Writer Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Confession of Murder (2012)

Confession of Murder

Rank #1445

After the statute of limitation expires on the tragic ends he has committed, Lee Doo Suk publishes an autobiography, “I’m A criminal”, describing all his tragic ends in great detail....

Drama Special Season 5: Bride in Sneakers

Drama Special Season 5: Bride in Sneakers

Rank #3557

Park Bo Kyung boards the subway wearing a wedding dress paired with sneakers, and Jang Hee Sun’s the man who photographs her and uploads the pictures to Twitter. She’s a...


Rank #3574

Twin brothers pair up to uncover the truth stemming from a tragic end occurring 22 years ago. The siblings, best-selling mystery novelist Woo Shin and public prosecutor Soo Hyun, find...

Ex-Girlfriend Club

Ex-Girlfriend Club

Rank #4378

Bang Myeong Soo is a popular writer of webtoons. He then writes a webtoon series about his past relationships, specifically his four ex-girlfriends, which includes an older, wealthy divorcee, a...

Individual Circumstances (2023)

Individual Circumstances

Rank #4723

Ha Yeon Woo was once the toast of Chungmuro – Seoul, South Korea’s answer to America’s Hollywood. As a maverick young movie director, his debut film was a massive hit...

Happy Ending Romance

Rank #5146

Cha Jung Woo might have had a bright future as a writer, had he not been unable to stay silent after witnessing bribery among his seniors. Unfortunately, by choosing to...

Imaginary Cat

Imaginary Cat

Rank #6096

Hyun Jong Hyun is a webtoon writer and works part-time at a bookstore. He always dreamed of working as a webtoon writer, but he has difficulties due to his stubborn...

Wind-Bell (2019)


Rank #6855

Set in backdrops of Seoul’s most popular tourist spots including Han River and Bukchon, it is a story about a writer, named Daniel, who was adopted to the US when...

A Muse (2012)

A Muse

Rank #7381

Lee Jeok Yo is a highly respected national poet in his 70s. His thirtysomething assistant Seo Ji Woo has recently published his first book, described as a genre novel with...

Scarlet Innocence

Scarlet Innocence

Rank #7840

20-year old Deok Yi’s quiet small-town life gets exciting when a former University Professor, Hak Kyu, moves in, running from the scandal of a intimate harassment allegation. He works as...

Love Fiction (2012)

Love Fiction

Rank #8030

A timid writer meets an attractive woman and falls in love at first sight. Ku Joo Wol found success after publishing his first novel. But since then, he has been...

The Miracle Brothers

Rank #34659

A mystery drama about warm friendship and humanity unfolds when Dong Joo, a passionate young man who only has debt meets Kang San, an unidentified boy with mysterious abilities. (Source:...

A Single Spark (1995)

A Single Spark

Rank #41872

Wanted by the police for his history of student activism, Kim Young Soo is writing the biography of Jeon Taeil, a worker at a clothing factory in Cheonggyecheon who opened...

Perhaps Love (2021)

Perhaps Love

Rank #44295

A comedy about a best selling writer named Hyeon who’s been in the slumps for 7 years meeting a wannabe writer Yoo Jin. (Source: HanCinema)...

Parallel novel (2016)

Parallel Novel

Rank #44542

The writer is writing a novel with a pencil. The main female character in the novel falls in love, becomes estranged, and finally breaks up with a man. She then...

Drama Stage Season 1: Assistant Manager Park's Private Life (2017)

Drama Stage Season 1: Assistant Manager Park’s Private Life

Rank #47613

Park Jong Hyuk works as an assistant manager at a construction company. At night, he writes romance online novels under the pen name of “Mirinae.” Yet, Jong Hyuk has never...

True Fiction (2018)

True Fiction

Rank #48491

A story that gets caught up in an irreversible incident when an MP’s son-in-law and mayor candidate Kyung Seok takes a trip with his girlfriend Ji Yeong to a vacation...

Drama Special Season 7: Noodle House Girl (2016)

Drama Special Season 7: Noodle House Girl

Rank #49551

Jin Woo lives an ordinary life after he gave up on his dream of becoming a novelist. One day, he receives news that his senior who graduated from the same...

2021 Summer Drama Collage: Monster Mansion (2021)

2021 Summer Drama Collage: Monster Mansion

Rank #50918

An omnibus work that captures the strange and eerie real-life horror that happens while webtoon writer Ji Woo reports on the abandoned apartment Gwanglim Mansion. (Source: Naver)...

Glass Garden (2017)

Glass Garden

Rank #51116

Jae Yeon is a researcher in the field of artificial blood and a doctoral student. Her life is veiled. Bumped between contradiction of reality and her own ideals, she ignores...

Villain and Widow

Villain and Widow

Rank #53679

Hyun Joo is sick and tired of her boring daily life. Her middle school aged daughter is not happy with herself. To make matters worse for Hyun Joo, she finds...

The Spring In My Life (2016)

The Spring In My Life

Rank #56466

A short narrative of a man torn between his intimate identity and the happiness of his family Gu Bo is a beloved father and husband, but also a writer who...

The Avian Kind

The Avian Kind

Rank #59696

A novelist has spent years searching for his missing wife. He wrote a novel about his experience. A woman, who read his novel, finds the novelist in an isolated area....

Horror and Romance

Horror and Romance

Rank #99999

Tells the romance of a writer of horror stories who wants to know what is love and the writer of romance who hates horror stories. Bang Woo Ri is a...