, continue my revisit to Inju City, I found these simply fabulous posts:-
    @226 milanisti, “I can’t get this drama out of my head”,
    @263 gee, “This is one drama that will remain in your mind long after it’s over…”

    @237 patti, @238 fave, @272 – talking about moon river, oh, I like the lamp posts that come into the play, the are best supporting actors too :p

    Never never get enough dose of City Hall. @251 shosh.k, @201 chacha, @240 Miss Angel
    @241 Seal, “How are we supposed to return to reality and watch other shows?”
    @253 Miss White, “We want more and this ending is not enough!!…what’s next!!
    @268 fave, “Everyday I wake up hoping against hope to see a new announcement that the broadcasting network, SBS, that they are going to do a City Hall Special of City Hall 2… Am I asking for too much???” – Certainly not!!! You shd have seen banners all over Inju City that petition ask for CH2, LOL…

    @243 bonus track of ost

    @236, 244 stellar – words just too little to express how great CH is, right?
    @255 tin, “City Hall is truly a show that is in a class of its own!”
    @250 keller, “It’s not that we made it sound so good. It’s really that good!”
    @258 eton, “A must-see”, @271 Miss White attests and attests – rest assure you, this is it!
    @259 all, “quality” not quantity is all u will find here. Yes! With passion, now we hit quantity too, CH would certainly attract more & more ppl year after year
    @261 Robin, “come on, show your face…if you have watch it more than once, pls show yr lovely face(s) here again n again coz I love this drama very much” 
    @270 ALW – I feel like falling in love again, like a young girl’s first love, exciting, flashing…, at this age I though I would never…
    @273 ASIS – yes, all of us are as high as CH standard!

    @249 summerscentt, @267 iya – have you watch it? pls return to tell us how do you feel, now I can see your post! @1329 iya27, is that you? Yea! CH will never let you down, we, CityHallers here too will never let you down…

    @1326 USA Mary – LOL, same here :p Let’s continue the role play 😀 and perhaps we could continue the story – with JG and MR here in this thread. What say you?

    @1327 Martha – yes, that’s the true love. I find the most successful in CH is the crew and the cast making all the characters alive. Instead of liking x to come love in anything related to it, from the initial (well I have to say) not-so-good impression of the choice of lead actor’s (he’s not that appealing at first), to finally fall in love with him, I thought this a big success of CH production! I am surprise by your maturity thoughts at this young age. And yes, we do welcome objections, other thoughts that come forward to discuss.
    I am Malaysian Chinese, I have no idea it will benefits me, slightly :p, when I choose Korean language during uni time. I am now continue to learn with the subtitles 😉 to bump on a CSW-alike (unattached) man, oh man… *v*

    – CH unites all of us, encourage each other to come voice out, laugh out loud together… stay tuned…

  1332. 1332 : indri Says:

    One Dream,… One Feeling, One Love,.. One Smiling…
    CITY HALL …….

  1333. 1333 : JELYN Says:

    OMG. As if theres no other kdramas out there!!! My heart truly loves CH. SUPERB!!!


  1334. 1334 : JELYN Says:

    City Hall 2! City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City HCity Hall 2!all 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!City Hall 2!

  1335. 1335 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @1331-Lily, I see no reason to let go. None at all. I began watching this drama in May, 2008, and my comments on this thread began @37. It may be my 3rd time around to watch CH in its entirety, but I have watched many CH episodes, not in sequence order, in between those times. I, too, still come back to this site, after watching other a-dramas and a-movies, I’m so glad that a ‘warm welcome’ is always evident here, and that I have a place that enables me to reminisce about CH, along with others who are like-minded.

  1336. 1336 : Mi_Rae_CH Says:

    Hi! here all CityHallers, esp Lily, Martha, Mtoenlob, Mary, Jangeer,Dareen, M&Ms, Whites, Jelyn, Lynad, Indri and everyone.

    Great drama in CityHall we all enjoy and here there’s no measurement required or rather weight, length or strength we bypass and here again CityHallers can join hands and imagine the magic we behold and hold dear and near for so long as we all embrace CityHall into our daily life.

    U can be from many countries, far or near, any religion, any colour, any creed and race, here a beautiful Inju City I have found and each return I can read, see to hear to feel the impact CityHall had caused good and critical and affected so many CityHall fans…such great and good storyline we can only continue story to many and here no gossips but only and one and only CityHall drama we all promote or rather CityHall, Mirae and JoGook continue to add spice and magic in our lifes.

    Stay well and stay close to one another at least on this platform we are always together.
    One CityHall Park for you and me.

    Enjoy your day with more of CityHall.

  1337. 1337 : Darren Says:

    @1336 yes your says spell out Cityhall none can miss, you and all the M buddies put me and wife in a spell, I must say more of a trance in CityHall, wife is coping not too well after a heavy dose of CityHall.

    No surprise she is real engrossed to CityHall now more than to our baby!, once feed baby n asleep it is CityHall next, her second baby waiting!!. My mum is really worry and install CCTV to watch over my wife!! Mum’s remarked, sometimes she cry and most times laugh aloud from the hall until the baby cry’s all drown and cannot hear. Very serious matter therefore the CCTV is very pertinent. That’s the effect CityHall affected my family.

    Believe it or not…U must watch CityHall…for good please don’t suffer like me and complains from mum the greatest!!

    You owe me M & Ms….you better wake up my wife….she is in a daze!!

  1338. 1338 : indri Says:

    @1337 Darren,
    My mom worried about me too,.. cause i was in the same situation as your wife until now,
    luckily,.. I’m still single,.. so she doesn’t need to put CCTV in my bedroom..hehehehe. LOL……
    CityHall fever is Incurable !!! Love…Love…Love
    CityHaller is Invincible !!! Proud…Proud..Proud

  1339. 1339 : Marcus Says:

    @ Darren…lol no joke!! install a CCTV to watch over your princess!!. and your wife is watching CityHall…What a busy line up for U!!.

    Guess you must be pretty concern now with CityHall fever spreading in your family.

    No worries!! I pray for you Darren to have peace at home.

    CityHall magic in question now? Watch and be at risk!! There’s simply no cover-up just a CityHall haul-up!!

    Stay safe. Your CCTV only catches CityHall, there’s no thiefs to worry here!! lol……!!!

  1340. 1340 : jastinel Says:

    Oh Darren, you and my husband are suffering from a disease wife…City hall syndrome. It will takes months and months for us to be cure, the fact that there is no existing medicine for this illness, I think you have to suffer more…LOL! Anyway, you love your wife, I`m sure, as much my hubby loves me, so you will understand what your wife is going through. I`m just lucky that I don`t have a baby that`s needs much of my time and attention, may be you should put your baby near to her watching place, that`s the only solution.
    Last new years eve, I think I made a serious mistake to my family, while my hubby was busy preparing food and everything, I was busy in the attic with my laptop and watching SBS awards night, several times he went upstairs to call me to eat with them, but I refuse to go down. 12 midnight, I know I should go down and celebrate new year with them, but I still continued watching as if, I can`t see the awards night the following day. 1:20am I went down, saw them having fun with the fireworks and when my hubby saw me, he hug me, my kids also, they greeted me and my in-laws asked, what`s keeping me busy?!
    I was a bit guilty that I was there in the same house, physically present, but mentally absent. That`s how addicted I`am with City Hall and with CSW and KSA. But I admit it was a mistake to do what I did that new years eve. Luckily, I was happy that night that I saw GUMI couple winning awards and be with my family. Take note, our family should be our first priority and CH will be?????? heheheee….

  1341. 1341 : GRA Says:

    I can’t count how many time i already watched this drama. Those episodes were stick on my head and I am not ready to watch another Kdrama or don’t want to watch any except CH. Love very much all the actors specially KSA and CSW.

  1342. 1342 : Magicity Says:

    @[email protected]@[email protected]@ all CityHallers, Hi! here

    The magic of CityHall is speechless and wordless from A to Z you name all for CityHall. This drama is so amazing; it touches all CityHallers new born and yester…day/month/ for years!! The journey with Mirae and JoGook has taken its toil @ indri @ Darren @ Marcus @ Jastinel and more….shocks in year 2010!!

    CityHall definitely is here to stay for all, enough, not enough or more than enough, please Do Not Use Oxford/Webster to find the meaning. Only your says matter any letter is a good word from A to Z. We all understand. U and CityHall and all and more and more….magical and spellbound we love CityHall.

    Always CityHall!!

  1343. 1343 : Mohan Says:

    Hi! CityHallers & Mmms @ Marcus, Magicity,Darren, Mi_Rae_CH,Mtoelob,
    Ms White, indri, Lily, jangeer, grace, Milky White, Mary, EggWhite, Whopps, Mark, and unmarked all….CityHallers here on this thread.

    This is more than thread to sew and mend our hearts, CityHall Thread is best in content and substance, I am absolutely stunned by the many pages of CityHall talks here and those words and says about Mirae’s captivating, comical smiles and JoGook mischievous plans I guess I can find some cure with all the feel and honest words for CityHall many care to share here and be back for all CityHallers. No pain No gain. I still travel here because I am looking for one Mirae to pamper and love. I believe I can wave now!!.

    It’s great to be back here. Stop calling me @Marcus and Mms..

    I have more than enough and I love Mirae in CityHall.

  1344. 1344 : AGAIN Says:


  1345. 1345 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    ShoutOut to ALL CITYHALLERS!

    @[email protected]…Come to think about it, my sister said to me one day, “you’re really into those dramas, aren’t you?” She asked me this later, on that day, after she passed the livingroom a few times and saw me laughing hysterically, wiping the tears from my eyes. I recall now, that I was watching City Hall! This was the first funny a-drama that I watched. It is really ironic because I’ve never, ever been a drama fan. No way! My quest, now is to feast my eyes on the best ‘acting gifts’ out here. That’s why I continue to return to CityHall. IT HAS A UNIQUE QUALITY, UNLIKE MANY OTHERS!

  1346. 1346 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @1331_lilly and ALL CITYHALLERS!

    I’m still on my business trip here in beautiful Inju City. Please tell me that what I’m about to describe to you is not the norm. You know, this is my 3rd business trip here, as I mentioned previously. Yet, I never witnessed this before! One morning, on my way to a business meeting, I saw a woman, standing at the entrance of City Hall wearing an evening gown…with a tiara on her head! Yes, an evening gown and tiara! I though, how odd is this. It appears that she was conducting a one, person demonstation; and seemed very passionate about her stance. Then, out of nowhere, a group of men began pulling on her maliciously, until they ripped her gown. I was appalled and wanted to express my displesure, but was instructed by the limo driver who picked up, to not interfere since I’m a foreigner. Then, something caught my eye. Miraculously, a very tall, handsome, well-dressed man came from no where to her aid. The despicable men left quickly at his command. It appeared that this woman and man knew each other because he was so close upon her, while wrapping his coat around the exposed portion of her body, that I thought they would kiss. Well, I purposefully, noted the time because I thought about joining her the next morning in a ripped gown hoping he would do the same to me! WHERE’S MY TIARA! LOL!!!

  1347. 1347 : kdrama_fan Says:

    It becomes my daily ritual to read this webpage. I find out how we feel the same when we watch a good drama. We cry with their setbacks, sorrows, and are overjoyed with their triumphal victory. We think we are different from each other. But we are not that different. Reminiscing memorable scenes of the drama is an escape from our daily, stressful life. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with fellow City Hallers.

  1348. 1348 : Gem12 Says:

    Ones Cityhaller..aways CityHaller………love Cityhall….

  1349. 1349 : KBC12 Says:

    We’re CityHall familys…love y’ll

  1350. 1350 : balancedchaos Says:

    Recap #19 is up by Samsooki! Quick, go read… the recaps are almost over! 🙁


  1351. 1351 : balancedchaos Says:

    I’m not usually into fanmade MVs, but I loved these! Sorry if they were posted here before, but I liked them so much I had to share. 🙂

    Can You Hear Me? (Mi Rae ver.) by Szeying89

    Can You Hear Me? (Jo Guk ver.) by Fishbud

    If (Mi Rae ver.) by Fishbud

    If (Jo Guk ver.) by Fishbud

  1352. 1352 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    FELLOW CITYHALLERS, GREETINGS! I just want everyone to know that YOU ALL ARE GREAT! While reading through the comments, I can sincerely say that I appreciate everyone on here. We actually energize each other from our 1-liners to our multiple paragraphs.

    Initially, when I received an invitation to join the VIP status at Inju’s CH, at first I didn’t think anything about it. I thought that I was content enough to just talk about the drama. But, one day, after reading some of the comments, I had a strong desire to join in on the fun and just began to type. I had no pre-conceived idea of what I was going to say. I just thought about CH and how to uplift my fellow CHallers and everything began to flow. There have been some sites where I’ve tried to get fun/creative interactions started, but to no avail. There’s an idiom that goes, ‘you can’t beat a dead horse.’ Well the dead horse on some of those sites I went to, had already gotten up and left (no offense to anyone). It couldn’t ‘take it’ anymore! LOL!!! So, I was actually beating the air!

    Currently, watching ep. 7 and look forward to sharing soon. I must confess that I’m enjoying the comical scenes even more so than before, while trying to prepare myself for the emotional, rollercoaster ones. Oh-h-h! I had to put my tear ducts on hiatus for a while by avoiding sad scenes. If not, I was going to have to walk around with sunglasses on and that won’t work. I’ve found out that sometimes those synopsis’ don’t provide enough information. They appear all cheery, then WHAM! I’ve gotten caught too many times. There have been times when I sensed that a sad ending was in sight, I would go directly to the last episode (calling myself getting a peek-preview), but that didn’t work either. For some reason, I would select the scene I was trying to avoid! NO!!! LOL!!! Anyway, more funny stories are on the way!

  1353. 1353 : jangerr Says:

    @ USA Mary

    Oh! So it was you!!! I was at Inju City Hotel the past few days & I remember seeing a lady lying languidly on a chaise one night from my balcony. She looked so contented & happy, smiling to herself… I was thinking, “Ah! She must be thinking of her special somebody!”

    Strangely, I was in town & caught sight of the poor lady in evening gown & tiara being pelted with eggs too… Let me assure you, I come here often & this is the first time I’ve come across such a dastardly & atrocious act!!! Inju citizens are generally very peaceful people… I was completely shell-shocked to say the very least!!! Before I could jump into action, I too saw the fine specimen of a man came to her rescue… Believe it or not, I was tempted to do the same as you too the next day!!! Talking about coincidences! Great minds to think alike!!!

    @ 1327 Martha

    Lol! I want my CSW look-alikes too!!! Let me know if there’re any when you’re in Korea, k?

    @1331 Lily

    Wow! You’ve unearthed some more ‘treasures’ from Inju! They are all such fine jewels!!! More, please!

    @1337 Darren

    You are fortunate that your baby is still your wife’s number 1 and CH is number 2 and not the other way round… Some other husbands may not be as lucky as you…

  1354. 1354 : KBC12 Says:

    Best Drama ever……..

  1355. 1355 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @Jangerr! What a ‘Kindred Spirit’ you are! I’m enjoying this immensely!

    Actually, I wasn’t thinking of anyone special at the time. That’s the facial expression I normally have when I’m meditating. One must value oneself in order to be an example of encouragement to others. Us CityHallers have to be at our best at all times! Smile!

    Wow! I missed the egg throwing, ouch! But, I did hear about it. I know that had to have hurt a lot! I’m glad that I didn’t witness that happening because, I’m the type of person that can’t be a bystander while something sinister is taking place right before my eyes. Yesterday’s fiasco was enough for me!

    Well, from my short, but brief observation of this woman, she appears to be very emotionally, strong. Mi Rae, I believe is her name. Janderr, you’re so funny! LOL!!!

  1356. 1356 : JELYN Says:

    HEllo CITY HALLERS. Just checking. God bless to all and to CSW and KSA. CH, rocks!

  1357. 1357 : sarahning Says:

    I think polical drama wold be bored to wacth, but… This drama make my mind change. Great drama, luv to see jo gook n min rae, n the ending is happiness for everyone… Tx for made city hall… *^^*

  1358. 1358 : indri Says:

    @ U.S.A Mary & Jangerr,…
    You guys are awesome!! Love to read your ” Diary ”

    I peeked other forums on this site,..but nothing like ours.
    Cityhallers indeed very special ” bunch of people ” sooo proud,.. love you all…

  1359. 1359 : Lily Says:


    USA Mary, Martha, Jangerr, Jastinel, KBC12, Jelyn, indri, Mohan, Marcus, and all, you are wonderful! All of you mean so much to me, thanks for coming back and showing up 😀

    @1351 balancedchaos
    Thanks, I have these lovely MV and OST, Accompanying me to sweet dream every night 🙂
    I like both the JG and MR version of “IF”. Another good one is “Smile”.

  1360. 1360 : etee7114 Says:

    @1358 Indri,

    You are so right!! I took the same peek you did and I couldn’t help wondering to myself. I found it so amusing to see the YBers and the BBFers arguing about which is better. Those sort of antics deter me from watching those dramas. 😉

    One just has to come here and read some of these posts (Martha, USA-Mary, jangerr, et. al) to see what a great drama this is. The comments made are so witty, so up-lifting, enlightening and invigorating that they make you want to watch it or re-watch for the nth time.

    Didn’t Thundie at JB’s year end review say that CHallers’ passion is a force to reckon with? Just like MR – the Typhoon.

    I will be back to visit, be it a business trip or a vacation, a la camping trip by JG and MR. Can you imagine being in the same tent as JG? Now, who’s going to jump whom!! LOL!!

  1361. 1361 : chacha Says:

    Annyeong fellow City Hallers!

    We’re almost there!!! Just 1 more week or so, we should be acquiring new land/ground… Hehehe!!! @Indri, I love your line, “City Haller is invincible!!! Proud… proud… proud…” But of course! We’re not a breeze, we’re a typhoon!!!

    @1357 sarahning

    Same here! Initially I wasn’t sure if I should watch CH or not because of its political theme. But since my favourite actress, KSA is in it I thought I’ll give it a try. I’m SOOOOOO glad I did!!! Imagine what I’d have missed!!!

    @ etee, indri, Martha

    You’re all so right! I’ve not come across any discussions & sharings like ours. It’s really so telling. One can just see the calibre & level of maturity of the viewers or fans from their postings. Martha, I like your “inarticulate one liners”! Lol!!!

  1362. 1362 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:


    @1347 Kdrama_fan. I’m so glad that you make perusing this webpage a daily ritual and decided to leave a comment. I extend a heartfelt ‘WELCOME’ to you and others who ‘check us out’ by passing through. I did the same thing for a while. But, then decided to return and began leaving comments again. For those who don’t leave comments, that’s okay, too.

    I agree that we as people are not very different. That’s why I’m thankful for a site like this one because we get to realize that ‘truth’ here. We all share an expressed love for CH, eventhough we live in different regions of the globe. We all are emotional beings with varying degress of expression, yet that’s what makes us interesting!

    @1327 Martha…WELCOME BACK to you and to all OTHER RETURNERS! I’m a returner myself and I’m glad that I did!

  1363. 1363 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @1357 Sarahning. I did the exact same thing when I read the synopsis for City Hall (I wasn’t familiar with KSA at that time, but read about MLKSS). At first, I thought ‘POLITICS’ forget it!!! But, then I thought that if I don’t like it, I can just stop and go surfing for another a-drama. I’m so glad that I did give it a chance. To me, from the very first 2 episodes I became connected to it; each scene was so funny and made me laugh.

  1364. 1364 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    P.S. CITYHALLERS…and @1360 Etee7114. What a lovely thought about the camping trip scene. DITTO! DITTO! DITTO! LOL!!! I’m not a ‘roughing it’ type female, but I’ll make an exception by ‘roughing it’ in a cabin with all the amenities! LOL! I’m so glad that us women can express how we feel about those romantic scenes. That’s a part of our emotional make up. It’s all in good, healthy, clean fun.

    You know, those type scenes have to be in a drama or movie to some extent for me because if not, it’s too intense, unless it’s a comedy. Just looking at (a) handsome man/men on horseback in the desert, in the trenches dodging bullets, or in a sports arena on the field doesn’t move me. That doesn’t reveal the many facets of his emotions to me, at all. We saw Jo Gook’s emotions in the raw! Especially when he admitted to himself that TYPHOON MI RAE HIT HIM! LOL! CSW can really act!

  1365. 1365 : dee Says:

    guys…i’ve already watched this drama but reading your comments makes me want to watch CITY HALL again and again and again and again…hahahaha…don’t you think i’m addicted?????

  1366. 1366 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:


    I just want to ‘THANK YOU ALL’ for sharing your CH views and for opening up and allowing us females to witness your passions here, as well. It does my heart good to read comments from a male perspective about CH, and I’m glad you’re not bashful when it comes to expressing your views. What I’m pleased about is that we all share the same CH passions and light-hearted fun for it.

    I do empathize with the wonderful husbands out there who are trying to make adjustments in their households, by trying to understand their wonderful wives fascination with City Hall. Hopefully, they can soon recognize their wives need for an outlet, without them having to leave their home, e.g. like going shopping…LOL! It will get better. Besides, CITYHALLER MOTHERS will never neglect their beautiful children! They’re much more responsible than that! SMILE!

  1367. 1367 : KBC12 Says:

    WOW!!!…drama Cityhall….

  1368. 1368 : hollywood Says:

    I am very happy to see that a lot of viewers enjoyed this drama.
    It’s darn good one. I still have yet been able to find me a new
    good K-drama to watch. So sad.

  1369. 1369 : sulyn Says:

    Hello, cityhallers. I really enjoyed reading the lovely comments from all of you. You are all very warm and witty. But City Hall is indeed a very good drama – good production team and an equally awesome cast, especially KSA and CSW. They are real lovely to look at. I can’t get my eyes off them. The recap for episode 19 is in dramabeans. Here’s the link.


  1370. 1370 : JELYN Says:

    The Acting was SUPERB! The Characters are really the CHOSEN ONE. The DRAMA will continue to lives on and on… Goodness….I just love this kdrama so much. Thank you for beatifully done recap. I’m going to rewatch City Hall again and again and again and again. And also read your recaps again and again and again.

    God is Good, i have friend working in Singapore and I asked her to buy me a copy of CH Director’ s Cut. How wonderful.

    Thanks again and god bless us all!!!!!!!

  1371. 1371 : JELYN Says:

    Sorry I have just copied my comments for the episode 19 recap in javabeans here. Sorry!hehehe

  1372. 1372 : lynaq Says:

    Where else can I purchase the CH dvd directors cut aside from getting to Singapore? desperately seeking a response to my dear City Hallers!!! Thank you!

  1373. 1373 : jangerr Says:

    @ USA Mary

    Ok, I’ve done some snooping around & found out some nuggets about this Mirae. She may seems like a meek & simple-minded person who’s an easy target for bullying but when it comes to things that matter, she’s certainly no pushover. Oh no, not her! She’ll give as much as she has taken!

    And that rakishly handsome man of a man who came to her rescue time and again is actually the vice mayor of Inju. You know what else I’ve heard, he did a tango with her during a Miss Baendengi contest! Boy! I saw some pictures of them doing the tango. They looked so good together! Me think he’s attracted to her, maybe even secretly in love with her… The way he looked at her in the pics…

    Oh! This town is just incredibly interesting, especially this Mirae and the vice mayor! I must make more trips here and find out more…

  1374. 1374 : mzpakipot Says:

    Hi City Hallers!
    I’ve been stalking pretty much these days and I just couldn’t help but smile at every wonderful comments here. You all put a smile on my face. Thank you my fellow Inju Citizens!

    Good News!
    The Director’s DVD Cut will available to purchase at yesasia.com

    I can’t wait to get a hold of my own copy!

  1375. 1375 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    @Jangerr and ALL CITYHALLERS….

    I just walked into my suite and saw the light flashing on my message board. It’s been a very hectic day. My feet waged a war against me about 5 hours ago, and with in the last hour, they’ve been waving a white flag! LOL!!!

    By the way, I’m so glad that you mentioned that lady Mi Rae. I was invited out to dinner by a few of the investors at a restaurant, and you couldn’t guess who I saw! It was Mi Rae and that handsome man, who I just found out is the vice mayor of Inju City. They were seated at a table adjacent to us. Well, after dinner, we walked to the lobby, and there they were again, standing and chatting away. While my escort went to the valet for his car, I just stood looking around at the hotel’s interior design. All of a sudden, I heard a loud clapping noise. I looked to my right and Mi Rae was clapping her hands together, as if she was dusting something off of them. I didn’t think anything about that..at first. Then, she walked towards a couple in the sitting area. You wouldn’t believe what she said to this man. She told him to take off his shoes…watch…belt…necktie, and then his jacket! Everyone with in close range was in shock! We didn’t know what to expect! The young woman that was with him was even louder. She told the man, that he came out with her wearing clothes that Mi Rae bought him?!!! I was hoping that was all she bought that he was wearing! If he had to take anything else off that she named, he would have gotten arrested for indecent exposure! LOL!!! I really wanted to get closer, but didn’t want to appear too conspicuous. If I’m not mistaken, Mi Rae even mentioned to him about having to pay off his debts! WHAT!!! I thought, why would she do that! BUYING HIM CLOTHES! LOANING HIM MONEY! I’m not judging her Jangerr, but this is really something, I just don’t understand it! Believe me when I say this! I had a hard time giving away a free sample of men’s cologne that was given to me when I was walking through a department store. LOL!!! Okay! I’m calm now. LOL! I must say that everything turned out just fine. So far, it appears that the man didn’t have to undress and the vice mayor came to her aid again!

    Let me just say this before I turn in for the night. In exchange for the clothing and his debts…he would repay me with GUCCI, PUCCI, MANOLO, JIMMY CHOO, CHANEL, D&G, RALPH LAUREN, VALENTINO, and TIFFANY’S and that’s on my short list for anguish…I haven’t gotten to the long list that covers the embarrassment of the debt collectors’ calls! LOL!!! I’ll talk to you later when I run into them again! Enjoy your stay at Inju City.

  1376. 1376 : Emily Says:

    @ #1374

    Thank you so much for the info mzpakipot, that’s awesome news!!! I’ll check it out as soon as I finish typing this comment =)

    Dear my fellow City Haller,

    I’ve watched CH for over 6 times without watching any other dramas in between. Though I must say since I remember everything almost detaily (ones cannot remember exactly everyting for such great drama), it kinda spoils the “surprises” and “feelings” I suppose to feel for my lovely Mirae and JuGook. Therefore, I had moved on to watch IRIS, YAB, Shining Inheritance, as well as re-watch of Last Scandal of My Life and couple of Fantasy. Hopefully in 3 months time, I’ll forget most of the scenes in the great City Hall. May be that will allow me to hold precious CH even more dear ^__^ LOL

    I hope what I’m doing doesn’t turn me into a traitor =P

    Anyways, have a nice one City Hallers!!!! Cheers

  1377. 1377 : Lily Says:

    @1365 dee, “don’t you think i’m addicted?”
    Well, Dee, you’re definitely NOT ALONE!!

  1378. 1378 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:


    @1375, I’m also ShoutOut-U.S.A. Forgot to change the name so I could be recognized on here. LOL! Just wanted to say, if I’m revealing too much of the drama in my hopefully, humorous stories, I’ll curtail it.


  1379. 1379 : cat 78 Says:


  1380. 1380 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:


    I was so into recapping the funny scene at the restaurant that I neglected to tell you why it came to my mind. When you mentioned, Mi Rae, not being a ‘pushover’ is exactly the reason why I wanted to share that with you. Only a few people that were near by actually took notice, yet it was so HILARIOUS to everyone. I’m so-o-o-o glad that I was one of those witnesses. Mi Rae is definitely not an easy target for bullying! LOL! She obviously, was taken advantage of by this man. Well, it’s a lesson learned by her and that man’s lose, because I totally agree with you about the vice mayor. RAKISHLY, INDEED AND THEN SOME! I think he is secretly in love with her, too! I also noticed how he looks at her…directly into her eyes! OH-H-H! JUST BRING ME A CHAISE TO SWOON ON, NOW!!! FAN ME, FAN ME! LOL!!! By the way, I went to the Inju City library with a couple of friends that I met during my 2nd trip here and guess what?! Someone actually video taped the entire pageant and it can get checked out or viewed right in the library. Well, of course, I just had to see for myself. FYI-If you know some people who are Inju City resident’s, they can check it out for you. Okay! I’ve got to tell everyone this! After watching it…all I can say is I WANT TO TAKE TANGO LESSONS! LOL!!! I never knew that dance could be SO ‘SEXY’ LOOKING! Hopefully, when I do take lessons, my dance partner will look just like the VICE MAYOR! LOL! YAH! I CAN DREAM, TOO! LOL!!!

  1381. 1381 : cat 78 Says:

    KSA,she is truly the one of BEST ACTRESS…
    First time seeing -CSW,he is amazing,amazing ACTOR..
    Together=Wonderful drama CityHall!!…..truly one of BEST DRAMA ever……

  1382. 1382 : indri Says:

    For the last 2 days,.. I tried to take a break from CH..( tested the addiction level of CH )
    By re-watching MNIKSS,…but Heal NO !!! I couldn’t…..
    Cause every time Hyunbin appeared,.. I always remembered what JG said..
    ‘ HYUN BIN ?? HYUN BIN MY ASS .” (ep.7) … hohohohoho…..^.^ LOL!!!
    CityHall always in my mind…. and YUP,… agreed with JG,…. JG is the best for SMR !

  1383. 1383 : dee Says:

    i warn u, there is no cure for people who are infected by CITY HALL VIRAL, hihihihihihihihi…..beware get contangius…cause a lot of people are infected right now (including me)

  1384. 1384 : lynaq Says:

    Just been to soompi site, was able to browse plenty of CSW photo as one of the recipient in Asian model awards, scenario and background reminds me of SBS awards memorable night for GuMi, for some reason, there is something missing that is suppose to be by his side, and it is no other than our beautiful Shin Mi Rae! Sorry but this is just my honestly thought! Just got off from work, it is 2am in Wa. and I’m still wide awake being infected with CH viral syndrome that will not go away, being obsessed, I needed a dose, cause I know CITY HALL is the CURE to make me more and appreciate and love this wonderful kdrama in the history of making! Wish to see GUMI in the re-make of pretty woman or CH movie, either way. Hope someone, somebody will notice or hear my plea!!!

  1385. 1385 : igGOO Says:


  1386. 1386 : monkichi Says:

    i just finished watching CH ep. 14.. I m getting more and more in love with Joo Gook. My favorite scene is when mi rae hit joo gook at the back of his head.. Hahaha… Tht’s so funny. Lol..
    Lovethis drama..

  1387. 1387 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    At the moment, I’m cruise-controlling through ep. 8. THE CAMPING TRIP! Yet, I just had to comment on it. I had forgotten how scary Jo Gook was! It’s so funny, how Mi Rae gets back at him, after he tells her that she really doesn’t know men and can’t especially trust him! Then, he tells her that he wanted to be with his fiance (initially), not girlfriend. Who obviously didn’t have time for him nor make time for him, even when he told her he was going on a camping trip with someone. Oh-h-h, I could just see the flames coming from Mi Rae’s eyes, burning the hair off his head! That’s (1st) foot in mouth. I’m thinking at this time…GO AHEAD AND BECOME A CONTORTIONIST!!! LOL!!! Next, he really lets his honesty get the best of him. Men have women for everything! That’s (2nd) foot in mouth! LOL!!! I told him not to mess with Mi Rae, but he never, ever listens! LOL!!! Why would he shake her! She’s not a pushover!

    Well, for someone who doesn’t know men, she definitely knows how to teach them a lesson! She’s not a force to take lightly. Oh! This is so hilarious! Should she gather more female ghosts to make ten, since they seem to be his type! FUNNY!

  1388. 1388 : jangerr Says:

    @ USA Mary & fellow City Hallers

    Oh yes! I’ve heard about the case at the hotel lobby! That sorry-excuse of-a-man who cheated Mirae was swiftly put to place by the ever gallant vice mayor. This definitely confirmed that he has more than a cursory interest in her… What really tickled my funny bones was when I heard the name of the loser man! Hyun Bin!!! Imagine that?!!! Hyun Bin! I nearly rolled down on the floor with laughter!!! Lol!

    @1376 Emily

    Emily, you, traitor, you!!! How can you do that!!! So you think that’s what some of us will say? Hey, we City Hallers have big heart! Most, if not all of us, have gone on to watch other dramas… But we still hold CH dear in our hearts & come back here regularly (very much so) to share & rave about it… After all, when we watched other dramas now, we watch with a critical eye now, comparing it with CH… And we all know & agree that at the moment, nothing comes close…

  1389. 1389 : indri Says:

    @ Jangerr,
    “when we watched other dramas now, we watch with a critical eye now, comparing it with CH… And we all know & agree that at the moment, nothing comes close…”

    You’re soooooooo right!

  1390. 1390 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @jangerr and CITYHALLERS!

    I agree…Hyun Bin! I was like…WHO looks like him and WHERE is he?!!! I don’t remember seeing anybody that looks like that the last two times I watched CH! LOL!!! You know, whenever I watch CH, I laugh so hard, it’s as if I have never seen it before and that’s the honest truth! Remember later when Jo Gook was sitting alone, I think in his hotel suite and said, “Hyun Bin…Hyun Bin my [email protected]@!” I laughed so hard, my stomach muscles began to hurt! He is so funny when he keeps a straight face. There’s something about the tone in his voice that is hilarious! He’s definitely what is referred to as the straight-man for this drama, with comedic undertones!


    That got my attention too when she hit him in the back of the head. Actually, she has done this more than once. The first time was after the pageant in her friend’s restaurant when she was trying to dispell the rumors about them when he joined them at the table. When Mi Rae’s friend was getting ready to question him about the rumors, Mi Rae hit him and said Jo Gook felt her leg! I laughed so hard at the ‘shocked’ expression on his face and the crazed look in her eyes! She gave this man a backache and neckache! LOL! She’s really something else!

  1391. 1391 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    CITYHALLERS…I’ve now concluded that City Hall should have a warning label affixed to it! Something like this…



    1) The irresistible urge to watch it more than 2x.
    2) An irrational desire to try Joo Hwa’s cooking.
    3) Singing and dancing to the OST (wanting others to join in-total strangers).
    4) Loud outbursts of laughter (ROFLL).
    5) Crying and clenching your belly or side from laughter.
    6) Compulsive desire to hit someone in back of the head.
    7) A compelling desire to go camping (with Jo Gook or Mi Rae).
    8) When your family begins to observe your behavior and takes notes.
    9) When your family thinks it’s time for your intervention.
    10) When former Mayor Go and BB begins looking good to you.
    11) Imagining yourself at the hilltop with Jo Gook overlooking Inju City.
    12) Imagining yourself at the hilltop with Mi Rae overlooking Inju City.
    13) A compulsive desire to enter a fishing tournament.
    14) An uncontrollable urge to enter a beauty pageant.
    15) A gripping desire to buy and wear the same wigs of former Mayor Go.

  1392. 1392 : mtoenlob Says:

    @1388 jangerr

    “Most, if not all of us, have gone on to watch other dramas… But we still hold CH dear in our hearts & come back here regularly (very much so) to share & rave about it… After all, when we watched other dramas now, we watch with a critical eye now, comparing it with CH… And we all know & agree that at the moment, nothing comes close…”

    So true, jangerr. So true. It makes me more appreciative of CH more than ever after watching other dramas. In its artistic merits and production values, nothing comes close.

  1393. 1393 : Andrea Says:

    BEST DRAMA EVER!!!!!!!!!


  1394. 1394 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1393 Andrea

    Is that what we’ve all been trying to say in the last 1392 posts?

  1395. 1395 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1393 Andrea,

    Oh wait, I forgot to add that we’ll likely be saying the same thing in the next 1393!

    Please continue to post because you sound like someone who has just finished watching this awesome drama.

  1396. 1396 : ange Says:

    No.1.. THE BEST !

  1397. 1397 : dee Says:

    wuakakakaka….hahahahhaha…. really enjoy reading all the comments we all have the same common….. no doubt CITY HALL is the best drama ever…with the best actor/actress……

  1398. 1398 : cat 78 Says:

    Cityhaller ! you’re ROCK !…….

  1399. 1399 : ME2mi2 Says:


  1400. 1400 : cat 78 Says:

    Love Cityhall…..

  1401. 1401 : cat 78 Says:

    cityhall !!!!! cheers…

  1402. 1402 : Andrea Says:

    @ etee7114

    Yeah, I finished it last night at almost 1 am and I have school the next morning. I could not sleep because I was crying over the fact that I have to go home that afternoon without Jo Guk and Mirae to spend the night with. I am obsessed now as much as I was during the whole Twilight mania. I think i’ll go back to my old self soon, hopefully. But i will never want to get out of this dream. haha.
    And now I’m watching NG’s/Behind the scenes on youtube. *is crying all over again*

  1403. 1403 : ange Says:


  1404. 1404 : Roween Says:

    Hi all fellow Cityhallers (waves ^^)
    I’m so happy to see all the new comments and to read them all.
    I finally could watch CH with some friends and … they love it, it was fun to rewatch my favorite drama and share the time with friends.

    @1391 U.S.A.-Mary *^^* Number 03, I have that symptom.. Whenever I hear the OST, I need to sing it..even when my korean is not good at all.

    See you all next time.

  1405. 1405 : indri Says:

    SMR : ” Because in here, inside my heart..you have a room. In this room, You and I will grow old together. And I will never let You go.”

    Here, inside my heart.. CityHall will always has a room………

  1406. 1406 : Andrea Says:

    Oh Dear, I couldn’t sleep, I could’t eat, nor concentrate on homework. Does anyone else felt the same way when they finished watching City Hall?


  1407. 1407 : Lily Says:

    @1406 Andrea
    until today, I still need min. one dose of CH treatment before start work everday :p

  1408. 1408 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1406 Andrea,

    Hahahaha!! I’m not laughing at you. I’m just laughing with you. When I was watching it live, starting from Ep 5 onwards, I had CITY HALL written all over my face. And that continued months after CITY HALL aired. The last time I checked this morning, it’s still there!! 🙂

  1409. 1409 : Andrea Says:

    @ Lily:
    Well sadly, there’s no drugstore that has it either. haha. don’t worry, i’ll find a way to cope with it.

  1410. 1410 : Andrea Says:

    @ etee7114

    watching BTS/NGs on youtube is not helping. it just makes me miss them. All I need is a sequel (although i don’t see it happening in the near future) or another drama with our lovely SW/SA couple please!!!!!

  1411. 1411 : Lily Says:


    I’m getting the pain-killer, the OST downloaded from youtube, watching it before sleep to ease the sickness.

    But… but… do u know the side effect of a typical pain-killer? I’ll need more and more dosage…

  1412. 1412 : Lily Says:

    btw, to coupe with this cheerful ambience, what’s in my mind now is One Dream, One Feeling, One Love, One Smiling~~~~

    Come on everyone, let’s have a concert! CityHallers! 😀

  1413. 1413 : Andrea Says:

    ahahahaa! exactly:)

    awee i’m th complete opposite of yours. i’m trying to avoid it as much as possible ’cause the songs make me just cry so much esp. the song ‘Uncertain Love’.

    Sure, let’s have a concert. LOL. Sorry sorry sorry sorry neaga neaga neaga…….!!!!!!!!


  1414. 1414 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1410 Andrea

    A sequel, S2, anything, was my 1st reaction too. And then, I thought, wouldn’t that take twice as long to get over the withdrawal symptoms? Now, I’m just happy coming here to read all the virgin and seasoned posters, stalking City Hall, KSA, and CSW threads at Soompi’s, etc.

    By the way, are you Korean by decent? You and Lily are such smart, young ladies.

  1415. 1415 : Lily Says:

    @ etee7114
    We are all smart as we had discovered the most precious CH, so into CH
    and greatly inspired by CH! 😀

    and I must say, I was urged by CH & all of you CityHallers to voice out my passion for CH here, never before.

  1416. 1416 : GURUI Says:


  1417. 1417 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:


    DON’T YOU THINK FOR ONE MINUTE, that I had forgotten about the most important feeling, the ‘aftermath’ effects of CITY HALL. I was just waiting for the appropriate moment…and it’s now! I, too, noticed and felt the same way after watching CH. So here goes! LOL!!!


    Dr. WF, A Licensed DRamatrist, trained DRamaologist (a professional who studies behavior and experience of post-CHallers & active, past-CHallers).

    Business card reads:

    Dr. WF (Withdrawal Fixus), is a licensed professional, trained in the treatment of CH withdrawal symptoms. Dr. WF also, provides therapeutic recommendations, especially for recent past-CHallers. Contact Inju’s City very own Dr. WF, if you have experienced the following after watching City Hall:

    -A sudden awareness of emptiness; like ones very best friends are gone!
    -A feeling, as if your lover* has now become only a distant memory!
    -SEQUEL!!!!!! SEQUEL!!!!!! SEQUEL!!!!!! PLEASE!
    -The immediate shock of how Mi Rae and Jo Gook seemed real to you!
    -A thought of ‘WHAT CAN TOP THIS’ that races through your mind!
    -Being ()’s in your loves mind!
    -The desire to become someone’s TYPHOON!
    -The perserverance of LOVE, whether innocent or mature in nature.
    -Demonstrating the dance steps to Sorry, Sorry! Performed by City Hall staff!
    -Imagining street lights guiding your path to flowers & dinner with your love!

    To name a few! ENJOY, CITYHALLERS!!!

    *the one who understood you the most, when it came to visual, romantic interpretation.

  1418. 1418 : jangerr Says:

    Hi my fellow City Stalkers! (Oops, here I go again, err… it should be fellow City Hallers…my apologies…)

    @ Andrea

    Welcome to Inju City! Hmmm… you certainly need Dr WF. You definitely have some of the symptoms. It’s very easy to find her (yes, it’s a her!)! Go to the Inju Hospital and the doctor with the longest queue of patients waiting, that’s her!

    You are actually very fortunate that you started watching CH after it has finished airing. For many of us who watched when it was airing, we had to face many more side effects! We were either pulling our hair in frustrations or can’t breathe (while waiting anxiously for each episode to air), or we’ll be hitting or kissing our tv (depending on when it’s air & what’s in the episode), etc. So you see, we’ve been through it & much more…

    So not to worry, you also have us here to help you. You can always come here & talk to us…

    @ USA Mary

    I think you have to add some more symptoms manifestations that need Dr WF’s help:

    * Crying uncontrollably when hearing the song Uncertain Love
    * Being unable to focus on work (whether office or school)
    * The need for a dose of CH at the start or end of the day
    * Sudden desire to throw together a concert

    @1404 Roween

    Good job! Glad to hear that your friends love CH too! The next thing to do is get them to come here and post their thoughts & feelings…

  1419. 1419 : indri Says:

    Dr. WF is very busy right now,.. many patients are queuing….
    There’re 999 patients before me,… please help… I need to be cured right away!!!

  1420. 1420 : dexi Says:

    I take the Line too!!!

  1421. 1421 : Lily Says:

    LOL…. while waiting for my turn, I saw Mirae appeared on the big TV screen!!! she was confessing to someone from his back at the library that she shouldn’t had hit him, twice! and why he’s always the lucky one…

    Oh no… how now…

  1422. 1422 : Andrea Says:

    MY Dear etee7114,

    Sadly, I’m not korean. I’m Filipino but I live in Canada. Geez , i’ve been watching korean dramas since I was a kid, and know korean lyrics better than the canadian national anthem. but you can say that too, haahaa! my dad loves kimchi, i crave for jajjangmyun, and i mingle with korean students who lives at my aunt’s place.

    Do any of you guys have facebook? ( am i getting too personal)

  1423. 1423 : cat 78 Says:

    I love all cityHaller,you are the BEST !

  1424. 1424 : Lily Says:

    @ cat78
    u 2. come share with us, which part of CityHall u like the most?

  1425. 1425 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Dr. WF here! Well, let’s begin shall we!

    Excuse me CITYHALLERS…this one is an emergency!
    @1402 Andrea. 1) To counteract the crying, think about former Mayor Go’s wig while in cognito, in the voting booth, during the mayoral election. Once you’re overcome with laughter; 2) Think about Mi Rae & Jo Gook dancing to Moon River…then, nighty, night and sweet dreams. Plus, a good, relaxing herbal tea will help (off the records).

    @1411 Lily. You can never over dose on an OST. Just make sure that you include a variety of music in between playing it, so other family members won’t plan a mutiny against you and it! LOL!!!

    Hmmmm…..more about the concert syndrome later. Ve-e-ery interesting!
    City Hall on FACE! hmmm (making notations in notebook for further research)!

    @1418 jangerr. Stalking?!!! We’ll talk later!
    @1419 indri. Next time, please state the symptom, thank ve-e-ery much!
    @1420 dexi. The same as indri.
    @1421 Lily. The same as indri.

    @1419, 1420, 1421…in the meantime, I’ll prescribe a placebo which is the same instructions I gave to @1402 Andrea, regarding Mi Rae & Jo Gook dancing to Moon River. Do this as often as needed. ha ha ha!


  1426. 1426 : indri Says:

    @ My dear Dr. WF,…
    I have the all symptoms :
    -A sudden awareness of emptiness; like ones very best friends are gone!
    -A feeling, as if your lover* has now become only a distant memory!
    -SEQUEL!!!!!! SEQUEL!!!!!! SEQUEL!!!!!! PLEASE!
    -The immediate shock of how Mi Rae and Jo Gook seemed real to you!
    -A thought of ‘WHAT CAN TOP THIS’ that races through your mind!
    -Being ()’s in your loves mind!
    -The desire to become someone’s TYPHOON!
    -The perserverance of LOVE, whether innocent or mature in nature.
    -Demonstrating the dance steps to Sorry, Sorry! Performed by City Hall staff!
    -Imagining street lights guiding your path to flowers & dinner with your love!
    – Crying uncontrollably when hearing the song Uncertain Love
    – Being unable to focus on work (whether office or school)
    – The need for a dose of CH at the start or end of the day
    – Sudden desire to throw together a concert

    That’s why I am very frustrated!! But…….. I enjoyed it too… hihihihihi…
    Thank you very much for your prescription,.. I’ll try,..
    But if it didn’t work,.. I’ll come to you again,…this treatment is under insurance right ? ^.^ LOL !!!

  1427. 1427 : trn08 Says:

    Bravo CityHallers!!

  1428. 1428 : Andrea Says:

    Bye! off to sleep:)

    ‘Love You Ladies (and gents, if there are any)

    I’ll bring you handbags when i return:) hwaiting!!!!

  1429. 1429 : mtoenlob Says:

    It’s a pleasure visiting this site. It never fails to uplift my spirit! I love you City Hallers!

    @1417 U.S.A.-Mary

    Your imagination and humor tickle me no end, Mary. You amaze me.

    @ 1406 Andrea

    Been there. Done those things and more. We clearly emphatize with you. It’s always a comfort to come here and know that there are kindred spirits who share and understand what you’re going through.

    Share with us your CH experience. We would love to hear from you on how SMR and JG touch your life.


  1430. 1430 : RUN4 Says:


  1431. 1431 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:


    Dr. WF checking in for a brief moment.

    @1383 dee. You’re so correct in your summation that there is no cure for the impression City Hall has made on all of us. It’s called, CityHalligious! It speads controllably from person to person, by word of mouth or just from checking this thread. It’s contagious, some people have even formed groups to watch it, yet it poses no negative emotional or physical risks to viewers. It just creates an anticipation unlike any other drama that I’ve watched and that’s the truth!

  1432. 1432 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Dr. WF here…hello FELLOW CITYHALLERS!

    Officially, OPEN!

    @1404 Roween. I didn’t mean to skip you, yet there was an emergency, as you can see. Well, let’s take a looky here, now! hmmmmm! Needs to sing OST when hears it….even when korean is not good at all. Well, I see nothing wrong with that. Unless, you’re getting strange looks from those around you who may be questioning your sanity! Let me ask this. When you are singing, do you hum in the places where you don’t know the words, or do you improvise by making up your own korean pronunciatons, or do you use english in place of the korean words you don’t know (creating a mix)? Whatever the case. This is quite normal. Unless, the neighborhood dogs start howling every time you sing or people in your community gathers together in front of your home, after midnight, with torches and unidentified objects, ready to escort you to the city limits, I really see no problem! LOL!!! It’s only temporary. Just add some other music to your repertoire and you’ll do just fine!


    I’ve seen this case before.

    @1426 indri. Please follow these instructions and don’t deter from them, even if it appears that it’s not working. 1) Find a place to sit quietly, alone. Slowly breathe in and out, until you feel yourself relaxing. 2) Say to yourself, the following….it is only fiction….it is only fiction…. it is only fiction! Repeat 3x a day if needed, until your perspective is regained. Then, view your favorite scenes from CH periodically. This will work. It just takes time.

  1433. 1433 : cat 78 Says:

    The precious scens in Cityhall..these scenes will remain in my heart forever…….
    love,love, love, Cityhall……..

  1434. 1434 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    P.S. @1404 Roween. Dr. WF has been known to make a few dogs in the neighborhood howl and beg her (no I’m not related to Dr. Doolittle) to stop singing or they will call animal control to have themselves locked up! I didn’t think I sound that bad! LOL!!!

  1435. 1435 : Andrea Says:


  1436. 1436 : Lily Says:

    Dear Dr. WF,
    I am vagorously sick, with following syndromes:-
    – Being unable to focus on work (whether office or school)
    – The need for a dose of CH at the start or end of the day
    – Sudden desire to throw together a concert

    @Andrea, Sorry sorry sorry sorry neaga neaga neaga…….!!!!!!!! LOL
    facebook, I had signed up group for KSA 😀 Coz wanna follow her news update :p

  1437. 1437 : esw4CTH Says:

    That’s me CITY HALL

  1438. 1438 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:



    Officially, OPEN!

    Dr. WF here….let’s looky here….hmmmmmm…well now!

    @indri. No insurance needed. Just share a comment or two about CH. Maybe a Go…Go…Go or yay/yah! Here and there should be sufficient!

    @1436 Lily. Hmmmmmm…I see a few things happening here which can get resolved very easily.

    Lack of focus….hmmmm…at work and school. This is very simple. You have what is called, cerebral sheberal. It is the thinking and reasoning part of you that doesn’t know when to turn off; many women experience this on a daily basis. What you need is a mini-vacation. Say, like on a weekend (unless you attend school on the weekend). If so, take a mini-vacation for a few hours one day to regain your focus!

    You could treat yourself at a spa (some have very reasonable packages), get a manicure, a pedicure (visit an etablishment that utilizes good hygiene practices) or a massage. Or you could do the following:

    -take a walk listening to your fav, UPBEAT music; nothing to make you cry!
    -visit a bookstore/cafe. Read your favorite book or just people watch (you may see former Mayor Go donning a different wig) while sipping you favorite beverage and eating your favorite snacks.

    Now regarding needing a dose of CH in a.m. or p.m. Well, that’s normal for us CITYHALLERS, as we begin the withrawal process. You will eventually, wean yourself from it. If not, that’s okay, too!

    Next, desire….concert…hmmmm….sounds like KARAOKE TO ME!!! Why not have a KARAOKE PARTY! Or, if that sounds too outlandish, just revisit CH during the festival scene, when the CH staffers danced to Sorry, Sorry…put on some shades/sunglasses, a black jacket, a black tie (borrow your husband’s) and JOIN IN! HAVE FUN!!!

    Officially, CLOSED!

  1439. 1439 : jangerr Says:

    @ USA Mary

    Hehehe! Love reading your comments. Are you a part-time Aunt Agony?…

    @1428 Andrea

    jangerr want handbag! Where’s my handbag???

  1440. 1440 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @1439 jangerr. I’ve never heard of an Aunt Agony before. Could you tell me who and what this character does/represent?

  1441. 1441 : cat 78 Says:

    CityHall ! aja…aja…ajaaaa…..

  1442. 1442 : jastinel Says:

    Hi City Hallers!
    Have you seen the packaging of CH DVD set and the goodies that are included in it?
    I think you should grab a copy now, Dia, posted in soompi the website, where you can place your order.

    Me, I`m so lucky that someone offered to buy it for me.
    I wasn`t able to save money to buy it (DVD of CH) cause I have some important things to prioritize, but heaven sent an Angel…Tarits dear, thanks!

    My love for CH will last forever and ever!

  1443. 1443 : JELYN Says:

    Grrr…. I LOVE CH TERRIBLY!!! We are on our toxic days in our office beacause of Alphalist that should be remitted to BIR. Goodness, I’m so tired. My relexation for a moment? Visiting or checking this site(“,) Thanks to CH and CIty Hallers. Good Day Inju city! LOVE Lots to all.

  1444. 1444 : jastinel Says:

    Here are 3 wonderful MV that will make your day brighter City hallers…

    From an awesome City Haller… ekang321, she made these MV`s



  1445. 1445 : jangerr Says:

    @ USA Mary

    Aunt Agony? Oh, an Aunt Agony is an ajunmma who enjoys inflicting pain & agony onto others… Hahaha! Ring a bell???

  1446. 1446 : GAMji Says:


  1447. 1447 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @1445 jangerr. ????!!!! Explain???!!!

  1448. 1448 : cat 78 Says:

    CSW and KSA=Best chemistry for any drama ever……..

  1449. 1449 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    Hi! FELLOW CITYHALLERS…just stopped in to say round 3 of CH is even better!

    CITYHALLERS, it seems like @1439/45 jangerr wants to interfere with our fun and enjoyment of CH and each other as CITYHALLERS! This person obviously is not accustomed to uplifting, encouraging humane characteristics.


    I’m going to say this much to you, since you’re obviously trying to get a rise out of me. So read very carefully. You sound like a case study for Sigmund Freud’s followers. I usually don’t enter into dialogue with people who ‘choose’ to have a mentality the length of their eyelashes. Nor did I or anyone else on this thread ‘ask or invite’ you to divulge to us what goes on in the privacy and dark recesses of the 4 lobes of your brain. So, if there are sandboxes in your neighborhood, why not go and play in one. Unless, your current picture is on 11″X14″ posterboards with WARNING! BEWARE! written above it and is posted at every community playground with in a 500 mile radius of your home!

    Be forewarned, you REALLY DON’T want to go there with me! You don’t know me nor do I choose to want to know you! Your decrepit views obviously is a reflection of your upbringing and choices. Just as I have always had a humorous side, I can ‘choose’ to switch gears, at any time, and ‘introduce’ you to another side of me. I have an extensive vocabulary and have no problems using it, without the use of expletive deletives! So, if you don’t WANT YOUR FEELINGS HURT, I will advise you to STEP and KEEP ON STEPPING!

    Also, you have a navigational device, called a mouse at your disposal, to click, click wherever you want to go…like to other sites that would embrace your social ineptness and lack of constructive logic, so take it there, not to me!

    ANYWAY, CITYHALLERS…before I was so rudely interrupted. I’m currently on ep. 9 and it is hilarious! IT’S FUN TO WATCH AND SHARE ABOUT CH!

  1450. 1450 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @1448 cat 78. I totally agree with you. Since watching CH, I’ve not seen the magnitude of CSW and KSA’s chemistry, as a couple, in CH anywhere else.

  1451. 1451 : Martha Says:

    USA Mary (#1449), I feel I should weigh in, since I really don’t understand the cause, or causes, of your harangue against jangerr, who is an illustrious and long time member of this City Hall community (and whom nobody, veteran or newcomer, has the right to ostracise from these pages). I’ve read jangerr’s posts, for which you censure her/him, and cannot see how could they have possibly triggered such an angry outburst! The term ‘Agony Aunt’ is not in the least offensive, it is a term referring to a newspaper or magazine columnist (often a qualified psychologist) who offers advice to readers who send in letters about their personal problems, predicaments, or dilemmas. I thought jangerr was complimenting you by comparing you to an agony aunt in her first comment -given your voluminous counselling on these pages- and was obviously joking in the second. The whole thing looks to me like a misunderstanding over the meaning of a term, for which,perhaps, an apology to jangerr is due?

  1452. 1452 : lover Says:

    i love you kimsunah vere hoot

  1453. 1453 : lover Says:

    you are super star korean kimsunah sarangh

  1454. 1454 : ShoutOut-U.S.A. Says:

    @1451 Martha. If you READ @1445, again, you will see that spanking and inflicting pain, per jangerr’s response when I enquired, doesn’t come close to referencing a newspaper columnist or a psychologist who offers advice. It’s clear cut! Something is wrong with that logic that states otherwise! I have no problems with comprehension. I’m the determining factor when it comes to whether something is acceptable to me or not; no one else. The connotation was inappropriate, and I stand by that fact, unless this person tells me otherwise, personally! Also, I’m well aware of the intent of this person, which I mentioned already.

    So, regardless, of how long a person, he/she has been around, is a moot point when it comes to respect and/or disrespect. I have as well been around, beginning @37. Again, if jangerr wants to clarify, I will hear directly from that person that began this discourse, and that person only!

  1455. 1455 : jangerr Says:

    Oh dear! What a tangled web we’ve weaved…

    My dear USA Mary, I’m sorry for not being clearer in explaining what an Aunt Agony is. An Aunt Agony is someone who dishes advices to people who are in trouble, someone who lends a listening ear & renders help to others in agony… I had such fun reading your Dr WF’s advices (which to me were both fun & sensible) that I immediately thought of Aunt Agony. So when I compared you to her, it was a sincere compliment, my dear.

    Being as articulate & witty as you obviously are, I thought you were joking when you asked what an Aunt Agony is or that you’ve temporarily forgotten what it meant since it’s a term not so commonly used today, so I decided to give a hint albeit via a little joke which I mistakenly assumed that you’ll be able to catch (which on hindsight is not such a good idea… Ah! the value of hindsight!). So please allow me to apologise for this oversight.

    My apologies to you too for not replying earlier as I had to work. Wish I can be on this 24/7 & respond to you immediately but truth is that none of us can. Also I wish I’m more articulate & is able to make remarks without causing any misunderstanding… Actually I thought by adding the ‘hahaha’, I’ve made it clear it was a joke but obviously I was wrong. It’s quite easy for misunderstanding to develop in a indirect interaction such as this as we’re all from different culture, age group & background. My apologies to you once again & to all City Hallers for causing this misunderstanding…

    @ Martha

    Thanks a million, dear. Really appreciate it.

  1456. 1456 : Martha Says:

    ShoutOut-USA #1454
    I’ll let jangerr take up the issue with you, for I’m certain she/he can defend her/himself. I stand by my statement, though, that her/his meaning is quite clear, at least to more sober readers in this public forum. One small observation, before I end this exchange, ‘feeling offended’ and actually ‘being offended’ are not one and the same thing – and the world would have been spared considerable aggravation had the difference found a way into the consciousness of the general culture. While you may have felt offended by what you read (for a host of subjectively decided reasons, such as misunderstanding a remark meant in jest, or perhaps a difficult day at home or work, a tendency to pugnacity, etc.) that does not automatically mean you were offended (by jangerr). For the latter to be decided more than the feeling of being offended is required, and that means it is not entirely up to the person who feels offended to decide whether an offence has actually been committed or not.

  1457. 1457 : koalagirl Says:

    OMG, we’re almost going to hit 1500 soon! With genuine, honest to goodness, substantive comments coming from each and every one of our City Hallers. Just spectacular, what a little drama and a little community that could.

    I hope jangerr-unni cleared up the misunderstanding sufficiently, she would never intend to offend. I’ve never heard of Aunt Agony until I googled it! Anyways, no harm done, I’m so happy to backread all these amazing comments from new and old City Hallers alike.

    City Hall fighting!!

  1458. 1458 : JELYN Says:

    City Hall – tickles my HEART.
    City Hall – makes me smile.
    City Hall – helps me to have social networking relationship.
    City Hall – makes me fall in love again and again and again.
    City hall – makes me realized the value of a relationship(any aspect of it)
    City Hall – always makes my day.
    City Hall – always be in my heart.
    City Hall – makes me cry for good reasons.
    City Hall – always be the NO. 1
    City Hall – the ONE I LOVED MOST.
    City Hall – full of passion, love, joy, determination, justice, hope & faith.
    City Hall – AJA! AJA! AJA
    GOD BLess to all!!!

  1459. 1459 : cat 78 Says:

    Cityhaller,you’re the BEST……….

  1460. 1460 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:

    @1455 jangerr. I also want to apology for my participation in the misunderstanding, as well. There was nothing to recall, since I’ve never heard of aunt agony, ever. Well no big deal! It’s just after I googled the name, what came up was totally porn! No hint of journalism, anywhere. I, too, apology to all CITYHALLERS. Most of us are in different time zones and have to work. So, the lag in response time is not unusal. Anyway, we have better days ahead of us, and I’ve already started on mine, so….Peace!

  1461. 1461 : koalagirl Says:

    Here you go guys, pulled this directly from wikipedia, where I found it):

    “An advice column is a column in a magazine or newspaper written by an advice columnist (colloquially known as an agony aunt, or agony uncle if the columnist is a male).”

    Link to wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advice_column

    And I can’t wait for samsooki’s recap of Episode 20 of City Hall, the grande finale!

  1462. 1462 : CHLove Says:

    I miss CityHall…

  1463. 1463 : CHLove Says:


  1464. 1464 : CHLove Says:


  1465. 1465 : CHLove Says:


  1466. 1466 : ME3 Says:

    TOLD YOU..?

  1467. 1467 : etee7114 Says:

    @ jangerr, Mary-USA and Martha,

    I’m so proud of all of you. You’ve managed to work out the misunderstanding and all is cool. When I read jangerr’s comment and explanation about agony ahjumma, I didn’t see any ill-messages, just a poke-in-the-rib type of compliment. And to Mary-USA, I am really so proud of you that you have finally seen the lighter side of things. Life is too short for such misunderstandings.

    Just want to say that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, YOU’RE ALL BEAUTIFUL AND CITY HALL IS A BEAUTIFUL DRAMA. Like Mayor Shin Mirae, she was able to work things out with people who gave her a tough time.

    Martha, you are so very young and yet so mature…courageously defending jangerr while she didn’t have a chance to explain and wisely leaving room for jangerr to state her case.

    Love coming here to read all the comments.

  1468. 1468 : ME123 Says:


  1469. 1469 : lover Says:

    kimsunah is sun in eart i love you kimsunah my

  1470. 1470 : dee Says:

    making 2000 comments to make this drama to be no 1 in this web…..but already being no 1 for me….hehehehe

  1471. 1471 : chacha Says:

    @ jangerr, Martha, koalagirl & USA Mary

    You all have been a demonstration of the spirit of camaraderie of CHallers. So proud of you all.

    jangerr, your handling of the situation was a class act of magnanimity, calmness and maturity. Something we can all set as an example as we continue to share and grow here. You need not have apologised for you did no wrong but you chose to and because you did that, the tension was diffused immediately.

    Martha, you too are a shinning example that many of us should emulate. You stepped in and stood up for what you saw as an injustice or wrongdoing. I hope that you being the only one doing so is not a representation of our community of CHallers. I hope that many, like me, did not come into this thread the past couple of days and so were not aware. It’ll be really sad if we just ‘stood by and watched’ when something wrong happened right under our noses.

    koalagirl, credit must be given to you too for doing your part in trying to diffuse the situation although you did so after jangerr has explained. It’s never too late to do something right!

    USA Mary, glad that you finally saw the situation for what it was and responded appropriately. It’ll be good too if you could apologize for the unnecessary outburst. Please remember that we are a community of kindred spirits and no one here wants to hurt, hurl abuse, put down or insult anyone, whether intentional or otherwise. Let’s exercise patience, grace and tolerance. We can do it, CHallers!

  1472. 1472 : CHLove Says:

    watching it again!!!!
    this time with my brother and now he’s turning like his sister, even only seeing ep 1.XD

    and something off topic here: does anyone know ‘Family Outing’, where CSW was once a guest? Haha, I got my brother addicted to that too^______^

  1473. 1473 : CHLove Says:

    Come on Fellow City Hallers!!!
    Can we make this the most commented drama?!!!

  1474. 1474 : DBEST Says:


  1475. 1475 : U.S.A.-Mary Says:


    @1471 chacha. I apologized @1460.

    @1467 etee7114. I have no problems with rib-tickling humor, actually. Yet, I know when something is funny to ‘me’ and I know when something is not funny to me. It was already stated where the misunderstanding entered, which was from the initial queried search findings, and gladly, that was cleared up from the 2nd query after jangerr’s clarification.

    Life from time to time will incorporate misunderstandings, which is why communication is so very important, because without it, nothing ever gets resolved. Anyway, I’m done with discussing it any further, and I see no need to drag it on and on. My thoughts are no longer on that topic and I’ve already moved on. Thanks!


  1476. 1476 : koalagirl Says:

    Just as an FYI: Jung-do is currently starring in Pasta, and Boo-mi just starred in the finished airing Hero. It’s weird to see City Hall folks in other roles, but heck, any chance to see them is good with me.

    I can’t wait for Su-na’s next project, while CSW’s new movie should be coming out soon!

  1477. 1477 : cat 78 Says:

    when?pick me…pick me…CSW’s new movie?……..

  1478. 1478 : lover Says:

    hello dear kimsunah i need your email you are evermore in my heart i love you

  1479. 1479 : Martha Says:

    CSW has a new film out? My antennae pricked up at the news. Thanks koalagirl for keeping us updated. I simply love the man, and don’t, in the least, mind sharing him with all those (women and men) who go weak at the knees at the mere thought of him. Etee7114, jangerr, chacha you are, as always, very kind and generously responsive.
    CHlover, your brother is watching? It would be fascinating to know the reaction of male viewers to CH. The only ones I know of are the marvellous samsooki at dramabeans.com (who’s recapping CH blow by blow, thrill by thrill, and kiss by kiss, in loving eloquence) and the husband of a past poster who watched it with her (apologies for forgetting the user’s ID)and whose reactions were reported to us by his CH devotee spouse.

    P.S. Managed to sneak in another viewing of the first episodes of CH during this weekend (must be the fortieth time or so) and I still marvel at the scene where JG first realises he’s fallen in love with MR (I mean the first time the whole play of hints, furtive glances at, and intimations of a love about to erupt, is crystallised). I’m referring to a scene where our MR is not even present. It is the scene where JG draws his fiancee towards him in a desperate clinch, while his face betrays a person sucked into, bewildered by, and resisting an unconfessed drama -so much so that one keenly feels that the passion fuelling the clinch is wholly disconnected from the person filling his arms- and tells her that he agrees with her, that he too finds country people (provincials) very irritating. This is a great (self)confession,where the negation and denial of a feeling actually reinforces it. It is scenes like that that make this drama so fleshy and convincing and give it tremendous modulations. Oh, and make impossible to be weaned off it. CH should come with a health warning: highly addictive substance, the more you feed on it the more you crave (or like Shakespeare’s Cleopatra, “it maketh hungry where it most satisfies”, quote slightly altered).

  1480. 1480 : Miss White Says:


    Great People are You all CityHallers!!

    Great Drama are CityHall and coming up CityHall2!! …there’s hope cos the Tiger Year is roaring Near!! and Valentine’s day is around the corner, I love to imagine and dreams come true!!…

    Great Actor and Actress are CSW and KSA (Mirae and JoGook). They are best of the Best (Pure in content…I meant their chemistry none can come this real and strong in character, their mettle and elements next to perfect.

    Great platform here to say again in so many ways by so many CityHallers, we all continue to share and call out loud or whisper you must not miss Cityhall, the best drama in time.

    Great vocal and understanding we CityHallers come together in good spirits and shall continue to enjoy CityHall drama for a good long time and more and more and more in so many ways…..we care to share

    Great moments I wish all CityHallers here !! It goes this way to all “That’s awesome that you have everything exactly the way you want it in your life!!”

  1481. 1481 : indri Says:

    Wow… I miss all Cityhallers sooo much,…
    I was sick for couple of days… didn’t work, just lying in my bed….my head and stomach really pain.
    My mom worried about me, I can’t eat well,… hard to sleep,…
    And than,.. I was surprised when my mom played CH MP3 fm me,… and she asked me ” if you cant sleep,.. do you want me to play the dvd for you ?” …. What a great Mom!! ( cause every time she saw me re-watched CH,.. she always shook her head and said that i need treatment, hahahaha)..
    But when i got sick, she gave the cure. Listening the soundtracks, indeed make me calm and fall to sleep.
    I’m better now,.. and reading all your comments lift up my spirits.
    God bless you all my dear Cityhallers…. Stay together guys…..

  1482. 1482 : Getz Says:

    Cheers to all!!….Miss White, Jangerr, USA Mary, Etee7114, chacha, cat78, Martha, lover, koalagirl & all CityHallers on this thread…

    You all are an amazing lots…. just like CityHall Rocks!!!

    I have this to share and confess…CityHall attracts just like a magnet!! DAILY!!!,

    As each episode unfolds!! until the last episode, CityHall still last in me until today!!! and daily attracts!!

    And…..and…that feel is just as good!!…

    Have a nice day….all CityHallers…Cheers!!

  1483. 1483 : Maple Says:

    Life is so much fun when we can start to watch and re-watch our favorite drama in CityHall!!

    Congratulations to KSA and CSW in winning accolades in CityHall.

    There’s certainly more coming our way in 2010!!

    Always CityHall.

  1484. 1484 : Colins Says:

    Saranghae – I LOVE CITYHALL!!

    Mi Rae! Mi Rae! Mi Rae!

    Jo Guk! Jo Guk! Jo Guk!

    City Hall! City Hall! City Hall!

    Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

    Happy New Year!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    All CityHallers… I wave to all!!


    Here in Inju!!

    Here in CityHall……!!!

  1485. 1485 : JoyBoy Says:

    CityHall brings joy to the people here not only in Inju but across the globe…..

    CityHall rocks and roll into the coming auspicious Tiger year and showers all CityHallers with abundant good wishes….and more!!….

    CityHall makes sweet dreams for all CityHallers come true this Valentine’s day for many and more CityHallers!!

    Enjoy CityHall!!

  1486. 1486 : Lily Says:

    Hello !! *^^*

    Good news to share, finally after watching, my friend likes CH too 😀
    she asked for other recommendation, before i could reply, another friend of mine said, Lily probably can’t recommend any, nothing come close after City Hall!!! and this friend of mine is planning to re-watch CH too 😀

    Ops… seems that many comments over the weekend need to catch up…

    Nevertheless, keep re-watching!!
    (I shall omit if you have not started, as this tread shd have moved you, right?? So come join us – re-watching!!)

    So proud to be CityHallers! ajaa!

  1487. 1487 : hurlpod Says:

    csw and ksa are
    really cool. jg is so cool and passionate,saranghaeyo!!!!!!hhehehe

  1488. 1488 : Lily Says:

    hoho, after X’mas & new year, now we are into Chinese Lunar New Year & Valentine’s Day advertisements…

    Hahahaha… but I like it :p

  1489. 1489 : Pam Says:

    Yes! CityHall by far is my most favorite drama!

    Hope like most CityHallers here I will get to move on fast and normal!!

    Stay well and stay close to CityHall.

    I love Mirae most in CityHall. KSA is stunning and superb!!.

  1490. 1490 : dee Says:

    when will dramabeans release the last city hall recapped series?????
    for i can’t help falling in love with CITY HALL
    for i can’t help falling in love with CSW
    for i can’t help falling in love with KSA

  1491. 1491 : OFDBST Says:


  1492. 1492 : jastinel Says:

    Good to know that your OK now.

    Me too, I like to see CSW new movie`s but I don`t think Secret is available already. His been very busy filming and I`m glad cause i don`t miss him that much.
    While Suna is busy promoting KSS in Japan, I`m patiently waiting for her next project.

    Wow, it seems that were having a fan gathering here. Nice to see you all back here and still very much addicted to CH.

  1493. 1493 : cat 78 Says:

    We ‘re Cityhall !

  1494. 1494 : lover Says:

    i love you kimsunah you are vere beuteful i love you saranga

  1495. 1495 : koalagirl Says:

    Recaps of City Hall episode 20 are up at dramabeans.com!


  1496. 1496 : koalagirl Says:

    My bad, here you go: http://www.dramabeans.com/2010/01/city-hall-episode-20/

  1497. 1497 : Andrea Says:

    Thanks Koalagirl!!!

    “Greatest Ending Ever” indeed!:)

  1498. 1498 : etee7114 Says:

    @1481 Indri
    I hope you are better now. A dose of City Hall is a sure way of curing any ailment. What a thoughtful and wise mother you have. Get well soon!

    @1482 Getz
    You’re right! Isn’t this an amazing drama? 6.5 months after it’s aired, I’m still showing signs of withdrawals…especially when I’m watching other dramas. While a lot of the currently airing dramas provide entertainment, they fail to provide the heart and soul and moral lessons.

    @1496 koalagirl
    Thanks for the heads up on the last recap at DB’s by the awesome samsooki and team. This is one news I’m so saddened by. Waaaah! Final recap?!! Already?!! Waah, waah, waah!!!

  1499. 1499 : dee Says:

    what a very…. very…. very… sweet love story…. the last recap has done… really miss them… (CSW&KSA, and CITY HALL)

  1500. 1500 : Grace Says:

    Hi there!!, U all so lucky here,

    Gracious!! Goodness!! CityHall and still CityHall

    I have not get enough of CityHall like most CityHallers here!!

    I believe in learning the good morals I can follow and make it happen like in dramas with storylines too good and is it for real and I believe in luck but most of all I believe I am lucky because I get to hear, see and enjoy CityHall to the maximum just like all of you. Really very happy to know from this platform and have seen CityHall early and when I recall the happy moments and sad scenes in CityHall I know I have it all just from this Kdrama is something so special and I am not good to describe but I do enjoy every and all your says and reads here.

    I wanna say Hi and good wishes to etee7114, Samsooki and team at DBs, mtoenlob, jangerr, Martha, Getz, Colins, lover, Pam, cat78, chacha, indri, Miss White, Milky and Egg, Mary, koalagirl, lynad, Marcus, Mohan and Mms, jastinel, Whoops, KBC12, mzpakipot, JainPotter and many more CityHallers here who are so good in their words and thoughts and views and everything that really touches my heart of each and everyone understanding and in depth knowledge and intense participation on this platform and forum, like few have get to meet and know each other yet in words one can pour and say so much just about this drama in CityHall, Mirae and JoGook and cast members is amazing and so astonishing and just too hard to believe that this can really happen but here it is true and in so many words the says never stop, here it’s so beautiful to say and share because most of all you all care.

    When I wanna share with friends and loved ones, most of them are time poor or high life and hardly appreciate how to watch Kdramas. I really feel sorry for these hard-life and so stressful family members and comrades that they have so little time to oneself. I believe here we have so much to gain and to hear from CityHallers who love this drama and just about everything we can share here.

    I am lost for months and at times dreamland but I have moved on and this drama I shall keep for a long time may till good time and shall share with my loved ones and people who are so tense in their chase for monetary gains and materialistic things that they pamper themselves less or none at all for the comfort of their loved ones. In fact I am their pampered ones and food is always ready and driver available when I need to go down to city to buy my favorite dvds or meet up friends for shopping and drinks. Is life like this another drama…

    Really people come from all walks and I cannot understand many times my people. Dad and mum are always busy and my life sometimes I see as a kdrama story. Everything I have and I compare with this drama and that and still this CityHall is the BEST.

    I am happy to know here and to know people like you who love CityHall. We are lucky people and hope my loved ones can understand someday. They call me mad and when I say drama story is good…you must be very free and go back to study…so sad they hardly can understand and never see a drama story!! And it’s true they are so hard-working and only work and save for all their children and big houses and expand business. I believe in good lifestyle or rather balanced lifestyle. I hardly see loved ones and see dramas more than meet them. Always rush and eat with them also rush and quick and go back home safe. This all only matters.

    I am running to catch up pace and race with my loved ones calling and I wish everyone who visit here on this thread CityHall. This far I see very few dramas and happen to like KSA in MISSKSS and check her out and saw her in CityHall. Indeed very lucky for me in 2009. I travel to see her take drama awards in Dec09. I am lucky to see her in person with CSW. Both so stunning and gorgeous. I am lucky to travel to see K-pop with my sister her favourites and girls’generation.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai in the Year of Tiger!! May God Bless all CityHallers and all.

  1501. 1501 : LOVVVVVE Says:


  1502. 1502 : cat 78 Says:

    Awesome !

  1503. 1503 : koalagirl Says:

    What a grand ride City Hall has been, 1500 comments and the train hasn’t slowed down.

  1504. 1504 : lover Says:

    i love you kimsunah sarangh

  1505. 1505 : CityHallgo Says:

    Wow! here I can have the good feelings and after effects of CityHall like so many who still have not fully become normal.

    Yes, we have to be strong and move on just like @1501 Grace. You have done the bright side in life and live the moments right. One day your parents and comrades will join you when they are tired and come out of their stresslife in their more urgent agendas. You and your sister must be the lucky duo to enjoy their fruits. Keep this way and vision to head future path for the best way and stay near loved ones who are there for you. Keep enjoying your drama in between study. Stay well and stay good the CityHall way….

    Well, all the best CityHallers this coming lunar year and celebrate Valentine’s day together ushering the roars of tigers into CityHall!!.

    CityHall go….go….go….into houses of new CityHallers….Happy New Year

  1506. 1506 : cat 78 Says:

    Cityhall is magical !

  1507. 1507 : Andrea Says:

    yay! 1508 and counting…!

  1508. 1508 : Meetagain Says:

    @ No 1 to 1508 all here…

    Hi!! and Cheers!!

    CityHall means so much to everyone here.

    Good wishes to all.

  1509. 1509 : dexi Says:

    Love City Hall so Much,..

  1510. 1510 : Pics Says:

    Paint a beautiful picture and that’s CityHall Pics in my bedroom.

    CityHall, Mirae and JoGook always together with me whenever I reach home.

    This drama is very contagious, spreads like madness and wildfire.

    That’s why we need to paint pictures of CityHall everywhere and hold near to our hearts at least till time and till last @ 1501 bravo!!! aja!!

  1511. 1511 : Andrea Says:

    시티홀 사랑해!!!

  1512. 1512 : Robyn Says:

    @1511 Pics

    I reckon CityHall will stay for decades and by summing up here is no rebuttal.

    CityHall to the Peak.

  1513. 1513 : Magicity Says:

    CityHall is aptly magical and spellbound, once intoxicated you are critical for life and live that moments in CityHall until one can wake up and walk out of the maze. CityHall make it happen!!

    Definitely will take time and time can tell and heal…

    You may choose to stay or move away!!

    So stay well and stay in Inju Magicity with CityHall, Mirae and JoGook and enjoy with many CityHallers here.

  1514. 1514 : sulyn Says:

    All 20 episodes are on my desktop and I will definitely
    watch at least an episode a day. I just love all those
    scenes of JoGuk being sweet to MiRae. I do understand
    why MiRae “melts” in front of him. Look at the way he
    looks at MiRae. Wish there’s someone like JoGuk near
    me too.

  1515. 1515 : indri Says:

    @ Dear Etee7114 & Jastinel,… Thank you,……

  1516. 1516 : MiRae_CH Says:

    Hi!! all CityHallers,

    Mirae and JoGook are everything in CityHall

    From brain to body, even the West envy

    Both are Koreans wave

    CityHallers Stop Look See

    Tested positive to win drama battle

    Far and Near, Cheers to their Glory

    CityHall drama for all Celebrations

    Tiger Year and every year stays CityHall.

  1517. 1517 : Andrea Says:

    Whoa! it just amazes me how flowers(comments) keep blossoming each day^_^

    Come Springtime come:)

  1518. 1518 : Grease Says:

    @1518….Yes it’s spring time here!!

    I like Mirae when she describe JoGook as a flower opposit much ugly than “greedy” and “dreamy sexy” flower so much so to get back at him for his irritating and disgusting ways…real retaliation and poking remarks.

    And JoGook have to just tolerate as seen in his gesture and scheme again on Mirae….never ends their bickering at times when Mirae gets a lift in his car.

    That’s a healthy retaliation way from Mirae!! and of course Mirae wins!!

    CityHall always.

  1519. 1519 : Dbst Says:


  1520. 1520 : etee7114 Says:

    @1500 Grace

    Hi there! Wow! My first thought was, you were there at the 2009 SBS Awards show? You saw KSA and CSW?!! I think you are the only one here who was there to support them in person.

    BUT more importantly, I hope one day soon, you’ll get to communicate with your parents openly and tell them how you feel. I know they love you very much and they are working very hard to provide for you and your sibling(s). As you rightly said, a balanced lifestyle is more important and prioritizing is an important key to our day-to-day living. Sounds like you are still in school, so yes, education is an important aspect in one’s life to equip ourselves with wisdom and knowledge. God Bless!

  1521. 1521 : cat 78 Says:

    Standing ovation for CityHall,…..Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo !

  1522. 1522 : KBC12 Says:

    Cheers !

  1523. 1523 : koalagirl Says:

    City Hallers, it’s been six months already since this drama finished airing, and yet it feels like everyday new converts share their love of City Hall.

    I still remember City Hall as the drama that made me open up and dare to share my thoughts on k-dramas, and for that, I have learned many new things and met many new friends. Thank you, City Hall!

  1524. 1524 : SRMArie Says:

    OMG!! Love this show like whoa! Only about half way through but I sincerely can’t wait to watch the rest, Hands down, I Have laughed 100x more in the first 10 episodes of this drama than I ever have laughed watching any other drama combined. It’s awesome!!! Kim Sun Ah is super cute!!

  1525. 1525 : lover Says:

    i love you kim sun ah sarangah

  1526. 1526 : lover Says:

    i love you kim sun ah

  1527. 1527 : lover Says:

    sarangh miss kimsunah

  1528. 1528 : KBC12 Says:

    Go,go,go CityHall !

  1529. 1529 : indri Says:

    Waaaaah…. so many works after rested at home,…I felt much better now,.. before start to work,.. Love to read the new comments!! Love is in the Air !!

    @ CityHallers,……. Haloooooooooooo!!!!
    @1524SRMArie: Welcome to Inju City, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us ya!

  1530. 1530 : ange Says:

    Love..love…love..love CITY HALL

  1531. 1531 : livelove Says:

    This drama will forever stay in my heart

  1532. 1532 : Honkie Says:

    The only drama I chase and hurry seeing until wee hours is CityHall.

    Best in everything from storyline start to finish and best to date is CityHall.

    Cheers CityHallers…..

  1533. 1533 : sulyn Says:

    Just watched the scene of MiRae and JoGuk at the races.
    And boy, the look JoGuk gave MiRae really kills me.
    How can he look at a woman like that? Wonderful acting
    by CSW and KSA.

  1534. 1534 : JoyBoy Says:

    Joy to the world as we keep enjoying CityHall, none can beat and next to perfect!!

    @1500 Grace….fantastic trip U n whites…your pics splash in 100s ..beyond words and terrific stars that evening..besides U n ms

    Stay good and stunning is your beautiful Korean look-alike pics like Mirae inspire U…..n take u to the Peak!! …I got your msm. No wonders the worth it n no worries more..tcare. I too miss white colours I meant!!

  1535. 1535 : ITSME Says:


  1536. 1536 : GRA Says:

    I am still back to watch the CH over again, while watching the Brilliant legacy. But CH can’t compare then others. The Character of 2 leading stars were brilliant with the awesome script in CH.

    As Koalagirls said me too can’t wait to see Sun ah next project.

  1537. 1537 : jastinel Says:

    Hi City hallers!
    According to Suna (fr her interview in Japan) She will be doing a movie.
    But she has to keep the details secret for now.
    I`m looking forward to a new and challenging role for her, I hope not comedy and not a “girl next door” type of role.

  1538. 1538 : Cat 78 Says:

    Love CityHall ! love Cityhaller…..

  1539. 1539 : Pam Says:


    We are close because of CityHall, Mirae and JoGook.

    Stay this way all CityHallers.

  1540. 1540 : Mine Says:

    Hi! all and @ Joy and Grace, mws…Fabulous!!!

    Thumb-ups!! everybody in CityHall here!!

    CityHall waves pounding many hearts like fire!!

    CityHall makes my day!!

    CityHall Top KDrama!!

    CityHall….mine for good!!…

    CityHall goodness…I’ve check this out too late!!

  1541. 1541 : Nina Says:


    Ammazzzing Actor and Actress……JoGuk and Mirae

    Greeeeeeeeeeeeat Storyline………best drama this decade

    I love CityHall like a rose in my heart Mirae lives…..

  1542. 1542 : indri Says:

    Regarding the voting that we all did last year,.. can anyone inform me the results from some polling sites? except thundie’s and this site.
    Just curious, cause I wish CH, CSW & KSA win in every polling site….

  1543. 1543 : SRMArie Says:

    @indri…..Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here!!!

    And as for my thoughts….

    Just got done with episode 14. I gotta say that some of my favorite parts of this drama are when Mi-rae and Guk are holding hands but anyways epi 14 was full of excitement….the kiss was super awesome, it was like a real kiss (lol, usually I notice in KDramas that the kisses are just the couple pressing their lip together)! And the “tempest” line kinda made my pulse beat faster. 🙂

    But now I’m super nervous about the next episodes since I saw the previews….I feel like I’m gonna be sad for the next couple ones….

  1544. 1544 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1543 SRMArie,

    We, CHallers, are ever so eager to hear from new Hallers who are still watching this drama. I’m pleased to see that you are enjoying yourself so much. Do fasten your seat belt; you are in for a roller coaster ride that’s out of this world!! Do come back here and relate your experience, OK?

  1545. 1545 : mtoenlob Says:

    @1500 Grace

    Hello. Grace! Welcome to the CH community. We are blessed to have you here to share your journey to Inju City meeting the likes of Shin Mi Rae, Jo Guk, Soo In, Boo Mi, etc.

    We wish you well! 🙂

    P.S. – You are one lucky girl. You saw KSA and CSW in person! So happy for you.

  1546. 1546 : dexi Says:

    CityHall,… The best drama!!!

  1547. 1547 : trn08 Says:

    CityHall, the one and only!
    Shin Mi Rae.. the wonder women of Inju City
    Jo Gook..the Superman of Inju City
    Love youuuuu……

  1548. 1548 : sulyn Says:

    @1500 Grace

    You really was at the Awards Night and saw both
    KSA and CSW. How lucky! Can you tell us more
    of your journey to Inju City and your encounters
    with JoGuk and MiRae?

  1549. 1549 : Maple Says:


    Just watch Cityhall and leave us alone for the time being…we have our project papers and heavy stuff to complete and submit just like the finale night of Mirae & JGuk….both receive their awards for CityHall drama and we are waiting for ours to be the top best project.

  1550. 1550 : dee Says:

    this drama full with energy and encouraging!!!!

  1551. 1551 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1549 Maple

    Love your post. It’s witty and cute. Award for Top Best project? Yes, I can’t to receive the award either!

    @ 1540 Mine
    Finish this drama quickly and come back here. We need all the help we can get to complete this CH project. I’m sure we are all dying to get THE award!!

  1552. 1552 : REAL09 Says:


  1553. 1553 : SRMArie Says:

    @ etee7114…dang you’re certainly right about the roller coaster feel. My happy/sad level is all up and down. Trying to watch the show at a steady pace so I can truly enjoy the experience but am having a difficult time as I just want to know what happens next!! But just finished epi 16. Happy that our main couple is essentially together, though I am wondering how Jo Gook is going to deal with Go Hae. And his father for that matter. And poor Mi Rae getting accused of bribery. Crikey, that’s bad luck and all probably due to Go Hae and Joo Hwa is my guess. Guess I gotta watch to see how this one turns out but finding myself nervous all over again.

  1554. 1554 : lover Says:

    my sun is kimsunah my love is kimsunah my heart is kimsunah my god is kimsunah .i love you kimsunah

  1555. 1555 : Cat 78 Says:

    CityHall,one of best drama ever !

  1556. 1556 : livelove Says:

    I love this site.
    It’s such a comfort reading all your wonderful comments after a lousy day of exam.
    CITY HALL!!!!

  1557. 1557 : JUSTC Says:


  1558. 1558 : SoOgOoD Says:


  1559. 1559 : SRMArie Says:

    FINISHED!!! Hands down best drama I’ve ever seen. It made me laugh, cry, and everything in between. It was a great ride-I’m a little sorry its over but everything good must come to an end (And boy did I LOVE the ending). Only left to say is I WILL be watching this drama over again, probably soon. I LOVE CITY HALL!!!

  1560. 1560 : lover Says:

    kimsunah i need your email . i love you

  1561. 1561 : etee7114 Says:

    @ 1559 SRMArie,

    Wasn’t this a super cool drama? It hit all the right spots didn’t it? I can only smile and laugh with you. While watching and waiting for the last few episodes while it was airing, I was walking around literally with “City Hall” written all over my face.

    Now that you are going to re-watch, I must warn you that you are not going to get enough it!! It’s that awesome and you’re right. So many will agree with you here that it’s THE.BEST.ENDING.EVER.

    Again, Congrats on being a full-fledged Haller!!

  1562. 1562 : indri