Undercover Agent Male Lead Korean Dramas & Movies

Terius Behind Me (2018)

Terius Behind Me

Rank #908

Go Ae Rin is a single mother who, after unexpectedly losing her husband, gets involved in a spy war. She lives in the apartment in front of Kim Bon. Kim...

Hitman: Agent Jun (2020)

Hitman: Agent Jun

Rank #1059

Jun is a top agent of the National Intelligence Service who can strike down dozens of radicals in one fell swoop. Disenchanted with his life, Jun disguises his death and...

Moebius: The Veil (2021)

Moebius: The Veil

Rank #2497

The story of when Agent Seo Soo Yeon, who returns from China, gets involved in a dangerous deal with Agent Jang Chun Woo. (Source: Korean = Naver || Translated= MyDramaList)...

Man to Man

Man to Man

Rank #3189

Kim Sul Woo is a mysterious National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent whose identity is known only by a few superiors at the top of the agency. As a highly sterminated...

Hidden Identity

Hidden Identity

Rank #3783

The story of the investigative team Number 5 specially organized to actively combat crime through stake outs, wiretapping, communications monitoring, and deep-cover infiltration. A secret police unit that bends the...

The Spy: Undercover Operation (2013)

The Spy: Undercover Operation

Rank #4175

Undercover agent Chul Soo finds himself trapped in the biggest dilemma of his career when he spots his oblivious wife, Yeong Hui, while on a mission in Thailand. What surprises...

Runway Cop (2012)

Runway Cop

Rank #4641

Detective Cha has a belly about to burst and unbelievably bad hygiene. He’s no model, but Cha’s only interest is to get the bad guys, no matter what it takes....

City of Damnation

City of Damnation

Rank #47186

Jang Chun Dong is a traffic officer who aspires to become a homicide detective. After being noticed by his superiors, Chun Dong is assigned to go undercover to infiltrate a...

Double Agent

Double Agent

Rank #53528

It’s 1980 at the height of the cold war, Lim Byeong Ho is chased by North Korean officials at Checkpoint Charlie in East Berlin, but he narrowly escapes. In safety...