WEi Korean Dramas & Movies

Prison Life of Fools (2019)

Prison Life of Fools

Rank #760

“Prison Life of Fools” (literal translation) is a variety show where the cast members will divide themselves into different teams and play various games to find the hidden “mafia” member....

Love Catcher in Bali

Rank #1183

Kicking off with season 4, “Love Catcher” will take place in Bali, a fascinating island, to catch the love and money catchers as they play a psychological love game to...

UNDER19 (2018)


Rank #2542

This show introduces singers, rappers, dancers and also people who are able to produce music or choreography. The goal of this show is to create a new-generation K-pop group with...

YG Treasure Box (2018)

YG Treasure Box

Rank #2955

In this survival show, YG Entertainment introduces all their male trainees in the agency. YG Treasure Box determines the member selection of YG’s new boy group that debuted in 2020....

Idol Ability Market (2020)

Idol Ability Market

Rank #35063

At the Idol Ability Market, idol groups must “sell” their talents to the pawn shop owner in order to earn coins. The more coins the group earns, the more time...

Oui Go Up 3 Behind (2021)

Oui Go Up Season 3 Behind

Rank #35077

Bonus clips from Oui Go Up 3 (2021) variety show....

ARCHIVE X (2019)


Rank #35135


Oui Go Up 2: First Sight Behind (2021)

Oui Go Up Season 2: First Sight Behind

Rank #35201

This is the ‘behind’ of the second reality show for OUI Entertainment’s boy group, WEi....

Escape Idols 2 (2020)

Escape Idols Season 2

Rank #35257

Returned more vividly, more fun, and more intensely. Escape Room Reality shot *24 HOURS LIVE* ‘ESCAPE IDOLS 2’ with Kim Dong Han, CIX Hyunsuk, JBJ95 Sanggyun, A.C.E Byeongkwan, Hong Jin...

Oui Go Up (2020)

Oui Go Up Season 1

Rank #35478

Variety show of a pre debut boy group WEi under OUI Entertainment...

Dogs Are Incredible (2019)

Dogs Are Incredible

Rank #35895

Korea’s “Comedy King,” Lee Gyeong Gyu, who’s also known for his love for dogs and the country’s most famous dog expert, Kang Hyung Wook, team up to study how the...

iMERA (2020)


Rank #35904

Behind the scenes videos and moments of K-Pop group WEi. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Oui Go Up 2: First Sight (2021)

Oui Go Up Season 2: First Sight

Rank #36094

The second reality show for OUI Entertainment’s boy group, WEi....

Wonderland (2019)


Rank #36122

Members of Under Nineteen‘s debuting boy group 1THE9 showed off unexpected charms and new sides of themselves. The reality show, premiered ahead of the boys’ upcoming debut on April 12,...

Will This Work?: Melon Station (2021)

Will This Work?: Melon Station

Rank #36207

Golden Child’s Lee Jang Jun and AB6IX’s Jeon Woong interview various guests. (Source: MyDramaList)...

Cash Back (2020)

Cash Back

Rank #36267

The program is a new large-scale sports variety show that takes place on a set that’s over 1,200 pyeong (42,700 square feet). Three athletes who compete at the national level...

K-Bob Star (2020)

K-Bob Star

Rank #36346

The show invites idols who are making a comeback to eat with Lee Young Ja and Kim Sook at a rural farmhouse where they will discuss music and eat customized...

Chick High Kick (2021)

Chick High Kick

Rank #36387


Oui Go Up 3 (2021)

Oui Go Up Season 3

Rank #36454

The third reality show for OUI Entertainment’s boy group, WEi. (Source: ellen at MyDramaList)...

Idol League: Season 3 (2020)

Idol League Season 3

Rank #36576

A program that interviews idols each week....

Just Be Joyful JBJ (2017)

Just Be Joyful JBJ

Rank #36599

The reality show follows a new idol group JBJ’s transformation from trainees to an official idol group while showing each member’s daily life as an ordinary young adult taking an...

X1 Flash (2019)

X1 Flash

Rank #36603

“X1 FLASH” will follow the members as they prepare for their debut, and will also give a glimpse into their real lives and honest emotions. (Source: Soompi)...

We K-POP (2019)


Rank #36702

K-Pop is now enjoyed by people all around the globe. An in-depth variety show where K-Pop stars perform, talk and greet their fans. ‘We K-pop’ – of the fans, by...