Violence Against Women Korean Dramas & Movies

Snowy Road (2017)

Snowy Road

Rank #1115

The movie depicts the sad and beautiful friendship between two friends: Jong Boon, who was tired of living in poverty during the Japanese occupation, and her pretty and smart friend,...

Witch's Court (2017)

Witch’s Court

Rank #1621

Ma Yi Deum, a materialistic female prosecutor who does not hesitate to use personal attacks, fabricate evidence, and incite perjury in order to win her case is assigned to a...

Princess Aurora (2005)

Princess Aurora

Rank #6002

A particularly vicious and gruesome terminate has taken place in a women’s washroom at a Seoul shopping mall. The victim, a bitchy and unpleasant young woman, given to verbally abusing...


Rank #40413

The story of Yeon Hee who appears to be having a happily married life but is actually experiencing domestic violence. Little by little, Yeon Hee begins to fall into danger...

The Lost Choices

The Lost Choices

Rank #47058

Ji Eun has a speech disorder after losing her parents in a car accident. Nevertheless, she tries hard to overcome her handicap and dreams to become a graphic designer. One...



Rank #56051

Since she flew in a brothel at her age of 17, Young Eun sells her body roaming from here to there until she becomes a shabby middle-aged woman. At first,...

Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women (1999)

Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women

Rank #99999

A powerful and emotional documentary about Korean women forced into intimate servitude by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II. (Source: IMDb)...