Matthew Dean

Matthew Dean is a Thai actor, singer and model, and professional Muay Thai boxer, born in Australia of mixed British-Thai descent. His mother met his father while at university in Australia and the rest is history. Since he was a kid, Deane had been coming to Thailand for summer holidays where he would train Muay Thai. He has a background in martial arts, having earned himself a black belt in Shoto-Kai Karate. He graduated high school in Australia, and later from Rangsit University in Thailand. When Deane finished high school he came to Thailand to explore, but he never ended up going back to Australia. From there, his life took a very interesting turn when he was scouted to be a model.

His uncle, Ajarn Chai Sirisute, was the first person to take Muay Thai to the United States, way back in 1968. Having fought and trained extensively in Thailand, he took his knowledge abroad teaching groups as varied as the Hell’s Angels, and government agencies. He also worked strength and conditioning with the Dallas Cowboys and founded the Thai Boxing Association, or TBA as it’s known in the Muay Thai circuit.

After acting, he took a job with MTV Thailand that then kick-started his MC career in Muay Thai. Fluent in both Thai and English, the transition was natural. He started with Thai Fight but also worked for Kunlun, Super Muay Thai, and Petchyindee to name a few. He is currently working with True4U, a more traditional Muay Thai weekly broadcast.

He owns a gym called Khongsittha.

He is married to actress/singer Lydia Sarunrat Visutthithada. He has a daughter named Demi and two sons, Delon and Deon

(Source: ViceSports, Instagram)

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Matthew Dean Facts

Native Name: แมทธิว ดีน ฉันทวานิช

Birth Name: Matthew Dean

Nationality:  Australian

Birth Date: August 29, 1978

Gender: Male

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