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Krystal: Charging Crystals (2021)

Krystal: Charging Crystals

Rank #36006

‘CHARGING CRYSTALS’, a vlog series containing Krystal’s simple daily life. It will show Krystal enjoying her staying-at-home life at the beginning of the year and then leaving for Jeju Island...

Night Watcher (2015)

Night Watcher

Rank #43350

A man who works at a general facilities center watches a pharmacist in a pharmacy across from his store. The protagonist witnesses a suspicious man chasing a pharmacist after the...

Haunted Place (2019)

Haunted Place

Rank #44066

Two Ghost Hunting YouTuber goes to Gonjiam...

Metamorphoses (2011)


Rank #54368

Oh Sung Gil is a budding comic artist who suffers in a slump, so-called Writer’s Block. Trying to get out of a slump, Sung Gil drives his mom’s car to...

11:55 PM (2018)


Rank #55199

A woman gets home after working all night for someone to begin ringing her doorbell at 11:55 pm....

11:55 PM Vol.2 (2021)

11:55 PM Vol.2

Rank #58472

“Urban Legend of 11:55PM and Night Cab!” One night. Five minutes before midnight. A high school girl is standing at the bus stop. A taxi is approaching her…...

Nightshift (2019)


Rank #58995


Polaroid (2018)


Rank #59032

The urban legend of Polaroid. (YouTube)...

Yellow Dead (2019)

Yellow Dead

Rank #59150

This short horror film is about a tourist traveling in Japan who has been missing since he saw a yellow suitcase. (Source: YouTube)...

Apartment (2019)


Rank #59587

A girl falls in love with beauty of “Apartment” and seeks to buy it but she didn’t know what would be coming for her. (YouTube)...

Crank Up (2010)

Crank Up

Rank #99999

Kim Gab Su is a film directing student. After finishing his workshop, Gab Su and Oh Sung Gil, being the two left at the location, decide to start drinking, Gab...