University Korean Dramas & Movies

Semantic Error: The Movie (2022)

Semantic Error: The Movie

Rank #47

Chu Sang Woo is a perennial loner. He is a junior computer science major and his Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) type is ISTJ – the Logistician. This means he is...

Law School (2021)

Law School

Rank #285

When a grim incident occurs at their prestigious school, justice through law is put to the test by a tough law professor and his ambitious students. Yang Jong Hoon is...

Snowdrop (2021)


Rank #547

In 1987, a bloody man jumps into a women’s university dormitory in Seoul. Young Ro, a female university student who falls in love with him at first sight on a...

Rookie Cops

Rank #826

A coming-of-age story that captures the spirit, challenges and passion of youth as two students at the Korean National Police University experience life’s charms and traumas whilst trying to become...

Love Playlist: Season 4 (2019)

Love Playlist Season 4

Rank #928

The fourth season will show stories that everyone has experienced not only of love, but also enlistment, job hunting, and new human relationships. (Source: Soompi)...

Mr. Heart (Movie) (2020)

Mr. Heart (Movie)

Rank #1045

Despite the fact that things just never seem to go his way, Sang Ha always manages to find a reason to smile. A member of the school track team, Sang...

The Classic (2003)

The Classic

Rank #1071

Ji Hae and Soo Kyung are friends attending the same university and both have a crush on Sang Min who is in their drama club. The more clamorous and outgoing...

Semantic Error (2021)

Semantic Error

Rank #1123

Chu Sang Woo is a junior computer science majoring student who prizes reason, rules, and a rigid sense of what is right above all else. As part of his university...

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Rank #1251

Kim Yun Hee is a smart, responsible young woman with an independent drive. Since her father passed away, she has worked to support her family but has also managed to...

Growing Season (2020)

Growing Season

Rank #1484

A realistic portrayal of college students through a phase of ‘wanting to grow passionately, and wanting to do well.’ (Source: Naver)...

Love Playlist: Season 3 (2018)

Love Playlist Season 3

Rank #1654

For the third season, there’s love, breakup, struggles and friendship stronger than ever. This season come with new characters for us to enjoy and a different way to see perspectives....

Step for You (2018)

Step for You

Rank #1935

Yu Sang is a school newspaper journalist and wants to interview Jun Han for an article. Jun Han accepts it but wants Yu Sang to practice dancing with him in...

I Started Following Romance (2019)

I Started Following Romance

Rank #1987

“I Started Following Romance” combines the love story of five men and women with various Instagram functions, such as DM (direct messaging), Instagram Story, comments, likes, hashtags, and more. (Source:...

Love Playlist (2017)

Love Playlist

Rank #2081

A story about the ups and downs of a normal life of five college students....

Ditto (2022)


Rank #2154

In 1999, Yong studies mechanical engineering at a university. He first entered the school in 1995, but took time off to perform his mandatory military service. After finishing his military...

Police University (2021)

Police University

Rank #2317

Hacking was the only way out of Kang Sun Ho’s miserable life ever since his parents passed away from an accident when he was just ten. He eventually puts his...

Miss Independent Ji Eun 2 (2019)

Miss Independent Ji Eun Season 2

Rank #2362

Season 2 brings Lee Ji Eun’s university life, also the worries and love stories of college students. Ji Eun has to make important decisions about her feelings, her dreams and,...

Dating Class (2019)

Dating Class

Rank #2662

The story revolves around 6 university students who are new to dating and the lessons they learn along the way, and the web series is based on an actual university...

My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl

Rank #2802

Gyun Woo is a college student, more interested in picking up girls, drinking with his buddies and avoiding his nagging mother whenever possible. While riding the subway, a drunken girl...

Girlfriend Project Day 1

Rank #2882

Hee Ram and Ga In met in a general education class, Psychology of Love and intimate class. In this class, students have to perform a dating mission as a mock...

Mr. Heart (2020)

Mr. Heart

Rank #3211

Despite the fact that things just never seem to go his way, Sang Ha always manages to find a reason to smile. A member of the school track team, Sang...

Crash! Insignificant Roommates (2019)

Crash! Insignificant Roommates

Rank #3240

It tells the story and episodes of the 10 close boys who have lived together since high school. A group of young boys who find the destination and explore the...

Dear My Name (2019)

Dear My Name

Rank #3266

In an alternate world, the name of one’s soulmate is magically engraved on a person’s body and is naturally drawn into finding each other. However, there are also those who...

Short (2018)


Rank #3338

Kang Ho Young is a short track speed skater. He learned how to skate at a small skating rink in the countryside. He was scouted by Kangbaek University which is...