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A Poem a Day

Title: 시를 잊은 그대에게 / A Poem a Day
Also known as: You Who Forgot Poetry
Chinese Title: 致忘了詩的你
Genre: Medical
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast Period: 2018-Mar-26 to 2018-May-15
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:30


The story of lives of people who work at the hospital like physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, radiologists, nurses, medical trainees and more.

Ye Jae Wook (Lee Joon Hyuk) works as a physical therapist and also teaches in the same field. He begins to work as a team leader at a hospital. Woo Bo Young (Lee Yoo Bi) has been working as a physical therapist for 3 years. She wanted to become a poet, but due to her poor family background she studied to become a physical therapist. Shin Min Ho (Jang Dong Yoon) is a trainee, but he isn’t interested in physical therapy. His grades weren’t good enough for medical school and his parents, who are both doctors, made him study physical therapy.


Main Cast

Lee Yoo Bi as Woo Bo Young / Lee Yoo Bi (ep. 8)
Lee Joon Hyuk as Ye Je Wook
Jang Dong Yoon as Shin Min Ho

Department of Physical Therapy

Seo Hyun Chul as Yang Myung Chul
Lee Chae Young as Kim Yoon Joo
Kim Jae Bum as Park Shi Won
Shin Jae Ha as Kim Nam Woo
Jun Hye Won as Choi Yoon Hee
Park Han Sol as Lee Si Eun

Department of Radiology

Defconn as Kim Dae Bang
Park Sun Ho as Han Joo Yong


Lee Chae Kyung as Professor
Tang Joon Sang as Kyu Min
Lee Shi Hoon as Kim Jae Cheol
Ahn Dabi as Nurse Jung


Lee Kan Hee as Min Ho’s mother
Kim Il Woo as Min Ho’s father
Lee Hee Jin as Ye Je Wook’s ex-girlfriend (ep 5, 8-9)
Lee Hae In as Park Yeon Hee (ep 5, Kim Dae Bang’s first love)
Mo Tae Bum as Mo Tae Bum (a sports star) (ep 6)
Go Se Won as Yoon Joo’s ex-husband (ep 7)
Ha Suk Jin as Ha Suk Jin (a patient) (ep 11)
Park Cho Rong as Kim Mi Rae (a college student) (ep 12)
Kim Won Hae as chief Kim Jung Soo (ep 13)

Production Credits

Director: Han Sang Jae
Screenwriter: Myung Soo Hyun, Baek Sun Woo, Choi Bo Rim


Gong Myung was first offered the role of Shin Min Ho, but declined after that.

Episode Ratings

Date Episode AGB TNmS
2018-03-26 1 1.357 2.0
2018-03-27 2 1.435 1.7
2018-04-02 3 1.185 1.1
2018-04-03 4 1.429 2.1
2018-04-09 5 0.910 0.9
2018-04-10 6 1.061 1.3
2018-04-16 7 0.941 1.3
2018-04-17 8 0.925 1.4
2018-04-23 9 0.768 1.1
2018-04-24 10 0.987 1.3
2018-04-30 11 0.900 1.3
2018-05-01 12 0.977 1.6
2018-05-07 13 0.769 1.1
2018-05-08 14 0.785 1.4
2018-05-14 15 0.925 1.2
2018-05-15 16 0.820 1.0

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea (Nationwide)

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


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  1. 1 : gie Says:

    I’ve been waiting for lee yu bi for sooooo looooongggg….
    and the casts look amazing tho, so excited and can’t wait to watch this drama.

  2. 2 : алла Says:

    wow!! Lee Joon Hyuk!!!

  3. 3 : dian Says:

    Jang Dong Yoon and Defconn, first reason watching this

  4. 4 : pt Says:

    i predict the physiotherapy occupation in korea is going to become over-saturated in 4 years because of this drama lol… really excited to start the drama though! even though it’s just a drama, it’ll be interesting to take a look into the inner workings of other health professionals in a korean hospital! and i really hate this part of the synopsis!!!: His grades weren’t good enough for medical school and his parents, who are both doctors, made him study physical therapy. i know it’s just the plot and i’m not a pt (as a nurse though, i work with pt’s everyday), but damn, we all went to school for 4+ years to get to where we are… not all of us who work in a hospital wanted to be dr’s and fell back into our respective careers 🙁

  5. 5 : wafa Says:

    It was really funny and im loving it <3

  6. 6 : Tina Says:

    I like this drama))) It`s light and very funny comedy)))))

  7. 7 : Sarah Says:

    Jae Wook and Bo Young are so cute together!! ♡ I really hope they end up together despite how the plot seems so far ╥ ╥

  8. 8 : heynie Says:

    So far i enjoyed this drama. This is good.
    Everybody has their own unique style.

  9. 9 : astri Says:

    jang dong yoon…

  10. 10 : Bii Says:

    My favourite medical romcom drama of all time. The storyline is full of quirky humours & the cast are delivering it fantastically awesome. I hope more people pay attentions to this drama! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  11. 11 : Emerald Says:

    I really really love it… 😍😍

  12. 12 : sue Says:

    Lee Joon Hyuk character is really cute in this drama….

  13. 13 : Simon K Says:

    Very good drama. Unfortunately the poems are lost in translation, cannot really appreciate the meanings.

  14. 14 : Ally Says:

    Ep 12… omg!! so funny and sooooooo sweet!! Fighting…

    Joon Hyuk is just too cool!! 🙂 Yoo Bi is so adorable!! Dong Yoon – one word YOUTH!!

  15. 15 : Abigail Salem Says:

    yess..ep 12 really funny..

  16. 16 : Vidushi Says:

    The drama is so cute and makes you fall for it. I hope the happy ending be of dr ye and dr woo… They are so adorable together. In love with Lee joon hyuk 😍

  17. 17 : heynie Says:

    Really enjoyed this drama.
    Wish happy ending for all of them.
    I am #TeamMinHo btw, bcs Ye Saem is mine, kkkkk….

  18. 18 : Anna Says:

    I really love this drama

  19. 19 : Simon K Says:

    A good drama that is worth watching but nothing too exciting about it.

  20. 20 : Bella Says:

    low ratings may be because he is not with minho hehe 😭😭 I hope minho becomes the main actor

  21. 21 : Linette Omara Says:

    I was really surprised. This is actually a very good drama. I binge-watched it over a weekend… totally enjoyed it.

  22. 22 : silverswan Says:

    I just watch this drama, and I thought it was a great drama and I had miss watching last year. Best actor, best actress and overall the drama was perfect in all ways, some comedy parts too made you laugh and some emotional parts will make you cry too

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