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Title: 역류 / Backflow
Also Known as: Reverse
Chinese Title: 逆流
Genre: Melodrama
Episodes: 119
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2017-Nov-13 to 2018-April-26
Air time: Monday to Friday 07:50


A drama about the battle between people for love and revenge.


Main Cast

Shin Da Eun as Kim In Young
Lee Jae Hwang as Kang Dong Bin
Kim Hae In as Chae Yoo Ran
Seo Do Young as Kang Joon Hee

People around In Young

Nam Myung Ryul as Kim Sang Jae (In Young’s father)
Lee Eung Kyung as Yang Soo Kyung (In Young’s mother)
Ji Eun Sung as Kim Jae Min (In Young’s younger brother)
Im Do Yun as Gong Da Mi (In Young’s friend)
So Hee Jung as Hong Cho Hee (In Young’s landlord)

People around Dong Bin and Joon Hee

Jung Sung Mo as Kang Baek San (Dong Bin and Joon Hee’s father)
Jung Ae Ri as Yeo Hyang Mi (Dong Bin and Joon Hee’s mother)
Lee Hyun Kul as Gom Chi (Baek San’s right-hand man)


Choi Moon Kyung (최문경) as Chief Nam
Jo Yi Haeng (조이행) as Team Leader Jo
Yoon Young Il (윤영일) as Assistant Yoon
Ha Soo Min (하수민) as Ha Sa Won

Production Credits

Directors: Bae Han Chun, Kim Mi Sook
Screenwriters: Kim Ji Yun, Seo Shin Hye


MBC has discontinued airing morning daily dramas after airing this drama.


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  1. 1 : Fyqa Says:

    typical plot. hopefully the drama not so common

  2. 2 : gloria athill Says:

    this new drama seems intrestingso i hope they get straight to the point cant wait to see what happen next.

  3. 3 : Carm Says:

    There are no english subtitles for this online, just like bok danj. So Sad.

  4. 4 : Rose Says:

    Why no English subtitles for this show???? Why are there a few dramas that there are no sub’s where as most of them are subbed on line????? I don’t understand what the problem is. Too bad as it seems to be a good show.

  5. 5 : Rose Says:

    Is any one watching this??

    I missed the beginning episodes. And not able to watch every episode on TV.

    What arrangement did Dong Bin make with Yoo Ran? Is it to get Joon Hee out of the company so he can be top man??

    How did In-Young and Dong Bin get involved with each other????

    I don’t know why the computer sites are not subbing this?? How do they come up with these decisions???

  6. 6 : Carm Says:

    Someone on the Soompi forum is recapping the episodes. They are not up to date but I appreciate anything they have.

  7. 7 : Rose Says:

    @ Carm — thanks for the info on Soompi. I will check it out. I try to watch it on the TV, but always can’t catch it.

    It appears Dong-Bin pushed Joon-Hee over the mountain.

    In-Young needs to watch what she says and does in front of Dong-Bin and Yoo-Ran when she is talking to her family at DB’s house. And when she visits her family, as YR is following her and wondering if In-Young’s mother is still alive. YR is starting to question I-Y’s background. Da-Mi saw Yoo-Ran twice when she was out with In-Young and told her, but she doesn’t seem to be figuring out why YR is around her house etc.

    When In-Young heard Yoo-Ran talking in the staircase about the news article, she should have listened to the entire conversation instead of looking over the railing for YR to see her. How stupid was that?? Well, that’s K-Drama for you.

    Cho Hee is like a scatter brain – she is always going on about one thing or the other.

  8. 8 : Rose Says:

    Here are a few notes in case any one is watching this show.

    This is a pretty good show. There are a few mysteries going on. One with In-Young’s father’s death and her brother, Jae-Min’s accident where some one hit him on the head. A lady called in In-Young’s dad’s accident and the police have a video of Baek San’s car it looks like. Also the police man told I-Y that there was a cake box found at the scene or something similar to that.

    And the other, Dong-Bin looking for information on Pak Du Sik. Not sure if Du Sik is DB’s father or? He worked with Baek San at Taeyeon. He committed suicide when he was in jail. Some one told Du Sik that he would take care of – someone, and Du Sik said “OK.” I can’t remember the entire conversation. Also a man DB was talking to about this situation said “would Taeyeon be what it is today if he was alive?”

    Out of 35 episodes, I have only seen 18. Missed the first 5 and some in between.

    These are some notes I remembered from Episodes 33, 34 and 35. It is not in order of how the scenes played out

    When I-Y met w/a man who worked w/her dad at the construction site, he said he didn’t know every thing her dad did as he worked odd jobs to take care of his family. It seems like his dad was working on some hydraulic drill or something as I-Y can’t find any blue prints on it at Taeyeon and the man did not know anything about it.
    Jun Hee asked his mother about the caretaker at the summer house and if he knew he could see now? His mother was startled with the question.

    The name of the detective that Dong Bin gave Jun Hee reported back to DB that JH called him. I am not sure if it is the same person/detective that DB has investigating Pak Du Sik’s suicide. But I am sure the detective is not going to help JH find out any info on the accident.

    DB told mother that Jun Hee wanted to meet w/the detective that investigated his accident and the mother went into freeze mode again. DB said “if he mentions it to you, you know what to say, “forgot the accident and move on.”

    DB made a $3 million dollar contract w/Yoo Ran. I don’t know how they know each other and I don’t know all the details of the contract. She asked something about “why he was doing whatever to his family,” and he told her “not to worry about that, just follow our contract.” Hyang-Mi hired Yoo Ran after In-Young left. .

    Jun Hee told DB that he felt some one was behind him when he fell and had his accident, which in the next episode showed someone did push him.

    Yoo Ran is saying she has no parents and lived w/her grandmother in the U.S. but that is not true. Yoo Ran, In-Young and Dai-Me went to school together. DB does not want to have the “supposed” grandmother meet his parents as they will know she is not the real deal. .

    DB told YR when they were at a bar ” would you be happy if what is yours you can’t have.” She asked what he meant and he said “nothing” and left. Taeyeon maybe belongs to a relative of his as DB definitely does not want JH at or in the company. He was trying very hard to get him out when he came back to work.

    Not sure if DB’s dad trusts Yoo Ran. He questioned Jun Hee if he is OK w/YR working as a consultant in the office w/him and he is. DB suggested hiring a consultant and the father thought it was OK, but DB came up w/YR as they are moving her out of the house. He wants YR to find out who the father is leaving the company to – him or Jun Hee and to keep tabs on everything in JH’s department. The project that JH is working on DB was originally working on it and DB has Mr. Jo reporting to him on all the details of the project.

    DB has now been questioning Jang Cheol-Gon why the father is meeting Attorney Hwang so much?? Chief Jang said he didn’t know. DB asked if the dad is meeting Attorney Hwang to name a successor to the company?

    Jang Cheol-Gon is still following Jae-Min and wondering if he got his memory back.

    JH told Yoo Ran that some one pushed him when he fell off the mountain. DB asked what they were talking about later, as he walked in on them talking, but she said “about the houses they will look for her to live in.” He said “to drag that out – as you won’t be moving out.” Due to the newspaper article that DB had published, she took the blame for that. I thought maybe DB pushed JH as he was running through the woods when you heard JH’s yelling, but DB had a colored shirt on and the person that pushed JH had a dark hooded jacket on.

    Yoo Ran and In-Young found out that Hyang-Mi’s charity paid for the medical expenses for Jai-Min.

    Yoo Ran a few episodes back found out Baek San has dementia as she found his pills in his library.

  9. 9 : dan sparkle Says:

    Like the other morning dramas on MBC, have been enjoying this one. Perhaps I’m watching too many as I notice location recycling; such as the homes used in BF were used in Always Spring. MBC changed station transmission here in Dallas, was 55.2 now 44.I can not see this one…its an over the air station (cut the cord long time ago). But I really appreciate MBC allowing their programming on their website, complete with DVR features which enables me to miss the 1st run of BF, but watch later in the day. MBC, U ROCK! Here’s hoping IY returns to JH, which then pushes YR to DB and all live happily everafter. As long as IY never recognizes YR!

  10. 10 : Jo Says:

    @Rose Thank you for the overview of the drama, since this no translation is provided.

    @Dan Sparkle, you can see this drama on
    Www. Ondemandkorea.com or dramanice.io

    I’ve tried soompi I can’t find page on drama updates.

  11. 11 : Rose Says:

    @ Jo —

    Here is the Website — when it opens, scroll down to Backflow. The dramas are listed on the left side. When you click on Backflow, it will bring you to the first page of the postings. I believe the first page has photos of the episodes, so just keep scrolling down to where the poster starts. There is only one person who is doing all the posting on each episode.

    If you have any other questions, or if I can be of further help, let me know.

    k-dramas & movies – Soompi Forums

    [Current Drama 2017-2018] Backflow / Reverse, 역류, Mon-Fri 7:50

    1 2 3 4 13

    By 0ly40, September 25, 201

  12. 12 : Rose Says:

    Yoo Ran is an orphan and lived at the orphanage that In-Young and Da-Mi visited. Yoo Ran was following them to find out what they were up to.
    Da-Mi, In-Young and Yoo Ran went to school together when they were young. As Y-R was following In-Young to see where she was going off to, Da-Mi caught her twice and she seemed to think she looked like — I forgot Y-R’s name when she was young. She changed her name to Yoo Ran.

    I still have not found out how Yoo Ran and Dong Bin know each other, but D-B paid for Yoo Ran’s surgery to remove her scar that she had on her face.

    Jang Cheol-Gon continues to follow In-Young’s brother, Jae-Min around. He is concerned he will get his memory back from when he was hit on the head when he was trying to investigate how his father died. He was meeting someone, and got hit on the head in the early episodes. Not sure if he was set up for that to happen.

    He also got her an ID card in Korea, and he paid for all her expenses in Korea.
    He also came up with a plan for Y-R to get close to his mother. If I remember correctly, some one was trying to steal H-M’s purse in a store and Y-R is the one who saved the day by not letting the guy steal her purse.

  13. 13 : Rose Says:

    Oops, last paragraph should have been under the second paragraph relating to Yoo-Ran and D-B.

    The 3rd paragraph was to be the last paragraph.

  14. 14 : Rose Says:

    @ Dan Sparkle —

    What is the MBC website that you watch the Korean shows on now??

    Do you have to tape the shows to see them later on your DVR???

    You are right, over the years I have seen front of houses used several times in different shows.

    The house that you mentioned that was in Always Spring, in that drama the actors parked their car on the street and then walked to the house. In this drama, they must use a different house for when the cars pull in I believe. The house from Always Spring I don’t believe has a drive way to the front of the house.

  15. 15 : dan sparkle Says:

    Rose…the site is the MBC site,just navigate around and you’ll discover how to access live TV or the DVR feature…no do not tape nor download the shows…all content is on their platform. But sadly this week only, their live TV feature is not responding. Neither on computer or my phone.

    Good catch about the large house, forgot that detail.

    Forgot to add, same exterior office building on BF as other shows (Good Person), the building is unique in the “skyway” feature on the upper floor. One aside note: what is the draw of calling out others to meet on the roof? I would never, as I have fear of heights or falling off!

  16. 16 : dan sparkle Says:

    Well, ep 65 today and I think I have this drama figured. Writers have done a great job of feeding information to keep me interested. So here is my prediction…In young with Jun Hee’s assistance will discover that Dong Bin murdered her father, and also pushed JH off the cliff. IY will get back with JH, leaving YR with DB. Still working on connecting the dots how DB’s mom is involved. Anyone else seeing Da Mi and IY’s brother hooking up? This drama is more fun than playing Clue. Please help me fill in the blanks/dots to connect all. Thanks.

  17. 17 : Rose Says:

    @ dan sparkle —-

    I really can’t help much as I have not been able to see all the episodes. I saw Episodes 61, 63 and 65. Prior to that I missed quite a few. Where I live the drama is shown at 6:00 and 9:30 a.m. I can’t always find time to watch it then. And since no sites have the Eng subs, I haven’t been able to catch any of the episodes I missed. It is too bad as I think it is a good show and I wish I could have watched all the episodes to date.

    Does the MBC website that you mentioned have English subs??? I found several MBC websites, but can not find any site to open up a drama.

    I assume Dong-Bin wants the company for himself, and not have Jun Hee involved it. Was it his father’s company??? Or what??? I seem to think that DB feels his father was some how involved in the company with Jun Hee’s dad. Or at least I believe that was what some man was telling him quite a few episodes back.

    It appears Jang Cheo-Gon may know something about In-Young’s father and Jae-Min’s accidents as he was keeping an eye on Jae-Min in the hospital and following him around when he got out of the hospital and starting to work. I wonder if Sang-Jae was killed over something to do with the drill that In-Young is trying to find out about. Wasn’t her dad involved in working with the drill?

    As the mother seems to know that DB caused Jae-Min’s accident, she doesn’t seem to be concerned about it and continues to treat DB like nothing every happened.

  18. 18 : Rose Says:

    It is bad enough that no web site has subs on this program, now they are off for the week doing up-dates!!!!!

    This is a very good program and keeps the viewer interested in the different story lines. I like Jun Hee’s dad. He seems to be an OK guy, some what laid back, but don’t know if he is involved in any with DB’s father, is it??? losing the company or committing suicide.

  19. 19 : meirav Says:

    this drama looks realy good, I hope it will be sub that we will be able to
    watch it .

  20. 20 : gloria arhill Says:


  21. 21 : dodee Says:


  22. 22 : Rose Says:

    Ep 86 just aired on April 13 in the area where I live

    HM was peaches and cream personality, but now that she out who In-Young is, some of her true colors are appearing. I am not sure if she is backing DB, or DB is backing her?? They both seem to be in it together w/what happened to In-Young’s dad, Jun-Hee and In-Young’s brother, Jai-Min.

    It appears that Cheol-Gon is on D-B’s side. He seems more concerned about DB than Jun-Hee.

    Yoo-Ran is not so honest herself on why she is living in the house, and then she snitches on In-Young. Waiting for HM to find out the truth about her, and what DB is up to. YR — getting jealous now of JH caring for IY. Tsk Tsk. No way is JH going to end up with YR, that is for sure.

    The detective that is following Jae-Min, is that the same detective that works for Dong-Bin????

  23. 23 : Thomas Says:

    This show is already finished with a total of 119 episodes. Last episode date was April 26, 2018

  24. 24 : Carm Says:

    The show is over online but it is over this Friday on tv. I did see the final episode and hated the ending.I feel I wasted my time investing in it.

  25. 25 : Rose Says:

    Did any one notice the statement above that MBC will not be airing morning show after Backflow is finished????


    “MBC has discontinued airing morning daily dramas after airing this drama.”

    Wonder why?? They have been airing this time slot for quite a few years????
    Maybe the time slot was not working out for people???

    Wonder if the 10:00 a.m. re-run dramas will continue or they will be canceled also??

  26. 26 : Rose Says:

    I didn’t get to see all the episodes of this drama, but I thought the actors all did a good job in their roles. I did like the drama as I thought it was interesting and moved along, a bit by bit the truth came out

    But I don’t know why Jang Cheol-Gon killed Dong-Bin’s father?? Didn’t Cheol-Gon go to jail also for killing a person??? If he did, he got out of jail sooner than Dong-Bin!!!

    I liked the actor who played the father. He seemed pretty level headed. His wife knowing what Dong-Bin did, and going along with it, didn’t have any penalty to pay?

    i thought the last episode was so so. They tied everything up in one episode, so guess they didn’t need to do 120th episode.

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