TO1 (Group) Korean Dramas & Movies

Road to Kingdom (2020)

Road to Kingdom

Rank #360

Sequel of Queendom. Male artists will release songs on the same day at the same time to compete on music charts. Participating groups are: PENTAGON, ONF, GOLDEN CHILD, THE BOYZ,...

Show Me The Money: Season 9 (2020)

Show Me the Money Season 9

Rank #2667

“Show Me the Money 9” plans to showcase a new system of competition, as well as the usual diverse lineup of talented producers. The biggest difference in the new season...

TOO REAL IDOL 24Hr. (2020)


Rank #34818

Following the TOO fairies on their 24 hour schedule....

Jaechan's Dream (2022)

Jaechan’s Dream

Rank #35126

Time for precious conversation for everyone who dreams. This time, it’s a dream for you and me. (Source: Korean = || Translation = MyDramaList)...

Let's TOOgether (2020)

Let’s TOOgether

Rank #35237


TO.1DAY (2021)


Rank #35473


Welcome 2 House (2021)

Welcome 2 House

Rank #35491

Will follow the 18 boys of TO1 and EPEX as they eat, sleep, and live together, building their friendship while sharing glimpses into their daily lives with fans! (Source: Allkpop)...

Too Mystery: Mafia Game (2020)

Too Mystery: Mafia Game

Rank #35849

TOO playing mafia game in their first reality show! Check out their show TOO MYSTERY!!...

Transonglation (2019)


Rank #36050

Various K-Pop groups star in the YouTube show, Transonglation. There are three teams that represent three countries. Each team needs to sing in the country’s language. They must try to...

Too Mystery: Dark Room (2020)

Too Mystery: Dark Room

Rank #36160

The TOO members get to now each other and test their chemistry in a dark room....

Too Mystery: Zombie War (2020)

Too Mystery: Zombie War

Rank #36211

TOO’s first own reality show where the TOO Members try to survive by not becoming a zombie....

Secret Friend of Idols (2020)

Secret Friend of Idols Season 1

Rank #37013

“Secret Friend of Idols” is a web reality show revolving around the process of the idols who participate in “Show Champion” narrowing the gap and gradually nourishing the friendship with...

TO1's Cider (2021)

TO1’s Cider

Rank #37575


World Klass (2019)

World Klass

Rank #38034

World Klass is a global idol project or TOO (Ten Oriented Orchestra) where 20 global trainees will compete to be the final ten members and debut as TOO. Stone Music...

Idol League: Season 2 (2020)

Idol League Season 2

Rank #38825

A program that interviews idols each week....

Whisper the Recipe (2020)

Whisper the Recipe

Rank #42620

Cook As You Hear. ASMR Cooking Quiz Show. (Source: youtube)...

HIT Village: TO1

Rank #99999



Hello, You

Rank #99999

Idols meet their fans’ family (e.g. parents, spouses). (Source: MyDramaList)...

Bingo Live (2020)

Bingo Live

Rank #99999

Korean artists reveal keywords on a bingo board and must quickly dance or sing to a song related to them. Depending on how many bingos they get, they can promote...

Survival of your Bias (2020)

Survival of your Bias

Rank #99999

Debate show. The idols will debate to guess the choice of the fans right. They have to complete a mission if they fail to guess even a question....

Can You Hear My Trip (2020)

Can You Hear My Trip

Rank #99999

The ASMR healing travel with your favorite K-pop Idol. What if you record the sound during traveling, especially ASMR? 4 popular travel spots, 4 your favorite K-pop Idol. It will...

TOOBC! (2020)


Rank #99999

TOOBC! is the behind the scenes and fun mini vlogging clips of the South Korean rookie group, TOO....