Beyond the Clouds

Beyond the Clouds


Total votes: 1792

Screenwriter: Heo Sung Hye

Aired on: Feb 17, 2014

Total Episodes: 16

Network: KBS2

Duration: 60 min.

Year: 2014

Country: South Korea

Native Title: 태양은 가득히

Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older

Alternative Titles: Taeyangeun Gadeughi, The Full Sun, Taeyangeun Gadeukh, Taeyangeun Gadeukhee

Genre: Crime, Drama, Melodrama, Romance, Thriller


Jung Se Ro is a hardworking young man who works multiple part-time jobs while studying for the foreign civil service exam. His father is a petty criminal and a con man, and their family lives a transient life because of his deals, currently staying in Thailand.
Despite wanting an honest life for himself, Se Ro’s dreams are shattered on the night of a glamorous jewel exhibition opening in Bangkok. His father diesin an incident involving stolen diamonds, and because Se Ro was at the scene when another man was shot, he is accused and arrested for tragic end. After spending five years in a Thai prison, upon his release, he takes up a new identity and becomes a con-man just like his father. He joins a ring of jewel smugglers led by Park Kang Jae, with whom he shares a brotherly bond. Kang Jae was raised like a son by Se Ro’s father, who taught him all the tricks of the trade. But Kang Jae has harbored lifelong jealousy towards the real son, which is stoked further when the woman he loves, smuggling accomplice Seo Jae In, also falls for Se Ro.
Then Se Ro meets Han Young Won, the cold-hearted heiress to a jewelry brand. She was madly in love with her fiancé Gong Woo Jin and had closed herself off after his death. But Se Ro draws her out into the world, while Young Won gives him a reason to live when he had all but given up. They fall in love, not knowing that the man Se Ro was accused of terminate had been Young Won’s fiance. His love for her becomes his punishment, but also his salvation.


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