Up10tion Korean Dramas & Movies

Produce X 101 (2019)

Produce X 101

Rank #1309

Produce X 101 was the fourth season of Mnet’s reality television talent competition franchise Produce 101. The public (called ‘national producers’) “produces” a boy band by choosing 11 members among...

ARCHIVE X (2019)


Rank #35135


Friendship Tour: Like It (2020)

Friendship Tour Season 1

Rank #35505

The Hottest Trio who exudes its unique chemistry and is loved by a number of fans, Jin Hyuk, Se Jin and Min Kyu leave for LA! The Hottest Trio’s own...

Wooseok's Unboxing (2020)

Wooseok’s Unboxing

Rank #35822

Kim Woo Seok’s first solo variety program will showcase moments from his ordinary everyday life as well as the preparation process for his first solo album. In the newly released...

Voice Trot (2020)

Voice Trot

Rank #36274

A trot survival program where actors, singers, idols, and celebrities are the participants....

Rising! Up10tion (2015)

Rising! Up10tion

Rank #36433

A show about Up10tion (pre-debut). They had to do different missions to gain experience and learn something new....

X1 Flash (2019)

X1 Flash

Rank #36603

“X1 FLASH” will follow the members as they prepare for their debut, and will also give a glimpse into their real lives and honest emotions. (Source: Soompi)...

2020 Idol Woof Woof Athletics Championships Chuseok Special (2020)

2020 Idol Woof Woof Athletics Championships Chuseok Special

Rank #37110

In the upcoming “Idol Woof Woof Athletics Championships,” idols will direct their pet dogs through an obstacle course as a test of their agility. The competition will be held outside,...

The TAETISEO (2014)


Rank #38053

The TaeTiSeo takes the viewers behind the scenes to unveil the human side of Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun. Watch them eat, play, and love!...

Idol Dabang: Season 1 (2019)

Idol Dabang Season 1

Rank #38151

“Idol Dabang” is a variety show where Yoo Seon Ho and Andy (Shinhwa) transform into baristas and deliver an “energy recharging” space to help idols who are exhausted due to...

Fan Heart Attack Idol TV (2016)

Fan Heart Attack Idol TV

Rank #38691

What can’t your favorite idol groups do? “Fan Heart Attack Idol TV” is a web variety show that challenges idol groups to carry out different missions and show a new...

UP10TION Please! (2017)

UP10TION Please!

Rank #38898

Attention, Please! Hot K-pop boy group UP10TION has teamed up with CREATED by Viki to produce this Soompi and ZanyTV ALL NEW original series, “UP10TION, Please!” Each week, the members...

Boys' Mind Camp (2020)

Boys’ Mind Camp

Rank #39648

Hosted by Defconn, “Boys’ Mind Camp” will be a healing program that will inspect the idols’ mental states following their competitive auditions and hectic promotions. In addition to a diverse...

Sing and Stay: Season 2 (2020)

Sing and Stay Season 2

Rank #40063

‘Sing Stay’ is a music live show where talented idol musicians come to visit a guest house to talk about their music and perform live. (Source: Allkpop)...

Hon-Life: Satisfaction Project (2019)

Hon-Life: Satisfaction Project

Rank #40067

‘Hon Life’ is a Korean variety show that showcases the lifestyles of celebrities who enjoy being alone, such as eating and travelling alone. (Source: Wikipedia)...

Salty Tour: Season 2 (2019)

Salty Tour Season 2

Rank #40305

Slightly different from Season 1, which emphasised on 1-day tours under tight budgets, in this season, for every destination, whoever are assigned as 1-day tour guides can each choose a...

Sister's Salon (2019)

Sister’s Salon

Rank #40815

Han Ye Seul originally teamed up with the experts to do a complete makeover for the stars. Superstar stylist Han Hye Yeon, the queen of positivity hair designer Cha Hong,...

Hurry Up And Talk (2019)

Hurry Up And Talk

Rank #43090

Hurry Up and Talk feature a group of celebrities who are known for their eloquent speaking sterminates and have them compete in a new quiz show format. (Source: Soompi)...

5 Bros (2019)

5 Bros

Rank #45684

A talk show where the cast members discuss and debate a wide variety of topics. In the recent pilot episode, the cast members discussed topics such as “order of washing...

Idol Dabang: Season 3 (2020)

Idol Dabang Season 3

Rank #48339

“Idol Dabang” is a variety show where Yoo Seon Ho and Andy (Shinhwa) transform into baristas and deliver an “energy recharging” space to help idols who are exhausted due to...

Whistle Stop (2021)

Whistle Stop

Rank #99999

A healing entertainment program in which celebrities who have become honorary station attendants visit the ‘simple’ station and protect it, which is in danger of disappearing, and through this, feel...

Don Quixote (2019)

Don Quixote

Rank #99999

The program will pit the cast against seemingly unbeatable enemies to help them improve themselves. The unexpected battles will include various challenges such as standing up against cold, heat, and...

Bingo Live (2020)

Bingo Live

Rank #99999

Korean artists reveal keywords on a bingo board and must quickly dance or sing to a song related to them. Depending on how many bingos they get, they can promote...