ZE:A Korean Dramas & Movies

Six Sense (2020)

Sixth Sense

Rank #96

Korea’s top stars have gathered to really use their sixth sense. Each week they will encounter the hottest places or people and have to distinguish one fake set-up. The production...

Busted 2 (2019)

Busted Season 2

Rank #136

Amateur detectives attempt to untangle a string of mystifying cases, which may be connected to an enigmatic figure known as the Flower terminateer. (Source: Netflix)...

I-LAND (2020)


Rank #401

23 young male K-pop trainees, born between 1997 and 2006, attempt to become the hottest new thing in global pop music. The trainee group has been working toward its big...

Master Key (2017)

Master Key

Rank #1388

The top stars will become attractive game players in order to participate in upgraded games, which are different from the former ones in other TV shows. All the players should...

Celebrity Bromance (2016)

Celebrity Bromance

Rank #1448

Celebrity Bromance portrays star friendships, and is filmed the “paparazzi – style” from a distance to allow the cast members to feel less overwhelmed by cameras....

The Red Sleeve Talk Show

Rank #1639

The special program will gather the cast members who made “The Red Sleeve” shine including 2PM’s Lee Junho, Lee Se Young, Lee Deok Hwa, and more. In addition, to showing...

Abnormal Summit: Season 1 (2014)

Abnormal Summit Season 1

Rank #1871

The show features a panel of non-Korean men, living in South Korea, who debate on various topics and “Korean culture, through the eyes of a foreigner,” in a talk show...

The Boss is Watching (2016)

The Boss Is Watching

Rank #1937

“The Boss is Watching” is an SBS’s special show to celebrate the Lunar New Year. In the program participated 120 idols from 20 different K-Pop groups and each group competed...

We Got Married Global Edition: Season 1 (2013)

We Got Married Global Edition Season 1

Rank #2866

A global edition spinoff of the widely popular We Got Married, get to see how the on-screen virtual marriage between celebrities from different countries work out through weekly missions and...

I-LAND: Special (2020)

I-LAND: Special

Rank #2965

A special episode aired on I-LAND’s break....

Escape Idols 2 (2020)

Escape Idols Season 2

Rank #35257

Returned more vividly, more fun, and more intensely. Escape Room Reality shot *24 HOURS LIVE* ‘ESCAPE IDOLS 2’ with Kim Dong Han, CIX Hyunsuk, JBJ95 Sanggyun, A.C.E Byeongkwan, Hong Jin...

My Working Vlog (2021)

My Working Vlog

Rank #36289

Let us peek into the lives of Korean workers, how they live and make their money, through this ‘worker vlog’ program. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Nego King (2020)

Nego King Season 1

Rank #36628

From the same PD of ‘Wassup Man’ and ‘Work Man’, ‘Nego King’ is a web variety show where Hwang Kwang Hee, from ‘Infinite Challenge’, is the Nego King, the king...

Gag Concert (1999)

Gag Concert

Rank #36756

Gag Concert is a South Korean sketch-comedy television show more commonly known as Gag Con. It began airing on September 4, 1999, and aired its last episode on June 26,...

Mickey Mouse Club (2015)

Mickey Mouse Club

Rank #36835

This is the S.Korean version of the American variety program Mickey Mouse Club . Except for the United States, which produced the Mickey Mouse Club, S.Korea became the first foreign...

Soo Mi's Side Dishes (2018)

Soo Mi’s Side Dishes

Rank #36961

In this cooking/variety show, actress Kim Soo Mi shows famous celebrity chefs how to make delicious traditional Korean side dishes. It will give you a chance to rediscover the reasons...

Late Night Ghost Talk (2021)

Midnight Horror Story Season 1

Rank #37117

The hosts read the scariest horror stories submitted by the public, searching for the best horror storyteller with the spookiest story winning a final prize of 444,444 won. (Source: HaEl987...

Pink Festa (2019)

Pink Festa

Rank #37194

“Pink Festa” is a new beauty talk show that will introduce viewers to the beauty products favored and recommended by various Korean celebrities. Using real-life demonstrations, the program will teach...

Human Condition (2012)

Human Condition

Rank #37229

This variety show follows the cast members around whilst they aim to complete the assigned mission of the week. The missions tend to act as social experiments about issues in...

Nego King Season 4

Rank #37560

From the same PD of Wassup Man and Work Man, “Nego King” is a web variety show where the host is the Nego King, the king of negotiation. Interacting with...