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Title: 밀회 / Secret Love Affair
Chinese Title: 密会
Genre: Melodrama, Romance, Musical
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2014-March-17 to 2014-May-13
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:50


This drama tells the story of secret romance between a woman in her 40’s and a man in his 20’s.

Oh Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae) works as the director of planning for the Seohan Arts Foundation. She is elegant and excels at dealing with other people. Meanwhile, Lee Sun Jae (Yoo Ah In) is a genius like pianist in his 20’s. They will getting involved in a love affair through a piano.


Main Cast

Kim Hee Ae as Oh Hye Won
Yoo Ah In as Lee Sun Jae
Park Hyuk Kwon as Kang Joon Hyung (Hye Won’s husband)

Seo Han Arts Foundation

Kim Hye Eun as Seo Young Woo (CEO)
Shim Hye Jin as Han Sung Sook (Young Woo’s step mother)
Kim Yong Gun as Seo Pil Won (chairman/Young Woo’s father)

People around Lee Sun Jae

Kyung Soo Jin as Park Da Mi
Choi Tae Hwan as Son Jang Ho
Lee Kan Hee as Myung Hwa (Sun Jae’s mother)

Seo Han College of Music

Kim Chang Wan as Min Yong Ki
Park Jong Hoon as Jo In Seo
Shin Ji Ho as Ji Min Woo
Jin Bo Ra as Jung Yoo Ra
Yang Min Young (양민영) as Kim In Joo


Baek Ji Won as Secretary Wang
Kim Kwon as Woo Sung
Jang So Yun as Se Jin
Jang Hyun Sung as Kim In Gyeom
Seo Jung Yun as restaurant employee

Production Credits

Production Company: Future 1 (퓨처원), Drama House
Chief Producer: Park Joon Seo
Producer: Kim Ui Suk
Director: Ahn Pan Suk
ScriptWriter: Jung Sung Joo

Episode Ratings

Date Episode Nationwide
2014-03-17 1 2.574
2014-03-18 2 3.104
2014-03-24 3 3.188
2014-03-25 4 4.062
2014-03-31 5 3.418
2014-04-01 6 3.890
2014-04-07 7 3.671
2014-04-08 8 3.317
2014-04-14 9 3.190
2014-04-15 10 3.493
2014-04-28 11 3.453
2014-04-29 12 3.928
2014-05-05 13 3.844
2014-05-06 14 4.196
2014-05-12 15 4.5
2014-05-13 16 5.3

Source: AGB Nielsen

*** Note: This drama is aired on Pay-TV channel which has fewer viewers than Free-TV channels. So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. ***


– Episode 11 & 12 has been postponed to 2014-April-28 & 29 due to the incident of ‘South Korean ferry capsizing‘.


2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Director (Ahn Pan Suk)
2014 50th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best Scriptwriting (Jung Sung Joo)


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147 Responses to “Secret Love Affair”

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  1. 126
    fan Says:


    But the affair started before he told her that. She tried to hide her love and keep both of them.

    If she wants to keep her love for SJ she needs lo leave everything starting by her husband, if he doesn’t want divorce it doesn’t mean that she can’t leave the house and live away from him and follow a procedure for divorce.

    @True2U 125

    I think that the smartest man becomes idiot when it comes to love and sex, but can this happen to a smart woman ? I know men and women react differently, it commonly said that women look to the upper part of the body but men to the lower. Does OHW lost her prudence and intelligence because all these years she lived in a “desert” ?

    Sure Yoo Ah In tried hard to look like a 20 years old boy, but even if his character seems mature he can’t look like a 27 years man (no matter how much he looks younger).

  2. 127
    Sharon Says:

    Damn!! Where have you been?? I guess the crew is gone and I am the only survivor remaining on this thread.😀 Glad to see you pop up at times.
    I don’t think HW lost it, I think she is waiting like a Lioness for her time to pounce.
    As for her relationship with JH,I think he is lucky she has enough respect for him to kinda hide her affair. If I was HW, my affair would be up close and personal from day ONE!!

  3. 128
    neyla Says:

    @sharon! I agree with u

  4. 129
    ayyala Says:

    Aarrgghhh!!! Today is finale
    Make me crazy….really wish they will together

  5. 130
    Sharon Says:

    Ep 15 was bitter sweet. The bike ride was epic the walk in the street holding hands and kissing make me melt. That scene was so realistic, good job SLA crew.
    Oh my goodness JH was pathetic!!! He sold out HW and had the nerve asking for alimony. HW made a deal with prosecutor Kim to protect SJ and herself from the mess, but I love how they hugged outside the Police Station showing everyone there love. JH filed for divorce and that’s what HW wanted, now she can move on with her life. I really enjoyed ep 15 and can’t wait for the finally!!

  6. 131
    ayyala Says:


  7. 132
    Startulle Says:

    What a beautiful love story!
    And I love love love love that HW chose the rite thing and her awesome speech!
    “Everything does pass. Being able to endure it well while it’s passing by… That’s strength..” And her strength is her love from SJ! They will be together no doubts! Cause HW is SJ eternal variation!!!
    In my fair tale ending I was hoping to see them going to town and town in a truck touching ordinary people with their powerful magical music..

  8. 133
    Yuia Says:


    “I think that the smartest man becomes idiot when it comes to love and sex, but can this happen to a smart woman ?”

    Hmm… No? Lots of adults, regardless gender, become stupid when it comes to love and sex. And I think women become much bigger idiots.
    Lots of men see things as they are while many women see everything dark and complicated. Just see this drama: the man would just have had his quick affair with a young girl while keeping his comfortable life and men watching this wouldn’t give a damn about it ; but Hye Won expects a long fairy tale and she keeps questionning herself and women watching this fight over integrity and what the writers promote and what she is, what she is not, what she should do and not do, what she thinks, etc…
    Oh man! Drama queens still remain some of the most idiotic persons. I guess that’s just culture shock: there are some places where adultery is a CRIME, lol forever.
    The real good couple of this show was the rich daughter and her lawyer husband; married for affairs, and their love life lies elsewhere, like the good old days (except in the good old days, ladies were only allowed books for this and they were boring books).

  9. 134
    Sharon Says:

    Ep 16 was done beautifully!! HW decides to give it all up for her love. Kudos!!

  10. 135
    ayyala Says:

    Yeah that’s was great love story, =)

  11. 136
    loveSK Says:

    Very decent ending! A great story, I love the way they decided to end the story, actualy in an elegant manner just to avoid criticism from those that could be against to an happy ending between people with such an age gap. But also to give hopes to those that felt that the two lovers to stay toghether. I am not totaly against to see love story like this in real but I expect for them to behave natural and decent, and to openly fight for their love. Just like in this movie!!!

  12. 137
    ayyala Says:

    Congrats!!! :)

  13. 138
    Hanako Says:

    Overall it is a good series, very passionate and rare for Korean movie.
    Real great story and should be awarded this year

  14. 139
    Sunny Says:

    I love this film. It’s really romantic. this is the only film I can watch for several times and still feel emotion as the first time. Thank you for the actors & actresses. You are well done. The dialogue is very good.

  15. 140
    minimai Says:

    great story,elegant and i think the chemistry between them is great..yoo ah in oppa..your act really awsome being an innocent one…,i’m waiting 4 your next drama..<3<3<3

  16. 141
    belinda Says:

    one of the most beautiful, elegant, and smart story ever made in Korean drama. It does not rely in idols cast or dumb and poor female lead character. But it relies most on the story, acting, and directing. Kim Hee Ae is really impressive and excellent in this drama. Yoo Ah In also showed excellent acting. Nothing to be complained about this drama except some sort about too mature stuff like corruption for a 19-year-old girl like me to fully understand. But overall, it’s a great drama unlike some cheesy drama like you guys must really know what I mean (*cough* last year cheesy drama that turned out to be really successful in ratings and popularity and relied on the almost fully idols cast and about the rich people)

  17. 142
    Muri Says:

    @Yuia: “…adults, regardless gender, become stupid when it comes to love and sex.”

    Agreed. But perhaps @fan’s perception is of men as sexual creatures where the fever is triggered easily and perhaps escalates faster than that of the female. Leading one to conclude men are prone to giving in to their base impulses i.e: stupidity (loses intelligence).

    However, stupidity or rather making stupid decisions are not arrived at via “love” nor “sex” rather through “lust”. Sex being the product of lust. Love and sex are never the same thing despite the belief of some to the contrary.

    What is interesting is that a writer can frame a situation that is essentially morally wrong and make it righteous by drawing on aspects of the already weakened moral framework of the audience. Such writers it seems places making a buck over and above the wellness of a society.

  18. 143
    OK OK OK Says:

    wow, is this the highest rating compare to other dramas for PAY TV CHANEL??

    it arouse my interest to watch – to know why it got such good ratings :)

  19. 144
    kathy Says:

    Personally, I think this drama is over rated. I would love to see YooAhIn in a better and interesting role in a good plot.

  20. 145
    csitao Says:

    in time this will be classified as classic drama, the treatment of the love scene is very elegant and sensuous that leave you wanting for more. I love the acting the story and the directing. Gone with the wind in a smaller and modern version if I may say so.

  21. 146
    esp Says:

    i have watch many Kdrama,but this one really makes my heart pound. Yes great directing and great acting. Did Yoo In nominated for any awards for this drama coz i know KHA was nominated for this drama. Now i’m even a GREATER fan of YOO IN….phewww…love his acting..something about him that is different from other korean actors!

  22. 147
    Secret Love Affair 밀회 [2014] | My Drama Links Says:

    […] viki dramafever dramacool ondemandkorea hancinema koreandrama daum top star news soompi mydramalist noonas over forks pianoconversations creatingvolumes ocdramadee thefangirlverdict review yooah-in […]

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