Wedding Korean Dramas & Movies

On Your Wedding Day (2018)

On Your Wedding Day

Rank #1622

Do you remember your first love? This is the story of Woo Yeon, a man who sees his only love as Seung Hee, a girl who believes in falling in...

The Best Ending (2019)

The Best Ending

Rank #3421

A year after parting, a successful Woong and Min Chae meet again! They don’t have money, but they stick together all the time and get ready to be married. (Source:...

Welcome to Wedding Hell

Rank #7159

A relatable tale about a couple in their 30s preparing for marriage. Expecting a fairy tale ending, the reality proves to be somewhat different. From the meeting of their families to...

May 14th (2018)

May 14th

Rank #40113

One day in May, Min Jung spends her birthday alone. celebrating her older sister’s wedding....

Gull (2020)


Rank #42151

Oh Bok, a market vendor in Seoul, is conflicted due to the redevelopment project. On the day of the meeting of her eldest daughter’s husband-to-be family, she has an incident....

The Birth of a Married Woman (2016)

The Birth of a Married Woman

Rank #43426

The drama tells stories about wedding planning with a great deal of details that nobody has told you so far....

Family Plan (2016)

Family Plan

Rank #45308

Nine years ago, two high school girls in love came up with a whimsical idea to have a child together who would resemble both of them. Now one of them...

Wedding (2017)


Rank #45819

Hearing-impaired Ji Hwan attends the wedding of his high school best friend, Song Hoon. As the ceremony takes place, Ji Hwan replays in his mind a particular moment from the...

Sex of Magic

Sex of Magic

Rank #58396

Everything seems to be going right for young Sung-Bin. He’s got looks, money, a good job, and a beautiful fiancee. Only one thing is missing: he can’t satisfy his wife...