Transformation Korean Dramas & Movies

True Beauty (2020)

True Beauty

Rank #868

“True Beauty” is a romantic comedy about a high school girl, Lim Ju Gyeong, who rises to pretty girl fame after she masters the art of make-up from YouTube. She...

Secretly Greatly (2013)

Secretly Greatly

Rank #872

A group of spies called the 5446 Corps were trained by North Korean elite special forces since their youth, ostensibly towards the lofty goal of unifying Korea. They are ambitiously...

The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside

Rank #892

What would you do if you woke up with a new face every day? Woo Jin, a man who designs furniture for a living, is used to this. An elderly...

Queen of the Ring (2017)

Queen of the Ring

Rank #2304

A society where people are judged by appearances. A fantasy romance drama series where a girl finds a magical ring that transforms her into the most datable person. Mo Nan...

Perfume (2019)


Rank #2790

Seo Yi Do is a top designer. Although he appears to be the perfect man on the outside, his personality leaves something to be desired. On top of that, he...

Yellow Boots (2012)

Yellow Boots

Rank #3030

Sweet Yun Hwa becomes the unwitting stepsister of Yu Ra. Though Yun Hwa would love nothing more to be sisters with Yu Ra, the latter will have nothing of it,...


Meow, the Secret Boy

Rank #4620

A graphic designer in her mid-twenties, Sol Ah harbors dreams of becoming a web-based comic author and has always had a love-hate relationship with cats. But Sol Ah’s life changes...

Birth of a Beauty

Birth of a Beauty

Rank #5333

Han Tae Hee is the heir of a large company. He is suffering from broken heart syndrome due to psychological shock. To get the woman he loves back, he completely...

Tofu Personified (2018)

Tofu Personified

Rank #6027

A love story between the three main characters. Tofu used to be the dog of Baek Min Kyung, but he turned into an attractive human. He starts to search for...

Glass Mask (2012)

Glass Mask

Rank #7296

The series follows Kang Yi Kyung, a woman whose father is a criminal. She must deal with tough times and also plot her revenge. To fulfill her revenge, she assumes...

Exactly What’s Going On?

Exactly What’s Going On?

Rank #7780

Coffee shop owner Il Woo and nail artist An Na are in a happy romantic relationship. They keep their relationship in a secret because of their age difference. Also, So...

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter (2018)

Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter

Rank #8009

The story follows a fairy who, after losing her clothes while bathing, meets a woodcutter and marries him. After her husband’s accidental death she waits for him to be reincarnated....

Shining Na Ra (2017)

Shining Na Ra

Rank #46909

Shining Nara tells the story of a sixth grader named Nara who no longer wants to be a child. One day she finds a makeup kit and decides to use...

Chi Chi (2021)

Chi Chi

Rank #99999

The eating show streamer Byeon Gi, who eats everything except humans in the bathroom. His big fan, 22, asks Byeon Gi a mission to eat his own fish, chi chi....