Wanna One Korean Dramas & Movies

AB4U: Season 2 (2020)

AB4U Season 2

Rank #37537


Street Woman Fighter Special Highlight (2021)

Street Woman Fighter Special Highlight

Rank #37849

It is a highlight of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’ episodes 1 through 4. The highlight episode contains moments that gained a lot of attention and sparked a ‘street dance’ and...

Law of the Jungle in Lost Jungle & Island (2019)

Law of the Jungle in Lost Jungle & Island

Rank #37928

Law of the Jungle is a South Korean reality-documentary show that airs on SBS. Each episode features celebrities sent to survive in remote locations around the world. The show was...

AB4U (2020)

AB4U Season 1

Rank #37999


Bu:QUEST of AB6IX (2020)


Rank #38021

AB6IX’s journey for smurfs...

Law of the Jungle - Pioneers (2021)

Law of the Jungle – Pioneers

Rank #38373

Law of the Jungle is a hybrid reality show combining elements of drama and documentary. The show is hosted by comedian Kim Byung Man, and each episode invites various celebrities...

K-RUSH: Season 2 (2017)

K-RUSH Season 2

Rank #38393

Season 2 of KBS World Idol Show K-RUSH...

Play Seoul (2020)

Play Seoul

Rank #38430

Is a program where influential K-pop stars around the world communicate with global fans in real time and experience Seoul on their behalf. (Source: Naver)...

Idol Variety Corps Camp (2020)

Idol Variety Corps Camp

Rank #39186

“Idol Variety Corps Camp” will give fans the chance to watch stars improve their variety show sterminates through various training exercises that will sharpen their endurance, agility, and teamwork. The...

Crazy Recipe Adventure (2021)

Crazy Recipe Adventure

Rank #39305

Find a recipe out of the world that will satisfy your demanding taste buds! A program in which 4 ‘Fresh MC Corps’ meet the culinary masters of the nation in...

We Play: Season 2 (2020)

We Play Season 2

Rank #39609

“We Play” is a unique variety show in which the cast members enjoy AR (augmented reality) games....

Boys' Mind Camp (2020)

Boys’ Mind Camp

Rank #39648

Hosted by Defconn, “Boys’ Mind Camp” will be a healing program that will inspect the idols’ mental states following their competitive auditions and hectic promotions. In addition to a diverse...

Peaceful AB6IX (2021)

Peaceful AB6IX

Rank #39676


Living Together in Empty Room (2017)

Living Together in Empty Room

Rank #39769

The program talks about becoming housemates of the celebrities who are living alone. There is an solo artist (or an artist group) acting as the house owner and one or...

Sing and Stay: Season 2 (2020)

Sing and Stay Season 2

Rank #40063

‘Sing Stay’ is a music live show where talented idol musicians come to visit a guest house to talk about their music and perform live. (Source: Allkpop)...

oh JJAENIE Day (2020)


Rank #40074


Player: Season 2 (2020)

Player Season 2

Rank #40730

“Player 2” is a program where the cast has to solve a mission at a new location every week and avoid the trap of laughter. The cast members are tasked...

We Play (2019)

We Play Season 1

Rank #41764

“We Play” is a unique variety show in which the cast members enjoy AR (augmented reality) games. The story behind the show involves the cast members who are originally part...

Perfect Combi (2019)

Perfect Combi

Rank #42560

A ‘New-Retro’ variety to enjoy various recollecting games and talk back to the childhood where I enjoyed the neighborhood with my best friend. (Source: IDFL)...

Great Seoul Invasion

Rank #43617

A program that actively discovers MZ generation bands with excellent musicality and fosters Korea’s representative global bands. It was planned in anticipation of a new rebellion that Korean bands would be...

Wednesday Music Playlist (2019)

Wednesday Music Playlist

Rank #44432

Wednesday Music Playlist is a South Korean variety show program o tvN. The show feature the 4 cast members enjoying many forgotten and hidden masterpieces and unknown new songs through...