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Unni Is Alive

Title: 언니는 살아있다 / Unni is Alive
Also known as: Sister is Alive / Band of Sisters
Chinese Title: 姐姐風采依舊
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 68 (30 minutes/episode)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2017-April-15 to 2017-Oct-14
Air time: Saturday 20:45 (2 episodes back-to-back)
Air time: Saturday 20:45 (4 episodes back-to-back from ep41-68)


A drama about the love, friendship and success of three women who lost the people they love at the same time and place.

Kang Ha Ri (Kim Joo Hyun) is a part-time stationary store worker. Min Deul Re (Jang Seo Hee) was a popular actress, but she isn’t so popular these days. Kim Eun Hyang (Oh Yoon Ah) use to be a secretary but now she focuses on raising her daughter. These three women lose their most loved ones around the same time. Even though they are not related, they rely on each other to get through the tough times.


Main Cast

Jang Seo Hee as Min Deul Re
Oh Yoon Ah as Kim Eun Hyang
Kim Joo Hyun as Kang Ha Ri
Dasom as Yang Dal Hee
Lee Ji Hoon as Seol Ki Chan
Hong Dong Young as Ki Chan (child)
Jo Yoon Woo as Goo Se Joon
– Lee Shi Hoon (이시훈) as Se Joon (child)

Dinosaur Group

Kim Soo Mi as Sa Gun Ja
Son Chang Min as Goo Pil Mo
Byun Jung Soo as Go Pil Sun
Yang Jung Ah as Lee Kye Hwa
Song Jong Ho as Jo Hwan Seung
Son Yeo Eun as Goo Sek Young
Kim Seung Han as Cho Yong Ha

Kang Ha Ri’s family

Ahn Nae Sang as Na Dae In
Hwang Young Hee as Goo Sang Mi
Lee Jae Jin as Na Jae Dong
Oh Ah Rin as Jin Hong Si
Jin Ji Hee as Kang Ha Se

Kim Eun Hyang’s Family

Park Kwang Hyun as Cho Tae Soo


Song Bo Eun
Sung Byung Sook
Sung Hyuk as Jae Il
Choi Dae Chul as Jo Geum Man (ep.11-12)
Kim Hyung Min as Lee Joong Sung

Production Credits

Production Company: FNC Entertainment
Chief Producer: Lee Yong Suk
Director: Choi Young Hoon
Screenwriter: Kim Soon Ok


2017 SBS Drama Awards: Rookie Awards (Actress) – Kim Da Som (Unni is Alive)
2017 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actress (Daily/Weekend Drama) – Son Yeo Eun (Unni Is Alive)
2017 SBS Drama Awards: Excellence Actor (Daily/Weekend Drama) – Ahn Nae Sang (Unni Is Alive)
2017 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actress (Daily/Weekend Drama) – Jang Seo Hee (Unni is Alive)
2017 SBS Drama Awards: Top Excellence Actor (Daily/Weekend Drama) – Son Chang Min (Unni is Alive)

Episode Ratings

2017-04-1516.1 (19th)6.4 (16th)6.6 (14th)7.1 (14th)
2017-04-1528.0 (10th)8.6 (8th)8.7 (7th)9.4 (6th)
2017-04-2236.1 (17th)7.0 (15th)6.1 (17th)6.8 (15th)
2017-04-2248.8 (10th)9.7 (6th)8.5 (9th)9.2 (7th)
2017-04-2956.0 (16th)7.3 (12th)6.5 (15th)6.6 (14th)
2017-04-2969.3 (9th)11.2 (4th)10.1 (4th)10.3 (5th)
2017-05-0676.8 (13th)7.5 (11th)7.1 (14th)7.7 (12th)
2017-05-06811.1 (3rd)12.5 (3rd)12.2 (4th)12.4 (3rd)
2017-05-1396.5 (14th)7.3 (13th)6.7 (15th)7.2 (13th)
2017-05-131010.5 (5th)10.8 (5th)12.0 (2nd)12.6 (2nd)
2017-05-20118.1 (10th)8.7 (5th)8.7 (7th)9.2 (5th)
2017-05-20129.4 (6th)10.6 (3rd)10.9 (2nd)11.5 (2nd)
2017-05-27136.4 (15th)7.9 (8th)7.1 (13th)7.8 (10th)
2017-05-271410.5 (4th)10.5 (3rd)12.6 (2nd)13.9 (2nd)
2017-06-03157.5 (13th)9.0 (6th)7.4 (13th)7.6 (11th)
2017-06-031612.7 (2nd)13.7 (2nd)13.4 (2nd)14.1 (2nd)
2017-06-10177.1 (12th)8.0 (7th)7.9 (8th)8.6 (7th)
2017-06-101812.0 (2nd)12.6 (3rd)12.4 (2nd)13.3 (2nd)
2017-06-17196.6 (15th)7.2 (10th)7.3 (12th)7.7 (9th)
2017-06-172011.2 (2nd)12.2 (3rd)12.6 (2nd)12.9 (3rd)
2017-06-24216.7 (17th)7.9 (10th)6.7 (18th)7.1 (14th)
2017-06-242211.4 (3rd)13.1 (2nd)12.5 (3rd)13.4 (2nd)
2017-07-01237.2 (14th)8.0 (11th)8.4 (10th)9.0 (9th)
2017-07-012410.9 (5th)11.2 (4th)13.6 (2nd)14.3 (2nd)
2017-07-08259.8 (9th)10.4 (6th)9.5 (8th)10.4 (6th)
2017-07-082615.0 (2nd)15.7 (3rd)14.4 (3rd)15.7 (3rd)
2017-07-15279.0 (12th)10.8 (6th)9.2 (10th)10.2 (7th)
2017-07-152814.5 (3rd)16.0 (3rd)15.5 (2nd)16.8 (2nd)
2017-07-22299.6 (8th)10.8 (5th)10.2 (5th)11.5 (5th)
2017-07-223015.8 (2nd)16.8 (2nd)17.9 (2nd)19.7 (2nd)
2017-07-293110.6 (8th)11.0 (5th)9.7 (7th)10.9 (5th)
2017-07-293216.8 (2nd)17.0 (2nd)15.8 (2nd)17.2 (2nd)
2017-08-053310.1 (5th)10.2 (5th)10.5 (5th)11.2 (4th)
2017-08-053416.1 (2nd)16.0 (2nd)17.9 (2nd)19.1 (2nd)
2017-08-12359.9 (6th)10.5 (5th)10.2 (4th)11.1 (4th)
2017-08-123616.9 (2nd)17.3 (2nd)17.6 (2nd)18.5 (2nd)
2017-08-193710.4 (5th)11.0 (5th)12.4 (4th)13.3 (4th)
2017-08-193818.3 (2nd)19.4 (2nd)19.5 (2nd)21.0 (2nd)
2017-08-263911.3 (4th)12.5 (4th)10.9 (5th)11.9 (4th)
2017-08-264018.3 (2nd)19.1 (2nd)19.0 (2nd)20.3 (2nd)
2017-09-024110.9 (5th)12.1 (5th)12.0 (5th)13.4 (5th)
2017-09-024216.5 (4th)17.6 (3rd)17.7 (4th)19.4 (4th)
2017-09-024317.5 (3rd)18.2 (2nd)18.4 (3rd)19.9 (2nd)
2017-09-024418.3 (2nd)18.6 (1st)19.3 (2nd)20.8 (1st)
2017-09-09458.7 (8th)10.0 (5th)9.7 (6th)11.3 (5th)
2017-09-094616.9 (4th)17.8 (4th)17.7 (4th)19.1 (4th)
2017-09-094718.3 (3rd)18.8 (3rd)19.6 (3rd)20.9 (3rd)
2017-09-094819.7 (2nd)20.0 (1st)21.1 (2nd)22.3 (1st)
2017-09-164911.8 (5th)13.5 (5th)12.0 (5th)13.2 (5th)
2017-09-165018.8 (4th)19.8 (3rd)19.4 (4th)20.5 (4th)
2017-09-165119.8 (3rd)19.6 (4th)20.5 (3rd)21.7 (3rd)
2017-09-165225.2 (2nd)20.6 (2nd)20.9 (2nd)22.0 (2nd)
2017-09-235310.7 (6th)11.7 (5th)10.2 (6th)10.7 (5th)
2017-09-235417.8 (4th)18.8 (4th)18.1 (4th)18.8 (4th)
2017-09-235520.4 (3rd)21.7 (3rd)20.4 (3rd)21.5 (2nd)
2017-09-235621.0 (2nd)22.4 (1st)20.5 (2nd)21.5 (2nd)
2017-09-305713.0 (5th)14.5 (5th)12.8 (5th)13.8 (5th)
2017-09-305819.0 (4th)20.1 (4th)19.1 (4th)20.2 (4th)
2017-09-305920.5 (3rd)21.7 (2nd)21.1 (3rd)22.0 (3rd)
2017-09-306020.8 (2nd)22.4 (1st)21.2 (2nd)22.5 (2nd)
2017-10-07617.4 (10th)8.8 (7th)8.2 (11th)9.3 (7th)
2017-10-076217.9 (4th)18.5 (4th)18.5 (4th)20.2 (4th)
2017-10-076320.0 (3rd)20.7 (2nd)20.4 (3rd)21.8 (3rd)
2017-10-076422.1 (2nd)22.6 (1st)22.6 (2nd)23.8 (2nd)
2017-10-146512.9 (5th)15.0 (5th)13.6 (5th)15.1 (5th)
2017-10-146620.5 (4th)22.6 (4th)21.3 (4th)23.1 (4th)
2017-10-146723.2 (2nd)24.4 (1st)24.0 (2nd)24.8 (2nd)
2017-10-146823.3 (3rd)23.7 (2nd)23.5 (3rd)24.3 (3rd)

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

*** Different between TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielson – Here


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  1. 1 : tigerb Says:


  2. 2 : Stick War Games Says:

    im waiting…just think like noble, my love…

  3. 3 : Mai Tuong Says:

    I really wanna try this one out because of Kim Joo Hyun. Who will pair with her as love interest, anyone know?

  4. 4 : aznative Says:

    Check the link to see if “Unni Is Alive” is available in your region.


  5. 5 : Oleazo Says:

    What a show? 1 hr staring at the drama and wth? I don’t know what is going on there? The three complicated women hard to predict and look like no connections with each others but already given me a shock accident. I don’t think I should continue to waste my times to watch this drama. There are a lot of good dramas at the same times on air.

  6. 6 : Windsun33 Says:

    Watched first two episodes – This is a throwback to the total over the top ridiculous makjang plots of a few years ago. I may watch more just because all the plot holes and stupidity are kind of like SNL.

  7. 7 : Adagio Says:

    This one is not stitched together well. Too much going on but little to hold my interest.

  8. 8 : Galuh Says:

    I like the story. Love love love. Min deul lee, kang ha ri, and eun hyang. Especialy min deul lee and goo pil mo, love both of you…

  9. 9 : instagram online Says:

    The poster looks very good. Hope Dasom will succeed with her new drama. Thank you for sharing the information.

  10. 10 : Winifreda tiu Says:

    Very nice drama. Cant wait for the next episode. Have to wait for another week for new episode. It always makes me thrill at the end of each episode. Just like watching “prison break season 1” , end of each episode always left you hanging. A must watch korean drama for all korean drama lovers. Hated the most is the role of dal hee. Not a good actress, over-acting, the evil and the ugliest woman in the drama. ( SORRY DAL HEE)

  11. 11 : OK OK OK Says:

    wow good ratings. I am going to watch 😛

  12. 12 : Fatom Says:

    Why I found all this drama which got good ratings are the worst and boring drama? This drama, all the casts cannot act, very weird and crazy storyline but what I like is the good ones fight with the bad ones and their stupid revenges at all times with each others, that’s all.

  13. 13 : Sassysora Says:

    very fun and can’t wait to see next episode. This drama is good storyline. At the first i don’t like all the casts but i heard that this drama is very famous in Korean so i decide to watched it then i love all characters.

  14. 14 : gg Says:

    go go go !!! fighting !!

  15. 15 : Ninjalamb Says:

    Oh my goodness what a great finale, story is very touching and heart wrenching but everything comes to a good closure. The evil characters are totally wipe out although in real life the situation may not be the way it is written but the whole drama has been well written. Well done to the cast, they have done a tremendous job in portraying the characters. A great watch and ending.

  16. 16 : Sister is Alive (Unni Is Alive) (2017) Complete - Asiautaf Says:

    […] is Alive (2017) Complete 1080p HDTV AAC x264-NEXT Subtitle: English asianwiki.com/Unni_Is_Alive koreandrama.org/unni-is-alive/ […]

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