Variety Show Korean Dramas & Movies

A Variety Show in Korean TV is a show that has many different segments, usually with celebrity guests and a comedic host. It usually starts with a few sketches and then moves on to activities such as quiz questions, interviews, and variety games, all with the aim of entertaining viewers.

World Dark Tour (2022)

World Dark Tour

Rank #99999

A travel variety show in the form of ‘dark tourism’ that examines the tragic histories and heinous crimes that have taken place around the world. Visit the place where a...

Going to the End (2020)

Going to the End

Rank #99999

A reality show where entertainers explore amazing phenomenon from all over the world and experience them firsthand. It is a documentary that is interesting and touching as well as funny...

Men of the Wind

Rank #99999

National MC Kim Sung Ju, “Tomorrow’s National Singer” winner Park Chang Geun, and familiar K-pop faces perform together in a new outdoor music show that you’ve never seen before! (Source:...

The Era of Bookae

Rank #99999


Yoo Quiz on the Block Season 4 (2022)

Yoo Quiz on the Block Season 4

Rank #99999

Yoo Jae Seok and Jo Se Ho are back with season 4 of “You Quiz on The Block”. More stories to listen to from both celebrities and every day people...

Ho Dong's Camping Zone: Let's Choose (2021)

Ho Dong’s Camping Zone: Let’s Choose

Rank #99999

The camping zone is decorated with a ‘Food zone’ where you can share a special story while eating camping food; ‘Ting zone’ where the romantic love of solo campers blooms;...

Hidden Track: Season 3 (2021)

Hidden Track Season 3

Rank #99999

Like its title, this is a music show that introduces great hidden tracks by K-pop idols....

It's CRAXY Time! (2020)

It’s CRAXY Time!

Rank #99999

Variety that shows every aspect of the entertainment in a crash! This is all about CRAXY playing games with their staff. (Source: CRAXY YT)...

Rewind (2019)


Rank #99999

A new type of game show program based on the concept of ‘Retro’, which has recently become a major trend....

Ssap-Dance: Park Jihoon

Rank #99999

terminateer wink Park Jihoon, is he truly meant to be king? (Source: Universe)...