Xdinary Heroes Korean Dramas & Movies

Xdinary Days (2022)

Xdinary Days

Rank #34870

Korean boyband Xdinary Heroes released ‘Xdinary Days’, a video content that gives us a glimpse into their small and peaceful daily life and is attracting attention with a different charm...

Xdinary Heroes: Xtra Files (2021)

Xdinary Heroes: Xtra Files

Rank #34979

Korean band Xdinary Heroes releases some “xtra” behind the scenes during their promotions with their debut single “Happy Death Day” from episodes 1 to 10. Episode 11 onwards features “xtra”...

Jaechan's Dream (2022)

Jaechan’s Dream

Rank #35126

Time for precious conversation for everyone who dreams. This time, it’s a dream for you and me. (Source: Korean = now.naver.com || Translation = MyDramaList)...

XH's Rock the World (2022)

XH’s Rock the World

Rank #35589

Xdinary Heroes members, fire-armil, Jungsu, Gaon, O.de, Jun Han, and Jooyeon, who are united with the spirit of rookies, radiate a runaway sense of entertainment in ‘Rock The World’ with...

Xdinary Heroes: XQXA

Rank #36500

XQXA is a show where two members of Xdinary Heroes at a time are chatting in an online chat room. They use various nicknames in the chat room while conversing...