Torture Korean Dramas & Movies

Strangers from Hell (2019)

Strangers from Hell

Rank #234

Yoon Jong Woo is a young guy in his 20s who moves from the countryside to Seoul after his college friend, Jae Ho, offers him a job. While looking for...

1987: When The Day Comes (2017)

1987: When the Day Comes

Rank #352

The story of the public authorities and the people trying to reveal the truth to conceal the tragic end of Park Jong Cheol, who became the fuse of democratization in...

Forgotten (2017)


Rank #399

After moving into a new house, the eldest son of the family, Yoo Seok, is abducted right in front of his younger brother, Jin Seok. After 19 days, Yoo Seok...

Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (2005)

Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

Rank #2213

After thirteen and half years in prison for unauthorized takingping and tragic ending the boy Park Won Mo, Lee Geum Ja is released and tries to fix her life. She...

Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance (2002)

Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance

Rank #3764

In Seoul, Ryu, a deaf worker, has a sister who needs a kidney transplant. He tries to donate his own kidney to his sister, but his blood type is not...

The Face Reader (2013)

The Face Reader

Rank #3850

About Nae Kyung who is able to assess the personality, mental state, and habits of a person by looking at his face. Because of his abilities, he gets involved in...

Spiritwalker (2021)


Rank #3923

A fantasy action film that revolves around a man who loses his memory and subsequently wakes up in a new body every twelve hours. (Source: HanCinema)...

Crime Puzzle (2021)

Crime Puzzle

Rank #4367

Yoo Hee is a young, budding criminal profiler whose father is suddenly tragic ended in a series of unexpected terminates. After the deaths, Han Seung Min, a popular and high-profile...

Poongsan (2011)


Rank #5607

Poong San is a well-connected man between North and South Korea. He works as a courier between families in the divided two countries. One day, Poong San is hired to...

Peppermint Candy (2000)

Peppermint Candy

Rank #5735

Outdoor Excursion: Spring 1999. A group of middle-aged, working-class friends meet for the 20th year reunion of their old factory worker’s association. While they sing and dance up a storm,...

Save The Green Planet! (2003)

Save the Green Planet!

Rank #6351

Byung Gu is an ordinary young man living in Korea. He believes that all of the earth’s social ills are the evil doings of aliens. That’s why he knows that...

Eyes Of Dawn (1991)

Eyes Of Dawn

Rank #36177

Eyes of Dawn is the story of three young Koreans caught in the maelstrom of the nation’s modern history. Spanning from the colonial period to the Korean War, the series...

Drama Stage Season 4: The Fair (2021)

Drama Stage Season 4: The Fair

Rank #41141

A drama about the protagonist’s definition of punishing a criminal who broadcasts seven criminals live on the Internet through the new punishment system, the Virtual Crime Program (VCP). (Source: Naver)...



Rank #42031

Ji Kang-hun is imprisoned after taking part in a protest against the government for clearing out their neighborhood to make way for the 1998 Seoul Olympics. After being repeatedly beaten...

National Security (2012)

National Security

Rank #42107

Kim Geun Tae is an ex-advisor to the Democratic United Party. When he was younger, he was a leader for the democracy movement during Korea’s autocratic rule. In September of...

Darkness (2018)


Rank #42396

Kyu Hwan, a high school student living alone with his mother, who lost his father as a child, suffers from physical and psychological pain due to severe intimidation....

Nose Nose Nose Eyes (2017)

Nose Nose Nose Eyes

Rank #48501

The terrifying day a ten year old girl witnesses her mother stabbing her father’s eyes to get insurance money. (Source: YouTube)...

The Culprit (2019)

The Culprit

Rank #51564

“The Culprit” is about a man named Yeong Hoon who tracks his wife’s criminal and the tale of his search for justice. (Source: HanCinema)...

Double Agent

Double Agent

Rank #53528

It’s 1980 at the height of the cold war, Lim Byeong Ho is chased by North Korean officials at Checkpoint Charlie in East Berlin, but he narrowly escapes. In safety...

Missing (2009)


Rank #55071

Hyun Jung’s sister is missing and she fears for the worst. Via her sister’s cellphone, Hyun Jung learns that her sister stayed in a countryside village. She goes to the...

Nine Days (2018)

Nine Days

Rank #99999

Over the hourse of nine days, Tae-seok Harsh treatments a prisoner to uncover the location of a missile. However, the information is false and Tae-seok threatens tragic end. (Source: HanCinema)...

1919 Yoo Kwan Soon (2019)

1919 Yoo Kwan Soon

Rank #99999

A film that explores the lives of female independence activists who fought against the Japanese Occupation in the North and South of Korea including heroines like the titular Yoo Kwan...

Lucky Monster (2020)

Lucky Monster

Rank #99999

Do Maeng Soo (Maeng Soo meaning ‘beast’) falls heavily into debt with private loans. Chased by fearsome loan sharks, he fakes a divorce to protect his wife. No sooner than...

Mulberry 2 (1988)

Mulberry 2

Rank #99999

The wife of Chi Geun, the idiot street peddler, was born a beauty so the village boys endlessly try to seduce her. However, Chi Geun’s wife truly loves her husband...