Weeekly Korean Dramas & Movies

The First Date: Season 2 (2020)

The First Date Season 2

Rank #35068

A friendship project for female idol singers, The First Date! This time, a real successful fan made her dream come true! A true Orbit, Jihan from Weeekly cried again after...

Weee:mergency (2021)


Rank #35075

A mini series following the group partake in various games and concepts. (Source: Reaper at MyDramaList)...

weee:kloud (2020)


Rank #35470

Weee:kloud (stylized as weee:kloud or WEEE:KLOUD) is a show starring Weeekly. Join Weeekly in Behind the Scenes of their MVs, jacket shoots and more !...

My 1st Time in My Life (2021)

My 1st Time in My Life

Rank #35490

There has been no such idol group like this yet. Is this an entertainment show or the reality?! From the hot debut (?) on Cheonggyesan Mountain to the unexpected existence,...

Weeekly's Pension Vacation (2021)

Weeekly’s Pension Vacation

Rank #35668

Weeekly’s new reality by TenseanTV, sponsored by Davich Optical. Follow Weeekly in their pension vacation where they stay in a house and play games, eat, sleep and relax! (Source: Xavier...

PlayM Hard Training Team (2020)

PlayM Hard Training Team

Rank #36665

Pre-debut reality shows for PlayM’s next girl group Weeekly, in this series they go through “training” to prepare them before their upcoming debut....

We Clear (2020)

We Clear

Rank #36682

The new show will be a healing four-part series where the members will try to clear their bucket list through various missions. (Source: Koreaboo)...

The Show (2011)

The Show

Rank #36868

“The Show” is a South Korean music television program broadcast by SBS MTV....

Idol House (2020)

Idol House

Rank #37471

# The production crew will prepare, who will play? Music time, recreation time, party time and snack time! armed with a honey jam corner! Idols just spend time playing, eating,...

Show Champion (2012)

Show Champion

Rank #37908

Show Champion is a weekly music show broadcast by MBC Music....

Double Trouble

Rank #40726

A music contest program in which 10 ‘uncontrollable’ idols representing the music industry compete for the ‘best duet’ spot. (Source: Naver)...

My Boyfriend Is Better

Rank #40901

It is the first gamble-based singing show where the participants invest in their boyfriends. Girlfriends must invest in the boyfriends who are likely to sing better and win the prize...

My Ahjussi Kkon Dae Hee (2021)

My Ahjussi Kkon Dae Hee

Rank #44782

“I’m not even 60 yet! “Just call me an ahjussi.” 58-year-old oldest, Dae Hee. It’s been a long time since his wife Bong Seon and son Dong Min came home,...

TMI News Season 2 (2021)

TMI News Season 2

Rank #47067

In each episode, one or two topics are discussed, and idols (or programs/situations/places/songs) are ranked according to the topic. (Source: Wikipedia)...

Spend to Survive (2022)

Spend to Survive

Rank #99999



Rank #99999



Rank #99999


Yuju is Halli Queen

Rank #99999

Yuju from GFriend must play and win five rounds of Halli Galli game against various guests to be crowned Halli Galli queen. (Source: MyDramaList)...