Three Kingdoms Of Korea Korean Dramas & Movies

River Where the Moon Rises (2021)

River Where the Moon Rises

Rank #2415

Born a princess and raised a soldier, Pyeong Gang is a woman with big dreams and limitless ambition. Determined to become the first Empress of Goguryeo, Pyeong Gang will stop...

Kim Soo Ro (2010)

Kim Soo Ro

Rank #3618

This drama charts the life of Kim Soo Ro, legendary founder of Geumgwan Gaya, the ruling city-state of the Gaya confederacy, which dominated sea trade and iron working during the...

The Great King's Dream (2012)

The Great King’s Dream

Rank #45851

Story about Kim Choon Choo, who led the unification of three ancient kingdoms – Goguryeo, Baekjae and Shilla – and achieved the restoration of Shilla Kingdom. This drama has interpreted...

Three Flags (1992)

Three Flags

Rank #99999

The first TV drama to show the history of the Period of the Three Kingdoms (Goguryeo/Goryeo, Baekje, and Silla) of Korea, more than 2000 years ago....