Some updates and bug fixes

Kamsahamnida! 감사합니다!!! Or Thank you in English! For your great support

First of all I wanted to say thank you! I have received so much emails of people that are happy that the website is online again. We also received a lot of emails with feedback, which we really appreciate! is still in BETA development so we are far from finished with the final website!

Feedback that we received

  • Sort by Year: Sort/view Korean Drama and Movies by Year
  • Sort by Dates: Sort/view Korean Drama and Movies by Newest/Oldest or Upcoming -> Currently Airing -> Aired
  • Adding beginning and ending dates (DONE)
  • Registration/Login is not working well (Working on it)
  • Posters: Official series/movies posters released by production (like the character posters) and other related photos of the shows and movies
  • Ranking based on weekly, daily, monthly top shows sorted by Drama, Shows and more
  • Network Pages: Creating pages for every Network/Production company so that you can view/sort the Drama/Movies
  • Filter by Broadcast period, airt time, Episode rating, Production credits
  • Adding Production Credits (Done for most Drama)
  • Adding Episode Ratings for every Drama (including sources like before)
  • Adding official website for every drama and movie
  • Adding which date and time the Airing Korean Drama is being released/aired
  • Fixing Related posts on the sidebar to be more relevant to the page you are currently on.
  • Actress/Actor/Director pages, listing based on occupation
  • Missing fictional name and role in Person listing

Some new features you will see in the future

  • Recommendation lists, for example listicles about popular shows, certain genre or topic.
  • Interesting listicles, for example richest actors, best directors, most awarded actor/actress.
  • K-Pop Section: with K-Pop Boy and Girl Groups including members and facts, all K-Pop members will have their individual page.
  • Learn Korean section: a complete guide how to learn korean, including grammar, words, meanings, with the help of Korean Drama or Movies! This will make it easier to learn and a lot more fun!

We are working non-stop to get the above up and running as soon as possible. As you can imagine we have thousands of pages so for some features it will take a bit more time. So we will start with the most easy features first and do the difficult ones as last.

If you have any more feedback, please comment below or send us an email!

Thanks again! Team